To Spin Manila’s Water Shortage

By Popoy Del R. Cartanio

A writer of paid rubbish or the truth can put a spin to anything. To spin is to inform, to sell, to ignite the emotions of anger and sympathy; even to make mountains out of molehills and vice versa to demonstrate fawning and fluid sycophancy. Quite often a spin is political weapon of offense or political  defense of negativity to denigrate objectivity. A high velocity spinning toy hides it appearance of beauty or despicable ugliness. Or it can elucidate phenomena or current events with erudition. A spin becomes a crime when it is published as BAD fake news. So, a spin can also be libelous or slanderous.

To write a spin about water begins with simple thoughts. Abroad Filipinos are thought of as coming from MANILA, the other Philippines. WATER makes up 65% of the adult human body. Water comprises 71% of the earth surface. Hell or high water besides being a hot (not spicy) place like the underworld could mean many scary undesirable things.

Among simple chemical compounds like alcohol, salt or sugar, shabu, cocaine, fentanyl, or probiotics, etc., WATER because of its divine cycle should be PLENTIFUL everywhere, where people decide to live and die. After all from mountain and jungle caves civilization began beside bodies of WATER, along side of great rivers like the Nile of Egypt, the Ganges of India, the Yangtse of China, the Mississippi and the Hudson of USA, the Danube of western Europe, the Rhine of Germany, the Seine of Paris, the Severn of Wales, the Thames of London and Manila’s  polluted Pasig River.

About lakes, Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world. Beside the clouds in the sky, WATERSHEDS comprise the permanent source of nourishment of lakes and rivers; by tributaries as clean channels of surface and sub-surface water. The live or dead condition of WATERSHEDS determine the live or dead state of river or lake biology.

Because Philippines is NOT a cave of cavemen, Manila should not or never should have experienced WATER shortages. Philippines has been endowed with 421 rivers (of which 50 are biologically dead) and 100 lakes and bounded east and west by robust seas. The march to progress of civilization of any race or people could be manifested by the “health” and beauty of its lakes and rivers.

Is there really a WATER SHORTAGE in cosmopolitan Manila?  Do WATERSHEDS still exist to give LIFE to Laguna Lake and Pasig River. The aging dams are known more for their decreased water levels and subsidence of their water content than perhaps by their names. During summer why do the now polluted waters of Manila Bay flow up to replenish the black waters of the Pasig and to augment content of the water-lily clogged Laguna Lake? SAD! Very sad that meteorologist and hydrologists could cry. But people remain unaware of those responsible are capable of snake or crocodile tears.

The scarcity of knowledge and the plenitude of indifference about how WATER, WIND and FIRE affect the modern man is the tragedy—thank  God—of a few places (like Manila?) in civilized earth. In the days before religion and the Bible, before Jesus Christ, before Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Anglicism, born again Christianity, before commercial sects and congregations, History says the people like the cave men, the rainforest men, the early hunters, farmers and fisherman worship NO God except NATURE that gives them life and survival. Their DIETY was altogether WATER, WIND and FIRE. These three entities provide them the ingenuity for survival, the shock and awe of their existence.

In the whole country, Metro Manila can claim to have the highest intelligence quotient (IQ) of residents because Metro Manila is where you find Offices of the All bright and powerful officials and employees of the three GOVERNING branches: the Executive, Legislative and judicial co-equal branches of governance. YET, sadly yet these HIGH IQued people can’t be exiled to the days of never-never caves and primitive men of the WATER, WIND and FIRE.

TSoH readers perhaps can contribute comments or opinions on the question: Do dirty government men causes or produces dirty WATER or no WATER in hydrants or household faucets? Why can people not drink water direct from their taps?

IT IS APRIL 2019. It is the month of WATER and FIRE. Water from typhoons and Fire from the heat of summer, the heat of diesel engines trafficked, unmoving in hot cemented or asphalted roads. FIRE FROM LACK OF WATER? And of course, there is Amihan which bring the trade WINDS bringing rains from the north east and there is Habagat too a prevailing wind from the west causing frequent strong rainfall.

Not being cavemen or primitive rainforest tribesmen, these intelligent modern denizens of the three co-equal branches of Governance, aside from resting their thick butts in soft, cushioned executive swivel chairs, what have they done so far for a BENEFICIAL Wind, Water, and Fire?

Of course there are the hope: PAGASA, the weather agency, the natural resources department, the disaster and calamity council, land, soil and water management agencies, the rescue units of the uniformed forces, etc. to face, confront and tackle WATER, WIND and FIRE. Of course, these agencies deserved the credit of being responsive to the problems of their being. However, to be proactive and be effective is another question.

It remains though, may be forever that these agencies will not outlive their usefulness as long as there exist in nature WATER, WIND and FIRE.


71 Responses to “To Spin Manila’s Water Shortage”
  1. Small correction: Danube starts in West Germany (Donaueschingen), them passes Passau, Linz, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade to end at the Ukrainian-Romanian border where it flows into the black sea. The Inn river which comes from the Alps (left) meets the Danube which is from the Black Forest (middle) and the small Ilz which is from the Bavarian forest / Bohemian forest.. the colors of the water..

    Re the topic: sufficient forest cover is needed at any watershed for it to KEEP water. Logging and mining as well as unrestricted settlement are the culprits for watersheds drying up or not clean enough anymore..

    • Huge Manila malls should have trees on top, and a small lake each to be mini-watersheds..

    • I am shocked, just shocked at Popoy’s East Coast bias, neglecting to name the Colorado River, an environmentally endangered artery long the focus of domestic and international water wars in the US.

      The water mess in Manila has three main parties in the supply chain, (1) The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, a government agency which manages contracts, (2) Manila Water Company, a private provider for a part of the metropolis, and (3) Maynilad Water Services, a provider for another part. It appears (1) and (2) have some problems with competence.

      Other agencies are also involved, building dams, assuring water quality, and taking care of agriculture and watersheds. I defy anyone to read the Wiki article on water and make sense of this:

      Popoy’s gentle chiding should actually be elevated to a loud scream, because this is not a rat’s nest of competence, but a battleground for ego-bound, potentially corrupt, and incompetent agency officials.

      • popoy says:

        nice, very nice thanks for the elucidation (making the piece more lucid). That east bias towards the east USA was unawareness and unintentional, parsimony on rivers and others was mainly due to lack of knowledge and lest due to desire to avoid tedious naming of so many rivers and whatever. These few rivers mentioned I am lucky to have seen a few like the Hayakawa (swift river) in Tokyo and the 1,200 kms Sepik River in Sankamap and Sundaun provinces in Papua New Guinea. The enumerations are plentiful in Google but it seems okay to be incomplete, few because of faulty memory.

        • I’m partial to the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers myself. Canada and Alaska. At peak run-off, the Alsek is about a mile wide, a churning, roiling mass of brown-silted water carrying ice bergs and rafters into Dry Bay.

      • popoy says:

        for what rats are known for, it is a rat’s nest of competence; for what swine are known for the whole thing is a pigsty of cleanliness.

      • This 1930s map of the Metropolitan Water District is interesting:

        The grandfather of Alma Anonas-Carpio was the first Filipino manager of the Metropolitan Water District.

  2. karlgarcia says:

    There is no water shortage for now.
    I am not saying that the powers that be behind the powers that be orchestrated this to promote their pet projects, i.e. Kaliwa Dam, Laiban, Wawa, etc.

    I read the wiki article many times.
    I think household usage us more than 17 percent, I know Agri sector uses gazillions cubic meters, but 75%, come on.
    if you count the households who get water from posos and other sources, that 17 percent will rise.

    San Miguel bulk water project proves that if there is incompatibility in the piping, not all intended
    to be serviced will be serviced.

    Then desalination?
    Many pros and con analysis and coast benefit analysis has to be done again and again.
    Some say, it is too expensive, environmentalist say too much green house gases are emitted as if they do not fart and belch.

  3. popoy says:

    JoeAm and Karl you could have read this:

    “Around six million Filipinos still practice open defecation and 20 million lack access to basic sanitation facilities, while 75 million have basic sanitation service at a national level.”

    “In rural areas where poverty is high, inequalities are aggravated by this cycle of and link between the lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and poor health and low productivity,”

    Sad, very sad if one will even think that on political sanitation a government administration still practices open defecation.

    • karlgarcia says:

      It only takes to open one’s mouth to spew verbal diarrhea.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Political sanitation:
      I don’t know the cop wirh the matrix about theay econiomic adviser,but Duterte asked jokingly or not why the guy is still alive.

      He also said jokingly or not the Drug situation got worse. (During his watch)
      How will that get sanitized. Oh,it is only out of frustration.

      Panelo, too had his sanitation series with WPS Carpio, too name a few.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Dang! Panelo attacked Miriam when Miriam can no longer fight back, what an AH!

        • Panelo has the moral bearing of a snake, for sure.

        • popoy says:

          JoeAm and Karl, by just mentioning your names together and getting gems of criticism, Look what I got! Memories of an old friend who used foreign words to castigate moral felons. In German my friend might say these guys need “slashinhotten” while in Japanese these trolls are nothing but “Kikimura”. Will TSoH readers please translate these two foreign words in English. Of course they are not really German or Japanese words, but mere Pinoy Humour.

          Instead of banging shoes at tables in the UN or throwing them at a world leader during a press conference, it’s fun in TSoH to use foreign words like my inventions: waknakataw, waknakatan and wakarangs (greedy, thief, and armpit odor, respectively). To be kind to them scalawags of society, words local and foreign can tar and feather them, and just let history quarter them.

          So tell us what’s “slashinhotten” and “Kikimura” which is really inventive Pinoy Humour.

          • karlgarcia says:

            I rather defer to Irineo to answer that.

          • popoy says:

            More, MORE?
            Look what I found written in 2005 (14 years ago) in a book of poems:

            That’s Pinoy Humour

            Mightier than
            “the pen is mightier than the sword”
            that’s Pinoy humour

            When Humour is the armor of anger
            against tyrants
            when humour is the dove of hawks
            who will fear the legal criminals?
            when humour is a masked desire to kill
            the hydra of the anti Christ
            when humour is the only recourse of the

            humour can be worst than a curse to the
            legion of thieves.

            October 27, 2005
            POSTED as blogger in Ellen Tordesillas Blog,
            June 18, 2005 @ 6:57 am
            Just read in Malaya newspaper that Filipino
            humour is turning out to be Filipino ridicule.

            • popoy says:

              ITS SERENDIPITY: In the book’s the same page
              I found apropos written earlier on March 31, 2005

              Pinoy Water

              They know they are water.
              Dirty or clean, they are water.
              Millions, the poor among them breathe
              The air until water, then disease cause their death.

              Live by the gun die by the gun
              Die by polluted water sure as the setting sun
              More the dirt of it less the lack of it;
              The result of misgovernance of the unfit.

              Unwashed, thirst unquenched, walking topless
              Boys and men, young girls unashamed and helpless
              Pushing wooden carts, lugging plastic pails
              Searching for their East, their daily travail.

              Many lucky ones have water in their taps
              Trickle, trickle their water in tiny drops.
              Until all neighbors closed their taps, cursing.
              To hell with greed that breeds racketeering.

              The unwatered unwashed, wronged but unmoved
              Console themselves the bounty in water is yet to prove
              Harm them as much as the take in other projects
              Of this government full of thieves.

              March 31, 2005

    • edgar lores says:

      Chinese children do it.

      Our politicians practice open defection.

    • Pablo says:

      Poppy, I have first hand experience. Here, people would be given a toilet and a shovel and the only thing they had to do is find it their sceptic tank and take a bucket of water from the sea to flush the toilet. However, they are too lazy to do this, it is much easier to walk 100 meters and shit on my land. Incompetence and laziness. Not poverty.
      And now: Dengue fever around here because of poor sanitation. What a surprise. Murphy’s law maybe?
      Note: Incompetence and laziness is the next stage from blissful ignorance

  4. karlgarcia says:

    If ever there would be a Senate Investigatoon key let us learn from it and be guided accordingly, let the investigation not be a waste like ZTE, Hilmarc, North/South rail, Juteng, etc

  5. karlgarcia says:

    Regarding Earth, Wind and Fire.

    Rather than Quarry for soil, why not get the soil from landfills and incinerate some trash and recycle some trash.
    Their is already the Science behind many things, some are just lacking the tech.

    Solar and wind power can be stored, But Musk wants to colonize Mars first so better find another guy to make them batteries
    There I go with regards to Earth, Wind and Fire.

  6. edgar lores says:

    1. “April is the cruellest month…”
    – T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland

    2. ”Water, water, everywhere,
    Nor any drop to drink.

    — Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    3. The water crisis, much like the traffic/transportation crisis, highlights one of our weaknesses – the inability to plan for the future. The immediate cause of the water shortage, a closed bypass, highlights one other weakness – the inability to maintain things.

    4. Indeed, if we look closely at our other major crises, these two weaknesses stand out as major factors. Overpopulation. Poverty. Unemployment. Non-industrialization. Even corruption.

    5. At the root of these two weaknesses is the Bahala na attitude.

    o “There is no need to use contraception. Bahala na.”
    o ”There is no need to assess the candidates. I will vote for the names I can recall. Bahala na.”
    o ”It’s alright to have onerous provisions in our loan agreements. Bahala na.”

    6. The attitude of leaving things to God precedes Christianity in that the word “Bahala” has its roots in the Sanskrit word “bhattara” meaning “noble lord.” But the fatalistic attitude is reified in both Christianity and Islam. In Christianity, we are urged to surrender our will to God. And in Islam, we have the expression “inshallah” meaning “God willing” or “if God wills.”

    7. And so we surrender our volition to Duterte who surrenders his will to Xi… who wills that China will become the next superpower for this century and beyond. In Xi we trust.

    • 3. Spanish-era facilities like the railway to Pangasinan – gone.
      American-era facilities like the Bicol railway – gone, except in Manila and very rotten, just like the water supply a certain Mr. Anonas managed in the 1930s. Even relatively new stuff like the MRT is already rotten, I recently read the rails are in the worst condition. The Quezon-era administration of 1935 still runs, like a machine from the past no one understands anymore.

      7. Don’t worry, the Chinese will build new and better stuff for us!

      6. Bahala na si Batman would have been OK. I trust Batman as in all the comics I have read and watched, he has never truly failed. And unlike Superman, he is not elitist and CIA.

    • popoy says:

      Thanks Edgar for the downpour in a summer day. Bahala na is gone now murdered long ago. Some of the youth from the elite and scions of political dynasty are segurista after the elders who believes in concrete results like meron ba ko diyan?

      Studies by foreigners should be done on the depth of corruption of core values like “utang na loob, the hiya attitude, the kumpadre system, pakikisama, ningas cogon,” etc. Magnanakaw yan pero marami naman natulungan yan, laki ng utang ko diyan; balato lang ito, hindi na nakakahiya ibili ko nang kotse, kulang pa nga yan para sa BMW; pare ko, makisama ka, iboboto yan ng mga gago dito; pare pang matagalan lagayan yan hindi ningas kogon yan. Primahan mo na Pare ko. Kahit wala ka na Pare, tuloy pa rin yan.

  7. popoy says:

    Hopefully in this tread of a blog, this is the last blast from the past:

    Popoy of unreliable recent memory might already have commented something about water here in the recent past. He does not like to repeat himself on the same subject and this is what he found written in Tagalog:

    Submitted on March 17, 2019

    Karl, yan tubig tama ba: isang molecule ng hydrogen kailangan dalawang molecule ng oxygen (H2O) nakunan ko ng litrato (yabang na naman) isang patak (a raindrop) ng ulan ginamit ko ordinariong still (hindi videocam eh) camera lang (hanggang ngayon wala daw makagagawa niyan) sa palagay ko tubig hindi kayang gawin ng artificial intelligence; marami akong dada diyan base sa karanasan. (N.B. this was illustrated by JoeAm in the photo, above).

    H1 (Halimbawa numero uno) – Meron, marami segurong irrigation canals ang tubig hindi tumatakbo (not flowing) kaya palaging kulang (Nakita ko noon) tubig sa palayan ng mga magsasaka. Baka yan sa isang munisipio may koneksyon sa paglaganap ng dengue.

    Ang DAGDAG, ANG DAGDAG: Dahil sa laking gastos sa bakuna sa Dengue, si Noynoy, inupakan gustong ipakulong, kaya mga nanay mga mothers daming bata daw namatay, natakot tuloy sa bakuna, kaya mga anak naging biktima ng BWELTA, sangkatutak ang na-TIGDAS, kaya sa buong mundo nabalita, daming natakot sa tigdas. Tubig, tigdas at dengue may koneksyon ba?

    H2 – sa mga palayan ang patubig puro irrigation, panay irrigation lang walang DRAINAGE, pagdating ng araw problema na sa ani ng palay dahil sa palpak na sustaya nagbubuhat sa lupa. Sa tao puro inom puro inom (irrigation) walang ihi o jingle (drainage) tiyak magkakasakit ang tao. Otra cosa yung inom ng San Mig beer, dalawang bote pa lang hindi puedeng hindi diomingle.

    H3 – Matagal na yatang nakakahiya. Taon-taon ang Daming bagyo, daming lugar binabaha pero ilang araw lang matapos nagkakasakit ang mga tao dahil sa ulan nababasa, meron ng WATER SHORTAGE. Meron ng mga gripo wala ng tumutulo kahit iwanang nakabukas. Domestic water supply ang bansag diyan. Yan bang walang tubig eh BAYAD yan sa anong utang ng pamahalaan?

    H4 – Ganyan din ba sa ibang miyembro ng ASEAN? Water shortage sa Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.? Hindi naman Seguro Onli in Da Pilipins. Para masabing Pinas, hindi ka nagiisa sa water shortage.

    H5 – Mula ng ginawa, itinayo ang Pantabangan Dam, ilan na bang DAM ang naitayo para maging IMBAKAN ng tubig kahit para tugunan lang ang pangangailangan ng sambahayan
    H6 – Salitang IMBAKAN ng tubig magandang busisiin; Sa mga barong-barong sa eskwater area IMBAKAN ng tubig ay plastic na timba at balde, meron dating drum ng gasoline at diesel oil; sa mga subdivision at villages of the rich Malaki tangke at pressure tank ang IMBAKA mula noon hangga ngayon. Sa Luzon ang IMBAKAN ng tubig mga dam tulad ng Ambuklao, Chico, Magat, Pantabangan, Angat, Ipo, etc. Noon pa yun ngayon sangkatutak na ang populasyon, sapat pa ba ang ganitong IMBAKAN?

    H7 – sa kalakhang Maynila (Metro Manila) malapit na ang buwan (Abril?) ng sunog. Maaring maraming bagong trak ng bumbero, pero meron bang pagkukunan ng tubig? Laganap ba ang fire hydrant? Kung buksan ang mga fire hydrant meron naman segurong papatak na tubig.

    H8 – Aber, aber meron na bang MASUSING pagaaral ang pamahalaan sa maaring tawaging “The Economics of Agriculture, Industry and Domestic Water Supply? Who profited (bulsang nagtabaan), who suffered (bulsang namayat, nabutas sa kababayad)?

    H9 – Saan ba mas mabuting gastusin ang buwis ng taong bayan, sa highways, tulay at kalsada o sa mga Dam sa bawat probinsiya? Saan ba mas Malaki ang taga at delihensiya?

  8. popoy says:

    P.S. HABOL lang,

    JoeAm says screaming is what Popoy should be doing to write on the hellish circumstances. I daresay Popoy by upbringing and training writes lullabies like wooden stakes that should pierce the hearts of political Draculas.

  9. karlgarcia says:

    Chemrock mentioned the Gupta brothers who controls South Africa.
    Here we have the Zobel brothers apologizing for Manila Water’s shortcomings.

  10. pablo says:


    My first reaction was to half read Popoy’s work and delete it.Emotional and in disgust.
    No, Popoy, not aimed at you.

    But, I recalled the message, read it quietly and yes, it has all the elements.

    When I worked for the municipality, one of the issues was water. So, like you do, you do research, right? It appears the Internet has many components, you can find the waterlaw on 1976 and also PD-1067-Water_Code of 14 years ago is easy to find. You read it and it seems all angles are covered. The laws are already so old that there has been time enough to implement them, right?

    Then comes the next stage: Check out the application. And then things become opaque. On the Internet, you can find brilliant essays about what should be done, but no report about what is available. Also the responsible departments are very evasive. So, you go for a visit to the main responsible department with the Mayor and his top team and we meet those very friendly people. A report is shown on the “quality of the water” but at first glance already you see that it is a joke, people have spend loads of time inventorising every well/source in the province and checking on the “easy” parameters (salinity and turbidity and acidity), papameters which are completely uninteresting because you will taste it. No bacteriological reports but more interestingly: no chemical analysis. The director agreed that these should be the critical components. Like Popoy said: People live along the water. Where does the water come from? From the rain which falls in the uplands and comes down in the rives. And what is in those uplands? FARMS. And what do farms in Philippines use in excess (heavily pushed by the chemical companies)??? Maybe pesticides, herbicides and all that? And where do you think it all ends up? Maybe in the rivers and aquifers and then the wells of all those people around here? But, there does not seem to be a budget for testing the water. Enough budgets for seminars, parties and travels and…..

    So, I am upset, scared, angry… What do you think those people here in the municipality drink? Well water. The rich think they are smart and buy bottled water or those blue tanks with filtered water.
    You really think that this Roundup poison is filtered out in your bottle filling station? Who are you fooling? And the smart people of this municipality now know this. I am sure they suspected it because they are smart. But everybody closes his/her eyes and pretend it is not happening and live happily ever after.

    Blissfull ignorance.

    Mothers in Philippines are super protective, they put caps on kids when it rains 3 drops, they put gloves on their babies, they carry them all the time. But they feed them bottle milk with water from those blue containers or supermarket plastic containers. Just do an Internet search because I found a report where the quality of the bottled water was tested.. You might as well drink water from the tap. it was so bad. But in spite of the recommendation, there was no follow-up investigation and nobody seems to be care.

    I had sleepless nights of thousands (in our municipality) or millions (in this beautiful country) of people being poisoned by their water. Something like this has happened in Bangladesh when they drilled wells to provide water to thirsty people and inadvertently got aresenic in their water and poisoned millions of people. But who cares? Some UN people maybe. A lesson learned?

    Probably not because who cares in Philippines?
    To me, it looks like everybody closes their eyes to this problem so we can enjoy our daily soap on TV in the evening. Why make problems? I don’t feel sick now and we have bottled water…
    Yeah….. Right…….
    Therefore, I would like to call my reaction “blissful ignorance”

    Maybe I am hopelessly pessimistic in this, but I have been involved in the Arsenic “incident” in Bangladesh and it is horrible. Treat your (drinking) water like it should be treated: with utter respect because you can live without many things, but not without air nor water.

    WAKE UP, there are laws, they are old but workable. Why let the authorities get away ignoring them? Are they not their laws as well? Is that not the justification for their jobs? Well, I know the answer, but it ain’t right.

    And so, I wrote this rather emotional piece and will not be able to sleep properly tonight with all those thoughts about what happened in the past and is probably happening around here in most municipalities. But you all can sleep well tonight because we don’t know for sure, right?

    • karlgarcia says:

      Thanks, now we know.
      In the final analysis, are GMOs better than organics because they don’t need pesticides?

      • popoy says:

        Pablo thank you for the effort, time and meaty comments, There are other thoughts like perhaps it would have been better if you deleted at once. I don’t do research now 18 years after retirement; being on the threshold of dementia when recent memories are like water vapors and old memories are sharpest but faulty, I rely on old memories and check for spelling and missing words. The internet to me is St Peter’s book as he check on arrivals, people and events, if they are not in the book, had lost their way, they are referred to somewhere down or nearby purgatory and if they are rats, snakes, crocodiles, etc, they are referred to limbo where creatures have no souls.

    • The land around Munich’s main aquifer, the Mangfall valley – established by Dr. Pettenkofer who also had the city sanitation system built, ending decades of successive cholera epidemics in the 19th century – is owned by the municipal utilities. Everything that happens on the part of that land leased for agriculture is controlled by the city utilities and is organic, even how many cows may graze is limited, as they also urinate and defecate.

      Who needs expensive Evian or Volvic water here? Or the water in Cologne or Berlin, which though potable is best enjoyed after Brita water filtering?

      Filipinos are masters of denial, bahala na as Edgar noted.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Some bottled water companies treat their water using multiole steps the service providers do like reverse osmosis etc But I dont think startups with no money can do that So it is still a perception battle.

      The pesticides you mentioned end up in the ocean floor whether we ingest them or not.
      Even air pollution ends in the ocean because of rain.
      We adapt or we perish.

  11. caliphman says:

    A warning. Its not unlikely the Duterte regime will look to China to provide project management and financing to ease its water problems. The Los Angeles Times article above recounts the pitfalls of Ecuador, the third underderdeveloped country ushering in China’s supposed engineerimg and construction expertise financed by backbreaking loans to fix its infrastructure problems. Not only is Ecuador, an oil rich country, now on its knees begging China for relief from its onerous debt burden, more relevant is its discovery that its premier hydroelectric dam project is seriously flawed by China’s use of substandard materials and questionable design issues. This is the iceberg underneath the tip that Duterte’s ship of state is heading the Philippines into with his calamitous Chinese embrace.

    • karlgarcia says:

      If the Bids and awards committee of the senate chose a contractor that the senate investigated for a year, then what’s stopping all the buds and awards committees of DPWH, Lgus, and others to choose high profile ampaw contractors.

  12. popoy says:

    There must be closure on those FAKE foreign words: Slashinhotten is German for the verb of circumcision; Kikimura is Japanese term for prostitute and Vackintabein is German for Kalbo or baldmen. Mind the word fakery they antedate the profitability of FAKE NEWS by at least 43 years.

  13. Sup says:

    Peter Wallet is blaming mostly Pnoy in this write up….
    Nothing wrong with the guys now in MWSS.

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