Teves is in Yorba Linda California

I don’t actually know where Teves is. But if you listen to Filipinos talk at church or other social events abroad, there are usually plenty of rumors about where the current high-ranking politician or businessman that’s on the run is holed up.

More importantly are rumors about where they have invested their dirty money, where houses are located, and businesses posted abroad.

I know it would be too much to ask the press over there to investigate this stuff. They’d rather do Lifestyles type coverage. But the DFA are worldly and well-travelled Filipinos some have been posted in France, then Jordan, and then other 3rd world postings, all of those countries whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world I’m sure would have a great many Filipinos.

But we know rich Filipinos prefer hiding their ill-gotten in English speaking countries.

DFA personnel have to collect the most probable of these rumors so when it’s time to find these individuals there are already leads. Way before they’ve crossed the line and gone on the lam, rumors would already circulate, like that’s Ping Lacson’s house, or she’s an Ecleo cousin of so and so, or that’s Napoles’ daughter’s 3rd condo in Vegas.

Friends and family like to talk and name drop before all the drama, and sometimes killings, start.

So even if Teves is not in Yorba Linda, we know through the process of deduction that wherever he is hiding his money it’ll be close by. Subtract that and you catch him. Sabotage his logistics by leveraging on these rumors swirling around.


May 13, 2023

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    • Karl Garcia says:

      Lance knows the Filipino psyche.

      • LCPL_X says:

        weirdly gian picked a very apt photo.

        I was gonna chose three photos online but wasnt sure if copyright issues would apply (Joe ended up just picking photos for my latter articles like Inday Sara and the SCO).

        cuz Yorba Linda is just 30 minutes away from Loma Linda which is dubbed the healthiest town in America due to 90 year olds, which is due to the 7th Day Adventists and their clean living and good hospitals.

        Good hospitals and healthy senior lifestyles usually involve Filipinos who pretty much monopolize the care industry here, karl. but Nigerians are fast approaching (and they have doctors too).

        in this regard Filipinos also have a lot of info into the lives of very influencial Americans (now in their twilight years). i’d like to get into that subject too as it relates.

  1. LCPL_X, you really get how Philippine stuff works.. it already was like that in Rizal’s time as the start of his first novel makes clear..


    “..On the last of October Don Santiago de los Santos, popularly known as Capitan Tiago, gave a dinner.  In spite of the fact that, contrary to his usual custom, he had made the announcement only that afternoon, it was already the sole topic of conversation in Binondo and adjacent districts, and even in the Walled City, for at that time Capitan Tiago was considered one of the most hospitable of men, and it was well known that his house, like his country, shut its doors against nothing except commerce and all new or bold ideas.  Like an electric shock the announcement ran through the world of parasites, bores, and hangers-on, whom God in His infinite bounty creates and so kindly multiplies in Manila..” meaning every istambay knew, and I recall vibrant rumors in 1980s Germany from all kinds of folks of General Ver having been sighted in Luxemburg, before the modern EU a known money-laundering haven..


    We now know that Wanna Ver, the general’s daughter, grew up in the US and Europe after they fled the country when she was a child and is based in Sweden now. Having grown up in a very liberal environment, she is one of the few kids of the powerful coming to terms with her legacy. But back to the main point, probably those connected to the kabit of some driver or whatever weren’t so wrong about Luxemburg though they may have been “huli sa balita” and he may have been in and out long before that. Practically speaking though, who’s gonna talk among those in the know which doesn’t include me, as I believe a some knowledge can be a headache at times. Or can get you a bullet in the head which means the headache is gone, those who know or have heard stuff will be careful about a well-connected killer. We both watched “On The Job” right?

    • LCPL_X says:

      i’d like to get into the risk analysis and cost benefit of all this at the barrio level then the OFW and Filipinos abroad level and why DFA is in prime position to suck up like dragnet all that info.

      but its like this, you gotta show Filipinos you’re open for businesses that theres a place for all this info to be accumulated (and more importantly for something to get done),

      this would be a big well funded program (I do think its just propaganda to sow discord in Russia), but if you position DFA as a place for such reporting of small (to really big) scoops. that will also have a deterrence affect.

      but DFA needs a culture shift. will cover that too.

      • LCPL_X says:

        * ooops I meant that CIA program would be well funded, but the DFA stuff is just cultural some tweaking in what and where to gather information like Teves, etc. no funding needed really, just start seeing Filipinos flatly not with heirarchy all equal information wise, cuz guards will have info as well as low level nursing assistants. in fact many Filipinos working menial jobs here were well to do professionals there who keep this secret when they return for vacation.

        • Speaking of culture, I am reminded of how theorerically well-meant initiatives like having the BI screen outgoing travelers to stem illegal recruiting are causing issues for many of them..

          Even as DFA massively professionalized in the past decades AND has developed a culture of assisting Filipino citizens in trouble abroad (no, that was NOT normal before unless you were someone important) I wonder if what you are suggesting doesn’t contain danger of abuse. Question being what exactly are you suggesting and what culture changes do you see as needed, also what safeguards would you put in to prevent power-tripping and witch hunts?

          • LCPL_X says:

            Agreed. the assumption should always be that all Filipino institutions will be prone to corruption. the big assumption here is that the DFA is far enough from the Philippines and with DFA personnel coming now from a variety of economic backgrounds there as you said, that DFA will be able to absorb said corruption effort from back home.

            I’m thinking the information gathered should be stored in the country it s been gathered from. like an unofficial tsismis channel, it would still be spread via rumors but attempt to contain it within country of origin not shared back to the Philippines. but take ownership of it as DFA, DFA special ability to ensure quality control over Filipino politicians and those who influence politics there.

            who knows maybe its happening already. but judging from DFA’s lack of contribution to stuff like this Teves case, i gotta feeling no. that their focus is simply via paperwork and aid, then maybe advocacy work.

            But if I can talk to Filipinos while enjoying halo-halo on a slow weekday in a Filipino chain store, strike up a conversation share common stories of places to establish bona fides, then stir said conversation to current events, and trigger a rumor dump on which this blog is based, within like 5 minutes of meeting. any DFA can too but I gotta feeling DFA

            works according to top-down approach, so when they are enjoying their off time, enjoying halo-halo they’ll make it a point not to talk with other Filipinos much less dig for rumors. bottom-up approach would be seen as either beneath them depending on who they are talking to, or just not part of their work.

            ps– yeah that outgoing screening is crazy, Ireneo

            but on second thought, with all the OFW scams etc. it kinda makes sense. back at the turn of the previous century, Japan coming out of the Edo period Japanese were largely seen as pirates and prostitutes abroad.

            when Japan modernized they ensured the Japanese traveling outside Japan were good representatives of Japan so they screened and even recalled good for nothings abroad.

            remember when kb said prostitutes from Mango Ave getting married and thriving abroad, well sadly theres the flipside to that and probably percentage wise not the majority but they end up marrying ghetto blacks and backcountry hicks here just to get out of the Philippines & end up in worst situation abroad, that I think is also another feature of this screening (though probably as an afterthough for immigration, but should be).

            but safeguarding Filipinos leaving, to protect Filipino image abroad as well as to protect its citizens seems to me reasonable. Joe needs to just deal with it (lol) 😉 . my point of course is don’t deal with it just to deal with it, see if better ways of doing things work. always. don’t just deal with things.

            come to think of it Mango Ave girls are also good source of provincial corruption since many of them would’va lost their virginity to backcountry warlords and their sons (and minions). more on how to get provincial information and act on said info to avert more Teves type situations. but I’m hoping youre understanding the potential here, Ireneo.

            there will always be possibilities of abuse,

            but the potential for checking other worst abuses of power seems a better issue to focus on here, like when karl thought more lawyers would be a bad thing in the Philippines, but i was thinking then diversity of the field of law there would improve things. here i’m proposing that not just intelligence units hoard this stuff military police and dirrrty politicians like kb said Teves may have better intel,

            but regular people spreading sharing information to keep their politicians accountable.

            lots of Filipinos everywhere in the world is a good thing. lots of information needs to be shared. just share. cuz sharing is caring.

            • Let’s say the DFA folks might find out some things from their respective friends in the Filipino community who might be townmates or former college classmates, one of the many ka- relationships you have among Filipinos. Acting on it is more unlikely, I believe.

              This is just me guessing, but I don’t think anyone in an indeed top-down organization like DFA probably still is, will dare “rock the boat” for fear of possible consequences, or even risk being seen as “politically active” which they are not allowed to be except after retirement.

              Attaches with specific areas of work might already be allowed to be “disagreeable” in matters related to their specialization area. There are by now pretty formidable types in foreign service. But what you are suggesting is more like something a quite brave NGO might be inclined to do.

              • LCPL_X says:

                agreed. for example something like this woulda been very doable with Teddy Boy Locsin as head, this Manalo dude doesn’t seem to have an interesting history like say former DEPED Sec. Briones who used to be really active in the 60s and 70s doing exactly what I’m proposing here.

                But individually maybe DFA diplomats can start gathering info of this sort. don’t have to act on it themselves, but like over here use the media or social media to then leak said info at opportune times anonymously. This is like NH’s Prisoners dilemma, which in latter studies understood that peoples political views factored in a lot in said dilemma with

                more conservative types playing zero sum while more liberal idealist types playing non zero sum this game. eg. they were willing to wager on the rationality of their fellow man.


                Another assumption here is that DFA folks are more idealist thus will happily weigh the cost benefit of said leaks so long as their necks will not be on the line, with the notion of bettering the situation in the Philippines to match what they are experiencing abroad especially if they are in the Anglosphere or Western EU.

                you see they can have role in instituting what they are experiencing in the West and applying it to the Philippines vis a vis their status as DFA. directly fighting corruption while keeping their necks safe.

                I’m thinking the ability to do so will be of great motivation. now the ease of doing so is another issue. lets say they do go out there and talk to regular Filipinos professionals and TNTs alike with zero compunctions of peoples statuses back home, they get said info.

                Where to report it?

                PBBM can stand up a tip line via phone or website like this,


                DFA personnel for example who know about Teves and where his money and property is in the states or Canada or Australia, etc. can report so anonymously (not just DFA but everyone really), from there with said knowledge PBBM can ask the FBI or DoS or DoD or Treasury DoJ, “Hey, since we are new besties again, can you guys do us a solid, and maybe freeze this dudes assets for us?”

                And those guys will vet, insuring that its not personal vendetta — although a lot of folks died in Iraq and Afghanistan cuz of personal vendettas, where warlords used the might of the US to kill off their competition– but assuming assets freezing is another process all together, then PBBM will not only look powerful but he’ll look like he’s cleaning up the Philippines with really powerful friends to boot!


              • kasambahay says:

                dfa has its own tried and trusted sources, providing true info not fake info. still, all info received are verified. sources are not cheap and come at a price.

                then much would depend on how fast or slow dfa acted on any given info; and if dfa chose to sit on good info and do nothing, that would not be 1st time. there has always been power play among appointed officials.

              • LCPL_X says:

                oh , thats a good point about sources that are paid and sources that volunteer info, kb. Does DFA really pay sources? cuz its not a police or military entity but diplomatic. between carrot and stick, only have carrot to nudge but paying sources would make them more like police, military or intelligence. Not sure if they would be over stepping their roles with paid informants.

                the FBI has lots of them (this paid informants thing mostly a federal law enforcement strategy here, local police just stick with “we’ll let you go or lower your sentence if you give us bigger fish”). and during GWOT they found more cases of entrapment and informants ending up forcing suspects to actually commit crimes. money for information i don’t think is a good model. will just waste money in the long run. stick with free.

                as to actionable and non actionable stuff, I’m more talking about sucking up all this info prior to anything happening, collate info vet it and verify before hand, so when needed like Teves massacre you already have the info in hand. we just need a means to store said info once diverted and categorized. Remember that game rollercoaster tycoon, well something like that, you make the roller coasters and people (information really) find ways to organize themselves. so

                A.I. can have a role here too.

              • kasambahay says:

                sources need living allowance and to recoup their expenses. kaso, if dfa has overspent last christmas party and has less money to pay their sources, chances are sources are gone to greener pastures.

                lest but not last, embassies world wide do talk to one another and exchange info. even have eyes and ears in enemy territories.

              • kasambahay says:

                about BI questioning outgoing travelers, it’s probly has to do with newer guidelines of trying to minimise human trafficking, an initiative of the senate?

                so many filipinos are trafficked overseas and live miserable lives. had BI been vigilant and asked prying or probing questions, convicted drug mule mary jane veloso would not have been languishing in indonesian jail, been there for around 7yrs now.

                we have to bear in mind BI’s dilemma as these outgoing travelers are probly coached by their traffickers and know how to evade BI. the questions asked are most likely blunt and invasive, and many may felt insulted and become defensive, or even combative.

                anyhow, travelers are given short time to compose themselves and give reason/s why they should not be denied travel. sometimes they are allowed a phone call: meaning? this is a time to lawyer up.

              • also for the BI to filter that way we have to understand how ill equipped people are in how to do that. The problem is hard and we dont have the best people in government.

                Imagine how to write regulations for this? honestly having a hard time what to write that would be instructive.

              • kasambahay says:


                immig commissioner norman tansingco comes with long list of credentials, he’s a lawyer from UP. and if the commissioner really want to push hard and minimize human trafficking . . .

                I heard that immig frontliners take overseas study leave to make them abreast and up to date with current trends, their expenses sagot ng gobyerno. once they put on their uniform and stay behind the counter, we can more or less expect professionalism from them.

                immig frontliners dont really act on their own bubble, and often have briefings behind closed door, and sometimes they consult with one another. if in doubt, they call their supervisor for further guidance.

                I’m being hypothetical, lol!

              • LCPL_X says:

                Do DFA and BI work closely together?

                over here there won’t be any need to really work together, cuz DoS is more for US citizens while Homeland Securty is for non citizens. and citizens leaving to included permanent residents would have no problem.

                But when it comes to illegal activities coming from abroad to here, then lots of ouside abroad type agencies come into play especially the DoS and its diplomats et al.

                What kb and gian are discussing seems like an easy fix

                and this would fall right in with the mission of DFA to protect Filipinos abroad, before any legal documents are given to suspected Filipino involved in an illegal scheme abroad, DFA simply looks into said contract work abroad,

                from there prying questions by BI will be verified by DFA and a decision to allow to leave or not given. cases like Joe’s situation the focus should be ease of travel, but i’m thinking its pretty easy to discern a provincial Filipino who will be exploited abroad from

                Filipinos who wont need said protection. but that’s assuming alot re common sense.

                Either way the other elephant in the room is the Philippine brain drain, BUT maybe BI’s mission is really to slow down and convince more Filipinos from leaving to just instead stay in the Philippines.

              • Brain drain is real but I have different feelings between SUC educated versus privately educated students. for SUC graduates they took a spot and they should pay for it. Think of how California goes after income taxes upto 3 years after you relocate from California if I remember correctly.

                Special mention to the UP Medicine or PLM graduates who leave. The Philippines spent a good amount on educating them it is just fair that is returned.

                For graduates of private colleges let them be.

              • sonny says:

                Gian, favor lang:

                SUC = ? PLM = ?

              • State University/College
                Pamantasan ng Lungsod Maynila

              • sonny says:

                Thanks, Gian.

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    Senators Honasan and Lacsson.

    Ninoy Aquino
    JoMa Sison

    Honasan because of the coup attempts and Lacsom because he was a murder suspect.
    The exiles are because of political and ideological reasons

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Was that hypothetical about the sources of ghe DFA or as a matter of fact?

      • kasambahay says:

        I’ll be on the safe side and say, I was being hypothethical.

        • Karl Garcia says:


          • LCPL_X says:

            I would really be pissed if DFA paid money to its informants, karl.

            Not only would it be a clearer indication of corruption eg. transfer of money, but it just would not fit their mission of diplomacy abroad.

            If as kb is hinting that this is some secret program to pay informants,

            then I’d probably write a bunch of letter of complaints demanding explanation as to the existence of the program and if there is such a program, i think you have a https://www.foia.gov equivalent there.

            as for local police, military intelligence units in the Philippines, this would also be a good route to investigate their paid informants program for corruption. although these folks I could see justifying their budgets for such programs. But DFA should not be doing this especially abroad think of the exchange rate alone!

            over here,

            there is this bureau under the DoS:


            But they are not tasked with actual collection, meaning the information they obtain is obtained thru the course of their diplomatic responsibilities listed in that website, if they have to pay they’ll hand over to other agencies responsible for that kinda stuff. Diplomats have no business paying. that would be beneath them.

            Again the exchange rate alone would make them the laughing stock abroad. and if they are coughing up good money, how do you justify that with all the street kids and orphanages back in the Philippines. i really hope the DFA isn’t paying informants.

  3. kasambahay says:



    take heart my lovey! I think our seamen should not feel so guilty about the article above. the world has gone more litigatious these days. seamen from other countries are probly doing the same lalo na if their work enviro is not safe and they were harmed on the job, maimed or killed.

    uso na yata ngayon yang farming by lawyers where sometimes there is class action vs employer. win some, lose more.

    justice is good, though sometimes, justice can swing against the person seeking justice.

  4. LCPL_X says:


    Please delete this blog.

    I give up.

    Even if you catch ’em they’ll still be acquitted.

    If Napoles gets away with so much money stolen, then Teves whether he’s in Yorba Linda CA or where ever , his best bet is still to return home, so he can get acquitted too. Acquittals for every one.

    Maybe there needs to be jury trials there? i dunno. they’ll still tamper with the jury, kill or pay off witnesses. from the Ecleos, the Ampatuan massacre, Ping Lacson, and on and on…

    DU30 had the right idea.

    • LCPL_X says:

      Was researching after math of Ampatuan massacre and realize the currect situation maybe another massacre waiting to happen. same narrative different actors.

      from Rappler:

      COTABATO CITY, Philippines – A defiant Mariam Mangudadatu has refused to take her oath as officer-in-charge (OICs) of the provincial government of Maguindanao del Sur, while one of her closest aides hinted that the governor was preparing to question her appointment by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. before the Supreme Court.

      Mangudadatu has challenged Marcos to present the legal basis for appointing OICs for Maguindanao del Sur and Maguindanao del Norte, arguing that it went against Republic Act 11550, the 2021 law that divided the larger Maguindanao province into two separate political territories.

      Mangudadatu argued that Marcos cannot appoint OICs based on RA 11550 and that she and former Maguindanao vice governor Fatima Ainee Sinsuat automatically became the governors of the two provinces by operation of law.

      She said, “We do not know if he has been reading or has studied or did not adhere to the law. If ever, he can only show us what law he used in the case.”

      Mangudadatu’s argument is based on the clause in Paragraph (d), Section 50 of RA 11559, which reads: “The incumbent governor of the present Province of Maguindanao shall remain as governor of the Province of Maguindanao del Sur.”

      Another clause in the law provides that “The elective officials of the newly created provinces shall be elected on the second Monday of May 2022 national and local elections.”

      It added, however, that “if this Act is approved and ratified within six (6) months or more prior to the 2022 national and local elections, the vice governor and the next ranking elective member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the present Province of Maguindanao, who are residents of the new Maguindanao del Norte shall assume as its acting governor and acting vice governor, respectively, and both shall continue to serve in office until their successors shall have been elected and qualified in the 2022 national and local elections.”

      The law, signed by then-president Rodrigo Duterte in 2021, was ratified during a plebiscite in Maguindanao in September 2022, or four months after the last synchronized national and local elections.


      • kasambahay says:

        if pbbm exercise his political power and make an executive order, he can jump over the law and trump it. is what I think.

    • sonny says:

      “Even if you catch ’em they’ll still be acquitted. …”

      That is the long & short of jurisprudence, PH-style, LC.

      • kasambahay says:

        some are out on bail; other times, our courts of appeal acquit them. they went through the whole hog of the legal process.

        in supreme court, the justices rule enblanc, majority wins, some abstained, others recused.

        maybe, that is the reason why other choose to give their own kind of justice via riding in tandems, lol!

    • Karl Garcia says:

      No to EJK suggestions! Hope the ICC will get Duterte, Bato and the rest for crimes against humanity!

  5. Karl Garcia says:

    Even without people posting in Socmed every activity they feel like posting, the family of judges, lawyers, cops can be in trouble with powerful organized crime. Now socmed has made it easier. my point is technology made injustice juiced up exponentially.

    • LCPL_X says:

      1). Socmed cuts both ways, karl.

      injustice juiced up exponentially or justice juiced up exponentially as I’m suggesting here with sharing of these rumors on where Teves is and where his ill gotten wealth is hidden.

      I’ll connect this to number 3). below re AI and Google as the new school, and make schools obsolete. Inday Sara’s ROTC will never happen if theres no schools, karl, think about that but more importantly schools populated with subpar teachers will only create subpar students. that is the main reason to just get rid of the whole system all together, especially over there.

      education exponentially juiced up, karl. 😉

    • kasambahay says:

      so true, socmed has made things easier, including fake news and misinformation, and countless scams in circulation. we cannot just believe in everything said in socmed, some are biased, too political and downright morbid.

      we have cybercrime laws and anything we say or do in socmed can come back to bite us where it hurt the most like the hip pocket.

      socmed might be godsent, cyberspace may let people hide in anonymity, but we still have to be responsible for our actions and be ready to face consequences, just in case.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    Police mess up the investigation sorry to say. poor forensics, poor investigations, missing witnesses, witnesses who won’t cooperate, that is the story and we have not even stated with the prosecutors foul ups.

    • LCPL_X says:

      2). I agree with bad policing. As part of EDCA, the Philippines must reach out and ask Uncle Sam for more training on this matter.

      because like that link above MRP (i miss MRP) is correct over reliance on affidavits is not the best way to do this, use witnesses to produce actual evidence, so if the witnesses recant or are killed off or are bought off, there is hard evidence to convict, instead of just acquittals for all, karl.

      Also not everything will be 100% proof , with circumstantial evidence you can still convict, its wrong to think that if only 80 or 90% likelihood of crime having occured that the judge ‘s hands are tied. this is where juries come in. Judges can be bought and sold, but with jurors more people to influence harder to buy off or kill off.

  7. Karl Garcia says:

    I still am not giving up on the Philippines. Education is still the key. Lance says schools must go. Without schools we will be worse off. Just look at the homeschooling during the pandemic and that is curriculum guided and teacher supervised. What will happen if it is a free for all education? Not free for all as in no cash out for all but anything goes free for all. School system must evolve to develop the individual to the best potential.

    • LCPL_X says:

      3). As for schools. I stand by this, karl.

      Schools are obsolete.

      Sure industrialized schooling was a good idea back in the early 1900s but now with Google and A.I. you can affect education at the barangay level. just have good internet fast reliable access wifi at the local barangay halls. and peer to peer, maybe mentorship, will take over training and education. with 3D printers you’ll manufacture stuff and prototype ideas. add tools and studios labs and also libraries even better. No need for teachers.

      I suspect English is so bad now over there because of teachers in public schools who don’t speak English good, karl.

      Its an arms race rich Filipino kids get Ateneo and La Salle et al. while poor Filipinos get stuck with stupid teachers. thus perpetuating stupidhood in the Philippines. now ROTC is back, stupidity will quadruple exponentially. you cannot socialize patrioticize a population via ROTC, karl. but you can do it virtually, look at Ukraine’s socmed campaign they are not only kicking Russian butt in the field but also online.

      What Ukraine is going online should be the model now.

      Internet access is key here, and if schools cannot provide said access, might as well be delegated to barangay level and just focus on internet access. Devices can be procured individually. but with teachers gone and physical schools rendered obsolete, karl. DEPED can give every Filipino kid an iPad. and just go from there.

      DEPED will just buy devices and ensure fast internet to the barangays.

      Lastly, to connect it to 1). socmed is a force for good too, more than not, karl. had access to socmed and the internet fast reliable internet been the norm in Negros Oriental, rumors of the Teves there couldve spread, couple that with rumors of Teves ill gotten wealth abroad, justice woulda been totally juiced up exponentially before any killings (or massacres like Ampatuans, can you imagine being part of that caravan, karl?).

      To recap schools public schools in the Philippines are so bad, that free for all learning via Google and A.I. will surely be an improvement over the status quo now, karl. you have to start with this assumption.

      • JoeAm says:

        The question is, who drives and shapes the quest for knowledge? Churches, schools, parents, individuals, or you-tubers? Who sets the national rules, the censorship or content moderation? For sure, classrooms may be obsolete, but that is not the only infrastructure. Maybe it is employers who set the rules. “If you can do good ChatGPT prompts, we have a job for you?” Or English, or math, or biology of the oceans. Knowledge will be free and unlimited. Even languages, translation real-time. Employers will need processors I suppose.

        Fascinating subject. Got my brain spinning.

        • LCPL_X says:

          @ Joe

          let me connect it to kb’s ambulance chasing and karl’s prosecutorial foul ups, Joe.

          its funny how kb’s article mentions how ads are unethical in law over there, as if the Philippine as a nation is so ethical that that is the most egregious concern, lol.

          ambulance chasing and ads all over the place has a purpose and its to ensure work places are safe and workers are compensated when injured doing their jobs, or when people get injured in general and there was negligence they get compensated, its a good thing, helps society as a whole.

          So too forensics and prosecution, not just the rich should have the luxury of justice but everyone else gets a fair shake if you focus more on hard evidence.

          As to those Filipino ambulance lawyers who shake down their own clients, over here its the state bar that ensure lawyers are ethical, and get disbarred for doing unethical things, so the principle should be get those sailors their money for injuries incurred at work, but

          if their own lawyers screw them, disbar them. and fine them and let the sailors sue them too. but do not cancel the injury claims because theres greater public good related to injury lawsuits. cancelling injury lawsuits only work for rich people.

          My point here is that it should be as karl says a free for all, but all interests evenly represented and let people be people and choose what’s best for them. bottom-up is key here not top-down, Joe— which is what this blog is all about by the way not so much about the whereabouts of Teves. And is why although I’m for CBDC, I’m more pro-Bitcoin, cuz bottom-up. and that should be the principle when talking about education (and justice). and AI. and technology. go

          schools of course are top-down. hope that makes sense.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            That is why I have issues with too many lawyers, too many affidavits to notarize.

          • JoeAm says:

            It does. Some of my best friends back in the day were ambulance chasers. I was in marketing so we spoke the same language. I think schools could be from the individual up, in the forthcoming era, as kids branch from structure to unstructured self-enhancement. Parents and institutions will be marginally useful. My kid doesn’t yet get it, but I think Bill Gates does.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        You can’t self study AI. Could you if you have to start from scratch?

        • JoeAm says:

          If you can sign on, you can self-study, I think. Ask ChatGPT to give you a study plan and go from there.

          • JoeAm says:

            And start by developing good prompting skills. The more help you give AI in understanding what you want, the better the results will be.

            • NHerrera says:

              I agree good prompts are important to get Generative AI — be it ChatGPT, Bard, Bing — to generate an equally good response.

              One way, come to think of it, is to ask the ChatBot to improve your prompt phraseology, then use its response to ask it again. Or start with a series of catchwords/ phrases such as: “These are the elements of the question I want ChatGPT to respond to — aaa; bbb; ccc; ddd.”

              Example: “These are the elements of the question I want ChatGPT to respond to — what are Fibonacci numbers; examples; applications; elaborate.”

              For the avid users of Facebook, TikTok [not people in TSOH, I know], why not spend time learning to prompt ChatBot well and learn its capabilities, mindful that at this stage it is known to give an inaccurate response or it may hallucinate?

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Many many thanks.

        • you can. need to understand the math so there are a lot of pre requisites

  8. LCPL_X says:

    Stuff like this, karl.

    before any media, folks just regular folks just adding their 2 cents, are already fact checking and fact finding. thats the virtue of social media. granted common sense tells you photo’s kinda off, but a full break down of the why’s and how’s is the value of socmed.

    Only difference is most Filipinos use social media to share Mama Mary memes and prayers, as well as other useless crap. but if more Filipinos started doing something similar sharing useful info instead… justice and education will be juiced up

    exponentially. 😉

  9. LCPL_X says:

    speaking of education…

    • Karl Garcia says:

      We have a lot of catching up to do we are not even the the top 1000. Now we must adjust our curriculum to AI


      • sonny says:

        Big thank you for the article, Karl!!

        Some thoughts/reactions:
        001. at least 2 other sources like EduRank should be available to compare results;
        002. the 3 criteria (research performance, non-academic prominence, alumni scores) are reasonable first approximations;
        003. the DepEd should keep a close eye on these kinds of studies by creating a select group of analysts as advisors to the Sec Ed;

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Excellent points

          • The Pisa study of a few years ago was significant as well.

          • sonny says:

            The EduRank results tell me that their filters are gross. Within the confines of the 20 PH institutions cited the truly qualified Filipino scholars are many, have come and gone. I know personally of three who got their basic tertiary education from the pool of my generation. One of them is a chemist who has published 450 papers in American journals and owns 7 U.S. patents and is still doing his thing at a Big Ten university! He is 74 yrs young. TSOH has its own resident scholar from Stanford U and is only in his ’80s! And I know of Karl & Irineo!!

        • Karl Garcia says:

          I tackled on education because we persist to be a dysfunctional lot na parang walang pinagaralan minsan.

          And yes Deped, Ched, TESDA should up their game bog time.
          It is adapt or get lost.

          • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QS_World_University_Rankings is one of the more reputable rankings with metrics such as student to faculty ratio or chances of employment included.

            Edurank isn’t even mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_and_university_rankings and I do see some aspects of its methodology that may cause Philippine universities to be behind:

            1) 45% on papers and citations.

            1a) I wonder how many Philippine journals are in the publication database they use

            1b) Philippine professors are less networked with international profs so are less quoted

            1c) a lot of UP graduates finish elsewhere and are part of the quotes of major Western unis

            1d) UP profs usually have a too high teaching load to have enough time for research

            1e) UP researchers also don’t have the funds to do the same scale of research as in the West

            2) how often the university is mentioned by other universities favors the major hubs of course

            3) 10% popular alumni: Bongbong Marcos was mentioned by Edurank as an Oxford alumnus. Technically correct as alumnus doesn’t mean graduate. But of course this favors unis that are frequented by the sons of big shots who are not necessarily talented.

            Germany and Europe BTW have their own rankings internally so as to be able to keep track of performance without being too dependent on foreign rankings. One has to take all this with a grain of salt and see what exactly the numbers mean, then evaluate the consequences.

            • LCPL_X says:

              I’m plugged into the PhD twitter, mostly social sciences cuz hard science don’t really say much on twitter, but philosophy and english PhD’s are always tweeting stuff,

              and what I noticed is theres quite a lot of drama between tenured and adjuncts, with the former always writing articles the latter isn’t a fan of. and theres always flame wars, which are really funny especially this trans stuff and how language is being coopted…

              so anyways I wonder what those tenured profs did before getting their tenures. but you get the sense that universities are operating under Ponzi scheme mechanism that will

              soon end. it seems very fragile. from outside looking in.

              Which got me thinking if more PhDs from Philippines take on these adjunct roles and promise not to cry and complain cuz maybe Western universities can dangle citizenship as prize, then

              maybe theres a weakness in Western higher education, Filipinos can totally leverage, Ireneo. is it feasible? then when inside, Filipinos can push more exchange programs visiting professors to student exchange, which will up their rankings.

              • Academe and its many little altercations is a story for itself.

                Anyhow one shouldn’t forget how American UP is in origin, it was basically founded to be like a typical state university, and it had American deans in some colleges even after WW2.

                Similar with Ateneo and its American Jesuits who replaced the Spanish Jesuits – and stayed on until retirement age, the only difference between UP and Ateneo being that there were no young professors challenging the old guard using nationalistic rhetoric in the latter.

                In any case it was I think the new crop of Filipino professors in UP, themselves mostly with graduate degrees from abroad – who developed local PhD programs and kind of curtailed and controlled exchange with abroad for a while, but that period is over now it seems.

                Lots of Filipinos from all the major universities are abroad on master’s and PhD programs, there are also some tenured in places as varied as Seoul and Bangkok but working together with Manila academics, so things may change with time.

                Yet UP still is an inbred place including professorial dynasties, because families of professors grow up on campus, go to the same school there, go to UP free, often intermarry as a result.

                Typical Filipino insider culture which is quite hard to shake, and impedes progress.

              • I have to credit K-12 for this. Lacking two years handicapped a lot of graduates of my generation from applying overseas. This is why I believe the k to 10 plus 2 of GMA is a compromise that may go through. unfortunately it actually makes it harder for poorer students to get to college.

    • kasambahay says:

      affidavit to let you in, affidavit to let you out. affidavits signify legal intent and can be used as evidence.

      paperwork everywhere! in hospital there’s entry form to let you in like disclosure of previous medical history, then there is discharge summary to let you out.

      if I was remulla, I’d ask the family of the witnesses to lodge an affidavit then go after those that threaten them saying that if anything happens to the family, they could be held responsible and doj may go after them.

      threat vs threat, the law can be peacemaker and troublemaker if need be.

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