Eight reasons to vote for Binay


[Photo credit: Inquirer]


by Edgar Lores

I have thought deep and long — and long and deep — about the presidential candidates, and I am convinced there is only one man who deserves your vote as the new president of the Philippines.  That man is no other than Jejomar “Jojo” Cabauatan Binay, Sr.

I hope to convert you to my side by advancing eight compelling reasons.  If you have not made up your mind yet — or if you have… but for another candidate — I strongly urge you to listen to me and hear my reasons.  Mine is a voice of objectivity and rationality, something which has been lacking in our politics that heretofore has been dominated by chaotic passion and passionate chaos.

Trust me. 🙂

1. Heaven Sent.  The first reason to vote for Jojo is that he is obviously heaven-sent.  His parents had an intimation of future greatness and gave him a first name that is a portmanteau of Je(sus), Jo(seph) and Mar(y).  Most of his rivals have biblical names as such, but not one embraces the whole of the Holy Family.

Miriam was the elder sister of Moses, and Manuel (that’s Mar if you didn’t know) is derived from the Hebrew Emmanuel meaning “God is with us.”  Yeah, right.

Grace is not the name of a biblical character but of a godly attribute.  It means “to get something you do not deserve” as in the article of faith “we are saved by God’s grace.”   Therefore: being without grace means to get something we deserve… right?  Right!  Double therefore: without Grace, we deserve Jojo.

Only Rodrigo is non-biblical but in Spanish the name means “Famous Ruler.”  That name, should he win, will become “Infamous Ruler.”  We must not permit this affront to happen with all due reverence to the great hero El Cid.

Jojo is the man, our man.  Instead of saying “Ay susmaryosep!” and taking the holy family’s name in vain, once he wins the presidency we will be able to say, “Ay yoyo naman!”  Note “j” and “y” are interchangeable.

2. Respect for Elders.  Jojo, at 73, is the oldest among the contenders.  He is much, much younger than Methuselah but older than Rodrigo and Miriam by 3 years; Mar at 58 by 15 years, and Grace at 47 by 26 years.

The Bible teaches us to respect our elders.  Accordingly, the older a person is the more respect we must accord.  Leviticus 19:32 is even more explicit than the Fifth Commandment: “You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.”

Do you not, dear Reader, fear the Lord?

What is more, there is magic in Jojo’s birth date.  He was born on the 11th day of the 11th month.  Everyone knows the Double Ten Day, Taiwan’s National Day, is a lucky combination.  Equally auspicious, if not more so, is Double Eleven: it is Singles’ Day in China and the holiday is observed as a massive day for shopping.  Alibaba here we come!

With Jojo at the helm and with his policy of hewing close to the Middle Kingdom, we are assured of shopping until we drop… and causing a massive movement of goods into our homes.  Yes, our homes will become like the treasure-filled cave, discovered by Ali Baba, that belonged to the forty thieves.  And we do not even have to utter the magic phrase, “Open Sesame!”

Even Jojo’s year of birth is propitious.  He was born in ’42… and anyone who has read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” knows what that means.  Jeopardy clue: “42!” is the answer to which question?

3. Effort for Ambition.  According to that nonpareil salesman, Napoleon Hill, having a Definite Purpose is Lesson 1 of the Law of Success.  Jojo’s Definite Purpose has been to become president… of the Boy Scouts of/and the Philippines.

He announced his candidacy as soon as he became the Veep.  It should be apparent, however, that he has been gunning for the position since he was orphaned at age 9, when he was adopted by his uncle and was assigned to tend to the piggery.  At that tender age, Jojo took the assignment to be a sign of his future calling, and he made a promise to himself as he carried slops to the pigpen.  He vowed, “I am learning to take care of pigs now… so I can do this much better, much later in life.”

The world rewards effort and ambition with success.  And, as the Michael Jackson song goes, we are the world — are we not?

Lesson 8 of the Law of Success is The Habit of Performing More Service Than Paid For, and who has not performed more service for himself, his family and his dummies than Jojo?

4. Innovative Solutions.  Jojo has boasted of being innovative in his crimi… er, political enterprises.  And how!  Like detaining unwanted bidders in stalled elevators.  Like claiming an overpriced parking building is world-class and green.  Like fielding his daughter into the Senate so she can teach the other senators to bake cakes… instead of crafting useless bills that will not be passed, like the anti-political dynasty bill, and laws that will not be implemented, like the RH Law.

And like using dummies to front for him.  Well, certainly, he was not the first to use dummies.  Ferdie and Imelda used dummies too… and most of the dummies outsmarted them!  But not our Jojo.  Mr. Tiu claimed to own the Batangas hacienda, but he was not able to present a clear certificate of title.  One guess who has it.

Perhaps the one innovation that Jojo introduced regarding dummies is that he could, like a magician, make them disappear into thin air.  Abracadabra!  And — poof! — Limlangan and Baloloy are nowhere to be found.  But don’t you worry, Jojo keeps in the safe, alongside the various certificates of title, the account numbers and passwords carried in their names.

Innovative solutions may lead to disasters or miracles.  But let us give our man a chance.   Manila traffic?  No problemo.  Following his logic of not appearing before the Senate Blue Ribbon committee to answer the many grievous charges raised against him, Jojo just needs to denounce the traffic as being “politically motivated.”  And — alakazam! — the problem will disappear.

5. Bandwagon Effect. Now this is important.  Surveys are essential to let the people know who to vote for.  We must not let the people tax their brains too much.  Let 1,000 people be surveyed and decide for 65 million voters.  The bandwagon effect is a mass variant of the Sottocopy principle: others think and Sotto copies.

Filipinos are heart-intelligent, tummy-intelligent and groin-intelligent.  They are not head-intelligent as shown by the quality of TV programs and the results of past elections.  This is perfect.  In the near future, brain transplants will become common and necessary because of the Zika virus, and unused and barely used Filipino brains will attract premium rates.  I will wager Junjun’s encephalon — I am loath to use the term “brains” in this context — will garner a higher bid than Nancy’s… but not by much.

And Jojo has been leading in the surveys, hasn’t he?  He led for a long time, was replaced by pretenders, and is now back on top.  Oh joy!  Uh oh, a little bird has just told me he may have slipped a little according to the latest Pulse Asia survey.  But never fear, our man will conquer. Let us all jump on the Binaywagon to ensure he stays on top.

6. Dynastic Tradition.  People who say dynasties are bad do not understand Filipino society.  The sociopolitical structure of the country is still the divinely sanctioned datuship, although now there is upward and downward mobility.  We rise or fall by dint of hard work or none, or by dint of political connections or none.

A pig farmer can become a Maharlika (nobleman), and a Maharlika can become a datu.  And the datu and his family can reign not only in Makati but over the entire country.

Jojo in Malacanang Palace; Elenita, as MMDA chair, in the Coconut Palace; Nancy in the Senate; Abby in Makati City Hall; and Junjun in his elevator.  Correction: Junjun in one of his elevators.

Under Datu Jojo’s reign, the blessings enjoyed by the denizens of Makati will rain upon all citizens of the country.  He has made this solemn promise.  The benefits are from womb to tomb.  Pregnant?  No worries: free hospitalization.  Education?  No worries: free schooling.   Hungry?  No worries: free cake.  Stressed?  No worries: free movies.  Dead?  No worries: free burial.

Ganito tayo sa Pinas.

Apropos of Junjun and his affinity for elevators, perhaps he can be engaged as a consultant to solve the MRT fiasco.  He has shown considerable financial acumen with The Garage.  And, thinking laterally, what are MRT cars but horizontal elevators that transport people sideways instead of up and down?  Junjun can have the cars, the tracks and the stations painted in different shades of green, and in no time we will have a world-class el system.  And like with the Makati parking building, the Binays will have saved the government mucho dinero.

And here’s the deal, the ultimate enticement: Jojo will offer — free rides to senior citizens! Precious Reader, are you, by chance, one?

7. Boodle Fights.  The sharing of food is a mystical rite for Filipinos.  To the traditions of birthday celebrations, fiestas, noche buena and “pa-libre nga,” Jojo has added the boodle fight.  We all have seen the photos: an endless length of tables joined together, topped with banana leaves, and heaped in the middle with a long train of rice and ulam. In the best of Filipino dining etiquette, no eating utensils are provided; it’s kamayan.  And standing room only.

As we witnessed at the Makati City Hall, the sharing of food with the Binays can transform timid law-abiding citizens into warriors.  Fierce warriors with the strength to throw monobloc chairs several meters forward… toward the phalanx of policemen hiding behind their shields.

And did we not also witness a rampant Jojo confront and assault a police superintendent twice his size?  Our Jojo is a fierce David.

I predict the EDSA IV revolution to topple Jojo will see major portions of the length of 24 km highway covered with epic boodle fight displays.  Anti-Binay protesters will drop their placards upon reaching the historic people-power site and will dig in — not in protracted fight but in immediate surrender to the food.

On the basis of one shared meal with Mar of sisig and lapu-lapu, JoeAm wrote a blog of 2,575 words entitled “Mar Roxas: the man, the myth, the legend.”  How many blogs and words might he be inspired to write on the basis of sharing a boodle fight feast with Jojo?  The suggested working title of the first blog is: “Jojo Binay: el abogado, el haciendero, el presidiario.”

No, none of the words in the title is misspelled.

8. Continuity vs. continuality.  It is said that if Mar wins, he will represent a continuity with President Aquino and the Straight Path.

But consider this: if Jojo wins, he will represent a continuality with Marcos, Erap and Gloria… and the Crooked Path.

Thus, Jojo can claim to be the heir of many more presidential predecessors than Mar.  He will follow in the footsteps (two middling and one short) of, not one, but three previous presidents possessed of deft fingers.  And, as every traveler knows, a zigzag path is more picturesque and picaresque than a straight one.


I hope I have convinced you, magnificent Reader.  If not, here, por favor, please accept this bag of noodles, sardines, tuna, a t-shirt emblazoned with the B name, and souvenir portraits of Ninoy and Cory.  So sorry, pre, there are no more brosaries.


238 Responses to “Eight reasons to vote for Binay”
  1. Let us hope more Filipinos eat Will’s Malunggay Pandesal.

    • Wohoho! This is one satirical piece, My drowsy mood evaporate while reading and my eyes get wider and wider as I read on. Wow..

      I am honest, says he…My birthday, doble onse…so everyone will be aware, I’m no coy maiden, take me as I am…those mountain of airtight evidences against me are not admissible in court, there are no balances in the accounts specified by the AMLC, what plunder are they talking about….and the other account holders are legitimate businessmen. In the meantime, hang on to my coat tails, everyone – enablers, supporters, masa voters – the cash is with me, come and share them with me during the campaign season. After I win, I will recoup everything, see I tell you, one to sawa tayo…, you must continue to shell out what you have for VAT and other taxes, they belong to me, I am mang o-onse!

  2. karl garcia says:

    Di naman pala totoong di nya itutuloy ang CCT.Kayo talaga,pinupulitika nyo si nognog 😉😉


  3. Bravo Edgar. Can’t help laughing while in a meeting I had to stop reading.

    • edgar lores says:

      Ah, the wonders of technology! In a meeting, on the train or bus, and in the loo — we are always connected.

  4. josephivo says:

    Why limit to 8, almost shameful when the list of reasons is close to endless. just of the top of my head…

    9. The country has to avoid detours. With Binay we can forget detours, he will open all subdivisions and allow you the drive straight from A to B through every subdivision instead of making kilometers detours. At Bell Air, his son demonstrated how it is done.

    10. A good leader has connections. To implement politics in the Philippines the CBCP and the media are essential. Binay proved over and over his good relationship with both. Wherever there is a special mass in the country he is invited to a front row seat and the Media will be present to witness his modest devotion.

    11. The country has limited resources and needs a frugal leader. Binay never paid a centavo on papaya soap

    • edgar lores says:

      Thank you for adding to the eight reasons.

      I started with ten but trimmed it at eight — eight being a lucky number. /s*

      Actually, it is eight and one-half if one considers the offers at the end. /s

      Realistically though we can count more than a billion reasons. The Garage cost P2.2 billion when it should have only been less than billion. And that is just one deviation.


      * I find it hard giving serious answers that are in contrast to the tone of the post. To keep in character, I might mark statements intended as humor with a “/s.”

  5. cjm says:

    Sr. Edgar, this is a nice satire but, just in case, Jejomar wins, I don’t think he will mention your name in his first State of the Nation address as what Pnoy did to JoeAM.

    Only Nancy and Abigail will appreciate your blog, I guess.

    • edgar lores says:

      cjm, thank you.

      I would be dishonored to be mentioned in the first SONA.

      And I would be honored if Nancy and Abigail appreciated this. It would confirm my estimation. /s

  6. caliphman says:

    I am completely convinced. Everyone hates a loser and Jejomar has been winning for 30 years ever since Cory gave him stewardship of Makati. Sign me up. Edgar, I nominate you to head the Binay for President movement, Joeam Chapter.

    • edgar lores says:

      Aha, a convert! Yippee-yay-yo!

      • caliphman says:

        And why not? Never in the anals of Philippine politics has a leader risen with such utter devotion and service to the masses of Makati and our Boy Scout youth. As another truly inspiring historical figure and benefactor of the aged and poor similarly decreed, “Let rhem eat cake!”.

  7. The only antidote to Binay types is to make true citizens out of Filipinos… they have been kept in the masa role for way too long… http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/filipino-virtual-bayanihan/

    People with a slave mentality… follow an exploitative gangster leader… that isn’t surprising.

    • edgar lores says:

      Bill in Oz pointed out the other day how true citizens in Oz behave. I don’t have the exact quote but he said something like the citizens speak bluntly to their politicians. If the politicians don’t behave, the citizens heap ridicule.

      Filipinos are speaking out bluntly now in social media, and there is a lot of ridicule. But the ridicule is low quality — as is to be expected from people coming from a slave mentality.

      On the other side of the equation, the masters have thick skins and are not responding properly, insensitive to the criticisms from below.

      We know politicians are sensitive to boos. Do you think laughter will be an effective antidote?

      • The http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/revolution-in-mind/ you commented on – thanks – is about reconciling the advanced top-down approach with the bottom-up approach.

        The Ro-Ro program Gian just posted is an attempt to find the bridge between top-down (Roxas) and bottom-up (Robredo), build the middle Joe mentioned in one comment to me.

        http://www.boklit.com/2016/02/how-to-choose-right-president-for-the-Philippines.html – this is an example of a citizen giving a mature, albeit simple breakdown of political choices.

        Social media is I think fast-forwarding the development of the Filipino mindset and we are all part and parcel of this – from helpless slave to truly empowered citizens.

        If you ask me, Roxas and Robredo have recognized this the most. Binay is a gangster exploiting former slaves – among US blacks he would be called a blaxploitation type. Poe is feeding the people a movie-like fantasy, continuing her father’s legacy. Santiago and Duterte want to make the hopeful sheep Filipinos WERE six years ago (they are no longer, Joe is right Cory’s Philippines is no more) into intimidated sheep once more.

      • Bill in Oz says:

        Hi Edgar
        It took me a while to find them but here is what I said a few days ago in the RH blog

        “There is a place for reasoned discussion and becoming informed.And that place is important. I am glad that this blog site exists and fulfills that role for thousands of people in the Philippines and elsewhere.

        But the ‘powerful’ of this world dominate not just by controlling information.They dominate in a psychological way. And this psychological dominance is not resolved by reasoned discussion or putting out new information. This form of dominance is broken by helping people to directly break free. Among the best ways of doing this is publicly mocking the powerful; showing them up as fools or hypocrites. And sometimes more bluntly abusing them.

        This is part of the normal political process here in Australia. It undermines that psychological dominance and serves to make the powerful accountable to the great mass of ordinary people. It serves as a way of helping to change things. ”

        By the way I love your blog.It took a few lines for the humour to get to me..( a function of my own over active seriousness : -) ….But then I enjoyed it…

        I also really agree with your comments about the religious path in the RH blog.I have ust now found them….I have been influenced a lot by ( mahayana) Buddhism and other traditions..But Krishnamurti is one person I never grokked.

        • Mocking the powerful is something “The Professional Heckler”, a site on the Philippine Blog Center, regularly does… what many Filipinos do though is screechingly denounce their leaders while praising bad ones – like slaves looking for a new, “better” master.

          Joe praising Aquino is misunderstood by those who have a slave mentality – he is seen as a lapdog who might be wanting to curry favor by means of subservience to an overlord.

          Citizens should respect their leaders, but also constructively criticize AND mock them…

          • Joe America says:

            I’m reminded of the nickname “Step and fetch it”, a racist portrayal of a servile black servant, only we are considered yellow of color for being respectful of the President of the Philippines. Go figure. Thanks for presenting that in terms I had not quite grasped before.

            Wonderful gravatar image, I must say.

            • Joe America says:

              That goes right up there with Edgar’s enlightening observation that condescension is something that those who can’t distinguish right from wrong often see.

            • Welcome… and thanks… my gravatar image is part of a slight rebranding I have also done at my blog and FB page… the old logo was too dark… the new one is much more positive.

              • edgar lores says:

                Why the black part? What’s the symbolism?

              • The original logo of the Filipino-German Learning Center was the Del Pilar flag… Red, blue, black… Part of the Philippine colors and the German colors so I took it.

                The yellow sun and the white I just added… to shine some light into a too dark logo. 🙂

          • edgar lores says:

            Don’t forget Alan Robles and Rene Ciria-Cruz of PDI. Both have sharp pens, too. I like “The Professional Heckler” too, but one will note the satire is usually in small easily swallowed dosages… and not extended as in Alan’s and Rene’s cases.

        • edgar lores says:

          Bill in Oz,

          Thanks for the exact quote. So “public mocking” precedes “blunt abuse.”

          To my mind, the first is subtler than the second. The use of the scalpel requires more finesse than the use of the hammer. I think Filipinos, having been abused for so long, are partly insensible to blunt abuse — of which you will find a lot in news media commentary. So we have to use other weapons in the armory.

          But it is also said that most Filipinos are insensible to satire.


          I am with you about not grokking Krishnamurti. Mystics are hard to comprehend. Their sensory apparatus is different from ours. They are able to see “a universe in a grain of sand.”

  8. Could this be true? Is this where they kept what was withdrawn from the accounts specified by the AMLC?

      • Vicara says:

        The termites did it. They stashed the cash. As for Binay’s missing M.A. thesis: the dog ate his homework.

        Edgar, great piece of humor. But painful, too, as satire often is when it skirts close to the truth.

        • edgar lores says:

          Satire does skirts the truth, doesn’t it? It borders on the truth, and does not hide it. But it presents the truth in such a way that you either laugh or cry. Or laugh while crying.

          And this is exactly my reaction as I see the spectacle of Election 2016. Oh, you lost happy fools!

    • edgar lores says:

      This news item was not picked up by the major dailies, so I would opine it is NOT true.

      • Okd2.com is an entertainment website dedicated to celebrities and their most gullible fans.

        This is an experimental site created to measure the gullibility of most netizens who don’t know and/or refuse to use Google and other search engines in order to search the truth.

        Our purpose is not to tease, insult, mock, or bully a certain celebrity, people, or organization. This site is created for both entertainment and educational purposes.


        Okd2.com sometimes uses fictional names as fillers in order to complete some of our contents.

        Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  9. Joe America says:

    For obvious reasons, I, as an alien, cannot comment on the political aspects of the blog, as I don’t want that rather large and heavy-browed, thuggish Immigration official from Cebu at my doorstep waving the proclamation against meddling in my face. But as to literary aspects, I must say it is a masterpiece, nothing less and much more. YOUR blog has 1951 words, which is the same year as my brother’s old Ford, which is a sign of some kind I am sure. I figure I laughed on an average of every seven words, which is 278.7 laughs, the .7 being when I stopped short to think if you were making fun of me or not.

    But it doesn’t matter.

    Thank you for upgrading the literary depth and breadth of the blog . . . and the breadth and depth.

    • edgar lores says:

      Depth and breadth? That worries me.

      No one asked questions, so I presume they understood the references. In any case, just to be sure, for future readers, I hereby append a…


      – Numbers –

      8 – “In numerology, 8 is the number of building, and in some theories, also the number of destruction.” – Wikipedia

      42 – The Answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. As provided by Douglas Adams in his book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

      – A –

      Abracadabra – a magic word used in stage magic tricks, and historically believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet.

      Alakazam – a magic word along the lines of Abracadabra. Also a Pokemon character.

      Ali Baba – is the protagonist in the folk tale “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” who discovers the secret of the thieves’ treasure cave.

      Alibaba – is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services on the Internet. Like eBay… but more so.

      – B –

      Brosaries – plural of brosary

      Brosary – A Binay rosary

      – D –

      Datu – is the title of despotic chiefs, sovereign princes and monarchs in pre-Hispanic Philippines. Cha is a Datu, but only in her household… and blogs where she shoots down critics with devastating and elegant elephant metaphors.

      Datuship – is the social structure in pre-Hispanic Philippines, consisting of the datu ruling over the maginoo, timawa, maharlika and alipin classes.

      Double Eleven – is the 11th day of the 11th month represented as 11/11. It is Singles’ Day in China.

      Double Ten Day – is the 10th day of the 10th month represented as 10/10. It is the National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

      – E –

      El – an elevated railway, especially that in Chicago.

      El Cid – means “The Lord” and refers to Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, a Castilian nobleman and military leader in medieval Spain. He was played by Charlton Heston in the eponymous movie.

      Encephalon – the brain.

      – G –

      Groin-intelligent – smart in the satisfaction of sexual desires. May not be so in the use of contraception.

      – H –

      Head-intelligent – brainy… as in the members, commenters, lurkers, readers and some critics of The Society.

      Heart-intelligent – smart with emotions especially love.

      – J –

      Jeopardy – TV quiz show that provides answers instead of asking questions. The contestants must come up with the questions that correspond to the answers.

      – M –

      Maharlika – The martial class of Freemen bound to serve their datu in battle. The timawa were the other class of Freemen.

      MMDA – Metro Manila Development Authority

      – O –

      Open Sesame – is a magic phrase in the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” It opens the mouth of a cave in which the forty thieves have hidden treasure. “Close Sesame” closes the mouth. Duh!

      – P –

      Picaresque – a type of fiction which “depicts the adventures of a roguish hero of low social class who lives by his wits in a corrupt society.” – Wikipedia

      Presidiario – a Spanish term for prisoner or jailbird.

      – S –

      Sardines – small fish

      Singles’ Day – is a day for people who are single (11/11). The date is chosen for the connection between singles and the number ‘1’.

      Souvenir portrait of Ninoy and Cory – refers to the 500-peso note.

      – T –

      Tummy-intelligent – smart in the satisfaction of desire for food.

      Tuna – big fish

      – Z –

      Zika virus – mosquito-borne virus that causes microcephaly in newborn babies. Microcephaly is a condition characterized by an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain.

  10. He vowed, “I am learning to take care of pigs now… so I can do this much better, much later in life.”

    Does this mean his family, his supporters, enablers, and the masa voters are pigs to be taken care of by Binay, pigs who know not when they are already full (have eaten their fill), as in “walang kabusugan”, gluttons?

  11. Joe America says:

    Comment from my Facebook account:

    Gary Olivar Talaga naman the “que horror!” condescension of the joeams and lorreses of the world towards the dark skinned upstart binay. And after hitting the 3 previous presidents as well, don’t you just know whose panting lapdogs they are. Look at the bright yellow stripe down the back of lorres. Bow-wow.

    My response:

    Joe America I shall inform him of your observation, Gary. I’m confident he will find considerable amusement in the idea that that you display some considerable agitation.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      Just like Primer Pagunuran, Gary Olivar and the rest of the Arroyo gang confuse “condescencion” with a sense of right and wrong.

      Oops, I just remembered that they tried to justify that there was no such thing as right or wrong, only thinking makes it so. And it was Edgar Lores who cornered Pagunuran into admitting that. Que horror!

    • edgar lores says:

      I am greatly amused at Gary’s deflection by using a racist argument.

      Hmm, lapdogs? Speaking in terms of animal metaphors, I prefer Cha’s elephant.

      I will resist the temptation to sottocopy her… as I do not have her verve and elegance.

    • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

      There is a saying in the Philippines:

      He who points at someone has three fingers pointing back at him – Gary the lapdog.

    • caliphman says:

      Its funny Gary uses yellow stripes to mockingly describe Aquino supporters backs. Thats ironic coming from a student leader who exhorted countless other brave students to their deaths to fight Marcos while he cowered in the lap and safety of Mother America. Que barbaridad!

      • edgar lores says:

        In that Gary mentioned the post was “hitting the 3 previous presidents as well,” it seems he is now defending Marcos.

        Someone has to blog how and why youthful idealists metamorphose into cynical realists. Surely, It is not just a U.P. phenomenon as Mariano asserts.

  12. Itaas ang SSS pension…saan kukunin ang pondo?…ibalik and ninakaw ni Binay

  13. chempo says:

    I have a different crystal ball from NHerrera’s. I refer to an ancient almanac and it says Binay’s star won’t shine in 2016. He is a water horse which is cactaclysmitically at odds with the fire monkey. The stars say he will face frustration from every direction, loose his cool over slightest matters, and friends turn into fiends easily. Signs of loosing election and being hauled to court.

    • edgar lores says:

      Ah, Chinese astrology. May your crystal ball be clearer than others.

      A quote about the Water Horse from the Mystical Zone:

      “Charming and cheerful, the Horse is an extremely likable character. Hard working, self-possessed and sharp, the Horse skillfully acquires power, wealth and respect. However, the Horse’s sometime-appreciated frankness can be tactless. The Horse’s impatient pursuit of success may become selfish and predatory. Horses can be obstinate. In truth, they are more cunning than intelligent, and they know it. This is why, despite that air of assurance, the Horse lacks confidence in himself.

      “Above all, the Horse is cut out to be in politics, a career which could bring great personal satisfaction with the opportunity to grind his own ax. He could be a winner here, for he has the facility to sway the crowd.”


      There is a tremendous amount of irrationality, of magical thinking, going on. Like some countries in Latin America and Africa, the Philippines is a land of magic realism. Perceptions are surreal, and people live in fantasy. It is surreal to have Binay, an alleged plunderer of billions, and most of the others running for the two top offices of the land.

      It is to highlight this magic realism, to make fun of it, that I have incorporated many references to fantastical and magical elements.

  14. Bill in Oz says:

    As a foreigner it is not place to comment on the elections or the candidates.. But I’m want to say again..I love the intelligent & informed humour happening in this post..Thank you again Edgar..I will remember “Cha’s elephant” with a good chuckle

  15. NHerrera says:


    YIPPEE — free MRT rides for us Senior Citizens!

  16. chempo says:

    Edgar, the librarian is not doing his job so it’s left to me to point out a small error. Nov 11 is not Taiwan’s national day so sad no fireworks for Binay’s birthday. Taiwanese instead light up fireworks on my birthday double 10.

    • The 11th of November is the official start of the carnival season in Germany – at 11:11 a.m.

      It ends today, Ash Wednesday being the start of the serious Lenten season – fasting time.

    • edgar lores says:

      The Librarian is alert?

      1. “Everyone knows the Double Ten Day, Taiwan’s National Day, is a lucky combination.”

      2. “Equally auspicious, if not more so, is Double Eleven: …”

  17. Erlinda R. Paez says:

    A masterful piece! I think I will vote for Binay now.


    • Madlanglupa says:

      We’ll be seeing more and more sweet magical promises in the next few weeks, one trying to top another.

    • edgar lores says:


      It does fit — another piece of magic?

      The exact promise seems to be: “Binay vowed to eliminate poverty by improving the conditional cash transfer program, giving free education to two million students from public school, offering free medicine for the poor, and removing the income tax of those earning below P30,000.”

      The minimum income tax threshold does seem to be reasonable by Oz standards. I am not so sure about free education and free medicine.

      In Oz, when campaign promises like these are made, there is (a) fact checking and (b) financial modeling to verify feasibility within parties and by opposition parties. A high reason for political parties losing elections here is having a hole in their budget proposals. I remember a Prime Minister candidate losing credibility when he could not answer how much the GST tax would be on a piece of cake. And in Makati, the cakes are free.

    • chempo says:

      Inquirer say he was addressing a crowd mostly from the slums in Welfareville, Madaluyang. Does no income tax resonate with a crowd who never pays any tax? Is this satire season or what?

  18. karlgarcia says:

    How do I change my gravatar?

  19. The logic behind this article is faultless. Filipinos who chose to vote for Mayor Binay will be voting for a style of government that they know and understand.

    • edgar lores says:

      That’s true. It is a normalcy that the people were accustomed to before President Aquino stepped in and presented the glimmer of a different reality that is possible. For an outsider, it is a strange normalcy.

      We will see whether the glimmer is realized… or whether the country slides back into the old ways.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      In the end, it all boils down to what and where people are reading and listening their information from. It is not electeroates fault. It is mass media. Because mass media prints what the Filipinos wanted to read and hear. It is about their bottom line. Not to serve the people.

  20. I posted this in my FB account:

    Why Mar will not win. Everyone else is promising the moon and the stars. Mar is promising less poverty and less hunger. When everyone else is saying platitudes he is stating his plans, and it is a plan. From the funding to the timetable to who will perform the tasks and who will benefit. This is not how you win the bobotante. This is not how you get the votes of the Twitter and Instagram crowds. This is why Mar will not win.

    • chempo says:

      Gian, trust the stars. The year of the fire monkey is only so so for Poe and Lani, it is disastrous for Binary. Those born in the year of the rooster will fare the best because triple A star called Nobleman Star is in the house of rooster in 2016. Mar, duterte, chiz and bongboolng are all roosters. These 4 will do very well in 2016. My prediction is the winners will come from these 4. To be more specific I need time of birth which is not available.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Gian, Twitter and Facebook alone cannot win votes nor platforms. It is about approachability, good listener, bacckslapping, baby kissing, eating with their hands, drinking local brew, speaking their language and down-to-earth … of course, with their wives … wives that support them … catchy slogans, Crispa Guitar T-shirt-wearing uniform.

      Don’t forget to do selfies … email it to them … so they can show it to their friends, families and relatives.

      My wife had a picture of herself and Jejomar Binay. Her subordinates then started asking how was Binay as a person. Of course, my wife had glowing exprience with him as she told them. Binay is down to earth. He doesn’t stand out in the crowd because he is short. That day, they had a different perspective of Jejomar Binay.

      So, folks, do not forget the Selfies. Do not forgeet to email it to them. There will be trickle effects.

      Forget the platforms. Forget platitudes. They are worthless. Politicians only make true half of their promises. Better than nothing.

      • http://www.dw.com/en/who-are-the-philippines-top-presidential-candidates/a-19035071 – MRP, the Voice of Germany fully agrees with you!

        “Voters want to elect somebody of whom they approve as a person and who is ‘approachable.’ This is not entirely irrational, for after all they are putting somebody into a position of power who will have to make a myriad of decisions in response to future events and opportunities, and thus quality of the candidates themselves is crucial.”

        They are quoting an international analyst based in Manila. There are a number of other neutral experts who are quoted. There is also a summary of the issues that matter.

        • edgar lores says:

          That article is a pretty good summary of the candidates and the issues.

          On Binay, the article explains: “His politics are simple: Whoever you are, he is on your side.”

          An indication of the consummate politician — and the total lack of principle.

  21. NHerrera says:

    Off topic

    Today, while you folks were having fun with @edgar’s blog topic and still are, I was listening to the fourth SC Oral Argument on Poe vs Comelec.

    The exchange between newbie Justice Jardeleza and Commissioner Lim of Comelec is very interesting.

    Jardeleza enumerated for Commissioner Lim 4 possibilities of a foundling’s parentage:

    •Both biological parents could be Filipinos
    •Biological father could be a Filipino, biological mother could be an alien
    •Biological mother could be a Filipino, biological father could be an alien
    •Both biological parents could be aliens.

    Justice Jardeleza went on:

    “Only in 4th possibility that the foundling can be deemed not natural-born,” he explained.

    Jardeleza asked Lim if these possibilities “induce in you a belief that Poe as a foundling is a [natural-born] citizen or not.”

    “Given 4 possibilities, given what Poe has introduced by evidence (earlier brought out — Poe’s height of 5′ 2”, features, etc), your legal obligation not only as rule of court but as a matter of due process of law [is to] arrive at a conclusion of probability or improbability of parentage,” the justice explained.

    “Evidence, logic show there are 4 possibilities. Is it more probable than not given possibilities that [biological parents] are citizens, or is it more probable that, no, both mother or father are aliens?”

    I find this note from Jardeleza to Lim interesting and faulty on two points:

    – On a technical side, to assess the probability one must know the percentage occurrence of those four possibilities — we DO NOT HAVE those statistics. IF the four possibilities ARE EQUALLY LIKELY, like a non-biased regular tetrahedron plastic shaken in a plastic cup and thrown, the chance of the 4th face landing flat on the table is of course only 1/4 — that is, to associate this with Jardeleza example, the chance for a non-NBFC is only 1/4 and the chance for a NBFC is 3/4 (associated with the three other faces of the tetrahedron). And of course if you couple that with facts or evidence of Poe’s features, the chance for NBFC increases. (Please forgive me for quibbling and going technical. If I put lead on the fourth face the chance of landing on the fourth face changes by a whole bit. This is the concept of a loaded hexahedron or a loaded cube die in a game of dice.)

    – But to me, the more serious shortcoming of that argument of Jardeleza arises if we turn the case around. That is, if the Comelec argued like Jardeleza did above, in effect blessing Poe’s COC and someone petitions the SC, the SC Justices, if with a different frame of mind, can well laugh off that Comelec decision — for passing decision of great and serious import on the basis of a “throw of the dice” so to speak.

    IN FACT the retort of Commissioner Lim was spot on, in my opinion:

    Even if the first 3 possibilities are “more probable,” that would still not justify a ruling that Poe is natural-born “because that would be engaging purely on speculation without factual support.

    (Bolding of the phrase mine.)

    BTW, I appreciate Commissioner Lim’s many responses and the very COURTEOUS AND FIRM way he answers the Justices. Commissioner Lim is rather sharp. Of course he is taking the cudgel for the Comelec and he is not speaking for himself. When he speaks for himself he courteously informs the Justices that such and such note is only his own and not the Comelec’s.

    (Not being a lawyer, and a non-practicing engineer, I don’t fear being disbarred. 🙂 )

    • NHerrera says:


      After reading your post above, what is the chance of my being disbarred were I lawyer. I was born in the year of the Tiger, time of birth I do not know. My parents are deceased.

    • edgar lores says:

      I find Commissioner Lim very sensible too. I get the impression he should be on the High Court bench rather than some of his interrogators.

      From the little I heard towards the end, Jardeleza’s angle was the Bill of Rights and the individual’s “equal protection before the law.” How does that trump the specific provisions on the constitutional qualifications for presidential candidates?

      • caliphman says:

        It trumps it because Jardeleza and other justices believe that hose specific provisions and the Constitution is silent on whether or not foundlings are excluded from natural born citizenship. That being the case, the equal protection and other provisions of the constitution weigh heavily in considering whether foundlings can be excluded. The main theme in Jardeleza’s interpellation is that he is inclined to believe that Poe did not receive due process at the Comelec hearings and that the evidence her lawyers presented was inadequately considered due to this belief that foundlings are constitutionally barred from running for president. His point is the Comelec rulings could be set aside because the Comelec is supposed to decide cases by being primarily triers of stipulated facts and not by disputable conclusions based on their interpretation of the constitution.

        • edgar lores says:

          I have to disagree. Specific provisions should trump general provisions. Lim’s reply was to the point: they did not engage in probabilities and speculation.

          • caliphman says:

            Except when those specific provisions have not been interpreted definitively by the SC to exclude or not exclude foundlings…Jardeleza’s point and what I just stated in my comment. Please cover that in your memorandum..hehehe.

          • caliphman says:

            And deliberating probabilities and possibilities go precisely to Jardeleza’s point of inadequately addressing Poe’s stipulated evidence of why at least one of her parents is more likely or not Filipino. It is this point and no so much ruling definitively on whether all foundlings are NBFC that is his main emphasis on his ruling whether the Comelec erred in their decisions. It is a fundamental SC principle to limit the scope of its decisions to only what is necessary to resolve a case. I do believe however Sereno and Leonem are inclined towards ending up with the SC defining what the constitution means with respect to all foundlings being NBFC or not,and not merely wheher the Comelec erred in disqualifying Poe.

            I am not a law professor and not sure I have explained the thrust of Jardeleza’s interpellation simply and clearly enough. But its these finer points that make the arguments fascinating and not whether it tends to favor merely ones partisan view for or against Poe.

            • caliphman says:


              For those interested in a brief but more complete news summary of Jardelezas session, I just came across the Rappler article above which covers the same points.

              • edgar lores says:

                I have read the article. I think Jardeleza is reaching. All his agonizing may not be necessary if he simplifies… as Lim does.

            • edgar lores says:

              “It is a fundamental SC principle to limit the scope of its decisions to only what is necessary to resolve a case.”

              Agree. Simplify.

              • caliphman says:

                Quite the contrary, Edgar. If I may inject my own opinion into this, from a legal standpoint,Jardeleza is too conservative and Lim is oversimplistic relying primarily on arguments drawn from Carpio’s dissenting,read losing, opinions. Simplicity counts in the court of public opinion but not if a complex multilayered legal issue being judged by a court of the most sophisticated jurists in the country.

                I prefer Sereno’s approach which looks at the principles of the constitution as a whole to determine the citizenship status of foundlings instead of focusing on procedural or due process issues.

              • edgar lores says:

                I vacillate. On one hand, my impulse is to keep things simple. On the other hand, when faced with a complicated issue, my contrary impulse is to “go meta” to have a clear overview of things — as Sereno and Jardeleza seem to be doing.

                But for me, going meta is really an attempt to simplify things, trying to uncover the more basic principles as it were.

                The danger in the former, as you point out, is oversimplification — under-perception. The danger in the latter is unnecessary complication — over-perception. This sometimes results in judicial overreach.

                Judicial wisdom lies somewhere in between the two approaches.

              • caliphman says:

                What you call overperception reflects the fact that supreme court justices belong to a legal milieu vastly different from that of lower court judges and attorneys, not to mention laymen. Its not unlike explaining solid geometry to a person belonging to a two-dimensional world. Jardeleza is taking the slow, agonizing and cautious approach and Lim is so steeped in his simplified constitutional arithmetic, he is the one overreaching and instructing SC justices how they must abide by his very narrow view of the constitution as it applesto foundlingd and to the case of Poe. Anyway this is just my informed opinion.

              • edgar lores says:

                Let me simplify and be specific and not talk in abstract terms or generalities:

                1. I think Sereno is absolutely right to consider that foundlings may be natural-born citizens. The question is: should foundlings be declared so by act of Congress or by the Judiciary?

                2. Jardeleza is off the mark when he talks of due process. Grace is being given due process. Proof: the case sits before the Supreme Court.

              • caliphman says:

                1. I agree but that is an ambitious undertaking compared to Jardeleza who just wants foundlings not to be excluded as NBFC by the constitution. If Carpio and Lim’s constitutional view prevails, then a Con amendment is required. If Jardeleza’s view is affirmed by the majority, then a declaration by either is innecessary. If the legislature ratifies 1961 UNHR treaty, that ratification has the same effect and is most consistent with Philippine and internationsl law.
                2. Thr issue is not whether the SC is giving her due process but whether the Comelec did not and therefore their DQ rulings should be set aside. Setting aside the Comelec DQ decisions is what Poe petitioned for if I recall correctly so Jardeleza is just focused on doing that.

                Thanks for the discussion, Edgar. I have to back to the salt mines now.

              • caliphman says:

                The same effect “as an Act of Congress” I meant to say.

  22. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here are additional traits why I am voting for the Binays …
    1. They are all trained and graduated from most impeccable university in the Philippines, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Gloria Arroyo graduated and taught in U.P. Jinggoy Estrada etcetera. I had that celebrity crooks high up in the government that U.P. trained. I lost it somewhere …
    2. 2ndly, Binays knows the law very well … well, they are all graduates from U.P. They have extensive knowledge all the holes in Philippine lawbooks that U.P. graduates did not want to plug.
    3. The Binays are very family oriented. Maintain close family ties. Family First. Bank account 2nd. 3rd, Country. 4th, the people.
    4. The Binays marry only the browned skin punk’d nose colored people not the half-bred half-white beauty-for-hire German import Wurtzbach and Young. Wurtzbach and Young are not your typical Filipino last names.
    5. The browned colored nog-nog Binays promote Filipino traditional looks. Filipino traditional look are beautiful unlike Preen Magazine that promotes the worthlessness of browned colored skin Filipinos over the Mestizo class that Filipinos ejected some 116 years ago.
    6. The Binays plow their money back into domestic national local economies instead of launderinig it abroad.
    7. The Binays teaches Philippine Senate prosecutors, Ombudsman where they are wrong. Despite, Senate prosecutors and Ombudsman still dal-dal to the media what their next moves are and what they found out so The Binays can know their next move.
    8. The Binays have charisma. They know how to eat with their hands instead of fork and knives. They drink local brew instead of wines with d’origine contrôlée.
    9. The Binays treat their housemaids like humans.
    10. The Binays are smart so are their U.P.-hired lawyers. Of course, smart people rub elbows with smart people because they are graduates from U.P.

    Here is the clincher why I vote for Binays … The Binays are extremely religious family … they believe “IT IS EASIER FOR POOR FILIPINOS TO PASS THRU THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE THAN A RICH FILIPINO”. The Binays will make sure they steal from Filipinos so they can remain poor so they have a place in heaven.



    • edgar lores says:


      On 1, 2 and 10. I should have known — your typical U.P. angle.

      On 3 and 6. Sounds like the Marcoses. But on 6, both families are known to have foreign accounts.

      On 4, 5 and 8. I like racial diversity and color.

      On 7, the Binays use the law to protect how they break the law.

      On 9, the Binays may treat housemaids properly but not security guards?

  23. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here is not what I am understanding about Filipino illictorates and their government and justice system:

    GRACE POE – Her failure to count her residency. A foundling. A foundling has no citizenship according to vehemently religious Filipino constitution. A foundling is not human. Well, they made an issue she gave up her Filipino citizenship for American citizenship. How could she gave up her Filipino citizenship when she is not a Filipino in the first place because she is a flounder. How could she pass thru fine tooth filters in U.S. Embassy to immigrate to America? If she renounced her American citizenship, there should be proof (Google: procedure to renounce U.S. citizenship). But Filipinos, the media, would rather have drama than proof to end all speculations. By the way, how much is one round-trip ticket to the U.S. and back just to gather all these evidences? WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS TO GRACE? BECAUSE SHE WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES.


    BINAY – Of course, Filipinos have read in the papers of his family’s shenanigans, corruption, bribery, disappearances … ONLY IN THE PAPERS … ONLY AFFIDAVITS … no hard proof. The Binays knows that. The Binays also knows the prosecutors cannot connect multi-million parking to their pockets. That is absolute. A Definite. No proof. Nada. Zilch. Wala. So, if GRACE POE is DQed, They have to choose between Binay, Duterte, Meriam and Mar.

    DUTERTE – Duterte has implied that he violated the Philippine Constitution, local, national domestical international Human Rights of suspects. Duterte fast tracked justice that is not in consonance of Human Rigths. He is not investigated. He is not investigated by the Senate. Why? Why, O, Why? If Filipinos wanted their rights violated, vote Duterte. anyways, those who are concerned of Human Rights are those criminals anyways. Vote Duterte. He is a crime fighter. He will be the next Kim Jun On. He will release Gloria Arroyo because her human rights were violated according to the wife of Hollywood Actor George Looney.

    MAR ROXAS – Four years in Princeton. Just in case where Princeton is, it is in the United States of America or USA for short. 7 years working in New York, USA. A total of 11 years in the U.S. Mar Roxas stayed in the U.S. more than Grace Poe. Was he a US citizen? Was he a green card holder. A foreigner has to be a green card holder before becoming a U.S. citizen. After 5 years as Green Card Holder Mar can apply for US citizenship. But a green card holder can be a greenies forever, too! Hereis my question, why did he gave up a lucrative job in New York investment firm to fly back to the Philippines? Is government job more lucrative than an investment banker? Patriotism? Nationalism? Duties? Really? 11 years in the U.S. Mar got a pang of Patriotism, Nationalism, Duties? Comparing Binay, Duterte, I WOULD VOTE FOR MAR ROXAS !!! Funny nobody delved into his immigrant status in the U.S. Was he a U.S. citizen? Nobody investigated him. Like nobody investigated Duterte’s Human rights violation. Binay is investigated and halted. Why?

    MERIAM SANTIAGO – Extremely brilliant. Filipinos hate her brilliance. Meriam hate Filipinos naivte and ignorance more especially to those senators who makes laws yet cannot know the laws they made. Who doesn’t get miffed? I would. She is looked at as arrogant. Yes, she is arrogant in appearance but actually she is castigating those lawmakers for ignorance of the law and its judicial procedure. I WOULD ALSO GET MAD TO A MATHEMATICIAN THAT CANNOT PROVE order of mathematical operations. I WOULD GET MAD LIKE MERIAM ! But they’d rather want Meriam to be cool. Look, Meriam got cancer. She will not last. She knows this. She is running anyways for the sake of Bongbong so that when she dies Bonbbgong becomes President. Meriam is a mule for the Marcoses. That is their plan. If you want Bongbong for President VOTE MERIAM DEFENSOR.

    So, there you are folks! The scenario if Grace Poe is DQed for failure to count over top-notch crooks, human rights violators and cancerous Meriam and of course their wives …. remember, Ferdie was a good president if it were not for his wife.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      The race should be between GRACE POE and MAR ROXAS ! The rest are noisy candidates: Nuisance.

      In the beginning there was Binay and Benigno Aquino and the Filipino people. The news was all about The Binays. It was already a dead give away that the election will be against the Binays. To oust The Binays. I was fooled! So are the rest of the Filipino people. Many joined in the fray. It is not about to oust The Binays. It is about Human Rights, Crime, Economy … THE BINAYS became a NON-ISISUE !!!

      Whoever publicsts The Binays hired must be very good operative with the help of the sensationalist bottom-line naive Philippine Media.


      • I have the same view. The race should be between Grace Poe and Mar Roxas. I center my analysis on the following issues.
        1. Experience. Certain quarters advance the position that Poe lacks the experience and competence, she being a 1st term Senator. Obama was a senator for more or less 2 years when run and won as President of the USA. And he is doing a fine job in the US. My take, experience is non-issue.
        2. Renunciation of citizenship. The specific question is if you are a true-blooded Filipino, if you ache for the Philippines so much, why did you renounce your citizenship in the first place? My take on the matter is rather generous. Assuming that she erred by renouncing her citizenship, I take it that her coming back to the Philippines, running and serving in a public office, and now running for presidency could be a way to redeem herself. And so, if the electorate would have her, then it would be a ratification by the citizens themselves.
        3. Integrity. My primary beef on this matter arose from her immediate comment about the infamous INC rally against then DOJ Sec. Delima. Without concrete facts, she said, “Ang mga taong iyan, pinaglalaban nila ang kanilang paniniwala…” (Not a verbatim quote) The issue was not religion, but the commission of a crime by its leaders. Yet, I saw in that comment the desire of Poe to look good to the side where she could get the most benefit, in this case, the vote-rich INC courtesy of its vaunted bloc voting. She may be rowing her boat in two rivers at the same time. And that’s where the danger is – real issues may be sacrificed. Can she gave an assurance that she has the integrity?

        In conclusion, among the three issues, I consider No. 3 as the biggest issue.

        • edgar lores says:


          On item 1 (Experience), I like your defense.

          On item 2 (Loyalty), some might see this as an issue properly belonging to item 3 (Integrity). That is, her Integrity as a Filipino and not necessarily her Integrity as an Individual.

          On item 3 (INC), this is most complicated.

          o Some will agree with you that this is a matter of Integrity. She was being opportunistic.

          o Others might see this as an issue of lack of Experience (which is item 1). She was green.

          o Still others might see this as a fundamental lack of a basic understanding of governing principles. This would be a new issue — that of Ignorance.

          It is a new issue because Ignorance does not necessarily equate to lack of Experience.

          o Ignorance is usually curable if the individual has the inclination to learn and the capacity to learn.

          o But one may be Ignorant (head-wise) but still render good Judgment by Intuition (heart-wise).

          To me, Nous, Loyalty, Integrity and Judgment are all important.

          • Ah, yes, integrity as a Filipino. I concur on item 2. On item 3, I am inclined to take it as being opportunistic. If I am remember correctly, Joe once asked in his article in the height of the Mamasapano Hearing of how to describe Poe and somebody answered “contrived” to which Joe concurred. The report she rendered out of the hearing has the imprint of being contrived, it was carefully formulated to appeal to what was then the rave from the public, laying a blame at the doorstep of Aquino but was so formulated so as not to put it in direct confrontation with Aquino. In other words, if she is so capable of that, then, it should have been easy for her to maintain her cool, research on the issue of the INC and refrain from giving that infamous statement. We could have it as ignorance of the issue, its facts and what not, but which would have been corrected had she done that. Hence, curable ignorance as you pointed out. From what it appeared then, she calculated for INC’s blessing by her statement. Unfortunately she miscalculated. Hence, the Integrity Issue.

            • edgar lores says:

              Settled… more or less.

              There is another “I” word that comes to mind apart from Integrity and Ignorance. This is Incompetence.

              And I quote you and myself:

              1. “…it should have been easy for her to maintain her cool, research on the issue of the INC and refrain from giving that infamous statement.”

              2. “But one may be Ignorant (head-wise) yet still render good Judgment by Intuition (heart-wise).”

    • edgar lores says:

      Ah, Mariano, you are in fine form.

      Flounder. Actor George Looney. The alliteration of Meriam, mule, Marcoses.

      You must have awoken from the right side of the wrong bed this morning.

  24. cha says:

    Ayy, just brilliant, Edgar.

    Where to begin? I can’t decide which are my favorite lines. The definition of grace perhaps (getting something you do not deserve. Bang!) . Or Binay’s childhood dream of becoming president of the Boyscouts of/and the Philippines. Bang!) . Then there’s the reference to Sotto (others think and Sotto copies. Bang!) . Finally the closing – there are no more brosaries. Halleluhah!

    I live for moments like this. Thanks for breakfast. 🙂

    As for that guy Olivar seeing lapdogs after sifting through your words, my theory is that he read the article in front of a mirror. Bowowow!

  25. Any article that can usher the return of MRP is pure genius. (Welcome back, MRP!!! 🙂 you were missed )

    I’m a big fan of satire, edgar, and this article captures the absurdity of the Binay ticket perfectly.

    Quality satire, right up there with Duffelblog: http://www.duffelblog.com/2012/08/general-james-mattis-announced-as-next-commandant-of-marine-corps/

    I hope this article will be translated to Tagalog soon?

    I’ve wondered how EDCA would be interpreted under a Poe presidency and under a Binay presidency— from Joe’s tables he posted in the Soto article, it seems Poe is the candidate to beat, will there be a Poe article next?

    • edgar lores says:

      That sure is some direct speaking from Amos and Mattis! No mincing of words, no waffling of mind.

      Poe hangs in the balance… and an article on her might clarify issues, help tip the balance either way.

      The legalisms surrounding her case have become very complicated, and would be too difficult for a non-lawyer to handle. There might be another hook. Not sure if there are any volunteers.

      • cha says:

        I have an idea for an article that will not just cover Poe but other candidates as well.. But I will need someone (or more) who knows who’s who and what’s what in cettain political and business cliques. This might be something right up Karl and Irineo’s alley. Or anyone else interested in a writing project applying the concept of six degrees of separation.

        Anyone wants to join me in a writing project, please say yoh. 🙂

        • edgar lores says:

          Karl? Irineo?

          I am playing around with something from the viewpoint of norms.

        • Mary Grace can tell you a lot about the cliques of Escudero…

          Edgar has mentioned the cliques of Binay…

          I am not really up to date my insider knowledge is very dated.

          • How can a 2nd ‘poorest’ senator afford a Balesin wedding?

            The lavish wedding of Senator Chiz Escudero and actress Heart Evangelista raises some questions about propriety

            Like any ceremony befitting royalty, Evangelista and Escudero’s wedding was a marriage of politics and business, with the added glitter of showbiz. Easily, it could be the grandest matrimonial event of the year.

            The principal sponsors say it all. Some of the high-profile corporate personalities were basically lifted from Forbes’ list of richest Filipinos, led by Hans Sy, scion of business tycoon Henry Sy of the SM group of companies. The A-list sponsors included Ramon Ang, president and CEO of San Miguel Corporation, Fernando Zobel of Ayala Corporation, Andrew Tan of Megaworld Corporation, Lance Gokongwei of Robinson’s Corporation, Cebu Pacific and JG Summit, and Bobby Ongpin of Alphaland. Property developer Jerry Acuzar of New San Jose Builders was also part of this elite list.

            From the media side, ABS-CBN head Gabby Lopez (who was represented by younger brother Ernie Lopez of ABS-CBN Publishing), Kapuso network head Felipe Gozon and GMA 7 executives Gilbert Duavit and Lilybeth Rasonable, and TV anchor Mel Tiangco also stood as principal sponsors.

            From politics, the principal sponsors included General Santos City Mayor Adelbert W. Antonino, former Rizal district Representative Gilberto Duavit, Isabela Governor Faustino Dy Jr, and Mayor Esther Hamor of Sorsogon.

            From the world of showbiz, Viva Entertainment chairman Vicente del Rosario, actress-director-scriptwriter Bibeth Siguion-Reyna, Susan Roces, and Jackie Lou Blanco joined in. And let’s not forget President Benigno Aquino III, who was tapped as the best man in absentia.


            • edgar lores says:

              Who represented the D and E classes?

              • The D & E classes were not neglected. They were treated to a free virtual lifestyles of the rich and famous. They were free to ogle (on TV) and google at internet for pictures of the socialite, screen idols and politicos and their screen idol wives; the grandeur of the Balesin Island and the other venue here in Metro Manila. the food, the expensive wine, the beautiful gowns, bags and shoes of the elite guests.

                What more do they want? The beautiful trophy wife was there in all her beauty, elegance and splendor, they can look and admire. No touch, please, even the tycoon Ongpin can only smile widely in the pics (between the newlyweds) and probably wonder how lucky this Escudero guy is, the son of his co-cabinet member during the Marcos regime.

            • cha says:

              Thanks Mary. This is a good starting point.

        • karlgarcia says:

          I just saw this comment.

          I have to extend my radars to get any info from the friend of my friend of my friend of my fiend.
          I was never really good in using my six degree relationship with the pols.

          I can only give chismis.
          The Poe Camp is confident to get SC on their side.

          my chismis is only as good as anyone’s.
          my chismis on chiz is just give him liquor and he turns into a monster.

          • cha says:

            Chismis is good (very good), but I need facts. 🙂

            Seriously, I don’t need in-depth knowledge or anything like that. I haven’t actually sat down to write what’s been playing on my mind. Maybe when I have a rough draft, I can show you and you can just give me inputs, see If I get the connections right (or wrong). Or point me to ones I am not aware of. How does that sound?

          • karlgarcia says:

            I typed fiend instead of friend.Maybe it was a Freudian slip…..or just an ordinary typo.
            Gary Olivar was able to make me stop escalating a conversation by asking to greet a relative or two. So we have no control of who are the friend of a friend ad infinitum is.
            Now,I fully understand the advantages of anonimity.

            • Joe America says:

              Yes, there are benefits. You can be candid without the restrictions that others impose. The challenge is to maintain civility even if there are no chains that say you have to. But it is rather like climbing mountains, you do it because they are there.

  26. boatmik says:

    Thankyou, I got a few grins out of this.

    But I’m wondering if a real intellectual presentation of candidates in an 8 point form would serve the purposes of this blog as well.

    Present each as a supporter with some intellectual capacity would want their candidate to be known.

    What runs do they really have on the board? What legislation have they supported. What bills have they brought to the table, what major projects that serve their constituency have been brought to fruit?

    I’m so anti Binay and even more so Duterte. But it would be an interesting exercise.

    But only if someone else does it 🙂

    • edgar lores says:

      Ahaha! Everyone wants easy-to-digest formats.

      The criteria you cite are sensible: intellectual capacity and legislative/executive achievements. To these we usually add experience and character.

      Just generally:

      1. Intellectual capacity is usually expressed in terms of education. I gather that Binay, Miriam and Duterte have master degrees, and only Mar and Grace have bachelor degrees.

      2. Legislative achievements would apply to Miriam, Mar and Grace. I would guess Miriam would have the most achievements and Grace, being a newbie, the least. I gather Grace has co-authored some — notably FOI — but none of her bills have passed into law. I stand to be corrected.

      2.1. Executive achievements as mayors would apply to Binay and Duterte. One has a toss-up between Makati benefits and Davao peace.

      3. Experience-wise, all have lengthy resumes in government service except Grace. For Mar, one can add corporate experience.

      4. All of the above criteria can be disregarded if we look at character. I agree with you that Binay and Duterte would score low on character.

      5. So it might be a simple matter of assigning scores to each candidate for each criterion. Using a score of 1 – 5 for (a) Intellectual capacity; (b) Achievements; (c) Experience; (d) Character; and (e) Age, one might score it like so:

      o Binay – 4, 3, 4, 1, 1 = 13
      o Duterte – 4, 3, 4, 1, 1 = 13
      o Miriam – 4, 4, 4, 3, 1 = 16
      o Grace – 3, 2, 2, 3, 4 = 14
      o Mar – 3, 4, 4, 4, 4 = 19

      Note that I have added age. It probably should be age and health.

      The scores will partly depend on one’s biases, but they can be quantified objectively as to eliminate total bias.

      As you have eliminated Binay and Duterte, you may not even have to score them. But it helps to include them for comparative purposes.

      You may use this as a simple template for evaluation. Hope this helps.

    • I have had a look at the programs of Poe and Duterte. Binay isn’t worth looking at…

      http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/kabuhayan-kaligtasan-karunungan-kakayahan-kaunlaran/ – Grace Poe

      http://filipinogerman.blogsport.eu/programa-ni-duterte/ – Rodrigo Duterte… BTW I think that El Cid will be seen as a very ruthless person by the original Moros of Spain, sometimes I think the Spaniards became a bit like Moors in their ruthlessness as conquistadores… 🙂

  27. an FB post by MB, about the many campaign promises of Binay

  28. sabi ni karl, ibuhos ko raw dito…e di ibuhos…masunurin ako kay CT

  29. They say that Binay is allegedly using plundered money in giving away brosaries, etc, etc.

  30. chempo says:

    Edgar may be right after all, you should vote Binary. He is a good re-distributor of wealth in the country, he is a good model for many Filipinos who aspire for wealth stealthily. And there are reasons why you should not vote the others.

    Why you should not vote for Poe –
    She can not count. That’s why she got her residency number of daysxwrong. A president weak in additions will have problems with the national budget.

    Why you should not vote for Mr –
    He is a prince from Princeton, the only time he ever got his clothes dirtied was when he fell off the motorbike during Yolanda. He is not of the people who are covered in dirt.

    Why you should not vote for Duterte –
    Actually, it doesn’t matter if you vote Duterte, he will never win. All the bad guys – crooks, drug pushers, traffic violators robbers, kidnappers, carnappers, etc will never vote for him. He has already lost the majority. Wonder why he bothered to stand for election.

  31. Persistence is the name of the game. I just love the message which says Binay wants the poor in Makati to remain poor so he can use them as human shields and to offset the votes of the thinking Makati residents. Imagine such lies, Binay just loves the poor, period!

    • edgar lores says:

      Mary, thanks for the memes.

      I like the one with Binay pressing the hand of the toothless white-haired lola and the accompanying story about Mar, as DILG Sec, helping out in the capture and conviction of the murderer of the storyteller’s brother.

      Has anyone noticed that Binay is not shaking the lola’s hand but seems to be passing a bit of paper to her?

      I tried to verify the story and did see a photo of a tombstone, presumably of the murdered brother, at the storyteller’s FB account.

  32. Loudie Olaybal says:

    Thank you Mr. Edgar Lores for this blog. So entertaining. Indeed a literary masterpiece (to borrow from JoeAm’s). Worth sharing.

    • edgar lores says:

      Loudie, thank you for dropping in. Masterpiece? I did not notice that JoeAm used the term. It’s terrifying to be frank. 🙂

  33. Jerry says:

    This is a masterpiece….I seldom like satire as it tends to be corny in some cases. I hope the INC does not endorse Binay as it will turn the tide against him. Most catholics have bowed that they will not vote any candidate that is endorsed by INC.

    • edgar lores says:

      Jerry, another reference to the “m” word. But your next two sentences leave me in doubt if the satire was successful.

  34. Waray-waray says:

    I wanna eat cake!

    That’s one of the reasons I would be voting for a binary.

    Edgar, congratulations. From my unreliable source, the binary’s are considering hiring you in their campaign sortie, most probably in their media or press release dept. I heard the old Binay mentioning this writing err your endorsement. Nancy binay0 was jumping up and down. “You see, you see?” Said she. The bobotantes were so happy and very grateful to you, Edgar. To them, your the man!

  35. NHerrera says:

    I can’t copy one of the images in this link about Binay’s campaign kick-off in Mandaluyong to this Blog.


    It shows old man Enrile at the lower left corner of the picture acting as a prop to the campaign kick-off of edgar’s favorite — Binay. (I wonder how he was brought there. The guy in the picture may be a double.)

    • NHerrera says:

      Old man Enrile has uses after all in his old age, never mind the onset of senelity:

      – as prop when Bonbong announced his VP candidacy;

      – as prop to the re-opening of Mamasapano Investigation II (correction — GPL was actually the prop to that one);

      – and this one, as prop to Binay’s campaign kick-off.

      Enrile — prop extraordinaire FOR HIRE.

    • edgar lores says:

      The picture is blurred but the orange-tinted glasses confirm it’s the original coupist. Kupis na.

      But doesn’t my favorite look dynamic with the raised finger?

      • NHerrera says:

        If you keep on with that Ad I may really truly honestly be converted. I am a sucker for dynamic guys who, for emphasis, raise their fingers when they speak.

  36. Bing Garcia says:

    Nice one Edgar!

  37. Bill in Oz says:

    Can anyone suggest a decent well informed source of information about Pag Ibig ?

    I have been trying to access the official web site but it locks up my brouser…

  38. edgar lores says:

    It’s strange. It seems El Cid fought against and with the moors.

  39. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here is why The Binays are slippery like a Jell-O. He is investigated in public !!! They are telegraphing their punches for The Binays to spin their yarn so convolutedly tight they cannot untangle it. The Binays have the last laugh !!!

    Unlike in the U.S., they investigate without them knowing. Example: Blagojevich selling Obama’s Senate Seat; Monica Lewinsky and just recently Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca who will admit his guilt any minute now: http://abc7.com/news/former-lasd-sheriff-lee-baca-will-plead-guilty-attorney-says/1194963/

    Why can’t they do it the way we taught the U.P. graduates in their undergrad? We authored the books. We publish it for them. Still they just do not get it. Are Filipinos that dense? If U.P. graduates cannot learn … just imagine those who did not graduate from U.P. which are super-ultra-majority of the Filpinos!

    • edgar lores says:

      You may have a point there.

      I think the public Senate hearings were necessary because Binay, as Veep, is a sacred cow.

      This has resulted in the Ombudsman office suspending Junjun and readying charges on father and son.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      As what I repetitively said before numerous time to rub it in hoping they will learn, It is suspects responsibility to prove themselves guilty not the police, not the senate, not the prosecutor. The Grand Example is Tony Tiu. Trillanes had Tony Tiu prove he owns the BinayLand and he is not a dummy! Totally Genius! Totally Original!

      Thank goodness by a spark of righteousness and intelligence Benigno Aquino stepped in to stop the drib-a-drab. This I will re-vote Benigno Aquino for his utmost intelligence.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        Even former Attorney General and Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer did not see it coming until FBI was knocking on his office and had him vacate it so they can cart off boxes and boxes of evidences. They cart of evidences. In the Philippines, no carting off, no boxes. They just plain dal-dal to the naive ignorant sensationalist Philippine Media.

        • edgar lores says:

          And another good point. Mariano, you are on a roll of good points today.

          In the preventive suspension of Junjun, the Ombudsman was prevented in seizing documentary evidence because Junjun locked himself in his office… while his legal minions rushed off to get a TRO. And how many weeks did it take the SC to decide? More than enough time for Junjun to “cart off boxes and boxes of evidences.”

      • edgar lores says:

        Your loyalty to President Benigno Aquino is admirable — but a bit misplaced?

  40. karlgarcia says:

    The exposure of Binay Land only proves that Binay is already rich,and he would have no need to steal a single centavo from the treasury.

  41. karlgarcia says:

    Don’t call him pandak,look what happened to Gloria,she stayed for nine years!

  42. karlgarcia says:

    Puro kayo Nognog,Puro kayo pandak,nakaka sakit na kayo ah,me lahing tao pa naman siya ah.

  43. Just had to post:


    I’ll campaign the way I govern -Mar

    Seems every other candidate even the vaunted intellectual MDS is amateur hour vs the big Leagues.

  44. grammy2342 says:

    Count me in. I need to watch free movies to assuage my stress from all this politicking – only in the Philippines. It’s really more fun…

  45. sonny says:

    edgar, I need a good amount of time to speak in irony and satire. I thrive better in punny conversation. 🙂 Napartac iti taray ti sarita.

    I like numbers 1 thru 8. You decode each well, so I understand. Most of all, I love all the party-favors at the end.

    • edgar lores says:


      Pun is fun.

      Need to retire
      The mind
      To find

      The behind
      Of the maligned!

      Pun is word-play;
      Satire idea-play.

  46. karlgarcia says:

    The elimination of about 17 million from paying income tax,will not be problematic if Binay has a sort of a Fair tax proposal, where he increases the Vat to about 20 percent and promise to remove all the other taxes.
    He would never do that since he slso promised to reduce VAT and one of those who promised to increase the benefits of SSS retiress.

    So naknang naman o,ginagagago na talaga tayo eh. #%#*+}{[=

    i eksplika mo yan sa mga kasambahay mo at sa suking tindera mo,sabihan ka lang,na ayaw mo sila makakuha ng benepisyo.

    Lulubog naman tayonsa utang,na mas matindi pa sa lahat ng dinanas natin.

  47. edgar lores says:

    I see yesterday, 15 February, that Binay has recaptured the lead in the SWS polls. The Binaywagon effect is working.

    • Joe America says:

      Nice work, Edgar. They must have read your blog. ahahaha

      YOU did it!

    • Bert says:

      Excellent work Edgar my friend. You’ve surpassed a milestone in satire writing it’s so good the voters were so convinced and now we will have a President Binay after May 9 thanks to this master piece of yours. I’m sure you will have a place in the Binay government as member of his cabinet maybe replacing MLQ3 or Valte. Very nice. Congratulations.

  48. edgar lores says:

    It seems my champion is pulling no punches in his campaign, leaving no stone unturned. He is using a combination of sweets and threats.

    In a Chinese hospital in Manila, the staff were invited to a Sunday morning meeting by the Head Nurse. If they came, they would be paid overtime. If they did not, they would have to write an excuse letter explaining their absence.

    Lunch was provided as well as t-shirts, fans and stickers.

    Binay presided over the meeting, and Henry Roque, his shadow and senatorial candidate for the Kabayan party list, was there.

    The president of the hospital board sent a message supporting Binay.

    Binay is leaving nothing to chance. This is micro-campaigning at its best, targeting assemblies of less than 100 people.

    • Joe America says:

      He is also rounding up 500 lawyers across the nation to go after the perpetrators of “Black Propaganda”. So all the meme producers here need to be sweating because the Binay Legal Gestapo is probably sniffing down the electronic trails after them. Your idol knows no bounds. He does not even have to be in office to have his goon good squads at work.

    • Madlanglupa says:

      Speaking of Binay, he voiced plans to fire Henares, despite that under her watch (and some say she was overkill, even going as far as to think about taxing Miss Universe), the BIR was meeting more of its collection targets than previous administrations.


  49. Bill in Oz says:

    Binay organising for an employer to demand that they all turn up on a Sunday morning for a campaign meeting truly takes the cake… And offering them the bribe of being paid overtime is equally bad…The Manila Chinese hospital web site states that it is not for profit hospital. I wonder if the hospital board also approved this use of hospital funds; or if it was done only at the request of the Board president.

  50. Bill in Oz says:

    Ahhhh ! How interesting..The mega thief facing trial and the mega murderer also facing trial have joined forces to save themselves.

    Where’s Edgar ? We need his wisdom to comprehend this turn of events !!

  51. edgar lores says:

    As to my supposed wisdom, there is no depth of perception required to know that evil, like misery, loves company. Evil men and nations often conjoin forces to form axes of power as they conspire to conquer worlds.

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