The Philippines is a nation with no purpose

By Joe America We are overwhelmed with disturbing news, social media angers, dirty politics that we can’t control, irrational thinking from everywhere, and information that is so frustrating we can only think in short, angry key strokes. We are going nowhere. Spinning our wheels. We have eloquent documents that people never read, like, for instance, … Continue reading

NEDA: an island of earnest work in a storm of nasty politics

By Joe America It is easy to get caught up in the bickering negativity and competitiveness that is the current political scene in the Philippines. And it is for sure easy to find a lot of turmoil and incompetence in the various government agencies (LTO, Customs, NFA rice, Boracay, passports, PNP as killers rather than … Continue reading

JoeAm’s short and sweet State of the State Statement

By Joe America I am for the Philippine Constitution and its affinity for democracy, human rights, civility, laws, ethics, responsibility, and integrity. That’s the point of view from which this State of the State Statement is made. If you have a different value-foundation, you are likely to disagree with my assessment, and are free to … Continue reading

Putting some order to Boracay

By Joe America Boracay has become a political potato, hot to the touch. I’ve not aligned with any view because I think it is not as simple as people are making it. I’d like to organize my own thinking. Out loud. Here. You can then offer additional insights and information in the discussion that follows. … Continue reading

Aquino’s doberman and Arroyo’s rottweiler

By Chemrock A rabid Arroyo apologist recently wrote a scathing attack on Chief Justice Sereno and called her Aquino’s doberman. It was a dog walk outing for a frumpy grumpy misanthrope of all things Aquino who figured a corrupt-Arroyo regime, of which he played a role, should still be running the country. (Aquino’s ‘Doberman’ in … Continue reading