The Philippine economy sliced and diced: are we being misled?

By Chemrock A group of Duterte’s economists and a group of anti-Duterte economists are arguing with each other from their office windows on different sides of the street.  Never the twain shall meet because they are arguing from different premises. We all want the best for the Philippines, so the questions that economic data raise … Continue reading

A government of convenience

By Joe America The open discussion during my holiday was wide-ranging and deep. I’d like to take an observation made there by Irineo B. R. Salazar and put it into play. I had made a comment about the Duterte Administration’s strategy in dealing with Japan and China and he remarked that there is no strategy. … Continue reading

Open discussion: It’s the economy always the economy.

By Joe America A facebook commentary by Coalition Against Darkness and Dictatorship – CADD provides a fascinating perspective on Duterte’s hastily scheduled trip to Japan. The concessions he has allegedly had to make strip him of his revolutionary ambitions, and even national martial law. It’s the economy, sportsfans, the economy. 1. Inflation up to 3.7%. 2. … Continue reading

China’s intrusion into Philippine affairs: a brewing disaster

By Joe America There is an area of writing between factual news and unfettered opinion that is called ‘analysis”. Sometimes analysis is fact-based and verifiable and sometimes it is mostly speculation. This analysis tilts toward speculative and the reader is free to judge if it has merit or not. I think that China is pushing … Continue reading

Do you trust the people running the Philippine economy?

By Joe America I don’t trust the people running the Philippine economy. I think they are blowing smoke downwind whilst sailing upwind into the impossible circumstances set before them by President Duterte. The economic POLICY of the Duterte economy is anchored on two principles: (1) managers will continue the successful programs of the Aquino Administration, … Continue reading