‘I am stronger, much stronger than I thought’ – Sen. De Lima

Court visit.


By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

(Sen. Leila de Lima, jailed for what legal luminaries and plain folks believe are trumped up charges, continues to shine. She herself is surprised by her strength. Four years in detention! The Holy Rosary, the Bible, books, adopted cats, focus on her job, these things keep her in good spirits. She is able to wave back at supporters when she alights from the police van to trial courts. In full PPE, her steps are light and buoyant. Sometimes I wonder who is detained—she or the rest of society—for she has an air of freedom that many who choose to be apathetic cannot manifest. Her words follow. WGV)


Your feelings on the turn of your cases?

Absolutely certain of my innocence, there is no doubt in me that my full vindication is at hand. I see our legal strategy moving in the right direction. I know that these cases will not be a sprint, but a marathon. And I’m very confident that I will also be acquitted in the two remaining cases.

But I’m not naive to rule out Duterte’s pressuring the courts to convict me, and the judges succumbing to the pressure for self-preservation, self-promotion or both. From Day One my cases were already a mistrial. Duterte already pronounced my guilt and sentenced me to prison even before any official investigation was launched by any law enforcement agency. The kangaroo trials at Congress, both the House and the Senate, made a mockery of whatever justice was left after Duterte’s everyday tirades in the media against me. More than legitimate criminal cases, these are political cases of persecution.

Thus, the turn of these cases will be determined by the existing political environment at the given time, more than on their actual merits in law. If it was the latter, I would have never been arrested, and the charges immediately thrown out by the very first judge who handled these cases.


Your health condition?

Based on my latest executive check-up, I’m without any serious or alarming health condition. But my blood sugar and blood pressure are regularly monitored. I have to stay fit. I must finish the race.


Missing Israel and the rest of the family?

I miss them terribly. I wish to be out of here with them, sharing moments of joy and despair, triumphs and failures, appreciating the joys of simple living.


Your private reading time?

Lots of time now to read books of various genre, light and heavy and substantive stuff. Read already many books but my To-Read list is still quite lengthy.



Your dog, missing it?

Miss my dogs, especially Coco, my favorite, so much! He used to visit me once a week, pre-pandemic. But not anymore. My adopted stray cats have filled the void and have become my constant source of joy and delight.


Popular support, thoughts?

The outpouring of support from various political quarters and complete strangers is uplifting. I gained friends and supporters who write to express their love and complete solidarity with me. They devote their time and energy to defend my innocence in public and use their voice and platform to speak for the cause of human rights and articulate the suffering and true experience of our people under this regime. I am beyond thankful to them and admire their courage.


Prayer life?

I’m now more prayerful—daily Holy Rosary, Bible reading and reflections.


Talk to the Filipino people?

It is my fervent hope that we get through this pandemic very soon. Each day under the COVID-19 pandemic is a heavy blow to the lives and livelihood of our people. The poor are suffering tremendously. It pains me to read the news because behind the analysis and statistics are real hunger and joblessness. I also hope that the Filipino people now see the Duterte I was warning them about, with all his fakery and savageness. He is a product of fake news and propaganda. In times of real crisis, as we experience now, he is completely useless and incompetent. In Davao, he was not leading the people out of poverty but killing them through the Davao Death Squad. The peace in Davao was not built on order and stability but on the deafening silence of the cemetery. Silence in times of government abuse and injustice breeds more abuse and injustice in catastrophic levels. For the Filipino people, now is the time to speak up and be courageous. And please, vote wisely for the next leaders. In voting wisely, I mean enough already of Dutertes and Marcoses, and the mediocres and clowns in public office.


Court visit.

Describe a typical working day.

It varies from roughly two to three hours on light days (i.e., Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when I receive the bulk of Senate docs from my Legislative staff), but on hectic days, work could go on for the most part of the day and even through the night. I wish to do more, if only I’m allowed to participate in the Senate sessions via teleconferencing.

After waking up at 4:30 a.m., I pray and reflect. Initial paperwork, such as drafting of dispatches and instructions to staff comes next. By 7 a.m., I exercise, clean my quarters, and take a bath. By 8:30 a.m., I proceed to feed my adopted stray cats roaming the facility. Then, I have breakfast and check on incoming documents, making sure to attend right away to those that are for urgent release within the day. Start work on Senate-related papers. My lunch at 1 p.m. is usually preceded by a power nap and reading of some books or novels, if there aren’t any pending paperwork.

I resume my readings and Senate work (drafting bills and resolutions, perusing daily briefing reports, etc.) throughout the rest of the day, taking breaks in between to do other chores, such as watering my plants, to pray the Holy Rosary, read the Bible and write in my journal beginning at 5 p.m., to feed my cats again at 6:30 p.m.; and to have dinner by 8:30 p.m. I read novels again until my bedtime between 10 to 11 p.m.


Can you list your revelations or epiphanies while in detention?

That I am stronger, much stronger than I thought. I thrive in adversity. This is no longer my story. It is the story of thousands others who are fighting the same repressive system. The power of women in collective struggle is a formidable force. My vulnerability as a woman and my propensity to dare and take risks do not diminish me. They fortify my authenticity. Next only to God, family is my true sanctuary.


Pre-pandemic. Thanking supporters.

What lessons in statecraft have you learned that made you a better leader?

In policy-making, I learned the importance of policy sensitivity—for whom and how will it affect stakeholders, and participatory governance especially in the form of public consultations. When I was in the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) and the DOJ (Department of Justice), I learned that the practice of good governance is essentially the combination of concern for the common good and national interest, and personal discipline or work ethics. You have to have that genuine love for your country and inner zeal to be able to govern well. Why is there so much corruption which contributes to the injustices in our country? Because the current administration lacks a sense of patriotism. Just look at Duterte’s shameless mendicancy towards China. The administration also appointed miserably incompetent and corrupt officials. Look at what happened to PhilHealth, SolGen Calida who amassed millions worth of contracts for his family’s security agency, Vitaliano Aguirre and his Pastillas Scam, Nicanor Faeldon and the BOC (Bureau of Customs) and BuCor (Bureau of Corrections) anomalies, Sandra Cam at PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office). These scum do not have any love for the people and the country, only their greed.


Any words for the opposition?

Ibalik natin ang hustisya! The fight against injustice is a fight for every person’s right to live with dignity. We need to do more, much more, and be more aggressive in calling out the many sins of the Duterte regime. We need to step up efforts to reach out to as many sectors as possible, beyond our circle of kindred spirits. This is a fight for our children’s lives and their future. Push back pa more!


36 Responses to “‘I am stronger, much stronger than I thought’ – Sen. De Lima”
  1. Gemino Abad says:

    MORE THAN THANKS, for this!!Will share with family and friends!!        With de Lima and Robredo — aye! more women now as leaders in their own countries! — ALL of us TOGETHER will overcome Covid 19 and othervillains, those in government (false “public servants,” tutas and trolls) and beyond our shores (like China!) Jimmy Jimmy

  2. Karl Garcia says:

    Many thanks for this Wil.
    Soon enough she will be out of jail.

    She should have been allowed to tele conference.
    Just because di pa uso yun nung panahon na nakulong na mga senators, di na pwedeng mabago?
    Kaunting tiis na lang at sana naman manalo ang opposisyon.

  3. Great read, Wil. Reading it reminded me of Leo Tolstoy’s “Three Questions” (except there’s 12 in your above blog, but similar gist IMHO).

    Question: Do other big names in Philippine politics visit her , for example Bam, or Nonoy, or Mar, or VP Leni, etc. etc. on a regular basis? Or has she largely been forgotten by her political allies as well.

    • p.s. — In case D5 has access to Disney+ , I recommend WandaVision very highly, it’s kinda like D5’s situation where she needs to break free. Last episode (nine) is forthcoming , and its suppose to be a big reveal, something everyone’s suspects has to do with Nexus concept.

      If your series on D5 is as revealed, then D5 herself may also be some sort of Nexus vis-a-vis Philippine history and culture.

      I hope she watches it.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Hey Lance! Thanks for the appreciation! Yes, the names you mentioned, VPLeni and PNoy particularly are in touch with her. Let me post a recent clip from VP Leni…

  4. Micha says:

    Kuya Wil,

    Pagpaumanhin di ko masyado nasundan ang kaso ni Sen. Leila. Ano na nga ba ang paratang sa kanya? Nagkaroon na ba ng pagdinig? Nahatulan na ba sya?

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Drug trafficking sa Munti, naabswelto sa isa, may dalawa pang kaso na wala pang desisyon. Tungkol din ata droga.

      • kasambahay says:

        ah, KarlG, most of the witnesses vs delima were drug personalities and have ax to grind. delima kasi when she as doj chief under pres aquino had their kobols, private luxury cottages, inside bilibid prison dismantled, with their cellphones confiscated they could barely do lucrative drug business while in jail. and when their kobols were raided, there were drugs and money hidden in the ceiling, under the beds, etc. sus, ang galit nila kay delima.

        when recruited to testify vs delima, it flooded, virtually. involved deeply kuno si delima sa drug business; yeah, right, she had their prison drug business closed, also ended both their privileges as monthly furlough outside prison as well as their luxury accommodation.

        some of the witnesses died of covid while in prison kuno, their families not immediately told of their demise and were cremated before their families could ID them.

        haha, I wont be surprised if the cremated witnesses turn immortals! now living in secret with much younger and prettier wives and back to doing their old tricks of drug trafficking, flooding our streets with drugs once again.

        there was turnover of staff in bilibid. because of inability to control drug trade in prison, some staff were demoted and bitter vs delima.

  5. https://www.rappler.com/voices/thought-leaders/pastilan-opinion-first-made-look-woman-ill-repute – by Herbie Gomez:

    ..Speaking of Senator De Lima, I have to state that I feel bad knowing full well from the very start that she continues to be a victim of a justice system and a democracy screwed up beyond recognition. I suppose that there are still many others, mostly ordinary and helpless citizens, who feel the same way. We were unable to do anything to stop what Justice Antonio Carpio described as “one of the grossest injustices ever perpetrated in recent memory in full view of the Filipino nation and the entire world.”

    We were helpless and merely watched while they arrested and locked De Lima up in 2017. We still watch – yes, merely watch – from afar to this day.

    We knew that was the consummation of a threat made in public in 2016 that she should get ready for the cases. She was told at that time, “…tumahimik ka! I will investigate you. I will file charges against you. Do not pick a fight with me; you will lose.” In short, the decision to bring De Lima to court and put her behind bars was made even before an investigation could begin. And, yes, the threat was made just months before she was charged, arrested, and jailed. It was premeditated.

    And lost she did since February 24, 2017, when they brought her to Camp Crame for detention on drug charges, lawsuits grounded on the tall tales of prisoners who would do and say just about anything to save their necks. They are, after all, witnesses of an executive department controlled by a man-child with a score to settle. The inmates know that the department calls the shots in a corrections bureau capable of making their lives behind bars more hellish. They know the bureau can either swiftly act to prevent them from getting stabbed or look the other way and leave them bleeding to death during a prison riot.

    What De Lima is going through offends every bit of bone in my body. No human being deserves to be treated that way without solid evidence of wrongdoing, and given that the whole world heard how she was threatened with charges barely a year before her arrest all because she opted to “pick a fight” with the pettiest leader this nation has ever known.

    How could something like this happen in 21st century Philippines? For four years, De Lima has been held incommunicado for long periods, separated from her loved ones, restricted from accepting visitors, deprived of even the small communication luxuries electronic devices offer, and barred from exercising her duties as a senator of the Republic. It is also a loss for this nation, which has been deprived of one voice in the Senate, the upper chamber that is now suffering from poverty of great minds and balls, and where the black art of bootlickery replaced sound reasoning and critical thinking.

    Yet our nation’s version of the “witch purge” – or if you prefer to call it “slut purge” – happened right under our very noses, and many of us merely watched with indifference as they, figuratively speaking, burned her at the stake, something I attribute to cultural and even religious biases towards women. This fentanyl-popper of a man-child played well into this nation’s biases by putting a scarlet letter around De Lima’s neck first, before he turned the law and legal rules as a weapon to give her arrest and detention a semblance of legality. In doing so, he succeeded in inciting people, including the religious, into casting stones at De Lima’s direction because, in their eyes, she is a “sinner” or a “woman of ill-repute” who deserves nothing but hellfire and everything that was coming her way.

    Unfortunately, this nation has yet to rid itself of its biases towards women who suffered failed marriages just like De Lima. In this part of the world, a woman who re-marries is still frowned on, and any romantic relationship outside that failed marriage is seen as a “mortal sin.” When a woman does that, she is “dirty” and “immoral.” Yet that doesn’t apply to the tough-talking man of a traditional politician who has succeeded in convincing himself that bragging about his conquests for everyone to hear makes him macho – not even when he holds hands with one of his younger trophies on a stage during a rally. Such a double standard we have there.

    De Lima’s only “fault” – if that was even a fault – was being honest about her affair with her ex-driver, which she attributed to a woman’s “frailties.” They feasted on that affair, summoned Ronnie Dayan, and made him speak about the romance so that everyone could mock and laugh at De Lima, and so that they could further weave incredible tales about her alleged links to the underworld. This nation turned a blind eye to the fact that the man-child, just months earlier, volunteered the information that at the time he was serving in another public office, he was among those who planted evidence and spread intrigues as a means to an end.

    By that time, there was already a scarlet letter around De Lima’s neck, aggravated by a sex video of the senator that never was. Sadly, many still take that as fact to this day.

    But what was circulated were blurry screenshots, apparently doctored, of a bespectacled female with a built and facial contour like De Lima’s. How is it possible for a sex video of a politician of De Lima’s stature, a justice secretary turned senator, to be unavailable even in the darkest corners of the worldwide web when clips from an old Betamax tape recording involving one of her persecutors and an erstwhile famous actress are all over the internet to this day? Not even the hawkers of pirated DVDs in the streets of Cagayan de Oro could offer copies of this alleged sex video scandal. Yet the vendors have a surplus of copies of video recordings of former students of a Jesuit-run university, a mall executive, and a lowly worker in Cagayan de Oro doing intimate things within the confines of rooms. The pirated DVD hawkers in this city and elsewhere would have long made a killing out of De Lima’s alleged sex video if it existed. But there is none.

    I do not know how the systematic slut-shaming and muting of De Lima can escape the discerning mind. First, they demonized her, made her look like a “sinful woman,” a “sexual predator,” and a “good-for-nothing home-wrecker” who deserved everything that was about to happen, and then they threw her in jail. When that ugly image stuck, it became easier for them to do to De Lima whatever they wished, as they pleased, knowing she wouldn’t win enough public support in a deeply religious country..

    • “it became easier for them to do to De Lima whatever they wished, as they pleased, knowing she wouldn’t win enough public support in a deeply religious country..”


      This is the problem with these saint and sinners take on politicians. VP Leni = Saint, but like D5 if she screws up even just a little bit, she’ll be sinner… Why? because its just those two choices Filipinos understand.

      Don’t get me wrong, it happens here too. Like Clinton, or Obama. Or even W. Bush as some born again. AOC is Mother Theresa or Theresa of Avila.

      The French are the least moralizing in this regard, they don’t see their politicians as saint vs. sinners but just folks who occupy a public position. Like for example Macron married his grandma no one bats an eye, can you imagine the villification in the Philippines.

      And this is already with most older well to do Filipino males with side-girls, or frequent casas and bars.

      IMHO, D5 could’ve (coulda woulda shoulda) just married, supported by Yellows to ensure the driver is elevated in status. Get married like British royalty, and voila! D5 automatically ascends to Mama Mary status. look into this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peerages_in_the_United_Kingdom

      Because ya know, anything officiated in a church, is legit. Instead of the PR route, D5 (and Yellows) decided to go the legal argumentation route. No, Philippines is a smoke and mirrors country. Looks no substances, D5 and Yellow could’ve totally married driver to D5.

      Yes DU30 took advantage of D5’s driver situation, but D5 had the power to out manuever them just with a little creativity. A missed opportunity indeed. The Philippines’ already has a peerage though unofficial system in place.

      The Yellows don’t understand Filipinos, is all.

      • Another thought here… if the driver/lover was so assisted by the Yellows to go on TV and media like for example to Wowowillies’ shows, etc. etc. and just keep on telling everyone how much he loves D5, I think DU30 s cases against her will just evaporate, becuz Filipinos will see

        just like Wil’s write ups about that rom-com duo, that D5/driver love story is for realz.

        The Philippines ironically understands or desires love stories. The Yellowz shoulda started there, Filipinos don’t understand criminal proceedings, Ireneo. So bring back into the spotlight the driver, not as extortionist, but as true love… what was the duo that Wil wrote about again?

        Do that.

        • Here’s the reasoning behind this,

          So we all agree these are kangaroo court proceedings, the Yellows have mistaken legal manueverings as the solution, when in fact the problem is one of PR (ie. propaganda).

          DU30 was able to cut D5’s power down swiftly and effectively , because a woman with power isn’t suppose to get caught slummin’ (that’s when rich/powerful women sleep with poor/powerless men).

          Thus, AKRASIA is the reason for diminishing D5, yup Ancient Greeks had a name for it, and it was done easily because D5’s answer was that she was in love, when it should’ve been yeah he’s one of many, i eff ’em and leave ’em. Thus , make apparent that she’s in control and in power. A powerful woman.

          But since she (or her PR folks) went with love, then I say go with it and run with love, make a big spectacle out of it. They didn’t… Instead they hid Dayan(g)? , make him into the leading man, and make D5 into your new Sharon.

          That’s the only solution here, this kangaroo court is in DU30’s control, if you make them ALDUB the Yellow’s gain power and control.

          Again, the name of the game is propaganda. This isn’t legal/criminal procedure!

    • kasambahay says:

      a lot of women in our country are in the same boat as delima and have less than perfect lives and just as sinful or maybe more sinful than the biblical mary magdaline. they just dont have an enemy as powerfully and onerously devious as duterte whose personal body guards counts 250. easier to pass through the eye of the needle than getting to within arm’s length of duterte, figuratively.

      the man truly has the overall support of the armed forces of the phil, the military and the kapolisan, as well as the support of congress and the senate, the judiciary are also under his control. one woman vs the lot of them? it’s no wonder delima lost. and yet, she has been freed of one charge and still waiting the resolution of two other charges, not out on bail but still in prison.

      if it’s only duterte, matagal na sanang malaya si delima. but against the whole nationwide kaboodle of his cohorts always willing to pander to his whims and ego, eager to please him in exchange for keeping longer their high paying jobs, for the continuance of their all pervasive financial and legal benefits maybe beyond retirement age, multi vested interests and business monopolies, social status and whatnots, what’s one woman’s predicament to them?

      say anything not nice vs duterte, and the whole plethora of his cohorts including the armed forces, the judiciary, the senate and congress, the one times peace and justice awardees, once righteous now not so righteous, immediately positioned themselves behind him. bristling with trumped up charges, some as seditious redtagging, brandishing terror law here and there, and there is always the ubiquitous narco lists. it’s a minefield for the unwary.

      we lost delima and ex chief justice sereno, both women of substance. both replaced by wimps and ardent shoe shiners.

      • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

        Ironically, the Exhibit No. 1 of his political heft is his Achilles heel. They forgot Sen Leila is a seed and it surprises everyone with its lush growth and delightful fruits. First, she is his trophy, but when his ploy backfired, she is his hostage. Next step for him is to use her as human shield to escape accountability. But the victorious Sen Leila will deny him every relief.

        • kasambahay says:

          tataliwas po muna ako: methink, duterte’s love of china and pleasing president xi jinping may not be good to his own calcaneal (heel bone). it was said kasi na duterte plans to go to china to personally thank xi for the donated vaccines.

          my funny bone sabi the chinese state owned media will seize the day and shoot to international fame! worldwide scoop kuha nila. promo of a lifetime, duterte to be made international celebrity, going all the way kuno to china to get himself vaccinated with sinovac! and whoever accompany him may well be asked; albeit strongly, to be vaccinated as well and right in front of the smiling xi. then they’ll all get vaccine cards signed by xi, nice, ha?

          sinovac is potent, safe and to be trusted, duterte and entourage is proof, thier pics on chinese media beamed to the world, hic.

          • Over here, there’s Moderna, Pfizer now Johnsonx2,

            But when you line up to get it (i’m not getting it but from others accounts) you don’t get to choose, if they have Moderna that day, you get Moderna; Pfizer, you get Pfizer, etc.

            MY point beggar’s can’t be choosers. If one’s so scared of Sinovac, but has the luxury of waiting for Moderna, then good on them, but I assume people who are scared of COVID will settle for Sinovac;

            the next question should be if one opted for Sinovac now, will getting Moderna/Pfizer/Johnson2 in the future nullify their efficacy , if no…

            Then love the one you’re with. Same lesson as Leo Tolstoy’s 3 Questions above 😉 .

            • kasambahay says:

              hybrid covid vaccine? not in the pipeline yata, we’re still in ’emergency use approval vaccine’ mood with health worker front liners and old people given priority. exemption are private firms that buy their own vaccines straight from manufacturers, they’ll vaccinate their own frontline economic workers, face to face high risk employees, families, old parents and relatives, etc.

              at the moment po, not recommended yang mixing and matching the vaccines, sinovac use dead virus, other vaccines dont.

              you could well be right, mixing and matching vaccines could be detrimental, though data is not clear on that regard pa. need more studies and research.

              my jab is coming soon. haha, I’ll try not to be mean to the nurse. sometimes nurses are hesitant and not sure how much pressure to apply in pushing the syringe and if they hit a blood vessel instead of the muscle, blood will ooze out, ops! I’ll keep quiet, I dont want to scare people, lol!

              • Remember to drink lots of fluid, before and after, the shot. I hope you have a pretty nurse, that always eases the pain. But if you start speaking Mandarin, be sure to let us know here, karl will use Google translate. LOL!

              • kasambahay says:

                drink lots of liquid! yeah! my fav liquid is suntory. I’ll behave though and will be a saint on jab day. thanks po.

    • Here’s a bit more on Spinoza’s take on akrasia (from Steven Nadler’s latest book on Spinoza and his book Ethics ).

      D5 loves Driver is potentially very lucrative for everyone involve, much like the ALDUB craze.

      Spinoza’s tenacity and generosity, as means of increasing the affectiveness of one’s will, opposite of akrasia, supports D5river (if undertaken). Or DD4ever. Whatever meme is best.

      tenacity = D5

      generosity = Driver

      enkrateia (Greek ἐγκράτεια, “in power – from ἐν (en, “in”) + κράτος (krátos, “power”). Enkrateia comes from the adjective enkratês (ἐγκρατής from ἐν (en, “in”) which means possession, power over something or someone else + κράτος (krátos, “power”)). It results in the meaning of power over yourself, power over your own passions and instincts, self-control and self-mastery. (from Wiki)

      If done exactly like the ALDub fanfare, then this will lead to increased power for everyone, even for the Philippino people. The cause and effect, is that it will invariably decrease DU30’s will to power. Because Love nullifies Hate. or so it goes.

      Wil, or if D5 (or her staff) reading this below, I hope they pick up Spinoza’s Ethics and attempt to recreate another ALDUB craze over there. What’s to lose? LOL!

      • Ridiculous. Confirms the descent of the American intellectual reach into hallucination and conspiracy theories. Someone’s imagination provides the factual basis of reasoning.

        • According to Wil’s 3 (or so) articles on ALDUB it worked, Joe.

          Here’s one, https://joeam.com/2015/10/28/aldub-love-defines-the-country/

          If it worked then, why not now?

          And why wouldn’t it work in D5’s situation? All that’s needed is the Driver’s ‘buy-in’ to the project. He’ll do most of the leg work, to shows and appearances , etc. etc. helped by the Yellows, of course.

          ALDUB started as imagination, then became reality, thus Wil’s basis for factual reasoning (his articles); not only did it become reality it was a source of generosity and tenacity for many Filipinos (as Wil’s many articles on the subject then explained).

          Imagination by the way is Spinoza’s secret sauce, Joe. Though not explicit in his Ethics (Google this with the word ‘imagination’, newest scholarship on Ethics revolves around 1st knowledge/imagination, a very human endeavor ).


          “Someone’s imagination provides the factual basis of reasoning.”

          i dunno if you too are a Spinozist, but that’s spot on. You’ve just summarized, in a way, Ethics, Joe.

          The important question to consider is whose ‘imagination’? There’s no good/bad; beauty/ugliness in Spinoza’s God, Humans create these dichotomies , imagination or 1st knowledge is what gives you his “perspective of eternity” , or God’s perspective.

          Imagination is key.

          Read Wil’s ALDUB articles again, but this time with Spinoza’s thoughts on Love, Joe.

  6. https://leiladelima.ph/robredo-to-de-lima-you-are-not-alone/

    Vice President Leni Robredo has assured Opposition Senator Leila M. de Lima that she will continue to stand by the Senator as the latter bravely fights for truth, justice, freedom, and human rights amid her ordeal.

    Robredo said De Lima, who recently marked her fourth year in unjust detention last Feb. 24, is not alone in her fight because there are a lot of Filipinos who are willing to defend her at all costs..

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