Duterte: The Classification Puzzle

By Edgar Lores The other day I was listening to Emmylou Harris on YouTube. The song was “Boulder to Birmingham,” Ms. Harris’ tribute to Gram Parsons who was her friend, mentor, and a duet partner. As you may know, long-married old couples often die within months of each other after one partner goes ahead. For … Continue reading

Being gracious, a strength or weakness?

  By JoeAm Many witnessed the marriage of royalty in the UK this past weekend, with impressive pomp surrounding the happy circumstance. Prince Charles substituted as the father of the bride and was masterful as the gracious dominant male authorized to walk her down the aisle and give her to Prince Harry. Then we have … Continue reading

How are we doing?

Editor’s note: The following guest article by tphillips is, in a word, “WORD!”. It is exhaustive, it is intelligent, it is factual, it is meaningful, it is pragmatic. If the Philippines, and her citizens, fail to thrive . . . it is a choice. The knowledge needed to succeed exists . . . in this … Continue reading

Thinkers only: the limits of intelligence

Editor’s note: This article was originally a reader’s comment in response to my recent blog about NEDA. I am publishing it here because I believe it warrants a wider audience if we ever hope to put the days of being resilient but incompetent in the past. JA   By Francis Pardon for the excessive length … Continue reading

Politics, Power and Processors

By Josephivo Know where you are standing to decide where to go A lot on our plate today, democracies under attack by populism and autocratic leaders, globalization of cultures and economics, exploding developments in computer science and biology. What are the key elements, how do they interact, why are they relevant? And the ever-important serenity … Continue reading