The rise of sense and civility in the Philippines

By JoeAm We have talked a lot about institutions in the Philippines, and the erosion of independence among the branches of government. We have examined the weakness of journalism as an institution and the Catholic Church as a moral force and justice as an ideal. But it strikes me that a new institution has arisen, … Continue reading

Filipino culture is not damaged, it is just fluid

By JoeAm Most contributors here at the Society of Honor seek understanding more than anything. The cultural character of the Philippines, and Filipinos, is the center of much discussion here. I’d like to summarize a few highlights of my own understanding, and probe a new thought in some detail. Before doing that, I have to … Continue reading

In a world of liars, let the honest people shine!

By Joe Am How do you measure the value of integrity, of dignity, of rising above our mundane little lot in life to give yourself to humanity? The Ramon Magsaysay Awards are granted to people of Asia who do just that. Bharat Vatwani from India was one of six people so honored this year. “Vatwani … Continue reading

For Real Change, Buck the Status Quo

By Juana Pilipinas   I am about to extend a theory that may ruffle feathers.  I am also about to use Taglish which in itself may get me tagged as an elitist as I was made aware sometime ago that it is the language of the oligarchy.  Be rest assured that I am just a … Continue reading

Duterte, Shabu and the Media

By A Distant Observer Framing, issue ownership and attention shifting This article I wanted to write for a long time. While the societal consequences of the mechanisms described here have arrived in Filipino society for quite some time, this article aims to shed light on the mechanisms themselves. By mechanisms I mean how people process … Continue reading