Aquino pride vs. Duterte pride

Former President Noynoy Aquino [Photo source: CNN Philippines]

By Joe America

I caught a little bit of former President Noynoy Aquino’s briefing on Mamasapano on television the other day. It was good to see him again. I am biased. I like the man. He is smart in a well-read, informed, and reflective way. He is kind no matter what hostile people say about it. He has character, tossing off ad-lib jokes, smiling when he probably should not, walking with a hitch in his gait . . . like me. Being overly loyal to friends.

In most circles, these are latitudes of character called “personality”, not hateful flaws because they diverge from someone’s sense of perfection. I think those who get angry with President Aquino have the character flaws, not him. Senator Poe is foremost among them. Her Mamasapano probe was as obscene as her fake-news probe, populist missions aimed at boosting Senator Poe at the expense of others, the others being my friends, President Aquino and tech professional Cocoy Dayao.

When Senator Poe calls for a probe of the Marawi incident, all the way up to President Duterte, I will apologize to her.

But I digress . . .

Seeing President Aquino again caused me to reflect on my family’s visit to Malacañang Palace at his invitation. Two incidents stood out, showing that President Aquino possesses a special kind of Filipino pride. First, he hosted a part of the tour himself, pointing out the history of the rooms, paintings, and events that occurred there. He clearly relishes Philippine history . . . which explains why he hired Manuel L. Quezon III to document that history so beautifully. Second, he invited us to take pictures with him in the Reception Hall where official portraits of Philippine presidents are hung. He steered us to his preferred location . . . directly in front of his mother’s picture. So my family photo in the Palace has two Aquino presidents in it. It is precious.

What is this pride, this Aquino pride? The Society of Honor’s in-house humanist, Will Villanueva, would call it love of nation, and love of being a part of it. I agree. President Aquino sees the entire character of the Philippines down to its soul, its historical record, its dynamic personalities and endless fights, its wins, its losses. It’s traffic. Ha, maybe even its women. I suspect he even loves the imperfections, the impossible way politics overrides sense and the relentless criticisms he withstood. He probably loves the part played in the nation’s history by Marcos and Arroyo, and accepts that his own part in the timeline was a calling. And he knows that he did his best.

What is the Duterte pride? There is a pride there, for sure. One does not see such hubris, such arrogance, anchored on indifference.

As far as I can tell, there is no love of history or the way things are done, in Duterte pride. Indeed, there seems to be hate and vengeance aimed at punishing people who do love the nation and its history. I mean, that’s who ‘yellows’ are, is it not? They are people who love the freedoms and opportunities and compassions laid out in the Constitution, and they love the way democracy embraces everyone, and love the rich fabric of Philippine history . . . good and bad.

Duterte pride is a pride about winning. About conquest. About subordinating other people. About being a part of the gang. Being gangsters. It is a pride of hate, of division, of concocting enemies of the State.

It is a very inward pride, a pride in power, and it reflects directly on the person who is boss.

Aquino pride is primarily outward. The self is irrelevant as long as the effort was sincere. President Aquino was just passing through.

Duterte pride is primarily inward. President Duterte is the main man, the God of the adoring masses. He is not passing through. He is the reason for life itself (if you believe in him).

I have that “we are in it together” Aquino pride. It is upsetting seeing what is going on in the Philippines today. The propaganda deceits and threats and killings.  If we object, the Administration’s trolls would say don’t have pride in the nation or what the President is doing.

Well, yes, that’s true. We aren’t overweening thugs who must subordinate others to feel whole. We would feel whole as a nation, the unity of everyone, the sum of all that has gone before, what we decide to do now, and how we care for the children going forward. We’d be proud to stand with people who want civility and respect and honesty. We’d not have to squash someone to feel good about ourselves.


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  1. arlene says:

    Give me an Aquino anytime. Good morning Joeam 🙂

    • Good morning, Arlene. I agree. It always surprises me the bitterness some people hold toward The Aquinos. Part is envy, I suppose and part history (Arroyo fans) or people whose projects were killed by President Aquino (Peter Wallace). I wonder as to their ability to see things objectively.

      • Some of the rage against Aquino is the kind Marcos would have deserved in 1986.

        Even if you put the stuff against Aquino together in the least favorable possible way, nothing explains the livid rage against Aquino and his allies. Hell, there are even those who say Mar Roxas and Abaya deserve to HANG für ‘messing up the MRT’. That is lunatic, even if one presumes the worst possible bumbling. This is where I have NO explanations. These people scare me more than any possible shabu addict, as to where their hatred can go next.

        • Yes. At some point, the excessive rage reflects three things: it is provoked (as the INC rally against De Lima, or Poe’s Mamasapano hearing, or Duteerte’s and Marcos’ whole reason for being), it is cultural (the press love bleeding bodies and pain; telesyre news), and it has its roots in need and neediness for people to strike out, because their lives are going nowhere. The last one is the one that ought to be addressed first, I think. Give people real promise, show real achievement, and there is no reason to rage.

          • Edward says:

            6 9 analogy. from the top you see that the number is six to the bottom looking up “number nine 9” . On top you will insist that it is number nine but the below will insists on seeing “number six 6”. Both looking at exact figure but the realities are different.. who is RIGHT both sides are Correct in their assertion that’s why PRUDENCE and Respect is due ,no one is at fault here. Name calling is not dissent it is disrespect to the other side who see things differently. if you pull the trigger expect retaliation. that’s human nature. speaking of human nature there are winners there are losers. losers whine winners move on.. =)

        • Lennie dela Rosa says:

          I have a sister in law who is a diehard marcos fan. And the reason, ilocano at wala namang ginawang masama sa kanya. Can you beat that?

      • arlene says:

        It is actually tiring to read all those negative comments about the Aquinos. Compared to the fake news one encounters everyday now, those days during PNoy’s reign were a breath of fresh air.

  2. karlgarcia says:

    EPnoy did the blame game too on his Sonas, he always blamed Arroyo.
    That and being overly loyal to friends are the only negative things I can say about EPnoy
    That is just my opinion.

    • NHerrera says:

      karl, I note that too concerning the blame on Arroyo, probably overdone in parts. But it did not involve the Extra Judicial Killings of the mainly poor druggies issuing out of the so-called interpretation of Duterte’s words — the labeling of the drug addicts as not human, etc — and the kid glove treatment of the drug lords, on the other hand. In short, a matter of proportionality in the blame game.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I agree on all points NH.

        • karlgarcia says:

          But blaming Aquino for the Grandstand hostage foul up, MRT, etc. Is way out of place.
          No one is to blame, but some one must be held accountable.
          Luneta is a local government and police matter.

          MRT- the problem started small, but it neglected to unmanageable proportions. Like a hole in a dike.

          Mamasapano- Soldiers die.
          Not trying to justify this, but
          Which is more acceptable-
          Fulfilling prior commitments and missing welcoming the coffins
          or miss all commitments and attend to the coffins( Duterte had gone MIA for a long time, and his first photo-op was to comfort the grieving families.)
          He missed Independence Day for heaven’s sake, for crying out loud!

  3. Dale says:

    Wow! You nailed it. You explained the stark difference between Duterte and his minions against Pnoy and us – the real “society of honor ” – against their society of gangsters, with their pride of hate and divisiveness and inventing enemies of the state….

  4. Zen says:

    Thank you for this short insightful essay. PNoy may have his flaws but for me his gentleness and genuine love of country compensates for all these. It’s difficult to understand the Filipino psyche which is just too full of contradictions. It seemed to me that the noisy minority does not even understand what is good and evil nowadays.

    • It is indeed a puzzle, the things people enjoy these days. Being angry . . . not DOING something about it.

    • ISK says:

      ” PNoy may have his flaws but for me his gentleness and genuine love of country compensates for all these.”
      True that!

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Maybe Aquino pride is our last (?) chance to gain self-respect, political maturity and yes, the excision of the Marcos tumor in our body politic. Duterte pride could be the last push by the far right to regain control over a country that has actually crossed the threshold to first-world status. If only we had stuck with Aquino pride, but no regrets. It’s good to go under the knife this time, because Marcos pride—the colossal arrogance of it—will not go down with a whimper. I pray good men and women will be spared of hardship when unstoppable force meets immovable object.

  5. manangbok says:

    Good am, Mr. J. Your article made cry because it reminds me of what we have lost ( and are still losing ) as a people and as a nation by choosing expediency over justice; fake beauty over truth; a raving madman over quiet albeit slow and oftentimes obtuse but good men/women. Why do we always choose the leaders that lead us to perdition? Why can’t we have a benjamin franklin or a thomas jefferson or a nelson mandela? Sometimes it is so tiring to be a Filipino … we are like hamsters in a wheel, lunatics who do the same damned crazy thing over and over again 😦

  6. Sup says:

    Aquino dd put her there and Duterte want her out. Harry Roque’s words ”Resign” he told on Nation wide TV)

    After watching 45 minutes Headstart with Chief Justice Sereno i have 2 conclusions:

    1: All Gadons claims are made up. ( He was never in the room where his so called complains did happen), not justified by documents ”legally acquired documents” so she should file label against him. ( The so called documents are not available to regular people and not even Sereno has her so called psychiatric documents he is talking about, only the BAR has them.)

    2: If Umali , Farinas and Alvarez push trough with this impeachment they should be hold liable by the Ombudsman for wasting taxpayers money.

    • Gadon is a dirty rat and the House leadership is dirtier for not acknowledging the truth. The 25 charges are just a laundry list of everything Gadon could think of, and that is telling itself. He is just hunting for one thing that might stick. There is no abuse from the CJ.

  7. Philip says:

    As vivid as I can feel you. Thank you….

  8. peminista says:

    Everyday under this administration, I am constantly renegotiating what my non-negotiables are. My one about PNoy is that he certainly had flaws but they were character weakness like all of us have. All in all, his core values and his ideas were what most resonated with me — and the results of his work. Those I can continue to look back on and align with the very best values and results the progressive world has to offer. Now as for that current occupier of the throne, his core values stink to high heavens and it shows in the results, regardless of how he or his reinterpreters try to sugarcoat, whitewash, and create a cult of personality around him.

    • One of the biggest challenges we have is to understand where someone else is coming from. I think very, very few understood or accepted where President Aquino was coming from about Mamasapano, both in working with Chief Purisima, and not greeting the incoming coffins. There is an arrogance to that, as we don’t have bullets in our bodies, or haven’t lost our parents, one tragically, or haven’t had a protector like Purisima was to Aquino in the most dangerous times. We judge so easily, in our ignorance. I can forgive the President his errors, but I have a hard time forgiving those who to this day don’t graciously grant that he did a lot for the nation (Poe).

  9. NHerrera says:

    Thanks for the blog article on the subject — short, well phrased and brings home the essence. I am wondering what Poe may write about Duterte pride versus Aquino pride; she was a teacher, and so she is capable of writing such an essay.

    • NHerrera says:

      That is unfortunate. But mainly principled opposition to the issues associated with the Coalition. No foul language used, I note.

      • Christian Lindner of the Liberals is of the same breed as Trudeau or Macro – under 40, modern and ruthless.

        I think his gamble is to steal votes from a part of the populist clientele by offering a vision for modernization. Nationwide broadband for example could resonate with many in the East.

  10. Melissa says:

    Thank you Joeam.
    I and many others miss him too. He revived Filipino Pride and brought back true Statesmanship because he is intelligent and refined – GMRC – good manners and right conduct!

  11. karlgarcia says:

    Off topic:
    Pelosi is not in favor of impeaching Trump right now.

  12. Lamberto Villa says:

    You explained it quite well, this sense of pride of two people. One is a pride for the Filipino nation, for uniting and moving forward, of Leadership by example, for standing up to bullies – that the Filipino CAN. The other is a pride of one’s self. A pride that, through, cussing, fear, threats, and melodrama, props up one’s self and, consequently, divides a nation, and kowtows to bullies – basically stating, that the Filipino is passive, and CANNOT.

  13. Javier Gris says:

    First there was Tita Cory, then PNoy. I miss them both.

  14. madlanglupa says:

    Ontopic: we’re living now in an age where the current leadership promotes elitism, crass behavior and false patriotism, and even rewarding it.

    Offtopic: I, for one, do not forget that questionable ZTE-NBN deal, and the following here — the so-called “third player” from the Mainland — is just that deal in a new wrapper:

  15. chemrock says:

    We live in a world of spins now. Just about anything you can spin it which ever way you want. Everybody has pride Pnoy has it, Duterte has it.

    Joe differentiates it well. In brief I would say we share Pnoy’s pride, the type that is of inner self. We have moral, ethical values, and goals set within the bounds of those values, goals which may be personal, and in the case of presidents, national. We take great pride and joy in achieving those goals. The joys come from knowing the achievements have been uplifting, either personal or for community. Duterte’s types are external, much like a peacock’s, it needs to be strutted to feel the joy and satisfaction. The satisfaction come from the thrill of the exercise of power over others. It’s that of the crab that has climbed out of the basket over the bodies (dead?) of other crabs. These are prides that always come before a fall.

  16. edgar lores says:

    1. Let me start with the bottom-line question: Does Duterte make the nation proud? Does he make me proud?

    1.1. My financial adviser asked me: “What’s with Duterte?”

    I could sense my face turning red in embarrassment, and I cringed and mumbled: “Filipinos are immature.”

    1.2. For how can one be proud of having a murderer as president?

    2. The premise of the bottom-line question is that if Duterte’s pride was the right kind of pride, the nation would be proud of him

    3. In all the ways that one can think of Duterte shaimes us: in the way he thinks, the way he acts, the way he talks, and the way he carries himself.

    With ignorance; bumbling and ignobly; in incomplete sentences laced with profanity; slovenly.

    4. I wish I could have answered my financial adviser’s question and say with pride, “Yes, he is our president.”

    • Off topic, but worth saving . . . formal study reflects that Filipino workers disappoint employers because of poor inter-personal and communication skills, and poor work ethic. The authors note that socio-emotional skills can be easily taught from ages 6 to 11. Philippine schools don’t do this.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I remember josephivo talked about this(work ethic)and Pinoyineurope was just in his first or second week here.
        Those who work in customer service in call centers are only slightly better, but bad habits die hard, that is where you can’t teach not so old dogs new tricks.
        Rote learning has its advantages because it deals with the memory part of your brain, habit training is also memory, brain memory and muscle memory.

        Sabtang Basco pointed out. HR recruiters are psychology graduates, but EQ tests are never heard of here, we only care about IQ.

        Aptitude not attitude.
        Must ve aptitude plus attitude = altitude.

    • Renato Villareal says:

      I agree. Such disrespect for the national dress and what it represents. He seems to be trying too hard to look like a tough guy. Siga.

    • manangbok says:

      PRRD claims that he dressed for comfort and not to impress during the ASEAN. Point taken, but still for Christ’s sake, he is the president of a country! And being one entails certain sacrifices the least of which is his “comfort” as far as dressing up for formal occasions are concerned.

      The way he dressed (and the manner he defended it) is insulting to me who was a lowly government worker compelled to wear uncomfortable scratchy uniform and ID to work. It is insulting to SM employees/saleladies with their uncomfortable miniskirts and uncomfortable high heels. It is insulting to every Filipino worker — who pays the taxes from where Digong’s salary come from — because these workers will have no choice about being comfortable; the lowly Filipino worker has to dress to impress his/her employer, otherwise he/she will get fired and get hungry.

      So yeah, President Duterte, you had no right to be comfortable in your “gusutin at mukhang dugyut na barong” during the ASEAN. You shame me as a Filipino. Other leaders dressed way better than you. Malcolm Turnbull looked way better than you! Your excuse was not an acceptable excuse; and were I your employer (which, come to think of it, technically I am) I would would fire you if you came to work looking like that.

  17. Ed Gamboa says:

    A better link. TIME magazine picked Hitler for its man of the year cover in 1938 as Manila Times chose Duterte for 2016 man of the year award. The parallels are troublesome. Duterte’s followers should study history and see how they are being duped.

  18. Edward says:

    well thank you for mentioning that you are BIASED I gave you props for being honest sir.Mr Joe AMERICA I had a hard time getting your message.. me too I am biased against JOE “AMERICA” telling JUAN FILIPNO what is right for him.. JOE AMERICA. JOE AMERICA nice name sounds like a sophisticated, well educated ,classy FILIPINO PATRIOT. keep writing mr AMERICA you excite a number of FILIPINOS who thinks an”AMERICAN” opinion is the way for this country to move forward.

    • ISK says:

      THS is my university for higher education. The contributors/authors are excellent. To be in Duterte’s pride, you will miss a lot.

    • Good of you to visit, Edward. What part about pride did you not understand? I get that you are proud to attack me. I just don’t grasp why.

      • Edward says:

        Mr. America you are an intelligent person. Which part of AMERICA sounds very FILIPINO? am I attacking you? NO! sir in fact I encourage you to write some more because there are “FILIPINOS” mr AMERICA *wink* who relies on your joe AMERICAN insights, . anything AMERICA is the best, including your joe AMERICAN opinion GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • NHerrera says:

      Edward, kalimutan mo muna si Mr. Joe America. Puede ba madinig sa iyo ano ang kailangan para magkaroon ng Filipino Pride at sa doon maka move forward si Juan Filipino?

      • Edward says:

        sorry I cant Pilipino ako eh andyan oh banyaga JOE AMERICA nangingi alam. ask him maybe he knows or need not to ask pala read all his unsolicited advices.. Buti pa yung kyle jennerman “KULAS” all goodvibes and positivity he understands exercise PRUDENCE being a foreigner.. Oh btw maybe that JOE AMERICA is just a pen name? how cool is that AMERICA. ahhh made in America opinion nito kaya magaling diba

      • manangbok says:

        Edward reminds me of someone in Raissa Robles’s blog who loved to rile Joe Am. Parekoy ikaw ba yan?

        Anyway, kung hindi naman …

        Matagal na akong nagbabasa ng mga artikulo ni Joe America. Opo, hindi sya Pinoy (aminado naman sya sa kulay ng balat niya) pero hindi naman porket hindi Pinoy ay wala nang karapatang magpahayag ng opinyon na maaaring negatibo patungkol sa ating bansa at sa ating kababayan.

        Minsan po masakit marinig mula sa dayuhan ang ilang mga katotohanan. Ako rin nagpapantig ang tenga ko minsan kay Joe Am. Pero alalahanin po natin na lahat tayo ay pare-parehong tao na magkakatulad ang pagtingin, pandinig at pakiramdam kahit saanmang bansa tayo galing. Nagsasabi po si Joe Am ng opinyon base sa nakikita at nararamdaman nya. Hindi naman po kasi yan PR agent na ang trabaho ay i-promote lamang ang kagandahan ng Pilipinas. Nakatira po yan dito sa atin kaya kung anumang kapalpakan ang nararanasan natin ay naranasan din po nyan.

        Ang comment ko po na ito ay hindi para i-defend si Joe Am (he can very well defend himself). Ang punto ko po dito ay, bilang Pilipino, obligasyon natin na hindi lang pakinggan ang opinyon ng isa’t isa. Hindi rin natin obligasyon na piliin lamang ang magagandang opinyon mula sa dayuhan (ka-plastikan po iyon pag magaganda lang ang sinabi nila tungkol sa atin). Ang atin pong obligasyon ay salain ang mga maganda at hindi magandang pagkukuro at suhestiyon ng ating mga kababayan at kahit ng isang dayuhan, at mula doon ay magkaroon ng ideya na magagamit natin sa pagpapa-unlad at pagpapayaman ng ating bayan.

        Yun lamang po at maraming salamat. And yes, I would also love to have world peace 🙂

        • edgar lores says:

          ❗ ❗ ❗

        • No, Parekoy was 100% attack mode, nasty and dirt-mouthed. Edward is a newbie who does not know the blog history and is overlaying his ignorance as moral judgment. He might just be able to contribute after he gets over the fact that some foreigners may know the Philippines better than he does.

          • Edward says:

            I did not call you by any names. You call me a newbie YOU sir PRO? I am Ignorant you Sir all knowing? you claim FACTS mine FICTION? I get it the last time I check “PROFESSIONALS” are being paid. so bayad ka ba?haha How much? I could only guess hmmm maybe you are charging in U$$$ pangalan pa lang tunog dolyar eh AMERICA. booooo

  19. Rowena Batol says:

    Everything that is happening to our sad country now is really simple good vs. evil. The evil minds and powerful resources of the Marcoses, Arroyos who are up for vengeance and who want to get back in power and the other plunderers who want to keep their hands on the “kaban ng bayan”. There is HOPE, there is GOD. Precisely the surprise of ROBREDO. May she stand her ground and be prophetic when she said “the last man standing is a woman” (not sure if I remember her exact line).

    Our co7ntry truly need more prayers.

  20. NHerrera says:

    Talking about Aquino Pride vs. Duterte Pride, I cannot help but recall British Sir John Acton’s oft quoted statement about power: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    We are all human with failings, but indeed it is a measure of one’s innate character the extent and ability to which one holds in check this tendency, once in a position of power. This applies to Aquino as well as to Duterte.

  21. Ed Joaquin says:

    With Aquino I was very proud to be Filipino. He wasn’t perfect, but he was the best!

    Since dirty duterte took over, I can only hang my head in shame!

  22. NHerrera says:

    Off Topic

    This item was mentioned in the previous blog article. Philstar posted a related item: Here is Uson stating reasons why [she] will not run as senator:

    But what is this?

    3. IT’S JUST 2017. This isn’t the time to announce any plan to run for office …


    Goodness. Is that what is known as Hele hele bago quiere. In short, PAKIPOT?

  23. Gloria says:

    JoeAm, Thank you for sharing,🇨🇦🇵🇭

  24. Angelina Pacinabao says:

    Well stated…good views..
    Keep it up!…Lola PAB

  25. josephivo says:

    Yuval Noah Harari treats politics in the modern era as religions, belief systems organizing our world just as religions did in the past or as in e.g. Iran today. Humanism, men’s wellbeing as the judge for action replaced the sole authority of Holy Scriptures as justification for everything. But humanism had its schism too, the orthodox with the individual uniqueness in the center, the socialist with the wellbeing of community in the center and the evolutionists believing in the survival of the fittest and the link between struggle and progress.

    Pinoy was certainly an orthodox humanist with deep rooted values of the enlightenment and so are most of us here as it seems. We belief in our “religion”, all others are ignorant or heretics. We are proud of Pinoy as a standard-bearer of our faith.

    Duterte preaches socialism but in his core, I think he is more an evolutionist. There are the good ones and the bad ones, we have to eradicate the addicts to keep our nation pure, we have to show the others that we are like David, we can surmount even the Americans, our pride will be in the future as fittest survivors. The orthodox are weaklings, the socialist naïve, we have to fight.

    Religious wars are difficult to win with arguments as both parties consider listening to heretics as a mortal sin.

    • edgar lores says:

      Asuncion David Maramba, in her Inquirer column “We fail in ‘code,’ says, “Most belief systems have three components: creed, cult, code—what to believe, how to worship, how to live.”

      Politics in the modern era parallels religion to a certain extent, but is seriously lacking embellishments in all three components.

      Looking at Duterte (and Trump), we can see that:

      o The creed is not comprehensive.
      o The cult is centered around personality (a personality cult) but the rituals of worship are limited to sycophancy and performing his requested dirty deeds.
      o The code is hardly expressed at all.

      I think the last sentence is spot on, but there are apostates.

      • Edgar, how about the common allegation of hypocrisy toward Aquino, meaning that he merely sugarcoats oligarchic rule with a veneer of liberal democracy? Yes, one can also see Duterte as a gangster masquerading as a daredevil rebel, as one could indeed see Castro and Guevara as rebels with a touch of bandit, but never can one see Alvarez, Calida, Panelo as anything but bandits, or even worse, scumbags.

        But finally one like me who has been away for long is tempted to ask: ‘what the hell is NOT zarzuela over there in the Philippines?’. Only few seem for real, the paper moon about to fall from the wall. About as stable as the MRT3, could be?

        • How much in the Philippines is mere religious or political ritual, devoid of content or code? Is it all finally as empty as a coconut husk? Well, that one is good for polishing the floor, no worries.

        • edgar lores says:

          PNoy is credited with good performance on three fronts:

          o Macroeconomy
          o Anti-corruption drive
          o Foreign affairs

          I would add in comparison to the present dispensation:

          o Professional government administration… although there were blemishes.

          The charge of oligarchic rule stems from the perception that the positive economic performance did not “trickle down” to the masa. That the rising economic tide did not lift all boats.

          Which is true.

          What the critics fail to provide are specific and concrete policies and plans by which PNoy could have lifted the masa.

          It’s easy to accuse. It’s much harder to propose.

          PNoy did continue his predecessor’s 4Ps program, implemented K-12, passed the RH Law, and tried to expand the universal health program.

          But the Philippines does not yet have the safety net programs that are prevalent in some Western countries like Oz.

          Let me be more granular: The Philippine government and the Filipino people do not have the faintest idea of the safety net programs that are available in a country like Oz.

          Here’s a partial list that I copied from a government site:

          o ABSTUDY
          o Age Pension
          o Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme
          o Austudy
          o Bereavement Allowance
          o Carer Allowance
          o Carer Payment
          o Carer Supplement
          o Child Care Benefit
          o Child Care Rebate
          o Concession Cards
          o Crisis Payment
          o Disability Support Pension
          o Double Orphan Pension
          o Essential Medical Equipment Payment
          o Family Tax Benefit
          o Health Care Card
          o Jobs Education and Training Child Care fee assistance
          o Low Income Supplement
          o Mobility Allowance
          o Newstart Allowance
          o Parental Leave Pay
          o Parenting Payment
          o Partner Allowance
          o Pension Bonus Scheme
          o Pensioner Education Supplement
          o Remote Area Allowance
          o Sickness Allowance
          o Special Benefit
          o Widow Allowance
          o Widow B Pension
          o Wife Pension
          o Youth Allowance

          I say partial list because I do not see these benefits which I enjoy, have enjoyed, and have heard others enjoy:

          o Unemployment allowance
          o Rent assistance
          o Free medical consultation
          o Subsidized medicine
          o Public transportation discount
          o Insurance discounts for pensioners
          o Eyeglasses, hearing aid, dental treatment, eye operation discounts for pensioners

          So I would say the charge of an oligarchic rule is unfair.

          • Friday’s blog by Popoy was written in December, 2009, and discusses Noynoy’s ‘Philippine Dream’. This review of ‘results’ would be perfect as a way to elaborate on that article.

          • chemrock says:

            Irineo, Edgar

            Thanks. Good lessons here.
            And thanks for the Aussie goodies. I like to check up a bit more on that for comparison with what we have in Spore. There is great debate going on in our little island that our govt is weak in social distribution.

    • So Hitler would be classified an “evolutionist”? I think for people to agree on what is moral, we have to have standards, and I know of none agreed to by educated men that say we would be better off by killing the deficient humans, who might be construed to be those with mental illness, or the wrong color skin, or smart or dumb. I think it grants too much credit to Duterte to attach an “ist”, or theory, to what he is doing. What he is doing is an aberration to just about any stated knowledge or morality or theory about how best to caretake the human race.

      • josephivo says:

        Few people really understand their own beliefs. We are all brainwashed from birth. Initial beliefs help us to sort our consequent experiences. Few take the effort to study the foundations of their belief, let alone studying competitive beliefs. We often live in a tribe were changing beliefs are coupled with social expulsion. Indeed Hitler was a humanistic evolutionist, he got his convictions in the trenches of WW1. The Germanic race as the fittest in the race for survival, ready to become a new super race, das Herrenvolk. (and knowing the popular eugenic theories developed in the US)

        I think that Duterte cares, thinks he has the correct solutions to eradicate poverty, create peace, suppress corruption. He beliefs that it all start by eradicating the “Jews”, or addicts this time, they are at the source of all evil, shrinking brains, criminality, unlawful political financing resulting in crooks like De Lima and all other opponents. Survival of the fittest, as a street fighter he knows how. People feel this and share his political religion/beliefs.

        We with our naïve beliefs in the rights of all individuals, we are elitists, a danger for society. Only by raging war he can eliminate these obstacles to clean society.

        • So Hitler would be classified an “evolutionist”

          I totally agree with josephivo, JOE.

          You needn’t stop at HITLER here. Look at American policies from the git go, that’s “evolutionist” , manifest destiny, fur trade, gold & silver, slavery, mexican war, civil war, etc. etc.

          There are the good ones and the bad ones, we have to eradicate

          LUTHER was in the news a month ago for his 95 Theses , that was kinda “evolutionist” — at least its effects:

          And yet, American Christianity (Mormonism, Evangelicals, born-Agains, etc.) would not have survived nor thrived in America without that event,

          now American missionaries of all stripes, are giving hand-outs to so many 3rd worlders, nullifying this basic precept:

          In a manner of speaking, these American missionary hand-outs to the 3rd world which essentially is a multi-millionaire dollar industry here, is “evolutionist”.

          They are making zombies of people around the world, Joe. The exact opposite of survival.

          • karlgarcia says:

            If you make zombies, you are an evolutionist.

          • chemrock says:

            One thing I don’t understand….. do all these “humanist evolutionists” practice exclusivities? I mean in the sense it’s always “us” — Hitler and we the Aryans, Duts and we the non-drug takers, or Polpot and we the non reactionaries, etc. It looks more like selfish self-preservationists to me. Evolutionist conjures some great wisdom of sorts, some Darwinist thinking behind their grotesque killing field ideologies. Self-preservation is just straight forward selfish devilish idea of a mad man, or woman as in the case of Aung San Suu Kyi.

            • I agree, chemp… the concept of evolution is the opposite of devolve.

              But yeah exclusivists may be a better term. Though I contend we are all exclusivists, most though cannot play Hitler or DU30 and kill at will.

              For me, having known drug addicts (pharmaceuticals ), drunks/alcoholics, philanderers, criminals, etc. I’m less inclined to be exclusivist w/ them, because I’m well too familiar with their trials and tribulations , but show me a person who walks their dogs in public and doesn’t pick up their dogs’ shit.

              I see red, chemp.

              If given the power, I’d totally opt for EJK right there on the spot for these. And if a politician makes that their platform, ie. kill dog owners who don’t pick up their dogs poop, I’d give ’em my 100% support, chemp.

              So it’s different tolerance levels and different peeves, is my point , chemp. And we’re all exclusivists. No mystery really with DU30.

        • NHerrera says:

          Wow! Hope I read that right. (Woke up early for the washroom; opened the computer; and WHAM.)

        • Makes good sense now. Fits. Thanks for the elaboration.

        • edgar lores says:

          A NUANCED VIEW

          1. In the historical context, it is somewhat true that Hitler was a “humanistic evolutionist.”

          1.1. The evolutionist part was not the belief in gradual change but in the Darwinian creed of the “survival of the fittest.”

          1.2. The humanistic part consisted of negative eugenics and positive eugenics. Negative, in the practice of compulsory sterilization of persons with genetic defects, and positive, in the propagation of a superior Aryan race.

          1.3. In a similar vein, Duterte can be called a humanistic evolutionist in his campaign of negative eugenics, in the sterilization of drug addicts from society.

          1.4. In the end analysis though: (a) for Hitler, the humanistic part led to the slaughter of people that were not of his racial kind; and (b) for Duterte the slaughter of 15,000 of people that were of his racial “kind.”

          1.5. Thus, because humanism embraces, among other things, rationality and humaneness, the term “humanistic evolutionist,” as applied to Hitler and Duterte, is an oxymoron.

          1.6. I would call them in- or non-humanistic evolutionists.


          2. Most Filipinos are not sufficiently self-aware to examine their lives.

          2.1. There are three prerequisites to self-awareness and to confirming or rejecting one’s long-held beliefs. These are attitude, intelligence, and honesty.

          o The attitude is one of skepticism and open inquiry.
          o The intelligence is one of penetrating discernment and the application of correct logic.
          o The honesty is in denying rationalizations and accepting the truths that intelligence brings forth. (Note that the verb rationalize has two opposite meanings depending on whether it is used with or without an object.)

          2.2. In the sense that people like Duterte do not examine their beliefs – beliefs which are the basis of their consequential actions — it can be said that they do not “care.”

          2.3. One may excuse these people because they are not equipped with the three prerequisites.

          2.3.1. I do not accept the excuse.

          2.3.2. Any person who seeks or accepts awesome positions of responsibility – whether a Supreme Court justice or Duterte, Aguirre, Pacquiao, Andanar, Uson – are bound to examine their beliefs and actions… in loyalty, honor, and duty to the people and the constitutional ideals they serve.

    • NHerrera says:

      Thanks for the discussion starting with the posting from

      josephivo says:
      November 21, 2017 at 2:18 pm

      • NHerrera says:

        On Joe’s comment immediately above: I cringe at the thought of using the evolutionist label to “the dark concept and implementation of killing those non-human drug addicts like rabid rats or dogs that they are” — without doing something similar to the drug lords, in fact, handling the latter with kid gloves.

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