Do you trust the people running the Philippine economy?

By Joe America I don’t trust the people running the Philippine economy. I think they are blowing smoke downwind whilst sailing upwind into the impossible circumstances set before them by President Duterte. The economic POLICY of the Duterte economy is anchored on two principles: (1) managers will continue the successful programs of the Aquino Administration, … Continue reading

Anatomy of a dust-up

By Joe America Reasons readers get angry The social media debate is a hostile debate, in the main. Here are reasons why this is so: Readers confuse opinions with facts and try to argue against them. This invariably leads to ad hominem insults because opinions don’t change much. They are opinions. Readers don’t respect those … Continue reading

Doing change like Lee Kuan Yew

By Joe America Over the years, I’ve written blogs that look for “big easy” solutions to the congestion in Manila. They typically end up recommending the relocation of commerce out of Manila to places like Clark, Cebu, and Mindanao. The root of Manila’s problem is the nation’s poverty and all the people who head to … Continue reading

A vision of the Philippine future!!!

By Joe America Let’s imagine a likely future for the Philippines. We can draw our deductions from the trends we currently see, including current events, popular will, and various government acts. I shall presume that readers are fairly well versed on social, political, and economic developments in the Philippines. If you have questions or disagree … Continue reading

Looking at the SONA through its different audiences

By Joe America President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) meant different things to different audiences. Let’s reflect on them. These are my guesses, and you can add your own interpretations in the discussion that follows the article. The Congressional majority and even some minority members who do not want to be seen as … Continue reading