Wemmins o’da Filipines

Famed blogger Benigno wrote a piece on Get Real Postthe other day about a woman’s group called Gabriella, which is evidently a leftist voice of righteous indignation that believes the price of oil is a feminist issue. The thinking is that because oil is so costly, women have to go without food so their husbands and kids can eat.
So on this, I agree with Benigno.
Good God. Oil a feminist issue? The shortage of whitening oils would be a Filipina feminist issue.
In the main, I find that Filipinas are socially submissive outside the home, adhering to some Catholic notion that women are supposed to respect men, even though the majority of men are smaller brained and less emotionally secure than the women who feed them. Indeed, in the household, Filipinas are not so submissive. They run things whilst the men are wracking up a fine drunk at the tuba table under the mango tree, or at RJ’s Bistro, whichever suits their social class. Many women are busy taking care of the kids that the deadbeat dads have thrown away. Others are slogging away in the rice field or cleaning some bossy rich lady’s home or mopping up after Abdul in Dubai.
Given that divorce is not a legal right in the Philippines and movies are expensive, there is a lot of playing around going on by both women and men.
Women in poverty never marry. They just shack up with a guy and label him “husband”. Ten babies later I suppose the paperwork is pretty much irrelevant.
I like Filipinas, in the main, unless they reach menopause and become a lot like ex-President Arroyo and Senator Santiago, believing it is their godly right to rule over the rest of us like some larger than life super hero named Mama. Oh, come to think of it, Filipino power-broker men over 50 do the same thing, but they are more like the Godfather. Brando style, dumping horses heads in enemy beds.
Filipinas under the age of 30 are flirts and tend to giggle, which always makes me smile.
Men are thick-headed and slow worldwide; women are quick of brain, more literate, and finer in their reading of people. These are not sweeping generalities. They are scientific facts. I read about them in Cosmopolitan or Mad Magazine, I forget which. The publications seem much the same to me, you know, full of caricature and eighth grade jest.
I can’t figure out why so many women subscribe to the thinking of the Catholic Church, which binds them to abusive men for life, throws them into the pits of Hell if they ask a guy to put on a rubber, and refuses them the right to education about sex. Like, the Church is an advocate of ignorance, so sign me up “outta here”.
Why are there so many Filipinas in the pews?
I figure they don’t get a lot of nurturing from their guys so they run to Mary. More so than Jesus. She had a hard time, too, I suppose. They can relate . . . and weep together.
Compassion is hard to find on a group of islands where Ego would be the national flag is someone could figure out how to paint it.
I wish Filipinas would not be so hung up on what others think. They look to actresses for how to walk and what to slather on their skin. They submissively watch the men screw up their country. They allow the schools to teach their kids to be slugs. They follow in the footsteps of Ma, birthing like that were the only reason God put them on earth.
I wish they would stop being so sensitive about criticism. Simply accept that people will  call them “dykes” if they organize a strong women’s rights group, and just give the finger to the little shits who are so ignorant. NOW (National Organization of Women) in the US was indeed populated by lesbian leadership. And, man could they cook up a fine protest, rounding up millions of common-sense, independent, good thinking heterosexual women and getting them to understand that being paid half of what guys make for the same work is not something they have to put up with.
Nor is lifetime bondage to an abusive deadbeat husband.
I wish progressive Filipinas would band together and give the old men who run things, and the female thugs like Senator Santiago, a clear message. If you can’t straighten up this Philippine household, we’ll do it for you. 
3 Responses to “Wemmins o’da Filipines”
  1. Attila says:

    JoeYou should also write an article about sexual harassment in the Philippines. Do a little research and you will have pages and pages of material. Enough for a book. I would include the Kirida tradition and the abuse that comes with it.

  2. Why do I think I'd end up with high blood pressure?

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