Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . .

By Joe America . . . . . . . Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . . Compassion fell off, and who was left? (Pause for effect) A Filipino! (Drum crescendo) . . . . . . . Generalizations are inherently discriminatory, for they bind the generalized and the exceptions as … Continue reading

2,037 words

From Joe America As a parent, I find this photo very disturbing (from Rappler):   And this one re-balances me with grand laughter, and gives me hope that humans do actually comprehend the craziness going on about us:

The Duterte Admin is failing miserably at one stated goal: unity

By Joe America The Duterte Administration is failing miserably at one stated goal: unity. One does not achieve unity through political jailings, undermining human rights, rampant killing of defenseless Filipinos, or climbing into bed with enemies of the State. Nor does one achieve it by demanding obedience of thought and deed and stripping legislators of … Continue reading

Senator Koko Pimentel, the Fiddler of Manila

By Joe America Earth watch is important, but I can’t seem get past the people inhabiting the planet. It is like observing a wild amalgamation of Alien, The Three Stooges, and Apocalypse Now. I have little hope for the planet, frankly. Mankind is the dominant species on the grand blue orb, and it has collectively proved … Continue reading

Dear Son . . . Get Angry

By Maria Cynthia Zamora   November 13, 2016, Sunday Dear Son, I saw your comments in the social media recently and noticed that you visit these particular accounts more often than before. There is an undertone of anger in your messages. I wonʼt ask you why. I assume I know why. But, next time you hit … Continue reading