The AlDub Phenomenon Revisited


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 By Wilfredo G. Villanueva
Dear Sir Wilfredo G. Villanueva,

I’ve read long ago your take on Aldub Phenomenon entitled “The Social Significance of Aldub” written on September 22, 2015. I am currently doing a study on the impact of the Aldub Phenomenon; An Assessment and I would like to seek your views now about the phenom after a year and a half. I would be grateful if you could provide your insights on the following questions.

A Reader

Is the spirit of the Aldub phenom still alive?

Answer: According to my wife and daughters, it’s dead. Sad thing. It united us for a while, maybe just like the yellow fever in 1983. We needed events like this to remind us that we all live in one country, that our values of loving and caring are still intact. My readings bear my family’s observation out. A movie that probably bombed, a teleserye that didn’t quite take off. Maybe the original fans are still there, but I don’t detect any groundswell anymore. Oh, another thing, maybe I shouldn’t be saying these things. I have stopped watching Eat Bulaga since Tito Sen sided with PDuterte. You know how it is in the country. Politics, politics.  


If so, what do you think now is the main force behind the phenom despite the absence of Kalyeserye?

I dunno. But the main force is none other than Maine Mendoza. Good thing she shows acting chops. She’ll be relaunched, opposite another hunk, but not with Alden Richards, I can imagine. She’s not done yet. Their careers won’t go pfft. Not as big, but sentimental favorites till they grow old. 


What can you say about the social media use in relation to Aldub phenom? Is it good or bad?

Thank you for that very wonderful question, hehehe. If anything the AlDub phenomenon demonstrated the power of social media. I was ecstatic at its height because I could see its value as a change agent, or bearer of good things (aside from showbiz), but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. I spoke too soon. I had the temerity to call on AlDub fans during the presidential campaign to choose their candidates well, but I got pie in my face. Again, sadly, showbiz, entertainment, love and caring are separate and distinct from all efforts to seize the day in regard to gaining political maturity. People tweeted 41 million times when the two met in Philippine Arena, the same way they swept PDuterte to power, with raw emotion, and in Joe’s words, without critical thinking. 


Many say (especially the ad/marketing industry) Aldub is a game changer, how far do you think Aldub influence can go/reach? And until when?

Well, now that we can autopsy the cadaver, we can probably say this:

Learn to harness social media to the fullest extent possible without scaring people away. Homilies, sermons, learning opportunities are anathema to Filipinos who want to be left alone with their icons for the moment. Use social media but know its limits. Keep faith, but know that changing country will not happen in a jiffy. It will take maybe till 2026 (40 years from 1986, if you can liken grumbling Israelites to ungrateful Filipinos) for any change to be felt. Yes, we are in a desert experience, after deliverance from Marcos’s chariots and charioteers. Round and round the desert we go.  


Do you think Alden and Maine; the personalities have something to do with the phenom or is it the chemistry or anything you can think of?

Oh yes. Alden is boy-next-door magic. Maine is the simple lass with nothing but sincerity. How can we not love them? They had terrific chemistry on tv, but the two have wisely veered away from off-screen romance just because the fans would be thrilled to the bones. These are two sane, mature, well-grounded individuals with strong family values, and we respect them for it. On anything I can think of? Staying in the desert, where snakes abound and food is scarce save for tasteless manna can take the life out of anyone, and when Maine saw Alden with her unmistakable crush on the latter, the camera caught it, Tape Inc. rode it with genius and elan, and the rest is history. It was a spur-of-the-moment, seize-the-day thing. It’s good to know that we have geniuses in our midst. Would China have the same gift? Can’t help asking. 


What do you think should be done in order to sustain this phenom and be of better use for the Filipino people?

Very good question. I wouldn’t sweep out AlDub, bag it for pick up by the garbage men. No. They uncovered truths about us as a people. We are united in love after all. I can’t describe it any other way. We are united in love, and political leaders, product marketeers and advertisers, priests, parents had better listen. Nothing attaches us together better than plain old love. 

* * * * * * *

Note from Editor

Wilfredo G Villanueva has done a lot of thoughtful, humanistic writing for the Society. You can find all of his works by searching for his name on the Home Page, then scrolling back through the older posts. Below are links to his Aldub series. JoeAm

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  1. AdashofJhaee says:

    Gosh never missed an episode of “Kalyeserye” when it was a phenomenon. I think after the big concert it subsided. 😬

  2. I stopped watching Eat Bulaga after I read about this:

    Plus, I found myself in the opposite fence of this Senator Sotto in most of political events – impeachment of Estrada and Corona, notwithstanding the fact that he had no choice but to convict the latter due to his disrespect of the Senate IC. Vic and Joey, too turns me off because of their unkind remarks towards their rival network and noontime program. I find their jokes too much toilet humor.

    I posted this this morning on FB:

    Don’t throw stones when you yourself are living in a glass house. “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is not about hypocrisy but about vulnerability. Sen. Tito Sotto, your daughter Ciara is vulnerable, the one being targeted now by angry netizens as a result of your careless joke which displayed your sexist and misogynist tendencies…”People who live in glass houses shouldn’t say it’s wrong to throw stones, and then do so anyway”. The pot, in this saying, doesn’t call the kettle black.

    • karlgarcia says:

      I did not know Ciara Sotto is separated, that technically makes her a single parent.


      ps the sex videos of the startup or upstart comedians makes the character of the show’s casts suspect.

      I tried watching the kalyeserye after Wil’s first piece, my mom and sister loved it back then.
      I was only able to watch three or four.

      • My initial impression was that Ciara broke her engagement , that no marriage took place. Now I learned she’s single parent; she was separated from her husband.

        Even with that distinction, there’s no shame in being unmarried and single parent, it’s an independent choice to go ahead with the pregnancy to full term, no matter the stigma from a judgemental society. One has to rise up from a deceitful partner or a dead fiance.

        I feel for Ciara, she is being dragged into the gutter due to her father’s careless joke.

        With AlDub, I just had a passing glimpse of the kalye serye, just a few minutes actually, too dragging for my taste, I simply had no sufficient time to indulge so I was not hooked.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Scanning fb,
      our very own Cha’s pet peeve is Tito Sotto.
      one funny thing she shared is her kids thought Tito Sotto was her uncle Sotto.

  3. “Round and round the desert we go. ”

    And if Filipinos mistake Pacquiao for Moses, patay.

    Sotto is no doubt a Pharisee, a high priest Caiaphas.

    • Huwag kayong magpakwan kay ano, ano kayo, ina-ano-ano lang?

      Pero kung magpapakwan na rin lang, hinog, sariwa at mailinis ang piliin.

      • The dad of Ciara’s cousin is not that sariwa. sorry po, nagpapatawa lang, just joking, don’t be offended.

        “In the street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag doon ay ‘na-ano lang,'” he told Taguiwalo.

        In an interview with reporters, Sotto wondered why his comments drew heavy criticism, adding that two of his daughters were also single parents.

        “I have two daughters who are separated, who are single and have children. So I don’t think there should be any big fuss about it,” he added.

        Sotto apologized to everyone who took offense with his “joke”, saying some people simply did not understand it.

        “Perhaps…these are just people who are not my fans so to speak (laughs). Baka mga talagang pakontra lang sa akin yan, kahit anong makita sa akin pangontra na.”

        “That’s why ang premise ko, in the street language. ‘Yun ang biruan sa kalsada eh. Kung minasama nila, eh di I’m sorry, I apologize. They didn’t understand the joke,” he said.

        “Madali naman ‘yun kung hindi natin mamasamain. Pero kung minasama nila, humihingi ako ng paumanhin,” Sotto added.

        Sotto on Taguiwalo questioning: why the fuss?

        In his text message to ABS-CBN News, he also noted that the “na-ano lang” is merely a popular catch phrase.

        “People have been using that statement everywhere to give a comic description if (the) husband is not present,” he said.

        Several netizens, one of Taguiwalo’s children and the Gabriela women’s party-list earlier scored Sotto for sexism and misogyny.

        So many feels this apology is not sincere, passing the blame on the victim and those sympathizing with her, for being easily offended, he thinks he hasn’t said or done anything wrong. duh!

        • chemrock says:

          Remember in my article on Marcos Revisionism I wrote on how Bongbong’ s apology is no apology? I also indicated how an apology should be like.

          Sotto’s apology is a deeper insult. There was no apology. It’s a joke. You’re too stupid not to understand the joke. Just imagine, this is one of your wise men in the Senate.

          • popoy says:

            “I think, therefore I am.” Water seeks its own level. From philosophy to hydraulics or open channel flow. A candidate definition of eche bucheche. That’s how a vaquero treats his cattle.

            • edgar lores says:

              If I may, and along the lines of “water seeks its own level, and without a trace of snobbishness:

              1. The strain of anti-intellectualism in Philippine entertainment is strong.

              2. Shows and sports are geared to catering to the arousal and surfeit of emotions rather than to developing the mind.

              3. I have only heard of “Bawal ang Pasaway ni Mareng Winnie” as a current affairs program. And if I try to remember, I can only recall another talk show and a quiz show hosted by Tina Monzon-Palma, and some skills segments in agriculture.

              4. In contrast, If I look at television shows here in Oz, there is a smorgasbord of choices to challenge the mind, to highlight arts and culture, and to show the best of skills in various activities such as cooking, fishing, and gardening. There are in-depth discussion shows like “Insight” on SBS, a government sponsored channel. The focus is not only on adults but on children as well. There is a history channel although this is on pay TV. (A historical documentary on Martial Law would expose the tragedy of the Marcos regime in a form more accessible and easily absorbed than the many books on the subject.)

              5. Filipinos must wean themselves away from these popular entertainment pablums. There is a correlation between what one sees on TV and what one sees and gets in the Senate.

              • andy ibay says:

                For kids, I thought FAT CAT was so mediocre when compared to sesame street. Even PM Paul Keating was so ahead of any world leader to challenge and set aside political correctness.

              • chemrock says:

                1 is so strong and nicely phrased.

                To be fair there are some educational programs here but I think less than 10 people watch them. Uli exagerate for impact.

              • What’s the cable and/or satellite programming like in the Philippines, I remember in the MidEast most countries via satellite got BBC, didn’t catch many American shows though, just CNN or ESPN sports… then there was German porn channels, which was really weird, which you got with your regular TV in the hotel, i’ve always wondered if regular Arab/Muslim households were seeing the same thing I saw… which I’m sure would screw their minds even more, German porn.

              • I remember asking about Netflix, and either gian or another said the internet was to slow to be able to watch Netflix… they have some great shows too, my favorites are (about sailing around the world & paddling the Pacific):

              • “which I’m sure would screw their minds even more, German porn.”

                during Miss Universe 2017 in the Philippines, Pinoy comments around Miss Czech Republic referred to a relatively well known Czech online porn series – Pinoys today are international!

      • edgar lores says:


      • karlgarcia says:

        Langya, the last time sumakay ako sa pakwan na yan, me nag react at gumawa ng buong blog piece. Ako kasi eh, binigyan ko ng meaning.

        • Ang original na may pakulo ng pakwan si Gary Lising na kaklase ni Manong Sonny, hindi ako. Ako para lang si Sotto pero mas malinis gumawa, hindi nagpapahuli. Hehe.

          • karlgarcia says:


            • sonny says:

              Ay naku. Half-baked Atenista ako. Ganyan pa man, parang hindi ka dumaan sa Ateneo kung wala kang Gary Lising story, joke or one-liner. I have about half-dozen of those. 🙂

              My favorite:

              Hangang college kami, lahat ng estudyante may weekly confession sa chapel. sample:

              Gary L: Bless me Father for I have sinned. I had impure thoughts 5 times.
              Father Cronin, SJ (confessor, ex-US Marine, 6’4″): Did you entertain them, son?
              Gary L: No, Father. They entertained me.
              Fr Cronin (lumabas ng confessional, kunwari galit): Get out, Gary! Get out!

              True story, I swear.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      The 2022 elections, another boondoggle? A middle class with no political center, a burgeoning poor sector with no options except to leech corrupt politicians for food, shelter and jobs, and what do you get? President Pacquiao? Round and round the desert we go. Only love can save us, but is there a difference between Singaporean love for country and its Filipino iteration, for example? We can only persist. Live on manna. Trudge.

  4. chemrock says:

    Will, I never understood the Aldub phenomenon in the first place. After your first article I tried to tune in to understand it. Frankly speaking, the show is a turn off for me. I appreciate others love the show. To each his own.

    But the show promoters are good marketers. They saw the potentials and they played it to the hilt. As to the apparent tapering off in the interest, it’s simply a case of over exposure. Even Jim Carey’s Truman Show has to come to an end.

    You read into the Aldub phenomenon as a manifestation of Filipinos’ innate nature for LOVE and see a glimmer of hope for the nation if this transcends into an universal overflow of community love. It didn’t seem like love, but simply Filipino love for telyserves with a love theme. What happened was simple pure mass adulation that got on a runaway wagons. The hypes build up as classmates, colleagues, friends gather and chat. It’s the same runaway adulation Duts received.

    • Will says: “It united us for a while, maybe just like the yellow fever in 1983.” I saw the yellow fever in 1986, it had this euphoric optimism about it. Vicente Rafael wrote about the euphoria of Filipinos when the first battles were won in the revolution: “masaya talaga”.

      There was also some euphoria during the short-lived boom of the mid-1990s, when malls were built like crazy and people were proud of their first mobile phones. Or the euphoria of Filipino migrants with their first big money, which they usually spend on consumer goods.

      So there you are, the euphoric, almost childlike bandwagon. The opposite is the angry bandwagon, the resentful bandwagon that can ignite because of minor things, laying bare old suspicions and resentments. Unfortunately, the anger bandwagon seems more lasting.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Chem, it was a rash, like a positive allergic reaction, goose bumps more accurately which got the entire spectrum, A-Z of Filipinos interested and plugged in. Tv addicts and non-tv addicts, teleserye fans and non-teleserye fans, Filipinos living here and abroad, young and old, man, woman and child and his grandpa. It was a phenomenon.

      I saw it as an oasis in a desert of political gobbledegook, and resulting-in-nothing investigations.

      There it was, in color, two apparently normal young Filipinos of opposite sexes dealing with the world on their own terms, just being natural, acting or not acting we’ll never know. But see, Chem, the show was two way. AlDub in the studios, and AlDub in private homes, hovels, offices, tropical or temperate clime, just Filipinos enjoying themselves, glued actually, to a story that didn’t ran out of twists and turns.

      That it had to come to an end was a given, but when it was there for everyone to see, just flick on your tv, react by way of social media, it was two-way. Couples were holding hands while watching. Lolos and lolas were identifying with the faux Lola Nidora, finding affirmation that Filipino values are intact after all, unscathed by western influence.

      Is there a word or a phrase that I can impart on you to package my response to your “I believe it was just a love for teleserye”? Hmm. Maybe the closest word is bayanihan.

      National Artist Fernando Amorsolo immortalized the moving of a house borne on the shoulders of men, with the all the rooms intact, set down, and ready for business as usual. Yes, bayanihan.

      The country was/is in such a conundrum, discombobulated why a hugely effective president is hugely unpopular, PNoy. And when Maine laid her eyes on Alden and everyone saw stars in her eyes, I suppose Filipinos here and those exiled for a living said, “That’s it! That’s what I miss about being Filipino. It’s the connection. Stop bothering me already, I can’t take my eyes off the tv set, after a long, long while, maybe after the dastardly act perpetrated on a returning Ninoy Aquino, there it is, the Filipino at his best in the worst of times.”

      Did I answer your question, Chem?

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        “… didn’t RUN out…”

      • sonny says:

        @ Wil & chempo

        I wish I had access to the Aldub episodes to make a real in-context comment. Instead allow me a similar Aldub-’50s-’60s-phenomenon retrospect.

        I can remember not one Aldub-like teleserye, but many. These were tuned-into by the Manila hoi polloi (I was proudly one 🙂 . Radio was the medium then). Examples were the 15-min daytime daily format like GULONG NG PALAD (soap, family doctor), KAPITAN KIDLAT (fantasy law & order), the 30-min weekly format PRINSIPE AMANTE (foreign culture adventure & romance); CAMAY THEATER OF THE AIR (movie of the week), EDONG MAPANGARAP (political satire), MGA KWENTO NI LOLA BASYANG (family folk tales).

        The story materials were replete with moral-of-the-story plots, social justice, politics, love, etc. either in drama & humor.

        • sonny says:

          PS Not to forget the Hollywood imports of the mid-’60s on TV.

        • Tang Tarang Tang every Saturday nights…I remember my grandpa is an avid listener.

          He liked Damian Sotto, too (I dunno if he’s related to this sexist senator). He regularly attacks stupid government officials, he could have regularly wreaked the table on the radio station by his frequent pounding to emphasize his points as well as his disgust. I’ll call him the table wrecker so Bill Esposo (the chair wrecker, self named due to his massive weight) can have a pal beyond.

          • aarrggh, wrong verb tenses again…shucks. When will I ever learn not to post when not feeling well.

            • sonny says:

              Mary Grace, pls stay well always. Your surfacing just allayed my fears from your long absence. 🙂 (Does caramel popcorn still do its magic?)

              Damian Sotto was truly a sui generis presence over the air waves then. It was just me and my political naivete that prevented me from listening to his program and picking up some political ‘golden nuggets’ from his rants.

              If the Aldub phenomenon, albeit its occasionality, can bring that whiff of romanticism in our public psyche, then I pray let it come again.

              • Thanks, sonny. Caramel popcorn still does and is always welcome, though the endocrinologist frowns upon the caramel and the salt too, same with my cardiologist. Hospital foods suck, their take on low salt low fat diet is no salt no fat at all…such extremes!! I rebelled one night when my stomach heaved over tasteless boiled chicken breast, to my shame, I partook a few bits of pbbq from the dinner plate of my niece.

                The Probinsyano teleserye starring Coco Martin is quite popular nowadays, (I watched it for a few weeks until I got stressed out by the violence and the seeming hopelessness of the lead character’s fight against the drug lords). it depicts the duplicity of some members of the police force over the drug wars of today.

            • edgar lores says:

              Love your aarrggh’s.

            • karlgarcia says:

              Missed the aaarghs.
              Kakatapos nga lang pala ng tax season. Get well.

        • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

          That’s just it. Doc Sonny (not sure about the title, too long an absence.) We were hooked on tv fare, but by sectors or market segments. But AlDub was across the board. Dreamers like me saw an opportunity, a virtual Benham Rise which we could harness for some metaphysical purpose, like Rizal had the Noli and Fili and it sparked a revolution, or Ninoy scattered on the airport pavement, sparking the Makati weekly confetti rallies which brought Marcos to his knees. We are the fiesta people, good for a day or two of feel-good glory, only to revert to old habits which make us want to celebrate, and the cycle goes on and on. Sisyphean.

          • sonny says:

            Wil, I saw your avatar with beloved spouse. I forget where but judging from the exchange, it was your old fighting form and suave style. I had no doubt the opposite camp had their hands full! It is good to see you back.

      • chemrock says:

        I get what you are saying Will. Understanding you doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with you. . Being a foreigner of course I know I’m missing all the nuances. You may jolly well be right. Perhaps a Philippines sociologist would also interpret it your way.

        There is a new term I learnt today on some discussion in Singapore about inequalities and differences. The term is “teaching moment”. The discussion was on why some primary schools stopped the practice of having a child’s birthday in class. They felt that given the disparity in financial standing of parents, kids will see the differences in presents and all sorts of handouts, leading to envy and jealousy. Someone commented that these are ” teaching moments”, events when we should teach kids what it’s all about. Many talked of teaching kids about differences, others said the lesson is about inequalities.

        Anyway, my thought is that the Aldub phenomenon was a teaching moment. What it’s all about. The significance and opportunity was lost to the whole nation. The millions of twits and fb comments were all unabashed lovey dovey types, Edgar’s anti-intellectualism. The only worthy attempt at explanation and teaching others was your blogs here. To that, the TSOH is honoured.

        • Someone commented that these are ” teaching moments”, events when we should teach kids what it’s all about.


          A friend of mine once invited me to a basketball game his elementary kid was playing in (6 year old). Sure I’ll go. There were kids just running around, some kids actually knew the concept of the game, some trying hard, etc. I asked my buddy what the score was as I saw no scores around, and they gave me the I dunno shoulder shrug, so I was like must be a close game… so the game ended , we clapped and cheered, I’m still in the dark as to who won, so his son comes over and I congratulate him and asked him Who won? And I got a weird look from the parents, and they told me they didn’t keep scores in this league.

          I guess they saw my culture shocked face and just proceeded to the car. I followed them to the restaurant… and I realized that there would also be a “teaching moment”, I’m imagining that poor kid asking his parents Mom , Dad what did that strange man mean by winning? Oh son, we’re all winners in this world, no losers, my military buddy was just asking a philosophical question. I get that to be athletic you need not play into the winners vs. losers system , but a basketball game is a basketball game, otherwise there’s no point in playing… same with childrens’ parties at school, chemp, the only counter argument to that should be that it cuts into learning time… otherwise, have a party forcrissakes,

          in life kids are gonna learn that parties in and of itself without all the economic stuff is just that a friggin’ party (free food and good company). The best parties I’ve ever attended were in the middle of nowhere with just a hot dog for food, or a bottle of Vodka for 20, then again some of these parties in Hollywood with creative types with all sorts of cool stuff was fun too, not once did I compare one party with another, so maybe the “teaching moment” was for the adults or school administrators in Singapore, and not with the kids… who I’m sure appreciated a party in and of itself.

        • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

          Thanks, Chem. The honor is all mine.

  5. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    AlDub swept us off our feet. We didn’t know what hit us. It was a delightful surprise to know that with the political drama at that time—the Senate subcommittee hearings on allegations of overpricing on the part of the Binays—we were still open to romance. For without romance, what is life?

    Romance unlocks possibilities. We will not die as a nation, no sirs and mesdames, because we know magic when we see it.

    I will never forget getting comments from Filipinos in and out of country. They kept pouring by way of posts in the blog article itself, on Facebook, on Twitter. It was an unforgettable social-media event, an incredible show of nationhood from the unlikeliest sectors, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, OFWs, professing love for AlDub the couple and AlDub the concept—daily doses of kalye serye that kept everyone at the edge of their seats, eclipsing another noontime show of GMA’s main competitor.

    Here’s looking forward to the next magical moment which will unite us once more, to remind us of our preamble:

    “We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.”

    “We… the Filipino people… in order to build a just and humane society… secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of… a regime of truth, justice, freedom, LOVE, equality, and peace…” (capitalization mine)

    Yes, we seem to be the only country to have the word “love” in our constitution. For once, we saw with our own eyes the spontaneous outpouring of love in and out of noontime tv, and we were fulfilled as a people. What a gift that keeps on giving!

    We may have many deficiencies as a people, but cynicism such as the absence of a capacity to wonder and show affection, is not one of them. Thank you, AlDub, for the drug-free high, an endorphin rush for the nation. Which brings us to the war on synthetic drugs, but that is another story.

    • Nice seeing you back, Kuya Will.

      You have a way of seeing the positive in a lot of things and I admire that about you. Me, I am getting old and skeptic.

      I did not buy AlDub mania because I did not give it a chance. I remember the time and money I spent as a teen on the Guy-Pip and Vi-Bot love teams. Learned a few lessons about not personalizing other people’s relationships and how to resist marketing induced mass hysteria.

      I do believe in LOVE and I do know that it is not fleeting nor a one hit wonder.

      If we can only harness that love and build up the love team of Juana and Juan dela Cruz with all us cheering them on while they nurture, protect and guide us all to heights we’ve never been before…

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        Thanks, Juana. Been wondering how I could get back on the loop, and what do you know, a reader asked questions about AlDub. Thanks to Joe for lending me a hand to view the world from the TSOH platform again. About old and skeptic. “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

  6. If I were an executive or some marketing guru for this Eat Bulaga show, I’d get Mocha Uson to agree (I know she’s busy these days with her position) to maybe doing 2 or 3 episodes a week to attempt to capture this “romance” once again.

    This time though the male crush will be a Chinese guy (older), someone in the gambling sector most definitely, then instead of falling madly in love have Mocha go ga-ga for an American guy (younger), who’s in the NGO aide sector.

    Mocha’s character likes all the Louis Vuitton and SUVs, because she came from a poor background, so she can’t leave her Chinese lover; But after meeting this American (let’s make him from Cascadia) who’s running an aide mission to save orphaned incest children , Mocha is now torn between her new fancy purses (and this is for Joe, whitening products galore, since Mocha’s Chinese lover also runs a whitening product factory, based in Zhanjiang, which Mocha will visit thru out the episodes to get her free samples),

    and this innate need to help these children, so as she volunteers at the orphanage, the two— American lover and Mocha— go on these escapades across the Philippines, in the guise of picking up or attending to potential orphans, as part of her volunteer work,

    So Mocha’s character arc, hopefully this will go on longer than AlDub, at least thru out DU30’s presidency, is that we are first introduced to her as a lowly bar dancer living in some apartment with 5 others like her (with blonde colored hair), then Mocha gets involved (not married it might be too scandalous) to this Chinese,

    who she genuinely falls in love with but upon meeting this American, realizes that she just fell in love with the fancy European bags. Her trips with this Chinese lover is to Macau and other border casino operations like in Burma/China border, and to factories this Chinese owns.

    With the American lover they visit endangered animals in the Philippines, Mocha gets to pet a small baby deer, rescue a baby monkey, dive with a whale shark, etc. etc. Then they visit mine sites, and visit kids with cancer and all sorts of mysterious ailments.

    The visits to China and the Philippines will go for a few episodes, then towards the last episodes, let’s say seasons 4 and 5. Mocha finds out that the American has been cheating on her, but this time with some Filipina environmental lawyer, who went to law school in the US. The American obviously sees more potential with this Filipina lawyer.

    The Chinese has long suspected of Mocha’s indiscretions, since he’d hired someone to follow Mocha awhile back. So heart-broken, Mocha returns to her home in some plush gated community, in her mind she promises to just stay fateful with this Chinese guy.

    But as soon as she arrives, all her things are neatly packed in suitcases , she’s been kicked out, the Chinese guy isn’t there, but there is an envelope, a Manila envelope— written “I was going to marry you!”—- Mocha opens to see photos of her and her American lover in love-making.

    So Mocha returns to her 6 person flat, she gives her purses away and all her skin whitening products. And she cries and her friends hug her, and one gets a DVD w/ a compilation of all the AlDub episodes, and they they all sit, turn on the fan and binge watch AlDub. The END.

    Then a ‘where they are now’ portion as the credits role. 2 of the girls went to America, 1 is now hosting in Japan, 1 married a German now own some small resort in the Philippines, 1 now works as a BPO; and lastly Mocha who as it turns used all her dance earnings to study law, is now an environmental/international lawyer, and we open to a

    court scene where she’s laying out her argument against the gambling sector (for money laundering, etc.); and the NGO/aide sector (for internal corruption, embezzlement of funds), simultaneously since the two sectors

    were found colluding somehow. the tribunal of judges judge on her behalf, she wins her case…

    And then (since this is the very last scene of the whole show), then the international court erupts in a big song and dance number, reminiscent of the Wowowee opening scene, with balloons and glitter falling. And her Chinese lover and her American lover join in the merriment. And the orphaned kids are crying, but also laughing, and plenty of scantily clad women gyrating to the song, and old women w/out teeth too dancing in the background, then all the endangered animals are also there…

    And then the camera zooms in to Mocha’s face and she gives a big Maine Mendoza smile, with a head tilt, then cut to black. (if you have contacts at Eat Bulaga! , Wil… pitch this story, no accreditation necessary , I just want to see if it goes viral 😉 )

    I guess we can hash tag this #ChiMoAm. And a slight creative critique here —- I know Coke and Pepsi tastes different in different places —- but can we do without all the cross dressing stuff? We can use the blonde colored hair Mocha’s friends as comedy instead.

    • chemrock says:

      Haha Lance, when you are unhinged anything can happen.

      • Haha… I’m a frustrated play-wright screen-play writer, chemp. I guess also director and cinematographer.

        Also, I just wanted to point out that edgar’s point above re educational entertainment would be a perfect venue for #ChiMoAm, though done in easy bite size pieces (though I agree with edgar about educational programming in general, Ken Burns documentaries are my favourite, also show on National Geographic and the Science channel—- don’t cable or satellite TV over there get these shows?).

        p.s.~ I hope I didn’t come off as homephobe re cross dressing, I did love “To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” and “the Birdcage”, when done right cross dressing/transgender issues can totally translate to comedy and tell a wider truth, when done patronizingly, it’s just not funny… get really annoying.

        But yeah, I hope Wil can pull strings over there, if they need me to write some episodes, or just brainstorm, I’m totally available (Joe’s got my email 😉 ).

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Hey Lance! Mocha as the new Maine. That’s a good twist. Although the President’s followers love him (still) but are neutral, negative and outrightly hate the sycophants.

      • Maine and Mocha – can’t find enough words to describe how poles apart they are. One inspires all the goodness of the old times, and good traditions of the past, while the other brings out all the bitter and worst in her followers.

  7. NHerrera says:

    When Wil wrote that first Aldub blog, I praised love and the way Wil wrote it in relation to that TV phenomenon — not having viewed one of the series myself, but heard enough about it from relatives.

    Now we have this as some sort of sequel to that blog article.

    This may sound like a spoiler but here goes. If that “habit” of being glued to the TV set continued to be relatively strong on Aldub, we know that the marketing executives would have continued the program, perhaps refreshed it somewhat.

    TV programs and audience choice have become somewhat like science — what audience habits to exploit or what habits to nurture and exploit. This is of course not confined to TV shows but the marketing of gadgets like smart phones and the like.

    Therein lies the responsibility of the government in cooperation with TV companies on how — as edgar tells on the TV programs in Oz — to help nurture or evolve a viewing habit on the Filipino TV audience. It is not easy. How to wean away from the “Eat Bulaga” type of program is almost like asking for the moon. But Filipino habits must somehow change. And here I am talking in general. That is, it is not only a matter of education. Some in government should start applying the science associated with the critical habits that make us the way we are into something better.

    • chemrock says:

      NHerrera, govt-driven social engineering is usually bad. It ought to be socially driven.

      • yeah, variety is key, chemp… when there’s only a few channels, then those channels (as Joe’s described here) can play social engineering, playing moral police. Hence cable /satellite programming has expanded tastes. Now with podcasts, youtube and streaming TV, there’s even more programming.

      • NHerrera says:

        There is good sense to that statement. A functioning government, however, has a stake on the matter. Perhaps a body — of appropriate size, not too large or too small, to be effective — may be formed with reps from DOST, DepEd, the academe, the TV companies and private individuals to do the needed spade work, not plunging fast into the matter because of the mere say so of the President. That is probably better than just letting social and market forces alone work as they do now. (It may be fun to see the bright mind of an Andanar or Mocha Uson pitted against the brighter mind of one of us here at TSH. 🙂 )

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      NH! Missed you.

  8. NHerrera says:


    Bill, edgar:

    Since we are on a blog topic that treats of love although of the Aldub kind, here is Trump’s words after that Trump-Turnbull Whitehouse meeting —

    “We get along great. We have a fantastic relationship, I love Australia, I always have.”

  9. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    It’s a good feeling, hearing from you guys again after my hiatus. Thanks for warm welcome, everyone. Praying for the Society. Oohrah!

    • edgar lores says:


      As everyone knows, you are the Sultan of Love.

      There are many definitions of Love, and also many misconceptions about it.

      One misconception is that it all about romance, giving, and sacrifice.

      I do not adhere to the notion that one has to be cruel to be kind because that reeks of manipulation, justifies sadism, and uses the rationale that the end justifies the means.

      But I am just reading and I have come across this: “Perhaps the most common false assumption about love is that love means we will not be challenged or changed.”

      Thank you for being open-minded.

      Challenging is not cruelty. It is inquiry. And we inquire not to dominate but to seek the causes of our division. As you say, “We are united in love.”

      We forget… and do terrible things to each other to be reminded.

  10. NHerrera says:


    Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio launched a book on Thursday that questions China’s historic claims to most of the South China Sea and said he will distribute it online to try to overcome China’s censorship and reach its people.

    Carpio said his e-book can be downloaded for free in English now and will be made available later in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Japanese and Spanish to help more people understand the basis of the Philippines’ stand against China’s territorial claims.

    For TSH readers: you may download the e-book in pdf file using the following link:

    On opening the link, one has a Choice of Download Option:
    * E-book Interactive
    * E-book Non-Interactive

    The Interactive option which I chose to download is 67.5 MB pdf file

    • NHerrera says:

      I have not gone over the file except to quickly scan it. It shows a lot of charts, maps, pictures and, of course, text. We have to thank Justice Carpio and his helpers on this. This along with the PCA decision on our case which the PH won must be in the computer memory of Filipinos who value items from the internet other than the usual fare — Twitter, Facebook items, etc.

      (By the way, the e-book in pdf is 264 pages and that costs you 67.5 MB of memory space.)

      • sonny says:

        NH, judging from the commentariat responding to Yahoo news about Justice Carpio’s publication of his book, the China trolls came out in full force I think. The good justice must have really struck a sensitive cord.

        • NHerrera says:

          There are at least two types of readers of that news item about the e-book launching:

          * the critical-minded or history-minded ones, not necessarily anti-Duterte, in fact, may be supportive of facets of Duterte’s program of government;

          * the others, mostly Duterte supporters, who feel it is their duty to react to anything that may dim the shine of the “Leader.”

        • edgar lores says:

          I scanned the other comments of the Chinese trolls and, indeed, they are not limited to the Philippines; they are “international” in character — Japan, North Korea, Indonesian, and some Arab countries.

    • edgar lores says:

      NHerrera, many thanks. I chose the Interactive version as well.

  11. popoy says:

    I look hard at the beautiful truly Filipino
    of the duo in the very clear catching attention photo
    for the piece the social significance of aldub .
    Pasensiya po kung yabang or snobbishnish ang dating.
    For a multicutural people in looks and in names
    I saw not Chinese or Katsila mestizos
    I saw Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos
    in their phenomenal Prime.
    Hindi po Miss Universe mix race ang dating
    Pinoy na Pinoy po sa titig at tingin.
    I never saw a minute of the teleserye
    Nor photos before of the Pinoy and Pinay Sweethearts
    but wiithout the eche butcheches here and there
    I like to paint them pure and pristine lovers
    that is truly ours also I can say my own.

  12. NHerrera says:

    The fuss and the substance surrounding the participation of UN Rapporteur Callamard who spoke in a UP Forum on Drugs — featuring experts on the subject — is a repeated phenomenon here, and to be fair elsewhere in the world. Knowledge and the effectiveness of the approach associated with illegal drugs is of no substance. Whether Callamard did or did not inform the government of her coming is one we should be concerned about, the Administration seems to portray.

  13. NHerrera says:

    Sorry for going “international” on an Aldub blog — meaning the Second Round of the French Election between Macron and Le Pen. Is it all over but the actual voting, or more like the Brexit or Trump votes? I wonder what Joe’s reliable bookie, Sal, says.

    • NHerrera says:

      If it goes the Brexit and Trump way, polling and associated analysis even in the First World, I understand, will have been dealt not a technical knockdown but a knockout? Of course, if that happens the Talking Heads or the Writing Heads will have explanations a-plenty.

      • Sup says:

        Sir Herrera,,,,How can we find out if the SWS and Pulse Asia are being used to give this government a plus exactly when they need it? Many times when there is a subject downing the government a survey comes out…

        • NHerrera says:


          Frankly, I have grown somewhat tired about these surveys, especially since the survey dates — and whether it is trust or performance that is being surveyed — are such as to make one confused. I recall a March SWS survey done and reported in April and now this one, another SWS March survey reported in May, with no comparison between the two. I will not go so far as to say it is manipulated. The activities of the social media trolls are of course another matter.

    • NHerrera says:

      About 15 minutes after the close of voting in France — 8 PM Paris time — Le Pen congratulated Macron, the next President of France.

      • Edgar Lores says:

        Vive la France!

        • josephivo says:

          Vive la jeunesse!

          39 years old! What a refreshing difference. At 39 the sky is still the limit. At 72 you see the limit that is the limit.

          (Trump’s and Macron’s partners differ 24 years of age, younger and older respectively. Tells a lot too… )

          • NHerrera says:

            Trump at 72 and Macron at 39 —

            Trump’s and Macron’s partners differ 24 years of age, younger and older respectively. Tells a lot too…

            Probably in Macron, the brain and the stimulating ideas and conversations that come from it matter; in Trump it is obviously something else.

      • NHerrera says:


        I did a little bit of arithmetic and it is somewhat persuasive that the Round 1 percentage numbers of Macron, Fillon, Hamon and the split of Melenchon and the Other numbers went to Macron = 66% in Round 2.

        On the other hand, the percentage number of Le Pen in Round 1 plus the split of Melenchon and Other numbers went to Le Pen = 34% in Round 2.

        See the table below.

  14. Seems Macron’s victory is decisive according to early exit polls: 65% vs. Le Pen 35% – give or take a few percentage points due to sampling there will most probably still be a clear victory.

    Meanwhile, in the Northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, Merkel’s party won decisively. The populist AfD barely made the 5% minimum needed to enter parliament.

    Next big challenge: German federal elections in late September 2017 – very decisive for the future.

  15. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    Hey, is anyone watching Designated Survivor on Netflix? The character that Keifer Sutherland plays went big with love in his address to Congress. I hope you caught it.

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