Have you hugged your DDS combatant today?

By JoeAm There are a lot of provocations around these days, social media visits from trolls and the presidents who hire them. I have learned that it is futile to engage people who are on a mission to confuse the conversation or poke people in the eye. I do admire the sophistication of the best … Continue reading

“Gooooooood morning, Philippines!”

I’ll add this third song on the yellow theme. The US went through a social revolution during the 1960’s with a raising of her compassionate conscience. This song shows why, and how. It could today be dedicated to Boracay.  

SONA? Better to ask the farmer.

Comment by Chemrock on the prior blog, adapted from this old joke or that . . . Stable, growing economy : You have 2 cows. They have been producing 20 pints of milk daily since 2010. The government says they helped you to increase the cows’ lactation. You squeeze like hell but the cows are … Continue reading

Peering at Senator Sotto in the manner of Jonathan Swift

By JoeAm The way I figure it, writer Jonathan Swift, who died in 1745, was one of the world’s first bloggers. Well, in those days, they called him a “political pamphleteer”, but the profession is the same: frequent writings that inform or provoke or advocate. Swift was a master at it. He is best known … Continue reading

That Animal Called Presidency

  by Popoy Del R. Cartanio Minds fly to the sky Brains scatter to the winds Only to hit the ground with fire Only to unscatter neurons and weathered as rocks of reason. — Popoy The Presidency of any country is an aqueous entity which can be turned into a solid concept along side higher titles … Continue reading