Member’s Forum Page 2

I’ll add another page when comments get around the 400 mark. Page 1 has some excellent discussion about barangay law enforcement, making salsa, American politics, home gardening and water use, empowering women and even men, inheritance taxes, Mother Teresa and the poor, value development, transportation solutions, using waste and recycled materials for power and other applications, … Continue reading

Member’s Forum Page 1

This is the Society of Honor’s open forum where members may take up such issues as they put on the table. It is self-hosted as JoeAm is likely at the beach, napping, eating or drunk busy thinking. I would request that issues regarding the Duterte government be taken up in a different forum than here. I sponsor the … Continue reading

Now accepting nominations! Category: Best theme song for Philippine governance

w Philippine Music Awards! w Now accepting nominations! Category: Best theme song for Philippine governance First nominee, “Gentle Murders” by Rage     Gentle Murders Artist: Rage Album: Carved In Stone Genre: Rock Dirty is the road to fame Plastered with unlucky victims Deadly if you get the blame focused on you You can play your … Continue reading

The World According to Jim Paredes

w By Wilfredo G. Villanueva It gets you. How come surveys do not indicate intelligent choice? Will we depart from Daang Matuwid just when Bloomberg has called our country the strong man of Asia? Will we lose democratic space because voters seem to prefer a would-be despot, or our growth upended by a new dynastic … Continue reading

An Open Letter to AlDub Nation

Dear AlDub Nation,   We’ve been wanting to write you a letter but have been hesitant in doing so. You might laugh us off the planet, saying that we are presumido because how can we connect you as fans of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, the three lolas and the whole Eat Bulaga dabarkads, to what … Continue reading