Looking Through Bear Dung and Get Real Articles

A number of years ago, I was hiking up a wild mountain in Alaska with a naturalist who would not go anywhere without his bear gun. He was a realist naturalist, I suppose, and understood that the large creatures in that part of the woods would eat first and growl later. We came across a big pile of bear dung, fairly fresh. He took a stick and flipped through the shit to examine what the bear had been eating.
Reading Get Real Post is a little like that.
As you probably know, the editors of that blog site have banned me from commenting there. They view me a little like Corona views the Ombudsman, always poking around in uncomfortable places. Getting too near to the truths that threaten their intellectual or emotional fabric. So am relegated to having to comment in a side hallway rather than the courtroom of direct and honorable argument.
Well, they have delivered the normal tripe about Chief Justice Corona, the rationalizations that extremists are inclined to cling to as their icon of virtue turns into an out-of-touch, blathering, sniveling malcontent on nationwide television. The Chief Justice behaves rather like a large two-year old on a three hour tantrum and the Get Real proud patrons try to tell us how cute he is.
Pathetic is different than cute.
As it was my commentary regarding an article by Get Realscribe Arche that got me banned, I take special interest in his articles. I find that he is an intelligent guy, not unkind, writes well, but is evidently pinned to the same agenda as the editors, and doesn’t mind being the berries in the Get Real turds.
Here’s what he writes about those who would find fault with the undignified Corona meltdown.
  • Despite what Filipinos everywhere said about demanding the truth from Corona’s mouth, they are not really after the truth; they are only after someone whom they can verbally beat up like a lingual punching bag. We are not a truth-based society; instead, we are a ridicule-based society, especially when people are convinced that, in repeatedly demeaning the respondent’s image
Let’s see, Mr. Corona spent three hours beating up on dead men, presidents, government officials, legislators, and prosecuting attorneys, blaming and whining and crying his way in self indulgent self pity. Filipinos are supposed to, what, sit back in admiration of his judicial bearing and intellectual might?
When he signed his waver, people actually cheered. It is what they want. Transparency. Then he pulled his dirty trick. On the people. They are supposed to roll over and praise the guy?
  • One would seriously think that if Corona intends to get away from everything through acting, he would be more creative than to act “sick” and instantly earn the ire of the Filipinos who simply can’t move on from the Arroyo incident. And yet he went sick.
Indeed, his driver and car were ready for his quick exit . One would seriously think that is masterfully unplanned, impromptu accidental arrangement.
He exited full strength. He got sick after he was stopped from fleeing by the Sergeant at Arms. It is called “loser’s limp”, like when the star player whose team is getting pulverized suddenly ends up with an injury that serves as his excuse for not being responsible for anything that transpired on the field. And the blind hyper-allegiant fans gets suckered in. Rather like some blog article writers.
When Chief Justice Corona was wheeled back to the courtroom, he did not even have the grace or courage to look ONCE, from his wheel chair, at Senator Enrile as he spoke.
  • And now, we have another prospect of mistrial based on “grave abuse of discretion.”
Right. Abuse of discretion. I tell you, the bear is crapping big now. Presiding Senator Enrile abused Chief Justice Corona by using his discretion to allow him to speak. The man kept running on after Senator Enrile interrupted three times to respectfully suggest he was out of order. Corona didn’t care. He was on a mission.
  • Corona not only signed his waiver authorizing government bodies to examine his accounts, he is also giving Filipinos the opportunity to check out the accounts of the other politicians by challenging them to sign their waivers too!
His second surprise, making his waiver contingent on 189 other signatures, was a vindictive dirty trick. On the people. It made a mockery of transparency. I fear Arche is trying to reconstruct by dumping a whole bottle of perfume into this growing pile.
  • In many aspects, Corona’s dare was pretty nifty, hitting two birds with one stone. The first bird was the reputation of his persecutors. The second one was the hypocrisy of the Filipinos, attempting to uphold the rule of law only when it suits their egotistic purposes.
Yes, and that’s pretty nifty, too, slandering the entire Filipino nation as indulging in hypocrisy, as you write this tripe.
The only attitude I see from the normal Filipinos around me is to want a honest and forthright Chief Justice. You know, Chief Justice Corona could have won the day by reporting the balances in his four dollar accounts, after having effectively rebutted the Ombudsman’s Power Point presentation.  He could have won the day by signing the waiver on secrecy, unconditionally. What a statement of credibility and openness that would have been! What a dramatic statement FOR transparency! But he signed it, waved it, read it. Then pulled it back.
Insulting the people who were so generous of heart as to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Then he walked out.
Insulting the people’s earnest representatives in the Senate.
The man is emotionally challenged with a debilitating persecution complex. He is unable to stand the heat in a kitchen he entered surreptitiously, in the dead of night, as a favor to a woman now in jail.
I suggest Arche needs to wipe the . . . umm, film . . . from his eyes and look simply at the disreputable and disrespectful display that was put on by the Chief Justice, with his “vast legal knowledge“, in the guise of testimony, last Tuesday. And stop slandering good people who, when they see the king is naked, simply say the king is naked.
24 Responses to “Looking Through Bear Dung and Get Real Articles”
  1. Well, it may be shit to us but it's fertilizer for GetReal.

  2. andrew lim says:

    I told you those guys at Get Real Post are into self-loathing and self bashing. They like to roll in shit, like their recent article. Reading them leaves the reader feeling like shit, then leaves him with nothing- no course of action or direction to take. It just says,"everything is shitty, shit, shit shit!" It is my belief that sometime in the past, their psyches were damaged, perhaps due to racial abuse in their respective adopted countries.

  3. mami_noodles says:

    Wait until Chief Jackasstice err Justice Corona gets convicted. I'll bet they'll go apeshit.

  4. Yes, I can hear the bizarre accusations and rationalizations now, looking for culprits other than the man himself to hang it on.

  5. Yes, andrew, when "not nice" becomes a reason for being, something to be proud of, something is amiss.

  6. AJ says:

    I got curious so I've read they're 4 latest articles and found one funny quote from Ilda."Corona’s alleged walk-out from the courtroom was unexpected. It seemed like a sign that he was fed up with the Kangaroo Court."I can't believe she wrote that. If anything, the Court should've walked out because they were fed up with the Chief Justice.A 3-hour monologue, a few interruptions from the Senate President in what seems to be a bid to get him to stop telling his life's story, and that conditional waiver that essentially means he'll open his accounts when pigs fly. It's also similar to an argument a kid makes when reprimanded for doing the latest fad: "Everyone else is doing it, why should I be punished?"If a PR guy was behind that, he should be fired, he sucks at his job. The order should've been release waiver-challenge the 189-let the public do the rest. Since steps 1 and 2 were mixed up, step 3 falls short as the people continue to side with the personalities instead of taking sides based on the issues raised.IMO, the biggest argument for the removal of the Chief Justice can now be summed up by the following question:"Is a man who argues like a child worthy of being the top judge of the land?"

  7. Bingo, AJ. Your last line is exactly the point. And the SALN discrepancy is the legal horse the Senators will ride. Or should, if they have any genuine passion for the well-being of the Philippines.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Impeachment Court? A Kangaroo Court? The Impeachment Court is very lenient for a Kangaroo Court, considering that it allowed a witness to make an opening statement (trivia: in any trial, witnesses are NEVER allowed to make an opening statement).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Article III, Sec. 1 of the 1987 Constitution:"Corona not only signed his waiver authorizing government bodies to examine his accounts, he is also giving Filipinos the opportunity to check out the accounts of the other politicians by challenging them to sign their waivers too! Article III, Section 1 of the 1987 Constitution:"Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws."Arche, if you want Drilon and the 188 Congressmen to sign the waiver, then put them on trial first. Corona is the one on trial, so he should prove his innocence instead of dragging others with him. When you get arrested for jaywalking, you don't say "Why only me? Arrest the other jaywalkers first!""In many aspects, Corona’s dare was pretty nifty, hitting two birds with one stone. The first bird was the reputation of his persecutors. The second one was the hypocrisy of the Filipinos, attempting to uphold the rule of law only when it suits their egotistic purposes."Arche, Corona's the hypocrite, not the Filipinos. In 1997, Delsa M. Flores, an ordinary court interpreter, was sacked from her job for failing to disclose her market stall in her SALN (http://www.sunstar.com.ph/bacolod/opinion/2012/02/13/hagad-judicial-precedents-205793). If rank-and-file court employees are expected to be honest, don't you think more should be expected from the Chief Justice? In fairness to benign0, he's really good at brainwashing people to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid. I just wonder if he won't mind other people teaching his children to do bad things (lying, stealing, cheating, etc.).

  10. Anonymous says:

    @andrew: In psychology, what the GRP people are doing is called projection. When you are unhappy with yourself, you find fault in others to make yourself feel better.

  11. I looked up the definition of Kangaroo Court in the Humpty Dumpty New World Dictionary. It means "a court that issues rulings I disagree with, and is generally used by highly frustrated people". One of the positive outcomes of the trial is the dignity and correct balance of control and leniency displayed by Presiding Officer Enrile. It is what Chief Justice Corona displayed the opposite of. The conduct of the trial is a win for Philippine democracy.

  12. GabbyD says:

    thank you for noticing these, to put it charitably, "intellectual inconsistencies".i was enjoying them so much, i'm glad someone else noticed.

  13. GabbyD says:

    just to be clear what these inconsistencies are:they score Pnoy for being unpresidential for a)how he looksb)how he talks.set aside if they are write in calling pnoy unpresidential. corona's actions, are AT LEAST, as bad as a picture of pinoy closing his eyes in a meeting. in fact, corona's actions at his own trial are WORSE!moreoever, i love ilda's quote: (thanks AJ!) ""Corona’s alleged walk-out from the courtroom was unexpected. It seemed like a sign that he was fed up with the Kangaroo Court."but no criticism of corona? why not? is it ok to "allegedly walk out" if you are "fed up"?so the rightness of an action depends solely on how YOU FEEL? that explains SO MUCH about their online behavior! if i dont like you, i can call you names, and thats OK coz i'm just "sharing my feelings".whats going on in the world?

  14. J says:

    As the esteemed GetReal founder likes to say, it's simple, really.Don't read them. I stopped reading them 100 years ago.

  15. My pleasure. And you nailed it, below, as to the strangeness of their perspectives. It is inconsistent with a high degree of nasty thrown in.

  16. J, I don't read there. I occasionally dig through the poo to understand if the bear's dietary habits have changed. Usually I find such good shit that I can't help but write about it, which in turn pumps up my readership. Because those high minded intellectuals are so talented at offending people. Like, Filipinos, in general.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey Joe, I want to visit GRP to lob those bear dung back to Arche. Arche sounds like a priest who studied ten years, so that they could project themselves to the poor Christians that they are infallible.How do I get to GRP? Google should do it huh? Its Jack

  18. Anonymous says:

    If Corona gets convicted, I dare benign0 to shut down GRP.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Great article and the comments are enjoyable too. I'm from Sydney and was so intrigued I watched a replay of the infamous Session 40 of the trial. What a farce. Interestingly, at 4:07 on the GMA news video clock as Corona stood up Mrs Corona was already up seemingly on cue and even went ahead of CJ to leave the hall. Unplanned? Don't think so. The saddest thing for me is the tarnished reputation of this supposed last bastion of Philippine morality. Corona for his part will forever be damaged goods no matter the outcome of the trial.

  20. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Mr. Corona is damaged goods.I've been to Sydney twice in my life. Incredible city. Gorgeous and fun. I want to climb that bridge!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry, if I ever get in trouble with their wall of concrete dung-blocks, I will get the Seventh Fleet to deliver my lots of horse-shit. Its Jack

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