Yellows, Teddyboy Locsin, and a guy named Fer

Analysis and Opinion

By Joe America

This is an article about intellectual discipline.

I’d like to talk about a reader’s comment on Facebook that a lot of people think I handled badly. That will lead to a discussion of some length, because, well, y’all need the full context.

A Guy Named Fer

Last week, I posted a Tweet as a Facebook article. It said:

“It’s a notable day when both the Yellows and President Duterte trash Secretary @teddyboylocsin’s work. And he’s the guy sticking up for the Philippines.”

This was in reference to the shot heard ’round the world’, Secretary Locsin’s Tweet that demanded China “get the fuck out” of the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Here’s a comment I then received from a guy named Fer:

I really wonder why you suddenly found a soft heart to a duterte minion who spews garbage like his boss? Why expect the people to rally behind a ‘johnny come lately’ figurehead? Is it so difficult to understand how many of us have been taken for a ride by these clowns? 90% of locsin’s anatomy is duterte at its core, with 10% on WPS perhaps as a last ditch effort to project himself as the last of the few good men in this evil regime. The question remains: why only now when he’s been with the UN and DFA for how many years combined? How much time did he waste in the UN and ASEAN platform to push for the arbitral ruling? He was dead silent most of the time Joe. How can one suddenly finds his voice in the last remaining year and expect people to embrace him as if he never traded his soul with the devil in the last 5 years?

Should we embrace Pacquiao too now that he starts throwing some punches? What about if Panelo or Roque or Calida start going against duterte on a single issue, should we hug them too? That’s what we did with Enrile in 1986 and GMA in 2001 but where are we now?

Fer’s comment had 20 likes or reactions.

Here is my response, triggered by his opening line and my exasperation with his emotionalized arguments. It had 3 likes or reactions:

Well, you see, if you have bad data, you reach bad conclusions. GIGO sort of thing. I’ve interacted with TBL for some time, nothing sudden. Occasionally we address one another. Most of the time we tweet past one another, me representing the yellow cause, him representing the Admin. Both avoiding the poisoning personalization that typically occurs when opposites engage. Occasionally I enlighten his thinking. Occasionally he enlightens mine. Your hostility is shaped from your readings and thought processes. You have to answer your own questions. You don’t really want to know mine. You are in attack mode.

Fer took this as me bragging about my importance rather than me explaining that my view was not soft or sudden. The dialogue quickly went to hell from there.

Why Did I Do Such an Obnoxious Tweet?

I knew the Tweet would get Yellow’s attention. It was obnoxious. Given that 95% of my readership on Facebook is Yellow, why did I post it there?

Because until the opposition can understand that their critical reaction to the “Get out” Tweet goes against the best interest of the Philippines, they are not ready to build a coalition.

Yellows are a closed political society, in the main. For sure, Fer and his associates are not ready to build a coalition. They are ignorant, angry, and express themselves too confrontationally.

Good faith and context

To understand my sense of futility in giving answers to Fer’s demanding set of questions, you have to understand that I respect Secretary Locsin. That’s my context. Reading that first paragraph, do you think Fer would be receptive to my answer? Was he in a frame of mind to listen? No, his mind was not open. If 20 people pushed the like button, I figure a whole lot of people are not inclined to listen. They’ve signed on to Fer’s emotionalized inquisition.

My view is that all social media participants are ignorant. Fer, yellows, DDS, the ordinary Jose, government officials, you, and me. We simply cannot know what drives others to be different than we want them to be. So we overlay OUR views and attitudes onto them even though, gosh, we have no idea even how Teddyboy Locsin is feeling today. A simple but important thing.

There are people who know they are ignorant and there are people who don’t. Because of his sharp machine-gun questions – more statements than questions – I presumed Fer does not. He’s the ‘expert’ in this discussion.

Think about it. People who KNOW they are ignorant do two simple things. They grant others the presumption of good faith, and they grant them a legitimate context . . . a setting or circumstance that they can’t know. But that they can learn from if they can get to it.

If people did these things routinely, President Aquino would not have been harassed about Yolanda, Mamasapano, or Dengvaxia. Because he was dealing with big, complex issues and working earnestly. Few accepted he was working in good faith. Few knew the details, the facts. Political advocates basically harnessed the ignorance.

Let’s go back to Fer’s comment.

  • Did JoeAm suddenly get a soft heart about Teddyboy Locsin?
  • Is Teddyboy Locsin a duterte minion who spews garbage like his boss? A Johnny come lately figurehead? A clown? Is he using the WPS to protect himself? Has he been wasting time at the UN? Has he been silent? Did he trade his soul to the devil?

Where is the presumption of good faith in those questions? Where is the willingness to look for context?

I read Fer’s comment and gave up. I got angry. This is social media dialogue at its worst. Name-calling as ‘truth’. The same stuff that Parlade, Lorraine Badoy, and Uson do.

Context is King

Let’s start with JoeAm’s context. There are two important things you don’t know. They shape my thinking and writing.

  • I was given insight at the at the time of Secretary Locsin’s appointment from a friend who is one of the brightest international affairs people on the planet. He said, in effect, “Teddyboy Locsin is an excellent diplomat. A real diplomat. Don’t be misled by his brash manner.” That set my presumption of good faith in cement.
  • My blogs and commentaries connect with influential people who are shaping the Philippines. Fer would claim I’m bragging. No, I’m explaining that they are my audience, the people I want to reach and protect, persuade, and promote when they are doing good work. Senator De Lima is there. She asked me to write the forward to one of her books. Teddyboy Locsin is there. Teddy Casiño. The world is not for yellows only.

Okay, let’s talk about Secretary Locsin. I obviously don’t have the whole context . . . I carry my ignorances. But let me recite the context that I do know.

  • He’s a professional diplomat. He knows the institutions, the people, the tools, the methods.
  • Secretary Locsin is a literary man . . . rather like me. He’s a master wordsmith. He thinks in layers, between lines, and around corners. I was accused of that at the bank I worked at. So I enjoy his tweets, as literature. They make me think and give me insights.
  • We have different political views. I agree with some of his statements and disagree with a whole lot. He knows I’m a yellow advocate, so he taunts yellows, as I taunt the Duterte Administration, relentlessly. That’s okay, it stretches us both and there’s nothing personal to it. Now and then we speak directly, sometimes fun, sometimes serious.
  • Secretary Locsin leaned on US Secretary of State Pompeo to secure 10 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. He got them. Duque didn’t sign the confidentiality agreement. The vaccines went to Singapore..
  • He is the reason there have been no joint development deals with China in the WPS. The Secretary insists they be done by Philippine law. China won’t subordinate herself to Philippine law. No deals. He did not just have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment about the boats. He’s been a patriot from the getgo.
  • He rescued VFA and is a partner to Secretary Lorenzana in keeping the US close, for training, arms, information, and defense. This has evolved over his term as tensions with China have increased.
  • He wrote (my guess) President Duterte’s statement to the UN that set the arbitration award in cement. He has not been quiet there. He participates in many ASEAN or other venues. He just doesn’t copy Fer on the summary reports.
  • He is not a minion of the President, but he is loyal. His guidance from the President was to do what he thinks is right. He does, as perhaps the most ‘non-minion’ agency in the Cabinet. That said, he is not the President’s boss.
  • He led the rescue effort to bring over 400,000 OFWs home during the pandemic. His agency is competent, not-corrupt, and staff are well-motivated. They like the Secretary, frankly. He has their backs.
  • His “Get the fuck out” policy statement came on the heels of learning that China’s boats had harassed Philippine boats in the WPS. This was after a week or more of his writing protests. There was no ulterior motive as postulated by conspiracy-theory-as-facts Fer. The Secretary got mad.
  • The “Get the fuck out” policy statement . . . what I term ‘The Locsin Doctrine . . . was heard in Beijing and around the world. China was on notice. The Philippines will defend her sovereignty.

So that’s how I set up my context on Secretary Locsin. It’s no secret. All the data are out there for the well-read soul not blinded by his advocacy.

Both Yellows and President Duterte criticized the Secretary about his “Get out!” Tweet. 😂🤣😂 You don’t see the ‘irony’ there? Neither would support a simple statement, loudly put, that defends the nation’s sovereignty.


Anyhow, I’ve given you some context. Now go back and read Fer’s comment. Do you still feel the same way about it? Happy to press ‘like’?

If not, you are seeing the importance of good faith and context.

Secretary Locsin is not a political acolyte, by my observation. He’s a political adventurer, going where few others could possibly go. Right squarely between the Constitution and an authoritarian President. He’s betrayed no one. He’s served everyone. He’s far, far from perfect. But he’s carried it off magnificently, in part BECAUSE everyone thinks he’s out of his mind.


No, no, Secretary Locsin is not out of his mind. He’s one of the sanest people around.

He could be Foreign Affairs Secretary for the next Administration no matter who the President is. He can do many jobs a whole lot better than people who have them now.

It’s the tunnel-visioned yellows, political to the core, who are off the mark.

Do you think you have the stuff to build a coalition that includes the Left, or people who you don’t like?

I don’t, and it makes me angry.

The election loss in 2019 was no seven-hour glitch. I believe that. Yellows lost because LP put up a boring slate of good people who went around the nation but did not reach enough of the masses, in part because of the logistical challenge of talking to a lot people, and in part due to the narrowness of their ideological framing. “We’re good. Vote for us.”

The arrogance and the ignorance of the Yellows is the real problem here.

And they . . . you . . . are playing loose with the nation’s well-being by “playing it like Fer.”

The only way to win in 2022 is to get the most votes.

My advice?

  • Grant coalition partners a presumption of good faith.
  • Understand the LEGITIMACY of their context. Appreciate it.
  • Grasp that YOUR removed perspective is ignorant.

Don’t climb on a judgmental high-horse like Fer.

Build your team up. Don’t don’t tear it down.

Don’t re-live history.

Craft a future.


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77 Responses to “Yellows, Teddyboy Locsin, and a guy named Fer”
  1. NHerrera says:

    Very good, Joe!!!

    Context is indeed King.

    By the way, my Avatar which I first designed and used in the Joeam Blog illustrates my affinity to context. In going from A (black box) to B (blue dot) one has the path or action to take, the arrow (in red). Around these three elements is the Circle which is the context/ constraint which guides the nature of the path to follow. Not taking the Circle or context into serious account is a big mistake.

    • LCPL_X says:

      NH, do you know who DAVID DEUTSCH is ???

      Your explanation reminded me of his explanation of explanations.

      • NHerrera says:

        I don’t recall coming across his name until now.

        • LCPL_X says:

          I do hope you read him, NH. I think you’re gonna like his ideas (they’re pretty out there),

          • NHerrera says:

            Your range of reading subjects is remarkable, Lance.

            • LCPL_X says:

              In 2012 Deutsch outlined constructor theory, which, he believes, could provide the underlying foundation for a grand unification of all theories in both the classical and quantum domains.

              This latest paper is a first step toward that larger goal—a demonstration of how classical and quantum information can be used to unify two physical theories. According to constructor theory, the most fundamental components of reality are entities—“constructors”—that perform particular tasks, accompanied by a set of laws that define which tasks are actually possible for a constructor to carry out. For instance, a kettle with a power supply can serve as a constructor that can perform the task of heating water. “The language of constructor theory gives a natural way to describe the most fundamental principles that must be obeyed by all subsidiary theories, like conservation of energy,” explains Chiara Marletto, a quantum physicist also at Oxford, who co-authored the new paper. “You simply say that the task of creating energy from nothing is impossible.”

              To develop their description of information, Deutsch and Marletto homed in on one key task that is possible in classical systems but impossible in quantum systems: the ability to make a copy. Since the 1980s physicists have known that it is impossible to make an identical copy of an unknown quantum state. In their new paper Deutsch and Marletto define a classical information medium as one in which states can all be precisely copied. They then work out which tasks must be possible in such a system to remain in line with Claude Shannon’s theory.

              The collaborators then go on to define the concept of a “superinformation” medium that encodes messages that specify particular physical states—in this case, one in which copying is impossible. They discovered that a special subset of their superinformation media display the properties associated with quantum information processing. “We found that with this one constraint in place telling you what you cannot do in a superinformation medium—the task of copying—you end up discovering the weird new information-processing power that is a property of quantum systems,” Marletto says.


              I think you’ll glean from Constructor theory, something really interesting, NH… i’d be curious to hear your take on it.

              For me, being simply a PhD in Google, I’m attracted to information and how that’s shared, made viral, re-configure persons and groups.

              Example, like that kettle analogy, Inday Sara is also a constructor, just as you are and I am and Joe, karl, sonny, Ireneo, etc. etc. Superinformation medium is basically, Joe’s comment/response to sonny’s comment below.

              Please watch Ms. Chiara Marletto (Deutsch’s assistant researcher) ‘s explanation here:

  2. Joe America says:

    From Andrew Chester Ong at Facebook:

    I must admit that I have a terrible time trying to make sense of TBL. He is a contradiction he can be eloquent or trashy. This is made even more confusing by his pro Phils stance while working for the duterte regime. It makes me wonder where this is leading. But if I were to look at the the big picture. My sense is there is a greater stake here and perhaps it’s to rise above the petty partisanship that plagues this country and there is indeed a need for Filipinos to come
    Together and lay off the partisan hostilities. But this is easier said than done. I for one am not sure how to proceed from here given that the scorch earth tactics of the current regime made it impossible for the so called yellows to accept them. Perhaps the way forward is to take a different approach. Perhaps one should not assume that all of duterte’s men are vile and evil and maybe we should look into the circumstances that they faced. This does not mean one will suddenly turn around and embrace duterte’s people. Early on I was told that duterte has people who loved thier country as much as we do. The only difference is they think duterte is their man and they tied their reputations with him. Maybe the smarter approach is to watch and listen carefully and see what these men are trying to do. Often times we see and read of capable officials working under a rotten leadership. The question is. Do we dismiss them outright as henchmen or minions or do we give them a chance and accept that they may also have similar ideals What is important is we Filipinos will
    Need to lay aside our petty partisanship and focus on the big picture. Fact of the matter is we have been in this Mexican standoff for years and it’s not doing us any good

    • Jeep says:

      I do follow TBL’s twitter and at times I am aghast how he bashes Leni and extols Bong Go, Bato and the likes. He is a wild card and I find him very hard to read – sometimes I cant even tell if he is being sarcastic or not. But, standing up to China with GTFO – I’m hopeful. Thanks for explaining on the importance of Context Joe! We’ll see how the yellows respond.

      • Yes, he is outlandish at best and infuriating at worst. I have a technique of compartmentalizing issues I have trouble with, setting them on the shelf to keep focus on the mainstream. My shelf is packed and sagging. I’ve not noticed him bashing Robredo lately. He picks at her, but I think he respects what she is doing. He’s been brutal attacking tagging, corruption, and incompetence. He doesn’t name names, but to me, that’s Parlade and Duque. Also, he never mentions Bong Go. Doesn’t defend him. But Go’s too close to the President to criticize.

      • NHerrera says:

        Here is a thought. That may be TBL’s style of Tweeting but I believe it is a convenient one too because the one-track-mind DDS or Yellows may not exactly know how to read his tweets. And so gets away from most attacks. Besides he can cuttingly attack with his intelligence and command of the language. It needs a certain way of reading him. I believe Joeam is one of those who can divine him.

  3. Karl Garcia says:

    NH, thanks for explaining the context of your avatar.

  4. Karl Garcia says:

    To Fer,
    Please do air your side here.

    • That would be good, but if he comes at me ad hominem as he did at both FB and twitter, his presence will be brief.

      • On Twitter, he said that he did not know if I was Filipino or American, but if I was a foreigner, I should stop meddling in Philippine affairs. Ummmmmmmm. Okayyyyyyyyyyy!

      • sonny says:

        “This is an article about intellectual discipline. …”

        This line and this essay remind me so much of Sydney Harris, a syndicated columnist whose trademark was his mastery of the short essay, in form and substance. He was a man much admired and respected. He was also a boxer. 🙂


        “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

        “Happiness is a direction, not a place.”

  5. chicomaboy says:

    Purist who insist on censuring people from their cause will be the death of the any opposition to Duterte. My read is that these are mostly from the Liberal Party which, ironically, is a betrayal of their “liberal” concept.

    Though my judgement of TBL are far lower than what you have written here, I admit to the ignorance of knowing him as you do and view him only at face value. Nonetheless, his tweet was a relief and a welcome one at that. After years of Chinese patronage, it was encouraging to hear a govt official standing for the Philippines for a change. Whatever his motivation is, I just count him as an addition to the ranks. Agenda is a luxury that cannot be enforced right now.

    There’s no sense in trying to convince people to take up your cause and abandon their own only to doubt, interrogate, and eventually reject them from joining your ranks. That’s just ludicrous.

  6. Micha says:

    If there’s policy conflict between Rodrigo and Locsin, two things could then conceivably happen : Rodrigo fires Locsin or Locsin submits a resignation letter and joins Carpio in the WPS crusade.

    Why is it that neither of these possible outcome isn’t happening yet?

    • LCPL_X says:

      Because DU30 chose TBL exactly for all this madness?

      I’d be curious what TBL thinks of DU30.

      I’m thinking there is a method to all this madness.

      Like good cop and bad cop routine.

      But like that Heyderian article on Indonesian president squeezing China.

      The Philippines isn’t really squeezing China.

      So maybe they just like playing good cop and bad cop, for fun?

      Thanks for the write-up , Joe , I have more respect for TBL now,

      I hope he stays to help out Inday Sara for the next 6 years.

      But as Sherlock and Watson. Or Jobs and Woz.

      Watch out , China!!!

    • There is a tension there that is balanced by AFP. Firing Locsin would turn the generals more livid than they already are. Locsin resigning would leave foreign policy in the hands of idiots and I don’t think he would want his work to come to that.

      • Micha says:

        Apart from being a political butterfly by inclination (he also allegedly wrote Estrada’s inauguration speech), Locsin actually savors being in a position of power and influence and, being unable to secure any elected position (with his brash manner it is doubtful he could even secure a barangay captain’s post), an executive job in Rodrigo’s cabinet is a fine substitute.

        So expect no resignation letter.

        But Rodrigo could always fire him and yet even that, it seems, is not forthcoming. Why? Rodrigo got intellectually gobsmacked?

        • Karl Garcia says:

          He was a congressman

        • Locsin does good work. He doesn’t cross Duterte. He provides responsible interface with others. My guess.

          • kasambahay says:

            you got that one right, joeam. methink locsin does not cross duterte but reports to duterte and if locsin wants to keep his well stocked apartment in america, he has got to make the right kind of noises, lol! locsin interfaces, often envited to parties here and abroad and rubbed shoulders with foreign dignitaries, celebs and who’s who. and in such gatherings, there is always constant flow of info most foreign diplomatic corp lived and reported on; their diplomatic bags full to the brim, received and regularly emptied by chiefs of staff.

            locsin has his purposes to the master and commander.

            • NHerrera says:

              I share your view @kasambahay. Quite a difficult tightrope balancing act he has to make. If he reads this (my) comment, I can imagine him writing, no difficulty at all, easy as a piece of cake, haha.

              • kasambahay says:

                since 2020 po, locsin has grown in confidence and stature. in international events that require the attendance of our head of state, locsin often stands in for duterte and speaks on duterte’s behalf. locsin has made himself invaluable.

  7. Some background on Locsin for everyone:

    1) his father Teodoro Locsin Sr. was one of the greatest journalists the Philippines had, adter

    • ..after Nick Joaquin

      2) landed gentry, the old elite par excellence with all their contradictions

      3) Cory’s erstwhile speechwriter

      4) praised Mar Roxas’ Yolanda relief citing a UN report

      5) seems to have had a beef with PNoy at some point

      6) knows a lot, think like old US East Coast gentry due to 2

      7) a bit too full of himself at times, see 2 and 6

      8) old pro-Western elite so his politics aren’t surprising

      9) why he is with Dutz and Dutz hired him I don’t know

      Because of 2) I guess he can afford some independence.

      Agree the world is mostly complex and not simple good/bad.

      • jeep says:

        He was also publisher of the now defunct Today newspaper where Butch Dalisy used to co-write editorials there. My journalism teacher used to say – Today, while not as big as Inquirer or Star or Bulletin – is the best broadsheet in terms of quality back then.

      • I think 5 is key. I think he wanted a post under PNoy and was denied. Read that somewhere. Maybe the current position flows from that. Someone inside must have known TBL, served as bridge to Duterte.

        • Foreign Affairs, like Defense, is politically neutral in concept, so it is not a political betrayal of anyone or anything to serve in those positions.

          • LCPL_X says:

            I disagree, Joe.

            Sec. of State , like Hillary, is a very political choice. It’s also the highest cabinet position, I’m sure in the Philippines as well, where Defense should be neutral; State (or Foreign Affairs) is all about getting the President’s agenda pushed upon the world stage.


            In this regard, I think DU30 or thru intermediary selected TBL, specifically for this typa “advocacy”.

            I’m thinking when DU30 first met up with TBL, DU30 was all like what can you do for me, TBL?

            TBL: I’m very good with pithy remarks that go viral in social media. They used to be called aphorisms, but now memes.

            DU30: Memes are cheap, let’s do memes and go viral. I like. *licks lips*



            Inday Sara: What can you do for me, TBL?

            TBL: I can actually do more than just viral memes, ma’am. I do have all this edumacation.

            Inday Sara: Example?

            TBL: Well I can go to Indonesia and make a pact with them in the Celebes sea, to counter China; then talk to my American friends to seal up Philippine sea. For West China sea, I can revive your father’s and Mr. Carpio’s debate, just for shits and giggles. Then blame others (but us) for its lost, especially Obama/PNoy.

            Inday Sara: You’re hired.


            2024 article by Heyderian reads, “How Inday Sara managed to best China at its own game”.

            • Okay, yes, it is political, I’ll concede, but there is something about the position that gives it ‘nationalistic’ scope. When Duterte had Yasay and Cayetano in the position, the Philippines was a ‘lesser nation’ than with Del Rosario or Locsin in the position. Your hypotheticals are quite amusing. Could be, could be.

  8. Steve says:

    Thanks for the calm, balanced approach Joe. We were having a DM chat about someone who were blocked by you. Noticed the same feeling of disappointment from him when he thought he was just saying how he felt. I recognised that blocking feeling. 🙂 But after reading your 2 pieces I get where you are coming from now. I think your Yellows article hit it on the head but a lingering feeling that we still will not know who of the coalition are adjusting their stances to feather their nests.
    The other thing that came up from my DM chat was who you are…a great mystery to some people…because from my side I thought I saw you in 1Sambayan in Makati Sports, perhaps mainly because I expected you to be there. I am told I am misguided by the name Joe…& was told who “you really were”. But I have never had doubt about your love of this land.
    But no need to share your identity…most important is where all our hearts are…even some are not as eloquent as you and don’t have a sagging shelf..🙂 spouting out of immediately views without balance. Thanks for the clarification over was very balanced. Nothing wrong with passion…or making mistakes. A young but woke girl joined our office…she seemed very politically aware for her I asked her why voters voted the way they did? I asked her what the voters in the provinces looked for in a candidate…she said someone who is Friendly and Familiar…seemed about right and seemed to meet, to a point, with your views.
    I managed to annoy you and Angel Locsin and regret both. Thanks again for the insight and mind balancing. Steve.

    • Thanks for the view. A part of the ‘blocking’ comes from being under relentless siege, DDS, Marcos, China at times, and recently, yellows. On a different day, I’d have more patience. Fer’s complaints on anonymity or (on Twitter) my foreigner status are thing’s I’ve not had to deal with for years. They are ‘cheap shot’ arguments completely irrelevant to the ideas expressed and relegating all the work I’ve done to meaningless. I simply don’t want to deal with it. So that’s my ‘context’ for blocking. It was good of you to stop by and clear the air. Thanks. Feel free to comment here any time.

  9. Fer says:

    Just a few things in response:
    1. Joe sounded like a grade schooler who run to his mama after getting knocked on the head.
    2. Joe made subsequent posts and a specially written biased blog entry after BLOCKING an ordinary netizen for making a challenge to his outrageous locsin doctrine and his worn out ad hominem defense. Oh yeah, that’s Joe’s house rules right there!
    3. There were other netizens who strongly questioned Joe’s motives and passionate defense of TBL but I got singled out only bcoz of that “soft heart” remark which by the way was made following a previous exchange about the same topic. FYI: the “soft heart” comment was an off the cuff description of his extraordinary justification of TBL’s cursing of china over a course of few days. It is never intended as affront to his person. But sadly, Joe himself admitted that he is sensitive so in a way, i just happened to ruffle Joe’s feathers especially since other netizens not only liked my comments but also commended me for my “nationalistic and down to earth arguments.”
    4. Out of pique, Joe decided he needed a special blog entry where he has to mention my name and humiliate me just so he can clear his “NAME” and not lose credibility. He also decided to quote me in his blog selectively to attend to his narrative and throw shades yet again to “yellows” to which Joe seems to now have obsession about. Like a DDS who lumps all who’s against duterte as yellow!! Sigh…!!! All this after blocking me!
    5. Did i think nor say that Joe bragged? Not at all!! I made it abundantly clear in my counter arguments that it was his brazen attempt at undermining the views of his followers by saying in effect that he is in close liaison with TBL and therefore he knows better as oppose to his followers. I didnt think he was bragging but he shot us down just the same, like saying “i-know-the-secretary-so-STFU!” That was not bragging, but there is another term for that….
    6. AD HOMINEM: (an argument directed against a person rather than the position he is making). It is hard to attack Joe’s person because nobody knows who he is? It is easier to commit this fallacy against Thinking Pinoy, or From Thy Motherland, or Pinoy Ako Blog because we know the persons behind those blogs and their view can easily be seen as skewed. Besides, i have had previous exchanges with Joe where we both agreed on issues and he even praised/thanked me. So, no reason for me to attack his person knowing that I generally support his views on many issues except for this one instance.
    7. All said, thanks for the attention. I am not a blogger, just a concerned and frustrated citizen who throws my 2 cents once in a while. Apart from my FB, i have no platform that can reach far and wide.

    • LCPL_X says:

      I’m in moderation, and have been (off/on) for like 4 years now really. And I can assure you Joe doesn’t block comments just for disagreeing. I tend to agree that his style of editing (or censorship) is arbitrary (or intuitive really), but 99.8% of what I post gets published.

      “Joe decided he needed a special blog entry where he has to mention my name and humiliate me just so he can clear his “NAME” and not lose credibility.” Joe, called me and chempo both killer bees (search it on this blog). Take it in stride, Fer. Better yet, be flattered he did a blog post on you, and your comment.

      Fer, I’m 90% sure Inday Sara will be the Philippines ‘ next president. While you focus on DU30’s minions, Inday Sara is getting ready to run. What are you doing about that? Keep your eye on the ball, man.

      I’m pro-Inday Sara by the way.

      p.s. ———— no ad-hominems is the standing house rule, Fer. Other rules maybe arbitrarily applied , but attack on persons is a big no-no here.

      p.p.s. ———- I am a fan of TBL, he’s a national treasure of sorts.

      • Hmmm, care to write an article about why Inday Sara would be a better president than, say, Robredo, Go, Pacquiao, or Marcos? Maybe I’ll join your team seeing as to how I’ve pissed off much of the yellow world by defending Locsin.

        • LCPL_X says:

          I’ll just might take you up on that offer, Joe. But seeing as Googling details on Inday Sara is kinda slim, I’ll frame it probably vis-a-vis Ireneo’s PhD paper link on St. Augustine and Filipino virtues.

          I really believe that example above is DU30’s, “Tough & Caring”

          Let me do some more Googling on Sara, joe. will get back to you.

            • LCPL_X says:

              Thanks, karl! Interesting that Inday Sara is married to Carpio’s nephew. Small world.

              NH, once I figure out how to frame this, I’ll proceed. Keep in mind since I don’t know politics there, though I feel I can describe Filipino behaviour/culture with confidence, it’ll have to be a from the clouds article.

              But feel that I may have to rehash all the killer bee talk , me and edgar (RIP), et al. all had re DDS. To set the stage for Inday Sara. To fully explain Tapang at Malasakit. Let me do some more research.

            • kasambahay says:

              karlG, it’s strange sara durterte has tattoo of a fish on her calf and now we are nearly running out of fishes and has to import from china, lol! tattoo is good but we want real fish we can eat, sell and make living.

              do a bit build build build on sara’s fish tattoo, a swish here and a swish there, and it would look like a jetski.

              and look now at the poster tapang at malasakit and already there is fist bump, kamaong nanununtok, kamay na naman ng bakal. very ominous yang poster.

              • LCPL_X says:

                Tattoo of koi actually means something in both Chinese and Japanese underground culture, kb.

                “The koi symbolizes strength and bravery. The fish is closely connected to the dragon, because there’s a legend about koi swimming up the Yellow River in China, passing through the rapids known as the “Dragon’s Gate,” and turning into a dragon.

                In the past, the color red was especially macho in Japanese tattooing because of the harmful pigments it contained. Today, this isn’t true because the vast majority of Japanese tattooers use safe synthetic inks. However, red and black are two of Japanese tattooing’s traditional colors, so this big burst of color makes Nishikiyama’s tattoo especially striking.”


                US Marines have a bunch of dragon, koi, Japanese/Chinese characters, tattoos; then around p0st 9/11 in the 2010s especially the fad became Roman and Greek themes, like SPQR, with shield or on it, Latin/Greek writings, etc. etc.

                US Marine Smedley Butler at the turn of the century there 1901 i think, got his famous waste to neck Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo in Cavite whilst in between fighting Aguinaldo’s men. By a Japanese tattooist who was already there during Spanish times, using old school technique of needle and hammering.

                I know Filipinos have their own tattoo traditions, but I think much of pop culture tattooing there are remnants from Subic and Clark, kb. just some trivia. A bunch of frat, Guardians, type tattoos too, Filipino martial arts are big users of tattoos too Latin inscriptions and prayers, dots and triangles, etc.

                But remember we learned of the DU30 kids’ tattoos via Sen. Trillianes’ questioning of said tattoos and their meanings.

              • kasambahay says:

                thanks, much as I like tattoo, never had one meself. wont make it easy for anyone to pick me out in a police lineup.

          • Do take care with the Filipino virtues topic. Make it subordinate to the Sara topic maybe. There is nothing worse these days than white guys pretending greater wisdom about other peoples.

      • NHerrera says:

        Yes, Lance. Kindly do as Joe suggested. Being a man of science but with some innate bias for sure, being only human (“sapagkat ako ay tao lamang”), I am open too and want to hear before I start praising Inday Sara. Joe has given you the platform — go for it, man!

    • Thank you for the comment, Fer, which I find oddly appropriate, both for putting me in my place for being short with you, and for demonstrating the temperament that caused me to be short with you. Well, enough of that, then. Let’s do as LCX suggests, get on with issues that matter. Sara is one.

      • NHerrera says:

        Joe, that to my mind is a good response to Fer’s note. I was about to write about the reasonably sound points made by Fer, but your response answers what I would have written.

        To Fer, Joe, and others, including myself, I repeat what I wrote above in response to Lance or LCPL_X: “Sapagkat tayo are tao lamang.” But being honest and admit a mistake or adjust when merited is the second part of that Pilipino statement. Something rarely practiced these days but practiced in this Blog, I can certify — having read the blog for some years. This has been a learning blog for me.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Fer, this blog can be your platform.
      Once the dust settles, you can write here in articles or commentaries.(comments).

      • kasambahay says:

        maybe, I am good example sa mga sinasabi nyo, karlG. thorn among the roses ang yours truly. among the great minds here and here I am, proverbially ligaw na bala, lol! may hit and miss and mostly miss commentaries galore, bisaya kasi at maingnay.

        sa inyong lahat, thanks for putting up with me.

    • Written by MARA CEPEDA. Terrific article. Same themes as mine on the Locsin matter. “Get out of our seas!” is the correct NATIONAL policy, but ‘purists’ couldn’t support it. The coalition faces the same brick wall. I’d note, however, most disagreements are not on principles, but on personalities and who betrayed whom. Set those aside and a coalition can be strong. The other issue is, who is the base? How big is it? How loyal? How can it be expanded?

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Excellent questions

      • kasambahay says:

        joeam, I think, purists cannot be helped, they would always be around. the ball is on the coalition to turn negatives to positives. god has given them brains, the coalition might as well use it. if disagreements are not on principles but on personalities, what’s stopping the coalition from changing tack, and back? and talk their way in and out of it? deflect the argument and guide it back to principles. time consuming maybe, but worth it.

        purists may never agree, but they’ll see the character and the quality of the coalition and how well they address issues, eloquently, thoughtfully, sensitively and sometimes with humor and not once losing patience.

        if purists are sapagkat sila ay tao lamang, then the coalition ay sapagkat they are themselves and hold themselves to higher standard; knowing full well there are consequences to action.

        for the coalition to give purists the time of day is walang anuman po.

        • Some of my best friends are purists, and they can’t help themselves, yes. But I yammer on the topic to help others figure out how to make a better union, in opposition. I actually think a lot are thinking about it. The ones who figure out that winning is the greatest purity of them all.

    • LCPL_X says:

      Thanks for sharing the above article, karl. It was very timely as I was writing the coming blog. A very good read.

  10. LCPL_X says:

    “It’s the tunnel-visioned yellows, political to the core, who are off the mark.

    Do you think you have the stuff to build a coalition that includes the Left, or people who you don’t like?

    I don’t, and it makes me angry.”

    There’s a book that I wish more people would read, and taught in schools over here, Joe. But here’s the gist,


    Indeed, the authors advocate for the widespread adoption of gap years for prospective students to work or volunteer in the real world before they enter further education. Universities, meanwhile, should commit to academic freedom over all other ideas, and foster civilised discourse of uncomfortable ideas by drawing a larger circle around the community.

    “From time to time in the years to come, I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you will come to know the value of justice. I hope that you will suffer betrayal because that will teach you the importance of loyalty. Sorry to say, but I hope you will be lonely from time to time so that you don’t take friends for granted. I wish you bad luck, again, from time to time so that you will be conscious of the role of chance in life and understand that your success is not completely deserved and the failure of others is not completely deserved either. And when you lose, as you will from time to time, I hope every now and then, your opponent will gloat over your failure. It is a way for you to understand the importance of sportsmanship. I hope you will be ignored so you know the importance of listening to others, and I hope you will have just enough pain to learn compassion. Whether I wish these things or not, they’re going to happen. And whether you benefit from them or not will depend upon your ability to see the message in your misfortunes.”
    – Chief Justice John Roberts’ commencement speech at his son’s middle school graduation.

    The Coddling of the American Mind is a timely and insightful work. Though detractors have claimed that the campus censorship problem is overstated, Haidt and Lukianoff use it as a scope for exploring a variety of topics, including politics, parenting and mental health. At best, this is a book that strikes to the heart of a nascent problem in society, at worst it’s a fascinating discussion centred on a small problem, but that utilises it further.
    the original paper A Durkheimian Theory of “Witch-Hunts” with the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1966-1969 as an Example by Albert James Bergesen.

    Bergesen notes that there are three features common to most political witch hunts: they arise quickly, they involve charges of crimes against the collective, and the offenses that lead to charges are often trivial or fabricated. Here’s how Bergesen puts it:

    I. They arise quickly: “Witch-hunts seem to appear in dramatic outbursts; they are not a regular feature of social life. A community seems to suddenly find itself infested with all sorts of subversive elements which pose a threat to the collectivity as a whole. Whether one thinks of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, the Stalinist Show Trials, or the McCarthy period in the United States, the phenomenon is the same: a community becomes intensely mobilized to rid itself of internal enemies.”

    II. Crimes against the collective: “The various charges that appear during one of these witch-hunts involve accusations of crimes committed against the nation as a corporate whole. It is the whole of collective existence that is at stake; it is The Nation, The People, The Revolution, or The State which is being undermined and subverted.”

    III. Charges are often trivial or fabricated” “These crimes and deviations seem to involve the most petty and insignificant behavioral acts which are somehow understood as crimes against the nation as a whole. In fact, one of the principal reasons we term these events ‘which-hunts’ is that innocent people are so often involved and falsely accused.”

    To Gergsens’s list we’ll add a fourth feature, which necessarily follows from the first three:
    Fear of defending the accused: When a public accusation is made, many friends and bystanders know that the victim is innocent, but they are afraid to say anything. Anyone who comes to the defense of the accused is obstructing the enactment of a collective ritual. Siding with the accused is truly an offense against the group, and it will be treated as such. If passions and fears are intense enough, people will even testify against their friends and family members.

    “Argue as if you’re right; listen as if you’re wrong.” that’s the antidote. Seems simple enough.

    • LCPL_X says:

      As analogy read up on “Xuanzang is the most celebrated and influential of all the Chinese monks who travelled to India in search of the Dharma. He was born around 600 and started his journey in 629. After crossing the Taklamakan desert and then the Pamir mountains he made his way to Kashmir, where he studied for two years, before heading down to the Ganges plains and into the Buddhist heartlands.

      He followed further studies at Nālandā University for some years, and became a great teacher himself, before going on pilgrimage round India. On return to Nālandā he won a great debate, and finally decided to return to China with his treasure trove of scriptures, relics and sacred images.

      After many adventures and life-threatening incidents he arrived back sixteen years after leaving. He spent the rest of his life translating the texts he had brought back.”


      But you don’t have to walk all the way to India, to understand that side of the world or DDS, just listen, then argue. Thru this you can adjust your own thinking and correct biases. Then vote your heart out for 2022. 😉

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