Ahahaha, I love the Inquirer’s comical headlines!!!

I cracked up today in reading one of the tabloid Inquirer’s typically editorialized headlines:


US entry feared when Subic is military base


Here’s a link to the article: Really Funny Headline

I thought for sure I would read about leftist protests and see a tight-in photo of 50 people in Subic or on Roxas with signs protesting US imperialism, as if taking over the bars in Subic were tantamount to conquering the Crimea or invading Palawan.

guests tour US military craft at Subic - mysubicbaydotcom

Filipino guests tour US military gear at Subic [Photo credit: mysubicbay.com]

But, no, no, nothing like that. Here is the entire justification for the headline:

“Objections have been raised that once Subic Bay becomes a military base, the US Navy will have unimpeded access under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.”

No sources cited. No references as to who is raising these objections. Is it the writer’s auntie, or a neighbor? The headline writer’s boss? Who exactly is complaining? I read the article again. No source of the fear.

So I have no idea who is scared. I know if the writer had taken the trouble to interview the Mayor of Olongapo, or some of the businessmen in Subic Freeport, Subic Town and Olongapo they will find NO FEAR. They will find high fives and toasts to the Subic Freeport for signing the military lease to the PHILIPPINE armed forces.

The writer is Julie M. Aurelio. Now, I have nothing against Julie. Nice lady, probably. And I don’t know who wrote that editorial masking as a headline that MAKES the news rather than reports it. An article where the headline is totally disconnected from the facts in the report.

You should read the article yourself. It basically quotes Philippine Department of Defense spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez explaining how important the Subic location is for the PHILIPPINE air force, given the tensions in the West Philippine Sea. There are also quotes from Admiral Scott Swift, commander of the US Pacific Fleet, talking about how the US is prepared for any contingency they are ordered to take care of by the US President.

Scary stuff, eh? That the US is ready to help with storms or defense of Philippine sovereignty.

I tell you, that Inquirer cracks me up.

Presenting the Philippines as a scared nation unable to deal with . . . OMG . . . profitable businesses in the Subic region, help during storms, and assistance during confrontations with thugs trying to block access to the seas.

As if the Philippines cannot manage an American presence, and will become lackeys to the warmongering generals and politicians who want . . . what exactly?

A free and independent Philippines?

THAT is scary???



Oh, my . . . my side . . . my side . . .

Tears in my eyes . . . .

That Inquirer . . . the peak of Philippine journalistic integrity and competence . . .

Aahahaha . . .


57 Responses to “Ahahaha, I love the Inquirer’s comical headlines!!!”
  1. Sal says:

    What can we expect of tabloids? Absolute trash… not worth the disc space it is parked in. Similar reason I stopped reading the Manila Times editorials and blogs which do not even allow one to post a response that goes questions the author’s logic or suppositions. BTW the link to the article does not work for me.

    • Joe America says:

      Hmmm, I will examine the link and try to fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

      That’s why I have to look at them as comedy, because if I take them seriously, I injure my forehead with all the slapping, done in disbelief that journalism can be so . . . um . . . corrupted.

      • Sal says:

        JoeAm, thanks for the fix… link works now.

        • Joe America says:

          And thanks for letting me know. I might never have found out had you not mentioned it.

          Kinda like teamwork, eh?

          • neo canjeca says:

            Joe Am IF I may speculate :

            Though am a little late to read this:


            Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/705772/binay-seeks-lifting-of-term-limitations-one-to-sawa#ixzz3gIFCc3z6

            I read not all but substantially the comments on the above news item. Comments were comprehensive but CLUELESS for one simple thing seemingly insidious and malevolent depending on whether the commenter is pro or anti-Binay. Commenters angry or happy are sometimes clueless of the morbid or macabre spin-off of utterances of politicians. It’s because they are focused or pinned down if not fixated to issues of corruption and its variants of thievery and plunder.

            Why would VP Binay suggests only now lifting terms of limitations (one to “sawa” ) and strongly? Suggest possible amending the constitution. Why indeed? Why can’t almost everybody see the sinister import of the suggestion? Instead VP Binay was rediculed, insulted, called the foulest of names and not see VP Binay’s sealed fate: of losing next year’s election and certainty of going to jail. Deletion of term limits or exact tenure of office is about gaining time lag: BUYING PRECIOUS TIME. It is kapit sa patalim of a drowning man so says the old folks.

            Commenters will say: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, it’s politically incorrect. IT IS INSANE. Not knowing there is method and process to madness. Congress can amend the constitution in just four months many members of which had a Damocles sword hanging over their heads in the same boat as VP Binay will just be happy to agree and fight for it.

            Let Congress find the method or process of madness to extend the terms of the President, the VP and all members of Congress and obliterate the 2016 elections. In the meantime P Noy and Binay continue in their positions. VP Binay’s criminal cases continue also but with his clout as VP and the mess created by the new constitution amendments, it is ENTIRELY A NEW BALLGAME for VP Binay. Everybody is maddeningly happy except the clueless commenters.

            • Joe America says:

              The Vice President quickly recognized the error of his statement after an immediate uproar from every sector of government, and even frineds, and said he was only talking about local offices. Then he said he favored two 4-year terms, trying any spin that would correct the conclusion being drawn, that Binay wants to be president for life. Well, we can see he is president for life of the Boy Scouts, so we would be foolish to view his first statement as a slip of the lip, but what he wants. Either his lips or his mind slipped. And either way, it shows he ought not be president.

              The only way term limits will be addressed is if Binay is president, or there is a comprehensive re-write of the Constitution under a neutral academic body.

              If Binay is elected president, the Philippines goes into the history books as one of the stupidest collectives of humans in the history of the planet.

              • neo canjeca says:

                Can you not see it, Joe Am, the beauty of extending now by constitutional assembly of all elected government officials, national and local who will face the electorate in 2016. No campaign equals no campaign expenses and a gift to Noynoy in a silver platter by Congress. Once Congress acts on it how Governors, Board Members, City and Municipal Mayors will sing Alleluyas to VP Binay. Congressmen’s clout is not in Manila but in their districts in the provinces. Let Noynoy try to stop a runaway MRT full of passengers. IT IS ENTIRELY A NEW BALLGAME.


                “The only way term limits will be addressed is if Binay is president, or there is a comprehensive re-write of the Constitution under a neutral academic body.”

                NOW and THEN VP Binay does not even need to vote except to ratify it in plebiscite as he and Noynoy continue to hold office. That’s why it’s MACABRE.

              • Joe America says:

                No, I can’t relate to that. It is outside my scope of comprehension.

    • neo canjeca says:

      Joe Am please allow me. Posted days before, I think these thoughts real place is here.

      Daily news, rubbish and constructive opinions in a habitat of 100 million (Ph), 300+million (USA) are routine matters like breakfast and bowel movement. ROUTINE. A President in the extreme do not need to know how to read. The likes Helen Keller or Stephen Hawking can be President. She/he can just listen.

      May be just may be the US President listens more and reads less every morning so also probably is the Canadian PM. It’s been routinized for them by trusted staff to get rational raw info before the start of the day. These staff members devoid of self or partisan interest do nothing but gather, process, and report and clarify unedited information to the President for his independent cogitation and reflection. It’s ideal for these people to have come from the academe; fresh graduates or retired professors. They should have no opinion on anything except when the President ask for such.

      These Mass Comm readers for the President should know the names of those who purveys information daily. By their names and gathered intelligence , the staff can separate the pimps, their street walkers, the AC/DC (attack-collect: defend-collect), Chefs of dung, sewage deodorizers from the real journalists/broadcasters or TV anchors. If there are any.

      From the staff’s garbage dump, the President can use garbage facts to gently remind publishers and media owners of the existence of garbage producers in their profitable info business, let along or left alone can turn the clueless citizens into zombies.

  2. karl garcia says:

    Laughter is the best medicine,unless you hurt yourself by slapping your forehead too hard.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes indeed. The editorializing of the headlines, and the disconnect with article content, is a regular thing at the Inquirer and elsewhere. I cannot believe how they have miss-represented Sec. Roxas statement about giving way. Are reporters that simple-minded, or do editorial policies require those kinds of fabrications? Possibly a little of both. Right now, I think Rappler has the highest journalistic integrity, but there may be others I am missing. I don’t think many reported on the recent “Stop Binay” walk, even though it was hundreds of times larger than the leftist rallies they all pant to get onto the front page. I never saw anything in the Inquirer. I think maybe the next walk should be in front of the Inquirer Office. They are Binay enablers as far as I can tell.

      • neo canjeca says:

        INQUIRER’s plant and offices are in Makati City, it’s a shame to be in Chino Roces camino, Ain’t that cute?

      • Mary Grace P. gonzales says:

        ABS CBN TV Patrol has a nightly spot reserved for the left leaning groups who are regular sources of feedbacks on what the President says on the previous years’ SONA.

        • Joe America says:

          How does that come about, that the left speaks so loudly? Ach, this place is beyond comprehension. How can you build a nation when the press tear it apart every day?

  3. Best thing I did years ago was to stop reading this rag disguising itself as a paper.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes. I keep rooting for a quality paper that can represent the Philippines in the global journalism world the way other top papers do . . . befitting the nation’s rising status on global rankings for this or that, but the rags indeed, do disappoint horribly. The top global publications have something called professional ethical conscience. The Philippine media . . . sometimes it seems like an ethical vacuum.

  4. just subscribing to the comments.

    The global trend is one where eminent bloggers like Ezra Klein and Nate Silver get to become the new Media of note. We still do not have bloggers with similar reach and ambition. Raissa I think is the closest one. Rappler should have been this but lost it’s way editorially and quality wise.

    • Joe America says:

      My only complaint with Rappler i the strange home page where I can’t easily find things in chronological fashion. Plus I hate the orange color. The front page is divided into categories and I don’t like wading through them. Some of the commentaries there are excellent. News is quick and dirty but occasionally very good at going where other media to not go. They did seem to clean up their act when I complained about their editorializing within the news. But the Inquirer is as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to upgrading their ethical standards. Indeed, the presentation seems to get worse and worse.

      • neo canjeca says:

        somebody should get the names of the owners and publishers of the leading newspapers and post them here and let the people surmise why the their papers behave the way they do.

        • Joe America says:

          Good idea. Andrew Lim has done some work on this but we could name more names.

        • juanlee says:

          why becuz of alla mulla. need to hype to stir readership. if one won’t read, one won’t know. to know one needs to buy, so one can read. but juan is el cheapo. juan just read thru the net copy. my brother buys the inquirer to do his crossword and he thinks he can get tips from some writings to form his lotto numbers. he religiously buy the lotto daily. he spends at least p60 for his daily routine . i spend p35 for a day for my prepaid internet access. and i use the internet on a lot other things. i juander if there is connectivity between inquirer and smart (my net provider) in terms of ownership. i know one connectivity, in terms of making money they know how. whether the service is good or bad, i still pay the same. in the absence of a gooder, betterer, or bester provider, i have to live with the goodest, betterest and bestest that i can get. in terms of politics, the presidentiables to lead after pinoy from bestest to worstest is bestest=duterte (if he rans), betterest=roxas, gooder=poe, worstest=binay, this according to the survey of non-random participants of 10. all are unanimous in saying that binay is the worstest because of his love for alla mulla. poe is gooder because she is popular. roxas is betterest because he has the integrity and the capability to effect the changes for better philippines. duterte is the bestest because i like the guy, i like his style and the 9 agrees with me on this…..
          disclaimer: if you find this a false reporting…please just laf…gude

  5. BFD says:

    Maybe they don’t have something really awesome to write about at this time, so they’re taking something out of nothing.

    • Joe America says:

      Well, the quotes from both senior military people were actually quite meaningful, the DOD emphasizing how it helped upgrade and make more responsive the new airplanes coming in; the US did not advocate bringing more assets in, but the opposite, that there can never be enough, and how the US was ready for any eventuality, storms or military. What two great messages showing the upgrade in defense power for the Philippines.

      The Inquirer went the opposite. This is all scary. It is a perfect example of why Filipinos are always grousing about the sorry state of their governance and defense, and not feeling good about the effort being made. Uplift or conflict? The Inquirer will go with conflict, and beating someone down, every time.

      It really is tragic, not funny.

      • Joe America says:

        How about this headline: “Air force use of Subic air field to upgrade Philippine defense”

        You know, factual.

        • neo canjeca says:

          addenda to listing names: can the British, Canadian and US embassies provide the list of the names of all journos who were refused visas to enter their country? As journos write slanted news about these countries they could do more harm to their own. ATGE (attack to get even) could be a variant of the AC/DC monicker.

  6. Geng says:

    I’d rather spend my time reading the Professional Heckler. It’s contents make more sense than the inquirer or any other tabloid.

    • I wanted to give Even Demata a chance, until I found out he was a Marcos loyalist. Shame, since we both agree on quite a number of things.

      Also, are you familiar with PixelOffensive? I don’t know much about them, except that they are anti-Aquino. Are they leftist in tone, or are they supporting some other politician (Marcos/Arroyo/Estrada/Binay/etc.)? Speaking of them, I don’t think I’ve seen them make an anti-Binay post ever.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes. Loi Reyes Landicho is a genius, making sense by turning what people actually do into the nonsense it often is. He, to me, is an artist who deserves more accolades than he receives. His columns can be reached through the Blog Center in the “Top Blogs” column where it for sure belongs.

  7. You know Joe, the article and headline was so bad there even the Inquirer readerbase is complaining (did you check the Disqus and Facebook discussions? Anything but praise).

    • Joe America says:

      That is good to know. I usually have a hard time getting to the discussions because of slow internet speed. Which is another thing about the Inquirer’s internet publication, loaded with subordinate elements that take forever to load. Don’t they know we fly at Philippine bandwidth speed?

      Thanks for the report.

  8. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “ahahaha i love the Inquirers Comical Headlines” – JOEAM

    Philippine Daily Inquirer Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS



    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      People, people listen! Philipppine Media practitioners are graduate from, where else, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES …. So are the crooks in government and in elected offices.

      There is something wrong with UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES !!! They produce lunatics and crooks !!!

      Jejo, Jejo Jr, Abigail, Nancy, Elenita ARE GRADUATES FROM UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES …. so is JingGoy … Ate Glo … Supreme Court Justices … Ruby …

      If University of the Philippines were in the U.S., my government will have investigated it and withdrawn funding …

      BUT THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES …. the land of fanatically violent corrupt religious Filipinos.

      Remember Corona? Yeah, even priests held mass at the steps of Supreme Court in support of Corona. While anti-Coronas held their own mass by anti-Corona priests.

      WHAT IS GOING ON FILIPINOS? Your God has not interceded for the past 550 years? I am happy that my brain is colonized. I have colonial mentality. Therefore, I am “honest” like the Mestizo class.


      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        It is no surprise the MESTIZO CLASS, The Colonizers, send their children abroad to study. They did not want their children to be crooks.

      • neo canjeca says:

        THE BACK DOOR?

      • Johnny Lin says:

        Hello MRP
        So, they are rascals and scoundrels! Grace was UP product too.

        UP– University of Picaro
        You think it’s appropriate?

        He he he!

      • neo canjeca says:

        If I may interdict elucidating views. Please naman. When did the UP started to become what it is now? During the time of Magsaysay? Carlos Garcia? Dadong Macapagal with two doctorates (Economics and Law from UST? ) the F. Marcos Sr, (UP LAW) Cory Aquino, (St Escho?) F. Ramos (West Point), Erap (don’t know?) Gloria Arroyo (Assumption, UP ? and Georgetown)? And Noynoy Aquino (Ateneo or UP?) ?

        Early 1986, Ateneo students started a movement to disown their graduates officials of the Marcos regime and UP students followed suit to erase from the roster of UP alumni when the shenanigans were saved by the bell : EDSA peoples revolt. Name the President. Think of massive corruption and names of advisers, cabinet members, of cronies and relatives will come to mind; Are they UP or non UP graduates? The President is usually blamed as head (nine of them) of the hydra.

        I am amazed at the vitriol, the venom and sometimes ferocity of criticisms (not you MRP) leveled at the entire Filipino people as if we have no self respect at all. Taken all together from 100 million, the culprits among us, hard core and corrupt to the bone may not even be 500,000. Do the math and that could just be a drop in the bucket of good people. It is alleged that VP Binay bought the VP position through bobotantes. I doubt it.

        True, Vote buying really happens every election. Much of the moolah or budget are pocketed not by individual voters but by the candidates themselves , the COMELEC, Media moguls and bosses, local politicians and their ward leaders, members of the Board of Canvassers, etc. What goes to the poor individuals are the left overs, a pittance of bread crumbs, the bones remove from boneless chickens.

        Colonial mentality is about respect, Respect for the good influence bestowed by the colonizers after all colonizers seemed to be always better of than the colonized. I have not read yet of anybody who has thought of it as evolving social theory: IMMIGRATION IS THE NEW COLONIZATION. The first wave is such that the colonials had joined the bosom of the colonizers IN THEIR COUNTRY and are positively transformed. The last wave after centuries, the tables might turn, the immigrants as neo-colonizers dominating the locals. Preposterous? Okay but not vitriolic, venomous or ferocious.

      • Joe America says:

        You forgot Harry Roque, he teaches there. Makes UP a Binay enabler.

        • neo canjeca says:

          sorry Joe Am, am so ancient don’t know now any tom, dick and harry there; from a distance I knew Attys Froilan, Irene, and Flerida Ruth. Them darn good prof lawyers.

          • sonny says:

            i claim to be longest in the tooth here, neo. just out curiosity, were you at UP during Claro Llaguno’s chancellorship? (this is entirely from way outfield)

            • neo canjeca says:

              Sonny, cavitized teeth long gone now, denturist is my dentist now; as outfielder, I now wait for the home run ball in the stands with my old mitt. sorry can’t find the right language now. If I remember right among a few, one of em chancellors was a structural eng. light years away from an artifacts digger. I (memories) could be wrong of course.

              • sonny says:

                I’m hanging in there as I await a crown to pin on my late attempts at mastication. 🙂 Teethy grins aside, we speak of Messrs Tabujara & Llaguno, I presume and the overlap of the two leaders are more than meaningful. Both were minted in Science & Technology at the exact time (1971) and at the same campus (U of I, Champaign/Urbana) and they bookended 16 yrs at UPD. For now, I bid requiescat in pace to a pillar of Philippine civil engineering and education, Dr. Ernesto Tabujara.

              • neo canjeca says:

                thanks sonny for the overlook of my bad mistaking archeo for anthro. Archeos to me are the best Resume (CV) writers because they are trained to re-construct whole lost civilizations from old bones, bricks and pottery. Chancellor Tabu is misty nostalgia to me. Imagine a big tall man treated little me (not physically) as a friend.

              • sonny says:

                Neo, this fortunate intersection of two Science & Technology persons gives hope and reassurance that inspite of our centrifugal politics in society, our synergy at the UP & Ateneo as educating powerhouses will foreseeably remain unabated. I am confident of this because the objective channels of communication among our scientists seem to be unobstructed. We can only do otherwise at our collective peril.

  9. Johnny Lin says:

    Private newspapers are money making business. With the advent of digital and social advertising, many should have folded. In the Philippines, more spurious tabloids are coming out.

    Why? Corrupt journalists, editors and columnists. BIR should publish the ITR of every person connected to media to show the exact salary paid by the tabloid to its newsman, reporter or editor and columnist. The mediaman could explain then if there are questionable income in annual ITR and lifestyle check. if the reporter drives a brand new SUV and reports income of 500,000 a year, how was that SUV paid?

    according to reports, Bureau of Customs has more than 400 certified reporters. There must be plenty of moooolah reasons!

    It’s always fun in the Philippines

    He he he!

    • Joe America says:

      Well, that opens the eyes . . .

    • juanlee says:

      ‘In the Philippines, more spurious tabloids are coming out. ‘ why bcuz, one of the reasons i know is internet is not accessible to everybody. ineternet is not accessed by those who do not know computing and those who do not have the gadgets to use which seems to be unaffordable to most pinoy.
      many pinoys lack knowledge of blogging, but many are text professionals,..many people pass news (like no class today, it is raining cats and carabaos in our place, baha dito sa amin) to their frenz. .. and they do chizmiz (like ..ay may kabit si kujuan, namatay daw c manong erap, etc,)
      now, many smart phones are internet capable but many use it for fb (facebook) purposes, pix and chat., has anyone noticed, the net version for inquirer has now an fb method to input comments to their blog…i am still trying how to learn it…sometimes i am succesfull, sometimes i am not. i am the typical pinoy with a bit of education but still struggling with the tech world. i juander how amny of my fellow unfortunate pinoys survive in this new tech world. i guess tiktik, balita, tempo, and similar tabloid is their answer. i bet when many have become new tech knowlegeable…and smart…goodbye tabloids because most anything can be learned from the internet. how i wish free wifi access in most of philippines. maybe the father (mar roxas) of bpo visionize free internet access in the entire philippines. gude

  10. bauwow says:

    The inquirer, Bulgar and TIKTIK might have the same editors! Sensational news that aims to sell rather than to report news objectively. Is it all about the money?

    • Joe America says:

      It is for sure not about professional ethics or the well-being of the Philippines. It is either about money or political favors given and received.

    • Sal says:

      I personally think the writers in these tabloids do it for the ATTENTION and of course the owners thrive on it too. Try observing this — in social gatherings big and small, you will notice people tend to mill around the person that talks about chismis and conspiracy theories… mixed with a bit of facts but mostly conjecture with a lot of superlatives. That is what draws the crowd (Wow… I did not know that!) and it is the being the center of attention that the speaker thrives on. That is similar to what Donald Trump is doing and that is why he is attracting the crowds and media space… we can discuss why he is doing it in another blog. Same with these tabloid writers. They attract chismosos and those who want to be IN on the backroom info… the secret stuff… info they cannot get from above-board media because it does not pass the truth test. In the ‘balitang kutsero’ arena I personally was more entertained during my youth by the likes of Rafael “Paeng” Yabut.

  11. Jasmin G says:

    The sorry state of journalism in Pinas really makes me cringe, cry and laugh all at the same time. The other day on Bandila, they featured news about water dripping from the ceiling of the LRT. The reporter could not reach anyone from management for comment, so she quoted the security guard instead who said the drip was due to a broken aircon. Is he a valid resource person? NO. Another news was about the NHA houses that were slowly being destroyed by land erosion. Again, the reporter failed to talk to any experts or NHA officials, so she interviewed a public housing resident instead who said… wait for it…. that it was due to “kahinaan ng lupa”. What does she know about it that a 10 yr old does not, right??? Once it’s on TV, undiscerning viewers will take it as fact even if the info came from non-experts . Very irresponsible journalism.

    • Joe America says:

      Ah, thanks for that wonderful exclamation point to the article, Jasmin.

    • neo canjeca says:

      Jasmin as I know is the no. 1 flower in the Philippines : Sampaguita is the common name, jasminum zambach is the scientific name. forgive the digression. what I like to say (not about the national flower) is that in the past, there was a time when the word idiotization was in vogue for a long time. like in “the idiotization of a people or idiotization of Emily”. Idiotized and idiotizers are words not far behind. I can’t say the New York Times, the LA Times, the Economist, the WSJ, and used to be our very own Chino Roces’s The Manila Times CAN NOT be said to be instruments of idiotization. What happened is not : your guess is as good as mine.

      • neo canjeca says:

        Idiotized can be what it means to be NATUTULOG SA PANCITAN.

        • neo canjeca says:

          IF I MAY Joe Am: a word to Sochonorians (netizens of Joe’s society, with apologies to Soc of 399 B.C. to the late Senator Soc Rodrigo and the current recently re-elected CBCP head) POWER still resides in their brave hearts; spinned, more awesome POWER has been bestowed by the internet to the people particularly the netizens of cyberspace anywhere and everywhere reach by the computer. Against their big brother Netizens can move mountains , bully and shame the rats and termites among them, hopefully to suicides if the law can’t touch them. Where before they are content with pictures that convey thousands of word; now it’s the Netizens million words that create wholesome pictures portraying the mathematics of the I-GENRE. End of my word in this thread in Joe’s Society.

          • sonny says:

            PS (presumptive script) to Neo.

            Many times the Philippine left hand takes away what the right hand fashions. At different times and different manners Filipinos seem to obey this directive. Irineo mentioned the strands of history. Whether we like or not we weave these strands. I sincerely hope that somehow at the same time, we also formulate the ties that bind.

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