Hello, Yellow, Hello, Leah Navarro

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva I don’t see much of my color nowadays. People power must have folded its EDSA One tent for shame of being called dilawan—choicest cuss word in the realm of the uncouth—but I’m sure anti-Marcos pro-Aquino Filipinos yearn for the time when it was politically correct to sport yellow. But not this … Continue reading

Epimanes from Davao

By Chemrock The Guardian once described the Philippines as an event rich country. Even for them, the events in the past few days must have been a stupendous world record. I refer to : 1. Congress voted overwhelmingly to impeach CJ Sereno in a Kangaroo court where: The respondent was denied representation and the right … Continue reading

Hello, Hell. Thy name is Philippines.

By Joe America We passed two historical milestones this past weekend: (1) another year afer the 1986 People Power rebellion with related pushback against a budding Duterte dictatorship, and (2) the first anniversary of the jailing of Senator De Lima. These celebrations, if one can celebrate achievement and cruelty as passages, good and bad, were … Continue reading

Citizen’s Board for Truth, Transparency, Accountability, and Honor

    By Joe America A recent study confirmed that Filipinos are ignorant about political issues, yet confident in their knowledge (PHL among countries ‘most ignorant of key issues’, but also among most confident — survey). This rather astounding configuration seems to mean that Filipinos are susceptible to the lure of a dictator and unshakeable … Continue reading

A Meditative Interview with God for Ash Wednesday

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva He wasn’t surprised to see me. He’s all-knowing after all. But I was. Didn’t know he lived a simple life. His place reminded me of the animal shed where the Son was born, in Bethlehem. But his face. His face shone like the sun, the moon and the stars. That I … Continue reading