Crafting memes, hashtags, slogans and catchphrases for the 2016 elections

aquino roxas campaign slogan

2010 campaign slogan, Aquino/Roxas


By Andrew Lim

The political season has begun in earnest, and part of the fun is watching how competing sides create slogans, themes, memes and catchphrases to highlight a personal strength or a deficiency in their opponent. In addition, it re-frames arguments to suit your side.

So as readers of a growing blog of politically involved citizens, let’s try making our own. Who knows?  With the President acknowledging the modest contribution of this blog to the national discourse in his last SONA, yours may end up being given the national attention it deserves.

Some tips in crafting:

  1. Keep it short. Economy of words is golden.
  2. There should be a rhythmic quality to it, causing it to resonate. The slogan “Kung Walang Korap, Walang Mahirap” succeeded not just because of the message, but also because it had a symmetric 5 syllables in both phrases.
  3. The central idea should be strong and clear. What is it about?
  4. Humor can be used to optimize the message.
  5. English is a fine medium, but the mother tongue is best – it hits hardest.

Now let’s try it. I attached English translations for our foreign guests. (Obviously, the elegance of the original thought is lost.)

Binay’s mantra of “Manhid at Palpak” in describing the government?  That can be turned on its head and applied to him:

Jejomar Binay:  Manhid sa Korapsyon, Palpak sa Integridad

(Jejomar Binay:  Indifferent to Corruption, Failure of Integrity)

Binay’s SONA?  Edwin Lacierda unwittingly created a good riposte, essentially asking:

Limang taon ka pumalakpak

Sasabihin mo ngayong palpak?

(You praised us for five years, now you’re saying otherwise?)

It must be remembered that Binay was seeking the President’s endorsement and, up to the day when he was denied, he was singing praises to the Aquino government. ABS CBN’s Jorge Carino has a video report on that.  The very next day, he reversed course.

Binay also used the Mamasapano incident to his advantage, and it is consistent with his practice of using the dead for political mileage. As Makati mayor, he used to go around visiting wakes, uninvited, and unknown to the bereaved, after which he doled out cash. I was witness to one such visit some years ago at the Loyola Guadalupe chapels.

Binay:  Gumagamit ng patay, para isulong ang sariling buhay. 

(Binay: Uses the dead to advance his own interests.)

Binay SONA:  Korapsyon walang banggit, SAF44 gamit na gamit.

(Binay SONA: No mention of corruption, but used the dead SAF44 memory extensively.)

On Grace Poe’s current behavior:

Mahirap ang hinog sa pilit

Gusto laging si Chiz kadikit.

(She lacks seasoning, insists on Chiz by her side always.)

Hashtagging. Not much of a social media user myself, but I offer a hashtag for a conversation that will apply to all the candidates, not just Binay:



 Imagine asking Bongbong Marcos that.

Bumper stickers. They present a tougher challenge, due to space limitations. But chancing on one in traffic will surely make the day for many motorists.

A commenter on Raissa’s blog who supports Mar suggests MARangal (Honorable). Perhaps yellow on a blue background?

Solita Monsod has created one for her column:  Daang Matuwid o Daang Korakot? (Straight Path or Corrupt Path?)

Some time back, when Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada were indicted, I asked of Binay,

Kung kaya niya makipag-alyansa

 Kay Enrile at Estrada,

Hindi ka ba magdududa

Sa inaasal ng UNA?

(If he can ally with the likes of Enrile and Estrada, what moral compass does UNA possess?)

Take note that up to this point, Binay still considers Jinggoy Estrada as a vice-presidential candidate!

Here’s something that people now forget, a possibility you cannot discount:

Kung hindi nahuli

Si Enrile at Estrada

Doon kaya kukuha

Ng pang-kampanya ang UNA?

(If Enrile and Estrada were not caught, could  UNA’s campaign funds be sourced from Napoles?)

Political jokes. Here’s a funny one I picked up online on the (potential) three candidates:

Roxas: To walk the straight and narrow path.

Binay: The crooked man who walks the crooked mile.

Poe: “Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that Chiz is showing you …”

So there it is. Unleash your inner poet, inner Mad Men, your inner wordsmith. I hope Gemino Abad (the literary critic) who has commented here before, chimes in.


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  1. Excited for the comments of this blog 🙂

  2. MARangal na pamahalaan, sa Tuwid na Daan

  3. funnyarte says:

    Higit sa Makati, ang pagsisilbi.

  4. front of shirt

    Where’s our beach?

    (two pictures side by side, collapsed beaches in the Philippines and Chinese frigates towing barge full of sand)

    back of shirt


    (photo of Chinese island reclamation operation in the South China sea)

  5. chempo says:

    A little bit of fun is OK with me. Kindly shadow your genius line in English for our consumption.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      Ill try to come up with English memes that are powerful on its own.

      • andrewlim8 says:

        Here’s something:

        Integrity is just my hobby, sometimes I get tired of it. – Binay

        aha ha ha that will appeal to expats and those in the States. 🙂

  6. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “Kung Walang Mahirap, Walang Kurapt” – ERAP Para Lahat Pantay hERAP
    “Weder-Weder lang yan” – ERAP on Philippine Justice System
    “Kung Wala na si Binay, Sino ang Sisihin natin?”
    “Anti-Dynasty Law is Anti-Freedom to run for elected office”
    “I told Aquino not to meddle in Corona” – BINAY
    “Hustisya Matuwid” – AQUINO *.*
    “Davao City the Safest City in the World” – DO-DIRTY
    “It is Fun in the Philippines” – BINAY, LANI CAYETANO, TRILLANES
    “Show me the Manny” – MAYWEATHER told Filipinos after Filipinos cried “FOUL”
    “Kayo ang Boss ko, Okay ba, dear?” – MAR ROXAS

  7. nielsky says:

    The Story Behind the “Yellow Slogan”

    According to legend, when the whole infrastructure of these grand slogan was constructed, there had been modifications from the original linguistic bricks [nay guilt] the yellow emperor have behind this propaganda project and it is that when they were put on display, during the launching day, it accidentally read in another way and this was in the reverse, namely:

    “Mahirap walang corrupt walang kung”

    It seems that as the legend further goes the emperor was embarassed but his advisers who were just behind him whisphered, never mind Mr. Emperor, all the guests and visitors will not notice it.

    So much believing of his advisers since they were like the Eunuchs, the Emperor fully believed them and did not at the least bothered to effect the change or reform.

    It does not as much as require imagination, but that was the beautiful story of this popularized slogan and it seems that indeed there are those who really echo those of the emperors’ advisers.

    Whatever other word is lacking in the slogan, which both the emperor and his advisers later agree on has been for six long years been the norm.

    Fast forward to post 2016, what would the future hold is the question that will be begging for answer.

    • Kinda like no one noticed you’re Primer? Reading your posts is like reading Orwell’s 1984, puts his double-speak to shame.

      • nielsky says:

        Only my true friends call me by my first name.

        That is why I use nielsky, the single purpose of which is as a handle. Of course, you know what a handle is.

        You seem to complain much about me and I don’t even do so with you. Speaking of names, no one can even read yours, can they? Even know what ‘double-speak’ is?

        How do you pronounce your name please?

        • I’ve never wrote an article only to pretend I was someone else on the comment thread:

          “How do you pronounce your name please?”

          Lance Corporal X (pronounced: Lans Korprol Ekz), and here’s my slogan: DON’T X, WHEN THERE’S AN X–how’s that for double-speak? is that good enough for gov’t work over there?

          • nielsky says:

            Government services exacts a lot more than the limited thing that you thought you know about it, perhaps.

            It is never a degrading career at all, if that is what we may call it but only if some folks think to work here is not worth the while.

            Or not worth the pride or status one gets working in a bureaucracy whose department or bureau heads, whose congressional or judicial leaders, its military or police corps are fair game for whatever kind of false motives could be thrown at them.

            If there is anything the Philippines is all about then it must be the fact that we have Civil Service Commission created for a long time in at least seeing to it that only people qualified to work in government can.

            It’s not at all bad to work in government. You should be shameful if you think it is. The politicians are you know just there for a ‘business’ so they try to run government like a business.

            So the next time we vote for leaders or appoint leaders, we just simply check on their motives, again, perhaps.

            I didn’t read your article, sorry. I normally start at the first paragraph or otherwise end there. But maybe if it were a bit shorter for a blog But thank you for posting it Lance Corporal X, now anyone can read it. You may edit your handle it, to say it like it’s you, no one else.

            • “You may edit your handle it, to say it like it’s you, no one else.”

              What are you smoking, Primer?

            • nielsky/Primer,

              Just to be clear, if for some strange reason it’s not, I’m accusing you of a crime. You’ve attempted (a shoddy attempt at that) to mislead us and you’ve misrepresented yourself as someone not the author in the comments of a previous blog written by you (only to out yourself when caught, at the end). The crime is that of suck puppetry (a very serious offense in the blogosphere)–

              Unless you’re accusing me of some wrong doing, I’ll have no need to defend myself. You however, are on trial and should explain yourself.

              Here’s another slogan to ponder, Primer:

              “The greatest crimes are caused by excess, not by want.” ~Aristotle

              • nielsky says:


                Am not supposed to even make any kind of extra effort of a meaningless utterance from you LCpl_X (@LCpl_X) to look up the meaning of the term you tried to use.

                But the above is our best guide on the definition. That applied to Lance Corporal X and LCpl_X (@LCpl_X) on the strength of the definition, doesn’t that come close to what you try to mean by suckpuppet? Yes or No? And only now did you impress upon us all, maybe with uncharacteristic and unnecessarypride that in fact, you also have a blog of your own under a disguised name.

                For who would know it was you wrote that Lance Corporal X?

                Same case, so why cry wolf? Crime in the blogosphere you mean, so what is this exactly?

              • nielsky,

                Scroll down to the comments of the ACLU article I wrote and you will see that I addressed every single comment, either defended my stance, clarified some points and inquired further to increase my understanding–I’ve since changed my views after writing that article. I can’t say how that article added, or proved neutral, to others, but I certainly learned more on the comments than I did in the writing process. LCpl_X=Lance Corporal X, I never misled or misrepresented.

                When you wrote your article, no one knew who nielsky was supposed to be (I think by design, you can come up with a defense I’m sure you’re a politician after all). Was nielsky just a fan of Primer? No one knew, until the very end once the comments section went stale, and some people caught on. “A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the suckpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer.”

                Why did you not identify yourself as Primer Pagunuran the writer of the article, from the beginning? It would’ve facilitated a better discussion.

                It’s a simple enough question, Primer.

                My favourite slogan of all,

                “You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?”
                ― Dr. Seuss

          • yes, LCpl_X (@LCpl_X).. what kind of trick is that…he commented before in his true name, then contributed an article under his own name and commented there under a handle, it would have been nice if he wrote underneath his article Primer Pagunuran a.k.a nielsky.. would have been less sneaky and more honest. I almost catch him when he commented as if he was the author, when sir edgar responded with “so now the guest is the host?” or words to that effect. I responded to you with my observation that it is usual for the contributor of the blog article to respond to comments but wondered why would he use a handle this time when in previous articles by Joe he used his own name? and in his own article at that?

          • nielsky says:

            Come on, you’re getting funny.

            Lance Corporal X – tell us who you are. Are you a military rank or insignia? Are you some anime character? How can you not pretend in your article as to who you are when it is of dubious validity if you are someone who say you are? I hope you can follow me [am so schooled in the field, sorry].

            Funny, what world is this? Strange how you seem to derive ‘support’ or ‘head-up’ from your ‘quality circle’ [assuming that is a fair term for you].

            For the sake of those newcomers who probably want to share their thoughts, views, ideas, no matter how oblique compared to yours, can we undertake to be well, a little courteous and not calling them names as a quick way to simply dismiss contrary worldview?

            • Why didn’t you just simply say, “I’m Primer, writer of this article, and I’m using nielsky as my new handle–but it’s still me, Primer, and I wrote this piece”, simple, sweet, why didn’t you? That would’ve been the honest thing to do. That’s a better question, a real one, than all your rhetorical ones above.

              When you’re so used to being dishonest for so long, it must be really hard to do the normal thing. Sorry, nielsky. I don’t know how to fix that, so I can’t help you there–maybe read “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

              Opposing views are fine, just don’t use several names to make your points (not that you’ve made any).

              “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”Mark Twain

              How’s that for a slogan? Words to live by, nielsky. Write it down.

              • nielsky says:

                Out of order, that has already been cleared in the earlier blog. Don’t pretend like a broken record. Are you not ashamed to demand for honesty when the clarification has already been settled? What an incredible closed-mindedness you must be.

                Answer the question if you are a military rank or an anime? To just repeat for the nth time, is Lance Corporal X a name of a true person? Or LCpl_X(@LCP_X) the name of a true person? Same case you have a name and a handle.

                Why cry wolf? Honesty, have shame?

              • When exactly was it cleared? In the beginning, in the middle or in the end? That’s kinda the point here, Primer.

                Here’s another slogan for you, Primer:

                “Truth is the most valuable thing we have, so I try to conserve it.” ~Mark Twain

              • nielsky says:

                Are you serious? You must be crazy. Speaking of Mark Twain, have you actually seen the collection of books by said author? I have them in my house, you can borrow them. You might just most awfully misapply whatever quotation you get from the good poet.

                It is in the record of this forum, not this, but an earlier blog, of which the author is you know who. I do insist however that since you ask me to come in the open, please also introduce who you really are in person and in identity, can you do that?

                I know you can’t because your ways speak them.

              • Which earlier blog? The one you wrote but misled others in the comments by misrepresenting yourself and not readily identifying yourself as Primer, the author of the article–that in fact Primer=nielsky, that one? The one where you attempted your hand at playing suck puppet? If so, just point out if you outed yourself, at the beginning, the middle or at the end?

                Or are you speaking of another blog, Primer?

                If you have a shelf full of Mark Twain’s books, you must then have all of the Sherlock Holmes novels and shorts, so how’s this for a slogan, Primer?

                “Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.” — Arthur Conan Doyle

              • nielsky says:

                This is incredible. This vicious critic/detractor only hears himself. A request is already made for him to step forward as to who he really is in person in true name in true identity since he keeps screaming of someone as suckpuppet when it is clear in the proceedings that it is not so and it turns out that he is actually the one he should accuse himself of.

                Get the point now ‘suckpuppet’!

              • Final slogan: Why didn’t you identify yourself as Primer Pagunuran the writer of the article, from the beginning?

                That’s my final slogan, Primer. Just one more answer, although this carousel has been fun, if you take the circular route again, we now know what you’re about. Final answer.

        • PP, where is karl? we are missing him, he took a break because of you.. I think he was disillusioned by the path you are now taking….

    • chempo says:

      2015 is pretty much better than 2010.
      2010 to 2015 would have been a disaster for Philippines had not the courageous yellow emperor slew the twin dragons of CJ Corona and Ombudsman Gutierrez.
      What the future has in store no one really knows for sure. But I think if you go yellow Filipinos will be much better fellows.
      Just be careful. They say if you go black, there’s no turning back.

    • I’m proud to be yellow now. yellow and blue like a kingfisher bird…that is more yellow than orange. Your ridicule will only make us bolder and courageous. Tell that to Binay. and GMA. and Estrada. and Marcos. and UNA.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      @nielsky aka Primer Pagunuran

      What terrible locution
      From the master of obfuscation
      May we ask the interloper
      What is your contribution?

      • nielsky says:

        Are you asking for 4 lines? Or 4 paragraphs in 4 lines like your prose that did not satisfy the most basic rules in essay writing?

        In your first paragraph alone, it is supposed to be your theme or topic of your essay but where did it all go? Lost in translation because of your anxiety to flash everything against the man you hate and trying to drum hate to?

        How then will you even call me ‘interloper’ when you serve ‘public notice’ in your last line? You must be terrible, not to say obfuscator.

        Dishonesty springs from your heart and mind dear commenter. You also promise a blog to counter the points/ideas in my article – what happened? Lost in translation?

    • Ka Enchong says:

      “Mahirap walang corrupt walang kung”

      Roughly translated –

      Difficult without the corrupt no ifs

      That might just be an apt slogan for those campaigning while being hounded by allegations of corruption – like the VP. 😉

  8. Jean says:

    B = Binulsa at
    I = inakin
    N = na ang
    A = ating
    Y = yaman

    Kay Binay, gaganda ang buhay….niya!

  9. Your slogans are amazingly wonderful and straight forward.

  10. quijano de pampanga says:

    For Mar Roxas:

    Hollow Man, Tao Din.

    For Binay:

    Pagsilbihan ang Binay… i mean Bayan.

  11. kay Binay lagi kang dapat mahirap
    para laging magamit sa one to sawa crap

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      “They call me corrupt, frivolous. I am not at all privileged. Maybe the only privileged thing is my face. And corrupt? God! I would not look like this if I am corrupt. Some UGLINESS would settle down on my system.” – IMELDA MARCOS taking a dig at The Binays even before THEY became politicians

    • For chempo – For Binay, the poor need to stay poor, so they can forever be used by me to stay in power indefinitely, until I die or until I tire of it whichever comes first, a crap idea for the corrupt and those who could not let go of power… (still unable to translate it in a few words that rhyme)

  12. andrewlim8 says:

    Latest poll survey results:

    22% would vote for Binay for President in 2016
    80% would vote for Poe for Vice President in 2016

    Of the 22% who would vote for Binay, 100% would support Binay’s decision to step down in 2017.

  13. Percival says:

    Kay Binay, gaganda PA KAYA ang buhay?

  14. Johnny Lin says:

    Long time ago nobody would dare touch lepers with a pole. Colonies were created for them.

    Binay has been searching his Vice President since last year. Nobody wants to be identified with him. Noynoy, whom Binay called a friend declined to anoint him. Binay shot back talking dirty about Noynoy since childhood

    Binay started his search with his friends:

    Grace- she refused, afterwards Binay called her names including American girl.

    Darlene- was very silent like a dead corpse fearing not to embarrass her boss. He abandoned her and resigned from cabinet leaving her in limbo at HUD

    Duterte- he squirmed at the idea by comparing Binay to Marcos that during martial law his corruption was conjugal with Imelda but with Binay as president corruption would be a basketball team composed of Binay families

    Dyingly desperate, Binay turned to his enemies

    Bongbong- laughing behind Binay’s back telling friends what in the world has Binay’s mind gone into by initiating the invitation to him whence during martial law Binay was shouting his lungs out that Marcos was an evil name

    Miriam- who had told Binay to appear in Senate and answer the charges of corruption.

    As usual she derided Binay with her trademark “One Liner” – people called me Brenda meaning brain damage. The truth its my Lungs that have cancer.
    Killala ba ninyo Si Raul Brando(Sira ulo brain done)- kandidato siya presidente

    He he he

  15. may abriol says:

    100% sure ako c roxas ang presidente sa 2016 election. Mabuhay ka mar roxas you are my idol.

  16. Johnny Lin says:

    Andrew Lim
    Si Raul Brando ba iboboto mo?

    Should have asked that question to @CharlesEnglund☺️😉

  17. Ginoo says:

    Ibagsak ang corrupt, iboto si Roxas!

  18. Ginoo says:

    Ilukluk ang tunay na MAR, ikulong si pekeng Jejomar!

  19. Johnny Lin says:

    Vice President search team of Binay are not only desperate for inability to find a credible running mate. They are on the brink of abandoning their cause letting Binay run solo flight.

    Overheard in the latest secret meeting of Binay with his 3 spokesmen. Why does he need 3?

    Rico Quicho- we have scoured all possible VP names, nobody would even talk to us. Did we miss anybody. Come on, think! Any movie personalities who can attract crowds?

    Joey Salgado- thinking! Edu is bygone, Bong is in jail, Jinggoy is in jail. Hey, how about Tito Sotto?

    Jojo Binay- bad idea. Netizens and bloggers are already cyber bullying me and you think about the most hated man in their blogs. Forget

    Toby Tiangco- why not, at least during campaign we have a Portable Copier

    He he he!

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      “(I) also appreciates President Aquino’s appeal to journalists to be accurate in reporting about the impact of the typhoon.” – CNN ANDERSON COOPER taking a dig at Philippine Media in general and Korina in particular

      This is really unfair. Philippine Media do not have wide viewership earthwise compared to CNN.

  20. nielsky says:

    Just a political spook – [no pun intended]

    Short Inaugural Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte:

    “With the powers vested in me by the Revolutionary Government, I hereby ordered the following establishments closed:
    1) Congress is hereby closed, its House Members will be thrown in Manila Bay
    2) Customs is hereby closed
    3) GOCCs are hereby closed
    4) GSIS is hereby closed
    5) SSS is hereby closed
    6) AFP generals are hereby retired and only 40 of the best/brightest remain
    7) Luis Jalandoni is hereby appointed as DAR
    8) Jose Ma Sison is hereby as appointed DSWD”

    After the inauguration, with familiar friends, the paparazzi heard Duterte as saying signature words: “… putang ina mo!”; “… patayin kita!”

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Try this, Nielsky!

      “Evidences grow on trees” – DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
      “We fish for evidences” – BUREAU OF AQUATIC RESOURCES
      “Have Affidavit, we’ll sue, evidence not necessary” – DOJ
      “Turn State Witness, Keep the Loot Free and Clear” – Ombudsman Recruiting Slogan
      “Get Corona by hook or by crook” – Benigno’s meddling in Corona
      “Sir, Trillanes, heto ang TCT hiningi mo” – TIU
      “I never steal. EVER” – JOJO
      “We do not prove if overpriced Parking went to your pocket, Jojo, We do not investigate the contractor. It is all about you” – MONSOD
      “We smuggle rice for you” – NATIONAL GRAINS AUTHORITY
      “It is our custom” – BUREAU OF CUSTOMS perpetual corruption (as if it is only department that is corrupt)

      “Ms Sanchez is welcome to go there and I would urge her to go there. I don’t know if she has but her husband’s the Interior minister. I’m sure he can arrange a flight,” – ANDERSON COOPER (Instead of Anderson to be suspended by CNN for insensitivity to Filipino people Ms. Sanchez was suspended instead. Mestizo class and ex-colonists always gets a free pass)

      • nielsky says:

        Nice MRP.

      • ” I always present problems but do not offer solutions.” ~ Mariano Renato Pacifico and Jejomar Binay

        • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


          • Is this why you changed your PDI handle to K M B?

            What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

            • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

              (I don’t know why Madame Korina keeps on inviting the critics. But she has never invited me anymore, and I’m making a call, if she wants, I will face them all. Any time. Give us two hours, two programs of one hour each, I will go there. Let all the others face me.) – RAPPLER quoting Sixto Brillantes.

              Brillantes is the lawyer of Chiz Escudero, Jejomar Binay and, who else, Benigno Aquino as if there are no other U.P. lawyers out there.

              KORINA IS THE ATTACK DOG OF MAR. She’s vain. She wanted to be the First Lady. That is the reason HER HANDLERS and MAR’s HANDLERS had her “ON LEAVE” from ABS-CBN so she will not Mar Mar’s ambition and her ambition to live in Malacanang.

              Now, Malacanang is within her grasp again. She has to make sacrifices. Out of sight. “On Leave”. Keep silent. Prayed to God the maid will not be resurrected. Malacanang Household Staff are trembling they are polishing their resumes so are the Filipinos.

              • Binay should hire you as campaign manager. You will fit there perfectly among those defending the indefensible. Prove that what you are saying against Sereno is true and that using affidavits is hustisyang baluktot. Binay is using that as his compliance to the SBR sub-committee hearing’s invitation to shed light on the various investigative reports against Binay.

                What was that that Joe said? you are just trolling if you just comment without proof, and by proof, it means the entire court decision on that maid beating by Korina. Joe gave you an assignment on that, have you finished that, pass it now. Otherwise you are just indulging in character assassination.

              • I did the research for you so you will stop impugning Korina. Next time, please be courteous enough to do your own due diligence work.


                Case was dismissed for lack of probable cause and evidence. The maid’s affidavit did not work. How about that for poetic justice?

              • I’ll do my best MRP impression.
                This is not evidence. Affidavit is not accepted by our courts here.
                If you want to prove something you call the FBI. There you call the NBI and you get Affidavits.

                The Binays are not corrupt they are innocent till proven guilty. Where are the evidence. All Affidavit. Courts here dont honor affidavits. You need hard evidence if you want to win your case here.

                I dont like Korina but Affidavits are not evidence. She is innocent till proven guilty.

                Sorry guys I suck at this.

              • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

                Mary, Mary! Where you goin’ to? I am not campaigning for The Binays. I am campaigning for HUSTISYA MATUWID. As you know Anti-Binays hate HUSTISYA MATUWID because its technicalities will free The Binays.

                Mary, Mary It is a good time to test JUSTICE. The Binays are good example if Filipinos can take the acquittal of the Binays because JUSTICE is JUSTICE as Filipinos love to paraphrase this in Latin “Dura Lex Sed Lex” roughly in English translation “The Law is the Law”.

                Here is the problem why The Binays can get away in HUSTISYA MATUWID, it is the fault of the DOJ and Ombudsman and Benigno’s cabinet for telegraphing their punches and investigation. Cannot happen in my country where Philippines laws are illegally plagiarized from.

                The Naming-and-Shaming has boomeranged. The naming-and-shaming and making public of their investigation works against the American Laws that is copied by Filipinos. For Naming-and-Shaming and making public of their investigation, THE FILIPINOS SHOULD COME UP WITH A LAW THAT IS CONSONANCE with the Naming-And-Shaming.

      • Nice MRP, says nielsky…
        yeahh, nice, both of you are campaigning for the opposition, both of you are so against PNOY and what he stands for, with MRP concentrating on Korina…ok I think I’ll take a break, both of you are making my BP soar, How I wish it would be the economy.

        • chit navarro says:

          NOPE, mARY gRACE – That’s not the way to counter attack dogs of Binay & the rest of his flock! If you take a rest, these two, MRP & PP, will lord it over the blogsite. That’s what MRP did at Raissa’s blogsite then -…. the best way really to deal with people like them (mga KSP’s – KULANG SA PANSIN) like another one at Raissa’s blog, is simply to ignore their posts – do not replky to wahtever post they make. Simply IGNORE IT – do not read. If you notice at Raissa’s blog, very few is reading the other P-pky- so he does not post as much as before.

          IGNORE THEM as if they do not exist… and if nobody minds what they write, they will eventually stop writing… BUt if you engage them, of course, they will challenge you, bring out the worst in you to counter their worsening attacks…

          • nielsky says:

            Let me just share a quote here by one who has professed to be a student of law, him not being a lawyer, if I may:

            “How can discourse flourish when it is unanimity we want at every turn? I think, that is essentially the trouble: While free speech and expression are jealously guarded rights in this country, we have yet to learn the ways of true discourse. We need that maturity that by which we can seriously entertain a contradictory proposition and not dismiss it outright because we have consigned him who maintains what we oppose to the infernal regions of the morally or intellectually bankrupt!”

            • PP/nielsky

              True, but then we also know that freedom of speech can be abused, and freedom has boundaries, a limitation if you will, when it is encroaching on somebody else’s freedom, will it still be allowed? Ok, I think I need to restate it in another way, not in the form of a question, Freedom ends when it encroaches on somebody else’s freedom. What freedom? Freedom to discuss calmly, without insults, personal slur or attack, ridicule even.

              It’s like a neighbor who is free to sing loudly in his videoke but not on a time of night when neighbors who have work the next day is trying to sleep.

              • nielsky says:

                With conscious diplomacy and patience, it is clear throughout the discussion that I undertake to inquire, answer, respond in a way that settles your built-in assumptions and throughout the thread, one can check x number of uncharacteristic insults on me which would be unhealthy to collect just to show you.

                But am sure you’re pretty well aware so am trying to answer them because they are all built on somewhat immutable beliefs resulting in a seeming form of hegemony. I don’t even know anyone here cloaked and soaked as they are in their anonymity. And here I come, as if into a ‘rite of passage’ of a degree or other?

                This despite, I subscribe to the view that the ‘pub is the parliament’.

          • @ Chit

            hahaha…I have tried to take a break, alas! this blog of Joe and Raissa’s are highly addictive, I can’t seem to stay away….I just switched to a previous article of Joe’s which is still being commented on. Even visited a long time article of Raissa re Bong Bong Marcos. And as you can read here, I’m back.

            You know, with so many new readers visiting here, I can’t let any comment here that cries for a rebuttal go unchallenged. Ignoring, not reading and not responding might be taken as if it is a fact, (or an agreement) because no one is opposing. One new reader (Jerome) would like to print this blog (and the discussions) to be shared to his circle of influence so I don’t want to take a chance.

            I engaged red rod just for the reasons stated, he has his own agenda, Joe got fed up and he got suspended. He denied being pro Binay but his posts proved otherwise. And PP, we can take contrary views and engage them, but snide and insulting comments are so not tolerated here by the blog administrator.

            Masochist, that’s me. My one and only sacrifice for the cause of a better Philippines.

            • oops, Chit, my response to you is under moderation, the alert button of Joe is working, and he is on a wee-end break, must be the mention of r r

              • here it is, without trigger for the moderation alert button…hahaha Joe might be back on Sunday yet so …

                hahaha…I have tried to take a break, alas! this blog of Joe and Raissa’s are highly addictive, I can’t seem to stay away….I just switched to a previous article of Joe’s which is still being commented on. Even visited a long time article of Raissa re Bong Bong Marcos. And as you can read here, I’m back.

                You know, with so many new readers visiting here, I can’t let any comment here that cries for a rebuttal go unchallenged. Ignoring, not reading and not responding might be taken as if it is a fact, (or an agreement) because no one is opposing. One new reader (Jerome) would like to print this blog (and the discussions) to be shared to his circle of influence so I don’t want to take a chance.

                I engaged r r just for the reasons stated, he has his own agenda, Joe got fed up and he got suspended. He denied being pro Binay but his posts proved otherwise. And PP, we can take contrary views and engage them, but snide and insulting comments are so not tolerated here by the blog administrator.

                Masochist, that’s me. My one and only sacrifice for the cause of a better Philippines.

              • Johnny Lin says:

                @redrod suspended? Why?

              • NHerrera says:

                See the blog “LGUs on the front lines: Binay by land, China by sea” — early part of commentaries for red rod suspension for 30 days:

                Joe America says:
                August 6, 2015 at 7:51 am

                You are herein suspended fro commenting on the blog for 30 days. The point is simple, there are important issues to address and you are pushing your political agenda. You can do that at threads intended for that kind of discussion. Plus you are argumentative and I don’t really appreciate the attitude you bring to the blog.

                You can rejoin the conversation in 30 days, on terms that are set here to promote healthy discussion.

  21. sonny says:

    Yikes, just like Madison Avenue: We will remember the slogans but not the quality of the product!

    • sonny says:

      @ Andrew or anybody

      pls enlighten, honest – what’s a hashtag? meme?

      • andrewlim8 says:

        In Twitter, hashtags are used to tag or label topics under a common theme, to make it easier to search for them.

        A meme is a broad term for any idea, theme, behavior, etc that propagates within a culture. It is analogous to genes in the biological world.

        • sonny says:

          (still counting on your patience, Andrew)

          So, hashtags are only meaningful if one uses twitter?

          how does one recognize a meme from a non-meme?

          • andrewlim8 says:

            yes, only in Twitter.

            That’s difficult to answer. I guess non-memes do not propagate and gain acceptance, like Mitt Romney aha ha ha

            • Joe America says:

              Speaking of twitter, one of the people I follow, upon reading this article and the comments, typed in “Andrew Lim is a genius.”

              Stay humble, my good man, stay humble.

            • sonny says:

              Andrew, some meme experts still recognize short-lived memes as memes. (I’m still working on genes as analogous to memes. So far, I get the replication part. I’ll let you know if or when I get it. ‘Jeproks’ had come and gone and left me behind.) I think I got hashtag. I know it by another name: “string-recognition” software. This kind of program is here to stay, and it is a work-horse concept. Parallel computing is involved, I think. Thanks. 🙂

  22. Bing Garcia says:

    If Grace intends to make a difference in the nation’s political life, she has to assume a position of influence in an existing party, or build her own. One can rise in politics as an independent, but one cannot hope to shape politics in any significant way without a party. Randy David

  23. Makati ang kamay ng tribong Binay!

  24. Ginoo says:

    Ibagsak Ang Mga Tiwali – Gibain Ang Binay Dynasty!


    Ituloy Ang Tuwid Na Landas – Iboto Natin Si Mar Roxas!

  25. Ginoo says:

    Team Binay-Marcos Upang Tuluyang Maghihikahos!

  26. Ginoo says:

    Team Binay – Jinggoy, Sa Bilibid Ang Tuloy

  27. Juana Pilipinas says:

    Sa matinong pangulo, garantisado ang asenso!

    Sa mahusay na liderato, tiyak and progreso!

  28. “Kasalanan ko nanaman?” – Anyone in power.

    Also, saw this in the comments of the PDI:

    Ang SAF 44, nagbuwis ng buhay
    Si Binay, nabubuhay sa buwis
    (The SAF 44 gave their lives, but Binay lives on taxes).

  29. Ginoo says:

    I Like Mar Roxas a Lot
    Because He is Tall, Handsome, and Not Too Dark!

    • I think this will make Binay inaapi, kinukutya ang itsura, which he will use to ask the poor people to pity him, also a lot of the poor has dark complexion and unsightly…or not too good looking…let’s avoid calling him dark forces, nognog, ulikba, that is so unchristian. Let’s stick with the issues and not on personality, personal color or appearance. Let’s not make fun of his dark color, for most of us Filipinos are dark colored.

  30. bauwow says:

    #Huwag Kang Magnakaw!

  31. Ginoo says:

    Si Mar Roxas Gustong-gusto Ko
    Kasi Matangkad, Makinis, at Guwapo!

  32. i7sharp says:

    About memes:

    “Kaya natin ito!”
    God, don’t call us; we will call you.

    Puwede na ‘yan!”
    Quality control, Philippine style?

    Relevant or Irrelevant?:


  33. Rosie says:

    Sumama s’ya first sa UNA
    Join din sa LP Kaya sure naging SENADORA
    Yon pala sa LP pa more, nuon pa like maging PANGULO na
    O MaRangal Ingats pa now, dating dilaw maging ano pa!

  34. Johnny Lin says:

    Analyze These Headlines

    ERAP : Did not attend Binay’s UNA party launch
    Roxas is the best qualified candidate
    Open to supporting Roxas


    • No, no, please… Tuwid na Daan, please don’t take a detour

    • NHerrera says:

      Your post suggests to me the need for big political data/ news analysis. Plenty of political noise clouds the big picture.

      Some items re Poe:

      – Blogs like JoeAm’s and Raissa’s talk of toxic Poe-Escudero tandem
      – Poe and Escudero issue statements about going about their plans independently, separately; but will continue to support each other; cute
      – Rizalito David files Quo Warranto petition before SET on Poe’s Senate seat disqualification
      – Macalintal (on board Poe legal team train) issues: Poe as Senator is Final and Executory (meaning Lito David hit a nerve)
      – All the Presidential wannabes including Amazing Grace now saying announcement of plans by September, meaning just before October 12 CoC filing.

      Meantime Duterte doing a Miriam


      With Miriam not quite her pre-cancer days, we need memorable quotes only Miriam can make. But not to worry, we have Duterte to take the role till Miriam fully recovers.

      … he could not possibly endorse Binay, because he was “difficult to spell.”

      “In Marcos’ time, it was only conjugal. Marcos and Imelda. If he [Binay] wins, it will be a basketball team”

      As for Sen. Grace Poe, voting for her was unthinkable, … “She’s my friend too but I cannot give my vote to her. We may end up having an American president,”

      … he would not be endorsing Roxas, whom he has described as a close friend and ally, either … “That is because I do not promote the ‘winnables,’”

  35. WBAR says:

    Di masamang magpayaman, huwag lang galing sa kaban ng bayan

  36. Gerry says:

    I will assume it will end up to be a Mar-Poe team (or at least I’m hoping for this):

    Tandem ng Makabagong Pilipinas!

    Tambalang Tapat at Tunay

    Tayo Lahat, Panalo!

    Fastrak ng Pagbabago (idea – instead of a road or “daan”, it is now a highway or expressway – – fast track reform . . .I know – -this needs some work. Lol)

    Kasama lahat sa pagunlad OR Kasama ka sa pagunlad OR Kasama ka sa Pagangat (idea – – inclusive growth)

    Continue the Change (irony – – – it is a “change” team but it is also a continuation of good policies and governance)

    We’re on your side

    Philippines wins

    Team Philippines: Panalo!

    Duo for a Dynamic Philippines

    Kasali ka sa Pagsulong

    Ituloy ang Pagbabago (nice irony) – – continue the change

    Isulong ang Pagbabago

    Tandem of Team Philippines

    Cheer for Team Philippines! Vote Roxas-Poe

    A Vote for Roxas-Poe is a Vote for Team Philippines

    Will think of more possible slogans – – but this is a start for brainstorming purposes

    *Note. I would have preferred Grace Poe to run for president but in a previous post, I explained why I had a change of heart and why I think it is best that she run for VP.

  37. Gerry says:

    Additional thoughts for Mar-Grace or Roxas-Poe or Mar-Poe

    Panalo ang Pinas

    You know they’re right for you!

    Next Step to a Progressive Philippines

    Keep Moving Forward, Philippines

    Dare to Dream Big (idea – – – -with good governance and good policies, Philippines can now start winning in many ways)

    An idea whose time has come

    In your heart, you know they’re right for you

    Panalo ang Pinas, Talo ang Ahas (corny – – but I guess you get the idea – – can be a jumpoff point for a slogan)

    Puede Muling Mangarap (dangerous – – opposition might say that all you’ll have are dreams but not transformed to reality)

    Tandem for Transformation

    Fast track the Transformation


    Binay – -or shall I say – -Anti-Binay slogans:

    Talikuran ang Sistemang Bulok

    Pako ka sa Pangako

    Talo ang Pilipino

    Pnoy – One step forward, Binay – Two Steps Back

    *More ideas to follow

  38. Gerry says:

    Correction: (sign of Binay name with a bar – – like in a no smoking sign) and the slogan is Talikuran ang Sistemang Bulok

  39. Gerry says:

    More Roxas-Poe slogans:

    Panalo ang Pagbabago

    Progress Squared

    Asenso Para sa Lahat

    Kasali Ka, Kaibigan! (KKK – – -and in a way, it means the voter has a stake – -and is included in the reform agenda) or Kasama Ka, Kapatid! (battlecry for the new generation or the new Philippines)

    Vote for Team Philippines, Vote Mar-Grace

    With Mar-Grace, I believe the Philippines Can!

    Tuloy-tuloy na Pagbabago

    PHILIPPINES, THIS IS OUR TIME (idea: to give a sense of urgency, that with good leadership, it is the Philippines’ time to shine)


    Binay: Sayang naman lahat ng pinaghirapan natin

    Binay: Back to Square 1

    Roxas-Poe: Progress Squared
    Binay-Running Mate: Back to Square One

  40. Gerry says:

    Okay – -sorry for piecemeal posting – – but here are more ideas for Mar-Grace:

    Tuloy na tuloy na ang Transpormasyon

    Transformation Tandem

    There’s no stopping the Philippines now

    Nothing’s gonna stop the Philippines now

    Wala ng atrasan, tuloy-tuloy na ang pag-asenso

    No where to go but forward (or UP)

    Believe in the Future

    Believe in Your Future

    The future is in good hands

    Sky’s the Limit

    Ramdam mo na ang Kinabukasan

    (again – – the message should be positive)

  41. Gerry says:

    The best is yet to come!

    Philippines, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Philippines, the best is yet to come!

  42. OzyBoy says:


  43. Gerry says:

    One final thought for now.

    Pnoy is part 1. Mar-Grace is Part 2.

    So maybe – – play on that no. 2 or the symbolism of 2.

    The nice things about 2 is that – – -aside from it being a sequel – – – it has good connotations – – – -such as doubling, or power of 2 or squaring – – -it connotes fast tracking something

    So using visuals, the Mar-Grace team can use the number 2 to their advantage.


    Progress Squared (but use the number 2 – -as in raised to the power of 2 visual)

    Part 2 of Progress

    Progress x 2

    Anyway – throwing out ideas out there to whoever in the LP team is interested to get perspectives and ideas.

    *I am not affiliated with any party and I don’t even live in the Philippines. I am Filipino but now a Canadian citizen. Thus, in team binay’s eyes and many Philippine purists – – -I am not a Filipino! Lol.

  44. Gerry says:

    Some hashtags: anti-binay

















  45. Johnny Lin says:

    More Bad News for Binay

    Latest Private Survey Results – polled last July 28-Aug 3 post SONA
    Poe————– 29%
    Binay———— 18%
    Roxas———– 16%
    Duterte———- 10%
    Estrada———- 9%
    Santiago——— 8%
    Marcos———– 2%
    Cayetano——– 1%
    Undecided—— 7%

    Big chunk of Binay’s loss of support from previous 22% came from Class C, D and E while Roxas gained 5% from previous 11% attributed to the endorsement of the President. The Vice president’s support has whittled down and overtaken by Poe in Mindanao region.

    Survey was commissioned by a financial group involved in banking and BPO, known supporters of Binay previously. Respondents were asked to give 3 names. The results were for the top preference. On their second choice Roxas edged Binay slightly, however, both behind Poe who remained still the top choice. Margin of error is +–2.5%.

    Statistically, Binay and Roxas were even in the survey, much below the percentage points garnered by Poe. Survey was done by an international firm with IT and call centers all over the Philippines thinking of establishing a permanent logistical company in Southeast Asia. According to the firm, it’s result is statistically similar to the forthcoming results recently undertaken by two known pollsters, SWS and Pulse Asia.

    • Gerry says:

      If this is a reliable poll, this somehow dilutes the argument of “unity” to defeat Binay. Clearly, this poll somehow justifies poe, binay, and mar all running for the presidency.

      I had wished that binay actually had stronger numbers so that mar-grace would combine forces.

      I had been a pro-grace person but was getting used to the idea of a mar-grace tandem.

      What will convince me to go back to grace is if her platform is more progressive and “subversive” than that the LP platform. I really want sweeping changes to the way the Philippines does things.

      • If Binay’s standing in the survey will further decline, Mar-poe tandem is still good, that is, if Poe says yes to Mar…a clear majority in the actual election is much better than a close fight or just a plurality among 5 candidates….a win with just a minor edge is prone to election protests which is emotionally and financially draining.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      It is best Binay give up his presidential ambition. Else, he should consult with Donald Trump.

    • nielsky says:

      If I may think loud. This might encourage Chiz or Allan to run for president given the likelihood that either one comes out the best debater and therefore the preferred presidential candidate.

      Just a thought.

  46. Nyxx says:

    “MARangal na panunungkulan,
    para sa maunlad na bayan”

  47. With a name like Jejomar
    who would have thought
    corruption is not far
    but the poor can be bought
    my poor countryman
    please prove this a lie
    Vote for the right man, Mar
    continue the tuwid na daan

    With a name like Jejomar
    short for Jesus Joseph and Mary
    sacrilege thoughts should be far
    why the rosary then with a bold B?

    hehe..not much rhyme in there, I think…

  48. Quaddie says:

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
    Hanp-buhay, hanap-buhay, hanap-buhay.

    That is the slogan that will resonate with the masa – provided it is accompanied by a workable plan of action – UNBEATABLE!.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      DAAN MATUWID – Unbeatable
      Never mind HUSTISYA MATUWID, it is still GREEK TO FILIPINOS.

  49. Jean says:

    Come 2016,
    The race shall begin anew,
    Who shall come out on top, you ask?
    Well, that’s entirely up to you

    There are candidates for every sort,
    You could go with an Arthur, should you like.
    He would rule most likely without spite.
    But if that doesn’t really float your boat,
    Then place your vote with Voldimort.

    Whatever you do, just remain true,
    And always remember
    Your vote is not just about you.

  50. chempo says:

    Before this forum closes I like to say maraming salamat to my personal translator Mary Grace. The punch may be gone, but I get the lines.

    MEMES, HASHTAGS, SLOGANS AND CATCHPHRASES — hope Andrew don’t mind, I’ll include a theme song.
    From me, I’ve posted this before, but worth a re-post.
    I’m switching camp and came up with the UNA theme song for them to blast each time Binay steps up to the rostrum.

    • WBAR says:

      Proverbs 10:9 People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.

      @chempo…You might be interested in changing the lyrics to identify the man who is against “Tuwid na Daan”.:-)

      (Bowers / Sennett / Madden)

      Trini Lopez – 1965

      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown
      Oh yes, my roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown

      There was a crooked man and he had a crooked smile
      Had a crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile
      Had a crooked cat and he had a crooked mouse
      They all lived together in a crooked little house

      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown
      Oh yes, my roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown

      Well, this crooked little man and his crooked little smile
      Took a crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile
      Bought some crooked nails and a crooked little bat
      Tried to fix his roof with a rat-a-tat-tat

      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh, oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown
      Oh yes, my roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown

      Now this crooked little man and his crooked cat and mouse
      They all lived together in a crooked little house
      Has a crooked door with a crooked little latch
      That’s a crooked group with the crooked little patch

      Uh-huh oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh oh no, don’t let the rain come down
      Uh-huh,no no, don’t let the rain come down
      My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown
      Oh yes, my roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown!

  51. chempo says:

    – I advised hard-headed Aquino on Corona, other key issues—Binay (Philippines Enquirer)
    – UNA/KBL sign convenant vs poll fraud
    – Peping Cojuanco predicts a Binay will unless there is fraud

    Michaevillian steps already in place.
    Binay’s mention on his stand on Corona was of course meant to appease to LAKAS which is currently intending to support him.
    Mention poll fraud at this stage, so when you loose cry foul in 2016 — there, I told you so, we were robbed. Oh the irony that he is courting the support of the very party that has cheated at the polls big-time.

  52. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha! After all is said and done. The reliable poll in the world is ELECTION. In the University-graduate English-snob Philippines, neither poll nor election is not reliable. GOD HELP THEM.

    • Jean says:

      I’m glad you had a good laugh, that was the intention of the article after all. A little bit of amusement to balance serious matters.

      University graduates = trained to think critically, English = a robust alternative to using one’s dialect Snob = not everything is worth one’s focal attention. <— was this suppose to strike a nerve cause it struck gold with me!

      Polls and elections not reliable = uh in a word YES!, polls can be influenced /skewed and just plain wrong when not conducted properly. No single poll can paint an accurate picture, to substantiate it, you must get several polls and analyze the over lapse and in consistencies. Election results are not necessarily the will of the people, sometimes they are a reflection of a resourceful candidate ( wink wink ). In Short, it would be unwise to take polls and elections at face value.

      GOD HELP THEM = Yes please, that would be super. God's help in any endeavor is always a welcome addition. Oh wait, you said them not us? You can do without God's help? uh good for you I guess…at least you had a good laugh.

  53. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here are important points to all PRESIDENTIABLES !
    1. Always tag along your spouse;
    2. Make spouse visible;
    3. Splash picture with your spouse in tabloids (fake-newspapers)

    All of the above Mar cannot do with his spouse. She leaves a bad taste to the readers and viewers especially to the bakya crowd and the knowledgeables.

  54. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “10 Theories About the Mysterious JoeAm from #SONA2015” – This article or parody is TYPICAL OF FILIPINOS WHO ARE ENG-GET.

    It took me a very long time to grasp the meaning of ENG-GET, now I get it. Catholic Christian Filipinos or just PLAIN FILIPINO go nuclear if my comment cannot be rebutted. My advise to them Sssssh. Stay quiet.

    Silence is Golden.

  55. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Win or lose SAF 44 SHOULD RECEIVE AWARDS. Unfortunately, two of them who has no hashtags and memes were stricken off in the last minute. This will be SCANDAL that will truly be covered up. Well, maybe those two were the cause that Benigno did not receive his award money from Barack.

    Benigno: “Hello, Barack? Benigno here. We killed Marwan. When can we get the reward money?
    Barack: “Hey, yo, Pnoy! Bad news, dude, The American People wanted the body of Marwan”
    Benigno: “We got the finger …. ”
    Barack: “A finger does not kill a person. In Japan, they cut-off their fingers if caughted stealing to this day they are still alive. Is that what your PhD told you? (PhD is Philippine Doctor)
    Benigno: “Aaaaah, OK. Philippine Inquirer said Marwan is dead”
    Barack: “Benigno, I am a busy man. I do not want to go down he-said-she-said. WE WANT EVIDENCE NOT JUST STORIES, OK? Call me once you have Marwan make sure he has his Al Qaeda Membership Photo ID that he is Marwan. BYE!”

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Trump called Barak not to give award. He said Pinoys disrespected Americans like Mexicans sending criminals to US illegally. AFP sent Marwan’s middle finger.

      • BFD says:

        I think Train has a pending case with the Ombudsman that’s under investigation so maybe when if Train’s culpability would be resolved or absolved by the Ombudsman, it would be given then. As to the other one, I don’t know, but I think they were given the SAF 44s were given the Medalya ng Kagitingan already by the President himself, and I think it’s in Malakanyang’s mind, they’ve already given the highest medal that could be given to ALL SAF44s, not just two of them.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        20-year-old Santa Clarita Pinoy held for rape and kidnapping 14-year-old girl after Immigration court appearance whcih he was given a stay of deportation.

        A Filipino grandmother threw her toddler grandson from mall’s fourth floor

        A Family of crooks living in a mansion who held the books of Jew Lawyer who went bankrupt and gave up his Malibu home while the Filipino family of crooks sent their children to Jewish Marlborough school a totally unreacheable tuition even Napoles cannot afford.

        The nation’s largest Chevrolet dealer in the U.S., NO KIDDING, IN THE U.S. that sold car’s title two times maybe three times.

        Not all Pinoys are crooks. Most of them just steal pencils and pens from the office and send it balikbayan to the Philippines.

        Generally Pinoys in America are good people but not good to fellow Pinoys. Why is that?

    • Publish this and your other comments here in a book entitled “fiction, for literary purpose only”.. who knows, it could be a best seller. oh, wait, you want to be a radio commentator, with the Philippines and PNOY as object of your derisive jokes cum political opinions.

  56. Edward says:

    Hi Joe,

    Speaking of the 2016 elections I just wanna say that I am all in for Mar. Here is hoping his ability and credibility can compensate for his lack of charisma and charm.

    I hope you do not discredit some personalities just because they, at some point, disagreed with PNoy… Walden Bello (check his advocacies, why he was such an important ally to 2010 Aquino Run)… Grace Poe and the many bills she filed and the yellow advocacies she supported (FOI, K-12, BBL)… Some in UNA are good people too… Just as you can excuse poor choices made by Aquino as good political play, I hope you can see the same for these people you’ve prejudged.

    As for PNoy, one of his strongest weak point is his sometimes poor judgment and choice of friends. His many accomplishments are due to people of integrity he assigned to cabinet posts. But his failures are also due to friends he favored and placed in cabinet, in particular:

    Dinky Soliman (old hack from Arroyo regime who lacks innovation in tackling poverty)

    Jun Abaya, for DOTC and LTO woes

    Alcala of Agriculture, rice scam/price fixing/smuggling

    Garin of DOH, political reasons

    Alberto Lina, his business interest conflicts with Customs, divestment not credible (he may not be owner by name, but hard to believe he no longer have interest)

    Purisima, who helped screw up Mamasapano

    Puno, who helped screw up Manila Hostage Crisis

    And now, Sec Joel Villanueva, a favorite of the president, but whose face I see in all TESDA infomercials and billboards. Clearly an EPAL that runs counter to PNoy’s no wangwang and daang matuwid.

    The president has a weakness for friends, not only is he blind to their ill doings, he defends, praises them uncritically. It’s not that Aquino is inflating SONA numbers. He is merely spelling out what was reported to him, and some of his cabinet men are uncredible, making exaggerated claims that embarasses the president (remember the promise for rice sufficiency, and the recent report on OFWs/number of pinoys leaving, etc)

    PS: I really do hope Grace teams up with Mar, it’s a dream team. She will surely learn lots from the low-profile but hardworking Mar. And her emotional appeal will bring color to otherwise dull Mar personality.

  57. BFD says:

    Back to meme, I’m trying this one for size…

    Straight path VS Crooked path
    Leah Navarro VS Balahura and Balasubas
    Rise of a Nation VS Death of a Nation
    Mar VS Binay
    Choice is yours

  58. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: “I’ll be taking a weekend break …

    This is very unlike JoeAm. For the past many years he never have had a “weekend break”. A month maybe absolutely not a “weekend”. He just had a month long break to America. A weekend is just two days. What can anyone do in two days in the Philippines when it takes two hours to teletransport from one end of EDSA to the other. An hour to get to an airport. Another two hours to check in for a flight. In the Philippines a day is wasted to get from one place to another.

    Unless his family is whisked in a Presidential helicopter … to Malacanang for personal appearance and recognition.

    A weekend break immediately after Benigno mentioned him in SONA? After internet chatters and guessing game Googling who JoeAm is? With his family? Hmmmm …. to somewhere, this time, he is not telling …. ?

    I can only guess. Is he “invited” to Malacanang? An interview. A pat in the back, “keep up the good work” to be Benigno’s covert Press Secretary or Media Liaison where others have failed?

    Anti-Binays accused me of being paid hacked of Binays. No I am not. It is not that I am not telling. It is not because I signed confidentiality agreement. Because I am not a paid hack!!! JoeAm may not also be telling.

    Hey, Joe, tell us the good news. We won’t tell !!! 🙂 We have confetti ready for victory parade.

    Take that Benign0 … No! No! No! Not Benigno … that Benign0 over at GetRealPhilippines.

    P.S. Korina is still missing …. Inquirer better run a Missing Person Report.

    • for the nth time, she is not missing…if you mean in TV Patrol, she has already explained that before and just recently, after Mar got PNOY’s endorsement as LP’s presidential candidate. Joe has commented about it, I think. What literary expression can be had in repeating that missing Korina of yours? Just curious.

  59. Rasec3 says:

    Then: Ang aking ina galing ng palengke, magaan ang kalooban, mabigat ang basket na dala. Ngayun: mabigat ang kalooban, magaan ang basket na dala… Why and what happened? Anu pa ang mas masahol sa agwat ng hirap at yaman? Agwat ng pinagaralan….ah I love the political soundbytes. 🙂

    • Inflation today is lower than in Marcos’ time. Devaluation of our Philippine peso was one of the IMF and WB prescriptions together with austerity measures, and raising taxes when Marcos defaulted in paying his theft ridden foreign loans (At least the Cory admin was given concessions after her famous speech in the US Congress right after EDSA People Power 1). We inherited this problem, aggravated by Asian crisis near the end of Ramos admin… the first world crisis hardly affected us. At least we are not in Greek situation now, same with Puerto Rico and the rest of the PIIGS nation…Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Spain. Lets all work so we can sustain what PNOY has initiated.

  60. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    When can the bureaucrats, cabinet members, more especially the LAWMAKING SENATORS will ever learn from Americans?

    This is how my countrymen report news and crimes, follow this link:

    If anyone can tell me why these non-U.P. police report events like this which is totally absolutely OPPOSITE from U.P. journalists, I will give you peeps rewards.

  61. surfer sison says:

    off topic lang.

    the Palace is being blamed for the non-inclusion of the SAF men in PNP awards recently.

    here is the official statement:

    their awards are still undergoing review. it is just delayed.

    my unofficial and politically incorrect statement:
    puros kayo batikos na si presidente ang may kasalanan ng lahat.
    dinidikta pa ninyo kung ano ang dapat gagawin ng ating pangulo.
    ang yabang yabang ninyo.
    nag-sorry na nga si pnoy, hindi pa daw sapat….

    did the SAF and their families show Honor and Valor during and after the Mamasapano incident ?
    Is that the kind of behavior worthy of being Honored ??? 💡

    nek nek niyo. 👿

  62. nielsky says:

    So says Mary Grace Gonzales and let us quote:

    “You know, with so many new readers visiting here, I can’t let any comment here that cries for a rebuttal go unchallenged. Ignoring, not reading and not responding might be taken as if it is a fact, (or an agreement) because no one is opposing. One new reader (Jerome) would like to print this blog (and the discussions) to be shared to his circle of influence so I don’t want to take a chance.

    I engaged r r just for the reasons stated, he has his own agenda, Joe got fed up and he got suspended. He denied being pro Binay but his posts proved otherwise. And PP, we can take contrary views and engage them, but snide and insulting comments are so not tolerated here by the blog administrator.

    Masochist, that’s me. My one and only sacrifice for the cause of a better Philippines.”

    If I even have to take offense on the mention of me and the tone and complexion of such a disheartening statement of an ‘acting moderator’ whose claim, again, is so much unfounded, I can seem to see the Sword of Damocles being hovered over our heads. Is this so?

    • The sentence with PP in there is a general statement, a reaction to your response to Chit. It will be very presumptuous of me to be an “acting moderator”. It is just my observation o how discussions are being ably managed by the blog administrator and owner.

      I was so used to the way we discuss things here and even in Raissa’s wherein we can react to any comments even if they are not directed to us specifically. A free wheeling discussion not just a one on one conversation.

      My apologies if you felt alluded.

  63. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


    The LAWMAKERS are now in the majority in PDAF/Napoles Pork Barrel. They can now pass a law to make PDAF/Napoles Pork Barrel LEGAL and apply it RETROACTIVELY!

    If Sereno can did it in outdating Aguinaldo Principle so are the LAWMAKERS can did it, too !!!

  64. jameboy says:

    Anti-Roxas jeers: Boring, walang dating! Walang konek (connect) sa masa.
    Anti-Binay jeers: Hindi lang maitim, sobrang takaw din! Malakas ang kolek (collect) sa masa!

    PNoy’s exit chant: Sa dilaw walang matakaw. Kung gusto n’yong utuloy ang matuwid at hindi na tayo tumagilid, Mar lang mga ‘igan para sa bayan.
    Binay’s proclamation chant: Maitim man ang mga Binay mayaman naman kami sa kulay (ng pera). Gusto rin namin ang ‘matuwid na daan’ tuwid. Tuwid na daan all the way to our banks!

    Mar Roxas’ chant: Kung ayaw n’yo bahala kayo! Hala, sumama kayo sa Dimonyo!
    Binay’s counter-chant: Siya, halika na kayo!
    Grace Poe’s: Chiz, sa’ tayo?

    Campaign slogans:

    Mar: Trabaho lang walang personalan.
    Binay: Walang trabaho, puro nakawan.
    Grace: Wala lang.
    Duterte: Isang bala ka lang.

    Mar: Para sa masaganang buhay.
    Binay: Para sa masaganang pamilya. Namin.
    Grace: Chiz, ano sa ‘tin?
    Duterte: Para sa “katahimikan” at “kapayapaan” ninoman.

    Campaign Promise:

    Mar: Itutuloy ko ang Matuwid na Daan para sa kaunlaran at kapayapaan. Masisiguro n’yo ang malinis at walang corruption na serbisyo publiko.

    Binay: Puputulin ko ang matuwid na palpak at bubuhayin ko ang 44 SAF! Gagawin kong isang malaking Makati ang Pilipinas. Tatadtarin ko ng parking lots ang bansa at mga Boy Scouts na ang aking itatalagang close-in security.

    Grace: Tuwid o baluktot man, si Chiz na ang bahala d’yan!

    Duterte: Tuwid na mga paa, este, daan, ‘yan ang aking maipapangako. Gagawin kong malaking Davao City ang Pilipinas at palalawakin ko ang mga sementeryo sa bawat rehiyon. Sampal (mula sa anak ko) ang aabutin ng mga kokontra sa akin.

    Lol’ 😄

  65. nielsky says:

    The next time a ‘troll’ shouts out loud such slogan: “DON’T X, WHEN THERE IS AN X'” [incomprehensible though], simply dismiss it.

    There is this Lans Korprol Ekz [unintelligible though] who claims and I quote: “I’ve never wrote an article only to pretend I was someone else on the comment thread:

    And the name that appears to have said that quoted statement who trolls around like a suckpuppet if not actually a suckpuppet goes by the handle that reads: LCpl_X (@LCpl_X), which is definitely undecodeable you might say,pretty much like the secret key of a combination lock if one were to open a vault. I cannot even type it as quickly as I may.

    Since he voluntarily posted a link as his apparent proof of pure honestly, one is urged to open it and it was an article that guested in Joe America’s. Clearly, he was bragging, for his own reason. I said sorry I didn’t have to read it but am sure, maybe others did.

    It is only and only then that I knew of a now Lance Corporal X as author of an article but definitely not as a name in the comment thread..

    So the point I am trying to drive at is this: one, that there is this LCpl_X (@LCpl_X then two, there is this Lance Corporal X. By appearance, these are two different names, identities, handles whatever. Therefore, if pure honesty demands being identified in the same way without the slightest sign of pretension, maybe such claim operates in a vacuum.


    • Primer/nielsky,

      That’s like saying Mister and Mr. confuses you. Stop spinning the carousel.


      Why didn’t you identify yourself as Primer Pagunuran the writer of the article, from the beginning?

      With all that edumacation under your belt, you should be able to answer such a simple question. Remember the President of the Philippines reads this blog–he’s probably having a good laugh right now with his staff.

      He’s probably saying, “That’s not very Daang Matuwid of Primer”–another slogan to consider.

  66. Johnny Lin says:

    From different comments in #hashtags, memes, slogans and catchphrases, noticeable is the firm resolve of everyone to promote Roxas to make him win the election because each one believes he/she can make a difference towards the righteous path of the Philippines and its people, by doing something in any form started by Pres Aquino including the use of social media in demoralizing and demeaning the arch rival Binay.

    Creed of Roxas supporters:

    “One can accomplish something upon realizing his action is for the greater good, turn around the nation by starting to kick ass”- MARVEL

    Mabuhay, Agents of SHIELDS ( Sa Husgado, Impierno, Entablado, Lalaban Derecho ang Sambayanan)

    Kung si Raissa may CPMers Si Joeam may SHIELDS

    He he he!

  67. Bing Garcia says:

    Mr. Aquino’s endorsement will have a negligible effect on Roxas’ ratings, Osmeña said in a radio interview.

  68. Jasmin G says:

    To people thinking twice about voting for Mar because of Korina, I say: “Bayan muna, bago inis kay Korina!” 🙂

  69. BOROROY says:

    Walang CORRUPT na MAHIRAP. Binay pa rin….

  70. Angelo Falcon says:

    Urgent / impt task at hand is to tell the admins of the Facebook pages / websites of LP and Mar Roxas to use Filipino / Tagalog / local languages in getting the propaganda/message across.

    Wala tayong mapapala sa ka i Ingles nila! “Father of BPO industry” achieves little to the imagination! ABC voters are already sold on Mar. Dun sila magtuon ng pansin sa classes CDE!

    English will not put the message across. Tagalog / Filipino will! Hay, I messaged the admins, di ata nila nabasa. Hay.

    P.S. I am personally willing to work for Mar on the ground, on the campaign trail. Any leads as to how to do so?

  71. Johnny Lin says:

    Roxas camp should emphasize this phrase during the campaign to stick on Binay’s character


  72. mcmxciv says:

    When Binay ran for VP, he’s strategy worked well. But I doubt it will still work the way he wanted to this coming election, he looks like a fool himself digging his own grave.

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