The Power of the Pink Pyramid

Analysis and Opinion

By JoeAm

It strikes me that people over the age of 30 operate under two mistaken ideas. One is that information gets passed around the same as it did 15 years ago when newspapers were profitable and Tic Toc wasn’t even a glint in someone’s mind, and, second, that what we are going through now with trolls and lies is transitory and we’ll return soon to honesty, sense, and kindness.

I’m sorry to inform you that today is different and there can be no return to the good old days. If honesty, sense, and kindness are to become mainstream, it will take a long enduring effort to rebuild thinking one Filipino at a time.

The internet has unleashed warriors like the Trump fanatics in the US and the Marcos legions in the Philippines. They have mastered social and mainstream media in the goal of conquest, and they are applying it mightily to rid democracy of it’s irritating use of votes, majority nonsense, and people free-speeching all the time. They want it their way and only their way.

All the hand- wringing, moralizing, and complaining in the world won’t make this go away because, (a) the technology features open access, (a) trolling works, and (b) power-mongers are already well along the path to authoritarian rule.

Good people who believe in democracy, diversity, and human rights need to recognize what is happening.

The first problem is that goodness has no leader. It is disorganized. It doesn’t use lies or the pyramiding scheme that power-politicians use to control the national dialogue. Second, it doesn’t have crisp messaging points that thrill news editors. The manipulators have missiles and artillery and the good people are out in the field weeding with hoes.

Except, except, except that . . . Vice President Robredo, during her presidential campaign, proved that goodness can get organized. It can motivate people and get them to give money and effort for the sake of bringing sense to the Philippines. The campaign was structured well with a powerful core, a layer of community councils, thousands of volunteers, and millions of participants.

The power of the pink pyramid.

But the Robredo rallies, as impressive as they were, did not fully deploy modern methods of reaching people. There was limited internet reach. Few popular influencers. No interlinked team leaders online. No rigorous system of expanding groups drawing in new members. No pyramiding of messages that were sharp and meaningful. The snazzy commercials and tic tok videos that were produced were stuck largely within the pink bubble. They never commanded space on the nightly news or reached across the line into the Marcos base.

What was impressive was the use of local councils to organize the rallies. And the huge numbers of volunteers and citizens who were inspired to make themselves meaningful.

It seems to me, rather than fall into despair and complain about Marcos and his use of trolls, money, and local contacts as if it were cheating, we should dispense with the myth that old ways work, or will return if we pray enough. No, give credit. Marcos used modern media better, and worked longer and harder in the barangays.

Robredo barnstormed, the old-fashioned way, for a few months.

If goodness is to be relevant, it has to be realistic. It needs to use today’s communication methods, sharp messaging distributed through influencers, groups, and armies of engaged keyboard warriors, v-loggers, and You Tube pundits. It needs to MAKE the news that hits mainstream media. It needs to penetrate opposing groups, understand their messaging and counter it.

And it has to endure.

It’s a war . . . to defend the Constitution and the ideals it promotes for the well-being of Filipinos..

If the power of the pink pyramid can bring millions to the streets and plazas of the Philippines, think what it can bring to modern media.

The key is sharp messaging and an overpowering flood of repetition . . . and amplification . . . of the messages.

One other thing. Political trolling requires a budget. It is cold. A business. Uninspiring.

Building a great nation requires heart. And intelligence. And effort. And millions who are willing to help out.

Robredo proved the point.

The advantage goes to goodness if it can get organized to use modern media, messaging, and social networks. The ones that are not going away.


Photograph: storm relief effort in Leyte. Source unknown.

164 Responses to “The Power of the Pink Pyramid”
  1. Karl Garcia says:

    Even @LCX argued that SOCMED can not win or lose elections.
    I think I should dare say that he is wrong.
    Even if many Filipinos do not have internet access.
    The concept of command votes can still have a thousand and ones ways to skin the cat.
    From influencers to the Maritesses and Karens to the producers to the hosts.

    It is a whole pyramid scheme.
    Now as to the power of the pink pyramid which i would not call a scheme unless someone abuses it.

    • Re socmed, I conceded that there was some troll farm and bots action from China and Russia. But my point was,

      in Mar vs. DU30 and in Trump vs. Hillary, in the end DU30 and Trump’s base were more prone towards radio messaging than socmed/facebook stuff.

      And in the end, they voted. not the troll farms or bots, people voted.

      In the case of Trump vs. Hillary, Democrats didn’t bother to vote cuz they were so put off by the whole Bernie emails stuff; and in the case of DU30, people loved the blood in Manila bay and killing shabu users and dealers. I’m sure peoples decisions to vote or not vote, or vote for this guy and not her, etc. is more complex,

      I just thought that it was over simplification to simply blame Facebook (and troll farms and bots) when in fact radio/TV influence would be more prominent in the case of DU30 and Trump supporters (my hypothesis which i couldn’t corroborate via Google, meaning no one bothered to study it), or even simply neighbors, friend s and family, karl, being ones influencers .

      Too much weight was given towards Facebook/socmed, karl. that was my point. Not that socmed cannot win/lose elections. Over simplification was what i was against.

      • JoeAm says:

        Hillary won the popular vote, actually. So people did vote. She was a victim of media’s love for raw meat in the shark pond. The Biden criticisms are similar. He fell off his bike and media love it. Gas orices up. A scream. Gas prices down. Silence. Meanwhile we learn that Trump was trying to choke the driver and SCJustice Thomas is married to an insurrectionist . . . because of the Jan 6 committee. Not media. You, like mainstream media, are a mere pawn in the power plays of the rich and greedy, and moving quite nicely toward the demise of democracy.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        I agree bots can not vote but trolls do vote.

        • I’m talking about troll farms in China, karl.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Ah yes good point, here there are homegrown troll farms. I am sure there are American trolls too who vote. But pre-elections, the Chinese, Russians even North Koreans, Iranians, etc can do the trolling in the US.

            • There was a congressional study that sourced most BLM sites to Russia, karl. thus BLM was all crap, but the side effects of it is less policing, more people wanting and needing their guns. unintended consequences.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                If “all lives matter” was not already taken and bastardized I would insist that all lives matter.

              • Then you’d be called a racist here, karl. even if you’re not white.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                yes that I am aware of and that is a big problem, it has to be one way and not the other. My way and not even the hi-way can be included.

              • kasambahay says:

                karlG, I’m careful about bots, maybe they can infiltrate vote counting machines! make them sick on the day they’re most needed, only for them to be taken to places where no one is watching, for these vcms to reactivate on command and do god knows what!

                an international election watchdog said there were plenty anomalies in our 2022 election, only for the govt of the day to dismiss the watchdog’s concern, it being not accredited therefore not trustworthy. did not mean to say, the watchdog was not telling the truth!

                all that’s water under the bridge now. and those most active in socmed, mayhap paid supporters of the bbm, are now harvesting the fruits of their poisonous tree! much much fruits of the low hanging branches, now hawak na nila ang virtual ads of many govt agencies!

                my friends have apparently, seen the fake sex video of a presidential contender’s daughter and aptly compared the fake video to some of the virtual ads and come to conclusion that the same mob are at it again. the mobs signature is all over kuno, in the pixels, the brightness and contrast and more . . .

                and now, apparently again, the mob is at it again, mayhap gunning cory and the carmelite nuns in mahjong session! bet, the mob will get more publicity and therefore, more mayhap virtual ads contract coming their way. money, money, money, it’s a mayhap’s world, lol!

              • chemrock says:


                Are you aware of Blenderbot3, Facebook’s new AI chatbot that was released a couple of weeks ago. It’ works only in US at the moment. It’s a super intelligent AI.

                Two anti-Trump reporters one from Daily Beast the other from Wapo, flirted with Blenderbot3. The AI’s response to questions on Trump and 2020 if I repeat here will get me kicked off. In fact Facebook needs to gag it’s out chatbot.

              • JoeAm says:

                Not if it is pursued as information and documented with reliable sources. Yes if pursued as agenda and backed by disreputable sources. What does the chatbot use as its social database? The whole of facebook’s conversations?

              • chemrock says:

                I have no idea what is the data base used. It is capable of doing its own internet research realtime as it conducts a conversation on any topic.

              • That’s basically me, chemp!!! I have competition now?

              • kasambahay says:

                chemrock, sometimes I know what gadgets are humming about and what they’ve done, and attribute that to my befuddled mind, being habitually drunk, lol!

              • chemrock says:

                Yes actually I was going to mention you, but I was rushing for time.
                This new generation bot is scary. Other chatbots basically requires info available within the particular entity that sets it up. This one grabs info from the internet — just like you, except it’s reach and absorption rate is a fraction of a second, no insult to you.

            • chemp, i just tried your chat bot, and it sucks ass!!!


              • chemrock says:

                How about this conversation with a Daily beast reporter?

              • Joe, delete that !!! its hurting my eyes!!! LOL!

                that’s a funny interaction. I’ve done more chats with it actually, and its weird when you stir it towards philosophy and meaning of life stuff. it doesn’t suck.

                But the times i stirred it towards Trump, it says let’s talk about something else. so for sure they’ve adjusted it.

      • In the case of Leni vs. Marcos, i think we saw already in Dec. that Leni was in trouble. So no amount of messaging would’ve gained ground, and my point then was that Inday Sara was the key, because precisely because Filipinos loved their time under DU30– we have to assume they saw improvements in their lives. I’m picturing Mango Ave. at 2am, with less shabu addicts running amok and causing disturbances. and that’s probably enough to vote for continuance of what DU30 started.

        And why I urged the Pinks to ride on that, most Filipinos were happy with what DU30 did , and just hijack Inday Sara as their own (with or without her approval, to force a Leni-Sara situation). oh well.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Before we go the circular path then circuitous, I say now that you have made your point on that and you may be right or you may be wrong on your what ifs on Sara.

          • I’m offering that as example of how socmed would not have played any difference, karl. since the polling is so far off, the difference so great from the git-go. Which was what we were seeing in December.

            To off set that, Leni et al. would have to hire their own troll farms/bots (maybe from India?) or simply ride on Inday Sara’s breeze (from her papa). the latter was the most cost effective.

            • Joe: “Trump’s enduring popularity is a sign of the sickness in mainstream media.”

              karl, I would just add that since 2016, channels like CNN and MSNBC (also Fox) overplayed Trump, I’m sure CNN/MSNBC thought there were helping Hillary in overplaying Trump. thinking Hillary would easily beat Trump.

              then after Trump won, CNN/MSNBC focused on Russia’s troll farms/bots, blamed socmed, when in fact they were guilty of giving Trump all the coverage.

              Yet 2022, CNN/MSNBC are still covering Trump. over and over, its Trump this and Trump that. this time thining they are properly demonizing him, but its just free air play same same as 2015.

              My point, socmed isn’t really that big. blame the obvious players. Joe’s right (from the other thread).

              • JoeAm says:

                Actually, I think social media are equally to blame. Russia, MAGAs, idiots galore promoting false narratives and wielding insults left and right. Threads are toxic. Just horrible people there.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Got it.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                1:09 was in reply to LCX

              • isk says:

                “socmed isn’t really that big. blame the obvious players. ”
                I disagree. Social Media can deny access to their platform as in the case of New York Post last 2020

              • Joe, isk, et al.

                I’m not familiar with that NY Post comment, but sounds like you’re talking about DOS attack, akin to K-POP fandom attacks that has been happening of late. I’d agree that regular folks who had before no access nor platforms to access who simply consumed media and not be able to generate anything, are now in Web 2.0 able to coordinate and target.

                Whereas before, even in Web 1.0 and during the era of TV/paper media you can simply write to the “editor” and get your opinion published.

                So I would say all this, “participation” via coordination and targeted response , is the essence of Democracy, thus a good thing. whatever the issues being promulgated. pro or con, it means people are participating.

                But when you weigh everything out, it is still the high paid, high powered media, thus ultra high net individuals and corporations, that generate the bulk of propaganda. And these DOS attacks, or DOXings, or coordinations to assemble here or there, and to and fro, are simply the “little peoples” means to “participate” in an otherwise closed process, monopolized by bigger players.

                So IMHO the big dawgs of media and corporations are still to blame, but to Joe’s point yes there are people being duped. Let me elaborate, LA county last week was gonna enforce indoor mask mandates here again, due to a spike, but 3 to 4 cities promised not to participate.

                This is largely because of what happened in Florida, where they never had mask mandates or proof of vaccinations during all this, and they kept opened while faring fairly well economically.

                so the question has to be asked, who is duping who, and are those duped know they’ve been duped? not a very easy question to answer if you’re being duped now, since one who is duped would not be readily be able to ascertain one’s very condition. it would require this be explored first,
       (too much work).

                So LA county backed its mask mandate since no one wanted to participate. And rightly so, COVID19 infections went down a week or so later.

                But my larger point here is that, the act and practice of democracy is not civil, it is adversarial, contentious, even violent, so this notion that Joe’s espousing that its now “toxic”— well, you kinda want that cuz the other flip side to that is apathy, which means only 1% of the population gets to wield their opinions and carry out their plans. which brings us back to what Joe ‘s always bringing up as the main example…

                Jan. 6 is a big nothing, precisely because it was a site security issue, meaning if Capitol police and those in charge would simply have taken proper precautions prior to said day, remember that summer then election season was wrought with protests and riots already and DC was very tense, it would’ve been

                easily averted.

                yet it was the minimum of personnel guarding the Capitol. and in these hearings, no mention of this, at all. An insurrection is something big, there was only 1,200 give or take that showed, here but Federal law enforcement estimates for that day , days prior based on socmed intel expected 120,000 people , that 120,000 estimate should’ve generated

                a way bigger site security force to surround the Capitol.

                But that 1,200 number is a big nothing , considering the number of people who participated in Seattle and Minneapolis , etc. etc. riots that summer. each city well surpassed 20,000 easy, and police stations were overrunned.

                Again the question is who’s being duped? very important question to consider.

              • JoeAm says:

                The opposite of toxic is not apathetic, it’s respectful.

              • isk says:

                @ Sir Lance… Twitter blocked the Hunter Biden story of NY Post w/o fact checking. Main stream media ignored the story, considered the story as part of Russian disinformation campaign which turned out to be not true .

              • from Daily Beast:

                “Et tu, Elon? The day after clinching an agreement to buy Twitter and take it private for a cool $44 billion, the Tesla chief made more of his opinions on digital freedom of speech known, calling the platform’s 2020 freezing of the New York Post’s account in the wake of its story on Hunter Biden’s laptop “incredibly inappropriate.” After Saagar Enjeti, a media personality known for hosting The Hill web show Rising prior to the notorious “no b.s. broadcaster” Kim Iversen’s tenure, mentioned the laptop story in a tweet, Musk responded: “Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate.” Both Twitter and Facebook took action in October 2020 to limit the distribution of the Post’s then-unconfirmed claims about President Joe Biden’s son, limiting users from sharing links to the story. For roughly two weeks, Twitter also locked the Post out of its account. Although ex-CEO Jack Dorsey later said the move had been a “mistake,” the Federal Election Commission determined in 2021 that the platform’s suffocation of the story did not violate election laws. At least some of the contents of the laptop have since been vetted and authenticated by The New York Times.”


                Thanks, isk! i see. this is more akin to Yellow journalism of old, when rich owners of newspapers and other companies went to war with each other and dictated the nation’s policies, or when the Founding fathers of US wrote Opinion pieces in pamphlets to be read in Pubs, essentially leveling your mama insults at each other, whilst entertaining the common man.

                So i would categorize this NY Post vs. Twitter stuff as who’s duping who. its all a lot of crap out there. and although Joe likes to label me as part of the problem, I’ve done my share of expounding and elucidating on all conspiracy theories chempos has shared on here, and others.

                I’m just calling for more participation albeit also more skepticism and analysis, to ensure these mega high net worth individuals and corporations don’t dupe us one way or the other. balance.


                (this is obviously a form of money laundering, isk . plain and simple. 😉 in comparison to W. Bush’s 3rd graderesque paintings he usually sells to promote veteran causes, no doubt as a form of penitence. different from Hunter’s money making scheme, no doubt connected albeit secretly still to his Dad. or maybe i’m just cynical , isk. but that’s exactly what I’m espousing more cynicism more skepticism equals a more informed electorate equals more participation equals more democracy. fuck civil. and fuck Hunter. LOL!)

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Oldschool version was just called News Blackout.

                Now even big media panics when blocked by Socmed before they could just use TV or radio and do a he said, she said.

              • JoeAm says:

                Karl, new topic. The link below connects with a first draft of The National Defense Act of 2022. It is huge, and filed by President Marcos’ relatives in the House. It obviously has been in the works for months. What is the readout from military people, do you know? What are your thoughts? I’m concerned that Section 2 (f) is a new way to declare martial law, enroll all fighting age citizens in the defense corps. The rest is cover with some good ideas and bad. Care to do a blog about it?

                Click to access HB00011.pdf

              • Karl Garcia says:

                I will work on it Joe. I just could not imagine that Congressman Sandro Marcos has a version of it.

              • JoeAm says:

                Wow, you’ve been working (writing) hard. It seems that these defense laws are much like the Constitution, so loaded with vested interests that the displeasures exceed the pleasures. Also, as you mention, there is no strategic foundation. And Marcos/Romouldez is not Biazon or even Lacson. I’m wary. Well knowing Lacson supports the ATL is no positive credential in my eyes. That Section 2(f) kills the deal for me. It would have to be framed more specifically as to what forms a properly severe threat. Edsa type protest? And what is the threat against, the State or the political leader’s hold on the State?

                Thanks for these articles that help frame the issue. I’d still like a blog that hits the highlight issues raised by the proposed bill. You are more versed in the details so I leave it to you if you want to do an article. Or I can do a shortie to tee up the subject.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                still disappointed with Sen Lacson ATL sponsorhip and authorship, I remeber I was worried for Raissa Robles and I emailed her twice and Raissa told me not to worry because they had a chance to have a face to face. Wow she is brave.

                Yes that from peace to war footing mobilization thing SUCKS. it is a deal killer.
                Regarding the article.

                May I suggest that you
                proceed with the shortie and I will work on my article for a few days. Many thanks Joe.

              • JoeAm says:

                Sounds good. Yes, Raissa has ‘push’.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Yes she does and thanks again.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Upon reading the bill of Romualdez, Marcos and Acidre, I figured that is a carbon copy of Lacson’s bill in the 18th Congress. The mandatory Citizen service was in Lacson’s bill.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Lacson’s bill 18th Congress

                Click to access 3051327388!.pdf

              • Karl Garcia says:

                My fellow military brats whom include retired and active generals, hated it when I agreed with lowering the AFP pension in the proposed pension reform bills.
                When I shared My article on the amendment of the NDA ,Former Congressman (now Mayor) Biazon thanked me in FB and one recently retired Rear Admiral and fellow brat as well. You can’t please everyone.

            • “Now even big media panics when blocked by Socmed before they could just use TV or radio and do a he said, she said.”

              I think we’re talking about socmed differently here, karl.

              1. socmed platforms (Twitter, Instagram, fb, TikTok, etc. etc. )

              2. socmed (fake news, biased news, disrespect, respect, essentially just people and interests sharing spreading stories, also bots the basis of this Twitter vs. Elon Musk lawsuits ).

              I’m more talking about the propagation or propaganda by smaller interests, vs. mega high net individuals and corporations, and i do agree with you old school media platforms being blacked out by socmed platforms will make old school medial platforms nervous, eg. Trump too is still banned.

              And to isk‘s point on Hunter Biden story being sidelined, yeah that is a very dangerous power, censorship especially when it comes to light that said story has merit, and that the sidelining of said story wasn’t just by Twitter, but the FBI attempted to cover it up as well (now being investigated, bigger story).

              So its bigger fish controlling narratives. and smaller fish finally having power to push back. that’s 2). socmed.

              Because althought 1). socmed platforms attempted to censor it, 2). socmed was the one instrumental in spreading it, due to multitude of platforms. and regular people (or Russian bots 🙂 , thanks to Musk’s coming lawsuits ) spreading news also.

              Joe : “The opposite of toxic is not apathetic, it’s respectful.”

              its adversarial , Joe, politics is adversarial when it becomes hum drum respectful, people Tune Out, thus apathy, thus dangerous, so level of adversarial discourse correlates with level of participation, which is a good thing… same reason people watch Pac-man when he boxes, but not when he preaching his evangelical theology, Tune Out.

              As for gas prices in Florida, I’m still paying 6 bucks a gallon here in California!!! but that’s more state vs. state policies than the WH trickling policy down to states, Joe. so not uniform, across US.

              For example this too needs WH leadership,

        • Juan Luna says:

          “…because precisely because Filipinos loved their time under DU30…”
          “…most Filipinos were happy with what DU30 did…” – LCpl_X (@LCpl_X)
          – – – – –
          That’s funny because in the remaining days of his watch he was not really relevant in campaign matters such as choosing and endorsement of his successor. His voice was stifled by people’s focus on the candidates themselves instead of hearing from the outgoing “popular” president. Isn’t that strange, you are so popular but nobody seems to care to listen to you?

          His irrelevancy could have prompted his irresponsible and controversial statements against a certain candidate during the campaign hoping people will pay attention and notice that he’s still around.

          With regard to Sara, well, she was the cart in the race and Marcos, the horse. He was so very interesting and controversial at the same time that Sara had an easier time to glide over the election sorties. Pre-election surveys showed Marcos was leading the pact and he committed no serious blunder in the campaign to say Sara saved or rescued him to earn credit for it.

          • DU30 was , is polling, 90%, Juan. At the beginning of last year, Inday Sara was leading in the polls, i’ve shared all this before with Micha.

            As then, Micha was not able to provide data that in fact BBM lead Inday Sara in the who do you want as president pollings early last year. I’ve provided them.

            So you’re understanding of the Duterte brand is found wanting. DU30 was popular, thus Inday Sara was too. But inday Sara went with BBM, if it was just moro-moro or whatever i dunno.

            But when that happened, when Inday Sara decided to be the VP for BBM, and only when that happened, BBM became ascendant.

            You can play revisionist and say DU30 and inday Sara are non-entities, but it will be false. Though i don’t doubt BBM had plenty of resources himself. DU30’s time is much favored and factored in greatly. see pollings of both.

          • Juan Luna says:

            Thanks for not disputing the irrelevancy of Digong. The mere existence of Sara as spare tire of BBM instead of listening to her father to run according to his whim is concrete proof that Digong is a goner, popular or not. He was a dead fish, instead of a wise sage, floating amid a frenzied political campaign.

            The Pulse Asia Survey is also an irrelevant matter when Sara decided to run as spare tire to BBM. She knows he has a lot to back up his chances, plus or without her. Had she run against him things would be different and that chart of yours would have been material to support your contention.

            • Digong is only irrelevant in that people moved on. And he himself has chosen not to play any part. Had he chosen as Trump has done to still yap his gums, based on that 90% good rating, he would so totally been relevant, Juan. He himself has decided to be irrelevant.

              As for Inday Sara, sure you can play we’d never know and play coy, but if we go with those early 2021 numbers, its no contest , she would’ve had a considerable lead. plus the name of Duterte. thus win.

              BBM may have money, and may have been popular outside of Mindanao, but Mindanao and the Bisayas he won cuz of Inday Sara. hands down.

              This map shows where Inday Sara got more votes compared to BBM, she got more votes even as a VP candidate, Juan! so this notion that BBM if say his VP would’ve been Isko or Pacman

              would be ascendant still w/out Inday Sara is a joke! w/out VP Inday Sara, VP Leni’s numbers would’ve been closer— though i concede still no win but a lot closer. simply because they didn’t push anything new, that was tangible. aside from lugaw. 😉

              Thus the secret recipe has to be Inday Sara. no other extrapolations would work, Juan.

              Again, read and weep, sir. Read and weep.

            • Juan Luna says:

              LCpl_X, you know who made Digong irrelevant? His very own daughter. We all know he tried to play the kingmaker earlier in the game when he made noises about his role in the coming election. First, he wanted Sara to run for president. When she defied him, he turned to Bong Go as his successor and we all know what happened to that; And then his irresponsible talk about certain candidate as cocaine user. Those actions are meant to attract notice and stay relevant. It’s really misleading for you to claim now that he decided to be irrelevant. Absolutely not! He only decided to shut up when he was slammed in the face by Sara by ‘eloping’ with BBM instead of acceding to his wishes.

              As for Sara’s value with BBM’s campaign, sure she’s valuable but to imply that he could not have won without her is just over the top.

              My last word on the matter is, you are comparing apples and oranges in pitting BBM with Sara for president on the basis of a Sisyphean theory.

              Last word is yours, my friend.

              • The only test of this irrelevancy, Juan, is if BBM invites the ICC into Philippines. or BBM himself arrests DU30 for EJKs.

                This irrelevancy and quietude is the result of a balance now between Marcos and Duterte camps, at the fulcrum of which is my Inday Sara. I’ve written two articles on Inday Sara, the first was early 2021, the second was late 2021.

                I said Inday Sara is smart, not like her father. Then when she opted for VP to BBM, i posited maybe she’s seeing a bigger picture. Thus this irrelevance you speak of is DU30 bowing to his daughter— whatever machinations she’s put into motions.

                Thus DU30 decided to be irrelevant, meaning quiet. Sure he was doing his own maneuvers, albeit clumsily early, but in the end his daugther wasn’t his to pawn around.

                For sure you’ll not see another Yellow or Pink for a long time to come, and that has to do 100% with DU30’s 6 years, holding steady at 90%. that’s not irrelevance, that’s a mandate. Filipinos are happy with DU30. Inday Sara could’ve just taken from her father, but she did her own thing.

                Maybe she doesn’t want the highest office, or maybe she’s got other plans down the line. For sure though DU30 is safe in Davao now, no ICC (for now, but my theory is BBM will go after the Dutertes). that’s still regardless, kinda genius, on the part of Inday Sara, IMHO, playing the role of fulcrum.

                As for the “Sisyphean theory”, its backed by the data, though I concede BBM w/out Inday Sara would still have owned poor VP Leni. i’m just saying BBM could not have taken Inday Sara mano y mano. thus why Leni-Sara could’ve worked in a BBM/Sara scenario.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “I said Inday Sara is smart, not like her father.”
                – – – – –
                I agree. Seeing her father, with his hands full of blood, trying to hand over the bloody baton to her to continue the Duterte reign and she refused. She is smart!

              • Juan Luna says:

                “Maybe she doesn’t want the highest office, or maybe she’s got other plans down the line.”
                – – – – –
                No, she wants to be president but the trail her father left after his six years in office is one she cannot be proud of. Can you imagine the difficulty she’ll encounter in campaign sorties and debates about Digong-related issues of indecency, being an unfit leader, criminal behavior, violation of human rights, etc.? So, what she did was put a gap on the Duterte reign for people to forget the barbaric chapter her father unleashed in the country
                She’s planning to do a BBM style of coming back. Only thing is, hers was an intentional absence so people will forget the Digong experience.

              • “Only thing is, hers was an intentional absence so people will forget the Digong experience.”

                That’s a wrong conclusion to make.

                You may be correct re intentional absence. but given the 90% rating of DU30, i’m sure it wasn’t to forget or distance, the intentional absence seems to be a quid pro quo with the Marcos camp, given that a Duterte to Duterte transition was polling very popularly already, not for forgetting or distancing, but am assuming Inday Sara got something more. in the quid pro quo. though i don’t know what that would’ve been.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “…a Duterte to Duterte transition was polling very popularly already…”
                – – – – –
                And that’s the $64,000 dollar question and the answer may have been what I mentioned about Sara, despite popular clamor, ditching her father.

            • Juan, and to belabor the point further,

              Yellows and Pinks will always lose now post DU30 because the experiment on rule of law/human rights is over, in the end and this is the point of the last 6 years of DU30 , is that

              physical security trumps all that stuff.

              His EJKs produced quieter streets. that s why he’s at 90% still. no other reason. And this notion that Pinks and Yellows thru human rights/rule of law can produce physical security tangentially via principles, too abstract.

              well DU30 proved theres a short cut. and Filipinos overwhelmingly loved it! learn from that.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “…because the experiment on rule of law/human rights is over, in the end and this is the point of the last 6 years of DU30 , is that
                physical security trumps all that stuff.”
                – – – – –
                Rule of law and respect for human rights is not an experiment, it’s the civilized way of doing things right and moral and just. If you are saying that killings and murders are the key to be popular and be “loved”, I vehemently disagree, sir.

                Digong may have “produced quieter streets” but he has not stop drug use as he promised (in 3-6 months!). And if quieter streets mean dead bodies all over the pavements, I’m out.

                If the measurement of an effective leader will be based on how many you killed, murdered and maimed, you’re no leader. You’re an animal, a beast.

                Which for me Digong is.

              • Its an experiment becuz realistically, this rule of law human rights stuff is something new, only happened around after WWII.

                thus 70 years old, given the thousands of years of human “civilization”, Juan. its but a tiny blip.

                ps… quieter streets, sure there were dead bodies, but mainly because the sigas/standbies went quiet or took their selves to jails. thus quiet. not everyone was EJK’ed.

                Again, that’s why Pinks/Yellows will never win again, because they’ve not considered that HEY! physical security is what people want, not ideas and ideals, but stuff leaders can actually deliver on— and no, sir, not lugaw either!!! 😉

                All about deliverables, Juan.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                If ever the ICC proceeds with the investigation after consulting with PBBM and some of FPRRD’s former justice secretary and former solgen then that is Progress. Again I am not holding my breath, but the possibility of a pinklawan winning the next election should always be there.

      • chemrock says:

        “…in the end …… Trump’s base were more prone towards radio messaging than socmed/facebook stuff.”

        It obviously didn’t occur to you big tech cancelled out one side of the political aisle. Whatever the justification or non-justification, that is the status quo..

        • If you’re talking about Twitter, that’s already been discussed too with isk, chemp. I agree, fb and Twitter, etc. can do this, but also that the Trumpists had their own media to desiminate. but more importantly, it was regular people who were sharing said info on Hunter, etc. and that was on these same platforms.

          So this GOP thing where they are always playing the victims of MSM is over, there are plenty of GOP/Trump media to even things out now, chemp. it doesn’t help the left either that they suck at simplifying messages.

          Like for example this current nukes and Trump stuff, most Americans especially after these mandates and lock downs, most Dems, are very incredulous right now. they don’t like Trump, but they also don’t appreciate more lies. or confusion (if there are no lies).

          These talking heads that always promise the sky is falling on Trump, only to see Trump get off scot free. Teflon Don. everyone sick and tired of them!

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    On twitter I kept following @Znsuzara ‘s mission to infiltrate and engage with the trolls it started with this Tisha who seems to know it all and now it continues.

    Though I do not fully agree that ignoring,taking the high road should be forgotten or thrown to the bin and blocking someone would not do any help, I think that is the direction where socmed is heading to.

  3. Jenni Bulan says:

    Evil will continue to triumph in this country, or so they and their minions think. They will continue to CONTROL the narrative and the instruments that make it possible, at all costs. Your analysis of the current reality is spot on. Instruments of democracy, like the elections in particular, is now a farce in these parts. Let’s just brace for a Sri Lanka 2.0 bec that’s where this is headed. The signs on the wall are just too plain to see. Meanwhile, let’s all just jump ship. It’s useless and a sheer waste of precious energy for people like us to continue to want to stay here anymore.

    • JoeAm says:

      Hi, Jenni. There are three levels to the Philippines. The entitled. The educated aware (business people, educators, some military, you, me, and others). The unaware. The second group is not without influence. So I’m not ready to bail. The path is the goal, not the end of it. Also, the place most natural for me to bail to, the US, is in some respects even scarier than the Philippines. But each does a calculation and it’s not for me to do the math for others.

    • kasambahay says:

      I’m not bailing out, most of my friends are here and so I stay. I may visit other countries and have friends there, but felt miserable looking at the sky there when I should be looking at the sky in my homeland. hard to adapt to foreign culture, harder still to assimilate, parts of me will always be filipino.

      I may be critical of fellow filipinos and that’s about it.

      • kasambahay says:

        by the way, inflation rate ngayon according to today’s abs-cbnnews is a whooping 6.4%! so high and naturally the prices of commodities are sky rocketing. the poor are at wit’s end how to make both their ends meet, whereas govt officials are enjoying bumper pay rises!

        wouldn’t it be prudent for the already very rich govt officials to take paycuts! surely the villars dont need anymore money to line their already uberly bulging pockets. bong marcos ought to take lead and take paycut too, his gabinete and govt officials, the mayors and governors, and give to their constituents some money to alleviate sufferings.

        there is a governor and his ultra famous celebrity wife, wala silang anak and surely they dont need that much money to live! the wife has taken to shopping tuloy, shopping ng shopping mostly overseas mayhap to alleviate boredom and post in twitter her largesse!

        unity: for govt officials to be one with our suffering people and give – would not be far off from unity, magkakaisa. help and give, not take and plunder and turning a blind eye.

        the increase in pension for the old, one thousand pesos a month, thank you, but it’s not only the old who need to live. the 500 pesos pantawid given to the poor, lahat binabawi yata ng gobyerno in form of value added tax to most things bought and sold.

        the govt discounts made available can only be had if purchases are made. many cannot afford a purchase, so no discount availed.

      • Micha says:

        And JoKoy has a Hollywood produced movie coming out today.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Easter Sunday is like the Filipino Super bowl per Jokoy.

          • Micha says:

            I’m not exactly sure if it’s something to be proud of (the unique cultures, interracial marriages, dysfunctional families, etc.) but the guy is all over the circuits promoting the movie.

            He calls it the celebration in the oneness of our humanity, or something to that effect.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Unity in diversity. Better hear it from Jokoy rather than President Marcos.

              • Wouldn’t an easter release make more sense? or right before or after? I gotta feeling this is gonna be like that Batgirl movie.

                Also, opening is Cave Rescue, will probably be similar to Easter Sunday, enclosed space but without all the lechon and mamon, LOL!

              • Micha says:

                ‘Twas scheduled for release last easter but was delayed by pandemic lockdown; haven’t you heard of the lockdown yet corporal?

              • Then why not release on Christmas or next Easter? theres dissonance in subject matter vs. movie, like releasing a Christmas movie in Summer. just weird.

                “He calls it the celebration in the oneness of our humanity, or something to that effect.”

                I’m thinking Cave Rescue will elicit this sense more than Easter Sunday, i don’t mind Jokoy i’ve seen his specials on Netflix, just gets old quick, i’m sure there’s gonna be an aunt with thick Filipino accent, there’s gonna be all sorts of cliches and maybe an uncles that gets drunk, and lots of P for F pronounciation.

                the other big production “Filipino” movie here was,

                But hands down, IMHO, this was the best:

                Have you seen “Live Show” , Micha?

              • Micha says:

                Go ask the producer or the director why they didn’t released it according to your wishes, corporal.

              • Micha, actually this article explains it pretty well. with the advent of streaming doesn’ t really matter which month or day any more. Wiki says its directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, and I loved the Super Troopers franchise, so maybe this will be a big hit after all.


                As the film industry is global and complex, there is no such thing as one definite release date. So to find out a film’s release date you need to decide which of the following you want to measure…

                First ever screening to the public, often at a film festival.

                The first time it’s in commercial cinemas, anywhere in the world. This is often in its home country, although the best Hollywood blockbusters aim to go for the same release date across the world.

                It’s first “wide” release, anywhere in the world. Some films will open on a limited release before later being available to all of the general public. This could be because the distributor is hoping that if a small number of people see the film early they will create a buzz for the general release (these screenings are called ‘Talkers’). Other films will open first in major cities, before having their run extended if the film performed well. And a fairly modern trend is Hollywood movies releasing major films a few days early on certain formats, such as IMAX or 70mm film prints (which happened recently with the release of The Hateful Eight).

                Its ‘limited’ or ‘wide’ release in a certain country.

              • Micha says:

                Tell you what Corporal D, I am in the least interested in how or when a film gets released – that’s the call of the producers and/or moviemakers – so spare me your useless pedantry.

                Not an avid movie fan here.

              • Then why’d you mention Jokoy’s “Easter Sunday” then, Micha?

                I am a big movie fan.

                I just finished “The Sandman” last night , binged it in like one night (started in the afternoon tho’).

                Episode 6 is the best. here’s the source material of it, but adaptation wise, the best:

              • Micha says:

                That was in response to kasambahay’s thread topic, not on your stupid pedantry on film release, dickhead.

              • Well, thanks for sharing either way, Micha.

                I’m Googling Jokoy now and just realized his father is white. i thought he was just a mestizo.

              • oooops, wrong picture.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                If I may. Mestizo means half-breed so you were correct in thinking that he is mestizo. It is in the blood not the skin color.

              • karl, I meant Filipino mestizo from Philippines, i did not expect Jokoy to be of foreigner Father.

                Question: if he is still considered mestizo there , what do you guys call mestizo but black blood? like

                Do you all use the word mestizo for them as well?

              • Karl Garcia says:

                The street joke way back then may no longer be politically correct now: Mestisong Negro.

              • In UP Balara there was allegedly one they called Clark, certainly not politically correct either.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                @LCX might reminisce on his Mango Avenue escapades again.


                karl, according to this , it would be a type of mulato— black and Indio. so not mestizo per se.

                But the various levels of multato mentioned is mind boggling in this Spanish caste system.

              • Mulatos were hardly relevant in the Filipino 19th century version of casta, though in family land documents I do have a deed of sale signed by a “negrito” from Tiwi, Albay – and one deed of sale with a “mestiza” from a known plantation owner family, while my folks were simply “indios” on documents. Around 1870-1880 these classifications were still around in official documents. What I should check is if they disappear in the 1890s which is my recall of the matter.

                Spaniards in the Philippines were either peninsulares, born in Spain, or insulares, those originally exclusively called Filipino because they were born on the islands. Rizal and his contemporaries did achieve that all were called Filipino, including those in the special category “mestizo sangley” (Chinese mestizo) like him. BTW one document I also have has a man identified as “chino” who signs in Chinese. Some terms used unofficially in the Philippines were tornatras, castizo and criollo, the last is quite fluid in meaning

              • Karl Garcia says:

                google translate mestizo you will half-blood or half-breed as one of the results. Maybe it is the fault of the google staff.
                Mulatto can be a mixture of black and white too.

              • Google isn’t wrong. French used metis similar to mestizo for any kind of half-white person before. Of course in colonial situations it was always about how close or how far from white a person was.

              • Karl Garcia says:


              • @karl,

                re Mango Ave. across from the INC a big church on Mango Ave. is a bar called Viking.

                I guess i went berserker one too many nights there. LOL!

              • Karl Garcia says:

                hehehe one drink too many.

              • thanks, Ireneo. that makes sense i’ve never come across the word mulato in Filipino context, only here in Latin/Hispanic Americas and Caribbean.

  4. Thanks Joe, your analysis of how both sides campaigned is very accurate. Hope someone in an important position on the Pink side picks up your recommendations. The rest we shall see, as the Marcos Jr. term is young.

    Mike Alcazaren’s review of the recent pro Marcos movie is interesting as well. The opposition has to “get” what drives the typical Marcos supporter of today and I feel the Alcazaren gets it. I tend to tie that in with MLQ3s observations on the new middle class and the fact that many of them were indeed typical masa not too long ago, they may have more now but the mentality hasn’t changed, a lot to unpack.

    • JoeAm says:

      That makes sense. Wallet is bigger. Concepts still the same size. My wife explains to me the thinking of those who live in poor communities and it is completely uninformed.

      • kasambahay says:

        ahem, kaming ma pulubi like to pretend idiocy, that’s the most thing and maybe the only thing dat kip as safe. to be able to say I dont know, I know not a whif, when we know so much and listened and opined to lots of things going on in the baryos, from the mouths of the babes to the barking dogs, from my newling cats and whatnot, jeeees! these people at the top rarely know the real pinoys 101!

        of course we are innocent! and what we know, we keep to ourselves, we are the most ridiculed and the most maligned enough already! apparently, kasalanan naming mga pulubi ang lahat na mga masamang nangyayari sa buong bansa! nakakakilabot , ganyan pala kami sa kapangyarihan, so powerful a force so influential a threat – we poor have to be muzzled! killed, jailed, denied justice, yay! and on election, we are the most courted, the most prized and the most spoiled that rallies cannot be without our presence.

        oh, yeah, kaming mga pulubi denies knowing a thing, illeterate kami, utterly utterly uninformed, and so inherently uninterested that not even state of calamities can push us out our cracker zones! we have hit the comfort jackpot!

        often, if we poor people walk down the street, well heeled people cross streets just to avoid us. we are that feared and best avoided, maybe more feared than terrorists, lol!

        • kasambahay says:

          anyhow, leni has been routed 2x already. as opposition leader, she lost the election in 2019 and in 2022, she lost again. now, hontiveros is opposition leader.

          I think, our last fair election was in 2016. the subsequent ones, remind me of bank scam, millions of money gone awol, illegal transactions done right under tight securities!

        • Its these fucking maids, man!!! Mar Roxas had no chance in hell becuz of Korina Sanchez and her maid. they should do a movie on that!

          Simple solution.

          Don’t hire maids!!! they gossip. Like Mr. Alcarazen says they’re dangerous. more importantly it teaches Filipinos from a very young age, that there are people to look down on and people to look up to. like slavery, its bad for the soul.

          Our Dept. of State folks love their maids, the US military tho’ not so much.

          But to piggy back off me and Micha’s talk on movies, there should definitely be more Maid movies they tend to do really well in movie theaters, I’m sure in streaming too, “the Help” starring Emma Stone was a huge hit.

          No more maids, but more movies about maids please.

        • JoeAm says:

          My wife was explaining that parents have lots of kids to better the chances that one or two will break out to support them in their later years. Well, on one hand, that’s smart because there is no social security for them. But it is not smart in terms of the burdens big families generate. Nurturing two or three who could read, do math, and dabble in English would improve the family cash flow a lot, I think.

          • Micha says:

            100% agree on this, Joe. If you don’t have enough wherewithal to support the development needs of your children, you should not be siring 8 or 12 kids.

            Responsible, planned parenthood.

            Seems like common sense.

            On the other hand, one could argue that they are too poor, thus too intellectually constrained to realize the responsibility requirement in order to flourish – that they are merely succumbing to the primal pressure of biology.

            And that using artificial contraception is not mandated by our Catholic God.

            • Under Marcos in the 60s, Filipino teachers went to the province and mountains to urge poor Filipinos to wear condoms— and the poor souls straight up told the teachers, you guys are robbing us of the only pleasure we have! because frankly, with condoms the feeling is numbed.

              But more importantly, to Ireneo’s movie rec , who will be the maids if they went with planned parenthood.

              Sperms aplenty and cheap labor is how GDP rises, Micha!!!

              But historically speaking also consider this:


              “Add all of us up, all 7 billion human beings on earth, and clumped together we weigh roughly 750 billion pounds. That, says Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson, is more than 100 times the biomass of any large animal that’s ever walked the Earth. And we’re still multiplying. Most demographers say we will hit 9 billion before we peak, and what happens then?

              Well, we’ve waxed. So we can wane. Let’s just hope we wane gently. Because once in our history, the world-wide population of human beings skidded so sharply we were down to roughly a thousand reproductive adults. One study says we hit as low as 40.

              Forty? Come on, that can’t be right. Well, the technical term is 40 “breeding pairs” (children not included). More likely there was a drastic dip and then 5,000 to 10,000 bedraggled Homo sapiens struggled together in pitiful little clumps hunting and gathering for thousands of years until, in the late Stone Age, we humans began to recover. But for a time there, says science writer Sam Kean, “We damn near went extinct.”

              • Micha says:

                Given our current trajectory, that is an all too plausible scenario.

                Yet, given the still unresolved crisis in human teleology, what difference does it make if humanity gets wiped out on planetary scale?

                Miss Pelosi’s provocation in Taiwan might just unleash a thermonuclear confrontation and accomplish exactly that.


                The bigger play here, Micha, is getting the semiconductor expertise state side, gutting Taiwan of them back to US, then brain drain getting the rest of Taiwanese expertise state side. That way China gets Taiwan back without a shot, and we get our chips. win win.

                But I’m curious what the personal Chinese sanctions levied on the Pelosi family entails. Maybe chempo knows.

              • Its being levelled against the husband and son, karl, i don’t know a grandson (tho’ i’m sure without the husband and son, there won’t be too muck TikTok time as grandson would have to do more work). thanks. But it has to do with the Pelosi’s chinese dealings in China, but nothing Googlable yet.

              • isk says:

                ” I’m curious what the personal Chinese sanctions levied on the Pelosi family entails.”
                @ Sir Lance , The US government seems to be not too diligent on how to safeguard US tax payer funded research.
                The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US during the Obama administration approved a transaction that control over Henninges, an American maker of anti-vibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government-owned aviation company.

              • Thanks isk! yeah, we’ve been shooting ourselves in the toe for decades now. All for this thing called Globalization, we use to manufacture chips, now we’re gonna go to war with China, cuz Taiwan now manufactures the bulk of the chips we need.

                So retarded.

                And as Joe says below: “The hostility of presumed bad faith rather than the graciousness of presumed good faith seems to me to be a distinction between trolls and scientists.” Maybe there’s no bad faith involved here, but the shere stupidity is for sure a pattern. When you read tons of similar stories from manufacturing to geopolitics to pandemics, isk. graciousness becomes hard. hostility becomes the norm.

                Monkey pox was studied in Wuhan too, no we are not starting from scratch.

                These “experts” need to be questioned, no free reign. not no more. These experts and scientism (the public just following said “expertise” , not questioning) all has pushed us to the brink. Global warming is theirs, as much as corporate interests.


                “The Chinese company didn’t steal this technology. It was given to them — by the U.S. Department of Energy. First in 2017, as part of a sublicense, and later, in 2021, as part of a license transfer. An investigation by NPR and the Northwest News Network found the federal agency allowed the technology and jobs to move overseas, violating its own licensing rules while failing to intervene on behalf of U.S. workers in multiple instances.

                Now, China has forged ahead, investing millions into the cutting-edge green technology that was supposed to help keep the U.S. and its economy out front.

                The department is now conducting an internal review of the licensing of vanadium battery technology and whether this license — and others — have violated U.S. manufacturing requirements, the statement said.

                Forever Energy, a Bellevue, Wash., based company, is one of several U.S. companies that have been trying to get a license from the Department of Energy to make the batteries. Joanne Skievaski, Forever Energy’s chief financial officer, has been trying to get hold of a license for more than a year and called the department’s decision to allow foreign manufacturing “mind boggling.”

                He said a fellow scientist connected him with a Chinese businessman named Yanhui Liu and a company called Dalian Rongke Power Co. Ltd., along with its parent company, and he jumped at the chance to have them invest and even help manufacture the batteries.

                In 2012, Yang applied to the Department of Energy for a license to manufacture and sell the batteries.

                The agency issued the license, and Yang launched UniEnergy Technologies. He hired engineers and researchers. But he soon ran into trouble. He said he couldn’t persuade any U.S. investors to come aboard.

                “It was unclear, certainly to myself and other engineers, what the plan was,” said Howard, who now works for Forever Energy.

                Yang acknowledges that he wanted his U.S. engineers to work in China. But he says it was because he thought Rongke Power could help teach them critical skills.

                Yang was born in China but is a U.S. citizen and got his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut. He said he wanted to manufacture the entire battery in the U.S., but that the U.S. does not have the supply chain he required. He said China is more advanced when it comes to manufacturing and engineering utility-scale batteries.

                “In this field — manufacturing, engineering — China is ahead of the U.S.,” Yang said. “Many wouldn’t believe [it].”


                This was a good fable we need to remember & learn from, isk. thanks.

      • Without bothering to Googe translate, the gist from the trailer i got is that BBM likes to party in clubs. LOL!

        • kasambahay says:

          his kabalens often go to spain and have a canary of a ball there, letting their bottom pesos drop. that’s where he got his 1st covid illness in spain, and have to be flown via medi-flight back home. maybe, another party is spain will net him the monkeypox, lol!

          • kasambahay says:

            I always always wanted to see a close up of his pic, I want to see prosthetic septum, the original probly corroded by cocaine use, lol!

            • LOL! are you implying that BBM is bakla, kb? cuz according to our CDC here only gay men can get monkey pox.

              • kasambahay says:

                geehaw! is that why when he party and parties hard in spain, the wife is not wif him?

              • JoeAm says:

                Fact check. What the CDC actually says about how the disease spreads.

              • Oh, they changed it.

                Here’s LA county health’s which reflects CDC’s old guidance:


              • JoeAm says:

                No, the public health notice references broader conditions of the CDC near the bottom of the page. This is a downstream local health office’s effort to get a very limited number of vaccines to high risk people, in their eyes. It has nothing to do with the CDC. Next you’ll be calling for Fauci’s lynching like MAGA Republicans. Dirt feeds dirt. Do better, eh?

              • Following CDC’s earlier criteria, Joe. there was quite the fuss about this last week or so, of LGBTQplus complaining that there were unnecessarily targeted by media, yet they also demanded more vaccines for themselves. such dissonance. so the CDC wording was changed, so too LA County Health, casting a wider net, but that “prior” is key.

                Read from the LA county health site: “If you met the prior eligibility criteria you are still eligible for vaccination (i.e., you are a gay or bisexual man or a transgender person and you had gonorrhea or early syphilis in the past 12 months; or you are on HIV PrEP; or you had anonymous sex or sex with multiple partners within the past 21 days in a commercial sex venue or other venue).”

              • JoeAm says:

                Cite an authoritative article I can read. There is too much dirt flying around to trust what people claim. The CDC statement is clear and does not reflect what you said. I would accept that there may be changes due to the newness of the disease, which is a reason NOT to poke a stick in the CDC’s eye.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                I guess the noise is because of putting emphasis on the word: ONLY.

                We forgot Triage.
                I am sure the heath care people do not have “Only gays” on their judgment to test and or vaccinate.
                I understand there are claims that some were sent home and when they asked to be tested in another lab and they were allowed and they found out that they do have monkey pox.Then they blame the first Hospital clinic or lab they have been to.
                This happens all the time.

              • Only gay men getting Monkey Pox is of course wrong, just common sense that something that is skin on skin contact would be akin to chicken pox more than AIDS/HIV which requires more friction of anal sex to draw blood from abrasion, thus gay men were the favorite of the HIV virus.

                Simply Google gays CDC and monkey pox and there’s plenty of sources that corroborate what I’m saying, its been changed. I don’t have screen shots of the old wording, thus no proof. but its been changed from focusing on gays to more like Chicken Pox treatment of said disease, wider in scope now.

                The proof its been changed is in the wording “prior”, meaning WHO, CDC, then trickles down to county and state health offices, meaning gay men were the focus “prior”, then common sense won and wording adjusted, of course with also some push back from the LGBTQplus community, some were pushing for Greek letters to be used (or another name aside from Monkey Pox) which i didn’t understand,

                cuz that wasn’t gay specific, Monkey like Chicken are just animals. But the LGBTQplus community were wary of WHO, CDC, and state/county treatment of Monkey Pox, that part is easily Googlable.

              • JoeAm says:

                WHO recognizes the need to tread wisely between warning the vulnerable while not stigmatizing anyone.


              • “That means that the public health systems can target their messaging and interventions to the specific communities most at risk. But it also carries the risk of stigmatizing those populations, while sowing complacency in others that could still be vulnerable.” from the article

                Exactly, my point , Joe!!!

                At first earlier they focused on gays.

                Then now changed their tune.

                WHO, CDC, and state/county health offices, are now saying “everyone can get it”.

                There’s been a change from specific to now general messaging. again why that word “prior” i’ve mentioned, is present.

              • JoeAm says:

                Well “changed the tune” is pejorative versus “responded to new data and feedback from affected communities”. The hostility of presumed bad faith rather than the graciousness of presumed good faith seems to me to be a distinction between trolls and scientists.

              • Its the same really, Joe.

                They changed it.

                Due to political correctness, eg. targetting specific groups.

                Due to sciency research, eg. targetting specific groups is more effective.

                they change it.

                Thus you have to weigh said reason for changing it, that opinion piece i shared from WaPo suggests more political correctness rather than sciency research playing role. Read that article.

      • I found this article (opinion piece), Joe, it doesn’t cite the CDC changes, but addresses same concerns i’ve mentioned:

        “Because the same is true of the monkeypox outbreak, newly launched vaccination campaigns appropriately target this group — in particular, those reporting multiple recent sex partners, which data indicate is associated with monkeypox acquisition. Sadly, state and local public health departments in the United States are failing to report to the CDC vital demographic details about people diagnosed with monkeypox. This stymies the nation’s capacity to respond to the outbreak with impactful interventions, such as targeted vaccines, and to promote health equity.

        By contrast, the rich data collection in Britain helps address the question of whether monkeypox only appears to be occurring predominantly among gay and bisexual men because the vast majority of testing is being conducted among them. As we know from covid-19, differences in test-positivity rates help control for differences in testing rates. And those figures in Britain are stark: The U.K. Health Security Agency reported that half of men screened for monkeypox tested positive; women, by contrast, tested positive only 0.6 percent of the time. No one under the age of 18 tested positive.

        Such experts have also asserted that the risk of monkeypox to the broader population not having multiple sex partners remains low — even “very low.” This is hopeful news, and the wider public deserves to be reassured accordingly. Assuaging fears of contagion will help fight unhelpful hysteria and prevent gay and bisexual men from being subjected to even greater stigma should they be painted as culprits of the spread of virus to others.”

  5. Lance, you don’t have to look far for recent party videos of Marcos Jr.:

    If you are looking for classic 80s stuff:

    There are other videos of the fat guy in baby clothes bursting out of the cake BTW, with Marcos Sr. and Imelda laughing..

    • JoeAm says:

      I keep waiting for President Marcos to become the flamboyant party guy and airhead, but he keeps making good reads and intelligent statements. Or maybe it’s a ventriloquist hidden behind him. His observations on Taiwan and the US alliance yesterday reflect a good deal of insight, reasonableness, and intelligence.

      • MLQ3 did write that it would be a mistake to see Jr. based on what he was in younger years, that he has learned since.

        Jr. may also be applying what his father was known for, utilizing excellent staff. Too early for any kind of judgement yet.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Regarding Excellent Staff.
          PBBM would not shift to PPP if Balisacan was not there considering Diokno on record said he preferred Hybrid PPP or ODA.

          • kasambahay says:

            excellent staff appointed no matter how exemplary, if under-utilized their heads ‘not much higher than the king’ remain just staff. already bbm’s son, xandro, is committee on appointments chief, mayhap to ensure his dad’s appointees panay lusot. I’m not forgetting harry roque is bbm’s legal adviser, maybe that is why our country is not joining ICC, bwelta ni roque for failing to get international court appointment for himself.

            excellent staff has to be utilized and put to work; hard at work, and not just be like another pen pusher in the office coming to work everyday in impeccable clothes and making up numbers.

            it’s 2weeks already after the earthquake in northern luzon and people there are still stuck up in tents. no definite plan yet of when their lives can get back to normal, if ever.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Funny how he showcased HB11 o the national defense act during the pre-Sona interview and yet it is just a recycled bill and they have to be three in the authorship, the lazy three just good in copying. (Romualdez, Marcos,Acidre).

              Glad he did not get the Appropriations Committee otherwise our budget will be a mess.

              Woe is us with Robin Padilla’s chairmanship of the constitutional amendments, the consolation is nothing will happen. Even Sandro said it was important (amending consti) but not necessary or a priority in his SONA interview.
              (something good came out of his mouth)

            • kasambahay says:

              what got my shivers is when bbm’s excellent staff talk lateral, side stepping issues and getting away with it. people are distracted, bombarded by too many excellent words meant to confused and divert, made staff look like they have uber knowledgeable about everything and anything!

              I was so hoping to hear from bbm’s economic whizzes about how much more interests those that have loans to repay now that inflation rate is at 6.4% and likely to be that high hangang december sa taong ito! for loans of up to 1million, how much higher is the repayment now? but the whizzes are not talking! not not talking! though if dennis uy is hint, he too has harder time keeping up with repayments.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                They will have to increase pa more the interest rates to offset high inflation.
                Good on savings and bad on loans.

              • kasambahay says:

                the way things are going these days, it’s sort of miracle people can manage to save money!

                and those with mortgages and home loans will now have harder time to pay off their loans.

        • JoeAm says:

          Totally agree.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        On another note regarding his public speaking, one thing I say not withstanding the fillers, dead- air and stuttering which can happen to the best of them, he is way better than Former President Duterte when it comes to public speaking with or without the ventriloquist behind him.

    • JoeAm says:

      Here’s a longer version. It’s actually good leadership and bonding by Marcos. Even if half the people there are enablers of death and corruption.

    • That’s actually pretty tame, I was imagining him grabbing women’s pussies, or bedding more than one woman at the same time, like Quiboloy. Karaoke and some dancing’s fine.

    • “I have never been nabbed or arrested at any beach party nor have I ever been charged, much less convicted of any drug-related case. I have certainly never snorted 1.5 million pesos worth of drugs. I am not and I have never been a drug dealer,” read part of Tupas’ complaint.

      Tupas said she was hurt when Bello criticized Duterte for skipping a recent vice presidential debate and posted on his Facebook wall: “Sara with a drug dealer? If Davao City is so ‘multi-awarded,’ why is it that… Mayor Duterte’s Press Information Officer Jefry Tupas was nabbed at a beach party where he and her friends were snorting P1.5 million worth of drugs on November 6, 2021? That she did not know she was sheltering a drug dealer is not credible.”


      How did Bello conclude “drug dealer”?

      And where did Bello get 1.5 Million pesos of drugs? which would’ve been around 20,000 US dollars. was that how much was confiscated?

      There’s a raid, okay i get it, this dude was at the party, but to conclude drug dealer and 1.5 Million pesos of drugs at party is another thing.

      I’m not a fan of libel/slander laws, cuz 1st Amendment, but from a personal point, you can’t just make shit up, and make bad unsupported conclusions. so unless Bello supports his statements,

      this Jefry fellow should get something from Bello, at the very least an apology.

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