Manny Pacquiao, lightweight or heavyweight?

Analysis and Opinion

By JoeAm

Presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao has surprised a lot of people in the early rounds of his candidacy. Calm, composed, measuring the distance and speed of his opponents. Jabbing, defending. Moving easily around the ring.

I have to admit a bias. There are only three decent 2022 presidential candidates in my constitutional book: Vice President Robredo and Senators Lacson and Pacquiao. Manila Mayor Moreno has self-destructed by assuming the lip and manner of President Duterte. Enough of that. Sara Duterte. No. Former Senator Marcos. No. Senator Dela Rosa. No. Others. No.

My original impression of Senator Pacquiao as a lightweight showman seems wrong now. He’s spoken out sharply against corruption. He’s not gone below-the-belt like Moreno, composing himself as he would at weigh-in, with calm and a stare-down if needed. He’s articulated policies that warrant consideration.

The common criticisms of Pacquiao have been that he is an absentee senator, away boxing much of the time. He is religiously pious, on appearance, but wants the death penalty under the odd logic that Jesus got it. He is using his wealth and fame to build a dynasty in Mindanao, with relatives entering politics here and there. He’s had tax issues and family intrigue. He gives away money to poor people but says it’s not vote-buying.

It would be easy to take any of those issues and rule him out.

But should we?

Let us put some acceptable context around the commonly cited objections.

Dynasties are Filipino through and through. Biliran is infested with Espinas. Davao with Dutertes. Makati with Binays. Robredo is her late husband’s wife. The family patriarch or matriarch takes care of the family. Pacquiao is loyal to his family. Ideologically unfair, legally allowed, culturally respected. Not an issue.

Pacquiao’s faith is his moral anchor, as it is for most Filipinos. Before every fight, he knelt in the corner and prayed for the well-being of his opponent because he knew it’s a dangerous sport and he hits hard. He reads scripture now and then in the Senate, using them for the lessons they offer. He’s Old Testament. Strict. But decent. I put his faith as a plus and the death penalty as an issue to debate.

Let me bullet-point address a number of incidents or criticisms. We can discuss them further in the comment section if you wish.

  • Misogynistic remarks. He was over-the-top in saying gays were like animals, apologized, and restated to say he is against gay marriage. His gay marriage stance is policy, founded on his faith. His public remarks were the worst of an inexperienced public official. My guess is he made a mistake, learned, and will not do it again.
  • Tax issues. He earned two billion fighting in the US, paid taxes in the US, but did not pay taxes on those earnings in the Philippines. He is objecting to the double taxation law. He is not trying to steal money. He’ll probably lose the case.
  • Giving away money. His give-aways are not structured programs of vote-buying, but occasional acts of generosity. It’s little different than VP Robredo giving food or learning labs to kids. Not an issue.
  • Absentee senator. It is a factual point that his attendance has been the worst among all senators. Still, he has introduced 31 bills, most commonly cited being the death penalty bill. Senatoring was a lower priority to him than boxing, it seems. He has now retired from boxing.
  • Stripping Senator De Lima of her Justice Committee chairmanship. This was 2016 when Pacquiao was new to the Senate and aligned with Duterte. The action was consistent with his “biblically firm” anti-drug stance, and his pro-drug war position. This to me is the most serious flaw in Pacquiao’s record. He’ll have to address it during the campaign.

Pacquiao’s presidential push features two primary initiatives: A policy against China’s occupation of Philippine seas and an anti-corruption stance, specifically focused on 10 billion pesos of missing covid aid money. Both are reactive and critical of the Duterte Administration. At this point he does not appear to have a ‘building’ platform such as health care, infrastructure, international policy, or economy. Nor do other candidates in the populist realm of Filipino politics.

If I put all these activities and criticisms together, I tend to draw up a picture of an inexperienced, half-hearted engagement by Pacquiao in his legislative work, driven by political expediency and popularity, biblical conservatism and strictness, and acts that were reactive rather than planned. He is honest and generally well-meaning. If he were not a boxer maybe he’d be a trapo, squeezing money out of the political system. But he earned his money. He’s got a personal platform to stand on.

Has his retirement from boxing recast him as a dedicated public servant, putting the laziness and public speaking mistakes behind him? There is not much evidence to call it either way.

The campaign period will be crucial for Pacquiao. He needs to detach from the drug war and his apparent hostility to De Lima to gain traction in the opinion-making sector. He also needs some policy ideas on health care, budget, anti-terrorism, transportation (infrastructure), and the economy.

He needs to prove he is not along for the ride, but has the same kind of determination that he brought to the ring. Popularity isn’t enough. Early polls reflect this. He needs to get serious, move with precision, or be cast aside as a lightweight in a heavyweight arena.


Photo from MBS News, Indonesia

76 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao, lightweight or heavyweight?”
  1. Karl Garcia says:

    Welterweight but he akso faught at higher and lower weights. J/k

    He csn take away votes from both BBM and Leni so he is a light heavyweight

  2. Micha says:


    I’m so out of the loop in Philippine politics; haven’t read a Philippine newspaper for maybe 2 years now.

    What caused the rift between Pacquiao and Duterte?

    • JoeAm says:

      Pacquiao said the friendship with China was not working and Duterte snarled at him. As Pacquiao thought about the presidency, he took up corruption as an issue. Although he never personalized it against Duterte, Duterte responded personally. That basically freed Pacquiao to be independent.

      • Micha says:

        Got it, thanks.

        • kasambahay says:

          pacquiao not paying tax is not stealing, but to me, it is stealing extraordinaire. pacquiao has been a serving congressman then a hot shot senator, and still he has tax issues?

          it is his civic duty to pay tax, specially for a public figure like him, and one wonders how his saln looks like now that he is running for the highest office.

          by not paying tax, pacquiao uses our infrastructures like roads, airports, hospitals, etc, but does not contribute to their upkeep and maintenance. not fair. doctors, nurses, teachers in public hospitals and in public schools, are also paid by taxpayers money as well as our policemen, the military, people in public service like mayors, governors and the judiciary, etc. are all dependent on taxpayers money. and pacquiao is friend to so many of them, rubbing shoulders with them; ang reservist in the army na ito, and a non paying tax at that, ay hindi lang naman nahiya sa kakulangan niya. nasanay sa freebie. the good life at halos walang obligation.

          • JoeAm says:

            Many of us foreigners have compassion for Pacquiao. Why do we have to pay taxes to two countries when everyone else pays only one? Does the Philippines collect taxes on OFW income, too? I don’t know the details of the case. But it’s not stealing or treason. It’s tax laws.

            • kasambahay says:

              methink, for tax purposes, pacman is professional entertainer, got his money tru’ ticket sales, endorsements, personal appearances, promotions, t.v. rights, and boxing broadcast royalties worldwide, and has his own talent agent.

              foreign entertainers who come to our country and have concert here are required to pay tax here, and are supposed to keep receipts of all expenditures. when they go back home, entertainers are required to file tax anew, and if they can show receipts of all their expenditures priorly paid, their taxes are considerably less; pakyaw likewise.

              years ago, I remember pakyaw tried to muddle tax issue by sending several boxes of receipts of expenditures going back 10yrs! much to the chagrin of ex tax commissioner, kim henares! of course pacman was already congressman then and knew what ‘expenses to date’ means, but was being a jerk, lol!

          • Karl Garcia says:

            I read that the tax court aquited him.
            Link later

        • JoeAm says:

          Thanks. A good summary of the situation.

  3. John Silva says:

    I’m quite surprised you think Pacquiao has learned his lesson about being anti-gay and misogynistic. His religious convictions unless changed will make him continue with his bias which is unacceptable. As for absenteeism, my relative, Jules Ledesma was neck to neck with him in Congressional absenteeism, and it was not just a disgrace but also why should our taxes pay non-workers? He was also a no show in Senate. What makes you think he’ll work when he’s president?

    • JoeAm says:

      He has apologized and moderated his statements on gay marriage. His religious convictions aren’t a bias, but a moral framework. Most in the Philippines have one which is why divorce is not available here. We have to discuss policy issues as policy issues, not as religion. His absenteeism was when he was boxing. He’s retired and I look at that as a demarcation line. What’s his next passion going to be? I keep an open mind on him because maybe it will be public service. You don’t have to. No problem.

  4. NHerrera says:

    To see the essence of a picture trick your eyes into blurring the picture to see its essentials.

    There are only three decent 2022 presidential candidates in my constitutional book: Vice President Robredo and Senators Lacson and Pacquiao. Manila Mayor Moreno has self-destructed by assuming the lip and manner of President Duterte. Enough of that. Sara Duterte. No. Former Senator Marcos. No. Senator Dela Rosa. No. Others. No.

    That’s the picture from the eyes of JoeAm. Good impressionist painting.

    • NHerrera says:

      The other picture is:

      – Sara Duterte (aka Bato), yes
      – Marcos Jr, yes
      – Moreno, yes

      – Robredo, no
      – Lacson, no
      – Pacquiao, no

      I will buy JoeAm’s picture.

    • JoeAm says:

      Right. I squint. Has the same effect, and if another angle is needed, tilt the head this way or that until it comes into focus.

      • “What makes you think he’ll work when he’s president?”

        Forgive me, but when talking of Pacquiao this strikes me as a stoopid question, rhetorical I know. But the dude is a boxing champ, which means he shows up to work. Nuff said.

        While one can differentiate physical prowess vs. intellectual one, that’s another matter.

        We know Pacquiao is no big brain, which means the way to vet this is to ask who he surrounds himself as advisors. And does he listen, and does he have a track record of good and/or improved decisions.

        I can already see a bunch of Filipinos who have college degrees, count Pacquiao out. As a PhD in Google, i can tell you I’ve met more degree holders that have zero brain power than those who’ve experience life directly.

        Pacquiao is one who has experienced life directly, from streets to mansion. That in and of itself is qualification enough for me.

        My only red flag is whether or not he’s predispose to listen to pastors interpreting God’s intentions for Pacquaio.

        That said,

        The other things to consider is whether each candidate that NH and Joe have listed under yes or no, instead of just yes or no, it should be executive qualities,

        can they get things done.

        Here Pacquiao absenteeism might come into play, but much of politics is done outside of office, so mere not being at the office is no reason,

        but what has Pacquiao actually done? We know Inday Sara and Lacson have executive ability. Don’t know about Isko really.

        I’m still curious what VP Leni has done as well. Maybe list those,

        accomplishments based list by candidates.

        • Juana Pilipinas says:

          To start, VP Leni has a BA in Economics, an MBA and a law degree. She worked as a pro bono lawyer for a non-profit legal outfit called SANDIGAN after law school. One of her accomplishment there is tied to the Sumilao farmers (indigenous group in Naga) who were victimized by landgrabbers. She also took on domestic violence cases and fishermen’s disputes. She also had a “Tsinelas” advocacy while her husband was the Naga mayor, helping those who are on the “fringe of the society.” She was a Congresswoman for one term before she was asked to be a VP candidate. She is a single mother with 3 accomplished children.

          The OVP site lists her programs:
          She has all these programs even on a shoestring budget because she went in partnership with private industries, NGOs and citizen donors/volunteers.

          More of her accomplishments here:

          • Thanks, Juana (and welcome back!).

            Under VP Leni’s twitter list of accomplishments. read under POVERTY REDUCTION.

            says “127 individuals assisted”. Is that accurate???

            the pesos amounts, I really can’t estimate good or bad. but that 127 just struck me as odd.

            • Juana Pilipinas says:

              The whole paragraph on right side is just about the sustainable livelihood training program that gave away training, farm implements and livestocks to farmers.

              On the left side are the totals of funds and # of families and individuals assisted through the the poverty alleviation programs of the OVP.

              • Ah, I get it. Two different programs. thanks!

                But Googled said program,

                ” the implementation of the Sustainable Livelihood Program since 2011.”

                And since VP Leni is known as the poverty czar, or saint, ie. lugaw/tsinelas Leni, that 127 is pretty low still , no?

                is that 127 individuals just the folks she assisted as VP, during her time, and not counting since the program has existed.

                I’m thinking even Angat Buhay is kinda low too, given that VP Leni is the poverty candidate, but compared to 2011, 2016 is much better numbers. I’m curious how it would compare to Bam’s Negosyo Centers.

                Angat Buhay in Marawi should be a good “flipside” of the coin to DU30’s Marawi strategy, but Googling, even under the VP website, there’s really no compelling numbers. Or testimonies specific to Marawi.

                Don’t get me wrong, Juana, that @400,000 folks helped thru Angat Buhay is something to be proud of, but how do you use it to convince other folks that either don’t need Angat Buhay or have not been helped by Angat Buhay yet?

                The BPO folks voted for EJKs (i’m simplifying of course); why would BPO folks vote for Angat Buhay? Then the flipside to that thought is the Angat Buhay folks (those helped by this program) gonna turn out for VP Leni.

                I hope also, that VP Leni starts talking more Economics and Business, and not just poor this and poor that, poverty that and this,

                Talk to BPO and OFW folks.

                110 Million Filipinos.

                62 Million registered to Vote.

                30 Million of that is 18 to 40 year olds.

                Talk about the Internet, talk about Economics, especially UBI and MMT (now popular here, so ergo will be popular there, South Korea will have referendum on UBI next year);

                I wish for VP Leni to escape her “poverty” chrysalis, and be more like a Margaret Thatcher, or Angela Merkel (both science backgrounds). AOC was Econ and Int’l Relations.

              • JoeAm says:

                She’s not poverty bound. She meets and greets foreign dignitaries, is respected by generals, and hosts the Magsaysay Awards. She does dignitary duties people won’t invite Duterte to. She got kicked off Duterte’s cabinet because she was too good, zeroing in on data and flaws. She chooses to help people in need. Don’t make it a big deal.

              • JoeAm says:

                Skimming through my FB column I found a discussion of whether VP Robredo is too ‘elite’ being from LP. Most of the discussion said car caravans and support are coming from the middle, plumbers, university profs. Regular people. Also businesses support her various initiatives. I think the thing with Robredo is not to put her in any pigeon holes, because they just don’t fit. She is Leni. Watch and learn.

              • Juana Pilipinas says:

                @LCpl_X, This article states that the poverty alleviation program was launched by the OVP in 2017:

                The VP in PH is called a “spare tire.” Under the Constitution, his/her only responsibility is to wait for the sitting President to croak or be incapacitated then take the helm. The OVP budget mainly pays for the office rent, staff and daily expenses of keeping its door open. VP Leni Robredo is a pioneer. She is the first PH VP who decided to professionalize the OVP and make it work to fill gaps in public service offered by the incumbent administration. She used her background and education in Economics and Business Administration to craft different programs (product offerings), looked for angel investors (private industries/ citizen donors),gathered human resources (citizen participation through voluntarism) and supervised the roll outs and program operations.

                As you are bothered by those 127 individuals, let me research that and ask the original author of the chart for reference(s).

              • @ Joe, my impression of VP Leni is 90% from this blog, and I got the sense that she’s a poverty president, like D5 is human rights and Mar is BPO. Now if she’s more like Mar or Bam etc. etc. i’ll defer to Filipinos’ sense of her.

                @ Juana , thanks in advance re 127.

                @ kb, Joe’s got a point re hearings below, the guy won’t shine in hearings, so focus on laws and bills proposed and written. The guy’s not designed to showboat in hearings.

              • JoeAm says:

                She’s not like Mar or anyone else. She’s different, a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and all were looking at is 60. We can project, she doesn’t care. We will be wrong.

              • kasambahay says:

                pacman not designed for showboating? isnt he indeed! he passed law the national bible day where christians can showcase their devotion. some of their meets are like rock concerts, music, camera, action and people going on stage, the devil cast off them. alleluia!

                naive me thought pacman has transferable skills and do same in the senate; he being part of senate majority and cast out and punished blood suckers sucking dry the nation’s coffers, alleluia! he was standout though, in casting out senator delima from the senate, alleluia!

            • Juana Pilipinas says:


              “Sustainable Livelihood and Training

              The Angat Buhay Sustainable Livelihood and Training is a program that aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of individuals and groups that would want to start or scale up their respective business initiatives by giving them access to financial assistance.

              ₱6.25 million
              worth projects and training


              For this program, applicants are trained in batches because the training program can take weeks and at times months, depending on what skill the “batch” needs. The training programs are designed as to what industry (farming, fishing, livestock husbandry, etc) is available in the area and the participants are given “tools” for their trade after finishing the training program, such boats and safety equipments for fishermen.

              That 127 figure must be a typo or taken from an outdated write-up for the OVP.

          • Juana Pilipinas says:

            *SALIGAN not SANDIGAN, the name of NGO where she met the Sumilao farmers of Bukidnon.

        • kasambahay says:

          pacman is no big brain but big on ambition. as president, he would have power to create his own executive orders obeyed by all, veto laws deemed not to his liking, pardon those in jail, appoint his own best and brightest to govt positions, be there and personally present at ceremonies of national importance, etc.

          true, as president, pacman does not have to work in malakanyang for he can be like duterte and have alternative official residence elsewhere. or, maybe commute 2x weekly to malakanyang again much like his former influential friend duterte, and using the presidential jet too, his entourage in tow, adding more to his budget.

          as president, methink, pacman has to be available 24/7. we have national emergencies coming at ungodly hours and needed urgent attention. he can have leaves and vacations, but would still be available and in charge, and able to mobilize soonest.

          I can picture pacman a partime president: there but not really there. maybe being president is another belt on top of the boxing belts he had, only now much coveted.

          • JoeAm says:

            Three issues, intelligence (which LCX addressed fairly), ambition, and attendance. Ambition is a positive if it is driven toward what society holds dear, like a big paycheck or business profits, and negative if it for self-adulation, greed at the expense of others, or crookery. Pacquiao was good-ambitious in winning 8 boxing belts and of little ambition as a senator. Today he seems more ambitious, wanting to be president, and is at work in hearings. I say his retirement from boxing was a game-changer.

            Attendance is irrelevant if the work gets done through good cabinet picks, legislative action, and good decisions. Trump golfed his term away. If Pacquiao is properly ambitious, he’ll be at work. My goal during the next few months is to decide if he is properly ambitious.

            • kasambahay says:

              pacman likes the chase, no doubt there, lol!

              • ambition = hunger, so long as he’s hungry to get things done. Just get things done.

                Like internet over there under DU30. for so long, w/out competitions the families that owned the companies and the gov’t entities that needed to get things done… never did.

                Now under DU30 internet is fast. Just get things done. I don’t really know the pesos amount of that accomplishment, but if NH and Joe say internets fast. Then things got done.

              • I’m sure more than 127 individuals benefited. 😉

              • kasambahay says:

                like I said, pacman likes the chase, once he got his quarry, he lost interest, lol!

                he wanted to be congressman and rallied hard, then lost interest in the job. he wanted to be senator too, and rallied hard as well, then lost interest in the job, again. his absences speaks volume, absent on most days when his interpolations are needed, absent in the forum, absent without explanations other than not being there. absent because he was sick is okay, absent due to work commitments outside senate, like meeting foreign dignitaries is okay, not him though. he was absent for the sake of being absent.

                on top of that, it’s his competence that worry many.

              • kb,

                Over here.

                Congress is usually seen by Americans when they do hearings on TV, and they get to showboat and ask stupid questions and/or make some theatrical speech. Like Bannon subpoena now. That’s fine, part of the fun of democracy, the legislative branch.

                But the job that matters is in the voting, when McCain did his thumbs down vote; or now with Sinema and Manchin. and in the writing and/or co-authoring of bills and getting laws out of it. Getting things done. What are those?

                So what laws has he written , co-written, and which has he voted on. That’s how you judge legislative folk. You can also discern, how well they do politics from here, heavy handed, too much drama, or consumate professional, just working tireless at things to get done.

                But the things getting done are the bills and votes taken. No show is probably a good thing in that he doesn’t wanna partake in the stupid showboating, like here.

                It is entertaining though, congressional hearings and committees. but that’s not really the work. Legislating is the work.

              • kasambahay says:

                authoring and co-authoring laws aside, attending meetings and plenary sessions are very much bread and butter of being mambabatas.

                at plenaries, lawmakers have to be there in person for there is much info to be gained, to be shared and exchanged, opinions to be heard, investigations to be conducted, govt departments to be evaluated and overseen, and laws to be interpreted, among others.

                being absent at hearings, plenaries and meetings is conduct unbecoming of a mambabatas.

                lately, and since filing his candidacy for president pacman is on the chase again, attending senate hearings with vigor! it’s after he catches his quarry that could well be problematic. baka back to his old ways na naman siya and be absentee president.

  5. Karl Garcia says:

    I hope Binay and Trillanes will get alonh. Because Binay was exposed and investigated we got Duterte who is not actually a lesser evil.

  6. tinacuyugan says:

    I’d been very interested to see how things would turn out for Pacquiao and Moreno. Two candidates who had truly difficult early lives. Truly mahirap. Sure, other political figures grew up in obscurity, in households where money was tight. But Pacquiao and Moreno did not have the advantages of, say, a middle-class extended family or education, with overlapping networks of relatives active in local/national government, aktibista classmates, frat brods or law-school batchmates, or family business acquaintances, or influential groups who speak the same language.

    These two guys appear to have had nothing at all like that, just whatever they could scrounge for themselves, followed by careers in spectator-driven fields. Moreno’s mis-steps in his public statements recently only goes to show how unpolished he is — a good thing, from my POV — in terms of positioning himself politically and courting alliances (and also how his political handlers are misreading him, and the situation as well). Pacquiao is a bit more nimble than Moreno in this regard — one hears of how he’s been schooled by politico friends like, er, Chavit, over the years). So both seem intent now on playing the same Philippine political games like everyone else — and that others else might be playing better simply because these others are more savvy, calculating, and have never had to actually work at things like, for example, running and putting into shape a city government that’s been disfunctional for decades; or training for world championships.

    Call me a sucker for a rags-to-riches story? Yes, I am, I am. As are many millions of Filipinos who’ve grown up and will die in unrelenting hardship, but who feel a resonance with Pacquiao and Moreno, people who grew up just like them, with zero chances, and yet made it. Damn, I wish these two guys could have had better advisers and script-writers. I wish Moreno had waited. Yes, he schooled himself, did those courses at Harvard. But I wish he had learned more deeply, and thought more deeply. I wish both guys had not bought 100 percent into the dirty-political-election paradigm, and thought about possibilities to help change it instead. To show truly transformational leadership now rather than put it off for after elections.

    Pacquiao can still play a positive role, maybe, but as a political asset for Robredo, rather than as a political agent. And there’s something to be said for that.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      People change, the difference is the room for change. Duterte is hopeless and no redemption. i thought Binay was hopeless and no rdemption too, but that changed somehow thanks to Nancy and Aby, but noit JunJun.If the Duterte brood had shown some good stuff, i’d say he has hope.
      BBM is no redemption to Marcos, his refusing to say sorry for things he allegedly did not do or has nothing to do is the pits!

      If Isko and Paquiao do not make it, they can try again, and I think they would still be relevant and a force to reckon with.
      The old guys will be retired by then.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        I like rags to riches story too. But not the Mon Mitra, Manny villar, Erap rags to riches story. Somehow, I did not feel their story even if true.

    • JoeAm says:

      Very nice assessment, Tina. Yes, two people, ambitious, captured by the glow of their own popularity. Not quite ready.

  7. Juana Pilipinas says:

    Once again, Leni Robredo is the lone woman in what can be considered top 5 presidential candidates list. Is she getting all the flak these days because of PH patriarchy?

    Pacman is a good human being, flawed (We all are.) but has a better core than the other 3 men in the race, IMHO. He has the determination and drive to do good for Filipinos but he is like a teenager, madaling malulong sa bisyo dahil sa barkada. He is the rich kid who attracts undesirables because of free ride/lunch.

    • JoeAm says:

      In the discussion of the article on FB, the one criticism that struck me as particularly relevant was his absence of formal education or experience in the realm of idea formulation. Concepts. And this is reflected in his hearing work which is a struggle to find focus and grounding. He has never had a management job or faced a crisis. He’d likely have done no better on covid than Duterte did. Robredo would do better.

      • Juana Pilipinas says:

        Pacquiao got a BA degree in Political Science from University of Makati under their Continuing Education program which gives credits for life experiences. He finished the degree programrequirements in 18 months.

        Critical thinking ability is learned and need to be taught. Manny has the potential and the money to pay an instructor who can teach him the skill. If he becomes Leni Robredo’s VP, he will see the practical applications of the theories learned from the instructor. He needs some time to train his mind how to think like an executive. Pacquiao is no stranger to intensive training of his body and mind to excel in boxing so I believe he can do it.

        • JoeAm says:

          Agree totally.

        • kasambahay says:

          learning critical thinking by osmosis and pacman wasted his chances big time. he could have acquired and fine tuned his critical thinking skills all through the years he was congressman and then as senator had he the patience to sit at hearing and interpolations that often take days and seemed like marathon, he could listen hard and take notes, ask questions no matter how silly at forums and quorums, participate in debates and vote on topical issues, mull and assimilate reports and do his homework, and most important is for him to learn from his colleagues the finer points of being twice the elected official. instead of being away absent most of the time, and bludging.

          being famous and popular, boxer, actor, singer and always available for selfies, being ninong to many and giving money away, may tend to make pacman sail through life’s hard seas with ease, but. methink it does not do much for the kind of critical thinking pacman need to meet the demands of higher office.

          though he can be habitually absent again, as his wont. he is fan of easy fix, lol!

      • NHerrera says:

        Juana Pilipinas, since you have not visited here for a long time till now, I am posting this fantasy story again from a previous blog, if Joe will allow it. It is meant for when you are taking a break at the Cooler or at the Vendo:

        Here is another fantasy — based on real events as the movies will put it. I imagine The Man from Davao suddenly realizing his political demise calling a former acolyte now having the potential to be up there walking the Palace Halls as a President in Waiting and Learning after May 2022.

        The Pres in Waiting and Learning: Yes, who is it?

        Secretary of PWL: A man sir, he says he is a former friend from Davao and it is urgent.

        PWL: Tell him to wait, I am on the red phone with Leonor.

        PWL: Ok, now put the man on.

        MFD: Manny, forget our tough guy exchanges lately, they are really meant for TV and for my Davao friends and for that fellow up North. I have always liked you not only for your boxing prowess but your potential as a future leader who will do good for our country.

        PWL: Ok, but what do you want? [Note that PWL is learning but not as fast as Leonor.]

        MFD: When you are up there after May 2022, please do not forget me for old times’ sake.

        PWL: If it is not something illegal or immoral, I may be able to help. But I tell you what. Get yourself a good set of Lawyers and Accountants from a reputable Law Firm and Accounting Firm starting this week. And for goodness sakes do not listen to that Caregiver of yours and certainly not the recommendations of that fly-by-night Pharmaceutical Company. [Note that PWL has learned a lot ever since he started talking to Leonor.]

        MFD: But…

        PWL: Sorry, I have to go. I have a meeting with Leonor I can’t miss. Don’t forget my recommendation about hiring reputable Law and Accounting firms.

        • Juana Pilipinas says:

          Hmmm. This fantasy story has so much pearls in it, I swear someone from the future had seen the scenario with their own eyes. This could make Madame Auring mothball her crystal ball and take down the shingles.

  8. Juana Pilipinas says:

    NEW Pulse Asia SURVEY from Sept 27- Oct 8. Leni got a 7 points bump, BB still leading:

  9. kasambahay says:

    could this be new development? sara was seen in cebu on friday, 22 oct, 2022 wearing green hoodie with ‘sara all 2022’ emblazoned on front. as well, bong marcos flew into cebu on the same day, friday.

    maybe, bong marcos and sara were in the cebu to cement what imee marcos called a ‘marriage made in heaven’. with bong marcos cornering the solid votes in the north, sara in the south, it’s marriage indeed made in heaven.

    • Nice.

      I still think it’ll be Inday Sara vs. VP Leni. And for me, both will be good— either or— for the Philippines. re possible BBM meeting, i’m sure it’s this…

      • Micha says:

        Be careful with blanket statements like “good for the Philippines” in reference to our current crop of candidates. Absent any strong and clear ideological shift, no one, at this point, can be heaped with a verdict as “good for the Philippines”.

        What can be expected from any of them once elected is a greater likelihood of more of the same trudging along a mediocre path of status quo preservation even as we have to deal with the effects of environmental and climate crisis. What is good for Lucio Tan or Manuel Pangilinan is not necessarily good for the rest of the country.

      • kasambahay says:

        sara officially confirmed meeting with presidential aspirant bong marcos and senator imee marcos in cebu. the three attended the birthday party of cong. yedda, wife of house majority leader martin romualdez. no other details given.

        • Youre correct of course , Micha. these Titans, who trample on lesser beings in the end (for good or for bad), who are we to say they are good for you and me.

          OT: but really its on topic,

          Dune is about that, about Messiahs, about people we put on pedestals to come down and save us.

          “In this universe there’s an invention: The Holtzman Shield. It’s something that you can wear on your body, and will deflect something fast coming towards you. Only something slow can penetrate that shield,” Villeneuve explains. “So, it made them use things like bullets less. Humanity went back to close combat, where you fight with knives and blades because it’s the only way you can kill someone through those shields. You can penetrate the shield slowly with the blade.”

          Villeneuve continues, “I developed with our stunt coordinator and choreographers a way of combat that is closer to a chess game than a fighting sequence. When you fight someone with a shield, the idea is to distract them with moves in advance. You want to distract them with a specific move so you can slowly bring the blade into their body. It’s a totally different way of fighting. It’s a way of fighting that is very fast. It’s like a chess game, you have to plan in advance and distract the adversary. It’s a very specific, new art form of combat.”

          He says Balintawak eskrima in @ 1:39 time stamp. From Cebu City.

          • Great article on this!


            “Developed in the 1950s and widely attributed to the martial artist Vernancio Bacon, balintawak eskrima is a variant of the Filipino weapon-based fighting style eskrima, also known as arnis.

            Balintawak eskrima is often described as a cerebral fighting style that emphasizes calculated counter attacks. “To appreciate Anciong Bacon’s balintawak eskrima, you have to understand set-ups, anticipation, the art of outwitting through ruses and lures,” reads the description of a book on the fighting style. “Economy and simplification of motion, sans lavish and squandered movements; effective strikes fused and bonded with speed, power, elegance and grace.”

            Which is why this is absolutely the perfect choice for Dune.

            Balintawak eskrima makes sense for the movie not just because of the technicalities of Dune’s shields—that is, they only allow the passage of matter moving below certain speeds, and so to penetrate them, a fighter would need a slow and covert strike—but also because it expresses the temperament of Paul Atreides himself. In the book, a lot of emphasis is given to Paul’s calculations, as well as his ability to overcome challenges by biding his time and restraining his impulses. Through its many stream-of-consciousness descriptions, the book characterizes Paul as a well-trained fighter who succeeds by his wits and technique. In fact, fighting metaphors are used to describe the story’s many political maneuvers as well: “a feint within a feint within a feint,” is one of the book’s iconic phrases.

            the book in question linked in the article above:

  10. NHerrera says:

    I just have to post here what MLQ3 tweeted:

    Seeing all those photos and videos of #LeniKiko2022 demonstrations of solidarity and support shows how the impossible is now possible and what once ruled out lives can be banished.

    MLQ3 attached this image next to that tweet,×900

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