Candidates for senate in 2019

Senate chamber [Photo source: CNN]

By Joe America

Senators Escudero, Honasan, Legarda, Pimentel, and Trillanes will be out of office on June 30, 2019, as that will be the end of their second term. They cannot stand for re-election.

Senators Angara, Aquino, Binay, Ejercito, Poe, and Villar will very likely run for re-election to a second term.

It is hard to unseat incumbents.

I personally like legislators who understand, cherish, and work to uphold  the Constitution, are true to their oath, stand firm against abuses of people for any reason, and are productive in their law-writing. However, I doubt that the broader electorate thinks in these terms. They lean toward populist affection.

For the purpose of starting the discussion, let me give each of the senators a rating for competence (as I have defined it), and a rating for popular appeal. Incumbency itself gives each a strong rating on popularity and any other flair or public stardom adds to that.

The ratings are from 1 to 10 with 10 being high:



My guess is that all will be re-elected. Senator Villar is most vulnerable. If this were a corporation and I were President, I’d fire all except Senator Aquino. The rest are enablers of EJK and demonstrate no particular commitment to Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. They have allowed President Duterte to use coarse language, threaten civilians, joke about rape, and otherwise undermine the Constitution and civility.

If LP is successful in creating a grass roots enrollment based on civility and can seat the idea that silent senators betrayed Filipino values, then the popularity of many senators would be diminished and more might be ‘fired’ at the voting booth. History says this is more hope than practical.

So the Philippines will bring six or seven new senators into office in 2019. That’s not ideal, but it is enough to completely reshape the moral conscience of the institution.

Who might we consider if we focused on knowledge, integrity, and skill?

Let me offer three names and let you expand the search. All three of my picks are intelligent people who know the ins and outs of government and are of high character.

  • Florin Hilbay, Age 43; bar-top notcher; attorney, professor, writer; Attorney General under President Aquino for two years; law professor (constitutional law, litigation, philosophy).
  • Rogelio Singson, Age 69; industrial engineer, businessman; Secretary of Public Works and Highways under President Aquino for six years; Director at Clark Development, Subic, Metro Pacific Investments
  • Delfin Lorenzana, Age 69, Major General, Philippine Army; Secretary of Defense; distinguished education, service, and awards.

Those are my heavy hitters. All are well-educated, of high character, with experience in the field of law and/or government. Lorenzana would bring in a military perspective, a ‘vacancy’ with Trillanes departing.

I also have a list of other people worth considering, less prominent perhaps but fully capable of upgrading the Senate and anchoring it on intelligence, service, and experience: Edwin Lacierda (attorney and former Presidential spokesperson), Manuel L. Quezon III (journalist, historian), and Representative Teodoro Baguilat, Jr.

You undoubtedly have a suggestion or two as well. Let’s put them all on the table, eh?

Would you put Mar Roxas on the list? I’m curious about that.


105 Responses to “Candidates for senate in 2019”
  1. arlene says:

    I like your three choices Joeam. Mar Roxas, why not? Good morning 🙂

    • Good morning, arlene. I also got the following suggestions on Twitter:

      “Mar Roxas will be on my top list. Erin Tañada and maybe Kit Belmonte would be great additions.”

      I’ll drop off suggestions that come in from social media here:

      “Cong Edcel Lagman and E. Tanada”


      “Pimentel says he can still run in 2019, purportedly bec Zubiri took up most of his first term.”

      ” I would like to see Baguiat and Alejano run for senate positions. Congresswoman Josephine Sato is also a good option.”

      “Rene Saguisag is one if best senatorial in 2019” [Counter: “He is too old and doesn’t want to run anymore.”]

      “i want TG Guingona, Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Rodolfo Biazon, SC Antonio Carpio, Conchita Carpio-Morales, Edcel Lagman, Teddy Baguilat, Serge Osmena, Manolo Quezon, Mar Roxas,”

      “Mocha Uson for senator in 2019. She understands the pulse of the people and can translate them into practical legislation.”

      “Gibo Teodoro. Bong Bong Marcos”

      “1. Bam Aquino
      2. SC Antonio Carpio
      3. Conchita carpio-morales
      4. Rodolfo Biazon
      5. TG Guingona
      6. Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
      7. Serge Osmena
      8. Edcel Lagman
      9. Teddy Baguilat
      10. Mar Roxas
      11. Alfredo Lim forner mayor of manila
      12. Manolo Quezon”

      “Gina Lopez, Rene Saguisag (if he can be convinced to run), Dean Diokno.”

      “Would vote for ex-DOT Sec. Jimenez if he runs.”

      “Former Cong Roilo Gomez should run. We need patriotic people in the Senate who will advocate for the defense of our WPS and country against China’s grabbing and invasion.”

  2. madlanglupa says:

    We want the competent candidates, more brick behind the veneer, but then there will be those running-dog pukes who’ll want to get into Senate if only to increase their power because of their association with the President.

  3. Sup says:

    I think you are wrong about Villar. She has the back up off billions of pesos.
    Also i am almost sure Duterte asked her to be DSWD head

  4. Edgar Lores says:

    Popcorn time? Again? Surely, too much, too soon. Good heavens!

    1. I am overjoyed these senators are NOT up for re-election: Cayetano, Escudero, Pimentel, Honasan, and Legarda. Good riddance!

    2. I am glad these senators have to run and pass the gauntlet – Poe, Binay, Angara, Villar, and Ejercito. Good luck!

    3. I am sad to see Trillanes go. Good sort!

    4. These guys are too old to serve a 6-year term: Walden Bello (71) and Serge Osmena (73). Good ole boys.

    5. I second: Hilbay (43) and Lacierda (mid 50?). Good value!

    6. Want to see these people run: TG Guingona (58) and Mar Roxas (60). Good eggs!

    6.1. PNoy was a serving senator when he ran for the presidency. Good omen!

    7. In the meantime, Duterte is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Goodbye!

    • sonny says:

      Right on target again, kabsat! I’d like some popcorn, please. 🙂

    • 🙂 It helps to recognize that defeat is not imminent, and there are a number of ‘good eggs’ there if the votes are there.

      • distant observer says:

        “If the voters are there” is the crucial part in your statement. Mobilizing voters is key. Without knowing the right numbers, I guess that PDP Laban was pretty successful in realizing its voter potential in the 2016 election (meaning that a high percentage of voters who envisaged to vote for PDP Laban (-candidates) actually went to cast their vote) while other parties are not realizing their voter potential (yet).

        • madlanglupa says:

          What motivated the voter base was emotion over logic, desperation and hate influenced their decision-making. No thanks to social media.

          • distant observer says:

            Agree on your first statement. The primal emotions like fear, hate and anger have proven to be the best political mobilizators since ancient times. I think however it is too easy to just blame social media. Social media can be used to spread hate or love the same.

    • #7 Movement Against Tyrrany launched. A diverse group of people and organizations poised to stop the ill wind from blowing. Among its members are Sr. Mary John Mananzan and ex-Senator Rene Saguisag.

      “The Movement opposes fascist measures such as the demonification of human rights victims and defenders as ‘terrorists,’ ‘drug addicts, pushers and/or coddlers’, ‘extortionists’ as well as the use of red-baiting to muddle issues and justify extrajudicial killings and other atrocities,”

  5. madlanglupa says:

    A crushing end worthy of George Orwell, I am told by a mutual friend.

  6. NHerrera says:


    The current 6 incumbents — Angara, Aquino, Binay, Ejercito, Poe and Villar — will most probably run in May 2019. I assign these probabilities to 6, 5, 4 of them winning to reflect my gut feel:

    6 winning 60%
    5 winning 30%
    4 winning 10%

    Thus, there will most probably be only 6 additional winners other than the incumbents. See the table below for the these additional notes:

    1. The Administration Candidates will most probably be the 5 incumbents other than Aquino. The A candidates will have additional 7 candidates or more if the non-Aquino candidates are just treated as guests, may be coming from those names already mentioned in the blog and comments, such as Calida, Alvarez, Panelo — filling up slots A6 to A12 of the table.

    2. The B Candidates will have Aquino and 11 others filling up slots B2 and B12. Among these are names already mentioned — Hilbay, Singson, Lorenzana. Because of my assumption of all the incumbents being re-elected and only 6 new (or recycled) faces will be elected, the B Group will be hard put to put more than 6 viable candidates (slots in Blue).

    3. Considering the realities, assuming nothing unusual happens by late 2018, it may be too much to expect the best B Candidates other than Aquino, that is, B2 to B6 to win along with the best A Candidates other than the incumbents, that is only A6, to win.

    4. This means that reality may give the best scenario for B to win with B2, B3, B4 along with the A Candidates A6, A7, A8.

    5. Having wasted all this blog space, I have a feeling that I have not added value to the discussion. 🙂

    • I think you have correctly painted a realistic dismal picture in which, out of 12 senatorial positions up for election, the majority will take 8 or thereabouts. Something material would have to happen to change that. Not likely.

      • popoy says:

        Regardless of science and magic, The results of the senatorial elections will be determined by the comedians este the COMELEC.

  7. popoy says:

    Diversion or DIVERGENCE: JoeAm and Lance take the time and take this high road. I got only 83%, I should do some push ups or produce water. needs patience at least. I observed differences among tribal warriors: American Indians are experts in tracking; the highland warriors of Papua New Guinea will stalk you till the end of time.

    • popoy says:

      sorry for more egocentrism; JUST exercising my neurons before they leave my cranium. got some stuff stored there: in high school memorizing the 1937 constitution, in Los Banos was reading Das Kapital and Christopher Marlowe as the real Shakespeare; also the Third Reich and Albert Speer’s book; in Bedford was reading enjoying all the works of Sir A Conan Doyle and Lawrence of Arabia been reminded by the librarian to borrow also agric engng books. More Stuff from Ascarraga and Erehwon, buried in my skull. Exercise seems good improved my score to 88% about Adolf of Germany.

      yabang ng isang otsenta na.

      • sonny says:

        Somewhere I read: the neurons of the human brain are identical to that of the ordinary nematode. The difference: there are only hundreds per volume in the nematode, there are billions per identical volume in the human. I hope I can hold the image for a long long while.

        • sonny says:

          Sorry, Popoy. I didn’t mean to be impertinent. Very sorry.

          • popoy says:

            WALANG ANUMAN, DE NADA Sonny. When one is 80 and above, that should be the ONLY answer as if a THANKS is always thrown his way for he does or wishes no one any harm. That is BEING a late bloomer BOY SCOUT only in thought and words. As a member of an aggie team I was the soil expert and should have known (along with soil physics and soil chemistry) soil (micro) biology what are nematodes. cheerio sonny.

            HABOL: My favorite read was an unretireable journo, a Benigno, the Press Sec of Cory. Hah, hah, hah. After the internet scored my answers to the Hitler quiz. They sort of commented: No one in this world would ever know as much as I do about Adolf Hitler.

  8. Miela says:

    I’m glad that Honasan, Legarda, Escudero and Pimentel can’t run for election. I hope Trillanes considers running for other government positions.

    Too bad for the Philippines regarding the senatoriables who can run for election. These are the senators who denied EJK before Kian an allowed “sex talk” in the senate (RE: de Lima)

  9. NHerrera says:

    We have touched on the subject of EJK in the current blog. Would DFA’s Cayetano have spoken in “sacrilegious” parallel terms on EJK as US’ Tillerson on the subject of race and bigotry as the following excerpt of an interview portray?

    Tillerson: I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values or the commitment of the American government or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.

    Wallace: And the President’s values?

    Tillerson: The President speaks for himself, Chris.

    Wallace: Are you separating yourself from that, sir?

    Tillerson: I’ve spoken — I’ve made my own comments as to our values as well in a speech I gave to the State Department.

  10. Sup says:

    Duterte is now God?

    ”Espenido did not reply, but later he told reporters that his assignment to Iloilo was “God’s will.”

    “You know that my superior’s orders, especially the President’s, are God’s will. We will do our best,” he said.”

    Read more:

    • madlanglupa says:

      VACC made him into a man-made god.

      • NHerrera says:

        Now we know why Jimenez — he of VACC or Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption —
        is busy, busy, busy and a “fist saluter.” He is probably hoping for one of the Admin Senatorial Slot in 2019. BTW, the way it has evolved, we may as well rename that organization as VFCC; and we know what F stands for.

        And, Joe, the proximate 2019 Senatorial Election Deadline probably explains too why Angara behaves the way we have observed him. We have a word for that behavior — segurista — and that is being kind to the fellow.

        • My guess is that they are all trying to read the public whim carefully, which is why we see occasional critical comments sneaking out, generally not directed at the President, but at . . . for example, the Kian killing. It will be fascinating to see how things play out going forward. For sure, the Admin staged its own PR coup by meeting with Kian’s parents. I suspect that will quiet senators.

          • NHerrera says:

            I agree with your note about all (politicians) trying to read the public whim carefully and your nicely worded which is why we see occasional critical comments sneaking out, generally not directed at the President — still playing it safe, referring to the latter part of the italicized line, Lacson being a prime example.

            On the PR coup made by meeting with parents, made more effective with Kian’s mother being “persuaded” — by whatever miracle or magic means — to do the fist salute: I have to credit that shrewd or obvious move now that it has been accomplished. Yes, that will quite the Senators and give another signal of sorts to them.

            I cannot help thinking about what happens if such persuasion can be made on an American mother subject to the same circumstance of pain and grief of only a few days ago. May it be: “Thank you for coming Mr. President, but no thanks — I will not do that.” ?

            • A commenter on Facebook said the family may be simply trying to keep uncles and brothers alive, as they were tagged by Bato as dealers, I believe. I’m sure from their view, it is not easy.

              • NHerrera says:

                The fear factor does change one’s responses. Noted. Which is probably the point — to sustain or intensify that factor to further whatever is the new objective(s).

  11. popoy says:

    In all the totugarnatsa (closed to the meaning of school kids’ lakwatsa) I read and I too have written here in TSOH, watch out, really do WATCH OUT for a common perception by many of their disliked person. Mediocre, MEDIOCRITY is a sin seen by many as the main alloy to a worthless gem, a mistake of circumstances. Is Donald but not his chosen associates mediocre? Is Rodrigo and most (all except Leleng B?) of his chosen core staff, mediocre? In microcosm (as in one’s small family) mediocrity is original sin whereas in the real world (macro as a nation) MEDIOCRITY (capitalized) is a mortal sin.

  12. popoy says:

    did I post this already? Can’t seem to find it.

    Who in the present Senate are MEDIOCRES? the paragons of mediocrity?
    Who of TSOH’s predicted winning senatorial candidates in the coming election
    are mediocresians ?

    Now think of former Senators Lorenzo Tanada, Jose Wright Diokno, Claro M. Recto,
    Cipriano Primicias Sr., Jose Laurel Sr., Sergio Osmena Jr., Amang Rodriquez, Gerry Roxas,
    Rene Saguisag and others of yonder years. Think of the here and now and shiver in Sayang na sayang, ang malas ng Pinas and shake one’s head: Kawawang Pinas, Nakakahiya sa mundo.

    • popoy says:

      that’s my new word MEDIOCRESIANS. Now who among TSOHers would have the time and like to start a blog to be famously known as TSOM (the Society of Mediocresians)? A blog in appreciation and dedicated to a Congressgation (members of a Senate and a HOR) which excel In everything but its constitutional mandate. Enough na muna.

  13. Sup says:


    The next generation senators better speak Mandarin…..The hearing today was full of it and many more to come in the next years about faulty China build infra projects, Low quality China weapons for the Philippine army and so on………………

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      Pohaw !!! Pohaw !!!

      If China builds inferior products why do American companies outsource their manufacturing to China? Check your Bose Companion Series. iPhone 8. Canon. And others … MADE IN CHINA … ASSEMBLED IN CHINA …

      If Chinese are inferior why do they walk the halls of Silicon Valley tech campuses and Almagordo nuclear facilities?

      Why are their scientists sought after? Why State Department approved Visas to Chinese in terms of percentage than Filipinos? Why is Philippines has the highest Visa denials among Asian countries? Why do Hollywood stars prefer to adopt Chinese babies? Zero for Filipino babies?

      • Sup says:

        I am talking about when these projects are used for personal gain
        (read SOP) and the weapons are made to fill the pockets of the Philippine army generals like what happened with most contracts (rubber boats, choppers etc.)

  14. Sabtang Basco says:

    *** Out of Topic ***

    – Asian (Non Hispanic or Latino) – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian Subcontinent, for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam

    – Filipino-American (non Hispanic or Latino) – Any person whose appearance, surname, speech/language (including all dialects) indicates Filipino origin or ancestry should be classified in this category.2

    2 The EEOC does not separate Filipinos from the Asian category. For federal reporting purposes Filipinos will be included in the Asian category. However, the County has a separate category for Filipino-Americans as a result of Senate Bill1140. In 1979, the Board of Supervisors amended the County’s definition of Asian-American by removinig Filipinos from this category and creating a separate category of Filipino-American. Therefore, for County EEO statistical reporting purposes Filipino-Americans will be reported in the County’s Filipino-American category.

    THEREFORE, in my opinion, Filipino eventually will not be considered ASIAN despite they wanted to be Asian because “Asian” has that cachet.

    In the 2nd survey question above, “Any person whose appearance …” means looks like a Filipino not Asian.

    But in the very beginning of the questionaire … respondents may choose “Asian” if they feel like it. No penalty.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      Filipinos have been removed from Asian-American. Filipinos has its own category: FILIPINO !

      I wonder how Filipinos feel about it.

    • Sup says:

      Amazing that there is internet in Sabtang..Maybe you are standing on top of the Sabtang Lighthouse to get signal? 🙂

      • Sabtang Basco says:

        Nope! I use parabolic grid to amplify wi-fi access. Either we get it from southernmost part of Taiwan or from northernmost part of mainland Philippines.

        I love her in Sabtang. People are friendly. Everybody knows everybody. It seems I am not living in the Philippines. Our houses are made of stones. Awesome place. The last frontier in the Philippines.

        I thank the normal perennial two-footer waves and annual typhoons … it keeps away the Mainland Filipinos away.

        • Sabtang Basco says:

          I hate el Nido. Coron. Boracay. Cebu. Too crowded. Too many crass tourists. Sabtang is my Private Idaho.

      • Sabtang Basco says:

        The WiFi parabolic grid is the best long range antenna for point to point (PTP) links. By design the parabolic grid is always going to have a very high gain and this a very narrow beam width which makes it a favorite among installers, municipalities and home users who need to transfer a signal from one specific point to another.

        The WiFi grid is ideal for someone using the Simple WiFi repeater to focus in on the signal source, as well as someone who wants to use a combination of two access points to create a “back haul” link.

        With the fantastic range and ability to main high internet speeds over long range links, comes the one drawback that will only be noticed when installing the antenna for the first time. Aiming the grid can be difficult since the beam width can be anywhere from 12 degrees down to 3 degrees depending on what frequency and size antenna you choose. In some cases even a few degrees off center can cause big differences in your signal strength, quality and speed.

        • Sup says:

          Very good…but no jollibee delivery… 😦

          🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Sabtang Basco says:

            Waaaah … No Jollibee …. No McDonalds … No spicy chicken ! But what we have here are organic vegetables, hormone-free free-range natural chicken and all-vegetable diet happy cows that creates happy indigenous Sabtang people.

            We are tired of city living. Enough of ASAP, TFC, kapamilya looney telesyere …. we are communing with nature. No traffic gridlock.

        • bagotnabagot says:

          by “back haul” you mean “redundancy” connection, eh? That’s how its understood here in the Philippines.

          But then again, I realized, you just copied your post from this site :

          I thought it was your own comment since you did not cite any reference.

  15. lightning rod says:

    Rep. Alejano will likely run for a Senate seat. He is a shoo-in as he will get the Magdalo votes. LP young guns Baguilat and Quimbo have a halfway decent chance to get in the Senate.

  16. Sabtang Basco says:

    I only know few senatorables. Two names that sticks in my head. Mocha Uson and Mar Roxas. Mocha Uson. If Philippine constitution allows me to vote I’d definitely go all out vote for Mocha Uson without even thinking about it. Men likes her. Women does, too! Mocha Uson is liberating for Filipino women.

    Mar Roxas? The last time I heard he would be VLogging after his upset to Duterte. Mar Roxas mother invested in him. On February 9, Judy Roxas, his mother, donated 90,000,000.00 pesos at the start of Mar Roxas campaign. On May 2 another 20,000,000.00 pesos. Mar Roxas personally spent 487,000,000.00 pesos in his campaign. A whopping total of 597,000,000.00 pesos. A tad more than half-a-billion pesos or USD$11,705,882.00 .

    Unless Mar Roxas want to splurge more millions he would be sitting next to Grace Poe who equally spent 510,845,262.00 pesos or USD$10,016,573.00.

    Filipinos that spend these large sum of “hard-earned” money must be passionate about righting this country.

    Or, REALLY?

    Philippine President earns a maximum of 400,000.00 pesos each month for 6 years deduct average tax of 32% they get 19,584,000 net of tax. That is an ROI of 0.04% for Mar Roxas personal investment. Cannot calculate ROI for Grace Poe couldn’t find the breakdown of her expenses.

    If these folks spend this much for 0.04% return of investment there is something wrong or they are just pure unadulterated patriot.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      My 401K gives me a paltry 12% not considering tax shields. Would it be worthwhile to spend their money on charity and run it themselves? We can’t know. Unless somewhere somehow they get back we mere mortals cannot know.

    • What is another man’s ‘purpose in life’, and why does your judgment mean more than theirs? I know Poe received a lot of money from rich Filipino business people. Where do you think that money would go for senate campaigns?

      Your voice might be instructional, or it might be arrogant preaching. I’m still pondering that. This is not really the place for preaching.

      • You go to bed at 11:00 and arise at 5:00. A farmer for sure. I think the challenge for you would be how to articulate something other than judgments, that is, something pragmatic that would lead the Philippines to greatness. Mocha Uson for senator? I understand breaking down gender barriers, but I’m not sure they should be totally crushed and trashed. Plus, how about getting a land use law in place so other parts of the Philippines are as pristine as yours?

    • distant observer says:

      Sabtang Basco, isn’t it ironic that you’re able to rant in detail about Roxas’ and Poe’s campaign finances; who donated what and how much, while we all don’t know the amount of money (and non-material supplies) the Duterte campaign received from it’s Chinese puppetmasters?
      I agree it’s an insanely high amount of money involved. But at least, Roxas and Poe seem to try to maintain some level of campaign finances transparency. This enables your rants in the first place. Where is your rant about Duterte’s non-transparency?

  17. Larry Yolu says:

    This writer obviously is a YELLOW MINION…
    AMERICAn lap 🐕 Dog, really living his name!!!

    • Sup says:

      And according to your facebook you are a Duterte diehard……Maybe you can start discussing facts instead of only name calling?
      Salamat Po

    • You have just embarrassed President Duterte in a discussion forum where intelligent people meet to discuss Philippine well-being. Not too many do that here because they know they are embarrassing themselves, not those they try to insult.

  18. James Lozano says:

    Running for national office under Liberal (Yellow) Party is a kiss of death. Bam Aquino having Aquino last name alone will not win.

    • Thanks for the observation, James. Yet he is the senator who has accomplished the most and is the most direct and precise in his management style. Odd, the qualification standards that rule him out, eh? I’d say the standards (the people) are the problem, not Senator Aquino.

  19. Zander Robles says:

    No more Aquino, done with these intelligent criteria… Vote for Palparan…

  20. Jose Brillantes says:

    Is this a humor blog? Did you have to ask about Mar? Haven’t you observed his dumbness throughout all these years?

  21. Larry Yolu says:

    Anything that sounds, smells and looks like Aquino, never to be elected in any Political position, NEVER!!!

  22. Crispin R. Santiago says:

    Definitely a political ad for the yellow trying to cover the intent trying hardly but unsuccessfully using Lorenzana for a shield.


    • karlgarcia says:


      • Hahaha, indeed, jeers. Alan Robles on Twitter (husband of Raissa) greets trolls who offer such hit and run wisdom all kinds of put-downs, usually pertaining to their parents being highly disappointed with what they had hatched, that keep me laughing. You did that in one word. I really don’t understand what the purpose of his remark is. To teach us? To undermine our reputation? To influence visitors? To insult us into liking killings? To get paid 50 pesos? To exorcise his own demons? Waste of humankind’s gift of intelligence, it seems to me. Presuming he has some.

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