The Philippines: suffering from diseases way worse than dengue

By Joe America I’m not a doctor or a health professional. I hate pills and feeling sick. I try to stay away from others who are sick. That is getting increasingly hard to do, of late, because there are several diseases spreading rapidly across the Philippine landscape. They have also reached America. Let’s look at … Continue reading

Can you be a Catholic and support Donald Trump?

By Andrew Lim This essay follows on the heels of Joe’s previous piece “The  Philippines is not really a Catholic nation”. But instead of dwelling on the local situation where there is much consensus on the “split-level”, cognitive-dissonant, hypocritical, shallow, superstitious appreciation and application of Catholicism in the country, we talk of the United States, … Continue reading

Anatomy of the battle of Marawi

  By Chemrock In the age of Mocha symbolism, I quote military historian Byron Farwell “….. armies stand as disturbing reminders that democratic processes are not always the best”. When the army is activated to quell an internal strife, it is often a fine line whether it is propping up or dismantling democratic institutions. The … Continue reading

The Short, Short Lives of a Dilawan and a Dutertard

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva It’s bound to happen sooner than later. Greg, the Dutertard, and Mario, the Dilawan meet at last after avoiding each other since the new President assumed office. Greg: Bro! Mario: Hey! Greg and Mario: (almost at the same time) Long time no see! They embrace like long-lost brothers, which they are. … Continue reading

Drug War deaths – the insult after the injury

By Chemrock Media says bodies from the drug war in Philippines are piling up in funeral parlours and if anyone say this is fake news, this photo tells a thousand stories. It’s from a UK media. Someone should tell Senator Cayetano that foreign media has all along been present in Philippines, there is no need … Continue reading