Don’t move on, but accept the current reality

Analysis and Opinion

By JoeAm

I will be taking a month off from the blog other than occasional spot checks. We will take a local trip and I’ll set politics aside. Well, the timing is good. President Marcos can have a freebie from my observations as he gets settled in.

As a foreigner, it is my obligation to respect voter choices and government, even if I don’t like them. Citizens are not held to such constraints.

I’d imagine President Marcos would want citizens to move on from his family history and help him get some good works done. Well, I think one should not “move on” from historical facts into some surreal world of deceit and fantasy. But one need not introduce uncomfortable facts into every argument as a fallacious reason to undermine everything. A certain acceptance attaches to recognizing the outcome of the election.

We also should not become Trumpsters repeating a big lie that the vote was stolen because we don’t like the result. Charges of fraud are speculation, conspiracy theories, unless proven factual. That’s a very hard proof. If the Robredo camp can’t do it, it is not going to get done. And it seems to me that it is destructive to attach words and deeds to apparent fictions.

We should be realists, not bitter souls, and figure out how to build, not destroy. That’s just my opinion. You can figure out your own.

Cheers! Stay well.




40 Responses to “Don’t move on, but accept the current reality”
  1. Have fun in Mindanao, Joe! 😉 take pics of foods there. lol.

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    Stay well Joe.

  3. Thanks Joe. The title of the blog is sound advice. So is the advice not to succumb to the same fanaticism that hardcore loyalists had from 1986 onwards. It is a rabbit hole of distorted perception. Keeps one blind from seeing the possible reasons the other side has for its beliefs.

    One recent event made me ponder. Nora Aunor finally got the National Artist award. She definitely deserves it given the wide range of roles she has portrayed as an actress. PNoy refused her the award on grounds of her having been involved in drugs. I don’t see that as a valid reason as she went to therapy and became “clean” and wasn’t hurting anyone else directly.

    Recent comments by the Pink side that “she’s an addict, besides she supports BBM!” made me think that some on the other side could justifiably see that – and PNoy refusing to give her the title (and yes she was a loyalist all her life so one could accuse him of latent bias) as bigotry, as sanctimonious moralizing just because someone is from the other camp.

    Realizing I haven’t even scratched the surface of the years I have been away. With time a lot more will reveal, I am sure. The minor hurts and aggravations that have festered into grievance and paranoia even. Exacerbated by the heated discourse of these days in the madness of socmed.

    And travel is good at this time. Pinks I know in Munich have been to Andalusia, Norway and Italy, I was on Rügen just near the Polish border end of May, VP Robredo and her daughters as we know were in NY. Things and people all show their true nature with time and if our minds are relaxed and ready we will see correctly.

    • NHerrera says:

      Nice comment, supplementary to Joe’s current blog topic.

      I see your wide knowledge of world history and your distance from the Philippines, in addition to your continuing interest in the country from your having lived in it, as a good position to comment on the country’s ups and (mostly) downs.

      Hahaha, I did one over you, Joe. I am on a vacation with my daughter’s family on the northern and the other side of our precious planet — traveling about 15 hours non-stop three weeks ago.

      • JoeAm says:

        That’s a lonnnngggg flight, for sure. But worth it when you get back on ground. Wonderful that you are there, to enjoy your family face to face.

        • NHerrera says:

          Yes indeed, Joe — I and the wife are glad to converse with our daughter and her family face to face instead of through the ether. And you, too: enjoy the much-needed vacation with family to parts unknown.

    • JoeAm says:

      Terrific perspective, Irineo. Thank you.

  4. madlanglupa says:

    May try to indulge in leisure, to get away from the chaos and the despair, but should still never forget and thus keep one’s powder dry.

  5. Micha says:

    Gloria Arroyo is a cancer that keeps on metastasizing in the Philippine body politic. Started out as one of the pillars of the yellow movement under the tutelage of Ramos and de Venecia, she soon transformed as a power hungry mongrel perverting the mores of political decency.

    Reports of her having a major role in engineering the Marcos-Duterte tandem meant she could also have a major influence in crafting policies for the incoming administration.

    • madlanglupa says:

      She’s more likely to succeed Enrile as the “mastermind”.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        She already faked a long healed neck injury among others, she could easily fake an ambush. If she even outlives Enrile then she is the succeesor.

          • kasambahay says:

            here’s hoping goring has kept her wheelchair and neckbrace for robin, he may need those, lol! be prepared, ika.

            anyhow, I’ve been wondering kung bakit ang junior ni makoy appointed himself sec of agriculture. rhetoric aside, the blahs of food security et al, I’ve been wondering what’s in agri that so attracted junior’s behemothic attention. sagot ng cyber gods, the coco levy fund! yay! there are billions there, sa apak ng tatay aapak din ang anak.

            ang tatay ay ang orihinal na signatory ng coco fund at ngayon, kung ano man ang tira-tira, kay junior mapupunta. kaso, ang laki ng tira-tira, bilyones! many have been trying to cash the fund, bigo sila. allegedly, there is nasty clause kasi na signatory lang ang pwedeng magdisburse, and since the signatory is long dead, the heir presumptive is beneficiary.

            • kasambahay says:

              question: what’s bbm’s 1st inauguration gift to the nation?

              ans: the closure of independent news rappler.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              I am still not expecting so much form Robin and I also do not expect the coco levy fund being returned to the coconut farmers by Marcos.

              Rappler ‘s closure maybe a gift of Duterte to BBM and Sara so they would not be bothered for the next 12 years. They are expecting to go 12 years and beyond.

              • kasambahay says:

                ayay, I watched his inauguration and closed in on his raised palm and take note of the lines therein. he has a fleshy mount of venus and that could mean a few things. my kainuman ask for me honest opinion, I have none to give. so they asked for my dishonest opinion and I gave it by the shovels, lol!

                anyhow, medyo tama kayo, pero baka hindi lang 12yrs ang intention. the intention behind the intention is staggering to me, lol! I saw it in his palm. I alleged, pinag-aralan talaga ng husto ang dating mga speeches ng ama at ginaya ang mannerism pati inflection. if this man is actor, dadaigin si robin padilla!

                anyhow again, the farmers had long given up hope of getting their coco fund. kasi, when docus were 1st drafted nearly half a century ago, the farmers didnt have their own lawyer who’d look after their own interest. ginatasan lang at naging lost cause tuloy sila. if the farmers were trying to save money and refused to hire their own lawyer thinking it was costly, they ended up losing billions and consigned themselves and their children to perpetual poverty.

              • kasambahay says:

                I’m waiting what committee on appointments will say about junior appointing himself agri secretary on top of being president. whether the committee will accept or not a accept junior’s own appointment.

                maybe this is just the begin again, lol! if indeed his being agri secretary is accepted, what’s stopping junior from appointing himself the new foreign sec?

                with no guns were blazing, no exchange of bullets, and with us none too wise, minarshal law ni junior ang agriculture right under our noses!

      • Micha says:

        I fear for the policy direction this Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte triumvirate is going to take. I’m seeing an ‘invigorated’ police and military arm twisting on the populace in general but especially those who would dare dissent and protest.

        There is going to be a top-down wealth windfall for cronies and sycophant’s and the already entrenched oligarchs but majority of those 30 million voters they’ve managed to convince will be largely disappointed as they continue the grotesque neoliberal project of economic (mal)development.

        • madlanglupa says:

          Despite seemingly they have the advantage and the spoils of war waiting for them, we can only wait and see how this regime plays out, given that of late “SWOH” (Sara WithOut Honesty) wants her own security retinue, a growing sign that “unity” is but a sham.

          A colleague says it’s going to be a fight among hyenas over the carcass.

          My duty isn’t going to end there. I’ll be here while I’m breathing. I want to be here when they are toppled down very hard.

          • Micha says:

            One cannot be complacent with this people capturing state power – there’s a history and a predisposition to abuse and be addicted to it.

  6. Juan Luna says:

    Pres. Marcos, as much as he wants to, knows ‘moving on’ from his family history would be impossible to achieve given the fact that half of the country will not allow it to pass. Be that as it may, I’m pretty sure he will not stop trying.

    On another issue, the perceived post election political stability brought about by all parties, headed by VP Leni, in acknowledging and accepting the results of the elections is a fresh start that may heal some wounds and pacify some nerves. That and the on-going honeymoon period between media and the incoming administration appears to be a good starting point for the government to capitalize on. I’m also surmising a lot of people, including in the opposition, particularly the ‘impartial’ ones, will give him the benefit of the doubt as he take control in running the government. Enough of the ‘moving on’ part.

    With regard to accepting reality, like night follows day, critics, detractors and plain observers will be around and, this time, ready to poke and attack at a drop of a hat because Pres. Marcos, like the rest that preceded him, will be fair game to media. Although he might find the environment this time to be a lot different from his experience watching his father run the country with a gagged press.

    I say, good luck and be careful.

  7. NHerrera says:

    Here is US Senator Rev Raphael Warnock’s view of “moving on,” in a transcript of his conversation with NYT’s Kara Swisher who has a regular such conversation with interesting personalities on her show “Sway.” I find it an interesting read. Warnock answers intelligently the questions posed by Swisher.

  8. I’m making gifs now!!!

    • NHerrera says:

      Nice gif work, Lance.

    • Micha says:

      Haha, I hope you’re not too heavily invested in that crypto trading rout corporal.

      • Micha, I was gonna make a gif out of this chart, but alas my skills are still limited, let me play around bit more with this (Krita animation), but expect more gifs.

        I’ll say i told you so when it goes up, but I’m fine w/ you saying I told you so today, Micha. up and down, up and down… Lol!

        NH, you gotta get into to this gif stuff !!!

        • Micha says:

          That wild volatility is telling you to get out of that scam while you still can corporal.

          “The cryptocurrencies themselves (sometimes called “coins”) are just the mechanism the cryptocurrency cartel uses to extract capital from people who are gambling. The coins have no other purpose and are basically totally unimportant to this or any other story about cryptocurrencies. Coins come with names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, MagicalInternetMoney, Ripple, and Dogecoin. There are some 1,723 of these in circulation. Most of them are commonly known as “shitcoins.” There is sometimes truth in advertising.

          I don’t think calling cryptocurrencies “demonic” is much of an overstatement. Cryptocurrencies are not currencies. There is some cryptography involved but there is also cryptography involved in sending your mother a text message on your iPhone. The places these cryptocurrencies are sold are not “markets”. They are gambling platforms that are preying on and destroying (mostly) young people’s lives financially and psychologically. Underhanded tactics are constantly deployed to get these young people to bet more in riskier ways. The businesses profit by financially and psychologically breaking the players. They cheat their customers with the numbers (as of last December, 90% (!) or more of listed trades are fake according to Nasdaq) and even more so they cheat them with psychological pressure tactics. And then there’s the billions of dollars lost to just outright theft…

          Let me interject that I only really consume media about how humanity is a train wreck. Documentaries about wars, manias, the mentally ill, financial fraud, serial killers, non-serial killers, prisons — that’s my jam. Which is to say I have a pretty high tolerance for Darkness. And yet when I took a dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, I felt like I was looking at a kind of darkness humanity hasn’t encountered before… a kind of amoral cyborg monstrosity, made out of computers and greed, rising from the internet…”

          View at

          • Okay okay, blah blah blah… when it goes up again, I’ll post articles too, but for now we should be talking about abortion in the philippines. and the US. ABORTION. today is about abortion.

            I’m saying before egg and sperm come together to make the miracle of life you can effectively mass murder sperms via neuterings , so why not make that policy, thus no need for abortions.

            As for rape and incest, make Morning After pills available. like free candy! no need for abortions, i hear those things are really effective.

            • Micha says:

              Yeah, deep dive your head in the sand and talk about the moon instead.

              This abortion thing is the PTB’s bait to get you distracted from inflation, shortages, and the forever proxy war.

              • That’s a good point about distraction and slight of hand, Micha, I’m paying thru my nose in gas here and I’m suppose to worry about some chic wanting abortion so she can fuck around some more. who cares, right?

                I do sense that the Dems are gonna use this post- Roe v Wade stuff to rally women power for 2022 and then 2024, the thing is, most are just worried about gas and food these days, which really leaves no room for caring about the unborn (dead or alive). So for sure Trump will get elected again, if the Dems just wanna do post-Roe v. Wade.

                Now i ask you how are China and Russia floating thru all this, while the West (Germany is actually these days wanting to just suck on Russia’s teets at this point) is suffering needlessly, and no matter how you cut it its China CBDC that’s floating them, US can’t touch ’em anymore with their fiat mumbo jumbo.


                “In fact, the far more powerful move, as the US is doing, is to block Russian banks from the Federal Reserve’s clearing service, shutting them out of payment rails. That means that alternative payment messaging systems like China’s Cross-Border International Payment System or Russia’s System for Transfer of Financial Messages won’t allow Russian counterparties to clear dollar transactions.

                The power of this move is only undercut by the carved-out exemptions for energy, since without Russian exports, gas prices around the world would skyrocket — an eventuality that western authorities grappling with inflation are keen to avoid.

                Even though these sanctions will not come into force until 26 March, they have already exacted a heavy toll on Russian asset prices.

                Russia, along with China, has been attempting to reduce its reliance on the dollar, both in payments and in debt markets, but international trade is extremely difficult without access to the greenback. Only the largest currencies have liquid cross-currency swap markets with their most frequent pairs. Everyone else takes a route through the dollar.

                But the power of these sanctions as an economic weapon will not last for ever. Cross-border central bank digital currency networks are in development across Asia (like the mCBDC Bridge, which involves Thailand, Hong Kong, China and the United Arab Emirates). Russia’s central bank is working on a digital rouble and Governor Elvira Nabiullina has expressed interest in its value as a means of facilitating cross-border payments, particularly with China.”

              • And guess what else is able to by pass? Bitcoin.

              • Micha says:

                Weaponizing economic and financial sanction is abusive of the privilege accorded to the dollar. In many instances it’s an outright theft of bank assets of those sanctioned countries.

                If Russia and China and others are able to make an alternative payment system that will undermine the status of the dollar, it’s a self-inflicted harm on the part of the US.

                Having said that, bitcoin is (still) not ever going to fill in the void from that loss.

            • NHerrera says:


              Note particularly the chart line “legal only under certain circumstances.”

              Considering previous SC decision as a precedent and the concept of vox populi … I will go for “legal only under certain circumstances.” But then I am not Gorsuch or Kavanaugh — who, if reports are correct, answered Senator Susan Collins that they will put weight or some such statement on SCOTUS decision precedent on Roe and Wade.

              Commenting on the news from my current perch — vacationing abroad with my daughter’s family.

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