Important tips for Senator Trillanes for his debate with VP Binay

Antonio-Trillanes-IV Inquirer

[Photo source: Inquirer]

by Andrew Lim

Vice President Binay chose Trillanes probably because he is not a lawyer like Cayetano who can scrutinize the legal and corporate maze or because he loses his temper quickly. Or because he is the least experienced politician among the members of the sub-committee. Trillanes also makes the most pointed allegations in the probe.

Some tips on how to handle Binay:

(1) PREPARE TO BE BLINDSIDED – Just like Senator Enrile, who had readily available dirt for throwing, you can expect Binay to do the same. He may even ask Enrile himself to hand over whatever folder he has on hand. Remember they both belong to UNA. You may ask rhetorically: “ Kung kaya niya makipag-alyansa kay Enrile at Estrada, hindi ka ba mag-dududa sa inaasal ng UNA? “ Or “ why in heaven’s name can Binay still consider Jinggoy as vice-president material?” Prepare counters like the above examples and then go immediately to no. 2:

(2) ALWAYS PIVOT BACK TO THE ISSUE AT HAND – As Binay has shown in recent speeches, he is good at re-framing and taking on the offensive, when he should be the one explaining. They purposely invented “Oplan Nognog” to take the heat off the allegations and elicit sympathy for his invented “underdog, poor and discriminated” status.

(3) ASK, DON’T TELL. Keep asking the people if they want someone whose integrity is questionable for a president. Ask the public if he can compare to Aquino’s (or even Robredo’s ) integrity and if he can continue what has been started.

(4) READY SOME CATCH PHRASES – The public may get tired of back and forth arguments. Partisans on both sides need no convincing; but the undecided need to latch on to something, a phrase or two that encapsulates the issue against Binay. Example: “Di Baleng Corrupt, Basta Matulungin sa Mahirap?” can be rhetorically asked of Binay’s campaign. Another example: “Kunwari mahirap, pero korap!”

(5) BE PREPARED TO POKE HOLES – Binay will surely trumpet his Makati achievements; prepare counters for these – the favorable ratio of revenues to population and land area, his tolerance for corruption under his nose- Remulla and Binay himself acknowledge that there was massive corruption by his underlings under Binay’s term, but why did he not get mad at it and do something? Also raise the issue of dependence and mendicancy – his sisterhood city programs and social welfare programs (cakes, movies, etc) did not empower the poor unlike Robredo’s. He only made them more dependent and beholden to him on election day. You may also raise Binay’s fondness for visiting wakes in contrast to Pnoy’s disdain for it, when he has no connections to the deceased. Which is more sincere?

(6) PREPARE YOUR OWN SIDE ISSUES AGAINST BINAY – There are so many unanswered questions on Binay. The two racehorses he allegedly owned as revealed in Philracom’s Stud Book 5, and never reflected in his SALN. His spokesman Remulla has come out saying that Binay never had any interest or involvement in horses or fighting cocks but his participation in sponsoring horseraces and cockfights are all over Youtube and the internet. Raissa Robles’  audio recording of Binay stating he bought, not leased the Rosario lot. They never commented on that.


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  1. andrewlim8 says:

    Since I wrote this piece in a short period of time, I hasten to add these points:

    1. “Oplan” is a military term for an operational plan. Unless the plotters are retired/active military men, it is highly improbable you will give it such a name. And besides, where did JV Bautista claim to have known about it? Alan Robles (husband of Raissa) has written a humor piece on this, but his points are accurate – you never give an “oplan” a codename that is totally related or revealing to its objectives.

    Which only shows “Oplan Nognog” and even “Oplan Maligno” are mere fabrications to achieve certain objectives.

    2. I’m sure Raissa will write about her experience testifying in the Senate, but Remulla’s response to her audiotaped interview with Binay is a non-answer. Follow the flow of the conversation, and it is improbable that Binay was referrring to Agri-fortuna when he replied “Binili ko yon.” They were discussing properties – condo, bahay, etc.

  2. I think Trillanes and his colleagues have already mostly accomplished the task of demolishing the impression that the Binays are a trustworthy political family in most people’s minds. This debate with the VP should now be just a case of driving the point home. Trillanes has all the ammunition he needs right now. I hope he makes full and proper use of these to even further impress upon the people how corrupt this family really is.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      I’m waiting for the format of the debate. But it is a political spectacle, not a contest of who’s correct or not. So driving the point home is the goal, yes.

  3. josephivo says:

    Get the right balance between advocacy and inquiry. That means little explaining what you believe and a lot of asking what you want to know.

    Do not allow any deviation from the 3 basic issues where you want fact based answers. Again act as a detective, not as a salesman. Convince yourself that you will have to find answers from his mouth, that you will only accept clear, understandable for all, answers:
    1- How to explain the 2 billion for a half parking, half office building if all assessors say that 1 billion is the absolute maximum. Cost build ups, not comparisons with other overpriced buildings.
    2- How to explain all “coincidences” in Batangas, the photos, the testimonies, the relationships, flowers business results, sale of a profitable piggery, the horses, cocks, birds…
    3- How to explain the family wealth with meager majors’ salaries.

    Dry run with communication experts, then dry run with experienced lawyers, then dry run with experienced politicians.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      “coincidences in Batangas…”

      True. They are so many, the Binays are stretching credulity and plausibility to the limits. Their only remaining defense is “will it stand in court?”

  4. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    1. If Trillanes asked for TCT tell him you do not because you do not own the Hacienda and Tagaytay “Did I not make public pronouncement thru the Philippine Media a thousand times that I do not own the Hacienda and Tagaytay?”

    Why this is very important. From the perspective of American Justice which Philippine Justice is based upon, Tiu and Limlingan MAY NOT TURNOVER THE PROPERTY TO BINAY assuming they were frontmen. BINAY IN TURN CANNOT EVEN SUE TIU AND LIMLINGAN FOR ABROGATION OF AGREEMENT. If Binay sued, HE’D BE IN PRISON IN 15 MINUTESS FLAT. It is prima facie (I hate latin) that Binay owns the property.

    2. Dear Binay, do not ever sue Tiu and Limlingan if they get greedy. If you did, YOU GO TO JAIL. OK, ka Binay? My consultation is free.

    3. If Trillanes asked why you do not have TCT remind Trillanes waiving Inquirer Newspaper quoting Trillanes as published in the newspaper that if property is not fully paid TCT cannot be in the name of the mortgagee; 2ndly, Trillanes further said thru Inquirer that a Filipino cannot have rights and cannot live on a property if not fully paid. Trillanes is saying that if anyone loans from Pag-Ibig and have 20-years to pay, they do not have rights and remained homeless for 20 years until fully paid. Then Binay, slam that Inqurier Newspaper into the face of Trillanes and Cayetano.

    4. If Trillanes asked if you are rich, again, Binay, waive that Inquirer Newspaper quoting Trillanes that a BROWN SKIN PUNK’D NOSE NOG-NOG FILIPINO CANNOT BE WEALTHY. THEY CAN ONLY BE POOR AND A SLAVE. A BROWNED SKIN PUNK’D NOSE FILIPINOS WHO ARE WEALTHY ARE SUBJECT TO INVESTIGATION. Again, Binay, slap that newspaper into Trillanes and Cayetano. That is your evidence.

    5. If Trillanes asked you if you own the Hacienda, ask him back with Inquirer Newspaper as evidence, if he found a notice in all entrances to Hacienda that says “KEEP OUT: BINAY PROPERTY, ELSE, SHOT TO DEATH”. (Trillanes went to the Hacienda to determine if Hacienda belongs to Binay by how? I do not know. My house doesn’t say KEEP OUT: MARIANO PROPERTY. Maybe there is a Philippine law that should be posted in each property the owner)2

    6. If Trillanes asked why Binay cannot produce TCT, ask him back “Honorable Senator Sir Trillanes, if you cannot get a copy yourself, HOW CAN I GET A COPY FOR MYSELF?”

    Trillanes embarassed, assuming he is embarassed. Trillanes cannot be embarassed becaue if were embarassed he’d known that his pronouncement before the Philippine Media did not make sense at all and should not have been made.

    In the sound of silence, Binay came down the steps while Trillanes wilde-eyed unmoving. The audience was shocked. He was just demolished before the public. In 30 minutes the debate was over. Binay was met at the steps by his supporters that elected him that reflects their ideals and values: You know what Binay did but you cannot prove it. The anti-Binay shuffled in silence dismayed, disappointed.


    Lesson Learned:
    1. Never ever make investigation made public to Philippine Media so the perpetrators cannot spin their yarn so tight that magna cum laude UP law topnotchers cannot even untangle.
    2. Gather evidence not witnesses’ affidavits.
    3. Once evidence is gathered, pounce with handcuffs, christmas lights and siren.
    4. Have the suspects do the perp walk
    5. Stop speaking in Latin Filipinos are fond of. Latin does not make a lawyer so does English. Tagalog is fine. It is Metro Manila’s National Language. If wanting to reach a wider audience, SPEAK BISAYA IT IS UNDERSTOOD 75% OF THE POPULATION which should have been the National Language.

    Where to learn the lesson:
    2. READ ALL JOHN GRISHAM’S NOVELS. It is entertaining yet worth 5 years in U.P. law school

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      While Trillanes was in a state of unconsciousness, someone shoved him a Inquirer Newspaper. The article said Binay’s Daughter in Instagram at Hacienda Binay captioned “Our Place” and in another news article Binay was quoted in 2010 the Hacienda belongs to him.

      The demolished anti-Binay audience was rounded up including Binay and his rah-rah boys. Trillanes confronted Binay, this time it was Trillanes turn waiving Inquirer Newspaper, “BINAY WHAT ABOUT THIS? WHAT ABOUT THIS?”

      BINAY: “It depends what is “Our” and “Place” means”. It could mean anything in the world”
      TRILLANES: “You were taperecorded as saying in 2010 Hacienda belongs to you”
      BINAY: “That is fake. A forgery. Spliced and re-spliced and rerun. Not acceptable in court!”

      TRILLANES SOOO DEFEATED. He again threatened and will harass Tiu and Limlingan with plunder for being frontmen of Binay. I just wonder how he is going to prove this. Haaaay Naku.


    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


      6. Cease and Deceased D-R-A-M-A
      7. Avoid at all times going to Philippine Media to make suggestive innuendoes.
      8. Resist and Desist from making whispers and making faces in public forums because this will be construed something brewing. Remember we are Filipinos. Filipinos can read Filipino body language.
      9. Require, at all times, copies of COA reportslike we do in the U.S.ofA. Audit Reports are available to the public in the U.S.ofA for scrutiny.
      11. If charges were already made in court, stop the Senate Inquisition circus. Always remember, “what they say in the Senate Inquisition maybe used against them”. So, please, Filipinos wait for the courts decision and make it as basis to Aid-of-Legislation if they knew the meaning of what “Aid-of-Legislation” is.
      12. THIS IS FINAL LESSON LEARNED: FIX THE ECONOMY !!! The more the Filipinos are employed, the more they are busy. The more they are busy, they do not care about Senate Circus and Kangaroos.

      • andrewlim8 says:

        I just got an idea for a piece on tired cliches used by our politicians: kangaroo court (what the heck is that?), zarzuela (who still produces that?), moro-moro (another fossilized genre).

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      So non-Tagalog would know, “NOG-NOG” means “Black” “Dark-Brown” “Negro”. Trillanes has the swiftest way how to find a person guilty: COLOR OF SKIN.

      If one is black, dark-brown or negro and wealthy, S/HE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED !!!

    • Toby? Is that you? 🙂


      I am seeing a pattern of Binay advocacy in your comments. Being satirical or factual?

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        I am advocating Justice. It is both satirical and factual. This judicial zarzuela and Senate terrorism can never prosper in advanced country.

        • But… But it had been the best Filipino show I’ve ever seen. I even prepare snacks and sleep late just to see the Senate Hearing. 🙂

          How about this for judicial zarzuela?:

          • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

            You are right, Juana. This zarzuela is entertaining and comical. Sometimes I laugh but most of the time I am distraught. Trillanes just confirmed my suspicion that Filipinos are natural-born racist. No wonder they import half-white half-breed American beauties to represent 98% of browned-skin punk’d nose traditional looking Filipinos. They prefer tisoys and tisays. As what Trillanes said, excuse me for rubbing it in, “Nog-nog cannot be wealthy like Binay, they can only be slaves and enslaved” Nice Trillanes, he should be sent to the U.S. and show the blacks and minorities what he had to say before American media in Filipino community so the Filipino community can get a shock of their lives that they, too, promote racism.

        • manuel buencamino says:


          You go and watch US Senate hearings so you will know what they do in advanced countries. See of you can still access the hearings on Benghazi.

          • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

            Have you heard of Blagojevich, Manuel? Do you know when they began his investigation and what triggered the investigation? Your answer may be Blago tried to sell Obama’s vacated senate seat. It go far far way back before Obama became president. The Americans never knew about it so Blago cannot know he was under investigation.

            Benghazi hearing was closed door hearing so they will not make a circus out of it. Because that was the right thing to do.

            There are plenty of investigations in the U.S. that you cannot know so as not to jeopardize prosecution. Simply read their news website. Begin reading ABC local news. Try NY and LA for a starter. See how the police responds to American media’s inquiries.

          • Joe America says:

            Ouch. But true. The partisan venom in the US is Philippines times 10, down and dirty. Even Senatorial tact, the good old boys pretending civility, is gone.

  5. Handling a debate with Binay “Dragnet” style (Just the facts, VP Binay. Just the facts.) will be the best way for Senator Trillanes to score points and keep the debate civil. He needs to channel his inner “Joe Friday” during the debate and keep a lid on his temper.

    I am pretty sure Senator Trillanes already watched this video but it shows that Chairman Bayani handled the VP like a pro in this debate:

  6. edgar lores says:

    Good advice, Andrew.

    Looking at the Binay-Bayani debate that Juana so helpfully provided, I might add the following:

    1. The audience should be filtered to have an equal number of pro-Binays, anti-Binays and Undecideds. Note how Binay, the rabble-rouser, turns to the audience to seek public support when he has nothing substantial to say. He always needs a prop, either God, partisans in the audience or, possibly, notes.

    2. Bayani uses enumeration – Gadzooks! – to good effect to logically drum up and drive home his points… or, to change metaphors, to nail down the coffin to bury his opponent.

    3. Trillanes should wear a hard hat. I quite don’t know the purpose, but I surmise it’s to avoid becoming collateral damage when God strikes down lightning upon Binay’s head for his lies and denials. Important: the hat should be made of plastic and not metal.

  7. gerverg1885 says:


    I’d suggest to Senator Trillanes to instead wear the helmets that Janet Lim Napoles delivered to the military.

  8. AbetD says:

    I fear Sen. Trillanes is not up to the debate at hand, I propose a last minute change…. with Sen. Cayetano appearing in pace of Trillanes in the debate. I have seen the VP seething with anger with the mere mention of Sen. Cayatano … that would get the VPs goat for sure!

  9. Joe America says:

    One of the points I would strive for is “how can we trust anything you say?” All we have heard has been shown to be untrue. Green building. World class. Special foundations. Attacks on good people like COA Chief Mendoza who just has a tough job to do. Tiu owns Hacienda Binay. Completely wrong and deceitful allegations like Secretary Roxas has been behind a demolition attack.

    Missing is any rational reason WHY taxpayers paid P2.3 billion for a building appraised in today’s market at P900 million.

    Why has it been so hard to explain this simple thing?

    And if you told the truth now, how would we know? The deceits are thicker than flies in a piggery without air conditioning.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      “How can we trust anything you say?” – JOE

      Can’t believe the Honorable Vice-President, Human Rights Defender, U.P-Law graduate Binay would BLATANTLY IN-FILIPINOS-FACE would change his story to where the wind blows.

      Can’t believe Honorable Senator PMAyer serial failed coup-de-t’ater Trillanes and unpopular Cayetano would show their racism and ignorance IN PUBLIC THRU EQUALLY LAME IGNORANT Philippine Media.

      Can’t believe that Filipinos cannot know that they have been targeted to be destined as poor and slaves by the color of the skin, they have no rights and cannot live in a house they will be paying for 20-years until fully paid.

      Most of all I did not know that my property have to have a sign that says “KEEP OUT: MARIANO’S HACIENDA”. Trillanes went to Hacienda to determine who the real owner is by how? I DO NOT KNOW. Maybe Trillanes is looking for that sign.

      These Trillanes and Cayetano are the lawmaking body of the Philippines?

      I WAS RIGHT, IS RIGHT AND WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT WITH MY AXIOM: “What goot is a goot president if 99.98% of Filipinos are not goot.

      The economy investability dropped 10 points. Not because of Binay but because, maybe, the Philippine NCSO, Central Bank DOCTORED economic indicators. The 10 point adjustment never made it into the headline. It was burried deep that required magnifying glass.


      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        WHAT I CANNOT BELIEVE IS … Binay is charged for plunder in court at the same time he is investigated in the Senate.

        Which prevails I DO NOT KNOW. The Court? The Senate? If he is found guilty in the Senate would he be found innocent in the Court? If he is found guilty in Court, would he be found innocent in the Senate? Which comes first? Is his testimony in the Senate admissable in Court? Is his testimony in the Court admissable in the Senate?

        Please, pray tell me. Which comes first the chicken or the egg? Can Senate hold hearing and the Court another hearing in the 1stWorld?

        IT IS TIME TO EDUCATE THE FILIPINOS. Because after Binay is done we will be faced by another one, Drilon. When will Filipinos, naaah, never mind Filipinos, WHEN WILL I EVER SEE JUSTICE IN THE REAL SENSE OF THE WORLD, JUSTICE?

        How I wish Filipinos will meet their sense of justice. I am hoping pretty soon.

        In the U.S. many innocent victims of witnesses were freed by evidence after languishing for 10 to 25 years. Many many many many of them. AND WHO FREED THEM? STUDENTS OF LAW !!!! These are still students that is part of their project. HOW FAR THESE U.P. LAW GRADUATES OF GETTING TO BE LIKE U.S. STUDENTS OF LAW? Can these Philippine Law Graduates face U.S. Students of Law? I DOUBT CONSIDERING WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

        • Gel says:

          “Which prevails I DO NOT KNOW. The Court? The Senate? If he is found guilty in the Senate would he be found innocent in the Court? If he is found guilty in Court, would he be found innocent in the Senate?”

          The senate hearing is as they say, is “in aid of legislation”. The senate is mandated to do such a thing if a senate resolution is filed as per the constitution. The senate investigates the scam so that they can file for bills or amend existing laws in order to thwart the recurrence of that scam (I hope so). The senate cannot pass judgment to the accused party because this is not an impeachment court. What the senate can do is recommend charges to the ombudsman. So, to answer your question, there is no double jeopardy.

          The advantage of the senate hearing is it’s open for the public to see, but the caveat is – it can be construed as a “trial of public opinion”. Nevertheless, this is a good way to engage the people with the proceedings.

          Binay, as a lawyer, is cunning enough to know his way out of court (ombudsman & SB). He knows how his cases will be dismissed even without hearing – through technicalities and bribe. www(dot)rappler(dot)com/newsbreak/investigative/72325-binay-first-graft-case

          If the present charges against him is not investigated by the senate and sensationalized by the media, how can the masses know the real score? The courts are snail paced as we know it here and prone to sleight of hand, that is why I prefer the senate hearing before they try it in court.

          You cry for justice… we all do. But there is no justice served in Binay’s first graft case!

      • jolly cruz says:


        Just what is your point. you have been carping about philippine justice and yet you want binay’s case to brought to court. this precisely what the binay camp wants. they know that they can buy the courts to have the case delayed util election 2016. juana is right, you are a closet binay supporter.

        • Mariano Renato Pacifico is the same Junior Tulo that posts in PDI comments section.

          He’s the designated Village Idiot and is well respected as such.

          • Joe America says:

            When respect is granted, respect is received. Mariano is a long-time contributor at this site and you are new. He has contributed much and I’d rather hear your views on issues rather than a quick hit and run on people. Perhaps not all is at it seems. I personally appreciate the layers of thinking that inhabit Mariano’s comments. He often displays artistry with words and subtleties that are both brilliant and funny ( Yes, he has his style of expressing frustration, rather a volley of bombs approach. He is entitled to a personality different from yours or mine. People are free not to read his remarks if he gets their goat.

  10. gerverg1885 says:


    If what Ramon Tulfo wrote in his column at the PDI yesterday, 30 October 2014, would come true, the debate will not push through.

    He said that, “Now that Trillanes has accepted his challenge, he has apparently asked his spokespersons to tell the public that the debate is pointless as his adversary is a liar.”

    He added that, “In short, Binay wants to back down but doesn’t want to lose face. Hence, his mouthpieces are arguing against the debate, saying nothing can be gained from it.”

    In Tagalog, nabahag ang buntot! He knows only too well about the inevitable drop in his ratings before the debate is finished.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      How I wish the debate pushes thru. Binay should not back out. Trillanes should not, too. They got to tell the people that they are backing out just like Benigno Aquino backed out from debate with Dick Gordon.

      Is there an investigation on Trillanes and Tulfo who the little birdie in Malacanang that told them the private conversation of Benigno and Binay? Was there a bug? Why is Malacanang not concerned about the obvious leak? Could it be Benigno leaked their conversation? It has got to be Benigno. NO ONE ELSE. Binay cannot tell the world he begged on his knees to have Benigno speed dial the Senators to stop the investigation. It’s got to be honorable Benigno.

      The Plame affair was investigated when she was outed. But that is in the U.S. Not the 3rdWorld Philippines. Maybe Filipinos wanted to remain 3rdWorld forever.

      • jolly cruz says:


        cmon closet binay supporter. dont hide under false pretenses by criticizing the justice system. you actually are promoting the class war that binay is advocating by constantly saying that cayetano and trillanes discriminate against the poor because they (cayetano and trillanes) are not brown skinned. can you cite the exact passage in the Daily Inquirer where trillanes was quoted as Saying “brown filipinos can not be rich”. the bloggers in mr joe’s blog are all educated. i think i speak for most of the bloggers when i say that “we dont appreciate your black propaganda and mis representations”. argue intelligently please. your posts have been very shallow.

        • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

          I am not Binay supporter, I was never a Binay supporter. I do not care about Philippine politics and in general. I care about justice. I know and I know very well that justice in the Philippines is screwy. I am one of the few that seeks evidences over piles and piles and reams of Affidavits. Witnesses can easily be bought in the Philippines. They even sell their votes how much more for Affidavits.

          @Jolly Cruz, your comment is a sure sign that if there was justice in the Philippines, which “everybody is fighting for”, you know for sure that Binay walks free. You are saying in your comment there should not be justice in Binay.

          Why bother justice at all? Why bother go to the court? Just shoot him and get it over with. Let us not even talk about the fine points of justice. Let us do away with evidences. Make witness accounts-Mary Magdelene style and Affidavits-like it is written on the bible as evidence and evidence as heresay. Witnesses is cheaper and accessible. Evidences requires science which Filipinos are poor at. That is why Hong-Kong CIS blew into town to investigate the massacre of Chinese nationals. When Chinese CIS went to the crime scene, they were dismayed that the whole place is contaminated and useless in REAL COURT OF LAW not PHILIPPINE COURT OF LAW. The Manila CIS used palm frond sticks to determine bullet trajectories while Hk-CIS used glow-in-the-dark strings.

          Trillanes cannot get a copy of TCT from Register of Deeds. He asked Tiu. Trillanes mad. Tiu said, “IF I CANNOT GET IT, YOU GET IT”. Trillanes said: “It is not my job, go get it”. Tiu: “I cannot get it because it is not in my name, YET, have the registered owner go get it for you because Register of Deeds require that owner get it himself!”. Trillanes, losing his patience, “Anong palagay mo sa ‘kin, katulong?” So it went on like that for days and days as I read behind the lines in the papers. It was a battle of co-equals. Trillanes the ignorant and Tiu the-not-so-ignorant.

          To Chinese, they know the importance of forensics. To Filipinos, THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT FORENSIC IS. They prefer to subpoena my dead grandma to appear before the court what she has to say about Binay. Forensic is science. Science language is math. Go figure why there are “NO” Filipino scientists from the top of my head. I have to Google it, use advance search and make sure I have the right key words just to search for “Filipino scientists”

          I also stood behind Michael and Aling Gloria on helicopters. If I were the investigator it was easy to know the owners of helicopters. I also stood for ZTE. If it consoles you to know, I ALWAYS STAND BEHIND THE “PERPETRATORS AND CROOKS” for the intent of Justice.

          I can go over Michael and Aling Glo and ZTE and its companion crooks like San Miguel, the whistleblower de Venecia III and others to punch hole on their whistleblowing styles.

          Now lookit, they did not pursue ZTE. Aling Glo and Michael acquitted. Do we have another Binay acquittal? Do I hear Binay acquittal? Abangan.


          • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

            Oh, I forgot one of the many things, I am also Ampatuan defender. The crime scene was just totally demolished and contaminated that they even use the backhoe, the same backhoe that covered up the cadaver to extract the tamaraw. That cannot happen in the real 1stWorld ….

            Unless justice and truth is cultural ……

          • jolly cruz says:

            it is my firm belief that no anti binay blogger believes that binay will ever be convicted. the purpose of our blogging is to showcase to the voters the wrongdoing of the binays so that he doesnt get elected in 2016. that is our purpose. if he doesnt get elected that is enough justice for me. and i think my fellow anti binay bloggers wil agree when i say that losing the 2016 elction is a fate worse than death or conviction for binay.

  11. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Today is the day to practice real justice. Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Be reminded that if Filipinos can sell their votes for cans of sardines and kilo of rice, they can also be a paid-witness paid by the pages of affidavits they sign.

    Many, many, many blacks were incarcerated by witness accounts and found by U.S. Law students (meaning they have not graduated law yet) as victims-of-witness-accounts. These blacks languished in jail on crimes they never did.

    If Trillanes had his way, Browns, like, Filipinos and Black people will be incarcerated by mere witness accounts and white Pemberton will have his evidences presented the American way.

    If Ferguson Policeman that shot Michael Brown was done in the Philippines, that Ferguson Policeman would have been lynched by now based on witness accounts. Fortunately America has did forensic investigation the SCIENTIFIC WAY. Michael Brown was shot at close range in his hands when he tried to grapple the policeman’s service firearm.

    Two things can happen in Michael Brown’s case. If white policeman gets acquitted there will be riots all over. NOW, REPLACE WHITE POLICEMAN WITH BINAY. REPLACE MICHAEL BROWN AS PERCEIVED OVERPRICED PARKING BUILDING. There will be coup-de-t’at. Fortunately, Filipinos have not perfected the coup-de-t’at yet. So nothing to worry. I do not have to worry. My Americans will protect me. All I have to do is just pick-up the phone, dial my embassy and they come fetch me, protect me with the real seasoned SWAT and Team 6.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Things are going great in the Philippines. They have goot president. His “fight” against corruption made it his personal vendetta against the crooks and also thanks to those rats thru a stroke of conscience the Philippines is a bit more liveable. Another thing they have to vanquish, terrorists-in-robes and practice and implementation of justice.

      Justice to Filipinos is still Greek to them. Let us learn Greek. Speak Greek. Practice Greek. Live like Greeks. Let us stop living in Australia. Let them take care of their Kangaroos, we do not need them.

      Meantime, I am selling a property in the Philippines. I still require dual Deed of Sale. One for BIR and one for the actual sum amount exchanged. I know these are not acceptable in court. If there is a falling out between me and the buyer, Two of us will go to jail for having dual Deed of Sale of same property.

      Who says I am incorruptible? If I can get away with it, I will surely do it. I am Mariano. I am corrupt.

    • jolly cruz says:

      I believe that you comment without actually following the senate hearings. you keep on harping about affidavits that witnesses allegedly signed. the evidences presented are more than affidavits, so many documentary evidence had already been presented to support the allegations of the witnesses. in fact it is your man binay who can not present documents to disprove what had been presented. all he says is “its politically motivated”.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        I am not pro-Binay. I am pro-justice fair justice. In pro-justice fair justice Binay walks free not perp walk.

        My sources of information is Philippine Media. Philippine Media has not reported there were evidences but WITNESS ACCOUNTS BEARING BASKETFULL OF AFFIDAVITS. If Philippine Media had reported EVIDENCES I would have based my comments on those. But there was none.

        I am a reasonable cynical man. I can know “hard incontrovertible evidences” from “witness accounts and affidavits”. So far the Philippine Media’s purpose in Philippine politics and Philippine lives is to shame, denigrate, embarass a person by not publishing there were “evidence”.

        Rappler is useless. I do not even read Rappler. Because I have to wade thru those tra-la-las, archaic exotic literary english. The Media responsibility is summarize it for us busy people not read thru the whole transcript.


        • jolly cruz says:

          O cmon You can not not be pro-binay. Maybe you read Tribune and Standard. The fact that you dont read Rappler is a dead give away. If you read behind the lines, maybe you are blind or perhaps you cant read. well the kind of posts you make just show the kind of intellectual capacity Again you contradict yourself, you say that “when it comes to philippine media, i always read behind the lines..” then in the same breathe you say “it is unfortunate there is nothing to read behind the lines..” Pray tell, how do we interpret what you just said. Haaay naku..

          • Joe America says:

            If I can slip in here, jolly, I’d like to offer a bit of advice that is filed in my filing cabinet under the heading “Understanding Mariano”. It is best to read him as you would a piece of literature, a poem or work of fiction. That is, find the meanings without debating the logic or politics of it all. Mariano is skilled with words and games within words. So if he seems to be defending Binay, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. What is important is the main message that any case involving justice should be weighed on hard, firm evidence, not “He said, she said”. We ought ourselves not be hypocrites about this just because it is one of our favorite villains being tried by some measure other than hard evidence.

            Well, we could debate whether or not enough hard evidence has been presented, but for sure we have not been able to trace the money from the taxpayer to Hillmarcs to Binay other than by what Mercado said, and what we deduce from all the apparent holdings of goods by Binay, from houses to horses to pigs to fighting cocks. Maybe the money laundering people will be able to put together some illicit transactions through Tiu, or elsewhere, but that has not yet been done. To me, all Mariano is saying is, “don’t get sloppy and join a Cayetano/Trillanes emotional witch-hunt waged through the sensationalist media”. Drive for hard evidence and real justice.

            If he uses a “pro-Binay” approach to get that message across, it is a style that is more effective, and richer, and more thought-provoking, than if he just said “hey, the good guys may be using a witch-hunt method.”

            It is best to read Mariano for meanings, not for literal statements of tangible fact, and it is easiest on the blood pressure to look at him as a provocative friend rather than a rival.

          • chit navarro says:

            Good morning Jolly. I love the way you engage MRP… patience, you got them by the barrel. MRP used to be part of Raissa Robles’s blogs… but we have a greyhound there and other support dogs that shoooed him away.

            One day, he resurrected himself here. It started with just simple paragrpahs, now,he is making it kilometric ones with thoughts and ideas more puzzling and circuitous than the Kew Gardens in Batangas.

            Once you ignore him, he will stop posting and hopefully, please, please MRP – do not infect anymore Raissa’s blogs…. Why not set up one in your name – make it GOOT MRP or whatever name you wish to call it and perhaps once in a while, we can drop by and see what good news we can get from you.

            Cheers!!!! Halloween have passed… so stop tricking… give us a treat of fresh news!!

            • jolly cruz says:

              thanks chit for the encouragement. i cant stand hypocrites. if he is pro binay he doesnt he have to hide it. we will gladly accept him if he has sound arguments to convince us, who just want binay to answer his allegations, to accept his point of view

  12. letlet says:

    Mr Trillanes

    Don’t just stick to your side of the arguments, but be ready to justify your points. You have to anticipate what Binay will attack you with and have ready responses to them. You have to be well conversant on Binay’s responses to the allegations leveled against him and know fully well on how best to rebutt / floor him on these allegations – with slides, documents, pictures ( borrowed from the Senate Committee hearings). He will try his best to inflame you and lose your temper, If that happened, you are at a disadvantaged position for you can’t think well, you feel derided and upset.
    To the vote sellers

    The next time you vote, ask yourself, what would Jesus do, would Jesus feed the poor, house the homeless and provide jobs?

    You can vote to sell Philippines out to corrupt politicians or you can vote for a decent Philippines for all us by voting for the right candidate

  13. sonny says:

    From the combox, so far, I get the impression that the debate seems to be what a grand jury does, stateside. Just saying. I’m considering MRP’s observations and interpretations as pretty reasonable.

  14. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “Malacanang’s response to the release of a Social Weather Stations survey showing that 43 percent, or about 9.3 million Filipinos, considered themselves hungry, and 55 percent, or some 12.1 million Filipino families, thought themselves poor, was true to form.” – INQUIRER


    That is why never ever trust PHilippine Media. They go hand-in-hand with SWS

    If they are wrong with simple math, they got to be wrong with Binay reporting, too. Because Binays money involves calculation in number which is math.

  15. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    In recent hallucinations and allusion by Inquirer:
    1. Binay owns Boy Scout of the Philippines (BsP)
    2. Thru Binay, Boy Scout of the Philippines wanted to purchase of Mt Makiling
    3. HEADLINE: Binay wanted to buy Mt Makiling
    4. Inquirer is alluding that once Mt Makiling is purchased by BSP the board will sell it to Binay
    5. In the news it is not mentioned if BSP is purchasing it for their own good or for Binay



    It is no wonder English-challenged countries like Taiwan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Yemen, Somalia, Bulgaria are way way way ahead than English-snob PHilippines.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I am not Pro-Binay. I am pro-justice. Pro-justice is Pro-Binay
      Anti-Binay is Anti-Justice

      When Filipinos are faced with above premise, they seem to choke on simple logic.

      Therefore, to incancerate Binay, there has to have no Fair Justice because if a person is pro-Justice looking for evidences and following judicial protocols, that person is accused as Pro-Binay, therefore again, THE FILIPINOS UNEQUIVOCALLY KNOWS THAT BINAY DOES NOT DESERVE JUSTICE.

      Then, why bother with going thru Senate Inquiry and Court Hearings ?

      I suggest that The DOJ and Supreme Court should be abolished and justice be brought before Inquirer and Rappler.

      Thank you.



    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      “Finally, as a friend, I will be pleased to help you. However, I see your best option to avoid impeachment and dismissal from office is to give up aspirations to be President because unless you do so settlement of your ill-gotten wealth in which the full accounting of your true assets and net worth including those of your children will be out of the table is impossible to be accepted by reasonable people.” – FRANCISCO WENCESLAO



      Here is an example of blackmail, Those two ladies that testified against Napoles, they get to keep their commission provided they turn state witness IT IS A SORT OF PAYMENT FOR THEIR “EFFORT” AGAINST NAPOLES BECAUSE WITNESSES IS BEST SERVED WITH ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH, TOO.


      Aren’t Filipinos wonderful people? Very generous … I just wonder when my time comes next to rob the Philippines?

  16. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    While Joe is on vacation … I have an open letter to Jejo Binay, Nancy and Abigail all University of the Philippines graduate …

    Dear Jejo,

    As your counsel, play the race card like what Johnny did on O.J. Quote Trillanes verbatim what he has to say to 98% browned-skin-punk’d nosed that nog-nog cannot be wealthy only the ex-colonizers, former colonizers and current colonizers can be wealthy.

    Mark made a very subtle reference to race and Johnny jumped on it and wrung it dry of all its worth. Marcia was just totally wasted. The Los Angeles County lost the case despite their arsenals and budget against Johnny’s race trump card.

    I know what you did, Jejo. The Philippine government just cannot prove it. They cannot prove your Tagaytay and Hacienda property, and made Boy Scout of the Philippines a travesty of gossips.

    Take kindly my counsel and you’ll be home free. So you will not be hounded by your theivery and scandals, drop the presidency ambition. Take the money and run to America where Filipinos exile themselves because there in America they require evidence. You cannot be deported without evidence.

    Thank you, Jejo. May God bless your family’s souls. As you know there are 99,999,999 Filipinos standing in line to rob the Philippines. Your theivery has expired. Somebody has to take your place to rob again.

    Thank you.

  17. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here are whys readers in Inquirer cannot make logical statements:

    Why do so many people care about grammar and spelling? Seriously. There is very little in this world that warrants text-based perfection. Are you writing the copy for a billboard in Times Square that is only three words? Don’t have a typo.


    1) Grammar is dynamic. Rules are to be broken.
    Good grammar is debatable, because language is mutable. Language is living and ever changing and who are you to decide when something is an error and when something has changed too fast for you to keep up with it.

    If you had any sense of history, you’d spend more time listening to rap music and reading tweeners’ texts to see where language is going. And if you’re not careful, about where you put your energy, good grammar will derail your career.

    2) Typos make us human

    Spelling is not a sign of intelligence, and spelling is not an indicator of how good a job you do. It’s just an indicator of how careful a speller you are. Spelling is overrated by people who are good at it. Most of the time it doesn’t matter.

    Take your résumé. Do you know what you’d need to do to send a resume without a typo? Pay three people to read it. Because here’s what happens: you read your resume ten thousand times, and somewhere around the 50th reading, you are not reading words, you are memorizing them. So you won’t catch typos. And if you’re smart, you’ll hire someone to help you write your resume, and that person is now the writer, not the copyeditor, so that person will miss typos, too. And you know what? Who cares? Because you don’t want to work for anyone who thinks it’s a good use of our time to have typo-free resumes. It’s overrated.

    3) Perfect writing is the result of demented, perfectionist thinking.
    Yes. Perfectionism is an illness. So I am hoping that this post has a typo or two. Because I don’t feel the need to obsess over minutiae before I tell people my ideas. Ideas are for debating. It doesn’t matter if they’re perfect since they can change.

    If you find yourself terrified that someone will judge you because you made a grammatical error or a typo, then you need to get a life. You need to value yourself for something other than being perfect because perfectionism is impossible. And there must be something you’re valuable for that you can really have, right?

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