A dislike of Grace Poe rolls across social media

grace poeSome people look at Pulse Asia or Social Weather Station polls and make their decision who to vote for.

“We MUST beat Binay! Go with the favorite! Go with Poe!”

That’s their way. But it is somewhat problematic because it does not factor in the future. It does not factor in time and circumstance between now and the election. It also disregards skill, or even character, when you think about it. We are just now getting to know Grace Poe.

My own polling method is much more dynamic and alive. What it lacks in statistical rigor, it provides in immediate feedback.

I look at my Twitter trends.

If I do a political blog, I get a good number of “favorites” and “retweets”. If I do a particularly warm and patriotic blog, I get even more more. If I do a blog critical of Philippine culture, tweet activity drops. If I do a book report, no one cares. Actual readership levels for the blog article mirror receptivity on Twitter.

Furthermore, I do one-off editorial tweets to perfect my ability to communicate in 140 words or less. Topics vary. Some hit. Some miss. Here’s my favorite of late; it got good reaction:

VP files lawsuit against every Tom, Dick and Harriet who does not like a thief as president. Half the nation laughs. The rest have hands out

So I find that the Twitter feedback is a good index of how receptive people are to certain ideas. Well, I’m sitting on this inkling that Grace Poe has not been playing things very well, a newbie who spurned the upstanding President of the Philippines to run for president because she could not bump Senator Escudero out of his much desired VP slot. So I fired off this tweet:

Sen Poe has it wrong. President Aquino is not struggling with his selection. He is struggling to get Poe to step up for the nation.

Bam! And I don’t mean Aquino. My most popular tweet ever. It shot out. It resonated.

“Wow,” I thought. “A lot of people really don’t like Grace Poe stiffing the President.”

So I thought I should verify my suspicion that Senator Poe has blown it big time by rejecting the President of the Philippines, who very likely asked her to serve as Vice President to Mar Roxas, in service to the nation. I imagine he would have said his party would back her for President in 2022.

But I’m guessing . . . and I think most people are guessing . . . she refused to serve on the President’s terms. Or on the nation’s terms, if you view the straight path of anti-corruption and economic well-being as good for the nation. She insisted on her own terms in allegiance to Chiz Escudero.

So I poked around the discussion threads. Indeed, that is the flavor of a lot of comments on discussion threads and conversations here or there. We get a lot of this:

  • “Trapo twins. She’s just like Escudero.”
  • “Arrogant and too ambitious.”
  • “No experience. Bad decisions.”
  • “She thinks she deserves to be president. She hasn’t done anything.”

You can go check it out for yourself. The negative comments now outweigh the pro-Poe comments we used to see there.

Bookie Sal

JoeAm’s bookie Sal

But I needed another check, just to be certain, so I thought I’d better consult my bookie, Sal. This is how the conversation went:

JoeAm: “Hey Sal, It looks like you were wrong on your last projection. You said Poe would not run for President. It looks like she will.”

Sal: “Not so fast buster. She’s not opted in, and she has a serious matter of residency and citizenship to deal with. But even if she does opt in, it doesn’t matter. Mar Roxas is still going to win.”

JoeAm: “Huh? How do you figure? You said she wouldn’t run for president, and Roxas would pick up her votes. Roxas won’t get them!” [Refer to JoeAm’s blog: “The odds are that Mar Roxas will be the next president”]

Sal: “Poe will undermine Binay’s votes, not Roxas’ votes. She has three problems. One, people are starting to see her as an opportunist, and more like Binay than straight path. Two, she really is inexperienced. Three, and just poked at by Binay yesterday, is a question whether she really is Filipino in allegiance, in background, in loyalty, in heart. It is a huge vulnerability.

JoeAm: “Like, she’s an interloper? An opportunist, not a part of the real Filipino family?”

Sal: “You got it, buckeroo.”

JoeAm: “So how do you peg the numbers come election day?”

Sal: “Well, we are still missing a few pieces of the puzzle, like what Duterte will do and who LP’s Vice President will be. Duterte could hurt Roxas a little. On the other hand, a dynamic VP like Robredo could give him a boost. Also Santiago’s ego is flaring up and so she might run, too.”

JoeAm: “Well, worst case it for Roxas. Duterte runs. Santiago runs. LP picks a less popular VP like Cayetano or Trillanes. How will the numbers play out?”

Sal: “I just ran that yesterday to keep my odds book accurate. Roxas 36%. Poe 22%. Binay 19%. Duterte 12%. Santiago 7%. Others 4%.”

JoeAm: “You do that with your slide rule?”

Sal: “Don’t get smart with me, Joeseph. It’s an elegant calculation of statistical probabilities far beyond your grasp. Multi-variant regression analysis, 12 independent variables, well-tested coefficients producing a 95% level of confidence.”

He’s an Italian nerd. Smart, passionate and abundantly blunt. We’ve sparred a few rounds now and then.

JoeAm: “So you have Roxas surging, Poe sliding, and Binay crashing.”

Sal: “Yeah. Filipinos are fond of people in the family. Roxas is in the family. Comfortable. Poe is an outsider, and arrogant at that. Her popularity was a flash in the pan before people really thought about who she was. Binay is a crook, becoming a creep, and that will become even clearer as the election nears. Duterte has a boutique following, but is not mainstream enough. Santiago is still Brenda.”

JoeAm: “If that plays out, it seems to me Poe will never be President. A 2022 run won’t work, either. Bam Aquino is next in line, or maybe Leni Robredo or whoever LP picks for VP.

Sal: “Yeah, Poe blew it big time by turning the nation down. If, indeed, that is what she has done. By rejecting President Aquino, she rejected the people who put him in office.”

I winked, and headed for the refrigerator for a couple of San Migs. Like a trained dolphin, Sal likes his rewards after a good performance.

Again, I took this as guidance, not set in cement. Time and circumstance get to call the shots, after all. But it seems to fit with what is rolling through social media.

Senator Poe claims independence, but is tied to the party of Escudero/Ongpin. She has been playing a lot of politics of late and has lost the glow of sincerity. She and Senator Escudero played politics with the Mamasapano hearing, riding that popular uprising against President Aquino all the way to the end. They are in the papers daily and all their remarks are aimed at establishing a popular edge.

But the President’s popularity is back, and his endorsement power will be huge because people know, in their hearts, that he is an honorable and successful president. They will miss him mightily. He is family, too.

President Aquino will leave office on a rush of admiration and appreciation.

Poe’s popularity is not of that same kind of heart, I think. More a “first blush” than a real love.

Another problem for Senator Poe is that she must run against either the straight path or the programs of the Aquino government. She will sound more like Vice President Binay than Mar Roxas. She can promise the world, but she has nothing to point to in terms of actual achievement.

pippinThe Senator has made a series of amateur misstatements already. Any verbal slip she makes just confirms the fact that she is as green as a pippin apple. The evidence of inexperience is likely to mount as opponents highlight her mistakes. Furthermore, she seems to have a tin ear about political diplomacy.

Her decision to side with Escudero/Ongpin over Aquino/nation marks her as a poor judge of character, weak at decision-making and unable to sacrifice. The question of whether or not she is Filipino at heart will rise to the top of the national dialogue.

Reader manuelbuencamino gave us an idea of how Mar Roxas can make Sal look like a genius when he wrote:

“But my larger point and biggest concern is to find the language to communicate to the C&D voters that Binay and his ilk are not right for the presidency or any public office. How can we emotionalize our intellectual arguments? How can we speak to their hearst? That is my main concern. Recall that PNoy won more because he touched the hearts of voters than because he presented himself as the intelligent choice.”

I’m thinking that does not just apply to Jejomar Binay. All Mar Roxas needs to do is let voters understand that he is “the real Filipino” candidate, always a citizen, always honest, always a man of integrity, always dedicated to Filipino well-being. Always a part of the family.


492 Responses to “A dislike of Grace Poe rolls across social media”
  1. Marilet Meris says:

    Eloquently put as usual. Loved the last sentence “Always a part of the family.” It is all about capturing the Pinoy heart, really. Thank you, JoeAm.

    • Joe America says:

      Good of you to read and drop off a comment. Thanks, Marilet.

      • JongSan Chez says:

        Hi joe, how about Sec. Roxas’ wife, Korina Sanchez? You reckon she’ll be Mar’s sweetest downfall?

        • Joe America says:

          I hope not, as I don’t share people’s dislike for her. I think she is entitled to a personality, has to work in the public light and ad lib some of her comments, and we should be thankful we don’t have to live up to the standards others hold her to. Jejomar Binay’s wife appears to be a crook, and Grace Poe’s is an American. There is no perfection. Here is my full take on Korina Sanchez, done not too long ago: https://joeam.com/2014/12/20/the-korina-stone/

      • Philip says:

        JoeAm, I like your perception. First time I read Trillanes is in the mix for VP. He is the best choice and will be a vicious attack dog on Binay! Good choice.

    • jolly cruz says:

      Problem is Mar just doesn’t grow on you. No matter what he does the masa has difficulty connecting with him. Maybe its because he’s from the landed/political class which makes it hard for the masa to trust that he will work for their interest. Sure, he is intelligent and incorruptible, and can be great for the economy. But can he ensure that this economic windfall be translated to better lives for them or just more prosperity for the moneyed class?

      This is what he must try to communicate to the masa. Tangible things that he would do so that the economic benefits will surely trickle down to them. Not motherhood statements but specifics.

      Pointing out Binay’s corruption is not enough because of two reasons. First, they believe all politicians are corrupt; and second and more important to them is that they see that even if Binay is corrupt, he shares his largesse with them

      The masa must be disabused of these mindset and Roxas’ strategists must be able to address these two issues.

      • Joe America says:

        Superb guidance, jolly.

        • BFD says:

          @jolly cruz, maybe it’s because of a subtle counter media articles that’s always there at that depicts Mar as being a fake or faking it. It can be a viable explanation for all this negative perception of Mar. Take for example the motorcycle spill, they delved into the fact that Mar was not wearing a helmet when he rode that motorcycle, not his effort to go and see the devastation first hand and have help come faster because the DILG head is ground zero at that time.

          • Eric says:

            Its his and the media’s fault…an image of robredo just waiting for a ride earned her the admiration of netizens while a mar directing traffic soaked in the rain,carrying a sack of onions,driving padjak and doing carpentry while holding a hammer the wrong way is just too much and borders being comical

          • JayA says:

            Maybe it’s time that he (or his image handlers) stop/s pandering to the masa. He won’t be able to project that he is “one of us” because he isn’t and any act would feel gimmicky, contrived or insincere. Wouldn’t it be better if he just embrace that he is elite and that he is seen as our Camelot? This crass populism has given us the Eraps, Lito Lapids, and Bong Revillas and our electorate might be waking up to this already.

      • Chit navarro says:

        It is not Mar Roxas who can not connect with the masa. It is the news papers and broadcast journalists / media that provide and highlight that disconnect, because he is no media buyer.
        Lets wait for the campaign season to start.

      • rochet says:

        I think reminding the “masa” of “mr. Palengke” may just do the trick. He became popular being that bfore the last election.

        • Hopefulcitizen says:

          True, let us remember that he was number 1 Senator then, I wonder who his campaign PR then?

          • rios del prado says:

            Mar was his own PR man during all his candidacies as congressman, senator, and president. Though he hired some PR men when he ran as Senator and President, he was still the overall campaign manager. All his political and PR men followed a scheme or plan of action Mar had created before the actual campaign. No one, no single person could take credits for Mar’s success (and failure), not even the advertising agencies he hired. In fact, the Mr. Palengke “ tag” wasn’t created by ad agencies. It was suggested by some of his staff.
            Also, he was in fact Pnoy’s campaign manager in 2010 when Sen. Serge Osmena resigned a month before the 2010 election. He is a hands-on boss. He applied rules rigidly, he is very strict and he isn’t paying payolas to the media that’s why he is hated by corrupt media practitioners.

            • Mar hat the Grey something Consultancy group. I remember hearing it in a documentary.

              Otherwise agree with the other stuff.

            • I think Mar cannot be bribed by anyone. He doesn’t need money from other people to make their wish come true. Mar will stick to his rule not to be influenced by dictates from other people. He will do what he thinks is right, Mar looks like the right person to lead the country, he is not a pretentious kind of person. But, in case, he becomes president, I hope his wife just keep her “fighting spirit” within the confines of their home. Don’t allow her to make public political criticisms.

        • alex mason says:

          The parokya ni edgar song made the mr palengke thing popular.

      • Delia Robancho says:

        I agree w/ you….that’s exactly what I heard from my relatives. It’s really disgusting that it’s been set into their minds. And yes, Mar needs to work hard to address those 2 issues.

        • edgar lores says:

          Mar seems to work hard but people seem to forget — instantly — his good deeds.

          o He goes to inspect typhoon-hit areas… and what people remember is his motorcycle spill.

          o He empathizes with the family of the fallen SAF… and what people remember is PNoy’s “gaffe”.

          o He pointedly tells Junjun to step down as “he does not own Makati”… and what people remember is the VP’s manhandling of policemen.

          What’s with this collective amnesia? (I, too, suffer from it.)

          Mar seems to have the unique quality of anti-charisma, a tricky kind of sticky surface upon which only dirt attaches. Call it anti-teflon.

          He is a politician, perhaps a plodding one without the politician’s disguise of charm. Charm, in politicians, can be genuine but is most often faked.

          So people should take Mar as he is, warts and all. He hides nothing — and, true, perhaps there is nothing to hide — but here stands an honest man. He is definitely a better choice than a blatantly dishonest man. Whether he is a better choice than an honest woman (with dishonest people beside and behind her?) is for people to decide.

          Ach, please pass the popcorn.

      • Delia Robancho says:

        I agree w/ you jolly cruz….that’s exactly what I heard from some of my relatives about Binay. I’m telling them to choose the most qualified candidate and pointing out the outstanding qualities of Roxas. But it’s really disgusting what has been set into their minds, just like what you’ve said. And it’s true that Roxas needs to work hard w/ his strategies to gain the trust of “masa.”

        • Hopefulcitizen says:

          I dont get it why the masa see Binay as one of them, binay is the typical trapo who acts arrogantly, I cant even see the charisma people are talking about him, maybe its the PR firm their hired or media blitz, whatever you may call it that do the work.

          • Jopo says:

            The money… it talks too loud. And binat’s so LGU like going to burials, dine in with masa in budle fights. .. he’s not hesitating to take photo ops regardlesd of how stupid he’d look for the eyes of classes a to c. He knows his market of d and e too well and fearlessly feast on it.

            Majority indeed is not always right.

            Btw, would Mar has program to reduce the tax? Curious here. Will surely get the votes of all working classes like myself.

      • ozboy2015 says:

        I think this is where the wife, Korina Sanchez-Roxas can step in. She has masa appeal. I know that certain people(s) dislike Korina, but in my book, she could be an asset to Mar. Her shows (radio/TV/ and nightly news) put her in daily contact with the C/D/E groups. And her consistent ratings tell us that the “masa” believe in and love her. i can say I belong to the B/C, but I find Korina believable and loveable. I know,jboth Just like any policitian, Korina has admirers and bashers, but her length in media and her ratings haas consistently nprove that she has drawing power. What Mar needs is to bring to the people his good record, what he has done, and what he will do for the 100 million Filipinos. Remember, the people voted him No. 1 Senator in 2004 as Mr. Palengke, I am sure that “image” of him can be easily revived with a few PR and image building make overs. I dunno, but I look at Grace Poe and then at Korina Sanchez-Roxas, and Korina looks more real, more elegant, and with more masa appeal than Gracie.


        • Joe America says:

          Thank you, ozboy, and thanks for contributing to the dialogue. I find your take on Korina Sanchez to be the most rational of any I’ve read, and perhaps the Roxas camp will do something like that.

          • mcgll says:

            I was at the Gathering of Friends yesterday. I had been sitting on a bench for 3 hours hardly moving out of my tight space, resulting in constriction of blood flow to my legs and my rear which was almost numb) before President Noy walked in with Secretary Mar at 11:00. The hall, that is usually very cold had, by then, become really hot on account (I would think) of the heat generated by friends enthusiastically waiting to hear the announcement Pres Aquino was expected to make. Our long wait was amply rewarded when President Aquino started to give his narrative of what his friendship with Sec. Roxas is made of, mutual trust and the sharing of a sincere and unselfish desire to serve the country and its people. At the instant PNoy announced Sec. Mar’s name, thunderous applause erupted. I was euphoric.

            From where I was seated, I had a good view of Sec. Mar’s family – a proud and happy mother seated beside a good looking grandson and Korina, poised, and with eyes beaming with admiration for a husband who delivered a stirring acceptance of the challenge being passed on to him by President Noy. l thought, that contrary to what some haters predict, Korina will make a fine first lady. And by the way, I was one of the first to give her credit for defending her husband’s honor against the false accusations being dished out by Anderson Cooper. Yes, that CNN Cooper who must have gotten his news reports and notes dictated by the wife of the mayor of Tacloban who posed for a photo with him looking like she had no concern for the dead around her.

            • Joe America says:

              You know, I agree with you 110%. I watched the program on television, and am sorry I did not recognize you. 🙂 It was a crowded but somehow intimate gathering, perfect for the purpose. I very much enjoyed the testimonials. Wow, if his campaign is run that persuasively, no problem. Time for all the good people of the Philippines to rise as one, I think.

      • I once read a comment from a newspaper, that selling Roxas to the C&D voters is like selling a “lechon” to the muslims. How do you react to that ?

      • enigma says:

        The majority of C,D and E voters don’t really cares who the candidates are, they vote according to the money denominations they received. Why should Mar reinvent himself, a named brand merchandise does not need new packaging, it just sell by itself. Every candidate wants to be associated with the poor, that they are born poor in the log cabin they built. he he VP Binay control the media hacks for almost five years and every move Mar does they beat him to the pulp. What can you expect, being beaten to the pulp can create a perception of being weak and unpopular. But the problem you mention on the first paragraph, that the masa has difficulty connecting with him, you have just a short memory, why did he top the senatorial race then if he is devoid of popularity!

      • Edgar Sullano says:

        Jolly, I hate to disagree with you that Mar Roxas has not touched the Masa. Just take a good look look about the people that are working in the “Call Centers”. Whose idea is that and how’s does it make difference from working in the barrio and earning an urban level income? If you believe on Binay’s word that all politicians are corrupt, you well just tolerate it and thinking that Mar Roxas is another corrupt politician. I think he doesn’t need to steal money from us considering his status, he was born in a silver platter. Unlike Binay, he is still a hungry little giant.
        If you think a lawyer is better to become a President, an Economist is best and he will take care the welfare of the people. A lawyer like Binay, will always find ways on how to trick us on how to allocate our resources to his pocket and justify them once caught in the media. Never mind the Senate, he doesn’t acknowledge it anyway and that’s the quality of a President you are looking for. Mar Roxas doesn’t eat pancit bear hands in the public but Binay does and after that he takes everything from the people not just the pancit.

  2. I just wish that the masa, the poorest of the poor are also represented , in other words, included in the social media who posts those anti-Poe sentiments. If not, we have more work to do, as I think the masa loves her. Shades of people loving Estrada because he was Erap in the movies, and FPJ because he was the hero, the idol in the big screen. who fought for the downtrodden, the inaapi, the poorest of the the poor where they belong.

    • Joe America says:

      What happens on social media may be a “lead indicator” of what happens broadly. Certainly, Poe is vulnerable on “not really Filipino”, and Binay is going to pound that hard. I think it will drive voters to Roxas.

    • crisliberty says:

      But siding with the INC, seemingly unaware of her statement never to side with “kadiliman”, is a serious blunder.

      • Joe America says:

        Welcome to the blog, crisliberty. Indeed, I wonder if Senator Poe can recover for this. She is lining up quite a track record of really thoughtless comments, like the one a while back that opposed the BBL (it was retracted by Escudero the following day, or, rather, re-shaped).

  3. “But the President’s popularity is back, and his endorsement power will be huge” – JoeAm

    But if ABS CBN succeeds in what they are trying to do, the President will lose this popularity again.

    Night after night, TV Patrol is putting out in their daily news clips – stories after stories of previous controversies, the complaints of the people, the wrongdoings of his appointees, all aimed at painting him as a failure, bumbling, inefficient and uncaring, kinda like what Binay is mouthing in his every sorties.

    It came to a point that I had to beg the master of the house, the holder of the TV remote control to please switch channels to CNN, HBO or anywhere but ABS CBN TV Patrol, as my BP is soaring to dangerous level.

    But the masa are there, watching every night, being influenced. God help our country.

    • mcgll says:

      Don’t lose heart Mary Grace, the masa is not as clueless as we fear they might be. I am confident Roxas will be our next president and with great hope, I hope Robredo will be the next vice president. That combination will ensure a great future for our country for the next 12 years. Let’s work on it.

      • mcgll says:

        Ted Failon, Taberna, de Castro etc. of ABSCBN are raking in a lot of money for themselves and for ABS/CBN courtesy of advertisers who advertise on their programs. If we launch a boycott of the products or services of those big advertisers, it may work to stop the poisonous shows of those rotten broadcasters and talk show hosts. They can still spew as much poison as they want but soon enough, they will run out of funds unless they are as rich as the big joke Donald Trump who does not care how much he has to spend of his own money to get his message across.

        • Good idea, starting tonight, I will list all their ad sponsors and spread the word. Thanks, mcgll

          • Joe America says:

            Why don’t you pop the list here, if you put one together. I’d be interested in knowing.

              • Jopo says:

                Big work.

                How about for Korina to just talk to her old TV Patrol management team? Pull some strings.

                I disagree that she still holds the hearts of the masses with some recent controversies she’s spewn over the past months ie Japan to be hit by the typhoon instead of PH and the CNN issue, both of wc she did not manage to get up from. She can work from the inside. And I hope she fixes her seemingly too old dispute with Mel Tianco. That will be a great masa story of reconciliation.

                Boycotts on products will just be too absurd to accomplish. 2c

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                Every little bit helps.

        • jolly cruz says:

          Boycotting of their products will not work. If the products are good no amount of pleading to boycott will be heeded by the public. Instead of boycotting the product, I think it is better to write letters to the CEO’s of the companies producing these products that they are supporting shows that may ultimately destroy the economy, which in turn will be bad for their respective companies. If these CEO’s know what’s good for their companies in the long run, they will heed our advice.

          This is what was done by NBC, Macy’s, and other big companies who were partners of Trump. THe CEO’s did not wait for any boycott. They realized that in the long run any association with Trump will be harmful to their interests and immediately dissociated from him.

          MGP, pls start the ball rolling by informing us of the sponsors of these shows. From there we will know who the manufacturers are. and then on our own initiative, we can write to the CEO’s.

          • Right, jolly cruz. Will make a list tonight, for posting tomorrow. These three newscasters are also active on radio – DZMM teleradyo, easily reaching the masa.

            • Buddy Gomez says:

              May I please have a copy of your list….and email addresses ( if possible)….I would like to join this very worthwhile endeavor…..my dedicated email address for the Society of Honor is:
              t.gomez@live.com….pakisuyo lang, Grace. Maraming salamat po.

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                Noted, sir Buddy…I have posted the list below, just last night. Am still new at using this ipad, more at home using my desk top at the office. Please Joe, may I request that you do the honor, it will take me at least Monday to email the list.

                I am a fan of your blog, CyberBuddy, sir. I truly appreciate your interest in this list. I hope you can do something knowing your blog is published in their sister company.


              • Joe America says:

                I sent the list. Thanks for compiling it. First rate advertisers sponsoring second rate journalism.

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                Yep, second rate journalism, one sided, unfair, much too negative….the masa watch it, so the ratings are up…the higher the ratings, the greater number of sponsors…if I am a milionaire, I will pay for the airing of an infomercial detailing all the positive aspects of the PNOY admin to counter what their newscasts are feeding the masa. Alas, I have money but not that much, and the poor relations in the province are depending on me.

                The ANC interviewed a businessman some nights ago and what he was saying is truly uplifting, but of course it is not shown in primetime.

          • Already enlisted the help of my sister as I usually arrive home when the newscast is already half way through. She will list the sponsors that I miss when I finally get home.

            • mcgll says:

              This is an energizing conversation. Thanks Jolly for improving on the suggestion on how to stop malicious broadcasters and talkshow hosts from maligning PNoy’s administration with their vicious lies and slanted opinions. Thanks Joe for giving us a platform where we can freely, politely express our ideas without getting lost in the disgusting exchange of personal insults (in fractured grammar) among commenters who do not agree with each other (as read in other blogs).

              I think we are getting somewhere in convincing people that “winnability” is NOT the vital quality to look for in a presidential candidate. Want we need is someone with integrity and the selfless desire to continue serving the country and its people without the baggage of corruption and greed and deception.

              This conversation brings to mind a quote from Margaret Mead as used by Aaron Sorkin – spoken by Josiah Bartlett in the TV series The West Wing. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world …because it’s the only thing that ever has.”

            • Sorry to disappoint you guys, got held up in traffic last night, company car was constrained by the number coding..we left the office @ 7:00 pm, by the time I got home, the newscast was over, the list was done, just can’t make heads or tails of it. (it included infomercials from Romualdez, Cayetano and the last SONA among lactum, milo, etc.)…hahaha..will try again tonight and summarize later.

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                Finally, I was able to post the list of ad sponsors last night, please see it further down….

          • jasper says:

            I usually don’t comment, but I find this boycotting movement to be worthwhile. Please post the list here, as I am tired of hearing BS from these mediang bayaran.

            • Cherie says:

              I agree with your observation re abs cbn anchors failon de castro, taberna and other lack luster radio tv people…very noisy and spewing venomous criticism against pinoy day and night…it really makes one wonder what they are up to. Crazily negative about pinoy …you really think they are paid hacks? It amazes me How low they can get if this is true..poor guys…In fact i stopped listening to them already …too negative and biased and slanted and noisy for my own good…

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                True, and the said is that the masa are watching, listening day and night, being indocrinated by the left leaning and the group of perpetual whiners….no wonder they don’t realize the great things accomplished by this government.

              • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

                Awwwww…should be said fact…

              • Jojo Arcillas says:

                To me, it is the simplest way of attracting the audience by showing the negative side and at the same time putting their great mind/comments to show how things should be done…I dont know why, but that’s whats TV news are all about in the Phils, they tend to focus more on the negative aspect and it has been effective in getting media mileage..

          • Jopo says:


        • Maseti says:

          I too observed the biases of ABSCBN. And to think the Pres sister is connected with them. But even so, the news should be ‘walang kinikilingan…’

        • rochet says:

          I notice the same thing about failon nd de castro, but surprisingly, taberna had nice words about roxas this morning via punto por punto.

        • Klj Yusi says:

          Is Failon trade mark real? FOR SALE?

        • ozboy2015 says:

          I don’t know if boycott will work to draw out these know-nothing, talk-all, types of broadcaster. But the sad truth is, the “masa” bite what Faillon, and co. spew out. Minsan nga naninindig ang balahibo ko sa paraan ng pag ne news cast ni Faillon laluna ni Kabayan. But look at the way the Reality shows work: they cater to all groups of people. (PBB, The Voice, etc). These shows are so popular with all classes bec. the public can VOTE for their bet(s), just like in real elections. So we must get the features of what work in these reality shows and let the handlers of Mar Roxas use them. 1) Get judges (VP and senatorial slate) who each represent a certain sector. For his VP, Mar (who already is like a LeahSalong representing A/B) s/d get a Bamboo (youth, and a Sarah – the masa) combined. VP of Mar should be (yong and masa). Yun lang.

      • Marcelo Fudalan says:

        I agree with you, she should heed Pnoy’s wishes, not the ambition of escudero.

    • jolly cruz says:

      AS I have said in my previous comments, there is no need to convince the “beat Binay first crowd” about the qualities of Mar. MGP is right, the masa watches TV Patrol, 24 Horas and other local newscasts. PLus, they also watch or listen to the TV/radio commentaries of the anti administration personalities. How can we reach the masa if all they hear are criticisms of the administration to which Mar belongs.

      Can we coerce these commentators to present the other side? I don’t know. I have texted Failon and de Castro countless of times but never, never, have they read any of my comments/complaints. They only read the messages from those who agree with them

  4. phoebus says:

    If you think the average Filipino voter thinks like you (you = mga magagaling magIngles, edukado at may Twitter account), then you are wrong. Tingnan niyo ang account ni Nancy sa Facebook, nilalangaw at dinuduraan pa, pero panalo pa din. Erap Estrada during 2010, dunno if he has social media presence but I was terribly worried during partial counts na maungusan niya si Pnoy.

    I have a feeling that this blog has an air of distrust or might be even disgust towards Poe. I’m not a Poe fan. Even though Poe has not proven himself, she hasn’t done anything bad either. Accusations of her being arrogant and trapo are baseless. I prefer that you discuss on possible strategies that will put Roxas in Malacanan.

    • Joe America says:

      The blog does reflect my mistrust of Senator Poe, true. The average Filipino voter clearly does not think like me, or half the candidates in the legislature would not be there. The matter of Senator Poe’s allegiance to the Philippines is already being hammered at by the Binay camp, and for a reason. She is vulnerable. So I would be remiss to ignore that, or to ignore what I think is actually happening on social media. This blog is all about possible Roxas strategies, the biggest challenge being how to speak to the CD voters. I’ve also written about the sister city program, and how breaking through that network is important. That points to strategy. I’ve written about speaking at an angle to reach CD voters. That points to strategy. Commenters have had lots to say. If there is a particular point of view that you feel is missing, you are free to submit a guest blog to make sure it gets out there. I don’t think it is my job to campaign for Mr. Roxas, but to put enough ideas out there that he, or even his opponents, have a better idea what to do.

      • My brother-in-law is saying that he plan on telling the CD voters whom he can influence these lines:
        1) Ok, you vote for Binay or to candidates with Marcos, Erap and Binay sympathizers/supporters and your CCT allowance will be in danger of being snatched from your ATM cards to their bank accounts, figuratively – they are experts on manipulations, vote for Pnoy’s candidate so his programs will be continued, expanded or improved upon.

        2) If you truly care for yourselves, vote for the right people who truly care for you, not one who will give you a one-time grocery bag, t-shirt, rosary or a whole day budget which will be gone the day after, payment of which is 6 years or more of thieving and plunder

        3) Vote for someone opposite of those detained alleged plunderers, stay away from Marcos, Arroyo, Estrada, Binay and their candidates, supporters or enablers. They all think the same – how to steal from the country so they can buy votes to perpetuate themselves in power.

        • Joe America says:

          Good for him. I hope he speaks to a lot of people, and starts soon so it has time to roll further.

        • Jopo says:

          Awwtsss.. no talk of Reducing Taxes? Ouch.

          • @ Jopo

            Hurting, right? I am, too.

            Just think of Greece, they were big on social services, early retirement and high pensions, all without effective taxation. Now they have to agree to the austerity programs of IMF and EU, had to raise commodities prices because of higher vat, their pensions are in danger of being reduced, all because they need a rescue package from these financial institutions.

            Shades of what happened to us during the Marcos regime, thank God for Ninoy, Cory and PNOY, we are now a net creditor, our credit rating has been upgraded again, and my dream is for it to be AAA so any financial accommodation that we may need for defense upgrade (if patriotic bonds will not suffice) will be on the lowest interest rate, to achieve that we have to help PNOY’s anointed candidate to win in 2016 and 2022.

        • Cherie says:

          Its a malady. The cd group cant seem to make the connection between good governance and poverty…its frustrating to say the least.

          • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

            Let’s not give up on our poor countrymen, if most of us would be concerned and patient enough to explain things in language they can understand and in a manner that will make them receptive, they will be enlightened.

      • phoebus says:

        I have followed your posts starting a few months ago and thanks for pointing out what I might have missed or forgot. If your blog is my only source of information re Philippine politics, you paint a picture of an immaculate and selfless Roxas which is too good to be true. I started doubting instead. I also felt that commenters including a previous post have become vain. I myself felt that reading this blog made me one of the ‘informed’ and the thinking class. Probably there’s another perspective, and that’s something I haven’t found.

        • rochet says:

          It is noticeable that dtractors of the admin s like sirang plaka na for beating on the same isues like mrt, mamasapano coz its d only isue that they can pick from this admin, wonder what wil they pick on once the mrt are fixd nd saf 44 are not hot anymore.

        • rochet says:

          As a government employee from the province it s only n this administration that provinces have receivd so much from the govt. More medicines, nfra suport, human resource dev, school buildings, roads, farm mplements, freedom of speech, :-), nd f roxas can continue this being n pnoys team, then im for him, i do hope they will pick robredo as vp

          • Joe America says:

            Thanks for that real world view, rochet. I see the same thing in my community in terms of roads built and repaired. A whole lot of improvement going on.

          • I can add my one voice of confirmation there, our lowly barrio is being given a 4 lane concrete road! I can’t believe my eyes when we got there to deliver groceries and ensure to my 95 year old grandma. Our LG is doing great, farm to market roads from our national government c/o DPWH, and no epal signs all around, ha…yey! I feel really good when our taxes are working for us.

    • Vicara says:

      Phoebus, anyone who hangs out with Escudero, and who allows her political trajectory to be managed 24/7 by Escudero, is a trapo. However well-intentioned she and her idealistic supporters may be.

  5. Oliver Ramirez says:

    Joe strikes again! And Sal too! Right in the dot!

  6. Angelo Falcon says:

    While I bring in a lot of skepticism with me when I read blogs (including yours Joe), your posts do make the dots connect with more sense. If all of these turn out to be true, you guys are worthy of adoration, like the oracle of Delphi incarnate! Now I’m more than ready to get my hands dirty for those Mar Roxas votes.

  7. Angelo Falcon says:

    Now on my reading list: Joeam, Malou Tiquia, Raissa Robles. Any other good analysts out there?

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for the note on Malou Tiqua. If she has a blog, can you provide the link? I manage “The Philippine Blog Center” (see the right column) and would welcome quality additions. I think this blog and Raissa’s have the best discussions. Others pop out thought provoking articles now and then.

  8. Percival says:

    The name of Cong. Leni Robredo as possible VP of Roxas has been in the news for 2 nights now, yet she still can’t be reached for a comment. Other politicos would grab the opportunity to gain every positive exposure and have their faces flashed on the evening news. The more I admire the lady now. IMO, as VP Leni would give Roxas the much needed boost, more than Grace Poe could.

    • ydes says:

      there is also a talk about Vilma Santos as VP… Vilma is more experienced having served as a mayor and governor…altho I’d imagine that Leni was there co-leading Naga with Jesse

    • BFD says:

      Maybe she’s talking to her daughters who will be very affected once she takes on a bigger role as VP. Remember, even Jesse Robredo was a family-first man who liked to spend his time with his family.

      This would not be an easy decision for their family, but I hope if the country needs their services, they will step up to the place and give their all to the service of the Filipino populace.

    • Tadeo Samonte says:

      I think she will pull a lot of voters, since the memory of her late husband is still alive the people’s.
      How’s that for honesty and integrity team. Then when she is VP she can lead the DILG. Just my tough.

    • Cong.Leni Robredo has always been in the news as a possible vp candidate.I feel quite uncomfortable with this development, not for anything that may seem i have something against my kababayan.The truth is I am just wondering why her name suddenly surfaced during these times.Is it because of the ‘legacy’ that her husband has left the filipino mind?Has she done (to date) anything that in any way uplifted or raised the concerns of the mases in her place?Is she ripe even for the senate?

      • Joe America says:

        Actually, her name has been about for some time due to her work locally to promote good governance, and her work as a House rep. Her length of experience would be about the same as Poe’s I suppose, and those who back her say she is a more genuine, productive and dynamic person than Poe. Her integrity is of the highest.

  9. Luis Del Mundo says:

    The challenge here is how to convince the ‘masa’ that Roxas is the best choice to become the next president of the republic.

    • Bentong Zobel says:

      not sure how mar can be the best candidate. his performance is disastrous, luck luster at best. DOTC under him, fail, DILG major fail just look at the peace and order situation in the PH. yolanda was disastrous; and man his photo ops and trying hard maka masa gimicks/DRAMA are horrible. i am trying to find a redeeming quality in him except for the fact that situations keep pushing him to slide.

  10. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    I have gut feeling Mar will lose to Poe-Escudero tandem.
    Mar have to look for a Vice-President.
    Benigno need not look far.
    The VP is in his household.
    If Kris Aquino runs VP for Mar
    They win hands down.

    My mole in Malacanag says Benigno is talking to his sister. And Benigno and Kris is listening to me.

  11. Jean says:

    There is always the other side of the coin to consider. While it may be true that Grace is new to the game, perhaps that is what is needed. At least, it would be an attempt to apply a new solution to an old problem. We’ve tried obsessive control under Marcos, well/good-intentions in Cory’s, we’ve tried low-key and passive leadership in the likes of Fidel, we’ve tried charisma and maka-masa mentality in Erap, We tried a schooled economist in Gloria and finally we’ve tried the shinning white knight routine in Pnoy. The way I see it, putting Mar will just be a repeat.of Pnoy. While Pnoy has done some good, it was no where near enough. Mar on the throne would be tantamount to applying the same solution expecting the same/better result. Such is the height of insanity is it not?

    Why not try the untested and in experienced. Let someone with fresh eyes look at the problem the Philippines faces and perhaps the fates willing, see and implement a new solution that would work. I do not understand the need some people have to seek candidates with much experience and who are well versed in the ins and outs of the Philippine political arena. Our political system sucks. Being well-versed in it isn’t something someone should proud of. It just means that candidate is good at working the “rules”. I am not looking for someone who knows how to work the system. I am looking for someone to change the damn game.

    For me, only two candidates bring something new to the table. Poe and Miriam. Everybody else who is running just reminds me of presidents past… and those are not fond memories.

    • Joe America says:

      “I am looking for someone to change the damn game.” You have nailed exactly what my reservations of Ms. Poe are. A year ago, I would have thought she is that gamechanger. But now I see her playing the game like all the rest. Managing the media like a pro. Keeping friends of questionable values. Making decisions or statements that are rash and not seasoned. If I am hard on her, it is because I had high expectations. As for President Aquino, if the Philippines can get another 15 years of this, it will be healthy and wealthy. Stability and continuity are so important, I think, and we have to take care that changing the game does not go backward.

      If a President Poe would accelerate the good works, then excellent, I hope she convinces us of that and gets elected.

      • Dodong says:

        I dont trust GP because From the time the senate investigated Binay she was so silent and never criticize the Binay until she had the inklings that she will be on top of the survey. but if you will compare the way she pounded on purisima and the mamasapano investigation she was so furious on the persons involved, but when it comes to Binay she was no where to be found and deafing silence on Binay during the SBRC INVESTIGATION. she only showed the eagerness on mamasapano but never on the Binay. Her excuse that she just want to be there if only Binay will attend the SBRC is only an excuse of her inaction against the Binay and only dumb people will believe that excused. GP Was given a chance to redeem herself when he was offered as VP of Mar but she just cant let go of Escudero, the person whose interest is only for him and every action he makes is for the advancement of his political career and worst he is affiliated to ongpin and binay. And by the way everybody knows about the Hacienda in Batangas Are owned by the Binay because since 2000 everybody in makati know about it and for sure Escudero and GP knows about it too.

    • jolly cruz says:

      The problem Jean is that her mentor/s are highly suspicious trapos. It would have helped her a lot if apart from Escudero she has a Trillanes by her side and instead of an Ongpin maybe a Zobel or one of the highly regarded Chinese taipens as her business advisers.

      Mr JOe, if she decides to get these people to her side, would you change your image of her? Just asking.

      • Joe America says:

        Tough question. I will just follow up on what I wrote to Jean, that somehow she must be as genuine to the idea of independent a the word is intended to mean, and, rather than trying to leverage popularity by diminishing others, demonstrate how she would accelerate the good progress that has been made. As long as she postures herself as opposed to the accomplishments of the Aquino Administration, she looks like just another trapo and a lot like Binay. I read Boo Chanco’s column today about Gov. Joey Salceda’s checklist of things to work on, and they are excellent. Some are perhaps a stretch (tunnels), but others are superb and demonstrate a vision of a developing, self-sufficient Philippines. Maybe the good governor should be her running mate, or someone of that quality. Trillanes is a bit of a polarizing figure and representative of the Philippine’s fractured past. Now Sec. Singson to me would be an ideal running mate, to reach across to LP for the good of the nation, while remaining independent. I certainly don’t like the collection of people circling around Senator Poe right now.

        • jolly cruz says:

          Agreed. I am even thinking of Joey Salceda as a perfect running mate for Roxas. Though not pleasing to look at, he has a certain charisma that endears him to all class levels. He just may be the perfect partner for Roxas. Graduated from AIM with the highest distinction and really very intelligent. He may even be able to address the two issues I presented earlier that must be addressed by Rxas advisers.

          The only downside is he has a tendency to be very verbose.

          • Joe America says:

            The beauty and the brains? The quiet and the wordy? ahahaha. Cool. Works for me.

          • jolly cruz says:

            Salceda’s unattractiveness may be the perfect counter foil to Binay’s pa-underdog effect regarding his dark skin. Not only is Salceda dark, he is quite unsightly. But as I said he is brilliant and can talk with the masses’

            Just a thought. Yes I probably would go for a Mar-Joey rather than a Mar-Poe or Mar-Leni tandem. Not only does the tandem have a chance against Binay because Salceda is highly respected in the local government scene specially within the circle of governers because of what he did for Albay, his track record in the field of business and industry is impeccable..

            Mar-Joey ! Any takers?

            • BFD says:

              Yeah, I hear you!

              • jolly cruz says:

                C’mon guys. Let’s push this Mar-JOey tandem. Is it only BFD who agrees with me? Its about time Joey goes national. Look at what he has done for Albay.

              • Joe America says:

                I’d go for it, from what little I know. Seems like a quality guy.

            • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

              Is it now a certainty that Poe will not agree to be Mar’s VP? If so, count me in…two technocrats with a wealth of experience in their belts will do wonders to our nation. One from Bicol, the other from Luzon/Visayas.


              • Joe America says:

                It is not certain yet. But time is short. The SONA is Monday and LP apparently intends to announce their slate of candidates by the end of July.

              • Percival says:

                BFD, MGP after it becomes certain rhat POE will not be Roxas; VP, let’s push for this tandem. Joey is LP so it wouldnt be difficult for his partymates to accept him. This tandem will not only ensure continuity of daang matuwid, it will mean that the VP will not just be a spare tire but a vital member of the President’s team.

              • jolly says:

                The previous comment was not Percival’s it was mine. I didnt see percivels’s name on the seder’s details. Dont know why it registered percival’s email add instead of mine. My bad. Sorry percival.

              • Joe America says:

                Weird. We’ve had hijinks like this before, like Word Press has a hiccough in its system, rather like the cat in the movie The Matrix.

        • Liz SPL says:

          Maybe in another lifetime, someone like Albert del Rosario would run for Pres or VP – a true leader who is also a game-changer

          • Joe America says:

            He is a very dignified statesman and perfect for his job. He does not have to be in public service. He wants to be. He also has some very talented people on his staff.

    • jameboy says:

      While it may be true that Grace is new to the game, perhaps that is what is needed. At least, it would be an attempt to apply a new solution to an old problem. – Jean
      But what is that “new solution”? Have we heard Sen. Poe even insinuated for a new solution to old problems? Or are we just assuming that because she’s ‘new’ everything in her is also new? Nancy Binay is new and not so long ago, Lito Lapid and even Tito Sotto are new.

      The way I see it, putting Mar will just be a repeat.of Pnoy. While Pnoy has done some good, it was no where near enough. Mar on the throne would be tantamount to applying the same solution expecting the same/better result. Such is the height of insanity is it not? – Jean
      Mar Roxas is not PNoy. I don’t think we’ll see Mar giving a facial smirk or smile after looking at the scene of a hostage-taking incident. Mar Roxas, in fact, seldom smile. I don’t think Roxas will do a PNoy and not attend the welcoming of the bodies of 44 SAF-PNP which caused some irritation towards the President. I also don’t think they have the same kind of managerial style. And if ‘doing some good’ is the height of insanity, I would prefer to be insane than believing to new solution we think is coming from something we’re not sure of.

      Why not try the untested and in experienced. Let someone with fresh eyes look at the problem the Philippines faces and perhaps the fates willing, see and implement a new solution that would work. – Jean
      That’s practically saying, why not let ourselves be a guinea pig and see what happened? Why not submit our future for someone to experiment on and at the same time get their education in public service and find out what’s going to happen to ourselves as a result? I mean, that thinking is an open invitation to all the Pascual Racuyal wanna be. It’s bad.

      I do not understand the need some people have to seek candidates with much experience and who are well versed in the ins and outs of the Philippine political arena. Our political system sucks. Being well-versed in it isn’t something someone should proud of. It just means that candidate is good at working the “rules”. I am not looking for someone who knows how to work the system. I am looking for someone to change the damn game. – Jane
      The same thing we required when we look for a basketball player. One must know how to play basketball. And just because our basketball style sucks doesn’t mean you can change it by hiring a golf player to play it. Doesn’t make sense. How can you change a game the rules of which you don’t understand? How can you change a game which you never played your entire life?

      In all endeavors, experience and knowledge is relevant and important. It may not be an assurance for success but at least we have basis for our decision why we opted for someone instead of by just guessing and hallucinating that so and so can do this or that.

      Lastly, whether it’s Binay, Roxas or Poe, etc. who will end up a winner, either of them is bound to commit mistakes one way or the other while in office. Mistakes will always happen. The one thing I hate though is a rookie mistake. You can have it in sports but not in politics. You can have OJT (on the job training) in a Jollibee branch but never in Malacanang. Oh, please. 👀

    • mcgll says:

      Jean, if it is only Poe getting in the ring without Escudero behaving as the power behind her throne, she may have a bit (just a bit) of chance getting my vote. But never ever with Escudero writing her script.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Very perceptive or shall we say, keenly street wise!

      Yes we have tried
      A genius.Lawyer- MCCoy
      housewife- Cory
      Military man- Tabako
      Popular movie actor-Erap
      An economist turned corrupt- GMA

      Then stret boys thought after the death of Cory – let’s try this time an Abnormal- PNoy
      Turns out he is reining the nation and people towards the right direction.
      patented Corrupt- hell No
      a gunslinging death squad leader- not quite so
      a snooty silver spoon fed non charismatic fellow- probably

      hey, all of them are FILIPINOS
      Non Filipino has not been tried yet
      Why not?

      He he he

    • BFD says:

      Jean said,

      The way I see it, putting Mar will just be a repeat.of Pnoy. While Pnoy has done some good, it was no where near enough.

      How can we quantify enough? But I believe PNoy has done enough with the 5 years he’s been leading this country.

      So many accomplishments that a total of past three presidents cannot even surpass.

      1. He’s getting the Armed Forces to have the minimal defense posture possible when in the past it has none.

      2. Giving the Philippines a higher financial credit rating.

      3. Luring in foreign investors to invest in our country thereby spurring economic growth.

      4. Leading the ASEAN and showing how to deal with a rogue nation like China that’s a military giant.

      5. Personally leading the charge as commander in chief when the Zamboanga Siege happened, which shows that he could take charge even in battle.

      And so on. So when is enough enough?

      • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

        @ BFD

        No where near enough says Jean…

        With all the obstacles, man made and natural that were thrown the President’s way, it’s a wonder he accomplished that much. Again, it’s a matter of how one perceives something, a glass half full or half empty comes to mind.

        We all know that It’s not enough, even the President acknowledges this on his various speeches and in his own monitoring programs, there’s so much that need to be done for us to reach the level already reached by our neighbors. 20 years of Marcos tyranny, 2 years of Estrada’s, then 10 years of GMA’s, how can we expect a six year term to accomplish everything to the satisfaction of the many impatient and demanding bosses?

        It is for this very reason that we are doing what we possibly can, going the extra mile is even better, to help his anointed one get elected so his programs for economic growth and the fight agaist corruption will have continuity, so the benefits if this growth can trickle down to the poorest of the poor.

        The billions pocketed by the plunderers are one of the reasons why it failed to do so, so it is really a must that these alleged plunderers are not given a chance to stay in the government for them to continue creating havocs in our country, in our economy, in our lives. Their friends and enablers must stay out of public offices, too for they make it possible for these crooks to do what they do best, to steal from the government coffers.

        We need two or more terms of PNOY’s type of governance to right the wrong done to our country by the previous corrupt government and to reap the rewards that we are all wishing for.

        We need to flex our muscles, roll up our sleeves so to speak and get down to work so we can help achieve this goal.

        Ask not what your country can do for us, ask what we can do for her…Chief Librarian, I forgot who said this, was it Kennedy? Sleepy na me.

  12. Rene says:

    Wow! Bulls eye . You nailed it , well said

  13. Grace what happened?

  14. E.J says:

    Hire a PR person to project a charming masa Image for Mar. It helped JFK’victory when his PR group took charge of every detail creating a strong appeal … how he smiled, angled for camera, even his hair cut was managed by the PR group. You do not sway voters, especially the masses, with discourse no matter how logical or correct the arguments are…. they wont read or even if they will, may not understand it. Creating a more charming persona or something like that could sway especially number of female Filipino voters.

    • Joe America says:

      I think Sec. Roxas may have tried that and got those horrible photo-shoots. I think just be Mar Roxas, but demonstrate a harder edge to issues (“I will adhere to the law-based, multilateral solution to China’s incursion into Philippine seas”) and achievements that he will commit to (poverty will be halved during my term). To be fair, he has not started campaigning yet,

    • pelang says:

      or divorce Korina? he-he-he! joke only.

      • ydes says:

        actually what made me like him was his decision to marry korina… one colleague advised him to do a JFK and marry a young lovely face (like Jackie) who will give him a kid that he will carry on his shoulder… but he did not heed their advice and had to beg his family to accept korina

  15. Angelo Falcon says:

    Slightly off topic. Reports of rifts growing within the authoritarian Iglesia ni Cristo. I always find the organization as a curious case in PH politics. Is its hold on its members weakening? How will this impact 2016? http://www.rappler.com/nation/100193-manalo-iglesia-cristo-help

    • BFD says:

      Let’s first see how they have voted in the past elections:

      1986: The Iglesia ni Cristo leadership supported Marcos in the snap elections, but many of the group’s members voted for Cory Aquino.

      1992: Iglesia ni Cristo supported Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. in the presidential elections. Fidel V. Ramos won.

      1998: Iglesia ni Cristo supported Joseph Estrada in the presidential elections. Estrada won. According to that year’s SWS exit poll, 81 percent of Iglesia ni Cristo members voted for Estrada — an indication that Iglesia ni Cristo votes as a block.

      2001: Iglesia ni Cristo members were among protesters who took part in EDSA III, which commenced after Estrada’s ouster and subsequent arrest.

      2004: Iglesia ni Cristo supported President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s candidacy in the presidential elections. President Arroyo herself announced Iglesia ni Cristo’s endorsement. According to the 2004 ABS-CBN/SWS exit poll, Iglesia ni Cristo voting strength was estimated to be three percent of the electorate. 74 percent of Iglesia ni Cristo voters voted for President Arroyo.

      June 12, 2009: President Arroyo signed RA 9645, declaring July 27 as “Iglesia ni Cristo Day”, a special national working holiday.

      2010: Iglesia ni Cristo endorsed the tandem of Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas in the 2010 elections. According to Pulse Asia’s 2010 Elections Exit Polls, Iglesia ni Cristo voting strength was estimated to be four percent of the electorate. 84.8 percent of them voted for Aquino. Roxas got 86.4 percent of the votes of Iglesia ni Cristo members. Binay only got 8.8 percent.

      2014: The Iglesia ni Cristo opens the Philippine Arena, said to be the world’s biggest indoor arena. It reportedly cost more than $200 million to build.

      The National Statistics Office’s 2010 data places the Iglesia ni Cristo membership at 2,251,941.

      More from: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/527214/news/nation/facts-and-figures-the-politically-influential-iglesia-ni-cristo

      • Joe America says:

        Great summary. So it is a strong bloc, but people do vote their own minds. It is not unlike a large city in that respect. Another Cebu.

        • BFD says:

          Yes, maybe they can be strong in local elections, but we won’t really know how effective they are since this religious sect is not the majority religion of this country, but their leaders do instruct their followers on who to vote for in elections.

          In national elections, it is debatable if they can carry a candidate, maybe as a swing vote since they vote as a bloc.

  16. NP and NPC to support Grace Poe / Escudero tandem…(in addition to R. Ongpin)

    One netizen remarks, expect Danding and Villar to lobby for their businesses and court cases, if Poe makes it to the palace.

    Both businessmen got their billions using allegedly unfair trade practices.

    NP is the party where Bongbong Marcos belongs… will we see the return of the whole Marcos clan in the government (elected and appointed) if Poe wins?

    Unless Poe coalesce with Pnoy and completely distance herself from Binay, Marcos, and Estrada (as well as his legitimate and illegitimate sons and the rest of his clan) I will not be confident that the country’s interest is in her heart and mind.

    Power and favor is a reality in politics, if used for the benefit of the country, it is somewhat acceptable as it seems a 100% idealistic one is next to impossible, for we are not yet in heaven. Marcos, Binay, Arroyo and Estrada allegedly ( proven in courts in the cases of Marcos and Estrada) used that to enrich themselves and their respective immediate family and cronies, and we know where that took us (In Marcos’ case, a negative growth)

    I’ll do my best to help Mar and if Poe rejects the VP candidacy with him, Trillanes will be good enough for me.

    • or Salceda….for VP and DILG Sec.

    • NHerrera says:

      Your note is an opportune point for me to ask some questions (which you or others may care to reply, especially setting me straight if wrong) related to


      Scenario 1

      Roxas runs for President with the LP Coalition. He wins. A big gun with the Coalition whose family business is affected by an Administrative order or a Legislative measure runs to him and ask a favor for or against the order or measure. He can give in against his better judgment or explain why he cannot grant the favor because he is doing it for the country. On the other hand, maintaining good, honest relations with the party can help facilitate his legislative agenda for the country.

      Scenario 2

      Poe runs for President as “Independent” but runs with the support of NPC and Big Business Donors, nevertheless. She wins. A big gun with the NPC or a Big Business Contributor whose family business is affected by an Administrative order or a Legislative measure runs to her and ask a favor for or against the order or measure. She can give in against her better judgment or explain why she cannot grant the favor because she is doing it for the country. Her legislative agenda, moreover may be hampered without a party. Approaching NPC for help in the legislative agenda, she may receive a snub, if a favor asked by the top honcho early on was rebuffed. She may receive this reply — aren’t you Independent?

      QUESTION: Does being with a party mean you are obligated to do what the party wants? Remember you have six years with no re-election. Are you just a dog to the master, the party?

      Put another way, does declaring yourself “Independent” but running with the resources of NPC and Big Business Donors immune you from being approached by the big guns that facilitated your becoming President?

      But surely, one can say being a certified party member means you have obligations. Yes, but I am sure there is no obligation that says you are going to do something which in your position you sincerely believe is not good for the country, leaving aside consideration of the favor asked being illegal.

      A TRULY INDEPENDENT candidate is a Filipino who has, say, the equivalent of A HUNDRETH of the wealth of Bill Gates which — with Bill being worth $86 Billion — is P39 Billion (=0.86×45).

      So please, Poe and Escudero unless you have that wealth, or the money of our Pambansang Kamao (assuming he has saved all boxing winnings and not already splurged on houses, cars, etc), don’t awe us with this “Independent” crap (please forgive my French).

      • Joe America says:

        Dramatic telling of a little tale. I did not quite know where it was heading, and was concocting all kinds of arguments. Then you wrapped it up, tighter than a bowline on a blight (a knot I learned to tie in Boy Scouts). Nice.

        • NHerrera says:

          Yes, I am sure others will also get lost in the forest of my notes. I read it after posting and said, I should have been kinder to the reader. Thanks for the note.

          My point really is, saying you run as Independent but run, say, with NPC resources and Big Business Money is rather fooling people hearing it. INDEPENDENT OF WHAT? Is Mar less honorable for running with a party or one who claims Independence but uses the resources of a party instead of one’s own money? Can the latter claim after winning that he does not owe anyone, even for just a debt of gratitude for the resources used?

          • Joe America says:

            Nah, don’t be kinder. We have a hardy bunch, and you made your point exceptionally well. Even Sal chuckled and nodded.

          • NHerrera says:

            Re your tweet blog:

            In the mid-term 2013 election the official election campaign period started

            – on Feb. 12, 2013 for national candidates;
            – on March 29, 2013 for local candidates.

            Thus, you are right: you are just talking, visiting with your readers. (Evidence 1 — even Binay is not campaigning, just visiting places, especially condoling with disaster victims, aiding them with Binay-rosary, which baycas calls Brosary.)

            (Note, there may be a difference between election period and campaign period. So Joe don’t go “visiting” after the COC filing; the election period may start from that; I have not checked; and election period may not allow foreigners even permanent residents to go “visiting” as you termed it.)

  17. Angelo Falcon says:

    Awkward Mar is awkward. I’ve gotten used to the fact. Pnoy is no different. But awkward does not mean incompetent (and never did). I’d prefer competence to charisma any single day. http://www.rappler.com/nation/politics/elections/2016/100158-3-cornered-fight-looms-2016

  18. edgar lores says:

    1. So the honeymoon is over.

    2. Shucks.

    3. Just recently, Obama spoke — indeed, sang — of amazing grace. How sweet the sound. And here we seem to have been blessed with that grace… personified.

    4. Now we have that amazing grace becoming an awful grace?

    5. God seems to dispense both kinds of graces… and it is through the latter, through suffering, that we gain wisdom.

    5.1. So said Aeschylus, the great Greek tragedian: “Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”

    5.2. He should know. His descendants are going through another period of despair.

    6. And if that is so… then what of us? Not only are we bedeviled by a plague of politicians, we are yearly tormented by a succession of natural disasters. By these measures, it seems we have much more to learn than the Greeks… but perhaps less than other countries, especially those benighted ones on the African continent.

    7. So we might say that we have an equal measure of both kinds of graces. The glass is half-full and half-empty. Therefore, not to worry.

    (7.1. Let it be known to all and sundry, if there be any doubt, that our Mary Grace is amazing.)

    8. Consider our choices: if not Grace, there is Miriam. And consider this: Who is more amazing? Or to put it another way, who is more awful? (Personally, I find Miriam more amazing… because of her awful jokes. Di ba?)

    9. If wisdom is the blessing of suffering and democracy the blessing of choices, are we not truly blessed? Not only do we have a dilemma with these two, but add Binay and we have a trilemma. Add Mar and we have a tetralemma.

    10. This election is exciting. We are riding on a beast with 4 horns. Shades of Zechariah.

    • Joe America says:

      Anyone who thinks democracy is neat has never spent a whole lot of time there. We have Duterte again threatening to abolish congress and Binay at the throat of his God-daughter’s mother because of her stint in America. Santiago is threatening to run on the basis of her joke books and sympathy for her cancer, which comes and goes as elections near. Mar Roxas is doing photo-ops without saying anything controversial (which makes him a wimp), and Grace Poe is attracting salacious characters like flies.

      Love it.

      • Joe, I can’t believe you actually said something negative about Mar Roxas! 🙂

        • Joe America says:

          The meaning of gentle sarcasm is the oppsite of what is said, so Mar Roxas is actually not a wimp, people just think he is. Therefore, my record remains intact. 🙂 Thanks for keeping an eye out.

          I have in mind doing a blog that lays out the vulnerabilities of each candidate, so I’ll get to Mar Roxas then. He is not perfect. He is just very good. Take care that you don’t fall for popular myths.

    • Micha says:

      Shucks indeed.

      Tsipras turned out to be such duplicitous twerp. And Obama has served the god of mammon in good measure.

      Feet of clay, they all are.

      • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

        Tsipras has a very limited option, it’s either compromise with IMF and EC or drown, what with their banks drying out of funds and had to limit daily ATM withrawal to 60 euro, their citizens are suffering, and their billionaires are hiding, worse, their billions are in overseas banks.

        Grexit?, going back to drachma or whatever their former currency is, then being monetary sovereign should have been included in their referendum.

    • sonny says:

      Where is Pandora and her box and that ever elusive hope.

      • edgar lores says:

        I would hope — no, I am certain — that hope is still in the jar (or box)… of the human heart.

        The great task we face is shaping our hearts’ hopes into reality. And the great difficulty of that great task is the multiplicity of shapes of what is hoped for.

        Part of the difficulty is that some of the shapes are molded from the “evils of humanity” that were first released from Pandora’s jar.

        In Homer’s “Iliad”, it is said that there is another jar filled with good gifts. These gifts are also in the human heart.

        In time, the good gifts will overcome the evil gifts. Or so it is to be hoped.

        Or perhaps,as some suggests, there is no duality: the multiplicity of shapes, the many manifestations of forms, may be illusions.

        They are the illusions of separateness that drops of water have; the drops that ride upon, and are flung from, the crests of waves; the waves that rise — and belong — to the one great ocean of being…

        …That is at the meta level.

        Alas, for us at our experiential level, the duality of Grace or Mar or Miriam versus Binay are not illusions.

    • Shucks, life sucks sometimes.

      Bombarded left and right, front and behind by news of corruptions even by those appointed by the President. Disillusionment comes when the person you voted for who later came out number 1 in the Senate race seemingly proved to be undiscerning and willing to be used by an allegedly double dealer Chiz, I truly hope and pray that I am wrong.

      A ray of hope still persists in my heart, it will continue to persist until the time she makes known her political plans, I will rejoice when against all odds and prodding from interested groups, she will choose to run as Mar’s VP and campaign with PNOY for Mar. Surveys, realistic or not, put the fear in me as people are proven time and time again to ride that bandwagon. It will be an uphill battle but with God, nothing is impossible.

      A surprise 7.1 …. ahem, or am I being presumptuous?….

      That wonderful song pertains to that wonderful gift that God has for his creations, amazing grace and love – John 3:16 and Romans 5:15.

      If not, thanks for thinking and saying so, it made my year.

      • edgar lores says:

        An Oz Prime Minister echoed George Bernard Shaw (GBS) in the observation that “life is not meant to be easy”.

        The complete GBS quote is: “Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.”

        And, no, my child, you are not being presumptuous. The almost unerring judgment of your heart continues to delight. And so I gird up my loins and take courage. And as, I surmise, JoeAm does… and readers do.

        • Joe America says:

          Edgar, did I give you a title? Like Karl is Chief Tanod and Society Librarian? My cranial cloud is missing a few megs. I can imagine it would have something to do with wisdom and kindness. Beyond being Enumerator in Chief, that is. Indeed, Mary’s view is special, very real world and reflective and genuine.

  19. Bing Garcia says:

    If Aquino says that Poe can continue the reforms, why should I disbelieve him. Grace Poe for President.

  20. margaritafores says:

    smiley face for you, Joe Am….no words needed….

  21. Joy Tempz says:

    I guess every post/article against Grace Poe sells. She was the cup of the tea and everything about her especially those hatred towards her turns into sympathy towards her. I am not for her but the more hatred towards her without validation gives her an edge of winning the heart of the masses. A food for thought Joe, I guess you lost neutrality with your blog nowadays and had started anti Poe campaign that makes me think that you are now one also of paid writers who was used by the politicians or else you are hiding some self-interest. You want to reach the C,D,E sector but you forgot one basic rule, in order to reach that sector you don’t need to belittle them and say all those words that they are ignorant and bobotante as some forumers here would say. If you want to reach them feel them, that is one of the major factor why your favored candidate fails. As election nears, I don’t think Mar Roxas will win, he will just end as one of the has beens. He had reached his peak last 2004 and it will never happen again. 2016 elections is wide open contrary to what others believe. Duterte could win if ever he will run with Marcos, by forging the solid south and solid north votes. Binay can still also win if he can still able to use all his resources and drama’s on his campaign. Poe could win if she can aligned herself with two or more parties plus the FPJ factor, we have also to take note the political machinery is a big factor comes election day and how can you do the grassroots/logistics if you are doing it by being an independent candidate.. With Roxas, he may have a political machinery, financial machinery but he will lose in a very small margin not because he lacks charisma but the root of his problem is himself. Why? because he don’t know how to identify who are his loyalist and who are those playing around him. As I had said, 2016 elections could be a re run of 1992 elections with smallest margin of votes, everything is possible and all they need to do is work hard, sell hard and let the people feel that in every next administration change is coming, not because the previous admin was a failure but because we are thirsty for the real change to happen, change that can even reach the C,D,E sector and not just to the A,B,C. Thanks.

    • Joe America says:

      Okay, Joy, I’m afraid we have a disconnect. I am not paid by anybody for anything. I’ve worked for months to figure out the candidates, put my thoughts on line for people to react to, and promote a healthy discussion. If I write a little harder than you are used to, read regularly so that you understand my style. It is not hateful. It is direct, and it is meant to have meaning. Like, not be boring, and foster discussion. Yes, as a result of that work, and listening to a lot of people, I have a preference. In order, it goes: Roxas, Poe, Cayetano, Lacson, Santiago, Duterte, Binay. I think Poe will make a superb president in 2022 if she is VP with a meaningful executive assignment (DOTC or DILG).

      I’m not neutral. I’m FOR the Philippines, and that is the foundation of anything that I write, whether it agrees with your take or not.

      How did I belittle the CDE class? When, where. I have NEVER used the bobotante word because I don’t know what it means, and I’ve tried diligently to understand (and even defend) people who have a different environmental set than A’s and B’s. So I fear you are overlaying commenter’s ideas onto me, and I for sure am not responsible for what others write. A wide range of views is expressed here.

      I appreciate your take on the election. I think your view is shared by a lot of people. And some disagree. Most, around here, will do that respectfully.

    • NHerrera says:

      Joy Tempz,

      If it helps, I am a frequent visitor here and haven’t read that pejorative word used by Joe. I myself prefer to use poor struggling (for survival) voters instead.

      • Joy Tempz says:

        Thanks for the reply Joe. I am just new to your blog and I am not yet very familiar with your style of writing. Anyway, I guess one factor why your blog is popular was because despite varied opinions here on your comment box, everyone respect varied point of views. Anyway, I am eager to know about the INC scandal, knowing INC, they are a very powerful force in Philippine politics. Hope you can write a special blog about it. Thanks.

    • Hmm, how do I project myself as an intelligent commenter? I know! I’ll spout some generic BS and call Joe a sellout! That should give my self-esteem a boost!


      I have no reason to be as diplomatic as Joe, so I can tell you right now that you’re coming off as a butthurt Poe fan, plain and simple. If not, then you’re just butthurt.

      Joe was simply calling a rat, a rat. You don’t like seeing the furry, dirty, lice infested truth? Feel free to go elsewhere.

      As for the bobotante matter, I’ve said that more times than I can count, but Joe never did and I’ve been reading his blog for a while. So how about you get your head out of your bunghole? The fumes are messing with your head.


      Sorry Joe. Couldn’t help myself.

    • mcgll says:

      Joy Tempz- all I can say is Duh!??!

      • Joy Tempz says:

        @mcgll- whatever… you are an arrogant, egoistic, close minded person. No doubt Roxas will never win, why? even supporters don’t know respect. lets put it this way respect begets respect. so respect my post and i respect yours.

        • mcgll says:

          My goodness, thank you Joy for putting me in my place. I will try to be polite and respectful this time and limit my rejoinder to your description of me to one word/3letters – huh??!!!

        • Joe America says:

          I think you mean Melvin. He apologized to me for his rant, so maybe you can take it that he just had a moment, and let it slide.

          • Joy Tempz says:

            Sorry guys, I am just not used with bashing or haters, hahahaha. So as @Joe said, let it slide. Thaks for the healthy discussion and I hope you will publish an article about Iglesia ni Cristo Joe, heaven foraske they are so powerful and the news last night rocked not just the INC faithfuls but also the Philippines as well.

            • Joe America says:

              In the US, there have been similar rockers when name ministers were accused of sex escapades. The problem is dealt with, the congregation prays, forgives, and moves on. As I understand the conflict, it centers on the current church administration’s (the son’s) emphasis on money and practical things (like their arena), versus the fundamentalists (the mother) who wants a faith based ministry. It has been brewing for several years and just erupted.

            • BFD says:

              @Joy Tempz

              I posted it on Raissa’s blog, but since you hinted at it, here it is.

              A great article – a must read – about the INC… written by PCIJ…


    • JoyTempz, you are a breath of fresh air here. Like you, I don’t see Mar as the champion to win against Binay. I do not share Joe’s confidence that he is winnable, or even that he is that competent to begin with. One thing I do like about Joe is that he let’s other voices be heard. You may want to read my thoughts on the Poe hatchet job. Would welcome your comments. https://notesfrommyphilippineisland.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/how-to-dismantle-an-atomic-poe/

      • Joy Tempz says:

        @charlesenglund- thanks 🙂 myawk 🙂

      • jolly cruz says:

        Very good points you raised @charlesenglund. I too share your concerns that the bickering between the pro Roxas and pro Poe factions will definitely favor Binay. We have to get our acts together., otherwise, its doomsday for the country.

  22. Ronald Umali says:

    How about mar roxas convincing the liberal party led congress and pnoy to enact and approve the forever pending anti-dynasty and foi bills before the end of this congress? Would that not be an overwhelming pr of what to expect from a roxas presidency?

    • Joe America says:

      It’s not really within DILG’s arena, I think. If he resigned, he could promote it in his campaign platform, but would have no power to push it through congress.

  23. Jasmin G says:

    I voted for Grace. She was a breath of fresh air 2 years ago – simple, down to earth, intelligent, sincere. Truly, I felt a sense of achievement when she won. Now I don’t know how I feel towards her. It’s like she became too ambitious in the shortest time. I think our country needs at least 2 more administrations continuing the war against corruption to remove this evil from our collective mentality. That is like 18 years or one generation of young people exposed to a clean(er) govt! We just need to keep pushing forward! For the best interest of Pinas, Grace should set her personal ambitions aside and support whoever is most likely to continue Pnoy’s vision and initiatives. I believe that is Roxas. I can see Grace getting that privilege too someday, but not yet. I want my Grace of 2 years ago back, not the one I see now. This new Grace makes decisions and actions that make me very sad and disillusioned… and also very fearful especially when I see the questionable characters around her.

  24. bobbie de vera says:

    ABS-CBN is as greedy as can be – they are not after the welfare of the nation, come hell or high water, they will let their attack dogs in the likes of failon, taberna, de castro and company lambast the President and Mar Roxas so that the money will come trickling in, sponsored by no less than Binay and company. The programs of these attack dogs are purposely aired on prime time to get the most mileage and discreetly paid for by you know who. So what do we do, attack the attack dogs to give them get a taste of their own medicine. What would a robber do to get inside the house? He has to keep the dogs quiet so as not to wake up the master of the house. So let us hit the nail right on the head, keep their programs quiet. How to do it would require a lot of imagination. Maybe we can write the sponsors to boycott those particular programs or start a petition in the likes of “change.org” or similar social networking so we can send the message to the advertisers that we have our nation in mind. Or maybe somebody could come up with a noble idea worth the future of our nation.

    • Joe America says:

      Regulate the media as done in the US. Self-regulation of a profit-making industry, upon which the nation’s well being rides, does not work. Obviously.

  25. Johnny Lin says:

    Look at the past, not too far 2009-2010. Who were forerunners in survey. In late 2009 and early 2010, prior to the death of Cory, these statistical events happened. Noynoy was not even mentioned in the survey. In late 2009, Villar, Roxas, Gordon, De Castro were top choices with open declarations to seek presidency.

    De Castro- initially, then hordes of naysayers, critics, skeptics, bashers came down on him- his popularity plummeted like a falling asteroid what issues hounded Noli: un knowledgeable,, dumb, GMA lackey, possible corruption.

    Roxas- popularity was next to Noli and Villar. Height of his preference by the people especially the masa which constitutes the bulk of actual voters during election was stable, stagnant and marginal at best. he was never at the top despite topping senatorial run and experience as cabinet secretaries under Erap and GMA. His wedding to Korina was in front page for many days but his popularity did not surge, albeit, dropped due to Korina. He is still married to Korina and her past year of newscasting blunders definitely would reflect on him. When people clamored for Noynoy, his poll numbers for president tanked while boosting his popularity as VP for many reasons, mainly his sacrificial stature. History proved the masa were Ningas kugon for his sacrifice eventually realizing he did not care for them. What moves did he do to change this perception. He is still married to Korina, his mother is Judy Araneta and did not endear himself to the masa by refusing to pay his course fee to a lowly working collector in a golf course.

    Villar- hands down he was first choice by every sector A down to E. He was poor, giving away money of his own. Then came PNoy surging with the death of Cory but the final nail in his coffin was the masa when they fount he was fake, not dirt poor but from struggling middle class family.

    As of last year, Binay was on top. Grace’s name was not even in the survey. Then corruption charges and Binay family unexplained wealth surfaced. His ratings nosedived. Still on top because nobody nobody has openly declared intentions for president except Binay although everyone is expecting Roxas to run. But Roxas numbers never shoot to the top despite Binay’s downfall. Sure, there is a BIG reason for this. Duterte even outpaced Roxas numbers despite his rookie appearance in the survey.

    Poe has catapulted in the survey despite her claiming she has not made her decision. Like Noli, her detractors have been coming out of the cocoon, including JoeAm. Rightfully so since it’s their democratic rights. But what issues have they thrown at her? Non Filipino, no residency, inexperienced, puppet of trapos like Escudero. What issues they threw on her father when he ran against GMA in 2004? Non Filipino, inexperienced, puppet of trapos like Escudero, Binay and uneducated. This last negative could not be associated with Grace by her critics.

    If ever the bobotantes have to praised upon, it is with their political acumen in their knowledge of past history of Philippine politics. They know what was accused of FPJ. They know who were responsible. Many of them are still around either very active or allied with those active anti Grace proponents.

    If ever, there is one item on criticisms hounding her, the only which will stick like a Velcro is her handling by Escudero. Trapos wanting to control her thru Chiz had sounded and floated the balloon, NP-NPC will finance machinery of Poe-Escudero. “Not so fast, we never did says Cynthia Villar of NP”. grace retorted, I never made up my mind, never talked to any officials of NPC”.

    those who want to come back to power thru Escudero or really rooting for the P-E tandem to boost the chance of Binay in a 3-way fight for president are certainly behind this maneuver.

    Grace only has to make the right decision regarding Escudero. Chiz is not only her waterloo but it will be for the nation too.

    Next survey will be the test if all the negatives and anti Grace social media rant have any legs to stand on. Just like the surveys of 2010, if her numbers go down the masa have second thoughts. If NOT, find other issues to punch her. Corruption and inexperience don’t have teeth.

    Numbers don’t lie! History proves itself.
    He he he

    • Joe America says:

      I’m interested to see if there is a “fondness” surge for Mar Roxas based on the wackiness of all the other players. Perhaps fondness also will attach to the departure of President Aquino and get transferred to Mar Roxas. I have no idea, but there is something comfortable about Mar Roxas, for me, versus the rest of the eccentric showoffs.

  26. People seem to have counted out Duterte. He’s what people want if there has got to be real radical change, not superficial change like tuwid na daan. We need somebody who’ll deal with creeping narco state. There is so much corruption from our leadership class down to our barangay officials. Rampant criminality. Peace and order. China’s rising hegemony. Six years may not be enough to take care of everything. Well, let’s see how Duterte handles himself in the six years he’ll lead this country. If does well, let’s give him more years. You just wait and see when he declares his candidacy. He’ll turn your world upside down.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Duterte has macho charm to many, myself included. But in reality, is his tactics appealing to the poor, the rich and powerful?

      He is better appointed to be crime czar and at the same time DILG secretary, dealing with perpetrators of crime, the police and political enablers and cleansing graft and corrupt govt officials with unofficial mandate to carry on his methods. Or task him similar to that Chuck Norris character secretly answering to the U.S. president, “The President’s Man”

      But is he really incorruptible? Rumor is that a unit in a condo in a Fort McKinley building was gifted to him. Maybe the administrator of the building could dispel the rumor.

      Du30 knows he would not win against any of the 3 frontrunners without asking money from rich people who will just exploit his presidency. He is not dumb nor a fool!

    • Joe America says:

      Upside down is nice in the movies, I think, but not for the Philippines, which desperately needs stability and economic growth.

  27. I think the Roxas strategy is slowly showing its outlines:


    Get local support to neutralize the local leaders. What he just needs is to make fence sitters of all the local leader supporters of Binay.

    Time a ratings surge to create an illusion of trending up.

    Keep the government corruption issues hounding Binay. In war this is akin to creating a multi front war. Something most people would have a hard time of defending against.

    As an aside:
    may spiel ngayon si Binay about 3 lang ang mag sasalita sa hague. Buwelta ko Ikaw lang naman mag sasalita as VP bakit ang dami mong kasama?

    Also Can anyone confirm the rumor I hear about Binay having lupus? Can this be made an issue?

    Death by a thousand cuts,

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      Nice suggestions all…on the last one, am wondering why he brings his own food in his sorties, (if reports I read somewhere is true) unless it’s a boodle feast…afraid of food poisoning or just being careful on his diet, as prescribed by his doctors?…

      Lupus, that immune disease is attacking the body’s own organs like kidneys, etc…am not wishing that scourge on anyone, but please, anyone who knows, please be patriotic enough and let the people know.

      I remember a discusion thread here wherein we suggested a clean bill of health should be certified by an independent doctor for every candidate seeking a national or even a local position.

  28. jameboy says:

    Next survey will be the test if all the negatives and anti Grace social media rant have any legs to stand on. Just like the surveys of 2010, if her numbers go down the masa have second thoughts. If NOT, find other issues to punch her. Corruption and inexperience don’t have teeth. – Johnny Lin
    But why will I depend or based my choice on what the masa says? If the masa think it will be Grace Poe and it’s reflected in the polls, that’s their call. I’m not going to change my mind because there’s a bandwagon going on. I’ll not be carried away by what’s popular or fashionable at the moment. We should not decide on the basis of what’s the noises around us is blurting. We should decide on the basis of credentials, of tangible factors necessary to formulate a wise decision.

    If ALL the people in the Philippines will tell me it’s time for Grace Poe to be president, I’ll respond by saying they are all wrong. That what they’re talking about is baseless. A mirage. The time for Grace Poe is not now.

    Not now when every trapo and opportunists are telling her that she is the only one who can do the job of a president even though they have nothing to show for it. Not now when she’s starting to believe what’s been told about her being the best thing that ever happen to this country since FPJ died. Not now that she’s obsess with the office because they are all pushing her to run and just believe in her self because that is all that matters. Not now when things are going fine with the country that a sudden change in leadership that relies on trial and error approach will turn back and reverse the gains we already accomplished. Not now when she’s obviously not yet ready for the office that demands accumulation of experience as well as honing of talent and skills rather than just by grabbing the opportunity simply because it presented itself. Not now when she really don’t know us and we don’t know her that much either. Now now when even the people who supports her have nothing to show except popularity surveys to convince us to vote for her.

    Not now, sirs and ma’m, not now.

    Time has a way of showing us who we are as a person or leader or follower. The challenges that comes with time, the ups and downs, success and failures mold us and give us character and grit and tenacity and wisdom. The Office of the President is an office not meant for newbies. It’s not even for the well-intentioned because it calls on concrete action and not expression of emotional charade to accomplish the tasks of its mandate.

    Maybe later. Maybe. 😎

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Beauty of freedom is free speech and choice.
      Everyone has a choice. Best one can do is persuade others to ride the bandwagon of its candidates. Surveys are similar, supposed to be independent but in reality are not as some are commissioned by candidates parties meant to condition the public to vote for their candidate shown in the result that its topping the survey.

      Independent minded individuals may differ by understanding how survey works, they are never guided or intrigued by the results of surveys. they know how not to read between the lines. Nevertheless, numbers in the results don’t lie and their opinion would be irrelevant on the result of the survey.

      At the end of the day, each voter makes the final decision from own volition despite persuasion, intimidation, threats or being paid/bought.

      Next survey will tell if this Joeam’s piece is persuasive or his smiley face will not be etched in the entrance of Araneta coliseum.

    • mcgll says:

      Bless you Jameboy for articulating exactly what I have in mind. May I quote you in a meeting I am having with friends?. I believe I am now fully armed with volumes of great material in defense of integrity vs popularity, thanks to you, Mary Grace and specially Joe who has displayed admirable patience when responding to some insensitive commenters.

      • jameboy says:

        mcgill, feel free to quote me. I don’t mind. I think we all have the responsibility to clear and decipher things of national importance. And you are right in thanking Joe, the master instigator cum provocateur in all of these. 🙂

        Joe’s the one who provoke, challenge, cajoled, offend, defend, agree, disagree, confirm, inquire, ‘take sides’ and a lot more to sow discord in order to create an understanding of what’s being talk about because he wants the action in his blog to remain constant, alive and real just so everybody will get something out of it.

        Just don’t forget Joe’s blog in quoting me. 👮

        • mcgll says:

          Forget to thank Joe? How can I? His blog is the first order of the day when I get to my computer in the morning and the last I read before I fall asleep with laptop on my pillow. I love reading his analysis, insight, opinions maybe because I agree with most everything he says. I better stop. It is getting embarrassing to keep on praising him. Ha ha ha.

          • Joe America says:

            Nah, pile it on, pile it on! hahahaha (Truly, thanks, I’m glad the blog is helpful . . . as it is for me, to understand, look for positive, and develop discipline whilst interacting with a mob of intelligent people of good character.)

        • Joe America says:

          That will get me through the day and all the way to the next time we are in a lock down, drag out argument about something. Thanks.

    • NHerrera says:

      Thanks jameboy.

      Written with passion, conviction. I got transported, as I read the note, to a time long past, listening to a Commencement Exercise speaker. The cadence in the rhetoric is a nice touch. Makes me want to go to school again. (I am 77.)

  29. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    After all is said and done, presidential hopefuls hinges on where TABLOID INQUIRER leans on. TABLOID INQUIRER has the most readership at 100,000 in daily circulation out of 100,000,000 Filipinos.

    TABLOID INQUIRER created The Binays. It made The Binays win. Hey, I do not know The Binays. It was TABLOID INQUIRER’s adoration of The Binays that made me vote for them blindly.

    Now, I regret.

    There was a time in the Philippines Politics are men’s gossips, entertainment, sports & lifestyles are women’s. Men runs politics, women runs the kitchen. Today, I cannot tell politics from entertainment, women from men. Everybody is in on it.

  30. DUTERTE and MARCOS is having Strong support from Netizens. I hope they are trolls, hehe


  31. Chit Navarro says:

    Hey Joe, can you also tweet to all contact centre employees to remember and be grateful to Mar Roxas for bringing in the BPO concept into the country etc. etc. and see if it goes viral!

    • Joe America says:

      My tweets don’t have viral power, I think, but it is an excellent idea, and I’ll give it a shot. It will maybe take a few days to identify some outsourcing populations.

      • chit navarro says:

        thanks… and I am sure you will post the result here… 🙂 🙂

        and Hi, Johnny Lin – the commenters on the other site miss you!!!

        • Johnny Lin says:

          Hello Chit,
          agree with you that Roxas has to be marketed, networked, prostituted, LinkedIn, twitted, door to door, peddled like Avon, Amway but the problem is the appearance of the product

        • Johnny Lin says:

          Hello Chit,
          agree with you that Roxas has to be marketed, networked, prostituted, LinkedIn, twitted, door to door, peddled like Avon, Amway but the problem is the appearance of the product despite good quality. If Roxas is compared to a BMW he is model X6 and no BMW aficionado likes this model. If he were Appke product he is Apple watch tanking from consumers.

          That is why Binay camp especially his silent supporters from LP, NPC and leftist have been pressuring Poe-Escudero tandem to divide the votes in Binay’s favor.

          Why give Binay an extra edge or favor is what PNoy and LP should be thinking?

  32. I think GRACE POE is not at all new to betraying people who in the first place supported her to where she is right now. It’s probably chiz’s request to PNOY that she be given any position in government in 2010 so that she could at least show some sort of government experience before running for an elective post. She ran still under the banner of TEAM PNOY. If you think of it, had PNOY never entertained the idea of her to be given gov’t – post she would never had a chance to be in the lime light where she is now.

    I am disappointed at her. She’s not gonna get my vote ever.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, grateful does not seem to be an adjective that attaches well to the Senator.

      • I think she is grateful to Chiz. Grateful to and dependent on him (for showing her the ropes in the Senate and for his business connections as source of campaign funds.)

        I just hope she realizes that she’s being used, that is, her popularity is being used by Chiz, hanging on her coat tails like that, for his own political ambition. By marrying a movie actress, he gets to invite everyone on who’s who list in the business sector, then using this connection to dangle as campaign contributors, by hanging on to the flavor of the season’s surveys, he gets to demand concessions here and there.

        Politics is a dirty game and someone who wants to play the game can get the dirt, be swallowed up by the system, unless he/she is made of a stronger character who knows how to play it like a chess game (as raissa’s apt description of Pnoy) to achieve his ultimate aim that will benefit the country.

        • Joe America says:

          Yes, good point. Well people are allowed to have good personal friends and mentors. But when they are on the job, or angling for the job, then the personal life has to be put aside. Either she does not grasp the concept or is not confident and firm enough to do the job. Being president is a huge job. A profession above all professions. There can be only one person doing it. What happens if she is elected president and Trillanes is elected VP? She’ll appoint Escudero her chief of staff and we will have elected him president?

          • Shockingly true, and a great possibility if Grace continue her deferring to Escudero in her every decisions as she is seemingly doing now….Escudero could be the little president, the one who will actually run the country, the one who tells the president how to dress, how and what to say, the one who will use the powers of the presidency but behind the scene much like the fiction character of Coal Fletcher in Grisham’s book , the Pelican Brief.

            Come to think of it, Grace if elected president will get to appoint 11 SC associate justices (as per your previous blog)…ahhh, my imagination is running wild, that fictional Fletcher was manipulating even the president , dictating who to appoint in the SC, we will never recognize our constitution by the questionable rulings these 11 appointed SC associate justices (a looming majority!) will pen…haaiist…Sir edgar, may I have some of your popcorn?

    • jameboy says:

      I think GRACE POE is not at all new to betraying people who in the first place supported her to where she is right now. – Mark
      That’s the prevailing sentiments of some right now who’ve thought that PNoy was being generous in inviting and eventually appointing Sen. Grace Poe in public office only to be given a runaround today.

      If in case Sen. Poe decides to run for P, which I doubt, the President stands to lose face because it will appear that he never had any clout whatsoever on her. Right or wrong, he thought he would have her ears simply because he invested on her only to be spurned later on. 😦

  33. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    There is a coup, a take-over, a putsch at Iglesia ni Cristo which is successful compared to Condoned Trillanes coup-de-t’at that was downgraded to stand-off when the international foreign news wire ignored the TABLOID INQUIRER screaming hoarse of a COUP !!!

    Poe-Escudero, Mar-Kris and Binay-Duterte will be frantically courting Iglesia ni Kristo’s vote. Absolutely!

  34. MNFRM says:

    Mar is incorruptible? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard.

    • leo says:

      Tell your story so we can listen….

    • Expose what you know, not just laugh. Expose them, with concrete evidences, I dare you. If that’s just rumor with no legs to stand on, you are just trolling.

      • or you could be one of those prejudiced group who is of the opinion that every politician is corrupt, without a single exception, one who is fond of generalizing people. We would be happy to hear more from you and discuss with you.

    • Joe America says:

      I love someone with a good sense of humor. I presume you will explain the instances in which he has been corrupted, as I’m not aware of them, and would appreciate the enlightenment. Thanks.

    • Really interested in this. Please expound. We can’t be promoting someone who may turn out to be corrupt like the VP we would like to lose.

    • juanlee says:

      as usual, a non-believer in roxas, who wants to inject his ha,ha,ha,ha as his only way to dispel what is the obvious. yes what is common becomes so rare. many politicos seem to not have a common sense anymore. what is very common is ‘ano ang mapapala ko dito.’ does it serve my own personal interest, my personal and my friends agenda? that has been my analysis of da grez actuations …makasarili, mapagsamantala, whereas my impression on roxas is makabayan, makakapwa, makatao. indeed roxas is kafamilya, kapuso, kapatid, kakosa, kaibigan …tunay at subok na. i am not surprised of the trending now. pro TUWID NA DAAN forces must continue to work harder to convert the MNFRMers become believers. hahaha and a bucketful or ha, ha, ha, is all they can say…i, juanlee, dare you to spill your guts on “Mar is incorruptible?” or your peace will be in hahahaland. May the light of enlightenment shine upon on us all…gude

  35. Joe, since you welcomed other blog posts regarding this topic, let me know what you think of my latest one. Incidentally, seems like I wrote this almost the same time as you were writing yours. As usual, the messages upstairs are getting too convoluted and hard to follow, so pardon if I just put the link here. https://notesfrommyphilippineisland.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/how-to-dismantle-an-atomic-poe/

    • Joe America says:

      I read it as soon as it was published and we have rather differing views of the matter. I chose not to get wrapped up in debating it as I have plenty to attend to here. It’s always good to have a variety of views about for people to digest.

  36. lawrence ingaran says:

    That’s the dilemma of Roxas as a public figure. He must find a way to catch the heart of those voters but the only way is through their stomachs.

    • Joe America says:

      I wonder if the CCT program is doing that, plus putting kids through school. Maybe that’s a jumping off place. It reaches many, many people locally where I live.

  37. Bing Garcia says:

    And there is another compelling argument going for the need to boost investment inflows, and that is the fact that the consumption-led economic growth that the Philippines has been experiencing in the past few years is not sustainable. Inquirer Editorial

    The above statement is wrong. The Philippines is entering a demographic sweet spot.

    Inquirer should do more research.

    • Angelo Falcon says:

      “Consumption-led economic growth” and “demographic sweet spot” are two different economic concepts. Both are indeed true. The latter is an asset – which we must exploit. The former is a liability.

      It is true that a big chunk of growth is due to domestic consumption (milked from OFW remittances). Even NEDA admits that. And such a growth is not sustainable in the long run, esp if we exit the sweet spot in the long-term future.

      It’s true that investments have been increasing. But the rate of increase should accelerate if growth is to be truly inclusive.

  38. bauwow says:

    Hey Uncle Joe, kindly tell Sal I owe him a case of San Mig Light if Mar wins next year!

    • Joe America says:

      You are so on record. He never forgets a bet, by the way. Incredible memory.

    • Bert says:

      bauwow, don’t bet on it. Sal is a very good bookie so he knows the real score. Just like all good bookies he will only bet on the horse displaying all of these stat: good breeding, an alert and smart movement, and specially an impressive winning records. That’s not Mar.

      Sal picking Mar at this time is just to make Mar improves his betting odds and then Sal will bet on the sure winner thus making a killing, :).

      So, bauwow, spare your case of San Mig for other occasion, my birthday perhaps, LOL.

  39. RIC ENRILE says:

    I think Duterte will win he has a bailwick the MIndanao and the Visayan speaking region specially Cebu remember the Cebuanos hate tagalogs they felt that the money from the province goes to manila (Imperial manila)

  40. chempo says:

    Latest news indicate Marcos-Duterte tandem very likely. I think this is good news. Duterte will likely win hands down, so Chiz can kiss the VP post good-bye. Marcos will bite into Binay and Poe’s votes but hard to tell if that will be enough to prop up Mar’s percentages.

    Just in case Marcos wins — you guys better get 3,000 pairs of shoes ready, the old ones in warehouse are out of fashion and deteriorated already.

  41. rather than keep on attacking grace poe who may have a far better chance of beating Binay, please focus on the strengths of Mar Roxas… many people find him unelectable for his poor choice of a wife (who many remember as having beaten her helper), for his inactions at DOTC and DILG, for being unable to connect with masses… explain why Mar is really the best… Grace Poe is a breath of fresh air for many.. .the fact that she politely said no to Pnoy to be the running mate of Mar shows she has an independent mind of her own… which reminds me, why didn’t Mar have the guts to be the one to ask Grace to slide? Who then is really ambitious — and yet has no face to even ask Grace to be his Veep? tsk tsk tsk.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Aha! Ha! Ha! Mrs Roxas beat her helper? Never heard of this. If it is TRUE it wouldn’t surprise me !!! According to Tarot Compatibility Index Mrs. Roxas is superior than Mr. Roxas.

      Currently, Mrs. Roxas lies low. I mean LIE that she is “lying low”. She has gone to finishing school in Switzerland for future First Ladies and another school Manny Pacquiao set up in Hollywood to beat helpless, in-need, defenseless houseslaves.

      This is not goot. Oh mien gott !!!! Uberhaupt nicht gut !!!

      I’ll Google Mrs. Roxas beat her helper.

    • jameboy says:

      Really? Korina is the reason why Mar is unelectable? I didn’t know it has come to that level that a candidate gets to be less popular because of the spouse they have. Mar is really unlucky he’s not in the company of electable people like Erap and Binay who were known to have not only one woman in their lives. And how about the father of Grace Poe, FPJ, who herself admitted that she has half-sisters with? I mean, please let’s not go there. Holier-than-thou games are for hypocrites.

      Let’s focus on the tangible, the concrete and real.

      His inactions at DOTC and DILG? Specifics, sir, specifics. Mar Roxas has occupied several positions in gov’t. under three administrations (which speaks volumes as to performance). ‘Inaction’ is a relative thing. When you do not like the person and you don’t have anything against him, ‘inaction’ is the easiest and convenient mud to throw. It may not always be true but you have to back it up in order to make it relevant.

      Why is Mar the best? Between Mar and Grace, like I said, he served under three presidents. Occupied several positions and have been a legislator and a public servants for years. And mind you, he has no Cory, Ninoy or FPJ to back him up in all those endeavors.

      Why will Mar ask Grace to slide down when they don’t have any connection whatsoever? They’re not friends, not even close and you want Mar to ask her about sliding down? Why not ask your self instead, why is PNoy, who appointed Grace to a gov’t. position and invited her as guess-candidate on his party, the one asking her to slide down? Can you explain why is that so? I mean, you expect a gentleman like Mar to be rude to a lady he’s not even cordial with like Grace to do that?

      See why I said ‘inaction’ is relative? 👮

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


        The beating by Mrs. Roxas of her maid was covered up by the U.P.-run Philippine Media !!!
        Was the maid paid for malicious boxing?
        Of course the maid did not file charges.
        Nobody filed charges in behalf of the maid.

        Because if a Filipino is a househelp, a maid, a houseslave … THEY ARE NOT HUMAN !!! Mrs. Roxas is the only person HUMAN.

        Mar Roxas made an error of marriage. Korina Sanchez is up to something. She will run the country behind Mar Roxas.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Even before I hear the news about Korina beating her maid black and blue, I KNEW KORINA IS NOT A GOOD PERSON.

        My mole told me that it was Korina Sanchez courting Mar Roxas not the other way around because Mar has a potential to become President of the Philippines and that is where Korina’s ambition comes in.

    • Joe America says:

      I’ve done that already, Joey. You can go to the home page and search “Mar Roxas” and come up with blogs written about him. You can do the same for Grace Poe. Or Korina Sanchez, whom you malign without presenting what actually happened in that maid case. As for going with “who has a better chance” versus capability, read the comments in this thread. It has been amply discussed.

  42. At the end of the day, what I fear is that Binay will win because he has been successful at divide and conquer? who should slide down Grace or Mar? the answer should be obvious… social media is not representative of voters… surveys done well like those of SWS and Pulse Asia are more representative of the people’s voice… or just ask an ordinary taxi driver and barber — they will all say that they will not vote for Mar because of Korina… that is the bottom line. not even Mar’s inefficiency. people realize that when you vote for someone, you vote for the better half (in the case of Mar, his worse half).

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I like Mar but not his wife. His wife gives me heebeejebbes. Her demeanor. Her eyes. Her faux peau blanche.

      I am very good in judging looks and demeanor. Mar is a good guy marrying the wrong woman.

    • jameboy says:

      I’m done with the ‘Let’s-go-for-Grace-because-she-can-beat-Binay’ thinking. It kinda erase or set aside everything and just focus on Grace. The table is cleared with only the names of Binay and Grace on it. It’s a bummer. It’s like saying to others that they’re losers and they should just follow the Grace bandwagon because she’s the darling of the crowd at the moment.

      And it is a very corny strategy. To say that Mar is so ‘unelectable’ and he’s unable to connect with the masa, how come you still have to drag Korina in the scene? The first two descritptions should be enough. Elenita Binay and Loy Estrada and Lani Mercado, etc. hugged the headlines and occupied offices their husbands abandoned but they were not attacked for it as reasons why their husbands were unelectable, etc. But Korina? It’s an overkill. It’s actually an admission that Mar is qualified except for those things that has no connection nor relevance in the job description. Guys, if Mar is unelectable because he has no idea and experience on what the job requires, I’ll go along with. But to focus on the peripheral that is not about him and his capability, his qualification nor his integrity is just stretching too much the already unbelievable fairy tale.

      Oh, about ambition, everybody has it. Decent people who aspires something knew what it takes to realize their ambition so they invest on it by waiting, sacrificing, burning the midnight candle to learn and be educated, to lead by and set examples, to be patient and to withstand losses as well as celebrate the victories. They rise and fall but never move away from their focus. They know they have to undergo such tasks because the highest office in the land requires for someone to have the understanding, the patience, the knowledge and intelligence and the dedication of what it takes to be a responsible and effective leader.

      Those who have it and nothing else just wait for the opportunity to present itself and grab it. They may act oblivious to it, coy or not really interested but once they had their one foot in the door, the wolves in them takes over. Regardless of the consequence, irrespective of what people expects and hopes the one with naked ambition just push forward with nothing in mind but his/her personal glory. Sorry for those who served as stepping stones for they will remain that way forever because the ambitious ones don’t look back. They don’t give value to ‘utang na loob’ or even to a simple generosity. They don’t give a damn to what noble plans you have for everyone or for the country. All they care about is their plans and what they want for themselves.

      So you see, we are all ambitious in a way. The only difference is the level of greed that accompanies such ambition. In the years that Mar Roxas served in the government, and that’s a lot of years, greed has never been associated with him. No greed for money or women. No greed for violence or hostility. No greed for avarice and gluttony. None of that. In fact, he stayed away from it. Just go ask Erap and Gloria.

      He’s all ambition and patience and understanding of what politics is all about and what it expects from him. A very low-key guy, like Noynoy, who is really out of place in the political settings. Very low-key that some take is as being slow or weak or anything that suggests not good enough. Just like what they say of Noynoy when he was still campaigning for the presidency. Mar is the type of person I will go for if I’m looking for someone who I know is ambitious enough to serve with all candor and dedication and not one who is just ambitious, period.

      And lastly, nothing’s wrong in being ambitious. What’s wrong is when you call greed as ambition. 👳

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        ABS-CBN Korina Sanchez Roxas beat her helper. Since the helper is bound by her contract to work and be beaten by Korina, she stayed. NOT ABS-CBN CAME TO THE RESCUE OF THE HELPER. ABS-CBN PROTECTED KORINA. Because it was a Filipino beating a Filipino.

        In the case of foreigner CNN Anderson Cooper, Korina beat Anderson. ABS-CBN acted swiftly because it was the Mestizo Class that was beaten.

        Filipino is 5th class citizen in their own country. They can be dragged on dirt road, hanged in Ipil-ipil tree, spat upon and ABS-CBN UP-run outfit never says a word because Korina is graduate from U.P.

        • Joe America says:

          Your assignment, Mariano, is to give a full factual account of the incident. The charges, the counter to the charges, the legal findings, the results. The information is readily available. Enough of the slanders for literary impact, eh?

  43. Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

    Ok, guys, as promised hereunder is the rundown of ad sponsors of ABS CBN TV Patrol.

    In a full hour newscast, they ran 48 cmmercials sponsored by the following companies:

    1). Nestle, Philippines – maker of Nescafe, kitkat, magi, nido milk, coffee mate, choco milk, cerelac baby products.
    2). Meralco
    3). Globe
    4). Sun
    5). Banco de Oro Unibank
    6). Jollibee Food Corporation
    7). McDonald
    8). Coca Cola Philippines
    9). Unilab Pharmaceuticals
    10) Emperador, Inc.
    11) Colgate Palmolive, Philippines
    12) Wendy’s
    13). Uniliver, Philippines – maker of cream silk, knorr, surf, tresemme, axe, best foods, rexona, dove, vaseline, eskinol, selecta, lipton, block & white, domex, cif, pepsodent, close up toothpaste, master.

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      Sorry for the typos, this ipad is truly a trial..haha

      • jolly says:

        Thanks so much MGP,now let’s bombard the CEO’s of this companies with our complaints regarding the shows that they sponsor.

        • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

          Thank you too, jolly…am so excited as Buddy Gomez of CyberBuddy fame is also interested and wants to be involved.

          • Joy Tempz says:

            Hello MGP, I understand your concern but no matter how you will bombard the CEO of these companies, I doubt you will never be heard. Why? Its because they knew from the fact that no matter how many times you will email/contact them the reality remains that those people who pressure them had no consumer clout unless if you are an Iglesia ni Cristo were you can compel all your members to boycott their product. What is a .0000001 for them, in order for you to be successful you also need to have a huge consumer clout like what happened with Donal Trump racist statement against Mexicans/Latinos. Latinos in the US number 40-60 million and it is a huge consumer clout see the difference? Another factor, these products that you enumerated above was mostly one of the most needs even though not basic, people nowadays can’t leave without using these products that they had used for years. So my suggestion, establish consumer clout. Second, enumerate the products that could be use as an alternative to the products you want to be boycotted. Thanks

            • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

              I think jolly cruz also share your opinion, but has suggested another way which is not boycott. We are trying the approach of appealing to their patriotic sense, failing that (because I realize that they are mostly multi national companies whose main motivation like all business entities is to make profit) is the appeal for understanding the domino effect of the consequences of what the company they are sponsoring is currently doing in our economy…if the corrupt and plunderer candidates win because of their slant in news reporting, the economy will suffer and their companies will suffer, too…anyways, jolly has explained it better than my grade schoolish attempt, circuituous as it is, but I guess you get my drift.

              I realize, too that it’s such a puny effort, but at the same time, I would like the message be sent to the media outfits concerned that we are noticing their unfair practice, that they are not being patriotic in the direction they are pursuing, they are so into details, nitpicking, not seeing the forest for the trees, I would like to get the attention of their news editors too, and the ones who are giving assignments to their field reporters who are very noticeable in their slants, not only the talking heads who are just reading the news prepared by the news staff, but also those providing the old news clips they keep re-running for every controversies that divided the nation, fairness is what we expect, too negative environment is causing me indigestion and heatburn, knowing that the easily influenced masa are out there watching and believing.

              • Joy Tempz says:

                @MGP well, there’s no wrong with trying, who knows you will succeed but we must also be realistic, news editors might discard it and TV Patrol will keep reporting like a tabloid news. Why because its a ratings game. Ratings earn them money, their news reporting gives them power to control what direction our country is headed to. They dictate the masses, they feel the masses and they control the masses. If you want a candidate to win then let the candidate lobby himself/herself with the media so that they will be given favorable exposure and blessing.

    • Buddy Gomez says:

      Maraming salamat MGPG and JoeAm…..I got the list through my dedicated email address, too.

  44. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    If not Grace, who?
    If not Mar, who else?
    Definitely no “IFs” on Binays, absolutely !
    Who are they funneling their money to?
    Benigno has no campaign money!
    Obama is not giving Mamasapano rewards money.
    Who will match Ongpin’s campaign money?
    Scary thought!
    I better start learning Mandarin.

  45. I’m no fan of Roxas but he’d be a better presidential material than any other candidates. He’s perceived to be a man of integrity, and he’s got track records to show.

    I heard him once or twice during a budget hearing in the House, he’s got a good grasp of the ins and outs of governance/government, an experienced public servant at that. Only that he could not effectively connect with the voters. His campaign slogan ‘Mr. Palengke’ was effective then when he ran for senator, but the ‘Padyak’ thing ruined it all. It cost him vice presidency.

    The challenge for his handlers should be connecting with the masses which is the expertise of Erap. Binay is not popular among the poor, Erap is. Binay won in 2010 because Villar and Legarda’s campaign weakened, it headed to a free fall. Roxas’ figures then remained intact. If Roxas shared the pie of Legarda’s votes he could have defeated Binay.

    The real deal will be his choice for VP although Filipino voters have a history of splitting their votes. If he could persuade Duterte to be his running mate, the tandem would be formidable.

  46. DAgimas says:

    if she wants to run, she should just run. she might lose though if she wont ditch Escudero.

  47. Johnny Lin says:

    New equation in Philippine politics

    Current tempest in INC would change the parameters in 2016 elections. issue of corruption in INC supporting a corrupt candidate would create a backlash. Dividing the INC votes between corrupt and incorruptible factions would make a big difference in local and national election.

    If Catholic Church were smart, it would guide its laity towards a better qualified, incorruptible experienced candidate and that would be Roxas if from all indications so far CBCP is seen leaning too.

    With this new paradigm of voters of INC and Catholic votes, Roxas will get a better chance of beating Binay especially if Grace or Duterte is his running mate. Caters I is good VP choice if Grace would not run at all.

    • Joe America says:

      That is very wise counsel. You’d think the Catholic Church would be concerned about its image. Mr. Clean, Mr. Good is Mr Roxas. Senator Poe is not bad either, if she adds upstanding people to her band of counselors to dilute the weight of the Ongpin/Escudero “look” that surrounds her.

    • NHerrera says:

      Uncanny the occurrence of this INC event at this time ten months before the 2016 election. I will not be surprised if other such uncanny events occur.

      • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

        I surely hope this uncanny events will favor the good governance we are aiming for.

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      @ Johnny Lin

      That little flame of hope in me rose a little higher, thanks to your post.

  48. Angelo Falcon says:

    We’re seeing Mar’s strategy play out. He’s employing his leverage on local governments. Great plan. I’m optimistic.

  49. What’s in the name?
    A Poe by any other name would be as popular as FPJ?
    Is she an actress who took Grace Poe as her (political) stage name?
    For what? Name recognition for polling and voting purposes? Is she that cunning and calculated?

    Those who are picking on Korina, why not do the same with Mr. Llamanzares? How does he feel about his wife using her maiden name instead of her married name? Is she really that independent of a woman and he that enlightened of a man?

    • Joe America says:

      Good questions. We seem to think we know Korina, but have no idea about Ms. Poe’s spouse. We should know.

      • sonny says:

        JP’s observation reminded me of the line in the song – “if you knew Susie, like I knew Susie …” always my classic favorite for innuendo/conspiracy. Although meant to refer to the female side of the divide, I think it applies to either gender of the partnership, in and out of the bedroom in all 4 configurations. 🙂

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      I agree.

      Welcome back, Juana. That was a mighty long break, we missed you and your straight to the point take on the raging issues of the day.

  50. Bert says:

    “Mar seems to have the unique quality of anti-charisma, a tricky kind of sticky surface upon which only dirt attaches. Call it anti-teflon.”—Edgar Lores


    Hehehehe, made my day.

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      Credit that anti teflon description to the cunning media (press releases presumably coming from Binay camp).

      There’s still time, am not surrendering…we are trying to rectify the influencing power of the paid media.

      Hope springs eternal, they have not yet officially declared their candidacies, am never one to throw in the towel…that’s me, persistent, never say die, makulet, at paulit ulit, just to emphasize my advocacies, and I know, if God is with me, nothing is impossible.

      • Bert says:

        That’s the spirit, Mary. Mar’s supporters are so effective in projecting an immaculate and very clean image of Mar that there is no way for Mar’s image to go but to get dirty, ahahaha.

  51. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Korina Sanchez should be exiled while Mar rules over the Philippines. Here is a take from Anderson Cooper which Korina Sanchez maligned thru irresponsible reporting.

  52. Angelo Falcon says:

    Given a hypothetical scenario where Aquino / LP endorses Poe (which is unlikely), Mar still comes out winning – The people will see him as the underdog, the dejected one who did no wrong, the moral outcast. It’s still a good case.

    Mar should run, with or without the Aquino/LP.

  53. Angelo Falcon says:

    Doing so is a moral imperative for him. It would be the selfless thing to do. And I see victory in the horizon.

  54. Bert says:

    “If Roxas is compared to a BMW he is model X6 and no BMW aficionado likes this model. If he were Appke product he is Apple watch tanking from consumers.”—Johnny Lin

    HAHAHAHA, lugi ang mga ‘dealers’ ni Mar Roxas dito sa blog na ito ni Joe. Lugi negosyo, :).

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      Let’s watch the market in say, the last quarter of this year…the consumers could wake up and realize that this product is the real thing, no thief/plunderer as supporter/friends with a wealth of capability and experience and that this product will give them the best benefits in the long run. I won’t give up on our masa countrymen. Surveys could change like in the case of Villar in 2010.

  55. surfer sison says:

    to know who will win, check out the smart money.
    Speaker Belmonte has said Poe is ” unstoppable.”

    I think most wants to hitch their wagons to Poe.

    and is it just my imagination that i see old Susan Roces movies on cable right now ? 😛

  56. . says:

    i believe ATTY. LENI ROBREDO is most qualified, credible, and trustworthy.

  57. I am an objective sort of voter and has always been such since I started exercising my right of suffrage. I agree that Sen. Poe miserably lacks the needed experience in governance, more specifically in foreign diplomacy. The country is facing a problem of international dimension involving China. I cannot figure out how she would handle China if not through heavy reliance on advisers who may have their own agenda to push through. I remember the broad band deal which Pres. Arroyo had with the Chinese. If we were to believe the news that was then making rounds in the entire country, COMELEC Commissioner Abalos was supposed to have a huge take from the deal, so huge that he was willing to part P200M to the NEDA top man at that time. I fear that, should Sen. Poe become president–God forbids!–her advisers might push her to go to the negotiating table–which is also VP Binay’s avowed intention–where money could expectedly be very much part of any deal. As I sift though the credentials of the current presidentiables, it is only Mar Roxas who appears to me to be the best pick. Duterte could be dangerous, as he could possibly be a reincarnation of Ferdinand Marcos who orchestrated during his rule the killing and disappearance of people merely on the basis of suspicion. VP Binay has so far avoided every occasion that would force him disprove by documentary evidence the AMLC findings on his vast wealth, leading to my belief that he indeed is corrupt and could have generated wealth from, kickbacks. In short, I am just concerned on the country’s future. In this regard, I wish that all voters in the country will see what I have seen and that in voting, come May, 2016, they scrutinize the candidates’ credentials and be objective in casting their votes. .

    • Joe America says:

      If I were Mar Roxas, one of my platform slogans would be something on the order, “Philippine Seas are for Filipinos. I won’t give away rights to China.” Make it sound a little angry.

  58. Bert says:

    “Why is Mar the best? Between Mar and Grace, like I said, he served under three presidents. Occupied several positions and have been a legislator and a public servants for years. And mind you, he has no Cory, Ninoy or FPJ to back him up in all those endeavors.”—jameboy


    Exactly the problem of Mar, jameboy. Firstly, he has no Cory, or Ninoy or FPJ to back him up. Secondly, his being a servant to three president and a public servant for years made him just that…a servant. As we all know, a servant is very different from being the master of the house, if you know what I mean. Therefore that would not automatically make Mar Roxas the best.

    Unless, of course he can show us in this late stage of the game the quality of being a very good master of the house which, surely, can change, hopefully, the political game in convincing the voters to think of him as the best candidate for president.

    • jameboy says:

      I think you made everything literal. And you made it so because you are talking about Mar Roxas. You have to twist everything to put him in a bad light. Got that since you promise me an ‘avalanche’ that never happened. 🙂

      When you are in public service, Bert, you serve the public. You take your oath to fulfill your mandate to serve the oublic. You are a servant, not ‘master of the house’. You don’t even own the house you lived in (office/position you occupy) for you to call your self ‘master of the house’.

      Remember what PNoy said when he was sworn in as the 15th President?

      “Kayo ang boss ko.” – Noynoy Aquino.

      I can go on and talk about the ‘master of the house’ whatever but I’m afraid the points will only file up and the game will be boring, so I’ll stop here.

      “Unless, of course he can show us…..” – Bert
      I think Mar Roxas can only change the mind of some people if he’ll walk on the water. People have their own respective standards. They have their own depth of appreciating the factors and the facts of issues. Those who don’t want to do that simply go for the winnable, the popular, the bandwagon, the easy. They go where the wind blows, so to speak.

      Right now, a lot of them are being swayed by what some of them call ‘a breath of fresh air’. I only hope they will not wake up too late to realize that they have the perfect storm in their midst ready to blow them to smithereens. 😦

      • Bert says:

        You made some very good points, jameboy, but you see, there is a great difference between a servant and a master of the house. The servant serve and follow the tasks assigned to him while the master of the house makes the crucial decisions on matters good to the interests of the house, the nation. President Noynoy told us the people, “Kayo ang boss ko”, but we are not actually dictating on the president what to do, the president is the one making the decisions, right or wrong, what he wants to do as president of the nation, thus it is important that a candidate for president has the ability not just to serve but more importantly the ability to make good/correct decisions. That’s why Mar Roxas has to show us he has that ability. So far the Filipino voters has not been convinced.

        • @Bert as far as I know we dont re elect presidents. All our presidents were followers before.

          • Bert says:

            I agree, giancarloangulo.

            • fm and mlq were re-elected so brain fart from me. sorry.

              • Bert says:

                It’s alright, giancarloangulo, nobody’s perfect.

                All I’m saying is that a presidential candidate must show and prove to the people that he or she is not just a good follower but also has the character that would show decisiveness and the capacity to make sound and correct decisions.

        • Rose B. Diocares says:

          I have been reading this blog for a while now. Thank you to JoeAm. I like it because responses are well articulated without being disrespectful (generally). I hope it remains that way. In one of my readings, I believe it was from Raisa’s, one of the responses was a 1st hand account by KIt Belmonte that was posted on FB of how Mar goes about his job as the DILG secretary. The gist of the essay was Mar is a worker or what you call Bert as a servant. If I may add, he is a smart one, unselfish, dedicated and result oriented. The good deed mentioned on this article was nowhere reported on any newspapers. What I had read was his tumble.


          Mar is a team player and appears to be a workaholic. I think what he needs is PR team that will aggressively look out to promote the many good deeds that he had done during his many years of government service sort of like reintroducing him to the masa.

          • Joe America says:

            Well, thank you for contributing, Rose, and adding to the dialogue. I appreciate the link which I shall plaster all over the comment pages when people focus only on the conversation between Mayor Romualdez and Sec. Roxas.

  59. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “Why is Mar the best? Between Mar and Grace, like I said, he served under three presidents. Occupied several positions and have been a legislator and a public servants for years. And mind you, he has no Cory, Ninoy or FPJ to back him up in all those endeavors.”— JAMEBOY

    I have no qualms about Mar. Yes you are right MAR SERVED THREE PRESIDENTS until Korina Sanchez came along. She has agenda of her own that I cannot put my finger on. Her sudden disappearance … Her preparation to be first-lady-like … scarrry … and her un-first-lady-like attack on professional non-UP graduate CNN Anderson Cooper to top it all of CNN Anderson Cooper’s response to Benigno’s teaching Anderson Cooper how he should do his job.

    Well, they are responding Filipino-like. Culture shock from two different planets: One from 1stWorld and one from 3rdWorld teaching 1stWorld how reporting should be done.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      … before I forget … the sudden censhorship by her cohorts in the media of her beating her slaves unlike the way they hounded The Binays.

      The Philippine Media make or break a candidate or promote them that is why THE BINAYS became senators, congressmen, vicepresident and mayors.

  60. seeing a post by the Bam Aquino facebook. 4 laws in 2 years and 2 of those laws may be game changers. Can poe even approach the legislative record of Bam? This is a question I’d like an answer to. I’ll google later after dinner.

  61. Paul Martin says:

    So sorry, but sad to say, Roxas won’t win, Filipinos were featured the stupidest country to vote Senator Binay by Time Magazine. 80% of filipinos are stupid Binay will win by a mile…I’m not for Binay at all, but it’s the real score….History….voted an actor for a president, traitors and Movie stars for a couple of senators, we are destined for the pit…Aquino is the only president to dent that lineage of corrupt presidents, and for the next 18 years, 3 more presidents will crush this country to the ground…I hope I’m wrong..

    • Joe America says:

      Love your uplift this morning, Paul. 🙂 You paint the picture that is possibly better than a 50/50 chance, so you are likely more realistic than the hopers. It will take a lot of work to elect a good president, because the speaking has to be done in terms poor people can relate to.

      • Paul Martin says:

        Joe, deep in our minds this are things that will happen, no matter how they sugar coat it, even if we vote for the smartest and the most honest, people around them will be the worst people you can imagine, You can appreciate the Koreans, Japanese and Singaporeans to name a few, see how they came to be a country, they love their country. Filipinos sad to say, we don’t, it’s everybody for themselves, but don’t get me wrong, it’s like Filipinos love their country sometimes…. it’s funny but true.

        • Joe America says:

          Seems accurate to me, the missing “give” to the community of all Filipinos, the failure to accept our humanity and instead expect perfection, the inability to comprehend that others have better information or a different way, and it’s okay. Not a lot of sacrifice of self, for sure.

  62. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Bernadita Inocencio, a SLAVE of Korina Sanchez AKA Mrs. Roxas future First Lady, did not know what she was up against. She was only a slave. Innocent. Uneducated. Non-UP Graduate. That is why she was a slave.

    She was against a phalanx of U.P. Lawyers, a behemoth of U.P.-run Philippine Media. She was nobody against the darling of News Misinformation Korina. Bernadita has no money like Poe who has to latch on to Escudero to be funded by Ongpins.

    She is unlike The Binays. Graduates from U.P. Well connected. Funded. To this day anti-Binays are still scratching their heads how to take down The Binays.

    Bernardita Inocencio beating did not garner days and months and years of coverage. She is a nobody. She is a Filipino. Brown skin. Colored people. She is just a faint blip in the radar.

    They cannot make money out of her.

    • Joe America says:

      You are trolling unless you can provide a balanced, factual report on the case. Ripping on Korina Sanchez without balance is the same as ripping another commenter here, only she is not in a position to respond.

  63. Filipino says:

    Total waste of time…

    • Joe America says:

      I’m afraid you have not made yourself clear, so you might want to elaborate. Grace Poe is a total waste of time, or JoeAm? And why, if you wouldn’t mind contributing to the discussion.

  64. Johnny Lin says:

    Roxas is the best qualified candidate among current crops of presidentiables. He is a pedigree. Vast experience, seems incorruptible, no stain in government service except critics like Binay blaming him as the root cause of every disaster happening in the Philippines from Mamasapano massacre to MRT trains derailment, which are actually thinking of a deranged politician.

    Roxas has no problem with his residency. He has been an obedient follower of PNoy. Despite his good qualities, what ails his public acceptance is his inherent persona and loved ones around him, namely his mom and wife. FILIPINOS understanding the need of an honest leader with integrity are pushing for his election yet it seems the hurdles to bring him to the finish line are daunting.

    Binay is portrayed as a very corrupt person, not only him but his entire family. Yet if the race is between Roxas and Binay, everyone supporting Roxas is afraid that Binay is going to beat him. Roxas as a commodity is excellent, his problem is his image and acceptance by voters.
    WHY? If Roxas supporters including Joeam and his rah rah posters could solve this dilemma after SONA, Poe would be out of the equation in the race. If not, they should rethink their strategy.

    “It is not enough to say Poe is inexperienced, we don’t need an OJT or an American girl in Malacanang” These are meaningful rhetorics but are they more important than the possibility that Binay might be the next president if Roxas remain unappealing to the masses?

    Of course it can’t be discounted that those pushing for Roxas to be the candidate pitted against Binay while demonizing Poe are actually rooting silently for Binay to become president because under his administration government corruption will re-emerge and we all know many corrupt public officials and private individuals or govt contractors have suffered financially under PNoy administration. Even INC was suddenly in financial troubles maybe due to lack of funds from politicians seeking support or poor contribution from BOC henchmen.

    Roxas would be in a tight race against Binay while Binay will bite the dust against Poe and a 3 way race would give Binay his best fighting chance with Poe in the equation. With Escudero as Grace’s running mate, Binay’s chances are greater. Chiz is a liability to Grace. Currently, The odds of Roxas with Grace as running mate beating Binay will increase if INC corruption issue will be pressed on Binay.

    Which is which Mr. President? Which is which Grace?

    • Joe America says:

      Very interesting tactic, laying INC on the Binay method of favors bought and sold. “The corruption of a church; is your next?”

      • Joy Tempz says:

        Hahahahaha, again Joe, time now to make a thorough analysis regarding, INC. Based on my calculation/stat, the 2 M plus voters from the NSO data was inaccurate, INC voting power was beyond 2 M votes.

    • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

      Good morning johnny, you’re a very early bird.

      This is a very realistic post NOW. I echo the 2 questions at the end.

      I realize what a dilemma that president is in, knowing that Mar should get his endorsement and support based on your first and second paragraphs, knowing too that the surveys are not that kind to Mar, Grace is the apple of the current season, albeit a green one as pictured here.

      The onus now is on Grace, and this is truly a test of her patriotism, she has renounced her allegiance to the US, and has reverted back to being a Filipino. But man, she is the darling of the masa but her thinking is somewhat blurred by the proddings of vested self interest of those around her, her popularity and standing in the surveys are attracting these groups which now includes the former president Ramos who up to now has not moved on from his disappointment from Cory who did not support him in his cha cha iniative which could have allowed him to run again after his term was over. PNOY is prodding her, yes, but we all know that this is just to make sure that our economic growth and fight for corruption are to continue, country vs self interest. I pray that Grace will be guided by God and country in her final decision.

      All these would be moot in case Poe turns out to be unqualified to run and if the analysis of an immigration lawyer is correct, she is in danger of not keeping even her senate seat, let’s see what the next scenario will be.

      I usually avoid bashing Poe herself, just the people around her, she maybe green as of now but I did not vote her as senator just for her name, I listened to her and found her to be articulate and sincere and I think her time is not yet NOW to be president.

      I admit to being among Joe’s rah rah posters in this one, if you will be able to read his past blogs, you will notice there that I have been consistent in my advocacies, it just so happened that Joe has the same advocacies, and that is for the good and general welfare of this country. Am so thankful that there is a blog like this that is strictly moderated to prevent personal attacks among the posters, am comfortable posting here knowing that issues are what are being discussed here, wisdom and wit are offered and accepted.

      I have been on the look out for your return in raissa’s, glad that you came over to share your ideas and updates here.

  65. jameboy says:

    There is no denying Mar Roxas is the underdog in the presidential race that popular polls show VP Binay and Sen. Grace Poe dominates.

    As it is, there are two kinds of position or thinking that divides people as to how to look at the situation and determine which position or thinking is better.

    There is a prevailing thinking going around that since Roxas don’t have a chance to win it should be Poe who people should vote for to beat Binay. And this thinking is anchored on the strength of popularity. Regardless, Poe is number one, hence, no need to argue we’ll go for her, period.

    And then there is also a view that since Roxas, aside from Binay, is the most experienced and knowledgable, he should be the one the administration should endorse. But this thinking does not end on his qualification alone. It is also counting on the potential of the vice-president that will go with him for purposes of continuation.

    Now, the question is, what position or thinking is better in terms of the effects and benefits that will redound for the country and her people?

    The position of those who favors popularity is really hard because in pushing for Poe they are forced to put down and really make mincemeat of Roxas just to remove him from the picture. Yes, they have to remove him because the idea of asking him to slide down (again!?) in favor of Poe is really preposterous. And it’s also hard because they are supporting somebody they know is less qualified than Roxas but since she is popular and have a chance to beat Binay they have to do it. They may deny it, and I understand, but it’s the truth. That’s their official narrative.

    I’m sure there are a lot of pro-Poe who wants Roxas to be her vice president but cannot verbalize it because of the reality that It would be next to impossible to make Roxas agree in becoming a spare tire again. They know that nobody in Roxas’ caliber will do such a thing a second time. Since that cannot be done, they have to resort to pushing Roxas out of the equation. And in doing so, the impression of selfishness comes to mind. Selfishness not only on them but also by implication on her. Phrases such as, ‘to sacrifice and to wait’, ‘to have patience’, ‘to gain experience and knowledge’, ‘to be a team’ are words that one cannot pin on them. Words that they are forced to ignore or even deny in some instances because it makes their position weak and shaky. So, the popularity angle will always be their central weapon and nothing more. In a way, they cannot think out of the box. That’s not a criticism but a fair observation.

    On the other hand, those who go for Roxas admits that while he is not as popular as Binay and Poe he is more than capable to do the job which is really the essence of why we are looking for somebody to fill the job in the first place. Unlike the Poe crowd, though, they insist on his capability but do not necessarily try to take out Poe who for all intents and purposes is an obstacle to his presidential aspiration. Instead they are advancing the idea of her running with him. They maybe citing her lack of experience not to dismiss or erase her from the scene but to emphasize that her potentials may need more seasoning and more exposure which will guarantee extension of good governance if ever she and Roxas decides to team up.

    The pro-Roxas crowd is not really limited in terms of strategic and political planning. They are not subtracting but in fact adding talents, youth and skills in considering and recognizing Sen. Poe’s potential and worth not only in defeating Binay but also her contribution in the immediate as well as the long term plans for the future which most if not all think belongs to her.

    Very clearly, in the comparison I’ve just expressed, the Mar Roxas supporters are in a better position in looking at the political situation and how will the country benefit from it. 👷

    • jolly cruz says:

      The “selfishness” of Poe that you ascribe to her if she doesn’t slide down to VP can also be said of Roxas. We anti-Binay pro whomever can beat him can also demand that Roxas slide down for the sake of the nation. That his refusal is merely an ego trip for him and his family.

      His patriotic duty is to slide down and be Poe’s mentor. I quote your comment “…reality that It would be next to impossible to make Roxas agree in becoming a spare tire again…” Isnt this also selfishness in his part? Thinking of himself only instead of the nation. At least the surveys have shown that Poe can beat Binay. The same can not be said of Roxas.

      Unless the Roxas strategists can show that they have finally solved the problem of the masa’s perception of Roxas, there is actually no sense in saying what’s in store for the country in case of a Roxas presidency, because it surely would not happen. .

      • All these would be moot in case Poe turns out to be unqualified to run, and if the analysis of an immigration lawyer (Atty. P.M. Dizon) is correct, she is in danger of not keeping even her senate seat, let’s see what the next scenario will be. Mind you, I really would like her to remain in the coalition team of PNOY. Please refer to the link below:

        Laws and Men

        A law blog by Atty. P.M. Dizon


      • Let’s wait for the Supreme Court ruling on this, as announced by them, they are now ready to accept any request for ruling regarding this.

      • jameboy says:

        Thinking of himself (Mar) only? In 2010, Mar Roxas, gave way to Noynoy Aquino by sliding down to VP. He heard the clamor and responded accordingly by sacrificing his intent to run for the presidency. Unless you can also point out to me that Grace Poe did the same personal sacrifice on her part, I don’t think you can attach the “selfishness” tag on someone who has sacrificed and has served the country for a number of years without too much fanfare.

        You maybe right, Poe might win against Binay and your wish might come true but the hard part is what to do next? PNOy is leaving with practically everything in order. He did his job and improved the political and economic situation. However, there’s more to do to further enhance and accelerate the gains accomplished under the Aquino administration. The next leader will surely have his/her hands full. That is, if he/she knows what to do.

        If what we’ll hear from the “anti-Binay” people will always be how to defeat him and who will beat him, I don’t think we’re focus correctly on why we’re having the (election) exercise. It’s not inspiring to hear some people get excited more on the winnability of candidates than on the prospect of sustainability of government programs and projects. Insecurity tends to creep in when thinking about the possibility of a new leader/team with a different focus or strategy that is a mystery to us is poise to take over the government.

        Like I said, the anti-Mar people will really try hard to put him down, erase him and will not explore other options especially one that requires sacrifice, unity and cooperation. They will not sacrifice, they will not do what Mar Roxas did. They don’t have what it takes to be what Roxas is. This is the opportunity that they will not allow to pass. This opportunity that Mar let go in 2010 for the sake of unity and teamwork, and the desire for good governance will not be allowed to pass this time by those who are really interested in the position regardless of the consequence.

        For them, it’s Malacanang or bust. Scary indeed. 👀

      • jameboy says:

        His patriotic duty is to slide down and be Poe’s mentor. – jolly Cruz
        I think you got it all mixed up. If she will be president, it’s an insult to find out that our president is being mentored by the vice-president. And it would be embarrassing to have someone in the Office on the OJT assignment.

        If Mar is to mentor Poe, she should run as his VP and watch from the sideline and learn the ropes. After six years, she will surely be wiser and better than before. 👲

        • jolly cruz says:

          No I didn’t. Jameboy what is the first task? Isnt it to ensure that Binay does not capture the presidency. Contrary to Mr JOe, the more I read you, the more I am convinced that you really are a Binay plant.

          Pray tell me, jameboy how will you make Mar acceptable to the masa, to the extent tat he can beat Binay? Convince me first, then we talk. If Mar’s strategists think like you, speak like you, the masa will never, never accept Mar. You are even having difficulty convincing the pro Poe bloggers in this thread.

          It is an insult that you think so lowly of us because we think in terms of realpolitik.I think you belittle our capacity to think because we see the “beat Binay first” as the priority. You say we must think of the long term. Very true. But we are also very realistic in that we know that there will be no long term if the short term objective is first accomplished.

          You say that it will be an insult to find out that our president is being mentored by the Vp. I ask why? Wasn’t P-noy accused of being a know-nothing? But we believed in him. We knew that he will choose the best advisers to guide him in his presidential tasks. Were you embarrassed? Mentoring means guiding, advising. Your making it appear that Poe is an idiot who does not know how to think for herself.

          Apart from those who are re-elected to the position, nobody is really prepared for the presidency. All our presidents, except Marcos and Arroyo on their second terms were in OJT mode when they came into office. Don’t tell me that P-noy himself didn’t get advise from those he feels are more knowledgeable than him. Did you feel embarrassed?

          • jameboy says:

            jolly cruz, I have to say this, you made me happy in saying a lot of things that preoccupied me for a couple of minutes to think over and respond to. Happy in the sense that you address issues that you yourself raised. Here we go.

            Jameboy what is the first task? Isnt it to ensure that Binay does not capture the presidency. – jolly
            Nope. That’s YOUR first task, the first task of those who supports Sen. Grace Poe. To me, that’s the consequence NOT THE FIRST TASK. Did you watch the SONA? In there, the President intimated that the election will be some kind of a referendum on his administration. Meaning, it would be the expression of the people’s approval or otherwise of the accomplishments and reforms of his administration which for all intents and purposes he intends continue to the next administration. And more or less he implied who is the better person to do that. THAT is the first task. Is PNoy’s choice of who he think is better and capable to continue his Daang Matuwid the first task? YES.

            About Binay. He is really a scarecrow meant to scare people to run towards Sen. Grace Poe. That is the strategy of the Poe people and I have to admit they are succeeding so far. And excuse me, jolly, that is not an insult but an interpretation of the facts which anyone can deny or contradict. Let me expound why I said that.

            Between Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay, Roxas has the edge in terms of image and support from the president. No corruption allegation on his part in the years that he served and been serving and he continues to be seen as a low-key figure which unfortunately is being interpreted by some as weak or negative. While he enjoys some sort of a moral ascendancy over Binay such feature, admittedly, is not a winnable factor. The surveys shows that.

            A factor that favors Binay. In spite of those corruption allegations against him and his family his stats in the polls are still up there compared with Mar. The question is, how long will it stay there? It might take sometime because those numbers are not really based on something whim or a surprise. It was a product of a strategic and tactical investment by Jojo Binay with the intent to push his ambition in 2016. It needs some untangling and I’m of the opinion that when official campaign starts changes in his poll ratings will drastically happen.

            So, with that situation, the administration is really hard press to do something about it. Then came the surge of Sen. Poe in the polls. Fair is fair, her popularity has given ammunition to her supporters to go ahead and plan for the big time, so to speak. They’re so determined to not let go of the opportunity that instead of finding a common ground to resolve the impasse between the Poe and Roxas camps they attempt to push out Roxas from the picture and reduce the contest between Binay and Poe. That’s your first task.

            Contrary to Mr JOe, the more I read you, the more I am convinced that you really are a Binay plant. – jolly
            That jolly, is the insult. In saying that, you’re practically calling me a traitor. And you did that because I’m making hard and solid statements that people like you cannot confront with the same intensity and credibility. But let me address that allegation and prove to you why it doesn’t have legs to stand on.

            Granting it’s true, I’m really for Binay and just using Roxas as a ploy to diminish the chances of Poe by driving a wedge between the two. Problem is, if Poe runs with Roxas, which I am proposing, then I’m cooked! I said that a 3-way fight will be favorable to Binay. Everybody knows that I’m pushing for Roxas and for Poe as his vice and talked in great lengths why it should be so. So how will you explain that discrepancy?

            I call spade a spade. If you are not aware of that, you can read back my previous post here or even in Getrealphilippines.com. Just Google jameboy getreallphilippines and see what I mean. Even Joe, at times, get to be pricked by my pointed approach on issues which I always have to take two steps backward every time I feel I’m encroaching too much. So there.

            Pray tell me, jameboy how will you make Mar acceptable to the masa, to the extent tat he can beat Binay? Convince me first, then we talk. If Mar’s strategists think like you, speak like you, the masa will never, never accept Mar. You are even having difficulty convincing the pro Poe bloggers in this thread. – jolly
            To tell you frankly, embarrassing it might be, I’m “defending” on Sen. Poe to think over the possibility of her helping Roxas (and the President too) continue and enhance the accomplishments of the present administration by running as his vice president. The masa will go where their favorite wants them to go. That’s how the game is played.

            It is an insult that you think so lowly of us because we think in terms of realpolitik.I think you belittle our capacity to think because we see the “beat Binay first” as the priority. You say we must think of the long term. Very true. But we are also very realistic in that we know that there will be no long term if the short term objective is first accomplished. – jolly
            Lowly? No. Because you are not thinking of long term doesn’t mean it’s a lowly piece of task or work. Of course not. Maybe you’re just caught up with the moment. The bandwagon is so fast you didn’t have time to think of the entire picture. But just having the ‘beat Binay’ mentality is restricting the options available to you and to a larger extent to the greater majority. It’s realistic to think that Poe is winnable but that is not the same as being capable or qualified. Am I insulting you or her? No, I’m just stating common sense logic. If she wins, she wins. I’m good with that. The next thing is the performance. Like it or not, we’re going to have a problem with that.

            You say that it will be an insult to find out that our president is being mentored by the Vp. I ask why? Wasn’t P-noy accused of being a know-nothing? But we believed in him. We knew that he will choose the best advisers to guide him in his presidential tasks. Were you embarrassed? Mentoring means guiding, advising. Your making it appear that Poe is an idiot who does not know how to think for herself. – jolly
            Well, the ‘mentor’ thing came from you and you did not specifically identify what kind of mentor it is. It can be a guide, a master or a teacher. And to apply it to Roxas and Poe, it can only be a master (experienced) and the disciple (newbie).

            You believe PNoy will choose the best advisers to guide him? Isn’t that an admission that PNoy really is a know-nothing guy? Lol! 🙂

            Allegations against PNoy before was made because, like Roxas, he is so low key, quiet and not a photo-op kind of person. PNoy and Roxas are both boring, not loud and not the aggressive or bragging type if we’re going to talk about typical Filipino politicians. Both were considered “weak” and lucky to have parental political lineage. It’s all politics and if you knew the game you move on.

            Let me reiterate, I don’t want to see a Pres. Poe who is seen by people to be under the influence or control of vice-pres. Roxas. I don’t want the malicious impression on the Poe-Escudero partnership that is happening now to become a reality in Malacanang in 2016. You want Roxas to mentor Poe, let her run as his vice president.

            Too, I dread to see a rookie mistake happening in the highest office in the land. I hate and fear it.

            Apart from those who are re-elected to the position, nobody is really prepared for the presidency. All our presidents, except Marcos and Arroyo on their second terms were in OJT mode when they came into office. Don’t tell me that P-noy himself didn’t get advise from those he feels are more knowledgeable than him. Did you feel embarrassed? – jolly
            Of course that’s a fallacy. Everyone elected as president, except Cory, will not tell you they’re not prepared. All of them, except Cory, salivated for the position. All of them had wet dreams to have the chance to live for six years in Malacanang. Even Roxas and Poe have that obsession.

            Now on the OJT, Ramos is a PNP, AFP, etc. head before becoming president. Erap was a chief executive, a local president in a way, for decades. He was also senator and vice president before occupying Malacanang. Gloria Arroyo was a department asst.-secretary, senator before she hijacked Malacanang.

            And how ’bout Noynoy Aquino? He’s been in politics as long as he can remember. And boy, what experienced he had. Father incarcerated and later on assassinated. Mother catapulted to the presidency by dethroning the dictatorship in the historic moment in our country’s history. Become congressman and then senator. It was a rough road for him from he start.

            You see those people really rose from the ranks, so to speak, before getting to the pinnacle of their careers. And, except hopefully for PNoy, it was not even a happy ending for them.

            Nothing’s wrong on OJT but it’s wrong to have it in Malacanang at this period in our history. The momentum is on our side and to hand over the steering wheel to one who is just getting the hang of it is, for me, unfathomable. You disagree with that, fine, but you have to admit that you will not allow someone who has just graduated from carpentry course to built your dream house.

            My only question to you and to those who supports Sen. Poe, there is another option, why don’t you consider it? 😕

      • jameboy says:

        At least the surveys have shown that Poe can beat Binay. The same can not be said of Roxas. -jolly cruz
        That’s the ‘box’ I’m talking about. The survey shows Poe can beat Binay. Regardless of whether Binay is a better administrator or not so long as the survey says it’s Poe, it’s gonna be Poe. No ifs or buts. Binay is now up to neck on corruption allegations. It may not be good on his ratings in the long run. So, the Poe camp are like laughing hyenas in a prowl right now. Looking at the wounded Binay ready to strike for the kill.

        There’s no turning back, no compromise. Mar Roxas must surrender (his ambition) or perish. To her supporters, she’s not going to give way. She’s the bulldozer. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that even PNoy should be turned down. It’s all or nothing. Regardless of what the ‘all’ is, as long as it’s going to them, it’s fine.

        To them, Poe, to avoid any kind of sharing or division, should run without a vice president because she really don’t even need one. As long as the surveys say she’s it she needs no help, no party, no partner. She can do it all, no problem.

        That kind of thinking is what’s inside the box. 🙈

  66. jameboy says:

    Premise: Those pushing for Roxas are actually silently rooting for Binay. Hence, if Binay wins, corruption is back.
    That doesn’t make sense. People wanting corruption to come back? Really? It is as if once Binay is elected laws will be abolished and everything can be taken anywhere. It would be a free for all. Corruption rules!

    I think it’s just a propaganda meant to sow confusion and take away the attention from more relevant matters regarding the issues and candidates’ qualification. 👀

  67. NHerrera says:

    I am sharing here what I posted in Raissa’s Blog.


    Since unlike Gloria Arroyo — whose trust rating was negative when she endorsed Gilberto Teodoro to the Presidency in the 2010 Election — the endorsement of President Aquino, whose trust rating is back to “good” category per SWS, would have positive impact to the endorsee either nil, minimal, moderate or strong, in my opinion.

    Commentaries in the media including those from the TV talking heads vary on their assessment of the endorsement impact.

    I believe that at least to the netizens the positive impact ranges between minimal to moderate. I CORRELATE this view to the result of an interesting online survey made by Inquirer, with the question,

    Do you think Grace Poe should run for President even without Aquino’s blessing?

    The result as of 2015-07-26 11:28 AM:

    A. Yes 45.1% (12,030 votes)
    B. No 54.9% (14, 845 votes)

    Total votes 26,875

    EXPLANATION. The question presented online could have referred to Mar Roxas instead of Grace Poe as surveyed. Nevertheless, if there is no impact — to the perception of the netizens at least — why should the answer to the question posed result in a majority NO? (Or my coffee is not doing its job on a leisurely Sunday.)

    Additional note: if the netizens surveyed represents a random set of the totality of netizens, then the error in the survey result above is about 0.6%

    • Joe America says:

      That’s a most interesting question, and is somewhat parallel to the implication of the blog that people do not like that Sen. Poe may have rejected the President’s overture. That suggests her ratings may fall in the next survey. What I find somewhat disturbing is the current trend in media for media people to assess the President’s achievements, as he prepares his SONA, and many find those achievements sorely wanting. He was supposed to have ended poverty, removed congestion from Manila streets, stopped storms, gotten rid of all crooks, and found peace with China. If ever there were a president who earned their nation’s gratitude, it is President Aquino, who had the courage to swim against the tide of deeply ingrained corruption. Some are still fighting for corruption, the Vice President being their idol and leader.

      It somewhat angers me, some what dismays me, that so many Filipinos . . . just . . . can’t . . . find . . . any . . . gratitude for a guy who gave them six years of decency and good works. Who built a cabinet of workers, not crooks, who steadied the financial ship, who got the nation climbing on every rating index known to mankind, who has rebuilt the nations roads, added 100,000 school classrooms, has important infrastructure works in the pipeline, passed RH and pro-competition laws, got the BBL all the way to the end when Congressional political showboating took over, and took the lead in Asia in opposing China with laws not guns.

      A nation of thankless ingrates . . . led by a media with the ethical and patriotic zeal of crooks themselves.

      • Joe America says:

        Oh, yes, I also think the US is a nation of thankless ingrates and poisoned partisan souls led by the likes of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and “Nevada” Reid. I’m an equal opportunity anger deployer.

        • NHerrera says:

          First, a smile: you seem to have added that last item, to preempt a retort on the US situation. 🙂

          Second, along the same thought as your main post underneath mine, I am anticipating the expected negative statements that follow in the wake of the SONA. We may have some nice statements, though. Let us see.

          • Joe America says:

            Ha, yes, well, I’ve been boxed about the ears enough on that point. In truth, I don’t know why people insist upon feeling miserable about a situation that calls for cheers, for a man of no distinction as a senator who surprised everyone as a president, I think. Well, except those who are locked into political or crab positions on which they base their esteem. He of course under-performed in their books, as they said he would.

            • sonny says:

              “… I’m an equal opportunity anger deployer.”

              Joe, glad to see you have not lost that native mastery over your own language, 🙂 a mastery more than a few of your countrymen have woefully lost to the sound bite generation.”

              • Joe America says:

                Trump is the direction for all of us if we don’t screw our heads on differently. Anything can be justified. Just type . . . or speak.

      • My sentiments, exactly….

  68. mcgll says:

    Just fyi – I posted this in my FB.

    As the hour of President Aquino’s Sona nears and a cacophony of negative soundbites coming from his critics fills the airwaves – I would like to pass on this comment from a favorite blogger – Joe America:
    July 26, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    …. What I find somewhat disturbing is the current trend in media for media people to assess the President’s achievements, as he prepares his SONA, and many find those achievements sorely wanting. He was supposed to have ended poverty, removed congestion from Manila streets, stopped storms, gotten rid of all crooks, and found peace with China. If ever there were a president who earned their nation’s gratitude, it is President Aquino, who had the courage to swim against the tide of deeply ingrained corruption. Some are still fighting for corruption, the Vice President being their idol and leader.

    It somewhat angers me, some what dismays me, that so many Filipinos . . . just . . . can’t . . . find . . . any . . . gratitude for a guy who gave them six years of decency and good works. Who built a cabinet of workers, not crooks, who steadied the financial ship, who got the nation climbing on every rating index known to mankind, who has rebuilt the nations roads, added 100,000 school classrooms, has important infrastructure works in the pipeline, passed RH and pro-competition laws, got the BBL all the way to the end when Congressional political showboating took over, and took the lead in Asia in opposing China with laws not guns.

    A nation of thankless ingrates . . . led by a media with the ethical and patriotic zeal of crooks themselves.

    And I share this sentiment with solemn fervor.

    • Joe America says:

      I managed to get it down to tweet size: “What I expect from Pres Aquino’s 2015 SONA: Whatever the hell he wants to say. He’s the leader, and I’ve got his back.”

      • jameboy says:

        It’s imperative for the President to emphasize his concern on the continuity and sustainability his administration has done, the reforms and all that, to turn around the country. He need to tell the people why it is important for the next leader to adhere and remain true to what his administration has accomplished and done to make sure progress and development will not be hampered nor limited or even abandoned. And in closing, announce that he believe Mar Roxas has the capability, the experience and the leadership that will ensure the safe and sound approach towards the continuity of the plans and programs he laid out and pursued and add more development projects to further help our people make their future better.

        Touché! 🙊

      • mcgll says:

        What a staggering story. Prouder than ever of our President. And wow, you were thanked too. What an honor.!!

  69. Joe, you/we made it! Those were a few seconds of heaven! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  70. mcgll says:

    JV. Ejercito on TV now. He said PNoy should pass the FOI Bill and that PNoy should pay attention to infrastructure” . All I can say is – “Natutulog yata ikaw sa pansitan” . FOI’s fate is now in the hands of the Legislative to pass and by the way, where you not watching when he showed all the kilometers of roads and bridges already opened to traffic. and I think De Vera is a small minded analyst.

  71. be honest joe. Did you ghost write parts of the #SONA2015?

  72. mcgll says:

    Oh my, that Christian Esguerra (formerly of Inquirer and now of ANC) is an intrigue weaver. I really really despise him.

  73. Art Alafriz says:

    The first issue to resolve is this: Is Sen. Poe legally qualified to run for President? Is she a natural-born citizen of the Philippines? The only way she can prove this is by a DNA test with someone who is a recognized Filipino. Think about it.

  74. brianitus says:

    All Mar Roxas has to do is sit and wait…for Filipinos to forget that he wasn’t a stellar attraction in a cabinet post in two administrations; for Filipinos to forget that he was that cussing SOB in Ayala, so much disrespectful of the position–as some people would like to call them “commie” congressmen. He still comes off as “distant”– as distant as Alpha Centauri.

    Have I forgetten? Well, no.

    Poe? She has not done anything big yet for me to remember her come 2016. But at least I “like” her.

    I’m thinking of not exercising my right on 2016. There’s no one good enough on the menu…yet.

    • Joe America says:

      You should read the comment thread, I think, where the charge of his performance at DOTC and DILG is addressed (jameboy and others have addressed this common-man’s fallacy). Also, his demeanor has been addressed. You might want to counter some of these observations.

  75. Rolando N. Banzon says:

    Too much yakking, not much substance … get to the point!!!

    • mcgll says:

      Rolando, if you are suffering from too much yakking in this blog and still have not gotten the point of it all, tough. You might as well move on to other websites where conversations are more suited to your speed and liking.

  76. Rolly Cafuir says:

    You can’t put a good woman down!

  77. Juan says:

    You sir, has become my new Conrado de Quiros, my favorite columnist of the Inquirer. I like how you write.

    Let me start by saying I am not voting for Binay. Never did. I voted for PNoy and Im very proud of that Vote.

    I’ve seen Mar in a congressional hearing. He is a technocrat. A man of vision. Good grasp of issues. Someone you will adore for brilliance. But someone not charming enough for an ordinary man to like. I’ve seen Mar in the one of the campaigns in the 2010 elections. Suffice it to say, he appeals to the mind, which intelligent voters like, but he cannot connect to the heart.

    I’ve seen Binay in one of his Housing Caravans when he was still part of the Cabinet. The caravan was meant to bring the housing program of the PNoy administration to the people. It was a results-oriented caravan. The application process is in the venue, his people help the ordinary folk there. He never took credit. He credited PNoy. At least that’s how Binay was then. One thing stood out though, he talks to the people. He knows their language and he can communicate with them. He knows what they want to hear. He can connect with their hearts.

    Poe? I have nothing much to say. But people who have met her have nothing but praises about her.

    Duterte? Saw him. Heard him. And its hard not to like him. He is a rock star.

    PNoy rode on the hearts of the people. Lets not fool ourselves that it was experience that got PNoy the presidency. He did not have a stellar record in the House of Rep or in the Senate. The death of Cory and the corruption plus legitimacy issues of the GMA Administration helped him secure the Presidency.

    And sir, i follow you on twitter. Most of those that RTs your tweet are people who have already openly declared their love for Mar. These same people put down Poe and Chiz. So I would not consider the twitter trend as a big deal. Because if “twitter trend” matters, then Nancy Binay would have not won in the last Senatorial elections.

    Mar should win because he is the most qualified. SHOULD. But if he cannot connect to the people, he will not win. His vision, his brilliance will not get him enough votes. I like your optimism, but take a look at the composition of the Senate and tell me if brilliance/vision alone will make you win. I hope your optimism will work, but you should have known by now that in this country, personality politics rules and not party politics; the fact that Noy-Bi (coming from two different parties) won in the last elections is an evidence of how personalities and not party vision is voted in this country.

    • Joe America says:

      Very straight assessment, juan, and you are right, my following on both facebook and twitter are PNoy/Mar advocates, in the main. I have followers from other camps, but they don’t retweet. I follow some non-Admin people to keep my perspective whole.

      Who do you think will win, if, as you say, Mar Roxas cannot?

      I personally think VP Binay is destroying himself by making enemies of most of the civil world, and I’m not yet sure that Poe will even run.

      • Juan says:

        If Mar will not win…

        IT would be a nightmare because Binay will win (at least that is how i see it for now). My reasons are the following:

        Despite the strong allegations of corruption, the numbers are still up there. It almost seemed like he has a loyal following that will vote for him even if he is really bad for the country.

        He has been going around the country since the time he became VP. He made use of the 5-years to connect with the masses. And i kid you not, i met a man who voted for and loves GMA (despite all the mess she’s done to the country) because GMA was the very first VP that visited his hometown and he got to shake hands with her. You know what project she brought to that third class municipality? A park. I fear that BInay may have this very same effect on the people of the places he visited.

        Binay’s political advertisements are brilliant. They work. Ive seen many people fall for it.

        Those who do not like BInay will be divided between Mar, Poe and Duterte, if the latter two will run. My office is a perfect example. All of us agree that BInay should not win. Three officemates prefer Duterte because they say that Duterte has political will and of course the “check Davao” argument. Another officemate prefers Poe because she finds her honest and sincere (This I think is just a honeymoon period because Poe has been getting good media coverage.) Im the only one for Mar. One really stupid argument that I get if I bring up Mar is the “can you imagine having the bitch Korina as first lady?” I find it a non-issue. But apparently to some people, it is.

        To be honest, i find it hard to sell my candidate if my candidate cannot connect and is having a hard time selling himself. “Mr Palengke” was a peak of Mar’s political career. He connected to most of the voters. He was number 1 in the Senate race. After that, he lost his brand. There was a disconnection. During the VP race, the padyak advertisement didnt sell. People saw it as a desperate attempt to be masa. Sir, in this country, you need the masa vote. Look how Erap almost became president again. He was second to PNoy in the presidential elections. Villar with all his money was only number 3. Gibo with his machinery still lost.

        At least thats how i see it for now.

        A part of me hopes that things will change. That the Filipino voter will realize that the next elections is crucial in sustaining all that we have gained. That the Filipino voter will look beyond personalities and will vote for a vision, a platform, an idea.

        • Joe America says:

          You know, I find your little survey more instructional than all the popular polls put together. I think you see it very well. The only thing that can upset it is time, and the circumstances that can occur twixt now and the election.

  78. this article seems pre-paid for the Roxas black propaganda LP is known for. Here are what I say to Jo America’s article: 1) LP has no monopoly of straight path. Any other good would-be President like Poe can easily do that! No sweat. 2) The commenters here who are pro-Roxas are the same people who are genuine Roxas fanatics no matter how bad their candidate is. Vested interest prevail in them. Nothing new. So, what Jo America is doing is just playing up an old dull story of self-praise. 3) Jo America can not fool people except their existing followers. They are simply baking their own cake, and eating it too! 4) Jo America says, POE is blinded by her association with Escudero, hence, avoided to run as VP of Roxas. Why should a leading winnable POE be a Vice-President to a poorly performing Secretary, and a sorely losing candidate in Roxas? Jo America thinks his article can do magic to let a lethargic candidate Roxas win. Are you thinking? He says, many people are turning away from POE. Has he got basis? None. Guess, it is just his opinion as a pre-paid article writer. This is Jo America’s own folly. Thinking people who know Roxas and Poe also know what they want. Go ahead, vote for Roxas, but we will vote for Poe. He says, there are many pro-Roxas. But, pro-POE are much much more! If you can not see the numbers in the poll surveys, just look at them, or listen to the people. If you think the survey numbers don’t tell reality and truth, who would even believe Jo America’s colored and biased opinion? Black propaganda works only to the dumb or low-order thinkers. Filipinos are more intelligent than Jo America. Mark this word: POE will be President!

    • Joe America says:

      Romeo, I appreciate your perspective, but you really ought to visit more often to know that the Society contributors work diligently to avoid the name calling you display. You have good points to make, and I am confident you can make them without denigrating others.

  79. chico says:

    i believe that grace poe eats binay’s votes

    • Joe America says:

      Certainly her survey “votes” went up as his went down, and Mar Roxas only nudged up. I wonder where those votes would go if she decided not to run for any position, and just worked at being senator. Maybe Roxas people should be encouraging her to run for president.

  80. tawengmd says:

    Reblogged this on The Latest and commented:
    Good read… She is not for the Filipino, just for herself. Selfish.

  81. Marco Domenico says:

    Social media feedback is not a reflection of the voters’ choices and I’m still wondering where you got your percentages. Try this more practical and sobering exercise: ride a taxi, ask the driver this question, “If elections were held today, who among these names would you vote for President: Binay, Poe, Roxas, Duterte or Santiago?”

    I guarantee you your percentages will change dramatically. I’ve done this several times and practically no one mentioned Roxas.

  82. Nell says:

    I think Sal has left out one big factor against Roxas, the fact that he is married to Corina Sanchez – which tells us much about his choices. That it is an opportunist’s choice behind the fake intimacy between them. People would almost vote for Roxas, except that he married a most unlikeable bitch.

  83. Antonio says:

    i am not a Grace Poe fan, but this blog piece is all bull, tantamount to character assassination. am considering whether you have damaged your character in the process, and whether it is still worth the while to read you. this is totally unacceptable.

    • Marco Domenico says:

      Hear hear.

    • Joe America says:

      So you don’t see the anger rolling across social media? You don’t believe that her leaning toward Escudero over service to nation is peculiar? I don’t think I have damaged my character. The discussion page is wide open for arguments that I’m wrong. Saying it is bull is not such an argument. Many people don’t read me, about 99 million, 900 thousand or so. It’s a right. What is impossible is for me to write my articles to suit every reader, and it is difficult for me to write articles that are not interesting to read and provocative.

    • mcgll says:

      Antonio, if you find this blog “unacceptable”, why do you even bother to make a comment?. I think common sense should tell you simply to leave. You’ll make 99% of commenters and readers here quite happy if you do – go away. Good-bye.

  84. Librada. Yamat says:

    It’s exactly right.Who is Poe anyway.What is her value in Phil politics ?She just happen to be the adopted daughter of Poe. Who is his dad ?He. Just happen to be an actor , nothing else.
    Mar Roxas is the only perfect to be the next president.Check we’re he came from. His ancestors. His record of service his Integrity and so on.Value. Of a person you are electing to continue the good administration of Noy.

    Let’s all pray that Mar will lead our country in the incoming years so progress will continue and life in Phil will be better and that will inspired us all to go home to help serve. Our country without any self reservation.

    Let’s show how much we love our country and that means we love our family and the rest of our countrymen.Lets all help each other hand in hand serve,share our blessings to the needy and with the leadership of Mar ,You can already imagine Phil will be the best place to live .

    • eric says:

      Who is she? Why is she a big deal? Why is she given that much attention nowadays?why would pnoy arrange a meeting with her when he could easily appoint roxas? Like u said she is “just” a nobody….and here u have the “perfect” candidate in front of you…its like..who is cory? Or better yet…who is pnoy?…reflect on that and see the similarities

  85. amelius23 says:

    We welcome the endorsement of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas as the anointed by BSAIII as LP-Coalition presidential bet for 2016. It will be incumbent upon Mar now to personally offer the vice presidential post tandem to Sen. Grace Poe. Common sense dictates to a humble man as Mar that a peace pipe offering to amazing Grace in person might be the significant signal which she wanted to hear personally from the anointed before she finally decide to join the fray? Mar, you don’t telegraph your intention thru a third party in this case with PNoy’s cajoling on previous meetings but do it yourself now. Mar, there is no harm in trying to convince amazing Grace at this juncture of your quest together to victories in May’2016? Mar should move fast and don’t allow PNoy to dictate who will be his vice presidential tandem. It is sending mix signal to the public that now that he was already anointed, why is it that Mar is also awaiting PNoy to announce his vice presidential bet? From now on, Mar should be resolute in ascertaining what is his supposed to be decision before the public will start to worry about his utter dependence to PNoy? Lastly, before Grace Poe change her mind and do the needful of also announcing her own presidential quest?

  86. I don’t like Grace Poe for a President…… For me she did not show anything yet to be a good president… She don’t have enough knowledge to be one…. She can’t even explain her own family history… What will she do ..???? .. Her adopted parents ..( Susan Roses and Fernando Poe Jr. )…. cannot make her a good president…! ! !….She need to learn more about politics…. and how to serve the nation…. 1

    • eric says:

      That reminds me of 2 past presidents…a mother and his only son

      • @ erik

        a mother who made possible the banishment of a tyrant and restored democracy to our country, the urgent need of that time….. his only son made this country 2nd only to China in GDP, whose credit ratings were upgraded numerous times by international bodies, who made possible the no nonsense fight against corruption to be initiated, who has contributed so our counry could be called the moral compass of Asean and the world…who had not one iota of corruption in both the mother and son’s administrations.

  87. antony says:

    Hindi dapat tumakbo si Grace Poe dahil taksil sya sa bayan natin at ganun din sa Amerika.

  88. Joe America says:

    Yes, seems like an opportunist to me. She could serve the nation as VP to assure a straight path win, but seems almost as greedy as Binay for the top job.

  89. punkrock! says:


    • Joe America says:

      I have deleted 11 comments from this same computer under different screen names. This is a discussion forum, not a landing spot for your political cause. Please discontinue commenting here. Further comments will be sent to spam. addendum 8:08 pm: 13 from a different computer, same method, same message, have been labeled spam.

      • eric says:

        Nice move joeam..lately i noticed a disturbing pattern of response here..an exact opposite of what i am accustomed to

      • john constantine says:

        piece of advice joe, you know for yourself that you are biased in every way to the current administration and it is very obvious that this site is your own landing spot for your own political cause. reveal your trueself if you are as filipino as you say you are. but i doubt you will. because your character would link towards certain objects that would reveal how your mind really works. you are no different from those attack dogs who fight for power and money, i am certain that you have greed written all over your body as well. people are blinded with how you present your ideas and the use of your words, but the truth is that this site is just another worthless propaganda for the current administration. please dont delete this comment and answer back if you are as tough as you think you are.

        • Joe America says:

          Oh, I don’t at all pretend to be a tough guy, John. A farm boy with a typewriter is mainly it. You seem like the type of character who needs to prove toughness. See my other comment to you. The point of the site is to argue the case, not roll up sleeves and kick dirt like pubescent teens. You get one more shot at doing that before going onto the block list as I don’t like new people who swagger into my home and pretend moral authority and all-seeing wisdom without providing any rational argument. If you like Grace Poe, just tell everyone why. You’ll be respected for it. You won’t be respected if you continue this advice-giving and obnoxious behavior.

          • Joe America says:

            I would add that your comments are in violation of the Terms and Conditions for participating in discussions here. They don’t permit comments that diminish people who speak here.

        • mcgll says:

          John Constantine. When you turned livid and used words like bias, greed, propaganda, attack dogs fighting for power and money, I thought, wow! about time someone called out opinion writers in The Manila Times or Manila Standard or broadcasters in ABS/CBN or “jeernalists” infesting many blogsites set-up by those who feel it is beneath them to address our president as President Aquino or PNoy and instead repeatedly refer to him as BS.

          You seem to hate PNoy and his administration so much, you cannot find merit in one who sincerely admires and supports President Aquino. One who is not timid in expressing his appreciation of the many good deeds the president has done for the country and its people.

          There is no need to ask who Joe America is, his name does not define who he is, his words do. When you attacked Joe America for his positive views of President Aquino, you have, in fact, attacked many of us who follow his blog and agree with most of his opinions. He could be one of us, or one among us, loving the Philippines and Filipinos and proud of our president, patent not contrived.

          I have never met Joe America but I know, after having visited his blog site, that I have found a decent, honest and fair friend I can thoroughly enjoy having conversations with. Mr. Constantine, please leave us alone, go find your own friends somewhere else where you can relish feeding on your own venom. Good luck.

  90. Ruth Inso says:

    Joe, I am new here but have been active in other sites. I love the Philippines and I do not like my children to leave the country when the “wrong” president is elected. For me,.it is not surprising that Mar is not “mabango” to the masses. Majority of my surroundings are the masses or the ordinary people. They are glued to their TVs after their days work for entertainment. Usually, it is the wife/mother who takes command of the ONLY tv in the house because of her favorite teleserye. Almost always it is the teleseryes of abscbn. And before this, the news program. I emphasized the ONLY tv because when the news program of abscbn is aired, all the people in the household hear the news. As far as I can remember from the abscbn broadcasts, Mar has done nothing good for the country. Not a single one. This is also applies to the current administration. Sometimes when my husband tunes in to abscbn news I got frustrated because it seems there is nothing good happening in the country. I just know that there are improvements during the latest SONA. Even the BPO (call centers) I just learned from social media that it is because of Mar that it happpens. It will be difficult for Mar to change the view of him by the masses because the image of him had already lodged in their minds. The masses do not usually read what is in the social media. In the first place most of them have no internet/computer in their homes, only tvs and radios and from time to time the tabloids. Binay has mastered the art of getting the the masses’ heart. You can see him on tv and tabloids on every opportunity that endears him to the masses. Years of daily good news on Binay and nothing or bad thing on Mar is not easy to erase from the masses’ minds. Several told me that okay lang na si binay ay nagnakaw, namigay naman sa mahirap hindi tulad ng iba na nagnakaw din wala namang ginawa para sa mahirap. One last thing that hurts Mar the most is the Yolanda incident. So sad for the country. Sorry mahaba masyado.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, Ruth, you are so right. The major media outlets have no sense that their job is to be fair and balanced as that is the only way to care for democracy, as journalism is known as the “fourth estate” because it provides the information an informed electorate is supposed to use to choose wisely. Instead, the news reports are dramas themselves, with their talking heads promoting bad over good and casting editorial judgments in the guise of news. I share your frustration and sadness that the media here are so irresponsible. It is disheartening. And yes, a good man gets a bad rap over Yolanda because people love being crabs and pulling the good down to their level. They have no interest in the truth of the matter at all.

      Thank you for dropping off a comment. The one thing I know is that Mar Roxas is one of the most decent people around, and I hope people figure that out.

  91. Neil Mahinay says:

    Here is my take on this election….. Binay has overpriced buildings issues and tons more cases to explain. There are supporters and stupid people he can buy votes, but too many people are now aware of his anomalies and are campaigning against him. So many bad publicity and his antics right now is turning people away from him. Fore example, the mob rioting in Makati City Hall where he bullied a police officer is enough to say bye bye to president seat.

    Now here is Grace Poe…. She is the new front runner in the political survey. The point is, political surveys are things of the past.. This was the tool for used by leading politicians by conditioning the mind of the people. However, right now, people finds information in the internet using social media. Unlike before, they can actively participate expressing views and opinions. Their minds can no longer be manipulated by these surveys. So issues like being an american, a neophyte who had done nothing substantial for our country, and politically weak who can be easily manipulated by the corrupt. People can see that shortcomings in the social media.. sorry Poe… your style is way outdated and being a daughter of a “B” movie actor whom idiots worship won’t cut it.

    Mar Roxas…. from what I know…. Visayas people hate him and promised not to vote for him…. and like Binay, Roxas needs to explain to the people where are the fund donations for Yolanda victims…. not only that he have the MRT issue, the SAF 44 issues and the famous quote “Bahala kayo sa buhay mo!”. He has zero charisma and people don’t like Korina Sanchez as their first lady.

    Binay, Poe and Roxas… well they’re TRAPOS… and to be honest neither one of them will lift this country out of misery… No concrete platform…. nothing… we are blind as a bat to where we are heading if these three wannabes will lead us.

    I just hope…. somebody whose flying really really low from the radar will surprise us this election….

  92. JayBird says:

    Well said about Poe, Joe! I’ve been noticing that about Poe being so arrogant and self centered..she made a wrong move when she chose Escudero over the President. She’s no different than with the corrupt Binay.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, JayBird. The more I watch Grace Poe the more disillusioned I become. Rather than being a breath of fresh air, she has become stale and tied to those old values of “what’s in it for me”, and leaning on people of power. It’s like superwoman got too close to the kryptonite and melted into a traditional player of no superior talent or intellect at all.

      That’s a tweet waiting to be published. . .

  93. Vic says:

    JoeAm, are you Usec MLQ III??

  94. Unconsciously, Grace Poe was pinned into the presidential corner by her BFF Chiz Escudero. She could have done the Roxas Slide but failed to grasp the overwhelming importance of the decision, and the enormous advantage it could have done to her march to Malacanang come 2022. And now she could be collateral damage

  95. Maria Clara says:

    I for one was going to vote for Grace Poe until the citizenship/residency issue was made known to me. I cannot imagine the first family to be Americans except for the president if Poe wins. Her husband and kids are all Americans. I have nothing against Filipino Americans but it’s a different story when it’s for the presidency. She should just back off. I remember watching an interview about Ninoy Aquino where Kris told Ninoy something like why can’t we just stay here in America and be an American or something to that effect and Ninoy told her because we are Filipinos. That’s the kind of president I would like to have. Yes it turns me off to see her love for herself and her ambition to be president is stronger than her love for our country otherwise she would’ve accepted Mar’s invitation to be her VP, she clearly thinks she’s more than a VP material when her only clear advantage is being the daughter of the wife cheating showbiz star named FPJ

  96. john constantine says:

    Completely biased in every way. You and your buddy sal doesnt have the right to speak of philippine politics as if you guys are as patriotic as you speak. Pangalan mo palang di na pang pilipino, at kung makipag debate ka sa hindi pa pilipino. you speak of politics as if you know each candidate from the inside and out, but your criticisms are just based on what you see on air and on line which diminishes your credibility to speak of such things as if your wise and everything. if you are to speak of filipino politics, make sure that it is from the heart and not just to bring other candidates down. you are such a disgrace.

    • Joe America says:

      Here’s an idea, John. Rather than complaining, why not point out how the “biases” are wrong, and give us the truth. It does no good if you just gripe and blame. Tell us what is the correct version. Sal is not really such a bad guy once you get past his bluff.

      • john constantine says:

        and who the hell do you think you are for me to give you such information? with that name of yours, you dont even deserve a word from me pertaining to philippine politics! and you think your complete bias on the administration does something good for the people? oh c’mon. i have not stated that sal is a bad guy, i just said that he has no right and credibility to criticize and speak of philippine politics. you guys better stick to your country and not try to be heroes in our midst. we dont need more of pretenders like you guys.

        • Joe America says:

          I can see that you are not willing to add anything to the discussion but bile, so I have no choice but to block your comments to preserve a bit kinder and productive level of discussion in these blog threads.

  97. Paolo Donado says:

    Hello Joeam and Sal. First of all, Im not a fan. I found your blog, regarding Poe, very manipulative and, at the same time, self contradicting. I will make this argument of mine very simple (since I am not as self-absorbed as you, and geek as your ‘Italian’ buddy, Sal). There are two things, I find odd with this blog that makes it senseless.

    First, you say that Filipinos are basing their votes according to the survey results made by SWSS and Pulse Asia. I want you to back read your piece and I will ask you, where did your geek ‘Italian’ buddy based his prediction? A SURVEY. You also claim that his survey is more dynamic than than SWSS and Pulse Asia. In what context and up to what extent? You didn’t even elaborated it (if I were to grade you in this paper, I would be disappointed because you lack justification, and even more disappointed to your fans for idolizing your tantalizing and alluring comments). Also, who are your respondents? Social Media? Twitter? How did you know that each and every account used to reply negatively in your tweets are legitimate? Have you met them all? Is that what you mean about being more dynamic? (O come on Joe and Sal, I thought you were better than this). Now that’s the self-contradicting part.

    Second, manipulative. Why did I say so? (Am I just making this up?) Ha ha ha. I find it funny for you to be soooo predictable. I know you always knew that Filipino netizens are shallow. And there is an unknown trend of ‘radical idealism’ where it is always ‘in’ if you criticize what is established and tries to bring chaos to it. You responded negatively with Sen. Grace Poe’s sudden boost in different presidential surveys. Anyways, I cant admit you are smart and, indeed, an OPPORTUNIST. You took the opportunity of your fame in the realm of social media (specifically blogging, and, apparently, twitter). You have followers who will believe what you will always say given that you provide numbers, amazing analytical shits and making it cool with the way you write. You are indeed smart. You have manipulated a minimum number of netizens to believe in you. MANIPULATIVE

    Your ‘italian’ buddy’s survey is restricted with the time he tweeted that and with the number of unaccounted and unexpected respondents who happened to have read you tweet (and for your effort, those who really follow you and can be considered a die-hard fan that checks your account from time to time). While, SWSS and Pulse Asia have conducts a regular survey with real people, calculated respondents and a margin of error lower than 5% (for refreshment, your friends survey is just 95% accurate).

    Thank you for the time reading this. And in case you don’t want to read this and you don’t want your followers to be awaken, delete this post, but deleting this post means accepting defeat.

    I also don’t know if you do blogging for passion, fun or money. But I have a guess about it 🙂

    Good day and God bless to you Joeam and to your ‘Italian’ buddy Sal

    • Okay, If you do not get the point because you are new it is excusable.

      This is a continuing series. Hence to really get a clear view you should read the previous installations.

      Sal (I believe he is a fictional/literary construct of joe) is an odds maker hence in a way he is treating this as an exercise in setting up the odds.

      It is quite simply an exercise in thought. Sal posts are thought experiments.

      @Joe am I wrong or is sal really a person?

      BTW there is a reason this is called a society of honor. People generally assume that people have the interest of the Philippines though we all have different viewpoints. If you start with this assumption and read with an open mind maybe you dont have to be so defensive about comment deletion and challenging the blog owner.

    • Joe America says:

      I don’t know why people assume I will delete their posts because they disagree. I appreciate the argument, but I think readers would find it more informative if it enlightened them about Grace Poe rather than spent time blasting me, or Sal, whom they already know pretty well. Indeed, it is amazing that you find that, in one article, you are able to pin down the character of two people.

      More on Poe, please. I’d love to read a counter-perspective that is well presented.

      You don’t need to give me God’s blessing’s, either, as we are on a straight line connect, and He gives me great blessings. Sal is Catholic, I believe, although I must say it is something I have not discussed with him. I kind of leave each person to his own particular Maker.

      • Joe America says:

        Ii would add that if you and John Constantine represent the kind of backers supporting Grace Poe, you aren’t doing her any favors. One could conclude that her followers believe in thuggery.

    • eric says:

      This is a very entertaining exchange of ideas…at least someone stood up and play devils advocate…not the usual starstruck followers…no one expected this from this blog but a brave few is standing up

      • Joe America says:

        Paulo is party to a deception to attack the blog in a swarm tactic using different e-mail addresses, same computer. He has been banned from the site. They are not brave because they attack the people rather than the idea. Indeed, that makes them intellectual cowards, to refuse to deal with the actual issues involved. I’m thinking Grace Poe would be embarrassed by that kind of representation.

  98. ted logan says:

    joe, why dont you answer such vaild questions that pertains to your biased articles that offers no amount of credibility to netizens all over? its a case in point. your allegations against grace poe does not have an absolute link to your presumptive conclusions. clearly biased joe. please answer.

    • Joe America says:

      You are a part of the team of John Constantine and Paaolo Donado who have embarked on a deceitful effort to diminish this blog and our heroes JoeAm and Sal. You are three stooges who persist in embarrassing Grace Poe.

  99. The right term i guess to describe Poe is that she is politically immature! Her unremarkable remarks for the INC issues shows her incompetence and lack of necessary skilss to decipher what is right from wrong! All i can say is that SHE is another TRAPO!

  100. POE-TANG INA MO says:


  101. Roy Smart says:

    A big “NO’ to Grace Poelitician and Chiz Kuneho.These two are Trapos and opportunists.I won’t vote for these two.They are despicable!!!

  102. ann says:

    Agree! Great Insights. Thanks!

  103. Joe America says:

    Thank you ann. I’m glad the article was meaningful.

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