The Filipino Diplomat in the Time of Duterte

By Cha Coronel Datu In October 1943, the people of Denmark , with the assistance of a German diplomat,  undertook the evacuation of over 7000 Danish Jews by boat to Sweden. There, for the rest of the war,  the evacuees remained protected and cared for by the government and people of Sweden. The German diplomat, … Continue reading

Senator Trillanes, Day 4. DID AFP officers over-reach?

By JoeAm Dateline Philippines, September 7, 2018 I don’t know about you, but I was on edge all morning, running now and then to the television to see if the AFP had descended on the Senate to arrest Senator Trillanes. But nothing. At around 10:00, the Senator appeared for his daily press conference, exhausted from … Continue reading

Are Americans being set up as another enemy for the Philippines?

By JoeAm Tyrants need enemies, for if they did not have them, they could not insist upon using unrestrained power. They would have to follow the law. Enemies are the excuse for suppression and brutality. The Duterte government operates outside the law to fight its various enemies, drug addicts, yellows, critics, NPA, Muslim terrorists, human … Continue reading

Has the US forsaken the Philippines?

By JoeAm The question was asked of me on Facebook: WHY has the US forsaken the Philippines? Forsaken means “abandoned or deserted”. My answer was that I didn’t think ‘forsaken’ was the right word, but the question is worth looking into. To do this, I’ll challenge you to try to see events through American eyes, even … Continue reading

JoeAm issues his Year Two report card on President Duterte’s Administraton

By JoeAm Rappler put out a poll on Twitter asking readers to issue a Year Two Report Card for President Duterte on the following subjects: Eradicating poverty and hunger Fixing Metro Manila transport and traffic Getting rid of corruption Improving health care services and facilities Strengthening foreign relations Promoting gender rights and equality Protecting Philippine … Continue reading