Are we smart enough to survive?

By JoeAm Okay, my friends, we have botched earth big time. You and me and our kind, the two-legged homo sapiens who arrogantly brag about our superiority to other animals. The cockroaches will outlive us, the rats, the snakes, the octopi and sea monsters deep in the Mariana Trench just the other side of Benham … Continue reading

Nang Sumulat si Rody Duterte Kay Rody Duterte

ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva Ang liham na ito ay isang kathang isip lamang ng inyong abang lingkod: Mahal kong Rody, Pasensya na, hindi ako magaling mag-Pilipino, pero pipilitin kong gamitin ang ating sariling wika para sa kapakanan ng nakakaraming rehiyon. Pero kung minsan, mag-e-English na lang ako kung mahirap madakip ang tamang salita na nasa … Continue reading

Roots of Rhythm

By JoeAm I’ve been around the world, here and there, now and then. Music was often my only companion. If I step back to look at what is going on in the Philippines today, I can see it as just a few off-key bars in the otherwise vibrant and uplifting musical score that is the … Continue reading

What in the world is a foreigner to do?

By JoeAm As a foreigner living in the Philippines, I find myself straining to find a place to fit in. On one hand, I love the Philippines, Filipinos, the dynamic culture, the food, the sea and land adventures, and even driving in the chaos. On the other hand, the nation has become a bit of … Continue reading

News is getting dissembled on us

By JoeAm How do you get your news? How do you vet that it is factual and not propaganda or political pap? It is getting more and more difficult to have confidence that one is not being fed someone’s political line or vested interest. Moodys says the Philippines may be brewing a debt problem and … Continue reading