Lazy Brains

Another commenter on a different blog site said I had a “lazy brain”, mainly because I did not upchuck back to him all the evidence in the Corona trial to justify my claim that he ought to be found guilty. That is an interesting charge. That I am lazy of mind.
I rather think the “lazy” charge means something like, “because you don’t think like me” attached to it. Because I know my brain is not lazy, and comprehends things better than most.  I’ve got two college degrees, a stint in the army, three marriages, four kids, 30 years in corporate management at a senior level, donated time to charity, read relentlessly, can program computers, have traveled to 21 countries around the world, have more money than 95% of Americans and 99.9% of all Filipinos.
But my brain is lazy?
But, okay, for the fun of it, and to have a topic to write about this morning, I’ll accept the charge. Indeed, I am on occasion inclined to go with the easy opinion rather than dredge up facts. But that does not mean my brain is not working. Indeed, it may be working on writing to express a complex concept in terms that others don’t find. Or it may mean I am researching the tension between Aquinaldo and Dewey to gain a better understanding of the roots of the Philippine American war rather than researching Gloria Arroyo or her party or the representatives who are aligned with her, or against her, and their pedigree.
So, yes, my brain is “lazy”, or not active, in the subject arena where that particular critic excels.
I am lazier than a lot of people hereabouts.
  • I am lazier than benigno, who can pen a sentence more profoundly than anyone I’ve met in the Philippines. He also operates better than me at pursuing agendas, being arrogant and keeping his motives hidden. So I am lazier in those regards, too.
  • I am lazier than Doy Santos, who understands the Philippine economy way better than I ever will.
  • I am lazier than Mariano who has the eye of a hawk and the satirical humor of Jonathan Swift, using his time in the U.S. to shine a light back on the Philippines with wit and wisdom.
  • I am lazier than Cocoy at having mature, responsible values. I swear like a pig heading to the fiesta, never go to church, and sometimes get really overbearing and obnoxious.
  • I am lazier than manuelbuencamino who has lived a lifetime engaging with and writing about Philippine political and social events, gaining awareness of both history and social structure and how they meld as the Philippine condition.
  • I am lazier than Macapili who knows the Philippine American War as if he had lived it. And he can show you the photos, too.
  • I’m way lazier than parallelaxe, who can parse someone else’s writing and write lies about it better than absolutely anyone. I am way lazier at using the insult as a basis for winning arguments. I’m sure in a prior life he was a fighting chicken.
  • I’m lazier than Ilda and proud of it.
  • I’m lazier than Chief Justice Corona. I could never engage with a dozen attorneys and maintain my sanity.
  • I’m lazier than Attila who actively engages with Filipinos whilst I largely hide from them.
 I’m lazier than most, in some way.
But I double dog dare you to work as hard as I do at thinking around corners and getting the ideas into print with a twist or two. You know, fomenting original thought with style instead of regurgitating someone else’s ideas in dry, humorless words. Trying to understand things and provoke thinking rather than needing to hammer everyone else into a bucket of wobbly self esteem.
I work damn hard at that.*
  • Humpty Dumpty New World Dictionary. “damn hard” is a an adverbial phrase, a satirical twist on the expression “not very hard”, used mainly by retired people who are having fun rummaging about the world protecting their brains from atrophy.
20 Responses to “Lazy Brains”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to write "I am lazier than Trosp…"

  2. brianitus says:

    Joe, that someone hit a sensitive nerve.Three marriages? That's a PhD already.

  3. ahahaha, made my day with that one. I definitely have a lazier mouth than Trosp.

  4. Funny. I wonder if colleges grant honorary degrees for such pain and suffering, in the name of domestic education. The alimony coulda paid for a PhD come to think about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    *WitsNice one Joe! Sometimes you just got to give it to them. I have a feeling "For Real" is another Benigno in cognito.And that Trosp guy, he is really something. I just hope Benigno washes his behind with soap otherwise Trosp's lips will regularly get infections. Hardeeharhar.

  6. *wits, thanks. For Real is a different guy. I've dealt with him in the past.

  7. AJ says:

    Ahhh, the Get Real guys, I find it funny how they say their against mob rule or rule of one when they fail to see that they themselves are a mob on the other side of the fence with a one-track mind.At least they have a fun cast of characters:Benign0: The anti-PNoy blogger, I agree his intelligent but I think he has no sense of empathyIlda: The wife, I think she's even worst than Benign0 regarding the empathy, more arrogant, and has more time on her hands.Trosp: The dude loves insulting people.Hyden Toro: I think I've seen him from AP, similar to Trosp.Der Fuhrer: what I believe is the anti-Vincenzo, or even worst. My head used to hurt when reading his posts. At least his grammar and spelling have improved.Vincenzo: a PNoy fanatic, who I think is a bit crazy. He's also kind of the dog. But I do admire his perseverance

  8. brianitus says:

    School of Hard Knocks, PhD in Pain and Suffering. :)I'll open a cold San Miguel and drink in honor of your experience.Btw, this piece refers to your exchange with For Real on GRP? I haven't been reading a lot lately. Just saw a healthy exchange between you and that fellow.

  9. Attila says:

    Yes you seem to be "lazy" when it comes to being involved in the community where you live. I'm very much involved in the Filipino community here in New York. From organizing Simbang Gabi to fund raising events or just simply socializing with them. I like getting drunk with them too and get in to heated arguments. Funny but all my best friends are Filipinos. They are the Americanized variety not he ones you write about. Big difference! I cant blame you if you don't get involved there. Where you live Filipinos may not have the education and the social skills to make it true fun.

  10. AJ, nice summary. See if you can figure out this Get Real fellow. He's old (used to go by the name Reality Check and defend Ms. Arroyo) and he's new (he's BAAAAACK).

  11. Attila, yes, and I am naturally an introvert so I explore on soft shoes. Although I must confess, I enjoy hanging out at my father in law's tuba table on occasion.

  12. GabbyD says:

    i cant believe you still admire b0. he wrote this (spiteful, and illogical) blog entry after citing a commenter claims raissa robles is a shoplifter:"As of this time, that piece of information remains unverified. But then, hey, if über network ABS-CBN News is in the business of publishing “unverified” reports delivered to them from “investigative journalist” wannabes, then I suppose there’s no harm in highlighting a few choice gems from the PEx “crowd”, right? What was the term again? Oh yeah, crowdsourcing."he doesnt understand the difference between evidence and ONE PERSONS' anecdotal hearsay.he isnt even trying to find out the truth. he doesnt have to! he doesnt WANT to. all he's got is one guy saying some else said (wow!), and a string of not-clever-by half insults.

  13. GabbyD, "admire" overstates it. I respect his skill at writing and occasionally at putting ideas together that provoke thinking. Often he does not put ideas together well and often he is plain snotty.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hitler was pretty good at writing and convincing people too.

  15. Yes he was, which is why benigno's failure to state his true motivation is troublesome. I suspect it is simply to make money.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You're not just lazy, you're egoistic too. It's all about yours what yoy were commenting on the other blog.

  17. Anonymous says:

    And Joe America has never ever refuted Trosp. He he he.Pathetic.Joe is a sour loser just like you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Trosp likes exposing hypocrite and dishonest people. You may call it insulting them. He has refuted their dishonesties and hypocrisies and they're butthurt! Specially this Joe Amerika, an egoistic dude.

  19. Son of Trosp, show me a man with no ego and I'll show you an ineffectual wimp. Trosp writes nonsense scattered with personal insult, the kind of commentary you rarely find on this blog site, except when his immature relatives visit.

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