Senator Trillanes to the rescue!

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Standing up for the Philippines . . . [Photo credit Philstar]

My first reaction to Senator Trillanes at yesterdays Blue Ribbon Subcommittee was, “oh oh, you are pushing too hard”.

I thought pulling out a man classified as “scoundrel” in most books, a certain Delfin Lee, and putting his P200 million extortion charge against Vice President Binay in the headlines, was a little risky. And I thought that, earlier in the day, charging two Court of Appeals justices with selling a case ruling at P25 million each, without any cited hard evidence, was more than bold.

Then I saw the tabloid headlines today and started laughing. Front page, big headlines, there it was.

Delfin Lee accused Binay of P200 million extortion

Trillanes says justices favored Binay for P25 million

Why did I laugh?

Because I’ve been listening to the lies and excuses and blames and insults of the Binay spokesliars for over a year now. I’ve seen the Binays dodging hearings and doing nothing to present key witnesses like Gerry Limlingan and the Chongs. I’ve been seeing that scurrilous, entitled family in the front pages day after day, spinning their case, trying to drag down good people like Roxas and de Lima and Morales. People just doing their job.

And it it is good to see the Binays squirm. Good to see them flailing in wild desperation.

Being at the receiving end of dirty play.

Watching them twitch and scream and try to attack Trillanes. And say he is not playing fair.


Well, I’m a bigger principled idealist than a lot of people, and I know right from wrong. But if the ethics of impunity are so pronounced as to keep the Poes and Escuderos of the world silent about Binay, then to hell with principle.

Down and dirty it is.

That is the playing field, established by the Binays.

Senator Trillanes is willing to wade into that field and fight for the Philippines, and honesty, on their terms.

The end justifies the means.

That’s my new principle, for this particular fight.

Senator Trillanes is my hero.

He knows the difference between right and wrong, and when the playing field is being gamed. And no culture of impunity is going to intimidate him.

Best wishes senator.

Drive those Binay popularity ratings down to zero!

I hope others step up, too. I don’t have a lot of confidence they will. The culture of impunity does not create many heroes.

But I’ve got your back to the best of my ability, Senator . . . and I know a lot of others people, people worried about the Binays, and about the well-being of their nation, are cheering you, too.


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  1. Exactly Joe,
    Can’t a principled man play this game?

    It takes a certain kind of self confidence to dance with devils and in pizzas or cojones or balls Trillanes is showing his worth.

    Now the issue of the day? Will the collegial body favor their former colleague?

    • Joe America says:

      That’s true, he may pay a price. He is making waves and he will have to bear the considerable push-back likely to come at him. I rather think he enjoys playing the game, though, so he can stand it. He has command of headlines now, so they risk keeping bad news on the front page if they persist in pushing back.

      • Maxie says:

        I hope he is the kamikaze pilot that will sink the ship. I wish him well on his (political) suicide mission.

        • Joe America says:

          I’m guessing his popularity will go up, not down, and he is a lot more likely to win the VP slot today than before yesterday. I don’t think he needs the well wishes or brickbats of other legislators, as he is the traditional lone wolf.

          • Crews says:

            I agree! It is so refreshing to know we have a genuine hero in the senate that has great integrity and true grit and is a real soldier’s soldier. Not a low character whimp Rambotito who has to dress-up in camouflage to impress hacienda guests.

            Trillanes would make a very fine VP in my opinion.

    • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

      He is a risk-taker we all know, but he has learned to be a calculated risk-taker.

      I think he is aiming for the Presidency with this. And he would be a good President.

      • Joe America says:

        He has announced that he will run for Vice President, but it’s a long time until October, when candidacies have to be formalized. Maybe we’ll see Roxas/Trillanes. Then Trillanes moves past Poe for 2022.

        I’m reminded of the carnival game where you squirt water into a bull’s eye to make the horse run, and the better you squirt, the faster the horse runs. Here’s to a Kewpie doll for Trillanes.

        • marshaledesma says:

          Roxas and Trillanes in Malacañan…
          Just the thought of it fills me with optimism.
          Like PNoy, they’re men of integrity, and incorruptible.
          The country will continue to be in good hands.


          • Joe America says:

            That is interesting, two very different personalities, two people of integrity. I wonder how they get along. Both do have tempers, I’d note.

            • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

              Trillanes, being calculating inspite of temper, will do everything to back Roxas.

              In view of his goal to be President in 2022, he said he is running for VP because the Philippines is not yet ready for a President like him – a clear statement.

              • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

                Vote Trillanes for VP. Witness based justice absence of Evidence. Good for Philippines? Good for Filipinos. Not good for investors. Investors need evidence not paid-witnesses, paid Justices, dependent Supreme Court Justices.

                JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE PHILIPPINES IS WITNESS-BASED. MEANING, IT RELIES ON GOSSIPS. Gossips is the root of all jealous backstabbers and crabs.


                To this day, Trillanes Gossips has not proved that BinayLand belongs to Tiu and Binay. UNFORTUNATELY, FILIPINOS DO BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN FAITH.

              • Joe America says:

                The culture is the culture. If you play straight, you lose. I am always amazed that Filipinos want their government leaders to be not-Filipino. Who here does not depend on loyalties? Who does not seek personal gain over community gain? Who does not favor sensationalism over knowledge? I don’t see the comment thread on transparency and education ripping with passionate comment.

              • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

                In Filipino culture, Good Filipinos always finish last if they finish last at all.

          • Roxas-Trillanes is a promising idea for every Filipino wishing to continue the legacy of Pnoy’ s Daang Matuwid. I am for it and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can to make them win.

        • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

          Trillanes now has done two good things for President Aquino:

          1. Protect him against Poe’s blame-game very actively.

          2. Fight against Binay, also very actively.

          Dogs that don’t bark and have an intent stare bite really hard.

          He is winning points to be Roxas’s running mate in 2016.

    • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

      A principled man can play his game to further his cause.

      Like I have done here. Like my brother does for his family.

      Like Joe wrote above. Sometimes the end justifies the means.

  2. karl garcia says:

    A brave man.This time I find nothing wrong when some one like him shoots first then ask questions later.Glad to have met him and am glad that he took my dad as part of his team.

  3. parengtony says:

    For my tocayo, this is not uncharted waters. Recall similar battles vs culture of impunity icons GMA-Mike Arroyo, Enrile, Angelo Reyes and other top brass military figures, Mirriam Santiago even.

    In my book he deserves, at the very least, the benefit of the doubt, Additionally, ningas cogon he is not.

  4. Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

    Trillanes is a man who has learned one very important lesson from own experience.

    When he enters a fight he enters only to win and is otherwise silent and observing. That is a very good attitude, he is the kind of man who can deal with China when the time comes – strategically.

    From this blog article onwards, I am posting with my real name. I have now matured as a blogger, I do not need to hide behind the alias PinoyInEurope anymore. Besides, it is more credible if I have skin in the game, and it keeps me from falling back into my old vices many here know.

    • Joe America says:

      Well, two courageous men in one blog. Makes my day . . .

      • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

        Since Trillanes reminds me of my brother sometimes, he inspired me. Similar character even – my brother is a quiet but effective man.

        An as the CEO of a political PR corporation, he is a positive Filipino role model as well much more than me and deserves to be posted here once:

        • inquirercet says:

          this could be the first time the words “political PR” and “Positive Filipino role model” was used in the same paragraph. of course, my reply has no bearing whatsoever on the truthfulness of your post.

          • edgar lores says:

            I recognize the handle from other hunting grounds. As a denizen of the Society, welcome!

          • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

            Well, my brother Dr. Wigan Salazar IS the CEO of MS&L Berlin. You may google. They are under the Publicis Group which is HQed in Paris under Maurice Levy. He did his PhD at the SOAS in London about Philippine-German economic relations, his field research in Manila brought him to the German Club in Manila and to the Ayalas themselves, ZOBEL de Ayala is a family of German-Spanish origin. So he is a positive role model.

            Yes, my brother is a spin doctor who does his job honorably. His principle is never to tell any lies but to focus on the positive aspects, he has an interview where he says that. I couldn’t do his job, I am only IT, because I can only write for what I am passionate about.

            • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

              To add meat to the NP affiliations of our family, which I posted about in another subthread: my brother was Elementary School classmate of NP senatorial bet Adel Tamano at JASMS, his deceased elder brother Datu Macapanton Malik Abbas Tamano was my classmate. Their deceased father Senator Mamintal Tamano was my father’s compadre. I do not hide where I come from, but I write out of passion, not for anyone but myself, not for money.

              • Hello, Mr. Salazar! Way off-topic but I just wanted to say that seeing Kaka Mac’s full name out here on the web made my day. He was, and still is, my favorite uncle. Most intelligent among the siblings (not the wisest, though). He could have been the most successful of them all if he knew how to apply his intelligence. I’m Amick/Amina’s son by the way.

            • karl garcia says:

              Adel was my High School batchmate LSGH 88

            • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

              Joe, your principles and those of my brother in his line of work are the same, almost BBC:

              Never tell a lie, but focus on the positive aspects. Nothing wrong with that man.

              • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

                Where we two are the same Joe and different from my brother: we do it out of passion not for money – in all things I am sure. 🙂 We both were corporate slaves, now you are retired, I am a corporate mercenary but never a political one.

    • edgar lores says:


      I have always used the alias given to me at birth.

  5. andrewlim8 says:

    For those looking for anecdotes on judicial behavior, I refer you to p. 195 of “Endless Journey, A Memoir” by Jose Almonte, as told to Marites Vitug.

    “In 1990 the Regional Trial Court convicted me for libel… I elevated this to the Court of Appeals. I was in my last years in the EIIB (Economic Intelligence Investigation Bureau) and would step down two years later…

    “I had forgotten all about it until after I became national security adviser (under Ramos) in 1992. Immediately after I assumed office, the appelate court reversed the RTC ruling and acquitted me. WHAT SURPRISED ME WAS THE VISIT OF THE THREE JUSTICES WHO EXONERATED ME. They came to congratulate me, saying I was innocent.”

    “How did you exonerate me”, I asked.


    I was disappointed with their behavior and worried about what this meant for the judiciary. …If this was the way that decisions were made in the judiciary…then it would be very difficult to reform the justice system.

    I could not help myself and said, in frustration, “Please don’t be angry, Your Honors, but the judiciary is the soul of the system. How do you reform this?” THEY KNEW THEY WERE PLAYING GAMES. They simply looked at each other.

    (capitalization and info in parentheses supplied by me)

    Of course, in all likelihood these were not the same justices who issued that TRO to Junjun Binay. But it just underscores the point that our judiciary is far from perfect, and very far from perfect at that. So what does that say about the rule of law?

    I ditched my review of this book because part of it would again regurgitate Mamasapano issues, which has thankfully died down by now.

    • Joe America says:

      Like, “wow”. That says it all about the values of the judiciary (some or many is hard to tell). Political players in the culture of impunity.

      Thanks for the reference.

      • parengtony says:

        1. Is there a way of researching from the CA archives as to who were the three members of the CA Division that issued the ruling to exonerate Joe Al (1992, FVR elected as president and appointed Joe Al as National Security Adviser) in the libel case?

        2. I speculate that probably “The Firm” – Pancho Villaraza, et al had something to do with this CA majic.

        3. Marcos’ way of “controlling” the justices was by way of Martial Law. FVR and GMA “controlled” the SC and the CA and the Ombudsman through the appointment of people like Desierto, Gutierrez, Corona, Ong, and other loyalist under the direction of “The Firm”.

        • Joe America says:

          I will defer to Raissa on that, I think, or the visitors there who have much richer experience and resources in that arena.

          I was disappointed to hear Justice Leonen yesterday cite that this was a complex case because of the politics involved. I thought the politics were involved in writing the laws, not interpreting them, but that shows how naive I am I guess. I know judges have political ideologies that shape their views in the US. Here, politics is personality, so Leonen’s statement seems to indicate that WHO files a case, or responds, is important. Beyond what the law says.

          • parengtony says:

            I was able to hear a replay of the audio. I tried to catch as much as I can the part where Justice Leonen used the term political as it relates to the case at hand and relative to other similar cases. Long story short, I did not get the same sense as yours.

    • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

      Like I in my teenage times as PinoyInEurope wrote in the previous blog, it is a very bad thing that the judiciary is allowed to interfere in prosecution. German state prosecutors for example work in dubio pro duriore and may do nearly anything they want when investigating – no TROs possible, leaving the judgment in dubio pro reo to the courts. Philippine corruption would make this power good only for the Ombudsman.

  6. edgar lores says:

    Make that Senator Thrill-anes.

  7. Steve says:

    Like it or not, though, Binay is almost certain to be the next President. If Trillanes ends up as his Vice President, that would be… interesting. I still expect Poe to run as Vice, and win no matter whose ticket she is on. Performance does not compete with the “anak ni…” factor.

    • Joe America says:

      Yep, the opposition is being divided like a pizza with a lot of very thin slices. So my bookie agrees with your calculation.

    • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

      Don’t believe that. Trillanes as a military man and a modest man has more mass pull than you can imagine. And he will in enlightened self-interest – he wants to be President in 2022 after all – support Roxas in true teamwork and give more mass pull than he can do alone.

      I know someone who knows Trillanes and has talked with him about his fully formed ideas and ambitions – like I said, our family is historically close to the Nacionalista party, my father was Rene Cayetano’s fraternity brod after all. So that all know my affiliations, they exist, even though I post what I post out of conviction, not for money but for love of the country that I had to leave due to my activism – and my getting thrown out of the KM movement.

      • Steve says:

        Where is the evidence of mass pull behind Trillanes… at least relative to Poe? He might (or might not) put together a credible VP campaign, but he’s starting from well back and it will take a lot of work. I still think the probably outcome is Binay and Poe, not necessarily running on the same ticket, assuming Poe decides on a VP run. That’s not what I want to see, far from it, but it’s what I expect.

  8. Bing Garcia says:

    Go Trillanes!

    • thinking says:

      go, go. go home! when they are all compatriots, binay, trillanes, et al. during the time of gma, have we heard something against binay from trillanes? NONE! trillanes sincere, NO!

      • Joe America says:

        I think a part of the intensity of Senator Trillanes’ attack on Binay comes from his anger that Binay did not join his coup escapade. Between then and now, he has not had much reason to attack, as no one came out of the woodwork to report on Binay. Alas, former Deputy Mayor Mercado was also betrayed by Binay (are we getting a pattern here?), and that was his undoing. Then, Binay proceeded to insult Trillanes by not hosting him properly during his visit to Hacienda Binay. He was first turned away. So it has developed into a spite match, Trillanes in the official chair, Binay trying to control the press with his spokespeople and family hurling accusations.

        For the well-being of the Philippines, it is pretty easy to determine who to root for. If you are not able to do that, it is personal choice, of course.

  9. Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

    Hehe, @Joe – RESPEKT! as they say in modern Germany, the way it is said in the projects where Turkish migrants live. You have made your name known, very mutig for an “Alien”.

    But it ain’t Marcos nationalism, it is simply Nacionalista nationalism which Marcos misused the way Hitler misused and discredited German nationalism for decades, forcing it to reboot + modernize into the more inclusive, internationally open yet cautious patriotism of Chancellor “Angie” Merkel.

    • Joe America says:

      Well, the bluster is unique. Unusual to see in such a young man, where force is intended to offset intellect. Either he is deaf (no offense intended, apologies to your bad ear) or he thinks we are (apologies again).

      • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

        I know Joe – I am an arrogant, blustering Filipino… with force and intellect – in the Bikol language both are subsumed under orag, the word for vital ENERGY… Yeah I know I am deaf and I talk very loud as a result, have to follow up on modern hearing aid. 🙂

        This is the way WE are – I mean both the (half-)Filipino and (half-)Bikol (the other half is Prussian as you know, but I wrote this as my coming out, I know you know MY name) parts of me. You witnessed how Bikols can be – strong as a rock like Noy Bert or like Parekoy. Guess I am somewhere between the two in mentality, my role model being Bert of course, his security and compassion is enviable, Parekoy and me have a long way to go till there. We are modernizing, but we will never be like Americans Joe, only modern Filipinos. 🙂

        • Joe America says:

          I was referring to Marcos. You speak with intelligence. I’m still waiting on him. Vast difference. Bert is a rock, I agree. So is Karl. Both are also slick with the wit, so one has to watch them carefully.

          • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

            Karl, Bert and giancarloangulo are the examples of the modern, secure Filipinos that my father dreamed of 25 years ago when he started with pantayong pananaw. The older generations are flawed, still have the hang-ups of the Filipino nation, the complexes.

            I include myself and my father in the partly flawed list. When the generation of Karl takes over at the helm of the country – Trillanes belongs to it – the future of the country is sure. My brother and my sister are only partly Filipino in spirit, having been raised abroad…

            • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

              Of course exceptions like sonny prove the rule regarding flawed generations…

              • sonny says:

                I wish I could include myself among those exceptions, Irineo. This would sully many of my generation who were salvaged and suffered much privation during Martial Law. Some prevailed like Sens Saguisag and Roco. Many also aligned themselves with the oppressors. Classmates like Dick Gordon and Manny Pangilinan and Paul Aquino are still in the thick of the struggle.

              • sonny says:

                And of course Walden Bello, our homegrown gadfly.

                From this aged & ‘youthful’ vantage point, I get satisfaction that the likes of Karl and gianC, Yvonne, Marsha, Juana are the succeeding guardians of the fire, under watchful eyes of senior mentors Irineo, Joseph, Edgar L, JoeAm, jameboy, et alii.

              • sonny says:

                And Andrew, just as much so. 🙂

              • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

                “This would sully many of my generation” I know, those of us who left on time, or like me left with a few strange experiences before doing so, can count ourselves very lucky. Having read about and known exiles from different countries, it is never easy – it always stays with you.

                “Many also aligned themselves with the oppressors.” And many took a way in between, trying to somehow survive in the system, a balancing act that has its price. Like my father and me.

                We made sure my brother and sister left without ballast to carry – I am happy for their success.

              • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

                Of course with my mother leading the retreat, my father staying behind to secure it. And me in the middle covering a few bases, moving back and forth, then finally joining the retreat.

                16 years ago, my father had his own coded way of telling me that it was not my fight anymore…

  10. Job says:


    • Joe America says:

      Indeed. I especially enjoyed his response to the Binay libel complaint. I won’t bow to intimidation. I’m coming after you. I rather think he is already bringing out the whine merchants that stock the Binay pantry shelves.

  11. Deo Baylon says:

    Not a lawyer, Sen. Trillanes expertly squeezed the “truth” from Atty. Berberabe of Pag-Ibig that Mr. Delfin Lee/Globe Asiatique has not incurred a loan. Why a case of syndicated estafa was lodged against him is simple case of stupid legal people in Pag-Ibig fattening their pockets at the expense of its members.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks, Deo. I could not follow that discussion very well. It is clear that Pag-Ibig people were terminated. I hope this continues to play out publicly. I sense that the Lee case is buried and the idea is to keep it buried until after the 2016 election.

  12. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    God existed thru the imagination of bored intelligent Jews for lesser beings. No evidence. Just so-called witnesses written in biblical form. It is called Faith.
    Trillanes like God played the minds of Filipinos, which happens to be majority of them, who are fanatical believers of God. Faith.

    Philippine justice system is nothing but faith based that plays the Filipino. If Filipinos are sooooo ignorant why is it when they come to my country, U.S.A., they believe in evidence, though, they still believe in God.

    Why is it Filipinos are not marching along Pennsylvania Avenue protesting porn on the streets and no-prayer classrooms? Why? Because they already have sold their souls to the devil for wealth and Balikbayan boxes tomorrow.

    Filipinos cannot know on whose side they are on. They sure do know what entails justice. They sure do know the importance of evidence. Filipinos genes has this switch. When they go to my country, they ask for evidence. When they cross the territorial airspace of the Philippines their justice becomes faith based.

    No, I guess I am wrong. Because Filipinos in my country still believe that Trillanes-without-evidence-playing-the-Filipinos is right but when these same Filipinos are confronted by my coutnrymen, they become upright immigrant in my country.

    That is why polling and surveys of Filipinos has a huge margin of error because Filipinos being polled knows how to answer and how to make the polls look their way the way they want it.

    • Joe America says:

      It seems to me that Trillanes without evidence is not playing it “right”, morally, but is playing it fair, considering that the Binay’s are masterful manipulators who also do not rely on facts (Roxas was accused of funding the Hacienda expose, among other headlined deceits). Therefore, because it is fair, it right, pragmatically speaking.

  13. Trillanes can’t fight on many fronts, gentlemen. If you want him really to lead the country toward a progresssive, liberal and prosperous country, free of foreign control, you may have the means to organize a support system for him. Support him unconditionally. Many enlightened Pilipinos want real change for the better in our country. Individually, they are helpless to change the system of corruption, falsehood & exploitation. But if organized, they can be formidable agents of real change. Let us unite and organize.

  14. MiguelLorenzo says:

    Trillanes’ courage borders to madness..
    He fought the generals and the government when he was an LTSG (for me this was foolish)
    He ran for senator while in prison (for me this is impossible though i voted for him)
    With little experience in politics and the Senate he faced-off with Enrile and Mirriam, a blasphemy for the other 22 members of the senate ( for me it is interesting)
    He stood beside the President when others are staying away (he is committed )
    The concept of right (the honest gov’t officials) or wrong (the Binays, the dubious members of judiciary) is clear to him
    …from madness to admirable …to higher office… that is Trillanes for me

    • Joe America says:

      He does tread the edge of madness, doesn’t he? It is hard to determine if he is Don Quixote tilting at windmills or Zorro swooping in to unseat the entitled. I’ve become rather fond of the guy myself. 🙂

  15. Fred Escobar says:

    Good job Joe, I am with you too. The Binays should be castrated, scalped, tongues cut off and given the maximum life in prison for their impunity, lies and corrupt way of life.
    Cheers Joe

  16. john c. jacinto says:

    Roxas-Trillanes would be formidable tandem. The Liberal Party should make this happen.

  17. Nancy Revilla says:

    Brave man!

  18. Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

    No, good Filipinos do not always finish last if they are warriors like the one I am showing below, Raja Mangubat from the teleserye Amaya. Trillanes is a true modern warrior, it is in his eyes:

  19. jameboy says:

    “I believe it’s a function of the readiness of the people to have somebody like me.” – Trillanes
    (When asked why not run for pres. instead of v.p.)
    Maybe Sen. Trillanes’ basis for his response was his low rating in surveys. You are low in ratings, hence, people are not ready for you or you are not popular enough to get elected. Make sense.

    But is there really such a thing? That Filipinos are not ready for this or that candidate? Unless you are a Pascual Racuyal, the Filipinos will vote for you. I say that because we elected a womanizer-drinker in Erap who eventually was proven corrupt. And then we’ve been duped by Gloria who salivated on the presidency that she resorted to dirty tactics just to stay in Office and was caught on tape fixing the election. We weathered Greedy Gloria’s disastrous watch and made her pay for it. Also, we almost elected a Brenda to Office had Ramos not cheated Miriam Defensor. And now a notorious corrupt trapo, Jojo Binay, appears to be the ‘people’s choice’ to land the top post in 2016.

    Before the 1986 snap election, it was even widely talked about that Filipinos will vote for whoever runs against Marcos, even if it’s a dog, and will win! While admittedly a joke it’s a testimony of Filipinos desperate tendencies to go from bad to worse if necessary. It is proof that we are ready for anything, for anyone. No, I disagree with Sen. Trillanes. We are ready for someone with his stature.

    It’s not about the Filipinos not ready for him but him not yet ready for the Office. And he’s not ready because he lacks the necessary support, network and connection, very important when one is eyeing the presidency. And he knows it. Also, compared with other aspiring presidentiables, he is practically a novice. I think, if there is no Mar Roxas, and with PNoy’s backing, he’ll be out there fighting it out on the top five.

    I say, he’s popularity is more of an underground. Meaning, people in the mainstream and mostly out of it notice his activities as a senator and they like what they see but they are still groping with him in terms of really “knowing” who Trillanes is. It’s good in the long run because there is already a name-recall and memory factor towards him. And for that, the vice presidency is just right at the moment.

    Let us see if the Trillanes today, v.p. or not, will be the same one in 2022. 🚴

  20. chafi says:

    Magandang analisis ang artikulo. Sa aking pananaw, napakalaking balakid ang gustong harapin ni Senador Trillanes upang lumabas ang pawang katotohanan sa kabuktutan na pilit itinatago ng mga Binay. Umaasa akong lalabas ang lahat sa tamang panahon at pagkakataon. Wala akong nakikitang masama sa layunin ng butihing senador dahil ang bawat anumang paraan ay nagsilbing tulong upang mabunyag ang katotohanan na minsanan nang naisantabi upang mapagtakpan ang baho at kapinsalaan. Ito’y isang magiging kapaki-pakinabang na instrumento upang mamulat ang naghihikahos na pag-iisip ng karamihan sa mga botanteng salat sa tunay na katotohanan patungkol sa mga kandidatong nagpupumilit na mailuklok sa posisyon sa gobyerno. Harinawa’y mangibabaw ang tunay at purong katotohanan. Walang bahid ng pagkukunwari at walang tema ng panlilinlang. Sa ganang akin lang. Salamat ng marami.

    • Joe America says:

      And thanks to you, chafi, for expressing what a lot of us think. Binay is sneaky and hides his tracks through others so Trillanes does have a challenge. But at least he is not just shrugging and walking away. May he have much success.

  21. Gemino H. Abad says:

    The best evidence against the Binay dynasty is their delaying tactics through legal gobbledygook in the hope that VP Binay would still make it to the Presidency where he would be immune and would have vast appointing powers – if that happens, our country will be ruled by a criminal syndicate of “sister cities.” Their delaying tactics are obvious! — if one is really innocent, he would want a court hearing (the Ombudsman) to humiliate those who seek to vilify one.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, indeed, Gemino. Body language is testimony, in a court room. Behavior is testimony outside. Guilt guilt guilt. Deceit, delay, blame. Horrible representation of the Philippines.

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