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By Edgar Lores

Have you heard of the Akashic Records?

I am almost sure you have as I have mentioned it a couple of times in my comments here at The Society.

I first came across the term in college many moons ago when I read about Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).  Cayce is the famous American Christian clairvoyant, mystic, outlier, psychic, and seer.  As you may know, Cayce possessed the extraordinary ability to make prescriptions for patients who consulted with him.  We know this is an ordinary task for a trained doctor.  What made it an extraordinary feat for Cayce was that he was not a doctor.  And what made it more incredible still were these five facts:

  1. His patients could be either physically present in the room, such as local townspeople, or absent, such as those who corresponded with him through letters.
  2. He made his diagnoses through”readings.”  For patients who were not present, it was sufficient for him to use the letters.
  3. His prescriptions were unorthodox and included, among other things, diet, magnetism, massage, and “relaxation in the sand on the beach.”  (Doncha love that last?!)
  4. He would not accept money for his readings.
  5. He did the readings and prescriptions in his sleep!

Between facts 4 and 5, I am at a loss to say which is the more astonishing.

But it is the first, second and fifth facts that bring us to the topic at hand.  Apart from the therapeutic readings, Cayce was asked, and he answered in his sleep, questions on the fabled Atlantis, dreams, synchronicity, karma, chakras, meditation, reincarnation, and the Akashic records.

He is known as The Sleeping Prophet.

What are the Akashic Records?

The term akasha comes from the Sanskrit, from the root kas meaning “to be visible.” It means sky or atmosphere.

In Hinduism, Akasha means “the basis and essence of all things in the material world.” It is the first of the five elements comprising the ether, earth, water, fire, and air. The last four are the classical elements.

To these last four, Plato and his pupil Aristotle added a fifth element, the quint-essence.  Plato said of the elements, “there is the most translucent kind which is called by the name of aether.” His pupil agreed and located the ether in the celestial regions and heavenly bodies. Thus we have the beautiful word ethereal, which refers to evanescent beauty that is out, or almost out, of this world.

In the 19th century, physicists postulated ether to be the hypothetical medium supposed to occupy all space and through which electromagnetic radiation and gravity were propagated.

Although the 19th-century ether hypothesis was abandoned, it seems to have been reintroduced in the 21st-century concept of dark matter.

Wikipedia describes the term Akashic records thus: “In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.  There are anecdotal accounts but no scientific evidences of the Akashic records.”

There are three important factors to consider:

  1. The term “Akashic Records” was introduced by the theosophists at the end of the 19th century through Helen Blavatsky.
  2. The concept has been rejected by the scientific community.
  3. It has been adopted, if not hijacked, by New Age charlatans and consultants of all sorts who claim access to the records and will let you know, for a fee, when you are due to win Lotto or meet that handsome or beautiful stranger.

In Cayce’s conception, the Akashic Records contain “all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.”  It is the Book of Life.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life, in Christian and Judaical theology, is a scroll of all the names of the righteous who are heaven bound.

Now, as we know, identifying people by names is not sufficient.  There are so many John Smiths and Juan de la Cruzes, not to mention Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Fortunately, the Bible tells us the deeds of each man are recorded.  In Revelation 20:12, the Apostle John writes: “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.”

It may be that the Book of Life also includes our unique bio-identification of fingerprints, irises, and DNA.

This should not surprise us at all.  In Matthew 10:29-31, the Apostle Matthew quotes Jesus as saying: “29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are more value than many sparrows.”

Yes, as the Gospel hymn goes, “His eye is on the sparrow / And I know He watches me…”

But let me repeat verse 30: “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Can you imagine that? For me, as I suppose for all balding men, the expectation of reuniting with all the hairs of my head, some day, fills me with anticipatory joy. Some day! Ah, there you are, Number 1, so happy to see you! And you too, Number 84,457!

But what does this imply?  Well, to me as a computer man, this means only one thing: that somewhere in the universe is this gigantic database — many, many magnitudes greater than all that Google can or will ever be — in which all things are recorded.

There is a universal library, a universal database… and we can refer to it as the Akashic database.

Anecdotal Accounts

Harmon Hartzell Bro wrote the definitive biography of Cayce in the book, “A Seer Out of Season.”  For more than a year (1943-1944), Bro lived and worked with Cayce and witnessed more than 600 psychic readings.  It was one of Bro’s tasks to write where Cayce would find each patient-correspondent.  In the book, he describes the entranced Cayce’s attempt to locate out-of-town seekers as follows:

“For medical aid, this meant giving him the exact street address, and sometimes an apartment or office at that location. In the past, he had shown that he would, if directed to the wrong place patiently describe it in full and accurate detail — right down to the paint on the walls and stuffing in a mattress — while searching for the person. But when properly guided, he would repeat after his wife the complete address, and then seem to move as though in narrowing orbits by citing out loud the state, then the city, then the street and the building,concluding often with an aside on what he observed at the site before firmly stating, ‘Yes, we have the body….'”

(Note that Cayce employed the first person plural “we.” He used the term “the body” to indicate he had found the seeker’s page in the Akashic Records.)

To continue from the book:

“There were colorful complications. An address I supplied for a man in Los Angeles was one we later found to be incorrect. Cayce promptly commented that it was the wrong address, and his wife hesitantly suggested that he try to locate the person anyway. With something like a groan he observed of Los Angeles, ‘Mighty big place!’ After a lengthy pause, he found the man in the huge urban tangle, and proceeded to give the reading, full of accurate personal details.”

By contrast, the instructions were a bit too specific on highway directions to a farm in Minnesota, exactly as if Cayce were to drive there from a nearby town and numbered highway. The last leg of a dirt road according to the correspondence was “a mile and a half.”  Cayce found the state, the town, and the highway as usual, but then corrected the final distance to a mile and two-fifths. When we asked the family of the seeker about the discrepancy, they responded that Cayce was correct, since they had rounded off the distance, as they said, ‘so he would not be confused….’

Talk about the phenomenon of nonlocality and entanglement!

As we sit before our computer monitors, Cayce’s process of searching through progressive zooms rings familiar, doesn’t it?  But what explanations might this suggest beyond the Akashic Records?

There are several plausible ones: telepathy; remote viewing; astral projection; or access, before 1950, to an advanced and sophisticated computer workstation with an enhanced Google Maps app installed.  The software would have the ability to indicate geographical distances, which it currently has, and the ability to look through walls into buildings, which it does not.

. . .

Besides Cayce, it has been suggested that the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Nicola Tesla, and Albert Einstein — and Nostradamus? — were sourced from the Akashic database. How did Einstein come up with the etherless formula e=mc^2?

I would go further and suggest that the talents of child prodigies also have access to the database. Child prodigies in music such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frederic Chopin; and prodigies in mathematics such as Shakuntala Devi.

And what about autistic (formerly idiot) savants? Are their capabilities inherent in the genes and brain, or do they have a ready but narrow access to the database? Are their prodigious memories stored in internal random access memory or on an external hard disc?

There are many accounts of outright and possible access to the Akashic database by various people, well-known or otherwise. Let me cite two:

o The Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920), the man who knew infinity, had no training in pure mathematics until the age of 10. He made remarkable contributions to various mathematical subfields. He attributed his intuitive genius to a Hindu goddess. In his dreams, he would see blood drops that symbolized her male consort, and he would afterward be presented with visions of scrolls on which were written complex mathematical formulas. He said, “An equation for me has no meaning unless it represents a thought of God.”

o Elizabeth Chadwick (1957- ) is an author of historical fictions. Her novels revolve around the kings and queens, earls, knights and ladies of the medieval period, in which she has done meticulous research. She is internationally known for her William Marshall, Roger Bigod, and Eleanor of Aquitaine series of books. She often seeks the help of an Akashic records consultant, Alison King, to flesh out the thoughts of her characters and to view “original events” where the written historical records are absent or sparse.

The Akashic Hypothesis

Ervin Laszlo (1932 – ) is an impressive and classy fellow. He has a host of credentials: Founding Member of the Club of Rome; Founder and President of the Club of Budapest; Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member of the Academy of Philosophy of Science; Member of the International Academy of Systems Research and Cybernetics; author or co-author of more than 50 books; winner of the Peace Prize of Japan; and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2004 and 2005). And, as if the preceding were not enough, he used to be a classical concert pianist.

He is an advocate of the theory of quantum consciousness, in which field we find proposals from such physicists as David Bohm, Freeman Dyson, and Roger Penrose and his collaborator anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff. These last two developed the theory known as Orchestrated Objective Reduction. Hameroff proposed that the locus of consciousness is in the microtubules of the brain.

Our interest in Laszlo is that he updated the concept of the Akashic records into a scientific hypothesis. His conceptualization of the Akashic Hypothesis runs thus:

o The current paradigm of science sees the universe as made up of material (particles and atoms) and energy. There have been unsuccessful attempts to arrive at a Theory of Everything, such as Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and String and Superstring theories.

o Laszlo proposes that the fundamental element of the universe is not matter (which is also energy) but information. The universe is constituted in the embrace of fields, forces, and energies known as the unified field. And this field carries information physically.

o Space is not really empty nor ether-filled but a particle-filled and energy-filled plenum.  The plenum does not only contain the fundamental reality of the unified field but also a universal information- and memory-field which he refers to as the Akashic Field (or A-field).

o The plenum not only conserves and transmits energy but also records and conveys information.  Thus information, like energy, is never destroyed and it is timeless.

o Further, quantum theory implies and experimentation shows that consciousness is innate to the cosmos.

o He notes that the information that reaches the mind in an extra- or non-sensory mode does not appear to have conventional limits in space and time. Spatially, it could have come from anywhere and, temporally, it could have originated at any time in the past (and perhaps even in the future?). This suggests that the information is not local but universal. And it is distributed in the A-field that is present throughout nature.

o He speculates that the field conserves and conveys information in a holographic mode. Holograms can hold a vast amount of information in a minimal space. It is said that the entire contents of the Library of Congress in Washington could be contained in a multiplex hologram the size of a sugar cube.

o In a holographic mode, the A-field records and conveys information on all the things that take place in space and time, from the Big Bang up to the Big Crunch.

Thus, Laszlo has arrived at a coherent concept of an “informed” universe that unifies quantum, life, cosmos, and consciousness. This is his integral Theory of Everything.

The Akashic Records vs. the A-field

One can readily see that the main difference between the Akashic Records and the A-field is one of scope. The former is a record of the thoughts, events and emotions of humankind whereas the latter is a record of everything in space and time.

A second difference is that the locus of the Records is on the non-physical astral plane whereas the A-field is omnipresent.

A third and final difference is that the Records is a religious concept whereas the A-field is a scientific concept. In his 2003 book, “The Connectivity Hypothesis,” Laszlo lays down the details of the avant-garde physics behind his hypothesis. In it, he infers that the A-field is the equivalent of the quantum vacuum, the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field of quantum theory.

A similarity between the Records and the A-field is that the methods of access are low levels of mentation or altered states.  For the A-field, the methods are sleep, trance, meditation, fasting, intense prayer, or rhythmic movements; for Records, sleep or trance. Intuition is a gateway coming from the source.

If the A-field physically contains all information, as Laszlo posits, there are still some epistemological issues to be considered.  For example, is all information extant a priori? And is the information only of the past and present but not of possible futures?  And is the Divine immanent in the cosmos as the Eastern religions, and some nones, would have it? Or is the Divine outside the cosmos as the Abrahamic religions have it?

In Hindu cosmology, the universe is cyclic. It expands and collapses… and then expands again. In each cycle, there are four stages called yugas. There are the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and the Kali Yuga. In the current cycle, we are now in the last stage, the Kali Yuga, which is the age of the demon Kali, or the age of vice. In this age, Hindus believe human civilization degenerates, and people are separated from the Divine.

The implication of the A-field, Laszlo infers, is that in each cyclic turn the informed universe carries within itself its own memory and DNA, as it were, and “learns” from its experiences. It is thus able to create and refine solar systems where planets like Earth can generate and support life.

And this is where You and I come in.

. . . 

Do I believe in the Akashic Hypothesis?

For followers of religion, I must say there is no need to believe because God is all-knowing, omniscient.  As a none, I derive some comfort from the thought.

I have had psychic experiences — such as prophetic dreams in which I have received nonlocal information from beyond the five senses — which currently fall outside the purview of science. To account for my experiences, the information in the A-field would have to contain probable futures. I believe Laszlo allows for this in the quantum phenomenon of superposition. Or it may be that the phenomenon of consciousness can travel forward and backward through time.

What I can say is that if everything is recorded, there are good grounds for believing in the existence of a moral order in the universe. If nothing is forgotten, there exist the possibility and the hope that all wrongs can be righted. And that every tear shed in sorrow can be justified and wiped away… and replaced with unconfined joy. And, if so, we need not grieve because we live in a purposive, and not an accidental nor indifferent, universe.

In the turmoil of our daily life, particularly in this time (the second half of 2016) and place (Philippines), we must cast our minds and visions afar and be reminded of how mysterious, wonderful and glorious life can be.


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268 Responses to “The Akashic Records”
  1. chempo says:

    Thank you Edgar, for the short journey into the mesmeric world of absolute knowledge….which is… God?

    I find it incredible that ancient people living worlds apart somehow have more or less similar knowledge, differentiated probably due to info losses over the centuries. The idea of some sort of records of everything we have done on this earth for example, is found in many cultures. The Chinese have this too. When a soul is to be reincarnated it passes through a sort of river of knowledge and it is mandatory to take a sip of the water. Once consumed, the soul is reborn with no knowledge of their previous existence. Plato mentioned the same stuff.

    The Chinese too have the 5 elements in the form of Earth, Wind, Fire, Metal and Wood. These are the 5 elements of processes and everything in the world is affected by the interaction of these elements.

    Long ago I had a big collection of Edgar Cayce’s works. Fantastic reading it was. Unfortunately I lost that collection before I could finish them. MY greatest regret is not having the chance to read on his interpretations of dreams. Damn.

    There is a school of thought that man’s journey is pre-programmed. The inventions, new knowledge etc, were all pre-programmed to happen when it happened. With the advent of the world wide web, cloud computing etc, it’s really creeping we are getting closer to the Akashic database in the ethereal world.

    • edgar lores says:

      Chempo, I agree with your observations.

      1. Omniscience is God.

      2. The basic similarities between civilizations would point to an A-field, would it not? There is a common source… but the source is perceived subjectively by different cultures. The river crossing after death is common in various cultures, but the names vary: Styx, Vaitarna, Jordan. In Greek, mythology, Lethe is the river in Hades whose waters cause forgetfulness.

      3. I have also tried but not been successful in absorbing the works on Cayce. It is hard to separate the chaff from the grain. His son has written of the errors in some of his father’s psychic readings. Skeptics abound. Cayce himself was skeptical of what he revealed under trance, concepts that went against the grain of his Christian beliefs. There is static noise.

      4. Predestination? In the quantum phenomenon of superposition, a particle exists in all its possible states. When it is observed, measured, or interacted with, the particle resolves into a single state. (This is the Copenhagen interpretation of the wave function collapse.) My understanding of the A-field is that all things are possible, that is indeterminate, but that things are determined or realized by our perception. To Laszlo, the operative word is “our.”

      4.1. He asks: how do we know that beyond our perception things have not been determined otherwise? Or that things have been resolved in all manners possible — in worlds beyond our perception?

      4.2. He states: “The many possible states of the quantum are realized in as many universes.”

      4.3. Multiverse anyone?

      5. In cyberspace we continue to come close to the Akashic concept. The reverse is also true: ignorance abounds in, and multiplies on, the Internet. 🙂 😦

  2. karlgarcia says:

    Always interested in your articles,always love reading something new(by new,i mean those things I never knew i never knew).

    • edgar lores says:

      Karl, it is good to know that we know that we do not know everything. You echo Socrates and Donald Rumsfield.

      Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

      And Rumsfield said, “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

      • karlgarcia says:

        Thanks, we need access to that Universal database,first so that a national ID can be printed complete with biometrics,and an nbi clearance and cerificate of good character can also be printed.

        ps. for knowledge of almost everything,including the unknown,you are the man.

        • edgar lores says:

          Karl, National ID? I was just corresponding with a much, much younger friend. She says she does not have a passport because she has no birth certificate. Records were not meticulously kept in Leyte.

          • karlgarcia says:

            I am sorry to hear that,speaking of records getting lost.

            My sister had a birth certificate,but when she tried to get one from NSO,they could not find any record of her.The civil registrar of Manila must have forgotten to submit her records or it got lost.

          • chempo says:

            There is no death cert also. That’s why lots of properties are still in the name of dead persons.

            • karlgarcia says:

              If you died in the hospital,they usually are the ones who facilitate the death certificate.(maybe only the high end ones?)
              Am at a lost,the source of the certificate is the City Hall,if I am not mistaken,but that is also the place where you pay Real Estate Taxes.
              Is computerization a solution?
              Or just like anywhere you bypass the computers in fixing transactions.

        • cruise says:

          a database that with one input of any of one’s biometrics, the whole thing about this being would be revealed…from one’s conception to de-conception..dob, parents, sibs, actions/inactions, state of health, cause of death, dod, etc., and what a wonderful world would it be? i wonder where would this data base be kept. and if this database exposed to the bad elements, is there a back up? are deletes retrievable? reincarnation maybe!? from a mouse to a prince to a frog to a war hero to badman…who knows.

          • edgar lores says:

            Cruise, Good questions. I can see you are familiar with information technology.

            As Laszlo postulates information is physically kept in the Akashic field which is everywhere in nature.

            If I may quote one bullet point from the article: “Space is not really empty nor ether-filled but a particle-filled and energy-filled plenum. The plenum does not only contain the fundamental reality of the unified field but also a universal information- and memory-field which he refers to as the Akashic Field (or A-field).”

            We are used to backing up our data for safety’s sake. I have 4 portable hard drives to keep my books, movies, and personal records. So my laptop can go bust, and I would not care… except for the cost of a replacement laptop.

            Laszlo does not specifically say but I don’t think there is a need for a cosmic back-up. The information is immanent throughout the universe. He theorizes that the information is stored in holographic mode and passed from one instance of the cosmos to the next instance.

            Nothing gets deleted. Nothing is lost. Every thing is retrievable. So we have an informed universe that learns through each boom-and-bust cycle and continually refines itself.

            • cruise says:

              is perhaps the parallel universe, the back up. and if parallel why not the multiverse? aren’ t they a back up to one another? in our world , there are opposite pairs…good and bad, ugly and pretty, life and death, heaven and hell etc. and there are also similarities or multiword for same meaning. like the language is alive and so is the universe, but then it has its end.

              • edgar lores says:

                Cruise, very good. I had the same thought this morning when I woke up.

                Laszlo does allow for the possibility of parallel universes. But what stumped me was the idea that parallel universes are not identical, not exact replicas of each other. Universe A is different from Universe B because they resolved to different quantum states from the Omni potential state of superposition.

                So there are two scenarios:

                1. There is a single instance of a universe that goes through a cycle of a Big Bang and a Big Crunch. It is, if you like, a series of reincarnations, but with only one instance incarnate at a time.

                2. There are multiple instances of parallel universes that exist at the same time.

                In the first scenario, I have described why a back-up is not necessary: the cosmic vacuum in between cycles contains all the information.

                Now, in the second scenario, are the universes synchronized in their birth-and-death cycles?

                o If they are NOT synchronized, then if Universe A collapses first than Universe B is the back-up. And your suggestion is valid. The worm in the apple, however, is that Universe B is not an exact back-up of Universe A.

                o If they are synchronized, then our fallback is the first scenario… but with each universe having its own version of information.

                This morning, I ended up with the thought that if there are parallel universes — a Metaverse — then perhaps there is a Meta-akasha. 🙂

  3. jerry says:

    Damn…this is too much to digest…can we go back to politics please? 🙂

    • edgar lores says:

      Jerry, Ahaha!


      Uh, well, maybe… but in the spirit of goodwill towards others.

      • jerick2 says:

        I was reading it and was glad or learning and knowing new things and person. Heck, this is the first time to know that there is a ‘sleeping prophet’. But half-way after, my mind begun to wander and as if on cue decides to shut down. Much as I try to grasp the rest, I keep failing no matter. I must be old already to learn new tricks or maybe I was just missing the ‘ol joe’ writings and still can’t move on from it. Is there a deadline for this self-imposed hibernation?

        • edgar lores says:

          I’m sorry. I give myself a headache too sometimes.

          JoeAm is on FB, which is a personal pool and not a public one like this website. If you wish to frolic in the intoxicating waters of that pool, you just have to swim over through the Internet channel. (The link is: But continue to visit over here too. One is never too old to spy gemstones beneath the waters.

  4. NHerrera says:


    It seems that ahead of your article — which I like on first reading, but need more time to digest — Joe has taken to heart in some way and form your last paragraph message,

    In the turmoil of our daily life, particularly in this time (the second half of 2016) and place (Philippines), we must cast our minds and visions afar and be reminded of how mysterious, wonderful and glorious life can be.

    and so he has taken for himself a well-deserved sabbatical. Of course, he is ever on guard so that no hot political post will get into his blog.

    I have taken to heart your message too. Practical message, especially at this time.

    • edgar lores says:

      NHerrera, we all need a sabbatical to gain or regain perspective! I suggest at least half an hour each and every day.

    • caliphman says:

      Those seeking a place to read or post political commentary should realize by now there are other but fewer blogs and media sites where unfettered discussions critical or supportive of the actions of the current administration can take place. For instance, Raissa continues to write very well researched articles against martial law and the Marcoses, and surprisingly the Inquirer online and specifically the Doronila opeds cover political minefields where few others fear to tread. On occasion there are a couple of articles on the Get Real site that raises questions about the current adminustration and a bizarre verbal melee between resident antiestablishment and Duterte trolls can be wuite fascinating. Sort of like a Battle of the Bots TV episode wirh its bloodless mayhem and obliteration is the attraction.

      There is a time and place for everything and finding the right place for open political commentary is quite challenging particularly since this site can no longer serve that function for understandable reasons. Good luck to all and please be careful. Please remember the pen is only sometimes mightier than the sword.

      • edgar lores says:

        Ah, Caliphman,

        It is good you continue to follow all these sites. I do follow brave Raissa’s. There is sensible commentary in news media. Apart from Doronila at PDI, there are Randy David and John Nery and, at Interaksyon, Mel Sta. Maria. Your description of the battle at Get Real has me smiling.

        Thank you for the good luck wishes. We wish you the same.

        • caliphman says:

          The issue is not if what Duterte is doing is popular but whether it is right. My comment was his declared goals are commendable but no president is authorized to enforce the law by breaking it. There should be nothing obscure about that. No one is denying the government is a sordid mess but that is no excuse for government sponsored vigilante style justice by any public official.

  5. Joe America says:

    Ah, anyone who finds beauty in words, like ethereal, is floating in an arena of senses that we are blessed to be able to reach, if we will get outside the limits of what we think we can grasp.

    My first ex-wife, my temperamental Singaporean sweetie, was psychic, beyond a shadow of a doubt, so I have long appreciated the greatness of the beyond and the mysteries and miracles visited upon us from time to time. Yet, with all her abilities, she could not get separated from the hardness of life as it is, or perhaps BECAUSE of her abilities, she saw the tragedy of our limitations and translated them as either great grief or tempestuous anger.

    But I’ve seen her scoot anguished from a party at knowing that the woman to whom she was speaking did not have long to live. I asked her about my future, and she peered into the palm of my hand and said, “you will write” and “you are lucky”. She scratched her head at how long I will live, perhaps reading this ailment or that but not any conclusion, but noted that my death will have something do to with my neck or throat. So I stay far away from Sulu and wish I did not have flare-ups of bronchitis now and then.

    It astounds me how confident people are, as they circulate within the knowledge they hold, as if it were all that is necessary. Yet, the amount they don’t know they don’t hold is huge, just huge, and as Sir Rumsfeld (a rather creepy guy) mentioned, they (we) have no idea . . .

    The crass trolls we deal with these days, who fly in on a morality they make up themselves, of righteous wisdom beyond any possible further information, have become quite comical to me. They are the antithesis of akasha because knowledge to them is for sure not visible, but held in a dark place of never knowing.

    They’d slap their foreheads upon reading a few paragraphs into your article, knowing it is not worth reading because there is nothing in it for them.

    Thus we witness the barrier to intelligence and grace imposed by many many Filipinos upon themselves.

    And Americans, too, I suspect, given the popularity of a dog named Trump.

    • edgar lores says:

      I had my palm read at least twice. The first fortuneteller predicted I would have two kids, which turned out to be true. I forget the rest.

      As I reflect on it, I would not want the gift — curse or blessing? — of seeing through the veil. The Cassandras lead a difficult life. And: “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

      I think the receipt of intuitive knowledge, especially gnosis, is sufficient for me.

      Like you, I continue to be amazed by the heights of knowledge we have reached and, alas, also the depths of ignorance in which we continue to wallow.

  6. Fedelynn says:

    Thank you much for this, Mr. Lores. Always maintained my interest in the metaphysical, but only read bits about the Akashic Records in the works of Jess Stearn and some other writer on soul mates and karma… The article did make me wonder about P-D and our country and how we’ll be ‘filed’ in the AR.

    • edgar lores says:

      Fedelynn, you are most welcome.

      Thank you for mentioning Jess Stearn. I believe I must have earlier read the Stearn biography of Cayce rather than Bro’s. Stearn was a more prolific and popular writer of the paranormal. And the Stearn biography was first published in 1971 whereas the Bro came out in 1990.

      The article is intended to focus our minds on the bigger picture. Not to distract us nor to make us forget about our present turmoil but to make us aware that we can — must — get a life beyond politics. The universe is awesome, and we must not lose our sense of wonder. There are beauty and goodness and kindness all around us.

      Be assured that everything is recorded as is.

  7. Micha says:

    1. Laszlo proposes that the fundamental element of the universe is not matter (which is also energy) but information.

    It’s a seductive idea but which is almost impossible to verify. I suppose it’s the same way as stating that the fundamental element of a chicken soup is not chicken but the recipe?

    It is seductive because it seems to align perfectly well with the biblical Logos…in the beginning was the Word and the word was information!

    2. The implication of the A-field, Laszlo infers, is that in each cyclic turn the informed universe carries within itself its own memory and DNA and “learns” from its experiences.

    Question : if the whole cosmic plenum is filled with and is driven by information why does it still need to learn?

    • edgar lores says:


      1. That connection between information and Logos is brilliant.

      Laszlo’s Connectivity Hypothesis is just that — a hypothesis and not yet a theory. Laszlo is hopeful it can be verified. He notes that there was a paradigm shift between the 17th and 19th century (Galileo, Kepler, Newton) and another in the 20th century (Planck, Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein, Pauli, Dirac and Schrodinger to name a few). We are due for another shift, one that will integrate the observed anomalies and advances in physics, cosmology, biology, and the “transpersonal and quantum brain-theoretical schools of consciousness research.”

      He notes that the attempts at a Theory of Everything are mono-disciplinary, theories of physics which at best are theories of “physical” things. He argues that an integral science is now on the horizon, a trans-disciplinary one that will embrace the science of physical, biological, and even psychological “things.”

      2. That’s a deep question, an eternal and metaphysical one.

      My intuition tells me that if there was nothing but perfection, there would be no reason to exist.

      Life — whether it be that of a butterfly, a man, a country, the earth or the universe — is evolution. Reflect on that.

      In Japanese aesthetics, there is the concept of wabi-sabi. Japanese artisans deliberately inflict minor imperfections in their art. Have you ever seen a Japanese bowl that is not perfectly round or one that has been broken and put back together? Google it. There is beauty in imperfection, which is a reflection of the impermanence in nature. There is birth, growth, decay, and death.

      • Micha says:

        Thanks edgar. It seems perfectly reasonable to accept the idea of an evolving cosmos. The only downside is, if you go down the level of earthly life where conscious beings experience all sorts of pain, evil, and suffering, we seem to be the guinea pigs for that more perfect, information-collecting universe.

        And then there’s the elephant in the room called dark energy which comprise 73% of the spatial void. What is Laszlo’s account for this?

        • chempo says:

          Your para (1) — perhaps the answer lies in Buddhism? The cycles of life and reincarnation for the purpose of gaining knowledge till enlightnment — Nirvana as in perfection.

          Your para (2) great question — I await Edgar’s response.

        • edgar lores says:


          From “The Connectivity Hypothesis:”

          1. This quote confirms the point of your question: “Space, it appears, is far from empty: it is filled with highly esoteric physical realities, partly material, partly energetic. According to the conception now coming to light, cosmic space contains per weight only 4 percent of baryons. Twenty-three percent is “dark matter,” and seventy-three percent is “dark energy.”

          2. Let me try to condense his view on dark energy. I have not used quote marks for simplicity.

          2.1. Laszlo says the inflationary Big Bang theory:

          o Can explain the observed fluctuations of the microwave background together with the distribution of the galaxies and the homogeneity and isotropy of the universe on large scales (>100 megaparsecs).

          o But it cannot explain (a) the initial conditions that had determined the parameters of the observed universe, and (b) the recent discovery of cosmic acceleration and the self-repulsive dark energy that is presumably responsible for it.

          2.2. He favors the Steinhardt and Turok’s cyclic model:

          o The universe undergoes an endless sequence of cosmic epochs, each of which begins with a “Bang” and ends in a “Crunch.” Each cycle includes a period of gradual accelerated expansion followed by contraction, and leads to the conditions of homogeneity, flatness, and energy needed to begin the next cycle.

          o The universe is infinite and flat, rather than finite and closed.

          o The cyclic scenario consists of the evolution of a scalar field, along a potential, in the framework of a four-dimensional (4D) quantum field theory. Its essential features are the form of the potential and the coupling between the scalar field, matter, and radiation. At the beginning of a cycle, the scalar field is increasing rapidly, but its expansion is damped by the expansion of the resulting universe. Eventually, the scalar field comes to rest in a radiation-dominated phase and remains nearly static until dark energy begins to dominate and acceleration resumes.

          o All or nearly all regions of the universe undergo the same sequence of processes, with most of the time in a cycle spent in the radiation, matter, and dark-energy dominated phases.

          3. So rather than accounting for dark energy, Laszlo says that dark energy accounts for cosmic acceleration, which eventually leads to the collapse of the current instance.

          I urge you to read the book. In some parts, it is easy and light; in others, it is dense and daunting.

        • edgar lores says:


          Sorry, I have not responded to your first paragraph, which Chempo has ably fielded.

      • chempo says:

        Wow that you could put all those names within on sentence in your (1) — a collection of mankind’s most profound brains.
        Galileo’s Equation
        Kepler’s Laws
        Newton’s Laws
        Planck’s constant
        Bohr’s atomic model
        Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
        Einstein’s E=MC2
        Pauli’s exclusion principle
        Dirac’s variation principle
        Schrodinger equation

        Now that’s some name dropping!

        • edgar lores says:

          Chempo, Ahaha!

          Well, if one has to name drop might as well do it with the best!

        • NHerrera says:

          Indeed all great Physicists in that list encapsulated in one sentence. And in the lifetime of our children and grandchildren there may be a similar list of the greats expounding on The Theory of Everything. We hope we get a good taste of that in our lifetime

          • sonny says:

            NH, dunno where to park my “theory:”space is NOT a vacuum. After the Big Bang settled as we have now what was left behind, homogeneously all throughout the known universe is CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background). This I speculate is the propagation medium that makes waves possible. Hence all physical phenomena can be expressed as wave functions. Thanks for allowing me to squat in your “thread-space.” 🙂


              “The possibility exists that we can look for a unified theory of the Standard Model and gravity in terms of an underlying, superfluid substrate of reality,” said Ross Anderson, a computer scientist and mathematician at the University of Cambridge in England, and the co-author of a recent paper on the fluid-quantum analogy. In the future, Anderson and his collaborators plan to study the behavior of

              “rotons” (particle-like excitations) in superfluid Helium as an even closer analog of this possible “superfluid model of reality.”

              But at present, these connections with quantum gravity are speculative, and for young researchers, risky ideas. Bush, Couder and the other fluid dynamicists hope that their demonstrations of a growing number of quantum-like phenomena will make a deterministic, fluid picture of quantum mechanics increasingly convincing.

              “With physicists it’s such a controversial thing, and people are pretty noncommittal at this stage,” Bush said. “We’re just forging ahead, and time will tell. The truth wins out in the end.”

            • sonny says:

              Edgar, thank you for the 2 great links on dark matter & energy. Equipped with only basic Physics, I try to understand and get used to the language of Cosmology & Astronomy. Arcane is absolutely an understatement descriptor for me. I am seeking as much help as I know how from the people at Institute for Advanced Physics to gain more traction. If insight bulbs light up, I definitely will share. 🙂

      • cruise says:

        do you know the THEORY OF NOTHING. it is about the physical and non-physical, the living and the non-living, the beginning and the end, etc.? if there is EVERYTHING, there is also NOTHING. it looks like the cycle is from nothing to everything then to nothing then to everything again, but what is in between…can you perhaps give some answers?

        • edgar lores says:

          Cruise, thank you for that tidbit – the Theory of Nothing.

          As I google it, the Theory of Nothing is really the Theory of Everything. Or rather the Theory of Everything is just a Theory of Nothing.

          From the Internet: the Theory of Nothing comes from the observation “that the more inclusive a scientific theory, the less specific its predictions can be without additional ad hoc assumptions.”

          Laszlo hypothesis is as yet one of the most inclusive of scientific hypotheses/theories as it seeks to embrace physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, and the new sciences of consciousness (noetics, neuroscience). So one could say that it is both a Theory of Everything and of Nothing.

          But I would prefer to use the term Everything because it is somewhat absurd to speak of Nothing. That a hypothesis is more inclusive does not make it absurd. It just makes it that much more difficult to integrate, comprehend and prove. It attempts to make everything coherent.

          Speaking of Nothing, the Big Bang theory does not posit that the universe came from nothing. It posits that the universe arose from a singularity.

          Laszlo rejects the Big Bang theory as I have stated in my response to Micha. He prefers the Steinhardt and Turok’s cyclic model, which is one version of the Metaverse cosmologies. These cosmologies, according to him, have more explanatory potential. They are more coherent.

          The Metaverse, he says, is the “originating ground,” a quasi-permanent “womb” of the universe.

          The explanation of what is in between cosmic instances of the Metaverse is that of a cosmic vacuum which is not really empty but consists of vacuum fluctuations that were there before the birth of the universe. These fluctuations were not created by the Big Bang; it simply amplified them.

          Laszlo concludes: “It cannot be assumed that they [meaning the vacuum fluctuations] were there as a matter of serependity, nor do we have to apply to a transcendental force or agency for selecting them.”

          In technical terms, the vacuum fluctuations are the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) of all the fields in space.

          • cruise says:

            expand and contract are they the cyclic episodes? from a single contracted energy to and expanded multiform energies. energy is neither created nor destroyed it just transform from one form to another. as i am a form of energy, in my last episode i will have to cling back to that single contracted energy. could that single energy be the one gving the instructions to all its sub energies that emanated from it?

            • edgar lores says:


              Yes, the expansion and the contraction of the universe is cyclic… according to Hinduism and Laszlo’s preferred cosmological interpretation.

              I am not sure I understand the second part of your question. Are you suggesting that the forms (matter and energy) manifested in one cycle have continuity in the next cycle? Or are you suggesting that there is a “master” energy from which all sub-energies emanate?

              • cruise says:

                there is one energy that all matter (with mass or no mass) came from. this one energy expanded. in its original stated it was contracted, and i feel that is the begin. we are now in between the end and the begin. the expansion was into sub-energies, the sub-energies forms the single original and are still part of that single origin energy because that is where the instructions for order and systematic expansion without causing chaos, and if there is chaos a corresponding self correction ensues, like one sub-energy clings to another sub-energy to form a new entity of sub-energy to correct the chaotic product. when in the end, the sub energies become so chaotic that the so called ‘master’ recalls all sub energies to contract to itself and we are in the begin again. the whole is all the parts of itself, the whole cannot exist with the absence of one of its part.

              • edgar lores says:

                Alright then. We shall call this the Cruise Cosmological Hypothesis.

  8. cha says:

    The subject matter, fascinating. Those last two paragraphs, sublime.

  9. karlgarcia says:

    Cayse’s son was one of his main critic of his readings.
    Maybe he is a fan of the Uncertainty Principle.

  10. karlgarcia says:

    This article made me google a lot.

    Now let us go to the ultimate theory the theory of eveything, can that theory answer the meaning of life.

    To avoid that question ever,Darkseid, The DC comics ultimate badass,attempted to find a mathematical equation.

    • edgar lores says:

      Karl, Unfortunately, Darkseid (1970) was not part of my comics-reading history. But it seems that even comics have increased in complexity in terms of characters and ideas.

      I think a Theory of Everything would not be able to answer the meaning of life. It can explain the What and the How of the universe but not the Why.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Marvel tried to outdo DC’s anti-life equation which controls only the souls and minds of all sentient beings in the univers by making up an infinity gauntlet that can control not only the soul,but also mind,time,space and power.

  11. karlgarcia says:

    Hunch on the similarity of cultures and philosophy.

    Travelling,exchange of knowledge(and other exchanges like trading),observation and mimicking.

    It is recorded that Alexander the great attempted to conquer India and Xerxes attempted to conquer Greece.
    Those are not near from country of origin.
    Who knows how many times Aristotle or any of his students joined Alexander in his travels and exchanged minds with Babylonian philosophers and posibly travelled to India and China.
    Alexander himself was not all brawn,he was a student of Aristotle afterall.

  12. NHerrera says:

    Sorry for the rather abrupt change in topic. But I defend myself. Edgar’s use of Einstein’s “m equals mc squared” cause me to associate what may perhaps be, to many here, a small item of news.

    Because perhaps of an IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) conference here, there was this news again of a possible revival of the move to activate the Bataan 620MW Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) 40 years after the scheduled activation was stopped. In this regard the news says someone estimated that a $1B is needed to activate the BNPP.

    I do not know about the readers here, but we need to be very careful about such move. It carries some positives, but some negatives too. But first some numbers that make such a move financially enticing and helping to add capacity to the Luzon Grid.

    There are a lot of literature in the internet on the subject, but I just want to use the following for my purpose:

    Click to access isbn9789522145888.pdf

    It is not the most recent article but I believe the comparison in relative terms, not the absolute numbers, still holds:


    In euros/MWh, the numbers for the electricity cost for Nuclear, Gas, Coal are the following, without treating carbon emission burden, of which Nuclear is nil and which will add additional cost to human kind for Gas, Coal and other fossil fuels:

    COST ITEM…. Nuclear….Gas…….. Coal
    Capital cost….. 20.0……….6.2,,,,,,,,,11.5
    O&M…………….10.0……….5.0……… 8.0
    Fuel……………..5.0…………40.0……. 26.2
    TOTAL…………35.0……….51.2 ……..45.7

    The numbers are so-called “levelized cost” over the lifetime of the plants which for Nuclear plant is 40 years and for Gas/ Coal plant is 25 years. Levelized cost uses an annnuity rate based only on the interest rate and the period covered. To some of us who are in that sort of thing, like chempo, Joe, this is bread and butter. The study in the link used interest rate of 5%. For Nuclear with 40-year lifetime period this comes to 5.83%; for Gas and Coal with a 25-year lifetime period this comes to 7.10%

    One more set of data item to connect to the table above for the capital cost — the most punishing for Nuclear — are the following:

    * Specific investment cost in euro/KW are 2750, 700, 1300 for Nuclear, Gas, Coal, respectively

    * Capacity or plant utilization for the year placed at 8000 hours of the year for the three plant types, out of a total of 8760 hours (= 365 x 24hrs)

    With these additional data, the capital cost component in the table checks.

    Example: for Nuclear

    Capital cost = (2750euros/KW) x (0.0583 annuity) / (8000 hrs)
    = 0.020 euros/KWh = 20.0 euros/MWh as in the table


    First, from the table, Nuclear is already a winner on the total cost basis even without considering carbon emission: in euros/MWh — 35.0, 51.2, 45.7 for Nuclear, Gas, Coal, respectively.

    Now connect the estimated $1B to activate the BNPP (considering the costs so far spent on the structure as “sunk costs”). In euros, this is euros 0.9B, thus the specific investment is 1452 euros/KW for the 620MW BNPP.

    Thus the capital cost component is calculated, as in the above,

    Capital cost = 1452 x 0.0583 / 8000 = 0.0106 euros/KWh
    = 10.6 euros/ MWh, say, 11 euros/MWH

    With this, the relative cost is even more markedly in favor of Nuclear:

    26.0, 51.2, 45.7 for Nuclear, Gas, Coal, respectively.

    and thus VERY ENTICING for the Nuclear Case


    Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Disposal and our lack of sophistication to handle a nuclear accident of the scale of Fukushima that even the Japanese with their workers practically sacrificing their lives to protect the rest of the nearby residents is something our policy makers should be mindful about.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Tesla and Bloom created batteries that may render nuclear energy obsolete.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Now does divesting from oil companies mean investing in renewables?

        Rockeffeller foundation who gained its fortune from oil,through its oil tycoon founder is divesting all its share from oil companies.

        The author is questioning the move and said shareholders must have a voice against fossil fuels and force oil companies to adapt.

      • edgar lores says:


        Thank you for the numbers. I agree with you and Chempo: the BNPP is a white elephant.

        It has been mothballed for 32 years now. It was never operational. And it is costing an average of P40M a year to maintain it.

        If it were not so expensive, I would suggest it be turned into a mausoleum.

      • edgar lores says:

        Karl, Indeed, Tesla’s battery concept based on solar power looks inexpensive, safe and promising.

      • NHerrera says:


        There is a nuance here that we have to consider since you aptly used the word “elephant” in the picture.

        All these non-fossil renewables are very nice and we hope for their continued positive developments but there are these two items of relevance and importance:

        – Scale
        – Time

        Scale means these basket of non-fossil renewables aside from their not being very competitive now, are not of the scale required to meet the massive requirements in the immediate term. With the passage of time I am confident they will come on their own. But in the mid-term coal, gas, oil and nuclear (if you will) are the “elephants” needed for the job with the “dogs” of the non-fossil renewables helping but little. In time these dogs will graduate to being elephants.

    • karlgarcia says:

      The US has the land to dispose nuclear waste,but we don’t even have space for landfills,how do we tackle that?
      The US after years of debate as formulated the “correct way” (depends on who you ask) to dispose if waste by not mixing weapons waste and reactor waste which according to experts is not really waste.

      • edgar lores says:

        Karl, thanks. So nuclear can be renewable? Who would have thought? But the problem with the disposal of nuclear waste still remains.

      • cruise says:

        instead of using nuclear as fuel, why not hydrogen. the planet has plenty of hydrogen and a good by product H20 (when burning H) is essential to life. i believe the nordic countries have developed the technology in which they use H gas to burn in a motor that runs a generator to produce the electricity to run an electric motor to propel a vehicle. anyone who knows more on this technology.

        • karlgarcia says:

          Rember that water powered car invented by a Filipino,that was rumored to be blocked by OPEC.

          This is not about water,but some other oil alternative.
          Here is a movie for a formula to eliminate the need for oil.

    • chempo says:

      The move for nuclear energy in Philippines is never about anti-global warming. It is strictly a matter of getting more kilowatts per $. So there is no need to go into the arguments of Global Warming vs Nuclear Winter.

      For many, the risks of nuclear plants are unacceptable. For others, they have greater faith in technology, but don’t built it in my backyard. I’m just guessing that most people wanting the BBNP revival are Marcos pals out to prove a point.

      Back in 2000 the UN Climate Change talks in The Hague did not give nuclear energy greenhouse gas credits because it is viewed as dangerous and dirty. It is also not recognised as a sustainable energy.

      Nherrera you gave a good reasoned computation, so on $ alone, it appears nuclear power is the winner. However, we need to consider :
      – the need to compare to other sustainable energies — wind, sea, and sun.
      – the world is moving away from nuclear and into sustainable energies. As of today, nuclear energy no longer make up the highest energy source in percentage terms.
      – vast technological leaps (thanks mainly to nanotechnology) now make sustainable energy more cost effective. Cost/kw is being driven down all the time.
      – the gains of co2 credits from sustainable energy needs to be factored.
      – Who came up with the P1billion to complete BNPP? This figure looks extremely suspect. It always more costly to rectify an old plant with faults then to rebuild a brand new one. Besides, the structures are already 40 years old.
      – Nuclear plants have a 40 year lifespan, as you indicated. BNPP structures have already gone over the past due dates.
      – The world’s supply of uranium is expected to last only another 80 years.

      Some things may not be assessed on cost alone. What is your appetite for risk? In the short history of nuclear energy there has already been 3 accidents. First at the 3 Mile Island the Americans managed to prevent an accident, the Russians managed to contain Chernoybl (but the final chapter on this is yet to be written — danger is brewing within the sealed plant), the Japs could’nt contained it adequately.

      • NHerrera says:


        I actually lean more towards your side on this issue of activating or not the BNPP. The note I posted tries to look at the narrow financial-economic view that a proponent may present. That coupled with some such statement as — bahata na ang susunod na admin, the accident or complication if it does happen will probably occur when we are long gone. Uncharitable but not farfetched.

        We have enough bright people in our own Atomic Energy Commission and academicians who when invited to debate this, if ever there is seriousness in the revival, can offer their well balanced view.

        • chempo says:

          Just a thought NHerrera
          Your calculation and those in media say the cost of electricity from BNPP will be much lower @ kilowatt. But I think this is only direct production cost. By the time the energy gets into the byzantine labyrinth of your national grids, retail pricing will not be the same, rest assured.

          • NHerrera says:


            You are of course correct. The generation cost at the plant side ends up differently at the home retail side. I examined my June-July 2016 bill from Meralco, my electricity retailer. In the case of Meralco, there is some sort of socialized electricity pricing with lifeline rate for those consuming low electricity (I am not sure without searching more, but I believe this is in the neighborhood of 50kwh/month and senior citizen discount) and low volume of consumption — thus the rate for those consuming 1000kwh/month is much higher than those consuming 100kwh/month.

            I examined my Meralco bill for June-July 2016 and for a consumption of 197kwh for said period, I did a little arithmetic and came to the following figures for Pesos/kwh and percentages:

            ELEC COST COMP…………….P/KWH….PERCENT
            Generation…………………………3.86…….. 45.34
            Transmission………………………0.92…….. 10.84
            System Loss……………………… 0.42…….. 4.94
            Distribution (Meralco)…………..1.96…….. 23.02
            Subsidies*………………………….0.08…….. 0.89
            Government taxes……………….0.80…….. 9.36
            Universal charges** …………….0.35………4.14
            Others………………………………. 0.12………1.46
            TOTAL……………………………… 8.50………100

            * Subsidies from lifeline rate and for senior citizens
            ** Universal charges for Environmental Fund, etc

            With respect to the electricity cost we are talking about in the blog thread, it is the figure, P3.86/kwh. Even this must be qualified on two respects:

            – I do not know the present mix but sometime back ten years ago, the mix is something like 1/3 each for hydro plus geothermal, oil-gas and coal.

            – Also the P3.86/kwh, I am sure is adjusted upwards because the source generation (plant side) is entitled to their own markup from their production cost. If this markup is 15%, the production cost (a mix of hydro/geothermal/oil/gas/coal) is P3.28/kwh.

            Still, pricing in the nuclear risk and the Philippine capability to handle an accident at the level of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fuskushima — at the present time — is a big question. But, I am only responding to your comment on the bare cost component of generation versus total electricity cost.

      • Thea says:

        I asked my husband (who’s presently working in a nuclear plant here in Europe) if it is possible to revive the BNNP. He answered a big NO. He has similar stand as Chempo and added to that there are more stricter international directives to follow after the Fukushima disaster and one of it is about earthquakes. Philippines is more at risk since it is within the ring of fire. Even if we have the financial capability to build a new nuclear plant, it would be a question of conscience if we have to pursue such endeavor.

    • Recently, I found the article so called genertion IV reactors (via Wikipedia) . The Generation IV reactors have criteria: highly economical, enchanced safety (mostly passive), less waste, and proliferation resistant. The major accidents of nuclear reactors are mostly boiling water reactor (BWR)—a generation II reactor―which is considered dangerous due to hydrogen gas and steam buildup from water as a moderator and coolant that mentioned above.

      Here’s the pictures:

      Very-high-temperature reactor

      Molten Salt Reactor

      Supercritical-water-cooled reactor

      Gas-cooled fast reactor

      Sodium-cooled fast reactor

      Lead-cooled fast reactor (LFR)

      Anyway, there’s a video

      • edgar lores says:

        Jaret, thank you for your input. Please note that more than 3 links will place your contribution into the spam folder.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Thanks for the input on overheating.
        In the proposals I mentioned about batteries in every homes that rely on solar power or plasma toilets,might be a problem.
        Homes were destroyed by fires caused by overcharging your iphones or mobile phones.
        one more road block not all homes or buildings have roofs that can accomodate solar panels.

        But to your point of Fukushima and Chernobyl accidents were due to overheating.
        And can be prevented.Cars,radiators overheat due to extreme heat from the sun exacerbated by traffic.It can be partially solved by mixing coolants,same as your Drawing about sodium coolants.

        Sodium coolants can from sea water desalination,or buying salt,nuclear power plants does not need to buy salt from suppliers because they have desalination plants.
        Again this come from boiling sea water through desalination,what if the overheating happens in the desalination plant inside the plant compound?

      • NHerrera says:

        Jaret Ulanday,

        Thanks for that 129-minute video which essentially focused on the thorium-based nuclear fission reactor rather than the uranium-based reactor.

        According to reports a notable physicist. Alvin Weinberg, former director of Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility which facility supported the Manhattan Project and was also instrumental in the development of the uranium-based power reactor was essentially forced to retire because he was pushing through the development of the thorium-based power reactor. The latter system however has the weakness in that it is not supportive of the nuclear weapons program but had advantages of better safety, etc.

        But the development of Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor or LTFR is being pursued, among others by the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, India, China, France, the Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Canada, Israel and the Netherlands.

        Recognized experts, such as Hans Blix, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, calls for expanded support of new nuclear power technology, and states, “the thorium option offers the world not only a new sustainable supply of fuel for nuclear power but also one that makes better use of the fuel’s energy content.”

        It seem that in the early development, as in the case of Dr. Weinberg, nuclear politics — as in the development of nuclear weapons — was part of the picture. But now a “reboot” of some sort is being done in the further development of nuclear power.

  13. karlgarcia says:

    I still say waste to energy and waste to fuel.

    It is still damn costly for now to build plasma gasification plant.
    One british plant got closed and the owners gave up.

    But maybe do not think big right a way,start from small then scale up when necessary.

    I find the arguments of environmentalists,conservasion advocates noble but hogwash.

    Arguments are.
    It discourages recycling,reusing and repurposing.
    Europe and Japan do all three,but they still fo waste to energy.

    It is incineration,period.That’s a no no in the clean air act.

    Despite recycling and lets call it incineration,whales,dolphins and seagulls still die because of plastic consumption.

    What about the emissions?
    To be answered by a question,what about the tons of garbage in the land and the ocean?

    • edgar lores says:


      I know the proper disposal of waste is an advocacy close to your heart.

      1. You say waste should be either recycled or converted to energy or fuel.

      2. And you are primarily for gasification, and against landfill and incineration (or combustion) because the former is clean and the latter two are dirty. Is that right?

      3. But, per the article you cite, gasification in large scale is problematic. And you think the proper way is to start small and prove the technology. Prove in the sense not that it works — because it does — but because (a) the technology in itself is difficult and because (b) it is hard to achieve a positive electricity efficiency. Is that right?

      Just want to clarify your stance.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I wanted it to start and get implemented right away,so start small for less cost, less results (than target)is better than no result.

        Science is self correcting,so is technology.

        If at first it has minimal peso/mwh
        But we all know the waste to be converted to fuel is almost unli as of today.

        When it is proven cost effective,then it is time to scale up to achieve higher peso/mwh.

        I advocate for a balance of fossils and renewable without the nuclear in the mix.It is not for us,unless I am proven wrong.

        The Tesla battery is really good news,I hope they make it cheap.

        Bloom technology another battery maker who is now almost bankrupt.
        Maybe due to high R and D costs, and if implemented,it will be passed on to the consumers.☹️

    • chempo says:

      Karl, hot plasma technology has improved a lot. Israelis and Japs have new designs requiring very small footprints. So the cost has gone down dramatically. And its all waste-to-energy, practically no residues. Imagine you have this technology, or has the connection, you still will never get in into Philippines. Waste disposal here is a cash cow for politically entrenched. Nobody want to disturb the status quo.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I was waiting for you to chime in,I heard you mention plasma before,do they do it in Singapore?

        • karlgarcia says:

          The slag it produces is plasma rock,I believe.It can be used as construction material.
          2012 proposals in Pampanga by Mackay Green.In visayas and Mindanao by Quantum Asia.Until now,nada.
          Ecowaste coalition,et al and Senator Legarda blocked it or s blocking it,citing Clean air act and solid wadte management laws.
          Those on top of the fact that trah is the cash cow of lgus. Cash from trash.

        • chempo says:

          Singapore does not yet employ hot plasma gasification technology in waste management. We have 4 modern incineration plants and a very clean landfill on one of the smaller outer islands. This landfill will last till 2035 and it is in fact land reclamation using technologies that ensure the seas are not contaminated.

          We have very efficient waste disposal management as you can see from this comparative chart.

          The 4 plants we have are using WTE (waste-to-energy) technologies. Plasma gasification is currently not used for 2 reasons :
          1. Existing plants were the realisation of long term plans made years ago.
          2. Plasma gasification is currently under the microscope, but the draw-back in the planners’ books are the high capital cost. However, I really feel they have not yet factored in improvements in plant designs (re the Isreali and Jap technologies which allows for scaled-down plants).

          Re your comment below regarding Sen Legarda’s blocking of incinerator plants — I wonder if those people have been to inspect modern plants in other countries. There is no smell, no thick black smoke belching out of long chimneys. Technologies have improved tremendously today. There you go again — Philippines’ prickiness for laws holding you guys back from lots of things.

          I suggest you google “pulau semakau landfill project” – it’s really something I’m proud of, as I’m sure Lance would be happy to know. Of course, Singapore is landscare so we need to landfill up the sea whereas this need not be the case in Philippines. You will note that whilst we landfill with non-toxic ashes, Philippines landfill with solid waste with issues of toxicity and methane gases for the next generation to inherit.

          Karl I know you are very interested in this subject matter. For your benefit I provide a link to our government’s Solid Waste Management Road Map. It is about as comprehensive as you can ever get on this subject. Hope it benefits you.

          Click to access Roadmap_SWM%20(for%20web)_1.pdf

          • karlgarcia says:

            To digress a little,
            We talked about litering before,I saw a video about tourism in Japan and throwing trash.there are no bins around,you have to put the gum you chew in your pocket first,(very sticky).I never been to Japan,but I visited Singspore moons ago,but I never recall not seeing a trash bin around.
            you can keep the gum in your mouth until there is a trash bin,with out having a messy pocket because there is no where to throw your gum.

            • edgar lores says:

              Karl, keep the wrapper in your pocket and use it to store the wasted gum.

              • karlgarcia says:

                a yeah,I am so slow. of course you are also supposed to keep the wrapper too,because you can not throw it as well.

                Problem solved.😅

            • chempo says:

              If your are a smoker, do not try to incinerate the gum with your lighter. Read the warnings in the wrapper, I’m sure it’s there in small print.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Will keep that in mind when I visit Singapore or Japan,while in Pinas I will spit them out.(joke only)

          • karlgarcia says:

            Thanks for the link Chempo.I will read it ASap.

            • karlgarcia says:

              One more thing about Legrda,her son owns a Solar energy startup,it is elimination of competition,it really must be a mix. can’t be all renewables.

    • NHerrera says:


      Yes, especially with recycling via plutonium by product, it can last a long time in so far as energy requirement alone is concerned.

      In fact with fusion — I am not current on the development of that — rather than fission which is the mode of energy production from nuclear plants presently, the resources from the sea (deuterium or heavy water) is virtually unlimited, but that is another story.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Many thanks Manong NH,

        Here us the latest about Nuclear Fusion Power.

        • NHerrera says:

          Thanks Karl, TSH’s Chief Librarian, for the usual help in our Library of knowledge.

          The link is a sweet and brief article on the 5-stage engineering strategy towards nuclear fusion power; and we are now on the third stage.

          When realized, fusion nuclear power, as I understand it produces less radioactive products compared to nuclear fission power. In the far future when fossil energy becomes scarce and the realized non-fossil renewables are a reality, but needs “base” power plants, we can see nuclear fusion power used. That will be a golden period of mankind as far as energy is concerned.

          That will probably be the day also, consistent with Edgar’s current blog, when mankind will realize the integration of the material world with the world of the mind — when “narrow” ideologies fall by the wayside, ideologies which have brought such miseries to mankind.

          • karlgarcia says:

            I chuckled at Material World.It reminded me of Madonna.

            Speaking of fossil fuels,they came from decayed dead people and animals.
            While waiting for another million years for fossil fuels and 20 years for fusion energy.Maybe the same time for the race to extract uranium from the ocean.

            I hope we could amend the clean air act in lesser amount of time,to accomodate waste to energy proposals.

            Plus lots of promising tech like those batteries I mentioned,but the problem is always economics of unlimited wants and limited needs.
            Since you mentioned ideologies,I will change that to poltical economy.

            Toast to open minds🍻

      • karlgarcia says:

        We talked about scaling,why not small floating reactors,3 in the west philippine sea and three in the pacific? Less right of way and nimby issues.(i hope)

        same with plasma gasifiers in coast guard ships,there must be a battery technology for energy storage from the water cleanup.

        Plasma gasifiers in toilets,once they can make it dirtt cheap.Again batteries to store energy is a proposal, unless we power our homes with poop and make our house a power plant.The fire department would not like that.

        • karlgarcia says:

          But solar and batteries is the most ideal one. Meralco and other power companies might lose money,why not make them develop solar panels and batteries and charge monthly.

  14. Bill In Oz says:

    It is with sadness I read this morning of the bomb blast in Davao last night. It killed 12 people and wounded many many more. It has the feel of an ABUS attack. A response to the Armed Forces of the Philippines attack on the kidnapping terrorist gang this past month.

    Kidnappings, extortion, murderous beheadings, terrorist attacks : truly they are beyond all law.

    • karlgarcia says:

      How do you eliminate the ASG.Even if we turn Sulu and Basilan upsidedown ,there will be some of them left.Please no martial law.
      I am shocked by what happened to Davao,and I pray for them.

      • Bill In Oz says:

        Karl, there is no need to turn Sulu or Basilan upside down. But there is a solution : seize and destroy every powered boat in the archipelago unless under PBP direct control..Without boats to travel around, Abu Syaff will lose it’s power….

        Very radical ! But doable. And it would work.

        • karlgarcia says:

          Correct!👍🏻 I like the idea.😄

          • cruise says:

            i agree too. but who will patrol our seas and sea shores and what equipment would they have? need modernization. a flotilla of small vessels or huge ones both weaponized for deterence. we probably need more sea police in addition to the coast guard. it is a long ways to go yet, we can start with seizing all power boats, weaponized them and be manned by sea police to do the guarding (got to pay the owners though with at least cost value). then we create a new industry of building power boats for this purpose and less powerful boats for a small fisherman who will also be part of the sea guard patrol. but of course these fishermen have to be vetted that they are there for the good of their country and for the support of their family. perhaps we need to have the police recruit (pnp) to be fully vetted so as to prevent scalawags and mal-intentioned recruit, need physical, mental, and chemical tests in addition to background check.

            • karlgarcia says:

              An expropriation of high powered boats.Government buy them from owners,find out if there is intel leading them to terorists .👍🏻
              Onnanother,but related note.
              I notice that our brand new frigate has separate bidding for building and weaponizing.
              And the second hand corvette needs a bidding for maintenance,and I am sure the weapons are stripped as well,so another bidding for weapons.

              The procurement law is complicated enough,andvwe complicate it further.

              • chempo says:

                What? You mean we have a pension fund that is not managed on actuarial principles but budget allocation? That’s sheer ridiculous. It can’t be a sustainable model.

                On recruitment, it actually helps the pension fund. The more recruits you have the more contributions to collect to beef up the pool of funds for increased payout to pensioners. But it’s like an MLM scheme that will come crashing down. There must forever be more people recruited that the numbers retiring.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Before the AFP had a pension fund called RSBS.Somehow it was mismanaged and got bankrupt.

                Here is a link from a forum about military issues
                It posted several articles about the closure of RSBS.


            • karlgarcia says:


              • karlgarcia says:

                I thought my comment was not processed,so instead of retyping,Ijust gave the 5 thumbs up to Cruise.I am not patting myself in the back.😅

        • chempo says:

          Knocking out the boats alone won’t solve the problem. They will lie low, then just capture new vessels and it’s back to business.

          Two pronged strategies are required.

          We know the tactics of guerrillas. When pursued they disappear into the jungles or into the civilian population. So diminish their refuge.

          Firstly, tackle the civilian population. We know they are sympathisers of ABS out of fear or gratitufe for passalubongs the bandits hand out. Lance has lots of ideas on how to work to get the civilians to the govt side. For me, I think this is where Du30 comes in best. Tell them to STOP THIS – stop assisting the bandits and inform the govt of outsiders in their village. Let them understand that harbouring bandits is the reason why the region can’t developed, that its wrong and the govt takes a strong view. Do a census of each community and ID papers issued. Followed up by spot checks whereby undocumented suspects are easily cornered.

          Secondly, the technology is already there to track camps – satellite tracking. But unfortunately, this is touchy because US military aid is required. Once camps are detracted, bomb them to hell. No soldiers need to be sacrificed unnecessarily.

          • Bill In Oz says:

            Chempo, No boats, no kidnappings, no money, no power. Yes they will lie low and then try to setze new vessels. And then they can be sunk by the Philippines Armed Forces. Idiot extremists in Sabah will no doubt also try to traverse the waters to Sulu & Basilan : sink them all.

            I am serious here.I mean the problem to be stopped.

            • chempo says:

              You have a point Bill, but consider this:

              1. The number of ABS personnel somewhere in the forests and mingling with the communities is always a far greater number than the numbers on the boats at any one time.

              2. The ABS boats outspeed the Naval vessels. Nanabooboo. They got away too often. To knock them off the waters you need missiles. Each one fired will cost the govt Php10 million.

              3. They can always kidnap on land.

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Removing all powered boats means the PAF wipes out that diadvantage. It also means the PAF can enforce a blockade on the Islands. That will affect the economy of those sheltering Abu Syaff : no fish, no drugs, no smuggled stuff from Sabah. Eventually the other shoe will drop among these people..: We have to get rid of the killers, the terrorists the lawless muslim radicals….

                And if they kidnap on land ( on the islands ) they alienate the locals even more.

              • chempo says:

                Power to you Bill. These are scumbags of society that should be wiped off the face of the Earth, by whatever means.

              • karlgarcia says:

                In one of my replies of random thoughts to you,I asked how do you deal with relatives and neighbors,that was partially addressed by last night’s news reports of a barangay group in Sulu,to show that not all are Abu Sayaff sympathisers,the problem is unlicensed fire arms and new rules state that they have to go to Crame for licensing.How do you slow down loose firearms with that directive or guidelines.
                (aniother random thought)

                One suggested solution is to absorb some to CAFGU a legal and recognized paramilitary group.That is to make them legit,but as to registration of fire arms,I think they will let them keep it,for now.

                Re barangay security and peacekeeping team.
                training of baranggay security team in handling fire arms must be done,so it won ‘t be just shoot on sight.Not only in Sulu,also in places with just 20 policemen or even less.

                Right now,the approach for national security and safety,is interagency,but arming barangays was always shrugged of,it can be problematic,but doable.

                In closing.
                If there’s a will,still no inheritance tax.

              • chempo says:

                “If there’s a will, still no inheritance tax.”
                Karl that one-liner is a gem, no pun intended.

                Arming civilian groups whether para military or not is a crazy idea Karl. An armed agent of the law needs to be trained in various ways — the various laws, gun handling, arrest procedures, civil rights, what’s their mental capacity, etc. This is something that the law must never outsource to others. There is no law that permits this.

                Loose firearms? By this you mean possession of firearms without licence or permits?. I don’t understand the directive to go Camp Crame to register. Holders of unregistered arms are to be apprehended and arms confiscated. You can’t make mockery of the law. There can of course be a one-off arrangement for amnesty and thereafter the strong arm of the law needs to be — strong. Pussy-footing the problems lead to non-respect of the law.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Unfortunately both military and police force combined is just a little over 300k for 100 M population, force multipliers like security guards are needed. In Sulu,and other rural areas are just a few. CAFGU was a sort of force multiplier,and some rebel returness become CAFGU,or may enlist if possible.

                Peacetalks if done right will eliminate more than half of our internal conflicts.
                there could be room for more rebel returnees for peace keeping,because of the remaining rebel groups.

                i submit barangay people should not be armed,those who carry unlicensed fire arms should license them.
                But Paramilitary,is still neded for now.

                Bill in OZ suggest a total gun ban that worked in Oz. Here,I refer to below.(or above)

                Lastly,thank you that you aprove of the if there’s a will closing…

              • chempo says:

                Aha Karl, you identified the problem, why then not offer the right solution that the problem calls for? Undermanned police force – so work to increase their headcount. Why create a quasi police force with inadequate qualification and character scrutiny? Armed insurgents integrated into police or army creates a fifth column.

              • karlgarcia says:

                The pension conundrum
                150 k active 140 k retired for AFP
                probably the same for PNP

                Pension of AFP retired at par with salary of active.
                Maybe the same with PNP.

                Having a pension system will reduce their pensions,to prevent bancruptcy,it will also reduce their pensions if the gSIS absorbs them.That is an excuse not to form a pension system.

                So the number of recruits will always be limited.
                And we keep on getting the pensions from the National Budget.

          • karlgarcia says:

            Excellent ideas all.
            Have some concerns,but it is not to shoot down any idea.
            What do you do with relative sympathisers,double agents?
            Knowing is half the battle the other half is what you do after …what happens next is up to you (c) GI Joe.

            Having technology and other know hows.

            It is like bypassing computer systems in customs or any government agency when fixing transactions.
            Or having a hammer,sharp objects, do you use it for their intended purpose or as a weapon of destruction.

            We have technology,when we have it we must use it properly.
            Another example.

            We have an 18 billion Peso frigate project, come completion time,we the Navy must be trained on how to use the weapon systems and all the technical stuff

            And when its msintenance should follow the procurement process.
            What happened to the Navy’s patrol crafts that when one breaks down,you cannibalize parts from others,should not happen any more,

            Proper usage and care of what we have,after knowing how to use them.

            • karlgarcia says:

              going back to the expensive ship,caring for it includes making sure it wont sink,explode get hit by enemy or friendly fire.

            • Thea says:

              When the guys talk of weapons, guerillas, sympathizers and attacks, the movie “Apocalypse Now” comes to mind and how a powerful nation failed on this war.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Joe was in Vietnam,and he shares hus experiences every now and then.
                For me,AFP coast guard,PNP modernization is still a must not just for peace order.
                it is also for helping our neighbors in disasters,as payback as well.

                Right now our foreign relations,need much to be desired.

    • edgar lores says:

      Bill in Oz,

      I have not mentioned it in the article but there is another book by Lazlo entitled “The Akashic Experience.” If “The Connectivity Hypothesis” is all science, this other book is all about heart.

      In it, he defines the Akashic Experience as “a real, lived experience that conveys a thought, an image, or an intuition that was not, and very likely could not have been, transmitted by our senses either at the time it happened or at anytime beforehand—at least not in our current lifetime.”

      “Whatever else it may contain, the Akashic experience conveys the sense that the experiencing subject is not separate from the objects of his or her experience—the sense that “I, the experiencing subject, am linked in subtle but real ways to other people and to nature.”

      He concludes: “The Akashic experience testifies that we are subtly yet effectively linked with each other, with nature, and with the cosmos. It inspires solidarity, love, empathy, and a sense of responsibility for each other and the environment. These are ineluctable elements of the mindset we need to pull out of the global crisis that threatens our world and to create peace and sustainability on this perilously ravaged planet.”

      While we receive this latest news direct to our senses through a news medium, the news medium itself does not contain the emotions that are provoked and arise in our hearts. The news medium may contain images of the real event, but other images also “naturally” arise in our mind, images of inchoate havoc and horror. It may be that these images that are not fully formed come from the akasha substrate.

      For me, what this event and other such events boil down to is that we have a responsibility of choice. We choose the world we live in. We can choose fear or love, tears or laughter, death or life.

      • Bill In Oz says:

        Edgar,, I agree with ” We have a responsibility of choice. We choose the world we live in. We can choose fear or love, tears or laughter, death or life.”…

        However often enough others choose for us..Last night Abu Syaff chose death & destruction for people who were simply at a night market in Davao…

        • edgar lores says:

          That’s true, Bill. But I would rephrase it. It is not that others choose for us… but that their choices impinge on our choices… and as our choices impinge on them. We have to overwhelm others
          with kindness.

          • Bill In Oz says:

            I hear what you say Edgar..It is the voice of Ghandi and many other pacifists. You hva that option ‘safely’ in Australia. But I feel that in the Philippines making such a choice would be too fraught with fear..

    • Bill In Oz says:

      “An improvised explosive device caused the explosion, presidential spokesman Martin Andanar said, ………..An Abu Sayyaf spokesman, Abu Rami, claimed responsibility for the blast…
      From the Guardian today

    • Bill here’s some related material re Abu Sayyaf, IS related orgs in the Philippines,

      Lance has lots of ideas on how to work to get the civilians to the govt side.”

      I agree w/ chempo, more than anyone since, I think DU30 has the most clout,

      hence the greatest potential to do anything re Sulu and Maranaw region (Maguindanao, not so sure). The Arabs called this clout wasta, the Lebanese refer to it as “Super Wow”, ie. Hariri’s son’s got some Wow but not as Super as his dad’s, cuz the Israeli’s got him by the balls 😉 .

      The MNLF is kinda like the PLO, pretty corrupt, but if all other groups to play with are turning Hamas on you (or worst), then you follow Israel’s lead and prop-up the lesser evil. Going in balls out militarily every time, like the Israelis , will alleviate some issues, but more than not, it’ll create more issues down the road— perpetuating the problem.

      IMHO opinion, although there are good ideas at the tactical level, ie. sinking boats, arming more civilians, etc. Getting their own population to go against them is more important (ie. Tausugs should be sinking the Abus boats 😉 ), and you’ll need the military to back off some to do this, that’s where the MNLF comes back in.

      Like the Russians and their Tartars, Filipinos and Tausugs have to work together. Also Maranaws, if you study real estate patterns in Zamboanga, more and more Tausugs and Maranaws are buying land there— from what I heard (circa mid-2000s) much of the money is from the US and Canada (some also from EU, Australia and Brexit 😉 )

      Which means they’re ripe for moderate or even secular Islam, from the West, when things are good economically Muslims tend to be less literal. Misuari and his buddies are getting old, he and DU30 should actively look to organize Tausugs and Maranaws living abroad.

      So, Bill, re your idea I’d say get the Philippine Army out, just let the Philippine Marines and Navy handle Sulu region, and let the MNLF (since DU30 and Misuari are good buds 😉 ) handle Abu Sayyaf, there ‘s a bunch of smaller islands they can base from, but even better is to have Filipino Marines truly be amphibious and work out of Philippine Navy ships, basically as QRF for MNLF.

      Bring forth, Tausug and Maranaw AFP and PNP personnel to serve as liaison here.

      (p.s. @ karl , I’ve not forgotten the Criminal Justice article, I’m just trying to still figure out an original angle from which to approach it.)

      @ chemp, thanks for the solid waste project, will look into it,

      but have been trawling other forums and the net to get more info on world finance, after watching “the Big Short” on Netflix a few weeks ago, I ended up getting the book and the sequel to it “Boomerang” both by Michael Lewis (I’m trying to figure out how bond yields work, LOL! and re-visiting your’s and Micha’s talk on the nature, and value, of money)

      Let me get this out of my system first, then I’ll get back to the Criminal Justice article, karl. re that other article I was thinking about from Mary’s grandpa’s pig pampering for feast idea (Shark Tank article)… chemp, is it possible to get Filipinos to be as interested in global finance as the Icelanders were before collapse? What’s your opinion of Filipino bankers in general?

      Can Negosyo Centers encourage hedge funds of all sorts to sprout?

      I’m still reading about how Iceland pretty much became one big hedge fund overnite, before they went belly up, they made bank. Can the Philippines replicate what Iceland did, only be more wary of falling into the abyss?

  15. karlgarcia says:

    When I was a kid,I thought I was a clairvuoyant,everytime I keep on seeing dejavus.I think we all dream and see the future,we just forget most of it once we wake up,then when it actually happens,we get this feeling that we have seen it before.Dejavu all over again.

  16. edgar lores says:

    Micha, as moderator of this post I have decided not to post your political comment per JoeAm’s guidelines. Be assured that it is not lost. It has been stored in the akasha as dark energy, whereby it will contribute, however minutely, to the accelerated expansion of the universe.

    • Micha says:

      Amazing. There is no honor in remaining silent.

      • edgar lores says:

        Micha, Let me stress the point: The Society is constrained by the conditions of JoeAm’s passport; we must respect those constraints. You will find that there are other outlets for our voices. We are not silent. Find these other outlets.

      • Joe America says:

        There is no honor in moralizing about other people’s personal decisions that affect a family’s well-being. If I choose to preserve my voice for loud speaking at the proper time, that is my decision, not yours. Get thee lost, Micha. You are not a team player and have no credentials to judge others. You are expelled from the Society.

  17. karlgarcia says:

    The mystical paranormal guy and the techie and science guy.Hi fiving.

  18. Claudine says:

    Thank you, Mr. Lores, for posting about the Akashic Records, so more would be aware that there is such a database. I work with the Akashic Records since 2010 and I’ve had a transformational journey because of it.

    • chempo says:

      Care to clarify what you were doing there since 2010?

    • edgar lores says:

      Claudine, You’re welcome. I concur that knowing about something new generally broadens our horizons. Sometimes we are able to integrate new knowledge into our journey, sometimes not. But the information, whether true or false, is always there, and our proper task is to validate such for ourselves.

  19. karlgarcia says:

    @chempoo,I will continue here.
    Joe mentioned of moving of retirement age,to make pension funds viable.I agree.
    People live long and get bored and would like to continue to work,because pension is not enough,etc
    And some places rehire retiress not just as consultants.

    PMA grads retire at age 56, because years in academy is included in the years of service.
    If retirement age goes up, problem almost solved.

    • chempo says:

      Karl as long as the fund does not run on actuarial principles, the problem remains. Delayed retirement buys you a number of years breathing space that’s all.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I agree,… fully agree.After the pension fund run on actuarial principles,increase retirement age of all workers.Public,Private ,military,police,etc.

        • edgar lores says:

          Karl & Chempo,

          I suggest what has to happen is to rebuild the fund. How?

          1. The government must put in seed money.
          2. The fund has to be contributory from member wages.
          3. To accelerate fund growth, the government might match member contributions.
          4. And, lastly, as Chempo emphasizes, the fund must be managed professionally.

          The problems are:

          1. Where to source the seed money – Malampaya, government bonds? And how much?
          2. Member wages will have to be increased by how much to offset the contributions? Indexation must be considered.
          3. How much should the government realistically put in? And is it possible to taper the contribution rate until the fund is self-sufficient?
          4. Who will manage the fund? Certainly not the generals. And where to invest the fund?

          • karlgarcia says:

            In one of my replies above,I mentioned RSBS it was mismanaged maybe because,it was managed by retired officers?(not professional fund managers)

            current budget secretary states that current recepients’ benefits can not be taken away from them,and he suggest fir new recruits to have their pensions,not indexed to The current salaries of incumbents,and ways must be found for GSiS to absorb them.

            I suggest to merge GSIS and SSS.

            Many thanks Edgar and Chempo.

            • karlgarcia says:

              problem is worst than I thought. Pensions to eat up 80 percent of AFP budget within six years per Diokno, how would you operate on that?
              Good thing AFP modernization’s budget is separate,but it masks the ticking time bomb.
              We show the world that the situation in Sulu is under control by showing the world our ships and choppers.How long can our military last if there is no pension fund?

              By the way,Edgar mentioned Malampaya,the AFP Mod fund used to source additional funds from the windfall,buth that has stopped.
              Do not know what happened to the Fort Bonifacio sale proceeds.

              We need access to the Akashik records,it is still a few billions unacccounted for.
              The akashik records is the only way to merge the computer systems of all the people.
              But first merge the GSIS and SSS first.

              Behold the Quantum computer.

              With quantum computers to crack any encryption in milli seconds,your passwords are useless one day.Big brother will be watching.Hacking will be in steroids,etc.

  20. chempo says:

    Edgar, back to the Akashic Records.

    1. I posit that the records are not databases as we understand it, whether in astral or whatever form. In fact there are no records. Caycee and others are able to project their consciousness into a certain plane of time warp where time is not linear as we perceive of it. Because time is non-linear, they can look into the past and future.. So they more or less can view everything much like with eyes on a drone and seeing everything in realtime, with fast-forward and backtrack capabilities. That’s why Caycee need the patient’s address, that’s his reference point to set the drone. That is also why the Akashic records are accessed by these people when they sleep or are in a state of trance like Caycee.

    2. Some people can access the Akashic records not because they are smarter, it’s just the way their brains are wired. Many brilliant discoveries came to these people in their sleep. Some woke up with stuff that at first they could not grasp at all but eventually understood it. Had E=MC2 flashed across my mind in my sleep, I would’nt have made any sense of it at all when I wake up. Imagine how much knowledge has been wasted given that lots of such brilliant flashes must have occured to so many dumsters like me. Newton and Tesla for example, mentioned the same thing when asked where their knowledge came from. Particularly Tesla who tantalised with his allusion to his source of knowledge as from out there. Tesla was on the verge of perfecting a way of transmitting electricity without wires when his time on Earth ran out. I think the Chinese have just mastered this, I read somewhere.

    3. As I mentioned before, it seems there is a grand plan. Things are programmed to happen when it happened. When mankind is in the grip of something terrible, someone comes up with brilliant stuff to save the day.So there is always Hope yet for climate change.

    • chempo says:

      Oops what happend to my avatar?

      • edgar lores says:


        1. Login to
        2. If you hover your gravatar on the top left corner, it will say, “Update profile photo.”
        3. Click on your gravatar.
        4. This will open a new tab to Login to Gravatar using your WordPress login.
        5. In the new tab, there are several ways of updating your gravatar.
        6. I suggest you go to the advanced features at the bottom of the page and take that option.

    • NHerrera says:

      While we are on the current blog of edgar and your thoughts above, I write this:

      We are told that when one has a problem needing a solution — coming out unsuccessful after thinking-analyzing hard about it for sometime — we may find a solution by sleeping on it. This has happened to me a lot when thinking of a solution to a math problem; sleeping on it helped me.

      Until now I thought the success associated with sleeping on a problem is just my brain in sleep mode working its magic after all the thoughts and analysis spent on the subject needing a solution.

      Now it may well be that my brain in sleep mode is drawing from this universal Akashic Records, and the reason why I am able to get the solution through access to these Records is that my mind is receptive to that particular item having spent considerable time on it. As you said, E=mc2 may occur to another person and will not get a response to it because meaningless to that person, but not so to Einstein who has been thinking about it.

      I am getting excited and intrigued by the day about this Universal pool of records and how these can be accessed. The positive hope that it brings is encouraging. Worrying about all the horse shit that comes with the growth of the horse and carriage turned out to be an unnecessary worry because of the combustion engine.

      I hope you solve the mystery of your gravatar. It helps when viewing the recent posts — the Singaporean lion head even without chempo attached to it grabs attention, so is edgar with that ring of an avatar.

      • edgar lores says:

        NHerrera, Same with me. However, this may not necessarily point to the akasha. It may be that the quiescent mind works in the background as we sleep. Like a computer, the mind may operate in an interactive mode during the day and in a batch mode during the night.

      • chempo says:

        NHerrera, I cannot go to sleep thinking of a problem. If it’s on my mind I can’t sleep. I learn to empty my mind by thinking of nonsense. If that does’nt help, it’s panadol time.

        Your horse shit allegory has me in stitches.

    • edgar lores says:


      1. Timewarp? Interesting hypothesis. The definition of time-warp is “an imaginary distortion of space in relation to time whereby people or objects of one period can be moved to another.” The concept is mostly used in science fiction. There are two implications I can think of:

      o That one can travel backwards and forwards in time.
      o That the past, present, and future universe exists concurrently.

      1.1. The first implication is not currently accepted in any well-received scientific hypothesis. As I googled, I saw one in which the current universe is mirrored in parallel. In one universe, time moves forward and, in the other, moves backward.

      1.1.1. In most scientific theories, time is said to be an arrow that can only move forward. The usual analogy is that one cannot unscramble an egg. This has to do with the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is about entropy. “Entropy may be one of the few processes that is not time-reversible. Source:

      1.1.2. I have scanned the books I have cited by Laszlo. He does not have a separate hypothesis about time. He says that space and time are a continuum, and joins the words and constantly refers to the continuum as spacetime.

      1.1.3. I have said that the phenomenon of consciousness can seemingly, in my paranormal experience, travel forward. This supports your timewarp hypothesis and the non-linearity of time. Consciousness can, of course, travel backward through memory. Laszlo does not account for forward travel. Thus we can say there is a gap in the A-field hypothesis and in current scientific theory as we know it. Backward travel is possible because everything is in the A-field and so is accessible. Laszlo offers this as a possible explanation of reincarnation.

      1.1.4. Another support that can be cited is the paranormal phenomenon of being able to step through a time portal into a different dimension of time in the past. This is known as either bilocation (or multilocation) or retrocognition (or post-cognition). Cayce had this ability.

      1.1.5. One last aspect I should mention is the paradoxes of time travel as portrayed in movies. If one travelled through time and accidentally killed an ancestor, would one exist?

      1.2. The second implication is more interesting. Your postulate suggests that time past, time present, and time future co-exists physically (?) and are accessible at any time and at all times.

      1.2.1. Wowee! This is more mind-blowing than parallel universes. I cannot even begin to imagine the possibilities of this scenario.

      2. I have mentioned in the article how the Akashic records can be accessed, basically by low mentation and altered states of consciousness. Accordingly, I believe that all can access the database, and I agree with you that some people have more access than others. Scientists and others grapple with problems to which they devote much effort and time. This is repaid by the akasha in the form of inspirations and intuitions.

      3. I first interpreted your pre-programmed theory as pre-destination. What you are saying seems to be that the universe answers our needs. In a way, it’s true. The Axial Age produced the founders of great religions. Lincoln emerged to resolve the issue of slavery. And the emergence of Cayce may indicate we should attend to the extra-rational side of our nature. But there is always individual and collective choice. We can modulate and redefine our needs. Our destinies are not pre-determined. We participate in the process.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Does the butterly effect aply to 1.1.5.?

        Small changes lead to large causes. Can that be akin to the time travel paradox?

        • edgar lores says:

          Karl, my intuition told me you, as a comics and movie buff, would zero on that item. This is known as the grandfather paradox. (

          The grandfather paradox may not fall under chaos theory as the butterfly effect does. Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics.

          • karlgarcia says:

            thanks,was sbout to ask another question about forward travel.

            Found this on the wiki page of Lazlo.

            László became interested in the consciousness theories of Anthony Peake, (who in turn was an admirer of László’s work on the Akashic Field). Peake, whose background was in the social sciences,[8] had sought to explain the fact that altered states of consciousness (such as deja vu, dreams, psychedelic drug experiences, meditation, near death experience) sometimes seem to feature precognition and premonitions.[9] Peake had produced a tentative synthesis of the ancient idea of the “Eternal Return” with modern ideas like the simulation argument, the holographic universe, and the many worlds interpretation. In Peake’s hypothesis, one lives variants of the same life repeatedly, and a premonition is in fact a memory of the past.[10] Peake became a Consciousness Studies Department Member at Ervin László’s Center For Advanced Studies.[11] László collaborated with Anthony Peake on the book The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness Beyond the Brain.[12]

            can precognition and premonition be considered as forward travel?

            • karlgarcia says:

              Wrong spelling of e-mail address can change your avatar,chempo,we might have had the same problem.

              • edgar lores says:

                Karl, our gravatars, but not Chempo’s, were corrupted yesterday when I attempted to reply to the trackback at the bottom of the page. I note the trackback has disappeared today together with 2 or 3 comments attached to it. Perhaps Chempo’s has to do with today’s disappearance.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Oh,I see.

              • chempo says:

                Avatar mystery solved.
                Karl you are half right. My email is @ymail but I typed incorrectly
                With the incorrect .com they gave me the right name but a different avatar. I think what happened is that WordPress is giving us something equivalent to pre-approved credit cards.

              • karlgarcia says:


            • edgar lores says:

              Karl, yes on precognition but only with respect to the travel of consciousness. Premonition is similar to precognition but is associated with unpleasant events.

            • NHerrera says:


              Here is so edgar knows I read the links he posts, at least the immediate link:

              Hedgehog’s dilemma or Lover’s paradox: Despite goodwill, human intimacy cannot occur without substantial mutual harm.

              Now, without going further googling on Hedgehog’s dilemma but focusing only on the phrases “human intimacy” “substantial mutual harm,” one can have different interpretations of this dilemma.

              I will, however, not give rein to my own interpretation otherwise I may be accused of not restraining that kind of thought. We have enough of that hereabouts these days.


              • edgar lores says:

                NHerrera, I had to find out the thematic category of that paradox. I should have known: decision theory.

                I find that if I investigate a subject deeply, I invariably arrive at irony or paradox.

              • NHerrera says:


                That wikipedia link is a nice first source on a listing of paradoxes by category.

                Here is a trivia on

                Tea leaf paradox: When a cup of tea is stirred, the leaves assemble in the center, even though centrifugal force pushes them outward.

                It is a paradox because the situation exhibits an apparently contradictory result when centrifugal force — because of the stirring of the fluid on which the leaves float — would have driven the leaves towards the walls of the cup.

                But there are two items acting on the leaves: one is centrifugal and the other is the vortex of the fluid acting as in a maelstrom or whirlpool with the center much deeper than the outer portions — the tea leaves have to contend with these two items: one drawing it to the center the deepest part of the whirlpool; the other one drawing it out. The item drawing it in the center wins especially since in the case of leaves, its mass “m” is rather light. Centrifugal force is F = mv^2/r.

                (Please indulge a retiree. 🙂 )

              • NHerrera says:

                One last item for the night: major events in the Philippines lately is replete with irony and paradox. But to write about these here is verboten. 🙂

              • karlgarcia says:

                😀 I know you read links and you give your academic take. Mutual harm happened to Romeo and Juliet they took their lives,because they can not be together, they had intimacy in the after life.

              • edgar lores says:

                Karl, nice. Perfect example.

              • “One last item for the night: major events in the Philippines lately is replete with irony and paradox.”



                Had DU30 read that thread above, he most definitely could’ve slapped Obama back with his moralizing over extra-judicials. 😉

              • karlgarcia says:

                Many thanks again.😄👍🏻

      • chempo says:

        Thanks Edgar, very interesting.
        Those comic book guys are really helluva creative. Which actually seems funny — I mean these guys are basically Arts guys how come they are so good in the sciences field.

        On Edgar Caycee I remember one thing. He left very strict instructions that whenever he goes into his trances, no one must ever disturb him. He must never be roused. He said that he could be critically maimed and in fact could be fatal to him. That means his consciousness or soul is severed from the physical body.

        This related to OBE or out-of-body experience, something which many has experienced. Many who survived near death have this OBE experience. When I was young I did a bit of shao lin kungfu stuff under the tutelage of a friend who is the last disciple of a very old monk of the shao lin temple in Singapore. He told me the old master has this astral travelling ability. In his sleep he was able to go visit places. He told of the times the disciples were supposed to be in some tough training and whilst the master was out of town the trainees played truant. When the master meted out punishment. He was able to describe what each of the trainees did instead of training. Either he really came back to check on them in his astral form, or there was a good informer amongs the disciples.

        • edgar lores says:


          1. I agree about Cayce’s out-of-body travel. It would explain the paragraphs I lifted from Bro’s book.

          2. Ahaha about the shaolin master anecdote.

          3. You have your gravatar back.

        • Thea says:

          There was another man who can fly, be present in two locations, heal during his life and after his death, perform miracles and even predicted his death. He is Francisco Forgione known to us as Padre Pio.

          Although we don’t possess the paranormal experiences of Saint Padre Pio, all of us possess the “sixth sense” in our brain whether spiritually or physically(thus scientifically).

          Another interesting fact is the study recently revealed by Geophysicist Kirschvink that human brain cells have magnetic mineral that response to magnetic fields. Perhaps, in the future we can detect when earthquake will happen reacting to our mind.Like how the dogs and birds detect earthquakes.

          Anyway, what we imagine now is our future. Some people imagine too much and become contributors to changes.

          • edgar lores says:

            Thea, thanks, both interesting reads.

            The life and abilities of Edgar Cayce seem to be better documented than that of Padre Pio, although the latter was born a decade after the former. Both possessed the ability of bilocation. However, in the Padre’s case, he was seen by others to be visible at the second location while Cayce was not. I read somewhere that when we imagine ourselves to be at another place or with another person, we actually send a fragment of ourselves onwards, and that the fragment could be perceived with the proper capability.

            As to magnetoreception, the migratory ability of birds, salmon, and sea turtles to navigate their way across the sky or the sea is well known. As for humans, some evince magnetic personalities, and in lovers we find mutual magneto broadcast and magnetoreception. Heh heh.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Unless you are talking about wireless power transmission,I think you are talking about Taoism.

      Tao or Dao (/taʊ/, /daʊ/; Chinese: 道; pinyin: About this sound Dào ) is a Chinese word signifying ‘way’, ‘path’, ‘route’, or sometimes more loosely, ‘doctrine’ or ‘principle’. Within the context of traditional Chinese philosophy and religion, the Tao is the intuitive knowing of “life” that cannot be grasped full-heartedly as just a concept but is known nonetheless through actual living experience of one’s everyday being. The Tao differs from conventional (Western) ontology in that it is an active and holistic practice of the natural order of Nature and its universal awakening, rather than a static, atomistic one.[citation needed]

  21. Edgar,

    Nice read. The part of this that has always interested me are children who remember their past lives. I’ve seen a couple of shows on cable, but have not found actual academic studies of children who remember their past lives. I know Psychologists have dabbled in this subject, But i guess I wanna read something more substantial, ie. DNA markers, etc.

    • edgar lores says:


      1. From your cited article: “Nearly 20 percent of the children studied have scarlike birthmarks or even unusual deformities that closely match marks or injuries the person whose life the child recalls received at or near his or her death.”

      2. Cayce rejected the idea of reincarnation at first but later came to accept it. He aligned with the Hindu belief that we reincarnate in a series of lives for spiritual progression. Also aligned, I might add, with the early Christian belief in reincarnation. He believed that Gnosticism was the highest form of Christianity — before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

      3. Laszlo does not believe in reincarnation. Information about past lives are available in the akasha and some people have access to the information.

      4. Perhaps the greatest contemporary evidence of reincarnation is in the tradition of the Tibetan tulkus, in which children are recognized as reborn masters.

      5. Personally, I would like to believe in the concept… and get to realize in marriage the passion of past great loves. But I cannot get over the dim prospect of going through elementary school again… and again and again.

    • chempo says:

      As Edgar mentioned, Caycee came to the realisation that reincarnation is a fact. In his trance-state readings of his patients he went into the latter’s past lives and medical histories with which he projects the patient’s current status and where it will end unless a change in lifestyle or medical treatment is followed.

      All his trance readings were documented by his scribe (note that NHerrera haha). When he reviewed these recordings years later and realised it was all about reincarnation he actually went into a period of depression. He was a Sunday preacher by profession, so he was spiritually jolted. But eventually he was able to reconcile his very Christian beliefs with the idea of reincarnation. Very unfortunately, I did not read up on the part where he explained his rationalisation. (I lost my volumes of Caycees’ works as transcripted by his assistants) That would have been interesting.

      There are many people who remembered bits of something which they thought was probably their past lives. Elizabeth Taylor thought she was an ancient Egyptian queen of some sort (definitely not Cleopatra – that would be too far-fetched). I have an original idea on this. I think when we are born we are supposed to be given a brain on a clean slate, no operating system, no apps, just some hard-coded stuff so we can breathe and function biologically, but zero knowledge. Somehow some bits and bytes may slip past. As we all know, a human make-up is so so very complex, so some stuff of our ancestors may be left behind in our memory cells. So what people like Elizabeth Taylor felt could have been the memory of one of her ancestors.

      That is not to say I don’t believe in reincarnation, I do.

      • edgar lores says:



        Outside the framework of the A-field, your original idea would be contradicted by the existence of child prodigies. If we are born with a clean slate, the tabula rasa, how to explain the tremendous abilities of prodigies? Nurture does not explain it. Nature? But how? DNA?

        Strangely enough, while Buddhism believes in rebirth it does not belief in reincarnation or transmigration. And the Tibetan school of Buddhism would have a perfect explanation of the process of reincarnation in their concept of the bardo.

      • Bill In Oz says:

        Edgar, Chempo..Back in the 1980’s I was in Virginia for roughly 6 months..With family I went to Virginia Beach for a swim one day. And discovered the Edgar Cayce library. A remarkable place : so quiet and peaceful.Anybody was welcome to visit and read there. And it had an enormous range of books about all the esoteric traditions. As well as books by Cayce himself for sale in a small bookshop.

        It is good to be reminded about that time and those experiences

        • edgar lores says:

          Bill in Oz,

          Ah, the synchronicity in the intersections of our lives. I just visited the white building of the library — cybernetically and not astrally.

      • Thea says:

        Isn’t it because after death we turn into ash then to atom then to energy? The process is 50 years and/or depends on the physical characteristics where one is buried. Incineration can shorten this process whilst preserving the dead,embalming,waxing,etc prolongs it. When “we” become energy “we” join other energies and will reincarnate into anything physical.

        I read this somewhere but I couldn’t find the name of the writer in my memory anymore.

      • NHerrera says:


        Read your post loud and clear.

        But just one item, if you please — scribe, not scriber

        I believe you are reincarnated as an Egyptian scribe in your former life.


        (We have to have fun on a lazy? Sunday afternoon.)

        • chempo says:

          NHerrera — just goes to show how one needs to be so specific on choice of words :

          Secretary — as we know it, the secretary takes down what the boss dictates. Note her function here is specific — take down ad verbatim as dictated by boss. And note also she has other functions in the office (no, does’nt include sitting on the boss’ laps).

          Stenographer — takes down notes ad verbatim, and this is her specific function.

          Rapporteur — someone engaged to take down proceedings in a meeting — somewhat like a steno.

          Amanuensis — a person employed to write or type what another dictates. But this fellow is a professional. He is supposed to improve on the text (not the substance).

          Scribe — Takes down notes on everything — conversation, his observations of what’s happening. Note that it’s not ad verbatiom, it’s free-form, thus he scribbles, which implies lots of errors. In Salman Rusdie’s “Satanic Verses”, Muhammad had a scribe who plays monkey with the prophet’s speeches.

          We should worry who’s the one doing all those writings for the Akashic records.

          Note I left reporters and journalists out — it’s probably considered political here.

  22. James Sia says:

    If this is all true, this is probably why we all get those hunches that turn out to be right.

    • edgar lores says:

      James, It’s something to consider. Some hunches turn out to be wrong. So there could be something wrong with the source, the medium, or the receiver. The very least one can say of Cayce and Laszlo is that they are interesting.

  23. NHerrera says:

    Off Topic

    A provocative article — The surprising downsides of being clever:

    … in 1926, psychologist Lewis Terman decided to use it (IQ) to identify and study a group of gifted children. Combing California’s schools for the creme de la creme, he selected 1,500 pupils with an IQ of 140 or more – 80 of whom had IQs above 170. Together, they became known as the “Termites”, and the highs and lows of their lives are still being studied to this day.

    … Terman concluded that “intellect and achievement are far from perfectly correlated”. Nor did their smarts endow personal happiness. Over the course of their lives, levels of divorce, alcoholism and suicide were about the same as the national average.

    … A tendency to rely on gut instincts rather than rational thought might also explain why a surprisingly high number of Mensa members believe in the paranormal; or why someone with an IQ of 140 is about twice as likely to max out their credit card.


    The article offers a possible alternative to assessing people by their IQ. People, it suggests, may be assessed by their “intellectual humility.” In a study, high scores in this quality “turned out to predict greater life satisfaction, relationship quality, and, crucially, reduced anxiety and rumination – all the qualities that seem to be absent in classically smart people.”

    • edgar lores says:

      NHerrera, thanks. Very interesting read.

      This struck me as true: “Another common complaint, often heard in student bars and internet forums, is that smarter people somehow have a clearer vision of the world’s failings. Whereas the rest of us are blinkered from existential angst, smarter people lay awake agonising over the human condition or other people’s folly.”

      The bit about members believing in the paranormal “as surprising” is not at all surprising to me. Belief in the paranormal is universal. I would think that people who are not “clever” display a deeper and more sustained belief in it. But belief by clever people would be based on their sharp intuitions and, consequently, on their wondering where such intuitions come from.

      I think that the highest evolved man is not one who is completely rational. Reason can be limited… because not everything is within its domain. There are unknown unknowns. I think someone who keeps an open mind to the mysteries and wonders of life is more highly evolved.

      The true mystical mind is higher than the rational mind.

      • NHerrera says:

        Last two paragraphs — I agree.

        An added note on “intellectual humility.” To the contributors here, I would prefer one of average or above average IQ, not that I will not listen to one who may have a lower IQ — for who knows for sure really. Having said that I would put it in the category of necessary but not sufficient condition having a good IQ. The element that gives sufficiency is intellectual humility so that the one with high IQ is not off-putting (to me, at least). In fact the phrase intellectual humility has two elements there: intellectual and humility

      • chempo says:

        “..the highest evolved man is not one who is completely rational”

        There seems to be a link between creative genius and madness. “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russel Crowe immediately comes to mind..

        • Joe America says:

          Alas, there is also a link between madness and madness.

          • chempo says:

            TB is contagious if we breathe in some stuff from a TB patient. HIV is contagious if you come into contact with blood or mucuous of a HIV patient. Is madness contagious? Or perhaps we should not be fearful because it appears to be personal? Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have seen many incidents of mass hysteria in factories. This always affect only the Malay females. All of a sudden, for no apparent reasons, the female workers work themselves into a frenzy. Is there something in the Malay genes – which Filipinos share?. Does this point to madness being contagious?.
            By the way, the Malay language has a very apt word — “Amok”. We usually place the verbal prefix “run” with it. To “run amok” is to go berserk and go on a violent rampage, with a blank state of mind, as if possessed.

            • karlgarcia says:

              Amok is adopted I believe. Nowadays people say “may nagamok”, or someone went berserk.

              Before it is more common to say “nagwala” or “naghuramentado”.

            • Thea says:


              “Is there something in Malay genes – which Filipinos share(madness)?”

              Answer is: it will not be conclusive. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as the Philippines, have genetically diverse populations affected by various historical origins and genetic affinities thru migration. For example, our Negritoes are different from Orang Asli, the aborigines of Malaysia. Our aborigines are more similar to short Africans. And strangely, the natives of Sardegna of Italy look like Filipinos. The Arabians, Chinese,Americans and Europeans too have substantially influenced the DNA of the Filipinos. Shall we say, the mental issue here is not as something in Malay race rather something in an individual person. A case of one superior delusive individual infecting submissive group or person, which could happen anywhere.

              Madness is contagious.

              • chempo says:

                I believe ‘orang asli’ is a term for indigenious people. ‘Orang” means people in Malay. My pimary school lessons taught me these indegenious people are the negritoes and sakai. I knoe they are very short, curly haird and dark.Other than that, I’m much of an ignoramus here.

                The natives of Sardegna of Italy is interesting. A freak of nature? Where did the love for lechon come from — maybe from interaction with OFWs?

                Perhaps madness is indeed contagious. That’s why I’m avoiding those barangay areas why one could end up as collateral in a buy-burst ops. Better to stick to clean malls.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Italian love for lechon,
                might be explained by this.(from wikipedia)

                “There are many ancient recipes for suckling pig from Roman and Chinese cuisine. Since the pig is one of the first animals domesticated by human beings for slaughter, many references to pigs are found in human culture. The suckling pig, specifically, appears in early texts such as the sixth-century Salic law.”


            • Thea says:


              And by the way, In Sardegna , they love Lechon(roasted suckling pig) too.

  24. NHerrera says:

    Off Topic


    Humans in some future time may be produced without the need of the traditional human sperm and eggs. Two laboratory researches (one in the UK and other in China) will have impact on the future of humans. One of the researchers at the University of Bath, Dr. Tony Perry suggested: “that combining the two fields of research may eventually do without the need for sperm and eggs altogether.”

    In the future, will these synthetically raised humans be discriminated against by those raised in the traditional way? It seems to fortify too the concept of raising children by gay couples.

    • edgar lores says:

      NHerrera, Ahaha! I laughed at this part: “The findings in Nature Communications, could, in the distant future, mean women can be removed from the baby-making process, say the researchers.”

      I am certain there are men and women who believe this development is the breakthrough they have been waiting for. No more pain for women. No more paternity doubts for men. And designer babies to boot.

      The discrimination, if ever, will be in the opposite direction, I think. The lab babies will be more refined products because they would be genetically engineered, imbued with selected and superior DNA qualities and traits.

      Reproduction by the traditional method will be limited to the poor. Oh, coupling will still be a favorite human activity, never fear, but it will be conducted without the fear and the anxiety induced by the thought of unwanted pregnancy.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Amazing isn’t it.
      To add to the two studies,is this study of sperm from skin cells. Which is a step further from the Chinese study of creating sperm from stem cells.

      This can be good for lesbians too,maybe they could just get skin samples from the who wants to be called daddy.

      it is there option if they go by pseudo embryo,or use the mother’s own egg.

    • chempo says:

      If these new beings can be genetically altered for improved intelligence, then homo sapiens are basically creating the path to our own obsolescence. Many scientists, including Stephen Hawkins, predicted mankinds disappearance from the face of the Earth if the natural progression of artificial intelligence is taken to it’s logical conclusion.

  25. Olivia Who says:

    The solution for P=NP is access to the akashic records. I solved it last year. We can all solve it when we mindfully and objectively combine all the knowledge we’ve collected through the whole of our life. 7 years of knowledge is enough.

    • edgar lores says:

      Karl, thanks. I note the article was written by Licauco, who is the local phantasm monger. He tends toward the spectral and the superstitious.

      I added the essay to my papers, and it has garnered a slim list of readers from diverse countries. US. UK. Cameroon. South Africa. India.

    • “the Akasha is the substratum of all matter. If we reduce everything in the universe to its ultimate component, what would be left is the Akasha. Within the Akasha is recorded everything that happened in its presence. And this record is a permanent one. You cannot erase it.

      As the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam put it: “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on; nor all your piety nor wit shall live it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.”


      This is the reason why the Night King wants to kill Bran “the 3 Eyed Raven”, because he’s literally the Akashic record. We’ll see if their plan works in episode 3. 😉

  26. caliphman says:

    Edgar, I was browsing your and Karl’s latest comments and rediscovered this old post of yours on Akashi and Cayce. The latter I read up on in my youth when I used to peruse Fate, the monthly magazine for those interested in paranormal phenomena. In 2016 when your blog was written, I was busy and had little time to read your blog and could only comment on the spreadong darkness the newly elected Duterte was casting. Because of a short sabbatical. I have a bit more time to enjoy your article and some of the comments. And yes, the Akashic Records may contain all human knowledge but sometime it may also be found here. Thanks.

    • edgar lores says:

      Caliphman, I am glad you found the time to read the essay.

      We have to keep reminding ourselves that the concerns of the political world — which saps our attention and our energy to the exclusion of almost everything else — are momentary.

      That there is more to life than the rut/hole we find ourselves stranded in. We can — we must — cast our eyes to the stars.

  27. SLR says:

    Are you aware that there are occultist groups in the United States just lost the akashic records and can no longer abuse the human soul .. As of April 4th 2022 they haven’t taken away because they’ve been abused since January 1st 1977.. By the people who ask you do you need some Help? well let me tell you this I took care of that. Those groups no longer have them you may rest easy

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