JoeAm in JoeAm

Bong Go documents JoeAm’s meeting with President Aquino.

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

Not all bloggers in the Philippines are uncouth, quarrelsome, with a personality only a mother could love—bearers of fake news.

His name was mentioned in former President Benigno S. Aquino’s last State of the Nation Address in July 27, last year. Recall the President’s words:

“To those like Joe America, a blogger who, despite never having met me, wrote: “If the President were in my foxhole, I’d watch his back. That’s because I trust that he is watching mine.” [applause]

Joe America is an American who has dug his foxhole in the country. He goes with the famous pseudonym, a terror to those in the wrong, a balm for those who seek the truth, who devote themselves to critical thinking, who love country and cannot help talking about it endlessly, sleeplessly in the blog The Society of Honor, JoeAm’s creation.

The following are his responses to questions I raised, begging him to please consider this article for publication, knowing that he is straightforward and could be a turtle shying from public view. It took him some time to ponder on my questions, and I was surprised that he sent his replies without drama, as follows:

Do you think you are God’s gift to Philippine politics?

Ha, I am but one of an army of well-intended people writing to avoid being of no use. Other than family, I have no great aspirations, am too old to surf and too young to die, and the blog-writing is rather a hobby that got out-of-hand when people started reading. I enjoy the crafting of words, but never had the endurance needed for a novel. Blog-writing is perfect and politics is an interesting field to write within.

What gives you confidence? Have you ever been in US politics? Captain of your ship? Point man in Vietnam?

I commanded a small unit in Vietnam and bossed people around in a corporation. That gave me some ideas about how best to relate to people. Generally, respecting them is best. There is also a peculiar charisma that has followed me around since elementary school, and is now attached to a runaway typewriter. There is no mountain to scale here, no end zone to reach, only a path. The charisma is a facade that masks an inner turmoil and lots of second-guessing. But why trouble readers with that? I’ve given peeks now and then.

If you had your way, who would you want to lead the country after Justin Trudeau?

Bam Aquino. He is most like a business manager, and I think the Philippines needs a real, modern executive to sift through all the problems being created by the current administration, and by the nation’s poverty and dysfunctional ways. Senator Aquino is smart, personable, principled, and speaks honestly and diplomatically. He understands government. He does not have the patience to suffer fools like Thinking Pinoy. His questioning of resource people in Committee hearings is a thing of beauty, precise, impatient, on point, and always aiming for a goal. I think he would hire a superb cabinet and put them to work getting the nation on the path to first world. I could easily support Senator Hontiveros, Vice President Robredo, or Senator Trillanes on the strength of their character and principles. And Mar Roxas, although I think he would have to wade through a lot of attacks from bitter partisan people to get there. Maybe they all would.

Are you an omnipresent angel or a superhero who has come to snatch us from the jaws of evildoers?

My corporate career was built on being a quick thinker, and a broad thinker, able to see and synthesize many complicated matters and reduce them to the essential, simple things that top executives need to know. The Philippines is a fascinating arena of study, history on the move, complicated, an interlaced fabric, different from America, and attractive to someone who gets bored with routine. I really only advocate for things that I sincerely believe would help any nation: knowledge, inclusion, law, decency, respect.

Are you a real person, or like Shakespeare, probably a committee writing under one banner?

Real, but there is also a committee, all the super-intelligent people who write in the discussion pages. The glimpses I provide of myself in the blog are true. Well, except my name is not Ron Hegenberger, I do not have an angry cousin named Maude, and my bookie Sal is neither here nor there.

You had lunch in Malacañang with PNoy. Will you be so fair as to accept the same invite from the present occupant?

Fairness does not enter the picture. Context does. Actually, I decline most personal meetings with anybody, being a committed introvert and social earthworm, as opposed to butterfly. I declined President Aquino on first invite. The second was at the end of his term, and his staff insisted that I allow him to express his appreciation. I also declined an invitation to meet with Nic Gabunada, the man who founded President Duterte’s social media campaign effort. I don’t like being attached to any group or cause. It is confining. Meeting President Duterte would depend on why and when. I don’t see it happening. No gain for him.

Does Sal Panelo dress to your taste? How do you dress? Do you look like a quirky Moses as your grandpa’s pic suggest?

Sal Panelo has personality and his clothes fit that. I’ve no problem with the clothes, and can actually enjoy and respect his flamboyance. But he is also duplicitous and a part of the team of thugs embarked on a vengeful division of the nation. So, I don’t respect that.

Actually, that is my great grandfather in my gravatar image. I’m younger than he was. I seldom look at myself. I dress casually and no longer own a pair of shined black shoes. I’ve never had trouble getting dates, so, hey, no complaints.

Some people see you as a modern Thomasite teaching us social-media language and etiquette. What do you say to that?

Totally accidental. The blog has taught me a lot about how to present ideas and not have them destroyed by personal grievances. A rich collection of readers, commenters, and authors gather here. The discussions are what set the blog apart from others. Intelligent, instructional, respectful. I’m proud of it, and of the people who make it work.

Do you know, are you aware, that you seem more of a patriot than the rest of us? What drives your interest, yes, love for the country of your son’s birth?

Well, as Bill in Oz pointed out before I started swearing at him, we Americans (of my generation) had patriotism and unity drilled into us, in school, in the media, in social circles. We are a bunch of do-gooders, trying to do good for ourselves and striving for good values for all of us. Protesting and arguing for something better is a big part of the American way. I’ve traveled widely, some 20 countries at last count, so I gained an appreciation of differences. It was through the patience of some generous mentors that I learned to anchor my writings around the positives of the Philippines, and not get bogged down by the shortcomings here, or by preaching the ‘American way.’ Karl Garcia knows my journey well.

I can imagine you tooling around in the island of your choice wearing a buri hat, aviator glasses, shorts, Hawaiian shirt, tanned, a bit of a beard, fiftyish, driving a Japanese pick up with your wife always at your side and your son behind you, teaching Junior nonstop how to survive in a world gone mad. Is that the right picture? Do people in your island even know that you are The Joe America, phantom of the opera?

That’s close enough. Locals don’t know my identity. It is simpler that way. About 20 people in the Philippines know my real name, people I trust. Personal information really is irrelevant to the ideas being discussed.

Are you CIA? Are you really an American?

I’m amused about the hallucinations so many people allow into their heads. I’m not CIA. I am American, a farm boy from Colorado who got hijacked by a war in Asia. I’m not MLQ3 or John Nery or Mar Roxas. You know, all of us are fabrications. Flawed yet earnest, we utter words that frame who we are for the outside world, but inside, we are private with secrets and fears and guilts and sometimes arrogance. Our outside presentation is like going out on a first date. A lot of showcasing. We can call ourselves by whatever name we choose, but it is not really us we are showing to others. So what’s the big deal, anyway?

Anybody who reads the blog knows me better than they know their neighbor . . . or mother-in-law.


114 Responses to “JoeAm in JoeAm”
  1. karlgarcia says:

    An interview of Joe. WOW!!!

    • karlgarcia says:

      Thanks for the mention, we go way back Joe!
      Wil, thank you for this interview, we get to know Joe, more.
      CIA? hahaha…. Irineo’s really tested Joe on that one.
      It’s like my real name is Irineo, what’s yours?

      • Way back, and doing our daily mental calisthenics to stay sharp. I don’t know why it didn’t help that GRP Benign0 guy. Haha! Glad we both are as engaged as ever. Thanks!

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        You’re welcome, Karl! Thanks, too, for being with JoeAm in the early stages. You could have been a Harry Roque insisting that north is south.

    • sonny says:

      More power, Joe!! You’re in my list of blessings for Thanksgiving!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    Thanks, JoeAm! I didn’t think you would indulge me, but you were game for this interview. As I always say to you: What’ll we do without Joe America? Also, the selfie with Bong Go is pure genius. Aha! I see a similarity with my idol PNoy!

    • karlgarcia says:

      Thanks Wil,
      Simply amazing.
      The accompanying picture with Bong Go was genius! thanks to Joe.

    • Well, thank you for doing your job as Interviewer in Chief for the blog. The questions were challenging, and fun, actually. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. I chuckled mightily when pasting it together.

      • NHerrera says:

        Certainly an interesting picture. If you can indulge me, why the choice of Bong Go and not another? (Of course, among, say, Panelo, Aguirre, Andanar and Bong Go, no question why Bong Go is the choice.)

        • edgar lores says:

          Bong Go is the national photobomber.

        • As Edgar points out, Bong Go has gained a reputation as the king of selfies, from his work at the ASEAN confab catching himself with all the ‘names’. It is a poke at that. That he would take a photo with the king of Yellows also amuses me.

        • NHerrera says:

          Of course! The poker-faced Selfie King or Photobomber — also, The Gatekeeper — with clout more than possessed by the wannabe Senators. Also that creative touch on being among the Yellows. Perfect. Thanks.

        • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

          Oh, NH, it’s like an inside joke. You have to be engaged in Socmed Philippines to understand that netizens are toying with Mr. Bong Go. He took selfies of our President and U.S. President Donald Trump in the ASEAN meet-and-greet, with his face occupying a third of the picture. It became a national pastime to use the app prepared by the silent geniuses we have around us, and everyone had that particular frame with Mr. Go’s face preceding gatherings in tagay sessions, beach parties, meetings everywhere. Joe was on spot with his wit, not missing a beat.

          • NHerrera says:

            That takes away any remaining bits of puzzle I have about Bong Go in the blog picture. And our Young JoeAm is very much in sync with the times. Thanks.

  3. NHerrera says:

    My quick selection from the write-up, Wil:

    My corporate career was built on being a quick thinker, and a broad thinker, able to see and synthesize many complicated matters and reduce them to the essential, simple things … I’ve traveled widely, some 20 countries at last count, so I gained an appreciation of differences … I’ve never had trouble getting dates …

    I like the last line best, emphasis on never. Boy will I give an arm and a leg for that. 🙂

  4. stpaul says:

    Screenshot taken to document that you’re as real as your love for our beloved nation. Thank you Sir Joeam and Kuya Will!💓


    To give contrast, a picture of some usual suspects, way too eager to flaunt ostensible closeness to power. See the difference?

    Foreigners in the Philippines – suspect at first. Knowing about the likes of Hartzell Spence and recently Peter Wallace makes you careful. The other side of the coin are the likes of James Deakin or Sue Evangelista, or Prof. Scott.

    Anonymity – even more needed nowadays. My situation is highly different. Besides my name and my shame keep me from turning Ignacio.

    Reading how this blog came about out of quiet curiosity about an adopted country is what I recommend to any new visitor. Just browse.

    Will, as usual you have managed to portray a person vividly, parang sine. Congratulations. And Joe, thanks for the interesting answers.

  6. Sup says:

    Nice subject…..maybe soon part 2?


  7. josephivo says:

    The most surprising thing in this interview was that there was nothing surprising. Joeam as I thought I knew him through 1000 blogs.

    But what a great opportunity to express my gratitude for the clear and straightforward opinions, ideas, challenges, and the wealth of contributors he motivated to hold a civil conversation and maybe even more the sparkling language (and as German I like sparkling in all my drinks too). Is comparing him with Socrates too much? Challenging bystanders on an agora in this virtual Athens?

  8. chemrock says:

    You’re a great teaser Joe, in your words and the photoshopped image. By the way, you are aware of course that there is a way to reverse the superimposition?

    I have forgotten how I stumbled across your site. I enjoyed your writing style and orginality in thoughts, and the wonderful discussion groupie, and so I stayed. But I have also observed you are human after all in the manner you lost your cool sometimes.

    I feel the presence of Irineo and Lance is testimony to the maturity of your blog. Personally I would like to see a bit more commenters that challenge the views and ideas in the blog, in an intelligent and contributing manner. That perhaps could be some of your side paths.

  9. edgar lores says:

    1. Ah, a reflexive post – but not a pose.

    1.1. I like this quote: “I really only advocate for things that I sincerely believe would help any nation: knowledge, inclusion, law, decency, respect.”

    2. If I look back, the first post of the Society of Honor I can find was published on April 1, 2010. Make of the date what you will. It was entitled “The Race Card.”

    2.1. Here’s this quote from that first post: “Racial stereotypes are born of fear and misunderstanding and invariably lead to unfairness and punitive behavior. The sooner the whole world cross-breeds itself into a fine yellowish brown tone, the better off we will be.”

    2.2. Doesn’t those two sentences encapsulate “knowledge, inclusion, law, decency, respect?”

    3. So what we have here in JoeAm, I believe, is the accidental Thomasite. Perhaps the not-so-accidental Filipino. And the first dilawan.

  10. You may be white as snow, but more brown by heart. I do love your patience with our race, like the interviewer said, you are more a patriot than most of us.

    • Well, thanks, Elmer. I don’t think I am more the patriot, just more experienced in writing about it. I lost patience a while back and almost quit the blog. But that seems to be like giving up, and so many others are not.

  11. popoy says:

    Panayam kay P Noy Hindi Pangkaraniwan

    (Mula sa lumang file, hindi nalathala, Petsa: noong presidente pa si Noynoy)

    Hindi ko napanood o napakinggan ang interbyew kay P Noy ni Atty Mel Sta Maria punong abogado ng TV5. Nabasa ko lang ang transcript sa INTERAKSYON online . Ang haba, balak ko pa naman magbigay puna sa bawat talata, dahil sa haba baka wala nang bumasa. Kaya ito maigsi lang kaya maraming makakaligtaan. Hindi sinasadya ni Atty Sta Maria pati din ni Noynoy, napakaraming lumabas na gago dahil sa mga sagot ni Noynoy. Heto ang pang malawakan puna ko.

    Una: Sa pananagalog at sa laman ng mga sagot mas magaling ang utak ni Noynoy kaysa sinumang naging naging presidente o mga nag aambisyon palang maging presidente sa halalan 2016, pati sinumang komunista o kolumista, pati maging sinuman Justice o Judge ng hudikatura, o sinumang senador o kongresista. Sinsenro walang pambobola ang dating, masa ang salita, walang takot sa maling grammar, walang kaplastikan, halos walang jargon ng mga pamboladas intellectual. Lintik ang detalye ng memoria at mga sagot ni Noynoy. Nakakatawa kung yung interviewer may notes at kodiko at si P Noy ay wala Naalala ko yung mga interview ng mga dating matatalinong presidente, senador at kongresista, matalino pero kakapa-kapa sa sasabihin bola. Nagiisip ng malalim para makapaglahad ng kapani-paniwalang kasinungalingan.
    Pangalawa: Nakakatawa, kung ang layunin ng interbiyew ay hiyain, ibaon si Noynoy sa kahihiyan dahil sa lakas ng tuligsa sa kanya, BALIGTAG ang nangyari . Nagkaroon lang ng pagkakataon si Noynoy ipahiwatigna sa mga sagot niya na walang saysay di tama ang batayan nang mga tuligsa sa administrasyon niya. Sayang di ko nakita ang hitsura ng abogadong interviewer. Kahit anong probe questions ang gawin niya lalong nasisiwalat ang mga magandang ginawa ng mga alipores ni Noynoy.

    Pangatlo: BAKIT HINDI RIN interbyuhin lahat o alin mang miembro ng Korte Suprema, ng Kongreso, para ilahad ang kung ang sweldo nila ay naibalik nila bilang serbisyo sa mga nagpapasweldo sa kanila. Mahilig ang mga lintik (salita ng Lola ko) manilip at magkwenta ng pera ng iba, ano ba ang nagawa nila, mga mukhang pera, dinadahilan pa ang batas, mga sakim, gusto nila sila (batas daw) ang masusunod. Dapat interbiyuhin din ang mga namumuno sa dalawang branches, lehislatura at hudikatura. Mahilig silang magkwenta ng pera, presyuhan ang nagawa nila, baka sobra-sobra ang bayad sa kanila.

    Bakit hindi interbyuhin lahat ng pasimuno sa impeachment ni Noynoy. Ano ba talaga ang nagawa nila para sa bayan at sa mahihirap. Kung meron, saan nila kinuha ang kuartang ginastos nila? Sa unconstitutional funds ba ng Presidente o sa Baboy bariles (pork barrel) ng Kongreso.
    Pangapat: heto parang binatukan ang kulturang plastic: “ Atty. Sta. Maria: Mr. President, noong August 1 ay anibersaryo ng pagkamatay ng inyong nanay at ngayong darating na August 21 ay anibersaryo naman ng pagpaslang sa inyong tatay. Hypothetical lang, Mr. President, kung makikita niyo sila ngayon, ano pong sasabihin niyo sa kanila?

    PRES. AQUINO: Sanay ho ‘ko kasi silang nagsasalita sa akin e. [laughter] Atty. Sta. Maria: Pero sa pagkakataong ‘yon, anong masasabi niyo sa kanila? PRES. AQUINO: E ‘di tingnan ko ho sila. Siguro parang pinaka-compliment doon pagtingin ko sa kanila ngingitian lang nila akong dalawa, ayun na ‘yon. Hindi ho nila style na “Uy, ang galing mo; dami mong nagawa.” Hindi ho e. Dapat lang nagawa mo ‘yung mga ‘yon.”

    Hindi Plastik ang dating ng mga magulang ni Noynoy diba?

    Panglima: Nakatago sa sagot ni Noynoy ang dahilan kung bakit MARAMI ang mga journalist ay pinapatay. Si Ninoy tatay ni Noynoy ay disisiete lang (age 17) ay war correspondent na ng Manila Times sa Korean War. Meron journalist handing mamatay dahil sa katotohanan, meron din naman mas safe at tumitiba sa kwarta sa galing nilang rumetoke ng isusulat na balita o opinion. Ang Magindanao massacre (ng mga martir) parang bwelta yan sa mga peryodistang ang tinatahak ay baluktot pero maperang daan. Parang hindi nabahala ang sagot ni Noynoy ng tanungin siya tungkol sa mga kapatid niyang babaeng susuporta daw sa kandidato ng naiibang partido. Sabi ni Noynoy tinanong niya ang mga kapatid niya; lumalabas na niretoke lang, binaluktot lang ang sagot ng mga kapatid niya sa tanong ng mga reporter (tignan kung totoo ito, basahin ang transcript ng interbyu).

    Pang anim: Lumalabas na ang dating ng kabuoan ng interbyu hindi naman bulag o kaya galit si P Noy sa kaestupiduhan ng mga tuligsa sa kanya. Sa Telebisyon : KUARTA O KAHON?; sa Korte Suprema: BATAS O GUTOM? Batas siempre Ah. Sa mga ibang kritiko: ANG DAMING PERA NIYAN, Namputsa dapat meron din ako diyan. Pabalibaligtarin mo man ang prusisyon mga tuligsa na yan sa simbahan, este sa kuarta din ang tuloy.

  12. popoy says:

    In the previous blogs, there were comments on the coming senatorial elections in 2019. Names were mentioned of possible senatoriables from both sides that is the INside and the OUTside of the present administration. As if these optimistic seers sees an election will be held on2019. Or they can be snoozers in LaLa Land, este noodle land (natutulog sa pancitan). Anyway and regardless, here’s a list of the best contenders to make tsunami of the Philippine Senate FROM a snoozer himself who sleeps with open eyes in the pancitan. These candidates if still alive or living Pinoy citizens BY THAT TIME will turn the Senate on its head. Really?

    1. PNoy – Noynoy Aquino
    2. Mar Roxas
    3. Roger Singson
    4. Voltaire Gazmin
    5. Kim Henares
    6. Alberto Romulo
    7. Armin Luistro
    8. Cayetano Paderanga
    9. Patricia Licuanan
    10. Teresa Quintos Deles

    • popoy says:

      PUEDE BA YUN? Meron ba di puede sa Pinas?

      • popoy says:

        HAPPY (or sad) to say, the politically correct snoozer (natutulog) in the noodle house sees only a fraction of the significance of history like “for those who have not learned the lessons of history, history will repeat itself.”

        Sad that they see only bad history, a minuscule which repeated itself. NOT the 90% good history that has repeated itself OVER THE AGES. Noynoy and the nine other names can be good history and should be part of the 90% that like UNNOTICED clockworks can and should repeat their services to the country.

    • stpaul says:

      Sir Popoy, may I add Florin Hilbay and MLQ3 ? Thank you!

      • popoy says:

        Thanks stpaul — Yes you can and more, the extras should run for Congress in their districts. Asleep the candidates still don’t know that The master key to political change and progress is the Philippine Establishment. Lord Acton’s absolute dictum on power and corruption APPLIES ABSOLUTELY to them co-equally as private and public sectors. The no check but balance of power for corruption has been proven effective among the three paramount branches of the Philippine government. The solution is TO REVERSE gear.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Pinsan, JoeAm topnotcher senate race 2019. There must be a way.

  13. Sabtang Basco says:

    Joe has gone to 20 countries at last count and he chose Philippines to build a family !!!

    Filipinos, love it or if you do not please leave if you prefer to stay please do not trash this evolving beautiful country.

    LOVE YOU ALL !!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO AMERICANS !!! In Sabtang, everyday is thanksgiving !!!

  14. trebor9 says:

    An interesting and insightful interview on JoeAm, but not so much on outing his identity. I prefer not to know him personally. His blogs (and comments) on local burning issues is the only reason why I click this blog and get my daily dose of TSOH.

    Watch out Wil! I can tell that Sass Sasot is fuming mad again. She surely will tell you like this
    “Tell me, Villanueva, how is it possible that JoeAM, a very minor blogger, was featured in TSOH in order to … but not someone like me whose social media following is way, way higher than him, blah, blah, blah…”

  15. Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

    Hi trebor9! Hahaha! Minor bloggers all! JoeAm will be first in line. He despises adulation anyway.

  16. NHerrera says:

    Off topic

    Over a one month period ending in November 23, 2017, the PHP has gained over the USD. I am no economist; others here like chempo certainly know better, but is this partly due to the seasonal remittances of the OFWs?

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      This I can tell … OFWs have money but not remitting them all except on Christmas Holidays. Families are shortchanged …. so is the country?

    • chemrock says:

      NHerera if you were working overseas now and you have been watching the peso going down, would you send your discretionary funds home?. Of course you will still send a certain some home for the basics no matter how the rate moves, but your little extras, where will you park them?

    • NHerrera says:

      Makes perfect sense — if Peso value deteriorates, send the minimum needed by the family back home; park the rest somewhere else where the USD (or equivalent strong currency) retains or appreciates in value. Thanks chempo, SB.

  17. NHerrera says:

    Off topic

    Here is news to tremble with: my “favorite communicator” Uson — Mocha to attend Arellano Law beginning January.

    Fair warning to all!

    • andrewlim8 says:

      Arellano should be wary, since she would reflect the caliber and integrity of the school when she comes out of the program.

    • Sup says:

      If you know how to twist the truth you better become a lawyer.. 🙂

    • manangbok says:

      I do not think that Mocha will be there to study Law as she is not a Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT) passer.

      PAB should know as she is a law student in Arellano University.

      Maybe Mocha will be studying one of the non-degree short courses. Well, good for her. Inshallah, she will start reading (like real books and journals I hope); and maybe it will keep her mind off blogging and spreading fake news 🙂

      • chemrock says:

        If she wants to improve herself we should not degrade her. Good for her. Hope Sara won’t say to her “I took law when I was 18, you too yours at 30+?”

        But Mocha oh Mocha, why not study engineering to help the country? We really don’t need another lawyer in the admin you know.

  18. andrewlim8 says:

    Here’s something to teach a child about mathematics and biology:

    When DU30 claims to be half-Tausug, half lumad, half Moro, half Chinese, and add up all those fractional halves, what kind of Frankenstein can you come up with?

  19. I’ve removed two comments that could be deemed offensive. I am sensitive to the ease with which sex becomes a topic, but would prefer that it not, as our readership is broad and many are conservative. Also, the US is going through an awakening as to how many sexual predators are in powerful positions. Anything that might be misconstrued as being in that arena requires that I delete it.

    • popoy says:

      This comment should not be offensive but a pretense to being scientific. In the study of Genetics, in the plant kingdom it is called VARIANT, in the animal kingdom it is called WHAT? Has anybody seen the films lately Australian Hugh Jackman getting old already with those sharp knives shooting out as his knuckles? Don’t tell me positive Hugh has powers to disembowel a country.

  20. NHerrera says:

    Off topic (absolutely the last OT item I am posting for the day):

    I am amazed at the defection account — complete with a dramatic video clip — of the North Korean soldier across the North-South Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. This is not a contrived action movie; it is real life. It shows to me an indomitable human spirit, the determination of a thinking man to act according to an obvious studied plan, the rigid military training of a NK soldier, and adrenalin working.

  21. popoy says:

    A pat to your shoulders from the Tigulang.

    it’s GOD’s BLESSING to be old
    walking, looking forlorn
    by the sideline. SMILE with tears
    on THANKSGIVING DAY. to be
    young still .. to love again

    to you, to your kith and kin
    Happy Thanksgiving JoeAm

    • popoy says:

      Oh, OH my kalyo, that’s not the right link; it’s for
      tomorrow’s piece. Thanks God anyway for the
      error. It jumped the gun on Noynoy’s Dad’s
      impossible dream. any way this is the
      second try for an oldie thanksgiving
      to be forever in love.

      RELAX I said so I should show the example
      by posting and watching it again.

      • popoy says:

        Yabang from the Tigulang:

        When I was young I always wanted
        to write, be a writer. I wanted
        to draw and paint, write poetry
        but I need to be like the next
        normal guy, finish my studies,
        work with the poor, teach students
        in short be a grandpa. Soo?
        I did all that upon and after retirement
        I ain’t got no choice but
        DO WHAT’S NEXT.

  22. popoy says:

    THANKSGIVING? what’s that?
    What’s this Thanksgiving for
    these Ugly Americans?
    It’s Nothing really
    nothing like in the whole universe
    you blanks, snoozers in noodle lands.

    It’s people of many pigmentations
    from many lands who joined palefaces
    of the prairies to fight, live and die
    and unite as fifty progressive stars
    in a flag spangled mighty and proud

    on a day for every one from near and far
    to go home, be with mom and dad
    be with grandma and grandpa
    to break bread in silence and laughter
    to say THANKS to you
    In Whom we trust.

    Now Pray tell me dear
    Rip Van Winkles, which country
    whose people it is who celebrates in
    solemn splendor Thanksgiving Day
    like the Americans.

    Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Joe Am.

  23. Cha Coronel Datu says:

    Did anyone else find the interview questions quite brilliant and often absolutely hilarious?

    “Do you think you are God’s gift to Philippine politics?”- for starters and closed with – “Are you CIA? Are you really an American?” Ahaha. Bravo, Will. Way to open and close with a kick and jolt. And hats off to Joeam for the earnest responses.

    I wonder though if he would have actually been able to keep a straight face all throughout if it were a live face-to-face interview. I’d have loved to see his reaction to – Does Sal Panelo dress to your taste?

    My favourite question though would have to be “If you had your way, who would you want to lead the country after Justin Trudeau?”. Lol. How clever and inventive is that.

    And finally, that photo!!!! You guys really made my day.

  24. NHerrera says:

    In praise of Germany President Frank-Walter Steinmeier — the man of the hour — at a time of Germany’s political crisis:

    The article somehow brings to mind Bam Aquino who Joe referred to in response to the question posed by Wil,

    If you had your way, who would you want to lead the country … ?

  25. manangbok says:

    Hat’s off to Mr. Villanueva for daring and succeeding to interview the self-admitted “introvert and social earthworm”, Joe America! 🙂

    If I may, I have some follow up questions for Mr. J:
    1. What is your favorite color? Favorite movie?
    2. If you were marooned on a deserted island what book will you take with you?
    3. Better with beer — sisig or pizza?
    4. Would you rather be in a beautiful room with an ugly view, or an ugly room with a beautiful view?
    5. Who is hotter — Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart?

    You can opt not to answer these questions, of course 🙂

  26. Pocholo Venzon Suavillo When widely followed public figures feel free to say anything, without any fact-checking, it becomes impossible for a democracy to think intelligently about big issues. Is our leader in tune with the concerns and needs of the man on the street – or only issues concerning private interests? Is this leader uniting or dividing the country? Milking or contributing to it? Building and preserving it?. or bringing it all down?.. It’s become a situation where the contest is how much they can destroy the system, rather than how much to make it work.

  27. Sandy Diez says:

    Are you going to be unmasked later as another marauding orc-troll financed by the marcoses, arroyos, dutertes, estradas to divide the resistance and wreak havoc on hapless citizens? Sorry, nothing personal. Nothing is. It’s just that it’s commonplace in a democracy under threat–and the price for anonymity.

    • Welcome to the blog, Sandy. Read along for a while, pick up some knowledge, and then make your independent, reasoned judgment. I find it futile to explain things to those who arrive, new, with their preconceptions and mistrusts in tow.

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