Closing down Rappler – Opening up Pandora’s box

By Chemrock The Securities and Exchange Commission ordered the closure of Rappler, a private limited corporation running an online news platform, on grounds that it breached the no-foreign ownership rules for media. Early news pointed to SEC’s decision being predicated on some Philippines Depository Receipts (PDR) issued by Rappler to foreign investors, thus subjecting the company … Continue reading

Ten-point plan for a first-world Philippines

By Joe America This is The Society of Honor’s ten-point plan that targets raising the Philippines to first-world status in 25 years. It is an imaginary set of steps that is imaginary only because today’s leaders appear to lack the will to implement it, or something like it: Stop the killings and excessive PNP force; restore due … Continue reading

2018 This New Year Is Really Old

by  Popoy del R. Cartanio 2018 This New Year Is Really Old, Never was New after the Birth of Christ. In Christendom the New Year began and ended the year of the birth of Jesus Christ. The New Year is really old; it’s much older than the previous one in all aspects of nature where change … Continue reading

Rambling thoughts

By Joe America The State’s trolls are so very, very tiresome. They are working to lay responsibility for a questionable dengue vaccine on President Aquino. Their DAP, PDAF, and Mamasapano complaints are not yet enough to paint the ‘Highest Yellow’ as a bad, bad man. Which the entire enlightened world knows he is not. Watching … Continue reading

The Philippine economy sliced and diced: are we being misled?

By Chemrock A group of Duterte’s economists and a group of anti-Duterte economists are arguing with each other from their office windows on different sides of the street.  Never the twain shall meet because they are arguing from different premises. We all want the best for the Philippines, so the questions that economic data raise … Continue reading