The plan to fight the virus that we didn’t hear

Opinion By Joe America One of the great disappointments of the SONA for many people was the absence of a clear plan from President Duterte for getting the coronavirus out of the country. His plan was essentially to wait for a vaccine and beg China for ‘first dibs’. Well, the problem is not easy, is … Continue reading

Was the ABS-CBN hijacking a tipping point for decency?

Opinion By Joe America I call the ABS-CBN licensing case a hijacking because the company, from all indications . . .  including regulatory reports . . . is a decent company that managed to anger the President by not running some of his campaign ads. So as Chief Justice Sereno was hijacked before, and Senator … Continue reading

The courage of President Aquino

Opinion By Joe America President Aquino was a stubborn man in some respects. He knew what was right even if the rest of the Philippines disagreed with him. So he did right. He chose not to bankrupt Social Security, gave the okay to kill a terrorist bomber at Mamasapano, relied on people he trusted even if … Continue reading

The Presidential speech Filipinos need

Opinion By Joe America We are going about this all the wrong way. We are dealing with issues. We need to deal with some fundamentals. THEN deal with issues. We’ll handle them better. Rather than analyze our condition, I will let some fictional President do the talking. He can get the ideas across better. * … Continue reading

Making the case that DDS form an organized terrorist group

Analysis and Opinion By Joe America Democracy is under attack worldwide. It’s time to come to her defense, eh? It struck me that the “DDS” enterprise is a terrorist group in the way it bands together to designate and harass specific targets from Maria Ressa to Vice President Robredo to Frankie Pangilinan, and demean classes … Continue reading