Do pinks want Marcos to fail?

Analysis and opinion

By JoeAm

I was accused by a number of pinks of being a Marcos apologist for saying on Twitter that I thought the President was trying to do a good job. They said essentially that good and Marcos should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

My observation came from seeing his conventional cabinet picks, cleaning up PCOO, international travel to elevate the Philippines, saying the right things in speeches and statements, putting the kabosh on the death penalty, and making crisp decisions on matters like the SMC airport free trade zone. He operates like a corporate boss. He picks people he believes can handle the many details of governance that he cannot know, trusts them, and listens to them. Those are earmarks of a competent boss.

I’m not an apologist, and people who have read here understand that. I think what the accusation reveals is that the pink dislike of Marcos is very intense, for his corrupt and brutal parentage (and sister), for his tax evasion and history rewrite, and for beating Leni Robredo. They operate with a framework that says “Marcos is bad” and pick and choose their facts and arguments to certify that pre-conclusion.

Well, the fact is, he is doing some good things, running into some problems (Rodriguez), and handling matters as best he can as a newbie in a demanding job. He’s exceeded my expectations, for sure. I thought he’d be more like Duterte, bad decisions, airhead, and rants.

It seems to me that a lot of pinks want to hear only criticism of President Marcos because good news undermines their operating framework, and their passion or emotional investment.

Journalist Raissa Robles criticized Marcos for flying to New York to address the UN because Duterte did it on Zoom. Well, she is steeped in the Marcos history because she was in it, and wrote a book about it. In fact, the first thing Marcos did in NY was meet with an auditorium full of Filipinos. Clearly his visit is well orchestrated. Meanwhile US President Biden was meeting in London to see the Queen off. A presidency is not a work-at-home job. So I think Raissa’s fundamental framework may be to shape Marcos’ acts to confirm her deep-seated belief that he is a loser and a failure.

Well, he may be, eventually. I don’t know. MLQ3 offers the wisdom that Papa Marcos also made conventional Cabinet choices. In fact, that provided the cover for the looting and other hijinks. It also suggests the Senate might want to do a check on DBM loopholes that could feed corruption (a la Pharmally), as well as the secret intelligence funds.

Wariness is a right proper position to take looking at all that. But a presidency is the sum of thousands and thousands of decisions, some more visible or more important than others. They can be judged as good or bad based on their outcomes, apart from the baggage Marcos brings into the Palace. We can best judge the Marcos NY trip when it is done. To do so before that, or to cry “apologist” for every bit of good news that is noted, is basically rooting for the President to fail.

That’s not good for the nation.

What would be good for the nation would be to look at presidential deeds and outcomes without the shade of all the Marcos baggage. Let the deeds and outcomes stand or fall on their merits. Then every six months, or every year, add them up.


Photo, Rappler, President Marcos arrives in New York.

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  1. Agree with your stance Joe. Governing the country is hard enough. be vigilant but not obstructive.

    • JoeAm says:

      Nice summary. Nailed it.

      • kasambahay says:

        okay, I’m just having a gasbag here, lol! bbm has always wanted to be top gun like his daddy long legs leapfrogging a burial at libingan. muscles has been dreaming for the top job since a tyke, presumably his inheritance. now that he has got the top job, whether he has what it takes is now immaterial. the throne cannot be taken away from him.

        it’s a hard job but he did ask for it, fight and maybe cheat his way in. six yrs, he is committed. do pinks want him to tail, maybe not. they want him to win them over, to do better, perform better; in short, manuyo.

        kaso pbbm will probly wont bother winning over pinks, pinks dont want to be won over and put so much hurdles.

        I’m pink and did mourn my loss for 3 months. now, it’s best to MAGA pbbm! make him work harder, point out kakulangan, what need to be done, and how things maybe improved.

        • He is having fun in New York today:

          • kasambahay says:

            sometimes, I’m scared to look at him! he is developing ‘moonface’, at medyo bloated ang mukha reminiscent of circulatory health problems. I take it he had 2 covids and is probly still under the weather.

            but he is improving at kung electricity baga, grounded na siya ngayon, earthed na. and not likely to be haring off like a mad hatter. and xandro is being groomed as heir apparent, like father, like son, like grandfather.

            I hope like father like son like grandfather have not forgotten to grab some freebies while abroad! beg if they must, just bring us home the goodies.

            speaking siya sa united nations and like duterte before him speaking in foreign shores, always reiterating our unclos win, how we have put brake on china’s ambition.

      • “now, it’s best to MAGA pbbm! make him work harder, point out kakulangan, what need to be done, and how things maybe improved.”

        This is the best approach, kb! Move on, though be relevant still for 2028, which means do work and point out where constructive criticism is warranted, but don’t obstruct, because as the election showed, Pinks are the minority. and BBM/Inday Sara have mandates and the support of Filipinos.

  2. Pinks should take care not to become like those who didn’t like PNoy in 2010 and spent six years nitpicking. It also isn’t advisable to let emotions cloud one’s judgement. If there are reasons to feel a certain way, separate these reasons from emotion and keep an eye on one’s doubts. Crying wolf too often damages the credibility of the entire cause and makes Sara Duterte in 2028 even more likely. Fortunately not all Pinks are as described even as many are.

    • JoeAm says:

      Nicely put, Irineo. That’s exactly why I wrote the article. To urge some introspection, less fallacious reasoning, and the same kind of consideration that President Aquino deserved, but did not get.

  3. crispulo veneracion says:

    thank you JoeAm

  4. Micha says:

    There is no doubt that he wants to bring in positive results on the economic front to compensate for or redeem the failures of his father especially during the latter half of dictatorship. The how of it is my main concern this early in his term because I’m seeing nothing but orthodoxy and neoliberal approach from his economic team which will bring in the same predictable result of very substantial gains at the top but continued marginalization at the bottom.

    Absent any major scandal, that kind of outcome will probably allow him to coast along for the entirety of his term without facing the danger of being people powered once more but its not gonna be pretty still for those at the lower rung of the economic ladder.

    • JoeAm says:

      Neo-lib all the way. Love those oligarchs. There are a number of red-flag warnings visible from my observation post. Rodriguez, Calida, and DBM as possible pipelines of corruption. Secret funds. Red tagging. The whole arena of image-shaping (trolls, textbook redo, lies about his family history, etc). Sara Duterte.

    • rayanami2 says:

      Really, you don’t any doubt that he’s really wants positive results on the economic front?

      In his first few weeks, we have artificial shortage of several essential products, I say artificial because we found out that some products that supposedly are in short supply aren’t really so.

      So some people are trying to make us believe there’s really a shortage, possibly because they want the price to increase while they horde those products

      And he’s supposed to be the DA secretary, which would imply that as president he’s going to focus on this field

      And this is how far his focus on the subject matter has taken us.

      And you have no doubt

  5. Vicara says:

    I’d cut him a teeny bit of slack if I sensed in any way that he actually wants to DO good, instead of simply wanting to LOOK good — and to rehabilitate the image of his plundering criminal of a father as well. I get that kids have a psychological need to put at least one parent on a pedestal. But this is a grown man who has lived in splendid comfort all his life off that plunder, off the fruits of those crimes, and off the want and suffering of a couple of generations of Filipinos. And who has never, ever even hinted at ever acknowledging the monstrous culpability of his family. Even if he does end up settling those damned estate taxes, he and his kin will simply see that as a “paying off” to get the government hounds off their backs — pretty much the same as paying a bribe, you know?

    For now it seems he’s made some excellent appointments and signed good orders, and the administration is going forward, smoothly in some departments, and lurching this way and that when it comes to, say, Agriculture and Education. Like any normal administration.

    Only it’s not. Because you know and I know that that this is a caretaker government, cobbled together to prop him up as president and get the Marcoses the whitewashing the family has long craved, get it over with, and move on with one of Asia’s most dysfunctional, shoot-itself-in-the-foot democracies.

    You say that he is “handling matters as best he can as a newbie.” I say that he (or his wife/sister/mother collective) has wit enough to have agreed, pre-election, to allow a passel of competent-to-brilliant advisers and technocrats to come up with government actions and policies that he will just sign the Marcos name to, without a real clue as to what he’s doing and how things actually work, or how a real leader would focus on what is most important (Exhibit A: His public pronouncements consisting almost exclusively of dopey motherhood statements).

    This phalanx of top-notch tutors, governesses and special child therapists — i.e. certain Cabinet appointees, economists, diplomats, defense people, a handful of thinking lawmakers, policy planners, a competent relative or two (because he truly trusts only relatives and cronies and descendants of cronies) — forms the top Yaya class in a Yaya administration that is grimly determined to carry a nation of de facto Yayas (you and me and every idiot who voted for him ever) through the next six years, just as they got us through the last administration. And backed by an international Yaya cohort of anxious regional partners and allies.

    He’s adept enough at “saying the right things in speeches and statements,” reading smoothly off a teleprompter and wearing a smooth barong tagalog. There are people still so shell-shocked by the previous foul-mouthed incumbent, and sentimentally attached to outward forms of normalcy, that they actually think that this performance is a sign of progress in the Philippines.

    So you can fool THOSE people (or allow them to fool themselves), but please give the rest of us a break: It would really help us to contain our nausea and get on with the job of bringing up Baby if you would only stop urging us to “look at presidential deeds and outcomes without the shade of all the Marcos baggage.” He brought that baggage on board, it’s what he and family are all about — down to that ridiculous Marcos the Dictator pompadour sported by his equally clueless son.

    What we will look at are an ADMINISTRATION’S deeds and outcomes; believe it or not, we are already trying to ignore him as much as possible.

    And if, in the process, we are unable to keep from throwing up and letting loose some well-deserved bitchery, well: Let’s just say it’s minimal consolation for being spectacularly short-changed, for decade upon decade, on our compensation as Yayas.

    • JoeAm says:

      A lot there. My reaction, not response, to your paragraphs is as follows.

      1. Harsh, emotional.
      2. Cynical
      3. Wrong, I don’t, and can’t know that. It’s in the future, or in someone else’s hands.
      4. If it’s good for the Philippines, what’s the problem? His NY speech was not dopey.
      5. Sounds normal to me.
      6. No different than Aquino.
      7. No different than Aquino.
      8. Snide trollish sarcasm.
      9. Best wishes.
      10. Ahh, a whole pile of residual anger there, the seemingly solid core of modern social media dialogue.

      Thanks for taking the time to vent. It explains a lot.

      • Re 6 and 7: OK many expected Aquino to be a puppet or weakling but he turned out to be more in charge than many expected. With Marcos Jr. the impression of some is that he is like a casting show star, controlled by his “handlers”.

        Who would be the one controlling PNoy anyway back then, Kris Aquino? Imee is the ate of Marcos Jr., the Araneta women including Mar Roxas’ mother and Marcos Jr.’s wife have a domineering reputation. Imelda might just have wanted to dance in the Palace once more.

        I know Filipinos pride themselves on their intuition, but they often take it for facts to soon. Something my father often told me aside from distinguish possible and probable was to test all assumptions. I feel we don’t know fully yet if Marcos Jr. can be his own man like PNoy was.

        • Pinks/Yellows should just start with “Hey, at least he’s no DU30” then be all like, “He might be a bit like PNoy”, so lets just pray to Mama Mary that he won’t do anymore EJKs or sell the Philippines to China. and just be appreciative at such a tepid personality.

          I gotta feeling BBM will be like King Viserys , not too hot headed not too complacent, some where’s in the middle, a tepid type of rule for a tepid type of person.

        • JoeAm says:

          True. I have the same reservations. But both people speak sense (6) and have odd physical features that make them subject to cheap ridicule (7) and the idea we can’t or shouldn’t compartmentalize the flaws (7) is an argument to set fallacies in stone and say Aquino was a bad president because he didn’t greet the coffins. We then join the mindless troll brigade and never acknowledge good works as good works. Aquino was a bad president because, well, Mamasapano.

          It’s nonsense to say we can’t be honest.

    • Micha says:

      Excellent observations Vic. Looking forward for more of your postings hereabouts.

      • Re Vicara’s point 3) there are indeed strong indications that the admin’s goal is indeed to whitewash the Marcos family. Unlike the allegations of the other side that Atty. Robredo is a puppet of the “yellows”, “oligarchs” or CIA which are not impossible but pretty improbable if you ask me. Just as unlikely as her Harvard fellowship being thanks to Loida Nicolas-Lewis just because she is a donor and the law college is named after the late Reginald Lewis.

        Strong indications are the Maid in Malacañang movie, the proposal to abolish the PCGG, the silence during the death anniversary of Ninoy. To me the worries of the opposition and the anger are more understandable than the hate many trolls and admin influencers still are showing towards VP Leni Robredo. Still I get why Joe tries to stay as objective as possible.

  6. rayanami2 says:

    That’s a long jump in conclusion

    Wanting this admin to fail is different from knowing this admin would fail

    What I dislike is people covering up the failure, by people saying that he’s not failing when he really is failing

    • JoeAm says:

      What I dislike is people saying he is failing when failure is a future event. And they say it with 100% certainty. Chances are that he will serve his term, the Philippines will be fine economically, as S&P and Moodys say, China will not invade, transportation will be miserable, and we’ll be recovering from storms and earthquakes. We’ll be six years older and a lot of people will be poor.

      • rayanami2 says:

        So you agree, the pinks do not want Marcos to fail, some are just sure that he’ll fail.

        As for the PH being fine, in the next six years. That depends on how you define “fine”

        Were we just fine during Duterte’s term? If yes, then yes we’ll be fine for the next 6 years.

        But a new problem arises with your post.

        Some time during Duterte’s term, Kris Aquino said that when she’s feeling vengeful She’ll pay money to boost some of Pinoy Ako Blog’s post.
        That was spinned as Kris Aquino paying PAB to write criticism against the Admin

        And you know your post will be spinned in some nefarious way to suit them. Even your posts that made it seem you’re an apologist will be spinned in their favor.

        And that’s the reason some pinks are attacking you.

        • “Were we just fine during Duterte’s term? If yes, then yes we’ll be fine for the next 6 years.”

          Most Filipinos thought so, DU30’s approval rating hovered around 80 to 90%. Who are you to say it wasn’t fine? show proof it wasn’t fine.

          Otherwise, explain what good deeds you’re laying out now for the midterms and for 2028. talk is cheap. have skin in the game. (that’s for Micha 😉 )

          • rayanami2 says:

            Most Filipinos voted for a tax evader and a Martial Law atrocities denier.
            So excuse me for not putting too much weight on an SWS survey

            Show proof it wasn’t fine? Well pandemic handling, worst in SEA. negative GDP growth, high inflation rate.

            The only good deed that I am obligated to do is to pay taxes, something that already makes me better than BBM.

            Talk is cheap but as a non-government employee, but that’s already an ad hominem.

            Have skin in the game, the fact that i still live in the PH is me having skin in the game.

          • Micha says:

            @Corporal D

            For a foreigner like you who’s not even living in the country, you’re the least qualified person to be invoking a skin-in-the-game bullshit.

            I, on the other hand, had just came back from a month long vacation to attend a family reunion with close to 500 relatives in attendance. After that, we went to attend my niece’s wedding in Tagaytay and took a side trip to my cousin’s residence in Batangas.

            So you see Corporal, I am still firmly rooted in the country of my birth and I can flash my dual citizenship papers in your face anytime too.

            • JoeAm says:

              Well, that must have been fun. No one does family celebrations like Filipinos. Good that you got to come ‘home’.

            • Vacation and family outings and weddings don’t count! and for raya just simply living there don’t count!

              What are you doing for the people? Specific example please. None of this my dollar converts into 57 pesos, thus buying power.

              • rayanami2 says:

                Asking what i do for the people, is an ad hominem. It doesn’t matter if i do anything for the people or not, I’m not running or holding any government position

                Why does living where the fucking up exist doesnt count as having a skin in the game.
                Also, another example of ad hominem

                Your entire argument is a logical fallacy. Something that people think makes them win the argument, but learned people know better.

              • rayanami2 says:

                Also, since there’s no reply button on your other reply

                High Inflation rate of DuterTAE admin happened in 2017 or 2018, was there pandemic then?

                Negative GDP, sure because Covid, but practically all other SEA countries have positive GDP growth, there were just 2 countries that had negative GDP, us and I forgot the other one.

                Failed pandemic response, compared to Vietnam, South Korea, and Taiwan.

                Also your 90% approval rating as proof that DuterTAE did well is called ad populum fallacy.

                Today You Learned, asking what i do for the country as a counter argument is an ad hominem,

                Are you one of those who think ad hominem is only about insults? it is not. ad hominem means attacking the person, not the argument.

                Ad Populum is the “a lot of people think 1+1=3 so 1+1 must be equals to 3”

              • JoeAm says:

                @rayanami, When responses get to seven deep, you have to scroll up to the first reply button you see. The comments stack. You can use the “@LCX” or “@whoever” convention to make sure the post is noticed by whoever you are addressing.

              • Micha says:

                You’re a foreigner Corporal Dickhead. You hardly knew my personal circumstances. I am not obligated to report to you what I had been doing as a citizen (by birth and by legal affinity) of the republic!!!

                Who the fuck are you to question my fealty and dedication to my people and my country??!!

              • Okay, raya and Micha… the simple answer would’ve been I’m just like you LCPL_X, I enjoy vacations in a nation that has a big gap in money conversion rate, but I like also visiting places I’m very familiar with where I understand the language and culture. lechon every day!!! woooohooo.

                Say something like…

                Basically, I complain about poor people voting for bad presidents, but I really don’t do anything about it directly.

                See that wasn’t so bad, Micha and raya. 😉

                you can list all the argument fallacies, raya, but until you’ve mastered Schopenhauer’s list first, merely listing fallacies is just uninteresting. i’ve asked you both for skin in the game proof and you play coy, we have to assume none, no skin in the game. so temper your complaints!!!

              • rayanami2 says:

                Meh, you’re still doing ad hominems,

                We’re arguing about something unrelated to who I am as a person. We’re not debating about if I’m a good candidate for a government position

                Whether I have a skin in the game or not is irrelevant
                Whether I help change the country is irrelevant

                If i say 1+1=2 it remains correct regardless of my contribution to society

                Let me humor you then.
                Since you think that people who speaks against the government should have a contribution to the government to have the right to do that.

                You’re speaking against me, what have you contributed to me?

              • And be easy on Joe. that’s my point here.

              • JoeAm says:

                I appreciate your compassion. tee hee

              • “High Inflation rate of DuterTAE admin happened in 2017 or 2018”

                I believe this is what chempo commented on specifically thru karl. and I can’t find the graph he shared now, but 2017-2018 is too early in DU30’s 6 year stint, and economic policy don’t really kick in til a few years after said policies were enacted which means, raya,

                what you’re complaining about re GDP/high inflation etc. might be a PNOY or GMA issue not specifically DU30, so again prove it was DU30’s fault. and you’ll be hard pressed except for maybe chempo’s rational that foreign investors leave when they feel they have to hedge,

                but the flip side is that more nationalized economy which is Micha’s thing here is a good thing, so when folks like chempo leave (foreign investors) the rationale is that more Filipinos from Philippines will have a fighting chance.

                So you need to clarify and explain the source of high inflation you’ve indicated, raya. and you’ll see that economics is like talking religion too many moving parts, and blaming presidents is not the best route.

                I suggest just stick to blaming DU30 for EJKs that’s what he actually did and that’s what garnered him 90% ratings among Filipinos.

                As to now, I suggest you take notes on BBM so you can’t play the revisionist game yourself ala your 2017-2018 inflation rate, assigning blame where blame is not clear, raya. how’s that for a fallacy, fallacy of wrong interpretation of data, LOL!

              • Micha says:

                You’re still not getting it Dickhead.

                Unlike you, I’m not in the habit of boasting what I do as a law abiding good citizen. And it’s none of your fucking business, as a foreigner, to be asking that. That’s between me, the duly constituted government, and the home country that it represents.

                Second of all, nosey intrusion into an individual’s private activities violates basic decorum of respect and courtesy. I wouldn’t imagine repeatedly asking JoeAm, for example, why he prefers to stay abroad instead of being a dutiful citizen in his home country. If he volunteers that information publicly here, we’ll and good. It’s a matter of personal preference and I will just have to respect his decision. I wouldn’t be repeatedly trolling him to explain his skin in the game choices.

                Nor would I do the same to you because apart from actually respecting your choices too, I also happen to be in the least interested what you preoccupy yourself with in your full retirement time besides trolling this site.

              • JoeAm says:

                I’m in the Philippines because my wife chose here (she has no friends in the US and is not a skilled English speaker) and I agreed because we can have a rich life on a middle income pension. It’s fun. It’s warm.

                I do agree with you that private information is not proper subject matter. It is ad hominem, in the extreme.

              • If the complaint is about poor people, poor people voting for presidents you don’t like, and complaining about how the country is going down instead of up,

                then it is relevant to inquire as to one’s skin in the game, Micha. because this is whats being used as weapon to levy onto Joe’s objectivity your criticisms (empty and baseless as I will expound below). 😉

                Because in the end talk is cheap, so what are you and raya specifically doing to alleviate the thing that you’re complaining about. if none, then say so, instead of acting holier than thou,

                we are both in the same boat, unable to do much, so either offer constructive criticims (in fairness to you, Micha, you have done so though theoretical and academic, none on-the-ground items), but mostly towards raya here,

                complaining about how Joe is being objective towards BBM and i guess how this objectivity offends his sensibilities, well I’m simply pointing out if you’re going to lay bare your sensibilities here and use it as justification

                to attack Joe’s objectivity re BBM, then lets explore these sensibilities, to examine if it actually merits our attention and justifies said opinions on Joe’s “apologetics” re BBM.

                Otherwise raya’s (and in part yours Micha) sensibilities is simply a rhetorical device. Like a moro-moro play. Warrantless and useless and pointless in Joe’s wider mission of improving the Philippine condition.

                Just another means of being offended and blaming someone else for said manufactured offence. See how that works? raya actually has no cause or issue with Joe’s blog article, just making moro-moro play about it, is all, Micha.

                i see right thru it. 😉

              • Micha says:

                Knock it off already dickhead, you’re just squeeze trolling around here. What is it about none of your business you still don’t understand till now?

                I do what I have to do as a good law abiding citizen in a time and manner that I alone determine suitable and best proportionate to ability. I will answer only to my conscience.

                Not to a trollish dickhead like you.

              • You’re lucky I’m still mourning the Queen, Micha. if it wasn’t for her you’d still be on the hot seat. I release you , Micha. thrive and do your good deeds in peace.

              • JoeAm says:

                FYI, The Marcos UN speech text. Global warming is his the number 1 issue. I tell you, he and I are in sync on this stuff. 🤣😂🤣


              • Micha says:

                Hahaha, His Royal Arsehole, King Dickhead.

              • “If i say 1+1=2 it remains correct regardless of my contribution to society”

                @ raya, that’s fallacy by wrong metaphor!!! number 12, here:

                @ Micha, that’s number 38!!! but again you better thank the Queen for this respite.

              • Micha says:

                Not getting you Your Highness.

                But seriously, that’s an apt nom de guerre for you here instead of a lowly Corporal because you’re just so full of it.

                His Royal Arsehole, King Dickhead

                You could have been King Richard or something but no luck being a commoner.

              • I’ll accept said title, Micha, but you better be curtsying!

              • Micha says:

                No problemo.

                As long as I can stick my middle finger in the air too.

              • That’s not a proper curtsy!!!

              • Micha says:

                That’s the whole point, your majesty – symbolic obeisance to what is nothing but stupidity behind the throne so ridiculing it with contempt is well deserved.

              • I see your point, so long as the curtsy is deep (see below photo), middle finger is fine i suppose. The King accepts this appeasement.

              • Micha says:

                Hahaha, now we have full evidence of a retarded royalty.

              • Its actually a great compromise, I get a deep curtsy and you get the finger , Micha. King Solomon couldn’t have done better.

              • Micha says:

                Now you’re really showing it, Your Royal Retard.

                Both the curtsy and the finger is for you.

                It’s not a compromise.

              • Its a compromise because a curtsy is a symbol of deference, while the finger can either be interpreted as disrespect or showing that one is number one. the latter is how I’ll interpret it. But the curtsy requires no interpretation, Micha.

                Its a compromise because you can interpret the finger as disrespect, which makes you happy i suppose, but again I’ll be interpreting it as you telling me I’m #1. So we’re both happy, Micha. its called a non-zero sum solution. Otherwise called by game theorists, win-win.

              • Micha says:

                Hahaha, now you’re going full on Sottosque.

                Which validates the crier’s remark that the stupid king indeed has no clothes.

              • You can curtsy whilst raising your middle finger, Micha. I doth decree.

              • Micha says:

                Hahaha, nice talking to you retarded Dick.

                Time to gulp your sleeping pills so you could at least do something functionally useful tomorrow other than trolling.

              • I sleep whenever I want to, Micha. but just prefer to sleep early like by 9pm pacific time. G’nite.

        • JoeAm says:

          Well, I can only control what I can control, so if pinks don’t read the article or the discussion, react to the headline, and bay into the moon, that’s their problem, not mine. Your point about how we measure success is right to the point. Set out some markers. Communist insurgency done. Job targets. Virology institute completed. Education upgraded. Measure progress against your markers and make a call. Don’t measure him on the tax case or his father’s transgressions so that he is a failure no matter what.

          • rayanami2 says:

            True, you can only control what you can control. Knowing that you are a known personality who supported Mar Roxas. and post like this is something that will help the other side.

            At the very least control what you post.

            You can pretend that you’re not helping the other side with this post, accidental or intentional.

            I’ve already made an example on how someone’s statement, was twisted to favor them.

            because of that irresponsible comment of hers, it’s a foregone conclusion that Kris Aquino is spending money to fund PAB for non-liberal supporters.

            How did education get upgraded?

            Employment rate isn’t at 2016 level yet, and you already include job targets as an achievement for this admin.

            Inflation and dollar rate is very bad.
            Food shortage seems artificial.
            We still don’t have a health secretary
            Crime is supposedly going up

            I don’t know how you can say that the admin is doing well,

            so it’s very understandable for some people to assume you’ve been compromised

            • JoeAm says:

              No, I’ll post whatever the hell I want and not bend to accommodate the wishes of stray passers by. You are welcome to argue the points of the post civilly or not read at all. But never never never ever pull out the podium of a more morally gifted participant in our exchanges.

              PAB is a friend of mine and I don’t see that you have any basis for trying to walk in her shoes. I’ve also corresponded with Kris Aquino when she introduced my blog to President Aquino. They are both humanitarians and decent souls, so your labels are so much trollish nonsense.

              Do you understand benchmarks? They are performance metrics, targets, the objective measures by which businesses and governments tell how they are doing. I’m inviting you to look at jobs today and set your benchmark on jobs and even average salary, as to what you think ‘good’ Marcos performance should be in the future, and then watch it over the years. THAT is objectivity. Not this whackadoodle casting of conspiracies and judging the future based on the present.

              Maybe you are one of those incorrigible non-listners, a 100 percenter who needs it his way. If so, maybe toddle off somewhere else to debate.

              • rayanami2 says:

                Spoken like a duterte
                Have I argued the points uncivilly for you? Or like a duterte, any form of opposition to your opinion is uncivil?

                When did I try to walk in her shoes? What label did I say that is offensive to Kris?

                I said Kris mistake in saying that she spends money to boost PAB’s post was spinned by the other side as Kris paying PAB to post criticisms against the government

                PAB is a friend of yours, ok, how is that relevant to the discussion?

                whackadoodle casting of conspiracies, high inflation rate and weak peso is conspiracy, apparently

                Actually you’re the incorrigible non-listener who needs it his way.

                Shooing me away because I don’t agree with you,. that’s very DDS behavior.

              • JoeAm says:

                My blog. My way. Mosey off so I don’t have to block you.

              • rayanami2 says:

                Your Blog, Your way

                So if you want it to be a Marcos Apologist Blog, I can do nothing

                I can only be disappointed

                Block me if you want, but know that you’re just proving that you have the same feather as the DDS trolls

              • JoeAm says:

                You’ll get over it, I’m sure. Thanks for stopping by.

              • “Show proof it wasn’t fine? Well pandemic handling, worst in SEA. negative GDP growth, high inflation rate.”

                What the model example China?

                As for negative GDP, COVID19.

                High inflation, check here too.

  7. If Pinks and Yellows wanna be relevant,

    theres plenty of issues in the Philippines they can fix, they don’t have to be in power or in the arena to do so, they can complain and criticize and demand solutions and deliver them, for example DFA fixers fix them, individual schools not producing educated kids fire superintendents/principas, set sights on certain corrupt and inefficient managers and supervisors (easy to take down not beholdened to BBM or Inday Sara) so they can deliver to Filipinos accomplishments, then

    start fielding possible candidates for 2028 or before. they can do work whilst complaining , Joe. Generate easy results from said complaints! small and steady work that adds up. But advertise said accomplistments. For example, the Philippines is the only country right now requiring QR code for COVID19, you fill it out prior to getting to Philippines and the folks that check it in the Philippines don’t even look at it.

    Which means its a data collecting scam plain and simple. Get rid of it!!! Pinks/Yellows can claim we’re the one that got rid of that stoopid system!!! We protect your data. sweet and simple, little solutions that can be easily delivered. And that people will appreciate. They’ll start to think Hey maybe Pinks/Yellows can deliver.

    • Wooooohoooo, not in the dog house anymore!

    • Atty Leni isn’t complaining she is continuing her work.

      Inaugurated a Community Learning Hub and an Angat Buhay Village recently, meaning competence shown in Education and Housing, PR is on the usual FB pages.

      Interesting is that she met with DSWD Sec. Erwin Tulfo to work together in case of typhoons, but no meet with Inday Sara to work together on Education.

      Seems Raffy Tulfo is now questioning Inday Sara, I wonder what that all means right now.

      Recently Christian Esguerra made an interview about “why are the Robredos unbothered” but not with Atty. Leni Robredo, with the eldest daughter Aika Robredo. Asked whether any of the sisters would run for office, she said her two sisters have run a half marathon but certainly won’t run for office. She said she probably will just run in the gym as she lives in Metro Manila, not a half marathon, but no direct answer on running for office so that option is still open.

      Personally I don’t see them making any direct move until Atty. Leni is back from Harvard.

      • Thanks, Ireneo. If they do intend to run for office, its probably a good strategy to make that intent known now, instead of playing this Filipino coy moro moro play re politics and running for office. Be direct, and start solving problems.

        This Maria Clara act is getting old for sure.

        So are you saying these Pinks (and Yellows) that Joe is talking about is just a very small minority? If so aside from the Robredos, who else is getting on and working to solve more problems in politics or outside of it? Or are the Robredos the default family again, without others to go up against Inday Sara is 2028.

        But make it clear now who’s running for office and make clear their works. If its just the poor well most poor Filipinos voted for BBM, so maybe tweak this poor stuff, maybe focus on

        stuff that affects a bigger swath of people. Just remember the poor don’t like to be reminded that they are poor they aspire to greater things too even though they’ll never get there, so play into that. Like that, plenty of poor Filipinos want nose bridges and less wide looking noses, they aspire for stuff like this, even draining their savings for it. Why not set up a learning clinic help out doctors , give poor Filipinos the noses they aspire to, maybe some skin whitening, etc.

        Check out their fb page and who’s posting and planning to get nose jobs, very telling. and gets you a pulse on the poor.

        • The Pinks (mostly Yellows IMO) Joe is mentioning are mostly on Twitter, some are on Facebook as well, IMO most are very frustrated.

          Some are in a group to electronically preserve Martial Law era documents, some of them were discovering the archipelago during the campaign, they keep themselves busy.

          No oppositionist politicians complaining except Sen. Hontiveros and Rep. Lagman as well as some leftist Partylisters, within their mandates.

          LP met recently to strategize for 2025/8 but Atty. Leni has left their leadership to focus on Angat Buhay NGO – whatever that will eventually mean.

          Aika Robredo has her own microfinance NGO and teaches part-time at Ateneo.

          Tricia Robredo is at Harvard to study Health Management, will be away some years.

          Jillian Robredo who graduated at NYU recently, scholarship, is now working for the NYC office of a consulting firm with HQ in UK. Was in London just after QE2 died. My oracle says she will meet a young dashing English lord and become Lady Jillian – Imee will turn green with envy.

          • Oh, I wonder who this lord is, Ireneo!

            RE Aika Robredo’s Restart Micro-Enterprise (RestarME), Inc. I hope she also copies this method,

            “For two decades, The Nature Conservancy’s work has been guided by a framework we call Conservation by Design. From the beginning, Conservation by Design has unified our efforts around the world by providing a common language and consistent approach across the diversity of systems, cultures, geographies and communities in which we engage.

            It has guided us in identifying what to conserve and where and how to conserve it, and in measuring our effectiveness.

            Conservation by Design articulates our conservation vision and marries our collaborative, science-based approach with key analytical methods. Around the world, this strategic framework guides the Conservancy and our partners in conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. We seek solutions that will meet the needs of people, as well as species and ecosystems.

            The basic concepts of Conservation by Design are simple: set goals and priorities, develop strategies, take action and measure results.”

  8. Karl Garcia says:

    We started to discuss this on the knowledge seeking and power seeking ways of debating, where Joe get to block a few notables for his dealings with Ambassador Locsin and many other reasons, then I also opined on the tweets that made Joe write this article; the insinuations that Joe is an apologist. I stand by you Joe you are not an apologist.

    Now as to Duterte I still want him to go to jail. Crimes on humanity is nothing to run away from. BBM too and if he did the crime he must do the time.
    While he is president we are here to give credit where credit is due and we are willing to do the opposite if it is not for the national interest.

    • JoeAm says:

      Why thanks, Karl. Yes, Duterte should go to jail for murder, here in the Philippines, not the ICC. But justice here is wholly incompetent.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Remulla is fifty fifty incompetent by releasing a few prisoners and turning that white elephant of a rehab center into a prison for the recently released prosoners( joke joke joke)

      • Karl Garcia says:

        And you are welcome Joe I do stand by you and so does the rest of us here though I am not speaking in anyone’s behalf.

        • kasambahay says:

          kung ako ang paguusapan, not that people talk about me coz my avatar is enough to disgust people, lol! calling joeam apologist and butting heads with him just so he can be turned around and be their zealot, their beast of burden recruited and drafted sympathizer, I’m glad joeam is his own person and dodged the call. there has got to be some free agent, impartial and lucid as joeam.

  9. Karl Garcia says:

    On policies: I still insist that no to mandatory ROTC if this would only mean a waste of time and money with no actual military training feasible except playing with wooden guns and marching around.
    (show me the money that would go beyond that)

    Implement the National defense act but with out forcing anyone to be drafted, a separate procurement body would not remove the overpricing scandals the AFP has faced and has been facing.

    For food security, I take back what i said to give the rice production to Thailand and Vietnam, we could be a strong third player in this region and we have a world to feed after feeding our selves.

    • JoeAm says:

      I like that form of changing one’s mind based on new data. “I take back . . .”

      Accountability doesn’t require an apology. It requires a correct reading of new data.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Thanks Joe, after seeing the Nueva Ecija situation where the vegetables get rotten and with the farmers selling directly to restos. Supply chain disruptions can be deliberate.

        Back to rice
        I said that we do not have a long river that Viertnam and Thailand has, buy we can ask desalination techniques from Israel that can be a source for Irrigation water and salt.

        Plus Micha’s drive for more subsidies.
        Actually Micha changed my mind through his 4 point plan for agri recently.

    • kasambahay says:

      ahem, agri secretary has already ear plugs on, and could well be hard of hearing! and what he knows of agri is maybe the size of a grain of rice. and his trixie with the fixed eyebrows is not helping, lol! plenty explanations on the why and barely on the how. give solutions please, not more explanations.

      in new york, he meet with ofws and thank them profusely for being source of remittance, the saving grace of our nation. there are many saving graces our nation has, if he is prepared to look deeper and invest more in our industries and in training our people. there is so much money lying around in govt coffers with budgets approved sans expenditure plans submitted.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        He might still do good. Micha has sent his emissary to suggest his plan for agriculture and to present the anti-neoliberalism paper.
        When BBM returns we would turn things around. (Wishful thinking)

  10. fortart7 says:

    Agree. Taking care of the Estate Taxes Owed would be best to illustrate true patriotism and love for the country. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    • kasambahay says:

      mayhap, pbbm via his spare tire sara has already passed on the patriotism buck by mandating the young to rotc. apparently the young ones are not allowed to be young and enjoy what it is to be young, and must now be shackled with playing the rigid and disciplined soldiers their folks couldn’t. and because it’s mandatory, those that refused rotc will be punished, hunted and jailed.

      • kasambahay says:

        maybe that is one of the reasons why foreign investors are reluctant to give firm commitment to invest in our country, when we have a president that allegedly cannot be trusted with paying tax, lol!

  11. Karl Garcia says:

    Stop trolling LCX or I will troll you. Nah let us not do that. You told me to not to out and yet you do not lead by example.

    • I’m not outing any one just putting pressure, karl. Of course no one has to out anything, but the question must be asked to weigh said complaints in context.

      raya or Micha could’ve said I’m active in my INC or Church of Quiboloy group and we sweep the streets and give food to the needy. whatever. But now they have to consign themselves to the reality that their complaints are warrantless,

      especially ones targeted to Joe. Which is my point.

      FWIW, its numbers 6 to 11 , here:

  12. Karl Garcia says:

    @LCX the last sentence was dedicated for you. Adult-kids hahaha!!!

    Man this rabbithole thing was the description of Chempo’s web site.
    But now he lets his wife post. His wife happens to be a Marcos loyalist, that is why he had a 180 with regards to Marcos. That is what I think and I could be wrong.

    Fatherlee says:
    September 20, 2022 at 3:28 pm
    The hollow, haughty, or ridiculing replies to Terence’s post — an infantile “kind of emotionalized trollish claptrap” — answers his final question (“Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a fantasy land and play victim like a little child?”) with a resounding “No!”

    Yikes… was he unaware that this is mostly a place of adult-kids?

  13. Juan Luna says:

    Like any incoming executive, we should give Pres. BBM the benefit of the doubt. And by that I mean that we should allow him to govern unhindered and unhampered in pursuing his desire to be of service to the country and people.

    That is the premise.

    But unlike any executive, he has a different history, origin or moorings for lack of a better word. On each side of the fence he represents a shaky, unpredictable and dire future anchored on a morbid and dark past on one side, and on the other, a bygone era, the glorious reign of his father, full of emotional nostalgia and sentimental value that recalls the good old days.

    That’s the fact.

    Personally, I am not hopeful that the BBM administration will come up with something that will surpass or overachieve previous administrations. Of course, anyone who cares for the country wishes success for its leaders and I’m a subscriber of that tenet. But my instinct tells me that, aside from sure failure, there is a greater chance that he will just perform so-so because BBM has been performing that way since he came back from Hawaii. Seriously, I am not seeing anything that I can say will result in the country elevating in another level in terms of political or social development. Sure, I expect him to do a regular executive performance but I do not see him going to the max especially on issues that are pending and going against his family (unpaid taxes and the still unrecovered millions, if not billions, of pesos as part of his family’s hidden wealth; human rights abuse cases, etc.).

    I hate to say this but BBM is a just facade, an oasis meant to fulfill the emotional longings people have of his father. In fact, the nostalgia is so strong that even a few from the yellow ones are starting to believe that he’s the real thing! I’m not saying this just to disparage his person. I’m saying this because it has been normal routine among great people having poor versions of themselves thorough their descendants. And BBM is no exception. We got a poor version of Ninoy when we had Noynoy as president. Now, we have a Macoy wannabe in our midst. Same old.

    That’s my opinion.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Repeat this in the latest blog. (repost)

    • JoeAm says:

      The thing missing in your analysis, which is right on target, is that the 31 million and even pinks now operate in an arena of social discourse where lies are acceptable. For some, like the power brokers, corruption, theft, and murder are acceptable. So you have to judge Marcoa and other deceitful, criminal players as just doing what is done, that which is acceptable. Why should pinks get to lie, but Marcos has to be honest.

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