Abe Lincoln Appointed Chief Justice of Philippines!

. . . through a flick in the warp of time, the news headline you may have missed  . . . from the Palace in Manila . . .
Here is a transcript of Mr. Lincoln’s acceptance statement:
Mrs. President, Your Excellency, I am greatly pleased by your confidence in my judicial capabilities. Never under the candlelight of my log cabin did I imagine such an honor would be mine to cherish.
I am concerned, of course, that the appointment so late during your term will be seen as politically motivated by many. This may place the integrity of the court in danger and cast doubt on those rulings in which I have a voice. Preservation of the court’s standing as an esteemed, impartial panel is one of the most important obligations we have.  So this is of no small concern.
On the other hand, I am a humble servant of the people and believe I can bring stability and professionalism to the courts of this nation. I believe I can provide leadership that will be respected by the courts and the people.
It is therefore with deep humility that I accept your appointment.
However, it is only fair that I inform you that if ever it should occur that my integrity would fall into question, I would be obligated to tender my resignation. It is too important to this nation that its top judicial office be fully dedicated to both the appearance and the reality of impartiality.
Trust is the bedrock of justice, assuring citizens that every decision is fair and based strictly on the law. The term “Your Honor” must mean something.
This principle is much more important than one man’s job, or even his reputation.
I look forward to beginning work. You may be assured that I will strive earnestly for the betterment of our great nation.
Thank you Abe. Your humility, selflessness and integrity stand as shining beacons of light for the entire free world.
. . . aaaaaaand through the time warp we return . . .
There’s Mr. Corona now, huddled with his dozen attorneys . . .
5 Responses to “Abe Lincoln Appointed Chief Justice of Philippines!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    *WitsDamn right, words really got to mean something. "Your Honor" here in the Philippines is a punchline. Words like "delicadeza" and "Palabra de Honor" have become laughing stocks.But how you put your observations into writing makes the "revolting feeling" somewhat light and bearable. That is one positive Filipino trait after all, laughing at our mistakes and shortcomings. In fact, nothing delivers more succinctly and more effectively than well thought of articles with just the right amount of facts and whole lot of creativity.I am fed up with authors suffering from verbal diarrhea trying to substantiate their article with their utterly biased opinions masquerading as facts. You definitely know where we can find them :-)Keep it up Joe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    *WitsAlso Fallen Angel attempted an article using a line or two from the movie "A Few Good Men" (which happens to be one of the best movies for me). Damn!! How he constructed it really sucks! 😦

  3. Thanks. There is no shortage of subject matter these days. And I agree "A Few Good Men" is a terrific movie.

  4. For Real? says:

    The entire Executive branch and all of its tools (like Justice, BIR, LRA, lahat…) plus 188 congressmen…attacking one man.You don't think the accused is wise to have lawyers helping him rebut the accusations? What would you do? I certainly would get the best lawyers I could find/afford. Duh. I mean, why would I NOT get the good lawyers? Especially when the opposition has a bevy of lawyers and is screeching on the news every evening…..Sorry, but is defending oneself now an admission of guilt?

  5. Oh, he is entitled to hire whomever he wants. I just think he is lousy at managing the "appearance of impropriety". To have the money and connections and power to hire a dozen of the best attorneys in the land to nitpick every prosecution's move? Versus a more humble approach. To put up a wall of defense that "looks" like there is something to hide. Versus a more restrained and dignified approach. There is a reason that Mr. Corona's trust ratings are so low, and this contributes.

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