The people who wanted the terror bill did not protect it during the legislative process

Analysis and Opinion By Joe America I think the Anti-Terror Bill is an example of a good intent gone bad under the oversight of a committee. The committee of which I speak is the Legislature. The strongest proponents of the Bill are the generals . . .  the AFP . . . who wanted to … Continue reading

The Constitutionalists in the Duterte government

Opinion By Joe America Let me set the problem up before moving to discussion. It seems to me there are three different kinds of government officials within the Duterte Government, extended to cover the legislative branches which are of questionable independence. As I put it in a tweet: Those who keep their soul and do … Continue reading

Recognizing the decent people fighting the virus

Opinion By Joe America Most of us who defend the Constitution, human rights, decency, fairness, and compassion, are critics of the Duterte Government. It is a daily thing as the Government does deeds we question: Failed drug war with thousands dead Unstable environment for investors Pursuing friendship with China as she claims Philippine economic rights … Continue reading

Conspiracy theory 201: How to make sense of the Philippine love for China

OPINION By Joe America When something makes no sense then we are forced to make up our own minds about what is going on based on what we see, pending hearing something sensible from someone we trust. We learned the other day that a Chinese warship aimed its targeting radar on a Philippine Navy ship … Continue reading

Double whammy: corona virus and loss of moral bearings

OPINION By Joe America We can read a lot of speculation about how the coronavirus will reshape our social interactions. More distancing. More cleanliness. Fewer hugs. More people working at home. Without question, today we are living a strange existence, keeping away from people and polishing everything with soap and water, or disinfectant. My guess … Continue reading