“What the nation needs is honest lawyers, if there are any.”

By JoeAm I recently wrote about how self-destructive the Philippines tends to be. I won’t go back over that. You can just read the article or look around to see for yourself. You won’t have to look far. There are solutions for this. It is possible to run a decent, straight-dealing, competent government that serves … Continue reading

Draconian amendments to The Human Security Act

By JoeAm Normally, I find laws to be well-intended if a little strange at times, as in the Philippines, laden with needless details and burdened with Latin. But the proposed amendments to The Human Security Act are scary. They will give law enforcement wider latitude to accuse people of terrorism, and will add the death … Continue reading

JoeAm issues his Year Two report card on President Duterte’s Administraton

By JoeAm Rappler put out a poll on Twitter asking readers to issue a Year Two Report Card for President Duterte on the following subjects: Eradicating poverty and hunger Fixing Metro Manila transport and traffic Getting rid of corruption Improving health care services and facilities Strengthening foreign relations Promoting gender rights and equality Protecting Philippine … Continue reading

The low-down on The West Philippines Sea

By Chemrock In his column in Manila Times 18 Jun 2018, Rigoberto Tiglao wrote “Yes, Senate must investigate how Aquino, Trillanes and Del Rosario lost Panatag (Scarborough Shoal)”. For a long time now I have since given up on Tiglao’s writings which are biased and border on fraudulence and fakery. His toxic penmanship spoils the … Continue reading

Finding hope in the Philippines

By JoeAm Where is hope found, for those who have lost it, in the Philippines? Well, the poor and disadvantaged have never really had much, have they? The failure of past leaders to address this is the reason President Duterte is in office today. However, I would guess that few of moral or even economic … Continue reading