Avoiding Living Hell

Analysis and Opinion

By Irineo B. R. Salazar

The sheer horror of the landslide in Pilar, Leyte – triggered by the storm Agaton – was captured on social media recently. It isn’t just due to global warming, which has caused not just stronger storms but like this time storms that come earlier.

It is also due to major changes in the archipelago over half a millennium. Around 1521, it was almost like Paradise. Around 1% of the population of today, virgin forests mostly untouched, very basic mining. 

Food security based on subsistence farming and fishing – and a little hunting in the mountains – was guaranteed. But that was to change, slowly at first. The early era of the encomienda, of Spanish estates, was quickly over as the topography and soil did not lend itself to creating much of a surplus. A bit of gold mining in Camarines Norte and (as the name indicates) Mindoro didn’t disrupt the balance too much yet – the major Spanish mine was for silver in Potosí, Bolivia anyhow.

The 1800s with cash crops did disrupt the balance a bit, with farm lands going to new landowners. Americans would extend mining in Benguet (gold) and Marinduque (copper) later, and fruit plantations would come up in Mindanao.

After postwar American parity rights to natural resources expired in the mid-1970s, Filipinos became the greediest exploiters of nature by far. Samar’s forest cover was nearly destroyed by logging and mining of Marcos cronies during that period.

Unfortunately the times after Marcos did not change the major pattern. Gina Lopez was sidelined by the Duterte administration. Landslides like Pilar show that not only food security is now threatened, but the very soil and coasts people live on.

Philippine culture doesn’t have much in the way of thinking ahead. In 1521 people didn’t really have to, I guess, unlike Egyptians or Dutch had to, even as the former managed things with a God-King while the latter did it democratically.

Well, things are radically different now. Like for Pacific Nauru, known as the country that ate itself, it may at some point be too late for the Philippines. And whether it chooses a Pharaoh or participative democracy, it has to act and plan ahead now.

Irineo B. R. Salazar

Munich, 15 April 2022


Photograph from Global Risk Insights, and a related article on mining in the Philippines: Green dreams: Duterte and the Philippine mining industry J.A.

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  1. ramon naguita says:

    Just little inter action to your article Ms. Gina Lopez was not sidelined by President Duterte, but it was the powerful partisan lawmakers Congressmen and Senators. LGU’s rallied for the full support of Ms. Gina Lopez quick response to address environmental concerns and issues related to mining and deforestation.

    On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 9:24 PM The Society of Honor by Joe America wrote:

    > JoeAm posted: ” Analysis and Opinion By Irineo B. R. Salazar The sheer > horror of the landslide in Pilar, Leyte – triggered by the storm Agaton – > was captured on social media recently. It isn’t just due to global warming, > which has caused not just stronge” >

    • Thanks, you’re right. Though it looks a bit as if Dutz didn’t really support her. Like the Left was dropped by him after being used to gain support.

      Sometimes one can let others do the dirty work. Dutz is a master of that.

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    The unfortunate landslide maybe caused by logging activities which did not stop with Marcos.

    Enrile as long as he lives will always be a part of logging, uncontrolled car imports, veggies smuggling and there are more like him.

  3. Karl Garcia says:

    In renewing the renewables we still need mining.
    Rare earth is needed for magnets, batteries, etc.

    Again land fill mining is needed because even landfills can not with stand long standing storms and landslides ala Payatas is inevitable.
    Plus incineration must be allowed because I do nit believe on literal zero waste. All the first world did was export garbage.
    No instant near zero waste.
    Incineration and wte should not be shunned by environmentalists

    • Munich HAS a waste incineration plant BTW. With proper air filters it can be done. A coal-fired power plant not too far from the waste incineration plant is more of an issue when it comes to air quality.

      A recent German movie with strong African participation, “Borga”, was about the waste trade, specifically electronic waste. Based on the movie it seems a lot of the waste trade is a black or gray market, as proper waste disposal is more expensive.

      Of course mining is needed, and obviously the Philippines can’t go back to 1521, that would not even be sustainable space-wise, every family having its own subsistence farm may have worked with 20 million people in Magsaysay’s time, won’t work today.

      In the end it is about common-sense sustainability, not the extremism of tree-huggers. Just like common-sense social justice is different from what extreme Leftists want.

      Metro Manila is already a catastrophe, the Philippines as a whole must watch out too.

  4. Micha says:

    How can you possibly make a plan of salvation for a country of over 100 million lost souls that has been rendered hyper individualized and has taken to heart Margaret Thatcher’s cynicism and living hell formula that “there is no such thing as society”?

    • sonny says:

      Micha, I go with your sentiment: we have achieved the ultimate in balkanization or something close to it – the implosion of the Filipino!! It is now endemic to us it seems.

      • Hmm.. Filipinos have to figure a way out of all that before it is too late.

        In Latin America, also plagued by similar postcolonial ills, there is now the philosophy of buen vivir, kasambahay might call it “simple living”, Lance “Salvation by Austerity”.

        Africa has been rent by tribalism subjected to colonialism, pitting people and groups against one another, with places like Rwanda and Liberia shocking recent showcases.

        Yet there are also indications that a new solidarity is forming among some people there.

        The movie Borga BTW is a story of redemption, albeit painful. A boy growing up in a waste dump colony wants to become a Borga, an important person, and sacrifices a lot to gain that status. It is a story of monetary temptation and global social ills.

      • Below thread by the controversial Miyako Izabel does give an idea of the fragmentation of Philippine society and some reasons for what the title of Ninotchka Rosca’s novel “State of War” describes.

        Of course the Pink movement tries to go against that bottom-up, while Baby Em is trying to force unity top-down. I do take Miyako with a grain of salt but some of her ideas are food for thought.

      • pablonasid says:

        Not really. Gina had loads of enthusiastic followers. Young people.
        It COULD have worked.
        But the young and enthusiastic Filipinos are smothered by the powerful old geezers.
        Who can release the energy of the kids?
        Who can make the kids realize that they are actually a majority and can stick up a middle finger to the established powerbase?
        Sorry, Filipino kids are well behaved and hide away until they are 40, have a family and are fighting for their existence, not their country….. do they?
        If they do, we’re snookered.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Hi Pablo! Are you still in South Africa?
          The youth are they called Gen Z or Gen Y? I am no longer sure.
          I read that the youth in PH no longer knows true Filipino History because it has been removed ftom the curriculum.
          If that is the case, Irineo has a valuable purpose at least in this space.
          The youth can be forever game changers, they are a renewable resource.

          • pablonasid says:

            Hai Karl Garcia. No, we just managed to return to The Philippines 2 weeks ago. 4 vaccinations and a folder full of paperwork and we had little hassle getting in. Now I am sitting on the patio which we renovated just before we left in January before the lockdown and enjoying the amazing view of the mountains and the sea. And that’s why this piece of Irineo hurt so much. I see the increase in (illegal) fishing structures, the increase in erosion and then all these landslides. It hurts badly. Because we all know that this is not necessary. 30 years ago, when we settled here, the first thing we did was to plant trees. And now, we have no problems with erosion and the fruit trees got wild over the past 2 years, but there are loads of fruits in them. Bountiful. And then we compare it to the mainland opposite us where erosions blocked the roads and people had to be rescued from their roofs. Very sad. And completely unnecessary. It was all predicted in making the 10 year plan, but nobody wants to take action. On the one hand this beautiful place, on the other hand this madness. I have been working on improving this land for 30 years, organized native seedlings from all over the province, many people thought I was mad. Well, they were correct, ofcourse, but now the fruits of all this work is showing. But does anybody want to follow? So, on the other hand is the realization that there will be much more suffering around the corner in the coming 10 years. That creates a dilemma. Do I sit back with a cold SanMig from my (solar powered) fridge and say ” I bloody well told you so, but you did not want to take action” or do I again bust my guts and try to help. Only… This time, my asawa won’t let me because last time I received clear threats already, the deputy mayor was murdered because of poaching issues, so my asawa tells me to sit tight and just go with the flow…. Sensible, but it is tough to see it all taking place as predicted. Time to teach my grandson what I know. And let him decide.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Continue doing what you are doing. it may be scary because there are still the Enrile type politicans and power mongers. Traumas do change advocacies, but some march on. Keep up the good work, only a few left care for the environment. me I am just a keyboard warrior who keeps on hammering until I finally hit a nail, you are an action man.

              • isk says:

                Sir KarlG, the practice of “kaingin” besides from logging, mining and quarrying, the other factor of landslides I think is the physical feature of the terrain.( when large volume of rainwater accumulated between hills with saturated ground).

              • Karl Garcia says:

                It still is being practiced. Thanks for reminding me.

              • It was sustainable when the population was 1% of today, back in 1521. Bavarians also practiced that 1.5 millenia ago, time of settlement after the Romans left. The coat of the arms of the first place I lived in there is an eagle with burnt branches. If people had not shifted to more modern agriculture thanks for instance to Benedictine discoveries, the forest close to that place wouldn’t exist today. One must adapt to new circumstances.

          • sonny says:

            Karl, regarding video games I heard an interview on the insidious danger it is to the American gamer. The interviewee was the former chief for combat training at the Quantico FBI(?) center. His primary warning: the video games are designed for addiction to violence!

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Like a Surgeon General’s warning, it did not work so they had to add pictures of damaged lungs. Pro-Wrestling existed for years wiithout admtting they are staged, Before MMA they are for the testosteronre charged prone to addiction to violence. One unfortunate incident in Wrestling is the roid rage of Chris Benoit who killed his family.

    • Thanks for not using the word neoliberalism. You have exceeded expectations. 😉
      Well, one of the major ills could be a law passed in 1995, the Philippine Mining Act. In the time of your bete noire, Tabako. Heavily used by GMA I heard.

      No, I don’t deny the ills of neoliberalism, or as Mahathir of Malaysia said “making money into a religion”. How many Africans have died due to rare earths for batteries, or coltane used in our mobile phones and tablets. And Philippine society already lacked mutual solidarity before neoliberalism, group selfishness a result of clannishness and tribalism subjected to colonialism, carried forward into the postcolonial period. But maybe it is time for at least enlightened egoism. Para que lahat if the country just self-destructs?

      • Micha says:

        Of course you can’t deny the ills of neoliberalism, it’s all over the place.

        Salvation will come through sloganeering from our soon to be president :

        • I can’t see what you shared, so I don’t know whether you mean the unity rhetoric or the Angat Buhay rhetoric. Nope, rhetoric won’t cut it, real measures are needed and the one with a track record of helping people especially IPs is more likely to get stuff done. But of course the political forces of egoism are strong in Philippine society, which means anyone who tries to get stuff done will have to face a lot of opposition. Vested interests in the Congress are strong. People may see their own comfort first before the rest.

          • Micha says:

            See that piluka? It’s all like the ama.

            And no, Leni’s done. It’s all over but the shouting. I said she should veer left. She was endorsed by Joe de V instead.


  5. I have seen what you shared now, the Bagong Lipunan song, pop version. Badtrip. 😒

    VP Leni has support and endorsements from many groups, be it parts of the Left like Makabayan and Akbayan, groups like Pamalakaya and Piston, trapos switching sides like Gordon (many Pinks are dismayed that he is on the official Tropa Senatorial slate BTW), Salceda, Samar’s Ben Evardone and yes JDV, Magdalo, a lot of retired military men and PNP, Catholic groups and major bishops – but yes it looks difficult at the very least. Of course Pink is not giving up until the election is called. As for veering Left, VP Leni already has been red-tagged by Chief Inquisitor Lorraine Badoy. And Left doesn’t have much pull in Philippine society for many reasons, or else Ka Leody would rank higher.

    • Anyhow, some news from the election front:

      Whereas this may be an analogy of the Philippines to come:


      Under water but praising those who thru logging etc made it so.

      • kasambahay says:

        that’s what happen when high on cocaine, lol! I’m surprised they did not drink up all that flood water.

    • Micha says:

      It does not have to be the activist fragmented left – just left on policy. But I surmise she is ideologically naïve and neutral, a centrist.

      In which case she is lost in the current. Namamangka sa dalawang ilog.

      Good if she can pull it, but she needs to pacify one or the other. Else, conflict will soon inevitably manifest and she will be swallowed in the resulting vortex.

      • Hmm.. she strikes me as pragmatic and solution-oriented, based on her track record.

        Her industrialization plans with a focus on maritime industry show system thinking.

        Same with her plans to reform the justice system, which is a tough act in itself.

        In working with local leaders she has shown skill in getting what she needs and wants.

        How she would deal with Congress is an unknown, with the Senate as well.

        Her true base are the Robredo People’s Councils, the volunteers, not her endorsers.

        • Micha says:

          All good on paper, but the needy salvation hungry voters are not looking. They instead hear slogans like bagong bansa, bagong galaw sa bagong lipunan.

          • Well, those who have directly benefitted from her Angat Buhay programs or from her pandemic response, or know about them and believe them, are convinced.

            Unfortunately the din of Marcosian slogans and troll farms is extremely loud.

            • Micha says:

              And it all boils down to the numbers on election day.

              As it currently stands, it’s 52% Marcos, 24% Leni.

              She needs an Easter miracle.

              • The volunteers – as well as the VP’s daughters and a number of celebrity supporters such as Angel Locsin or Kiko’s wife Sharon Cuneta – are now going the hard slog of H2H and P2P – house to house and person to person.

                The big rallies have been a useful catalyst to generate curiosity, even as it is a hard fight on many fronts, as people have been strongly conditioned by social media.

                Pinks in Italy started with P2P in December and convinced a lot of people.

                Maybe the last-minute efforts in the Philippines are too late, maybe not. We shall see. As for surveys the most reliable firm, SWS, has somehow gone missing in action.

                Reports of shenanigans in overseas voting show that Marcos isn’t that secure, maybe.

              • Micha says:

                Lots of luck to Sharon and Angel.

              • Sharon and Angel both supported Dutz at some point. They have a lot of influence on the old DDS crowd. Sharon even has pull on part of the loyalist crowd as her father was the pro-Marcos mayor of Pasay City.

                Angel in Pasig, offering the magic stone of Darna to VP Leni.


                Sen. Kiko cries as farmers in Pampanga he has helped for a decade are called up to the stage by Sharon. The farmer raises the hand of VP Leni and Senator Kiko.


              • Micha says:

                Harinawa makuha sa drama ang mga botante. 😊😅

              • Sabi rin iyan ng kabilang parlor ng mga loyalist. Ewan ko sa iyo kung saan ka talaga.

                Pero totoo namang farmer si Kiko at maraming nagawa para sa magsasaka tulad ng Sagip Saka law. Oo sa dami ng drama sa pulitikang Pilipino dami nang namamanhid sa tunay na pagmamalasakit. Di naniniwala sa pagsakay sa bus ni Leni Robredo papuntang Naga pero naniniwala naman sa pag-carinderia ni Dutz. Alam ko na matindi ang galit mo sa dilawan kaya baka ayaw mo lang makita na may hindi plastik mula sa kampon iyon.


                Pero makikita naman sa talambuhay ng isang tao kung tugma ang kanyang sinasabi at ginagawa. Tumingin lang tayo sa halimbawa ng isang undergrad thesis ni Leni Robredo sa kolehiyo. Noon pa lang talagang nakatutok na sa pagsilbi. Di mo rin iyan maipagkakaila maski iba ang pananaw mo – malamang – sa kanyang pananaw pagdating sa ekonomiya. Bahala ka. Basta ako alam ko kung bakit ako bilib sa isang kandidato. Wala akong ganyang bilib kay Mar Roxas maski noon pa, maliwanag din iyon.

              • Micha says:

                Klaro na ang posisyon, kahit kulelat kay Walden Bello at de Guzman ako.

                Inaasam ko na magkaroon ng pagsanib ang dalawang tropa ngunit malabo na yatang mangyari yon kaya gudlak na lang sa manok nyo. 🙂

              • Gudlak sa Pilipinas. Hindi ito sabong. In the medium term survival na ng Pilipinas ang usapan. Hope I am wrong. But let us see. 😦

              • Micha says:

                In a highly atomized individualist society, does it really matter if the country survives or not?

                The power brokers and power holders are just using the institutions of the state to enrich and protect themselves. The country has long been devoured by the wolves!

              • Well, I guess it does matter to those who have no choice but to stay on the islands. Or those who have a stake even just a bit of land bought, unless it is where landslides or flooding will never happen. And water supply is sure.

              • Micha says:

                Tough luck! The concept of community and society has been destroyed. There’s forced alienation amongst each other from an economic system that has gone mad crazy.

              • The blind greed of certain Filipinos was there before neoliberalism, as the forest cover picture I posted below shows it was Marcos cronies who were the worst.

                While some places manage to defend their collective livelihood inspite of everything.

              • Micha says:

                Neoliberalism hits its global stride in the 70’s and worsening in the following decades. Fifty years on, many people are still clueless what kind of animal it is that has them at its jaws.

                Marcos fell for it hook line and sinker until he bankrupted the country.

              • Micha says:

                Those unmitigated extractions and devouring of our natural resources are but part and parcel of the whole neoliberal project.

                You can include also the destruction of our water systems, the pollution of rivers, unmitigated use of toxic chemicals that make its way as runoff into our rivers and lakes and seas eventually lodging into the stomachs of fish and marine animals that we consume and that makes us sick with cancer and other diseases – a malevolent loop in our ecosystem.

                That’s neoliberalism hitting your food plate.

              • kasambahay says:

                the old adage still apply: eat your greens, exercise and be healthy. our body has ways of fighting those harmful free radicals in our system – with anti-oxidants. and may I say the body fights successfully too! people are now dying in their 90s and 100s, when they used to die younger. now, any diseases and physical disabilities can be managed, most broken body parts can be replaced or rehabilitated; more so if you can afford medical care.

  6. caliphman says:


    Out of topic
    The inside story of the Bangladesh/RCBC heist covered by Chemrock several years ago. Fascinating
    research of an ever present cyberthreat by the world’s pariah and crazed dictatorship dictatorship. And no its not Putin or Russia.

  7. Drone shot of the Leyte landslide:

  8. Sharing my discussion with Chris Albert on FB on Joe’s share of the article:


    This sadly is not the first landslide like this and won’t be the last. Consideration for nature and possible problems is sadly all the way on the bottom of the list in the country. This topped with that very odd “bahal na” / what can we do / is not my problem / I mind my own / don’t make a fuss (noise as my asawa calls it) creates a real bad situation.
    Is not an issue of whos is charge either as these things are out of control of the President and are “local” leader issues.

    With my asawa being from very close to there this really hit home but to my amazement she wasn’t overly bothered or suprised….It only mattered as her father had to go to Tacloban hospital instead of Baybay…
    There is a loooooong way to go for the nation I’m sorry to say and so far I’m not totally sure that the will is there for real change. (even if the next election might end in favor of that.)
    I often think it needs naationals that have been abroad for a while to come back and bring the changes with them. Foreigners will have a hard time and are easy to get rid of if they rock the boat too much. I laos really think this has to come from within….Really sad to see this stuff. Trully breaks my heart


    Chris Albert this could be an analogy of the Philippines if Baby Em wins. Under water but still praising those who let it happen. https://www.facebook.com/100003330713735/posts/5001825209938453/


    Well I can tell you that my own asawa fought me “tooth and nail” and used to call me a yellow for alooong time. Only over the last 2 or 3 years she realises that what I say might be hard, might be uncomfortable but ….is sadly the truth. She used to tell me “be a sports” when the yellows lost…well she doesn’t anymore and while she votes Leni this time..I still think she only does so to please me not bwcause she believes in it.
    Also there is some crazy cult following of Marcos in Leyte…really crazy I mean all they have is a bridge…
    I can see some underlaying problem but I would really need to look at bigger numbers to undeerstand this properly. Also there is a cultural difference that I still only glimpse but not fully understand. Love and time helped me to bridge this with my asawa but many many times I am totally baffled by reactyions or actions of her family or pther filipinos I interact with.
    From my professional view it totaly sadens me to see a nation with amazing potential, great spirited people, all the raw materials needed, some reall yhard workers …but in total disaray and on the brink of collaps as a nation. Can’t wait to see what will happen in May :-). Thankfully my step daughter is finaly done with senior high (97.5% so far…) so the pressure is off for us.


    That linked article is rather funny as things have taken a total U-turn since the. Lopez was sacked and the old utang na lob meant Villars and others just ransack the nation same as ever….The once great ideas of the Duterte admin have almost all failed and same as before everyone just takes as much as they can…..Hey even Lamborghinies “magically” apear over night. 😃
    In a funny twist Covit and Taal really brought the ral face of this admin to the fore…and allowed Leni to shine with very little resources and no Admin support.


    Chris Albert still many refuse to see the enormous capabilities of VP Leni which surprised even me as a supporter since the 2016 election – and the dangers of the other path. Others think they are smart in getting their share of the loot, as below posting shows. https://www.facebook.com/1259797117/posts/10227465714369413/

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Thanks for sharing Chris’s thoughts, I know yiu tag me in FB and twitter if there are foods for thought, but I was not able to read some of them

    • sonny says:

      If VP Leni does not win – big loss, big time for PH. Is Cambridge Analytica really that powerful?

      • Karl Garcia says:

        so long as perception is believed to be the same as reality those analytical tools, surveys will always sway voters.

      • Well, the surveys might be wrong, who knows, especially as a lot of Pinks are very young, many even first-time voters, often disagreeing with their parents on who to vote? This video of today shows the broad base of support she has:


        And why are Isko, Ping and some totally forgettable candidates asking her to withdraw just today though she is allegedly just the 2nd?

        • kasambahay says:

          isko and ping baby are just sour graping, terribly hurt kasi after being told many times the best man for the job is a woman.

          my woefully, woefully funny bones say, too late for both isko and ping to trans and wear dresses, lol! if they really want the undue attention of the whole nation, they may as well wear a dress right now, lol!

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Well I might be wrong again but from what Micha is saying since last year is Baby em will win and there is no stoppin him, she coould have been Leni-Walden if leni is left leaning and instead allowed her self to be endosed by De Venecia and the so called PMCs so Leody-Walden na daw sya kahit si BBM ang sure winner.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Some policies Micha wished to be implemented well are the Free State Uni Education and the Universal heaslth care.

            More rich people enroll on state Unis, they might crowd out the poor who pass the entrance exam.

            The IRR for Universal health care act was made useless by the pandemic which made a new policy that College students must have Insurance coverage.

            WTF! What on earth is the Use of the Universal healthcare bill?

            For Manufaturing. Lots of things to do for us the use homegrown human and natural resources and other materials.
            Again an amendement to the procurement law is a start.

            Do not export minerals as much as possible let us be the one to use it.
            Clean as you go policy for mining.

            Again study land fill mining and reclamation and do not wait for other countries to do the first move.
            Let us bethe first movers with out having to be pushed or nudged.

            If my dreams could come true, then Micha’s dreams would also come true.

        • New video and remake of a Ryan Cayabyab classic by none other than Celeste Legazpi today also gives an idea of Pink as a cultural phenomenon:


          The Pink movement itself is now already a subject of serious historical study:


          An interesting comment in that post is that Pink is also a color associated with Socialist movements in Latin America. The aesthetics (murals etc.) and ethics of the movement are also looked at. But 4 hours is a long Zoom meeting.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Forwarded in FB and Twitter.
            Tita Celeste lives just a few houses away from me.

            talk or post about bringing back History in PH curriculum

            • I believe it should be brought back, but the way history is taught should be totally reformed. Less cluttered with dates and names, more about the flow of life that it really is. Xiao got a bit mad on Twitter and FB about some people and a newspaper article asking historians to do more, writing that historians can only do so much in a society and system that values history too little. I wrote him about the discussion we are having here and that a people that hardly looks ahead doesn’t really look back much either. Especially if society is Balkanized as some have noted here. Or as an afterthought, maybe those who have no sense of a legacy to preserve don’t feel much in common either and don’t think too far into the future either. Is it the chicken or the egg?

              Whew, I could write a long long article about that topic. An issue is also that the world of socmed gives most of us some form of ADHD. Only a few like VP Leni manage to see it as “daming ingay” or react with “focus tayo” like Aika Robredo just recently.


              So what do you focus on, what is important, when it comes to history? I think people should feel what connection it has to their lives. What got them to who and where they are today. So they are not water lilies without roots in the soil. Just some thoughts.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Excellent and pertinent thoughtss.

              • JoeAm says:

                Superb thinking. Relatable, meaningful.

              • kasambahay says:

                history is always important, it gives us background and backward glance. even in medical world, a person’s past and present health history is always important to get an overall view and likely prognosis long term.

                even the vehicles we drive have histories, past and present owners all log booked, maintenance services even repairs are log booked as well. in case of ownership problem and recalls, all important docus are there for perusal.

                museums world wide and archeological studies deal with past histories and extensive knowledge of history is needed to work in that field.

                primary school history is less daunting than high school history, but as one goes on to higher education and do further history studies in order to specialize in a certain field, history studies will get more complicated and much harder.

                though I can relate with leni’s daughter, aika, focus on what is important meaning be at the moment: prioritize, things of utmost important are done 1st, all others can wait.

              • That is why a nation without knowledge of history is endangered. History does bind together larger communities, or even “Imagined Communities” like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedict_Anderson once wrote.

                You are right, history isn’t easy to learn, and if not properly taught turns people off. Growing up with a lot of history at home, with a father who teaches and writes about it, going to a lot of museums contributed to my knowledge, though I didn’t take it as a profession for many reasons, one was we had little money when we moved abroad, that sucked, so I went for a profession were I started earning money even during studies, and well also because science fiction fascinated me and I wanted to be with the new stuff. Anyhow I rediscovered history in this blog. And it is indeed easier for someone just 5 meters ahead to guide someone up a mountain than for someone whom is at the peak. While I have kept reading stuff from historians on YouTube, FB and Twitter these years.

                As for priorities, Metro Manila dwellers have a very difficult urban jungle to deal with, while the poor have survival to deal with. The most interesting discussions on Twitter have been with locked down NCR residents though. That forced break was significant.

  9. I once wrote an article in my old blog on the Iroquis principle of looking back seven generations and forward seven generations when making major tribal decisions. Just a bit of that maybe just 3-5 generations ahead would help the Philippines a lot.

    • pablonasid says:

      Even a year seems to be too much for the vast majority of the Filipino’s. In Europe, if we would not look ahead, we would go hungry in winter. In Philippines, you just pick a fruit from the tree… any time of the year. And these characteristic seems to be engrained in both populations

      • sonny says:

        just reminds me I often wondered why macopa fruits are not sold in municipal markets. My initial guess was the fruit itself is “boring” to eat; besides, there is the cotton stuff in the middle of the fruit that blunts its texture or taste. So I make the observation that macopa trees bear copious quantities of fruit – you can enjoy it at any time you feel like eating.. Yet I discovered the bland taste of the fruit can be “awakened” by dipping the fruit flesh in vinegar (sugar cane). 🙂

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Macopas, mangos, Lanka just litter on the streets in our Village because too many planted them.
          The roots of the Mango trees and other big trees destroy the sidewalks, so it is not enough just to plant trees you must also know where to plant them and please not on the center Islands of high ways.

      • I think Filipino IPs are more aware of the balance of nature than the colonized Filipinos. This makes the advocacy of VP Leni for IPs even more significant.

        Like in 2016, the Sumilao farmers (Bukidnon Lumads) are marching from Bukidnon to Manila to reenact their epic march for their land in 2007 where they were met in Naga by the Robredos, Mayor Jesse and Atty. Leni – part of the SALIGAN team defending them.

        They were in Iriga yesterday and will reach Naga today to meet VP Leni.

        Another aside: the babaylanes, the priestesses of ancient Philippines, were the ones who determined the cycles of sowing and harvest, probably they also knew basic reading of weather patterns such as brewing storms. This ancient wisdom was interrupted.

        Also: Ifugao Senatorial Candidate Teddy Baguilat has none of the silly macho bluster that some lowlanders like Isko have. His advocacy for nature is also quite strong.

        • The Sumilao farmers are in Naga:

          They blessed her BTW with a traditional ritual when her campaign trail led her there:

          That some loyalists laughed at that ritual only showed their disrespect for IPs.

      • kasambahay says:

        big difference between europe and philippines. europe has 4 seasons, plants die in winter and come back to life in spring. planting season in europe is mostly dictated by the season. whereas in philippines, we are in the tropics and it’s summer all year long, our plants and garden stay lush almost forever.

        • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doreen_Fernandez the great food anthropologist once said that Philippine habits are based on abundance. True but that abundance is now threatened but the habits are still there – we will see if the culture adjusts. Gideon Lasco, also an anthropologist, said that Philippine littering habits are probably like that because all packaging used just generations ago was biodegradable – memories of delicious suman sa ibos from Albay packaged in banana leaves come to my mind.

          In Europe it is not just food it is also temperature. You needed enough fuel to heat your home and basically still do. Maybe one reason we are bolder versus Russia now is spring is coming. We won’t freeze it Putin cuts off our gas. Also it is clear as day that the countries with more informal settlers are tropical. Isn’t that easy to survive winter outside over here. Much less have a family. But civilization developed first in the warmer zones, Middle East and Med, as before certain inventions life here was extremely hard.

  10. pablonasid says:

    You touched a raw nerve and it still hurts.
    For over 20 years, I saw the degradation of nature around me. In March, the farmers burn the cogon grass in the mountain sides and every year, the treeline recedes by 10 meters. Every year, we see that the farmers again clear land on the hillsides to plant corn and after the harvests, the sea colours brown during rainfall. Brown as in fertile soil now smothering the corrals. Every year, the sea takes part of the coastline which is not anymore protected because the population growth killed the mangroves. Every year, the catch of tabagak decreases and the big fishes have totally disappeared, but the illegal fishing structures keep increasing as do the poaching boats. When I commented on this to the new mayor, he asked me to help him making the 10 year plan. Nice work because I found that the Philippines has sensible laws for most issues. And making a plan following the laws was nice. It included a lot of consulting with the communities and they all agreed that we should do the sensible thing. But nobody wanted to enforce the rules. Not in the soft way, not in the hard way. So, here we are. We all know what to do, but nobody (nobody) wants to help implementing the sensible thing. Typhoon Frank and Yolanda should have taught us a lesson, but we keep building on lands exposed to flooding. We should have learned that cutting trees on slopes need to be done carefully to prevent landslides, but we clear land for corn plantations. We all KNOW, but we continue damaging the land we are the custodians of.
    It brings tears to my eyes because nobody can bring back that fertile soil on the mountain South of me, it now is bare. Nobody can stop the illegal fishing, so the local village is suffering badly. The houses re-build after Frank and Yolanda are flooding again.

    It hurts, but now what? Shed tears when the next flood or typhoon kills again hundreds of people?
    Pray in church that the storm passes by?

    Or are we finally, finally going to do something about the causes.

    Gina is dead. That woman could have been our saviour. She mobilized many young folk. She was unique.
    Please show me another Gina… I cannot find her. Courageous, independent, smart, caring but ruthless towards injustice and corruption.
    If she would be here, she would be sabotaged, just like Gina was sabotaged. Philippines is top of the list of assassinated environmentalists.

    Nobody has our environment in their top priorities in the next election. Just have a look at Easter Island and see the future for our previous islands.
    Irineo, remember when you were driving through the countryside 30 years ago and your windscreen would be full of dead bugs?. Now you drive for hours and there is not a single bug on the windscreen. The same chemicals which killed all my bees in the Philippines is playing havoc.in Germany. Profit tops protection. Worldwide.

    I pity my grandchildren, I probably will be the last generation who can say that wild elephants were raiding our garden, we had to stop fishing after an hour because the boat was full, monkeys were breaking into our house and we could drink straight from the rivers.

    My heart is heavy, even if it’s Easter.
    Still wishing you all a great Easter and hoping you have the time to reflect on our precious environment and find enlightenment

    • Happy Easter and good to see you here again after a long while.

      Germany may have better land use and environmental laws but of course commercial interests find a way, only much slower.

      Example: a business park is built in what used to be forest. The county promises to keep the remaining part of the forest between Autobahn and business park as a noise and fresh air buffer. Breaks that promise 10 yrs later to extend the park for a big player. Business tax payments OF COURSE mean money for county projects. Same with housing developments as part of income taxes earned in the county goes to the county.

      Example 2: to build more affordable housing, the last part of a once large forest area is felled. Munich’s population is increasing and the working class has a hard time as the market has driven up rent enormously. Not yet London or NYC levels but still too high.

      I understand the need for business and jobs, usually a thing Liberals and Conservatives espouse, or the SocDem agenda for the poor. But sometimes Green stuff is needed to. Like everywhere a proper balance is hard to strike.

      VP Leni would like to define no-mining zones by immediate EO if she becomes President: https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/01/24/22/robredo-to-declare-no-mining-zones-if-she-succeeds-duterte she isn’t a star-studded idealist like Gina but knows what is needed.

      She also wants to certify a Land Use Act, which the Philippines doesn’t have – BTW it seems it was Baby Em and Sotto who let it die in the Senate. Also makes sense.

      The Philippines of course is closer to knife’s edge and has to act decisively.

    • Dyip says:

      Happy Easter po. What you just said hits so close to heart. The problem with most of us is lack of foresight, long term thinking and willingness to do it. Many times, we have politicians too excited to steal money from the nations coffers once elected. O kaya naman how their personal business can grow once they are in seat of power. Kailangan mabawi nagastos sa eleksyon, the 10 year plan can wait. Hanggang sa lumipas ang panahon at makalimutan na ang 10-year plan.

  11. Karl Garcia says:

    They say di naman nag iinternet. They under estimate the number of cell phones with internet access.
    Many search for Leni in google, Iam sure it is not all about the scandals and the foul ups.


    • Karl Garcia says:

      Per Heydarian google trrbds should not even be
      Considered.Oh well he is the expert

    • NHerrera says:

      It is interesting to me that a lot of things, small and big ones, point to a top preference for the Presidential Candidate other than those resulting from surveys of Pulse Asia, OCTA, etc. The “desperate” actions of the top-preferred candidate and the suspected allied presidential-candidate-spoilers is a telling point too. So it remains a puzzle, karl. As Irineo wrote in the above — we will see.

      Trivia from that link. I find the relative positions of preferences in that link of Google Searches the same as in the PA, OCTA surveys except for the flip in the top two positions. Not so in the VP Google Searches — the PA. OCTA results for the top VP candidate remain, but the third preferred VP candidate surpassed the second preferred candidate.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Many Thanks NH

        • NHerrera says:

          The Isko antic in that talked-about conference attended only by Isko Moreno, Ping Lacson, and Norberto Gonzales among the Presidential candidates and by Ong and Sotto among the VP candidates created such a backlash, Norberto Gonzales had to issue a statement — even if he is not at all in viable contention to win. Truly, as one on Twitter said, Isko in the early days was going along quite well until he opened his mouth. 🤣

          Pacquiao who initially said he will join the conference backed out — he must have suspected Isko to open his mouth again.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Ping was washing his hands on the asking Leni to withraw. Isko is unapologetic. It is thereloss unfortunately,not all disappointed follwers will shift to Leni.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Norberto wanted to form a shadow cabinet during the time of Pnoy and I thought my citizen’s assembly proposal was redundant.

  12. An example for VP Leni’s mindset re projects and impact on locals/environment:

  13. I’m sure by now mail-in ballots have been sent out to registered voters. Are we taking bets?

    • In fact overseas voting is already underway. Two things are significant now.

      1) Catriona Gray has endorsed VP Leni. Miss Universe plus nearly white, that has pull.

      2) Mega rally for VP Leni’s birthday on April 23, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City

      Same date there is a Marcos-Sara rally at MOA, also Pasay City. Showdown!

      For the meantime, let’s just watch.. Simpleni! 😄

      Lance, where you in Ukraine? We were worried. 😉

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Yeah, the we includes Moi!

        • LOL! no Ukraine for me, fellas, I’m all about Avoiding Living in Hell.

          I see that Simpleni is parody, but unsure how that helps the cause? Why doesnt Ms. Gray have an Australian accent? tho’ i personally feel like she’d be preaching to the choir, what’s the VP Leni team doing to actively win over Visayas and Mindanao? specifically those that don’t speak English too good, any traction on the Ro-Sa tandem ticket, and are they helping out that particular choice, even if offensive to Kiko?

          based on those pollings , look s like BBM is it. unless candidates learn from Poe’s mistake. there should be run-offs like in France.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            When you were in Vis-Min you could have noticed that there were lots of English speaking locals. Please do not push Leni-Sara.

      • Micha says:

        Namputsa, ayos na sana si Catriona pero bakit puro English ang salita? Di ba marunong mag Tagalog yan?
        Kung gusto nyang maraming mahatak, sa sariling wika dapat ang pamaraan hindi yung burgis na burgis ang dating.

        • Juan Luna says:

          Malinaw ‘yung puntos ni Micha at umaayon ako. Kung Chinese o Hapon o ibang lahi si Catriona hindi mag-i-Inglis ‘yan. Walang masama sa Ingles kaso ang target audience n’ya mga masa (sana!) kasi doon ang dami ng mga boto. Yung mga nag-i-ingles captured audience na ‘yun, mga nakataya na ‘yon (nakapili na o sila na ang pumili ng mga kandidato). Taga-Albay siya dapat nag-bikolano siya para kahit paano isang rehiyon ‘yung nasapol niya.

          Okay ‘yung caption pero maganda pa ring marinig ‘yung boses niya sa Tagalog o Bikolano. Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating. 🙂

          • Well, si Cat ang gumawa ng video na iyan di naman kampanya ng Pink.

            Tsaka tinanggap naman siya ng Pilipinas bilang Miss Universe kahit na di siya nagsasalita ng Pilipino. Biglang problema ngayon?

            Alam ko, sa Tsina, Japan – or sa Sokor, Taiwan, Alemanya, Pransiya, Espanya atbp. di tatanggapin ng publiko ang isang si nagsasalita ng sariling wika. Sa Singapore or Malaysia tatanggapin ang Ingles dahil official language doon.

            Official language pa rin ang Ingles sa Pilipinas. Hanggang 1973 kasama pa nga ang Kastila sa mga official languages, pero after 1930s unti-unting nawala ito sa paggamit. Sa kaso ni Makoy sa pagpatay diumano kay Nalundasan may iilang hatol pa ang mga korte sa wikang Kastila, late 1930s, at sa mga pagtetestigo makikita na ginagamit pa rin ito noon ng iilang pulitiko.

            Pero sabi rin ni MLQ3 na baka malapit ng matapos ang panahon ng Ingles sa Pilipinas. Pati siya na mostly Inglesero gumagawa na ng mga podkas na Pilipino. Siguro agree to disagree na lang tayo at siguro dapat may mga kurso para sa mga laki sa abroad na magtuturo sa kanila ng Pilipino. Ganyan ang ginawa ng Israel para sa wikang Hebreo, dahil maraming Hudyo na laking Rusya atbp bansa na lumipat sa bansang iyon. Mas magandang gumawa ng tulay para sa gustong bumalik kesa bangin ang kaharap nila.

            • Juan Luna says:

              Agree ako sa ‘yo pareng Irineo, hindi naman problema talaga ’yon.

              Tama rin naman ‘yung paliwanag mo sa kabuuan ng pag-gamit ng Ingles imbes na Tagalog dahil, sabi mo nga, kilala na si Catriona sa pagiging representante ng Pinas sa Ms. Universe. At sigurado ako, dahil malaki naman sa populasyon natin ang nakapag-aral kahit papaano, marami ang nakaintindi doon są sinabi niya sa video. Yoon e sa aspeto ng komunikasyon. Ngunit dahil nga panahon ng eleksiyon, importante rin ‘yung maabot o makaabot (reaching out) ng mga nakararaming tao para himukin sa isang ideya o pakay.

              Kung isa ako sa gumawa ng video, opinyon lang ha, hihimukin ko si Catriona na magsalita ng either or both Tagalog o Bikol. Kesehoda kung makapal o hinde ang diksyon niya ang importante marami siyang maabot na tao są mensahe niya. Saka marami ang matutuwa są kanya (for effort, ‘ika nga) dahil sinikap niyang hindi lang makipag-komunikasyon kundi makipag-kuneksiyon rin sa nakararaming mamamayan ukol sa isang bagay na sa tingin niya ay importante para sa lahat. 🤓

              • Tungkol sa bagay na iyan, heto ang isang YouTube video ng isang Koreana sa Pilipinas na nakapagaling magsalita ng Pilipino.

                Makikita mo sa mga komentaryo na maraming Pilipino na natutuwa sa kanya.

                Tungkol naman sa Pink, marami namang sa kanila na kahit burgis nagsusumikap magsalita ng Pilipino.

                Especially for Lance, this part in English: a lot of middle class and even rich youngsters have taken leave to campaign for VP Leni. One mutual on Twitter has been to several islands with her dedicated Pink group.

                This is of course following in VP Leni’s footsteps, but also it is like what Lance mentioned that young Israelis go across their entire country and that helps in building the nation. Win or lose, things are happening that will help weave the country together.

              • “This is of course following in VP Leni’s footsteps, but also it is like what Lance mentioned that young Israelis go across their entire country and that helps in building the nation. Win or lose, things are happening that will help weave the country together.”

                If this truly is a concerted effort on the part of middle class and rich young Filipinos, then I would hope that they get into making maps and transit maps along with those maps.

                The most difficult part of traveling around the Philippines for me, was the fact that jeepneys and buses had no solid schedules and travel maps. Filipinos (like how they don’t like swimming) surprisingly didn’t know the cardinal directions; or if they did they had no idea how it applied to travelling and using it for directions.

                So if they want to weave the country together, they should get into map making and get transit maps made, for people to access online. The jeepneys and buses and ferries that ply regular routes would be easy to map, but then you have v-hire and side car or pedaled passenger options, to include motorcycle rides. which seem to operate arbitrarily, but still ply a regular route, so map but don’t include schedules.

                then the current fees, and if negotiations apply, what the current running fees are. and update.

                Make maps.

                here’ s a good article, get colleges involved:


              • Well, a lot of them are in the are and wonder stage, some experiencing getting lost and finding their way again. You have the rich and urban professional youngsters going around to campaign but also supply local groups.

                You have the local groups, often not as affluent but with good knowledge of the terrain, going up and down hills and across rivers to reach every sitio.


                I think it started with a sense of wow how varied the country is, watching the campaign rallies of VP Leni in every region and nearly every province (guess she will not get to Davao City or to Ilocos Sur and Norte, but she has been nearby several times) – and then the huge Pasig rally where many came from afar and got to meet there. Those meetings AND the Left goading the supporters of VP Leni as frapuccino drinkers gave a spark.

                Finally H2H which officially started before Easter but unofficially got going earlier, though rallies helped generate the buzz in places people visited. Murals caught the attention of communities. Mural painting brought groups of youngsters together.

                I wonder how many boys named Kiko and girls named Leni will be born in 9 months. Certainly this mingling will give birth to a lot of new ideas as well. Regardless of whether Leni wins this, something new might be there to stay, wonder how Baby Em will react.

    • Cursory Googling on how to make these transit maps, i came across 2 good links, the salient points I’ve bolded. Hope that helps.


      “And planning a trip via printed timetables can be akin to writing a Master’s thesis about filing tax forms for a moon landing. But despite the numerous advantages of digital navigation, print maps remain vital to a transit agency.

      Digital information isn’t everywhere

      Last year, 57% of Canadians owned a smartphone. While that number is above the global average, it still means more than four out of 10 Canadians can’t be accessing data via a handheld device. Whether it’s a matter of income level or comfort with technology, printed maps will continue to be important to those who can’t – or won’t – own a smartphone. Even if users aren’t carrying a folded up piece in their pocket, there are still station diagrams, vehicle interior maps, neighbourhood wayfinding, schedule leaflets, and many other applications to consider. Additional tools to navigate a system can appeal to a wider audience.

      See the whole system

      Google Maps and other mapping software and trip planners are great for viewing how to get from point A to point B. But to get a sense of a transit system in its entirety, it’s far easier to see a full network laid out on a physical map. While Transit does show nearby routes, you can still only display one route at a time on a map. If you want to see, say, every route from one station, it’s far easier to trace this on a well designed print piece. A good system map is particularly useful to people new to a city and unfamiliar with their surroundings.”


      Question: “There’s a lot of noise, could you make it so it’s layered and you could turn off certain providers? Or is it just an image? Most curious about regional routes.”

      Answer: “I’m a university student who is graduating in one month to teach elementary school, I don’t really have time to learn any programming languages. If you know anything about this kind of stuff, I’d love to have someone help me render this in a more interactive way. I agree, layers would be swell.”

      • There has to be a sense of how a country looks, feels, the topography of it, getting to places, as well as changes in languages as you traverse different areas. Bus conductors over there were very adept at this, they start out say Tagalog, then its Kapampangan, then Ilocano, same with Mindanao, say from Cotabato to Davao overland, changes in language and conductors collect and give change while code switching fucking awesome really if you think about it, I hope these young Filipinos map that too.

        • JoeAm says:

          I’m shifting my bias toward grass and rocks over tic tok and data points. Living without maps is very native and I’m all for it. Most locals presume everyone knows the routes because they do. So all you have to do is ask. In Olongapo, take the yellow jeepney for here or the blue for there. Leave your mobile at home.

          • Joe,

            That’s a very Luddite take on things, and tend to agree with it.

            I think this is what the Afghans ( in towns and hamlets) were essentially fighting for in the end also. Where US promised them roads and bridges to bring in prosperity, and they collectively said keep your prosperity, we’ve been fine here for centuries. keep out, stay out or die trying.

            Then if its a big no on maps and weaving a nation together, and instead for a more Afghan model of living, then at the very least know your water sheds and where water collects and expand ecosystems by knowing so, two very good videos on this,

            • JoeAm says:

              Water is the new gold, I figure. I once drank water from the top of an Alaskan glacier, cold, clean runoff from blue ice in the sunshine. I tell you, it was nearly sexual. That’s the top end. The middle is the mountain runoff in Biliran that has a few bugs in it, but is really cheap. Near the bottom is urban runoff during a flood. The bottom is downhill from my septic tank.

  14. Well, mas komportable siya mag-Ingles at may subtitles naman in Pilipino.

    Di naman burgis ang dating niyan kasi di konyo English ang ginagamit. Since half-Australian siya at maputi, halos stateside pa nga siguro dating niya sa marami.

  15. I mean si Catriona Gray at sagot ko sana iyan ke Micha.

  16. Karl Garcia says:

    So that Kaliwa dam would be reconsidered I am I hope they would no longer build it. Try Dredging Laguna lake minus anomalous contractors or suspected to be shady, try cheaper waste water treatment.

    Is there a way for Laguna de Bay not to be NCR’s septic tank


  17. Karl Garcia says:

    The Ambassadors of Israel to the PH has been trying to sell their desalination tech for years, I hope we finally consider it. It may be costly at the start so are Solar Powered homes.


  18. Karl Garcia says:

    i always wanted Eastern Luzon Development, I even asked Ayala Land through Twitter on the status.They just said visit their website and socmed for updates.
    That would be problematic because it involves cutting trees in the Pacific side of the Sierra Madre.

    • Well, I guess there are reasons why certain parts of the Philippines were more developed than others even back in 1521. Manila not Bikol, Cebu not Leyte. The path of typhoons, who gets hit first. We can manage nature but in the end we can’t control it.

      Manila of course had all the advantages – a bay that is a natural harbor, a huge freshwater lake full of fish, AND the Sierra Madre as a barrier against storms. Plus it was at the intersection of the China-Moluccas and Malacca-Brunei-Japan trade routes in a time when ships HAD to make more stops than nowadays. Cebu of course is in the middle of the Visayan sea, a bit like Sicily is in the middle of the Mediterranean.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Ka Leody was and his senatoriables were fired at when they were visting IPs and encouraginng them to stay put on the disputed Ancestral domain which is occupied by a Dole(???)

      • Tarantadong Kalbo has a pineapple literally firing at them.

        • kasambahay says:

          shooting can only be expected as bukidnon is declared election hotspot. any candidates going to bukidnon are told to inform lgu and kapolisan to ensure their safety. apparently, the ka did not maybe for fear of angering the indigents who have little to no trust in authorities. kaya, iyan, nag-alburoto tuloy ang pineapple, lol!

  19. Environmentalists support Leni and Kiko

    • Whew! that second sentence is a mouthful. Just talk about the water cycle.

      the best desalination plant is the Sun, the best thing to keep land from moving downhill and killing people, are rooty plants. Just respect the water cycle. And plan according to watersheds.

      And maybe rethink the anti-nuclear energy stance.

      • Or

        Maybe re-brand environmentalism in the Philippines to fit a wider group of people and ideas, like this organization, https://twitter.com/longnow

        “However, there are a small number of organizations that have managed to stay stable over many centuries, and in some cases, over a millennium. Surprisingly, there are few data-driven studies of what makes these organizations succeed. Long Now has been informally tracking these organizations for years, and in 02019 formed The Organizational Continuity Project to study long-lived institutions more formally. These long-lived institutions range from universities and martial arts communities to guesthouses and breweries. While the historical record will be our best teacher, we also hope to learn from emerging organizational structures that are using new decentralized systems of trust that may change our conceptions of what companies or institutions could be.”

        Ever since sonny talked about Carthusians, i’ve been hooked and similar such lifestyles fit the bill of this Organization Continuity Project. What people and ideas tend to last over there in the Philippines? if none, then maybe make one now,

        • https://fivebooks.com/best-books/long-term-thinking-roman-krznaric/

          “I think the value of thinking long is becoming apparent in several ways. First, it’s clear that those countries which have been dealing most effectively with the virus have been ones that have had long-term planning for pandemics in place. South Korea and Taiwan are good examples. By contrast you’ve got the United States, where in 2018 Trump dissolved the National Security Council’s pandemic response unit. So we know that there’s an obvious kind of long-term thinking that matters at times like this.

          Second, it’s becoming clearer that this is not the only crisis we’re going to face, and if we are going to tackle these future ones, from climate risks to technological risks, we need to be thinking long, beyond the ups and downs of the stock market, beyond the next quarterly report and the next election. We need to be thinking, planning and budgeting decades ahead, beyond our own lifetimes.

          Third, the current situation makes me think a lot about the nature of crises. Crises are opportunities for change. As Milton Friedman said, only a crisis – real or perceived – produces real change. I don’t agree with Friedman on most things, but he’s right about this. Remember, though, that at any moment of crisis you can go in a number of directions. Out of the depression of the 1930s, some countries moved in the direction of social democracy whereas others went towards fascism. We are at an analogous moment in history, and we need to ask, ‘are we going to move towards more authoritarianism, or is this a moment for grassroots organizing, mutual aid and democratic renewal?’ Similarly, ‘are we going to simply reproduce and bolster the existing economic system of growth-addicted market capitalism, or are we going to shift in a more transformative direction towards a regenerative economy based on some kind of Green New Deal?’

          Something else Milton Friedman said was people’s response to a crisis depends on the ideas that are lying around. What I would like to see is that the ideas of long-term thinking are the ones that are picked up as we move beyond this crisis—ideas like citizen assemblies and legal rights for future generations, circular economies, all these things which are part of the emerging movement of time rebels committed to the interests and welfare of tomorrow’s generations. We have a chance to do that now.”

  20. Karl Garcia says:

    For soil that is polluted with lead and other chemicals, a way to remediate the soil is by fishbone remediation.


    For wastewater treatment, tllapia eats sewage so tilapia can help in cleaning our waters.


  21. Karl Garcia says:

    In the US the USDA may allow genetically engineered trees release in the wild beginning with the chestnut. More chestnuts to roast in the open fire.



    Here in RP



    The jury is still out.

  22. Karl Garcia says:

    The First world just dumps the garbage to other countries like Africa and the South east Asia and before China, but if a first world nation has lots of waste in their landfills , they are the odd man out.


    Why most recyclable construction waste is being dumped illegally in Spain

    Instead of quarrying and flattening mountains, the PH should start using recycled concrete.

    Every year they keep on road re-blocking, destroying newly built roads due to a water pipe leak or just for the heck of it.
    Let us not forget the dolomite beach, a mountain has been destroyed to satisfy the greed of certain groups.

    lots of ways to use magnets to separate rubble, we must study it. and implement it.

  23. Karl Garcia says:

    Again we have not felt the shortages that the Russian war has and will cause.
    All we hear is a price roll back of fuel then to be increased again after no one cares.
    The price of food has already been high since we have the middlemen to blame plus the usual politician protectors.
    So we still think it is normal when the shit hits the fan.

    To name a few of the shortages
    Fertilizers, wheat, sunflower oil, corn,barley,rare earth, oil, gas,etc

    I guess the sanctions on Iran must be renegotiated in an overnight meeting lots of things Iran can supply other than oil.
    Venezuela too.
    Afghanistan can provide the rare earth
    The food can be managed by North and South America.

    Globalization was not killed by the war, it only got rerouted
    And globalization is here to stay.


    For the Arctic and the Antarctic.

    Refreeze them, forget the North sea and antartctic ice breaking to form a wide river like sea lane.

    It can be done if we want them to happen.

    for the CO2 in th sky. Carbon capture and storage.

    We do not have to move to Mars or the moon, we can still save the planet, but the wars must end.

  24. “Julian Barbour’s theme is the greatest mystery in physics: the nature of time.

    Working largely outside of academic institutions, Mr. Barbour has been studying the problem for decades, and his 1999 book “The End of Time” was a bestseller. Since then, his fundamental outlook appears not to have changed, though his mathematical approach has.

    Like many physicists, Mr. Barbour believes the past, present and future co-exist. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and think we can change it, but it’s already there. Time is like a strip of movie film; each frame is a single moment. According to Mr. Barbour, our consciousness apprehends a group of frames in a way that feels like continuous flow.

    Physicists offer various explanations for the arrow of time, the most popular connected with entropy.”

  25. Lance asked what is being done to reach the Visayas.

    This is a recent song by the Cebu volunteers for Leni.


    The second Cebu grand rally was in Mandaue today.


    The Leni birthday rally will be on Saturday in Pasay City.

    The other side withdrew it’s rally at MOA on the same day.

    And well the last Pulse Asia survey seem to be taking place now.

    • kasambahay says:

      kakabagan nito ang one cebu, the provincial political party founded by governor gwen garcia!

      si baby em ang manok ni gwen et al. ang mga cebuano naman ay tilang ceboom! at kay leni.

    • Has Pulse Asia been wrong before? at all.

      • JoeAm says:

        It’s always close to perfect for a point in time, but Pulse Asia does not do projections like my bookie does. So there is always wiggle room for surprises. A lot can happen in a month. But your point is good, they are not fly-by-night, as some would suggest in looking at numbers they don’t like. They are professional.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        They are not called False Asia for nothing,
        But the answer will always be subjective especially that question.

        • kasambahay says:

          ahem, a lot in the military have flawed intel, lol!

          • Karl Garcia says:

            I just do not want to insert myself to the bardagulan nina Lance at Micha directly.
            But nothing new just says that most voters were born in the 80s and beyond and those who were born earlier thought there would come a savior.

            class D consists of the low income, self employed and not the poorest of the poor that would be E, Class D are the plentiest demographic.

            • That’s the most important points in that article, karl.

              the first paragraph is the topic me and Micha are debating below, Micha of course is wrong, and saying Dog ate homework , titser ! no more links they erased it!!! LOL!

              As for younger Filipinos and hiring “social media influencers” , is the assumption here that VP Leni and Pinks are n’t doing this? if not, shouldn’t they have learned from the Mar Roxas campaign? fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… VP Leni’s team can’t make excuses on this front. sorry.

              Micha is correct tho’, you gotta win CDE, and CDE like promises kept, which DU30 have, and why he was popular the whole time, BBM only rose to prominence with Inday Sara as his VP, she is the reason he is winning CDE. <<< that's my assertion, not yet proven otherwise by Micha.

              The last phrase above is the most problematic, its why Pinks (or Yellows) can't win CDE, because they always assume that CDE are “the gullible population”. Until you fix this, CDE will keep on voting for those who see them as otherwise. CDE is who you’re suppose to win over, not alienate, dummies!

              And that is why the Pinks are losing, karl. they’ve never respected CDE. The question we need to figure out is why BBM was so popular with CDE, I’m saying its Inday Sara all the way, but if you can find any write-ups that have a good theory, then i’d be open to it, but this article is not it. sorry.

            • NHerrera says:

              From karl: class D consists of the low income, self employed and not the poorest of the poor that would be E, Class D are the plentiest demographic.

              SWS used to say [probably gotten it from PSA studies] that the percentages were: ABC 10%, D 60%, E 30%. But I noticed from recent surveys — inferring by calculation from the given data — that the D class has grown in share, probably migrated from the E class because of sons and daughters making it in the cities by the parents selling what little they have, like a carabao or two. I infer from the data of the surveys that the D class is probably now in the range of 70%-80%, with the E class correspondingly lower in share.

      • There will be rallies in Nueva Vizcaya and Ilocos Sur soon, Baguio also. Tagum and Davao del Sur are already done, all of Mindanao except Davao in fact. House to house campaigns are heavy in Mindanao, as elsewhere. Hmm.. that map seems to see Bikol as Visayas. Well, Bikol is culturally and linguistically between Tagalog and Visayan especially Waray. End game now and things are heating up on the troll front.

        • With less than a month, I really hope these guys ramp up their presence, if Pulse Asia is a good metric, then this is your last damn hope:

            • ( … I really thought election there was gonna be like May twenty-something, fuck its just 2 weeks away!!! )

              • If Kiko concedes now, and endorses Inday Sara, it’ll be such a shock to the system, that it’ll be news for the next 2 weeks, and RoSa tandem will be in the news til election day.

                This is what you call a Hail Mary (Mother of God)!!!

              • Juan Luna. says:

                Nice try LCpl_X but yours is a lone voice in the wilderness. You’ve seen the numbers and it was clear what team is ahead. But I submit, the ROSA, for sentimental or dramatic reason, has a nice ring to it. 🤓

              • It will echo in eternity as proof of a time when pragmatism failed. Ushering the beginning of the end.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “What do you have to lose?” – LCpl_X
                You will lose the confidence and trust of the people who supports Kiko Pangilinan and BBM. 😤

                Seriously, at this stage, nothing because they (anti-BBM) already lost a lot as shown by the numbers. Also, just because you will lose nothing doesn’t mean you’ll automatically gain something. It doesn’t work that way. 😶

  26. Karl Garcia says:

    Kung di nagustuhan ni Micha ang pag communinate ni Catriona mas bad trip naman si Isko trying hard magpa jeproks.
    At yung gusto iboto ni Mucha for CP na si Walden Bello nag gate crash sa council meeting ni Baste Duterte hanapin ko link pikon na pikon si Baste hahaha.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Argh sorry for wrong spelling of your name Micha.

    • Micha says:

      Ang drug lord ng Davao walang sagot tungkol sa drug smuggling operations nila?

      Pinapakita lang ni Walden na sya’y hindi takot sumuong sa lungga mismo ng mga criminal drug smugglers.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Akala ng mga Duterte nalimutan na ng mga tao ang drug operations nila.
        Sana mas marami pa ang di takot humarap sa mga Duterte, yan ang isa sa mga disappointment ko nung akala ko na wala ng outraged sa EJK at Drug War bantay salakay operations.

        Kahit di ko iboboto si Walden kahanga hanga yung ginawa nyang pagpaparamdam na di natin nalimutan ang illegal na operation ng mga Duterte.

        • sonny says:

          Hear, hear …

          Walden, Dick, Manny V P, Gloria, Rey (Ileto), Duterte at iba pa were all in college once upon a time and we were all offered the same Kool Aid to drink about Truth, Beauty, Good, Justice, etc.. Seems like at graduation we were all peers to one another. Look at us now. That was our generation. Note: VP Robredo was born in our college graduation year.

          • Ileto went down the deep end recently in actually seeing the Makapili as a legit continuation of the Katipunan in this paper:


            In his recent book “Knowledge and Pacification” he openly praises Duterte.

            Meanwhile, the usually friendly historian Xiao Chua, a millenial, has just today gone really angry at how fake news – and kabastusan – is causing a cultural crisis. He has been getting flak recently for his political support of VP Leni, including the worst of insults.

            • sonny says:

              TY na TY sa video, Irineo.

              The sentiments of Prof Xiao Chua are right on the nose. I had to teach Science and foremost in my agenda for the day was to make sure I was not a purveyor of error. One had to learn how in order to get my Bachelor’s degree – we had to present a paper on a chemistry topic: communicate a subject in a coherent way; to an audience composed of your peers and faculty; everyone participating had “skin in the exercise.” I have always carried that tension & confidence. At least the intention, anyways. 🙂

              Rey Ileto was graduating w/honors at commencement.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        What were you and Irineo talking about? Got confused again because you have a habit of replying to my comment that is addressed to others.

        • “In his recent book “Knowledge and Pacification” he openly praises Duterte.”

          I’m just responding to the book title, karl.

          Knowledge is for Pacification. Precisely cuz there’s really no knowledge just Power, thus Power —> Knowledge (created by Power) —-> Pacification (or Order). Back to Entropy, karl, that is the natural state. De-centralized.

          Question your JTBs, karl. Are they really Knowledge, if so what’s behind it all? Power. Centralized. So what is Knowledge??? 😉

          • Karl Garcia says:

            how can he know you responded to him, you replied to someone else, unless he scrolls to every comment

            • Oh, that’s a good point, karl. “how can he know”. By “responding” must one “Reply” or simply place a comment in the thread preferably below said comment “Reply”ing to. So i posit, that me just posting a comment in the thread is enough, thus Justified. Now is my comment True, well since its not False then it has to be True. Do I Believe that Mr. Ileto is referencing Foucault and Gettier in his book title? This one I’m not so sure having just now only known of Mr. Ileto and never read his work, but since he is writing about Pacification then Knowledge as means to pacify probably means Mr. Ileto is well versed in all this.

              JTB = Pacification. “In his recent book “Knowledge and Pacification” he openly praises Duterte.”

              • JoeAm says:

                When threads get deep and lose indentation, you can use the @name convention to make clear who you are responding to.

              • But karl is right , I do tend to “Reply” to other folks’ comments, mostly cuz of formating i think or just scrolling and missing ; but this time my reply to Ireneo was placed further down since I wasn’t really addressing the Rey Ileto et al talk but just that “Knowledge and Pacification” title which was a totally different subject.

                Well actually, it would’ve still been on tract, especially this point “Meanwhile, the usually friendly historian Xiao Chua, a millenial, has just today gone really angry at how fake news – and kabastusan – is causing a cultural crisis.” Thus the “crisis” isn’t with knowledge per se, whether false or true,

                but that people can chose their own echo chambers now. Because…

              • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynaldo_Ileto and his work are pretty important for understanding even the political discourse in the Philippines, even the idea of masa.

                Joseph Scalice has the most scathing critique of Ileto’s idea of masa so far, accusing him of confounding the Spanish category of “pobres y ignorantes” with the masa when in fact Bonifacio was good in Spanish and read Rizal while Aguinaldo wasn’t and didn’t.

                His last book so far is “Knowledge and Pacification: On the U.S. Conquest and the Writing of Philippine History. (2017).” One should know that Ileto’s father was one of the first US-trained soldiers of the early AFP. Prof. Ileto and his idol Dutz are quite anti-Western.

                In fact his latest paper I linked which glorifies the 1942-1944 pro-Japan puppet regime as the true “Unfinished Revolution” – not 1896 which is the usual meaning – could nearly be a blueprint for a future pro-China Philippines. One should know what Makapili did to see what a horror it is to glorify them, even as some where indeed former Katipuneros. And the very pro-Japanese Ricarte was a former General of Aguinaldo, who had fled to HK and then to Japan because he did not ever want to surrender to the United States.

                Glorifying https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentin_de_los_Santos at the end of the book is even wackier, though it is interesting that the cult leader was a Makipili as well before.

                To arrive at a reasonable approximation of the truth a grain of salt is often needed.

              • The same team leader of the Alamo Scouts, Rafael Ileto, apparently http://www.alamoscouts.org/the-men/full-roster/ , so kinda weird about the pro-Japan post WWII stance, and anti-West.

                Siding with China and/or Russia before was in theory only, like how most anti-West Filipinos always tend to end up in the US, or Canada, Australia or Western Europe. Now the lines are clearer.

                Is Mr. Rey Ileto your Dad’s contemporary, Ireneo, had he crossed swords with him, in debate or tit for tat in written form? I wonder too if theres a feeling of abandonment from most sons of WWII vets in the Philippines. because this particular generation in particular sons of Filipino WWII vets, brought about Marcos, then DU30, which is now opening up for BBM to come forth.

                Has Uncle Sam really been so mean? Will BBM go to Xi?

  27. Karl Garcia says:


    Time runs fast, it has been five years since I met you and your family.

  28. Lance, re Mindanao, VP Leni went there this morning to receive the endorsement of the United Bangsamoro Justice Party. BTW one of her major works as Congresswoman was her contribution to the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    She also was one of the first to help rebuild Marawi with Angat Buhay Housing, and come with help after Marawi was flattened. VP Leni and her now major endorser Angel Locsin, former DDS. Both always wear hijab when there BTW. The Sumilao farmers of Bukidnon, who marched to Manila in 2007 to protest their land rights which SALIGAN including now VP Leni and now Dinagat Gov. Kaka Bag-ao successfully defended, are marching to Manila in support of VP Leni again like in 2016 – whether they will reach Manila for her birthday celebration this evening or for the yet unannounced final, the miting de avance, we’ll see. Pretty obvious I think by now why RoSa never would have worked, based on all that. Deep disagreements that are based on principles.

    Re Leftist support the trade union KMU has declared for VP Leni as well. Pretty broad coalition she has with Magdalo rightmost. We don’t know if it will be enough though. Possibly not even the endorsement of Vice Ganda allegedly coming up tonight.

      • I’m sure if you asked all the Pinks, what have they done for Muslims in southern Philippines, or Lumads, or the poor in the provinces, you’ll have them spit out malungay leaves thru their noses, Ireneo. Because I’m sure they haven’t done anything, they just like the feeling of Good vs. Evil, and that they are good somehow.

        But I’m sure if you asked those who are personally affected, like the Muslims during Marcos time, or the poor and Lumads during Marcos’ time, they’d be more practical, their thinking would be pragmatic, whatever wins wins.

        Not about principles, that’s absolute bs. Not that what you’re saying is bs, Ireneo, but this is the thinking that got BBM 60-70% support, lack of practicality, and for what so Pinks can say they are Holier Than Thou, oh please, what have they done themselves? aside from wearing Pink now and

        going to rallies, what will they do after if VP Leni loses, are they going to southern Mindanao or the provinces to help out and continue the good work? Probably not.

    • That was kinda expected, but VP Leni shoulda hung out in Mindanao more at least in the North, and where Dole/Del Monte are. but shoulda coulda woulda…

      Muslim Filipinos more than any Filipinos (i’d never visited the Cordilleras Autonomous Region ) i’d met were really anti- Marcos. So Muslim Filipinos supporting VP Leni is i think a given. But that gap in the Mindanao numbers , i feel could’ve been closed, via RoSa campaign or simply being there on the ground more.

      They need something big.

      Those Pulse Asia numbers are too far apart, do something big now !!! Own the next two weeks. I mentioned this last December:

      “But Kiko’s only value in this contest is as martyr, let’s be honest. At some point, maybe later on in the campaign, he should pave the way for Inday Sara. This is his roll, I hope he plays it well, and maybe there’s a DFA secretary appointment or maybe as internet speed and reliability czar position, who’ll be in-charge of keeping the country’s comms competitive and fair, and not back slide.”


      Endorse Inday Sara now, shock the system, wake Filipino voters in their stupor. Get the buzz going!!! Swallow your pride. this is for the Philippines! Not your pride. You have nothing to lose.

      The overseas voters will mostly not be affected probably having already mailed in their ballots or casted at consulates.

      But they have to do something big now,

      let Kiko play his role as martyr. and own the next two weeks. Also it might behoove VP Leni to talk about the teachers who will be running this election who’ll probably not get paid in overtime, or only be paid too little. Indirectly talk about properly compensating teachers for their work, its not a 12 hour gig, many will be counting and counting til the wee hours of the morning. running to and fro. checking p’s and q’s.

      Saint Kiko, pray for us. Just like theres a Saint Javelin over at Ukraine, we need a Saint Kiko in the Philippines for the next two weeks, the Philippine will be abuzz saying hey Saint Kiko loves us, loves the Philippines!!! For Saint Kiko so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten campaign to Inday Sara. what sacrifice, what heroism… then make him DFA head (or whatever post he demands).

      BBM supporters will say he’s a loser!

      But then Saint Kiko will be on TV and radio and social media , talking about how Philippines needs VP Leni Robredo and Inday Sara , all Saint Kiko needs to do is keep mentioning that combination over & over, and voila! fait accompli. And that’s how proper propaganda works! not this thin skinned pride crap!

      Pragmatic. Works.

      Have Wil get that article ready of Saint Kiko, the true Filipino hero.

      • This is the question right here, asked but never answered, and in 2 weeks we’ll know. Everyone should be crapping their pants right now, unless something big is done ^ , BBM will win.

        • Micha says:

          The hurmahan’s been cast, the alliance formalized. Neither side at this point is willing to partake in the proposed scheme. They just simply don’t match in terms of affirmed values and ideology. Nah gonna happen.

          Sure, there will be a few souls who will, and could, cast the LeSa combo but that’s about it. Won’t make much difference in the outcome.

            • Micha says:

              For the record, I’m not a supporter of those motherf***ers.

              • Micha says:

                There’s a proven key to winning Philippine elections – get the majority of the CDE votes.

                Aspirants who click with those segment of our population will have huge advantage.

                Forget about personality combinations!

              • I can see how Inday Sara got the CDE votes, but not BBM, Micha.

                Its like this article, eventually we’ll figure out how BBM was able to bamboozle everyone decades if not century from now,
                https://www.duffelblog.com/p/army-study-finds-marines-tun-tavern-was-actually-a-gay-bar But I think like that article says, has a lot to do with dildos.

              • Micha says:

                “I can see how Inday Sara got the CDE votes, but not BBM”

                You have supporting reference link for that assertion?

              • Yeah, the recent Pulse Asia pollings.

                Like I said, the same way Mar Roxas went down becuz of the Korina maid punching, that Inday Sara punching the Sheriff is a big deal with CDE, but BBM is a mystery to me. He hasn’t done anything heroic or villainous , yet he’s at 60s with CDE.

                CDE remember shit like that.

                it’s a mystery. Thus why I think it has to be all from Inday Sara (BBM is sailing on her winds). ergo RoSa is the only thing to do now. Because if you’re not for Winning, you are for BBM. its really that simple, no principles (you can’t eat principles, Micha).

                That’s why BBM is thanking everyone’s principles here. You all are essentially voting for BBM.

              • Micha says:

                No, you’re fucking bullshitting here again. You don’t know shit why Marcos got 60% of CDE.

                Heads up, it’s not because of Sara. He was polling high even before formalizing the tandem with Duterte.

              • So you’re saying it’s because of BBM’s good looks?

              • Micha says:

                I’m saying you don’t know shit about the dynamics and on the ground reality of Philippine politics so stop positing wild unsubstantiated assertions!

              • Why is BBM polling hugely with CDE, if not for Inday Sara, then?

                Riddle me that.

              • Micha says:

                Seriously? You’re referencing a link for a polling of possible VICE PRESIDENTIAL contenders back in September 2021 to support your retarded scheme?

              • Where’s your evidence that BBM was polling high prior to Inday Sara tandem, Micha? BBM was only ascendant after Inday Sara. and you know it. Thus everything hinges on Inday Sara.

                A calculus apparently never entertained by the Pinks. becuz you know, “principles” (instead of winning).

              • Micha says:

                Marcos officially declared his candidacy first week of October 2021. By the end of that same month he topped the survey among those who have also filed their candidacy like Pacquiao and Domagoso.

                He consistently was on the lead for the following months of November and December as candidates began consolidating and others eventually dropped out (Bong Go, de la Rosa et. al.).


              • There’s no comparison with Inday Sara, Micha, eg. VP Leni and BBM and Inday Sara. so I still contend that w/out Inday Sara, BBM would not be ascendant. Look at the trends per your link, VP Leni started going down, when and only when BBM got Inday Sara as VP, Micha. think about that.

                “In Manila Bulletin’s first survey conducted in October, VP Leni Robredo led with 41.8 percent while Marcos collected 41.3 percent.

                In the November survey of Manila Bulletin, Robredo recorded 19.8 percent of the survey votes on Facebook and 34.9 percent on the MB website.

                The Manila Bulletin survey gathered 671,000 respondents — the MB website survey had 15,669 respondents while the Twitter poll had 101,248.”

              • Micha says:

                There are at least a dozen different surveys on that link and you nitpicked the one that was conducted online only by Manila Bulletin and guess who are the economic class who have access and can respond to online surveys?

                On the next paragraph of your citation is the Facebook survey which has Marcos at 73% followed by Leni with only 24%.

                Twitter has Robredo at 46% and Marcos at 41%.

                What that indicates is platform and sampling matters. It’s not a comprehensive gauge which can be partly provided by either Pulse Asia or SWS. Unfortunately, those main survey agencies seemed to have vanished their survey links for the latter period of 2021 and even those in the earlier months of this year but there were monthly results released through the mainstream media (CNN, GMA, Inquirer, etc,) which had Marcos consistently on the lead.

              • Its all about methodology, Micha.

                Your link was Manila Bulletin, so I used their survey, unless you have links to those other surveys youre indicating. But if I recall, Inday Sara topped all those early surveys.

                Then and only then, when Inday Sara wasn’t included did BBM top or VP Leni top, but with Inday Sara in the running, it was solid Inday Sara, ergo

                we have to conclude that BBM is now on top only because of Inday Sara, that’s my point here , Micha.

                Show me a survey of all 3 , VP Leni, Inday Sara and BBM that has BBM on top, and I’ll gladly concede, but I know you are wrong. I know the Philippines better than you, you’ve never had skin in the game 😉 . BBM only tops with Inday Sara with him. so there.

                Inday Sara was the whole point in 2022, but Pinks forgot because they had “principles” to worry about instead of winning. Now BBM will be President. its your mistaken view of this election that resulted in BBM winning. Plain and simple.

                Shoulda kept your eye on Inday Sara the whole time.

              • Micha says:

                Which part you don’t understand that Marcos Junior topped the official surveys of both Pulse Asia and SWS on the very same month that he declared his candidacy long before he teamed up with Sara D?

                And which part you don’t understand that the Duterte’s and the yellow movement from whence Leni gets associated are political enemies hence making it virtually impossible to forge an alliance as you are here stupidly suggesting?

              • Where is your evidence , Micha?

                I know the Pink is just Yellow rebranded, my point is you wedge BBM and Inday Sara and you have a chance at winning. Again Pinks don’t have to vote for Inday Sara, but simply say Inday Sara for VP. that’s all.

                thus Saint Kiko.

              • He’s not gonna be VP, so why not just endorse Inday Sara, then promote VP Leni & Inday Sara together. Do it already. There’s only 2 weeks left.

              • Micha says:

                That idea is both politically naïve, morally bankrupt, and intellectually stupid.

                Your idea is not taking off because it is stupid, period!

              • There’s 2 weeks left, BBM will win. What’s your idea, Micha?

                When you retire back in the Philippines with BBM having been President for 6 years, will you say , things are not so bad after all— maybe I was wrong about BBM. The Philippines is a far better place now.

                By now you should’ve already mailed in your ballot, or gone to a consulate, we know you’re voting for Bello (which I respect), but did you vote VP Leni or BBM. c’mon now be honest. If you’re against RoSa you might as well have voted for BBM, Micha.

              • Micha says:

                Last time I checked, we’re supposed to be in a democracy.
                Respect the results of elections, no matter what and no matter who wins!

                Why the fuck insist on having Leni if majority of electorate say otherwise?

                That’s not for you or me to decide, the electorate does! You have too much hubris on what you could influence.

              • Micha says:

                Explain why respecting the results of election is called defeatism in your vocabulary, dickhead.

              • Because there’s still two weeks left, Micha!!!

                Within that two weeks, Saint Kiko can steal the narrative and offer his own which will be VP Leni/Sara tandem.

              • Micha says:

                I’m done repeating why that is a stupidly naïve bankrupt idea. That “win at all cost and by whatever means” has all the echoes Machiavellian deviltry.

              • Doesn’t really cost anything, Micha, just have Saint Kiko perform the martyrdom he is in perfect place to perform right now. Things are already so dire.

                What’s there to lose? Look at his pollings. Nothing left to lose really.

              • Micha says:

                Most political acts of desperation are foolish.
                Like Trump and Guliani egging the crowd to storm the Capitol on Jan.6, 2021.

              • No one will be storming anything, no EDSA umpteenth or anything, just Saint Kiko performing the martyrdom. its a one man show essentially, but he needs to flood all media platform explaining why VP Leni and Inday Sara are it. for the next

                Two Weeks.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “…but BBM is a mystery to me. He hasn’t done anything heroic or villainous , yet he’s at 60s with CDE.” – LCpl_X
                😳 He’s a Marcos and we’re in the age of TicToc. Who in the country doesn’t know who or what a ‘Marcos’ is? The name still carries weight and pack a punch, politically, NOT because of BBM but because of what’s behind the brand, right or wrong.

                About the CDE class, if you are a Marcos, like the Aquinos or Estradas, just to name a few dynastic names, famous or infamous, notorious or inconspicuous political brand, a good portion of that class will be yours for the taking.

                The ‘mystery’ on your part, I think, is your refusal to accept that a Marcos name can still excite and intrigue the crowd to the point that they were willing to cast their vote for BBM. 🫣

              • That’s a respectable answer, Juan. But lets play compare and contrast here, based on polling early last year and some abductive reasoning, this based on what we know of CDE and how Filipinos think in general,

                if BBM was going against Inday Sara right now, VP Leni would be polling well behind both I’m sure (again based on what we know).

                My question to you now is for you to question your own ‘Marcos is a solid brand’ line of thinking (which is similar to Micha’s above really).

                Who would be leading by now, 2 weeks before May 9? BBM or Inday Sara?

                It would be Inday Sara, correct?

                IF you don’t agree then explain why I am wrong in thinking it’ll be Inday Sara. That is the nature of this mystery, Juan— that its not about BBM , but about Inday Sara really. think it thru, this little what-if scenario. And see what you come up with.

                Then connect it to my Saint Kiko proposal.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “…if BBM was going against Inday Sara right now, VP Leni would be polling well behind both I’m sure (again based on what we know).” – LCpl_X
                I get your triangular theory of BBM-Sara-Leni running against each other but we’re way past that. What’s staring us in the face right now is the fact that the BBM-Sara team is way ahead of everyone else in the competition. And absence of any unexpected death on either or both candidates, the two appears to be headed to become the next president & vp of the country.

                The Leni-Sara idea is, for me, too little, too late, not to mention too unimaginative. One, time is of the essence and the movers of the idea don’t have it. If a Leni-Sara team was that desirable, why did it took them too long to make it officially in the first place? Second, who are the prime movers pushing for it in terms of credibility and integrity? I don’t see one that I think can sway people to go their way. Drastic move like promoting a team that is outside of the rules needs charismatic and influential personalities such as prominent political leaders or celebrities. I see none of those. Lastly, why would Kiko Pangilinan be put in charge of it to become a reality? It’s like Kiko cutting off his own head and presenting it to the people who will use it as promotion for Leni-Sara team.

                It just doesn’t make sense, my friend! 😔

              • “Drastic move like promoting a team that is outside of the rules needs charismatic and influential personalities such as prominent political leaders or celebrities. “

                Remember i proposed this idea in December. And the act of sacrifice is charisma (its grace) in and of itself, thus will be influetial. Only takes one , just Saint Kiko performing the act. Granted said act shoulda been performed before BBM-Sara broke away from the pack; but 2 weeks, it’ll be a Hail Mary. better than doing nothing, is my point here.

              • isk says:

                @ Sir Lance How to reconcile the father and daughter bank account at BPI in “Gobyernong Tapat, Angat Buhay Lahat”

              • isk,

                In just 2 weeks, BBM will the next President of the Philippines. Inday Sara will be VP, the focus has to be BBM. Don’t let BBM win (although it may be too late now). Sara and DU30 are tangential here, is my point. If Inday Sara was on top, then what you have raised is a good issue. But if VP Leni loses to BBM, then that issue is all moot, no?

                VP Leni has to win. Supporting Inday Sara by not nitpicking whatever issues you have with her, is how you defeat BBM (or could’ve defeated BBM).

  29. NHerrera says:

    Cool it, guys.

    I am a believer in statistics and snapshots of surveys properly done — especially if respected survey companies give consistent results. The results show a trend. There is however evidence of another kind which Irineo, among others, portrays which tends to show that the end may not be what the surveys’ results show. The two sides arguing with two weeks to go before the election.

    Can we just agree on this: it ain’t over till it’s over?

    Otherwise, COMELEC is not needed; election results should just be based on surveys as done by Pulse Asia, OCTA, SWS (what happened to this latter, lately?), or based on observed volunteerism, energy, and estimates of crowds at rallies.

    [My lazy bones lead me to this post, not having the energy to joust on replies over replies. 🙂 ]

    • Micha says:

      Pretty much. I’m also in favor of totally dismembering both Pulse Asia and SWS and other survey agencies if it turns out they’ve been releasing inaccurate surveys.

    • sonny says:

      NH, my ever-limiting ‘surfing’ mind agrees with you. Most importantly in our fake-news, troll-pervasive environment of ‘truth gathering’. I have learned in information-processing that the best algorithms should be vetted as snapshots, i.e. monitor the time-stamps.

    • “Pulse Asia and SWS and other survey agencies if it turns out they’ve been releasing inaccurate surveys.” — Micha

      NH, makes a lot of sense that a miracle can still happen here.

      And that recent pollings could be wrong. This is how people thought during the Mar Roxas campaign too– but if I remember correctly it was a lot closer, where if Poe and Roxas consolidate they could’ve defeated DU30.

      This polling though, even if you have 2 or 3 parties consolidating, it ‘s still BBM. So its very different from 2016.

      But I agree with you its all in God’s hands now.

      Tho’ this comment by Micha is disturbing, is the assumption then that metrics that are not in favor of your campaign all fake news, because that’s kinda dangerous. like ostrich ‘s head in sand, typa thinking.

      Are these survey agencies known to fake or inaccurately put out bad pollings?

      • “I have learned in information-processing that the best algorithms should be vetted as snapshots, i.e. monitor the time-stamps.” — sonny

        I would say around January 2022, people shoulda been re-thinking their strategy. That’s really when BBM and Inday Sara peeled off. and just sky rocketed from there.

    • Juan Luna says:

      “…which tends to show that the end may not be what the surveys’ results show.” – NHerrera
      And that’s the scary part. Personally, I don’t discount violence as an aftermath of a controversial elections, particularly if the result would show that the race for the presidency is too close to call. 🥺

    • sonny says:

      “With time running out and with recent developments, the party believes that there is a need for a more formidable team and candidate to beat a common opponent and one who poses the greatest threat to our country and our democracy, Ferdinand Marcos Jr,” said the PFP.

      Thnx for this news, mdlnglupa.
      From my vantage point, we might have just discovered a new (redux) version of the principle of Caesar’s strategy of “.. divide et impera”! 🙂

      • sonny says:

        Of course! it’s been there all this time – all the time VP Leni was being ignored & declared a pariah or inutile and confined as an outlier to main power flow, what does she do? She goes to where nobody ain’t, a la MacArthur and discovers the many wheres and hows of leverage in our body politic; where the gaps, disconnects and utter dysfunctions are; where the bridges are needed and most importantly where the participative resources are!! Forgive my dumbness, Madame Vice-President …

    • kasambahay says:

      mads, si isko kasi calling leni na magwithdraw na, tapos sariling supporters tuloy ni isko ang nagwithdraw as kanya, at kumambyo duon kay leni, truly ironic.

      habang si lance naman is calling kiko to withdraw. ah, like mind, same wavelength.

      • “because it is not good optic to throw your partner off the boat because you want to survive and win.” — Juan Luna


        This is what I tried to hammer last December. Filipinos are not voting into office tandems, if BBM/Sara wins the only other time a tandem was elected into office together would’ve been his dad and Marcos’ VP and that was 1965.

        So the VP spot in campaign can be used in a variety of ways. Given that Kiko is polling really low, the best way to use him right now is for martyrdom.

        Now Isko telling VP Leni to withdraw or vice versa , is akin to Poe and Roxas, but in 2016 if either one withdrew , they could’ve actually prevented a DU30 presidency; but 2022 , even if VP Leni/Isko/Pacman/Ping all consolidate say under VP Leni, BBM is still so far ahead that it won’t make a dent at all.

        So Inday Sara supporters need to be won over. that’s the only way. And the only way to do so is via Kiko’s martyrdom. its like stealing gasoline from another car, you suck on the rubber hose, siphoning it and gasoline pours out. Kiko is the rubber hose. Inday Sara is the gasoline. VP Leni is your car that’s out of gas right now. the other car is BBM.

  30. Juan Luna says:

    “Within that two weeks, Saint Kiko can steal the narrative and offer his own which will be VP Leni/Sara tandem.” – LCpl_X
    I don’t get the logic of the (Leni-Sara) move although I get the idea that it was meant to get the ‘hold’ of Sara on the CDE class to transfer the needed numbers for Leni to overtake BBM. However, I don’t think it’s a 1+1 thing because it’s not easy to do given that the BBM-Sara team is way out there and people are not mere herds that you can move where you want to.

    Also, why would the move entirely defend on Kiko, quitting and announcing support for Leni-Sara, when both team can do it officially, if they are really serious?

    I think, with the short time remaining and with inconspicuous individuals behind it it’s all an exercise in futility. 🫥

    • Yeah, but would you rather do nothing , or do something? Do something big.

      I agree , it may be too late. May not even work. but what is there to lose, I don’t think Kiko plans on running for President in 2026. And he’ll be known as Saint Kiko going forward after all this, it definitely has dramatic flair the ones favored by CDE folks.

      • “Also, why would the move entirely defend on Kiko, quitting and announcing support for Leni-Sara, when both team can do it officially, if they are really serious?”

        Remember its not dependent on Inday Sara, she could say i reject his endorsement! and it doens’t depend on VP Leni, Saint Kiko can do this on his own volition.

        Kiko just needs to hammer again and again the need of a VP Leni and Inday Sara win. that’s it. Once he performs the act of sacrifice, Saint Kiko has to go out there and explain to Filipinos why he performed the act of sacrifice. in Two Weeks, he’ll have promoted VP Leni (and Inday Sara).

        CDE will love it. it’ll be like Holy Week twice in 2022 !!! , a Two for one, Juan. Two weeks, there’s only Two weeks left!!!

        • oooops, there shoulda been a close indent after the last quotation mark.

        • Micha says:

          As Forrest Grump would have said, this proposal falls into the category of stupid is as stupid does.

        • Juan Luna says:

          Remember its not dependent on Inday Sara, she could say i reject his endorsement! and it doens’t depend on VP Leni, Saint Kiko can do this on his own volition.

          Kiko just needs to hammer again and again the need of a VP Leni and Inday Sara win. that’s it. Once he performs the act of sacrifice, Saint Kiko has to go out there and explain to Filipinos why he performed the act of sacrifice. in Two Weeks, he’ll have promoted VP Leni (and Inday Sara). – LCpl_X
          And that’s the crazy part of it all. The entire scheme is being presented as the brainchild of Kiko as supreme sacrifice on his part and people are supposed to believe it.

          Look, my friend, the plan is really an act of desperation NOT on Kiko’s part, who will lose his integrity and reputation if ever, nor Sara, who enjoys being on top (no malice intended) with BBM. It’s very obvious, the fingerprints of VP Leni’s people are all over it. Let’s face, if it happens, she will be the biggest recipient of whatever goodwill that may come out of it.

          It is VP Leni that need it the most. Question: Why didn’t she make the first move herself?

          Unlike Micha, I’m not going to call it stupid because there is really some sense to it had it been push last year or earlier in the game when clarity was in nobody’s control. I call it the product of desperation for want of clear and operational strategy.

          I also see it as the worst political game plan one can have because it is not good optic to throw your partner off the boat because you want to survive and win.

          After election, it would be nice for somebody here to open a topic about political strategies and game plan and let us critique and share our observation about the election that was. 🥸

      • Juan Luna says:

        “Yeah, but would you rather do nothing , or do something? Do something big.” – LCpl_X
        I agree, you do something big but you don’t dump your partner and throw him under the bus. What one should do is to encourage and convince other candidates to support your team and offer some form of power-sharing in the process wherein certain cabinet positions will be distributed among qualified people of other parties. 🤓

        • “I agree, you do something big but you don’t dump your partner and throw him under the bus. “

          Saint Kiko has to sell his own martyrdom, of course.

          And by simply blitzing the media with why he did his sacrifice, meaning VP Leni doesn’t chime in, only says that Saint Kiko is truly a saint, then ideally all focus will be on Saint Kiko, sure pundits will pund , and nay sayers will be aplenty, but the act of martyrdom is something most Filipinos go ga-ga for, most of all CDE and if you can infect their minds with VP Leni and Inday Sara for the next two weeks, then come May 9, they’ll bubble in those two. Fresh in their minds, like Holy Week.

  31. FYI latest map of all provinces VP Leni has campaigned in so far:

    No further comments from me about strategic and tactical stuff until after the election though.

  32. pablonasid says:

    And that was exactly my point in the differences between the “Western” cultures and the “Filipino”.
    Where in Europe, we need to plan ahead in order to survive (do you know how to get a Dutchie fuming? Just come 5 minutes after the agreed time), in the Philippines, it is completely “laissez-faire”. That’s why you’ll find many Europeans living in Asia, they exited the rat race. However, the other side of the coin is that a “laissez-faire” attitude easily results in corruption and exploitation.
    It drives Europeans mad when they SEE what is coming and how our friendly neighbours are taken for a ride. But, we also very much appreciate the easy going flexibility.
    Actually, I have the idea that returning Filipinos have it most difficult. They lived for decades under a planning regime and suddenly face the unstructured society where they feel a bit of an outsider, so I see that they isolate themselves (apart from the relatives, ofcourse). Or… They return and are taken for a ride and loose all their savings in clever “businesses opportunities”.
    It is seems impossible to take the best of both societies and make it a “perfect society”. However frustrating, we (the foreigners and the returning Filipinos) have to choose.
    And that’s a bit the frustration of this site. We (almost) all agree on the way ahead, but we can’t find a way to get it done. Nice to calibrate our feelings, but not very effective. Would like to have a beer with the members to exchange ideas, but I am afraid it will be the 90% of the people who will have to find out the hard way, while we have the luxury to develop a fallback position.

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