Attack is the best form of defense


  By Chemrock In this post-truth age, where everyone is armed with a tool and can, in safety behind anonymity, maim characters and destroy people’s lives, decency and good-heartedness can no longer survive if we chose to believe in the pacificistic “truth will have its way”. VP Leni’s team learned the hard way after heinous … Continue reading

Handwriting On The Wall For Early 2017


  By Popoy del R. Cartanio It’s only the second month of 2017 and the world so called now the global village faces big problems which never before should frighten anyone. Every new year brings feelings of uncertainties rather than assured progress and peace. From the millennium 16 years had passed with inhabited earth still … Continue reading

Du30 an anachronism: era of dictators gone

[Photo source: Forbes Magazine]

By Roly E. Eclevia     President Rodrigo Duterte is an anachronism. He would be dictator when the era of dictators has long been gone. The social, political, and economic climate may no longer be conducive to the rise of one-man rule. Maybe people nowadays are more aware of their rights and ready to fight … Continue reading

Duterte’s divided nation: Philippine institutions push back


By Joe America I’ve written two prior articles that provide background to this discussion. One said that the fate of the Philippines is in the hands of its institutions (link). The other identified three major issues that are so fundamentally problematic that it is hard to get past them to give the Duterte Administration credit … Continue reading

What is your role in building a strong, upright, unified nation?


By Joe America Let’s start with some brief definitions to get on the same line of thought about what a strong, upright, unified nation looks like. Strong means safe and wealthy enough to promote opportunities for citizens and durability for the State. Upright means morally sound, committed to the kind of “right” that helps people while avoiding the … Continue reading