By the people, for the people

By Josephivo Being stuck in the present we should remember the future too, the Philippines in 10, 20 years’ time. This piece is intended just as a warming up exercise. The subject is too vast and interlinked with almost every aspect of life. These few paragraphs cannot cover it all. Just some thoughts by thinking … Continue reading

Attack is the best form of defense

  By Chemrock In this post-truth age, where everyone is armed with a tool and can, in safety behind anonymity, maim characters and destroy people’s lives, decency and good-heartedness can no longer survive if we chose to believe in the pacificistic “truth will have its way”. VP Leni’s team learned the hard way after heinous … Continue reading

The stream of history

By Josephivo In our turbulent times, it might be difficult to see in what direction history is taking us. What are the long term trends? What will last? How will the world or mankind look like a (few) generation(s) from now? History gave us some clues. History was not a steady stream of changes, driven … Continue reading

Two cases from the Society’s legal department: on line violence and presidential immunity

By Joe America I find legal documents in the Philippines to be enlightening. For one thing, I can read the arguments from the people involved rather than as filtered through mass media, the State’s troll armies, or other biased or unreliable sources. Here are two cases I found pertinent because they involve how to deal … Continue reading

Are you a social media bigot?

By Joe America Often, we are the problem, not someone else. Have you ever been driving the car down the expressway taking your mother-in-law to the doctor’s office when some twit in a big black SUV zooms past and cuts you off? What do you say? (1) Nothing? (2) Mutter quietly, “What an idiot!”? (3) … Continue reading