Living a Lie

Analysis and Opinion

By Joe America

We all live a lie, using crutches to keep us anchored and prevent us from going crazy in the unpredictability, risk, and stresses of events we cannot control. My pen name, Joe America, is a lie that keeps my family safe and readers guessing. The idealized America that I’ve subscribed to and fought for is a lie. History is chock full of bad deeds done in the name of America, and the ideals of fairness and compassion we were taught in school are breaking down today in the face of power and greed. My countrymen are neither kind nor smart, by my thinking, living even bigger and more ludicrous lies than mine.

Estimates are that the largely Republican “freedom” initiative and anti-vax advocacies have cost 200,000 American lives needlessly. We trusted in our government 70 years ago and took the vaccines that knocked off smallpox and polio. Today, there is no trust. Lies have undermined it.

Where do the lies originate? Some from Russia working to take down democracy. Some from greedy media moguls like Richard Murdoch or rich businessmen like the Koch brothers. They want to control the marketplace of ideas and wealth. Some from ill-informed or emotionally needy people who need a cult or conspiracy theory to prop them up and keep them going. Some from social media as the weak of esteem seek to justify their bad choices.

The amount of dirt we have to wade through daily is enormous. Biases of others and ourselves, lies, propaganda, tabloid treatment of information, fallacious nonsense, and shades of craziness that distort the real world..

When we hear that seasoned Filipino leftist, Walden Bellow, speak arrows of truth, we are shocked because we are not used to it. “This is a family that has raped the country. It has not apologized to the country and he now wants to rape the country again. Fuck you, Marcos! I mean, come on, these guys are jokers. Especially the biggest joke of all ay si Marcos.” 

Well, I suppose hyperbole is not exactly truth, is it? In Bello’s case, it was like cranking the volume up high so people would hear it.

There is a general guideline that I’ve found helpful in writing my observations. It gets them closer to a style of conversation that people seem to appreciate.

  • Be informative, honest, earnest, and entertaining without misleading or being cruel.

I cite sources more these days, and don’t waste much time on trolls or advocates selling their preferred brand of snake oil.

The entertaining part leads to a lot of satire, metaphors, and hyperbole, which, like art, is not exactly true, but it can enlarge truths.

The honest and earnest part takes months or years to cultivate. And that can all be destroyed in one ill-considered remark. But, hey, bold is not an accent, it’s a lifestyle, so one is left with a long-distance stride and the determination to keep walking. Head up, eyes alert, dodging the lies, and searching keenly for firm ground.


Photograph from ‘FIPP connecting global media’ at


244 Responses to “Living a Lie”
  1. NHerrera says:

    We have gone past being attracted or entertained by honest, truthful stories, we are attracted and entertained by stories with lies and tons of it, the more ridiculous the better. The former is considered bland, the latter has more spice to our taste.

    [Speaking generally and this perod.]

    • NHerrera says:

      As a counter to my post above, here is a refreshing message from an Atlantic article:

      Vladimir Putin has attempted to crush Ukraine’s independence and “Westernness” while also demonstrating NATO’s fecklessness and free countries’ unwillingness to shoulder economic burdens in defense of our values.

      The reverse is true.

      He has achieved the opposite of each. Endeavoring to destroy the liberal international order, he has been the architect of its revitalization.


    • JoeAm says:

      Yes, that seems to be true. But we should stop listening to nut cases.

      • NHerrera says:

        Yes. That advice followed, the Philippines will be assured of a bright future and a proud seat at the table of nations!

        I envy the Ukrainians now for their feeling of nationhood in this time of crisis against a behemoth of an invader.

        • NHerrera says:

          Part of President Biden’s speech on countering Russia’s lies with truth. :

          Tonight, we meet as Democrats Republicans and Independents. But most importantly as Americans. With a duty to one another to the American people to the Constitution.
          And with an unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny.

          Six days ago, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to shake the foundations of the free world thinking he could make it bend to his menacing ways. But he badly miscalculated.

          He thought he could roll into Ukraine and the world would roll over. Instead he met a wall of strength he never imagined.

          He met the Ukrainian people.

          From President Zelenskyy to every Ukrainian, their fearlessness, their courage, their determination, inspires the world.

          Groups of citizens blocking tanks with their bodies. Everyone from students to retirees teachers turned soldiers defending their homeland.

          In this struggle as President Zelenskyy said in his speech to the European Parliament “Light will win over darkness.” The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States is here tonight.
          Let each of us here tonight in this Chamber send an unmistakable signal to Ukraine and to the world.

          Please rise if you are able and show that, Yes, we the United States of America stand with the Ukrainian people.

          Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression they cause more chaos.

          They keep moving.

          And the costs and the threats to America and the world keep rising.
          That’s why the NATO Alliance was created to secure peace and stability in Europe after World War 2.

          The United States is a member along with 29 other nations.

          It matters. American diplomacy matters. American resolve matters.

          Putin’s latest attack on Ukraine was premeditated and unprovoked.

          He rejected repeated efforts at diplomacy.

          He thought the West and NATO wouldn’t respond. And he thought he could divide us at home. Putin was wrong. We were ready. Here is what we did.

          We prepared extensively and carefully.

          We spent months building a coalition of other freedom-loving nations from Europe and the Americas to Asia and Africa to confront Putin.

          I spent countless hours unifying our European allies. We shared with the world in advance what we knew Putin was planning and precisely how he would try to falsely justify his aggression.

          We countered Russia’s lies with truth.

          • NHerrera says:

            Wide-ranging and great speech from President Biden. Here is a link to the transcript:


            Lance may like this line,

            As I’ve told Xi Jinping, it is never a good bet to bet against the American people.

            • JoeAm says:

              He skipped past the Jan 6 insurrection to go for bipartisan projects. We’ll see if sensible Republicans like Mitt Romney can bring the party out of the woods.

              • NHerrera says:

                Yes indeed, he did not include that elephant in the room, and this old man here did not notice it. Of course by design and Biden putting a stamp on it. No doubt the speech drafters must have some debate on that.

                Thanks for the reminder.

          • “Lance may like this line,

            As I’ve told Xi Jinping, it is never a good bet to bet against the American people.”

            Exactly, NH. Speaking of white lies and bad lies.

            You have a country whose exact mythos and reason for being is to purportedly fight for tyranny and to kill tyrants (white lie). And after years post WWII of stupid wars, we are presented with a situation that is exactly like our War of Independence, instead of King George its Putin (bad lie). I can tell you with confidence that a lot of former Marines are now talking to Ukrainian consulate/embassy here with many already in country. A lot really, to the point where USMC HQ are worried, churning out memos to address re their reservists opting to go UA (thats AWOL) and to Ukraine.

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    I blow ny top everytine RHIro calls you out for alleged propaganda, on socmed radicalchick insinuated that we here atTSOH were a yellow propagandists.
    Others I may have blocked out from my memory.

    Just keep on writing Joe, I will try my best not to be banned here because this is like my home.

  3. joel m says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your column. So insightful as always. Wanted to share, another truth – a real leader nowadays is Ukraine President Zelensky, now he inspires his people. The Afghanistan president? I didn’t even bother to google his name. I didn’t know what he brought with him when he left Kabul but the Marcoses? They left posthaste when offered the ride by America and brought with them millions of pesos (dollars?) worth of stuff stolen from the people. How crass is that? They didn’t even say goodbye to grandma marcos.
    More power to you and keep safe. – JM

    • JoeAm says:

      Thanks, Joel. You, too. Yes, Zelensky is a different breed, smart and courageous. He’s the opposite of the tin-horn dictator types.

      • kasambahay says:

        zelensky, a comedian turned president. his t.v. show called servant of the people make parodies of politicians. zelensky’s wife is script writer and together, husband and wife have a top rating show. soon banned because of political contents.

        in protest, zelensky run as president and won! his party is also called servant of the people.

  4. NHerrera says:


    Woe is me. I just lost my Lamborghini when the ship transporting it in the Atlantic caught fire and sunk.

    [Small print — a joke, not a lie.]

    • kasambahay says:

      I cant believe it! damn seamen did not try to put out the fire like they have no fire extinguishers on board (cost cutting?) blood cargo ship so badly maintained, its maritime safety dubious, its crew poorly paid and poorly trained, the ship not worth risking their lives!

      pay crew peanuts, and crew puts in the peanut’s equivalent of work. if not mutiny.

      anyhow, I’m waiting further reports of the ship’s log.

  5. Speaking of metaphors, Joe.

    “Although it was commonly accepted that the sunflower was first domesticated in what is now the southeastern US, roughly 5000 years ago, there is evidence that it was first domesticated in Mexico around 2600 BC.
    These crops were found in Tabasco, Mexico, at the San Andres dig site. The earliest known examples in the United States of a fully domesticated sunflower have been found in Tennessee, and date to around 2300 BC.
    Among the Zuni people, the fresh or dried root is chewed by the medicine man before sucking venom from a snakebite and applying a poultice to the wound. This compound poultice of the root is applied with much ceremony to rattlesnake bites. Blossoms are also used ceremonially for anthropic worship.
    Other very early examples come from rockshelter sites in Eastern Kentucky. Many indigenous American peoples used the sunflower as the symbol of their solar deity, including the Aztecs and the Otomi of Mexico and the Incas in South America.
    In 1510, early Spanish explorers encountered the sunflower in the Americas and carried its seeds back to Europe. Of the four plants known to have been domesticated in eastern North America and to have become important agricultural commodities, the sunflower is currently the most economically important.

    During the 18th century, the use of sunflower oil became very popular in Russia, particularly with members of the Russian Orthodox Church, because sunflower oil was one of the few oils that was allowed during Lent, according to some fasting traditions. In the early 19th century, it was first commercialized in the village of Alexeyevka in Voronezh Governorate by the merchant named Daniil Bokaryov, who developed a technology suitable for its large-scale extraction, and quickly spread around. The town’s coat of arms includes an image of a sunflower ever since.” (from Wiki)

    The big wider metaphor is that the Sunflower comes from North America, the Natives revered it and we pretty got this idea of all men being equal from Native Americans (i mean it was written about, but the closest in practice was when Europeans set foot in America).

    So the seed has come full circle.

  6. I gotta feeling a bunch of veteran Filipinos are also volunteering to the embassy in Makati, any news back there, nothing in Google:

    Kurogi, a 39-year-old office worker who lives in southwestern Japan, told Reuters he rang the Ukrainian embassy on Monday after seeing its plea for volunteers on Twitter.

    “When I saw images of elderly men and women in Ukraine holding guns and going to the front, I felt I should go in their place,” he said.

    The embassy declined Kurogi’s offer to fight, telling him that he lacked the necessary military experience.

    As of Tuesday, 70 Japanese men – including 50 former members of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and two veterans of the French Foreign Legion – had applied to be volunteers, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper said, quoting a Tokyo company handling the volunteers.

    A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Embassy acknowledged receiving calls from people “wanting to fight for Ukraine,” but declined to give further details.

    • kasambahay says:

      ukranian flag’s color: blue and yellow.

      • Here’s a different shade of yellow, kb!

        • kasambahay says:

          question: why did china abstain in the UN security council?

          answer: china needs a wee bit of time to buy up properties and assets of russian oligarchs. mayhap at bargain prices, so when russia finally belly up; the war resolved, those chinese sanctions proofed russian oligarchs can easily buy back their assets!

          • kasambahay says:

            dont be daft! sabi ng mga kainuman ko. russian oligarchs are already ferreting their wealth some of it illegal – across the border to china. there are ‘white’ russians already in china, I was told.

          • JoeAm says:

            China probably envisions Russia as a fine vassal state.


    Chess Grandmaster Kasparov about Ukraine.

    • RE Covid19,

      I was witness to a very funny ironic debate yesterday of two former Marines going to Ukraine they’ve already sent their paper work and wavers to Ukrainian embassy and got a where to go notice once in Poland.

      It became apparent that they needed their CDC vaccination cards.

      Antivaxx Marine: I don’t have one!

      Vaxxed Marine: You mean you lost it?

      Antivaxx: No, I never got vaccinated!!!

      Vaxxed: Fuck that, I’m not going to Ukraine with you you’re gonna get everyone sick!

      Antivaxx: We’re going on a suicide mission, bro.

      Vaxxed: Oh yeah.

      Antivaxx: (Googling) Says here you can get blank CDC cards.


      Problem solved. But more importantly…

      If China still sides with Russia this is WWIII, if Xi changes his mind then Putin is out the picture.

      Make no mistake we are at War. with Putin.


    Russian aviation may be practically done for within three weeks.

  9. NHerrera says:

    This post can be censored.

    I wonder what the procedure is in pushing “the nuclear button” in Russia.

  10. NHerrera says:

    Hey hey hey the Russian Ruble is now only 0.44 of a Philippine Peso.

  11. NHerrera says:

    This one is on hypocrisy, not lies.

    Readers of TSH may find this Washington Post opinion article by Dana Milbank titled, “The Supreme Court gets a taste of its own medicine” an interesting read.

    Whereas the right has used far-right dark-money groups in corrupting and consuming American politics, now they cry foul when SC nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is supposed to be supported by far-left dark-money groups.

    Writes Milbank,

    On Tuesday, McConnell repeated on the Senate floor that he is “troubled” by “the intensity of Judge Jackson’s far-left dark-money fan club.”

    Even for McConnell, a five-time Olympic gold medalist in hypocrisy, this was special.

    There is perhaps no human being more responsible for the tsunami of unlimited, unregulated “dark” money that has corrupted and consumed American politics than Addison Mitchell McConnell III. Nobody worked harder to thwart campaign finance limits and to block the disclosure of contributors’ names.

    I like Milbank’s characterization of McConnell as a five-time Olympic gold medalist in hypocrisy.

    By the way, Ketanji Brown Jackson has these qualifications, among others: Harvard Law, Supreme Court clerkship, public defender, eight years as a trial judge, appellate judge.

  12. Karl Garcia says:

    I lurked Prof Clarita Carlos FB
    She asked a stupid question of why haven’t US et al sanctioned Russia’s oil and gas.
    I say stupid because it will surely make my pronouncements of a 200 pesos a liter very possible.
    I stopped visiting her page, but I have not blocked her yet.

  13. Karl Garcia says:

    I say a scenario where Russian’s defect to the US is more likely like in this movie.

  14. Karl Garcia says:

    In Europe and America there’s a growing feeling of hysteria
    Conditioned to respond to all the threats
    In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets
    Mister Krushchev said, “We will bury you”
    I don’t subscribe to this point of view
    It’d be such an ignorant thing to do
    If the Russians love their children too
    How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?
    There is no monopoly on common sense
    On either side of the political fence
    We share the same biology, regardless of ideology
    Believe me when I say to you
    I hope the Russians love their children too
    There is no historical precedent
    To put the words in the mouth of the president?
    There’s no such thing as a winnable war
    It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore
    Mister Reagan says, “We will protect you”
    I don’t subscribe to this point of view
    Believe me when I say to you
    I hope the Russians love their children too
    We share the same biology, regardless of ideology
    But what might save us, me and you
    Is if the Russians love their children too

  15. Spain is also sending military equipment to Ukraine.

    In German news I read that first military equipment from here reached Ukraine via the Polish border, anti-tank and anti-aircraft stuff. Furthermore Germany is sending anti-aircraft stuff that used to be East German equipment.

    Wonder when the MiG jet fighters that Eastern European countries promised for Ukraine will arrive there. They have the distinct advantage that Ukrainian pilots already know how to fly them.

    Of course Turkish drones are already very much in use by Ukraine.

    Turkey also has blocked Russian warships from sailing through the Bosporus.

  16. Thais are volunteering to fight in Ukraine.

  17. NHerrera says:

    Zelensky to Putin:

    “Good Lord, what do you want? Leave our land. If you don’t want to leave now, sit down with me at the negotiating table. But not from 30 meters away, like with Macron and Scholz. Sit down with me and talk. What are you afraid of? We’re no threat to anyone.”

    And here is a meme among many that have been posted on Twitter lately,

    • Reminds me of this quote, NH:

        • More from Boyd (which Zelensky seems to be a natural at):

          • NHerrera says:

            Taking the initiative with a diversity of responses that can be deployed rapidly. There is something in that idea. But I qualify — diversity of good responses.

            • NHerrera says:

              An example of “taking the initiative with a diversity of responses deployed rapidly” but not good responses is Trump’s actions during and after the 2020 election.

              Excerpts from a link below:

              WASHINGTON — Shortly after the 2020 election, as ballots were still being counted, the top data expert in President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign told him bluntly that he was going to lose.

              In the weeks that followed, as Mr. Trump continued to insist that he had won, a senior Justice Department official told him repeatedly that his claims of widespread voting fraud were meritless, ultimately warning him that they would “hurt the country.”

              Those concerns were echoed by the top White House lawyer, who told the president that he would be entering into a “murder-suicide pact” if he continued to pursue extreme plans to try to invalidate the results of the 2020 election.

              Yet Mr. Trump — time and again — discounted the facts, the data and many of his own advisers as he continued to promote the lie of a stolen election, according to hundreds of pages of exhibits, interview transcripts and email correspondence assembled by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack for a legal filing released late Wednesday.

  18. Berlin – a Syrian who came as a refugee 7 years ago is now helping Ukrainian refugees..

    • Micha says:

      Well that’s better than the multi-national stupids who want to go to Ukraine to fight the Russians.


        Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces said Thursday that anyone interested in fighting for Ukraine “could apply by going to their Ukrainian embassy, or calling or emailing them. Once their application is processed, they will be given assistance on routes to arrive in Ukraine,” the Post writes.

        It’s, at the moment, unclear as to where the 16,000 are coming from. Foreign fighters currently in Ukraine include volunteers from other post-Soviet states, though media reports also suggest “they’re from countries such as Japan, Britain and the United States.”


        They are martyrs, Micha! especially the 2,000 Thais!!!

        • Micha says:

          Good for them! You coming too?

            • Micha says:

              Seriously? You revere a Muslim zealot fighting for religious faith and getting rewarded with 7 virgins?


                The correct number is 72 virgins, Micha— or raisins depending on which translation you favor.

                “The Koran is beautifully written, but often obscure. One reason is that the Arabic language was born as a written language with the Koran, and there’s growing evidence that many of the words were Syriac or Aramaic.

                For example, the Koran says martyrs going to heaven will get ”hur,” and the word was taken by early commentators to mean ”virgins,” hence those 72 consorts. But in Aramaic, hur meant ”white” and was commonly used to mean ”white grapes.”

                Some martyrs arriving in paradise may regard a bunch of grapes as a letdown. But the scholar who pioneered this pathbreaking research, using the pseudonym Christoph Luxenberg for security reasons, noted in an e-mail interview that grapes made more sense in context because the Koran compares them to crystal and pearls, and because contemporary accounts have paradise abounding with fruit, especially white grapes.”

                And to be clear my favorite candy is ,

                or chocolate covered virgins. So yes, martyrs are revered tremendously by me. All martyrs. No matter which side, and no matter the promise for said sacrifice. Respect.

              • Micha says:

                Virgins. Raisins. Peanuts. Avocado.

                Why not mango? Or papaya?

              • Its the Aramaic translation, that’s Jesus’ language. I’m sure he’d have enjoyed Raisinets too, for sure respected martyrs himself, being one himself.

                If Russians ever set foot in American, I’m gonna acost one and tell him to put a box of Raisinets in his pockets, so at least when he dies he’ll be covered by lots of virgins (per the Arabic translation, not Aramaic).

              • Micha says:

                But why raisins specifically? What’s with it? Why not kosher salt? Or marshmallow? Or chichacorn? Maybe pulboron?


                Such cheap reward for martyrdom.

                Virgins seem more fitting.

              • Micha says:

                Does that look something to die for?

              • the Idea of it in Heaven. Yes. especially when covered by chocolate. Life’s simple pleasures in Eternity.

              • Micha says:

                Does it ever occur to you that when your organic self disintegrates you don’t get to eat raisins or macadamia nuts no more?

              • that’s why I said, the Idea.

              • isk says:

                Informative and entertaining just like in this clip.

              • LOL! or this,

                but if you get a chance to watch “After Yang” (now on Showtime, also So Player), watch it. that scene in particular was poignant. lots of meaning. Not as entertaining comedically, but deep. Life deep.

              • isk says:

                Thanks Sir Lance. Will check it out.

    • NHerrera says:

      That Syrian saying I know what those refugees [from Ukraine to Germany] must feel [being a refugee himself and welcomed in Germany] made me almost teary-eyed. I remember again your Angela Merkel.

  19. sonny says:

    Sharing some early reads on the Ukraine-Russia crisis:

    The first option is the most troubling. Russia continues to press its invasion, applying more firepower and forces to achieve success.

    Another option is that the Russian offensive could grind to a halt short of capturing the capital and other major cities.

    If Russia’s attack stalls, instead of doubling down, it could instead choose that moment to seek a mediated solution with talks at a neutral venue.

    • JoeAm says:

      It’s hard to put war back in the bottle. Putin is already showing a ruthless determination, based on the use of banned weapons and attacking a nuclear plant. He’s probably approaching desperation, his domestic economy having quickly been driven south. I read a few minutes ago that a Russian businessman had put a $1 million bounty on the arrest of Putin for humanitarian abuses. Real or propaganda, I don’t know. I think the end has to come from within Russia because there is no easy out for Putin.

      • The only other examples i can think of similar is Fidel Castro, and he lasted like 20 US presidents; then there was that assassination attempt of Hitler by Tom Cruise.

        Russians seem to have enjoyed a fairly good economy and income from the internet, eg. streamers and content producers, and to have all that just stop for a senseless invasion, i’m sure

        the case of assassinating Putin is far more likelier to happen, than the Hitler and Castro examples. populace were fully under control. right now is ripe, ripe for the picking of Putin’s head. Plucked brutally.

  20. about Ukraine, on FB live.

    Kronika Militar with Filipino war historian Jose Antonio Custudio et al.

  21. How Russian state media puts a huge spin on Ukraine:

    • And apparently using green screen wrongly, LOL!

      • kasambahay says:

        such glum faces! like they have not eaten cabbage for two days, lol! and why the disparity? putin leans one way, the women the other way; within arm’s length but kilometers apart! putin stance is closed, hands palms down together, apparently of one mind and not open for negotiation. bird of prey swooping down, eyes low.

        the women are not showing their hands too, hidden under the table. those two are sympathetically of one mind though, their shoulders nearly touched.

    • kasambahay says:

      lokohan! the russians must have been utterly, utterly surprised why the very people putin hopes to save are not fleeing towards their benevolent savior russia, but to eu. pro-russian rebels in ukraine are exception.

      anyhow, putin is emboldened anew. nato director general jens stoltenberg refused to close ukraine’s air zone. russia is free to come and drop bombs on ukraine 24/7. it’s not nato’s war, sabi. really? the view from jens stoltenberg’s lens must be fanstastic! all those bombs dropping, those fireballs and missiles raining down from the sky and blasting buildings of note – tremendous!

      if it’s not nato’s war, why then is nato interfering and putting down neutral corridor inside ukraine itself for cilivians to flee bombed sites and fallen buildings, and for them to reach safety!

    • Fuck you, Mikhail !!! LOL!

      • kasambahay says:

        lies, the invasion of ukraine; apparently, the russian army was told they were only going for military exercise! and that would account for their lack of preparedness: their tanks run out of fuel, the army did not have enough food, and they have nowhere to bivouac in ukraine!

    • NHerrera says:

      There have been a lot of writings on the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a lot of overlap — among which is the bravery of the Ukrainians and the leadership of Zelensky. But a word that strikes me as very sad is the word used in that article: inexorable.

      There have been setbacks to the Russians but there is this inexorable development favoring the Russians due to their superior numbers and equipment — a Goliath against David. I don’t know what sling the Ukrainian David can use against the Russian Goliath to reverse the trend.

      We read too of the different end game scenarios, but this inexorable march of the Russians makes me sad how it will probably end for the Ukrainians, not only in being defeated but in Ukrainian blood that will be shed. The blood of Russian rank-and-file soldiers too — being made to go to war that they most probably do not understand.

      Historians however this will end will surely be kinder to the Ukrainians than the Russians.

      • sonny says:

        Trepidation on the presence of evil is pervasive, NH. Thus our prayers must be stronger and conquer that fear. “In hoc signo, vinces!”

        • NHerrera says:

          “In hoc signo, vinces” = “In this sign [of the cross/ prayers] thou shalt conquer”.


            Oh, those are fighting words for sure now, fellas. NATO should conquer Russia.

            Roman Catholic vs. Greek Orthodoxy!!! “ἐν τούτῳ νίκα”

            • sonny says:

              Beware conflation, LC!

              • I was just taken aback by Constantine’s motto, instead of the Torah’s

                Thou shalt not kill.

                Or the Gospel’s

                Turn the other cheek, sonny.

              • sonny says:

                The Christians were just coming out of the Age of martyrdom from the Roman emperors, LC. By that time the lions at the coliseums were also tired of the same menu and the city of Rome was also tired of the smell of burning flesh. No more cheeks to turn, LC!!

                According to Lactantius, the sign that Constantine saw was the chrism, the Greek letters X (chi), P (rho) – symbol for Christus at that time.

              • sonny says:

                Constantine was not a Christian when he won the battle at the Milvian bridge. He converted to Christianity only some time before he died.

            • When and where is proof of conversion?

              For Born Agains its when they get dunked in water, usually a river but bathtub will do too by other Born Agains not necessary its a pastor; DIY dunking.

              For Muslims its the shahada professing of faith, done by oneself; or preferably amidst a group and celebrated, same as born agains.

              But for Constantine it would be a political act, though Google has him coverting after the “sign” worked in battle, then baptized in the death bed. Now if baptism is the only evidence of conversion then death bed it is, but theres also apparently tradition that it was his mom and then the “sign” working that made him convert to Christianity.

          • sonny says:

            This rendering of history spans quite huge trajectories of time: Davidic (survival of a people) –> Constantine (formation of empire) –> 2022 Ukrainian struggle (survival of Western civilization), all tipping points (transitions) in the march of civilizations.

            “… The Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place between the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius on 28 October 312. It takes its name from the Milvian Bridge, an important route over the Tiber. Constantine won the battle and started on the path that led him to end the Tetrarchy and become the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. Maxentius drowned in the Tiber during the battle; his body was later taken from the river and decapitated, and his head was paraded through the streets of Rome on the day following the battle before being taken to Africa. …”

            Putin witnessed the rise & dismantling of the USSR. Deja vu for him, that is not to be repeated?

            • Then I think sonny we’re talking about two different (though non mutually exclusive) signs here.

              And in that addition of sign, we can fit President Zelensky similarly in the David and Goliath struggle.

              Very interesting connections.

              • sonny says:

                “… Very interesting connections.”

                Does the term “Judaeo-Christian” ring a bell? 🙂 Or “Russian-Jew”? Or “Polish-Jew”? Or “Polish-Catholic”?

              • kasambahay says:

                it’s putin that’s behaving like hitler, mahilig sa invasion.

              • kasambahay says:

                Z is the new and emerging symbol: putin’s own swastika; a symbol of russian aggression painted on russia’s war machines in ukraine.

    • kasambahay says:

      ceasefires were meant to fail; putin stands by his own rules. he has already unleash cluster bombs on civilians, civilians targeted deliberately. as well, civilians on neutral corridor were apparently welcomed with russian bullets.

      so long as ukrainian air zone is open as nato refused to close it, russian bombers come in droves, ukraine pounded by both land and air strikes.

      fearful of triggering world war 3, nato staying put, its air fighters will never know how tactical and how better fighters they can be vs. their russian counterparts. nato mayhap is happier on turning the other check; its war machines laying idle and gathering dust.

      already on 12th day of fighting with ukraine’s nuclear plant increasingly under russian control, it seems putin is already serving nato a war on a silver platter; nato just does not know it yet, or dont want to know, lol!

  22. NHerrera says:

    Where Ukraine’s refugees are fleeing. The numbers tell the reason why and not what Putin said before the Russian invasion — those going to Russia and a minuscule number to Belarus compared to the other neighboring countries:

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Even Russians are leaving for Finland.

      In other news UNIQLO and McDonald’s have explain why it is continuing Russian operations

        • Karl Garcia says:


        • NHerrera says:

          Excerpts from the link:

          She said modernizing and integrating Philippine ports and harbors will boost both local and international trade.

          “This serves a purpose that permeates beyond the maritime sector — a stronger national link through an integrated intermodal national logistics system allows trade to grow at the community level, which feeds into our strategy of looping the grassroots into the economic ecosystem,” she said.

          The vice president also acknowledged the inefficiencies in the existing regulatory framework for the maritime industry, particularly on the matter of ship registration.

          She said the regulatory stumbling blocks could be fixed through genuine stakeholder engagement, stocktaking process, and a proper road map to introduce new policies.

          “With such a Philippine-flagged fleet, we can maximize our waters: creating employment, lowering the cost of logistics, bringing goods and services faster and farther into our islands. We will become the maritime power we should be,” she said.

          Now, why can’t that bright idea not come from a candidate not as busy as Leni? I know, I know — if you want bright ideas and things to get done, ask a bright busy one, and need I say, not to a brain-challenged lazy one.

          • sonny says:

            The potential of utilizing of Philippine coastlines is material for wet dreams of forward-thinking maritime speculators, IMO: the internal seas, Sulu & Sibuyan; the open seas: Palawan, Benham Rise, Taiwan Strait, Philippine Deep, Celebes.

    • kasambahay says:

      those safety corridors established inside ukaraine led to russia and belarus! ukranian refugees detouring off to poland, moldovia, hungary, etc are fired upon!

      • NHerrera says:

        Kasi kb hindi nga “safety corridors” yuong paputanta sa Poland, Moldova, and Hungary.” Klarong klaro na nakalagay “non-safety corridors ito, ingat may bumabaril.” Binaril nga sila. 🤣

        [Sorry, dear readers, for making a joke of a very serious situation. And to think that in the early days, the Ukrainians treated the captured Russians with kindness — they were given tea and food and allowed to call home to their parents or loved ones. Bastards.]

        • sonny says:

          NH, don’t forget the sunflower seeds. 🙂

        • kasambahay says:

          ahem! apparently ukranians who showed kindness to captured russian soldiers contravened the geneva convention, for uploading the film in the internet for the world to see the ungainly and distressing sight of sobbing russians soldiers! apparently, the sobbing soldiers, some are just 20yrs old and barely trained and already used by putin as cannon fodders!

          dapat pala, according to geneva convention, the soldiers were to be treated with dignity, their pride preserved.

          well, if I were ukranian and russian soldiers come uninvited to my country and armed to the teeth! I will do more than upload their pics!

  23. Karl Garcia says:

    In this part of the globe we should worry that China might bectqking notes on how to attack Taiwan They might base in North Luzon.
    This might happen even if we are just minding our business.

    • NHerrera says:

      Oh oh, I can imagine Lance later showing, in reply, some graphics and commentaries, amplifying on your thoughts karl. Haha.

      Side note. Really, karl, “we are just minding our business”? No distasteful not-too-subtle Filipino-Chinese games being played around? And who initiated the game? Bet you kb will not agree. 🤣

      • Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia was ready to “annihilate” any attacker who would use nuclear weapons against it, but would never strike first.

        “An aggressor should know that vengeance is inevitable, that he will be annihilated, and we would be the victims of the aggression. We will go to heaven as martyrs, and they will just drop dead. They will not even have time to repent for this,” he said.

        I’m more and more convinced that we’ll soon have a nuclear war, karl. So China won’t matter, if Putin sees the loop hole on NATO and Hawaii and strikes Hawaii first then points at North Korea, whilst North Korea is simply picking its nose, karl. there will be a bit of confusion.

        NATO article 6.

        I think Xi right now is thinking fucking Putin, man , I shoulda just killed him during the Olympics! LOL!

        I don’t think there are nukes pointed at Philippines, but for sure nuclear winter will come sooner than later.

        With all that said, I still disagree with Micha’s appeasement sentiments. But sonny’s “In this sign thou shalt conquer”, I’m thinking its more the nuclear sign now, karl.

  24. Karl Garcia says:

    Just two days ago.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Fox News: Sting sings his 1985 ‘Russians’ song amid Ukraine war: ‘Never thought it would be relevant again’.

      • kasambahay says:

        my lola, bless her soul, used to hum midnight in moscow. and whoever sang the theme song of a james bond movie, from russia with love, would have to be replace ‘love’ with bombs! making it – from russia with bombs! boom!

        • kasambahay says:

          if they love their children . . . I really dont like putting the onus on children. we were all children once, war mongering old men were children once too. if they love their children, what? child soldiers, child brides . . . letting children do the work that adults cannot do! using children as excuse for adult’s lack of – methodologies? sounds emotional blackmail to me, lol!

          dicken’s fagan loved children too, and lived off their earnings.

  25. Micha says:

    The following video is a must watch to understand the context of war in Ukraine and before it gets taken down by paid censors. Two hours. But it’s very worth it, I tell ‘ya.

    Who Is Zelensky? A Puppet—and Here’s Why

    • Same stuff as this dude, Micha.

      But in the end, is Putin right or is Zelensky right?

      Maybe Zelensky is wrong for not keeping Ukraine neutral (that’s your position).

      But the war is now, and Zelensky is not only doubling down,

      but making a hero of himself and of Ukraine.

      Like Putin you are trying to convince us that Zelensky is a clown,

      but Zelensky is asking Putin to sit down face to face with him,

      and crickets. So Putin is no hero, its Zelensky. Get out of town.

      Turning Putin’s smile upside down. Into a frown.

      Bye bye Putin. Its a long way down. Don’t forget your crown.

      • Micha says:

        Hmmn…Col. Douglas McGregor seems like a man of honor and integrity.

        But watch the 2 hour video first corporal and we’ll talk later.

        • Watching it now… (there better be some naked women at the end!)

        • JoeAm says:

          McGregor is a Fox News Russian apologist nutcase.

          • Micha likes him, but Micha hates Trump— but this dude was Trumps military advisor. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch, Joe. I feel Micha ‘s gone down the same hole as chempo, unable to weigh ideas carefully. This is where 6th senses and people reading comes to play now.

            And no, see the reaction of that anchor, no Fox news is clearly taking an anti- Putin position now, Hannity is their flag ship personality. Anti-Putin, Carlson is the one wavering i’m sensing, but Fox is solidly anti Putin,

            only thing is they’re selling this rationalizing to open up oil/gas production plus the pipelines. as counter to Putin. its all bullshit of course because all that extra oil, isn’t necessarily going to the American consumer, but to China — since they are willing to pay top dollar.

            But Putin’s gonna be supplying China now, so theres really no market for American oil. plus we still got the reserves. so anti Putin, but pro more Oil/gas , is Fox News’ current stance. Oh and anti- Biden of course (too weak against Putin is what they say).

            • JoeAm says:

              I read that Venezuela wants a better relationship with the US. Superb timing.

              Seeing Micha align with a Fox military pundit proves the old adage that extreme left and extreme right eventually circle around and hold hands. Well, I made that up, but it sounds like a good adage to me.

              • LOL! before you copyright that idea, Joe, read: but I’m sure if you put it on a truckers hat you can still trademark and sue anyone who sells any political circle hats.

              • JoeAm says:

                Ah, horseshoe! Terrific visual as they bend toward one another.

                “The extreme left may argue that no one should be allowed to own a gun because guns lead to a large number of deaths. The extreme right may argue that no one should be allowed to have an abortion because they lead to large numbers of deaths. Both are authoritarian positions that take away from the individual the right to decide for themselves what’s best for their own lives.”

              • “Both are willing to take away individual freedom to impose their will on others. The extreme left and the extreme right think it’s acceptable to take away people’s rights. They just differ on whose rights and what rights should be taken away.”

                That’s why me and Micha disagree on Bitcoin, Joe. Micha hates individual freedom. But love Putin.

              • NHerrera says:

                Like extreme genius eventually meets with extreme madness? Joke only, fellows. And have a good day.

      • I’ve watched the first hour of this , Micha. And have concluded that this guy’s a high functioning imbecile.

        Firstly, Kolomoisky and Zelensky are both Jewish.

        Two. Azov regiment is anti-semitic (among other things).

        Thirdly, Analogy of Mexico as Ukraine, is the fallacy of equivalency.

        Look Kolomoisky is standard 3rd world might is right crap, all Filipinos understand this process; Zelensky as puppet of bigger fish is also an easily understood process, look at Senator Pacquiao, and here Pres. Reagan; Gov. Schwarzenegger (yeah, we got actors and entertainers turned politician s too here).

        But Reagan and Arnold filled those roles themselves. I liked the two of them. And Zelensky is filling his role superbly. He could’ve taken up Biden’s offer and escaped. I would’ve if I were just a puppet.

        Again in 2019 Azov regiment by way of their political arm the National Corps, only got like 2% of the votes. If Kolomoisky can get Zelensky elected en masse, then I’m sure that 2% was also his doing, meaning, my enemy’s enemy is my friend, and keep your enemy closer. If the Jews have the Azovs on a leash, then that’s good enough for me, Micha.

        Then finally, his equating of Mexico as Ukraine , is just false Micha, mainly because Xi is China’s dictator (i mean forever President). If the US does invade Mexico because of China’s notional NATO-like organization making members of South American countries, they’ll do so thru the UN and all sorts of buy-ins just like first Gulf War, Iraq invasion, Afghanistan, etc.

        More importantly , it won’t be a decision only one man makes, eg. Putin.

        Unless, there’s more points he made in the next hour of his stupid rant video, Micha (a total waste of my time by the way thanks!), then point it out and we’ll discuss, but I’m not watching another minute of such idiocy.

        I’m sure those 3 points are enough.

        • JoeAm says:

          Thank you for spending the hour so that I don’t have to. I have little patience for rationalizing pundits these days. The invasion is nasty business, ask the relatives of the dead.

          By the way, this tweet thread lays out in incredible detail the invasion particulars, and the analysis is non-political.

          • I agree. I think the West is getting caught up with the heroics of all this, and forgetting that though quality is important in war, quantity is also, eg. numbers is its own quality. And waves and waves of Russian troops are still coming.

            With Russian forward operation bases set up around Kiev and other cities , the West needs to consider ramping up more of its aid. its a morale vs. numbers game now, and also the information war i’m surprise Russia’s only got Mr. Lira, LOL!

        • Micha says:


          Well the main takeaway of Mr. Lira’s presentation which he livestreamed from Kharkiv 3 days ago while war rages around him is that Volodymyr Zelensky is not some heroic Churchill-like figure but a puppet obeying the commands of his puppet master – something that you don’t get to hear from your usual dose of war news from mainstream media cheerleading NATO belligerence in Ukraine.

          Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the puppet master, is a corrupt Ukrainian billionaire who is as much into politics as he is into his mafia business. Zelensky’s career from comedian to politician was Kolomoyski’s creation. Think of our own Willie Revillame, for example, becoming president whose career was entirely bankrolled by, say, Manny Villar or Manuel Pangilinan. He will not be governing independently. His policies and actions while in office will always be influenced by, or in consideration of, the interest of his bankrollers.

          That’s what Zelensky is. It doesn’t matter that he’s Jewish. From a mere actor/comedian he is now worth a billion too. And as in most circumstances, money trumps everything; including religious affiliation or race.



          Mr. Lira is a well travelled American novelist and filmmaker and a descendant of Jose Miguel Carrera who is currently residing in Ukraine. He knows his stuff when comes to Ukraine. Calling him an imbecile reflects more on you than it is on him.

          • JoeAm says:

            @Micha, Zelensky got a standing ovation today from UK parliament, and an invitation from Canada’s Trudeau to address their legislature, too. He may not inspire you, but he sure seems to inspire others. He’ll go into history books as a beacon of courage for democracies, I suspect, win or lose in the fighting.

            • Micha says:

              As Mr. Lira said, Zelensky is winning the PR campaign in the west because he and his mafia masters have friends in high places including, supposedly, President Biden’s son implicated in Burisma controversy with links to, you guessed it, Igor Kolomoyskyi.

              • “Think of our own Willie Revillame, for example, becoming president whose career was entirely bankrolled by, say, Manny Villar or Manuel Pangilinan. “

                If Willie was in the same position as Zelensky, I bet you my left nut he would take Biden’s offer to go live in the states in a heart beat. The scale of a person, i agree is different in different times. Willie is no hero (because he loves laughing at poor kids cry) ; I don’t know how Zelensky was prior but he’s a hero now (and i gotta feeling he’s always been a good guy, not like Willie, now Zelensky’s just a greater guy). See the difference.

                I stand by my assessment of Lira as an imbecile.

                He’s in Ukraine. During war. that’s like Joe yapping his gums during war there (simbako , as kb would say) basically helping out the Chinese. Again as indicated in my 3 points, Mr. Lira’s qualms are so much tinier than the current situation. Lastly, I knew about his “high” IQ score within the first 30 minutes of the rant, by that alone I can tell you he is an imbecile. your people reading skills need work, Micha. A lot of work. you’re good at MMT, but not a lot of other stuff, i’m now realizing. sorry but that’s true.

                Unless you have any more on this Lira character, I think i’ve sufficiently addressed his points, Micha.

              • JoeAm says:

                I saw a clip of one of his skits mocking Putin. Very SNL. He’s done slapstick, dressed as a girl, stand-up, dances well. Talented. Funny. Bright. Now he’s Clint Eastwood and doing a fine job of it.

              • Notice I could’ve said something like he’s dangerous like Gen. McGregor, but Lira’s just an idiot. Run of the mill.

    • sonny says:

      My turn to thank you on the video of Mr. Lira, Micha, – the backstory on Zelensky & Kolomoisky.

  26. Just watched this video (“He’s come full circle.”)

    Comment from:

    Whitsoxrule1 20 hours ago

    “Appreciate this nuanced video that doesn’t just hold him up as a perfect president but highlights his shortcomings and low points as well. Thank you Vox video team!”

    • JoeAm says:

      Ah, very good! You found the evidence. Guy’s smart, the third eye kind of perspective on life. Thanks.

    • Micha says:

      Ukrainian puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rise to power was funded through stolen public money funnelled to him by corrupt Oligarchs. Leaked Pandora Papers prove that Zelensky and his inner circle have a complex network of shady offshore companies, according to OCCRP:

      The documents show that Zelensky and his partners in a television production company, Kvartal 95, set up a network of offshore firms dating back to at least 2012, the year the company began making regular content for TV stations owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, an oligarch dogged by allegations of multi-billion-dollar fraud. The offshores were also used by Zelensky associates to purchase and own three prime properties in the center of London.

      Zelensky capitalized on widespread public anger at corruption, but his 2019 campaign was dogged by doubts over his anti-graft bona fides, given that his campaign was boosted by media belonging to Kolomoisky — who is accused of stealing US$5.5 billion from his own bank and funneling it offshore in concert with his partner, Hennadiy Boholiubov.

      During the campaign, the pro-Poroshenko member of parliament Ariev claimed that Zelensky and his partners were the beneficiaries of an offshore network of companies that received $41 million in payments that originated from Privatbank, the Ukrainian financial institution that the oligarch Kolomoisky is alleged to have looted.

      According to the data, in particular, the offshore companies of Zelensky and his team have allegedly received $40 million from offshore companies associated with Kolomoisky since 2012, when the Kvartal 95 studio started cooperating with the businessman’s 1 + 1 television channel. “Along with Zelensky, Head of the State Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov, as well as First Assistant to the president Serhiy Shefir, appear in the offshore papers,” the investigators said.

      • Micha,

        If you look at all American politicians bank accounts, depending on how much pull and push they have, meaning juice, will also amass quite a lot of money. that’s politics!!! same same in the Philippines.

        But politics and risking one’s life, to include volunteering to do so also, eg. martyrs. are not connected to money, precisely because you can’t spend it in heaven (or hell, depending where you go).

        So I agree that’s an important point during peace time, but now all that pales in comparison to Putin, Micha. so your point is moot. Don’t be like Lira now. it s the Now that’s important, where is Zelensky now?

        • p.s. — your link above was covered in the youtube video above by the way.

        • Micha says:

          It’s one thing to have a corrupt puppet of a president and another to be belligerent egging on a superpower confrontation leading to possible nuclear catastrophe. That’s where his constant pathetic pleading for help is leading to.

          If he has any sense of statecraft at all, he should instead be asking for a ceasefire and negotiate a settlement for Russian troops withdrawal. That’s a measure of his skill as a politician. But of course he’s not really a politician with bonafide.. He’s a clown.

          A puppet clown.

          Remember that this conflict is a direct offshoot of what happened in 2014 when separatists in the Russian speaking region of the southeast battled with the nationalists in the northwest. There’s no one homogeneous Ukraine – there’s deep seated hatred between two ethnic groups and Zelensky should acknowledge this and work for a compromise in order to stop the bloodshed.

          • 1. It was actually Zelensky that was the voice of reason and temperance if you remember around December, January til February. I really thought Biden was gonna jump the gun there, if there had been a spread in Vegas , i’d have bet on Biden starting the war. Looked like Putin was the one bluffing and Zelensky being the voice of reason, and why he didn’t muster Ukraine until the very last day.

            So you’re wrong. Again. and re-writing history, Micha.

            2. He ‘s not going to kow-tow to Putin, Putin’s the one who invaded!!! What sort of retarded notion is this? He’ll compromise when Putin gives him a good deal, not before. Zelensky is right to hold out, makes Putin look like a clown. they’ve had three now.

            3. Exactly! two regions in the east and the Crimean penninsula were stolen by Putin. Ukrainian s and Russians don’t hate each other, Micha! They are like Tagalogs and Cebuanos, two different languages but a shared history. Even in Putins “justification” to take Ukraine, that long speech of his , he said that Ukrainians and Russians were the same.

            So again Micha (thrice here, count ’em three times) you are patently wrong. three strikes and youre out!

            • Let me stress again,

              This is PUTIN’s war.

              In the end, he decided to invade.

              No one knows why.

              Its like people were debating, playing politics, then suddenly

              a dude produces an assault rifle and starts shooting everyone.

              That’s Putin.

              Make deals, talk it out, exhaust all non violent means.

              But he decided to invade.

              So this is 100% all on Putin.

              • Juan Luna says:

                Let me stress again,
                This is PUTIN’s war.
                In the end, he decided to invade.
                No one knows why.
                Its like people were debating, playing politics, then suddenly
                a dude produces an assault rifle and starts shooting everyone.
                That’s Putin.
                Make deals, talk it out, exhaust all non violent means.
                But he decided to invade.
                So this is 100% all on Putin.
                Exactly. No amount of bellyaching about the Cuba crisis or Bay of Pigs will justify what Putin did.

                Before we go and review and criticize Ukraine and Zelensky, the victims, we better understand where the aggressor, Putin, is coming from.

                And we should start to know about IVAN ILYIN and who is he to Putin.

            • Micha says:

              If Zelensky is the voice of reason he should have already foresaw what’s coming and not deny the inevitability of invasion. Be reminded corporal that the overarching reason for this war, which you seem to be clueless too up until this point, is that Russia considers NATO expansion into Ukraine an existential threat in the same way that America raised hell when Nikita Khrushchev stationed missiles in Cuba.

              So, if war is what your corrupt belligerent puppet wants, Putin is more than glad and willing to give it to him.

              Kennedy and the CIA orchestrated the Bay of Pigs too, remember? Why is it okey to have NATO missiles in Turkey, Germany, Poland and now possibly in other former Soviet republics but not okey to have Russian missiles in Cuba, Venezuela, or Mexico?

              His continued defiance and belligerence, however, side by side with pleadings for NATO’s help is just pathetic. And it’s highly possible that his defiance is not really his personal decision but the dictate of his masters because, you know, a puppet does what a puppet’s been commanded.

              • “Be reminded corporal that the overarching reason for this war, which you seem to be clueless too up until this point,”

                This is 100% accurate, if you track back to around dec. and jan. I was posting youtube videos of content from Far East of Russia. nothing about Ukraine at all.

                And you are right the West pushed towards Russia, and Russia is simply pushing back, 2014 was when Russia first invaded Ukraine and they got a pass from the US, Obama turned the other cheek.

                They’ve been politicking and negotiating since, with Ukrainians fighting in the east mainly against Russians. since 2014.

                History aside, was Putin justified in invading Ukraine?!!!! that’s the question, Micha. You are detouring and go ing around this question like a cat on a hot tin roof, Micha.

                And the answer is NO!!!

                Don’t matter that Zelensky has a ton of money hidden, or that Ukraine is pro West, or that NATO is expanding, or theres a puppet master thats Jewish bankrolling neo-Nazies, because everyone was still willing to sit and talk and horse trade. Putin decided to invade. and look where we are now.

                Putin is responsible for the bigger mistake here Micha, no amount of rationalization will fix this invasion. None!!! but good try though.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            If you are a world leader and you got invaded with or without provocation, would you go the appeasement path? @Micha

      • JoeAm says:

        Planet Today is a tabloidian gossip and conspiracy rag. Really, Micha.

        • Its in the regular newspaper too, Joe , to be clear.

          from Micha’s link:

          “According to the data, in particular, the offshore companies of Zelensky and his team have allegedly received $40 million from offshore companies associated with Kolomoisky since 2012, when the Kvartal 95 studio started cooperating with the businessman’s 1 + 1 television channel. “Along with Zelensky, Head of the State Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov, as well as First Assistant to the president Serhiy Shefir, appear in the offshore papers,” the investigators said.

          It is indicated that before being elected president in 2019, Zelensky transferred his share in the offshore company to Shefir.


          My point , again i’ll repeat it, where is Zelensky now, Micha???

  27. that guy’s selling shirts and donating to Ukraine,

    sonny, is this kosher or are there some sort of iconoclastic rules against it?

  28. Karl Garcia says:

    So Ukraine wont join NATO, Putin not yet happy?

    • kasambahay says:


      this should make putin happy! still fighting the old war putin is! in the new world order, war in fought in instagram and twitter, lol! in russia where secrecy and media blackout is the norm, dinaig ni zelensky si putin. zelensky understand the need for world citizens to be informed, to be in the know; to be kept in the ringside. keeping them in the dark will only generate mistrust, is me opinion.

  29. Karl Garcia says:

    How I wish that character in Madam Secretary was real.
    Back to PH.

    The government has just killed telecommuting by ordering a full roster back to work.
    With the gasoline prices to rise sky high all this guv think is taxes.

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