Japan and the Philippines

By Joe America Many believe that the US, by going inward and isolationist under President Trump, has ceded Southeast Asia to China. Rule of the seas, free trade agreements, financial control . . . all going to China. I’m not so sure. I believe the US has ceded her role to Japan, not China. The … Continue reading

Dick Malay: The Rebel Finds Love, Part 2

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva Second of Two Parts After living for ten years in China (1971-1981), Dick, battle-scarred for tilling soil, his family and comrades limped towards the Netherlands, China not being the land of promise for them anymore. Utrecht was to be the second global front of the Left’s struggle against the Marcos dictatorship. … Continue reading

China’s intrusion into Philippine affairs: a brewing disaster

By Joe America There is an area of writing between factual news and unfettered opinion that is called ‘analysis”. Sometimes analysis is fact-based and verifiable and sometimes it is mostly speculation. This analysis tilts toward speculative and the reader is free to judge if it has merit or not. I think that China is pushing … Continue reading

Drug war deaths can fill up the Big Dome

By Andrew Lim Picture the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. The Dome – site of so many conventions, concerts, games. We’ve all seen it or been there. It has a seating capacity of 16,035 of which 13,581 are permanent. It can be reconfigured to fit various events- basketball, boxing, ice shows, even cockfighting. … Continue reading

Did China send the Shabu to remind us who owns the West Philippine Sea?

By Andrew Lim Is Philippine foreign policy under “regulatory capture” by China? For alert observers of the political scene, it is a puzzling, if not head-scratching event: P6.4 billion worth of shabu made its way to Philippine shores via the Bureau of Customs last May 2017, and there’s hardly any reaction from the President. For … Continue reading