2,037 words

From Joe America

As a parent, I find this photo very disturbing (from Rappler):


And this one re-balances me with grand laughter, and gives me hope that humans do actually comprehend the craziness going on about us:

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  1. madlanglupa says:

    Worse, this generation is going to suffer from overexposure of bigoted and immoral disinformation emanating from Facebook — the adults reigning and running this regime from their high pulpits, who are supposed to be role models but instead displaying the worst in human behavior..

    Observe, ladies and gentlemen, the garbage Facebook posts of a certain Jimmy Bondoc, a PAGCOR official and organizer of that rather tepid political rally.

    What’s next, as it appears that there’s the threat of Hitlerian Calida toying with the PCGG?
    Textbook revisions and renaming monuments to the false glory of the Marcoses?

  2. Micha says:

    Even though RRD and DJT are spiritual buddies who won’t have second thoughts imposing cruelties to the vulnerable, the difference is how the opposition manages to check their abuses.

    In the Philippines, the opposition is, for the most part, a wimp. In the US, the opposition is delivering a wallop and a kick to the groin.

  3. edgar lores says:

    1. Duterte is obsessed with death.

    2. During the Boy Scouts ceremony, he said:

    “Talagang pumapatay ako ng tao pag ginalaw ninyo ang mga anak namin.”

    (Translation: “I would really kill if you harm our children.” )

    3. The sentiment of protecting children is just and natural. The solution of killing is unjust and unnatural. Instead of encouraging the rule of law, Duterte promotes the use of lethal violence. Death is his go-to solution.

    4. His worldview is one of primitive antagonism.

    4.1. How are children supposed to interpret “ginalaw” as an offense? It could mean a touch, a slap, a punch, a caress, or any physical movement.

    4.2. Could it also be a non-physical movement? Yes, it can. We know words can be more harmful than any physical trespass. We are easily “moved” to anger by insults and criticisms.

    4.3. Duterte was moved to anger by his EU critics and he invited them to come over so that he could slap them.

    5. For any offensive touch or words, Duterte is virtually giving children the license to kill. He is saying, “If someone harms you, it is alright to kill them.”

    5.1. This reinforces the notion that the fight response is the only and proper reaction to any stressful situation. I am afraid he is raising a generation of killers.

    5.2. Correction: generations of killers. A meme once implanted will pass from one generation to the next.

    • “A meme once implanted will pass from one generation to the next.”

      A lot from my generation are pro-Duterte. We (almost) all went through the Marcos-era Boy Scouts, CAT and ROTC which were made into a continuity from high school to college.

  4. edgar lores says:

    I will save NHerrera the trouble of computing.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Ergo, two pictures are worth 2,000 words.

    But I count only 34 words, 36 if one includes the title.

    So we are missing 3 words (or 1 word). I wonder what those words are.

    • NHerrera says:

      That is advanced number theory if I may say so:

      2037 = “a picture speaks a thousand words,” 2 blog pictures, and the words in the blog (give or take a few words).

    • One of the great mysteries of the universe, certain to keep scientists awake all night wondering . . .

      • edgar lores says:

        Alas, I have spent a fruitless night, wracking my brain.

        All I can come up with are these four “wises:”

        1. Number-wise: 2,037 is NOT a prime number. It is a composite number whose 2 factors are 3 and 7. The factors are the last 2 digits of the number itself.

        2. Year-wise: 2037 is 20 years hence. I have scanned Wikipedia’s “Predicted and scheduled events” for this year, but cannot detect anything significant.

        3. Numerological-wise: the sum of the digits of 2037 is 12. Twelve is important in metrics. There are:

        o 12 inches in a foot
        o 12 months in a year
        o 12 hours on an analogue clock

        In Christianity, there were 12 apostles and there are 12 days of Christmas.

        Finally, there are 12 function keys on your keyboard. (I bet you checked!)

        4. Political-wise: perhaps, maybe, mayhap, something significant will happen in the next 12 months to Duterte and Trump?

        • Elegant. Eloquent. Stunning numerical work. My ipad has no function keys on its electronic keyboard. 😱😱😱 But it does have emoticons.

          There is a lesson there somewhere I think.

        • karlgarcia says:

          I will pick one.
          20 years after.
          Those kids would either be violent, or will do anything not to do what the current leader is doing and turn out to be the best.

          That is the only possitive outlook I can get from this daily nightmare.

          • edgar lores says:

            Karl, The thought passed my mind. My guess is that they would be violent as I stated in nos. 5.1 and 5.2.

        • NHerrera says:

          Since the blog was written recently,

          Rodrigo Duterte, age =72
          Ferdinand Marcos, President = 1965

          Add and one gets 2037, Joe’s magic number.

          • edgar lores says:


            Props to you, sir. You have made the connection between the two most regretful presidents and, thereby, uncover the secret of the mystical number. Who is “worstest,” though, is a toss-up.

            • NHerrera says:

              In an effort to be “scientific” —


              * If we are talking about handsome face,
              then we know who the winner is; but

              * if we are talking the worstest, my criteria confined only to

              — encouraging publicly the killing of the mostly poor, labeled not human, drug abusers, and not urging the police to get to the bottom of the so-called DUI


              — encouraging privately the elimination of militants against his regime,

              then I will have to say at this time, like you, that it is a toss-up.

          • karlgarcia says:


  5. chemrock says:

    How low can you go. Baden-Powell would have turned in his grave.
    It is a sacrilege for him to wear a scout uniform.
    It’s so sickening to see those damned fists. A raised fist is a protest, a bravado thing. What does a fist toward you mean? Utterly outrageously offensive. It’s thuggish, boorish and obnoxious.
    As a president, he can’t even get his damn facts right. Pangilinan did’nt let under 15 year old crime breakers go home. They go to juvenile institutions.

    “The Scoutmaster who is a hero to his boys holds a powerful lever to their development but at the same time brings a great responsibility on himself. They are quick enough to see the smallest characteristic about him, whether it be a virtue or a vice.” Robert Baden-Powell

    Wonder how many kids went home with ‘killings’ on the minds.

    • I’ve climbed Mt. Baden Powell a couple of times. The founder of scouts would indeed be horrified. Also, I never got past tenderfoot, but I’m accomplished enough to know kids are impressionable, and that whole show was , as you put it, sickening.

    • madlanglupa says:

      > What does a fist toward you mean? Utterly outrageously offensive. It’s thuggish, boorish and obnoxious.

      As that Nazi salute.

      May I hope the next administration not headed by Binay, BBM or Pacfailquiao will have to deprogram the whole country getting rid of this toxic behavior promoted by this regime and its lunatic members of the cabinet, Tongress, Senate, Justice, etc.

  6. arlene says:

    The first picture clearly shows how it is nowadays. The kids are emulating a figure who might become a big influence in their lives.

  7. LG says:

    Heil Hitler!

  8. NHerrera says:

    There is nothing sacred anymore. Wrong. There is Xi Jinping.

  9. That uniform is reserved for Binay.

    Edgar should have noted that.

    • Edgar Lores says:

      Sorry about that omission, Irineo.

      Notes to self:

      1. The Boy Scout uniform is the preferred camouflage of Manchurian candidates.

      2. A RED tie — this is so obvious — is the sign of a Siberian mole.

  10. madlanglupa says:

    Offtopic: People may be waking up because promises aren’t being fulfilled and all they’re hearing is bad and worse news.

  11. chemrock says:

    Congress has just approved a new badge for scouts. It’s the ‘marksman’ badge. This is earned for killing a drug addict. Even Tenderfoots can go for this award.

    And the scout salute is banned. It’s not in sync with the times. Honor, help others, obey scout laws – these are what the scout salute stand for. Doesn’t mean anything when you have a killer as head scout. It’s now replaced with fist salutes.

    • Marcos also corrupted Boy Scouts and made them part of his fascist drill.

      Saturday morning marches did not only include CAT cadets (fourth year high school) in those days, Scouts from 1st to 3rd year, and 3rd years SCOs (school for cadet officers).

      It was not really a routine to teach any useful discipline from what I remember, it was more of an attempt to tire us out and break our wills, inculcate Martial Law style conformity. Of course everybody was automatically a “Boy Scout” in high school then, no choice at all.

  12. Yvonne says:

    It is worrisome to think that Duterte can exploit the BSP, indoctrinate our boy scouts, and mold their young minds into his own version of the Chinese “Red Guards”. And with help from the Chinese at that.

  13. another 1000-word picture…

    German foreign minister Gabriel tells Boris Johnson that a Brexit within two years is unrealistic..

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