Brown noses and Senator Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts

By Chemrock President Duterte announced recently that Senator Trillanes has offshore bank accounts in many countries, details of which he will reveal in time. Right on cue, Ben Tersiona, owner of the website Davao Breaking News, came out with ‘bank documents’ that purportedly showed the various offshore accounts of Trillanes. Radio commentator Erwin Tulfo and … Continue reading

The good life

By Joe America I suppose many of us are spoiled from living the good life. I know I am. I was raised in the U.S. during the latter part of the 1900’s when wars were relegated to the cold type, or localized. We could always go fight in a foreign land and return to our … Continue reading

Holding President Duterte to account

By gerverg1885 A news item was posted by a blogger on Facebook that said that “the NBI, in a press conference, declared that the three policemen killed Kian de los Santos and planted evidence(s).” My question was, “why was the one who ordered the killing and dangled the reward money not included?” I added that … Continue reading

Duterte: The Anatomy of a Barbaric Autocracy

By Edgar Lores A friend made a post on Facebook in which she set forth on President Rodrigo Duterte’s “Technology of Co-optation.” The topic arose from Duterte’s co-optation of the parents of 17-year old Kian Delos Santos, a collateral damage of the Drug War. As I googled to understand the term, I was led to … Continue reading

Tao Pala Siya

Ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva Akala ko ubod siya ng seryoso. Akala ko para kang sinesermonan kung kausap ka, yung bang medyo bilib sa sarili, nagsasalita ka pa sasabat na, an intimidating presence, ang lakas ng dating. Hindi pala. Ang nananatiling visual niya sa akin, yung umupo siya sa sofa ng reception room ng tinitirhan ng … Continue reading