Looking at the SONA through its different audiences

By Joe America President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) meant different things to different audiences. Let’s reflect on them. These are my guesses, and you can add your own interpretations in the discussion that follows the article. The Congressional majority and even some minority members who do not want to be seen as … Continue reading

Australia steps up in Asia, and in the Philippines

By Joe America I personally have tremendous respect for Australia, the government, and for Australians, the people. Australia is a democracy that favors debate over dogmatism. Her people favor reason over religion or emotion. Not that Aussies can’t be of faith, or passionate, or dogmatic. They can. Opinions are often hard and sharply spoken . … Continue reading

Honor. Are you up to it?

By Joe America As I watched a video of the Independence Day flag-raising ceremony in Marawi with planes flying over the battle zone in the background, the American “Star Spangled Banner” moved easily to my lips, “the perilous fight”, “the bombs bursting in air”, “the hope through the night that our flag was still there”. … Continue reading

China’s stealth invasion of the Philippines

By Joe America This article is a hypothesis, unproven. It is not fake news. It is real thinking. Hard data on the subject are impossible to get. I mean, do you think Beijing would invite JoeAm into the power halls to brief him on the most secret of China’s plans? No, no. Beijing would not. So … Continue reading

AFP: Running dogs of the Chinese master?

By Joe America President Duterte is a man of action, a risk taker, a gambler, a man who sets aside civility, laws, and tradition to uproot convention. He encourages . . . nay, demands . . . that we take up the Eastern mindset and set aside the Western. In the Eastern mindset, laws are … Continue reading