The science of bullshit

By Joe America Science is the discipline of discovering new truths. Statistics are the stuff of scientists and liars alike. I learned a little bit about statistics in college, which is one reason I joined the army right away. To get away from it. But then, later in life, I found the disciplines useful in … Continue reading

“Comical Phil”

By Joe America I imagine many Filipinos do not know of the historical character from Iraq nicknamed “Comical Ali”. He was the spokesman of the late President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. The nickname was assigned by British journalists as a takeoff of the tag applied to Iraq’s Defense Minister, “Chemical Ali”, an unkind reference to … Continue reading

“Let’s see if I have this right . . .”

By Joe America I’d like to confirm that my thinking is properly aligned with, and supportive of, the Duterte Administration. You know, to abide by the terms of my resident visa. As I understand it, that hokey “rising star of Asia” slogan was propaganda promoted by the failed Aquino Administration, a bunch of losers who … Continue reading


w by Andrew Lim Gotcha! I am not asking him to resign as President. What I am asking, specifically: for President Duterte to resign immediately and irrevocably his executive functions that involve the following: the economy and foreign policy. Allow me to argue the case. When one starts to see conspiracy when there is none, it … Continue reading

VP Binay is a rotten onion

Please allow me to speak with a little pith and vinegar. I believe a fundamental freedom is being threatened and Philippine mainstream media seem to have turned their heads. Well, they are members of the entitled class, after all. They don’t work to take care of the Philippines. They serve their master$. Of course we know that … Continue reading