Will Grace Poe deal Philippine sea rights to China?

Chinese coast guard Filipino fishing boat

Which boat will Senator Poe remove from the picture?

Politics is a scurrilous business when money causes people to sway from principle. Principle, of course, is all we the people have to protect us from scoundrels and self-dealers. That’s what laws do, translate all the principles into terms that are fair and reasonable and protective of our best interests.

Politics in the US is not much different than politics here, at its basest level. When we go down a candidate’s list of donors and find “Koch Brothers”, and a sizable dollar amount over in the donation column, then we can be assured that the candidate will support the proposed and very controversial trans-national “Keystone” pipeline that will ship oil from Canada across the middle of America to refineries and docks in Texas. The candidate’s motivations shift from what is good for the people to what is good for the Koch Brothers . . . and the candidate’s campaign kitty.

Here are some excerpts from the Philippine Journal for Investigative Journalism’s  (PCIJ’s) report on 2013 campaign donations:

  1. Of the 35 individual donors who gave P104.5 million to the campaign of Grace Poe-Llamanzares, 32 (or 91 percent) belonged to the Millionaires’ Club and the High Rollers, with their donations totaling P99.2 million or 95 percent of her kitty.
  2. Grace Poe-Llamanzares . . . received P18.2 million from the movie production outfit of her late father Fernando Poe Jr., FPJ Productions. Another P17.3 million came from her mother Jesusa Poe, also known as Susan Roces. In addition, Poe-Llamanzares received P10 million each from businessmen John Paul Ang, Edwin Lee Luy, Michael de Leon Escaler, and Thomas Ang Tan.
  3. Curiously, none of the top 10 high rollers figure in the top 500 individual taxpayers of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) from 2008 up to 2011, the latest list available.

Odd about those taxes, eh? That is just a brief digression I found rather amazing. Do you think favors are granted to those with money? Does that, too, feed dirty bread to Filipino kids?

Just askin’. I think Pope Francis made a lot of good points, and they have gone mostly forgotten.

So there on the list are a number of donors who are not Poe family members. They ponied up P10 million each to put the good Senator into office. The amounts are sizable enough to get anybody’s attention, especially an ambitious senator. The big donors:

  • John Paul Ang
  • Edwin Lee Luy
  • Michael de Leon Escalar
  • Thomas Ang Tan

Well, we don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure out that there is a connection to big money here from the Chinese-Filipino business community. Toss in a notorious Bobby Ongpin, the dear friend of Senator Poe’s BFF, Senator Escudero, and we can also dismiss Dr. Watson as well, for we don’t need him to do our deduction: Senator Poe has a Chinese-Filipino connection.

Grace-Poe-Anvil-Business-Club Philstar

Sen. Poe given award by Anvil Business Club (Assoc. of Young Chinese-Filipino Entreprenuers) [Photo credit: philstar]

Well, this is all rather speculative and we’d have to do more research to see if these donors have specific business interests in China. So let’s set it aside and just do some more thinking.

Grace Poe got a headline a while back for a comment she made to the American Ambassador at a Rotary Club awards dinner. Not too many noticed it, and maybe I did because, in America, legislators intruding into foreign policy or defense without going through Executive are roundly condemned. So at this gathering, it was peculiar for a senator to be proposing a change in foreign policy without first being briefed or cleared by Executive, which is responsible for foreign affairs.

The senator intimated her change in policy when she made this remark, as reported by GMA News:

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Ambassador, but I know the US, our ally . . . we can’t fault them for thinking of their own interests. In pursuing any conflict, the first interest we need to think of are our constituents.”

A fascinating use of words. “Sorry.” Why?

Because we are going a different direction than what you want, America? Your interests are not our interests?

I wonder what our interest are, and asked in my mind:

So what direction are we going, Senator Poe, that our interests have suddenly departed from those of the United States?

I thought they were the same. If ever interests were joined, the US and Philippines are locked tight on this one, on the West Philippine seas. Rule of law. Open seas.

What direction are we going, Senator?

The current direction:

  1. Pursue arbitration with the UN Tribunal that interprets international law to get a ruling certifying Philippine economic rights out to 200 nautical miles from coastal baseline.
  2. Hold to the position that any dialogue with China must be multilateral because the claims are overlapping and it is best to have a single solution for all.
  3. Defend Philippine sovereignty and rights to the best of the nation’s ability, working with other nations having mutual interests in freedom of the seas.

The Philippine argument before the UN Tribunal emphasized that the Philippines has tried bilateral negotiations with China, but they fail because China insists that the first point of agreement must be Chinese sovereignty over the contested area. Once that point is agreed to, the detailed negotiations can begins.

And so the Philippines withdraws, because the Philippines is not willing to cede to China rights to economic resources that lawfully belong to Filipinos. To Filipino kids, you might say.

So what direction are we going, Senator?

Is Senator Poe, like Vice President Binay, willing to negotiate bilaterally?

What bilateral negotiation means:

  • It means the Philippines is willing to withdraw a primary argument from its arbitration case, that bilateral negotiations don’t work.
  • It means the Philippines abandons the PRINCIPLE of multilateral negotiations, which has the effect of abandoning all the work done by the Aquino administration to build alliances based on that principle, which means abandoning allies who have joined with the Philippines in supporting a law-based, multi-lateral approach.
  • It means a willingness to cede to China sovereignty over Philippine seas.

The United States would be one of the nation’s abandoned, for the US has repeatedly voiced support of open seas, rule of law, and respect among nations. Allowing China to advance their “cabbage strategy” of slowly peeling away defenses to achieve sovereignty up to the first island chain . . . which includes the Philippines . . . would complicate any future effort the US might make to keep the seas open.

The next stage of the Chinese strategy is to proceed to the second island chain, the Marianas, enveloping the Philippines one way or another.

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Ambassador . . .”

When we think of continuity of the Aquino Administration’s straight path, we think mainly of the fight against corruption. But there are other elements of the path that are also crucially important to the well-being of the Philippines: reducing poverty, peace and prosperity in Mindanao (BBL), improving infrastructure, improving education, improving transportation and utilities, and . . . yes . . . defending the nation against intruders who would steal food from Filipinos.

The speculations raised here suggest Senator Poe may have in mind a change in direction on some of these segments of the straight path. Today it was reported that she and Senator Escudero oppose the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), an anchor program of the President’s path toward peace in Mindanao.

The ugliest reading of a change in direction on the nation’s territorial rights would be that these rights are considered a chip to play to acquire campaign funding.

I’d suggest that people seek clarification from the Senator on the matter of Philippine rights in the West Philippine sea.

So what direction are we going, Senator?


150 Responses to “Will Grace Poe deal Philippine sea rights to China?”
  1. Bert says:

    “I’d suggest that people seek clarification from the Senator on the matter of Philippine rights in the West Philippine sea.”

    * ***********

    I totally agree with Joe.

  2. edgar lores says:

    1. The consensus from the Binay camp and from social media is that Grace is a newbie, an inexperienced tyro.

    2. I am beginning to believe she is anything but. She is beginning to sound and act like a… player.

    3. In a certain sense, this is all to the good… if she is to beat Binay at his own game and not be a marionette to the numerous Svengalis surrounding her.

    4. In another sense, this is not all that good… because in her grandstanding — if she is grandstanding (and I, for one, am beginning to believe she is) — issues that require study and deliberation are being hastily decided… and erroneously (?) decided at that. Like BBL. Like the West Philippine Sea dispute. Like her statement on US-Philippine relations. (I will give her a pass on that last one.)

    4.1. Remember I said something about leaders having the two important qualities of morality and judgment? I do question her judgment — now. I do not question her morality — yet.

    5. The verdict from her legal team must be favorable, assuring her that she can weather, and perhaps well ignore, the mini-storms on the questions of her citizenship and residency.

    6. This election contest was shaping up to be a contest between Beauty and the Beast. It may now be looming up to be between the Beast and the Beastess.

    7. I need to buy more popcorn.

    • Steve says:

      I think it’s premature to reach conclusions on Ms Poe’s position on the issues, as she really hasn’t articulated one. I expect most candidates will steer away from anything more than a motherhood statement on the issue, because it’s not one with a lot of attractive options.

      The Chinese-Filipino community has a hand in most political pies, but I would not assume that their interests and desires are in any way congruent with those of the mainland.

      • edgar lores says:

        Thanks, Steve.

        1. Her position on the BBL issue is definitive. She is against it.

        2. Her position of the West Philippine Sea dispute is that we should not rely entirely on the US. I gave her a pass on this. I slightly agree with her here. I would favor more military agreements with the Asean countries, Japan, Australia and India.

        3. I am not sure that she is for bilateral talks. You are entirely correct in saying that the interests of the Filipino-Chinese community are not congruent with China. I totally agree.

      • Joe America says:

        They were willing to disown the BBL. It ought to be a very sharp question asked of all candidates, and answered, I think. Definitively. Mr. Roxas will not issue motherhood statements on it. He will say that he will continue the path of defending Philippine rights and territory and will not negotiate bilaterally.

      • jolly cruz says:

        I have agreed on Mr Joe’s position on all of the issues that face the country. However, with regard to Grace Poe I would like to disagree. I would like to address jameboy’s concern about why the Poe advocates have not answered to Mr Joe’s article.

        Firstly, I would like to reiterate that I am not for Grace Poe. I am for the candidate that would at least have a fighting chance against Binay. Again, jameboy would say that the fight does not end with defeating Binay. But the fight begins with defeating him.

        How to do that? The surest way is to divide the masa. Jameboy might say then let us support Estrada instead because for sure he can deivide the masa. I say let him run, that would be to our advantage and not Binay’s. If the masa vote is divided amogst the two. Then if Roxas runs and Grace Poe doesn’t, Mar will have a chance of winning and I will surely vote for him, even if Poe runs.

        Going back to Mr JOe’s comment of Poe’s position on China, I think Mr Joe you are putting words in her mouth. You didn’t even show the context of why she said sorry and yet you want us to believe that on the at basis alone that she would give away what is ours to China. Quoting you “…because we are going a different direction than what you want, America? Your interest is not our interest..”.

        Putting the interest of the Philippines above America’s immediately means that she is for China? That is quite a stretch. In fact, that statement, can be construed that she will not be dictated on by anybody. The statement shows that she is as patriotic as you and me.

        Additionally, yet you say that her Chinese contributors might have a hand in her decision.
        10 million pesos is a paltry sum to big Chinese businessmen. This iamount is what in tagalog we say “pampalubag loob”. This amount is what big Chinese businessmen give to local politicians running for mayoy or councilor. Definitely not a politician running for national office. How do I know? I belong to one such Chnese family.

    • Joe America says:

      What is interesting is the disdain shown for President Aquino. They obviously concluded he did not intend to endorse Escudero for anything, and so the first element of judgment was for Poe to remain loyal to Escudero rather than seek LP backing for EITHER president or vice president. That’s a decision. I actually think these two started on the political trail with Mamasapano, playing that to the public’s ear rather than the nation’s well being. Every decision since then has been played strictly for popularity, not for state, not for people who have been good to them (Mr. Aquino). Not for the American ambassador. What is political morality? Is there such a thing in a campaign, or does the end justify the means? And can you sacrifice the nation’s well-being to gt elected? Is that morally acceptable?

      My confidence and like for Mar Roxas has surged. Poe/Escudero are playing it like Binay and it is a big turnoff. I think Poe has made a huge mistake, going with Escudero rather than the nation. Or maybe I just hope that people far and wide will come to believe that there is something morally wrong about sacrificing national well-being to get elected.

      • edgar lores says:

        She may just be grandstanding to gain a higher voter profile. The strategy is working.

        My guess is that she will be silent on some important issues and very vocal on others. Let us see if she is smart enough not to paint herself into a corner.

        As you say, she is playing to the public’s ear. Which is why I characterized her as a player.

        Escudero is seen as the free rider (per Buddy Gomez’ column), that he is using her to his advantage. Perhaps it is a little of both, that she is using him as well?

        The great danger to her and to us is what Nietzsche says: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

        • Joe America says:

          I think she is using him in several ways: (1) as the source of funding, (2) to articulate her stand on issues, and (3) to gain confidence for her “independent” run. On funding, I think all the businessmen who would have given to Binay will give to her. So she is working to dump on both Binay and Roxas, Roxas by them distancing themselves from the straight path, in its non-corruption elements.

          • Looking thru and thru, I see Escudero as an opportunist, shall we say he is 100% balimbing. Danding Cojuangco used to support him but lo and behold he was dumped due to his disloyalty. Now he is trying to bilog the head of Grace Poe, and they way I look at it, it is his only option to convince Poe as it is the only vehicle that can propel him to the VP race.

            He is very brash and his mind is very unpredictable although he is intelligent but could not be trusted, he will take advantage on anything around him and step on others for him to gain a higher position or to get him an advantageous leverage. Luckily what he had done to Mar Roxas boomeranged on him for supporting the thief Binay. Now nobody wants to be in tandem with him except of course Ms. Poe.

            Anyway lets hope for the best, watch what will be the outcome of this brouhaha

            • Joe America says:

              I think it will be a great race. The Inquirer’s little poll the past couple of days suggests that Mar Roxas has a LOT of support, and Escudero very little. Poe, I think, is riding on a bubble. I don’t know that it will stay up. Popcorn time.

      • neo canjeca says:

        Early this morning upon seeing this new blog item on Grace Poe, I thought I should re-post here what I posted in the previous topic as a reaction to Johnny Lin’s and NHerrera’s comments on the lady’s political public image. I read it again and changed my mind. Forget it, I decided.

        But towards mid day when I came up the house and saw the TV opened on Joel Osteen and heard him talking about the Lord’s Destiny genes in Lakewood, Texas. I sat down and listened for about twenty minutes to cogitate and digest what he’s saying. After all I knew that in one of his ministries he was heckled and called a LIAR by a faithful. Joel Osteen was good, he made part of the science of genetics into subjective homily. Science is supposed to be cold blooded objectivity.

        So I changed my mind, go down back to my laptop and repost the comment below:

        NHerrera: subjectivity can be reduced significantly by facts from science. It is subjective to rely on the Filipino belief that childless couples by advice of elders are very careful to adopt foundlings because they do not know enough of the parents and what the foundlings might turn to later; we don’t know the process undertaken for the approval of adoption by Hollywood celebrities for example Angelina Jollie.

        Science like DNA testing removes subjectivity in the allegations of parentage of Grace Poe. DNA testing of Grace purported biological parents who came out, of FPJ and Susana Sonora, of rumored Rosemary Sonora and her husband, of Ferdinand Marcos Sr or Jr, etc .

        Shouldn’t matter, what ever the objective results of the tests I can and will vote for her based on my judgment of subjective and objective criteria ; of Grace potential competence as President and the kind of people that can be identified (including real and dummy campaign contributors) who will help her make 90 per cent of her decisions. All qualified voters then will see her as she really is as their future President standing straight, proud and confident alongside world leaders. Her DNA will set her free and can even make her President.

        I could be lying just like Joel Osteen but do try to see his #658 lecture este sermon entitled: UNLOCK YOUR DESTINY GENES which by the way can also apply to VP Binay.

        But Mar Roxas was much ahead of them Grace and Jojo. He unlocked his genes of destiny when he gave way unselfishly, unambitiously to Noynoy in 2009/10. Mar and Noynoy’s DNA (genetic molecules) of statesmanship is nowhere comparable to the DNAs of any or all their contemporaries in politics.

      • jolly cruz says:

        IMHO I don’t think that Poe had the presidency in mind when she made that report on Mamasapano. I don’t think the report was judgmental of Noynoy. Rather I think it was the best that she could do without being to critical and yet not be accused of whitewashing the incident. I am a firm believer in Noynoy but in this Mamasapano incident, I can not accept that he was correct on that one. Poe just had the independence of mind to call out w3hat she thought was wrong.

        Remember she is part of Noynoy’s coalition and truly belives in Noynoy’s advocacy. She never criticized the President even during the PDAF and DAP controversies. Even when she blasted Purisima, she did not call on the President to remove him. She was careful not to involve the President.

        Therefore, you cannot accuse her of riding on issues just to build up her image.in preparation for the presidency. She is inexperienced, yes, but a trapo she definitely is not.

    • Bert says:

      Ah, the Master in his best form again, as always. Beast and the Beastess, indeed. But…but…where is the Beauty, is he not in the equation?

  3. mcgll says:

    The more I learn of Sen. Poe’s intentions to derail, dismantle and destroy the accomplishments of the PNoy administration the more pleased I am that she voluntarily rejected the proposal to team up with Sec. Roxas. If she hadn’t, PNoy would have a lot of explaining to do if someone who manifests the same kind of character that Binay is projecting (which spells of greed, unaccountability, opportunism and deception) is allowed much less encouraged to join the company of candidates he would endorse.

    • Joe America says:

      Yep. I think the intensity of ambition and disregard for the integrity of the Aquino Administration, in an effort to stand “independent”, is having the effect of revealing that Senator Poe is political player. Not a stateswoman or advocate of the straight path.

  4. NHerrera says:

    It is common knowledge that Binay “played” Pnoy and I believe the President knew this much earlier. And of course the same goes with respect to Escudero. It must be clear to Pnoy that Poe is “playing” him — for political points of course, especially now that she is up there in the ratings survey. The question is really the earliest point when he knew he was being played by Poe. And what the counter-play is. After all, this is not a one-sided game. It is a classic multi-player, muti-option, high-stakes game. Does Pnoy still have any Ace up his sleeve?

    • Joe America says:

      Most interesting. We shall find out soon enough, I suspect. End of July, based on the ultimatum given Ms. Robredo to say yes or no to a senate run. I wonder who the VP candidate will be. Like Edgar, I need to find some popcorn.

      • NHerrera says:

        Yes, I need some of that popcorn too as we watch the evolution of Beauty to what Edgar calls the Beastess. I hear a minor crescendo leading to the after-the-SONA endorsement.

  5. Karl garcia says:

    Battle of the coalitions begin.

  6. mcgll says:

    I am glad Sen. Poe had exposed herself to be the opposite of what she pretended to be, the only one who can save the country from a Binay presidency. Now we know, she is from the same mold Binay came from and I might add as Escudero had. There is no one more contemptible than “friends” who would take advantage of friendship as long as it can be exploited to serve their selfish ends. Binay and Escudero (now joined by Poe) are the perfect examples of this kind of friends to avoid. They can never get my vote even if they top the polls.

  7. may abriol says:

    same with me mcglL. Sen poe and escud never get my vote. These people are trapos like the binay family. I vote for sec. Roxas as president. No one else. And rep. Robredo is my vice president.

  8. Johnny Lin says:

    Position papers in vital issues before filing candidacy become irrelevant to the race if the person does not file presidential run in October. After filing with Conelec, each candidate must be required to answer questions on their stand on vital Philippine interests, crucial to the people, media, bloggers and social media pundits
    What are the vital issues? My top 12, not necessarily in any order:
    1. South China or West Philippine Seas
    2 Con con changes on economic issue of foreign ownership of properties and land
    3. FOI and decriminalizing Libel law
    4. Divorce, Contraception, Gay marriage
    5. Political Dynasty and Term limits
    7. Non intervention or commutation of convictions of grafters and plunderers
    8. Severe punishment for corruption ,Loosening of bank secrecy law and more teeth for AMLA
    9. Crime prevention, Death penalty to drug pushers and drug lords, Firearms control
    10. Foreign policy including national defense, human trafficking
    11. Strict environmental enforcement and zoning laws in national tourist spots
    12. BBL, NPA, and solutions to domestic turmoil.

    Other more important issues could be on the table but all these questions could be posed to the candidates AFTER they cross the bridge in October.

    Let the possible candidates ponder their ideas and candid answers till October. Squeezing them on one particular issue this might be unfair.

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent list. I would expand 11 to the entire nation, not just tourism areas, and be more forceful in managing both land and sea resources.

      • edgar lores says:


        Like me, others might rearrange priorities. In very broad terms and in terms of category, I would prioritize thus (the numbers in parenthesis are the items in Johnny’s list:

        1. Corruption (3, 5, 7 and 8)
        2. Economic Management and Social Justice (2)
        3. Internal Affairs (9, 12)
        4. Infrastructure
        5. Social Issues (4 and 11)
        6. Foreign Affairs (1 and 10)

        (Item 6 in Johnny’s list is missing.)

        It may be that individual items in one category might have a higher priority than items in a higher category.

        I would note the following:

        o I believe corruption is still the number one problem. The Daang Matuwid is highly relevant.

        o Dictators tend to prioritize infrastructure to justify their rule. Their are many pressing problems under infrastructure that need attention apart from the obvious items of roads and bridges — energy, communications in particular broadband, train network, inter-island shipping to name a few.

        o While Obama had some specific programs, he was mainly selling hope. I’m not sure universal health care was on his platform, but he promised to end the wars… and he did that. Critics will say he failed to close Guantanamo, and his attempts to keep the promise rendered him dovish and weak in the matter of Assad’s abuses in Syria.

        o The lack of a unifying morale building as in Obama’s audacious vision and the lack of vision itself, as highlighted in the Torre de Manila blog, are tasks our leaders have to work on. Binay’s patronizing social justice vision of free cakes, false teeth, diapers and viagra is narrow and selective, but it is a vision nonetheless that strikes an appeal with a mendicant populace that will vote him into office if we are not careful.

        If, as Johnny wishes, the position of candidates on these issues are made known before the elections, we sill have a glimmer of something frightfully close to what we never had before — comprehensive political platforms.

        • Johnny Lin says:

          My omission
          #6. National health policy to include cost control of medicines, hospital, medical care and policing the medical profession for high excellence of ethical medical practice

  9. Karl garcia says:

    Re: Bilateral Talks

    From the statement below,
    she seems to favor a multilateral talks.

    “Sometimes when we focus on one aspect, we forget the strength of the other relationships we will have,” Poe said.

    (From the newslink provided in the blog)

    But I am still for Mar and please don’t let it be Vilma Santos.
    Apologies to the Vilmanians.

    • Karl garcia says:

      If Trillanes will still proceed as vp,he has my vote.

    • Joe America says:

      Then I guess I wonder why she spoke at all, to say “sorry”. The current approach is clearly multi-dimensional and Mr. Aquino has worked hard on the diplomatic front to make it so.

      • Karl garcia says:

        Yeah but she did that as a way to say no offense or with all due respect.
        Unless the new friends (from the quoted statement)are syria,iran and north korea, not even an excuse me ambassador would do.

        Maybe the consult your citizens first came from not so current events(history) like vietnam protests,iraq protests,etc.

        • Joe America says:

          Usually when a persons says “with all due respect”, they are saying something disagreeable. You may be right that I am reading too much into a simple word, or sentence. But the Presidency requires diplomacy, a quality of respect granted always. Ms. Poe reminds me of a crabby mother-in-law who has no patience for things that are not done her way. Her independence is a form of I will take what I want and give you what I want.

          The dual demands, one for herself that is considerate and one for others that is not, is best characterized in her failure to appear at any of the Blue Ribbon Subcommittee meetings to do her own due diligence on the matter, and to show the people that she is on the case, and to give her colleagues support so the effort is not viewed so harshly as a political exercise. She did not do her job, in other words. But if Purisima does not show up at her meeting, or if Abaya is not on the Ombudsman’s list, and that is against the position in her head, she is furious.

          • Karl garcia says:

            she must take a crash course on diplomacy and foreign policy.
            I agree on all the other points.

            • karl garcia says:

              Scenarios like bakchannel negotiations is bound to happen, again,she must find ways to trust people in dfa,so no need to look further. Trillanes Del Rosario so called turf war became unecessarily messy, just to find out if they are building structures or not.Of course there is more to it than meets the eye that is why all the stories came out.

              • Joe America says:

                Bingo. Poe’s lack of trust in others is astounding. She reminds me of my wife. The only way to get something done right is to do it herself, and she leaps on little flaws of others like a panther on a mouse.

                She is successful in instilling a measure of intimidation . . . .

                Fortunately, I see through all that and drive her nutso with teasing and laughing . . . 🙂 🙂

              • Joe America says:

                My wife, that is.

                Poe is immune to humor, I think.

              • karl garcia says:

                Oh wives.

  10. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “Curiously, none of the top 10 high rollers figure in the top 500 individual taxpayers of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) from 2008 up to 2011, the latest list available.
    Odd about those taxes, eh?” – JOEAM

    That is Philippine INvestigative Journalism for you, JoeAm, run by graduates from University of the Philippines.

    PIJ is just afraid to name names THAT IS FOR SURE. They cannot even investigate the MESTIZO CLASS, the last remaining colonizers.

    THE MESTIZO CLASS ARE HONEST PEOPLE. They can never do wrong. Only the colonized are crooks.

    Therfore, COLONIAL MENTALITY IS GOOD. Because the Colonizing Mestizo Class are espousing honesty.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I cannot blame Grace. That is money in the bank for her campaign. Is no surprise Benigno did not want Grace Poe to be the President of the Philippines. Benigno would rather have Grace Poe as ceremonial Vice-President, else, Grace will sell out to Chinese.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      If Grace Poe are leaning towards the Chinese living in the Philippines, the Colonizer Mestizo Class should be quacking in their boots but they are not. Why are they so silent?

  11. jameboy says:


    “I’d suggest that people seek clarification from the Senator on the matter of Philippine rights in the West Philippine sea.

    So what direction are we going, Senator?”
    In essence, that is what the idea of the article is all about. And I was surprised to find out that not one among those who are pushing for Sen. Poe’s candidacy were able to address that concern even hypothetically.

    Well, let me do it for them.

    The answer to the question is a resounding ‘No’. Sen. Grace Poe will never agree on any deal that will compromise the country’s national interest and security. No rights or entitlement to any part of our territory will be subject of any compromise or deal that will have Sen. Poe’s stamp of approval simply because she maintains without an iota of doubt that our claim with those disputed territories rests on legal and historical parameters.

    With regard to the Filipino-Chinese contributors, it would be stretching too far to connect campaign contributions to the China issue. Practically, all politicians/candidates receive campaign contributions from Filipino-Chinese donors. It’s nothing new. To single out Sen. Poe, touted in surveys as the leading presidential candidate, on the issue smacks of political mudslinging. ✌

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent rebuttal. I hope she demonstrates during the coming months that, indeed, that is the case.

      Notice I say “I hope that . . .” indicating that I want Grace Poe to be squarely for the people first, and friends and compatriots when it is within that umbrella. In other words, I want Grace Poe to succeed as a leader of integrity and good deeds, for the nation.

      • jameboy says:

        Actually, I thought your question will be taken as an opportunity by those who supports Sen. Grace Poe to buttress their trust and confidence with her by at approximating your question with what they believe Sen. Poe’s principles and stand on the issue is. That, like the aggressive way they defend Sen. Poe, they will come out swinging and prove why she deserved to become the policy shaker and maker of the country.

        It didn’t happen so I have to use the Roxas campaign material to share with them what a presidential wannabe should be having and preparing in catch-question like that. 🙂

        • Joe America says:

          Yes, a capable campaign would have an answer to the challenge posed. Maybe it is too early yet. I was shocked at the statement yesterday that Poe/Escudero opposed the BBL. There must be a calculation somewhere that this stand is popular among the populist voters.

          Even if it is bad for the nation (in my opinion). That’s what has my radar beeping . . . trapo, trapo, trapo . . .

        • Bert says:

          Yes, jameboy, use the Roxas campaign materials and show us, but please, not the millions of checks he was distributing, for the voters might just take the checks and still not vote for him, understand?

          And please also, don’t show us again Mar piggybacking sacks of rice inside markets, or driving padyak tricycles, or jumping off motorcycles, or bann the sale of hammer in malls when robbers use hammer to rob some jewelry store in malls. or other petty petty materials of a campaign antics, or other petty decision making prowess, understand?

          Who knows this time I might be impressed.

          I’m holding my breath, jameboy.

        • Bert says:

          As to the answers to “catch question like that”, well, I’m sure Grace Poe’s supporters are not privy to what are in her mind but can speculate if they want to. Just don’t expect them to answer it for Grace Poe as you’re doing now.

          If you are in position of Mar’s campaign materials or know what are in his mind, please use it now for our enlightenment.

          Having said that, please don’t count me yet as one of Grace’s supporters for I might just vote for Mar Roxas if these two conditions are met:

          1. There is sufficient proof that he can beat Binay.

          2. He can show us a person of strong character and decision making acumen in the campaign period, elements that will assure us that he really is fit to run the country as our president.

          • jameboy says:

            Bert: “I might just vote for Mar Roxas if these two conditions are met:”

            1. There is sufficient proof that he can beat Binay.
            2. He can show us a person of strong character and decision making acumen in the campaign period, elements that will assure us that he really is fit to run the country as our president.
            For no 1., if the survey says Mar Roxas is no. 1, then 50%, you will vote for him. The other 50% is no. 2 if he can ‘show’ strong character and decision making in the campaign period.

            It doesn’t make sense and you’re trying to fool people. Let me tell you why.

            You firmly believe that Roxas can never be no. 1 in the survey. You’ve said it time and again. So to set that as a condition to change your decision is purely hogwash. You’re faking it.

            In no. 2, Roxas is weak and has poor decision making in your point of view. And your basis for that is his performance. If you see him in that context, are you telling me that you expect him to change within the limit of the “campaign period”? And how is that possible when all candidates do during campaign period is to talk? Hello?

            Now, let’s turn the table. Those two things you want Mar Roxas to do/show is actually the conditions you think Sen. Grace Poe already has. She has (1) ‘sufficient proof’ to beat Binay because she is leading the polls and (2) she has strong character and decision-making acumen for whatever basis you have. So, practically what you are saying is that you can only vote for him if he can be a Grace Poe.

            Nice. 👎

            • Bert says:

              What can I say to that, jameboy? You have something in your head about me that is not in me. Clairvoyance might be your forte, but, but, I’m sorry, jameboy, I do not subscribe to that. Better luck next time. I’m done.

          • Exactly said @Bert, am not convinced with Ms.Poe yet but I do have a very big ? on Mar Roxas too.

            If he can just show that:
            1. He has the balls to walk his talk and does not dilly dally on deciding important matters for the state. (Very unacceptable performance while DOTC Sec.)
            2. Not to be conscious on his approval ratings (when he will becomes a Pres., as long as he thinks that his decisions will be good for the Pinoys. (Should learn how to accept mistakes rather than do a study further to the detriment to our kababayan “MRT fiasco”)
            3. Will not try to emulate on being a masa guy, he does not look one and will never look one. (He has a pedigree, and it cannot be changed maski ano ang gagawin ng mga spin master nya)

            Still a long way before election and we still dont know what will be will be. So, IMHO I will just have an open mind on who to vote. I no longer will lean on someone but, I will surely vote for the guy or gal that could defeat Binay, watching our VP on his tantrums really makes my head spin so much that I need to sleep it out, that’s why I avoid reading what his spin masters, spoke persons dishes out in the news media.

        • jameboy says:

          See how weak your position is, Bert? In agreeing with the suggestion, you only prove that aside from “winnability” you have no idea about what Grace Poe can do or is all about. You are groping in the dark as to her capability because all you think of is she can beat Binay. And she can beat Binay because she’s ahead in popular surveys. That’s all.

          What I did was to simply show you that you don’t have to be a Grace supporter to be able to answer a simple question like that. It was not a trick-question it was a catch-question that all wanna-be candidates and their supporters and even those pretending to be non-supporters can easily address because it was meant to bring out from them the reason why they are running for the position in the first place. It was a question that gives them the opportunity to make known what position or policy they intend to undertake on issues and all you can come up with is “I totally agree”? What’s worse was your “agree” post was the first reaction on this blog!

          You can agree, why not, but don’t stop there. You should also justify your part of the equation why you support and defend someone who, to you is “winnable” to be president and come up short on basic issues such as the topic of this blog.

          You’re too fast and too good on your attack against Mar Roxas but when given the opportunity to back-up your point in favor of Grace Poe you came up with nothing. Whether you are pro or anti is irrelevant. It only becomes relevant when you lie and pretend in order to be always on the safe side.

          My position on Grace Poe, the subject of this blog, is the time is not right for her to jump in the ring. I disagree and agree on some issues about her. I’m not anti-Grace Poe. Where as you, you are anti-Mr Roxas. Anything about Roxas is a no-no. He is another Binay to you. So anti you get blinded and get lost on issues because it’s too personal on you. Just look at your two posts and see why you forgot about Grace Poe, which you should be doing, and you focus on Roxas again. 😦

          • Bert says:

            jameboy, if you are not anti-Grace Poe, you must be for Grace Poe. In the same manner, if I am not anti-Mar I must be for Mar. You can’t be both pro and anti at the same time.

            I am not for Mar, for reasons already stated in my previous comments here and in other threads. Do you think I am anti-Mar? If that is the case then I think that you are anti-Grace Poe. Huwag ng magpaligoy-ligoy pa.

            As to the matter of my agreeing to anything said, you’re telling me to justify my part of the equation, right? Why should I do that? You said it already and I agree with what you said, and yet you still want me to parrot what you have said to justify my part of the equation, is that it?. Tell me, where is the logic of that?

            Gabi na at inaantok na ako. Baluktot na yata ang aking line of reasoning. Bukas na lang ulit. Goodnight everybody.

            • karl garcia says:

              Oo ngano ako I do that I agree then paraphrase,pero just to point out what am agreeing to,but if you already said where you are not obligated to go on.Gusto lang ni Jameboy madinig ka pa,ako nga nung isang araw nagrequest ako ke Bing,na baka may gusto pa sya sabihin,sabihin nya ,but that’s it walang pilitan walang pigaan.

            • jameboy says:

              As to the matter of my agreeing to anything said, you’re telling me to justify my part of the equation, right? Why should I do that? You said it already and I agree with what you said, and yet you still want me to parrot what you have said to justify my part of the equation, is that it?. Tell me, where is the logic of that?
              Inaantok ka na nga. You did not agree with me. The very first post on this blog is this:

              “I totally agree with Joe.” – Bert

  12. Steve says:

    I am not a huge fan of Ms Poe, but she has two major selling points: she could win, and she is not Binay. A 3 way Binay – Poe – Roxas race with a few nuisance candidates thrown in is made to order for Binay.

    • Joe America says:

      That’s true, but I think the people deserve a chance to listen to and speak with all candidates in the field campaigning fairly. If someone is to give way, it ought to be after they compete and we understand what each candidate represents. The same question posed in the blog ought to be asked of Sec Roxas. VP Binay has already answered it. He is in favor of bilateral dialogue, or acceptance of Chinese sovereignty within the Philippine EEZ.

  13. HighFive says:

    There are numerous reasons to consider why a proposal for bilateral talk should not be supported by the Taumbayan.
    1. There was already an instance of bilateral talk that took place in Scarborough Shoal that did not seem to succeed.
    2.Those who are advocating for bilateral talk cannot guarantee if China will agree on the position of Philippines on its EEZ.
    3.The facts on the ground are intact.The area of the sea that is being disputed is located just a little over 100 miles from the shore of Palawan, Philippines. 100 miles from the shore of Philippines is completely inside the 200-mile exclusive economic zone of Philippines and Philippines claim on that is in accordance with the Law of the Sea Treaty that was ratified by the United Nations Organization. Philippines did not commit any violation of the law on its claim on that. No doubt it is inside the maritime jurisdiction of Philippines.
    4. The overwhelming support of the Global community for Philippines for a rules-based claim could turn into a disappointment and create a wobbly relationship with them. We don’t want to squander a good relationship with the world. Several nations helped the Philippines when a very strong typhoon caused massive destruction of property and loss of lives in Visayas Philippines. USA, Korea, Japan, Britain, Canada and other nations lent a hand unconditionally for humanitarian assistance. USS George Washington work so diligently even though it has no obligation to help. What else could we ask for friendly nations who truly care for others?
    5. Disaster relief assistance and enhancing or strengthening the national defense of Philippines is for the interest of the vast majority of Filipinos not for just a small number of Filipinos.
    6. International Tribunal is the only place for a fair and peaceful solution to the dispute in South China Sea. Peaceful solution is for the interest of every individual of every nation in Asia.

    • Joe America says:

      The Philippine argument made to the UN Tribunal was very specific. “We have tried bilateral negotiations and the starting point is always recognition of Chinese sovereignty over the contested areas that rightfully belong to the Philippines.”

      So we say to the thief who has entered out house, “okay, you are here, so my house is your house, let’s discuss how to divide up the goodies.”

      You outline exactly why bilateral is essentially giving . . . not selling . . . Philippine rights and resources to China, and it makes the Philippines a turncoat to those nations arguing for law-based solutions. And it helps China’s aggression.

  14. Joy Tempz says:

    Hello Joe, I came to read your blog from time to time and I like it very much because of the healthy discussions here unlike news site of PDI, Philstar and others where paid trolls dominate the discussion board. Keep it up Joe.

  15. NHerrera says:


    Although one may not entirely agree with the essay of Amando Doronila in today’s Inquirer, it is complementary to your blog. The graphic description in the second paragraph of the quote below is interesting.

    There’s another way of interpreting “unstoppable,” that is, it can also be interpreted that since Poe’s ratings are based on survey results, puffed up by media hype, these rest on nothing more solid than bubble.

    There’s the danger that as Poe’s supporters pump up the bubble, the more likely it becomes unstoppable for the bubble to blow up in their faces and wipe out Poe’s presidential ambitions into thin air.

    Poe has to offer something more solid than the puffery of a bubble to present a credible bid for the presidency and to be considered a serious contender.

    There is very little to show she has anything more solid for her qualifications to be President than survey ratings.

    • Joe America says:

      Very good, NHerrera. The problem I see for Sen Poe is that she is filling her bubble with content that is rather strange. Tying herself to Escudero instead of Aquino, questioning an Ombudsman’s decision on Abaya, rejecting the BBL, and coming across as a woman of little diplomatic grace. I imagine the goal will be to run against the straight path, ala Binay, rather than for it, if we consider the straight path is the whole of the Aquino effort, not just corruption. She will run “popular” and base her stand on issues on popular appeal, rather than the merits of the issues.

      Old school Filipina, for sure.

      • jolly cruz says:

        Mr Joe, you keep on harping about Poe questioning the Ombudsman regarding Abaya. My previous posts have always shown that I am for “daang Matuwid”. However, I too, had wondered why Abaya was not included. You say that Abaya could not do anything about it because he was appointed just two days prior. I am an auditor and for us, all signatories are presumed accountable. The appearance of signatures on an official document is prima facie evidence that the signatory is complicit. The Ombudsman should have included Abaya in the charge sheet. He will present his evidence to the Sandiganbayan who makes the judgment whther he is guilty or not.

        Why do you say that Poe’s goal is “…to run against the straight path..”? I had the same questions as she, but I am definitely not against the straight path. I am not running for anything, I just want answers to questions which bother me. Fortunatel, for me and other like minded thinkers, she asks them for us.

        • Joe America says:

          The Ombudsman determined that she did not have sufficient evidence to include Secretary Abaya on the charge sheet because he had only been in office two days when he signed the contract, and they had no proof that he was complicit in crafting a contract that was out of order. I suspect there are legalities that surround the matter of signature done at the bequest of an underling who is responsible for the substance of the contract. I don’t know them, but I’m confident Ombudsman Morales, who has a rich history of honorable and capable and objective legal service, does. And she is the one who has to represent them in the courts. Sec. Abaya would be represented by competent legal counsel and the Ombudsman has to calculate, is this worth the state’s time, given all that we have as evidence, and the resources we have to deploy on this case. She judged no.

          The Ombudsman is an independent agency. Poe spoke with no knowledge of the case, and I think was in the US when she did speak. She has not followed up on the matter, and I suspect because she knows it is not a winner. You may have an opinion on the case, but it carries no weight on the actual duty of the Ombudsman. And you, too, can choose to either support the role of Ombudsman or undermine the function, based on how you express your opinion.

          So which is more important? Nailing Abaya for something that is technical but not provable? Or upholding the power of an independent agency doing its best to punish legions of corrupt public servants?

          By the way, I personally have the opinion that Secretary Abaya should have been relieved of his duty long ago for bad decision-making. But I don’t think he is corrupt. I think he gets trapped by allegiances to powerful people (e.g., the decision to split a common station into two parts to save a billion pesos and satisfy a mall owner, but forever having riders walk a couple of blocks through an underground cave to make their connection).

          It is easy to criticize, it is hard to build. The Ombudsman is about the last place I would undermine with a criticism that casts credibility on the function, on a very thin issue.

          • NHerrera says:

            Nice riposte, touched several points especially the Ombudsman, Abaya and his failings, Poe hasty comment, etc — meaning balanced.

          • jolly cruz says:

            I do not dispute your confidence in the Onbudsman. Like you, I have complete trust in her integrity, honesty , independence and the will to perform what is mandated of her. My asking questions is not to impugn her but to dispel any doubts about her character for the benefit of those who can be swayed to our side..

            I would have wanted her to discuss or explain a little bit more of the nuances of Abaya’s non inclusion. I know those who refuse to believe will not be swayed. However, those whose only source of information are the broadcast media, especially commentators like de Castro and Failon, might be convinced if the issues are discussed in detail.

            We all know how these paid hacks can twist any issue if these are not explained in a way that people can readily understand.

            • Joe America says:

              The 39 page Ombudsman’s resolution said Vitangcol “intentionally hid his [affinitive] relationship with Soriano, which would have automatically disqualified PH Trams.“

              As an auditor, if you find a financial official has secretly embezzled funds, do you charge the CEO with a crime? Do you charge his boss, from whom he hid the theft?

              I would add, I come to the defense of the Ombudsman because she is undergoing intense heat from crooks like Binay, and I do not want to add my voice. Senator Poe joined the fray. This article illustrates that a good woman is under intense attack: http://www.rappler.com/nation/98045-ombudsman-morales-dares-critics-impeachment

              I’d say we need to be respectful of the burdens the good people carry, and help. Not add to the burdens.

              • jolly cruz says:

                As I said, the appearance of a signature in an official document is a presumption of complicity which must be investigated. That is why the Internal Audit Department has been devolved from being under senior management to one under the Audit Commttee directly under the BOD.

                This is to ensure that there will be no sacred cows in senior management. We do not judge innocence or guilt. If the CEOs signature appears on a document, we don’t say that he was just put in place recently so he is innocent. Like you always say,just report the facts. That is what we auditors do. We don’t presume anything. It is up to the investigators to do that.

                Asking the Ombudsman for a more in depth explanation is not doubting her and putting her in a difficult position. On the contrary, it is to make it easier for the people to understand her position.

              • Joe America says:

                I agree that is the appropriate thing to do, get information. Especially before making a statement to the press.

          • i7sharp says:

            “… done at the bequest of an underling …”

            You had meant “behest”?

            In any case, from what little I think I know, I still lean on going “Rah, rah Ro-Ro!”

            • Joe America says:

              I don’t know who the grammar policeperson is around here, but I don’t think it is you. At any rate, the position is subordinate to the Chief Tanod, Karl Garcia. so you’d have to take that up with him before filing a charge sheet.

              • i7sharp says:

                What one could have sensibly inferred was …
                1. Poe is not my “guy.”
                2. (a distant no. 2) “bequest” was wrong.

                Regarding words (not grammar), …

            • Bert says:

              Don’t take the bait, i7sharp. Joe knows his language and Karl Garcia is the fairest Chief Tanod in the whole wide world. He will make a decision faster than you can blink ‘charge sheet’……….CASE DISMISS! AHAHAHAHA.

      • NHerrera says:

        Indeed, to an intelligent assessor of what is good for the country, short and long-term especially the latter, one can — in the traditional way — put up in two columns her positives and negatives on the different topics touched or articulated by her, and one sees how woefully lacking she is. Again, Doronila — bubble puffed up by thin air.

        And may I add something admittedly biased and oblique: political science does not seem to be a good academic base with which to arm one for the Presidency. I am writing this, conceding that something in the political science curriculum must have something about politics being used for the general good of the country.

        Further, I write on political science as I did above, also because when I hear the talking political scientist heads/ professors on TV, I hear about surveys, win-ability and popularity and why so-and-so has not touched the popular mood, with what is good for the country lightly touched or not at all.

      • Manong JoeAm,

        I agree with almost everything you wrote, except for questioning the Ombudsman decision on Abaya. Have you tried our MRT? I mean were you able to ride it as a means to get to your destination in a hurry instead of taking your car or a taxi as we are all aware that the traffic here in Metro Manila sucks, then thru the management of ABAYA(asshole) Roxas before him, it broke down in the middle of the rail tracks,I had to get out and walk a half km. to nearest station to take another transpo to the airport. I think you will really get pissed off, it happened to me and i could not describe my annoyance. Now, while ABAYA is still the head of DOTC, I will never take the MRT anymore. I will just have to make do, and leave 4 or 5 hrs earlier to reach my required destination here in the Metro Manila.

        IMHO Ms. Grace Poe is correct in questioning it (Ombudsman decision), You came from the military and there is what we call the command of responsibility. It was on ABAYA’s watch and he should be accountable with it.

        • Sorry the I’ve answered this before but I’ll repeat myself david.

          Abaya was only 2 days in office when he signed it.

          on the other side of the coin is:

          Please read this:

          From the article:

          During his stint as DOTC Secretary, Mar Roxas implemented a policy environment wherein the department’s existing contracts were subjected to review, in order to determine whether they were advantageous or disadvantageous to government. The purpose was to ensure that government was not on the losing end of the stick of its multi-million and even multi-billion peso contracts.

          At that time, MRTC’s maintenance provider was Sumitomo. Its contract was in the amount of $1,433,333 per month plus $17,200,000 per year. It had been providing its services to MRTC for more than ten (10) years.

          On 4 October 2012, MRTC wrote the DOTC, informing the latter that it would no longer procure a maintenance service contractor once Sumitomo’s contract would expire on 19 October 2012.

          See the date.

          August 2012 Mar is appointed as SILG.

          It has been 2-3 years since that time Abaya has no excuse for not finding a solution on this but I am with the Office of the Ombudsman on this. They did not see probable cause.

        • TLDR: The Ombudsman case is not about the incompetence but on the legality of the contracts entered and whether they were prejudicial and on process.

          • Ok, I understand now, be it Abaya’s fault or not, I would say he is a plain TRAPO.His performance is very very dismal up to now and PNOY reaction is the normal hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil as the saying goes, kapartido, kabarilan, klasmeyt at kaibigan.

            On Mar Roxas saving scheme?
            “The purpose was to ensure that government was not on the losing end of the stick of its multi-million and even multi-billion peso contracts. At that time, MRTC’s maintenance provider was Sumitomo. Its contract was in the amount of $1,433,333 per month plus $17,200,000 per year.”

            Does the safety and saving scheme of Mar Roxas helped, lalo yatang nabulok ang MRT due to much concern on the cost, imagine the turmoil and disadvantage it has created. for saving a little, we have to suffer so much until now and we just dont know how much was pocketed in the aftermath of the Sumitomo contract cancellation.

            • For things like this we end up with a discussion of what government does and how it should spend.

              Mar Roxas started a study of government contracts. This was apparently used by the people who are being charged right now by the Office of the Ombudsman on graft charges.

              On a side note. People who use the MRT should really pay a more fair share of what it takes to maintain the MRT.

  16. NHerrera says:

    Off-topic, but readers here may be interested to read the so-far two parts of Jose Antonio Custodio’s articles on Japan and China.

    Interaksyon — Japan in WPS: Beyond China evoking World War II atrocities, Part 1 of 3


    Link to Part 2 of 3 — “The strength of Japan: the second type of island-nation mentality, Part 2 of 3” — is given at the end of the article. It also has a link to Part 3 of 3 — “Why China is apprehensive about Japan’s entry into West PH Sea” at the end of the article — this last part scheduled to be published on 22 July 2015, Wednesday.

    Historical notes are generously sprinkled in Parts 2 and 3, and Custodio writes with a style as in novels with an action flavor. In effect, it gives the message — China should not mess around with Japan.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for that link, which is pertinent to Poe’s remark to the American Ambassador that suggested other alliances, which could have meant Japan or could have meant China. For sure, Japan’s lifeblood flows through the South China and West Philippine Seas and, as much or more than America, it is easy to see Japan and the Philippines forming an enduring modern alliance. I’m looking forward to the third article on the 22nd,

      • sonny says:

        This article reminded me of a description of Japan’s national lifeline as consisting of a steady stream of oil tankers making a bee-line to the ports of Japan. Hence any threat to that has only one categorical response (in WW2 terms, it was an embargo on scrap-iron; the pre-WW2 Japanese settlement of Mindanao was aimed at the promise of an iron-rich region; copper from the Cordilleras; in current terms: inventory Philippine rare-earth elements as a source for US shortage of same …).

        • Joe America says:

          It does smack a little of the elbowing going on prior to WWII, doesn’t it?

          • sonny says:

            I can’t help but take these retroviews, Joe. For one, the geopositions and geologies of the countries involved are necessarily visited and revisited many times (or should be anyway) and compared to the current and future technologies, native & foreign. I remember the anecdote about a pre-WW2 cross-country trip of Adm Yamamoto from the US eastern seaboard to the western. How it crystallized the Pearl Harbor decision. Yamamoto marveled at the interminability of the American land mass (larger than the South China Sea) and all the materiel available to anything the US set her mind to do. Thus, resolve, time and planning were of the essence.

            • Joe America says:

              The US commitment during WWII was absolutely amazing. The ships and planes and bombs and guns. What a war machine. So Adm Yamamoto was right. And wrong as well, in the actual exercise of resolve and time and planning. I wonder if that kind of commitment will ever come again. I hope it is not necessary.

      • BFD says:

        If I may also add that the Philippines under Aquino is reaching out to India.


        PNoy’s Government’s thrust has been a multi-lateral approach all along, but it’s linchpin has been to have the American’s involvement, and at the same time gathering the neighboring countries to oppose China’s flexing of its muscle as a secondary layer to its diplomatic strategy.

        So Grace Poe’s remark I think was just to generate some tension, a sort of bargaining chip. To what ends is anybody’s guess, because it’s being done already.

        • Joe America says:

          Thanks for that note on India. I was not aware of that, and will include India in future remarks. The US relationship is advantageous because the US military is here, now, and it is competent and totally supportive to Philippine interests. Eventually, I suspect it will be complimented by Japanese presence as well. If Poe meant to generate tension, she succeeded, but I’m not sure she is viewed warmly in the Embassy now. I have no idea if that matters or not.

        • karl garcia says:

          Defense and diplomacy goes together in the case of India, An Indian denfense company is bidding for our Frigates aside from Korea,and Spain .(last ones standing).

  17. Joe America says:

    Update on Inquirer readership poll with regional tendencies added:


  18. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    ” “Before the courts, both the VP and his detractors will be given equal chances ti prove all their claims where strict rules on evidence are applied in search for the truth,” Certeza noted.” – BINAY FILES DAMAGE SUIT

    This is what Filipinos should watch. Evidences vs. Trillanes witnesses and Ombudsman piles of affidavits.

    If they call Limlingan and Baloloy to claim that they are 12 feet under the ground, again, they still have to show proof not some Pet Cemetary Ghost stories.

    This is going to be fun.

  19. surfer sison says:

    Sir Joeam, let me first disclose my political leanings of the personalities involved.

    1. I prefer Poe over Mar.
    2. I do not like Escudero. Geting all the top business movers and shakers and Bobby Ongpin as his ninongs and ninangs in his recent wedding to Heart is highly unethical and extremely questionable. There will always be doubts on his objectivity as a public official when matters affecting these people in the future..
    3. I am and continue to be a believer of Pnoy’s administration.

    now to your article. ( i won’t say will all due respect anymore. 🙂 )

    Are you not dangerously close to committing the same sins of sensational journalism that you are so much against by :

    1. Putting malice on Poe’s getting campaign contributions from some Chinese-Filipino businessmen ? Which candidate hasn’t ?
    I know for a fact that someone close to Pnoy’s family actively asked for campaign contributions from a very wide group of Chinese-Filipino businessmen too during Pnoy’s election campaign. So why not put malice on Pnoy too ?
    If we start checking the main election contributors of Mar Roxas , I am pretty sure we will also discover skeletons in his closet too and easily concoct a conspiracy theory to that too.

    2. I find that you are reading too much from Poe’s statement.
    “I’m sorry to say, Mr. Ambassador, but I know the US, our ally . . . we can’t fault them for thinking of their own interests. In pursuing any conflict, the first interest we need to think of are our constituents.”

    Firstly, isn’t the above just a statement of fact that the Philippines should look at the interest of Filipinos and the United States should also look after the interest of her citizens first and foremost ?

    Don’t you think it is practically impossible that US interest will always coincide with Philippine interest in each an every issue and conflict ? Poe is just being realistic and pragmatic in not expecting that the US (a valued ally) will always be there for the Philippines in each and every situation. Remember Ukraine ?

    Secondly, in contrast to the Senkaku islands where the US clearly declared to China that they consider it part of Japan and will come to Japan’s defense if it is attacked, there has been no similar statement of policy that the US will defend the Philippine territories under dispute in the South China Sea.
    Different strokes for different folks …i mean ….allies ?

    yes sir Joeam. you are being hard on Poe. hehehe.

    • surfer sison says:

      and where did you get the idea that Poe will sell out to China ? by connecting her statement with her Chinese Filipino campaign connections ?

    • Johnny Lin says:

      PNoy has same preference, Poe over Mar in terms of electability. He met with Poe again to ask her to reconsider her position with Escudero, that he is not part of the package deal in a coalition.

      Last night, PNoy and Grace met again face to face,one on one, Mano a Mano on a very crucial request of PNoy from Grace.
      PNoy told Grace factually she prefers her over Mar because she is a sure winner over Mar but his problem is how to convince Mar and some members of LP to abandon presidential quest of Mar and sacrifice to slide down to VP. He asked Grace to reconsider her choice of Chiz as VP. Grace told her PNoy has to tell it directly to Chiz but PNoy relented because his problems would aggravate since Chiz is also a friend.

      How PNoy could manage Roxas and party members to accept Poe as coalition standard bearer and new task to convince Chiz to forego his VP ambition (which is his stepping stone for his 2022 presidential ambition), will be his legacy to kingmaker stature.

      PNoy’s problem is unenviable!
      There are no friends in politics when personal interest is at stake

      • noggy says:

        maybe it did happen as you narrated, but maybe Pnoy’s objective is to appeal to Grace’s magnanimity by telling her his situation, and through this hoped that Grace would volunteer to run as VP instead of being asked directly.

        think about it, Grace’s sliding to VP fixes both Pnoy’s problem – this pushes Roxas chance to win as P, which i think he would if it is just a one on one fight with Binay; and also take care of Chiz as he doesnt stand a chance against Grace in the VP slot

    • Joe America says:

      Some excellent points. Yes, I do go tabloidian in my headlines and writings, working the emotions, because my job is different than a news reporter. It is to present ideas, sometimes provocatively, and to try to be interesting. I appreciate your defense of the good Senator Poe, and I hope you are right. I am hard on her because she makes decisions that are too much Escudero and not enough what I think could be good decisions if she would stop campaigning and start working for the people. Letting that be her campaigning. I was alerted to her tendency toward vindictiveness at the Purisima hearings, hated the Mamasapano hearings which ended up an exercise in destruction with no positive gain, and have not liked some of her recent remarks. By being so closely tied to Escudero, I tend to judge her by the friends she keeps, and no longer see her as independent. She just does not have a name for her party.

  20. manuelbuencamino says:


    I have to blow the whistle on this post. In attacking Poe for a sentence you cherry picked from a speech she delievered at the Rotary Club, you raised unwarranted doubts about the Chinese-Filipino community. I think it’s wrong to divide Filipinos along ethnic lines. This is the sort of mentality that led Roosevelt to imprison Japanese-Americans during WWII.

    You started with “Politics is a scurrilous business when money causes people to sway from principle. Principle, of course, is all we the people have to protect us from scoundrels and self-dealers.” …

    And to illustrate your point you cited the Koch Brothers …

    And from there you jumped to Poe’s top contributors…”Curiously, none of the top 10 high rollers figure in the top 500 individual taxpayers of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) from 2008 up to 2011, the latest list available”

    (You assumed that the money came out of their pockets when it is possible they could have tapped friends and associates and donated the money under their name, a practice that is not uncommon here or in the US)

    And then this: “Senator Poe has a Chinese-Filipino connection”

    (Well, Poe would be in good company because a lot of politicians tap Chinese-Filipinos for campaign contributions.)

    And this: “Well, this is all rather speculative and we’d have to do more research to see if these donors have specific business interests in China. So let’s set it aside and just do some more thinking.”

    (First, if it is speculative and research is lacking then is it right to make an issue out of those donors? Second, what is wrong with having specific business interests in China? How many US companies and businessmen have specific interests in China, is their patriotism under question too? Is the patriotism of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet now questionable because they have huge investments in China? )

    And then you cherry pick Poe’s speech again…,

    (You hated that line which I thought was nothing more than Poe disabusing any presumption by the American ambassador that the national interest of the Philippines and the US is and will always be identical. All she did was to point out that both countries are sovereign and independent and their leaders must ultimately answer to their people. Anyway you have a right to interpret it your way)

    But let’s go back to your first sentence and connect it to this paragraph: “It means the Philippines abandons the PRINCIPLE of multilateral negotiations, which has the effect of abandoning all the work done by the Aquino administration to build alliances based on that principle, which means abandoning allies who have joined with the Philippines in supporting a law-based, multi-lateral approach”

    (Pretty nifty to write “principle” in caps. It brings the reader back to the first sentence, the Chinese Filipino donors and to the conclusion that Poe may have sold her principle to Chinese-Filipinos who have China’s interest at heart….I’m saying this because you have spoken about your experience and expertise in communications so to assume that the paragraph above, your opening sentence, and those donations are tied together is not me seeing black helicopters.)

    Anyway, let me play devil’s advocate to the PRINCIPLE of multilateral negotiations…What if China were to tell us “forget all the preconditions we laid out before, let’s have just bilateral talks and see if we can work out problems in a mutually beneficial way”…(1) Should the Philippines give China’s offer serious consideration or dismiss it outright? Why? (Please answer from the perspective of Philippine national interest first and foremost)

    I am not a fan of Poe but this sort of attack is unwarranted and self-defeating. It divides Filipinos along ethnic lines.

    We need to look into the background of ALL campaign donors but let us not draw conclusions based on ethnicity alone. If at all, let us point fingers at specific personalities if we find “links” but let’s put away those broad brushes.

    PS “in America, legislators intruding into foreign policy or defense without going through Executive are roundly condemned. So at this gathering, it was peculiar for a senator to be proposing a change in foreign policy without first being briefed or cleared by Executive, which is responsible for foreign affairs. ”

    That would be lovely if it were true unfortunately it is another one of those myths about American politics. Maybe in the distant past before I was born it was true but it has not been the case since the Vietnam War …and it has gotten progressively worse…come to think of it the US Congress was fiercely divided over McKinley’s policy to annex the Philippines, right? Do you think those legislators who were against Executive policy then and now are “first being briefed or cleared by Executive” before they mouth off?

    Legislators say what they want in their own House and when asked they expound on what they said even if they are talking outside their House.

    I guess what you meant to say is American legislators who speak out against American foreign policy when they are in a foreign country are roundly condemned. Now if you had said that I would agree with you wholeheartedly because it is not something that elected polticians, of any country, should do. If at all they should resign first.

    • Joe America says:

      Well, I do appreciate the time you spent on parsing the article, and I can see that I could have presented it differently. I did not mean to make a statement of ethnicity along racial lines, but more along business lines, as linked to China. The Philippines, like Malaysia and Singapore, have a strong, constructive, intelligent, hardworking, successful set of businessmen who happen to be of Chinese descent, and the Philippines happens to be in a conflict with China. What the article did was, as you say, take a lot of ghosts and line them up to try to make a whole picture, when they may all be just ghosts. I did not even notice the remark to the Ambassador as being out of line, except a commentary I read said it was a rude remark, so I looked again. Then I could not figure it out, why she should have to say “sorry”.

      The rest, as you say, is rather a stretch. Yet had I put all these together in my mind, unexplained, and written “I wish Senator Poe would state a clear position on bilateral negotiations with China”, I don’t think people would know where I was coming from. So I wrote of the ghosts.

      The matter of Legislative intrusion into Executive foreign policy in the US is definitely not myth. It is an old standard, there for a reason, to keep decisions dealing with defense clear, strong and unified, whether they are that way in the back room or not. Unfortunately, it is being eroded as a standard in today’s highly poisoned political arena. So we have the threatening letter from 47 congressman to the Ayatolla on the Iran deal, almost blowing that out of the water. But it still exists as protocol, and the legislator who violates it gets a lot of heat.

      • RHiro says:

        “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”
        Henry Kissinger

        Senator Poe was merely repeating the bedrock of American foreign policy…

        Good effort in provoking debate on important issues by those who may be running for President…

    • edgar lores says:

      Excellent parse.



    Poll Date Sample Clinton Sanders Biden Webb O’Malley Chafee Spread
    RCP Average 6/26 – 7/15 — 56.8 16.3 11.5 1.3 0.8 0.3 Clinton +40.5
    FOX News 7/13 – 7/15 382 RV 59 19 8 1 1 1 Clinton +40
    USA Today/Suffolk 7/9 – 7/12 434 LV 59 14 8 2 0 0 Clinton +45
    Monmouth 7/9 – 7/12 357 RV 51 17 13 1 1 0 Clinton +34
    CNN/Opinion Research 6/26 – 6/28 428 RV 58 15 17 1 1 0 Clinton +41

    I dont know is this a sign of an immature electorate?

    Why don’t we get op-eds telling Sanders to not run because the lead is insurmountable?

    Should we educate our media people about polling?

    Why is the race finished for a lot of online people?

    • Joe America says:

      Immature electorate in the Philippines?

      You make a good point that here the polls are read as representing the election, and in the US they are read as standings at a point in time, heading toward the election. It’s almost as if Filipinos think campaigning can’t change anything, as if what the candidates say and promote as platform, don’t matter. I am troubled because I think President Aquino is also going by the polls (see Johnny Lin’s “report” on the Poe/Aquino meeting) when he ought to go by who is most capable of continuing the straight path, and then committing HIMSELF to making sure that candidate wins.

  22. surfer sison says:

    Poe’s saying ” sorry ” to the Ambassador might be her sending a signal that she has no illusions about the US going to war with China because of some islands and rocks in the South China Sea. Recent lack of concrete action on the part of the US in the light of Russian’s occupation of parts of Ukraine might have even emboldened China that it is not a given that the US will automatically go to the defence of an ally in a conflict.

    Maybe Poe is saying as a friend and ally, it would help a lot if the US will proclaim outright that she will come to our defence of our EEZ just like their unmistakable support of the Senkaku islands of Japan.

    • Joe America says:

      Interesting readout. Perhaps so. Yet both the Philippines and the US have their political legislators with differing positions that make understandings difficult to come by, and agreements hard to make. The US looks at the rejection of EDCA by Santiago and leftists in the same light that Poe may be looking at the US reluctance to state a hard position. Well, it is a fair statement of Poe in that context, but she might also be spending an equal amount of time getting her other BFF Santiago to tone down her rhetoric, for it is not helping in the achievement of commitment by the US. I would also note that the US makes no bones about it. If China attacked the rusty ship outpost, the US would require an order from the President of the US to respond. Furthermore, the US Legislature is working to harden its position against China by stating without equivocation that an attack on a Philippine shoal within the Philippine EEZ is the same as an attack on the mainland. Those debates are ongoing now.

      So we will see how it plays out. I would just like to see Poe speak as firmly to Santiago as she speaks to the American Ambassador, if clearer unity is what she seeks.

  23. surfer sison says:

    Although I am a believer in the administration of Pnoy on most issues, I am not sure if Pnoy acting and being perceived to be too much of an ” American boy ” is the right way to go.

    Maybe Poe is just swinging the needle a little ,and very slightly a little towards a more amicable relationship with China. Look how the Vietnamese are playing their China and US cards very deftly.

    let us face it. Filipinos have to find a way to solve their problems with China on their own and not expect their US Big Brother to do all the heavy lifting for them.

    • Joe America says:

      See my prior remark. I think there is more to be gained by sowing respect amongst all partners rather than sowing division.

      • BFD says:

        @surfer sison, the Philippines is doing a multi-lateral approach as stated above. It’s not only the US that it is courting, if you go by the military drills it working with neighboring countries. All who have a stake in an open West Philippine Sea lane are being asked to add their voice against China.

        So let’s not be fast in saying that the Philippines is only contemplating the US help in mitigating China’s invasion of the Shoals because it’s as Deng Xiaping aptly said, it would take countries to band together to stop an aggressive China.

  24. surfer sison says:

    Saying ” sorry ” makes people pay attention. it caught yours. I certainly hope the US of A got the message too. 🙂

  25. Lil says:

    With the declaration to reopen Subic for AFP (no doubt US assets will make up the bulk of it), even the militant groups in the US are getting antsy. T They just held a kangaroo court in DC to accuse the US and PH admins of ‘human rights violations’ among others daw etc. Good thing Tita Loida was there to slam them.
    Also I have just reached the end of my patience with Balitang America. They seem to have left-wing sympathies including Gel Santos Relos.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for mentioning that unsightly episode in the US, where it is easy to make harsh accusations devoid of the whole of context.

      I read this morning that AFP’s new hardware (planes and ships) will be housed at Subic. It is hard to say where US assets will end up, as EDCA is stalled. I understand there are eight bases under consideration, so those assets are not likely to be concentrated in Subic, I think. Big ships, maybe. But there will be important communications posts on Palawan and elsewhere, and I think a naval base in Palawan.

      • Lil says:

        Well, you’d be pleased to know that it is a kangaroo court a.k.a International People’s Tribunal. Lol. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re probably CCP employees . Lol.

    • Gel Santos Relos, a favorite of my mother, was a former local TV and radio newscaster of ABS CBN before she migrated to the US with her family. Is Balitang America a TFC production? ABS CBN seems to have left-wing sympathies, too.

      • Lil says:

        Yup it is a TFC production.
        They seem to give an inordinate amount of airplay to every petty left-winger crybabies. Also you should hear how Gel interviews anyone with an amount of common sense regarding PH-US miltary cooperation like Loida Nicholas Lewis. I’ve been giving this program the benefit of the doubt for years but I’ve come to my conclusions recently.

        Btw, TFC/ABS-CBN isn’t the only news channel that seems lefty. There’s another local Fil-Am channel too based in LA that gave a US Sen. a hard time about rotating troop visits (this was before EDCA)

  26. Bing Garcia says:

    Let us be practical. Look at the surveys. Grace Poe for President!

  27. This was posted by Pickers1368 in raissa’s blog…I hope he doesn’t mind my re posting here for the benefit of those who missed this (as I did)
    July 19, 2015 at 12:47 am

    The Diplomat
    May 28, 2015
    “…Binay’s stated China doctrine has drawn criticism from the West. Scholar Malcolm Cook wrote, “If Binay wins and follows through on these views, it would be a return to the policy preferred by Aquino’s predecessor, President Macapagal-Arroyo… The foreshadowing of a second reversal of Philippines policy on its maritime boundary dispute with China in two presidential terms shows how divided the Philippine political elite and their financial backers are on this issue and its place in Philippines-China relations. A second reversal in two presidential terms would rightfully reinforce views within ASEAN, and in Washington and Tokyo, about the unreliability of the flip-flopping Philippines, and would throw into doubt the wisdom of aligning their South China Sea approaches with the policy prevailing in Manila at any given moment.” It goes without saying that a Binay win would give China reason to celebrate.
    If the Liberal Party’s candidate wins, either Roxas or Poe, a continuity of policy, for at least six more years, is likely. It would signal consistency in the Philippines’ relations with the U.S., which has recently stepped up its South China Sea engagements in a bid to delegitimize China’s land reclamation in disputed areas. It would also be good news for Japan, which has been calling for greater rule of law in East Asia, a call echoed by Aquino’s decision to pursue a court case against Beijing. As the standard-bearer of the ruling party, Roxas is expected to largely continue Aquino’s foreign policy direction.”

    But here is an interesting twist. The report was issued before Grace Poe’s speech on June 11, 2015. Excerpts of her speech which put a monkey wrench on the conventional thinking. This is what Poe said as quoted by Rappler.
    “”We really need to continue with our arbitration case. China and the Philippines are both signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. On the other hand, our relationship with China dates back centuries,” Poe said in a forum on Thursday, June 11, organized by the Rotary Club Manila.

    She added: “I think we should continue bilateral talks in other aspects. There are other concerns, for example our economic relations, the humanitarian aid they sometimes give, and our cultural exchanges.”
    In the same speech in front of US Ambassador Goldberg, she advocated a position that the Philippines distances from the US (and by implication to the Philppines new ally, Japan) and pursue an unrealistic approach of unilateral defensive approach policy, something that China has been taunting and baiting the country to pursue and face China on its own has found a domestic mouthpiece. There is now a good chance of the Chinese’ “Cabbage” strategy -as spelled out by a high ranking Chinese General in a speech not too long ago in Singapore, to ensure that the Philippines will abandon Ayungin – to succeed.

    One can only suspect that the only rationale of Poe’s confusing stance is the fact that her main and biggest donors in her 2013 Senatorial campaign as published by the Comelec and reported by PCIJ were wealthy Chinese. Whether that suspicion is warranted is highly speculative but should not be ignored nonetheless. It is possible that Poe did not mean what she said because she is known to have taken populist stand on crucial issues. It is possible that once she gets elected, she will do the opposite and may pursue her natural instincts. Either way, the country is in the harms way. Everybody knows that she is very close and beholden to Erap – who, along with Lacson, is identified with the FFCCCI in Binondo.

    In the final analysis, the people are better off with Roxas, Duterte, Lacson and Binay in the ballot. At least they know their respective positions. It is simply black and white. But Poe is a special breed. We do not know if she is brilliant, a bozo or just naïve. The people around her are a mixed bag of interesting characters. Is she putting a show or is she for real? If for real, which one is as there contradictions among them as well.

    My take:

    Mar has my vote, survey or no survey. In case she teams up with Mar as VP (which btw is looking like an impossible scenario based on the latest reports) I would like to know if the spare tire has our country’s welfare in her heart and mind.

    More so if in case she runs with Escudero as P/VP candidates.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for this posting. A huge echo of my own concerns.

      • Joe America says:

        On reflection, I think Senator Poe is dancing between allegiances, her benefactors (financially) and popularity, and matters like alliances or what the nation has presented in its arbitration hearings fall to the wayside. I wonder if she even read Sec. Del Rosario’s opening speech in the Hague.

    • edgar lores says:

      If I may summarize:

      1. In the June 11 forum, Poe states quite clearly that she is for the continuation of arbitration. There is no confusion, no ambiguity. So that ghost should be laid to rest.

      2. Her distancing from the US does not necessarily imply a distancing from Japan… nor does it point to a “unilateral defensive approach”. As Karl notes, she — being aware of the “strength of other relations we will have” — can be said to be in favor of multilateral arrangements. Note the use of the future tense.

      3. It also seems that there is nothing sinister in the support from wealthy Chinese from the feedback of MB and Jolly Cruz. This support seems to be a “normal” political/business practice of Chinese businessman for all candidates here and in other countries… including the US and Australia. (I believe there is a name for this practice… a Chinese term, not “business-as-usual”.)

      4. As Poe is open to the continuation of “bilateral talks in other aspects”, it might be reasonable to ask whether these talks will be extended to include the shared use of the disputed sea areas in the event that the arbitration ruling goes against Beijing and in favor of Manila.

      4.1. Or will she insist on the complete turnover of the areas (including improvements in place) to the country and say, “Sorry, this yard is part of my house and the family will develop the area further when we have the time and the money to spare.”

      5. What then remains is to clarify Poe’s stance on the questions in Johnny’s list.

      Is this a fair summary?

      • More than fair.

        First she said “”We really need to continue with our arbitration case.”

        She added: “I think we should continue bilateral talks in other aspects –

        without elaborating on the “other aspects”…

        4.1 an important point that she needs to clarify, her addendum after her already clear statement had muddled the first one.

        Was she thinking of business tie ups with China or related still with arbitration case, I note that the last hearing was still in the “jurisdiction matter” and not on the case itself and might take a long time to resolve, and even if it is resolved in our favor, implementation is still a difficult process which will be a generational one (per Senior SC Justice Carpio).

        I note also that even if there is this territorial dispute ongoing with the Philippines and with other claimants, we and the other countries are still continuing our business relationships with China, albeit that in our case, the trade balance is in China’s favor. If this is her “other aspect”, with the aim of improving the trade balance, then it’s good.

        If it’s a yes on your 4.1, then it’s excellent, but is it a yes?

        She needs to clarify as I’m still confused.

    • neo canjeca says:

      I think I am here like other bloggers and some other bloggers too are like me feeling that blogging is habit forming allowing one to be captive to a form of mental jerking to keep coming back like a song after reading and contributing to Joe Am’s two previous topics micro examined raked over the coals by Ph’s hottest minds still I made up my mind to take a vacation and probably just stay put there vacationing because despite some thoughts thrown here I know I have not made myself clear like the few who cleared the land mines of word smithing to come out loud and clear they will vote for Mar Roxas come hell or high water .

      I am a qualified voter and I will vote for Mar Roxas even if Cardinal Tagle or the improbable Pope Francis will run against him. During the last presidential election I would have voted for Mar even if Noynoy was a rival candidate. I know that to a few intellectual winnowers here I am like that’s acting like blind as a bat and mute like a metamorphic rock. All because I am not a stakeholder not even for a cent of self-interest. I am one with those for decades were watching at a distance the crucible of dirty despicable Philippine politics father and son Gerry and Mar and no other Roxas never repeat NEVER were they tainted with opportunism and incompetence. Both born with unsoiled surname plus genetic abilities and almost natural personal social and economic resources, both has no need for opportunism and for work that requires proof of competence. They were born into silver and did not crave nor insanely salivate for gold. For a future first gentleman or future first lady I will vote for Mar because his spouse doesn’t give a damn for the political correctness of rascals that prostitutes the public interest.

      I was not very clear in the blogs immediate to this one and as for the other front runners in the 2016 elections of a few thousand opportunities to do good or loot the country’s wealth. There is a need for DNA testing for one candidate even before leadership attributes and potential competence are debated on. As for the other one, I hinted Con Ass as the last card (huling baraha) to buy time and put agony in suspension; haven’t thought though that filling libel and slander cases against tormentors could be the last nail to a political coffin. See you guys after my vacation, if ever.

  28. HighFive says:

    If there is a possibility that we may lose our right to our economic zone after
    President Aquino ends his term, I think the President should just use the powers he possesses to extend his term, imho. That would be reasonable because the nation’s maritime economic zone is a major source of food for Filipinos.

    • Joe America says:

      It is very rare for a nation to cede territory to another state. With China, it would be like tossing a slab of beef to a hungry lion. When the lion is hungry again, it comes back for more. The Philippines would be letting down all the nations it has encouraged to stand up for multilateral understandings. I agre, it is a big, big deal.

      I do note that Escudero backed down from the anti-BBL statement made a couple of days ago, I suspect because they got an earful of complaint. That is their driver. Popularity, not policy. So it is important to get this on the table early and firmly. Will you negotiate bilaterally on the Philippine sea rights?

      • HighFive says:

        The people will not accept that a part of the sea which is a major source of food for the majority of Filipinos would be given away to another state. If that happens that will make the people angry particularly those people from the grass root level. I wouldn’t be surprised if the magnitude of national uproar would be similar to Edsa 1 people power revolution which was triggered by the assassination of Sen. Ninoy Aquino.
        It think this issue would be worthy of discussion for the National Security Council. Or at least the Commission on Election should file a resolution banning candidates who have an intention to cede territory to another state.

        I agree with you that we would be letting down all the nations that support the rules-based approach to the dispute for not standing up.

        • Joe America says:

          Yes, I was toying in my mind with researching the definition of treason further because I see it rather the same way. A willingness to cede Philippine territory to another nation is a step too far beyond politics. I’m glad you brought it up. Your approach is better, to define a clear national policy.

  29. jameboy says:

    “Last night, PNoy and Grace met again face to face,one on one, Mano a Mano on a very crucial request of PNoy from Grace.

    PNoy told Grace factually she prefers her over Mar because she is a sure winner over Mar but his problem is how to convince Mar and some members of LP to abandon presidential quest of Mar and sacrifice to slide down to VP.” – Johnny lin
    The scenario doesn’t make sense. Why will PNoy request and tell Grace he prefers her over Mar ’cause she is a sure winner? When did he learn of this? After looking at the polls and see she’s leading? I think that’s making the President look cunning, manipulative and a traitor. And what about Grace Poe? She, too, was made to look stupid in the scenario because she’s presented as the gullible one believing something that everybody already knows (she leads the polls) from someone who is irrelevant on whatever decision she has to make.

    Why will the President tell Grace Poe he has a problem with Mar and the LP party about Mar sliding down again to VP? What is PNoy trying to achieve in telling his “problem” with his party-mates to Poe? And what’s the connection and relevance of it to Grace Poe? I doesn’t make sense.

    “He asked Grace to reconsider her choice of Chiz as VP. Grace told her PNoy has to tell it directly to Chiz but PNoy relented because his problems would aggravate since Chiz is also a friend.” – Johnny lin
    What? For someone who has a “problem” with his own people dictating to someone who is not his party mates what to do with her own choice? Again, the scenario is unbelievable. Both PNoy and Grace were presented in a caricature way.

    “How PNoy could manage Roxas and party members to accept Poe as coalition standard bearer and new task to convince Chiz to forego his VP ambition (which is his stepping stone for his 2022 presidential ambition), will be his legacy to kingmaker stature.” – Johnny lin
    If true, why will PNoy do the “managing” to Roxas and LP only now? Is that how he treats his party mates? Is that the official policy, plans and programs of the party, to “manage” in the last two minutes? Is that really how PNoy think?

    I mean, if the scenario has some grains of truth to it, it only means the President had a convoluted and defective mind. Ergo, all the bad things that happened under his administration from the Luneta hostage-taking up to the Mamasapano debacle is well-deserved by him.

    I think that’s a very poor appreciation of the character not only of the President but also of Sen. Grace Poe. 👎

  30. may abriol says:

    Popularity is not the issue here …im not against ms poe, but i think she’s not capable yet to run this country. Very impossible. 1st, is it because she is popular we have to vote her as president Of our country? what good things she had done to our country as senator? nothing. She did not impress me on purisima issue. nakikiride lang sa mga srnators na kadikit nya like escudero . I hate him. He’s mayabang. I alwaysfrefer sec roxas as president. He’s not corrupt like the binays.

  31. JM says:

    I haven’t been a good citizen. While I do pay taxes (most of the time), I never voted because the masses usually override the candidates that I would have voted for (not a good reason, I know). But seeing, the potential of Binay to become the president, I am persuaded to vote. At first, I liked Duterte, I’d like to feel safe when walking around the city. I am tired of being always on guard (I was robbed twice already). Then I saw his stand on China that he would like to “negotiate” with them. That turned me off and crossed his name off my list. I just realized that the major factor for my vote was a President who would continue our case in the UN Tribunal and would have the balls vs. China. Then I look at Poe and Mar and the polls. Poe seems to have a better chance. Most of the factors such as experience are not very important to me. So I was inclined to vote for Poe. Then I read this article and the possibility that she could betray the country to China. That leaves Mar. His popularity has to change or I may have to choose between a corrupt traitor or an inexperienced traitor or simply not vote at all again.

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