The ignorance of the entitled, or how Senator Pimentel is out to lunch

By Joe America Senator Koko Pimentel recently criticized law enforcement officials for failing to enforce motorcycle safety laws (Koko calls for proper implementation of laws on motorcycle safety). “For government agencies, enforcing the law is mandatory and not optional. They must enforce these motorcycle safety laws firmly and consistently. Otherwise, why do they exist in … Continue reading

Dear President Duterte, About Sen. Leila de Lima…

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Dear President Duterte, It’s about time a Filipino wrote you directly about a topic that requires a great deal of love and wisdom to thresh out. This is it, man-to-man, for a woman is in distress, and it is un-Filipino not to lend her a hand. I’ve just been to Camp … Continue reading

Defining the term ‘shithole’ country

By Joe America I would guess that what Donald Trump meant when he used the term ‘shithole country’ is something like: shithole country: a generally poor and struggling, politically conflicted country that seeks relief from the United States, thus imposing burdens upon the great white nation. As Winnie the Pooh might express it, these countries … Continue reading

Give me liberty, or give me death!

By chemrock There is no use pretending anymore. Democracy in the Philippines is as dead as the dodo bird. For quite a spell, democracy has been like Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall with his huge head threatening to flip over. In my previous comments in this blog, I held the view that Democracy rested … Continue reading

Ten-point plan for a first-world Philippines

By Joe America This is The Society of Honor’s ten-point plan that targets raising the Philippines to first-world status in 25 years. It is an imaginary set of steps that is imaginary only because today’s leaders appear to lack the will to implement it, or something like it: Stop the killings and excessive PNP force; restore due … Continue reading