The President is making love to the AFP

President Duterte to AFP: “I’ll take care of you.” [Photo source: Philstar]

By Joe America

This article will get coarse, so be prepared or simply click off now. There is not much attention to drugs here, but sex, crudity, abuse, and violence do make an appearance.

We have seen President Duterte working exceptionally hard to build a bond with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). He has showered them with new weapons, repeated visits, awards, praise, and visits to wounded troops. He has labeled communists as ‘terrorists’ to make clear that he is not willing to sleep with the AFP’s enemy. He has cooled the relationship with China and warmed up the relationship with the US, the former probably with China’s complicit understanding of the objective, and the latter because it is necessary.

If the AFP aligns with President Duterte’s mission rather than their Constitutional mission, then it’s like the last tumbler of a lock clicking into place. Then the thief working the dial can waltz unhindered into the vault and make off with the gold.

Of note, the President’s trial balloon on establishing a revolutionary government went flat. It drooped, sagged, fizzled.

That’s not yet the sex part.

He can’t do a revolutionary government if the people with the big guns and a thing called honor are still guarding the Constitution. He can’t do a full Marcos until he has the AFP in his pocket.

So he is making love to the AFP. Passionately.

The boy girl thing is complicated. Guys are typically aggressive because that is the role they are assigned. If they have a lot of power like that Weinstein guy in Hollywood, they get abusive. Or like the Japanese raping their way through Manila. There are a lot of abusive men around the world.

We get that way young. My introduction to it was in junior high school, oh, probably age 12, when a jock in music class observed about a pretty, very thin girl, “she just needs to get knocked up to fill her out a little”. The gang of guys near him tittered their approval and I blushed quietly. I liked the girl.

Maybe a year later, the guys in class passed around a ‘petition’ we were supposed to sign that said “Geraldine is a slut!‘ About 15 people had signed it by the time it got to me. I just handed it back to the guy who gave it to me, unsigned. It is the first time I ever made a moral statement that was my own.

In high school, we learned the four F’s. Did you learn them?

“Find ’em, feel ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em”.

President Duterte is making love with the AFP. Passionately.

Well, sex is good, y’know? I understand even women like it, if it is done properly.

Rape is not. It is not good. Putting drugs in a drink and faking consensual partnering, ala the accusations against comedian Bill Cosby in the US, is not good. Being duplicitous is not, having a wife at home and girl on the side. Yes, I know that is common. But it is not good, not honest, not respectful.

Saying “I love you” to get a good lay is not right.

What kind of love do you figure that President Duterte holds for the AFP?

Does he respect their mission to protect the Constitution, or does he just want them to get turned on physically so they will be . . . well . . . compliant?

I’d feel better about it if I saw President Duterte defending the Constitution himself. But he is on record as saying he wants it torn up. I’d feel better if he argued for due process and dignity and honor, the things the military drills into its officers at the Academy. He is on record as inciting the police to kill people for just being a suspect, or protesting accusations or threats.

It seems to me that killing people without giving them a trial is not exactly an honorable way to run a nation.

It is troubling that the President issued a verbal instruction . . . in jest his people might say, in all seriousness, I’d say . . . that AFP troops could just kill any NPA member who is armed. Then a couple of days later we had a horrible massacre of 15 NPA rebels, limbs blown away, no survivors, no prisoners.

That is not war.

That is slaughter. Like what the Japanese did to Manila.

I’d like to think the AFP is better than that. Has more honor. I’d like to think the AFP is legitimately respectable and worth loving because the people are brave enough, and strong enough, and willing to give themselves for OUR security. I’d like to think we are as much a part of their world as they are ours.

I don’t want them to love us, or the President, because they have new weapons, or a salary increase that looks a lot like a bribe, or pats on the back and assurance that, as individuals outside the framing of honor . . . they will be taken care of.

I do know this.

If the President loves the AFP, he should stop doing the things that belittle all that they stand for. He should stop making them killers outside of due process, stop killing civilians himself, stop coddling China who has captured Philippine seas, stop playing loose with the Marcos legacy, stop impeaching earnest public servants, and stop gaming the AFP brass.

If he can’t do that, we will know that what he is really doing is playing the AFP as a prostitute, whipping a few F’s on a compliant lady, and a little money.

That’s all.


79 Responses to “The President is making love to the AFP”
  1. Miyako Izabel once mentioned that Du30 just needs to use the Arroyo method – find some generals who want to get rich. Maybe stuff like the Marawi rebuilding could make money for a favored few?

    What never stopped was the violence against the Lumads. There you have a confluence of mining interests and possibly also of militia that are close to military groups. Is making money on the side the Mindanao thing to do? Palparan is too old by now. But will Du30 find similar killer characters?

    • madlanglupa says:

      > But will Du30 find similar killer characters?

      He could find them in the police, but possibly not the military unless it had to be Palparan’s most hardcore proteges.

    • The patriotic American in me stands aghast that generals could be so easily purchased. But watching SC justices at CJ Sereno’s throat in the House hearing, betraying the SC’s independence and integrity (it should resolve these matters within), I can see that tribalism and individualism trump ethics and even patriotism.

      But the television is great. Three cases today: Transportation hearing under Poe, impeachment under the House Justice Committee, and dengue vaccine hearing under Gordon who promises “extraordinary diligence” on the matter, meaning “we will hunt down Aquino like a prized elephant and yank his tusks out slowly and painfully”. Not like he handled the 604 kilograms of shabu linked to Paolo Duterte.

      I am well past cynicism and into howling gales of laughter.

  2. arlene says:

    He is a legitimate FAKE.

  3. karlgarcia says:

    He is 4Fing the AFP.
    With out integrating AFP pension to GSIS, or not doing something about the retirement age to delay pensions and reducing pensions, more pension arrears will happen if the doubling of AFP salaries will push through.

    • It does clarify why things run so badly in the Philippines. Sense doesn’t count. Favors and impunity does, and the price gets paid by cheating in other areas. Yes, I think it is a 4F kind of day, but both participants can find pleasures I suppose.

  4. karlgarcia says:

    I usually do not read Tiglao, because I think he us a paid hack, but even hacks make sense sometimes.
    He gives the reaso why regional commanders prefer not to engagewgentgry are already in tveir 50s.

    “Moreover, Armed Forces generals, who are given regional commands when they are already in their 50s, prefer to “keep the peace” in their areas of jurisdiction, as fights with the NPA could get out of control and that would endanger their quiet retirement when they reach 56. There is also the fear that the communists would retaliate against them when they retire, and lose their bodyguards.“

    • I see Joma is seeking to renew negotiations, but I wonder if he even matters any more. The local NPA cadres are a growth market, apparently even here on Biliran Island. War drums are pounding. Guns, guns everywhere. Big ones. Sniper rifles. The jungles are horrible places to fight wars. Welcome to Apocalypse Now, Philippines.

      • Totally unrelated, but fascinating. Fitch has UPGRADED the Philippines’ long term debt. The article basically says business is booming and the killings don’t matter that much. It is rather like how I look at Trump. A disaster, but the business community (and stocks) like the environment that flows their way. Poor people, and people of color? Tough luck.

        • NHerrera says:

          May be, without rating agency Fitch mentioning it — I refer to the comment below — the business of arms and that growth market are factored-in in the upgrade. And that growth market is long-term indeed. I must confess I don’t understand the “calculus” of rating agencies. You may want to consider that next time you review the labels you attach to people in TSH. 🙂

        • Apology, Karl, for stepping on your toes. I note you posted the same topic in a different thread.

          • karlgarcia says:

            I am just a librarian,and you are the top gun,no apolgies necessary. I wanted to post that here, but posted it in Chempo’s article instead.

            About Joma and the NPA, I doubt JOMA and the othet higher ups can contrio the NPA, they have a mind of their own.

            On another note.
            My family visited a close relative if my dad who was a leftist human rights lawyer/ judge,
            he does not believe that Duterye would go against the communists….
            He has lots of stories, he even said that Nixon engineered Martial law.
            Oh well.

            • Fascinating. I have had a nagging feeling that the all out war against the NPA is being done for a specific reason, such as the imposition of Martial Law nationwide, and then negotiations can resume again once that is done. Joma’s suggestion reflects a similar belief that, hey, we are not enemies here, really, why are we fighting? As for Nixon, I’d have to read up on that. It is a most interesting story.

  5. NHerrera says:

    Axioms. What makes a tyrant strong? It is the armed forces in his pocket. I would have added a weak SC, but no need for that really with its composition the way it is. And soon — with the replacement of the retiring Justices — SC will be strong, on the side of the Administration, that is. No need to try the CJ really, but Alvarez et al have to have their play, unless one does not know what sipsip means.

    • Based on the justice’s testimony today, it is clear that there is no legitimate Supreme Court in the Philippines. Just a batch of tribal politicians of no ethical integrity whatsoever.

      • edgar lores says:

        I watched a portion as I cannot stand the inanity of the questions of the persecutors.

        Justice Tijam was offering his opinion that the Chief Justice Sereno should attend the hearings and that she was receiving bad advice.

        In effect, the implications are:

        o CJ Sereno is being unwise in her decision not to attend.
        o Moreover, she is unwise in listening and adhering to bad advice.

        I am sure Tijam’s gratuitous opinion is beyond the parameters set by the High Court. CJ Sereno’s decision not to attend is NOT one of the impeachment charges.

        There is a lack of high-mindedness in the justices and the court administrator attending the impeachment hearing. The Judiciary has become a hostage to the Legislature.

        • Agree entirely. The justices have no sense of sovereignty of the Court. I don’t think the Court exists anymore. Nothing but rancor and small-mindedness, just the opposite of what Constitutional interpretation requires.

          • NHerrera says:


            On this, I have a one-track mind, and I am posting it again in so many words:

            The Executive, the Legislative and parts of the Judiciary may act inappropriately, but as long as the Supreme Court acts wisely — as the fount of judicial wisdom it is supposed to be — for the country, there is still hope that the country will not only go on but with dignity and honor.

  6. chemrock says:

    Regarding sex, your comments are right but in a wrong place. Here is a nation that longs to have sex with a nun. Here is a nation that cherishes a senator who protects a brother who gang-raped an under-aged actress. Here is a nation whose #1 and #4 rankings in the protocol have more than 1 wife and opening flaunts extra-marital sex as normalised behaviour. I’m hawking and spitting and my spittoon is half-full.

    On the one hand the president is making love with the AFP. But so far, no love child has been produced. It has been a relationship that cannot conceive, because 6 years under the Pnoy admin has professionalised the AFP to a surprising extend. This is a president with very short-term views on things. He thought a pay rise, no, a promised pay rise, is enough to trick the soldiers to cross the line in the sand, the same way 16m brainless people did. But he is smart enough to know his ploy has failed.

    Evil is cunning, less everyone misunderstand. And so he shifts.

    Everyone was fooled by his earlier lifting of operation tokhang by PNP and transferring drug enforcement to PDEA. I had a feeling back then it was only for show to enable a problem free Asean meeting in Manila. True to form, once the foreign participants are out of the country, PNP is once again entrusted with what they do best – kill kill kill.

    I am sure the president is smart enough to see that PNP’s kill kill kill actions are now marginally causing him damage. The spectre of ICC action is dangling like the Sword of Damocles, nothwithstanding the public show of bravado. The shock factor that dictators value is now gone. His tactic creates his own failure as killings are normalised. But stopping EJK is an obvious sign of failure and that is the single one thing a dictatorial narcissistic thug can never live with. And so, he hands the stage back to Bato.

    Now I have a very strong feeling he is opening a new front of terror. He unleashes the NPA, the same way he taunted the Maute group to come down to Marawi and fight it out. His diatribes and his tongue lashing is meant to inflame the NPA and the AFP into action. The strategy is now be an agent provocateur, incite two fighting cocks in the cockpits, encourage more radicalisation of NPA cadres. The game plan is simply to take a leaf out of Marcos’ tactics – recreate the destruction and terror of NPAs. The violence and chaos that follows is what dictators thrive in. Heaven forbid that this strategy is a collaboration with Sison.

    What happened in Nagsubu seems a well planned encounter. How can an approaching friendly force encounter an enemy and annihilate them in a moving vehicle they way it was described in media. I’m inclined to belief it was an ambush and the NPA group was wiped out in the killing field. And if it was an ambush, it meant it was pre-planned.

    • NHerrera says:

      Provoking seems to be the strategic game of the times then:

      * Trump provoking KJU to act so Trump can literally go nuke-ballistic against NK?

      * Duterte provoking the NPA and activists — painting them with the same red color — so they act to make the former go martial-law-ballistic on them and the country?

    • karl: “My family visited a close relative if my dad who was a leftist human rights lawyer/ judge,
      he does not believe that Duterye would go against the communists….”

      chempo: “The violence and chaos that follows is what dictators thrive in. Heaven forbid that this strategy is a collaboration with Sison.”

      Looks to me (if there is collaboration here) that NPA/Communists are cleaning house, using the AFP.

      But upon further Googling,

      MANILA, Philippines – Communist rebels in the Southern Tagalog region said one of their units seized 40 weapons from security guards stationed at a vast Batangas estate whose ownership is being disputed by farmers and a development firm attributed to tycoon Henry Sy on Sunday, January 29.

      In a statement in Filipino released Monday, Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla, spokesman of the New People’s Army’s Melito Glor Command, pointed out that the operation against personnel of Selective Security Agency in Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu “is not covered by the indefinite unilateral cease fire” declared by the rebels alongside that of government in August last year, when formal peace negotiations between the warring parties resumed.

      While acknowledging that the action by the Eduardo Dagli Command of the NPA-Batangas was “punitive” in nature, Padilla maintained that it was part of the rebels’ “active defense” stance because “Sy has been using the armed goons to terrorize the farmers by firing their weapons and preventing them from farming the lands they have been tilling for a long time.”

      the AFP/NPA , even before DU30, will always go to bat for the rich over there, what’s new???

      • “What happened in Nagsubu seems a well planned encounter. How can an approaching friendly force encounter an enemy and annihilate them in a moving vehicle they way it was described in media. I’m inclined to belief it was an ambush and the NPA group was wiped out in the killing field. And if it was an ambush, it meant it was pre-planned.”

        That article above is dated Feb 2017, I’m with you chemp on “pre-planned”.

  7. Thea says:

    Between two persons inlove, sex is called making love/love making. Sex without love is mere fucking ,worst it is prostitution of a weaker body. I could hardly believe seeing smiling soldiers and officers with communist fist sign and doubting their wisdom whether they are aware of this. Are they not prostituting their integrity and allegiance to the Constitution by subjecting themselves to such act? Is there love between Duterte and AFP? If there is, then the Filipinos are fucked up again for this is a new conjugal partnership worst than we had experienced.

    • Yes, the fist salute to me is an insult to the Constitution.

      • Sex, in and of itself = amoral , it’s just the act of coitus, neither good nor bad.

        When done with love (or at the very least consensual, to de-stress, help someone get pregnant, etc.) = moral

        When done out of hate (rape, jus primae noctis , or blackmail, etc.) = immoral

        Though I agree, Joe’s use of the metaphor is somewhat confusing, but i’m sure he means the last kind, the dirrrty nasty kind.

        • edgar lores says:

          The paradox for me is that… when sex is bad — it’s good!

          • adventurism, ie. adultery, cloak-n-dagger trysts, cougars, etc.; and exhibitionism, ie. public copulation, live shows, orgies, swinging, etc. I would place that within “love”, in manner of speaking it’s essentially “love of life” , YOLO & FOMO, pleasure and delights, so long as there’s a safeword (S & M), ie. consensual ,

            The otherside of that Nietzche quote is that women like money & play, LOL! so sex as trade too is within the realm of “love”, its moral so long as everyone’s happy, non-zero sum game, but once sex becomes a zero sum game, winners take all proposition then it’s immoral.

            So if you like bad sex, I ain’t judging, edgar 😉 !

            • manangbok says:

              … and Friedrich Nietzche probaby had tertiary syphilis and suffered all sorts of mental breakdowns before he died (Wikipedia said so)
              🙂 Just saying …

              • Ergo… “woman = most dangerous plaything” , can not only be fatal but you could lose both your heads, LOL!

              • manangbok says:

                Syphilis can be contracted by (gasp!) anal and oral sex, hence one does not have to play with women to have one. Men on men action will do 🙂

              • I’ve not read that Nietzche was homosexual, have you?

              • manangbok says:

                Nope. We can only speculate Sir 🙂 In Tagalog, tsismisan na po itong ginagawa natin.

              • manangbok says:

                … and then I found this:

                which said:

                “At some point, Mr. Köhler suggests, citing school records, juvenilia and memoirs, Nietzsche’s passionate schoolboy friendships verged on something more intimate. Anecdotes accumulate but are rarely more than suggestive. During his university years, Nietzsche wrote to one male friend of an injury, wishing his friend could visit him in the night like a healing incubus. Later Nietzsche told a student that Hans Holbein’s lips in a famous self-portrait seemed ”made for kissing.”


                In any case, we are going OOT. Sorry Joe Am … we got carried away 🙂

              • This guy’s lips are obviously made for kissing, I’m stating a fact , not dropping homosexual clues! Those are lips made for kissing.

              • Now this is gay. But I’ll need to see the context of the letter, but you see this repeated amongst gay writers, ex. Jesus is thought to be gay , ie. hanging out with 12 guys.


              • NHerrera says:

                I was about to write: “come on guys.” But I suppose that is one attraction of TSH, we never know the surprises that may come. 🙂

              • NH,

                The title of the article is “THE PRESIDENT IS MAKING LOVE TO THE AFP” , I’m sure “lips made for kissing” is still on topic. 🙂 And the AFP I’m sure in the mind of DU30 has “lips made for kissing”, what he intends to do and how he’ll proceed now is at issue, but kissable lips comes first (or whichever physical feature/body part one prefers).

                Example, lips NOT made for kissing… no love making for her,

          • NHerrera says:

            edgar, that paradox, is sort of analogous with my reading today on a commentary of CNN about US Alabama’s high-stakes Senate Election Tuesday (Wednesday, Manila time):

            Republicans may lose by winning and Democrats can win by losing.

  8. The word that comes to mind, I’m not sure if its Tagalog though (but pretty sure it’s a Bisaya), since most of the working girls in Manila were mostly Bisaya (or non-Tagalogs), it’s jer-jer , Joe.

    But your analogy’s all wrong IMHO, Joe. i agree it’s not “making love” not even guy-on-girl,

    it’s male-on-male action (I’m not judging), but essentially DU30’s screwing the AFP up the arse, while giving it a hand-job. I don’t think the word jer-jer encompasses this act , and i’m not sure if there is a Filipino word for this act,

    but over here, it’s called the reach-around, sorta like a courtesy, pleasure and pain, friend and foe, dominance with a bit of kindness 😉 , as the retort goes, “if you’re gonna screw me up the ass, at least have the courtesy of giving me a reach-around”.

    aptly described in this particular scene of Hangover Part II

    So the question is DU30’s reach-around skillz good enough to make up for the actual anal penetration taking place? That’s the moral dilemma here, Joe. Because if the AFP and the generals are satisfied up front, then DU30 can be ripping things up in the rear (causing permanent damage and what not… ), with no problem whatsoever.

    • Good question. I’d only say that the President is doing a good job of aggravating the armed elements of the NPA, and soldiers will die and be injured as a result. That is damage. Back side. The AFP will also be able to shoot freely, with impunity, like the PNP. If that is their front side, and if it feels good, then we will see more of the slaughtering kinds of actions.

      • Joe, I think you’d have to tweak your standards as to what constitutes butt f’cking for the AFP,

        easing of ROEs and getting soldiers to fight (essentially doing what they signed up to do) is not the back action, i’d lump that with the reach around stroking action by DU30—- soldiers wanna fight, easing ROEs, with EJKs + , that’s just making their jobs easier, so front action. Don’t idealize the AFP, nor any military.

        an example,

        of prison style butt pumping would be in the realm of dominance and complete “ownership” of the AFP, something like this…

        Are there other examples of controlling processes associated with DU30 and the AFP?

        • If you have to ask the last question about DU30, you are not following PH affairs very much. I don’t feel a need to explain. As for the AFP, I would describe the AFP as admirably disciplined in treading between its constitutional mandate and the policies of the Commander in Chief. AFP insisted on continued training and alliance with the US, so if that is controlling, yes, it is a strong-willed organization.

          We can drop the sex metaphor, as it is getting distasteful to me. I used it because I think military people will understand the point I want to make.

  9. Sup says:

    Sanofi Pasteur did develop an new medicine. It will be given for free to 16.000.000 Filipinos with an history voting for the last president.
    The new medicine will improve the amount of brain cells dramatically.
    No need to contact your local barangay medical center because the Comelec will supply Sanofi with the necessary names and addresses
    As free bonus the medicine will be given to Congress, Supreme court justices, and some senators…

    End of bulletin……

    P.S. there is an hearing on fake news today……..hahahahahahahaha

    Good morning 🙂

    • Good morning, Sup. Thanks for the good news.

      • Sup says:

        Even the announcement of the fake hearing was false///////////

        Public Information and Mass Media)
        (CANCELLED as of 3:00 p.m., Mon., Dec. 11, 2017, by Atty. Nineveh B. Lao, Committee Secretary) (10:00
        Session Hall 2/F Left Wing, Senate) P.S. Res. Nos. 315, 271, 259 and S. No. 1492 – Proliferation of Fake and/or Misleading News and False Information

        Manifestation of Senators Sotto, Pacquiao, Villar, Gordon, Pangilinan, Zubiri, Hontiveros and Angara on the article #SilentNoMorePH.

        • Sabtang Basco says:

          Misleading news and False Information are coming from talking heads of respective bureaus … THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS is to know which ones are misleading and false information BUT THEY ARE NOT. They just parrot away.

          That is why Philippine Fake News are not in Perish Accord in Paris because Philippine Fake News are there for boulangerie and buffet the rest just parrot away.

          Maybe, just maybe, the fake Philippine journalists lose their English when they are before white men. Look, if they interview me I WILL NEVER LAUGH AT THEIR ENGLISH. I accept it as it is because English is Filipinos not-so-2nd language. I have to accept that fact.

          They maybe be good in written English but not good in conversational extemporaenous English before live person.

          • I don’t think language is the problem, but the fact that the media participate in and encourage emotional feeding frenzies whilst climbing on matters that require rational consideration. Like the dengue vaccination. Meanwhile, they do not go on a frenzy about some 20,000 new orphans and 60 children killed by police guns without investigation. Media are crazy, they promote crazy.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      Sanofi Pasteur should thank Filipinos for submitting themselves as guinea pigs to save the world from pestilence.

      And the world should thank Philippines for saving the world’s environment while other polluting countries are giving jobs to the jobless citizens and food on the table.

  10. edgar lores says:


    1. I have two “standards” for proper judicial behavior.

    1.1. Justices must exhibit “competence, integrity, probity, and independence.” (Constitution)
    1.2. Justice Carpio is the gold standard in SC decisions.

    2. Tijam lacks integrity and independence.
    2.1. He is a sounding brass. He loves grandstanding and the sound of his voice.
    2.2. As noted, his opinion on the Chief Justice was gratuitous. He should receive an admonition from the en banc.
    2.2. He voted not to release Senator De Lima. Carpio, of course, voted to release.

    3. Jardeleza lacks integrity and probity.
    3.1. He does not know the meaning of treason.
    3.2. His decision to delete portions of the WPS memorial proved to be erroneous.
    3.3. He claims his memorandum to Paul Reichler was top secret and should not have been known to the Judiciary. But Justice Carpio was heavily invested in the dispute and led the delegation to the Hague.
    3.4. Except for the intervention of Senator De Lima, Reichler would not have been able to meet with PNoy and to have the deleted portions restored. (Ochoa was Bong Go, the gatekeeper.)
    3.5. He thought he had a vested right to be included in the JBC shortlist. When one applies for a job, one cannot dictate to Human Resources to be hired.
    3.6. The SC erroneously overturned the decision of the independent JBC, and PNoy appointed Jardeleza to the High Court. This is, to me, one of the puzzling and unwise decisions of PNoy.
    3.7. For the most part, Jardeleza has shown competence and independence — as in the Marcos burial and the De Lima petition — but he voted to release GMA.

    • NHerrera says:

      Thanks edgar, for your usual incisive views on an important subject. Indeed Senior Associate Justice Carpio is the gold standard in the SC. This is rather macabre thought because Justice Carpio is still alive: like Einstein — with the consent of his dear ones — his brain should be studied, when the time comes, for what it reveals that is so lacking in the other Justices.

      • NHerrera says:

        The Supreme Court and the Armed Forces are two vital institutions. At the moment, it is not so easy to judge which is the better one on the basis of fulfilling its mandate under the Constitution. That is a sad state of affairs. One would normally expect the SC to be the better one because it is not constrained by a superior, compared to the AFP which is under the President as a Commander in Chief who is presently under a cloud. But that does not seem to be the case.

  11. karlgarcia says:

    Before making love with the AFP,
    and declaring NPA as terrorists, this has been the stand of Duterte.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      Look, NPAs are Filipinos.
      They are thieves under the guise of idiology to give them credence
      Revolutionary Taxes are protection money
      protection money are collected for and by crooks
      NPA revolutionary taxes are not subjected to NPA auditors
      NPA just know their revolutionary taxes keeps dwindling
      The more it dwindles the more they collect
      Not knowing NPA auditors are pocketing the taxes
      That is why to this day NPAs are still wearing slippers living in huts scrawny and malnourished
      Because the big shots of NPAs are driven around by chauffeurs with no transparency and accountability ….

      NPAs are Roving Hoods.

  12. karlgarcia says:

    something we already know.
    12 Duterte appointees to the SC during his term.

    If the SC’s behavior is already like this in the present, what more after Duterte, when it is supposed to be payback time?

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      In the U.S. when our president appoints anyone including to Supreme Court OUR JOURNALISTS analyzes their leanings, philosophies and principles … NOTHING LIKE THAT IN THE PHILIPPINES.


      Our journalists in the U.S. dig up where they came from what school they went to and what judgement they made … NOTHING LIKE THAT IN THE PHILIPPINE MEDIA BECAUSE PHILIPPINE JOURNALISTS are only hard-wired for POLITICS !!!

      Well … they are good in English. I do not get carried away with their English so the rest of the Filipinos should but how can they know when OP-ED columnists are also addicted to POLITICS.

      So, there you are, Karl. The analysis of Philippine columnists is WHO IS THE CHIEF APPOINTER not the capabilities of Supreme Court Justices.

  13. Sabtang Basco says:

    Duterte courted AFP ….
    Duterte showered AFP with gifts …
    Duterte is now making love to them …
    AFP will soon get pregnant with folks that wanted to join AFP … because it is an employment of last resort …

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      Courtship of AFP is necessary. AFP props presidents from former President Ferdinand Marcos to Duterte.

      Marcos was ousted by AFP …
      Cory Aquino had the most coup ever recorded in Philippine History …
      Filipinos has had former ex-coup General Ramos …
      Former President Benigno Aquino showered AFP with frigates, helicopters and guns and canons to protect China from encroachment that were never used …
      Duterte loves Gen Bato
      Gen Bato love back
      Together AFP and Duterte is in holy matrimony till coup do them part.

  14. caliphman says:

    The thrust of the present article is no less applicable to Duterte trying to seduce the rank and file of the military in the first days of his presidency as it is today. In this nothing has changed, except that the other supposed constitutional pillars and safeguards for democracy and against dictatorships now lie crumbled at our feet. Should one’s last hope be that the AFP will put up a struggle and not succumb to Duterte’s foreplay, following it’s smaller sister, the PNP, as the mistress and sub of a dom dictator? That he has captured and retained the support and trust of the people will weigh heavily on what the AFP decides to do. Be very afraid…I am.

  15. karlgarcia says:

    From MLQ3.
    Most points were already discussed here.

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