‘Focused on campaigning for, and making sure VP Leni Robredo wins the presidency’—Nuelle Duterte

Interview (via internet)

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

“It is, sadly, a fact,” she replied by Messenger chat, when I asked if I could introduce her to The Society of Honor’s readers as the niece of President Rodrigo Duterte. I got acquainted with her through her scathing remarks in Facebook about her uncle.

“I’m a doctor, specifically, a psychiatrist, but I hate using titles. Outside of work, I’m just Nuelle,” she wrote back when asked about her title or profession.

It was her birthday last Thursday Nov. 11. I greeted her, “Happy birthday, good Duterte!” and she replied. Asked if she was willing to be interviewed already. I had asked her the same question August of last year and she was adamant, clearly a Duterte trait. Her reply:

“Hi! Thanks for thinking of me, but I don’t like doing interviews. The reason being that there are some things I am not able to speak about talaga, for my own reasons, and that’s why I prefer writing things myself. The Rappler feature that was kind of an interview was a one-time thing.”

“Sorry,” she added graciously.

Pia Ranada of Rappler wrote in the article on her on June 2, 2019: “President Duterte may be redefining Philippine democracy, rewriting rules of the game, and challenging what Filipinos assumed about governance. But Nuelle Duterte is in charge of her own destiny, and her own name.”

She has about 37,000 followers in Facebook and a couple of hundred friends, proof that she remains to be a private person, but is much sought after as an influencer. This interview is a coup of sorts in and of itself. She is open now to public scrutiny, probably a consequence of the Pink Revolution that has rolled out tanks and dive bombers of public outrage similar to Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg. We are slow to bring to a boil but when we find our groove we do it with aplomb. It’s in our DNA. Oh, we just love fiestas, trying to outdo one another in creativity.

My questions in bold face follows:

WGV: Specialties, hobbies, likes, favorite place, favorite food and drink?

ND: Books, movies, television shows. Essentially, fiction. I love stories. The latest addition to my endless consumption of fiction is music. I love BTS. Favorite food—anything as long as I’m not the one cooking it. Though I’m partial to pork barbecue, inihaw na pork chops, and macaroni and chicken salad with pineapples. Favorite drink—water and coffee. Favorite place—Jeju Island and Busan. If I could speak the language and work there, I would have lived there already.

WGV: Favorite books, movies or plays?

ND: Nora Roberts, also known as JD Robb is my ultimate comfort author. Her books are my therapy. Movies—I like movies. Hard to choose just one. Favorite Korean one so far, though, is I Saw the Devil. It’s about what happens when we become the monsters we hunt.

WGV: Scholastic history?

ND: I went to school in Davao—Ateneo all the way through college. I have an Ateneo forever award. Ha. Medical school—Davao Medical School Foundation.

WGV: Religion?

ND: Raised Catholic, non-practicing.

WGV: Political leanings?

ND: Liberal through and through. Feminist ako. And my ideal world is egalitarian.

WGV: Pets?

ND: No pets. I’ve killed a cactus, so I can’t be trusted with living things.

WGV: Last book read, book you are currently reading?

ND: Not reading anything currently. Just went through a therapeutic re-read of Nora Roberts’ trilogies.

WGV: Your thoughts right now?

My thoughts right now are focused on campaigning for, and making sure VP Leni Robredo wins the presidency. I believe it’s a matter of survival for the Philippines now, because to continue this kind of government will be detrimental for the citizens. 

That’s my goal for now. Everything else, I take one day at a time. 

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  1. NHerrera says:

    On top of her considerable bonafide, the last paragraph describes well the essence of the interview with Nuelle Duterte. It is aligned with the powerful arsenal of Leni Robredo which Leni calls passionate volunteerism. Leni probably had Nuelle in mind, among others.

    Thank you Will for the blog.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Hi NH!

      Thank you, too, NH. Been a while. Good to see you…

      • NHerrera says:

        Please continue with what you are doing. Notwithstanding legal, ethical, and TSH editorial constraints, I am excited about other interviews you will post as we approach May 2022.

  2. Thanks, Wil.

    I know Ireneo always posts her fb articles, but I never knew she was a practicing psychiatrist. Doctor was all i knew.

    I wonder what her views are now that Inday Sara has opted for VP candidacy instead of Pres. I’m assuming one less person to worry about, now its just BBM to defeat. But now as VP, Sara is also pretty much the sure shot as VP.

    But as Joe said in the previous blog, Inday Sara it seems “can work agreeably” with current VP Leni– as VP for Pres. Leni.

    What’s Nuell’s view on VP Sara, specifically with Pres. Robredo, as VP to her.

    Does she think this was DU30’s plan all along? As means of taking out the Marcos/Arroyo camp, knowing full well, that VP Leni (being a lady) will honor whatever deal they agree to? ie. , no jail time for Papa.

    No guarantees with the Marcos/Arroyo camp, untrustworthiness and all that good stuff.

    Essentially, the play here is based on VP Leni’s goodness and dependability. But a psychiatrist is better equipped to “read” all that, especially given insider knowledge of the family.

    How well does Nuell know Inday Sara, does Nuell have any good or bad stories that we can glean of Inday Sara’s character further? I hope hope she writes more of family dirty laundry , but now specific to Inday Sara, I love tsismis, Wil. 😉

    • I was Googling more about her and came across this,


      Posted at Nov 22 2019 08:27 PM | Updated as of Nov 23 2019 12:45 AM

      (UPDATE) A relative of President Rodrigo Duterte was flagged down by authorities for using an invalid US driver’s license in Davao City, a Land Transportation Office (LTO) official said Friday.

      Assistant Regional Director Neil Cañedo of LTO-Davao Region said Nuelle Duterte, the President’s niece, was also using a commemorative plate bearing Duterte’s image.

      A US driver’s license can only be used in the Philippines for 90 days. But Nuelle arrived in the country on August 14, using up all of the license’s 90-day privileges, said Cañedo.


      What’s this “commemorative plate” stuff, and there seems to be more said in the video, than the text of the news, I can glean from the English that the cop is hinting that Nuelle Duterte is asking for some reprieve as a “Duterte”, something about Nuelle’s dad being involved.

      kb, can you translate the Bisaya, I’m sure its not Tagalog. thanks.

      • kasambahay says:

        sorry, no can interpret. I’m biased! she is a scorpio! snakelike siya, has a sting and not one to forget an injury. a scorpio enemy is an enemy for life. and I should know, I’ve been stung by one.

        • kasambahay says:

          anyhow, she’s a psychiatrist and if currently registered, accredited, and not on proviso, she can surely play mind games, so play at your own peril.

          • She is quite open about her motivations on her blog: https://the2016aftermath.wordpress.com/

            She does strike me as cautious, her initial reluctance to Will’s interview is in character. Someone who has a good sense of people not only from her profession but also based on the situation and clan she grew up in – that is my assessment of her.

            • NHerrera says:

              Irineo, I looked at her tweets on Twitter and the copious retweets she has done and they convince me that she genuinely cares for the country and the people.

              • Yes, she does, that is very clear to me from FB and Twitter.

                And her blog gives insight on how she moved in that direction, from initially being someone who minded her studies and then went abroad.

          • kasambahay says:

            https://politics.com.ph/dutertes-niece-thinks-inday-sara-not-competent-doesnt-have-temperament-to-be-president/ – this is what nuelle duterte said of sara being president and true enough, sara opted to be vice president to bong marcos.

            • How close is Nuelle to Inday Sara , does Nuelle have stories of them as kids, or in high school? Did they hang out? Have common friends in davao? I just wanna know if there’s insider stories.

              Basis of all this, where/what are they?

              Because so far, we really only just have a Sheriff punching story of Inday Sara. Because temperament is something that has to be based on something , not just say it because you feel like saying it.

              My point, you have to back it with something, I hope Nuelle shares personal stories of her cousin. If not , she’s just another pundit. Prognosticating, and speculating, like all of us.

              • kasambahay says:

                1st degree cousins is what they are. too close for comfort as youngsters and possible rivals, girl on girl, who has the handsomest boyfriend/girlfriend, the highest grade, the most achievements, the latest fashion, the most followers on youtube, that sort of thing. was sara raped? nuele should know and might have counseled sara then: helped sara cope.

                I can read more, but.

                as well, I think, nuele owe it to her fans and followers to give them closure as regards the complate fiasco. na hindi siya kinalbo ng polis, lol! that her dad did not have to strip his shirt to show triad membership tattoo just for him to get out of a complate sticky situation. no fines paid, no penalty, no show case hearing, etc. giving update is what psychiatrists normally do, keeping communication line pliable and open, for everyone’s good mental health.

              • Isn’t Mary Trump also a psychiatrist? I want her to air some dirty laundry re Ivanka. 😉 Looks to me this profession loves airing of family dirty laundry. Then again I love tsismis, kb. Love it.

              • kasambahay says:

                I think mary trump is clinical psychologist, a talk therapist that helps people get traction in life and get them back on track, make people functional again. she’s a doctor but not a medical doctor, cannot prescribe medicine.

                people said nuelle duterte is psychiatrist, and if indeed registered and fully accredited, psychiatrist can diagnose and prescribe medication to treat those with mental illness, the extremely psychotic and the criminally insane. think hannibal lechter in the movie silence of the lambs, hannibal was psychiatrist too and once voted to have the best interrogation technique, lol!

                though there was talk digong has bipolar, nuelle did not say what sort of mental illness digong truly had, and whether digong’s medication caused the discoloration of his face, or making him erratic.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Yeah, I knew about her because of Irineo.

      • I didn’t know though that she had her own WP blog, karl– mostly fb posts. Now I know. Will read more from her.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Me too. btw the Sotto comment…The Sotto’s are not related to the Dutertes if that was your question.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Sotto is related to Leni’s runningmate by affinity(?)
            Kiko Pangilinan is the husband of Sotto’s niece: Sharon Cuneta.


            • from Ireneo’s linked article, “Another lady from Doña Dionisia’s branch, Remedios Duterte, a beauty queen, took on as lover Don Filemon Sotto, the Philippine senator and collateral ancestor of Sen. Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, before she settled into a respectable marriage to Don Magdaleno del Mar, a justice of peace, whose collateral descendants include the Cebu Congressman Raul del Mar, Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña’s longtime consigliere.”

              thanks, karl.

              I was reading that line, and I automatically got to thinking how murky rich family structures (i’d argue even poor too) are in the Philippines. there’s all sorts of secret love children to this and that person, and because of that there’s super wow, if the father is powerful– like Poe as foundling, etc.

              So there s affinity and consanguinity , but also these hidden surreptious relationships that is acknowledged. Like priests in the province, with kids and whose kids (many times the girls , the moms , get married, not to the offending priest) but the kids get a free ride thru school.

              In many ways, provincial girls see priests as a ticket out, means to an end, a better life. Short cut to heaven, karl.

              This happens within families too, like for example a brother cheats with a sister-in-law, and the product of that affair is just hidden, say internal dealing of family, the offending brother (like the provincial priest) just takes on the financials, etc. Two brothers come to an agreement, to “save face”, etc.

              And the secret continues.

              But i just mentioned Vicente Sotto because I stayed there in that area a couple of times, great street BBQ scene nearby too, and Mango Ave. walking distance, karl. Just brought back good memories.

              • This is why I’m really curious as to the internal tsismis held by Nuelle, and why she really hates her family, karl.

                I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist, but I do tend to focus on motivations— and many times, politics is just skin deep, and morality is just bs. There’s always something personal involved. a level one or two or three deeper.

                Like Ireneo said, Nuelle is a pretty private person. So to me something’s not adding up.

                Mary Trump doesn’t add up too, but I think it was just an inheritance issue that got her fired up, and started attacking the Trumps, her dad was short changed. But with Nuelle’s dad still pro-DU30 something imho is amiss. Absence of real trauma or offense, people will fill the vaccuum, this is why I’m in agreement with kb above,

                Nuelle should further explain herself, and don’t hide behind politics or morality, etc. Mary Trump’s was inheritance; what’s Nuelle’s beef?

              • Hmm.. I wonder how close Nuelle’s father really is to Digong. He is quoted here:

                And he did politically challenge his older brother in the 1990s:


                The big picture that I see as of now is one of a quarrelsome clan (though that is not unusual in the Philippines) with a strong streak of being stubborn mavericks – and some of the most maverick ones are often the women it seems.

                Though one must know that Filipinos count kinship on both lines. They say Sara’s distance to Digong has to do with her closeness to her mother.

                As Filipinos often aren’t that open about certain family matters I don’t expect too much of a disclosure from Nuelle nor would I ever try to force it even if I knew her better which I don’t. But I do agree there might be more than meets the eye here, but should stuff that isn’t really our business matter to us? Sure, there are often personal reasons behind people doing stuff or developing certain standpoints, but often only God knows them.

              • I agree, this is none of our business, Ireneo. But Nuelle chose to insert herself in the spotlight, and we as the consumers of her info should be curious as to the nature of the disclosure.

                Even if you agree with her , or share her politics and sensibilities even morals, at some deeper level we as humans know that what she is doing is treachery— and why Dante’s Inferno at the last ring were all the traitors (center is the Devil).

                Turn coats in espionage or even just counter terrorism are really useful (no disagreements here) and I don’t doubt her insights tsismis, into the DU30 family. But it all stops at usefulness, Ireneo, what continues is the attempt to discern motivations. On our part, because of treachery.

                Motivations is the key to the relationship (we as readers). The more its about politics or morals or religion, the more you know that there’s dishonesty, because failure to disclose is also lie. So my gut is something’s amiss with Nuelle– her treachery needs better explanation.

                It could be nothing it could be something, I dunno. But an explanation or two, would help.

              • Karl Garcia says:


            • “Middle-class, upper middle-class maybe. But not filthy rich. The influence of his mother is apparent; very strict but caring. The serving and humble ways of the father when he was alive was a constant reminder of how government officials should act. They lived ordinary lives. Except for the mayor and his children who chose politics, the other siblings of the mayor live quiet lives. Yes, there was a time when his siblings Jocelyn and Blueboy (Emmanuel) tried to challenge him in politics in the 1990s.”

              Ah, thanks, Ireneo!

              This all makes sense now, so like father like daughter (Nuelle).

              That commemorative plate story didn’t add up. If father is pro- and daughter is anti- , but one or two of them are sporting these plates and playing wasta, don’t add up, In light of this article above, with Nuelle’s father as rival to DU30.

              Makes sense now that Nuelle is just playing out her father’s rivalry. I thought Nuelle was a black sheep, so it is akin to the Mary Trump storyline and character arc, its more a brother vs. brother thing (and women don’t usually play this game privately). Makes things clearer now, IMHO. thanks!

      • Those three quotes seemed apt to Nuelle’s situation and the Dutertes in general. Nuelle at the very least should write a book a la Mary Trump. While the iron is hot. 😉

  3. Naomi says:

    She is a saving grace for the Dutertes. I pray for strength and continuing courage for her.

  4. Yes she went home to Davao then as her mother was dying.

    In that situation it can happen that you forget your international driver’s license has already expired because of 90 days, or not pay too much attention to license plates.

    • In that video above, where the head traffic cop was explaining the stop.

      it sounded like someone was attempting to use “wasta” an Arabic concept of both using connection and the power derive of said connection. Since I don’t speak Bisaya/Tagalog I inquired from kb if he/she could translate (as the resident Bisaya here). Google translate doesn’t work for videos.

      Also called super Wow by Arabs (“wasta”), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasta

      But with Nuelle’s post on the incident, specially on the “vehicle owner” , plus the mention of Papa and something about inviting someone to the office and no special treatments in the field, I can parse now, that more than likely this is what happened,

      Nuelle was stopped, and she called her Dad about the commemorative plate that was illegal. To which the traffic cop said to come see him in the office, that’s why mention of office. The 90 day expiration as I understood was not the issue, so “vehicle owner” was the one that used “wasta” or attempted to us, so my concern

      initially was that it was Nuelle herself that attempted to use “wasta” — because that would be questionable to say the least. That was my point , of the inquiry and my concern upon reading/viewing said story. But i’m thinking now it’s Nuelle’s dad attempting to flex muscles he apparently didn’t have.

      • * or attempted to use,

        • kasambahay says:

          the cop didnt tell her to use uber, plenty uber in dabaw, lol!

          • I think she was just warned not to drive w/out philippine license; it was

            the commemorative plates that I think her dad was fighting over, i’m thinking over the phone , to which traffic cop said if you want to discuss to do so at his office, but the focus was on the commemorative plate, which i don’t think Nuelle had any part of at this point, since she was just borrowing the car. and ‘car owner’ was the one who had issue with said enforcement (of commemorative plate).

            But again, i don’t know Bisaya and am just piecing this together, kb… you can of course translate the Bisaya for us. That would be helpful as to whether Nuelle’s Dad was asking for special treatment. But my parsing of this story via the video is that. it was a Wasta issue. Super WoW.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      got it,thanks

  5. NHerrera says:

    My thought of the day as it relates to the blog topic.

    Wouldn’t it be a beaut if motivations, actions, statements are 100 percent known about the person we are talking about? Unfortunately, the first one, under the best of circumstances, is mostly opaque to us. Sonny may even offer brain quantum-mechanical nuances making it even more difficult to know the motivations of a person. So we are left mostly with actions and statements to assess the person on whatever facet we want to assess the person.

    Notwithstanding the above, on those triple attributes — motivations, actions, statements — I find Leni Robredo among our politicians buying for the Presidency in 2022 as the most agreeable to me, because harmonious on those attributes.

    • NHerrera says:

      *vying for the Presidency. The slip of my fingers subconsciously meant for some candidates. Hahaha.

      • kasambahay says:

        kinabahan ako! vying pala, hindi buying. thanks for clarifying.

        at 1st, I thought you’re having a dig at pacman, he who so loves giving money away since 2002 long before he became congressman then senator. I would have thought that after becoming solon, pacman would modify his modus and act accordingly instead of continuing on giving money nily wily, camera and media in tow. be talk of the town.

        with the looming election, people start to think pacman is buying his way in again; has gotten so used to buying his way in and certainly not stopping now.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    Lance, I am not sure if it is proper to dig in deeper to an otherwise private individual unless of course that said individual can defend themselves. I don’t know. this is not like just any subject we got from google.
    @Joe what is the right thing to do here?

    • JoeAm says:

      I think much of what LCX does is speculation in search of a rise from others, which can be both infuriating and instructive. I believe Nuelle Duterte is a ‘notable’ person who has extraordinary influence on political matters, so is a fair topic of discussion. Rude or wild speculations can be called out as such.

    • NHerrera says:

      If I may, karl. This relates to what I posted above in [NHerrera says: November 17, 2021, at 10:59 am]. It is a bottomless pit really — what is in my mind or motivation. Even if I confess, that will not be the end of it. The question as to the truth of the confession or the baring of my mind will persist.

      The evolution of my statements and actions are really the more important items. In short, judge me not through my motivation which even I may not really fully understand or describe — hehe, I need a psychologist here — but through the sum of my statements and actions.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Judging motivations are for detectives and investigators.

        • I agree with NH’s motivations can’t be known even to oneself. Why its an interesting subject, at least to me. Just pointing out that Nuelle’s views should be scrutinized more because you agree with it. is all.

          I’ll desist, karl. And thanks for the long leash , Joe.

        • kasambahay says:

          pls lang po, psychologists and psychiatrists also have motives galore, and if they put themselves in social media as influencers, vloggers and what not, I think, they are amply prepared for come what may. and being such behavioral experts backed by years of study in their own chosen field, vast experiences in dealing with problematic clients from all walks of life, have access to their own professional organisations, governing bodies, the info and the knowledge-base within, I think both psychologist and psychiatrists know exactly what to do.

          and the irony? they probly make case study of us all, an article about our failings, misgivings and shortcomings appearing in their illustrious journal, the peer reviewed american journal of psychiatry, lol!

          psychologists and psychiatrists also judge people, and worse? they get to decide who’ll be put in straight jackets and restrained, be isolated and medicated even without patient’s consent. and they have the final word on who’ll get ect, electro convulsive therapy, where patients are strapped to their beds, wood put between their teeth to stop them biting their own tongue, electrodes attached to their head and the brain given electric shock, once, twice, thrice, hopefully to jolt the brain back to normalcy.

          psychologists and psychiatrists are certainly not squeamish; methink, they have seen and met the best and the worst of humanity. they are respected and sometimes, feared.

          • LOL!

            Totally agree, kb.

            They do to us; we do to them.

            Meaning they don’t mind.

            she’s probably reading all this and thinking that this LCpl_X fella is off his rockers. LOL!

            DMT and LSD for me, dr.!

            San Pedro cactus I can get from any garden store that sells cacti. but I want the lab produced ones!

            • kasambahay says:

              I have a 25yrs old cactus, now the size of a huge cabbage! it was such a small blob when I first picked it up from the pile of rubbish at a university dump. I was then part of a catering team in a cafeteria and get to meet professionals and thier ilk. sometimes, I ran errand for them and get to know their lingo.

              my cactus has gotten big and threatening to jump out of its pot. I cannot repot it, its thorns are very sharp and numerous, I risk being stabbed, lol! a cactus expert advised me to crack the pot with a hammer, roll the cactus in several layers of newspaper and plant it in a much bigger terracotta pot. thus wrapped, the cactus cannot stab me.

              the cactus is quite hardy, now flowering and a piece de resistance in my living room. last christmas, I got to decorate it as christmas tree! much to the horror of my folks.

              • here’s a good article on San Pedro, kb:

                Domesticated San Pedro

                This brings us to the topic of domesticated varieties of San Pedro. It bears mentioning that you don’t have to venture to Ecuador or Peru to find this cactus. San Pedro is cultivated and sold as an ornamental cactus in many parts of the U.S., and can even be grown outdoors in some of the southwestern and western states — as far north as Colorado. It does especially well in Arizona and Southern California.

                The cactus itself can be legally purchased in florist shops and tree nurseries in these regions, and it is widely grown in gardens throughout the Ecuadorian cities of Quito and Cuenca and the Peruvian city of Cusco, to name just a few. I have spoken to readers of this article who grow San Pedro outdoors in New Zealand, South Africa, and Israel.

                I also know of many people who have prepared and consumed garden-grown San Pedro, with very positive results — myself included. Consuming a San Pedro cactus that you have grown and nurtured at home can be an especially rewarding experience. It’s also probably better for the species. Wild peyote has suffered from over-harvesting in North America, and we don’t want the same thing to happen to wild San Pedro in South America.

                That said, all of my earliest and most formative experiences with San Pedro have come in the wild, and this is the basis for the account that I share below.


              • JoeAm says:

                “The San Pedro joy is not merely a frivolous feel-good joy — although it certainly does feel good. Rather, it is a deeply-penetrating joy with connective power. For a few hours particularly during the peak, you will probably feel pulled towards the ground. You will want to lie down on the earth and look up at the clouds and at the veins in your hands and at rocks and bugs and any other manifestation of the physical universe, and all of these elements will impress upon you the same understanding. You will feel things just as much as you see them, and everything seems to be the bearer of essential truths that you’ve forgotten and needed to be reminded of.”

                Carlos sends his regards, I’m sure.

                My second ex-wife has a backyard jungle of the stuff. If I’d a known it was, um, medicinal, I’d probably still be married and communing with the adjacent basketball court as a lover.

              • or,

                come up with this tradition, Joe… from one of China’s minority peeps,

                “In the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China lives a small ethnic group called the Mosuo. Among the Mosuo, romantic and family life are separated into different spheres by design. Children are usually raised in the home of their maternal grandmother with the help of their mother. She may maintain a long-term, monogamous romantic relationship with the father but, unlike in the West, this is considered separate from her role as a mother.

                The role of the biological father is discretionary. There is no word in their language, in fact, for husband or father. A father is allowed, but not required to provide financial support and he is usually permitted to visit the mother and their child(ren) only at night. They call it “Axia” or “walking marriage.” The children’s primary male role models are usually their uncles, who remain under the authority of the children’s grandmother as they live under her roof.”

                This sounds like heaven, Joe. Too bad its only found in one culture on Earth.

              • Click to access class_text_050.pdf

                For instance, among the Mehinaku of Brazil, speakers of a language in the Arawak family, Thomas Gregor found two theories of conception: “Both theories assert that one sexual act is insufficient to conceive a child. Rather, the infant is formed through repeated acts of intercourse. Since all but three of the village women are involved in extramarital affairs, the semen of the mother’s husband may form only a portion of the infant…. Joint paternity is further recognized at birth when the putative fathers of the baby honor attenuated versions of the couvade and accept some of the obligations of in-laws when the child grows up and gets married” (1985,84).

                The existence of these ideas is not a recent discovery. Jules Henry clearly encountered the concept of joint or partible paternity among speakers of a language in the Ge family when he worked among the Xocleng (previously known as the Kaingang) in 1933, although he may not have fully recognized what he found:

                “Klendó’s daughter, Pathó, is my child,” said Vomblé. “How do you know,” said I, “since Klendó also lay with her mother?” “Well, when two men lie with a woman they just call her child their child.” But not only do men feel that their mistress’s children are their children, but people whose mothers have had intercourse with the same man, whether as lover or husband, regard one another as siblings. (1941, 45)

                Also in Brazil, but to the north of the Mehinaku and Xocleng, and in a different language family, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro records that among the Tupi-Guaraní-speaking Araweté, “it is difficult to find someone who has only one recognized genitor” because “more than one inseminator can cooperate .. or take turns in producing a child…. The ideal number of genitors seems to be two or three” (1992, 142, 180).

                The Tapirapé are another group of Tupi-Guaran-speaking Brazilian Indians, living hundreds of kilometers to the south of the Araweté. Charles Wagley reports… ”


                A bunch of weird kinship structures around the world that make your basketball court as lover pale in comparison , Joe. Though that thought is original. LOL! i’m more concerned of the chafing. hahahha… ouch!!!

                like this,



                the custom in some cultures in which a man takes to his bed and goes through certain rituals when his child is being born, as though he were physically affected by the birth.

                LOL! 😉

          • JoeAm says:

            Shrinks are teachers and the subject is us. It is frightening to get to know oneself better. We are such frauds.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Yeah, I have been seeing a psychiateist since 2012 and a neurologist before that. As Billy Joel said “You maybe right, I might be crazy” and of course he said Honesty is suchba lonely word.

  7. NHerrera says:


    For the purpose of the discussion below, we list the following space objects labeled in celestial terms:

    LK = Leni – Kiko
    IO = Isko – Ong
    LS = Lacson – Sotto
    MS = Marcos -Sara
    GX = Go – Xxx
    PA = Pacquiao – Atienza

    Astronomers have sighted three objects or bubbles in space: the first bubble containing LK, the second bubble containing IO and LS, and the third bubble containing MS, GX, and PA.

    These three bubbles in space are really holes of two kinds — pink holes and black holes — both attracting the particles around it consisting of green particles and red particles.

    The first bubble containing LK is a pink hole. The second and third bubbles are both of the black hole kind.

    The proportion of the green and red particles in the space around these three white/ black holes is not yet accurately known but scientific estimates put them at about 50-50, with some estimating the green particles – red particles share to be as much as 60-40.

    A majority of the red particles along with some green particles are drawn to the third bubble or black hole. However, these particles are majorly drawn to MS and GX, competing mainly against each other — with some going to PA.

    The second bubble or black hole, attracts a mixture of green and red particles, with IO and LS competing against each other.

    The latest findings of the astronomers are that the first bubble or pink hole containing only LK is attracting mostly green particles along with some red particles. This pink hole has unusual characteristics, the astronomers find. Its gravitational pull is strengthening at a fast pace, gathering more green particles along with a growing proportion of the red particles.

    The astronomers are excited about these most recent findings, especially the development in the pink hole. It will continue to actively monitor the development.

    • JoeAm says:

      Very visual, eerily like being in space.

    • kasambahay says:

      we maybe due for a cosmic big bang! bong marcos has disqualification hearing on 26 november 2021 about his previous ‘hatol’ in the late 90s. now that the president no longer openly support bong marcos and the presidents new appointees are people-ing comelec, bong marcos may well in shaky ground.

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