US senators speak. Philippine senators and DDS have apoplexy.

US Senator Leahy didn’t take kindly to Spokesperson Panelo telling him to mind his own business. [Photo from ABS-CBN News]

By JoeAm

A few US senators have been critical of the Philippines for keeping Senator De Lima in jail. They proposed legislation banning from the US those responsible for her jailing. The law may never see the light of day but the reaction in the Philippines offers a striking lesson.

It does not take much to put the Duterte backers (DDS trolls and senators) on the defensive. They went immediately scrambling to concoct blames and excuses . . . because there is not much they can actually do to JUSTIFY the jailing of a woman of integrity on the bought testimony of convicts.

  • Spokesman Panelo said the US was interfering in Philippine affairs, as if the US cannot set rules for who is allowed – or not allowed – into America without Philippine approval.
  • Senator Gordon compared De Lima’s jailing to what the US did to terrorists in Guantanamo. Talk about a man filled with spite or desperate for Duterte’s love and attention.
  • Senator Go suggested banning US senators from the Philippines. Ha, as if that were punishment. More likely, it is relief.
  • Senator Sotto was reciting nonsense as if a few whiskeys north of Scotland.

A shudder passed through social media as Filipinos, especially DDS, recognized their hostile tweets, postings, and memes would be reviewed by US Immigration if they ever decided to apply for a visa, or if they had one and planned to visit. A whooshing sound could be heard across Manila as obnoxious and threatening tweets began flying from people’s web sites.

Well, I don’t know that for sure, but allow me a little literary license.

Reality struck, for sure.

Acts have consequences.

Right now, the Philippines is in a bit of a rocky patch with China which shows absolutely no inclination to help the Philippines do anything constructive. They keep sailing their ships in Philippine seas as if they owned them already. INLAND seas, not just the West Philippine Sea. They lecture the Philippines about gambling establishments sucking currency out of China. Their loans and deal negotiations are one-sided. All of this is treating the Philippines as irritating little brown brothers.

Which is reflective of China’s REAL attitude about other nations and peoples.

Maids and banana sellers.

The US does not demand much. Just helps AFP train and get better armed up and makes donations for Marawi and other constructive projects. And, yes, Americans keep speaking for democracy and human rights, which is why the De Lima persecution squad is feeling a little heat.

The Philippines has a friend in Japan, for sure, and talks openly with other neighbors. But no other nation likely expects much from the Philippines, and they are unlikely to do much to help the Philippines. It’s like Vietnam facing off against China. No one helps. ASEAN has no glue, no unity. It is a bunch of separate states that like to get together now and then for a big party.

So the state of the Philippine nation is about as it has always been in the worst of times, a lonely, irresponsible orphan beggar nation angry and insecure and striking out at the wrong people. Unable to be an adult.

One wonders when more Filipinos will tire of that persona. When they will start demanding responsible deeds from their leaders rather than blames and excuses to paste over their bad decisions. Bad decisions like persecuting decent people or killing thousands of poor citizens.

The criticisms from US senators were a wake-up call.

Three and a half million Filipinos live there.

Almost 100 million Filipinos in the Philippines KNOW the difference between America and China.

Even if President Duterte and a few truly dense acolytes in the Senate don’t get the distinction.

Acts have results. If the Philippines persists in making bad choices, those decisions will now and then come home to roost in ways no one expected.


14 Responses to “US senators speak. Philippine senators and DDS have apoplexy.”
  1. arlene says:

    They allow china to roam freely here but reacts when US would love to ban them going there. Good morning Joeam. It’s been sometime since I saw you here 🙂

  2. karlgarcia says:

    Panelo protects us from those who trample upon our sovereignty and he is all-knowing. 🙄

    • I think he must be a lonely man. He goes to the podium every day without the support of friends, knowledge, or moral values and makes up fictions that cause people to refer to him in reptilian terms. He, like Gordon, is a person I cannot stand to listen to without feeling very dirty.

    • NHerrera says:

      Panelo and ilks like him protects us from those who trample upon our sovereignty. More like, Ouch — I can’t go to the US and visit. Woe is me!

      • kasambahay says:

        duterte’s pet tuko (gecko), one door closes another door opens, panelo et al are always welcome to china! to russia as well and with love pa. duterte is in russia ngayon and will reveal the name of ninja cops suspected of recycling confiscated drugs, once back in pinas. they should be so lucky, lucky, lucky . . . ninja cops given time to disappear much like drug queen guia. no amount of arrest warrants work on her, slippery mulmol ang isdang yan, gone hiding. on duterte’s return, he’ll be lucky to find a ninya cop around, they’ll go hiding too, some in plain sight! as part of his entourage to russia with love, lol!

        sometimes, I wonder why xi’s wife is reluctant to shake duterte’s hand, the hand that infamously auscultate the somnambulist house helper, ha ha.

  3. Arnold Muyuela Tenerife says:

    When the Aquino admin jailed Enrile, Estrada and Revilla, by a mere testimony of 1 person, why are you quiet? But when DeLima is being accused by more than 1 person, including her personal driver, take note, “Personal Driver”, and yet you call it a trump up case with bought testimonies to jail a person of integrity? How can you use integrity to a woman who was having an affair to a married man when she was the DOJ secretary? Is that integrity? You are funny!

    This is definitely a partisan article. Biased. Make sure when you write, it is coupled with truths.

    DeLima is being given her day in court just like Enrile, Estrada and Revilla. That’s democracy!

  4. madlanglupa says:

    Offtopic: The irony, coming from the same woman who somehow made rice so cheap it nearly made farmers broke.

  5. Adan Ebuen says:

    I agree with most of your conclusions but your USA is no saint either; check the economic, political, cultural, devastations Uncle Sam has wrought not only here in RP but through out the 3rd world. Fact check the CIA’s accomplishments. It is the way the world turns. The poor struggles, the rich dominates.

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