Nonoying and Other Good Jokes

Well, I see today that Noynoying has gone viral. The three photos I reproduce here were published at
I think the Aquino Administration threw fire on the fad by hustling up photos of the President hard at work.
I’m amused by the whole thing. The lesson I draw from it is that the Filipino sense of humor often lacks the finery of more broadly read societies. It lacks an appreciation of satire and what is referred to as “self-deprecating” humor where a person makes a joke at his own expense. Jokes hereabouts seem mainly to center on sex and interpersonal fallibility. You know, ridicule.
Self deprecation turns ridicule on its ear, and negates it.
What a different reaction we might have had if Mr. Aquino, instead of getting uptight, had “struck a lazy pose” for the cameras, showing that he “gets it”, that he enjoys the fun people are having at his expense.
Like, this is not a coup people are staging. It is hilarious, harmless fun. Rather like all the different takes on “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Indeed, it gives Mr. Aquino character. Not a sneaky character, like Ms. Arroyo, but a somewhat affable, lazy character. Likeable, if handled correctly.
I’m wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the famous advertising agency executive in the United States who made the point that even a lot of BAD publicity is good publicity because it gets your name out there broadly and often for free. He died, but his lessons live on.
The Philippines is not a bookworm society, in the main. I think the internet is opening up a whole new range of humor, though. And I suspect an increasing share of the educated population will develop new ways to laugh.
That’s good.
That’s very good.
Gotta run.
I’m taking up Nonoying to help with my blood pressure problem.
It’s medicinal.
Catch you later.
5 Responses to “Nonoying and Other Good Jokes”
  1. GabbyD says:

    check out BenK's entry on his blog.hahaha! its funny coz pnoy is UGLY! hahaha… lets all make fun of the UGLY guy…sigh…

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, or god forbid – Bill Maher existed in the Philippines, they be shot dead on the street by some random motorcyle driveby killer. That sort of… nuanced political humor can't exist here for some reason. Everything has to be so damn mean-spirited and kindergarden level juvenile. And f*** BenK and his ilk. Resorting to lame personal attacks is just gutter trash low and very Filipino. The Philippines, and 'da Filipinos' seem to have no concept of *ahem* honor. Not in the slightest.-patrioticflip

  3. Nguy-nguying. Indolently whining.

  4. patriotic flip, yes, the humor bone here is rather confined to sex jokes, not satire, and certainly not Maher's ribald rips. I wonder if any college has ever had Jonathan Swift on the reading list, especially his "A Modest Proposal",where he suggests solving poverty by eating the excess babies. The book actually woke people in Ireland up, and they embarked on new hunger-prevention programs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    *WItsPnoys should really have his spin doctors fired. LOL!

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