Worshiping idols instead of electing leaders

Imitation 500

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and The Casualties

It occurred to me that Philippine voters, being broadly of the emotional and unread variety, do not really have much knowledge about their preferred candidates. They are making choices on the basis of what tabloid media report in their sensational headlines, or what candidates craft in terms of advertising, or what their friends and family tell them locally, after having listened to the barangay captain who is being paid a hefty fee to endorse a candidate. They do not care about platform and would not read it if one were published.

Platform is boring. Emotional advocacy is fun. It’s fulfilling. It fills a need, to have a cause, a purpose, a passion. It’s the same as rooting for Pacquiao. We have a star, an idol to cheer, to relate to.

And so we can see that presidential politics generates a form of idol worship. A candidate comes to represent both what the voter likes, or wants, or needs, and how he views himself. The candidate’s fans tend to emulate . . . to copy . . . what they like about their candidate.

  • We can see that a good many of the followers of Duterte turn threatening, abandon human rights (free speech is one), and try to intimidate opponents into silence. That is their understanding of “discipline”.
  • The followers of Senators Poe and Escudero turn critical of everything the government does so they can posture themselves as agents of change by proposing to do exactly what government is already doing. They have no patience with those who can’t see the halo on Senator Poe’s ever-suffering little foundling head. If a decision turns bad, it is someone else’s fault. Always.
  • The followers of Vice President Binay deny the facts laid out in Senate testimony. They also blame every problem that Binay faces on someone else, and they claim their candidate can make the Philippines whole again. They try to intimidate opponents and they make up stories and call them “truth”.
  • The followers of Senator Marcos redefine both the current reality and history. They see only the good things President Marcos did and wipe their hands of the bad. They long for the charismatic speaker railing from the balcony, and these fans rail away at opponents as if they were standing on the balcony themselves. Discussing issues is offensive to them.
  • The followers of Senator Santiago are . . . well, I don’t know. Detached from how decisions for today affect tomorrow.
  • The followers of Mar Roxas look at the facts and speak of common sense.
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Rod Stewart fans

Neither Binay, Duterte, Poe, Escudero nor Marcos make any sense at all to me. They promise the world proposing crazy things like cutting taxes and putting up infrastructure as if expressways were bought off the rack at Robinsons. They are in it to win the simple points of popularity and don’t really care if it makes sense or not, as long as their fans buy it.

All four want to cozy up to China. Where is their allegiance, really? Nation or self?

Duterte wants to shut down Congress and kill people, though we can’t know if he means it or not, because he plays mind games all the time. Who really knows Duterte, I wonder? Who’s willing to bet THEIR life on what he will do in office?

Binay, Poe and Escudero want to cut taxes and fix poverty at the same time. They never mention how much the nation will have to borrow to make that equation work out right.

And their fans buy it. They recite the same generalist, populist, emotional arguments. They wear the same verbal clothes as their idol, walk the same walk, talk the same talk.

Idols and their worshipers.

Well, this is substantially a Christian nation, and I knew the Bible has a few things to say about that, so I looked it up. Here are a few reference verses (with my notes in bold type, in parentheses):

  • 1 Sam 15:23 (NIV) For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. (Duterte)
  • Eze 8:12 (NIV) He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of the house of Israel are doing in the darkness, each at the shrine of his own idol?” (Binay, Poe, Escudero, Marcos)
  • 2 Pet 2:18 (NIV) For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of sinful human nature, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. (Duterte, Binay, Poe, Escudero, Marcos)
  • 1 Cor 12:1-2 (NIV) . . . I do not wish you to be ignorant . . . somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to dumb idols. (Followers of candidates who cite emotional, populist arguments)
  • Isa 41:29 (NIV) “See, they are all false! Their deeds amount to nothing; their images are but wind and confusion.” (All populist candidates who ply emotional arguments)
  • Ps 97:7 (NIV) All who worship images are put to shame, those who boast in idols . . . (Yeah; better to understand their platforms)
  • 1 Sam 12:21 (NIV) Do not turn away after useless idols. They can do you no good, nor can they rescue you, because they are useless. (I agree)
  • Isa 57:12-13 (NIV) “I will expose your righteousness and your works, and they will not benefit you. When you cry out for help, let your collection [of idols] save you! The wind will carry all of them off, a mere breath will blow them away. . .” (Voters should do that before the sinning idols are elected, eh? Save God the trouble.)


Well, the point of the Bible is that we ought not emulate the ways of idols, but find better behavior in the ways of the Lord. As a secularist, I translate that into meaning we ought to find ways that are forthright, thoughtful and kind. Not ways that are sinful, greedy, and power-mad.

Imitation 50 Cent

Fans of 50 Cent

So I wonder about Christians voting for Binay. What’s with that? Or Poe’s populist gameplaying, where her positioning on issues is more important than truth. Seems a departure from the Christian way based on what I learned in Bible study. Or Duterte’s fondness for the word “kill”. He reminds me of the Old Testament God, who was corrected with the New Testament kindness of Jesus. I guess he never got to that part of the Bible. Marcos? Ach, so many expoundings and railings, so little intelligent, kind work done. Take take take.

I see the behavior of the fans of these idols and I can only wish for an attitude re-adjustment.

I wish that they would grow up past adolescence, that they would read for information, and that they would think with their brains instead of their esteem or their emotions. Their defensive rationalizations and name-calling are just too much. How about just being honest, you know? Forthright. Rational. Mature. Respectful.


The Philippines is at a decision point. Forward, with rational and earnest work done under the direction of leaders with integrity. Or backward with idols who stoke emotions and think the presidency is a teenage lark with no real accountability for anything at all.

To the idol worshipers, anybody can be president. Even thieves, opportunists, murderers and cancer-riddled jokesters if they sell their schtick well. If they go against the grain of today’s successes by pretending they can make the Philippines into an ideal, problem-free nation.

Like all those other problem-free nations, such as . . . such as . . . ah, nevermind.

Why should we worry, anyway?

  • Integrity?
  • Earnest work?
  • Respect?

Who cares?

It’s only the Philippines.


504 Responses to “Worshiping idols instead of electing leaders”
  1. Squared says:

    This is why you don’t see too many pro-mar roxas post, mar roxas’ supporters stick to facts only. Du30 on the other hand stick to fucks and fairy tales.

    You can’t have a platform that says reduction of taxes and at the same time doubling of government employees salary. Anyone who believes that is the root of the PH problem.

    Duterte kills criminals and

    du30 cult supports him because they are desperate and criminality is too much.. Du30 cult accepts this flawed concept.

    And yet, when you ask the average snatcher why he does what he does,
    he will say that he only does it because he is desperate and the poverty is too much for him,

    and somehow he’s the one that is supposed to be killed.

    Logic and Du30 cult doesnt really work well.

    Now there are even supporters who denies the existence of DDS. saying that since no case has been filed, that means there is no proof that DDS exists, and yet they accept that Davao is safe based on the personal feelings of the majority of people who live in Davao, somehow that is a more acceptable proof than PNP records that puts Davao in 4th place of most reported crimes in the PH.

    • Joe America says:

      New reports are out that the safety of Davao is purely myth. Cases of rape and abuse are up dramatically. Watching the Mayor, one can comprehend why.

      • Joke from a commenter in Raissa’s blog:

        Grace Poe: foundling… Mayor Duterte: fondling.

      • Squared says:

        It’s just like the earth being round, Duterte’s cult will argue that it should be obvious to us that the earth is flat that’s what earthlings see and feel. In the same way that Duterte cult will argue that people from Davao feels that they are safe just because they feel safe.

        • Joe America says:

          I think insanity is denial of reality.

        • sonny says:

          Paraphrased from long ago:
          The murderer who just killed his parents: Forgive me because I’m now an orphan!

        • I have seen the earth’s curvature… when I was on Madeira, which is basically an extinct volcano rising out of the sea… one just has to go up the mountain, which I did.

          Columbus live on Madeira for a while… so he for sure also had that perspective.

        • DON SAMONTE says:

          No wonder na nag PI si Digong dahil sa inyo…pati ako napa pa PI na rin sa mga comment mo boy. Naririnig mo ba sinasabi mo boy mukhang bilib na bilib ka sa saril mo. Mahirap maging sobrang matalino boy nagiging abnormal ang labas nun. Tsk.tsk.tsk

          • Alam kong pangit ang dating sa iyo ng komentaryo niya, baka masaktan din ako kung suporter ako ni Mayor Duterte… pero tama pa rin ang kanyang ibig sabihin.

            Perspektiba ang pinag-uusapan dito. Taga-Davao ka, alam mo kung ano ang nasa Davao. Mga taga-Maynila, kadalasan akala nila sila lang ang Pilipinas, kaya away na ang Davao at Maynila. Pero kung akyatin mo ang Mount Apo, baka makita mo ang lawak ng Pilipinas. Hindi lang Davao. Hindi lang Maynila. Ang Mindanao mas malaki kaysa Austria. Ang lupain ng buong Pilipinas kasing laki ng Espanya. Walang isang tao kahit superhero na makakaresolba ng lahat ng problema nito. Sistemang maganda lang na may suporta ng karamihan ng mga taongbayan, ng mga pulitiko, ng gobyerno. Kung hindi, kulelat din.

            Mga sobrang talino naman minsan, sa sobrang pag-iisip, nakakalimutan nila ang kanilang kapaligiran kaya napapagkamalang abnoy, pero hindi. Iyong namang sobrang cowboy magresolba ng problema, kulang ang analysis. Nasa pagtimpla iyan, parang kape.

            Walang nagmamagaling dito, sa tingin ko. Nagbibigay lang ng kanilang palagay tungkol sa mga naoobserbahan nila. Respeto ang kailangan, dahil iba’t-iba talaga tayong lahat. Kanya-kanyang karanasan at natuklasan pati pinag-aralan, kaya iba ang mga nakikita.

            Kung kakayanin natin lahat ang magrespeto sa isa’t-isa kahit magkaiba ang pananaw, maari tayong matuto sa isa’t-isa. Kahit saan nakapuwesto, kahit magkaibang prinsipyo.

            • DON SAMONTE says:

              Iyan kasi problema natin masyado ma pride at spoiled kung may papasok na bago at may dalang bagong solution o formula pano baguhin ang Pilipinas…agad.agad babarilin di man lng bigyan ng tsanya. Kaya sinasabi namin d2 sa mindanao di nyo pwede e monopolize ang pagiging presidente. Gusto nyo status quo lng at pag may pagbabagong dala ayaw nyo na lalo na pag di taga maynila o luzon ang magiging leader n2.

              • Sige Don Samonte, Ano ba ang solusyon ni digong? Aber? May sinabi na ba siya na concrete plan?

                Kung wala di wala pala kayong pinaniniwalaan.

                Kung mayroon himayin natin kung JUNK FOOD ba o masustansyang pagkain.

                Sana may masabi ka kasi ang ingay mo na naghahantay kami ng laman/substance sa sinasabi mo.

              • Don Samonte, mabilisang solusyon ang gagawin ni Duterte para sa Pilipinas dahil sa tingin ko lumaki ang ulo niya at akala niya kaya niya. Sa madaliang solusyon na ganyan, masisira ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas. Kailangan ng dahan-dahan at may tamang plano.

                Tungkol naman sa Mindanao, gusto ko rin sana si Duterte para sa wakas meron ding galing Mindanao, pero hindi niya kaya ang pagka-Presidente sa tingin ko. Si Mar naman, hindi iyong spoiled na mayaman na inaakala ninyo. Nagtrabaho na sa New York, hindi sa mataas agad na puwesto sa bangko, kundi sa normal na puwesto, sariling sikap niya. Walang padriño at sitting pretty doon, kaya mas may respeto ako sa kanya kaysa sa ibang mayaman diyan na trabaho agad sa kumpanya ng magulang at yuko sa kanila ang mga ibang empleyado. Si Digong naman, ang nakikita ko ngayon isa lang siyang anak ng pulitiko na barumbado. Buti pa si Erap, talagang natuto sa mahirap. Digong hindi yata. Buti pa si Erap galante at hindi nanghihipo ng babae sa entablado, kahit maraming asawa.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Pasensya pre di ko kc alam kung pano malink mga nagawa ni digong. Pero given naman yan try google it about Davao City 911 and Mayor Duterte’s governance sa Davao. Yan po ay sample ng nagawa at track record nya. Lets be real here. Ilang taon na ba c Mar Roxas humawak ng executive position at kng mataas man karanasan nya d2 all are appointed positions. May elected pero legislative position as senator naging number 1 pero mga parekoy ang presidente ay hindi legislative position o gumagawa ng batas alam nyo yan diba? So pano nya matatapatan ang 18years executive position hinawakan ni Digong di pa kasama ang 6years combined sa legislative position re: congressman and vicemayor plus 10years as city prosecutor. President position ay may similarity din sa Mayor…pero nasa larger scale lang ang presidente. So sa tingin nyo mas qualified pa rin si Roxas?

              • Hindi lang sa gobyerno ni Aquino naging Secretary si Mar Roxas… wala sigurong mas may experience sa pambansang pagpapatakbo kundi siya. Sa mga Senador at Congressman hindi ako bilib agad, dahil ang Secretary tiyak na may ginagawa iyan.

              • inquirercet says:

                Running a country is a team effort. That’s why you need a political party to run a country. It’s foolhardy to think that one guy at the top can change everything on his own. Anyone who has run a company knows this, what more a whole nation.

                Having said that, let’s take a glimpse at duterte’s team…
                Lito benayo, hermogenes esperon, nur misuari, joma Sison. Sino pa?

          • Squared says:

            Hindi mo kailangang ipaalala sa akin na mahirap maging sobrang talino. Matagal ko namg alam yan

      • Ron Angelo says:

        Numbeo is the website saying that Davao is the safest in the world. But the thing is, Numbeo’s numbers are based on user-ratings. It’s what they say on their website. So I guess it’s like Yelp. It’s not based on studies. It’s based on people who happen to have access to the internet. Any Duterte fan can help Davao City’s numbers there.

    • Marie says:

      I am extremely appalled by all the hatred towards Mar Roxas on social media. I had a few hours to study trends on twitter today.

      Mar – Almost all of the tweets (9 in 10) pertaining to him are all negative. Funny thing is they only cite his perceived incompetence and PR gaffes.

      • Antony1234 says:

        Marie, I’m interested in using twitter to study trends as well. In your opinion, what is the best way to analyze tweets and draw conclusions from them? Can you recommend special tools or software? This is for a school final project. Thank you very much!

    • DON SAMONTE says:

      Kung di sang.ayon sa MariMar nyo and DU30 supporters cult na agad? Diba yung cult minority lang? Cno ang minority ngayon sa mga supporters nila? Dba c MariMar? Eh di kau yung kulto d2.

      • Squared says:

        Cult: a situation in which people admire and care about something or someone very much or too much

        Accdg to webster, di ko alam kung saan mo nakuha na ang cult=minority.
        Certainly some definition states that cult = a small religious group of devoted supporters or fans. But mar supporters doesnt fit the bill since we do not see mar as a god messiah. Unlike duterte’s cult who sees him as the 2nd coming as he can do no wrong even if he himself admitted that he was wrong. Case in point, duterte’s cult are still proliferating the lines that says swearing is not bad, even after duterte himself consulted with davao’s bishop, accepted admonishment, and even said that he will donate 1,000 pssos every time he swears.

        • DON SAMONTE says:

          Did I say that the meaning of cult is minority? I thought ur a genius! San po ba kau nakakita na majority ang cult dba po maliit lng yan cla na religious sect? Anyways, my point is kung pano nyo dine defend at pinaniniwalaan ang kakayahan ni Roxas ay ganun din kami kay Duterte and you think kulto na po yan? Edi kulto din pla kau. Correction please….di po namin sinsamba c DU30 na parang messiah o idol may prweba ba kau nyan? We know our politics also, so dont act as if your the only one there in imperial manila who knows ur politics. Lawyer vs Economist u think mananalo kau? Well see. We dont need genius president…yung may common sense lng ok na kami. We tried so many presidents in ur area and nothing happens and now ur selling another TRAPO? NO WAY!

          • Whenever someone uses imperial Manila in a sentence I automatically tune out. It is one of my shorthand for unthinking person.

            • Gian, dont you think its about time that we have someone from the south, just a question? Will you consider the MRT and LRT which is being subsidized by our government which is mainly used here in Manila but all of us is paying it thru our taxes.

              • inquirercet says:

                let’s look at it in another perspective davidebebotski, is it fair that the government earmarked 168B for yolanda affected areas in the visayas? hell yes, because they need it.. i hope that answers your question.


              • The big lie being spread by Duterte supporters in social media is that Roxas stole funds for Yolanda recovery… add to that the second big lie that the rotting rice that some idiots buried because of mistakes in logistics was intended to be used for the Roxas campaign… third big lie is that government money is being diverted for the Roxas campaign, including messages to Pantawid Pamilya and CCT recipients not to vote for Roxas he is epalizing with government money, the money you receive is tax money not Liberal Party money… 😦

              • Squared says:

                Affirmative action concept. Seriously?

              • No for the same reason that I have no issues with the CCT, the FREE PhilHealth for ALL Seniors and Indigents. I even believe in a basic income. I can never forget the feeling of sadness seeing a close friend accept/start a job right out of college that she would secretly hate for half a decade because she didn’t have enough resources to do a proper job hunt. I believe in giving people a fair shake and that includes proper nutrition for children from poor families (One of the GMA projects I can never praise enough).

            • Maria Clara says:

              Agree absolutely! It’s the mindset of bigoted pedestrian minds that think only THEIR way is THE way to go about things!

              • Maria Clara says:

                I’m reacting to giancarloangulo’s comment re tuning out on people who talk about imperial Manila, very narrow-minded to think of Manila that way.

          • Joe America says:

            Kindly restrain yourself from going personal with put-downs. It is a violation of terms for participating here. Just deal with the issues. Thank you.

          • Squared says:

            Kung di sang.ayon sa MariMar nyo and DU30 supporters cult na agad? Diba yung cult minority lang? Cno ang minority ngayon sa mga supporters nila? Dba c MariMar? Eh di kau yung kulto d2.

            Above is your exact comment, “Cno ang minority ngayon sa mga supporters nila? Dba c MariMar? Eh di kau yung kulto d2.”
            In English
            “who is the minority right now with their supporters? Isnt it Marimar? Shouldnt it be you guys who are cults here?”

            Your basic logic says since we dont have much supporters, that puts us in the minority, which means we are the cults.

            Did I say that the meaning of cult is minority? I thought ur a genius! San po ba kau nakakita na majority ang cult dba po maliit lng yan cla na religious sect?

            Even in your reply, you deny that you said that cult means minority, and yet you followed it up with a sentence that is saying that since you guys are the majority, how can you be a cult.

            I don’t even…..oh right you support Duterte, that’s explains why.

          • Squared says:

            You don’t consider Duterte a god, really, could have fooled me.

            Duterte says, that businessmen should just pay NPA’s revolutionary tax, suddenly his supporters are saying that it is the correct action, even though they are the same people who are against BBL, saying incorrectly that BBL is giving money to MILF.

            Duterte says Putangina ka, Pope. Duterte supporters immediately claimed that there is nothing wrong with swearing, even though these are the same people who admonished pastillas girl for swearing in her pastillas making video.

            Duterte says Ramon Bautista was immoral to the women of Davao by calling them hipon, Duterte supporters were quick to admonish Ramon Bautista, Duterte then said what he said about women candidates, and suddenly Duterte supporters where claiming that critics were too sensitive.

            Duterte supporters would say that they are against Political Dynasty, and yet Sara and Digong alternating role as mayor of Davao is somehow not Political Dynasty.

            I could go on and on, but basically the point is, even the most obvious incorrect things becomes correct because Duterte said so,
            If that is not god-like status, I don’t know what is.

            • Liz says:

              Very good points here. A bit surprised when I found out the level of political dynasty they have in Davao.

              But I have to give him points though for maintaining a simple lifestyle, based from an article I read with photos of his house.

              • mart says:

                Digong Duterte – Mayor, Pulong Duterte – Vice Mayor, January Duterte – President, Liga ng Barangay, Sara Duterte – incoming mayor

      • Squared says:

        Furthermore if you think that duterte has enough supporters to win, you clearly have no idea how PH election works. You are proud that duterte got number one in a november survey in metro manila? That’s nothing, raul roco got number 1 in a december survey for the whole philippines, for the 2004 elections, do you know what happened to him? Kids these days think that they know how the world work, it’s really amusing some times

        • DON SAMONTE says:

          Fyi…Iam not born yesterday. Batang 70’s po ako and we witnessed the latter part of Pres. Marcos Governance until PNoy today. And you are telling me about how PH election works here? Ang pag.asa nyo lang para manalo thru cheating and nothing else. Binay ang Poe is a threat to Duterte but Roxas? Ur kidding me.

          • Okay let’s analyze

            MDS no movement so will probably stay as bottom dweller.

            Binay his vaunted solid 26 percent has been reduced to 21 percent a downward trend. If a case is filed between today and up to a month then this 21 percent would probably be 13 -18 percent.

            Grace Poe her lead or upward surge has stopped on fears regarding her disqualification. The bigger the threat the harder it is to fund raise. Creating a downward cycle. I’d say she would get around 20-26 percent why, I’m convinced the residency issue will not hold. But her solid fans I believe to be only as many as that of Mar Roxas at 14 percent

            Mar seems his 14 percent is solid. The machinery is ramping up and the decidedly upbeat and positive campaign of Mar is worth another 10-15 percent which would put her behind or even ahead of grace Poe. The exodus of Duterte supporters would be unevenly distributed between grace and Mar with only a sprinkling for Binay and miriam.

            Duterte as grace Poe has learned nobody except Erap can face everything thrown at you and come out a winner. There is a reason opponents called Erap Teflon President. The rabid supporters of Duterte includes a sizeable number of Marcos Loyalist and the recent rift with BBM and Duterte because of Duterte rejection of BBM is creating another exodus of Duterte Supporters. I have to say that I believe the SWS survey is bunk. The question asked was leading. I’d say the rabid Duterte fans are about 18 percent with the rest just being bandwagon fans.

            This election is far from finished. What we learned from the 2010 it is never too early to go negative. This is why the front runner always has the biggest target on his back.

          • Squared says:

            No major party to support him, how do u imagine his campaign will sustain the next 6 months, Also he claimed that he will not accept donations for his campaign, well this will be fun.

            You think mar is unpopular, His unpopularity is nothing compared to de venecia, the 2nd placer in 2008 election, and was a 6th placer in surveys 6months before the election. Ad ministration candidates are always contender, as well as the main opposition candidate,

            Tell me batang 70s, have you ever seen an independent candidate achieve higher than 2nd place? PDP-Laban is so small a party that it’s essentially an equivalent of a no party.

            Saying our only hope is cheating, is childish. It’s the same with every loser of an election, saying that they were cheated. You’ve never heard the story of the hare vs the turtle?

            All Duterte is doing is helping Binay win.

            Binay should thank Du30 and his minions.They will inadvertently help Binay win

            • DON SAMONTE says:

              Dream on MariMar supporters even nuisance candidates can trump MariMar. Thats your downfall ano akala nyo sa amin first timer sa philippine politics? Lets see. Kaya pala di kau maka relate sa masa kc english kau ng english akala nyo nasa america kau. Kahit ano pa gawin nyo pasensya na di saleable manok nyo. No track record that can support his achievements. Cge nga kung talagang bilib kau kay Roxas ano gagawin nya sa insurgency/rebellion sa mindanao at pano nya sugpuin ang droga na 9 out of 10 every barangay nyo jan sa NCR ay lulong? Baka may nakinabang sa narcopolitics d2 kc wlang nagsasalita sa apat xcept Duterte. Di nyo pwede sugpuin yan ng pa picture lng pre.

              • Ilang taon nang inaayos ang PNP at may nakikita nang epekto. Huwag ninyong sabihin na wa-epek ang CCTV, Oplan Lambat-Sibat at iba pa. Pero sa laki ng problema hindi iyan mareresolba agad. Hindi rin totoo na ang Davao napakasafe, marami pang problema.

                Maiksi at makitid na pag-iisip ang pinapairal ng maraming supporter ni Duterte, problema ng bansa hindi maayos agad, kailangan talaga step by step, kahit si Duterte 30 na taon ang inabot niya para ayusin ang Davao mula sa pinanggalingan, ngayon mukhang lumaki na ang ulo niya akala niya isang bansa na may 42,000 na barangay, 7000 na isla at iba’t-ibang tribo magagawan niya ng madaliang paraan. Baka sa ganyang bigla-biglaan lalong lalaki ang gulo at maraming mawasak. Kung baga sa transportasyon, ang MRT hindi kasing daling ayusin kaysa isang jeepney, puro reme-remedyo hindi oobra diyan. Tsaka ang pangit sa iilang Dutertista, puro na lang insulto. Mag-usap tayo ng maayos.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                No problem Mr. Salazar…paki basa po sa mga thread d2 kng sino ang mga nang iinsulto at sino ang mga iniinsulto. Ako lang ata Duterte d2 na thread lahat po Roxas. Kaya lets be civilized here wag nyo po ako e compara sa ibang supporters na nang iinsulto kasi ako mismo taga Davao City at 1st Hand experience namin napaka gandang serbisyo nya and to think nsa Mindanao kami na sinasabi ng iilan na Magulo. Mali po kayo 22years pa c Mayor as public servant sa Davao hindi 30years sir. Ang Davao City po ang pinaka unang smart city sa pilipinas thru the help of IBM we have more than 2,000 plus hd cctv to help beef.up our security here and only city outside America na may Rescue 911 services and its for free to the Davaoeños. Yung dalawa po na may 911 services ay mga bansa cla pinakauna ang US 2nd ang Canada pero may bayad 911 services nla and some people says na we do not value human life here? C’mon di ba nila napansin yan? Kung sabi nla na takot ang mga taga Davao dahil kay Mayor at ayaw nila na magaya sa amin na to live in fear kaya ayaw nla kay Digong. Fyi po taong 80’s nsa 600k mahigit lang ang population nga Davao City atpresent nearing 2Milyon na po. Pano nila masasabi na we live in fear here na halos nagsidagsaan mga tao d2 and even Luzon and Visayas residents are migranting here? Pano po ba ma explain yun?

              • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

                Este, Don, kaya kami Inggles ng Inggles dito, eh ang nagsimula nitong discussion platform na ito ay isang ‘Markano. Pero kapag kailangang Tagalugin o i-Pilipino, eh, okay lang sa kanya, may google translate naman. Balik sa ‘yo. Maganda ang hangarin, mo, pre. Mabuti nga naguusap-usap tayo ng ganito, para din naman ito sa kapakanan ng ating mga anak. Sino ba naman ang ayaw nang matanggal na lahat ng tinik ng lipunan natin, ‘di ba? Pero hwag sa pamamaraang Duterte. May mali, may tama. Duon lang tayo sa tama. Walang kwenta talaga ang demokrasya, mabagal, maraming pasaway, ‘di ka makakilos ng gusto mo kasi maraming…. Oops, napunta na ako sa oposisyon. Alam mo naman tayo, kahit na siguro si Panginoong Hesu Kristo ang gawing presidente, marami pa ring trolls. Marami pa ring name-calling. Nakakainis, ‘di ba? Yan ang buod ng oposisyon namin sa kandidato mo. Maiksi ang pisi niya. Walang sinasanto. Madaling magwala, gaya ng ginawa niyang paglapastangan sa Pope namin. Siya nga pala, sigurado akong hindi ka Katoliko, kasi kung gawin yun sa pinuno mo, malamang eh aalis ka sa piling ng kandidato mo. Moderno na ang mundo. Mahirap itago ang daan-daang bangkay na lulutang-lutang sa Manila Bay sa unang anim na buwan ni Duterte. Mawawala ang credit rating natin. Yun na muna, baka gusto mong sumagot. Basta ako, gusto ko si Duterte kasi action man siya, pero ayaw ko sa kanya kasi baka magwala siya. At kung magwawala siya, saan ka na, Don? Sasama ka ba sa kanya kahit na mali na ang ginagawa niya kasi nga hindi siya naniniwala sa judicial process, na kahit sobrang nakakabwisit eh, malayo naman na makapatay ang estado ng kahit isang taong inosente sa mga alegasyon. Isip-isip muna tayong lahat. Si Will nga pala ako.

              • Alam ko iyan… marami talagang nagawa si Duterte sa Davao. Pero kaya ba niyang ayusin ang isang bansa? Si Mar Roxas may experience nang humawak sa mga Departamento, lalo na iyong DILG, buong PNP responsable siya, pati sakit ng ulong mga LGU nationwide.

                Yolanda nahirapan siya, pero pinakamalaking bagyo iyan sa kasaysayan ng mundo. Lando napaghandaan ng mabuti kaya wala nang kapalpakan, natuto sila sa pagkakamali.

                Ang hirap sa maraming Pilipino – kasali rin diyan ang iilang LP supporter, pero hindi kasingdami sa mga Duterte supporter – sa kakampi puro pagpupuri, sa kalaban kuno puro kapintasan ang nakikita. Ang katotohanan para sa akin ito: walang perpektong tao, kahit Perfecto at si Perfecta. Pero kung timbangin ko – palagay ko lamang ito – mas kaya ni Mar ang nationwide work, si Digong baka mahirapan kahit sa MMDA pa lang sa laki ng Manila. Tsaka ang mahalaga kung paano maayos ang bansa, hindi kung sino ang manalo o hindi.

              • Heneral Will, iyong sagot ko para kay Don Samonte, nagkasilisian tayo… salamat at nandoon ka ngayon, balikan ko kliyente ko, dumiskarte lang ako na may emergency… 🙂

                Salamat at naandito din si Giancarlo… patunayan natin sa kanila na hindi tayo puro “Inglesero” at “elitista” pagkat kalokohan ito… hindi rin puro mga Barok ang Dutertista…

                ang maganda sa pagpasok ni Digong sa laban, nagkakaroon sa wakas ng diskusyon ang sambayanang Pilipino tungkol sa kanyang diwa at kanyang pupuntahan… ituloy ito.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Will…romano katoliko po ako. Di ako devoted Catholic pero practicing Catholic po ako. Sa 22yrs ni Duterte na namuno sa Davao kilalang.kilala na namin yan. Ganyan talaga yan magsalita lalo na pag pissed off. Pero di mo pwede sabihin na dahil sa slip of the tongue at namura c pope ay burado na lahat nagawa nya sa Davao City for 22years. Di nyo po nakikita at nararamdaman lahat kc naka asa lang kau sa binabalita at mga sinasabi nya pero yung mga magandang nagawa nya ang mga tao ng Davao ang magpapatunay dun. Sori pre ha kc c Digong di po xa gaya ng ibang pulitiko na kada magandang magawa o tulong nka sunod mga yaga media para macover at ma document ang magandang ginawa para magamit sa darating na eleksyon. Saan ka ba nakakakita na kandidato na sabihan kau na wag nyo ako iboto na alam naman ng lahat na pag eleksyon gawin lahat ng kandidato para makakuha ng boto. Pasensyahan nyo na yung ibang mga Duterterista kng ganun asal nla kc ayaw nla na ini insulto si Mayor pero masisi mo ba cla?

              • Squared says:

                I use english because the author of this blog is sn american, this is called respect, something that is alien to people like you

              • Joe America says:

                That’s okay, Squared. I encourage people to write in the language they are most comfortable with. I can pick up the gist of the conversations if I wish, but just can’t participate. I appreciate your thoughtfulness though, in using English.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Ngaun po…kau tanungin ko Mr. Salazar at Mr. Will. Sino po sa palagay nyo ang presidentiable sa tingin nyo may solution na mga problema natin sa bansa di man lahat ma solusyunan pero karapat dapat at ng maikumpara natin track record nila kay Digong at para makumbinsi din ninyo ako na may mas magaling pa kay Mayor aside sa kanya.

              • Si Mar Roxas sa palagay ko ang mas may kompetensya. Humawak na ng mga departamentong pambansa tulad ng DILG, pero hindi lang mga iyon. Sanay na, nagkamali na rin at natuto sa pagkakamali – Lando at Yolanda magkaiba ang preparasyon.

                PNP nirereporma na ng matagal, mga LGU dinidisiplina ng DILG sa pamamagitan ng LGPMS – isang halimbawa. Sumunod si Duterte sa LGPMS kaya maganda sa Davao.

                Isang barangay captain na magaling, hindi kaagad oobra sa pagka-mayor, mas mabuti pa iyong taga-municipal council. Isang halimbawa. Napakalaki ng sakop ng pamahalaan na pambansa. Sa ugali ni Digong, mga magagaling na Secretary baka magtakbuhan lahat.

                Secretary Del Rosario ng DFA halimbawa, professional diplomat. Papayag ba iyan na magpamura kay Digong? Secretary Mario Montejo ng DOST halimbawa. Baka kung anong kalokohan ang iutos ni Duterte sa kanya, masira pa ang mga projects nila.

                Jeepney driver puwede bang magmaneho ng MRT? Parang ganyan ang mangyayari.

              • karl garcia says:

                Mabuti na rin na nanditio ka Don, to add flavor and color and off course you are here to enlighten not convert the converted.

            • DON SAMONTE says:

              Sample na lang po sa mga supporters ni Digong we are all volunteers here and we offer our services for free. Cno po ba lumalapit sa kanila ngaun na mga personalities, artista, opm artists, pba players etc…offering or extending their help to campaign for free? Sa umpisa pa lng nagsabi na po c mayor na di nya gawain ang nanghihingi sa mga political spenders. Same stance ginagawa nya d2 sa Davao ever since at mga tao mismo nag offer by just helping without asking for any returns. Kahit walang funds tatakbo pa rin makinarya ni Mayor u watch and learn. Di gaya sa manok nyo na dependent sa party nya. So pano na yan na nagsilundagan na sa kay Digong support nla ngaun edi lalo kau kulelat nyan? Good example nga c ex sen manny villar na maraming funds pagkatapos kapos sa huli at yun din mangyayari sa LP believe me.

              • at akala mo ba lahat ng pabor kay Roxas (ayoko ng salitang supporters, ako bilib din kay Duterte noong una kaya lang nakumbinse ako na mas maganda ang pamamalakad ng magagawa ni Roxas, hindi ito AlDub vs. Heneral Luna seryosong usapan ito) bayaran?

                Mga nandito at sa iba pang grupo sa Facebook mga bilib sa gustong gawin ni Roxas at bilib sa mga nagawa na niya. Hindi totoo na wala siyang nagawa, o kaya puro palpak. Hindi rin totoo na puro mura at hipo lang si Digong, marami rin siyang nagawa alam ko.

              • Nyxx says:

                I sampled Du30 and Cayetano supporters (you can catch them with this tag: #DuterteCayetano2016), majority of which are fake FB and disqus accounts created around Nov 2015. There seems to be a growing industry of fake likes and followers to hype your candidate. And your target market are the gullible folks who adhere to mob mentality.

              • Squared says:

                You are ignoring historical evidence,
                No independent candidate has ever won the presidency.

                palagay mo ba may nababayaran kami ni joeam? Pati si monsod? Ingat sa sagot, may cyber libel na.

                Granted maaaring matalo si mar kaso mananalo si binay, since sya ang main opposition candidate.

                I watch and learn? utak 20 years old ka pa rin ba? Nagpapanggap ka lang yata na batang 70s e. Tatakbo ang makinarya ng walang pondo? Naniniwala ka pa rin ba na totoo si santa claus?

                Malamang may lilipat kay duterte na galing LP. ka-coalition ng LP ang party ni butete, syempre merong mga mas malapit sa kanya na lilipat.

                Alam mo ang candidacy ni butete ay 2 lang ang pwedeng maidulot, manalo si mar or manalo si binay.

                And since dating LP si butete at dahil sa ginawa nya ay may mga lumipat na LP. Kasalanan nyo kung bakit si binay ang susunod nating presidente

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Nagpapatawa ka ba squared? Anong klaseng pangalan yan. Kayo nang iinsulto kay Mayor at tinatawag ng kng ano.ano tapos pag sinagot kau at binalik sa inyo yung putik tatakutin mo ako ng cyber libel suit? Mabuti na lang at 20’s ang asal eh ikaw totoy? 10years old? Wala akong sinabi na nabayaran kau ikaw may sabi nyan. Ang sinasabi ko kami sa kampo ni Duterte our services are free at di kami magkaka kilala lahat. Sabi ko nga sau tingnan nyo kami and learn kng pano manalo with limited resources and still get the job done. Sample lang pre sa media mileage dont tell me sa mga political ads nyo sa tv walang bayad? E si digong puro free lahat magsasalita pa lang halos magsitakbohan na mediamen para marinig ano sasabihin nya maganda man ito sa inyong pandinig o hindi. Negative or positive publicity is still publicity. Dun pa lang pre malayo na diskarte nyo ngaun sabihin mo impossible? Nag number 1 sya sa survey pero nagmumura pa yan? Cguro kng di nagmura baka landslide na. Kuha mo na ibig ko sabihin boy?

              • Squared says:

                “Sample na lang po sa mga supporters ni Digong we are all volunteers here and we offer our services for free”

                Implication being that we aren’t offering our service for free?

                “Nag number 1 sya sa survey pero nagmumura pa yan? ”

                Basically, this is what assures me that you’re either a 2 digit IQ person or someone who’s lying about being a child of the 70s.

                It was stated in the news that the survey was conducted a week before he did the swearing fiasco. obviously you aren’t the read the news type, and more like let’s let my emotion do the talking.

                You’re bragging about a survey 6 months before the election, on a suspect question construction? This just exposes your knowledge of PH election. Which is equivalent to zero.

                E si digong puro free lahat magsasalita pa lang halos magsitakbohan na mediamen para marinig ano sasabihin nya maganda man ito sa inyong pandinig o hindi

                ah, like the coverage of the minion march? where not a single aerial shot has been made.

                I decided that this is my last reply, you are too juvenile to talk to, you know nothing about PH politics, and elections. No one who knows PH election would celebrate a #1 in a survey 6 months before the election. PH Election is a war of attrition, And you will lose a war of attrition if you don’t have resources.

                Personally, I don’t care who wins anymore, as long as it isn’t Butete.

              • Joe America says:

                “Deep breaths, Squared, in with the good air, out with the bad, in with the good, out with . . .”

                When someone is here to push an agenda, it is futile to discuss. You are right. Ignore. It is possible to consign someone to irrelevancy. And it saves wear and tear on the breathing apparatus.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Yan hirap sau Squared. Nagmamarunong ka na naman. Nadidinig mo lang sinasabi mo. Di ako nagkukunwari pre 1976 ako pinanganak baka ikaw nagkukunwari? Kaya wag mong sabihin na ikaw lang may alam sa politics d2. Ang hirap sa inyo di nyo matanggap tanggap yung facts. Ginigiit nyo ang di pwede gumagawa pa kau ng istorya. Pag kau na criticized balat sibuyas na. Lets face it bailiwick na ni Digong ang Mindanao and some parts of visayas and slowly penetrating luzon especially NCR. Di ko maintindihan sa inyo kung bakit pinipilit nyo manok nyo sa agila namin na napakalayo ng comparison when we talk about experience Pagdating sa bastusan at pang iinsulto nauuna kau pagpinapatulan bastos at wlang breed na kami. Pagdating sa healthy discussion dine discredit o dine deny nyo achievements ni Mayor Rody. Saan kami lulugar nyan? Mabuti pa c will at salazar medyo ok pa pag acknowledge nla na nakabisita ako dito at sagutin kng hanggang saan kaya even Jim Paredes we have good exchanges sa twitter. Lahat ng tanong nya about Mayor sinagot ko base sa experience namin. Kaya advise ko sa inyo pre kung gusto nyo e justify kandidato nyo punta kau sa thread ni ex gov manny piñol at peter laviña kc kung kau2x lang d2 parang nagbobolahan lang kau kasi wlang oposisyon eh! And dont call us minions kc mas kamukha kau dun…di naman dilaw kulay namin boy at lalong di kami naka goggles. Cge po medyo di na ako welcome d2 I hope naka butt in ako kahit panandalian lang. Goodluck sa inyo and Godbless Philippines come 2016. I rest my case na po.

              • Di mo naman sinagot yung tanong ko. Bakit wala kang masagot?

              • Peter Penduke says:

                kuya, ano po ang parusa sa davao city ordinance na bawal manigarilyo sa public place? tutukan po ng baril ang bayag at ipapakain ang upos ng sigarilyo? ano naman po ang parusa sa manunutok ng baril? parang mas malaking kasalanan pa yung solusyon sa problema.

                hindi ako smoker pero ayaw ko ng ganyan.

              • Baka naman naiingit lang dahil baril na lang ang umoobra sa kanya, bayag hindi na, kahit ano pang bayagra ang lunokin.

                Sabi sa akin ng iilang GRO, iyong mga gurang na puro kapa at hipo patay na ang kuwan.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Pasensya na po mr. Giancarlo nka mobile fon po ako di ko lahat mabasa. Pero anyway ano po ulit tanong nyo?Medyo madami.dami na rin kc sagot ko d2 pasensya na kailangan ko kc kayong tatlo sagutin.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Bunsong pedro…nabasa mo ba buong detalye kung bakit nangyari yun? Kasi kng dun ka lang sa pagpapakain naka focus masasabi mo talaga na di maganda. Basahin mo mabuti boy ang contexto ng balita para maintindihan mo ng mabuti.

              • Peter Penduke says:

                Nabasa ko po yan sa FB post nung governor na supporter ni duterte. I am sure walang nawawalang context. Ang nawawala po e yung objectivity ng mga supporters ni digong. Tinatanong ko lang po kung ano ang penalty dun sa ordinance? Bakit di niya ipinatupad yung batas? Bakit WALA sa batas ang kanyang ipinataw na parusa? Granted na mayabang yung smoker, so ganun po ang parusa sa mayayabang? Dahil meyor siya?

                Natutuwa kayo sa resulta. binabalewala ninyo, you are living peace via sometimes unlawful and innocent blood. (see davaotoday.com interview).

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Mr. Salazar ipagpalagay na lang natin na ganyan nga. Personal na nya na buhay yon. Di po Santo pipiliin natin ngaun election kundi presidente kaya kng pagka santo ang requirements silang 5 na presidentiable not qualified.

              • karl garcia says:

                giancarloangulo says:
                December 7, 2015 at 10:09 pm
                Sige Don Samonte, Ano ba ang solusyon ni digong? Aber? May sinabi na ba siya na concrete plan?

                Kung wala di wala pala kayong pinaniniwalaan.

                Kung mayroon himayin natin kung JUNK FOOD ba o masustansyang pagkain.

                Sana may masabi ka kasi ang ingay mo na naghahantay kami ng laman/substance sa sinasabi mo.

              • karl garcia says:

                Duterte also knows when to back off.A few years ago there is a murder case involving the son of an Arroyo Cabinet secretary.Duterte was told to back off and he did.Maliit lang ang kaya ipakulong ni Digong.Siguro pag presidente sya iba na ang storya pero hindi maganda na ipinakita nya na maliit lang ang kaya nya.Tell me Don if this is a falsehood.

              • karl garcia says:

                Dureza was and is an ally,so walang talu-talo ganun na lang ba yon?

              • “Mr. Salazar ipagpalagay na lang natin na ganyan nga. Personal na nya na buhay yon.”

                Pagkatao niya ang pinag-uusapan dito. Sapat ba para maging pinuno.

                “Di po Santo pipiliin natin ngaun election kundi presidente ”

                Oo nga, tao lang siya, pero tao ba talaga siya? Baka naman sira-ulo o demonyo na.

                Delikado ang pagkatao ni Digong sa tingin ko, iyan hindi dapat bigyan ni gun license.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Pareng karl and giancarlo: let Mayor Rody reveal his plans and platforms for the incoming elections wala pa namang campaign period dba? Kaya relax lang po kau basta yung general platform is to fix govt thru federalism, stop corruption, eliminate crime especially drugs so on and so fort pero di pa po nya ito ni reveal sa public. Lets just wait dami pa time dba para may aabangan tau.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Kahapon pareng salazar ok ka pa kausap ngaun judgemental kana. Akala ko ba issues pinag.uusapan natin bakit may dugtong na demonyo? Desperado na ba kau at nanginginig na at baka manalo c Mayor at di na kau malaya? Relax lng pare and besides natatakot eh di ka na pala nakatira d2 sa pinas ofw ka pala so why bother? Di nga kami nagwoworry na d2 pa kami sa mindanao at nag aantay kng kailan magkagulo ulit dahil sa kagagawan ng mga officials ng imperial manila.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Karl…karl…karl! Pare regarding the son of Dureza may firsthand info and knowledge ka pala sa case na yun kaya nalaman mo, buti ka pa. Pasensya pare wala akong personal knowledge dun lalo na sa sinasabi mo na mag back.off xa sa case. Kng alam mo tungkol di e kwento mo d2 pare para malaman ko rin.

              • Wala akong tiwala kay Mayor Duterte… kung dito pa sa malayo iyan ang pakiramdam ko, paano pa kaya para sa mga taga-Maynila? Hindi rin nila kayo masyadong kilala diyan sa Mindanao, ako may kakilalang taga-Davao na naandito rin sa Alemanya, may barkada ako noon na migrante na isang dating Ilaga from Pagadian. Pero ang akala ng maraming mga taga-Maynila sa mga taga-Mindanao, puro mga Tadtad, mga Manero, mga sira-ulo.

                Kailangang mas magkilalan ang iba’t-ibang Pilipino para hindi mawatak ang buong bansa.

              • … magkilalanan at mag-usap… dahil alam ko ang dahilan kung bakit maraming taga-Mindanao na galit sa taga-Maynila… hindi kayo pinapansin… sabi minsan ni Mayor Duterte kay Aquino regarding BBL… please listen to us Mr. President…

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Pareng salazar to tell you frankly majority of the 1.4milyon Davaoeños trust Mayor Rody including me and my family. Pero ikaw pare…..sori ha di kasi kita kilala kaya I dont trust you.

              • I am not running for President so you don’t have to trust me. 🙂

                I trust Mar Roxas more than Duterte now because I can see what he is about. Now Davao is Davao, it is not the center of the world, Manila is also not the center, so explain to us why you trust him so that we can understand him better. Because we do not know. Kung ayaw ninyo na dinidiktahan kayo ng taga-Maynila (UP Diliman ako lumaki) sana naman sa paliwanag ninyo idaan ang pagkumbinse sa amin na si Digong ay dapat pagkatiwalaan.

              • Bakit ba sa Pilipinas puro “KAMI” ang pinag-uusapan? Kami sa Makati. Kami sa Davao. Basta kami sa LP ang manalo iyong pananaw ng iilang mga supporter, pero mas grabe pa sa ibang kampo, basta kami busog. Bakit hindi isipin ang makakabuti sa buong Pilipinas?

                Pantayong Pananaw ang tawag sa pag-iisip na matagal nang gustong buuin ng Tatay ko para sa Pilipinas. Pinapunta kami sa abroad para hindi kami madamay. Ang siguradong meron nang pantayong pananaw dito, si Heneral Will – pero siguro hindi lamang siya.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Ilang taon ka na ba sa Germany? Cguro matagal.tagal kanang di nakauwi. Pare para sabihin ko sau quarterly nag iikot ako from luzon to visayas then balik mindanao dahil sa trabaho ko. Kaya alam ko na kilalang.kilala ang Davao City lalong lalo na c Mayor pati mga nagawa nya. From simple residents ng mga cities naikot ko for the past three years pagka alam nila na taga Davao City ako agad nila tinatanong kmusta Mayor ninyo? Balita namin matinik pamamalakad nya lalong.lalo na sa peace and order kaya mali ka dun pre na di kilala ang Davao ngaun at c Mayor. Nakikilala ang Davao City bcoz of the accomplishments na natatanggap nya. Kilala nga sa asean countries… Pilipinas pa? Honestly speaking pre theres nothing new Mar Roxas can offer to the Filipino people he will just continue the programs of arroyo and pnoy(status quo). We trust our Mayor with our lives lalo na ngaun na dalawa anak ko babae. Dont see our mayor as a gun touting person lng with a big mouth…beyond those wrong impressions hes a performer.

              • Matagal na akong hindi nakauwi, but I have my sources at home…

                Sige agree to disagree na lang I think we have exchanged opinions.

              • “Nabasa ko po yan sa FB post nung governor na supporter ni duterte. ” ako rin.

                Baka si Manny Piñol mismo si Don Samonte… kung ganoon dapat malaman niya na si Dean Tony La Viña ng Ateneo de Cotabato, kaibigan ng Tatay ko.

                Dapat lang tandaan ng mga Duterte supporters na hindi lang sila ang kumakatawan sa Pilipinas o sa mga Pilipino. Mabubuo lang ang bansa kung may respeto sa isa’t-isa ang mga iba’t-ibang grupo. Lahat ng grupo may pagkakamali diyan, more or less.

              • https://joeam.com/2015/03/29/bangsamoro-basic-law-managing-risks/ – heto ang artikulo ko tungkol sa BBL noong hindi pa lantad ang tunay kong pangalan dito, Don Samonte.

                Isa sa nag-review at nag-aprub sa artikulo kong ito, si Dean Tony La Viña mismo… 🙂

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Peter…cno naman nagsabi na natutuwa kami? Diba pinapili xa sa tatlo kng ano gusto nyang parusa? 1) Makulong, 2) isubo yung cigarette butt and 3) paputukan bayag nya. Kung nagbasa ka ano pinili nung hambog sa offender? Personal choice yun ng offender and besides if kng di xa nagviolate and challenge duterte and the city ordinance of Davao City mangyayari kaya yun? Simpleng ordinansa di masunod tapos mali pa c Duterte dun. Gagawa gawa ng violation tapos aangal kung masagasaan. Issue ba yun sa inyo pre?

              • Peter Penduke says:

                1, ano po ang dapat na penalty sang-ayon sa ordinance?
                2. under duress and with the barrel of the gun pointed at you – personal choice?
                3. so lahat po ng kapulisan ay bibigyan niya ng ganitong uri ng power sa pagpapatupad ng batas?
                4. nauunawaan ko na ang mindset ng mga supporters ni digong. kala ko di tutoo.

                kuya, merong tinatawag na rule of LAW. you don’t implement the law via unlawful means.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                @salazar…with all due respect sir. Medyo bata pa po ako compare kay ex gov. Piñol. Don Samonte po pangalan ko originally from Davao City. Ex gov.Piñol ay taga M’lang North Cotabato at naging Governor dati. Nandito po ako sa thread na ito pra masagot mga issues nyo raised against Mayor Rody. At para maliwanagan kau na beyond those “darksides” nya ay mas marami pa siyang magagawa para sa ating bansa. Di ganyan kasama si Mayor Rody sa mga iniisip nyo sa kanya lalo na yung mga biases ng media na kino quote sya kahit di totoo. Kaya kng gusto natin may pagbabago at disiplina DU30 na tau. Makikita mo yan pre sa lifestyle ng mga presidentiables ngaun kng cno ang maka relate sa masa at ganun din yung masa maka relate din sa kanya.

              • OK Don Samonte, maliwanag lahat… I think we have exchanged our positions.

                We all have to weigh what media to believe, compare sources, including private ones.

              • “kuya, merong tinatawag na rule of LAW. you don’t implement the law via unlawful means.”

                law of the jungle pa yata ang uso sa kanila. Dumaan na ang Albay sa ganyan long ago.

              • LG says:

                It looks now, PE Duterte did have a secret political machinery and did have personal billionaire donors who were more than happy to see him win. Welcome aboard Mark Villar. Quiboloy, too.

        • Manny Villar is another cautionary tale for Duterte fans.

          • DON SAMONTE says:

            Nope you are wrong! You cannot compare Manny Villar and Mayor Duterte why? Bcoz villar have lots of funds with complete machineries who backed him up at naging number 1 xa in terms of expenditures during 2010 elections unlike Duterte wlang funding just relying on volunteer businessmen who will invest to our beloved country not to the specific presidentiable. Maybe you can compare Villar and Roxas.

            • Sigurado ka ba na hindi makasarili ang mga pumupondo kay Duterte? Sigurado ka ba na hindi lang kayo itinutulak ng mga suwabeng-suwabe kung tumulak sa social media?

              Alam ko na hindi kayo kuntento sa maraming bagay, pero sigurado ba kayo na si Duterte hindi katulad ni “President Coin” sa Panem, kunyari para sa mga rebelde at para sa bayan pero gusto lang mapunta sa poder? Pag-isipan kaya ninyo. Sinasabi ko lamang.

              • “Para kayong birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta!” —#HeneralLuna.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                We can proved it. Look at Davao City today…sa tingin nyo po pareha kami sa sinasabi mong president coin? Ang hirap po kasi sa karamihan natin di po nila matanggap na may isang syudad sa mindanao na mas maganda pamumuhay kumpara sa iba like NCR. Kasi minsan nagbubulag.bulagan tayo bcoz of pride? Cge nga sir cno po ba sa apat na presidentiables ngaun na may track record in governance na maka match po d2. Living proof po ang Davao City. Meron po ba kau ma e compare na gaya nito ang serbisyo?

              • Meron akong macocompare… taga-Albay ang Salazar… si Governor Joey Salceda ng Albay nagawan niya ng napakagandang pagpapatakbo ang buong probinsya namin.

                Daang Mabait ang tawag niya sa kanyang pamamalakad. Pumupunta siya sa bawat baryo at panay ang update niya sa Facebook tungkol sa mga dapat malaman ng mamamayan. Nakikinig siya sa mga taongbayan. Kaming mga Bikolano kaya din naming maging mga mabagsik kung kailangan, payt na, pero mabait kami sa mabait sa amin tulad ni Joey. Hindi sigaw ng sigaw tulad ng iilang Dutertista na akala mo mga wild na juramentado.

                Si Will, taga-Naga, bilib sa mga nagawa ni Leni at Jess, siya ang tanungin mo. Trabaho muna ako, pero salamat at nagawi ka rito Don Samonte, mahalaga itong usaping ito.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                May comparison na po ang Davao at Naga interms of safety and crime index at sinasabi ko po malayong.malayo po ang naga. Sa lugar pa lng nasasakupan at population nito napakalayo po. 3months comparison sa naga habang 4months ang sa davao pero ganun pa rin mababa pa rin crime rate ng Davao. Kng infra naman pag uusapan lalong malayo. Isipin mo na lng pre halos buong ncr ay Davao City na at ibat.ibang tribu nakatira. Kung di skillful ang namumuno d2 cgurado chaos mangyayari gaya nuong 80’s kaya masisi mo ba ang mga taga Davao?

          • DON SAMONTE says:

            Mr. Salazar tanungin ko po kau ilang square kilometers po ba nasasakupan ni gov. Salceda at ilan po population nyo sa albay? Ilan din po mga tribu doon at may presence po ba ng milf and mnlf doon? Npa alam ko meron. Pagsama.samahin nyo po yan lahat para po maicompara natin d2 sa Davao City.

            • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albay – 2,575.77 km2, 1.2 million people
              https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davao_City – 2,443.61 km2, 1.4 million people
              ang Albay napakaraming NPA dati… kaya comparable ang sitwasyon.

              hindi lang Davao ang may magandang record – maraming ibang lugar.
              National government + LGUs may gawa sa mga success story na iyan.
              hindi porke’t nakaya ni Duterte ang Davao, kaya na niya ang Pilipinas.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Alam mo pre ang albay ay probinsya ang Davao City ay syudad. Dati iisa lang sa Davao Province consisting of Davao oriental, del norte, del sur and occidental. Yung 2.4sqk davao city lng at sa population pa lang malayo na kc ang Davao City 1.4m na at sa inyo buong probinsya 1.2m lang. Nasa mindanao kami pre ha? And we have 10 lokal tribes here insurgencies kumpleto from npa, milf and mnlf. Tanong ko lang pre nakakausap ba lahat ni gob salceda ang mga yun? May mga nabalita na ba na yung mga pow hawak ng mga rebelde natutulungan nyang palayain? Rescue 911 emergency service gaya ng America at ito ay free of service meron ba? Pasensya na kung parang jejemon yung pagkatype kc mobile gamit ko at nasa labas ako ng bahay using free mobile data kaya jejemon resulta di kc ako naka netbook o pc. Pero cguro naman nababasa mo mensahe ko.

              • Isa sa mga kumausap daw sa rebelde si General Malou Salazar, beterano ng Mindanao.

                Kailangan ba ang Governor mismo ang haharap? Wala tayo sa pelikulang bakbakan dito.

                Sa evacutions ng Mayon, malaki rin ang papel ni Heneral Salazar. Retired na ngayon.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Kaya yan ang pagkakaiba sa leadership ng Gobernador nyo at Mayor namin. He is a skilled negotiator and can communicate all sectors of our society. Yun ang sekreto kng bakit di na magulo syudad namin. Yung skill pre nsa dugo na ni Digong yun at wala pang phil. Politician na meron nyan ngaun and dont expect Roxas to acquire that skill. Kaya c Duterte sa tingin ko ang makapagpatapos sa tulong ng mga tao to end rebellion and insurgencies here in the Philippines. Kasi nirerespeto xa ng hierarchy ng afp, npa, mnlf at milf.

              • Irineo turuan mo nga ng history ito.

                Ramon Magsaysay almost single handedly dealt with the Hukbalahap.

                Discipline was high then because the leader was worthy to be followed. Not barumbado.

              • Wrong – Duterte micromanages and does not know how to delegate work to others.

                Si Governor Salceda, dating bank manager, he knows how to communicate with all sectors but he also knows how to give work to others if needed – especially if they are better than him at doing the job. And I think your Mayor will NOT be able to communicate with the sectors of society he needs to communicate with as a President – Makati managers, international leaders and more. Your perspective is a little bit limited, I am afraid. 🙂

              • Wala ka sa Pilipinas noon pero nabanggit na ito ni karl sa taas.
                Ginawa ni GMA na Anti Crime Czar si Duterte.
                Marami kaya siyang na achieve noon?
                Truth be told wala.
                Kaya yan ang basis kung bakit walang naniniwala na kaya ni Duterte pangunahan Pilipinas in his capacity as Anti Crime Czar ni PGMA NGANGA.

              • And I can tell you – I have sources – that many in the AFP do not like Mayor Duterte because of his close relationship to some NPA and MNLF people – and possible relationship with China. What is true in Davao might not be true nationwide. 🙂

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Sources from afp? Iilan lang yan cla pre? Alam mo ba na kaya secured ang Davao na nasa Mindanao pa bcoz of the connections of Mayor Duterte with the intelligence community from isafp? How can u tell na galit cla kay Mayor? Cguro may iilan..u cannot pleased everybody. Even in the afp hierarchy itself may dirian kya mali sources mo. Delegation of work ba kamo? Remember kng gaano kalawak ang Davao at karami mga tao dito based on the statistics you provide sa Wikipedia. 10 tribes. Duterte even assigned deputy mayors for each tribe to help him govern. Mali ka naman dun. 1st hand namin experienced to pre kasi d2 kami nakatira sa Davao City mismo ikaw nsa ibang bansa at wla sa albay. U cannot rely only sa sources mo…dapat actual mo itong na experience kaya dun pa lng Mali ka na.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Nakikisawsaw ka na naman dito boy giancarlo. Boy ikaw walang alam d2. Anong anti crime czar pinagsasabi mo? Walang appointed position tinanggap c Mayor from ramos time til ngaun kay pnoy. Get ur facts straight. ..baka ikaw nga2x d2 nakikisawsaw ka na puro haka2x

              • Sinong walang alam ngayon?

                Mas kilala pa namin idol mo kesa sa iyo magbasa basa ka muna kasi 2001 lang di mo na alam.

                Kung ito na best na supporter ni Digong I cry for the Philippines.

              • Ito pa para maibsan ang kamang mangan mo :

                The President announced she would name Duterte as head of the special task
                force during the turnover of command of the Philippine National Police (PNP)
                to Deputy Director General Hermogenes Ebdane in Camp Crame last Thursday.

                Despite his protestations, however, the mayor stressed that he could make
                his greatest contribution in crime-busting and law enforcement.

                A lawyer by profession, Duterte made a name for himself as a crime-buster
                and tough-talking mayor of this city from 1988 to 1998. Before that he was a
                prosecutor for 10 years before he was named OIC vice mayor by then president
                Corazon Aquino after the 1986 EDSA 1 revolution.

                Duterte was back in the mayor’s seat in 2001 after serving as congressman of
                the city’s first district starting 1998. In his TV program yesterday,
                Duterte said he could function better as a sumbungero (informer) that lives
                up to the monicker of “punisher,” which was given him by Time magazine in
                its recent issue to highlight his successful crackdown on lawlessness and
                rid the city of drug lords and drug dealers.

                As such, the mayor said, he would be more confident in dealing with crimes
                like kidnapping and drug dealing in Davao and southern Mindanao than go
                around the country as special task force’s boss.

                Dati pa lang umurong na siya dahil hindi niya kaya.

                Hanggang Davao lang yata alam mo sa Pilipinas. Mag basa basa ka naman ng news.

              • Kunga wala pa palang plano si Duterte di anong pinaniniwalaan ninyo?
                Yung tao, walang masama doon pero call a spade a spade. Hero Worship.

              • Di na ako naniniwala sa iyo. Simple lang yan di mo kilala si Duterte, Wala kang alam sa Pilipinas.

                Nabasa ko lang in passing nuong 2001 naalala ko 14 years later wala pa akong paki kay duterte noon, maliban sa nagandahan ako sa Davao ng mga Panahon na iyon. Kung WELL INFORMED ka na nakakatawa kayo.

              • Don Samonte…everybody has his own view, his own information and his sources… kahit hindi ako nakatira rito alam ko kung sino sila sa AFP, at may ranggo ang mga iyan…

                Siyempre locally maraming nangyayari pagkukuntsaba, pati raw Mamasapano affected daw dahil iyong iilang mga AFP may mga asawa na sa area na iyon baka may leak daw. What I think is that the situation is very complicated. Ang ginawang paraan ni Mayor Duterte in terms of delegation is similar to a raja and his datus. Hindi iyan oobra sa mga parte ng Pilipinas na mas moderno na ang nakasanayang organisation. His approach is too personalized and not professional if you ask me. A step back instead of going forward.

              • Di na ako mag re reply kay Don Samonte wala naman akong matututuhan sa kanya. Sa akin nga natutuhan na niya na naging anti crime czar si digong kaya nga lang umurong di siguro niya kaya. Your welcome Mr Don Samonte. Wala man akong natutuhan sa iyo okay na rin para nakita ko kung gaano nakakatawa ang mga Duterte WELL INFORMED SUPPORTERS.

              • “Kunga wala pa palang plano si Duterte di anong pinaniniwalaan ninyo?
                Yung tao, walang masama doon pero call a spade a spade. Hero Worship.”

                I know this kind of thinking… taga-amin iyan kaya bilib ako diyan, I trust him.
                To some extent we are all like that… I also trust my personal sources the most.
                But I also know who is more likely to talk bullshit, and who is more reliable.

                The other aspect of it is… iyong nakikita lang nila ang pinaniniwalaan nila.
                But sometimes what is being shown can also be a show, a good illusion.
                How to evaluate your sources – eyes, ears, people, reading and more is important.

                This basic skill is something missing in many people, so judgement is not complete.

                Any journalist or detective or judge will tell you that this skill is vital to be succesful.
                But it is not only vital for these people, it is important for citizens, to not be misled.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Giancarlo boy! News lang pala binabasa mo tapos mali2x pa info mo. Marunong ka ba talagang magbasa? Nakakahiya ka boy. Sinabi ko na nga sau na di nya tinanggap nabasa mo ba ang BEG OFF boy? Akala ko kilala mo Mayor namin. idol mo pala xa boy kasi mahilig ka mag google sa kanya at nakikibalita pa… tama nga natamaan ka na ng Duterte Virus di mo lang napansin. Kaya tama na wag kana sumali d2 kasi wala ka talagang matututunan simpleng pagbasa lang mali2x pa. Tulongan nyo na nga magbasa ito si giancarLOLO kc medyo naiwan yung utak kahit saan2x na lng ini iwan.

              • How exactly did you discredit my fact? by conjuring what? what exactly? You are beyond hope a true DUTERTROLL.

              • No unlike you I have a good memory kaya yung nabasa ko more than a decade ago naalala ko.

                You are not answering anything. Anong nagawa ni Digong as ANTI CRIME CZAR?

                Bakit siya natakot? Duwag pala si Digong.

            • Thea says:

              Naiintindihan ko ang tx mo, Don. Siguro ay kaparehas kita noong 80’s,ma-init ang dugo,palaban at idealistic. Pero ang kaibahan ko sa mga kasamahan na gustong mamundok noon ay ang pagnanais na makitang tumatakbo ng malaya ang aking magiging anak. Hindi ko gusto ang karahasan,hindi ko rin gusto ang diktatorya. Nang muli kong makita ang mga namundok noon, nasabi nila na madumi ang politika. Ibig sabihin, maging sila ay na-betray ng kanilang pinaniwalaan. Kainga’t ka,Don. Ang pagiging mapusok ay kalimitang di nagdudulot ng mabuti sa tao.
              Ako’y may katanungan sa iyo, oo nga’t tahimik ang Davao, bakit naglipana ang HIV-Aids sa inyo? http://davaotoday.com/main/economy/health/1295-hiv-infections-9-deaths-recorded-in-davao-city/ Ito’y isang social problem na mas malalim ang ugat na kung ilang dekada na at patuloy na tumataas ang percentage. Iyan ang kaibahan ng Albay at Naga ni Mr. Salazar at Will.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Thea ang sagot jan kng bakit dumadami hiv sa Davao ay dahil sa mga call centers, mga BPO’s na parang kabute sumusulpot na lng. Oo nga nakakatulong ito pra magbigay ng trabaho at para umangat ang ekonomiya sa Davao City at Pilipinas but this is the price we have to pay for the progressive Davao City. Alam mo b statistics kng anong gender ang infected? Majority males at gays. Nung nasa ncr lng bpo’s dun ang marami tapos nag Cebu then Davao na. Yun po ang sagot ko Thea.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Try nyo lagay BPO’s sa Naga at Albay. With.in 3 years time aangat hiv cases dun. Yun ang difference natin kc ang albay at naga di kasing progressive ng Davao City…Infrastructure wise.

              • Salceda is not so interested in modernizing too much… medyo traditionalist ang approach niya mabuti pa ang tourism lalo na kapag natapos ang bagong airport ng Legazpi.

                The quality of life and also the values of people get destroyed by too much modernity too fast – see Metro Manila and now Davao. Punta kang Albay, tanungin mo ang mga tao doon kung kuntento sila sa buhay nila. Hindi lahat pera, pera, pera sa buhay natin.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Kaya yan nga sinusulong ni Mayor ang Federalism to free.up powers from manila and distributed to other regional states. Depende po sa kakayanan ng isang lugar. Di pwede lahat may infra gaya ng makati kc kng puro bldg na lng tau saan tayo magtatanim ng palay at gulay? Kailangan pa ba natin mag import para lang makakain? Kaya tama ka Salazar na kng ano resources ng lugar nyo pagyamanin ag e develop.

              • Bilib din sana ako sa Federalism, pero tama na muna ang konting decentralization.

                My proposal for example was to automatically give a certain percentage of taxes directly to the LGUs where they are collected, imbes na meron pang LGU allotment.

                Kung sino ang masipag maghatak ng business at ng professionals, panalo. Parang bonus. Iyong palpak sa pagmanage ng LGU, tatakasan ng mga negosyante at professionals, mawawalan ng pondo. Competition between LGUs will increase earnings.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                NCR stands for National Capital Region right?, o bakit may problema ba kung nka regionalize yung data nakuha ko? Still the source is PNP at ito ginamit ng senate as official report nila dated June 2013. Ibig mo sabihin boy mali ito at dine discredit nyo naman? Its not my problem if your data gathered is different from mine, bcoz we have different sources. Naka lagay dun it may vary with other sources depending on the agencies who collated the data.

            • inquirercet says:

              it’s also very safe in most parts of NCR sir. medyo affected lang yung perception natin ng media. experience is not a good gauge, we can’t be everywhere all the time.

              if you have the time study these figures sir:

              davao’s monthly total crime per 100,000 population for 2011 is 45.7 (multiplied by 12, that is 548.4 crimes per year per 100,000 people in the city)


              NCR yearly total crime per 100,000 population for 2010 is 407.5


              they only had up to 2010 figures for NCR so that’s what i used in comparison. just to be fair i didn’t use the 2010 figures for davao as it was even higher than the 2011 figure.

              i live in NCR and i find it safe enough to walk through recto at 3am. keep in mind that NCR has a pop density of 19,137 per sq km compared to 470 per sq km in davao city.

              sa opinion ko lang po, malaki talaga ang influence ng media sa perception ng tao. sa NCR napakaraming media to report on every small crime, kaya nagmumukhang sobrang talamak.

              not here to fight sir, just to inform. i apologise in advance if i offend anyone

              • Salamat nga pala INQUIRERCET dahil sa na cite mo na statistics I was able to transform two Duterte fans to Duterte DONT CARE. Basta open minded ka kasi, marunong tumingin sa data, statistics na mismong Davao City ang nag re release makikita mo yung illusion of safety.

              • I would also be interested in LCPL_X’s impression of what is happening on the ground in Mindanao and Davao… since he has been in that area although I don’t know if it was more Western Mindanao from what I have seen in his postings…

                Another possible source for crime rates is Mindanews… but maybe Don Samonte should try googling them. I think the tendency will be the same as what Inquirer reports.

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                as of June 2013
                Average Monthly Crime Rate by Region 2010-2012
                Source: PNP
                NCR: 2010 = 28.15; 2011 = 32.83; 2012 = 38.57
                Region 11: 2010 = 38.60; 2011 = 29.63; 2012 = 24.29
                Under Region 11- Davao City, Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur and Davao Occidental.
                Davao City area alone 2,444 square kilometers
                Davao City Population 1.4Million residents

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                Kasama pa sa Region 11 ang Compostela Valley Province. Those provinces have Governors, Municipal Mayors and others excluding Davao City na chartered na and under Mayor Rody Duterte. Noong di pa hati ang Region 11 under silang lahat sa Davao Region sa pamamahala ni Gov. Vicente Duterte. So when we compare the 2011 and 2012 crime statistics mababa pa rin ang Region 11 kesa NCR except year 2010. And take note nasa Mindanao po ang Region 11 with 3 rebel groups (NPA, MNLF & MILF).

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                NCR stands for National Capital Region right?, o bakit may problema ba kung nka regionalize yung data nakuha ko? Still the source is PNP at ito ginamit ng senate as official report nila dated June 2013. Ibig mo sabihin boy mali ito at dine discredit nyo naman? Its not my problem if your data gathered is different from mine, bcoz we have different sources. Naka lagay dun it may vary with other sources depending on the agencies who collated the data.

            • Thea says:

              @ Don Samonte

              Siguro naman ay binasa mo muna ang link na ibinigay ko sa iyo. Pero nakapagtataka kung ano ang ibig mong sabihin sa “call centers”. Bakit nag karun ng negative impact ang call centers sa economy ng Davao? Sa NCR, call centers gave the young generation well paying jobs.1M employed in call centers. (Call center: outbound-inbound telemarketing/business outsourcing between two countries). Laki ng sweldo nila dyan, minimum Php 35,000/month. In fact I have a friend who’s earning Php70,000/mo. working with IBM. Sigurado ako na walang may HIV-aids sa mga nagtatrabaho dito.
              When I talk HIV-AIDS, it is all about the children affected by the disease. In Davao,40% sex workers are children. The victims are not limited to young girls though. Davao has a lot of call boys (ito ba yun, Don?). This is due to sex trafficking ( which is also a problem in Manila with pop density 19,137/sqKm) that is not expected in a peaceful city like Davao. Don, this is a manifestation that beyond a silent flowing river which one can’t see its depth, poverty and sex offenders still haunts the city. Your claim that looks like the people are well and contented in Davao City ,is clearly contradicted by the issue. Paano ang 4000 victims na ito?
              This has been going on for decades accordingly. Duterte,as mayor of Davao, must have seen this. Did he made an effort to stop these traffickers? I heard that only the young drug users were silenced.
              Don, Hindi kailanman ang progresso ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakarun ng ganitong problema ang isang lugar. Ito’y kawalan ng moral at kahirapan. Maraming bansang progressibo lalo na sa Europa ang hindi nakakaranas ng 6% rate gaya ng sa Davao City. (Wag na nating isali ang NCR dahil sa kanyang pop density. Walang katulad ito sa Europa).

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                I have no problem with BPO’s, that is why due to the progress Davao City now enjoys(economic boom) but like I said this is the price we have to pay. Like in Manila not all residents there are originally from manila, there are neighboring cities and regions who go to manila inorder to seek good jobs that is also happening here in Davao. Its one of the problem our LGU is facing right now. But dont talk about morality here because lets face it prostitution is an old profession as they say. Panahon ni kristo meron na tau nito and kng progressive ang isang lugar maraming sex workers pupunta doon kc nandun ang pera eh. Health is another issue at yung City Health namin ang gumagawa ng solution ngaun. Madam may alam kaba na major city sa Pilipinas na walang case ng HIV Aids? The number od infected will vary kc depending on the population yan eh. Di po ibig sabihin na yung 40% sinasabi nyo ho taga Davao City lahat. Nsa Davao City po ang isa sa pinakamalaki at modernong Hospital ng Gobyerno sa Region 11 even Region 12 residents are coming here. Kaya based po yun sa reported cases ng hiv dumaan sa southern medical center. May data po ba kau na Davao residents lahat yung infected ng hiv?

              • DON SAMONTE says:

                One thing din madam to be specific yung data mo ba ay Davao City o Davao Region? Kc kng Davao binabangit mo it is considered Davao Region. Consisting of oriental, del norte, del sur and occidental my mga cities din po doon mati city, tagum city, Panabo City at Digos City but they are identified as Davao Region.

              • Thea says:

                I will clarify the issue here,Don. If you are going to talk about progress and prostitution, keep it to yourself. The issue here is this: Davao,as you said is peaceful. It is good. Davao has economic boom. It is good. Duterte made it peaceful and progressive. That’s were our discussion should start. He silenced the drug users and delinquents, mostly young. In what manner? If you have answer to this, keep it to yourself. However,there is this lurking syndicated sex trafficking that is not touched by your Mayor. Did he made effort? I know that the health department is doing something. What did your Mayor do to these sex offenders and trafficking is the point. If the issue was attended by the Mayor decades ago,there will be no sex traffickers (therefore,no children with HIV_AIDS)in Davao nowadays.
                Don, Davao is not the only one progressing in the Philippines. Good that our government (not from the money of Duterte for sure but from the income earner ‘s tax and foreign aids/loans that the income earners will pay) built a big hospital in your place. That means, it is not true that the concentration is in Manila. I am constantly amazed coming home because of the ceaseless constructions-public and private, in OUR Philippines. The whole country is progressing despite some setback.
                Don, we should not be talking: “Davao is where I live, I care for it”. Let’s say: The Philippines is OUR country, I care for it. Now, is Duterte good for our country? That is 1M$ question.

              • Don Samonte says:

                (He silenced the drug users and delinquents, mostly young. In what manner?)
                Do you have proof that these things happened? and you’re 100% sure that these were minors? show us proof kasi kung wala mahirap yan Madam.

                (However,there is this lurking syndicated sex trafficking that is not touched by your Mayor. Did he made effort?)
                Again show us your proof that these things happened…if not you’re just making gossips and worst black propaganda.

                (What did your Mayor do to these sex offenders and trafficking is the point. If the issue was attended by the Mayor decades ago,there will be no sex traffickers (therefore,no children with HIV_AIDS)in Davao nowadays.)
                Question po…taga Davao po ba kayo? kung alam mo na may nangyayaring ganyan dito maybe kilala mo din yung sindikato…but again as far as i know these are plain sex workers just like other sex workers making a living in some other cities in the Philippines. Kaya dapat magbigay ka ng detalye na totoong may nangyayaring sindikato dito. Our discussion ay tungkol sa mga nahahawa sa HIV and I will not deny that kasi totoo na tumaas yung figures sa mga infected pero if you specifically connect it to a syndicated group that I dont know madam. the burden of proof is in your hands now.

                (Don, Davao is not the only one progressing in the Philippines. Good that our government (not from the money of Duterte for sure but from the income earner ‘s tax and foreign aids/loans that the income earners will pay) built a big hospital in your place. That means, it is not true that the concentration is in Manila. I am constantly amazed coming home because of the ceaseless constructions-public and private, in OUR Philippines. The whole country is progressing despite some setback.)
                I agree with you mam because there are many booming cities in Mindanao na humahabol like Panabo City, Tagum City, Digos City, General Santos City, Cagayan De oro City, Zamboanga and many more to mention. And Davao City is the one leading the pack.

                (Don, we should not be talking: “Davao is where I live, I care for it”. Let’s say: The Philippines is OUR country, I care for it. Now, is Duterte good for our country? That is 1M$ question.)
                Pasesnya na po madam…nagumpisa po ito dahil sa mga Roxas supporters here in this thread and they are making fun of Duterte. I only answer questions in order for them to be enlightened and defend our candidate. Ang kaso po pag may mga sagot kana at honest answers po yun ha…agad2x kanang iinsultohin nila…akala mo naman sila lng nakapag.aral dito, you get my point mam? Lastly, YES!!! Duterte will be good for our country as the next President of the Philippines. And as you can see how supporters rally behind him bcoz they believe that he can Stop Corruption, Eliminate all kinds of crimes especially drugs and fix or government.

          • manangbok says:

            Joseph estrada was also a very good executive when he was mayor of san juan … until he became president, and he couldn’t go beyond his proclivities to rule a nation. There is a good book by Aprodicio Laquian (The Erap Tragedy, Anvil, 2002), which is a story that I believe will be repeated if a Duterte presidency comes true.

      • bauwow says:

        Boy, basahin mo nga yung sinulat mo. Nakakasakit ng ulo. Ang payo ko sa yo humingi ka ng pera sa Nanay mo at bumili ka ng bagong keyboard. Yung maayos ha? Pagkatapos, isipin mo muna kung ano ang isusulat mo. Pasensiya ka na. Hindi na kasi uso ang text talk eh.

  2. Jonathan says:

    There’s another reason why these “idols” are having success: there’s a strong level of disgust with the field in general. Each candidate is deeply flawed: Roxas can’t admit that not everything under the Tuwid Na Daan has gone swimmingly and thus looks like a walang-paki hacendero (Robredo is MUCH smarter than Mar has been on this point), Poe is inexperienced/swore allegiance to another country, Binay is a world-class thief, Miriam is insane, and Duterte is a thug.

    If you’re tied to one candidate, if you do have such a view of the opposition, then it’s essentially inevitable for views to harden. Is the idol worship happening because voters aren’t necessarily thinking? Sure, but it’s not the only reason.

    • Joe America says:

      The rationalizations are getting extreme, for sure. People would rather stick with a thug or dangerously green person rather than say, oops, my early assessment was wrong. You have characterized the players well, including Robredo’s amazing grasp of social/political realities.

    • manangbok says:

      “There’s another reason why these “idols” are having success: there’s a strong level of disgust with the field in general. Each candidate is deeply flawed”

      I think this is a good time to ask of Pinoy voters: Are we going to support a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope? That is not an original question, by the way (but relevant, I think).

      Pinoys have been burned too often by so many politicians that we feel that choosing leaders is about choosing the “least of all evils”.

      However, that should not be the case. I want to believe that a “good leader” should reflect the best of us (and in us) and not the worst.

      No leader is perfect. What we should look for is one who is honest in his/her imperfections; who can communicate the best dreams he/she has for our country, and has a realistic and rational way of achieving said dreams. He/she should also be able to inspire us in helping him/her achieve those dreams.

      We should not look for Messiahs because first, they are so rare (need I say that the last one died 2000 years ago?) and second, because if one appeared in front of us now, we would probably kill him/her too.

  3. The Filipinos were given Christianity by the Spaniards, yet in the back of their heads, they worshipped their santos more, like they worshipped their anitos before…

    The Filipinos were given democracy by the Americans, yet they continued to vote datus and rajahs, from the barangay system the Spanish kept with co-opted chieftains…

    Filipino hardheadedness, keeping to old ways while pretending to follow the new ways, was a defense mechanism of slaves against colonialism and is outdated…

    Much like Brazilian voodoo has Christian saints, but every Christian saint has an African god behind him, someone only the voodoo priestesses of santeria know…

    Duterte is trying to be like Raja Mangubat of the historical teleserye Amaya… the killer rajah. The times of Lapu-Lapu and Sultan Kudarat are over… it’s the 21st century folks.


    • Mangubat is killed by Amaya in the end, so be careful… he who lives by the sword will die by the sword… also a Biblical phrase, but Duterte flunked Ateneo where they teach you to piss without getting your hands dirty… the Jedi, I mean Jesuits… Duterte pisses everywhere.

    • karl garcia says:

      Because of you I bought the DVD set of Amaya.I watched it. It was nice.

  4. NHerrera says:

    The Basta Factor

    Binay — my kind of idol: he will make my barangay like Makati with a lot of free things;

    Poe — my kind of idol: she will reduce taxes and remove traffic jams, and give me fast efficient MRT, build the best airports efficiently run, aayusin natin ang lahat sa Pilipinas blah blah blah;

    Duterte — my kind of idol: no more drug trafficking, no more corrupt (kuno) and fatten the fishes for the fishermen;

    Santiago — my kind of idol: no more foreign assistance and aid; we will be great by our lonesome selves.

    • Joe America says:

      Yep. That is it exactly. I was explaining to my wife the definition of the word “gullible”. People are saying Obama supports Duterte on the strength of a photo-shopped t-shirt. It’s like the further away from logic a belief is, the more attractive it is. Like superstition.

  5. Bing Garcia says:

    In the petition filed on November 12 before the Manila RTC, a copy of which obtained by Rappler, AMLC filed for a civil forfeiture and urged for a provisional asset preservation order (PAPO) that covers 139 bank accounts and 19 real properties under the names of Binay, his family, and some associates.

    • Joe America says:

      The evidence of wrongdoing against VP Binay is so overwhelming that it is astounding that he is still running, that the culture of impunity, and the laws that support it, do not allow his disqualification. It is stunning proof that the culture of impunity thrives, and ethics are not a part of the value stream on the other side of the impunity wall.

  6. may abriol says:

    I hate these thugs. Please vote for Roxas-rRobredo. Period

  7. I’ve been threatened by marcos and Duterte loyalist so often one even saying I know where you live in makati that I have to admit wanting an open carry license. The worst idol worshippers are the OFW or Filipino in the US as opposed to the Filipinos in Europe. I’d posit that the access to TFC probably makes US based Filipinos susceptible to the Philippine Tabloid Media.

    I’ve been called patay gutom by a San Jose realtor. Threatened with my whole family by nurses and mail men working in the US (WTF always nurses and us postal workers). I have to admit I’ve toned down a lot because my wife was no longer talking to me because of all the Fb hate I was attracting.

    • Joe America says:

      It’s my experience that it is fruitless taking on people who won’t listen. Not worth the stress. I’m on your wife’s side.

      I think the Roxas campaign is well-funded and powerful, and they will start to peel off the fence sitters or all but the extremists. The just released video “Fast Forward” is superb. So uplifting when cast against those dark Binay ads, amateur Cayetano pieces, and empty Poe self-adulation.

      You can’t do it by yourself, giancarlo, so let the moneyed pros work the popular market.

      • Yes you are both correct. Are you actively policing this article or do we have a special anti troll agimat that keeps them away from the society? (The agimat only work with non chinese trolls)

        • Joe America says:

          The spam filter picked up some of the pro-Chinese trolls (they must have a record elsewhere) and I identified some of them. There has been no problem with Marcos or Duterte trolls here. There was a flight of pro-Poe trolls. I just kicked them to spam and the system attaches a record to them that eventually accumulates and flags them for other sites. We have some new pro-Roxas visitors here that I will keep an eye on and I will also bounce them if it proves that they are here to promote rather than discuss.

      • Jonathan says:

        The biggest challenge for the Roxas campaign will be the incompetence/”walang malasakit” attack line that resonates very strongly, especially in middle class Metro Manila. Two T’s come to mind: transportation and taxes. Unless the campaign can craft answers that can placate an extremely dissatisfied middle-class, they’re going to have some trouble. If the calculation is that they can deal with an angry middle class and win votes elsewhere… that may be a good political calculation, but a cynical one.

        • Joe America says:

          Right, the Roxas campaign has a huge image problem in Metro Manila. I think it is more transportation than taxes, but he does need to develop a response, I agree. Policing may be in there, too. I wonder if they’ve surveyed it to dig deeper. I’m reminded of when we used to do “focus groups” on different advertising programs, small panels who would give qualitative feed back on different approaches. Very helpful in shaping creative approaches.

    • Be very careful… but these signs are all the more reason to prevent both from winning… imagine the terror that will reign if one of them wins.

      I have also been threatened… the tone was like this:

      Dutertetard 1: sisipain kita diyan
      Irineo: bilisan mo baka unahan kita

      Dutertetard 2: tumahimik ka kung gusto mong huminga pa
      Irineo: sige kumustahin mo ang DDS, punta silang Munich, pulis dito harapin nila

      Dutertetard 3: balang araw matatagpuan ka namin
      Irineo: address ko nasa webpage ko, mamayang alas 6 nasa Berlin ako, premiere ng Heneral Luna. Tignan natin kung maabutan ako ng DDS doon, mga gago kayo

      The stuff toned down after that, but they will try to intimidate whoever they can.

      Pandora’s box is opened however, articles going against Duterte are all over the Internet. Stuff against Marcos is there anyway, thanks to Alan Robles’ heroic efforts… and there is enough stuff against Digong there as well, billard balls are moving, takong lang tayo.

      I posted the caricature of Duterte-Trump (from Cebu!) here as well, and here it is again. The best medicine against fear and intimidation is making bogeymen look ridiculous… 🙂

      Ninoy Aquino: the Filipino is worth dying for. One sacrifice is enough, we do not want to post messages in this blog some months from now: Gian, hindi ka nag-iisa… 😦

      Duterte: the Filipino is worth killing for. Putangina mo Digong, o ako na ang nagsabi sa iyo, nasa webpage ko ang buong address ko. Kapag may lumapit man sa akin dito o sa kahit sino rito sa blog namin, huwag kang magtaka kung may mga taga-Albay kang bisita, NPA.

      Heneral Will: the Filipino is worth living for, and staying healthy and fit for. MABUHAY! 🙂

      • Joe, please do not remove or edit the above blogging. Digong can feel free to press charges against me for the crime of “Beleidigung” as per German Criminal Code.

        As we say in German: “wer austeilt muss auch einstecken können” – someone who hits must also be able to take a hit, something I admire Mindanaoan Manny Pacquiao for.

        As for visitors, we could come just to talk, just like Mayor Templado of Tiwi went to meet the Agta: http://tiwialbay.blogspot.de/2012/07/the-legacy-of-sr-don-higino-templado.html

        The forest areas of what is now the Binisitahan of San Bernardo and the mountains of Barangay Mayong were earlier inhabited by roaming Agta (Aeta). These people were nomadic and warlike in nature and were constantly molesting the Christian natives. Higino decided to pacify these Aetas. He befriended their chiefs and summoned them to gather in San Bernardo and the lowlands of Mayong. When Higino arrived at the gathering of the Aetas in San Bernardo, he noted an unfriendly atmosphere among the Aetas. Their Chief, seated on a bench like a king, did not rise nor demonstrate any act of welcoming the gobernadorcillo.

        As Higino stood unwelcome and embarrassed, the Chief Aeta, brandishing a bolo signaled to one of his men to throw a coconut to him, which he struck in two. Higino, however, was not impressed by the show. He surprised everybody by disarming him with his bolo. Everybody was tense! The slightest signal from their Chief would throw them into action. Tension, however was eased when the Aeta Chief, in an act of surrender smiled apologetically and explained that what he did was nothing but a mere gesture of welcome. He warned them not to molest the Christian natives and advised them to live peacefully. Later, he arranged for a lay mission, which he accompanied for the conversion of the Aetas to Christianity. For a while they settled peacefully but some of them wandered into the forests.

        • Higino Templado was in the 1870s… my great-great-grandfather knew him…

          sa mga Dutertetards: kung saan kayo papunta, pabalik na ang Bikolano.

          We did what Duterte did back then, for Tiwi, in a much more civilized way.

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        The Filipino is worth loving.

        While we are in the subject, can we stop calling non-believers bobotantes? It casts a pall of gloom and despair, for one, considering they outnumber the non-bobotantes. Two, how can we reach out if we believe in our own name-calling?

        I once challenged to a fistfight someone who posted an innuendo on President Aquino’s sexual preference. The day of the encounter, I figured it wasn’t worth it, he, the same way, and we are now FB friends. Another time, I answered a vociferous anti-PNoy Facebooker, conversing and conversing, until I found out that he was a close-in staff of GMA. We ended up as friends, he even invited me to go visit his patron in Veterans. No followup to that.

        Point being made is befriend, not unfriend or make an enemy of. We can be honest with our feelings, let it all out, but when the opening is there, come in for a virtual handshake to clear the air.

        Ang pikon talo. ( http://mymemory.translated.net/en/Tagalog/English/ang-pikon-talo)

        • I just watched Hunger Games… Katniss makes exactly the same point there…
          she says we are all slaves, even those who are fighting us, we must reach them.

          Yes, those who do not know yet are not bobo – they are simply unenlightened…
          We must find ways to enlighten them… find peace instead of sowing more war.

          Sorry, but it made me a bit mad that people are threatening Gian… cowardly.
          Anger leads to the Dark Side of the Force, I shall be more patient, Jedi Master. 🙂

        • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

          Just sharing an acrostic I made this morning. It’s receiving several likes in FB, I wonder if they noticed it spells out her name.

          Greed for power
          Rightful heir to a movie star
          Ambition drives her
          Charlatan, false champion
          Echoing her father

          Please leave us be
          Our country needs a leader
          Enemies of the people keep out

          As if she knows best
          Mimicking a hero—
          A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
          No, nay, is my answer
          Zero tolerance for wannabes
          Are we taken for fools?
          Raw, inexperienced,
          Escape from reality
          She’s delusional

      • manangbok says:

        Need I say that Heneral Will’s disposition is the healthiest among the three? However, as a healthcare worker, it has been my experience that people (pinoys in particular) prefer magic potions or instant panacea solutions to their bodily problems. When I explain that being/getting healthy would entail sacrifices and active participation from them, they would look at me with a blank face. Some would be hostile and others would be smart-alecks/resort to “pamimilosopo”.

    • mpiansay says:

      We’re naturalized Americans based in Washington, DC. We don’t think like OFWs, excuse me!! We’re supporting Roxas. Only idiots would vote for Duterte and the likes. Our Philippine relatives and friends do not treat elections as popularity contests. They vote sensibly and would therefore go with Roxas and Robredo. FYI!!!

      • There is a pronounced difference between East and West Coast Filipinos – exceptions prove the rule and this is only an empirical observation. Higher levels of education on the East Coast, and West Coast especially California seem to be more working class…

        Daly City has a bad rep, and in LA there is even a Filipino ghetto I have heard… with the caveat that these are simply observations based on people I know who have told me. But it does seem that the US Filipinos who attacked giancarlo were from the West Coast… there was a major demo FOR Ro-Ro in Chicago just recently, that is the East Coast… but things change… Filipinos in Germany have more fresh students from the Philippines now, and many kids of former working and peasant class migrants have university degrees.. so just in case anybody is offended by my comment, please correct me quietly and not like this commenter… please understand giancarlo’s frustration at being heavily attacked. 😦

        • mpiansay says:

          I’m a big but quiet follower of Joeam. His favorite bloggers are also my favorites which happen to include you Ireneo, and giancarlo. Not offended at all, happy in fact, that you responded to my comment. Please keep those blogs coming.

      • Sorry for generalizing

    • manangbok says:

      Oh dear giancarloangulo, I commiserate with you. Some people can be so rabid!

      Which is why I deliberately keep my facebook postings seemingly vague and non-committal. It’s different when one has an anonymous online persona (like Mr. J here). There is relatively more freedom to be candid and brutally frank.

      In any case, there is always the “unfriend” button …. 🙂

    • Bottom line Gian you are trying to convince people to adhere to what you believe is right and a debate or exchange of views will surely entail. I noticed that the die hard Du30tards are on the D class or lower, This group are the ones that are really affected with the way or how our government works be it with our present Pnoy who is doing his best and also gained a lot of momentum where we are now (when your intellectual views are being expounded they will feel at a loss so they become offensive to you). But, will all of us consider the hope of the normal masa or the ones with simple mindset as being stated by Joeam (convinced via tabloids etc.), they want or would like to have a drastic change. So the choice now is on to who to vote for, Poe, Roxas, Binay, Duterte and Santiago, am not including the VPs but most likely I would go for Robredo.

      As being said we have a very unpredictable voters and it is only in the Philippines. Although the election is still far away, the surge as per latest SWS survey will point it out, that our lower class voters are venting their hope to the Thug, which I think they are willing to take the chances and will continue to go up later IMHO. I dont think the rhetorics of Digong re the Pope will dampen his hatak to the crowd. It is only the INC, that has the track record on voting as a group but the RC is splintered to much, and we must also consider the muslims, visayas and mindanao regions.

      As shown here in the latest survey “http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/12/07/15/duterte-is-top-choice-for-president-sws” It will be a Binay, Poe, Duterte competition Roxas is way behind, If I were to vote today seemingly that the chances of Roxas is NIL, I would go for the better guy or gal, be he a thug rather than an american or a thief. Some will say are you nuts for choosing the thug, I will then answer better to vote for the thug and take the chances rather than vote for Roxas who will surely loss to Poe or Binay if election will be held today. Lee Kuan Yew was also a lawyer and a very strict disciplinarian, who knows what will be the end game.

      • Lee Kuan Yew built institutions, not death squads. He was a real modern technocrat.

        Even the highly controversial Franz Josef Strauss, who did a lot to make modern Bavaria what it is, did not have goon squads. OK he was caught with prostitutes in New York, his supporters found it cool. Allegedly he made a pact with local criminals to keep Russians and other criminal elements outside. Allegedly the land on which Siemens built its new headquarters south of Munich was his. More of a Binay with a doctorate than a Duterte…

      • Thea says:

        “I don’t think the rhetorics of Digong re the Pope will dampen his hatak to the crowd”.

        I am positive that it will dampen his hatak to the crowd. A lot saw this as “kayabangan” and not proper for person vying to be president of the land. Let’s see the next SWS survey.

        “Diehards Du30tards are on the D class or lower”

        This is a wrong perception. By economic class, unfortunately ABC gave Duterte a 62% share compared to Binays 16%,Poe 13% and Roxas 6%. The D and E that we are talking gave only 37% and 32% respectively to Duterte and gave Roxas 15% and 17%. We are perhaps barking at the wrong tree. Can we say, D and E has more positive reception than the ABC class to Roxas?


  8. ramon naguita says:

    Hello there JoeAm; I understand your sentiments that voters are idolizing those aspiring to be leaders. As a FilCan and very long time residents of Davao City, I’ve spend most of my time working overseas to provide quality education to my future generation. I admire Mayor Duterte ( certainly not idolizing, because it is against my Christian faith ), because with so many years of absence with my family, they we’re safe and secured here in Davao City. Other points I admire with MRRD is his honesty and living a simple and humble life. He spend taxpayer’s money with noble purposes that are world class. In the early 80″s Davao City was a killing field with the dreaded Sparrow’s of the NPA against the military. Davao City was under the Marines the elite forces of the Philippine Navy under the AFP. Compare with your chosen candidate, Duterte Walk A Talk while others kept promising heaven and earth, especially the Mindanawon’s we’re I belong. I know that majority of the OFW’s and the Migrants Pilipinos, their preference is Duterte for Presidency and eventually will lead us into a Federal Parliamentary Republic. The severe corrupt practices and biases make us Mindanawon’s 4th class citizen and we are only remembered when election is approaching. I and we need the Real and Radical Change. Thank you and A blessed day.

    • Joe America says:

      Hi, Ramon. Thanks for the comment. So your hot button is disenfranchisement, not as Muslim or indigenous community, but as mainstream residents of the city. So the BBL does not provide the inclusion you seek. And your main issue is security, crime and corruption. The corruption is in national?

      I would guess that you have not read any of the national government’s web sites, like BSP or NEDA of DBM and have little knowledge about how money is raised in the Philippines or spent. You probably don’t know what share of the national budget goes to Davao or what infrastructure projects are being built across the nation. It seems to me you want “radical” change, which means “now”. My own view is that it is poverty that underlies all the complaints you cite, or lack of opportunity, and neither Duterte nor any other candidate can cure it “now”. Indeed, radical change is likely to undermine investor confidence in the Philippines and weaken the current rate of high growth and slow the anti-poverty progress that is now being made.

      The Aquino government is not severely corrupt. It is weeding out corruption. The cabinet is honest, earnest and hard-working. The economy is one of the fastest growing in the entire world. You want to change that?

      Frankly, I have no idea where you are getting your information or how Duterte would help at all.

    • Ong-Lo says:

      Ramon, you may want to examine Duterte’s response and tell me how this is different from ‘promising heaven and earth’. As it seems to me, it’s no different from Binay’s ‘ang nagawa nya sa makati, gagawin nya rin sa buong bansa’.


      I am baffled by item 4: Can you help me understand how his Plan B is supposed to solve the problem?

      Duterte may have done a lot in Davao, but in how many years? As a local executive he has the privilege of not facing the insurgency head on. Contrary to his “macho” persona he bowed down to the NPA to keep the ‘peace’ in his city. That is something he cannot do as a president.

      I am for change and all but not by the method is likely to bring in instability without guarantee that the changes we hope for will be realized. I admire how Duterte and his Council run Davao City, but recently it has become obvious that his mouth is bigger than him.

      • In answer to Ong-Lo’s question, Duterte did all those good things for Davao in over 20 years of almost dictatorial government with his children sitting in Davao City Hall as VM, head of so and so’s departments, his officer in charge for a very long time was now an alleged Binay minion in Boy Scout of the Philippines who made possible the controversial deal with Roberto Ongpin. Duterte cannot do what he did in Davao to the whole of the Philippines as President with a six-year term without declaring a dictatorship, a revolutionary government which is as unconstitutional as the DDS, his self confessed killing, his alleged annual contributions to the NPA which amounts to millions and millions of pesos, those are all unconstitutional If not all out treason.

    • Heto ang mga anito ng mga Pacific peoples:

      Hindi ito:

      o kaya mas maganda pa, bumilib na lang kaya kayo sa sarili ninyo, huwag sa idolo! 🙂

      • Heto rin hindi dapat sambahin… walang taong dapat gawing Bathala!

        nasa kanta ito ni Basil Valdez, pakinggan ninyo ng mabuti:

        maging mapagmahal, kahit ako ay lupa…

        lupa tayong lahat, at doon tayo babalik.

        Wala sa karapatan ng tao ang tumakda kung kailan.

        • mercedes santos says:

          Let the millennials talk and let us listen, or does the society enjoy listening to it’s own
          voice ???? In an ideal classroom the lecturer does more of moderating less of posturing !!!!

          • Some things need to be said… and have now been said. They may talk, let us listen.

            I have a lot of millenials on my page https://www.facebook.com/filipinogermanlearning/ and let them do the talking there… this is where I can talk more… Joe is the lecturer here. 🙂

            • Bad news:
              Although maybe Binay or Mar should commission a survey with question With Duterte saying PI mo Pope who will you most likely vote for in the coming elections.

              • There are five perceived weaknesses that Duterte is attacking and must be addressed:

                – crime and drugs
                – poverty and inequality
                – governance and service to citizens
                – insufficient infrastructure
                – too much corruption

                This must be done by documenting the gains of the administration in these areas:

                – peace and order (PNP: Lambat-Sibat, community policing, Criminal Code draft)
                – more opportunities (CCT, Pantawid Pamilya, K-12, K-12+, Negosyo Ctrs, microfinance)
                – governance and service (LGU enabling, LGPMS, Oplan Listo, Project NOAH, hotline)
                – insufficient infrastructure (roads built, port modernizations, but also mention challenges)
                – Daang Matuwid (Ombudsman statistics on cases filed and finished, even against LP)

                This should be well-summarized and include:

                – facts and figures
                – real-life examples

                The second because some will say the facts and figures are bullshit…

                The perceptions come from the comments I have seen from Duterte supporters.

              • Joe America says:

                Excellent checklist and advice. I hope a Roxas reader picks it up.

              • http://kickerdaily.com/aquinos-soft-governance-failures-boosting-dutertes-bid-analyst/ – this analysis is worth reading… the “Great Cultural Divide” that Sikolohiyang Pilipino pioneer Prof. Virgilio Enriquez saw in Philippine society is showing its effects…

                http://ww.indigenouspsych.org/Members/Pe-Pua,%20Rogelia/PePua_Marcelino_2000.pdf – start from Page 57 for that topic, these are the most important aspects:

                Enriquez (1992) also explored the idea of a ‘‘great cultural divide’’ in the analysis of Filipino personality. On one side of the cultural divide are Filipinos who have maintained a more mass-oriented worldview, culture, and way of life. They read the
                komiks (popular illustrated magazines in Filipino), listen to soap operas on radio, watch soap operas on television, and so on. They visit the indigenous healers for both physical and mental or emotional ailments.On the other side of the cultural divide are the Filipinos who have adhered to a more elitist viewpoint. They go to performances in cultural centres and theatres. They look down on people on the other side of the divide.

                Not only do the poor eat different food, if they eat at all, but they also have their own tastes in leisure and entertainment. They are supposed to be bakya or ‘lacking in sophistication’ (bakya refers to the traditional wooden clogs, popular among the masses who cannot afford expensive shoes). In fact, they have their own culture and speak their own language. While the elite speak English and occasionally throw in some French for comfort, the Filipino masses speak Filipino and a regional language’’ (Enriquez, 1992, p. 22)

                Now josephivo once wrote somewhere here that there are still “Spaniards and Indios” nowadays… some from Raissa’s blog perceive this blog as a haven of elitists… not true some simply come from another period in the Philippines where good English was still spoken and education not yet despised (Edgar and Sonny)… and giancarlo, Karl, Mary and Will definitely understand the language and thinking of the masa to some extent… what is definitely true however is perception of where some people belong to… there is a lot of resentment among Duterte supporters who feel they don’t belong somehow to the “proper” crowd… and GRP is truly elitist toward them… they are the true “Ingleseros” and postcolonialists except Grimwald who I think is a millenial, these things are less with them.

                Will is right – we must not exclude people, because exactly this feeling of being less important is what has led to Duterte being popular. I have learned to see with masa eyes, a valuable thing from experience – even Leni looks to “white” i.e. elitist for many of them.

                The thing that must be accomplished is to make all colors feel included with opportunities, not just yellow. Social exclusion (kami) and fear of it is a root cause of many social ills.

                Migrants and OFWs often come from social backgrounds that were pushed around in the Philippines and have risen up… laglag-bala reminded them of where they came from… now why can I feel this also? Because I have experienced comments saying “puro katulong lang naman kayong mga Pilipino diyan sa Europe”. I once said putangina to Ateneans and UP people on an international project who were trying to push me aside for not having the right “pedigree” and not having been in the USA, Germany lang daw… that was before SAP was well-known… give all Filipinos a sense of being equals, and many issues will be resolved… the feudal system is not yet fully gone in many minds… show that Daang Matuwid is true modernity and not Aquino Kingship like many still think. My 2 cents.

              • The LP and the administration have done great things, but something about their attitude is perceived as smugness and insensitivity… I know how that can feel to a masa also because I have experienced the elite attitude firsthand, as a longtime outcast from the elite who has been with the masa too long, been too far away from the leading circles… there is also a certain paranoia about the elite among masa – I have also been in the same situations as Mar Roxas with masa people in overseas Filipino associations… I remember how I once organized a lot of stuff for a party including permits and logistics… after the party I was too tired to help with cleaning because of that… the meeting after the party was tense to say the least – “bakit hindi ka tumulong sa paglinis”? I told them what I had done and they did not want to listen, were all shouting – I was a senior officer then… after a while I got really mad and said “SIGE, sa susunod kayo ang gumawa ng ibang bagay at ako na ang solong maglinis ng lahat, tignan natin”… that was my “bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo” moment, after which most hated me and I resigned months later… when it came to representing the causes of the associations at the Embassy I was again useful after a while because I got a casual job there… mediating between elite kuno and masa… did not tell the Embassy everything they said like comments na bakla daw si Ambasador, did not tell the associations what an Ambassador said “what do these people know, they are just mail-order brides and nurses anyway?”. I have experienced both sides of this…

                http://infographics.bworldonline.com/index.php/2015/11/04/poverty-and-employment-in-asia-and-the-pacific/ – now this should give perspective, and the Ro-Ro team should be honest about the ground that is still to be covered, because it is very clear that poverty and unemployment is still very high in the Philippines compared to its ASEAN neighbors. Poverty at the same level as Myanmar, unemployment like in Bangladesh is reality. Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, even India do better in this respect. Only showing the gains will not help, people are not blind, those affected and who see it call the bullshit, so it is time to come clean. It would be a pity – for the Philippines – if gains are lost now… because I care about the country, and couldn’t care less for Mar Roxas and the LP, just that I see that the others will do far worse and that is something that would very bad… now if Mar and the LP are forthright, they may still gain ground – Leni already is, good thing.

          • VoRa says:

            Mercedes, I am a millennial, born and raised in Mindanao. But NO, I’m not voting for Duterte. He is far down in my list together with Binay.

      • manangbok says:

        Ha ha ha, your comment actually made me smile. Thanks 🙂

  9. caliphman says:

    It’s time for that wake up all, only waking up to a political nightmare and emerging from reality is not much fun. I have always ended up defending Poe, here and at CPM, against slanderous and ad hominem attacks by those who saw her as the primary obstacle to the presidential prospects of their personal favorite, Roxas. For me, its not because Poe is a better candidate, but it dates back before Poe was even on the radar screen and the certainty of a Binay presidency was like a 16-wheeler rig hurtling unstoppable on a highway to hell.

    How can some people be so forgetful, so dense and be so blind? How can Raissa’s articles continue focusing on a Marcos comeback as the main threat of a return to a tyrannical dictatorship and the loss of our democracy and whatever gains the Pinoy administration accomplished?

    Well forget Bongbong, forget Binay, forget Poe, and based on the current SWS survey, forget Roxas too. That survey the link which is in gian’s post above this showed a commanding double digit lead by Duterte and he is leading and pulling away in all sectors including the crucial D and E segments.

    Some will doubt and quibble that it is a private and isolated survey, vulnerable to rigging and error. Maybe and then again maybe not. The link below shows last month’s rival AP’s NCR survey with comparisons to the month’s prior results from its public survey. They already signal the emerging trend. See for your self.


    Let’s be clear. Ferdinand Marcos could very well have been a Lee Kuan Yew which has been a justification for accepting a dictatorship in the Philippines. He had the brains, the polish, the people skills but instead he plunged the country into an era of darkness and decay in his quest for power and untold wealth for himself and his family. Duterte is no Marcos and he certainly no Lee Kuan Yew.

    What is the saying? When he walks like a duck, talks like a duck, thinks like a duck….well substitute Duterte and replace duck with dictator and we will be on the same page in our nightmares.

    • As someone who SAW real potential in Duterte before – in addressing the marginalization (possibly just perceived, but partly real) of many sectors of society and many regions, what I can say is that LP supporters must wake up from their complacency, some from smugness.

      Lack of opportunity is real for all too many Filipinos, much of it due to social exclusion. There is a bright new crowd growing there that is making it and does not exclude people, but the forces of exclusion and the resentment from it are still there for Digong to tap into.

      Hitler also harnessed the forces of resentment – among military people who felt a loss of prestige in the new democracy, among marginalized people who hated the few that were benefitting from some economic recovery – especially the German Jews in the retail sector, and among Southern German Catholics, mostly from peasant backgrounds, who were looked down upon by Northern German Protestants of Imperial Berlin for their not being as modern and for their different language (real Bavarian is) and accents… sounds familiar?

      • Now there are five forces to contend with:

        – disloyalty
        – smugness
        – corruption
        – dictatorship
        – incompetence

        Clean, competent, loyal democracy that serves the people is the only truly viable choice. Wish there were other parties to be true competition to the LP, but there are none now. What I have seen is that LP is doing its job well, maybe not enough on the ground, there I do not have enough information but the groundswell of resentment is not ONLY stupidity. Leni has recognized that more must be done on the ground, and admits it… she is hope.

    • Joe America says:

      I think we are seeing flaming emotionalism as the reason for choosing a president. The idol worship I refer to. That powered Binay’s rise as a competent manager who can make the Philippines like Makati, which was undermined by corruption charges and a flight of his supporters. That powered Poe’s rise as a good and intelligent savior who would right the nation, but that is being undermined by her decisions on things like INC, and general ramblings. That powered Duterte’s blast to the top, the howl of the nation for relief from poverty and crime and drugs, which will fade as people understand his erratic behavior and lunatic programs (stopping all infrastructure development for a year). Santiago is likely not to rise. She is past her prime. Each survey period, Mar Roxas picks up 3 to 6 percent. Steady on. It will be close in the end. A very dramatic election.

      I agree, Duterte, with national power, would be frightening.

      • People tend to revert to older, less evolved forms of behavior in crisis, and how much they do depends on how deeply anchored compassion, morals, fairness, laws, democracy are in them. Compassion has been there since the Stone Age, at least for one’s own, but the rest are all additional programming in our Neolithic brains, programming from parents and from society. Americans had some fairness even in the Wild West, because their culture already had that, Germans reverted to older ways more appropriate to Arminius or the Middle Ages, but with modern technology, in the crisis that lead to Hitler… maybe with some the layer of European civilization was not that deep and washed away easily… same thing with parts of Philippine society where Christianity and democracy are just skin deep. BTW Duterte has made it into the German press… Süddeutsche Zeitung from Munich… are they reading me? http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/profil-rodrigo-duterte-1.2769813

        • Joe America says:

          Maybe you’ll end up in one of Chancellor Merkel’s speeches, hahaha.

          • What I think is that the German press will be following the Philippine election more…

            Which is a good sign because the Philippines is being seen as a serious country again. Usually news about the Philippines here is about calamities, OK Duterte is a calamity…

            • Joe America says:

              Yes, this is one of Mr. Aquino’s major accomplishments, I think, the work done to build international relations. I agree that the Philippines has moved from the outhouse to the big house, and that Duterte might send the nation back to the outhouse. I can’t imagine him greeting President Obama or the Pope. It boggles my mind. I physically cringed when Binay greeted the Pope.

            • sonny says:

              “… Which is a good sign because the Philippines is being seen as a serious country again. Usually news about the Philippines here is about calamities, OK Duterte is a calamity…”

              This is too much, PiE, you should have your own planet!! You’re not only The Flywheel but also a genuine Sui Generis. 🙂 Do carry on!

              You’re very welcome! (re: Matt Libatique) 🙂

      • Percival says:

        These TV news video clips of various crimes . . . .

        (Percival, you had 18 links in your comment. I would suggest you establish a separate site of your own, put those links in it, and send us a single reference link with an explanation of what readers will find there. This is a discussion forum and your message is a bibliography of abuses. I don’t want to set a precedent for the blog to be a dumping ground. It on some days is too much of that now with a two-link limit. JoeAm)

        • Joe America says:

          By the way, here is one link that ought to chill everyone except those who would murder at will themselves. This gets you inside the mind of Rody Duterte, and it is a mind not bound by restraint of any kind, law, societal norms or person. I think psychiatrists might define it as abnormal. http://davaotoday.com/main/politics/rody%E2%80%99s-war/

          Sorry, I don’t want him to be my son’s President.

          • It does chill me… because I know people who have killed in war zones… Munich is just a few hours train ride away from the Balkan and I have talked to some who were there… also refugees from the Middle East or the Caucasus, some who had to do fighting.

            This goes beyond the lunacy I have seen in a former Sarajevo sniper, someone who often alternated between glorifying his shit and regretting it – he has terminal cancer now.

            It is just plain diabolical, there is no other word for it – could he be taking drugs himself?

        • Percival says:

          I am sorry, Joe. I was not aware of your rules. My good intention was to provide links to news clips (nothing gory or bloody or violent) on Davao crime as reported in the evening TV news, intended to be picked-up by, or disseminated/shared to Duterte fanatics to show them that Davao is not at all crime free, and bust the myth they have about their idol. Some are links to news reports related to possible Duterte wrongdoings and his link to NPA and DDS.

          Regarding creating a site of my own, I am just a simple commenter and not a tech-savvy geek, and do not have any technical know-how to do such, more so, for just that purpose. Anyway, there are other means to reach out to the misinformed. It was just a sincere intent to be of help.

          No worries, Joe, I understand. Thanks!

          • Joe America says:

            Ah, okay, Percival. I understand. Thanks. I am wholly sympathetic with your goal.

            • Percival says:

              Sorry, Joe, I forgot to add a bit of advice. I am just a guy of ordinary intellect, not at par with the likes of intellectuals like Sonny, Edgar, Ireneo, Chempo, Will and the others. My point is, although we are not your target audience, average people like myself, do read all your blogs and those of your guests contributors, understand them, and share them in the social media whenever I can, to inspire, to educate and to enlighten the misinformed.

              I guess that was your purpose too. But if you want to reach more people, I think, a little bit of leniency (after verifying the sources of links) would help. As I said, I do understand. You have time constraints, and you have to protect your site.

              Let me end by wishing us all good luck, and success for what we are all aspiring for – a better Philippines. Thank you for considering our country as your own, and wishing for your continued success. #RoRo2016

              Thanks Joe, and goodbye!

              • Joe America says:

                Sure, Percival. Stop back any time. Indeed, I have a vision for the blog and vibrant discussion is the main point, worth protecting from chat room trolls or name-calling or dilution with links in lieu of discussion. I think we have the best discussions in the Philippines right here, and I actively moderate the blog to try keep that going. No offense ever intended . . .

              • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

                We have no differences, Percival. Just follow the conditions of the moderator. Stay on board. Till later, not goodbye.

              • Joe America says:

                I note the parallel argument in all the people who want Mar Roxas to do it as they suggest. He can’t, and shouldn’t, I’m starting to think. Otherwise he starts compromising his principles for the expediency of a vote. No, it is up to the electorate to realize that they are trying to make a good, decent man into a “player”. It is we who should broaden our scope of thinking to allow Mar in. With his terrific principles. A little more about that in Thursday’s article. I CAN’T adjust my principles to pick up a reader, because they are PRINCIPLES.

                Same with voting. We should take care as to what we are demanding.

      • caliphman says:

        When all is said and done, the simple reality is this. Duterte is in a commanding lead in the presidential race, and that is a widening lead. One can claim this latest survey was rigged but this is a trending lead, based off a report last month by SWS’s leading rival that showed Duterte in the NCR had grabbed the lead from Poe and passed both Binay and Roxas. In fact, the month previous Pulse Asia indicated in comparable results that Duterte had passed Binay and Roxas but not Poe.

        Why is this important? Trends in surveys indicate campaign momentum and basic shifts in voter oerceptions and preferences. When this trend is confirmed across rival or competing surveys, chances that these results are rigged, random fluctuations, or fickle or flavor of the month voter behavior is remote.

        Where did Duterte get this new support from? In the most recent SWS survey, roughly 4-5 percentage points each came from Poe, Binay, and Roxas. As maybe recalled, Binay and Roxas were in a virtual tie and Poe ahead of both at 26% and Duterte behind in fourth. An analysis of the very significant D segment shows Duterte grabbed a huge chunk from Roxas and the other also rans with Poe and Binay retaining most of their masa following initially, but defections followed Duterte’s announcement.Hardly surprising, considering that Roxas gained much if his masa folliwing from his Pinoy and LP anointment as standard bearer.

        What are the implications? Hopefully, not hide one heads in the sand or continue paralyzed and remain in denial. News flash, as much as I detested a Bibay kleptocracy, I dread a Duterte thug dictatorship even more. Seems like some faction out there is very good at piling on disqualufication petitions at the Comelec, how about filing a couple for a defective Dino COC ala Poe? If not, a Davao mayor is criminally prosecutable unlike Binay, maybe Ombudsman Morales can accomodate a couple of investigations if furnished sufficient evidence?

        A candidate to realistically challenge Duterte? Oh yeah, there was one which is why Duterte decided to run after the mob with pitchforks and torches cornered her at the Comelec. My guess, its not going to be Roxas who lost the most masa votes to Duterte. Question: what do FPJ and Duterte have in common? Answer: FPJ like Estrada was the masa’s cinematic tough guy hero. Duterte is the masa’s real life tough guy hero. Is a Roxas campaign featuring a bevy of film stars expected to trump a masa campaign by a real life tough guy hero supported by the daughter of a movie hero and premier actress? Will the sun rise tomorrow morning?

        • Joe America says:

          Well, he appears to have a lead based on a poorly constructed survey done before he cursed the Pope and fondled a woman in public. If you think his numbers will stick, good, but my bookie Sal is laughing and holding up giancarlo’s recent article. You are declaring the race over when it has barely just begun. Here’s my recommendation. Don’t put money on it. But I leave you to your assessment.

          • caliphman says:

            Joe, let me repeat this one more time. I hate a Duterte more than a Binay presidency. But this is the reality of the current situation. With all due respect to Giancarlo, whose faith I know and is not Catholic, I grew up in the Philippines Catholic and understand why friends and family traversed the length of the Baclaran cathedral from front door to altar on their bended knees every Wednesday and skip Mass every Sunday. It is wishful thinking that Catholics will as as a bloc stop supporting Duterte because he cussed the Pope. That may be true if Gian cussed the leader of his church several years ago but now I am not so sure. If Poe escapes disqualification and runs, which would be a near miracle, you might have a chance otherwise I would feel guilty relieving you of your hard earned retirement money 🙂

            • caliphman says:

              I also strongly suggest you and perhaps Giancarlo reread my trend analysis again. I read his and Duterte was developing his lead 3 or 4 reports ago by rival pollsters. Have a leading question or bad sampling or lucky timing design explain that?

              • They way i see these things happening is that when you are on top everyone tries to stab you in the back or do everything to pull you down.

                The question is what is Duterte’s Achilles heel? If you ask me now I’d say NONE. but people far more in tune with the pulse of the people are thinking 24/7 just to answer that question. I would not bet against them finding something that will stick (They never did with Erap but fingers crossed that Digong is not Erap 2.0 in terms of pupularity)

                The trend is admittedly in Duterte’s favor but I see a few things:

                1. When Duterte was all but sure not to run only then was the Grace Poe Lead over Binay a around 10-14 points.

                2. Duterte does not take well to criticism specially of the underhanded kind. How crazy would he be if they start attacking him full blast as the new front runner?

                3. The lead of Duterte is nowhere near as dominant of that of PNoy(2010) or Erap(1998).

                There is a pull from all the negative and a push from all the positive. Whose magnitude is larger?

                The message remains the same. Poe Double Time. Mar Quadruple Time. Who wins wins.

  10. Now to the LP supporters who are NOT selfish (basta kami busog) who are definitely the majority here, my suggestion is to push the leaders you support and your co-supporters who are not thinking enough of the rest – the 25% poor, the 40% unemployed, but also those with not enough opportunities – to show that things are already being done, will continue to be done, and make sure that it is delivered from 2016-2022, or there will be even worse times ahead for everyone.

    The old Filipino mentality has been “buwakaw” – meaning guard opportunities for ones own group only and keep competition out, in order to be within one’s own comfort zone – this is not true capitalism folks, it is feudalism masquerading as such. True capitalism has been growing now – more of it and not less, GROW the cake instead of jealously guarding your piece. And don’t be afraid of K-12 giving masa true opportunities if you are really smart and industrious, which I think most of the crowd here is. Old Filipino elitists were often idiots using English to fake smartness, people my father termed as the “so-called elite”. Make the Philippines truly free, like the USA.

    • manangbok says:

      “GROW the cake instead of jealously guarding your piece.”

      Hay naku Mr. Salazar, I so agree with your comment! The problem is PEOPLE DON’T KNOW HOW TO COOK (or bake)! Well it is time they (we) learn 🙂

  11. karl garcia says:

    I have many relatives from Davao and U have friends,not just fb friends for Du30,everytime I post something about Pnoy or Roxas there would be a corresponding snipe like don’t vote for human rights violators they will answer Yolanda was a human rights violation. I need not bother to ask why.
    Or the kain bai meme-they replied empathically as Ipokrito!

    That is not my only problem,my dad,mom and sis are Grace supporters. I also got the Mar Connection for Poe dq comments from my old man.

    Now on Mar Roxas,I left Or unfriended his
    fb account because It posted the wrong birthday, and no one even bothered to correct the greeters.
    I am still for Roxas,but no more Fb groups for me, Sa bahay pa lang nahihirapan na ako.

    Lastly,I feel for gian and Irineo, i already talked to gian about the matter before and as to Irinieo, Karma yan for being a Du30 man b4.apAnd for telling me na susuntukin nya ako one time.LOL

    • Karl, I did not know how much the government has actually been doing.
      First reason the unfriendly media second weak official communication.

      There are still some things I like about Duterte, but more I don’t like now.
      Especially he is inciting emotion in the world’s 2nd most emotional nation.

      And he should know better what has been done already with his intelligence.
      Instead he is using his intelligence for paninira in order to get into power.

      Katniss says one very good thing at the end of Hunger Games.. how she survived.
      She thought of the good things in life… it is true that gives enormous strength.

      In my Learning Center FB page, I often post nice tourist spots and stuff now.
      Gives the readers and me a sense of what is worth saving and fighting for.

      Joy is the key like Joe wrote… seeing only negatives raises the anger level.

      • karl garcia says:

        I love tourist spots,I dont travel much ,but I love seeing the pictures.My sister is a travel and food blogger,I just look at the pictures and I imagine the food then busog na ako.

        About Hunger games, I hated the ending.It was like a Twilight saga ending.

        • karl garcia says:

          I have to google on emitional nations and it listed Bolivia and El Salvador per Time Magazine. Why do we always compare to Latin America?

          • karl garcia says:

            We should have more similarities to the Indo China mainlaind of Southeast Asia, at least Indonesia has Indo as a commonality. Tell me why, they were also colonized.

  12. Jose Guevarra says:

    Five months to go before the elections, I think it’s time to accept some harsh realities about who can and who can’t win. At this point, it’s pretty clear there is almost no way Santiago will get elected as President. Even Binay, who has yet to respond to ever-mounting allegations of corruption, is miles ahead of Santiago. The only scenario I can see where Santiago might have a chance is if the races was somehow miraculously reduced to one between her and Roxas. And even with that happening, Santiago would have to go through some drastic change in her image.

    Roxas, unfortunately, is not in a much better position than Santiago is right now. People are simply not buying into his agenda. Let’s face it, many simply do not believe (rightly or wrongly) that he will do anything differently from what Aquino has. Aquino’s stubborn stance on taxes, his ill-advised use of stats regarding the tanim-bala scam at NAIA to justify keeping both Abaya and Honrado in their respective posts, unsolved monstrous traffic at EDSA, as well as people’s perceptions of Aquino’s insensitive nature, do not help Roxas at all.

    With Duterte’s late entry into the race, I personally think that at this point, there are really only three serious contenders to consider: Binay, Poe, and Duterte. I’ve heard from some camps that if Poe eventually gets disqualified with finality by the Supreme Court, Duterte would be happy to withdraw from the race and throw his support behind Roxas. However, at this very moment, people in NCR are clearly behind Duterte. With Mindanao’s votes, that brings him a solid 35% support from voters nationwide. That’s definitely more than sufficient to bring Duterte victory, if the polls were held today. But what’s even clearer to me is that Duterte’s goal is really to prevent Poe from being elected, rather than to win. Whether Duterte is being truly morally guided by Manuel Quezon’s nationalist stance (“I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans.”) or not remains to be seen.

    • Joe America says:

      I’m wondering what you think of the Roxas “Fast Forward” video released two days ago. I thought it uplifting versus the dark, negative ads of Binay and preppy self-promotions of Poe. Beyond that, I thought it represented money. Backing. Power not yet unleashed.

      So I’m surprised that you would write the most dominant party’s candidate off before the campaign period has even begun. My bookie Sal says to ignore you, that you are not using the right abacus or slide rule. His motto is “time and circumstance”, and he claims there is still time and a lot of circumstance can be injected into a campaign.

      • karl garcia says:

        It is a mistake not to involve Korina in that video.

        • karl garcia says:

          I also did not see Kris Aquino,but I saw her ex.

        • Joe America says:

          Korina is there. Kris is not. It is not an Aquino video, but a Roxas video. How will it play in Manila, do you think? Will others pick at the video or pick up the spirit of the straight path, fast forward? Your reaction suggests people will pick on it rather than gather up its meaning.

          • karl garcia says:

            Ok good that Korina is there,but what is wrong for Kris to be there, I reacted as a viewer.True, reacting as a fan is the antithesis of your blog article.

            • karl garcia says:

              If the video wants people to look for meaning then they will hire random extras,not Idols.But not hiring ‘idols” is a bad for PR .

              • Joe America says:

                Bouncing around to look for the stars in the video, I passed through Korina Sanchez’s facebook page and grabbed her cover photo montage. Do you think she loves her man?

              • karl garcia says:

                Yes,I do think she loves her man. Will shared one kodak moment of the two.

              • NHerrera says:

                This reminds me again of the answer Mar gave at a forum to a comment from one in the audience who said that the reason people will not vote for him is because of Korina:

                That is sad. She is my wife. And I love her.

                Sounds like Will in his romantic moment.

              • karl garcia says:

                Your comment meant so well and Will does have many kodak moments with his significant other,but this time he shared a moment of Mar and Korina.

          • Joe America says:

            Excerpt from Rappler story:

            Many Filipino celebrities appeared in the new music video for song “Fast Forward,” supporting Liberal Party’s standard-bearer Mar Roxas and vice presidential candidate, Camarines Sur representative Leni Robredo.

            Other stars also part of the video include Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Maricel Soriano, Karylle, Angelu de Leon, Carla Abellana, James Yap, Ramon Bautista, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, and Rufa Mae Quinto, Martin del Rosario, and Chokoleit.

            Singers JayR, Billy Crawford, and Kris Lawrence performed the song .

            Broadcaster Korina Sanchez, Mar’s wife, makes an appearance along with Leni’s 3 daughters.

            “Fast Forward”was written by JayR, Kris Lawrence, and Vehnee Saturno.

            • karl garcia says:

              My bad, I stopped at the 3 minute mark. Korina appeared after 3 minutes and ten seconds.I rewatched it til the end this time.

          • Jose Guevarra says:

            So I’ve just watched the video. The yellow motif does NOT help. It really reeks of “more of the same.” Roxas needs his own brand to come out if he wants a serious chance to win. Wondering, wondering when that will happen, if at all.

            • Luis says:

              Hi Joe, I see where Jose is coming from.

              The Fast Forward video got a lack of flak (even from Mar Roxas’ supporters) in Social Media for various reasons.

            • mercedes santos says:

              Hollywood media does not work on empty pockets and empty stomachs !!!! And guess what a lot of the bobotantes are running on empty, Ka Mar please try to address this, before it’s too late. ♧

              • Joe America says:

                Mercedes, readers have requested that we discourage use of the term “bobotantes” as it is a discriminatory word, an insult. I know you did not intend it that way, indeed, even the reverse. But I thought I should let you know.

        • Korina and Mar had an innocent kiss. I agree that she could have played a bigger part. The big absence is Kris Aquino.

          • Joe America says:

            Perhaps there are reasons. Perhaps she was busy. Perhaps they thought her too polarizing. Perhaps she is back to Binay. I hope poor and uneducated voters respond to the video better than the educated, who seem intent upon exhibiting their talents as casting directors and film critics. I guess anybody can do it, and I’m surprised no one has carped about the music or lyrics. The President also has to live with it, too, anybody can do it better than him. And we know for sure that we can all do it better than Roxas.

            Color me crabby. And discouraged. What about the POINT of the video. No one gets it? No one cares? It is more important to exhibit our creative talents?

            • Peace Joe. I actually have the lyric video on replay. I find the low budget look endearing. It also makes one focus more on the message and not the messenger.

              On a happier note the lyric video at least last night almost had the same number of views as the official music video. Seems the people wanting to understand what was being said as opposed to who was doing to presenting is non negligible.

              • Joe America says:

                Peace it is. And to be truthful, I did my own editing to exclude a couple of parts, and there were others I would like to have seen more of (Mar and Korina dancing). But I like the message, the intent of the video to portray Mar as a people-person (which he genuinely is), to show off the “names” who are in his camp, and present the idea of his campaign, to move forward even faster. It is so much better than those horrid Cayetano and Binay ads, and I suspect the other presidential candidates are a little bit intimidated by the presentation and potential power of LP. So out go their people to demolish it . . .

                I don’t want to join them.

              • The music video presents all important points on Roxas’ agenda in a smooth flow.

                And it presents a vision of what he wants to make the Philippines. A modern Southeast Asian country with its own special flavor, with more joy than often neurotic Singapore.

                It also shows and sings about HOW he wants to do it. People doing it together and Mar as more of a moderator in the background. Level 5 Leadership, not Level 4 like Duterte.

              • PiE I agree with Joe that the video’s lyrical content was all but ignored by the social media/netizens. What about an article dissecting the lyrics with criticism/praise?

          • Jose Guevarra says:

            The Aquino sisters and the Cojuangco clan have long been known to be avid supporters of Binay. Even a public denial of such will be very difficult for people to believe at this point.

      • Jose Guevarra says:


        You’re trying to make this an intelligent discussion about intelligent voters, when it really should not be. Filipinos (and may I dare say, many Americans as well) vote with their guts and not with minds. Good or bad, the common people (not you nor I) cannot feel the impact of everything Aquino has accomplished. Voters, especially the less educated ones, have all been clamoring for Aquino to show them his compassion for them. Many simply feel he has not. And they are simply IMPATIENT for things to change in their favor. They are tired of Aquino making them feel like big losers every single time. People may be wrong, but that is how they feel right now.

        How can Roxas win when even his most ardent supporters in government are not doing what it would take to make him win? How can Roxas win when Aquino, his principal endorser, is not giving Roxas the ammunition he needs? Duterte, at least, is giving Poe and Binay a run for their money. Can we really say the same thing for Aquino?

        • Joe America says:

          See my note to Karl. I understand the emotions, and find considerable irony that Roxas is being assigned the failures of the Aquino Administration. That is, people are buying the campaign messages of Binay, Poe, Escudero and Marcos. What do you want me to do? Stop thinking rationally? Aquino is giving Roxas support but if people don’t want to hear it, they will not hear it. Read his comments to the Philippine community while in Italy. Read his comments upon arrival back in the Philippines. I should not have to provide links. If you have an open mind, you will know of them already.

          • Jose Guevarra says:

            I am just saying, anyone who wants to win these elections will have to win hearts, not minds. You can keep on thinking “rationally,” after all you’re not the one running for President. But Roxas cannot, and should not.

            • Joe America says:

              I think that is the idea behind the video, which you have not commented on. To use stars and an upbeat message to connect with hearts. When the reaction is to parse the video for technical presentation, then it fails. I understand the problem. Mar Roxas understands the problem (see next Thursday’s blog). What he does about it, we’ll see. I’m not prepared to write him off as you have done.

              Did you read guancarlo’s blog here about the “last two week syndrome?” I’d suggest you look it up.

      • NHerrera says:

        Every time you mention your bookie Sal and slide rule my screen and keyboard vibrates. Yep. TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCE.

        A related item: I just saw the Rappler report on the Nov 26-28 SWS survey:


        Without quibbling with the question posed by the surveyor on the respondents and the period of the survey, I note as you noted above that Binay, Poe, Duterte seem to have their “five-minutes-of-fame” in the sense that there were periods in the past (Duterte of course currently) where each, respectively, had their survey numbers in the high 30s or more compared to the others — much like Magnolia Ice Cream used to have with their flavor of the month. Since we are still five months into the game, it may be premature, EITHER WAY, to say that the current flavor will last till May 2016. There is that “time and circumstance” that Sal and My Magician friend subscribe.


      • Jonathan says:

        I’m in a very similar boat to Jose Guevarra, I think. For me… the ad did nothing. Okay, so they can produce a video and get celebrities… it doesn’t tell me anything about their policies and how Mar intends to manage the country.

        I do recognize that I’m not the target audience. So, basically, that ad for me was this:

        • Joe America says:

          Have you heard any of his recent speeches or interviews? There ARE different audiences. If you are not up for the ad, which is probably not aimed at you, are you in the audience for his technical details delivered in speeches and interviews? If not . . . that is, if you don’t reach out to find his message . . . how do you expect to know it?

          I don’t ask the question specifically to you, but to all those who say they don’t know Roxas programs. He has stated his position on taxes, on transportation (buses), on the economy (several forums) . . .

          • Jonathan says:

            Some, but not all. I like what he’s saying at the “technocratic” forums. He’s saying the right things. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s a lot closer to my own views than the rest of the field.

            The big question mark for me when it comes to Mar is execution. His record in recent years particularly at DOTC is… not great. Also, to a large degree, my distaste for Mar is not less for him and more for the Liberal Party as a whole: this is a party that has includes incompetents like Jun Abaya and Jericho Petilla. I have difficulty shading that circle for Mar because he brings not only himself, but the rest of the party with him.

            If it was Mar alone, in the current state of the race, I could probably hold my nose and vote for him. But a vote for Mar is a vote for the Liberal Party, too: and that’s why I’m still not in his corner at all. There are exactly two nationwide candidates (right now) who I can vote for despite being Liberals: Leni Robredo and Laila de Lima.

  13. karl garcia says:

    I just read Jose Guevarra’s Comment and Sal may choose to ignore the odds but hopefully not the issues raised.

    • Joe America says:

      For sure. It’s interesting, though, is it not? That President Aquino’s trust ratings are on the rise, but people blame Roxas for all of the bad things under Aquino. Is that good critical thinking to you? He has expressed himself on taxes, something like, “I am sympathetic to the calls for reform, but it ought not be debated in the heat of a political campaign but based on the nation’s financial condition.” His response makes rational sense, but not emotional sense to Manila. So if we get a president who acts on emotion, that is what the electorate wants. No problem. It’s the electorate’s bed.

      • karl garcia says:

        I am for the adoption of the theoretical fair tax,but I often complain on government spending and it is not yet time to lower taxes and I know Micha will always say there is nothing wrong with deficit spending,and Chempo already countered that wirh his 18 trillion us debt blog,or did he?

        • chempo says:

          Karl, my personal belief on the issue of income taxes is that any govt that approaches the issue as a simplistic lowering of rates is a stupid one. It is one of many tools in the re-distribution of income. It should not be looked at as simply a way to let households have more spending power in their pockets. If that is the objective, there are many other ways to do it, possibly without involving Congress — you could up tax allowances, lower school fees etc. I am not saying the tax rates should not be lowered. All I’m saying is it is a very involved exercise, one not to be trivialized in the heat of election give-aways. It needs to be thought out carefully, PLUS it is an opportunity for policy advancement, I shall explain.

          Firstly, it involves budget balancing or re-allocation. I’m a firm believer that money is not for free.

          Secondly, it is a great opportunity to craft the tax reform to promote certain deserving policies. For example, you could grant higher child allowances for say first 4 children — this promotes smaller families, (there are many other ways — too lazy to think about it now)

          Thirdly, tax reduction must not be a knee-jerk adhoc reaction — you need to have some end objectives to guide your actions — eg regional competitiveness.

          Fourthly, the govt has various tax revenues — VAT, corporate tax, personal income tax, sin tax, etc. There must be a big picture, a scheme of things.

          That is the reason why I cannot understand why in Philippines, tax rate changes is a Congressional initiative. It must the the Executive who drive the changes. If Pnoy is not supportive, he obviously have more reasons and understands the situation better than any one in congress. Big problem in Philippines – people are not trusting and listening to the ones who know.

          • karl garcia says:

            Because everyone thinks he can do a better job.
            Now, I am not saying that I know better,but maybe this is not the place to ask you about the fair tax where you scrap social security,medicare,estate,income,corporate taxes and replace it with one so called fair tax.Maybe you can answer in a few sentences or another blog.

      • Jose Guevarra says:

        On the issue of taxes, Aquino has not shown any sign that he is willing to give people some. He needs to make people feel that they are also somehow on the winning end of whatever decisions he is making. So maybe Aquino is not willing to raise the brackets by as much as what Senator Angara and Representative Quimbo are proposing. Can Aquino at least give the people half as much? A third? A quarter? A real negotiation is one where both sides of the table lose some, so that the other side can feel good about winning some.

        If Aquino can do this, then he can go on and keep talking about how electing Mar will mean more good things to come our way.

        • Joe America says:

          Mr. Aquino is responsible for the financial integrity of the nation, which is still fragile. There are a lot of poor people with barely a meal from day to day. Don’t you think it is offensive for people of means to demand a tax cut without considering the poor? Just because it is an election and they can scream louder for their share? Isn’t that incredibly selfish and non-sacrificial, for the whole of the Philippines? See, I can get simple and emotional, too.

          • Jose Guevarra says:

            If by people of means, you mean public school teachers, soldiers, and police officers who, as a result of their salaries being raised several times over since 1987 have had their incomes being pushed into higher tax brackets, then we really will have to disagree. Yes, their nominal wages might have increased, but so have inflation and their taxes. These public servants are being lumped with multi-millionaires, chief executives of corporations and big business, paying 32% of their incomes in taxes, while others like showbiz personalities, doctors, lawyers, and the like pay only 12% (VAT).

            • Joe America says:

              Well, I think Mar Roxas has it right. Let’s do it thoughtfully, not emotionally in the heat of an election. He is already on record as being sympathetic on tax issues. But, yes, with millions of kids at the edge of starving, I think teachers and soldiers and police officers ought to let their government work it out thoughtfully and not run around screaming “tax cuts for me me me!”. There are Congressional initiatives under way. There is a process. Let it work.

              • Jose Guevarra says:

                The Philippine process though needs agreement between the executive and the legislative. Without Aquino’s support, no new law ever gets passed. Aquino needs to say exactly what he can agree with instead of issuing blanket disapprovals of proposed measures meant to give people some relief.

              • Jonathan says:

                The problem with that is simple: if not now, when? Decisiveness is not a trait that is associated with either Aquino or Roxas. When people hear “let us study it”, the reaction is: “another study that will take a long time while nothing gets done.”

                Would I prefer that this had been fixed earlier? Sure. But if it’s not fixed now, the chances of it ever being fixed are low. I don’t believe any of the candidates if they say “we’ll fix it once we’re elected.” Fix it now if you’re serious.

  14. noggy says:

    majority of the voters this coming election will be young voters.

    i normally ask my niece (who is in college) on what the young ones are into to keep myself abreast on things.

    – all of them communicate mainly via twitter, snapchat and the like
    – their network sphere has expended way out of their normal circle of friends due to friends of friends and extra curricular activities
    – they do share a lot on social media, especially images

    i also asked who among the presidentiables seems to be having traction:

    – most are leaning towards duterte
    – some undecided, but don’t like mar

    probing why… this is mainly because of what they see day in day out:

    1. traffic
    2. mrt
    3. crime (including laglag bala and the likes)

    then, in my observation, these are:
    – amplified by social media (especially true for images/memes, without any verification),
    – and strengthened by social peer pressure.

    wow. this would be tough for mar to break.

    but i believe in this admin and continuity, and if people will just check the data a lot of progress has been made.

    unfortunately, no one seems to be looking at verifiable facts and just mainly rely on what is being spread, especially memes in social media

    and commercials and endorsements might not cut it as this takes time to explain.

    if i were in mar’s campaign team i would suggest they go the 911 route in marketing (when it was initially launched in the u.s.) and go directly to schools, maybe via Voters Education campaign so all concerns can be addressed and explained well

    and hopefully, the kids will take this voter education online and go viral.

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent assessment, noggy, and wonderful suggestion.

    • Liz says:

      That explains the reason why Mar do not have any supporters on twitter. Everyone hates him, especially yesterday when he came out with the Fast Forward video. As I mentioned above, even his supporters pointed out something negative on his PR campaign.

      From what I picked up, people do not like his “trying hard” image and moneyed persona.

      His PR guys better shape up or he’ll be on a decline.

      I would say he is just a dork who has no personality. But that will not stop me from voting from him. I am for continuity. #Mar2016

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        Well then, given all of the above, let’s capitalize on dorkiness. I sort of cringed, too, when he made the chest bump or something. Unathletic, I should say. But the guy tries and tries and tries. He’s a millionaire many times over, yet he falls off the saddle, gets back up again, falls, gets back. There is something about his clumsiness. The guy is earnest and sincere, although a bit protected by mama, if I’m not mistaken. So take all of these in, repackage. Don’t make Mar Roxas what isn’t him. Open his closet, dig into his stuff. Likes dogs, one-woman man, mama’s boy (?), I don’t care. Just make him authentic. He’s projecting or is being projected like President Aquino II. No, no, no. He’s not made of cardboard. He’s seen so many things—has he ever cried in Yolanda? Gotten angry? Guffawed? Find snippets of the man. Differentiate him. Brand him. If he is the bumbling, well-meaning uncle who will leave no one behind, kind quirky, so be it.

        • Joe America says:

          I’ll be shedding some light on this in Thursday’s blog. Your points are spot on. I rather enjoyed the basketball scene, as it was Mar who arched the Stephan Curryesque pass to Yap for the slammer. Thus, the reason for the chest bump, which pro athletes even botch from time to time. I thought he did it well, and laughed. Well, I would, because I know that Mar Roxas is a very natural and playful jokester. I thought his dancing with Korina was quite natural. I’d imagine they’ve done it before.

          • Joe America says:

            When you see things through the personality of Mar Roxas, the world looks a lot better. It is uplifted. It is rational. It is fun. And it is hard working. We are the dorky ones, to impose our stupid needy little visions on a good man.

            • Marie says:

              Looking forward to your article, Joe.

              I see these negative people judging him on twitter ‘just because’ and it’s very tempting to point out what he has done so far and the importance of continuity.

              • Joe America says:

                I find fascinating how many people want Mar Roxas to be the way they want him to be, rather than trying to comprehend the real Mar Roxas, who is different from the vision painted by political opponents through a compliant tabloid media. If they set aside all their own misconceptions, this election would be over. Easy. I’ll work on that case in the article, and I’m glad you are following along.

            • Jose Guevarra says:

              It’s “the dorky, needy ones with little visions” who comprise the vast majority of voters. Much as I would like to see Mar win, he needs to deal with this reality.

            • bauwow says:

              When your down and out and ready to give up, 5 months to go, Mar and Leni is still lagging behind, you read Manong Will’s posts. It will lift you up and somehow smile and tell yourself that we have a chance

              • Joe America says:

                Yes, thanks for the encouraging word. Binay has flamed. Poe is flaming. Duterte will flame. Roxas will keep moving steadily up. It’s all in the timing. 🙂

        • Thea says:


          You are the only one who mentioned “repackage”. Why not? I have talked to my nieces and sons. They have the same age bracket (25-30 yrs). All educated in good schools. Accordingly,their and their friends tendency is towards Duterte. Me shocks! These kids are not even “swearing” in all their lives ,follow the rules to the heart and would lead families according to what our parents taught us. The why,oh why followed the conversation. Bottom line is, Mar is too “yellow”. Taste of progress is good but there are things like street crimes which concerns everybody(ABCDE) where Aquino seems detached and soft. Mar is hard to sell. Leni has better reception. Ask a marketing wizard, a quality product/image is not enough. You need to package it well. If yellow is not selling ,why not choose a different tone? Still on the yellow side,not to go away with present program but to set up Mar as a different person from Aquino. Independent,like Leni, and a man of his own. Mar and Aquino are not the same! We must be realistic if we are to push Mar to presidency. Help me sell him good. Even shampoos change its packages to appeal to the public even if it’s the same product.

          • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

            Going by Jose Guevarra’s take, boy are we in for a fight. We like the status quo, but our champion is down there, skidding on his motorcycle, and we are hitting him. Poor Mar. What is he to do? My own SWOT analysis:

            S – Cory magic.
            Ninoy martyrdom.
            Ballsy and sisters.
            Noynoy as seen internationally.
            Aquino family chose to stay when they could have gone back to America after Aug. 21.
            Social media (high-calibre defenders of the faith).

            W – Noynoy as seen locally.
            EDSA traffic.
            Ballsy and sisters (Binay or not?)
            Public perception of failure of admin.
            Social media (memes keep us down 3 seconds).
            Columnists vs. PNoy.
            Survey drawbacks.

            O – Mar himself, can he reinvent himself? With Korina?
            Leni, can she carry Mar?
            Mar and Leni MUST always be seen together!
            AlDub love.

            T – Mar may be too private, too Western in his ways?
            Humor, spontaneity, drama is missing?
            Does he look like he is in it to win it? Hungry? Or smug?
            Lack of visuals, lack of sound bites, blurred image.

            Conclusion: Cory magic may happen at the crucial moment, but we cannot count on it. Part of the problem is that the Aquino family seems torn between a man they consider as their savior (Binay) in the past and maybe in the future, and Mar who is not really yellow. The other half of the problem may be Mar himself. Not because Daang Matuwid is a failure, but because Mar may be projecting a lack of conviction, no hataw (panache?), not spoiling for a fight, the eyes say it: I am rich, I don’t need this.

            Communication message may be:

            “I am Mar. I will stand and deliver. This is the fight of our lives.”

            • Mark J says:

              This reminded me of a round table discussion where he was asked: Why should we vote for you?

              He answered: “That’s not for me to say. Let my track record speak for itself.”

              I silently screamed, Noooo! Not a good answer at all. If it’s as big as the presidency, he should fight and show us he wants the job.

              But he also says things like, ” I love this country…” which touches your patriotic nerve and makes you want to root for him. I almost shed a tear.

              To Mar’s PR team: come on do your job!

              • Joe America says:

                I’m starting to take up the argument that, no, Mar should do what he does, and it is up to us to catch up to him because, for sure, he is way ahead of us. He is humble and does not like to brag. You want to make him into a braggart like the other candidates? Or will you look at his track record?

              • Mark J says:

                Joe, I have looked at his track record and can see that he is the one best fit for the job. But how can he convince a non-supporter if he’s just going to sit there and state that. They will not bother to look up what he has achieved.

                I’ve seen him show his ‘bite’ on several instances when he stood up for his family and corrected reporters who accused him of ignoring possible scholar’s for his father’s foundation. Or how he stood up for Korina. Anyway, I don’t wish to “repackage” him. As you said, let Mar be Mar.

          • Joe America says:

            The problem is, if he changed his packaging now, his opponents would charge “desperation” or “flip-flopper” or “back-stabber”. He can do some things to create distance between him and the Aquino Administration, but repackaging is unlikely for a campaign that is really on the roll now.

            • Daang Matuwid 2.0 IS a subtle reboot… Fast Forward Daang Matuwid, the video…

              Instead of Teka-Teka, Fast Forward is also a repackaging of Mar Roxas.

            • karl garcia says:

              Repackage only not rebrand.It is damn if you or don’t world.In this case, it is better to be damned if you do.

              • Joe America says:

                The package has already been produced, and . . . for example . . . the idea of him going from yellow to a different color just has too many reasons not to do it. If his principle is continuity, the packaging is right. If the voters don’t want continuity, they don’t want Roxas. I agree with you and Will and others that he should sharpen his message, but I get the feeling there are 100 commenters here and they would want Roxas to do it 100 different ways. No, let the man run. Support him rather than whack at him. That’s where I’m coming down on this. And educate others about the quality of goods in the package.

              • karl garcia says:

                Then I am fine with fast forward.Maybe all the for studies of Jun Abaya will come to fruition.
                This confirms damn if you and dont.If you rush it, they call it band aid.

    • Bert says:

      “but i believe in this admin and continuity, and if people will just check the data a lot of progress has been made.”—noggy

      Agree on most, noggy. Progress made by this administration of President Noynoy is conspicuous and are verifiable, leading to his high approval ratings. It’s the continuity thing that is being doubted by the people as reflected in the polls. I’m voting for Mar because he’s in my estimation the better choice but my four kids who are all voters are not impressed. Mar to them do not have the quality of a good leader at par with President Noynoy to continue the good works.

      • noggy says:

        i think the mar “does not have the quality for a good leader” is just an impression, and it could have been brought about by many years of negative marketing.

        but people who knows mar certainly believes he is a good leader. Leni Robredo, in one of her interviews said “yun asawa nya (jesse robredo), hindi basta bumibilib, pero bilib kay mar”

        so it’s a matter of getting the impression to catch up with him.

        i have watched many of his interviews and he is actually inspiring. nothing really to change about him, he just needs to go to schools so they can see him, hear him and discover what he is about.

        i also watched his opponents interviews and they don’t event come close.

        essentially, poe just wants to continue what the present admin is doing, and mentions programs that are actually already in the works. and she thinks she can solve all our country’s problems without any experience nor a good grasp of governance is a lot of hubris.

        duterte in fairness is offering something different. in one of his interviews he admitted that he won’t be able to do much with the present government setup, and he needs to change it. i might be mistaken but i think he wants us to revert back to dictatorship. let me grant to his supporters that he would be a benevolent dictator, what happens next if he dies. we are back again to square one.

        i hope more debates would come and broadcasted on free tv in prime time to better inform the electorate.

        • Joe America says:

          noggy, where the hell have you been? You make so much sense. Kindly stick around. Write an article. You know, that kind of thing . . .

        • Caliphman says:

          I cannot believe people who have lived through the Marcos dictatorship can be so blase about electing another potential tyrant into power. Benevolent dictator, my foot, that usually translates into bountiful benefits, power, and immense riches to his family and friends! Does anyone seriously entertain any delusions of a Duterte dictatorship bringing this country into a Phiippine-style Lee Kwan Yew golden era? Been there…done that, which is why dual citizenship can be so wonderful when others insist on repeating the same mistakes.

  15. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    By Jarius Bondoc today:

    “That’s of no import to the haciendero whose wish is supreme. P-Noy will destroy any and all institutions that stand in the way, as he already has. He made the DOJ, AMLAC, and supposedly constitutionally independent Ombudsman, Comelec, and Commission on Audit follow his bidding. He is politicizing the military. Word is that a special emissary is working on Catholic bishops in Luzon to denounce Duterte for cussing at everyone and everything including Pope Francis, against the better judgment of forgiving bishops in Mindanao. Then, the cheating PCOS (precinct count optical scan) voting machines, will clinch the Presidency for P-Noy’s Last Man Standing, who has a mere 11 percent in the surveys.”

    My comments:

    On “He made the DOJ, AMLAC, and supposedly constitutionally independent Ombudsman, Comelec, and Commission on Audit follow his bidding.” If he does, or if he did, I hardly noticed it. President Aquino must be a smooth operator to do this. I thought the President was abnoy? This is the work of a political genius.

    On “He is politicizing the military.” Two brand new jets, several attack helicopters, cargo planes for disaster response, and so forth. If the military is restive or taking sides, we would have known about it. Instead, PAF chief Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Delgado is all praises for the administration for bringing the country to the jet age. Where is the politics in jets or new acquisitions?

    On “Word is that a special emissary is working on Catholic bishops in Luzon to denounce Duterte for cussing at everyone and everything including Pope Francis, against the better judgment of forgiving bishops in Mindanao.” Why, haven’t they sufficiently denounced Duterte? What’s the use of overselling? Doesn’t make political or marketing sense at all.

    On “Then, the cheating PCOS (precinct count optical scan) voting machines, will clinch the Presidency for P-Noy’s Last Man Standing, who has a mere 11 percent in the surveys.” Prove cheating. Why, has elections been held already? If surveys are the only metric, then Gibo Teodoro or Manny Villar is our President.

    Conclusion: None of the points Jarius raised can hold water. Only he can see the evidence to the remarkable positions he takes. But I’m thankful that Jarius doesn’t throw the corruption pie at President Aquino. The clamor for him to run in 2010 assumed that he’ll be clean as a whistle. So far, supporters aren’t disappointed with their choice.

    Thank you pa rin, Jarius.

    • Joe America says:

      Jarius goes onto my list of nut cases.

    • karl garcia says:

      Months before I said Jarius Bondoc will resurrect the MRT LP fund raising machine innuendo.He already has been throwing the corruption thing,he almost succeeded to make an isssue of the negotiated contract of the mrt.

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        Just picked the last line of Ana Marie Pamintuan’s column today:

        “So the only option left is his (Duterte’s) disqualification from the race. If he is kicked out, expect his fans’ reaction to be more than P…I.”

        My hmm:

        That’s exactly the reason why I don’t like a Duterte presidency. Not only that my own children will feel free to mouth expletives, but can you imagine the throng of Duterte supporters with a chip on their shoulders riding roughshod on Manila streets? They can cite any patriotic reason for cutting your lane or for counterflowing. You’ll get your dose of your daily sour saliva from their frothing mouths. Can you imagine 10 million victorious Duterte supporters running like maniacs across the country, shouting “Para sa bayan!” while stoking the fires of your own rebellion against the new administration? So you solve the problem—of lack of political will—with another problem, which is the civilized people’s rage against the Davao Death Squads multiplied exponentially.

        • karl garcia says:

          Yes,and the sad thing is ,there is no hyperbole in your comment.

          • karl garcia says:

            Will, if your article which I read and carelessly shared(sorry, deleted it upon request) is not yet the final version, you can insert the above scenario, and something similar to what Don Samonte is saying.Just a suggestion.

        • Madlanglupa says:

          “Can you imagine 10 million victorious Duterte supporters running like maniacs across the country, shouting “Para sa bayan!” while stoking the fires of your own rebellion against the new administration?”

          Sounds more like Hitler’s “Sturmabteilung”; would not be surprised if they get special treatment in Duterte’s police state as they beat up anyone who’s wearing the “hated color” or found posting a lese-majeste message denouncing their Fuhrer.

  16. Jose Guevarra says:

    Senator Lindsay Graham spoke to Republican Jewish voters recently. Here’s a link to the video: http://news.groopspeak.com/sen-graham-goes-off-script-and-tells-the-truth-about-the-republican-party-video/

    It all realy makes sense. How he’s talked about the Republican party’s failure to capture the White House is because of how it responds to social issues like immigration and abortion. How as a result of the GOP’s failure to respnd accordingly, they are losing the Hispanic vote time and time again (the USA’s fastest growing demographic) despite the vastly Catholic upbring of Hispanics. How young women see being forced to carry the child of a rapist through pregnancy as reason enough to vote Democratic.

    You think the Republican base is listening to Graham’s intelligent approach to these elections? Nope! Graham is at or very near the bottom of the Repblican presidential polls. The Republican base is going with Donald Trump instead, much to the consternation of the establishment of the party. How does the same apply to Philippine politics? Go figure.

    • Joe America says:

      Graham = Roxas, in the analogy? I think social media, and the ease of expressing opinions in a sea of great ignorance, has brought the US down into a pit of poisonous, partisan stupidity. The Philippines seems reluctant to do it any differently.

  17. junie garcia says:

    Unfortunately most of the voters do not appreciate the accomplishments under the current dispensation. Sadly, what remains etched in their minds are the difficulties they continue to suffer on a day to day basis and the glowing promises of other candidates to improve their lots with just a flick of a finger or an utterance of a cuss word. Mar will simply have to slowly distance himself from the “Daang Matuwid” theme which has failed to catch fire and gravitate to one that offers the populace a better way of life through effective governance, judicious spending of public funds and holding everyone who wronged the government accountable for their misdeeds. In short, he needs to project himself as the better “opposition” candidate.

    • Joe America says:

      He’s unlikely to distance himself from Daang Matuwid, but I think he will continue to establish himself as himself, based on his ideas (unified bus lines in Manila), and thereby separate from President Aquino.

    • Liz says:

      Junie, I have observed and watched Mar’s appearances and I have to agree that he needs to slowly distance himself from Daang Matuwid. Right now, people mostly associate this with corruption, the mrt/traffic fiasco and President Aquino’s insensitive-ness.
      I myself acknowledge the good, and appreciate the fact that they present this as an ideology, but people are not buying DM 2.0.

      I like the concept of the Karapatan Fund- his team better communicate and sell this to the public effectively.

  18. DON SAMONTE says:

    The problem with you people…ur acting as if ur all genius here & all your comments really matters to us in the South. Look at the facts…Majority of the constituents of Mayor Duterte are favorable with his governance in Davao City and you called the 1.4Milyon Davaoeños a Cult? Not to mention other supporters from all other regions and OFW’s? Lets be real here that all of you who criticize our Mayor are spoiled brats and not yet ready to be disciplined. You dont know him and the way he handle situations…thats common sense. The Filipino people already spoke that is why he is now leading the SWS Survey. Di nyo nga malampasan rating ni Sen. Poe at VP Binay tapos nag aambisyon pa kau kay Duterte. If maganda talaga platforms nyo bakit di kinakagat ng tao? Isa sa malaking problema ngaun ay drugs bakit walang nagawa si Mar as DILG Sec.? Sa rebellion naman sa buong Pilipinas at lalong.lalo na sa Mindanao bakit walang plano? kc puro lng sa inyo kng saan kau maka benepisyo. Ang layo po ng track record ni Duterte sa Mar nyo interms of Governance. Di po kailangan namin ng Genius president…yung may common sense lang ok na kami

    • chempo says:

      “Lets be real here that all of you who criticize our Mayor are spoiled brats and not yet ready to be disciplined”

      See, that’s the reason why Duterte is a danger. Once he is in Malacanang, there will be lots of Little Dutertes running arround.

      It’s good that Duterte managed to bring security to Davaos. There is no doubt he did well against the violence prevailing in the past. Even if we accept his means was acceptable given what he achieved in the end. However, Davao has changed, and so too must his management style. But the friendly dictator remains. But let’s not be blinded by the fact that security is also achieved in many other places without Duterte’s strong arm tactics — look at Naga City and Subic.

  19. Indeed we’re yet to be a mature democracy though we’ve been at it over seventy years to date.

  20. Ron Angelo says:

    The news programs certainly don’t help in stopping this showbiz treatment of our politics. I mean, instead on focusing on the fact that Duterte would rather have bilateral talks with China, the media focused on the profanities he let loose in his speech. He mentioned how he killed this guy personally for kidnapping a Chinese kid and the media focused on the profanity count?! They focused on that little shot at the pope?! I mean, we already have social media for those things that barely matter. Yet TV Patrol, 24 Oras, State of the Nation with Jessica Soho and ANC’s The World Tonight just repeated what was already trending on Twitter.

    The media is conditioning us to focus on personalities and their ability to win instead of issues that should be at the forefront of political discussions. They condition us to treat politics like it was show business. They tell us to vote for those who care for the people and who are God-fearing. Screw that! We can’t distinguish anybody from anybody based on those criteria. What we can distinguish is their political stands. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t focus on that. Laymen don’t know that Roxas believes that our agricultural sector is flawed and he is looking to subscribe to the concept of economy of scales and look to consolidate these farms. He said that on a noontime talk with the people of TV5. What does that mean? Who can help the farmer understand that? Shouldn’t the TV Patrol or 24 Oras be talking about this? If small-time farmers understand this, I doubt Roxas will get their support. But the TV Patrol won’t talk about this. Their busy promoting the next episode of Pangako Sa’yo or asking presidentiables about surveys.

    This is what happens when the easily-accessible media is owned by profit-driven entities. Media has a responsibility to bridge the gap between the ordinary Juans to the issues that matter. Profit making sometimes get in the way of that. I’m lucky to have the internet and time to browse about news. But the majority doesn’t have that luxury.

    • karl garcia says:

      That is why Joe calls it Tabloid media.

    • Jose Guevarra says:

      Can you blame media for broadcasting what actually sells? Will Mar ever learn this important lesson? Can we actually expect people to change their ways and focus on platforms rather than personalities?

    • Joe America says:

      Bingo. The tabloid media are so interested in circulation that they are undermining the nation. Scurrilous rags and stuffed shirts. You nailed it.

      • Thea says:

        Will somebody explore and explode this economy of scale and consolidation of farms? This is one of the root problems of the country,as consequence to the distribution of agricultural lands that resulted to more problems in agricultural inefficiency and slow technological advancement. Never saw farms with giant tractors plowing the fields in the Philippines. We remained dependent on our giant kalabaw instead resulting only to bare subsistence without export in mind.
        I will sell this for Mar.

        • Ron Angelo says:

          A lot of people, even militants, notice this. Economies of scale basically say that bigger economic entities run more efficiently because they have the resources in the form of capital and labor. It’s more efficient to have 2 guys on tractors plowing 50 hectares of land than 5 men with 5 carabaos plowing the same amount of land or buying in bulk instead of “tingi-tingi”. Mar Roxas mentioned in the TV5 special that he is looking to find ways to have farmers consolidate their land and resources to be more efficient. Now, the problem here is that small-time farmers have been victimized by these setups before. This is due to a lack of education on their part to manage and be part of private entities. We’ve seen farmers sell the land they get from CARP even before consolidation because they don’t have the education and resources to sustain them. Unfortunately, TV5 was too busy getting the juiciest tidbits. Roxas was unable to elaborate on his plans. So I don’t want to speculate on how he intends to make it work.

          Agriculture is thought by most people as a capital-intensive industry like manufacturing. With that, it can be argued that we have too many farmers and too few technological advancements in the sector. Ideally, lost jobs caused by increasing technology can be transferred to other parts of production like logistics. If we become more efficient in agriculture, we’re gonna need more shippers and truck drivers. Of course, these sectors of production may see increase in technological advances as well (ie using 1 train instead of 10 trucks thus needing only 1 driver) that would once again cause unemployment. That’s when we start looking for other sectors that would produce more jobs. Labor intensive markets will then be promoted like the service sector brought about by something like increased tourism or increased consumption due to a stronger, consumption-hungry middle class that now includes the efficient farmers.

          This market complexity is not appealing to the majority. That’s why it is only present in classrooms and not discussed in media. Cayetano Paderanga was a guest in ANC during the APEC summit and he was touching on this economic blueprint. We need more discussions like this from mass media. I mean, they can do it since they are owned by big corporations. It’s just that it won’t sell as easily as Julia Barretto kissing scandals or something trending on twitter they can pass off as news.

          • karl garcia says:

            Too many farmers or too many aging farmers.Urban migration happened because many children of farmers do not want to be farmers.

        • karl garcia says:

          I have sat in an oversight committee for a year or two.It is a joint congressional oversight committee for Agricultural and Fisheries modernization act.

          The line agencies keep on complaining of turf overlapping,local government code provisions and budgetary support.
          For every meeting or hearing it is like rinse,repeat erase and rewind.

          That law and the AFP modernization was a result of deep study gone awry because of the Asian financial crisis.
          Neda studies may be there to have long range plans,but it would still be a yearly budget.

          Click to access PB%202009-01%20-%20Financing%20Agriculture%20Modernization.pdf

          • karl garcia says:

            Cargo by rail was mentioned .How can you make all companies to locate in one zone,since that is another challenge,youbremive truck congestion in Manila you transfer them to the areas surrounding the Container depot till it reaches the various destination points.

            Food Security,Food sovereignty Rice self sufficiency.
            Throw food sovereignty to the waste bin. We will always import and export food.
            Likewise forget about rice self sufficiency. Water is scarce, post harvest will always involve drying palay in the middle of the road.Thailand and Vietnam will be a leader in rice production good enough for us.
            Food security can be done even with APEC or AFTA and there are other crops,fruits,veggies to concentrate on.
            Also the Food vs Fuel will always be an issue since we are now serious on Climate Change.

    • Madlanglupa says:

      This. I wish Al-Jazeera’s program on criticizing media entities look into this immediately because people other than me are being spoonfed with vapidity that right now the words “vote wisely” are being made irrelevant as common sense is being tossed out of the window.

      I have no TV in my household because almost everyone watches stuff on their computers and gadgets, but when I watch TV in someone’s house I always keep my sarcasm meter on.

  21. VSB says:

    Since Marcos totally decimated the remnants of Democratic suffrage and its practice- the country never quite recovered.. Voting has become an emotional or transactional exercise totally devoid of rationality and vision. Hence the rise of the Crimino-showbiz elite which were allowed to thrive in exchange for loyalty to the crown.. The ERAPS, Enriles, Cojunagco (Danding side), Chavits, Ampatuans, Josons, Dys and later the Pinedas, Binays, Garcias of Cebu (under GMA), Maranon of Negros etc etc etc.. Now the people look for either clowns or patrons- entertainers or patrons- Maybe a Rody-kuan yew is now attractive- I just can’t shake off the memory of his daughter Sarah physically assaulting the Davao Sheriff on camera…. Whew!

    • chempo says:

      Or his son slapping the security guard at a hotel??

    • Joe America says:

      The Philippines will be the thug capital of Asia, supplanting China in that regard. Sicilian mob families will be mere second stringers compared to the Philippines. But there will be no complaints because Manila Bay is huge and can accept thousands of discarded Filipino humans.

      • Thea says:


        There will be more congestion during Undas and more apartment type nitso. Well, that will serve an inspirational platform for local candidates. Free kabaong,free burial place.

      • VSB says:

        In fairness- If Duterte could control his inner circle and monopolize the thuggery- why not? I pray for the day the Chavits, Binays, Pinedas, Enrile’s are trotted (executed better) onto a brand new Devil’s island to be built somewhere in the spratly’s or Fuga island area – At minimum all the Marcoses assets seized and be rendered broke or exiled…only problem is they will just be replaced by the Duterte’s and the new Davao mafia.. No relief in sight!!!!

        • Joe America says:

          But there is relief in sight if the honest path and strong economic growth are pursued for 15 more years.

          • VSB says:

            Unfortunately- Mar has to win first!!! Its a classic catch 22.. the ones who are capable of governing can’t win while those who could win have no qualifications to govern!! Aldub nation indeed…

  22. chempo says:

    The various survey results, the majority view of commenters here as regards the D / E voters inclination, and loud social media anti-Mar voices all seem to indicate Duter, Poe, Binay, Escudero winnabilities. I’m sure it’s very disheartening for many here. So I like to cheer up everyone here by putting your trust in the ‘silent majority’. This big mass of people are very real. You don’t see them in social media, they don’t discuss issues openly. And you have to believe this big mass of people are ordinary reasonable people with a fair understanding of issues of the nation. They are unlike to vote for thieves, dictators, wierdoos, populists, double crossing opportunists, unpatriotic candidates. In other words, they are not to be taken for fools. These people will vote wisely.

    Let me give you a real example. In the recent Singapore election, many thought the opposition has come of age, and new generation of voters will cause 2015 to be a watershed election — that there is a very real possibility that the People’s Action Party (of Lee Kuan Yew) may even loose at the polls. Social media was all hype and noise about opposition. Crowds swamped opposition rallies. PAP rallies drew meagre crowds. Everything about the opposition was big news in media, anything on PAP candidates were viewed with disdain. But when it was over, the PAP returned with a resounding victory, capturing almost 70% of popularity votes. Lesson learnt — the is such a thing as the silent majority.

    • Just have a look at the likes AND comments to certain shares on my https://www.facebook.com/filipinogermanlearning?_rdr=p page… there are a few who mouth the usual negative stuff… and many silently liking the positive stuff.

    • caliphman says:

      Chempo, the big mass of voters you speak off is otherwise known as the D and E segmret. They comprise at a minimum 70 % of the votes and that iscwhere Duterte, Poe, and Binay are strongest and Mar the weakest. This is just how it is and its not like Singapore.

      • chempo says:

        No arguing with the demographics, and you may well be right with their preferences. But I kind of like the idea of silent majorities. After all, how many is this 70% — 40mm? And how many has been in survey samples.

        • caliphman says:

          You expect me to remember those stats? lol. Herrerra dug it all out one day so maybe his notes are handier than mine but 1200 to 3200 sample size for the country divided into four representative regions. Its all googleable at Pulse Asia or SWS cororate websites.The two leading ones PA and SWS have very good reliabiity number the last four elections. Please lets not get into statistical samplng and actuarial science lest we put everyone to sleep.

          • chempo says:

            hahah…actually I was not questioning the validity. Just commenting that surveys are just what it is — with all attendant flaws, unless one can say that in Phils election history, all these surveys have been very accurate, which I guess you read my mind in indicating PA and SWS. I’ll take your word for it as I have no understanding in this.

            • caliphman says:

              Well dont take my word for it. In Rappler, there was a study in June of last year or this year that looked into the reliability of these survey results since 1992. The hac all graphs and did not even mention standard deviation even once…lol.

          • Joe America says:

            Hear hear. 🙂 I got a “C” in statistics in college. The instructor was a little Japanese guy with big buck teeth who was barely intelligible and who wrote on the chalk board with his right hand whilst erasing with his left. I learned to fear, dread and hate the little chi squares and standard deviants.

  23. Joes and Wills warnings are valid… much of the tone of Duterte supporters point to a Philippine version of the Cultural Revolution in China if he becomes President… watch this to see it…

    people might just get beaten up and killed for wearing a yellow T-shirt in Duterte’s rule, or for being too educated, or for acting too cosmopolitan and modern… one only needs to read the tone of the comments gian, me and others have gotten to know it is possible. And recovery will be nearly impossible… China today is a product of the brutality of 1966-1976 and the destruction of nearly everything then… Xi Jinping was born in 1953 and that time was his formative years…

    • chempo says:

      Irineo, what this guy said in the video is 100% true. All those idiot PRC trolls should watch this vid. Next time we get a PRC troll, simply direct them to this vid.

      If only you know the real horrors of that time. Everybody has little nephews of nieces that spied on them, betrayed them, or told lies just to make themselves look good in the eyes of their red leaders.As a little kid then, every evening i would see our village adults gather and discuss what was happening in their villages thousands of miles away in China, I would hear of so-and-so’s son or daughter reported on this or that person who were dragged away and so on. I was too young to understand, but I remembered all those conversations were conducted in very sombre mood, like there was a death in the family.

  24. Jonathan says:

    New SWS survey is out:

    Click to access pr20151207_SWS%20Nov%2026-28%202015%20National%20Survey.pdf

    Duterte is (abnormally) high, but the numbers are inflated by the methodology: Duterte is part of the survey question where the others are not.

    What I find more interesting are the endorsement numbers (i.e., net effect of someone endorsing a candidate). They’re in the very last page of the slide deck. Noynoy -26 in NCR is brutal. Joe – when you mentioned that the Roxas campaign has to respond effectively on transportation, taxes, and policing, this is why.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes. Manila is a swamp, nothing growing there for Roxas.

      • Jonathan says:

        The question then becomes: if you’re Mar Roxas, can you win without Manila?

        Historically Metro Manila has always been opposition territory, but that’s something which looks to be even more pronounced this election.

        • Joe America says:

          Probably not, at his current level.

          • NHerrera says:

            I examined the slides in the link provided by Jonathan, and I find interesting two things, immediately after the slide which says Socio-Demographic Characteristics:

            1. The Area weights used are:
            – NCR 11%
            – Rest of Luzon 45%
            – Visayas 20%
            – Mindanao 23%

            Thus, NCR has to be conceded, what with the MRT mess, the traffic congestion, etc. But Rest of Luzon and Visayas are substantial in weights. I believe too that the government is trying very hard to correct the situation, so with some relief by sometime next year, the NCR numbers may also give some relief to Roxas (?) — recalling, too, Giancarlo “last minute voters” concept.

            2. The socio-economic class weights are:
            – ABC 5% (rounded from AB 0.1% + C 5%)
            – D 79%
            – E 16%

            Thus, the impression may be given that the 62% for ABC is huge but on a votes basis it is only 5% of the weight.

            I just mentioned those 2 items to give nuance to the NCR and the ABC weights.

    • NHerrera says:

      Here is a relevant nuance to the talked about recent SWS survey commissioned by a Davao-Businessman, William J. Lima, from Leo Laroza, Director of Survey Data Library, SWS. When asked by Karen Davila of DZMM Teleradyo program Pasada Sais Trenta, Laroza said:

      – The survey asked Presidential Presference based on a List 1 which only had the names: Binay, Poe, Roxas and Santiago;

      – And Presidential Preference from a List 2, with the question — Rodrigo Duterte is on this list as a substitute for President. Among the names found on this list, who would you most likely vote for President if the elections were held today? (translated from Filipino);

      – Since the survey was privately commissioned, only the result of the survey based on List 2 was allowed to be released to the public. (Meaning Willian Lima must have his reason(s) for not allowing the companion survey based on List 1.)

      I do not want to speculate on what that reason might be.

  25. Sup says:

    I call it ”voting with your eyes”

    Your eyes see Duterte as a young looking macho on a Harley while your brain tells you it is painted gray hair, Botox and he need soon a rollator that old guy…..

    Same Binay, your eyes see a small harmless guy eating with his hands in the market while your brain tells you he has 200 bank accounts and plenty off properties…..

    I admit doing the same when i see Leni…i want to vote her because she looks so beautiful…..
    My brain tells me she will not get married again…


  26. OzyBoy says:

    That Fast Forward commercial looks like an ABS CBN Xmas spiel. If Mar Roxas has suddenly gone”showbiz” in approach, he should use it to the fullest, use ABS CBN teleseryes like they were real real life: Mar enlisting Kardo of Probinsyano to solve street crimes and trapik’ Mar enlisting Eduardo Buenavista to be a local govt partner to solve jueteng, Mar asking Armor Powers to build local negosyos, etc.

  27. inquirercet says:

    here are the questions i want asked in a survey:

    question 1: who among these candidates will you vote for president of RP?
    a. Binay
    b. Duterte
    c. Poe
    d. Roxas
    e. Santiago
    f. undecided

    question 2: who among these candidates will you vote for president of RP?
    a. Binay
    b. Duterte
    c. Roxas
    d. Santiago
    e. undecided

    question 3: who among these candidates will you vote for president of RP?
    a. Binay
    b. Duterte
    c. Roxas
    d. undecided

    question 4: who among these candidates will you vote for president of RP?
    a. Binay
    b. Roxas
    c. undecided

    to me these covers all possibilities and will reveal the true pulse of the electorate.

  28. tems99 says:

    First time commenter here on this blog.
    I’ll just state this first though, I am currently a supporter of Duterte. Currently means it may change depending on developments.

    I just had to comment on this line.
    >The followers of Mar Roxas look at the facts and speak of common sense.
    Isn’t this elitist? You make it sound like people who won’t vote for your canindate (Mar) stupid and don’t make sense. I think the other term for Duterte supporters would be “passionate”. Don’t you think so? Although I do agree that sometimes DU30s supporters get out of hand though.

    I read this blog a lot and get a lot of information here…Despite the campaigning done here for Mar, it still isn’t enough to convince me to vote for him. Though, he is my second choice. As to why I’d vote for Duterte, I think the main reason is he is the candidate so far that could make big changes.

    • Joe America says:

      A fair criticism. I was lazy on the point. How would you write it for Roxas? And, more important, what “big changes” do you want to see? It seems to me the Philippines has come a long way under President Aquino. You want to change course?

      • tems99 says:

        I agree on most, well, all of the points made here for Roxas. For me, he is a good manager and understands the problems faced by the country on a higher level.
        I also agree with you on gains made during Aquino.

        Now, as to the ‘big changes’ I said earlier, I just ‘feel’ that Duterte can do more in 6 years than Roxas can do with the same length of time. Emphasis on the quotes. I put in quotes because this is more on Emotion than Logic. Instinct or gut feeling more than actual analysis. Apologies for this. The changes I am referring to is same as everyone else. Better government spending, stamping out corruption, better Philippines.

        These are some reasons why I currently support Duterte.
        1. Emphasis on Law and Order.
        2. Emphasis to stamp out corruption
        3. He understands better the problems of the people in the provinces outside of Metro Manila. I read one comment here that when he reads someone mention ‘Imperial Manila’, he automatically disregards the comment as someone who doesn’t understand logic and reasoning. But if you really think about it, there is some truth to the statement ‘Imperial Manila’. Correct me if I am wrong.

        I know Duterte says ridiculous things a lot in interviews. Extra judicial killings, martial law and all…but I think he doesn’t intend on doing all of that in reality. He knows how to play the crowd, he knows what people want to hear. I think he is smart enough to know extra judicial killings or martial law isn’t the way to go. Well, ‘Hope’ he is smart enough.

        My support for Duterte, ‘for now’, is more on leap of faith. I’m still waiting on how he plans to implement it in detail, and we’ll see from there.

        You should do a post on Davao, based on numbers and a lot of research. A lot of people would really appreciate it.

        This post doesn’t count. https://joeam.com/2015/11/27/seguridad-ni-duterte/
        It is also based on hearsay and not facts.

        • I work a lot based on gut feelings also… well once a manager told me in a project good you have a gut feeling, now research the facts to find out if the gut feeling is true.

          This is the way good detectives work, and all I am saying in the article is that the Duterte legend should be looked at thoroughly… I did not say the hearsay is true but my gut feeling is that there is some truth to it. Just like your feeling is Duterte “CAN DUIT”.

          I had that feeling before as well but I now have seen the Roxas accomplishments and the facts speak for Roxas and against Duterte. Now if you are able to research the facts on Duterte and give a summary why he is better than Roxas, I will look at it with curiosity.

        • Thea says:


          Fondling ladies without consent is disrespectful. Why did you not mention this? Putting his foot on the table while talking to the public is ill-manner. Why is this not given attention? Duterte,even how good his intention is, is still a BAD EXAMPLE to a civilized world outside and inside “Imperial Manila”.

          • tems99 says:

            Point taken. Frankly speaking, I don’t really care of him being a womanizer or that he doesn’t have manners. No offense to the women out there by the way.

            He’ll probably learn the “manners” society expects of him when he becomes president. I care more if he can do the job properly or not.

            • Fondling a woman on stage who is obviously not comfortable with it, and guards behind him, makes one wonder how he is behind curtains… Rapist with goons, Mayor Sanchez?

            • Thea says:

              He is 70 years old,mind you. And he is enjoying molesting the ladies on stage. Manners are honed in early age, wisdom while aging. Are you going to permit this to happen? Let us be emotional here because there is nothing for discussion in his speech than the P.I.s and empty promises. He did not even presented how he will handle the crime in the Philippines. Do not tell me that he will resort to killing squad to make his point. Once he is voted,you can’t care anymore whether he can do the job properly or not. And because,you do not care anyway.

              • Joe America says:

                Strike the last sentence, Thea. That is an unnecessary and likely wrong personal comment. terms99 is being forthright, and it is refreshing considering all the flaming going on around us. He ought to be respected for that.

            • karl garcia says:

              another version of Erap with a law degree?Who could be Chavit 2.0?

            • chempo says:

              And remember he was against the DILG for suspending the Davao police superintendent who physically abused his wife. To him, a wife-beating cop is a good cop. Other wife-beaters he might shoot them?


              • Thea says:


                I accept being irresponsible for that.My apology.

              • edgar lores says:


                Good heart there. Cheers!

              • Joe America says:

                Ahhh, why thank you, Thea. A lot of people who contribute here sacrifice their normal passions and habits for the “cause” of forthright discussion of issue, and it is good that you see the value of that. Some of us wobble from time to time (me as much as anyone), but the discipline is healthy. Thanks.

        • Joe America says:

          I’m confident that if you went from emotional as the rationale to factual, you would change your perspective. But you have done a superb job of explaining the rationale for almost all of the Duterte supporters, I think. Just a sense that things have to change and not in small ways. The election will hinge on whether they have open minds or are closed up already. I appreciate the straightforward explanation.

    • It isn’t elitist to be logical… and I think Duterte supporters have their reasons… I used to be for Duterte also and I know the reasons and have written them here…

      however too much passion is not a good adviser… it causes thinking to fall short and not see the big picture which is the progress already there inspite of problems.

      Some Duterte supporters say we don’t need a genius we need common sense… now for a big modern country you need to be systematic… common sense alone is not enough.

      Some Duterte supporters say better do things at once… studying things means you will not do anything… doing things unstudied at once can make you run off a cliff and die.

      Duterte ran Davao like a huge barangay… that is respectable… but a complex and huge modernizing country of many islands and peoples needs systematic management.

      • tems99 says:

        Yes, it isn’t elitist to be logical.

        But, like I said, this line is.
        >The followers of Mar Roxas look at the facts and speak of common sense.

        • I can only speak for myself, and I know I have never followed anybody, only myself. And besides, where exactly did anybody here make a comment like that? Please show us.

          • tems99 says:

            It’s a line in the article.

            • OK, I concede on that point… but Joe may be right about most who are for Mar Roxas. Sometimes I am too much of a speed reader, a bad habit.

              I personally don’t like the word followers… because it is close to idolatry. When Aquino was voted I think the majority of his followers were also worshipping an idol. Six years ago the Philippines was still less evolved. Now at least more people are thinking of real issues and of possible solutions. The more intelligent pro-Duterte people also are. But I think that the perspective many have – both in time and in space – is short-term and too localized.

              Maybe a number of Mar Roxas supporters make the mistake of thinking too long-term and too macro while ignoring the real pain of many people on the ground and at the moment.

              I think Mar Roxas has a long-term, macro plan. Leni Robredo is correcting it by focusing on the tsinelas level of things. The two together are a good tandem for the country, I was worried Mar Roxas might not listen to Leni, but he is more sensitive than Noynoy is…

              The problem of Mar Roxas is that he is born into a certain social class. His world is far apart from that of the normal people, even if he tries to understand them and talk to them it is very hard for him. I don’t come from that high up, but I remember how hard it was to get to the common people when I was directly confronted with them by being a migrant, their world and their thinking is really different… the Great Cultural Divide of Filipinos.

              • tems99 says:

                I agree.

                That is one of Mar’s problems. He doesn’t get the problems of the “normal” people. He is good at what he does though.

                I think one post I read from another source put it better. Selling Mar Roxas to the electorate is like selling a Ferrari to a common person. It’s easier to sell Duterte because he’s more like a Toyota.

              • I would be more convinced of any candidate if that candidate where to present a “shadow Cabinet” – or at least 1-2 possible secretaries for the different departments. The most important skill of a leader is to form a good team with the most competent people.

                This is standard practice in Germany where I live. Of course it changes based on the coalitions that are formed based on election results – the system here is parliamentary.

                Now if a candidate would even include rivals for Presidency or Senatorial candidates of other groups in the “dream team” he or she wants to put together, that would be very modern. But the Philippines is still too much at the level of followers and kampihan.

              • Now even if one believes in superheros, look at the A-Team, the X-Men or Justice League.

                Different folks with different skills. Aquino mostly has a good cabinet, except for some he included maybe for political alliances – you need allies to make things work and have to give “candy” to some people sometimes so they don’t work against you. Duterte managed to have vice mayors from different ethnic groups to unite Davao. Roxas without Robredo, or Robredo without Roxas – not really convincing. Duterte has Cayetano to help him convince the more educated voters. At least thinking in tandems has already arrived.

              • tems99 says:

                Yes, whoever wins, he/she needs competent people around him.

                At this point though, I just see Duterte more skillful at getting people in line than Roxas.
                He knows how to play with people’s emotions. And he knows what he wants and how to get people to do what he wants.

                As to how he’s going to that, I have no say on the matter though. He is shrewd at times, and I just hope the means to get to the end isn’t too bad/wrong.

              • karl garcia says:

                Toeing the line is mere compliance.If subordinates have sense of duty they would not be forced to toe the line.Delegate functions and let them do their job.Look what happened to Abaya he looked more than incompetent because he is a yes man.You are only good as your last game,race,role who cares about track record if you suck now.

              • chempo says:

                “The problem of Mar Roxas is that he is born into a certain social class. His world is far apart from that of the normal people, even if he tries to understand them and talk to them it is very hard for him.”

                Irineo — Buddha was a prince.It is possible to connect with the massa.

              • Buddha went to live with a begging monks bowl, in the streets.

                Salvation by austerity. Leni is leading him there, in tsinelas.

    • NHerrera says:

      tems99, I appreciate the way you commented on Duterte and your “leap of faith” for him. I too use leap of faith in some things. In the case of the next President, our leap of faith is influenced by our trust on a person and what he says. And that is ok. But let me illustrate the concept of intentions versus implementation.

      I am an engineer, and our desire to get some engineering items has to contend with a lot of things — a most important one being time. Take the case of putting a power plant so we have the electricity that we need. From planning to financing, to getting the plant location and right of way, to building a plant needs at least 5 years. And one has to contend with complaints about people not wanting a plant to be located near the area. One has also has to consider that if one plans liberally for more plants and it turns out the demand for electricity is low, because of economic slow down, you will have overcapacity but one has to pay for the loans made for those plants — and here we want to lower taxes but we want to be assured of future electricity. Other items such as roads, MRT system has similar constraints. Logic and analysis are done in a lot of these. And certainly common sense too.

      My point is we cannot rush things, because, as they say, it takes about 9 months to get a baby no matter how a couple desire one. Intentions and implementations are not necessarily the same.

      • tems99 says:

        I agree. I’m an engineer myself.
        I imagine the situation more like this.

        Duterte would wreak havoc on the current status quo of the government (reducing red tape, FOI, putting corrupt officials in jail, improvimg PNP, NBI), albeit maintaining good economic policies made during the Aquino regime.
        And by the time he’s done, Roxas can further improve on it.

        Well, here’s to hoping anyway.

        • He might wreak too much havoc… in IT (giancarlo and me are both SAP specialists) you say never touch a running system… bugfixing is done step by step and not suddenly.

          It took Duterte 30 years to fix Davao, and Davao is a city he knows and can still grasp using common sense… the Philippines is too large to understand only with common sense and without enough analysis like Duterte… this is the problem with his “rugged” approach.

          • tems99 says:

            From an IT perspective, that really depends. Some code needs to be thrown out the window if it’ll make it easier to maintain. Sometimes replacing a broken system is better than fixing it. Wouldn’t you say?

            Well, at this point, it’s still speculation as to what he or what he can’t do with regards to running the country. There isn’t really one right way of running a country right? And, running a “small” city and running the entire country might be different, but I’m still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As i said, leap of faith.

            • Every voting decision is a leap of faith… and just replacing will not work with a system of that size. Not even the Americans threw out Spanish laws and practices in the Philippines for example… they added their own stuff and replaced some things. With a country the risk is very large, and there are already many gains in the past six years, I don’t think it is a good thing to risk those gains for an unknown… in the end it is a matter of attitude.

              • tems99 says:

                Well, yes, you are correct. For me, and maybe for most filipinos, there are a lot of glaring defects on how the government runs things. So, for now, I’d vote for anyone who could fix them. In my opinion, Duterte may sound extreme when he talks, but I think he’s really just set out to fix things. Not really bring us back to the stone age and wreck everything that already up and running.

            • karl garcia says:

              Migration of systems takes about a year, now convert that to government years.

  29. Sup says:

    Agree, micromanagement in Davao will not work nationwide, in Davao you have ”your own” head of police..try that nationwide…no way…
    And so many people don’t follow the law, in traffic and tax payments…still to many people selling their votes so the local players control their own ”turf”
    Good luck Duterte…

  30. Nyxx says:

    All this hype with Duterte and Cayetano is FAKE. You can validate it yourself, simply go to the comment section of all Philippine news and articles related to 2016 election. Search the profile of the Duterte-Cayetano “supporters” in FB or disqus (mostly have hashtags #DuterteCayetano2016), you can see that most if not all profile are created just Nov 2015, or the month where Duterte announced that he will run. This findings should be known, this fake accounts can lure gullible social media netizens who are into Duterte just because of the hype and not really because of his platforms.

  31. Jose Guevarra says:

    What Roxas needs to do, I think, is to start distancing himself some from the administration. He needs to talk about where Aquino has failed and then tell people how he (Roxas) would do better. Roxas needs to stop towing the party line, and once and for all, be the party leader instead. If it means turning Aquino into a lameduck in the next five months, so be it. Roxas, for instance, has to stop defending the likes of Abaya and Honrado, who really have done so miserably in their jobs. He owes them nothing. People simply can’t understand why Roxas seems to be so beholden to these guys.

    Roxas has to find ways to connect better with the common people. He needs to tell them, using their language, why he is the best choice for them. Not because he will continue to do more of the same things that Aquino has done so far, but because he make things EVEN BETTER. So Aquino has done wonders for the economy. How does Roxas intend to make the benefits of a good econmy trickle down to the masses? Can Roxas give the people some measurables by which they will know they will actually do better with him as President?

    Roxas needs to stop being the intellectual that he is for now. It just prevents him from connecting well with the less educated. Surveys time and time again have shown he’s not even connecting well with people of his kind; not the intellectuals, not the rich, not the elite, none.

    He has Korina for his wife. Maybe he can learn things from her. Why is it that despite some people’s hatred for Korina’s off-screen personality, so many more are still following her TV programs? Can Roxas turn this into his advantage as well? Can Korina and Leni, for example, show everyone that they can work together on reaching out to the masses and building some programs that will directly benefit them?

    Roxas needs an entire re-packaging of his campaign. He may very well have what it takes to run the country better, but the first thing he needs to do is to win the election. And right now, he isn’t!

    • Joe America says:

      I disagree. He can do a few tactical or promotional things to create that distance, but Mar Roxas should be Mar Roxas. He is an intellectual, and to expect him to stop is like asking you to start. I’d argue that those of you who hold negative impressions about him ought to get around the tabloid representations cast by political appointments. This Idea that “I can do it better than he can” is a tad impudent, is it not? If he can’t win the election, then he is not right for the presidency. That’s all on him. He ought not start throwing dirt to get famous because others succeed in doing that. If we let the dirt determine our vote, we deserve a dirt slinger for president.

      • Jose Guevarra says:

        Again, you’re premised on voters’ intellect sooner or later catching up with Roxas’. Not gonna happen in 5 months.

        Roxas wants to win this just as badly (maybe even more so) as the next guy. He, therefore, needs the repackaging. If and when he wins, then he can go back to being the intelligent guy that he is. He needs to win the game first, Joe, before he is given the chance to change it.

  32. Don’t feed the Troll.

  33. Thea says:

    I choose 10 “Salawikain ng Pilipino” which might be applicable to present situation and candidates :

    1. “Sagana sa puri, dukha sa sarili”. For Duterte
    2. “Bago mo sikaping gumawa ng mabuti, kailangan mo munang igayak ang sarili”. For Duterte
    3. “Matapang sa kapwa Pilipino,susukot sukot sa harap ng dayo”. For Duterte and Marcos
    4. “Kung may tiyaga,may nilaga” For Cayetano
    5. “Madaling maging tao,mahirap magpaka-tao”. For Duterte
    6. “Ang taong walang kibo, nasa loob ang kulo” For Honasan
    7. “Nawala ang ari, ngunit hindi ang lahi”. Filipinos after Marcos regime
    8. ” Naghangad ng kagitna,isang salop ang nawala” For Grace Poe
    9. “Huwag magbilang ng manok hangga’t di napipisa ang itlog” For Duterte, Poe,Marcos followers
    10.”Kung anong bukang bibig ay siyang nilalaman ng dibdib”. For Duterte

    For a change.

  34. Calling the Roxas People:
    You really should:

    Put the lyrics and Video of the Fast Forward song in marroxas.com.
    Create a contest where the best new lyric/stanza wins.
    Put the song on itunes saying that all the funds would go to this and that cause.

    The song is an earworm. it is so 2015, which is actually a throwback to 90’s samples modernized.
    Thought I was listening to a song by Thyro and Yumi.

    You have a winner here but as a few research show Pop music is path dependent so Promote Promote Promote.

    Villar had his tune and it almost beat PNoy.

  35. Written by Prof. Michael Chua…

    Umangat siya dahil sa pananaw na ang mga pinuno ay mahihina.

    Ang mensahe niya ay pagbabago. Masyadong malakas ang kumpiyansa niya sa sarili. Sinabik niya ang tao hanggang magpatirapa sila sa kanyang paanan at sinabing, “Ikaw na ang mamuno.”

    Bagito siya sa pambansang sabak na lantad ang mensahe, “patayin ang mga kalaban.”

    Para sa masa, siya ang tagapagligtas sa lahat ng kanilang suliranin.

    Para sa mayayaman madali siyang mapapaikot.

    Nagkamali sila.

    Hindi siya nadidiktihan, ang mga hindi sumasang-ayon sa kanya ay pinatatahimik. Walang kalayaang magpahayag.

    Hanggang ang buong bayan na ang sumisigaw sa isang tinig, “Patayin ang kalaban! Supilin ang iba ang pananaw.”

    Lahat sumisigaw at nagbubunyi habang marami ang pinapatay, “Sieg Heil!”

    Ito ay naganap noong Dekada 1930 sa Alemanya.

    • For context… to see what we are up against… the mindset…


      First Person
      By Alex Magno
      Philippine Daily Star

      Rodrigo Duterte has few ideas and a lot of gaffes.

      That matters little to his most devoted supporters. Beneath the rough, they hold, there is a diamond.

      Whatever else he says, beyond all the quotable quotes he has already dished out, will unlikely shake his base. To the contrary, the more outlandish he speaks, the more he thrills his supporters.

      This is why he has been unapologetic about all he has said – and how he said them. He has nothing to lose by being himself and all the media space to gain. Notice how reporters mob him and try to wring the next scandalous thing from his mouth.

      In a word: Digong makes good press.

      None of Duterte’s supporters are under any illusion their man will be Philosopher King. He will, they are sure, be the Commander-in-Chief who will grab the nation’s problems by the neck.

      The tough talking mayor is up against three UP alumni and an Atenean polished at the Wharton School of Business. That does not intimidate him. None of the others can match his X-factor.

      He has thrown the gauntlet at the Establishment. Try and stop me, he dares, and if you succeed I will gladly walk away.

      He takes to the task of seeking the presidency with the attitude of a suicide bomber. Stop me and we all blow up, he seems to be saying.

      Do not ask Rodrigo Duterte to behave. If he does, he will lose it.

      If he stops cussing, his rivals will force him into a debate on the finer points of our energy security policy. Who cares about that? That is not what these elections are about. Leave that to the policy wonks to figure out.

      Politicians win elections. The wonks figure out solutions. That is how democracy works.

      If we force Duterte to behave, keep his knees together and dish out obscure nonsense passing off as policy options, he will lose touch with his voters. Those voters are flocking to him because of the way he speaks, the Dirty Harry attitude he takes.

      Force him to behave and he will sound like another Mar Roxas.

      Notice that “naandiyan” Roxas radio ad where he perorates about the role of government. He offers a flawed theory of government. But did anybody take notice?

      Or that TV ad where he claims to be the “father” of BPO workers. That is a fraudulent claim. But does anybody challenge that ad?

      No one. Neither ad electrifies. The man has to buy expensive media space to be noticed. Even as he does, he is ignored.

      Duterte only has to cuss to make the headlines. He has gotten the bishops all excited. Only Erap succeeded in doing that before – and he won by a landslide. Forget about what happened after that.

      All studies on political propaganda arrive at only one conclusion: the simpler the message, the more effective the result.

      Duterte’s message is as simple as can be: he will go after the bad guys. They will all disappear from the face of the earth. Punish the tormentors; redeem the people.

      He must not depart from that message, his silver bullet in this campaign. No one else can deliver that message as effectively as he does.

      He should not be lured away from that message. Incarcerate all the eggheads in the freezer. Let them out only after he assumes office. Only then will they be useful for governance.

      Duterte, after all, has become the lighting rod for all the discontent that flourishes. He is attracting those who want to deliver a protest vote against the political aristocracy that rules us.

      This political aristocracy, whose extenuation is personified by Roxas, preached transparency and daily lied to the people. Its self-righteousness asphyxiates and yet its minions pulled every scam in the book. It tries to mystify us with mantras like “inclusive growth” and yet increased the ranks of the poor.

      This aristocracy boasts about “reforms” and yet accomplished none. It keep our people shackled under an oppressive income tax system and yet boast about “credit ratings upgrade.” It tries to dazzle us with talk of economic progress while failing to build the vital infra necessary for progress.

      This is a political aristocracy that failed us miserably and yet finds the conceit to sit on imagined laurels.

      Duterte is the antithesis to this callous and inept aristocracy. He is the one to say that criminals have robbed our people’s sense of personal safety, that drugs have seeped into every community even as no police statistic admits this, and that politicians have conspired to commandeer the public fund and call this “disbursement acceleration.”

      Our institutions have been degraded. The separation of powers has been undermined by wholesale bribery. There is extortion at all levels, the “tanim-bala” scam being only the icon of this pestilence.

      The tax system is extortion. The local governments are in the business of skimming the cream. The traffic enforcers shake us down at every opportunity. Smugglers run amuck. The gambling lords hold sway.

      Yet none of those who screw us every day cuss in public.

      Our people are angry – so angry that only Duterte’s colorful language could capture it. Beneath the veneer of propriety and correct language, our institutions rot and the masses know it. They are, after all, the final victims of this culture of extortion.

      Duterte is the icon of this outrage. He is uncouth but also forthright. He is banal but truthful.

      Let the well-manicured aristocrats shudder before his wrath. It is the people’s wrath.

      • mercedes santos says:

        Not all Filipinos are suckers for punishment, there’s still time for the millennials to see the light ♧

      • cha says:

        What outrage? The latest Pulse Asa trust ratings, covering the 3rd qtr 2015, has Aquino as most trusted.


        Alex Magno could be an icon himself – of outrageousness.

        • Cannot agree more Cha.

          He used a survey of questionable impartiality to declare that a more impartial survey (Trust Ratings) are bunk. Then uses this as a springboard to Criticize the current government. What a Crab.

          When he could have just said the Media creates an environment of fear and mistrust towards others. This fear is stoked constantly by social media fear mongering. This creates a split personality citizen when what he experiences tends to be benign while what he constantly sees depicted in the media skews his perception of crime overall. This fear creates a need for a protector, the Badass mayor from Davao.

    • Prof. Chua, a Gen Xer whom I highly respect especially for his documentation on Marcos human rights victims, missed out on one thing though…

      The role of tabloids in destroying the Weimar Republic… a troubled democracy that came directly after a dictatorship, I mean an imperial monarchy… with the adherents of the old regime who were detractors of democracy still very strong, and waiting.

  36. BINAY -> Gagawin kong Makati ang Pilipinas
    DUTERTE -> Gagawin kong Davao ang Pilipinas.

    The same mechanism that allows Makati to benefit from being the financial capital of the Philippines allows Davao to benefit as the financial capital/trade capital of Mindanao.

  37. HighFive says:

    I wish Pope Francis will be compelled to endorse candidates for the forthcoming 2016 election. I hope he does that for the sake of the future of the nation that loves him so much. If he does compel himself, I’m confident that he will pick the ones that President Noynoy is endorsing.

    President Aquino’s endorsement could make a big difference as well. Specially if his major campaign slogan is about economic and financial gains of the nation under his leadership. If he tells the people that foreign investments and foreign governments support will continue to flow if the Filipino voters will elect the candidates he has chosen, it will greatly convince the voters to support his candidates. It would be also important for Pres Noynoy to tell the people how differently and carefully he managed the national treasury. The recent purchases of his military modernization program is one of the proofs he could show where the money of the country is being spent.

    In regards to the surveys, I don’t know who are those people being asked when opinion polls are being conducted. Aside from that, if only a few thousands people were asked, I wonder how it can represent the view of about 50 million Filipino voters. That is why I don’t believe in the results of the opinion polls.

    • Joe America says:

      The polls are statistically valid within a certain range of probability, so the sampling size is generally okay. But when questions are phrased to favor one candidate over another, then the poll is not measuring what the public thinks, but what the public thinks about that candidate. I think the Duterte campaign is rather manipulative and “dirty”, reflecting his management style.

  38. What’s the biggest reason for fearing a Duterte presidency, if you (that’s everyone here) have to list 3 to 5 in order of the most worrisome policies to character traits——to whatever else you deem important?

    I’ve always thought his negative was actually his positive, and why his supporting public gives unconditional support, that’s his penchant for extra-judicial killings, am I right or am I wrong in this? Aside from the rule of law, why else should you fear this approach? And why is it OK, in the local level but not okay when it’s the national level— ie. “Davao deserves Duterte”, similar sentiments?

    • I see a mixture of motives, different in every one of us:

      1) fear that it might get out of hand – in the hands of the little Dutertes. The aggressivity of some of his supporters is truly scary, their hatred of the crowd “in suit and tie” – I was called that by some – is huge. It has to do with the social and regional divisions of Filipino society.

      2) fear of losing the monopoly of power in the hands of the ones who have been privileged. The Capitol crowd so to speak – some Duterte supporters say they are from District 12.

      3) fear of the very real stuff Duterte speaks out, like the hypocrisy of many. His style is pure provocation, trolling. It is MRP to the max. Cursing the pope. Touching women on stage in a lewd way. Speaking with a VISAYAN accent OMG! Opening the dirty kitchen…

      My fear is purely No 1. – in points 2) and 3) I even agree with Duterte, because he is in a trollish way, like an MRP, addressing taboo topics. He has to be confronted exactly there:

      A) show that the New Philippines will be inclusive and non-discriminating in opportunity!

      B) show that the New Philippines will be joyful and loving, without any pious hypocrisy!

      Actually the new Christmas video of Mar and Leni shows exactly A) and B) very clearly, what it is is a vision of the Philippines they want, and I like it more every time I watch it:

      • Open your eyes when looking at the video…

        Will’s Dog Love and Fitness Bank are included.

      • Ireneo, re the video, I saw all that Dog Love, Fitness Bank and AlDub Love Wil wrote about, but that’s not the Philippines I saw. Not only is it very urban in perspective, but Western in outlook—– don’t really know if that’s good or bad. But as far as inclusivity goes, it seems to fall short, IMHO. It looks like an ad for the residents in the Capitol (Panem).

        I would’ve wanted to see more open seas, forests, people with darker tone skin, sweat, etc. and as for the song it’s too Justin Biebery, or One Direction. This sounds more from the heart,

        though I know Filipinos have a wide array of musical repertoire, but native sounds should be included. There’s a balance, I know, it can be tipped towards pandering, ie. costumes, the noble savage, etc., but just include rural, or native, perspectives, is my suggestion for the next ad.

        There’s a certain sound, and feel, and smell, and sight, and taste, to the Philippines, and I don’t think that ad captures it, am I right?

        • @Lance Corporal I believe the issue was probably more logistic in nature. The people in yellow not related to Mar and Leni are highly scheduled stars, if we take as a given that they were all volunteers then we can say it would be too much of a burden for them to do that.

          Hope they Roxas guys take your suggestion and run with it. 2-3 artist per province.

        • And I’m sure this relates to your 1) fear, no? So if the Roxas campaign wants to neutralize all that divisiveness, he’s gotta up the inclusivity view—- IMHO, that ad does the opposite, caters to the whole District 12 and District 13 views.

          Do you think non-Duterte supporters are more sympathetic to extra-judicial killings, though? The tough approach, like Trump’s rhetoric over here? Or is this a sticking point for them, in spite of your 1 to 3?

          • Joe America says:

            I’d suggest you find commercials of Duterte/Cayetano, Binay and Poe and the video by the Roxas. Who’s selling what?

            Might be an interesting blog, now that I think about it.

            • karl garcia says:

              First a series of Duterte Cayetano youtube videos

            • Thea says:

              From the VP side,even you it is not asked.

              This will appeal surely to all pinoy. Perhaps,he’s got the marketing group who made the San Miguel Beer ads before.

              A follow up on repackaging: I will be makulit, but we have the same goal. Roxas to win yet let him be himself.

              1. An artist in us will say, yellow is not yellow. Yellow has different shades,tones,hues and hint. But just the same, it is yellow to ordinary eyes. It will be different from the yellow of Cory/Pinoy but a Roxas yellow. His identity.

              2. Don’t let him wear white against yellow. He will not be seen. White is not a color,neither black. Roxas must be different from the crowd. There is nothing wrong with being different yet part of the crowd. Roxas must stand out. If he will have all the ads wearing yellow among yellow,what can you expect? Or wearing white against the backdrop of yellow?

              3. Divisoria is in Manila. A lot of choices there. Wear the common T-shirt without collar. Denim jacket kahit ang init dyan sa Pilipinas. This will not cost anything. Give the public the impression that he is ready to walk in the streets of Manila. Give the impression that Roxas is a strongman who loves his wife dearly. Who will work for his family and protect them too from the hazards of the street. The people knew Erap is not poor, but he has his famous armband which connotes strength. Ramos ads were never cute,his expressions was stern and so Duterte.

              Let the tides change its course. We have 4 months to go. Don’t count on the silent voters nor just be confident that our product is of good quality. Repackaging is not rebranding. Roxas will be himself. Yung marketing arm ang dapat mag adapt. Be more creative. Sabi nga ng anak ko, kasi naman matatanda na yata ang gumagawa ng ads ng government. Totoo kaya?

        • You are right… I missed the historical buildings of Manila, the ancestral homes in the provinces… it is a country without roots that is being shown, TOO liberal and too modern.

          If there were a clean, capable right-wing democratic traditionalist party I would be for them. Unfortunately the LP is the only capable political party at the moment… well I am definitely shaped by the mixture of tradition and modernity that is Munich… this is a video from here:

        • Joe America says:

          I think you are not the target audience. The target audience indeed includes residents of Manila, and across the nation, who enjoy a fiesta-happy mood and stars and dancing and basketball. The last thing he should put up is street dancers in loin cloths with barrel drums pounding. Roxas would get ridiculed out of the election.

          • Liz says:

            Haha. I get the different points here.

            I wish they could’ve shot it in Luneta and not the affluent BGC.

            • Joe America says:

              I don’t go much beyond “it is a fun video and I dig the message.” I suspect there are reasons for what they did. If we get too analytical, we risk missing the message.

          • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

            JoeAm is like Moses, fresh from Mount Sinai. He has seen the man face-to-face. Us folks at the foot of the mountain will have to squeeze every bit of information from JoeAm, on how the man REALLY is. Which is my point. Mar in JoeAm’s eyes is not the same Mar in the eyes of the rest of the multitude. That’s dangerous. It only means that Mar has a problem in projection. If he were courting a lady one-on-one, he’ll be a hands-down winner. But to a crowd with varied experiences and tastes, doubtful now because of two successive surveys showing our man near the bottom. If that doesn’t shake things up, I don’t know what will. An example? Hmm, Marlboro was a woman’s cigarettes because it was filtered, until Leo Burnett projected it as part of cowboy lore with all the imagery attached to it. It lit up the sky like Bush’s bombardment of Baghdad—precise and overpowering. It was s simple tweak, no product reformulation involved. Cost to manufacturing: zero. Cost to advertising: a fortune for Leo Burnett.

            • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

              We’re saving the Roxas campaign a fortune for focus-group discussions, but no matter, anything for the beloved country. As we discuss and discuss, the more Ro-Ro I become. I hope our ideas get a fly-by.

        • chempo says:

          Lance, I share your views on the video.

          It’s not the colour and smell of Philippines that I know. It smacks of the Manila aristocracy. It’s the world of Philippines TV. It has no street cred. If I were from the barangays, I would feel alienated. Extremely so.

          The intention is good, the idea is good, the music is good. The PR guys are just not good enough. They must be thinking it’s another production of ‘white’ Filipinos that the massa will sap it all up like all other TV serials.

          • chempo & Wil,

            Exactly, guys! there has to be more. Dig deeper, is my point. That ad is a failure in imagination—- and I’m comparing to other ads, just as a stand alone.

            Maybe invite Bear Grylls to do a survival/environmental series in the Philippines, where Aetas, Igorots and Badjao’s are featured—- then also military and police. Learn how to catch fish, how to hunt, how to use bamboos, how to track, etc. etc.

            Fire those ad guys already, forchrissakes!

            Dec 17 is the Bear Grylls/Pres. Obama episode,

            For the record Bear Grylls isn’t the best out there, IMHO, I think Matt Graham is, but Bear Grylls just makes the art of survival fun,

            • * I’m NOT comparing to other ads,

            • Joe America says:

              Joe and Cody were quite a pair. Loved the argument they had about drinking urine. Matt not only survives in the wilds, he thrives.

              • Are these survival shows popular over there, Joe? I know mountaineering and backpacking was popular among college students over here, though not so much in Mindanao. But I noticed, it was simply to hang out with like minded friends, not really learning survival skills.

                It would be awesome if those indigenous groups over there were featured some how and their collective survival wisdom tapped for posterity. We dispatched all that collective know-how over here, so now we ‘re left having to rely on folks like Matt and Bear, and Cody, etc.

                the Philippines is lucky that they still have these folks around. If Mar Roxas needs some street cred, let him find it in the wild—- kill two birds with one stone, he looks tough and primal, Filipino natives get their due (not as caricatures but in their element).

                Make this happen, Joe— you know the guy personally now. 😉

              • Joe America says:

                I think I’m the only guy who watches the shows over here. I now know how to make fire with a plastic bag filled with urine and other better ways. Can knot palm fronds into rope. Have steeled myself to eat bugs, and know that three signal fires or displays is the international symbol for rescue needed. If in the woods, my preference for a survival partner would be: Matt, Cody, Bear, Joe. For fighting, I’d reverse that.

                I like your ideas of my pal Mar with Bear, maybe lost on Mt. Apo. I’ll tip him off about it . . .

              • https://calearth.org/about/about-nader-khalili.html

                Speaking of native resources, you think something like that is do-able in the Philippines?

                Cal-Earth’s designs have been studied by NASA, endorsed and used by the United Nations, featured in countless world media outlets, and awarded the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Our Superadobe building system (U.S. Patent #5,934,027) integrates traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements, and has passed severe earthquake code tests in California.

                Based in Hesperia, California, Cal-Earth trains hundreds of people each year through on-site, international, and web-based educational programs. Our alumni have helped share earth building with communities in over 40 countries across the globe, and our workshops have been held on five continents. Youth programs at Cal-Earth foster respect for the environment and an awareness of sustainability practices.

                In all that we do, we strive to honor our late founder Nader Khalili’s vision of an architecture based on the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire, and their unity at the service of humanity and to continue his mission to provide shelter for the world’s homeless and displaced persons, empower people to participate in the creation of their own homes and communities, and help preserve the planet that we all share.

              • Joe America says:

                I think like most things here, when poverty is reduced, more preservation work can get done. There are more initiatives and protected areas here than there were a few years ago, but not enough.

              • “I think I’m the only guy who watches the shows over here.”

                That’s too bad, Joe.

                But these shows are available now to everyone there, correct?

                The two groups over here that have converged on these shows (and survivalist skills in general) are urban homesteaders (doesn’t have to be urban), just folks who are opting out of consumerist lifestyles, and SHTF folks, mostly rural, who are anticipating societal collapse.

                The first group are generally Democrats, while the last are Republicans, tea party types. Whatever their worldviews, I’m noticing more and more people with can shelves like these,

                or this, fish ponds,

              • Joe America says:

                Cool. I’m going to put the carpenter to work.

    • Joe America says:

      His killings sometimes kill the wrong people, or people who could redeem their lives if given proper punishment. He’s like a drone that has lost its guidance system.


    Nationally, voters tend to listen most to the endorsement of the mayor (+15), church leader (+14), barangay captain (+13), relatives (+13), congressman (+11), and governor (+12). On the other hand, the endorsements of all living presidents seem to have a negative impact, with President Aquino getting a net endorsement effectiveness score of -6; Joseph Estrada, -6; Fidel Ramos, -16; and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, -34.


    Let’s just get PGMA to endorse her former ANTI CRIME CZAR?

    Does this also Mean that Mar is actually tied with Grace and Binay at 21%? If you add in the net endorsement effectiveness counts that he lost?

    @NHerrera your thoughts?

    • NHerrera says:

      The perspective implied by your question is interesting and plausible. The hurting traffic mess, MRT malfunctions and airport tanim-bala and balakbayan box fiasco — carried daily all over the archipelago at speed in TV, teleradyo, and internet social media, unlike say a decade ago — fair or not, is attributed to this Administration and since Mar is Pnoy’s bet the connection must be there. While Pnoy at this stage of his administration is enjoying unusual trust, his trust includes a broader scope that even the poor must admit, including his foreign policy (China, etc) and even BBL for some who argues at least for the spirit of that. This other part of the trust on Pnoy seems not to have been carried into Roxas only the NEGATIVE.

      I may hazard even a guess. Since the question of endorsement effect is asked as a SEPERATE question, this may EVEN be UNDERSTATED in that negative endorsement statistics. Besides there is always the statistical error or spread — what is reported is the average. Thus, if say, it is really -8, then without the baggage, Roxas in his own right may be getting 23 (= 8+15).

      Gian, a long answer to a simple question. 🙂

      • edgar lores says:

        People tend to see Mar as PNoy’s shadow — that is, the undesirable aspect of the administration. Not that Mar is the shadow in reality.

        But people need to blame someone for their discontent, and Mar becomes the lightning rod for their grievances.

        The endorsement is negative — not because PNoy’s word does not carry weight — but because the target of the endorsement is perceived as shadowy.

        It’s a projection in people’s mind… and, for this reason, they cannot see Mar as he is. Anything he says or does will be cast in a negative light.

        It’s not Mar’s fault. Largely, the fault is in the observer. The problem is how to enlighten the observer. It’s an emotive issue. Appeals to reason fall on deaf ears. So the appeal has to be to the heart. What form that appeal should take is beyond me.

        • Joe America says:

          Exactly, and when we join the baying at Roxas to remake his video, we reinforce the idea he is not up to par, when it really is we who are not up to par. I have an article in the works that centers on this, how two opposing qualities of our thought process have increased with the advent of social media: (1) we are experts, we think, and (2) we are ignorant, in truth. I do think the video was intended to reach hearts with an uplifting message, and with a meaningful message. The fact that it is greeted by people picking it apart rather than enjoying the uplift suggests how serious is this new trend. “Expertise” and ignorance rising, in tandem.

          • NHerrera says:

            edgar, joe: I share those thoughts. Thanks. I am looking forward to that article, Joe.

            And yes — the “heart.”

  40. Quote from Robert Kennedy, really spot-on for today.Posted by Brandon Weber on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

  41. edgar lores says:


    1. It seems that there are two major themes in Election 2016: Change and Continuity.

    2. Mar represents Continuity and all the other presidential candidates represent Change. Duterte represents Change at its most extreme.

    3. Continuity. There are suggestions that Mar should change (no pun intended) his campaign approach.

    3.1. I disagree. Mar has made his stand… and he should not retract. For him to change his position is for him to be not what he is. This, in effect, has been the core of the criticism against him: that he presents himself as anything but himself.

    3.2. In Daang Matuwid 2.0, Mar has made his choice. And it is a good path, is it not? President Aquino maintains high respect from the people from it and for it.

    3.3. Certainly continuity can be boring. So what? Incremental progress is better than sudden indeterminacy… which may lead to sudden regression.

    3.4. Thus it should be: steady as she goes.

    4. Change. Change has been the battle cry of politicians since… well, perhaps, since the birth of democracy. Obama used it to good effect to win two elections.

    4.1. The desire for change is universal at the individual and collective level.

    4.2. The desire for change is good because, heaven knows, we are not perfect. Although I must agree with Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki when he said: “Each of you is perfect the way you are … and you can use a little improvement.

    4.2.1. Yes, you are allowed to say, “I am perfect.” If others don’t believe you, never mind them, you hear.

    4.3. But the desire for change can stem from rationality or it can be mired in emotionality.

    4.3.1. The desire for change is rational when we know what the issues are and have plausible solutions. It is rational when we can see that the solutions lead to acceptable consequences.

    4.3.2. The desire for change is irrational when we do not know what the issues are. Necessarily, if we do not know the issues, we have no inkling of solutions. The desire for change is irrational when we cannot reasonably foresee that the consequences are in the range of what is acceptable.

    4.3.3. Moreover, the desire for change is irrational when it is largely based on hope.

    4.3.4. Hope? Yes, hope. The degree of our emotionality is the measure of our discontent. The more rabid we are the more we have a vacuum, a hole inside us that we want to fill. This gives rise to idolatry.

    4.3.5. Hope? Yes, hope. How many times have we invested in hope and been denied? And because we have been denied so many times, we see a strongman as the guarantee of success. But there are two kinds of strongmen: moral and immoral. What kind of strongman is your idol… be it Binay or Duterte?

    5. So the choices are clear: Change or Continuity. Let you and the people decide. And let you and the people lie on the bed you will choose. You deserve it. But do your children deserve it?

    5.1. Continuity is boring and change is alluring and interesting. But with boring, you have a choice of filling up that vacuum within you… by yourself and without having to hope and to rely on others. And as for interesting, there is the purported Chinese curse that goes: “May you live in interesting times.”

    • josephivo says:

      Direction is one, speed is the second variable. Continuity, yes but accelerated. Mar can start on a much stronger foundation than Pnoy did. Continuing at the same speed would be too easy, he has to accelerate, accelerate the inclusive growth as his focal point.

      • Fast Forward Daang Matuwid, like the video says… and be truly inclusive, and not forget the Filipino roots of everything… maybe subsequent videos will show that more, abangan.

        @Edgar: Mar Roxas is Apollonian, Rodrigo Duterte is Dionysian. Need I say more?

      • edgar lores says:

        Acceleration. Superb point, Joseph.

      • Joe America says:

        The third facet is weight, or the power of the message (“all actions have direction, weight and intensity”, Professor Ed Borgers, Univ. of So Cal, RIP). It has to resonate with voters, when most of the audience is highly skeptical.

        • NHerrera says:

          Seems to me Mar-Leni are getting quite some freebie gem here, summed up by that quote from Ed Borgers:

          “All actions have direction, weight and intensity.”


        • sonny says:

          vectors vs scalars, Physics 101. these I understand. 🙂

          • Joe America says:

            Vectors are fun. I coulda been an engineer, easy, but Colorado School of Mines was men only, and that wouldn’t work. The fraternity that rushed me was really irked when I went to the cow college instead.

  42. Wew. I’m getting myself excited with what strategy Roxas has or is currently doing. Patient is a virtue, eh? That aside, I’ve been meaning to ask. Duterte once told the drug lords to leave Davao City or they will face jail time. He’s been consistent also that he’ll kill all criminals, the drug lords including. Does this mean, none of them were killed as yet? Or has been jailed? Got me curious who were usually salvaged. None of the big shots. I was trying to find a data on how many drug lords have been killed. I can’t seem to find solid figures. Does this mean a contradiction? Or discrimination?

    • Joe America says:

      Good question. I don’t have the statistics, but people make the argument that the death squads only focus on people who cannot (through attorneys and money) fight back. The other argument is that chasing them out of Davao doesn’t really help the nation.

  43. karl garcia says:

    Does fast forward include streamlining and modernization,if not it would just be jumping into conclusions?
    Processes should be reviewed,layers should be lessesned,signatories should be minimal,paperless transactions is ideal.

    Fast forward should also include speedy legislation ok recycle some,but find a way for renaming streets,offices,bulidings,hospitals be relegated to the local government.
    Discourage number of bills as accomplishments because they are not.

    • Joe America says:

      It includes those things. . . at least those that are within the President’s control. He can’t really restrain the number bills done by the Legislature that are self-promotional nonsense.

  44. If Mar doesn’t win then the Philippines does not deserve competence. We just have to accept that in a lot of ways the Philippines would be lucky to have a leader of Mar’s caliber and dedication. To compromise oneself more than he already has is too much to ask. I for one cannot ask for something that valuable as one’s morals. To be true to oneself is one of the few luxuries of being an honest man.

    Good guys finish last and one of the rude realities of adulthood is that it is just highschool all over again.

    There is a joke I heard a decade and a half ago in a sitcom whose name I’ve already forgotten : a father was telling his nerd son “You’ll make a great third husband. ”

    That seemingly simple statement really called to me.

    I believe this applies to Mar.

    • NHerrera says:

      At the end of the day (that interestingly overused phrase he he) if Mar does not make it, I would think Mar, his relatives and friends will not be devastated. He and his relatives and friends fought the good fight and preserved in relative terms their dignity and integrity.

      Woe to us and the country if after a few years of a new President, we label Mar as the “Best President We Never Had.” We will then be still caught in the early stages of that steep Learning Curve. If Mar does make it, we can begin to climb the rest of that milder Learning Curve.

    • karl garcia says:

      How can you forget the show “Friends”?

  45. This is Duterte on Being an Anti Crime Czar:
    Duterte said he was surprised by the President’s announcement and has since
    been vocal about in lack of confidence in handling such a big task.

    “I will let the President know that I have my own limitations, too,” he

    Duterte admitted he does not have a complete grasp of the country’s crime
    situation, particularly illegal drugs and kidnap for ransom.

    But that would not be a problem if the situation is limited to Davao City,
    he said.

  46. For those like Don Samonte and other misled millenials – he is smart and I respect his stubbornness and energy, but it is misdirected, a video from a movie about our Pacific brothers..

  47. This is my follow-up on this: http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/personalities-versus-politics/

    “do not expect too much passion in a country run by big fat men wearing glasses” 🙂

  48. cholo says:

    most filipinos are movies or telenovela based people, they love drama, action, love stories, especially comedy:-)..related to them or not they love entertainment and are susceptible to lies and make beliefs.. so when someone tells them sorry even if they are on their angriest mode, they forgive:-) very forgiving type of human beings:-), they also use entertainment for choosing what kind of leaders they want to rule over them.

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