War gaming the Western Pacific: what it means to the Philippines


By Joe America The Philippines is a chip in the Western Pacific, not a player. But it is a sentient chip, with a brain and the ability to spin itself about on the war table. Where the spinning chip lands is up to the President. And maybe the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Look at … Continue reading

Duterte’s divided nation: Philippine institutions push back


By Joe America I’ve written two prior articles that provide background to this discussion. One said that the fate of the Philippines is in the hands of its institutions (link). The other identified three major issues that are so fundamentally problematic that it is hard to get past them to give the Duterte Administration credit … Continue reading

Military honor in the Philippines is dying


By Joe America My bias is that of an American soldier, trained under the hot, humid Missouri sunshine, taught to forgo personal comfort for success of the unit, taught to kill with a rifle, bayonet, grenade, cannon, or bare hands. Taught that victory and honor are more important than life. Taught to leave no man behind. Americans worship … Continue reading

China’s 9 Dash Lines and the demise of the $ (Part I)


By Chemrock I had wanted to do a follow up on my November 2016 blog on the Rube Goldberg US$ printing machine, but following Distant Observer’s article on “Scarborough Shoal, it’s not about fishes or oil, it’s about power”, I decided to tie 2 issues together. Due to its length, I’ll publish in 2 parts. … Continue reading

Scarborough Shoal. It’s not about fishes or oil. It’s about power.


  By A Distant Observer Some time ago, I offered to contribute here with an article about Scarborough Shoal, its political and legal aspects. While The Society of Honor was discussing matters of various kinds, the country with the most powerful military in the world just elected a demagogue Hitler himself would be proud of. Hence, … Continue reading