Defense Secretary Lorenzana has failed the Philippines

By Joe America Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has a difficult job, without question. He performed it well until this week when he decided to lay the blame for mismanagement of the West Philippine Sea on President Aquino (Who ‘mismanaged’ West PHL Sea? Lorenzana points to previous admin; GMA News). The fundamental rule that Secretary Lorenzana … Continue reading

What in the world is a foreigner to do?

By JoeAm As a foreigner living in the Philippines, I find myself straining to find a place to fit in. On one hand, I love the Philippines, Filipinos, the dynamic culture, the food, the sea and land adventures, and even driving in the chaos. On the other hand, the nation has become a bit of … Continue reading

“What does China have on President Duterte?”

By JoeAm That question comes up repeatedly in my social media pages. Many Filipinos can’t comprehend a foreign policy that has the Philippines giving up it’s brilliantly fought and hard won arbitration hearing against China because “Filipinos would be slaughtered in a war”. They know, and figure the President himself knows, that such an argument … Continue reading

Color me Magdalo

By Joe America I’d like to thank Will Villanueva for his many enlightening, humanistic interviews, and particularly his recent insights into Representative Gary Alejano of the Magdalo party. I was inspired by both the man and the party, as I have been with the Senate version, Senator Sonny Trillanes,for some time. They are the two … Continue reading

Strangled to Debt (Panghuling Yugto ng Buhay si Lapu-Lapu)

ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva “Strangled to Debt ang tawag ko dito,” sabi ni Cong. Gary. “Usually, ang mga mahihirap na bansa na may unstable finance record ang target ng BRI. Lihim ang mga financing agreements, walang full disclosure, the two sides of the loan agreement lang ang nakakaalam ng detalya. Strangled to debt, nakasasakal na … Continue reading