By Raissa Robles: Mayor Duterte, please disclose what you told Chinese officials about the South China Sea

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This is a reposting of the entire article of Raissa Robles which goes with a photo of Mayor Duterte meeting with the Chinese Consul General at the Marco Polo hotel. 

Raissa’s site cannot be accessed at this posting and is possibly being blocked.

The article is reposted here in the interest of free speech and the building of a strong Philippine blogging community.

The photo at the right was not in the original article.


Exclusive by Raïssa Robles

This evening, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte practically accused President Benigno Aquino III and Senator Antonio Trillanes of selling out to China. He vowed to investigate the role played by both officials in the loss of Scarborough Shoal to China.

What Duterte hasn’t told his supporters, though – including his new-found senatorial candidate Rafael Alunan – is that in early October 2015, Duterte was visited by the newly-appointed Chinese Consul General Song Ronghua plus four other Chinese officials from the Chinese consulate in Cebu.

To read the entire article, please hop to Raissa’s site, which has been restored:


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  1. purple says:

    Needs the picture of him at the table.

    • Myo says:

      Here I screened shot the picture from Raissa’s FB same picture posted in her blog that I saw before it was hacked.

      • Myo says:

        Sorry, I don”t know how to attached the picture. Anyway, just visit Raissa’s FB.

        • pelang says:

          raissa’s blog column has been hacked. i’ve tried going there for 3 hours already and i can’t access it.

  2. Magenta says:

    Rinse and repeat, a last desperate cry.

    • madlanglupa says:

      What you vote will be your consequence. Once he is sworn into office next month, you will be responsible for everything he does, as are his many other fanatics.

      • Magenta says:

        Due to your last vote i had to leave the country to find work and still can’t come back, do you feel responsible for this ?

        • Joe America says:

          What is the background? The reason?

        • madlanglupa says:

          I am staying in, because this is my country and never in a cold distant land as a minority.

          I am responsible for the choices I make, as I uphold my right to speak and the right to discipline myself, as simple as throwing my trash in the trash can, or crossing the street at the right place, or following the rules of the road.

          I am also responsible for this country’s defense, especially I do not wish this country to be dragged back into the mud by madmen, nor be sold to a determined power who has already undermined our security and prosperity.

          Now if he becomes the overlord, what shall the youth would be? Emulate him by justifying wholesale murder as a panacea to our problems? Gangsterism? And since he’s regarded as a doer, a supposed man of action as he claims to be, are we prepared to watch as we are excluded from the community of nations, if the weekly murder rate hits an all-time-high? Are you prepared to face humiliation abroad when other people talk about us, or our country, if excess violence lowers the Philippines to the level of Somalia or Venezuela?

          • 1571, 1898, 1942… and 2016? Hopefully not…

            Ricarte’s followers were also often “tough people”…

            Ricarte helped found the MAKAPILI in Japanese times…

            Mark Twain said, history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

            Duterte rhymes with Ricarte, remember what the MAKAPILI did then?

            • madlanglupa says:

              Just like in the post-war movies: weaved bag on their heads, slits cut for eyes, pointing their fingers to whoever does not comply. They often do so in exchange for better food and privileges.

              Makes me also think disturbingly, of the reboot version of the film Red Dawn.

        • Kamote Procopio says:

          A troll indeed with a level of cleverness similar to your idolized lunatic. It is your choice if you don’t want to come back.
          God bless you.

        • hiddendragon says:

          In 2010, PNoy was elected, the economy was in a mess. When did you leave the country? Give Duterte the same amount of time to fix the Philippines such that you get the job equivalent to what you are holding now, in status and in pay. Then, we talk.

      • So if Philippines become prosperous and peaceful under Mayor Duterte’s presidency, are you then willing to go out of the country as you have not contributed anyway to his success, ang mahirap sa inyo kala nyo kayo lang lagi tama.. bat di nyo pagbigyan ang kagustuhan ng karamihan/masa na mamili sa kanilang gusto… vote your own president and we are forever under Mayor… kaya yung iba napipilitang mag mura dahil sa mga taong tulad nyo..peste!

      • Richard says:

        Are you saying that those who voted for Aquino were also responsible for the deaths of the HK hostages, Yolanda victims and SAF44?

      • This a nice read guys, debates on choice who the president should be should stop now. Lets wait and see who will win but, it seems your RO is really way behind, it will be a miracle if he wins. For one I would like to say sorry for some comments that I made before, it was just pure politics anyway all of you made your choice and I made mine, I just tried to reason out and defend the big “IF” . I hope I will not regret it, but if it turns out to be a success then all of us will benefit from it. If not then we have to fight it out to correct what is wrong. But again it still is a two way highway, we are not really sure whats gonna happen be it Mar, Grace, Binay or Digong.

        • As long as he does not install a revolutionary government, Senate and Congress will have a word to say about what he is allowed to do and not. The 1987 Constitution does NOT give the President the same superpowers as the 1935 Constitution Marcos misused.

          I am not up to date on the Judiciary, but there are indeed a few Aquino Supreme Court Justices so it is not as if he can capture the court to suit his whim, maybe the Arroyo 8?

          As for the military, it is important to not let him integrate NPA+goons – maybe Karl can fill us out on the rules for recruiting/integrating soldiers, maybe he can tell us more about how MNLF was once made part of the regular army for a while… checks and balances!

  3. chit navarro says:

    no wonder I can not access her website now…take care Raissa… you are one hell of a journalist!!!

  4. purple says:


    • salvador gaa says:

      during Cory’s term… ABSCBN and Meralco were returned to the Lopez family without a single payment to the government re their outstanding Billions of Dolllar loans to the government during Marcos term. according to Sen. Enrile… What is the true story behind this Miss Robles?

  5. rosario says:

    Let us all go and vote ROXAS for President and ROBREDO as Vice-President. And pray pervently hard that Duterte does not win.
    Because if Duterte does, forget the WPS. He’ll shup up about it for six years, he said. Kiss it goodbye. And as the saying goes, ” out of sight, out of mind”.
    I heard this a long time ago : never borrow from a chinese. It usually on their terms. And i think your article just proved it. What more then if it is gov’t to gov’t? Ours changes head of state every six years. So what happens to the contract made by the previous one?
    And i don’t think that building railways for the entire Philippines can be done in six years. Planning alone, six years will not be enough. And whatever agreement duterte make with tsayna will only result for the Philippine losing totally the WPS. It’s actually happenning now.
    104M vs 1B+.
    Why not wait for the decision of the international tribunal, make alliance with other claimants, asked help from U.S. and other nations willing to help the Phil without unnecessary string attached that will be detrimental to our sovereignty.

  6. NHerrera says:

    Thanks Joe for reproducing Raissa’s “Mayor Duterte, please disclose what you told Chinese officials about the South China Sea” since we can’t access Raissa’s Blogsite.

    • NHerrera says:

      This is the message I get when connecting with Raissa’s Blogsite:

      HTTP 500 error

      That’s odd… Microsoft Edge can’t find this page

      This page can’t be displayed, because this site’s server might be under maintenance or there could be a programming error.

      • NHerrera says:

        This is a demonstration of the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what can possibly happen — an Orwellian world of BIG BROTHER and double-speak (ref George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four).


          German NEOPresse is a possible Putin site… the article (recent) says Duterte is likely to win, Roxas might cheat, but then the Philippines might burn due to an uprising… no reputable German newspaper writes this kind of stuff – not a single other paper except them. There is a Latin American leftist publication where Joma himself writes similar stuff, so a possible leftist international link is likely… the geopolitical ramifications are huge.

          • – Neopresse belongs to Contra Magazin who published a similar article saying that “the hope of the masses against the oligarchy lies with Duterte”… and that the oligarchy is fighting back “with TV spots, with a bank account affair etc.” – the Philippines is once again a keystone, geostrategically speaking… I hope it will not be used again.

            • may abriol says:

              Whenever i see duderty foto my heart beat faster. He looks like devil. Im sure if he will win ,after 3 months he will be impeach like estrada. I hope Leni Robredo will win vp but according to her even ifshe win if Mar lose then she will resign. Pls GOD let Mar and Leny win.

              • Joy Nepomuceno says:

                and i wonder what you look like.

                I tell you now: “after 3 months he will be impeach like estrada” – not going to happen. “Lene wins but Mar loses, she will resign?” HAHAHAH. I cannot believe a peson can be as naive as you are. Goodness!

  7. BFD says:

    Déjà vu, a taste of Martial Law, suppression of free speech, just that it’s done high tech now, DDoS attack on websites that has a dissenting opinion of Duterte. Is this now the new normal? Are we going to see this more often?

  8. Rae_E says:

    Thank you Joe for posting this. Both you & Raissa need to be careful especially Raissa since she’s using her real name. The mediamen who had the audacity to oppose Duterte in Davao City end up dead: Jun Pala (2003), Ferdie Lintuan (2006), Rene Galope (2004). I am from Davao (though not currently living there) but I cannot in good conscience support a self-confessed killer, jokes about rape, curses & disrespects his opponents, has undeclared excessive wealth, accepts enormous gifts from a cult leader enriched by his churchgoers, an adulterer, etc. It’s very disturbing that his enablers blatantly disregard basic decency to support someone with very disturbing track record.

    While I acknowledge Duterte’s role in Davao’s progress, he can’t claim full credit because he won’t be able to accomplish anything without the people’s support and God’s provision. Before Jun Pala became Duterte’s staunchest critic, they were partners along w/ Col. Calida thru Alsa Masa (People’s Uprising) in driving the insurgents & criminals from the city in the ’80’s. True and lasting change can never be accomplished by advocating violence but through participative & inclusive governance as exhibited by Jesse Robredo in Naga. The progress Jesse has done in Naga was sustained even though he’s gone because he empowered his people & established the social framework. Unlike in Davao where peace & progress is dependent on personalities – the Dutertes.

  9. karlgarcia says:

    one big smokescreen: Duterte sues Pnoy and Trillanes for treason due to backdoor chanelling with the Chinese.

  10. Magenta says:

    Only clever man like Rodrigo Duterte knows what is more beneficial for Philippine

    • NHerrera says:


      • Magenta says:

        He know the islands doesn’t belong to Philippine. Read more books, small country is always a loser in a game between big countries, especially when it grabs things that not belong to it!

        • Joe America says:

          Magenta, You have been designated a troll, banned, pending explanation of your nationality, location, and interest in the Philippines. I suspect you may be Chinese.

        • Kamote Procopio says:

          Magenta, I will not be surprised you are a member of the Chinese hackers protecting Duterte that could have attacked Raissa’s website after she posted this blog.

    • madlanglupa says:

      “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

    • uht says:

      Cleverness does not equate wisdom, Magenta. But a clever man can easily fake it.

  11. – 63 years ago…

    Diary of Victor Buencamino May 8, 1942

    Heard Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright’s voice over KZRH. It was a lonely voice—the voice of defeat. He ordered all USAFFE forces to lay down their arms. He agreed to an unconditional surrender to save the lives of the soldiers in Corregidor. At times, the General’s voice faltered. He had to clear his throat and several times he seemed out of breath. This is America’s saddest hour. Several doughboys were reported killed in a final desperate effort to raise the Stars and Stripes in Top Hill.

    • uht says:

      Sometimes I wonder, if Wainwright is seeing this right now, what he would think…

      So many people have already died to protect this country. I just hope people would honor those who were killed, and honor their memories by not again selling this country to a foreign power. It will not bring back those who died, but it will fulfill their wishes to the people of the future—that is, me, you, and everyone.

      • Slow preventable death is as tragic as knowing that the noose is tightening yet one is convinced that the noose is all but real. How apt is John Stuart Mill’s “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing”…

      • uht says:

        I know the feeling of that, Norma. Sadly I am powerless right now.

        The only thing people like me can do is weep.


    CHINA is looking forward to a bilateral settlement of the dispute in the South China Sea with the new Philippine President, its envoy said on Thursday.

    Ambassador Zhao Jinhua expressed the hope that the new Philippine leader would be willing to sit down for bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping to address conflicting claims to the 3.5-million-square-kilometer sea.

    “That is our hope,” he said when asked if the next Philippine President should push for bilateral talks with China, “because China has always been open for bilateral negotiations with the Philippines.”

    This is a very clear message even in diplomatese… funny that Duterte is not telling the to shut up, you are not Filipinos it is election time like he did to Australia and USA?

  13. bauwow says:

    Sad day indeed when Duterte will be proclaimed the next president.

    The block on Raissa’s blog and the TRO of ABS-CBN shows how the supporters of Duterte will act when they are in power. Muzzled free speech, in the name of peace and order.

    • madlanglupa says:

      Worse, what would happen to the Presidential Communications Group? I’m sure that Duterte would, like a conqueror dividing the spoils, reward his most ardent followers accordingly, so the ensure firm control of propaganda he would more likely kick the Aquino appointees out of the PCG and replace them with his favorites.

  14. Ancient Mariner says:

    Is anybody having a problem accessing the Comelec website.

    • karlgarcia says:

      my ip address was banned?

      Error 1006 Ray ID: 29faf24cb0402a31 • 2016-05-08 06:45:01 UTC
      Access denied
      What happened?
      The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (

      • Ancient Mariner says:

        I received a message saying that there was something wrong with the CLOUD.

        • karlgarcia says:

          at least you are not banned. 😜

          • Ancient Mariner says:

            I think that we are all effectively banned. I think that this could have a serious effect on the elections taking place, or, acceptance of the outcome should they take place?

            • I have full access from Germany.

              Velly stlange, the Chinese would say.

              • Ancient Mariner says:

                I now also have access. However, it remains a significant outage?

              • Ancient Mariner says:

                Oops, I can sometimes access the site but cannot navigate anywhere on the site.

              • NHerrera says:

                LET US TAKE A COFFEE BREAK

                @Ancient Mariner, you seem to have more influence; can you ask our comrades Rene-Ipil and baycas at Raissa’s for them to appeal in turn to their comrades Duterte and his Chinese friends to un-block Raissa’s Blogsite. (No transitivity here the comrade of my comrade is not my comrade.)

                ABOUT BREAKS

                Is it possible only Chinese Tea Breaks will be allowed in the future but not Coffee Breaks specially if the coffee comes from Starbucks?

              • Bert says:

                Noy, which can you access, the COMELEC site, or Raissa’s?

          • karlgarcia says:

            I accessed using another gadget,succesful for iphone,but not ipad.

    • chit navarro says:

      I can access Comelec site from my place but not Raissa’s yet. Funny that they block Raissa (have you read the comments onher FB page posting? terrible!!!) but we can read the article here… Let us keep on praing for peace and enlightenment of the Filipino eelctorate… a few more hours to go!!!

  15. miranda2015 says:

    Could be that Comelec is suffering the same fate as Raissa Robles.

  16. Ancient Mariner says:’s server DNS address could not be found.

    This is the error message from the Comelec site.
    DuDirty tricks me thinks.

  17. Ancient Mariner says:

    It is now possible to access Raissa’s blog but still not possible to read the apparently offensive article. Offensive to the Chinese that is.

    • NHerrera says:

      Yes, only the page listing the blog articles. Tried it just now.

      • Ancient Mariner says:

        Can you access and navigate the Comelec site?

      • miranda2015 says:

        @Nherrera. I stil cannot access the Comelec site. If this failure is the result of another hack then I think it will post a big question mark over the validity of the electoin results. If the Comelec site can be taken down it can also be infected.
        Comelec must speak up and provide reassurance.

  18. Vicara says:

    Follow the money: It is plausible that the Duterte campaign, business partners, Chinese officials, the murderous Ampatuans, warlords, a whole bunch of LGU officials and the brisk shabu trade (as well as other unsavory industries in the black economy) in southern Mindanao are all linked.

    Background reading: This was published right after the Ampatuan massacre of 2009, when GMA was counting on the clan to get her (secretly) preferred candidate Villar elected president in 2010:

    The author, Francisco Lara, has taught at the London School of Economics.

  19. Hopeyvamp says:

    Duterte supporters don’t and they won’t choose to understand the impact of this story. No matter what, all that is important to them is “panahon na na may katakutan ang mga criminal and magnanakaw”. But economy and important issues like these? They wouldn’t care. Sad reality. Sayang ang pinag aralan.

  20. Bert says:

    Still cannot access Raissa’s.

    Those bad guys are good, pun intended, :).

    • Bert, am thinking, those bad guys could have come from BBM social media group or Du30’s. Raissa has been publishing several articles on BBM just recently. Those who support Duterte-Marcos tandem, you know? Shades of martial law tactics, scary…scary.

      • chit navarro says:

        only when the Duderte articles is her site taken down. mas magaling ang hackers ni Duderte kesa kay BBM..

      • secret says:

        Hay nko… Bahala bumalik pa ang martial law bsta wala na mga gagu mga salut haha

  21. Bing Garcia says:

    Between Raissa Robles and Fidel Ramos, I will choose Fidel Ramos anytime.

  22. uht says:

    When Duterte was asked to name his campaign donors, he answered “Emilio Aguinaldo”.

    Emilio Aguinaldo asked for foreign aid to install himself in power….

    I may be wrong, but it is still worth thinking about. Food for thought.

    I hope Ma’am Raissa is okay too….

  23. – slightly OT… excerpts from Roxas’ speech yesterday (he speaks better than Aquino):

    Kabahagi po tayo. We belong to a long line of patriots, mga nagmamahal sa ating bansa. Sa bawat yugto ng ating kasaysayan, ang ating mga ninuno, ‘yung mga nauna sa atin, tulad natin ngayon dito, may nakitang banta sa kanilang seguridad. May nakitang hamon. Kahit ano pa, tumayo sila, nanindigan sila, nilabanan nila.

    Magmula noong kapanahunan ng mga mananakop – mga Kastila, Amerikano, Hapon – hanggang sa panahon ng diktadura, madugong yugto yun sa ating kasaysayan. Noong nakaraang 2004, 2005, hanggang 2010, ipinaglaban natin ‘yung katiwalian. Kinontra natin ‘yung pagsisinungaling, yung pagnanakaw ng ating kaban ng bayan. Sa bawat yugto ng ating kasaysayan, mga Pilipino, ordinaryong Pilipino, mga mamamayan ng ating Inang Bayan, tumayo, nanindigan, at ipinaglaban ang ating bukas.

    At ngayon, nandito tayo. Pinaglalaban natin ang ating bukas. Pinaglalaban natin ang pagpapatuloy ng kinalalagyan natin ngayon. ‘Wag nating kalimutan na malayo na ang narating natin…

    Ang ating mga katunggali, gusto nila na makalimutan natin ‘yung ating mga napagtagumpayan na. Gusto nilang makalimutan natin kung sino tayo bilang mga Pilipino. Gusto nila na mag-U-turn tayo, bumalik tayo sa zero.

    Susunugin nila, sisirain nila lahat ng mga pinaghirapan natin nitong nakaraang anim na taon na ito.

    Pero hindi tayo papayag. Nandito tayo para labanan sila! ..

    Maraming-maraming salamat sa inyong kabayanihan. Maraming-maraming salamat sa inyong paninindigan. Kasama ninyo ang milyon milyong kababayan natin na nangangamba sa nakikita nila. Natatakot sa nakikita nilang alternatibo daw sa ating pamumuno. Pero nakikita natin, kabastusan, kawalang-takot sa Diyos, walang plano, pang-iinsulto, puro soundbite lang, komunismo, marahas na kamay, wala na ang rule of law.

  24. Joan says:

    Simply because he is good in unifying, for example in Davao Muslims and Christians are peaceful and there’s no discrimination against lgbt community and I think china find him believable and firm in his decision that other past administration don’t have or embodied maybe other leaders are traitors and only wants money for themselves and don’t stick to their agreement

    • uht says:

      Unifying within Davao, yes. But at what price? You have to look at that too. Not all that glitters is gold. And there are things that glitter and are gold, but came from questionable means and practices….

    • purple says:

      he’s an immoral psychopath who think it’s ok to wipe small fish (many under 18) for the benefit of the big fish, who seem to feed very well

    • Kamote Procopio says:

      The late Robredo was able to unite his constituents in Naga without the use of violence and instilling fear. People became proactive and everyone was involved on the issues and finding solutions for the betterment of the city. No DDS, no cursing, and no hidden bank accounts. He was way believable than your bigoted idol.

  25. Joan says:

    Bakit hindi rin sagutin ni Trillanes Kung anong napagusapan nila ng Chinese gov. and ni Pnoy sya ang nagtalaga kay Trillanes para sa secret nilang negotiation tanong Lang oo.

    • Bert says:

      Joan, kasi si Duterte ang tinanong ni Raissa Robles, palagay ko hindi sasagutin ni Trillanes ang tanong na iyon.

    • wbar says:

      Joan…d baga ang nangyari nga ay umalis ang barko ng Pilipinas sa Scarborough sa kasunduang aalis din ang China..pero ano ang nangyari…hindi na umalis ang China…ito ay ayon sa balita noon pa kung hindi ako nagkakamali.Ang iyong si Duterte..inamin na ang mga Intsik ang nagbabayad ng kaniyang political ads e anong kapalit noon..aber?

      • bauwow says:

        Oo nga naman! Bakit nga hindi nag stick sa agreement….. Ang China! Gusto pa nga nila bilateral talks pa, under their own Chinese laws! Indeed!

      • impex123 says:

        The agreement “kuno” ay dahil nag declare sila ng fishing moratorium (I think for 3 months) to prevent over fishing. Tayo naman tumupad sa usapan, sila hindi at hinarangan na tayong makabalik. End of the story.

        • Ron Resurreccion says:

          typical communist tactic. do everything, even dishonest methods like lying through their teeth, just to do what they want.

          • L May Abriol says:

            Yrs, dudirty is s communisy, npa leader, at kasabwat mga ampatusns sa maguindanao massacre. Di ba un lawyer nyang si panelo lawyer din ng mga ampatuans? Kaya pg o nys aquit lahat mga mamamatay tao na kagaya nya.

    • uht says:

      State matters are sensitive…

  26. ramon naguita says:

    It is not Duterte to reply what had happened in the Scarborough Shaol! It is Pres. Aquino and Senator Trillianes who circumvent the issue through their back door negotiation.

    On Saturday, May 7, 2016, The Society of Honor by Joe America wrote:

    > Joe America posted: “This is a reposting of the entire article of Raissa > Robles which goes with a photo of Mayor Duterte meeting with the Chinese > Consul General at the Marco Polo hotel. Raissa’s site cannot be accessed > at this posting and is possibly being blocked. The” >

  27. madlanglupa says:

    Fine, let’s see how your chosen messiah would be able to deal with the world at large, especially as he is very selective with whom he wants to talk to, or make deals with. We are being watched, and if he fails and we are taken over, it will be your collective responsibility, including how much your carry in your wallet and your conscience.

  28. andrewlim8 says:

    Im issuing a challenge to your identity if you are really yen makabenta, or did you just lift this from one of his columns.

  29. Juana Pilipinas says:


    Could you give me a link to where you got this info? Cut and pasted info with dropped names looks hokey.

    This is what I got from the WIKILEAKS site:

  30. Joe America says:

    Give the link, otherwise this goes into the pile of lies emanating from the Duterte propaganda machine.

  31. aquarose says:

    it’s a pity we can’t access raissa’s blog. today is the day we were to be informed of the smart plans by yvonne.

  32. Joe America says:

    My network of sources spread across that Philippines like a spider web, each node a listening post, reports that Mayor Duterte visited mainland China via Air China from 14 Nov to 16 Nov, 2015.

    This information is verifiable via Immigration.

  33. purple says:

    Scenario: a possible false flag opaartion with the election count.

    Everything has been set up to blame Pnoy/Roxas for an election fiasco. When in fact, as this shows, D just as possibly has an army of (Chinese ?) hackers who can cause damage.

    A false flag could be used to mobilize outrage against Pnoy/Roxas and take power by force. Since ‘we had no choice, they tried to steal election’.

    Food for thought.

  34. Tata Sun says:

    To shortened your report, it only implies that these issues you mentioned Duterte talking with Chinese are all aimed at improving the Infrastructure of the Philippines to make it possible to connect the country being a 3 island separated by water… I don’t see any bad doing or personal interest or intentions for this. . This is all for the good of the country and to move forward to development of the country…

    Second, the loans that is mentioned here sought by GMA administration that time, to finance the railways connection for the country, which is very much aimed and clearly understood for the development of the country, I don’t see any wrong doings and intentions for this. This will help the country to connect the islands which will help to achieve the development of the country and make possible for the citizens and products to move freely throughout the country.

    The country is divided with waters and this is one reason that hinders to achieve one common goal to develop and achieve success economic success for the country and for the good of the people specially from the remote and rural areas.

    I don’t see any wrong intentions in the transactions mentioned here. It simply manifest that there are plans to widen economy by establishing railways project for the good and to the advantage of the filipinos as it’s benefits will advance the life of people specially from the rural areas.

    Even if it will take to transact in agreement that will relate a property of the country. As long as as the intentions are good. And aims to forward the life of filipinos to development.

    What is wrong is the transaction what the government “seemed” to have done in private with Trillanes. Why don’t they report it to the people and lay down the protocol for what purpose and aims were the 16x visit of Trillanes to China. And why is the travel kept in secret from the “Senate” which represents the people, the filipinos. If this travel is for a project intended for the people, they don’t need to hide this from the people, they can account and explain this to the people. But the way Trillanes is answering the Senate President, that he is not obligated to answer the question of the people but only to the President, is very much wrong. Trillanes answers ‘seemed” that something “fischy” must be hidden from the knowledge of the filipinos otherwise he could have made a report to the Senate the same as he reported to the President.

    • WBAR says:

      tata sun..another chinese trolling in the west philippine sea…

    • uht says:

      a) If improving transportation and infrastructure was the intention of Duterte, why invite in China specifically, and China alone? China doesn’t have a monopoly on construction firms. One can get the same aid from Japan, the US, Australia—in fact Japan has already loaned us a lot of money for the first step to that goal.

      b) The Arroyo loans had good intentions behind them, perhaps. But in any case they were riddled with problems in practice. Faulty construction here, kickbacks there….Money was wasted.

      c) State diplomatics is a VERY sensitive matter. You cannot just go out and tell your people what you are doing, else, they will react badly and force you to move according to their stance, which may or may not always be right. This is also not taking into account how OTHER countries will react, by the way….

      I see you seem to have good intentions, and I commend that. But please try to see the other side of the coin. The tails side exists too.

    • madlanglupa says:

      The Mainland Chinese would try to use the “soft power” approach on us that they also use in several African nations.

    • Joe America says:

      Would you kindly inform us of your nationality, location and interest in the Philippines? Thank you.

  35. uht says:

    Someone posted this as response to Raissa’s comments about how Duterte’s supporters should be proud of what they did:


    I found this somewhere in my timeline. And it makes me sick. Sick because I remember I voted for PNOY in 2010.

    By this logic, each and every Filipino should blame me for each and every death of the 44 SAF. For every time the MRT breaks down. For everytime the traffic was so bad that it took you 6hrs to get home. 6 damn hours you could have spent with your family. For every damn farmer that was jailed and shot because they rallied for food. For every hostage that was killed in Luneta. For every victim of the tanim bala and every year that NAIA was named the worst airport. For the Canadian that was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf. For all those unaccounted for after Yolanda be it funds or deaths. By this logic, we should blame every Davaoeno because they voted Duterte to govern them for decades and look where they ended up.

    By this logic, she is telling us, innocent blood is on our hands because we trusted PNOY to lead us. Those who voted for PNOY. Remember that. So for everyone of you who voted for PNOY in 2010, live with that.



    It makes me sad to see this. It just illustrates how many of us still treat the President as if he were superhuman, as if he were God….but he is not.

    Even if I was too young to vote in 2010, I supported PNoy. And I lived with it. Still don’t regret it, because we are much better off now.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Kamote Procopio says:

      I also voted for PNoy and there were no regrets. It is actually disheartening that there are still many of us expects the President to change their lives, not realizing that change should start from themselves and should stop relying on the government.
      I agree on Randy David’s article in inquirer that these people were actually not poor but those who want something more, as they are not satisfied enough.
      “Greed is so destructive, it destroys everything.- Eartha Kitt”

    • Vicara says:

      UHT, if Duterte is so powerful in Mindanao, as his followers claim, if his connections are so good, if he is really interested in justice, why did he not go after those responsible for the 44SAF? Why did he not go after the killers of Jun Pala, who was assassinated in his city? Why did he not at least make a token effort to decry the extrajudicial killings in his city? Why didn’t he rescue the Canadian, or make a deal with his captors, if he’s such a great deal-maker with warring groups? (Grandstanding politicians in Mindanao love doing this.) Why does he accept legal help from a lawyer of the Ampatuans and GMA? The Davao airport was built with an ADB loan, EU co-funding, and funds from the national government. It is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority, and the quality of its service has nothing to do with the city or Duterte.

      And by the way, the traffic in downtown Davao is atrocious. As for the bus terminal (which IS under city jurisdication), I’ve seen better in places like Gen San and Koronadal.

      • uht says:

        It seemed very strange to me at the time too, yes. But I thought Duterte was never going to interfere anyways. The first time I heard of his surname was when his daughter Sara punched a member of a demolition team for demolishing squatter residences in a district that voted for her. They only care for those who are blindly loyal to them.

        Just to reiterate, I’m NOT a supporter of Duterte. I just happened to find that floating around on my timeline. 🙂

        • Not only a district loyal to her – THE famous district of Agdao where Alsa Masa vigilante groups were founded and I think even Quiboloy started off originally… I seriously doubt he would care much for Bankerohan, the slum area where I heard most DDS victims are from.

  36. Bill in Oz says:

    May all of us, as Joe says,
    Think well. Be kind. Be cool.
    For even he darkest night
    There is a dawning of new light.

  37. Thanks for risking hacking of your own blog. Saluto vos.

  38. chempo says:

    Sorry to be messenger of bad news. If overseas absentee voting exit portends what is to come, you guys are screwed. Duterte, BBM n cayetano are having very substantial strong numbers.

    • Overseas absentee voting ends tomorrow, so I doubt there are any exit polls yet.

      Lots of disinformation going around I think. Tomorrow will tell, good luck pipol.

    • impex123 says:

      I know. As I have said in Raissa’s blog that not all ‘bobotantes’ are poor and no education. Most of them are well-off and educated, unbelievable.

  39. justwandering says:

    the article is highly speculative given the election environment. I respect Raissa as a journalist, I would also respect her choice if its not Duterte..

    if it had been a backdoor meeting that actually involved KIG discussion, without the behest of the government, then a picture like that, published in an article, should never have seen the light of day.. sadly, it only gave us a picture, not a story.. and anyone can make try to make a conclusion of his own (malicious or not).. so this strikes me as a vague journalistic attempt to frame a story and cast a negative light..

    the closest articles you can find about the Chinese consul general around that time was because of the founding anniversary of CH being celebrated by Filipino-Chinese community.. the meeting between Duterte and the Consul General might have discussed anything under the sun.. Davao has a sizeable and vibrant Chinese community..

  40. Victor Junio says:

    Filipinos, take heed. The future of your beloved country is in your hands today when you heed to the polls. It is you that will decide in the next 6 years where you want to steer this country! Vote with intilligence not by emotions!!!

  41. this story is irrelevant’s like trying to revive a dead horse…..

  42. Sup says:

    Again now…Raissa…………..Error establishing a database connection

    • Joe America says:

      I will not republish here as I mainly did not want the article blocked prior to the election. I did not bother to secure permission to republish.

  43. bauwow says:

    Funny how they act like they are already in power.
    Treason? For defending the sovereignity of the Philippines?

  44. uht says:

    GRP of all places is now telling us to stop judging Duterte….

    Will we see Rizal alive and well in Luneta next?

  45. madlanglupa says:

    Offtopic: Okay, a bit of gallows humor from John Oliver.

  46. andrewlim8 says:

    I just voted this morning and I noticed something that may explain the reports of Dudirty voters complaining of receipts showing they voted for Mar.

    If you saw the layout of the ballot, the circle to be shaded is to the left of the name of the candidate. Dudirty is no.3, Mar is no. 5. They must have shaded the circle to the right of the name of the candidate, but that is already Mar’s.

    1. 3. 5.
    2. 4

    I sure hope there are many of them har har har

    • But there are lines that separate the different areas, it is NOT as if you would not see what belongs where…

      But I have indeed seen postings in Duterte groups telling voters to be careful about this.

      • andrewlim8 says:

        You will be surprised at the limitless capabilities or non-capabilities of the Filipino voter.

        The voter ahead of us who had a Dudirty baller kept staring into space while in line till our batch of 5 was called inside. That was the only time she tried to look for her name and number in the list. Of course that took a lot of time. When all the signs of instructions on what to do before entering the precinct were plastered all over the walls.

        They want change but they cannot even manage to change themselves.

        Chang is coming? LOL

      • chempo says:

        Remember the IQ factor.

        • I have read Swiss reports that there are still many poor children in the Philippines who suffer from malnutrition and that this can permanently reduce IQ by at least 10 points, especially if it is before the age of six – maybe it was even worse before. Now add to that the patchy education especially of the poor – even if they may have moved up don’t expect the cognitive level to have increased. My former yaya will not have experienced hunger, but her education was patchy, even with her being sent to evening school by us. Her daughter who was born and raised in Germany speaks several languages and is doing her college degree now – realizing the potential her mother was not able to realize.

          4Ps and K12 are doing their part, maybe more could be done to improve the nutrition of the poorest before they go to school. This election shows the long-term effects of neglect of human resources of the country, not adding value to them. This lesson must be learned.

          • Bill in Oz says:

            Irineo I remember when I was young at school in Australia. On hot days ( Australian summer days like in Manila now 35-40 degrees in the shade ) real learning in the afternoon was impossible.. Later on after graduating from Uni, I was a teacher for 11 years and I saw the same thing from the other side of the fence :poor concentration and learning on hot days. This can be interpreted as a low IQ !!!

            A school class room designed to be cool in a tropical climate can thus have an increased I Q affect. And I guess we all now that concrete class rooms are not good at this.

            • Back to the bahay kubo then, or even better the Malay longhouse – Igorots have that. The design of the original native houses keeps the wind going through – and is more environmentally friendly than using concrete… Possibly even cheaper.

          • Zyril Torre says:

            It seems that you overestimate the intellect of yourselves which should not be the case. You differ not the friars in times of Rizal calling the masses “Indios.” You just can’t understand that this country needs genuine reform, reform that the previous administrations never did. Roxas marketing that is “continuing the tuwid na daan” is not saleable. The 6% economy growth of Aquino’s time is hollow. It was driven mainly by improvement in service sector, which is a characteristic of a post-industrialized economy. A genuine growth should be driven by an increase in agriculture sector as our country is agricultural in nature, simple economics. Luckily, agriculture is the priority in Duterte’s agenda.

            • Walang ganyanan OK? Hindi ko sinabing bobo ang masa. Mahina lang ang edukasyon.

              Si Rizal pa noong araw iyon ang gusto niyang pagandahin, hanggang ngayon hindi nabasa ng karamihan iyong kanyang naisulat. Dakila ang pagmulat niya sa kabataan noong pinapunta siya sa Dapitan (Mindanao!) ng mga Kastila. Huwag itigil ni Duterte ang K-12 dahil iyan yata ang gusto niya – paramihin sana ang classroom kahit bahay kubo lang. Huwag sana Pol Pot style ang kanyang gawin, dahil makakasira sa pag-unlad…

    • madlanglupa says:

      A matter of doing a quick-and-dirty with Photoshop in less than a minute.

  47. NHerrera says:

    I am on the mechanics-of-election mode here:

    When one considers,

    – the number — 54.4 million registered voters with, say, 80% actually voting or 44 million — and the budgetary constraints; complaints and outright misinformation lodged at Comelec at every turn; the time squeeze on it;

    – a time constraint made worse — we must admit — by the Supreme Court who knowing the case of Poe took some six valuable weeks to decide when they could have done so on a marathon meeting/ hearings and thereby deprived Comelec of the needed time to address the main issues of the election mechanics;

    – the huge logistical requirements under an environment when hackers — local and external (?), the probable creative digital experts on the lookout for a way to get around Comelec securities to favor their patrons;

    – the very hotly contested national election at the Presidential, Vice Presidential level,

    we may shift part of our focus on the election mechanics itself, and discernably assess what we get as news and give the benefit of the doubt or sympathize with Comelec in this huge task of theirs. Separate chaff from grain and not blow incidents unverified or out of proportion and picture Comelec as the devil itself — far from being true. That is, in comparison to the behavior of some Candidates themselves during this campaign season. We owe our voters this consideration, especially as the voters line up to exercise their right in this very hot summer heat.

    (170 ballots being rejected by a VCM, when we have 50,000+ VCMs and 54.4m registered voters. Is this a catastrophic incident? Please media reporters and especially the anchor persons fielding questions in the comfort of their air-conditioned studios, can you please not add to the climate heat. Vote buying. What can Comelec effectively do, with the massive efforts of the Comelec focused on the effective functioning of the VCMs and huge number of voters getting to vote? The best that one can say about this practice — until reduced to insignificance in the future — is that the vote buying will cancel it’s other out, meantime providing the very poor for meals for a day or two. (So sorry, for the facetious statement.))

    • Bill in Oz says:

      It’s definitely hot out there..Hot like an Australian summer with 41 degrees in Manila.. It is a great shame that the idea of having polling booths in air conditioned mall could not be carried out. I was talking to a woman on reception at my hotel. She cannot vote as she is registered at Olongapo. There is no absentee voting. Why ?

      • Joe America says:

        19,242 absentee ballots were cast according to COMELEC

      • Ancient Mariner says:

        I think there was absentee voting. Our security guatds rotated to be able to vote. There may have a defined set of circumstances of which she was unaware or unable to comply with.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Usually you can transfer registration when you transfrer residency,maybe the hotel staff was just new, or not a long term resident of Quiapo,and the hotel maybe under staffed.

        • Bill in Oz says:

          Yes karl, some of the staff have gone home to the provinces to vote this long weekend. So maybe Marielle was just the one who was not able because of her work schedule I think she started here in November and is probably an ‘endo’ hoping for a contract renewal.

    • NHerrera says:

      Sorry, that was 150 VCMs rejecting ballots (but 150 over 50,000 VCMs?). Chairman extended the voting by 1 hour from 5PM closing of voting to 6PM. This can correct the effect of the VCMs malfunctioning.

      Sorry, Bill in Oz, I cannot answer your query.

      • Not even 1% (that would be 500 of 50K VCMs), just 0.3% failure…

        I remember how a Unisys representative (they make the failsafe systems for airports) told me that most people think 99% availability is high – but that means for 365 days of the year, the airport will have to go IBM (it’s better manually) for almost 4 days a year…

        99.9% availability sounds better he told me, but that is still 9 hours of blackout – every airport has drills for this, going back to old fashioned pen and paper plus radio, but that means rerouting flights because the manual system CANNOT handle the capacity of an automated system. The Unisys person told me of 99.99% and more are being good for airport and other mission-critical systems… now the question is what caused the failures?

        Philippines often suffers from unstable voltage especially in the provinces – computers, fax machines etc. are easily affected by this. Didn’t PCOS have Internet issues last time?

        COMELEC I think is posting the count for every precinct online to be fully transparent.

    • “providing the very poor for meals for a day or two”

      Pakain sa presinto plus one sack of rice for the poor… democratic incentives?

      • NHerrera says:


        Exactly. That is like taking an actual election survey of 53.83m registered voters (= 0.997x54m). The margin of error for this is 0.014 percent. But the “beauty” is we are a demanding country. We demand perfection. And therein lies the rocky road ahead of Duterte as President.

        And requirement for democratic incentive. 🙂

  48. Not to blame traffic on being always late and to avoid stress, I make it a point to leave home 2 hours earlier every single working day…(3 hours earlier at 5:00 am when we still don’t have our own cars and company provided service car). My principle is to make the requisite adjustments, not rail against what is unavoidable curveball thrown my way.

    As in every election day, we are at the polling place long before the bell chimed at 6:00 am to signal the start of the voting process to avoid long lines and summer heat. Less than 15 minutes later, we are back at the designated parking area. I got to use the small rechargeable fan for only a few minutes (I came prepared with iced water, my bp monitor and the tiny pink meds as I don’t want to be back at ICU).

    Whatever happens, I know I’ve done my part, however small it maybe as keyboard warrior, trying to convince guards at the bank, staffs at my favorite parlor, kasambahays, FB friends and relatives. I hope they could forgive me for posting directly at their timelines, I promised myself, I will do that only during this election season…

    God in his infinite wisdom will permit events to happen in accordance with his overall plan with this country of ours. I have faith in Him and will not waver, ever…

    Tomorrow, we will know what is in store for us. I have heard of positive news of last minute switches to RORO. Hope springs eternal…hope that eventually, the rest of our countrymen will not fail us.

    • NHerrera says:

      All of us, even those with different persuasions — but with respectful, reasoning views — can rest, comforted with the thought that we have done our bit. You, among many, have done an extraordinary job of it, I am glad to say, Mary.

    • stpaul says:

      And our people failed us, at 60% in favor of the mayor, what a grief-filled day for us Roro warriors. Thank you Mary for tirelessly campaigning for our candidates despite your health condition. And thank you Sir Joe for all your positive commentary on our President and candidates.

    • karlgarcia says:

      You did more than enough Mary,straight fom the ICU you soldiered on.

  49. chempo says:

    Following the results in realtime it appears du30 is consistently garnering 50% plus so the polls got it wrong. What I’m worried is the ballots are uploaded via Internet which has security issues. You know how good Chinese hackers are. Just a thought .

    • Where can one see those results in realtime?

    • NHerrera says:

      As of 7:30PM, Philippines with 19.9 votes — PPCRV (unofficial):

      39.0% Duterte
      22.2% Poe
      21.3% Roxas
      13.2% Binay
      04.2% Santiago

      • NHerrera says:

        The above is from ANC TV coverage Halalan 2016. I converted totals to percentage with my Excel spreadsheet doing the work for me.

      • NHerrera says:

        Corresponding VP numbers at about the same time stamp as above:

        37.16% Marcos
        33.28% Robredo
        14.04% Cayetano
        11.84% Escudero
        01.97% Trillanes
        01.72% Honasan

      • Bill in Oz says:

        A consequence of having deciding who wins according to the horse race method. First past the post. Some call it a ‘plurality’ vote.That is just a sophisticated way of hiding the fact that it is not a ‘majority’ vote.

      • NHerrera says:

        Note that SWS May 1-3 survey results, adjusted/ normaized — by me — for the undecided/ invalid marks on the survey forms are:

        36.7% Duterte
        24.4% Poe
        22.2% Roxas
        14.4% Binay
        02.2% Santiago

        Compare these numbers with the partial results from PPCRV above — I do not know where they are coming from. Thus, please be cautioned that the numbers from PPCRV are not random over the Philippines. If SWS results are reasonably predictive we expect the partial returns averages will trend to the SWS numbers. That, of course, remains to be seen.

        • Bill in Oz says:

          NHereerra..A technical question…In Australia election results tend to come in with precincts ( polling booths ) that have smaller numbers of voters, coming in first. Then the precincts with big voting rolls coming in later on in the night. Does the same thing happen here in the Philippines ? Or is this eliminated by the electronic voting recording system ?

          • The Rappler link I posted shows which areas are already fully transmitted. Manila is in, provinces especially in Western Mindanao are not yet fully in.

            Congress will check the tallying though, this is just unofficial but I doubt it will change much.

          • NHerrera says:

            I honestly don’t know Bill in Oz. I hope Karl our able librarian can help. The numbers reported by PPCRV are as it comes, without waiting from other precincts, to prevent being accused of trending or the like. PPCRV has established credibility.

      • NHerrera says:

        PPCRV = Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting — a sort of fixture in Philippine National Election helping ensure credibility of Philippine Elections, by their quick unofficial count since Comelec provides it with election information at the precinct level. With volunteers all over the Philippines and digital devices, it is able to give numbers ahead of the official Comelec count.

  50. uht says:

    I hope i won’t be writing my own obituary when this is all over.

    • madlanglupa says:

      Hopefully, this isn’t going to be a banana republic because him attempting to close down both legislature and judiciary for his desires to “give what the people want” would backfire.

      • OK, let’s assume he has the 40%… there is still the 60% who did NOT vote for him. Drilon and Villanueva both LP are No. 2 and No. 1 in the present Senate count… he can’t close down Congress legally because that is no longer in his 1987 Constitution rights – Marcos had the right to do it alone. He COULD try to integrate the NPA into the AFP much like the MNLF was integrated for a while, basically close Congress illegally, but what will happen?

        He would meet some resistance I think – Magdalo/Trillanes but not only… possibly EDSA4?

  51. josephivo says:

    It seems I’ll better shut up from now on… would love to live a few more happy years in the Philippines.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      That’s the wrong attitude to take, and that’s why Marcos lasted so long.

      The attitude to take is to stay informed all the time, be vigilant. If he implements correctly, then who’s to complain? But if he goes overboard.. We shall see soon enough if this will be a principled leadership or will his allies abuse their positions?

      • We have social media nowadays, and I doubt he will put a firewall around the Internet in the Philippines and close the press that quickly – unless China helps him do it…

        But first he has to pass Congress and Senate, he cannot pull down EDCA, he cannot just make a VFA with China. He cannot force people to use PangitBook instead of Facebook.

        He could try to close Congress, but for that he needs AFP which might not help him, unless he integrates his own private army (NPA+goons) into it – how can that be stopped?

        • andrewlim8 says:

          I am eagerly awaiting his appointees because so far his group of advisers do not inspire confidence. The economic managers in particular because they will really run the show, not Duterte since he has admitted to not being knowledgeable enough. If they are credible, then we may be okay.

          For foreign policy, we have to see how his seemingly pro-bilateral, pro-joint venture with China stance will pan out. It’s a reversal of the current position.

          This stance will drive away global support for our position. And since we really don’t have leverage, China may just play along at the start, sign the agreements, then renege on them later. What can we do then, after driving away the US?

          I actually envision Duterte being invited to a summit on this in Beijing, where he will be given star treatment by China for the first year of the agreement. Then afterwards, China will summon him (not invited) and he will be made to walk a cavernous hall where he has to walk from one end to the other. At the end will be an elevated desk where the Chinese premier is seated.

          And Duterte, for all his macho posturing, will have to speak to him looking upwards.

          LOL the only oiption left for him would be the jetski

    • Bert says:

      Good decision, Joseph. Better alive than dead. As to living a few happy years under threat by death squads I think that’s a bit over-optimistic, :).

      • andrewlim8 says:

        Unless you’re kidding, that’s how dictators are enabled.

        • Bert says:

          Loosen up a bit, Andrew. It’s not the end of the world. Our Roxas lost but our Leni is fast catching up. There will be a happy ending to this, you’ll see.

  52. madlanglupa says:

    Amazing how celebrities under Rody can get away scot-free with fanatics looking the other way around. A preview of his administration?

  53. Legacy says:

    How do people online feel about the presidential candidates?

  54. NHerrera says:

    With 27.6m total votes, PPCRV (unofficial) numbers at 8:45PM from ANC TV report are:

    38.95% Duterte
    22.15% Poe
    21.65% Roxas
    13.19% Binay
    04.06% Santiago

    With total 54.4m registered voters and the now estimated 75% turnout or 40.8m, this 27.6m is 67.6% of this estimated turnout.

  55. oh philippines i weep for you when i think of threat from china and new internal leadership. you are like a bad sandwich… palaman naipit ng bad tinapay on each side:-(

    scarborough shoal taken by the chinese in 2014(?) is well within our EEZ, around 140 miles from our shore. China’s Hainan island is 800 miles aaway. How illogical is their claim? Who can can say what the Chinese will want next. cebu, puerto princessa? The chinese are serious in their intent. the question is are filipinos taking this seriously. Or will they just play along with a leader who will give china what is wants. It’s a perfect storm for china’s long-term goal of s. china sea domination — an anti-american, chinese-friendly Phil president who is cozy with NPA.

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