Of perverts and sovereign states

SheepLet me drop off this blog before hitting the road for one of my family’s annual explorations of Philippine tourist delights. I may not be able to tend to comments diligently, but I trust you can deal with this unusual topic with the normal wise maturity of Society members.

It is a serious topic.


As we often do, let’s start with some points of agreement and definitions so that we can approach the topic from the same viewing point.

  • Our physical bodies present us with certain emotional and intellectual urges.
  • Although some physical urges are powerful, we have choices on how to deal with them. That is, our mind, discipline and character can overrule the physical enticements that arise.
  • Different people like different things as they deal with their physical urges. Top, bottom, morning, night, long foreplay, pile on, dominant, submissive, oral, anal, sheep, masturbation . . . whatever. Along with freedom of speech, we have an understood right, not stated in the Constitution, of freedom of expression in the bedroom.
  • The State defines two genders, male or female, at birth, and we carry our particular gender for life. We can choose to dress or behave differently than our State-defined gender. That is a personal choice, not a State-recognized choice.
  • pervert (noun): a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. Synonyms: deviant, degenerate. [Google]
  • sovereignty (noun): the authority of a state to govern itself or another state. Usage: “national sovereignty”. Synonyms: autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, self-determination. [Google]
  • manhood (noun): qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage, strength, and sexual potency. Usage: “we drank to prove our manhood”. Synonyms: virility, manliness, machismo, masculinity, maleness. [Google]
  • Some perversions are illegal (rape) and some are looked at by a large number of people as being really weird but not illegal (sex with sheep, which was NOT a perversion to Magellan’s crew, I would imagine).

Our first challenge will be to try to establish some lines that separate normal, healthy behavior from behavior that is harmful. To do that, I will take two cases, a heterosexual male and a transgender woman (a man who presents himself to others as a woman). I decline to try to present a heterosexual woman because one of the things I have learned in my rather lengthy term of service to God and country is that I don’t understand them. Hahaha. And the other examples will make the point well enough, I believe.

Then I will talk about sovereignty, oddly enough, as the subject is pertinent to this discussion.

The heterosexual male

Our first case study involves a 46 year old man, an everyday kind of guy. Could be Filipino, could be American, could be Chinese. We are remarkably alike in many respects.

Our guy . . . let’s call him Jim . . . is handsome and well-dressed. He is walking down the aisle at the mall and a very attractive female emerges out of Robinson’s and crosses right in front of him. Let’s consider some hypothetical predicaments facing Jim:

  • The woman is 35 years old. Jim gets turned on, follows her to a dark corner of the mall, and rapes her. That is perverted behavior. It is legally and every which way wrong. It does physical and emotional harm to an innocent.
  • She is 35 years old. Jim smiles and says hi. They talk. Have a date. And eventually end up in bed. No problem. Freedom of bedroom.
  • She is 18 years old. Jim thinks, “ummm, kinda young, but hey . . . life is short”. He smiles and says hi. They follow the pattern followed all over the world in one way or another and end up in bed. A little out of the ordinary, but not perverted. An18 year old can vote and serve in the military so she can decide many things for herself.
  • She is 13 years old. Jim thinks, “ummm, kinda young, but hey . . . life is short”. Jim is a pervert. He has decided to act on a thought – seduction – to try to have sex with a child who is not emotionally able to deal with that. He is also criminal. Someome would hold that he is a pervert for even thinking the girl is attractive. And that is where the body and mind collide.

If the young girl is dressed in a short skirt, walks with a wiggle, and wears make-up, what’s a guy to do?

That is the ill-defined no-man’s land between perversion and normal urges.

Child porn on the internet, and even child trafficking, are troublesome problems for law enforcement. Children do not have ways to protect themselves or call the police. They rely on adults. When adults USE that vulnerability, they commit horrid crimes. They are without question perverts, and criminal to boot. But the fact that child porn is so pernicious testifies that physical urges place extraordinary demands on many people.

The transgender woman (man who presents himself to others as a woman)

There is a community of non-conventional people who find convention by associating with one another. Transgenders set aside what the State defines as gender and go with what their urges and associations promote. They adopt a different sexual orientation in public and in private. No problem. No harm, no foul.

The transgender woman we will use in our second case study insists on being called Jill and wants to be addressed with the appropriate pronouns (her, she). All of her acquaintances know she is transgender but most strangers on the street have no idea. Indeed, she is quite beautiful, and very feminine in her ways.

Jill is sitting at a bar in Angeles City when a very attractive man sits down beside her. Here are our hypothetical situations:

  • Jill feels a physical attraction to the man. They talk. The talk moves to intimacy. Jill explains she is attracted to him and asks if he like variety in sex. They talk about what that means.The man does like variety. They move to the bedroom. No problem.
  • Jill feels a physical attraction to the man. They talk. The talk moves to intimacy. Jill explains she is attracted to him. He says he is attracted to her. They move to the bedroom and begin to have sex. Jill is engaged in a perverted act.

Let me explain for those who have not lived in a heterosexual man’s body or psyche, a guy’s manhood is as sacrosanct to him as “no” is to a woman.

The transgender woman has in effect engaged in a form of rape, of emotional harm done to her unknowing partner. I’m not aware of laws that address this additional gray area where urges and normal behavior collide.

Perhaps they should.


Now you may wonder what it the world sex and sovereignty have to do with one another. Here’s the tie-in:

Both the avoidance of perverted acts and sovereignty are matters of respect.

The murder of a transgender Filipino woman popularly called Jennifer allegedly by an American marine by the name of Pemberton has exploded into the sensationalist press as an international scandal. The internationalization of the explosion has been crafted by attorney Harry Roque who recognized the ideal mix of angers this case represented. He quickly got the family of the murdered woman to sign him up as counsel, and he started playing up the international angle. He focused on the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) in particular because it has a deficiency, in Filipino eyes, in its unbalanced imprisonment clause. It was no coincidence that Roque also leads the complainants who are contesting the VFA and enhanced defense agreement (EDCA) when he signed on as Jennifer’s counsel.


The case has become a perfect flame-up for Filipinos who bristle at an overbearing American presence in their history books and psyche. The press brought it to the front pages in bold headlines. Just like the Nicole incident of a few years ago, which had legs that lasted three years.

To Americans, and I think Europeans and other westerners, this sensationalizing of the story and raising a tragedy to a state of magnified national  . . . nay HUMAN . . . importance represents Filipinos at their immature, emotional worst. It seems – to the outsiders – that all perspective, all rationality, is lost. A man is declared guilty without trial. Protesters scale the walls of the suspect’s jail compound to confront him. America and Americans are the subject of relentless attacks in comment threads. Senator Santiago terms the VFA agreement with America a “humiliation”.

Behavior becomes perverted. Innocents are castigated.

Pemberton is, after all, considered by the State and moral convention – human rights convention – to be innocent until his trial has concluded in the presumed rendering of a guilty judgment. We have no idea of all the circumstances involved and piecing them together one at a time to declare guilt is patently unfair.

The protesting community in the current flare-up is a merger of the homosexual and crossover community (LGTB) with a segment of the political community, generally extreme left, that seeks to end the Philippine/American alliance. Many in this political group would take down the Philippine government if they could. The indignation of the entire protest community is stoked by Harry Roque and by mainstream politicians like Senator Santiago who have held a lifelong animosity toward the American alliance. Perhaps one of these days the senator will explain how the Philippines should defend herself without such a partnership.

Behavior of protesters becomes perverted when the emotions of the protesters approach levels of anger that end rational judgment. That would be when the protesters forget to consider that the violation of a man’s manhood may have occurred prior to the murder. Would they castigate a woman who, after being raped, shot the man who violated her?

The protesters become like the guy in the mall or the transgender on the bar stool who just cannot temper desire with respect for civil behavior. They fail to recognize that their rage approaches the level of that likely felt by the murderer when he did his foul deed. They become the animal, too.

Many protesters expressed outrage that the President of the Philippines decided not to attend the victim’s wake. They declare him a bad president, undiplomatic, insensitive.

They believe the sovereignty of the Philippines is best expressed by the President of their nation attending the funeral of an unknown person involved in what most would determine are sordid acts that cost her her life.

Well, I rather think the sovereignty of the Philippines is best expressed by a president who knows that there are many, many more pressing needs in this nation than attending every funeral that manages to make the headlines. He retains his independence and the proper dignity and authority of the nation’s top office when he does not trivialize his office.

I think those who condemn the President of their nation whilst complaining about the threat to sovereignty represented by the VFA have no idea what sovereignty means or how to make sure it exists.

Sovereignty means a strong president, and respect for that president. Even if he makes choices in the interest of preserving the dignity of his office that are unpopular in some communities.

Sovereignty means a nation thinks for herself and establishes mutually beneficial alliances if they are necessary to protect the State. Sacrificing security for history or personal animus is not sovereignty.

Sovereignty does not mean doing it “my” way.

And a sovereign individual does not subscribe to perverted acts that demean human civility.


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  1. chit navarro says:

    Let me post something I got from FB abaout the other side of this case.
    As Pres. Aquino mentioned at FOCAP, Pemberto was not caught “in flagrante-delicto” so he can not be considered as the murdered for now. He is a suspect subject to investigation and to establish prima-facie evidence against him. But there seems to be another side of the story.

    AYON kay PETER B. PARKER: ( Laude-Pemberton Case )

    Mga kapamilya, kapuso, sakin lang po to ha nasa inyo na kung ano ang masasabi nyo nito; Una nakita sa cctv sa bar unang bumaba sa hagdan si Barbie hawak kamay nya si Pemberton sumunod si Jennefer, tapos nagpunta sila sa hotel ayun sa report tatlo sila sa isang room, tapos lumabas si Barbie kasi nagpunta sa kabilang room kasi may costumer sya na naghihintay at naiwan si Jennefer at Pemberton sa kwarto, diba palaisipan yun nung pumasok sila sa hotel tatlo lang sila ni Jennefer at Pemberton wala naman ibang lalaki kasama c Barbie kundi sila lang tatlo, so ano nga naman at may naghihintay na ibang customer sa kabilang room itong si Barbie? Tapos pangalawa lumabas si Pemberton sa hotel 11;45pm mga ilang minuto pumunta si roomboy kasi daw maglinis xa kaso hindi xa kamu pumasok agad kz may narinig xang nakabukas ang gripo sa loob, tapos ilang minuto ulit binalikan nya, ayun may nakita na xang sandal at nung pinasok na nya may nakita xang paa sa loob ng CR at nakita na nya si Jennefer patay na naka sobsob ang ulo sa anidoro (ang sa akin lang bakit pumasok itong roomboy, at paano nya nasabing PATAY na nga ito? diba dapat inireport nya muna ito sa supervisor or manager?), tapos una nyang pinuntahan si Barbie sa kabilang room at sinabi nya na patay na ang kasama nya……….at pagpunta ni Barbie, ayun sa report ang sabi ni Barbie ninakawan daw si Jennefer 25k, (ohmmmmmm??? nakakapag-isip isip) oh diba bakit nya alam na my pera si Jennefer na 25k at pinatay……sos ginoo nagkagulo na diba tapos ang tatlo na US marine hanap nila si Pemberton, kasi may lumapit sa kanila na female daw at ang sabi your friend killed my friend, oh diba si Barbie na yun……Tapos gi interview ang tatay ni Barbie ang sabi nya, need ng anak ko si Barbie na patingnan sa doctor kazi po hindi na xa ganu kumakain at nababalot sa takot ang pagkatao nya (ay! bakit?), hindi na ganu makatulog kailangan ko pa xa painumin ng gamut pampatulog para makatulog……hindi na ganu makapagsalita lagi po xang tulala dahil sa pangyayari oh bkit nakunsenxa ba xa diba (bakit nga naman sya bigla umasta ng ganun e hindi naman nya nakita kung paano pinatay si JENNIFER dava? na trauma?)….huminge po kami ng tulong sa gobyerno na proteksyunan anak ko kz natatakot xa………pati ang witness na roomboy hindi na nagpapakita natakot na,,,sus muryahosep malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw my kinalaman si Barbie nito…….dapat I pa finger print din si Barbie, pati yung roomboy, at casher isali u narin ang kasama ni Barbie sa kabilang room para malinaw ang kaso kung sinu talaga ang pumatay, hindi si Pemberton nalang lahat porkit xa ang huling kasama ni Jennefer…..panu nga kung malaman bandang huli na hindi pala si Pemberton ang pumatay maibalik paba ang kahihiyan na ginawa nila sa pagakatao ni Pemberton at sinira nyo pa ang pagkatao nya…….pati kinabukasan nya……lalo na ang ugnayan ng pilipinas at America nasisira na din malaki pa nman naitulong ng America jan sa Pinas………
    IYAN po ang mabahang salaysayin ni Peter.
    (credits to him)
    Should this case be so important to drive away again the Americans? We need their military might and power, that is a given fact.

    Or is the attorney who is representing the bereaved family told to escalate this case that it may be on the headlines for a few days to deflate the issues on his principal?

    But then another weird senator is getting on the bandwagon… 🙂

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for the clipping, Chit. I am rather amazed at how easily the press is manipulated into thinking Harry Roque represents “mainstream” thinking. Senator Santiago may find that she is indeed pushing the wrong buttons, judging from comments on discussion threads which, after taking out the Chinese trolls, reflect sane judgments about the matter. I’m glad the American Ambassador finally spoke up. He and President Aquino are two voices of reason in a sea of contrived controversy.

  2. Marilet Meris says:

    I usually just lurk, read your blogs, and decide to agree or disagree and then move on … this time though I just have to leave a comment and say how I so agree with what you wrote. When one courts danger, it usually gives you what you asked for. If I am to believe what the press is telling us about this German boyfriend who wants to marry him then she should just have stay put, waited for the boyfriend to make good on his word, and not mess around with a marine. Because come to think of it – he really did rape Pemberton and not the other way around.

    • Joe America says:

      Lurkers are some of my favorite people, not needing validation from others to think for themselves. Thank you for stopping by to add your point of view. I don’t understand the popular support for a group of people who, to me, behave oddly and are trying to condemn us if we don’t yell on their behalf. That’s why they are condemning the President. He is supposed to yell on their behalf.

      • My only problem with the Joe’s description is that it assumes that Pemberton never took Laude to be a transgender. That he took her (and I am going to use the feminine to refer to Laude, mainly because it makes it easier to distinguish the two) to be biologically female. What if (and I have no idea what witnesses have said on this part), despite witnesses claiming to have believed that Laude was actually female, Pemberton knew all along that she was biologically male (rumor has it that Pemberton is not ignorant of the LGBT community and that he actually has a lesbian sister)? Then that rules out the “rape” scenario outright. But we don’t know. Only a full investigation of Pemberton and Laude would reveal this (which, unfortunately, we’ll never know half of).

        Ok, let’s me take the view that Pemberton actually believed that Laude was biologically female, and was aghast to eventually find out otherwise. Do we have proof that Laude insisted herself upon Pemberton once the truth was revealed in the motel room? Isn’t that what rape is? They were both under the influence of alcohol, so I’m assuming that neither got the other drunk to be able to force him/herself on the other. So where’s the “rape?”

        With regards to Marilet’s statement that since Laude had a German boyfriend, she should have just stay put, and then maybe she would still be alive today. Why is the burden of being morally upright all on Laude? Can’t we also say that if Pemberton just behaved the a way a good boy should that night, then he would not have had himself “deceived” by the likes of Laude? Then maybe he would not be in this big mess that he is in right now? It does take two to tango, you know.

        People (male, female, and otherwise) are horny animals. For many of us, we might be lucky to have found someone who will constantly be by our side and help satisfy our urges. But others are not as lucky. And the way we deal with those urges vary greatly from person to person. I’m not saying we should just give in to those human desires all the time. But if we are to apply moral standards, I strongly believe we should apply them EQUALLY ON EVERYONE OF US. The way I see it, Pemberton was just as horny as Laude was that night.

        And finally, at the end of the day, NO ONE deserves to die the way Laude did. If this was indeed murder/homicide, no amount of deception wil ever, EVER justify it.

        • Joe America says:

          You are absolutely right, Jose. If your scenario is the correct one, the evaluation differs.

          The victimization of Pemberton would occur if he suddenly discovered that his manhood had been mocked in the most distressing way possible for a macho marine. What would his compadres say if they knew he had actually fallen for a man?

          We have no proof of anything. Which is why President Aquino’s stance is correct. Let justice work.

          Yes, you are right, no one deserves to die in this way. The one way it is allowed is if one’s life is threatened (at least, in the US, if someone enters your home and threatens you, you are within the law to use deadly force). But I’d say there is also a great deal of sympathy for a rape victim who attacks her attacker with intent to kill.

          But I am not advocating murder. I am advocating thinking the whole event through, not politicizing it, and letting justice take its course.

          • Good to know we are on the same page, Joe. It just really makes me fume with passion when people unjustifiably justify one person killing another. Really makes me mad (but still does not allow me to kill either)!

            • Joe America says:

              Yes indeed. We can get out of the middle of taking sides if we have sympathy for both Laude’s family and Permberton’s family, and advocate for a fair investigation and trial untainted by political advocacy.

            • sonny says:

              This affair between J and P so reminds me of Psalm 42’s lament: “abyssus abyssum invocat …” (paraphrase: one hell invites another).

              The count so far: deceit and murder (abyss 1), pain inflicted on loved ones of both sides (abyss 2), calls for deliveries of pounds of flesh, demonstrators, PNOY, Roque (abyss 3), compromise national security, VFA and FILAM friendship (abyss 4), division among JoeAm’s blog members (abyss 5?) … etc

              Endgame: Psalm 42 is a prayer of hope and good triumphs.

              • i7sharp says:

                Out of curiosity, I looked at Psalm 42.
                From what seems to be exactly the same Hebrew texts, the KJV translators were able to extract the following:
                v. 25 “help of his countenance”
                v. 11 “health of my countenance”

                Did the KJV translators take liberties with the word of God (in Hebrew)
                or were they actually faithful and had wanted to show us (in English) that there is more than meets the eye?

                ps For deeper study, BlueLetterBible is one of those sites you can try.

              • sonny says:

                @ i7sharp

                From the Vulgate, St Jerome’s final phrase is “… salutibus vultus mei.” This is his phrase in Latin after looking at the original Hebrew n Greek texts of 200 Jewish scholars of 200 B.C. (the Alexandrian canon).

                The 42 scholars of the KJV looking at the Hebrew of the Jewish scholars of 100 A.D. (the Palestinian canon) essentially come up with the same translation.

                I conclude there is no difference between KJV n NAB English translations.

              • sonny says:

                PS. St Jerome must have also been looking at the Hebrew Palestinian version (100 A.D.) when he was doing The Vulgate translation (4th century).

        • manuel buencamino says:

          Correct. I have questioned the assumption that Pemberton is “straight”. I brought up in a thread with a UP professor who is very active in women’s and LGBT issues. And she said that if Pemberton was not straight then it’s possible that he did what he did because he felt guilty about not being “straight”. It reminded me of those Republican senators and preachers who rail against gays in public forums and then go out and make it with gays afterwards. Maybe Pemberton is like that.

          • Joe America says:

            Everyone has a theory and everyone ought to await the presentation of facts. I’m surprised at your speculation down this road. It is grossly unkind to Pemberton if he is straight.

  3. andrewlim8 says:


    I am amused, bemused, perplexed at this article, but I end up with an “aha” moment. I think this Pemberton/Laude issue ought to be a landmark case on clarifying an issue I earlier raised: “false advertising”.

    I’m not a law expert, but it ought to define this doctrine, and the legal and moral ramifications of “false advertising”. One can raise the point that everybody does false advertising – one pretends to be smart or rich or caring than one really is all the time. But is it at the same level as pretending to be one gender and hoping you can fool your prospect into going into bed with you?

    While murder/homicide is never justifiable as a reaction to “false advertising” there ought to be jurisprudence on this. As a consumer, if I buy a product that turns out to be incapable of delivering as it promises, I can return it for a refund or replacement. The Consumer Act says so.

    Who or what protects the victims of “false advertising”?

  4. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    I am extremely the killing of FILIPINO transgender happened so the Filipinos can know that AMERICAN Pemberton is being probed and treated differently from Binay, Arroyo, Napoles etcetera.

    Here is one main difference. THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT ARE SEEKING FORENSIC EVIDENCES. Whereas, Binay is QAed before the Senate.

    Why can’t they do Q&A Pemberton in the Senate? Let him appear in the Senate? Forensic Evidences are for big boys in the U.S. not fit for 3rdWorld Philippines.

    Just take for example Trillanes Junket to Hacienda Binay to check the authenticity of ownership of Hacienda Binay. What Trillanes is telling the Filipino people that all properties in thePhilippines has this sign in their property: “THIS PROPERTY IS OWNED BY JEJOMAR BINAY” And that what Trillanes was looking for.

    CAN’T THESE FILIPINOS EVER LEARN? Trillanes was even insulted when Tiu cannot produce TCT! Trillanes is soveregin government all he had to do is go to Register of Deeds and get it himself. And he was not able to. They’d rather Q&A in the Senate. Jeeez.

    Also, in another article in pathetic INquirer, A Filipino have no right to the property until it is fully paid. Meaning, that a Filipino keeps on paying for the property for 20-years before they can live in it and have rights. What kind of beautiful minds these Senators are!


    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      It is just unfortunate that Filipinos have very little comprehension that they cannot differentiate how the investigation of AMERICAN Pemberton differs from FILIPINO Binay. Ultra-Pathetic.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        Philippine Justice run amuck. I thought kangaroos only exist in Australia, yes, Virginia, there is Kangaroos in the Philippines it is Judicial Terrorism: IT IS NOT WHAT THEY CAN PROVE, IT IS WHAT THEY THINK THEY KNOW

        • Joe America says:

          To me this is a chance for the Philippine judiciary to prove that it can work objectively and consider the evidence. I hope the first thing they do is reprimand Harry Roque for blatantly trying to prejudice the public against the defendant, both by politicizing a crime and leading unseemly public protests. Pemberton should not be tried for deficiencies in the VFA, but for a crime.

  5. manuel buencamino says:


    I am a bit bothered by “The transgender woman (man who presents himself to others as a woman)”. I may be quibbling but I think transgenders, men or women, see themselves as transgenders, they do not present or make-believe that they are anything other than what they look like. What they look like is what they are. Depending on one’s gaydar settings, one could catch on from the first look if it is set high or after a later on if it is set low, but one will catch it sooner or later, unless of course one is totally wasted. But being wasted is another matter altogether that brings up the question of rape because it implies lack of consent.

    On the question of perversion. I think pedophilia is perversion. But anything else involving two consenting adults is governed by the operative word “consenting.” In that context, to call any act perverse is perverse as well. Besides your definition of “pervert: a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. Synonyms: deviant, degenerate. [Google]” would beg the question “regarded by whom?” And that is exactly the question underlying the cultural revolution.

    Pervert, to me, is a person whose sexual behavior is not based adult consent. Sex with anybody incapable of consent is perversion. In effect, if it feels good by yourself or with a partner or with a group then enjoy it.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, consent is a major issue, as is deceit. I’m sure they will come up during trial.

      The legal definition of a man and woman are man and woman. What’s on your birth certificate is what you are. Anything beyond that is social convention, and the journalist must tread between the two artfully.

      • manuel buencamino says:

        The legal definition reflects social convention that defines sex based on genitalia. There are, as you know, scientific findings that genitalia and hormones do not always match.

        Remember the case of the female athlete who was disqualified because she was male in tems of hormones? Sports associations are now looking beyond genitalia to determine the sex of athletes.

        And so what is on your birth certificate, although dictated by law, could be scientifically inaccurate. Now if we go further on down the road, we might agree that the legal definition of sex is based on religious beliefs. We can’t blame them because that’s all they had to go on at the time. But we have enough science now to be a little more accurate. We need to change the law and the way we think about sex and gender because they are not the same.

        • Joe America says:

          I’d say Philippine laws ought to be reconsidered, actually, to get rid of the limitation of man or woman, as defined at birth. People grow up and hormones take over, and they are absolutely legitimate. I’m with you, but am treading a legal line as well as social line. Current law will be relevant at the trial.

        • edgar lores says:

          Sex is based on what you have between your ears and not what you have between your legs.

        • sonny says:

          Some science also says there is mammalian and reptilian in the human brain. I have come across reports that say there are a small percentage of garter snakes that are homosexual. I have not come across a similar report on mammals.

            • Joe America says:

              The write-up on dogs is quite interesting. It even includes “dogs as a food source”, which I no longer revolt at, having seen a neighbor dragging a carcass off to get some variety on the rice. Need is a strong driver of tastes I suppose. That is true for dogs, too, and sexual behavior. We have two male dogs, both just over a year old, and they spend a large part of the day servicing one another this way or that. Yet, when they escape the compound it is usually because there is a girl dog out there on the other side of the wall. So I suppose we could call them switch hitters. The important lesson seems to me to be that, as far as work goes, they are excellent at their job of watching and barking and keeping people who arrive in a considerable state of anxiety.

          • sonny says:

            Bingo. Thank you, Edgar.

          • sonny says:

            “Humans are mammals.”

            … w/prefrontal cortexes.

  6. Pinoyputi says:

    I am happy with the reactions of, foremost, Jose Guevarra and later Manuel Buencamino. By the look of it two Filipino’s with healthy, objective, decent and realistic replies.

    You on the other hand seem to be doing exactly what you’re are complaining and criticizing others for. Your whole pervert story is a build up for an excuse to kill that “pervert transgender”. O yes, you’re not advocating murder but you come up with the invention of rape in a definition no law, or any normal living soul would come up with.

    My definition of rape: a.the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. b. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. I’ll go with the words of Jose, “maybe” deception.

    As for the simple crowd that is demanding the head of the suspect, that is something of all ages and places. I think the first time I read about was in a “western” where they were about to lynch the bad guy. It is their emotion that want to have a visit of the president, unfortunately only your big friend Binay shows up. Binay, Miriam and other politicians are just preparing for the elections in 2016.

    Harry Roque, tried to fight the VFA already way back in 2000 as counselor of Jovito Salongo when they challenged the VFA to the Supreme Court. You might not agree to him but you have to admire him for the continues fight for his ideals. I agree with him that the VFA is not balanced and should be amended, not junked.

    You complain that the crowd is acting as if Pemberton is convicted already. Is that not what you’re doing to Binay?
    I think you should follow your Ambassador and act calm and with reason.

    • Joe America says:

      Where to begin. Binay. I have sat through four subcommittee hearing meetings and heard the testimonies and followed the presentations of evidence, the most powerful being from a neutral project appraiser who said the P2.3 million garage is worth P900 million. Indeed, that has biased my view, along with the belief that an honest man would simply explain. Which Binay does not do. He or his spokespeople tell untruths.

      What do we know about Pemberton and Laude? I hope the trial is broadcast so we can all see the evidence and perhaps hear from Pemberton directly (although I doubt it). At least the opinions would be in a forum of decency. Now, Pemberton is being tried for the VFA, for American history in the Philippines, for LGBT rights, for tittilation, for Nicole, and perhaps even to try to move Binay off the front page, as Roque has endorsed him for President.

      You blame me for trying to balance the table a bit? I put up with three years of the Nicole fiasco and now we are at it again.

      The “rape” word was poorly used. I should have used “invalidated”, or something similar to suggest that Pemberton, by some standards, may have been a victim. But that is hard to explain. So I went for an analogy that maybe some – but not you – would be sympathetic to. In that, I overlay what my reaction would have been had one of my dates surprised me with a pair of gonads. I’d probably still be in the shower trying to wash off the dusgust.

      So, yes, I have personal biases, too.

      I’ll calm down when pre-judging Filipinos calm down.

      • Joe America says:

        And your “kill that transgender pervert” is putting words in my mouth that I did not say, and do not think. As I wrote, no harm no foul to people doing whatever they want as long as they are not being deceitful. I believe in freedom of expression in the bedroom. As does manuelbuencamino. You did not read that in the article?

        Perhaps you are not as objective as you think.

      • Joe America says:

        And let me add one other bit of personal bias or guess. I expect that the US did its own investigation and that there is clear evidence that Pemberton is guilty on some level – which is beyond the US military to define as it is solely a Philippine judgment – which can be anything from homicide at some degree to outright premeditated murder classified as a “hate crime”. The investigation may even have included a Pemberton confession and for sure the testimony of his fellow marines. But he deserves a defense. He deserves a trial. The case may shock the world and be could be declared innocent. Due process, innocent until proven guilty. Can we simply agree on that as a proper point of commonality?

        Clarification. He deserves a fair trial.

        • Pinoyputi says:

          Yes, we can agree on that.

          • Jose Guevarra says:

            Joe did paint a picture that would seem to lessen Pemberton’s culpabilities in Laude’s death. But I think his main point in doing so is that we all have to try to calm down and let the case play out in the courts. When I gave a possible scenario that can be described as being diametrically opposied (though still reasonable) to that of Joe’s, he was quick to accept that in such a case, the claim of Pemberton having been “raped” by Laude simply becomes untenable. I think that despite his own personal biases (which Joe admits he has), Joe is basically trying to give this case a fair treatment as he can.

  7. manuel buencamino says:

    The president is being pilloried by certain quarters for not going to Jennifer Laude’s wake and for his explanation of why he did not.

    This is what he said:
    “You know, in general, I don’t attend wakes of people I don’t know. I find it—and I’m speaking for myself—I’m uncomfortable in trying to condole with people who don’t know me and… Parang how can I say that I really sympathize with their loss and have some relevant discussion with them on trying to assuage, ‘di ba, their loss at that point in time? If I know the person somehow or the person is close to me… As a general rule, I attend wakes wherein there are some connections, so that ‘yung I don’t want to be a burden but rather I want to help them at their time of grief.”

    What the president said was he had no personal reason to go to Jennfer’s wake. If Jennifer’s murder was not played up in media, if the VFA and LGBT angles did not bury the tragedy that befell Jennifer as a person, then no one would be calling for the president to visit her wake just like no one is calling for the president to visit the wake of the transgender who was killed in a flower shop and the other who was just walking down the street.

    Those who want the president to show up at Jennifer’s wake want the president to make a political statement i.e. to show solidarity with LGBTs and with those opposed to VFA and EDCA.

    Furthermore, his not showing up the wake does not mean he has no sympathy for Jennifer or her family. It simply means he does not want to turn it into a political circus, something that certain individuals and groups seem to have no problem doing whenever an opportunity presents itself, even if it means standing on the coffin of Jennifer and using it as a political soapbox. http://www.uniffors.com/?p=7763

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for the elaboration and reference to your commentary. I agree entirely.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Benigno Aquino’s presence in Laude’s wake, in the mind of poor Filipinos, that would clinched that Pemberton is guilty and Aquino was right. This is what happened recently to Supreme Court and Corona, once Benigno Aquino accused someone because he was just against them personally Filipinos take a listen and formed a verdict in their mind that they are guilty.

      Filipinos have different minds, totally different from 1stWorld country that is why Filipinos are still 3rdWorld, that made truism to “LOOSE LIPS SINKS PHILIPPINES”.

      In the 1stWorld, just by reading their news, government officials and police spokesmen GIVE VERY LITTLE INFORMATION AS TO TIME OF DEATH, MANNER OF DEATH, GENDER, NAME, WEAPONS OF CRIME, ETCETERA … 1stWorld citizens know why, I KNOW WHY it is about not telegraphing what the police have found out and suspects not spinning their yarn so tight that even U.P. graduates cannot even untangle it. The operative word her is “SURPRISE”!

      In Inquirer couple of news back, they were looking for Limlingan. Of course, Limlingan is gone. He must be in the Bahamas swinging in a hammock with daiquiri in hand and laughing at fellow Filipinos.

      Sam ting wong! Totally. Not goot at all.

      The Ottawa police knew who the shooter was at the parliament, but they keep it mum for hours so other suspects cannot know that they have the man and absolutely cold so they can run after the others if any.

      Another wonderful beautiful minds of Filipinos is that de Venecia of ZTE brouhaha! Instead of going to NBI he went to Inquirer. The beauty of it all, he did not cart off documents or photocopy it or record their conversation. By mere word of mouth, the Philippine Government got a case thru Philippine Media.

      Ain’t that a wonderful mind? Morning after I am bombarded with e-mails asking me WHAT HAPPENED? DUH!

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        The Chinese ZtE were laughing. The Philippine government got no case. No proof. Just dal-dal and pang-damays. Eventually they got a escaped goat who had nothing to do with ZTE to pacify the thirst of blood from the Filipino.

        Ain’t embarassing to be a Filipino?

  8. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    HOT OFF THE PRESS from ABCNews dot Com


    American forces are guarding Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton, yet a ring of Filipino troops surrounds them. The seemingly redundant security effort around the suspect in a Philippine murder case reflects Manila’s uneasy ties with Washington, its former colonial master.

    Americans just do not trust Filipinos that is for sure!!!

    When a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter landed on the US Aircraft carrier to fetch Pemberton, Americans came out in droves. Not to watch Pemberton taken away, but ogle at vintage Vietnam-era chopper.

    Of course My Americans should be very extra careful! They have to stand guard to Pemberton. CAMP AGUINALDO WAS RECENTLY ATTACKED BY A GERMAN NATIONAL !!! They are just afraid Pemberton might be whisked by Chinese military coming thru the front gates.

    I am still waiting for Malacanang to investigate Trillanes and Tulfo on leaks of “SECRET” talk between Vice-President Binay and President Aquino. No wonder when Obama came to town, as seen on pictures, Obama always whispers to Aquino because there are too many bureaucrats whirling vintage wines, sniffing it and swishing around their mouth while listening to conversation of Obama and Aquino. TOO MANY NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS.

    If I were to become President of the Philippines, which I do not want, I wonder who to trust. I guess, I’ll tap Laotian military and bureaucrats to assist me in turning Philippines UPSIDE DOWN to RIGHT SIDE UP.

  9. letlet says:

    We forgot to learn lessons from the Laude/ Pemberton case …that deception is a very unethical behaviour, sometimes with disastrous results. Laude presented herself of what she is not… a woman. In any matter / form, dishonesty brings forth destructive effects. She took the consequence of her deception. At the end of the day, Laude has a moral obligation to be honest to her client right there and then, that she told Pemberton she was a transgender.

    Pemberton felt badly treated – deceived and manipulated and regarded as a person who doesn’t deserve the truth, and made things uncertain and damaged his ability to make right decision, clouded his ability to assess the situation and be on top of the situation, and dealt with it rightly so.

    Laude’s deception was outrageous in terms of moral compass, that a very drunk man was not also in his right mental state of mind. We have to give to Caesar what is due to Caesar. Justice and fairness should prevail. We have to up our ante of our moral compass.

    • letlet says:

      Laude’s unnecessary killing brought it upon herself .A wrongdoing can’t be corrected by another wrongdoing.” Though she was my country fellow ( kababayan), her death was her fault. She paid the ultimate price for her deception.

      If you (those crying for Pemberton’s blood) were in Pemberton’s shoes, heavily drunk at the time of the discovery of Laude’s deception, how would you honestly react. Laude had her faults, Pemberton had his faults

      • Laude was not the first nor the last to “deceive” anyone. Pemberton is not the first nor the last to have been “deceived.” I am guessing that in your entire life, you also can no longer count the number of times you have been “deceived” by others. Did you kill any one of them? And others may have thought that you have “deceived” them as well. And yet, here you are, still alive and passing judgement on the dead.

        • I am not trying to judge Pemberton’s guilt or innocence here. All i want is for him to answer whatever charges that may come out of this, since, all the evidence so far (deficient as they may be) point to him as having some level of responsibility for Laude’s death. A fair trial will surely give him the chance to clear his name (while Jennifer can no longer clear hers of all the “deception” accusations people have leveled against her).

          • letlet says:

            Believe me, it’s true I have been deceived by other people too, in some big and small ways, but I forgive and pray for them….. WITH ALL HONESTY. i always go to Sunday mass, attend novena prayers ( first saturday – JESUS Divine Mercy and other saturdays – A Day With Virgin Mary and Sunday – Jesus Divine mercy Novena prayer at Westminster Cathedral) and join pilgrimages ( Holy Land, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Vatican, Rome, Spain’s St James Cathedral, Jesus Divine Mercy in Poland) etc. Everyday, I pray for my family members, friends and relatives, the Filipino people in the philippines especially the poor and the whole of humanity, the souls of the sinners, the souls of the dying, ill and sick, the suffering souls in the purgatory and all the lost souls in the world. Believe me, I pray for them everyday without failure.

            Sometime February 2014 ( this year). on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Knock in Ireland, i was outraged hearing my Filipina seatmate in the coach lambasting / bashing another Filipina who just died from brain hemorrage. I thought she should be praying for the soul of this dead Filipina. In my frame of mind, it never ever enter my mind to smear other people soul ‘s reputation. It’s the farthest on my mind.

            In my right mind, I would never put other people’s transgressions to me ( they don’t merit killings) in the same box as of Laude and Pemberton’s case. I look at both sides, Laude and Pemberton. I am only trying to point out that LIKE Laude, Pemberton deserves justice TOO, Again, LAUDE HAS HIS FAULTS, PEMBERTON HAS HIS FAULTS TOO. I have to look at both sides. Both deserve JUSTICE IN THEIR OWN WAYS. I can’t ask Pemberton to be sent to hell if Laude has his fault too. I ask this in the name of fairness and justice in the court.

            • letlet says:

              On Wednesday, Barbie ( the other transgender who was with Laude and Pemberton), testified and told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that ” ang alam ni Pemberton ay tutuong babae kami.”, so the accusation of deception has merits. Yes, there’s no enough justification in killing Laude.

              As Pemberton has violated the 6th Commandments of God ” Thou shall not kill” , he deserves punishment accordingly

              • Joe America says:

                Yes, I think this would be a wonderful case to handle as an attorney. For either side. The complexity of issues may help define LGBT rights in the Philippines. And responsibilities.

            • And this is why I am so mad at people like you! For someone who claims to be so religious, you were very quick to say that Laude’s death was her own fault! That she “brought it upon herself.” Granting that she deceived Pemberton, couldn’t he just beaten her up? Maybe paralyzed her? Kicked her where she deserved to be kicked? Or maybe, I don’t know, walked away? That’s an awful lot of choices he had to choose from to make sure Laude never takes him for a foor again. Yet, he took it upon himself to take Laude’s life. And yet you come here, saying Laude “brought it upon herself!” OMFG! This is why I am NOT a Catholic anymore! You’re such a hypocrite!!!

              • Joe America says:

                I think letlet is in the same predicament I was in when I wrote the blog. There is absolutely no excuse for murder. Agreed. But there is an excuse for emotional reaction from Pemberton if he was deceived. I think the distinction would, or should, be played out in a court of law, with psychologists testifying as to what “manhood” means. There are different levels of murder from pre-meditated to accidental. The killer in this case was somewhere in between. My advice is to go back to our basic agreement, to watch the court case with calm. It would be easier to do this if Atty Harry Roque were not already representing his client in a public trial. For me, that brings out my “American” bias, because I think it is unethical for him to be leading protests.

              • Joe America says:

                To that last point, I would note that the German boyfriend of Laude, who climbed the Aguinaldo jail fence, is rightly being criticized. But Roque, who was there inciting the emotions that carried him over the fence, is not being criticized. A case of beating up on a foreigner and missing the real culprit?

              • sonny says:

                “The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!”

                (remember this? anybody?)

  10. cha says:

    I’m with @Jose Guevarra up there, we don’t really have the complete, accurate and factual information on this case to draw any reasonable conclusions as to who’s done it and why. All these speculations floating about, about deception, possible rape and all that, they aren’t really helping neither the victim’s case nor the accused. The most we can really do is call for a thorough and impartial investigation to ferret out the truth. Or at the very least, as Jose Guevarra puts it, “try to calm down and let the case play out in the courts.”

    As for the seemingly erudite Harry Roque, the guy needs to make up his mind who he’s really lawyering for – the victim. her family, the LGBT community or the anti-VFA groups. So far, he hasn’t done any of them any real favors. And specially not where Jennifer is concerned. Where there ought to be more sympathy and compassion on the public’s part towards her plight, there seems to be a growing alienation and antipathy instead.

    He and those very vocal voices from the LGBT and anti-VFA forces are drowning the already voiceless and lifeless Jennifer a second time amidst their public posturing and loud protestations that’s really got nothing to do with her anymore and everything to do with their own respective agendas. Her murderer may have taken her last breath away, but these ones are just as easily taking away whatever chance she has of a dignified end. Shame on them all.

    Let her rest in peace. Get the perpetrator of this crime against her person and see that justice is done. That is what she deserves. Those who have other things in mind, they can go away somewhere and search for whatever humanity they still have left in them. If any.

    • gerverg1885 says:


      What made this case sensational is the way the media reported the news as if Laude did not have any culpability at all to what happened to him (I don’t like the pronoun still being used to describe his gender when it is obvious that he is a he.). He used duplicity and the American was looking for a really good time with the opposite sex that Laude tried to personify.

      • cha says:


        But why would the victim have any culpability for what happened to her? When did deception, if indeed there was any involved, become a justification for taking someone else’s life?

        And it really doesn’t matter what pronoun we use, at the end of the day, she/he is a human being just like the rest of us. The only difference now is that we’re still breathing and probably will for quite some time. And he/she is not. Will not.

    • Joe America says:

      The trick is to get dispassionate when passions are overflowing. Thank you for urging those of us who tend to react personally to “chill” and let the case evolve. That is indeed what ought to happen. Still, Harry Roque is getting no free ride from me . . .

      • cha says:

        Harry Roque will need plane fare instead. Check out excerpt of what he wrote in his blog below. Note the use of the word WHEN instead of IF.

        “My promise though is when we fail to get justice for Jennifer and the nation before Philippines courts, we will pursue the killer before foreign courts wherever the bigoted killer may be. Meanwhile, we should unite as a nation and assert our sovereignty: Junk the VFA! Junk the EDCA!”


        • Joe America says:

          Never in my life did a guy I once write a blog praising fall so far and so fast on the scale of integrity. In the US, we have a class of attorney known as Personal Injury lawyers, some of whom are ambulance chasers who are like vultures. They do pretty much what Roque is doing, find an injury, leap on it, and try it in public. Maybe it is a necessary breed, but they are villains in John Grisham’s books, and I like Grisham. He was smart enough to forget lawyering and take up writing instead. You know . . . that noble profession . . . 🙂

          • cha says:

            It’s called The Binay Effect. 🙂

            Here’s what he has to say to Senators Cayetano and Trillanes who he considers as his “closest friends” :

            “A further word of advice to my good friends: Philippine history has shown that while smears have sometimes worked, it has not always resulted in poll victories. Jamby Madrigal spearheaded the smear against Manny Villar that proved to be somehow effective. Her smear though was not enough to win her a second term in the Senate. This shows that our electorate people do not appreciate individuals behind smear campaigns. They will still vote for people with positive achievements.

            Beware, my friends!”


            Enjoy the rest of your day now. Ahaha.

  11. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Hot off the press from Manila Times. Honorable Serial Failed Coup-de-T’at plotting Senator Trillanes said:

    ” “The luxury of the place betrays the two personalities of Vice President Binay. He projects himself as poor, because of his complexion and demeanor, when he has a secret world of opulence. You can see Binay’s masquerade here],” Trillanes told reporters.””

    Now, Trillanes has simplified the search for corrupt FILIPINOS.

    If you are browned-skin-punk’d nose and Binay Look Alike and listen …. listen carefully … YOU ARE WEALTHY you are likely corrupt.

    Trillanes is simply saying that only half-breed half-white English speaking Filipinos can become rich the rest are DESTINED TO BE SLAVES !!!!


    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      There will be a battle of “context” because Trillanes has already accused the Binay Camp that they sent a pseudo-journalist to take him out of context. Problem is IT IS IN YOUTUBE that he cannot deny.

      But totally, I agree with Serial Failed Coup-de-T’ater Honorable Senator Trillanes, Browned-Skin-Punk’d Nose Filipinos are DESTINED TO BE POOR and SLAVES. If they are rich and wealthy THEY SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED.

  12. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    What is funny right now in the Philippines is when I fight for fair treatment and JUSTICE for Binay, people starts calling me names.


    • Joe America says:

      Interesting view, Mariano. Tried by the press? I don’t think so. His spokespeople dominate the press when the subcommittee is not meeting. No one is marching in the streets demanding his ouster. The Senate is doing its job and will issue a report soon. DOJ is following the facts which they have to do. Toilet bowls worth P8,000 purchased by taxpayers for P32,000? What justice enforcer is going to ignore that? The ombudsman will get involved. Binay is definitely not getting a bad deal, I think. He is making the bed in which he lies through his own acts and statements. The problem is, he can’t or won’t explain the “anomalies”.

  13. letlet says:

    @ cha

    Actually, it was in my third thoughts / trying to finish my commenting about Laude / Pemberton case. On my first and second thoughts / trying, I was just on the first line of my commenting, then stopped there. But I felt a strong sense that i have to say something about this case, so went back and finished my commenting. I strongly believe that like Laude, Pemberton needs some justice too in the court as it was not all his faults. On my part, I have no hidden agenda whatsoever in clamoring for Pemberton’s some justice. My post has more something to do with and from my christian / catholic point of view. Justice and fairness is what I am at

  14. It is human nature to be biased based on our own “looking glass” which were colored by our personal perceptions and life experiences. Let us not assign any fault on the victim nor on the suspect until all proof and evidence are in. There will be justice for both in a fair and fast trial.

  15. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    In JoeAm’s blog, people here talk about finer points in justice, most of the time they talk of lynching Binay based on inquisitions Filipino principle, “IT IS NOT WHAT WE CAN PROVE, IT IS WHAT WE KNOW THRU THE MEDIA”

    Why there are two parallel justice? Pemberton is an American, Filipinos have to show to Americans that Filipinos are capable of justice sometimes, for the Americans by the Americans so Filipinos will not perish from the onslaught of Chinese.

    Whereas, Binay, he is a browned-skin-punk’d nose Filipino as Trillanes alluded. A browned-skin-punk’d nose Filipinos cannot be wealthy but poor and enslaved. A Filipino should not be accorded evidenciary rule of justice but inquisition thru Questions-and-Answers and evidences gathered by Affidavits.

    What is so amazing in the Philippines that blows me down is ASKING FOR JUSTICE IS PRO-BINAY. HUH?

    • Joe America says:

      Actually, the hearings have been on television, and we can confirm that the media actually have reported the incidents fairly well, at least the inquirer. The lies that the Binay camp simply pile up, as revealed in best CSPAN fashion for citizens to witness directly. Some of the moments have been quite powerful, mostly as Cayetano brings out the big lies: not green, not world class, not special foundations, worth P900 not P2.3 billion, Tiu is not the owner . . . and you can choose to believe either Binay or Aquino when they tell exactly opposite stories. I know who I believe. The media did not enter the picture, other than as transmitters of factual information.

  16. R. Hiro says:

    An analogy can be made of America’s racial problems to our problems stemming from our ongoing colonial experience with America. A young black man gets shot by a cop and naturally it is the cop’s fault…The place goes bonkers and riots break out…
    It happens again and again…



  17. Joe, I will never buy the “brought it upon herself” argument without it being applied EQUALLY to both sides. In particular, I would never think that anyone would bring it upon themselves to get killed in this gruesome manner. That, to me, is basic.

    And when supposedly religious people use this argument, all I can say is OMFG! As I have earlier mentioned, moral standards should apply both ways. Otherwise, they simply make no sense.

  18. Jetlag807 says:

    Philippine Justice? No. The process of THIS trail (in procedure, custody, time frame, etc) has been clearly laid out in the Visiting Forces Agreement. In short, the accused must be allowed a “speedy” trail. This does not exist under the normal Philippine justice system. I won’t excuse Pemberton for his actions, whether it was “false advertising” or not. However, I do not believe that he intentionally killed Jeffery Laude. But, with all the anti-US/VFA ranting and raving, folks should try to keep something in mind. Pemebrton will be tried and most likely convicted (of what extent I do not know, possibly the equivalent of manslaughter) and sentenced. He will serve said sentence and after which, he will be sent back to the US to face a Court Martial and serve another sentence in US Federal Prison. All of this will happen and yet the masterminds of the Maguindanao Massacre will STILL be in court with no end to their trail in sight!

    • Jetlag807 says:

      And what happened to the Filipinos who killed a US Marine Officer just outside Rockwell in full view of the CCTV cameras? They are STILL awaiting trial… THAT is Philippine justice.

      • Joe America says:

        I liken the reaction to a chemical explosion where the press are the catalyst that ignite two separate ingredients, one being the weight of history and the other the power of envy. Fairness or calm can’t exist in that arena. But I do see signs of change in the argument where a lot of people realize that the US presence is what keeps the Philippines safe and free right now. So there are some tempering forces, but still not exactly balanced justice.

        Which I suppose is highly ironic given Filipino complaints about an imbalanced VFA imprisonment clause. So balance is not the issue. It is something deeper.

        • Jetlag807 says:

          Deeper indeed… Diving into those depths would incite an extreme amount of denial and anger among Philippine citizens.

    • Joe America says:

      I think the kid, if he did it, will see the light of free space in about a century. Smith got 40 years. He did not kill. There is a need to punish SOME foreigners, like the German guy who climbed a fence, and probably American military people, but I’m not sure about what would happen if a Chinese fisherman killed a Filipino fisherman. I think no one would notice and they’d let him go. There are some energies in the psyche of Filipinos that need to be released, so woe to the marine who has a really bad night.

  19. Jo says:

    Haven’t commented in a while but always reading you, Joe, and I’d looked forward to your take on this issue.

    And what do you know? Great minds do think alike, hehe.

    But seriously, though–when I think of this issue, I’m often disgusted at how overblown this has become. The loud ones are riding on this death for their own pet agenda and it’s cringe-worthy. I am especially revolted with Harry Roque, supposedly a good lawyer. The Laudes should get a real one.

    About Pemberton–we don’t know what really happened yet but I keep remembering what Barbie said, that the guy thought they were real women.

    Which points to deception.

    Which points me to: if Laude and Pemberton DID engage in sex, then Pemberton, having thus been deceived, is raped. And no, I don’t condone rape. Or taking someone else’s life, for that matter. But hell, if it’s really rape and a woman can defend her rapist or potential rapist to the point of killing the rapist, I don’t see why a male rape victim can’t.

    Of course, speculation.

    But yeah, Joe. I agree with you.

    • Joe America says:

      Well, Hi, Jo. Thanks for chipping in to the conversation, and it is good to see that we are on the same page. Given the discussion here and elsewhere, I’ve conceded that the “rape” word, although useful to underscore the point of emotional harm, is too strong. Rape suggests an intentional and violent intent to harm, and I don’t know if that would have been the victim’s intent. She may have been ignorant as to how emotionally punitive deceitful sex would be. I don’t know what kinds of information or stories or warnings exist in the transgender community, but the victim may not have set out to do emotional damage, but to have a good time, make money, whatever. My guess is there is awareness because her friend Barbie evidently suggested they leave before their true gender was discovered. But people can still act naively if they are having a good time.

      So I will give the victim the benefit of the doubt. She may not have intentionally set out to do harm, so she deserves the concession of perhaps having been either naive or ignorant. I’m sure we will hear more about this during the court case. Deceit. Willful harm. Pivotal points of argument, perhaps.

      The most extreme of the accusations would be “hate crime”.
      The most extreme of the defense arguments would be “willful harm” intended by the victim.

      The factual truth is likely in between those two extremes.

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