Can Duterte break the Iron Law of Megaprojects?

By Chemrock Everybody loves mega projects. Engineers and technologists love it for pushing the envelope on designs, developers and contractors love the sound of the cash registers, dictators and politicians love it for the rapture and captured opportunities, the people love the pride in iconic structures. We have long entered the era of greed where … Continue reading

The Philippines is an abusive society

By JoeAm The Philippines is an abusive society, today. The abusers are the government, its paid staff and trolls, and its followers who choose threat over debate and vilification over compassion. But the abuse was evident well before President Duterte took office. He just made it official. President Aquino and his staff (Abaya, Roxas, Abas, … Continue reading

How are we doing?

Editor’s note: The following guest article by tphillips is, in a word, “WORD!”. It is exhaustive, it is intelligent, it is factual, it is meaningful, it is pragmatic. If the Philippines, and her citizens, fail to thrive . . . it is a choice. The knowledge needed to succeed exists . . . in this … Continue reading

“Hey, Joe, lighten up on the Chinese coming to the Philippines to work. They are innocents”

By Joe America Here are excerpts from a recent Twitter engagement JoeAm: Question for news orgs @rapplerdotcom and others, do Immigration records reflect a sharp uptick of Chinese nationals arriving? Question arose on my FB page. Carlos Jugo: Just because we are Opposition we should take care not to be xenophobic. Duterte will not be … Continue reading

Buses, bridges, and trains

By Joe America If you live in the Philippines, you live on an island. You can’t get on a freeway and blast across the nation like you can on Interstate 10 in the US. Island living is delightful because there are so many beaches. It is problematic because everything from gasoline to mother-in-law coming to … Continue reading