Get Real Post: the Edge of Extremism

I visit the Get Real Post (“GRP”) blogsite from time to time, more lately than before. There exists a certain arrogance of bearing there that is bothersome, but a lot of the articles are pertinent to what interests me: the Philippines and the ways of its institutions and citizenry.
The site is fresh and current, publishing an article or more a day. These days the main theme is the Corona trial. Understandable I suppose, though it is tending toward pedantic repetitious observations. The site has a good range of commentary from readers, with the usual bullying from the anti-Aquino gangstas.
Every publisher has his principles, and often the editorial slant that can be some distance from the middle of the road. In the U.S., Fox Newsis perhaps the best example, claiming to be “fair and balanced” while hosting a cast of conservative commentators. The counterbalance is CNBC, which shades liberal. The Wall Street Journal is clearly pro-business. Consumers Union Report . . . well, it is for consumers all the way. I don’t know the biases of the Philippine media, but I understand the Inquirer is within the Aquino family tree somewhere.
The GRP editorial slant is anti-President Aquino. Staunchly, with insults being levied against those who support the President. “Yellow Zombie” is perhaps the favorite tag of the GRP gangstas who comment regularly. GRP is also critical of the generalized Filipino, the common man, who contributes to the enduring problems of the Philippines. Me too, so I can’t complain too much about that.
I’ve argued now and then that being unduly critical of the President makes the Philippines appear as it has appeared to outsiders for years: unstable. The argument back from GRP people is that they are doing their patriotic duty to criticize him, and they indeed are loyal to the Office of the President, but not the “incompetent” who is holding the job now.
Well, we all look at things through the tint of glasses we wear, that tint built up by whatever experiences we have had. If the Hacienda Luista somehow represents a bad symbol to us, then, of course our glasses will stain the President with that interpretation, whether he had anything to do with it or not. He is a part of that family. Or if we saw his mother as an angel for helping to pull the Philippines out of the clutches of a dictator, then our tint might indeed be yellow, her color.
And some tints are shaded by agenda. It is hard to peg exactly what the GRP agenda is, but the hard anti-Aquino slant is so pronounced that there has to be one. I suspect it is fame and if there is any money in it, that, too. Maybe sensationalism to drive audience up. Or else there is a political motive to it. Maybe President Aquino cancelled a project they were involved in, or they are getting even for 2010 (their candidate lost and they must defend their position or lose face; they are, after all, Filipino, with all the sensitivities attached to being face-bound) or they are positioning for 2016 to make sure the continuity of Aquino’s party is broken.
Or they just like being a part of a mob. It is a place to belong.
Certainly, the writers do not approach it patriotically, supporting the President on behalf of stability in the Philippines while criticizing his decisions or acts that they consider non-constructive, and presenting alternatives. The site content is decidedly not balanced and  not objective and you get the feeling that if they could yank the President out of his office mid-term, they would. They would view that as constructive for the Philippines.
It is what happens when you commit to a view that is not objective. In defense of that view, you edge evermore to the brink of extremism. GRPis there. Pushed to the edge by the need to defend an indefensible position.  They’ve been two-years arguing, edging into harder and harder positions, farther and farther from the center.
GRP demonstrates the same impatience as a coup-master. The same failure to understand the individual sacrifice that is built into the democratic model; the need to accept the consequences of someone of a different political persuasion holding office if they win an election. In that regard, they are undisciplined rabble rousers, wild-eyed radicals.
The argument from the site is that EVERYTHING the President does is wrong or bad. Well, that is so bizarre that it takes credibility to zero. Its as if they can’t look at the strengthening of the peso or higher investment ratings or inflow of investment money and call it like it is: good for the Philippines. They can’t see a need for aggressive action to end corruption; it won’t be done on a gauzy wish or heartfelt hope or by tearing down a President and starting from scratch.
To the GRP stalwarts, the Aquino glass is completely empty.
This extremist view forces them into awkward positions. They end up criticizing the impeachment of the Chief Justice even if his SALN contains potential law-breaking omissions worthy of trial. They express no new ideas about how to end corruption. They don’t acknowledge that the President is working to fulfill a campaign promise.  And they are forced into what I consider a humiliating predicament, defending former President Arroyo. Maybe the principal writers have some connection to that lady and her husband who seem to represent the worst of the old-school Philippines, rich people who are the architects and beneficiaries of the favor-trading that defines a corrupt republic.  I don’t know. To the GRP people, it is the ministers of justice in the Philippines who are wrong. Like the Occupy people in the U.S. somehow twist exorbitant CEO salaries into a reason to attack police.
They criticize the corrupt Philippines, but argue on behalf of corrupt people and against the President who is trying to change things.
It’s crazy. It makes no sense. There is no intellectual integrity to all this.
I have a suggestion for the GRP people. Stop acting like old-school Filipinos. Start working on the next election. Work within the framework of the democratic process and organize instead of whine. Work on building the Philippines instead of continuing this incessant tear-down approach that we see in local envy-driven political spats (Ampatuan) to the inter-family rivalries in Manila to the crusty old generals yapping for a coup. This bitter carping is what distinguishes the Philippines as a Banana Republic and represents the GRP rabble raisers as little more than bananas with a keyboard.
It is what traditionally supplants the Delta Drive in the Philippines. Ego over effort. Self interest over national interest. Same o same o: self-dealing oligarchs, common ineffective Filipinos and GRP gangstas.
It is the same recommendation I would give the Occupy anarchists. Get organized, get legal, and put your people into office.
If you fail, work HARDER. Raise more money, get more publicity and get your guy into office. Or little lady, I don’t care. Don’t participate in the acts that prove this is a Banana Republic without the discipline to deal with democratic choices, without the self-sacrifice and honor (like, sportsmanship) it takes to concede to other political persuasions who WON, fair and square.
Don’t spend years throwing toys against the wall because Mommy didn’t give you a Twinkie. 
22 Responses to “Get Real Post: the Edge of Extremism”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You could've said GRP = Trolls, but you didn't. You didn't resort to petty, childish, Filipino-machismo insults. This is what distinguishes you from all the wave of "Whine about society without contributing anything / Anti-Aquino at all cost" websites. Too bad they won't listen. They pride themselves as intellectuals and enlightened citizens, but they all end up acting like well… Filipinos. Get Real, Get Real Philippines. Jesus.-patrioticflip

  2. Yes. I suppose when some people look at the mirror, they see handsome or beauty, even if it is a troll looking back. My point, exactly. They are what they condemn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    *WitsInitially, the discussion will be somewhat "civilized" and "accommodating". You will have this feeling that for a moment everybody agreed to disagree. However, when resident bullies rear their ugly heads, figuratively and literally, the discourse goes down the drain.Yup, the long and short of it is that they are out to pull the present government down or at least level the latter with their benefactors.

  4. "Accommodating." Nice way to put it. I actually usually have civil exchanges with benigno, but Ilda is slippery like an eel, and the gangsta's Parallelaxe and trosp are impossible to hold a normal discussion with. I don't comprehend this need to win an argument by insulting the opposition.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Benign0 has yet to write an article critical of GMA. Why is that? Is GMA so perfect? Or perhaps Benign0 is a shill?

  6. Anonymous says:

    GRP? Patriots? Are you nuts?Guys, let's call a spade a spade – GRP's writers (especially benign0) are nothing more than trolls who want to extend their 15 minutes of fame. They're probably just nobodies in real life; that's why they became cyber attention whores.Pero sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o maaawa kay benign0. I mean, he's a 43-year-old husband and father of two who trolls day in and day out just to…(drum roll please)…be constantly reminded of how supposedly intelligent he is. "Infantile" is too kind a term to describe him.It's easy for benign0 and ilda to support crooks like GMA and Corona because they don't live here in the Philippines to begin with. They live in Australia, a first world country where politicians actually do their jobs and voluntarily resign whenever they get involved in any scandal. Once the Philippines goes to the dogs because of stinky thieves like GMA and Corona, they will just be typing another long, tactless and stupid blog post from their comfy living room in Sydney.Speaking of the impeachment trial, I would just like to ask benign0 and ilda: How come Miriam "Brenda" Defensor-Santiago did not berate Lito Atienza for his glaringly stupid testimony in the impeachment court? Is it because they are sharing the same political bed?

  7. Anonymous says:

    "Don't spend years throwing toys against the wall because Mommy didn't give you a Twinkie."Or, to put it more bluntly, don't spend years trolling and spewing anti-Aquino venom because Gordon didn't win the 2010 elections.Benign0, the 2010 elections is long over. Gordon lost. You're already 43 years old. Get real and grow up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    "…Ilda is slippery like an eel…"What can you expect from someone who married a professional troll?

  9. Anonymous says:

    *WitsTrue. The gangstas, it's like wrestling with pigs. I noticed though that one of your "sparring partner", parallelaxe have been quite "dormant" for some time now. It's the Trosp guy who is doing the most croaking.But I love the "Humpty Dumpty New World Dictionary" you just butted in on one of their article – classic!!!!

  10. *Wits, I see you read widely. I use that particular dictionary all the time.

  11. Ah, you interpreted my remark exactly as it was meant. I mean, my God, what kind of relentless rant is it that lasts year after year.

  12. Anonymous says:

    *WitsHahaha!!!! Words are powerful and effective tool indeed but only to those who wield it wisely.

  13. GabbyD says:

    true story about the incoherence of the "get real" people.last week, benk wrote how pnoy should have better PR, and points to his picture of him working. he also makes up how pnoy is drinking wine. he said, the truth doesnt matter — PR is important. it LOOKS like he is drinking wine (despite evidence and common sense to the contrary).OK. fine. PR is important.BUT today, B0 says: the photo of pnoy working is ONLY PR. PR doesnt matter as the "TRUTH" is that he isnt working.i think B0 and BenK should make up their minds.moreover, if they dont want you, they just erase your message OR, they call you dipshit just for telling him he is wrong. they are a "better" filipino? please.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I won't be surprised anymore if benign0 at benK will eventually have a falling-out. Benign0 and bongV already had a falling out due to differences in beliefs (that's why benign0 and his clique don't write for AP anymore).

  15. Anonymous says:

    What kind of relentless rant? Probably that of someone approaching a midlife crisis.

  16. Ha! That's why I speak with such clarity, having already passed through that hellhole some years back.

  17. GabbyD, "incoherence". Beautiful choice of words.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I've been called out a troll once by some of its most loyal members over that site. And that was because I was critical of GMA, but am in no way a loyal supporter of this current administration. They contradict a lot, so some of the things they rant about don't make sense to me anymore. The worst in that site are actually its most loyal dogs who first call you a troll and then tell that same troll to stop using adhominem attacks on them.

  19. Right! Even those who strive to recognize both good and bad in President Aquino . . . that is, objective . . . are labeled "yellow zombies" and trolled in reverse. It is win or lose, hate the President or be insulted.It is actually quite juvenile.

  20. andrew lim says:

    Hello Joe America,Glad to have stumbled on to your blog. I've been doing a cursory analysis of sites like Get Real Phils and other pro-Corona, pro-Marcos, anti-Filipino, anti- Pnoy sites. I'd like to confirm the following observations of mine if they are indeed accurate:Majority of those who flock to those sites are:1. In the 20-30 year old demographic, born after EDSA 1986; thus have no idea of what the Marcoses did;2. Children of OFWs and left behind, or come from broken families, so they have no responsible adult to educate them properly; 3. are into self-loathing and self-bashing; so that the reader is left with nothing positive to take away and become more hopeless as time goes on;4. they are so frustrated with their own lives, they are on self-destructive modes in their writings; they fall prey to the propaganda of the Marcoses and everyone else anti-Pnoy. I wont be surprised if some on those sites will commit suicide in the future since they have very little or nothing to live for. They hate the government, they hate themselves, they hate their heritage. They are only united in their hate, and that is not something that you can hang your hat on for a long time. They have nothing to look forward to. Expecting your reply, thanks in advance.

  21. mami_noodles says:

    Anonymous,I agree. He should move on.

  22. mami_noodles says:

    Will the real Get Real Philippines please stand up?

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