Change to Policy and Terms: Guest Article Submissions

By JoeAm

Until now, The Society of Honor has been open to guest articles from the general public. This poses a problem in that it is risky to publish works from unknown sources.

Therefore, guidelines for the blog have been changed to allow submissions only from known contributors or from known public figures.

  • Known contributors to the blog are people who have participated in blog discussions over at least a three month period. This introduction allows the editor and regular readers to build some trust with the guest article-writer and know his or her engagement is earnest and constructive. It also provides an indication that he or she will participate in the discussion forum for the submitted article.
  • Known public figures are politicians, journalists, educators, entertainers, artists, or others who have an established public reputation in the Philippines.

The Submission of Articles section of Policy and Terms, first bullet point, will be changed to read as follows, with new insertions shown in red.

  • Free-lance Guest article submissions from known contributors or known pubic figures are welcome. They will be published at the discretion of the Society of Honor editor(s). A known contributor is someone who has participated in blog discussions over at least a three month period.

All other terms for submission remain in force.

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