A proper interpretation of the UPV cheer

UPV Skimmers [Photo from Manila Bulletin]

Posted by Joe America

To understand the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) cheer that is being criticized by Duterte supporters and propaganda network (DDS), you have to have a brain and a basic understanding of satire as a literary device.

Satire, noun, the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. [Google]

Satire has the peculiar quality of saying one thing, but usually meaning the opposite.

  • The proper interpretation of the UPV cheer would recognize that the students are not saying the Philippines is a province of China. They are saying they don’t like government acts that are heading that direction.
  • They don’t want anyone to kill the President. They want the President to stop killing their parents, friends, and countrymates.
  • They don’t like what they are seeing, and they want you to know they are seeing it all.
  • And they grasp that being silent is a choice . . . and would be a bad one. Even if National Government wants to control the national dialogue and MORAL foundation of the nation without interference by intelligent, moral, upstart university kids.

A lot of Filipinos look at people protesting in Hong Kong, Spain, Chile, and Lebanon and wonder why Filipinos are not in the streets protesting the wanton killings, cuts to education, politicization of health care, lousy government services, and the gifting of the nation’s resources and sovereign rights to China.

The UPV cheer routine is the same thing, I think. Filipino style.

It is young people concerned about their future.

It is not surprising the trolls are assigned to fight it with all their might.

It might grow.

What is impressive to me is the genius of the student presentation way beyond what is reported as a one-liner offensive statement about killing the president. It is a long, robust routine mocking the tabloid press, the breakdown of moral values, budget cuts to education, poor policing, water shortages, red-tagging, propaganda, and the shallowness of people’s interests that allow betrayal of sovereignty and moral values to take place.

And they call ‘Doctor’ Persida Acosta a Quack!!!!

Perhaps the DDS focus on the one line about killing the President is meant to distract people from the whole routine. The whole routine is a major satirical burn of the Duterte Government.

Here’s the complete video, with introduction. The routine is impressive, outrageous, and totally patriotic. The kids are woke. If you reach the end, you will likely be shookt, as I was.

DDS will never reach the end of the video. Self-preservation of their distorted values will not allow it.

I was very impressed with the artistry and courage of these young Filipinos. My hope index rose markedly. Youth do understand.




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