Oh My Dios! Senator Miriam is Quoting Latin Again!

The original headline for this article was going to be “Grow Up Philippines!”, but this is the new, positive JoeAm doing the writing.

  • I would like to commend Senator Santiago for her use of Latin in describing the legalities surrounding the dumping of trash into coastal waters. It provides Filipino school kids with a sterling example of why foreign languages are important. Nevermind that none of the rest of us understands what she is rambling on about.

  • And thanks as well to the good Senator for inviting the Chinese to put their troops on Philippine islands. That is most courteous and, of course, ripping up the VFA and undermining the US alliance is like a parchment invitation encrusted in glitter and fancy perfumes.
  • And for sure nevermind all the plastic and pollutants slogging their way down the Pasig river and into the same coastal waters. Senators need not be concerned about domestic abuse. It is included in the unspoken rules of impunity and obnoxity which allow them to ignore RH and FOI and other acts that could caretake the nation whilst berating good allies.
We are talking about those arrogant foreigners here, so we can use our Latin in fine form. The envy endowed Filipino populace really eats this stuff up. It also provides juicy headlines for the in-depth media coverage we can expect from the daily rags and TV.
Here’s the situation.
  • The U.S. is sending more naval ships to the Philippines to bolster U.S. presence in the West Philippine Sea to advance U.S. and Philippine defense and commercial interests.
  • The ships have toilet output and used oil aboard. Humpty Dumpty herein defines these materials as “waste.”
  • The U.S. Navy contracts with a company named Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines, Inc. (“Glenn”) to take the waste and dispose of it.
  • Glenn has been charged with dumping untreated waste into Philippine waters.
  • There is a document called the Visiting Forces Agreement (“VFA”) in place between the Philippines and U.S. that allows the U.S. to bring soldiers to the Philippines without visas, Philippine soldiers to the U.S. for training, and work out what happens if soldiers of either country commit crimes.
  • Senator Miriam is on a rant, extending her shriek from the Nicole Affair in which, looking a lot like the portrait “The Scream”, she exclaimed “The humiliation! The humiliation!” regarding the unbalanced imprisonment provisions of the VFA.
  • Senator Latin  says the alleged Glenn dumping is a violation of the VFA. She’s on the attack, and the U.S. Navy is her target.
Well, if I were cartoonist Conrad, I’m afraid I would draw the good Senator as a petulant little child tossing a hissy fit whenever she wanted attention. Nicole incident, hissy fit. Corona verdict, hissy fit. Libel committee meeting where no one showed up, hissy fit. Trash in the bay, hissy fit. Probably a few dozen more that I am not aware of.
Now here’s the straight deal.
At this point it is none of the Senator’s business and she should be more interested in protecting the integrity of Philippine defense alliances than undermining them for her own self promotion. And she ought to strive for the maturity and dignity of allowing other arms of Philippine government to do their jobs.
It is the job of Executive to police the affair, and Executive is doing this. The U.S. Navy is investigating the incident, too. Like her libel committee fiasco, Senator Santiago wants the Senate to act as a heavy hitting policeman. She may get more traction on this because she can paint the U.S. as villain. That always gets a lot of traction with a certain esteem-challenged, envious segment of the Philippine population.
No, no, Childlike Senator. The Senate should be passing laws, not policing the state. Like do YOUR business well before taking off on someone else’s. Get RH and FOI passed. And maybe get the Pasig river cleaned up, too, while you are at it. Trust me, it is spewing a lot more  . . . um positive word, positive word . . . “effluents” into the Bay than a dozen U.S. Navy boats.
Incidentally, Glenn is not a U.S. company. It was formed in Malaysia and is a global company. It was hired by the U.S. in good faith.
Get your villains lined up right.
And while I am at it, being positively steamed, let me read riot on another childish moment of Philippine behavior, IF it is true.
If it is true that the Aquino administration is upset that President Obama has not responded to an invitation to visit the Philippines during his Asian trip, I’d say grow up, grow up, grow up. Stop being so needy as to draw prestige and power from the United States. Do it on your own THROUGH ACHIEVEMENT. Pass RH and FOI. Talk up freedom of speech instead of libel laws.  Become the economic tiger of Asia. Don’t define your worth in terms of what others do. Psychology 101.
President Obama is visiting Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia where he is visiting an ASEAN economic summit. He’s a busy man, these countries are in close proximity, and he can give Myanmar a needed boost into the global community. Why on God’s great green earth does he need to come to the Philippines, a country that SUPPOSEDLY has its act together?
Dump the childish associative pride that depends on WHAT OTHERS DO to feel whole and big.
EARN your way to real pride through acts.
That’s all. I’m done here. I’m starting to read like Angry Maude. I also need an intravenous injection of her KJJ . . .
I’m having a hard time keeping this on a positive roll . . . so segue to . . .
Some Simple Facts
Glenn Defense Marine Asia is a substantial company providing ship services to many nations.
Founded: Malaysia in 1946.
Offices: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Philippines, North America, and Panama. It provides services in 40 nations.
Vision:  To be the one-stop global leader in total marine husbanding, naval defense logistics, force protection , maritime security and offshore resource solutions provider and top asset owner.
Mission:  To establish a global presence to provide the most comprehensive & integrated service platform for the 21st century.
Corporate Policy:  Our number one goal is customer service. We are here to demonstrate an exceptional mastery of professional excellence, values, ethics & personal integrity to all our clients.
Self Description:
GDMA epitomizes a new generation of capabilities, skills and elite people to solve the full spectrum of needs in the world of marine logistics and force protection. We have established for ourselves a regional presence unsurpassed by any other company for the 21st Century.
We are renowned for providing unrivalled value to our customers with our highest quality products, comprehensive services and speedy and efficient job execution. Our distinguished workforce are solution providers and consistently carry out impeccable customer services, to satisfy any request or requirement.
  • Marine & Offshore  Logistics
  • Sea, Land & Air Transportation
  • Enhances Security Equipment & Services
  • Ship Building, Repair & Maintenance
  • One-Stop Vessel Carter & Equipment Hire
Marine & Shore Logistics:
• Ensuring the appropriate berthing space is made available in advance
• Making arrangement for pilots, tugs, line handlers
• Gangways & brows & platforms
• Yokohama fenders, submarine fenders
• Breasting barges
• Cranes, heavy & light lifting machinery, forklifts, conveyors, cherry pickers & manlifts
• Floating crane services
• Pier fresh water & water barge for anchorage
• Garbage bins & garbage removal services & trash barge
• Waste disposal services (CHT & Sewage, oily waste, HAZMAT, and medical grey water discharge)
• IDD telephone land lines, cellular phones, beepers, walkie talkies, email phones, satellite phones
• Water taxi & land transportation
• Fuel & bunker supply (MGO/F-76, JP5, SAE40)
• Oil booms & skimmers
• Diving services (under water inspection of ships hull, installation of sea chest screens on ship intakes)
• Supply of shore power generators, boilers, feed water & rain makers
• Submarine support services: submarine fenders, muses, rat guard & generators
53 Responses to “Oh My Dios! Senator Miriam is Quoting Latin Again!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    The Chairman and CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia is a crook. Mateo Mayuga should be investigated now and his role in safeguarding Gloria Arroyo's illegal rule (military cover-ups) should be included.-JoeAm's Olympia WA fan

  2. Interesting. You confirm my raised eyebrows that this company provides security services. One picture on the web site shows a bunch of well-armed goons in black looking tough. Not my kind of boat servicing company. I wonder what kind of due diligence the U.S. Navy did, and why they selected this company. I also saw a picture of that dude Mayuga as he was denying everything. I also couldn't tell from the web site where they are headquartered. I think Panama. Another eyebrow went up.Thanks for the tip.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mayuga's Glenn is a relative in a professional sense of Malabanan. JoeAm, they can help you with your pozo negro.DocB

  4. Anonymous says:

    Then Vice Admiral Matt Mayuga headed a Fact Finding Board to investigate that the military top brass were involved in the alleged stealing of the 2004 elections for Gloria Arroyo. The findings were whitewashed and there was never a full disclosure because those involved were fellow Cavaliers and "Mistah" in the Philippine Military Academy. I guess all past misdeeds will eventually come back to haunt perpetrators. It is written in the Law of Karma!TNT in NY

  5. Anonymous says:

    As far as the Mayuga report, it was crap in crap out. Come to think of it, all fact-finding here are crap-Agrava, Feliciano, Mayuga, the Senate Blue Ribbon Charade. So, Mariano is correct again. We should subcontract these fact-finding to Americans, Koreans, anyone but the Mayugas in our midst. Call it truth-finding. The salvage-experts should take a rest.DocB

  6. Anonymous says:

    JoePardon, could not help to socknit to Miriam. Please have your wife translate to you and Angry Maude.Miriam had been saying these pick up lines while delivering public speeches.Heeeeere's Johnny Lin counterpunch lines on her:Miriam: sana FB status ka na lang, para madali kita i-likeJohnny: kung ikaw ay nag friend sa akin sa FB, kaagad-agad, i-delete account koMiriam: when someone told me "ang ganda mo"…. I answered "sana ikaw rin"Johnny: when someone told you "ang ganda mo" … My question "was he that totally drunk?"Miriam: hindi ko sinasabi maganda ako, ang sinabi ko lamang pangit kaJohnny: sabi mo pangit ako, sagot sa iyo, marunong na palang magsalita ang halimawMiriam: sana holdupper ka na lang, ibibigay ko lahat sa iyo wag mo lamang akong saktanJohnny: mamang holdupper ibibigay ko lahat sa iyo dahil ikaw ang unang nakapansin sa akinMiriam: Wala naman talagang pangit, nasobrahan lang ako ng gandaJohnny: sa lakas ng apog mo, sasabog ang pantog koMiriam: ako na ang magbabayad ng tuition mo, pag aralan mo lang mahalin akoJohnny: talaga, kung hindi ka magbabayad ng lalaki, sino lukoluko magmamahal sa iyo.

  7. Welcome, TNT. What part of NY?It's interesting then that Senator Santiago is attacking the US VFA treaty rather than Glenn directly. I wonder what kinds of bones are in that graveyard of her own history. To me, the culprit is clear. Glenn. And it has zero, zilch, squat to do with the VFA. The Senator is overreaching for a reason to get involved.

  8. I'll get the translater on it later this morning. Thanks. I'm sure it contains your ordinary subservient, obedient, fall-in-line tones.

  9. Interesting. I have more confidence in the U.S. Navy's inquiry into the matter than Senator Santiago's, which seems concocted for her show.

  10. Ahahahaha,You will delete your FB account if Miriam indicates "like". Cracked me, my wife, and Maude up.Johnny, ang ganda mo!!Miriam speaks animal??!!!You are thoughtful in your gift of a holdupper to Miriam. My wife is still rolling on the floor.Miriam contains a lot of hot air, drives you nuts.I didn't get the last one, my wife is laughing too hard . . . something about Miriam paying for love . . .

  11. Anonymous says:

    Long Island…where Fil-Am culture is cultivated and hell is raised in no particular order. I am not a fan of Senator Brenda but I welcome with delight the involvement of the crooked Vice-Admiral Mateo Mayuga.TNT in NY

  12. Anonymous says:

    JoeThe last one translationMiriam: i will continue paying your tuition fee as long as you learn how to love meJohnny: of course, if you do not pay for a man, who is crazy enough to love you

  13. Anonymous says:

    Joe"halimaw" is the ugliest animal in tagalog

  14. Edgar Lores says:

    1. A spiritu infitialis, Domine, libera nos. (From the spirit of negativity, Lord, deliver us.)2. In the spirit of positivity, I was going to say something good about Miriam. But I got carried away by Johnny’s irreverence.3. Nevertheless, here are some good things about the Senator that can be counted on the fingers of more than one hand. Miriam:3.1 Is pro-RH Bill.3.2 Is pro-Sin Tax Bill.3.3 Thinks the Cybercrime Law is unconstitutional.3.4 Does not accept that speaking in Filipino gets Sotto off the hook.3.5 Authored the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill.3.6 Thrills teenagers with her pick-up lines.

  15. No wonder my wife was laughing so hard. Thanks.

  16. "Lookin' for love in all the wrong places" . . . tune slips into my head.

  17. Ah, thanks for the balancing, and the fine Latin quote. She certainly thrilled Johnny with her pick-up lines.Rebalancing the balancing . . .“Status quo, you know, is Latin for 'the mess we're in'.” Ronald ReaganOmnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Another Miriam pick up line:Miriam: they say a picture is worth a thousand words, kaya nung makita ko picture mo tatlong words lang nasabi ko, "I love you"Johnny: they say a picture is worth a thousand words, kaya nung makita ko picture mo, taksang taksang salita nabitiwan ko, tuloy-tuloy na-mental ako.Miriam: kapag namatay ako, wag kang pumunta sa libingan ko, baka tumibok uli ang pusoJohnny: di bale, wala naman bayad yung killer mo, dahil sabi niya, it is a pleasure ridding this world of ugly people.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sen Brenda delivered this punchline during the 1st General Membership and Induction Meeting of the Credit Management Association of the Philippines in Shangri-La Makati.Miriam: can you recommend me a good bank, because I plan to save all my love for you.Johnny: pasig river bank, among all the dirt and garbage you have spawned.

  20. Anonymous says:

    EdgarWhenever Miriam is in limelight It reminds me the last line of the Lord's Prayer:"Sed Libera nos a Malo"In order not to sin more I respond with"Risus Sanat" – Laughter heals! Johnny Lin

  21. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

  22. Anonymous says:

    In this and in many other instances, we cannot get a clear view here who is the hero or who is the heel, that may be why we resort to humor. Miriam is hero as pro-RH but heel as pro-Corona or anti-VFA to some commenters. Incidentally, why is Mirriam not in the Hague court yet?DocB

  23. cha says:

    While you guys were having fun with the Lady Miriam's pick-up lines, I was doing some fact checking on Malacanang's supposed displeasure at the Philippines not being included in Obama's Southeast Asia itinerary. This is all that I could find:1. Amando Doronila wrote "Obama skips Philippines – again""The itinerary excluded the Philippines, a longtime strategic security ally of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region." "The exclusion ruffled sensitive nationalist feelings in Manila, as officials anxiously waited for signals from the second Obama administration on what is in store for the Philippines in the reordering of US foreign policy priorities following the election." "Filipinos were quick to recall that during Obama’s first Southeast Asian tour early in his first term, his itinerary bypassed the Philippines."2.Michael Lim Ubac of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PH not on Obama's Southeast Asia Itinerary" write:"As of press time Friday night, there was no word from Malacañang whether Mr. Aquino would meet with Obama during the Asean summit, as the Palace press officers, Edwin Lacierda and Abigail Valte, were in a closed meeting with the President. Neither was there an explanation for Obama’s skipping the Philippines on his Southeast Asian tour."3. Ubac also quotes Congressman Rufus Rodriguez in the same piece:"Obama’s skipping the Philippines is “lamentable and regrettable,” Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez said Friday, “especially at this time when we need his presence and support in the dispute in the West Philippine Sea.” Rodriguez said Obama’s visit to Manila would be a signal to China that the United States wanted the dispute to be settled peacefully. “It would have a stabilizing effect,” Rodriguez said. “So we wish that he would change his itinerary and include Manila, America’s longtime friend,” he said."4. I think we can safely say that neither Doronila nor Rodriguez speak for the President. One is quite possibly just sowing intrigue while the other is taking a break from his humdrum, uneventful job as a Congressman. No urgent and important bills to pass, you know like the RH and FOI BIlls. Or maybe there's no room at the inn again, I mean no room for their meetings again.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Doronilla is appears to be indulging in intrigue but what about Miriam's timing her rant against VFA and this so-called snob?DocB

  25. Jetlag807 says:

    Santiago and the Philippine media are equally at fault though, this being the Philippines, they will NEVER admit their mistakes. As I write this, the Garcia of the SBMA has already stated (on ANCs Headstart) and I quote;"There is no evidence that any toxic waste has been discharged in the confines of Subic Bay… Neither is there evidence that oily waste or sewage waste have been dumped in our waters… Latest tests show that Subic waters remain clean and safe."OK. I'll admit the last one was a stretch but you get the idea. Here we have, yet again, a rumor taken by the media without any investigation or substantiating the claims, then taken by the (leftist) bloggers, followed by average Filipino Bloggers who despise all things American (except Green Cards), to then be taken by a foolish Senator who in turn, blasts the one party who has nothing to do with the story (insofar as jurisdiction is concerned) aka the US Navy. Is this Senator, and perhaps the Senate in its entirety, so filled with remorse and embarrassment over the Smith Case that they must lash out against the VFA at every chance no matter how stupid and idiotic those claims may be? Does anyone in this country bother to look for FACTS before they believe rumors? That's a rhetorical question so no need to answer. They are so quick to lash out at the US Navy and its Contractor but completely ignore the ever growing pollution problem brought upon by their own inaction against those who represent a clear and present danger to the environment of the Philippines! Santiago is a Joke! Sotto (oh don't get me started on that arrogant SOB) is a Joke! The Philippine Media is a Joke! And here's the punchline… The Joke is on the people of the Philippines! Too bad they don't get it.

  26. Cha says:

    Just found out this is not the first time she has sought the VFA termination. She filed a joint resolution in August 2010 asking both houses of congress to terminate the VFA agreement, the reason being that it supposedly was not a valid treaty recognised by the United States. So maybe it's got nothing at all to do with the snob. The lady may just be "picking up" from where she left off last time. Wink wink

  27. There is no open position, and she has indicated to the Court that she doesn't mind waiting.

  28. The Inquirer piece got my goat and is the subject of tomorrow's blog. Note the headline in the teaser, right column. JoeAm explains why the Philippines need not worry her Childlike head about Mr. Obama. And stop stealing my punch lines a day ahead of when they are published.

  29. It goes back to before that, maybe 2008. She committed herself against the VFA during the Nicole affair, in a royal rant that concluded that the "unbalanced" imprisonment provisions are a "humiliation" to the Philippines. I think the only thing unbalanced is her reasoning. Then. And now.

  30. Good to be aligned with my archrival on this particular line of thinking. Read tomorrow's blog. You'll think you are on Get Real Post.

  31. Jetlag807 says:

    HA HA HA! I can't wait!Happy belated Veterans Day!

  32. And to you, too, Jet. Thanks for your service to America.

  33. It appears you are not alone re. Mayuga. You can't get away from those islands, eh? I've only visited New York, a little time downtown and a little time upstate. Very good memories.

  34. Anonymous says:

    In the movie, Godfather, Vito did not want his son Michael to be too close to the family, kept him away from intrigues yet pampered and provided protection to him because he saw in him the talent and determination leading the family to respect compared to his elder siblings.Obama bypasses the Philippines while visiting other countries yet provided the most financial and military support against possible protagonists compared to the nations visited because America has observed PHL a very trusted and reliable ally."Quality is the measure of care"Johnny Lin

  35. Anonymous says:

    ChaRufus Rodriguez uncalled laments reminded me of a friend who was not invited to a grand wedding by his long time childhood good friend. He complained, felt betrayed and humiliated. Related to him this food for thought:Maybe your good friend placed you in the list to be invited selected by both families. However, they could afford to invite 300 people only because of the expense involved. You might be 301 in the list and probably when someone declines, you will be next in line. Vanity is the soul of hollow mankindJohnny Lin

  36. Johnny,". . . America has observed PHL a very trusted and reliable ally."Exactly. The real Philippine pride should be, not in Obama's visit, but that he need not visit. The Philippines is not in the same needy pack as Thailand, Burma, Israel and Egypt.I'd be proud. The complainers seem the opposite. Tomorrow's blog.

  37. andrew lim says:

    Joe,1. Dont waste too much time ranting vs Santiago. Only the likes of Escudero's sophomoric girlfriend adore her. 2. Rufus Rodriguez is an acrobat. He's a "pro-lifer" but you should know his stand on foreign drug traffickers. It will be in my next contributed blog post.2. Please check your email. Sent you a new blog post on the alliance of rightists and the CBCP.

  38. Anonymous says:

    JoeI would not go as far as Israel. That is a different equation.Johnny Lin

  39. Got it, andrew. A good, provocative article sure to stir up debate. It will run Thursday after I do some ranting tomorrow.Friday, JoeAm will turn positive once again. Whew.Thanks for the article.

  40. Yes. The need may be to encourage them not to do anything rash. Without question, Israel needs to be high on Obama's tote board for dialogue.

  41. Attila says:

    Joe:Can you explain why the USA is still has a presence in the Philippines? Why are we there? What is in for us to be there? Call me hard headed who is from behind the "Iron Curtain" but I still don't understand. How long Americans have to put up with humiliation? They hate us! What about our pride? I'm sick and tied of Americans being the nice guys that is so easy to kick in to. US should leave them for good.

  42. Please excuse my favorite pitbull, Meriam Defensor Santiago, for speaking in Latin. She learned from Tito Sotto: It is not plagiarism if not in original language it was said and written..Tito Sotto put the benign0 Rubber Stamp Supreme Court in quandary. So as not to be impeached, they have to ask benign0 what decision they are going to render.Meantime, Obama is skirting Philippines while they are deliberating what plagiarism is.

  43. There are a lot of American business interests here, and a LOT of American citizens here, a good many with military background, for girls, beaches and/or cheap living. A lot of Filipinos with American interests are here. So the U.S. Embassy caretakes both sets of people and is a very busy place.The military presence was reduced to almost zero when the Philippines evicted them in 1990 or 91, thereabouts. It came back in the form of anti-terrorist advisers helping in the fight against terrorism. A number like 600 sticks in my head, but I'm no sure how many. Then with China's belligerance, ships have been welcomed rather than scorned away, and there have been active joint training exercises.The US also has a strategic regional interest for being here, to counter balance Chinese adventurism.Filipinos both love and hate Americans. We Americans have a lot to do with which it is (arrogant and believing ways that are not our ways are wrong), and Filipino hyper-sensitivity and envy have a lot to do with it. I am treated both badly (today's blog) and very well, respectfully, almost admiringly sometimes.The ties are deep, some would say rich, others would say offensive.It is what it is. It is NOT dull.

  44. Ah, maybe that is the reason he does not want to visit. He is afraid Sotto will think of using his fine speeches. Miss Mirriam is hot and cold with me. Right now she is running cold whilst ranting against the VFA but not helping Senator Ms. Cayetano rant against old stubborn fart MAN Enrile to get WOMAN'S RH Bill on the agenda.

  45. Attila says:

    "For girls, beaches and/or cheap living" is not a good enough reason to have USA influence in the Philippines. Than they should get the Koreans involved. They are more in to bar girls doing business and taking advantage of the low cost of living. I see some interest when it comes to anti terrorist training but not when it comes to military involvement in Mindanao. That is just oil on the fire to hate and blame us more. We and the Philippines already lost the Spratly islands when the US navy was kicked out from Subic. Chinese took advantage of the power vacuum. It as all Chinese now. We are no going to be able to stop them, it is their own backyard and we need not to go against our own interest. We need China. It is time to get out of the Philippines fast as "bat out of hell" We and the Philippines are not a good match: we are enablers. The Chinese are the only one who can teach and discipline them.

  46. Attila says:

    "arrogant and believing ways that are not our ways are wrong" I have no idea how you ended up with this conviction. Maybe some leftist Filipinos put it in your head just to make you feel guilty. That is a ridiculous excuse to feed their ego. I'm laughing at this. Are you kidding me? Americans are the easiest to manipulate and abuse.

  47. Attila says:

    Do you know how we Hungarians wished that the USA would come and get involved in the revolution of 1956? We wanted the USA to come and take over. We are still disappointed that the US didn't protect us against the Soviet Union. Why did you waste your time with the Filipinos.We were colonized by the Soviet Union as oppose to the Filipinos who were the colonized by the USA. Filipinos have no idea how lucky they were. they will never understand that. It is hopeless! They know one thing only and that is how to sabotage themselves. They don't deserve the USA. They deserve China!

  48. Actually, I think the U.S. engagement in Mindanao has been material in allowing the Philippine government to hold a strong position, and the "push back" played a role in getting to the agreement that offers the best hope in a long time for peace in Mindanao. This benefits the U.S. in suppressing the global war on terror, which had definitely reared its ugly head in the Philippines. But is pretty well neutralized now.China is pushy but pragmatic. So I don't agree that they will rule the East. The Philippines is just starting to emerge as its own master. I'm not willing to write the nation off.

  49. Well, it comes from living here for 7 years. If you get thrown into a river, there are two ways to go. With the flow, and survive. Fighting it, and drowning. Filipino values have a reason for being. Yes, the nation would be better off if some of the values were different. We won't change them by condeming the values, but understanding how and why they exist, and working on that. Working on the disease, not the symptom. Filipino ways are the symptom and Filipinos are largely innocent of creating them.

  50. I don't really have any insights into that period as I was a self-absorbed adolescent at the time. Filipinos have good reason to not appreciate the U.S. America was brutal during and after the Philippine American War, and during WW II in Manila. The U.S. military presence was also very "heavy" on the nation at Subic and Clark. The Philippines deserves to stand independent. They have never gotten there, entirely.

  51. Attila says:

    Brutal? Than what about dropping atom bombs on Japanese cities and the bombing of Dresden and so on? The US was waging a war against the Japanese and Nazi Germany. Are you taking responsibility as a US citizen for it? What's next? The USA is going to apologize for it one day also? Joe I think you are brainwashed by Filipinos. It is all about looking for excuses. They are masters of guilt.

  52. The awareness was from reading historical accounts, not what anyone has said to me. I am striving to recognize that the view I arrived in the Philippines with, that causes so much frustration in dealing with a different culture, is not the only view.

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