Laws and Outlaws

Analysis and Opinion

By JoeAm

Outlaws are what cowboys called criminals in the American Wild West. Generally they were the band of robbers, rustlers, and killers on the run. In the Philippines, we call them LGU heads, legislators, and presidents.

That’s a joke, eh?

Well, maybe.

A lot of people in the Philippines don’t respect laws, and half of them are lawyers. That’s another poke-in-the-eye joke. Laws are things that apply to the little guy, but not the entitled. Or that are ignored and only come into play when caught. That’s why the Department of Justice initiates investigations if entitled people are bothered but requires a case to be filed if the rest of us are abused. Justice in the Philippines is wobbly, unequal, and unfair. Just note all the powerless people in jail for petty crimes and all the plunderers wandering free or running for office.

It is shocking when top leaders see the Constitution as irritating rather than inspirational. It is, of course, the highest law in the land. And yet Filipinos far and wide don’t know that it sets forth the moral codes that assure them of justice, equality, and security. Or is supposed to. Not even the Supreme Court seems to get it, based on their acceptance of the abusive Anti-Terrorism Law. “File a case” they say, failing to stick up for citizens being hunted by Lorraine Badoy and other government-paid taggers.

Justice by list. Not unlike a posse lynch mob. Point, yell, lynch, and find salvation in the togetherness of the abusive mob.

Well, the Philippines today is a land of outlaws, and will remain so until citizens and leaders broadly grasp what the Constitution means. Until LGU heads, legislators, presidents, and judges see that they hold the future of millions of kids in their hands. They can either suck it up to help secure an orderly, safe, compassionate future for kids. Or continue consigning them to ignorance, backwardness, and suffering.

It’s high time for Philippine lawyers to take the Constitution to heart and stop coddling the abusers. They should help the kids and the abused.

Lawyers should strive for the ideals they were taught and that fuel the elation of their families and friends at passing the bar.

Otherwise they are just a part of the lynch mob finding comfort in being among other lawless dogs.


Photo: Scene from The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), directed by William Wellman. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.


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  1. Excellent article, thanks. One of the roots of a certain lawless attitude in the Philippines certainly was how laws in the modern sense were applied in Spanish times. Rizal himself noted how the Penal Code introduced in his times was totally antiquated and as we know it was only marginally revised in the 1930s. Senator De Lima’s total revision in form of a new Criminal Code in 2014 was ignored by Congress though it would have brought the law into modernity.

    Japan and Korea adopted the German model for Penal and Civil Codes, not the antiquated Spanish model. Filipinos who watch K-Dramas may not realize that the Code quoted there is more like the German-inspired De Lima draft than the Penal Code Rizal already found awful.

    Rizal wrote in El Filibusterismo the important side story of Kabesang Tales, a barangay captain driven into banditry by legal impunity. The story is partly based on what happened to Rizal’s family in Calamba against a friar order. It has his older brother and later revolutionary leader Paciano in a cameo role.

    The title of a 1988 action movie featuring Bong Revilla called “sa iyo ang batas, sa akin ang katarungan” (law is on your side, justice is on mine) illustrates the attitude of many a Filipino to law: it has seldom been seen as fair and just. Of course knowing what that actor turned politician recently did, we can see what the problem can be.

    The Kabesang Tales story is a tragedy and Rizal certainly didn’t want Filipinos to be bandits and would have disliked Bong Revilla. He did praise the British colonies for their fair and modern justice system. Well, long after, Filipinos still didn’t get that becoming Singapore didn’t mean tokhang – Lee Kuan Yew built on exactly the strict but fair foundation of British colonial justice, the very system that Rizal praised.

    Magsaysay did realize one thing and made it his motto: those who have less in life should have more in law. There is one lady who practiced that in years as a people’s lawyer and in those years realized how opaque and arcane the Philippine legal system can be for the ordinary Filipino. She helped save Lumad farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon from losing their land not to friars but to San Miguel. The corporation not the saint of course.

    Effectively sparing them from a fate similar to that of Kabesang Tales turned bandit lesder Matanglawin, or that of many other Lumads turned into NPA rebels. That lady also has a clear plan on how to reform the justice system as she knows its failings. Doesn’t matter that she took the bar twice.

    But Filipinos for the most part might still fail to see what chance they are missing, just as polls also indicate that a man known more for a thuggish form of justice, Tulfo, is probably going to enter the Senate while a lawyer who would give the law real teeth – not because he really has big teeth but because he has fought injustice well – may not stand a chance. No joke that Diokno stands less of a chance than Tulfo in a deeply disoriented nation. Monday we shall see and I am not holding my breath. Joe, I guess your bookie Sal is missing or drunk, as he usually is in unpredictable times.

      • kasambahay says:

        may ngipin ang batas! chel diokno is more suited to the senate than the candidate who failed to gain a position sa international law court.

        • Seems his plan is to have public legal offices in every province, as per Ninotchka Rosca. To my shame I must admit that I did not have a look at Diokno’s teeth ehem plans.

          His cheldren have good teeth also.

          Seriously, PAO is probably too centralized so his idea is good.

          • kasambahay says:

            chel diokno is right, bring law closer to the people. pao spent bigger bucks building medical forensic lab to the detriment of those needing law. we already have existing forensic labs and forensic personnel experts in their fields.

    • JoeAm says:

      He does take leave at the strangest time. Thanks for the historical framing. I think it is futile to make sense of those who are happy with nonsense. The only path is to promote sense and hope some catch on.

      • “Lawyers should strive for the ideals they were taught and that fuel the elation of their families and friends at passing the bar.”

        The lawyers have to come from the very population they are expected to protect, Joe. Right now ABC lawyers become AB Filipinos; hardly any low C DE lawyers in the Philippines. So you have lawyers that mostly come from one end of society. <<< karl says he's now onboard with more lawyers in the Philippines. so get AB lawyers to apprentice DE to shepherd them into the legal world.

        Then help C lawyers to gain power via combined groups institutionalized moro/lumad lawyer groups. AB lawyers can also help here, but remember AB lawyers don't necessarily want to cede power to DE lawyers. so anticipate that.

        • JoeAm says:

          A part of the powerlessness of the disenfranchised is indeed legal services. They don’t have any, or very few from FLAG or people like Leni Robredo. But even middle-class society does not have the power of the law on their side for medical malpractice, consumer issues, or class action cases. Cities in the US would get sued for open holes on sidewalks or telephone poles in roadways. Here, nothing. The power in the hands of the entitled, including gunslingers and lawyers. I don’t know why so many idealistic youth turn to legal gunslinging. Notary services don’t pay much I guess.

          • kasambahay says:

            pao, the public attorney’s office provide free legal services to indigents and citizens in need, it’s under the auspices of the dept of justice.

            • kasambahay says:

              idealistic youth once they graduated from law school, needed to gain work experience and ended up being mentored and guided by the likes of estilito mendoza. might I say, attys topacio and gadon did mentor few of those young idealist youth, and you can more or less guess what those youths turned up to be like, lol!

            • JoeAm says:

              Yes, talk about an agency that missed the mark under Duterte, obsessing with dengvaxia. Persida Acosta, an example of a lawyer gone bad.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          The lawyers opt not to be pro bono or they do pro bono and risk be tagged communist.

          So many lawyers turn call center agents, shift to nursing, stuck to notary public etc, etc.

          So we lack Public attorneys, judges, trial courts with heavy loads of backlogs

          • kasambahay says:


            office of the public defender’s workload according to dr persida acosta.

            • “So many lawyers turn call center agents, shift to nursing, stuck to notary public etc, etc.

              So we lack Public attorneys, judges, trial courts with heavy loads of backlogs”

              Yeah, that was my point about the Ecleo case, in that old ACLU article 2015, karl. Not only backlogs but they are easy prey for the more powerful.

              Transactional law, just pushing paper for the sake of pushing paper does not help anyone, maybe thru PAO as Ireneo’s saying, but there has to be a national effort to shepherd the nations young idealistic lawyers towards,

              The Public Trust Doctrine and support this doctrine and fight for it all over the Philippines, The principle that natural and cultural resources are preserved for public use, and that the government owns and must protect and maintain these resources for the public’s use.

              Just keep hammering this into Philippine jurisprudence, and it’ll be the law of the land, lots of work for sure, but that’s the principle…

              • FWIW one of the major cases VP Leni won as a SALIGAN lawyer. The one telling the story was 12 when his mother and sister were killed on Mother’s Day. His father had to fly home from where he worked abroad. Atty. Leni took the case pro bono and won. The one who killed his mother and sister is behind bars.

              • kasambahay says:


                apparently, leni was pao lawyer 25yrs ago! cross check that with the ages of her daughters, leni would have been youngish mother on maternity leave.

                25yrs ago, pao records are mostly sketchy.

              • kasambahay says:


                still on leni as public attorney attached to naga city two and a half decades ago.

              • VP Leni passed the bar in 1997 and joined PAO afterwards, but quickly moved to SALIGAN where she stayed until 2013.

                She was already with SALIGAN when the story happened that is mentioned in the LENI comic. She went to some fishermen with her colleague and they had no space at home so she slept in the boat.

                She was 7 months pregnant at the time. Jillian is around 21 or 22. Aika is around 33 so she was a baby when VP Leni taught Econ and studied law, she was either pregnant with Tricia or Tricia was very small when she tried the bar first time.

                One might wonder why she left PAO so quickly but that is speculation.

                SALIGAN is where she was part of the team that won the Sumilao farmer’s case. The Mothers Day shooting case she definitely handled alone based on what I have seen. A lot of SALIGAN cases were handled by teams of course so how ofteb she was part of the team we can’t say.

                That she does have law practice could be seen where she enumerated her pandemic response within a 90 second limit on TV. That kind of machine gun talk is what lawyers use to not be interrupted.

                Also she already was on the shortlist to become RTC judge when she was asked to run for Congress in 2013. One doesn’t just get on that list. The troll stuff about her being allegedly mediocre doesn’t fly at all.

  2. “Outlaws are what cowboys called criminals in the American Wild West. Generally they were the band of robbers, rustlers, and killers on the run. In the Philippines, we call them LGU heads, legislators, and presidents.”

    The American Wild West didn’t really end when Indians were defeated, it continued on with oil and rail roads, and monopolies , remember California ‘s coast used to look like this,

    And those oil/RR barons and tycoons bought and sold judges and mayors and senators and presidents. And waged wars.

    The only question now is what sort of President will BBM be or VP will Inday Sara be, they both strike me as not wanting the positions they are predestined to wield. Inday Sara i think will make a great administrator, i hope she forms a qualified staff to do her bidding. But will BBM succumb to more powerful forces? i dunno.

    Maybe BBM ain’t so bad. Either way, looks like the Philippines has no choice but to accept BBM as their president soon. Love it or leave it.

    • JoeAm says:

      I keep writing new blogs to get away from political discussion and you keep injecting them. The election is tomorrow. Then you can discuss facts rather than guesses.

  3. Juan Luna says:

    “The only question now is what sort of President will BBM be or VP will Inday Sara be, they both strike me as not wanting the positions they are predestined to wield.”
    That’s an intriguing question. As for me, I’m clueless. Both are dynastic children. Remove their parents in the story, they’re nonexistent. By themselves, based on their professional capability, I doubt if they can even get a cabinet position. They reached the height of their career by using tripods (political families/connections). And as it is, their surnames are the only credentials they have.

    There’s only two things that they can become as leaders: by themselves, which means they’ll govern in their own style of leadership, charisma, intelligence and competence. Or be the poor copies of their parents.

    By leadership style, given that they’re in their 40s and 60s already and they have been in politics for quite a while now, we really haven’t heard about their leadership style in terms of being of sterling or outstanding quality. Charisma? Well, we all know the origins of it and it was not from them. Intelligence and competence? Umm, let me think…… 🤔

    So, we go back to the original question.

    • I think we know more about Inday Sara than BBM. We can also surmise or glean Inday Sara’s character by the very people she surrounds herself with (that’s in her generation), eg. Lilo-an mayors.

      BBM though is a mystery to me. The only silver lining is that in all the youtube videos i can find of him, he’s not really a braggart. Nor a blow hard, showing off guns and girls.

      Theres a force of will in Inday Sara that if harnessed towards the greater public good maybe very beneficial; BBM though seems a passive spirit. If BBM lets Inday Sara play a greater role, then we’ll see more of her vision via the Frascos,

      • Juan Luna says:

        More or less, people know them and the history that surrounds them. Whatever you see in Sara I’m sure it is within the confines of her being a town mayor and, of course, of being her. The vice presidency is a training ground for the next top post and Sara would surely benefit being the spare tire to the presidency, I hope. If she’ll just keep quiet, do her work diligently and not shake the boat with BBM, she’ll be fine to be his successor in 2028. Easy.

        As for BBM, that’s the tricky part of the tandem. He’s a Marcos, the brand has a history, good or bad, that tends to make people around to defer or acquiesce to him. Once president, I’m sure he’ll play the role to the hilt the swagger and gesture, the manner of speaking and the aura of his late father that people tend to romanticize about. It’s a political factor that is a clear advantage in terms of charm or appeal.

        On competence, that is a free for all, a toss up. I don’t know how competent he is. Even in the blog where loyalists dominates, NO ONE, has the chutzpah to declare and provide affirmation how competent, how sufficient his knowledge is and leadership will be in addressing the concerns of the country. His several experiences in various leadership positions in Ilocos has not been given the proper highlight in his campaign materials. Why, I don’t know.

        In other words, we are all in the dark as to how he will run the country. That being the case, we are in for a surprise either way. 😶

      • isk says:

        “… in all the youtube videos i can find of him, he’s not really a braggart..”
        When one ignores the father’s estate tax, as one of the administrator, I think this junior should be a goner already.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          His disqualification cases once thrown down with finality by the disappointing Comelec, must reach the Supreme Court.
          The Estate taxes cases had a loophole that since there is no transfer of ownership ekek blabla the Marcos estate administrator which is Bing bong himself is not liable.
          Unfortunately almost all the SC assoc justices are appointed by Duterte.

          Let us all vote wisely today.

  4. Karl Garcia says:

    As to our outlaws…
    The Family feuds and clan wars levels up or down to the political arena then we have dynastic politics.
    Thy are above the law in their turfs claiming that they are the law.

    Those are the haves, the have nots are the ones who go to jail. Or they become part of a private Army.

  5. somehow related to this article is Randy David about the mindset that seeks protection (in a way a bit like Sicily after the Spanish left, the Repubblica Italia was very weak and the best choice one had for one’s farm or business was to pay protection to the newly forming Mafia) not legal recourse:

    “..This is the mindset of the led, of those who distrust their own capabilities and always wait for someone strong-willed to tell them what to do. Their lives are driven by fear, so they are in constant search of protection by the powerful. The poor seek protection from the rich as well as from the recalcitrant poor. The rich seek protection from the poor as well as from the abusive rich.

    Their disdain for privilege is hypocritical since they are the first to claim it from those with the power to dispense it—in exchange for their loyalty. Their judgment proceeds from an attitude rather than from knowledge or reason..”

    Of course it is not exactly the same as Sicily but I find it interesting that the same powers ruled there. The fertile fields of that island the size of Panay plus Negros were under Aragonese landlords for six centuries meaning even before there was Spain as such. Anyhow more by Randy David about the Philippines which is as always a case for itself:

    “..Of information they have little use themselves. They are used to relying on their leaders to do the right thing and everything. In their view, their duty ends after they have cast their votes. They see no need to concern themselves with matters that are formally the responsibility of public officials. Their default response is to comply when directed by authority, not to ask questions, offer suggestions, volunteer help, or, least of all, demand accountability..”

    • JoeAm says:

      That last paragraph is a humdinger and accurately describes the Philippines. Alas, it suggests that the only way to health and order is a good dictator who will tell people to find joy in freedom and opportunity and their own capacity to direct their lives.

      • Well, the Philippines had Manuel Quezon (liberal inside but outwardly authoritarian a bit like Germany’s postwar Chancellor Adenauer) and it had Magsaysay who was seen as a good leader.

        Also, MLQ3 likes to say the French also elect a President who acts like a King. In fact they hated “Citizen King” Louis Phillipe for not being kingly enough in bearing. He didn’t tell the people they were his boss as far as I know but pretty soon after they elected a President with the same name and nephew of a firmer Emperor etc etc – there are cultural habits that die very hard.

        But Randy David sees potential in what Pink has unleashed: (though some skeptics on Twitter see it falling apart if Leni doesn’t win or lead it after today, well even I who usually am daring don’t dare make any prediction or even bookie odds)

        “..Whether Vice President Leni Robredo wins or loses in the May 2022 elections, the campaign to make her president has produced something unprecedented in Philippine politics. It has unleashed a tide of citizen activism rarely seen in elections. It has spawned a social movement that seeks nothing less than to reshape the society of which it is a part.

        Those who’ve keenly watched the current presidential campaign have made the same observation. They wonder where this vast accumulation of collective energy will take its bearers. Or how long it can last. Will it persist and assume new forms, and take on new tasks in a post-electoral landscape? The potential of such a movement to transform an entire society is immense..”

        • JoeAm says:

          I’ve been inclined to call the new movement an “institution” because it has moved with such impressive strength, unity, and purpose. I don’t know how one marshals that force going forward though, if Robredo does not win. Protests aren’t really her thing. Doing good works here and there as corruption and incompetence reign? Rather underwhelming. The Senate is likely to be a mess. The House even worse. The SC political. Head scratcher.

          • Based on prelim counts coming in the only opposition Senator and de facto leader might be Hontiveros.

            • JoeAm says:

              Isn’t there a song “Lonely Girl”? Should be her theme song.

            • kasambahay says:

              lol! even the cybergods dont know where all the votes come from! the lump of votes were just there, declared and noted. which part of the country those votes come from is rendered moot. comelec said the use of modern technology plus the super fast transmittability of votes make for quick and fast result despite the malfunction of 500 vcms, vote counting machines. the statement released by a comelec commissioner just prior to election that it will take 7+ days to know the election result for sure is also moot.

              election result for sure was out in less than 8hrs and with no let up! and still no break up of votes, which and what region of the country produced the most votes. must be good faith and blind faith combined.

              • JoeAm says:

                The statistical patterns are raising eyebrows. It will be interesting to look at precinct data. Even Robredo is cautious about endorsing the outcome right now.

              • NHerrera says:

                Interesting. Assuming the “pattern” was planned, more realistic creativity should have been used. It is easy enough to give numbers as the tens of minutes roll by which numbers fluctuate randomly about the intended result, etc. CRUDE! Oh, well.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    The worst outlaw!

  7. madlanglupa says:

    I think it would be time for me to consider joining or forming a resistance group.

    • Too late. Shoulda listened to the pollings all the way back in Dec.

      • madlanglupa says:

        Been expecting to go underground since 2016, if things comes to worse.

        • Highly unlikely, if you did not go in 2016-2022 , 2022-2028 will be the same, you wanna know the future, look to your patterns and habits.

          Best to appeal to Inday Sara, she will be your intercessor now, like Mama Mary.

          BBM is still a big question mark; but at least given how big a win she got compared to BBM over VP Leni (25+ over BBM’s measly 22 over VP Leni’s 11 ), we know for sure now who this election was all about, Inday Sara. case closed.

          I suggest people now focus on the Frascos. They’ll be doing some interesting, that’ll be good for the whole as a whole. So you’re better off, looking into their efforts first. Joining that camp, it’ll be a good hedge too, if BBM or his handlers repeat his Father’s regime,

          ergo regime change could only happen via Inday Sara.

          • Oooooops…

            I spoke too soon.

            Now at:

            Inday Sara……..27

            VP Leni………….13

            • This is MLQ3’s analysis of results, incl. a Napoleon III reference and that Inday Sara pulled up Baby Em:

              • Going to the gas station to buy a can of Jack Daniels with Cola.

              • My general sentiment though is quite similar to Caliphman’s in 2019 and now – how how the carabao, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink so that’s it.

              • Well at least its a decisive defeat. so no more ifs and buts, just move forward now.

                Just see BBM and Inday Sara as equal now, and treat them accordingly, that’s how you grow a resistance. Because the Marcoses will pounce on the Dutertes. so you gotta form your resistance around that.

              • Yeah and my moving forward is like that of Caliphman back in 2019.

                I will stick around a bit like him and give a comment from time to time that’s it.

                MLQ3’s analysis that VP Leni’s 2016 win was the last breath of 1986 may be right.

                Though Pink might be a start of a truly indigenized Philippine democracy.

                But that is a battle for the young who are in the country with skin in the game to fight, not my fight though I wish them the best..

              • Yeah, plus you have Putin to worry about, Ireneo.

          • Micha says:

            Why, pray tell, would you regime change someone who had just been elected with overwhelming margin of votes over his closest opponent?

            • You can’t. My point was just that if things turn for the worst, and you want to regime change, VP Inday Sara has to be on board.

              My whole point all along here, is to side with Inday Sara. that’s all. Keep that gap between BBM and Inday Sara open is your best bet for a resistance.

              • Micha says:

                Things are already worst as it is, but you don’t suggest a regime change on someone who was the preference of overwhelming number of voters. That’s just too hubristic and arrogant.

              • You’re missing the point, Micha. the whole point is Inday Sara is your hedge here. As apparent from her popularity as VP today.

                2016, BBM and VP Leni combined couldn’t even break 30M, and just preliminary votes alone, she’s gonna surpass.

                As i’ve suggested early on, very early on, VP Leni supporters have to back Inday Sara. more so now than ever. If BBM gets taken over by mor e powerful forces, any resistance will have to be thru Inday Sara.

                Inday Sara is the point, Micha.

                BBM only became president becuz of Inday Sara. that’s what I’ve been saying since last year.

                But hey, maybe BBM will be a good president.

              • Micha says:

                Hedge against what?

              • JoeAm says:

                Resistance as an intellectual concept is what educators discuss with students. As a political concept, it is not allowed on this alien’s blog, rather like not discussing politics during the campaign. Marcos was duly elected and if we respect the Constitution, and democracy, then we accept that, not try to tear it down. I take your comment in an intellectual vein. I agree that Sara Duterte is more mainspring than cog, Robredo being the latter.

              • kasambahay says:

                bbm is going to be uber happy. not only is he going to be president, senate and congress are soon to be filled with ardent sympathizers of his; thus, ensuring bbm will have easy 6yrs ahead and wont stretch a muscle then. the tableau so well planned.

              • “Hedge against what?”

                Martial law, Micha. Hedge against history repeating. Your hedge is Inday Sara.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Hell, no!!! But we have to accept Sara if BBM gets disqualified by the Supreme Court after 5 years.

              • BBM is president by a landslide, why would he be disqualified, karl, its a legit mandate now. If he reverts to another martial law sure, but BBM has clear mandate. But Inday Sara is the one to support. cuz not only vis a vis with BBM, but looks like 2028 will also open up for Robin Padilla. Between Robin Padilla and Inday Sara I hope y’all will finally see the light. thus support Inday Sara.

              • JoeAm says:

                I don’t believe “support” is mandated, but is earned. So Duterte as VP and Padilla as Senator warrant respect as duly elected representatives of a whole lot of Filipinos, but they need to earn “support” based on work output. Speculations about things don’t mean much to me at this point. I’ll await facts and grant the elected the respect of having been chosen by Filipinos.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                @ Corporal

                DQ cases were filed.

                Junked DQ case vs Bongbong Marcos appealable before SC – Carpio

                Read more:
                Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

                if the complainants would want to, they could elevate the Junked cases to the supreme Court.
                But it is up to the complainants.

              • karl, but knowing what we’ve already discussed about the Philippine justice system, and factor in that BBM is already president. we can 1 + 1 = case will be made to disappear. right?

                Joe, i agree that support needs to be earned in general.

                but I’m proposing like i’ve proposed before here that Yellows support Inday Sara, because she is the reason BBM got elected— and what better proof than Robin Padilla, i’ve scoured Google to see if he was a BBM supporter and no indications, Robin Padilla was just a DU30 supporter, so that explains his huge numbers and now as senator!

                So again here, 1 + 1 = Marcoses will see this power apparent of the Dutertes, and will attempt to cut down the Dutertes now, because to the Marcos camp , DU30 s are too powerful a wild card to have around.

                One has to chose between the two now.

                My “support” isn’t support per se but in backing the most practical person right now to back… that will hedge a bunch of worst case scenarios. that is what I mean by support. all just me 1 + 1 = ‘s this and that. common sense really, Joe.

          • Rather than comparing it to what had happened with his father, it would probably be more apt if it is to be compared with former pres Estrada. Impeached and replaced by her then VP, Gloria Arroyo (GMA). Which just so happens to be the backer of Sarah Duterte as well.

            So yeah. Don’t be surprised if BBM will be legally deposed via impeachment in a year or two. I’d say it is even much easier to accomplish with the current case given his lack of solid backing from the business community and his overwhelmingly heavy political baggage,

            Only backing he may supposedly have is the police and military. But even that can be swayed towards Sarah as well.

            End goal here is still constitutional reform towards federalism. Also a pet project of Arroyo and Duterte.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              You think the Duterte supreme court would not grant the appeal of the dq petitioners?
              Then it is up to the Duterte Congress to impeach him.
              That is they would not get thir demands for favors quick enough.

              No National interests only individual interests.
              If I am to write again in this blog, i will just repeat most of what I said hammering till I hit the nail. Or I will practice using the hammer.

              • Micha says:

                The disqualification case is moot and a waste of energy to pursue. People knew he had those legal issues but 30 million of them still voted for him. It would be much better that henceforth, opposition should focus on his admin policies moving forward instead of getting stuck in dead-end disqualification.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Ok first there must be an opposition to speak of. The Senate has only one. I do not think the lower house has much including the party lists. What’s left are the street parliamentarians. That is why even if redundant I hope we have a citizen’s assembly. In cases where there is no opposition.

              • Micha says:

                What?!! Leni got 14 million voters on her side and there’s not a single opposition??!!

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Simply amazing

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Hontiveros the lonely girl in the senate

              • I doubt that it will be granted. But it is still another baggage to add. And mind you, other political entities were removed before for soooo much less. It’s just a matter of upturning public opinion.

                Nevertheless, you did almost hit the nail on the head when you say that it is up to the Duterte Congress to impeach BBM if their demands are not met quick enough. But rather than congress, it’ll probably be better to look at the key players that are backing them.

                Because given these demands, knowing what these demands are and who are the ones making these demands is a good indicator of who actually may hold power. And from what I can see, BBM doesn’t really have shit.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Very perceptive of you

              • kasambahay says:

                impeachment will be a matter of who got the better gift bags! years ago, arroyo would have been impeached but she was uberly generous, her gift bags apparently containing 5millions pesos flowed freely, big money in those days. arroyo stayed in power and got multiple returns of her ‘investments’, her ardent supporters and gungho enablers got appointed to the best jobs in the country, with added kickbacks galore and more or less immune to charges.

                ex chief justice sereno got impeached, ex chief justice corona as well, never presidents, they have direct access to kaban ng bayan at anytime of the day and night. such big loot at their disposal with none of us the wiser.

                in our country there is open market and everything has a price.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Just like my exchange with IP about the Duterte Supreme Court and the duterte Congress. Most are his guys.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          your stand before was to stay in PH no matter what. That is stlil the case right?

    • Who the hell is this Robin Padilla?

      • A guy with a short dick, according to actress Rosanna Roces.

        More important he is a numbskull.

        • JoeAm says:

          Maybe he’s Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger waiting to bust out. Or we can look at it that he fairly represents the electorate and that we are the ones out of step with the population’s enjoyment of dancing girls and clowns..

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Not expecting much but he will be better than Lapid, but he will aim for the post held Sotto in a short time.

          • kasambahay says:


            if its padilla we are talking, padilla could be in for baptism of fire at the senate, lol!

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Say goodbye to the national land use bill and all the bills she sat on.
              I am not as depressed as i was on 2019 when no opposition won a seat. Somehow Hontiveros helped in my hope.
              About Padilla trying to position for SP beyond 2019, let us see if the other veterans will just watch or thump their chests louder and tell him to wait in line. But if Padilla turns out to be a real dud…it won’t matter.

              • kasambahay says:

                ahem, padilla once hawked about simplifying our laws, make legal lingo more understandable to citizens. when asked to explain his point, padilla said he’d hire lawyers, lol!

                maybe once at senate, padilla will also simplify medical lingo, make it easier for citizens to understand doctors, the billings too. why are patients charged for pneumonia when they are sick with trangkaso.

                methink, padilla will perform like pakyaw, both action man, lol!

              • Karl Garcia says:

                goodluck to him on recodifying all the laws

              • kasambahay says:

                I think, hontiveros is token candidate isinama to legitimise the election result so people will not be awfully suspicious. it does not really matter how many votes, or how little votes hontiveros got, the powers that be slotted her in coz she does not pose much of a threat to them, and has more finesse than other candidates.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                she is no push-over for sure.

              • kasambahay says:

                her hands will be tied and if she make so much waves, she could well be impeached! or taken out of equation the way de lima was.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                are we talking about Villar or Hontiveros?

              • kasambahay says:

                villar has her son with her at senate, mother and son duo. risa is in perilous position.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Risa needs all the support she can get. moral, unsolicited advise, etc. I do that every now and then via twitter.

      • Juan Luna says:

        With what I saw and heard from Robin Padilla, through Youtube, he’s for federalism and his major focus and reason to run is to promote and support its realization. For him, the people must be given a clear explanation why federalism is the answer to the multifarious problems of the country.

        What he’s conveying was him becoming a senator will give him the opportunity to come to the people to explain and gather support for the approval of federal form of government. That’s the entire and major message. Never heard him talk about plans to legislate relevant laws that he think is vital and necessary to address certain issues.

        I’m sure, as a celebrity, millions will vote for him. His popularity may even catapult him to the top. But he’s not getting my vote because as I see it, he can do all those things he promised to do even if he’s not a senator. I’d rather go to the ones who will really do legislative work because they know how to do it, and not on one who will resort to becoming a senator because it’s a low-lying fruit for a popular candidate.

        • JoeAm says:

          Interesting to know of his agenda. Thanks. As a senator he can be much more influential than as a private citizen I think. I personally have no objection to federalism, but the details of how it’s done mean a lot.

          • Since Kris Aquino lost her virginity to him, are we to assume he’s a Yellow at heart then?

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Stop the jackassery please.

              • This Robin Padilla look s like a real bad boy, not a Yellow at all, karl, so why did Kris Aquino date him then? Does not compute. He’s got a track record for sure.

                From kb’s link above:

                “Those charges stemmed from a hit-and-run incident in 1992, when Padilla hit a street vendor with his car. He fled the scene but was intercepted by policemen. An assortment of firearms as well as ammunition—all unlicensed—were later found inside his vehicle.

                For that, Padilla was charged and convicted with illegal possession of firearms. Although the initial sentence was for 21-years, he benefited from a retroactive law that reduced the penalty for the crime to six to 12 years.

                Yet Padilla would even have more fortune come his way. The sitting President during that time, President Fidel Ramos, was an ally of his. Using his celebrity status, Padilla campaigned for Ramos during the 1992 Presidential elections.

                Hence, it was not unexpected when Ramos provided some leniency to Padilla’s case. In 1998, the outgoing President granted the actor conditional pardon for his conviction. Although Padilla was liberated from his jail cell, it did not restore his full freedoms.

                That would only come in 2016, when President Duterte – another president that Padilla endorsed – granted him executive clemency. This returned the actor’s full civil and political rights, including the right to vote and run for office.”

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Cowbiy tale of my dad about the illegal possesion of arms penalty reduction.

                When my dad was a judge in a court martial of the putschists during the early years of the Cory Admin he set the penalty for illegal possession to six years. This was during the coups so later the legislators based the law from that decision.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                They went out only a few times and Kris got turned off because he farted inside the church.


                You confused Robin with Philip Salvador who sired Joshua, Kris’s eldest.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Robin Padilla already called that law on firearms the Robin Padilla law.


              • Ah, got it, thanks karl for the backgrounder. Though it begs the question does one have to leave church grounds in order to fart?

      • madlanglupa says:

        Fanatical nationalist. Acts so much like a redneck.

  8. pablonasid says:

    Spot-on, but I am afraid you ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Congratulations on the new president and his sidekick.
    A sad day.

  9. NHerrera says:

    Random thoughts on the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Numbers:

    1. COMELEC has done an amazing thing.

    • NHerrera says:

      [Oops I hit the “Post Comment” prematurely.]

      … Though unofficial and partial 97.89% precincts reported as of May 10, 2022 4:31PM — less than 24 hours — after the election, Rappler says it is based on real-time data from the Comelec transparency server.

      2. The total votes accounted for come from about 53 million — sizeable this early and will not change the result significantly. It is 48% of the total PH population.

      3. Robredo and Pangilinan on relative terms have improved on their numbers, with special mention on Pangilinan who dislodged Sotto. I hope this is some balm to the supporters, if not to Robredo and Pangilinan.

      4. My favorite Pareto Principle — 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of the participants is way off for the Presidential candidates 87% (Marcos ~59%, Robredo ~28%) but closer in the case of VP candidates 79% (Duterte-Carpio ~61, Pangilinan ~18%). [My forecast for the Pareto Principle to hold — whoever, the eventual winner was; and for the Presidential race numbers to be 45% – 35% plus minus 3% was wrong — that is, if … ]

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Plus this.

          • kasambahay says:

            dayaan mayhap was planned months in advance? all those meetings and dining done behind closed doors attended by whos who of the corrupt world – ensured dayaan was under the radar! while opposition candidates took to the roads, tirelessly going from houses to houses, the many meets and greets, and tirelessly campaigning still.

            in the end, it was not what we saw but what we did not see that clinched the election: the garci vcms, lol!

            • madlanglupa says:

              That the entire process seems to have been compromised, even the choice of logistics.

              • kasambahay says:

                if only those damn vcms can talk! they would have said there was parallel voting, hala todo!

                anyhow, judge him by his action kuno, and not by his ancestors. what actions? or inactions? ah, now we’re back to his muscle coordination in action, lol!

          • NHerrera says:

            Here is OCTA Research comparing election returns numbers versus its survey of April 22-25, 2022.

            Depending on one’s persuasion one can comment — with or without sufficient and persuasive bases — for or against the result of the election.

            For example, the machinery that collected and transmitted the results in light-speed relative to the country’s internet status may have been contrived to make the election returns correspond with little variation from the most recent survey by OCTA and other survey companies. This is pure speculation without evidence and research to offer on my part. The statement is only illustrative of the many points that people may make regarding the 2022 election.

            I believe OCTA has credibility in its survey.

            • NHerrera says:

              P.S. The above said, the huge vote gap between the top two contenders is such that I believe that the “real” election returns as cast by the voters result in Ferdinand Marcos Jr. winning the Presidency — whether by such a huge gap or otherwise is another matter in my view.

            • NHerrera says:


              TRIVIA. I note that the OCTA survey numbers give a total percentage of 83% for the top 2 contenders of 10. This adheres close to my favorite Pareto’s Principle — 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of the participants.

            • Karl Garcia says:


              • NHerrera says:

                Let me get this off my chest, karl. I may note with emphasis, that the main driving forces which led the voters to cast the way they did — whether by a continuous barrage of disinformation or largesse, aided by physical and other hindrances in voting and some such tricks, including government officials’ corruption — are relevant factors to be considered. But even adjusting for such factors except for the disinformation part, the balance of such votes cast may indeed result in Marcos Jr winning the Presidency. Of course, these factors stain the election, no doubt.

              • Karl Garcia says:


              • JoeAm says:

                Very good point.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Well on FB, I am reminded that The PPCRV and NAMFREL are also getting threats for allegedly not guarding our votes, well how can they guard automated elections, the voting receipts were not in a padlocked steel box just a carton.

              Ballots from precincts with broken machines were offered to be secured by Comelec and inserted when things get fixed, Where is ballot secrecy there?

              Are the numbers adding up for the prsident alone 33M for BBM and lets say 21M for the rest.
              That is 54 M what happenned to the invalidated voters whom where disenfranchised for not voting 2 elections, do not tell me that got offset by new voters?

              • kasambahay says:

                there were ballots immediately destroyed post election, ballots being misprinted, unreadable, dirty, filled wrongly, etc. I would have though they were 1st sighted by namfrel and ppcrv before being totally destroyed by kapolisan.

                apparently, ppcrv is not interested in recounting votes, only in similarities, whatever.

  10. For a possible reframing, rather than just self-interest, some of these outlaws don’t respect the constitution because the goal has always been to change it. Could be for the better, could be for the worse. As some may say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    > It is, of course, the highest law in the land. And yet Filipinos far and wide don’t know that it sets forth the moral codes that assure them of justice, equality, and security. Or is supposed to.

    So regardless of whatever it could be, there is the underlying view that the existing system sucks and any effort to enforce it and work within it has always been ineffective (if not even detrimental) . So why respect it?**

    **Note: Not necessarily a view I take as my own. Just an observation. I’m aware short-term/long-term dynamics. And the view can indeed be short-sighted.

    • JoeAm says:

      Makes a lot of sense, actually. But it makes for a nation without a heart.

      • Huh. An idea came to mind just now reading this again.

        The nation as it is right now doesn’t care about having a heart. It merely want things to make sense. But then again, the idea is quite laughable given the situation we are in right now. lol

        Still, I’d say it kind of makes sense because the nation does get what it deserves. Such is the nature of democracy. And what better way to break the illusion of a supposed hero other than to meet and see them in action themselves.

        Best of luck to the Philippines.

        • There’s usually an ebb and flow in politics, up and downs, like when over here a Democrat president gets elected, usually theres a GOP sweep 2 years later in Congress or the Senate, one or the other or both.

          But since 2016, Duterte’s popularity never waned and sure you all can blame fake news or misinformation, but most Filipinos i don’t think are so retarded as to not know whats going on, so a certain lee way should be given , that maybe CDE Filipinos are seeing ip’s

          ” the existing system sucks and any effort to enforce it and work within it”

          is gaining traction and CDE Filipinos are seeing either improvements or some sort of forward movement in their lives, that they are willing to continue the Duterte streak, only BBM coopted it via Inday Sara.

          So at some point, you all have to address why Duterte was seen as so successful. Still.

          Now since 2016 on here, i’ve pretty much run counter to most of TSOH’s opinions and conclusions on matters of the Philippines, so I’m thinking since most of what i’ve said have come to fruition that

          most of you all don’t really understand CDE Filipinos, and have been wrong in your assessments. This whole time. Wishful thinking and all.

          Now maybe it was my exposure to Mango Ave. in Cebu, or just common sense or my knowledge of the 3rd world in general, but CDE Filipinos are liking the Duterte governance, its responsive and successful. or seen as.

          So why hasn’t there any studies as to why that is. MLQIII’s take is good but not in depth enough, doesn’t seek to understand CDE Filipinos, and still posits that CDE Filipinos are so naive that misinformation is the only answer as to why they vote the way they vote.

          Study this. Figure out. Why CDE Filipinos are such a mystery to you all. Because they really aren’t to me.

          • kasambahay says:

            lol! we cde filipinos dont find ourselves mysterious, we’re quite boring but have voted and done our duty.

            if there are studies to be done, do it at those in higher levels. they have the fund, the influence, the propensities and connection to cheat electronically: hire hundreds of trolls, form twisted alliances with equally twisted personas, lots of time in their hands to plot and engaged in shenanigans dce people can only dream of, cde too busy trying to make a living, too busy worrying where the next meal comes from, too busy being palaboy walking here and there, mind full of cobwebs.

            • kb, the way you utilize American satire and parody I’m very confident you’re neither D or E, but maybe high C.

              But let me test you, what did you have for lunch, if its not kalamungay and kalabasa then I’m sure you are A or B.

              It remains fact though that CDE voted for BBM. and Inday Sara. therein lies the mystery. oh, and Robin Padilla.

              • kasambahay says:

                I am bag lady and like kangkong better than malunggay, I have habit of wading into canals just to pick up few bunches of feral kangkong. my high heels safely tuck under me armpits, lol!

              • See how you use that wit, very much like MRP! no , you are by no means CDE, kb. I’m sure.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                I used to confuse IP and Francis

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Been wrong before, just a few days ago I asked juan Luna if he was jameboy.
                And Lance thought he was Primer.
                Some people write a like.

              • kasambahay says:

                authors are also accused of plagiarism just because their writing styles are similar to others, singers too sing tunes alike and also been taken to court, taylor swift, ed sheran among them.

        • JoeAm says:

          Having a patriotic heart makes sense. Perhaps Marcos is onto something with his unity platform. He just needs to get the over-thinkers to agree.

          • Robredo first mentioned unity in her VP inauguration speech in 2016.

            Marcos stole that idea too.

            • kasambahay says:

              a good idea is worth stealing.

            • Yeah, but isn’t unity so generic in politics though that it losses all meaning? Like saying our children are our future, no shit it can’t be our grandparents! LOL!

            • JoeAm says:

              He used it better, I think, mainstreaming it as a one word statement of all his operating goals. I saw his press statement last night. He was more alert and orderly than I had expected. Certainly more expressive than Duterte, for sure. He claims he will not be political, so it will be interesting to see who gets on his cabinet. I imagine real power is apolitical. It is power, and those who can help dispense it will be welcome. ‘Yellows’ would not, so I can’t imagine them on his staff.

          • It’s no secret that Filipinos have always had crises with identity. And national identity has always been a weird shtick. It’s just nebulous at best. Hence why I am still quite optimistic of the prospects of going federal. Much easier to pick apart and iterate with a smaller entity than a larger one.

            But re: Marcos? Nah. The overthinking is warranted because co-opting him is indeed risky as hell. The Marcos agenda is of legit self-interest. Hopefully, they’ll be discarded sooner than later.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      The federalists, the parliamentarists and the economic provisionists must get their acts together or they must know the value of the constitution before changing it.

      • kasambahay says:

        it could not be worst than it is now. jerking the constitution around wont necessarily give us quality leadership, only more expenses and fewer investments as people will hang on to what little they’ve got, reluctant to spend. and we will probly be taxed up to our eyeballs too, in order to prop up the hangers on of the new order. and they have got expensive tastes!

      • And those that seek to retain it should also do the same. It’s a double edge sword.

        It can’t be denied that the 1986 constitution does have its shortcomings. And having reforms, if not even just amendments, has been long overdue.

  11. Very interesting, under Papa Marcos the teachers were used extensively to promote the administrations policies from condom use to health and wellness, to teach ins countering the Leftists.

    I wonder if that’s the plan here. Utilize DepED for national policies. Of course, also ROTC and Boys/Girls scouting.

    I hope internet connectivity is cont’d and faster internet in general. And teachers get pay raises and bonuses for jobs well done.

    Under the first Marcos regime in the late 60s, teachers went out to promote condom use among the CDE Filipinos in the boondocks, to which male CDE Filipino would regularly complain, Titser!, you’re infringeing upon our only enjoyment in life with these dang condoms, our wives (and girlfriends ) will surely complain!

    Titser: okay okay lang, here’s Pan de Sal for everyone then.


    • kasambahay says:

      initially, sara had wanted to head defence and maybe put lorenzana out of action. instead, bbm give sara education portfolio. she being female and a mother, and education is apparently every mother’s delight! if she gets paid as vice, will she also be paid as education sec and have twice a salary!

      • That’s interesting, so does one have to be a general or former general to be SecDEF?

        • kasambahay says:

          sara should know the answer to your quiz, she is mighty closest to bbm. maybe, had she showed her sincerity and shaved off her head and be kalbo like lorenzana, she might have gotten lorenzana’s job, lol! time has come for sara to show her muscle coordination is also on par.

          • karl’s gotta good point about DepED with biggest budget though. That’s so weird cuz here it s the DoD. So makes a lot of sense that 1. BBM placed Inday Sara there; and 2. Inday Sara would want that position.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              She might lobby for return of ROTC, the Citizens Army trainining, maybe beginning from the first grade.I am exaggerating, but it is very possible.

              • So long as she doesn’t militarize it and simply focuses on search and rescue, logistics in disaster areas and bringing food and water and shelter, community relief, etc. I think ROTC can be really helpful, karl. But have teachers run it, not military. or former military, like this organization:


              • Karl Garcia says:

                That could work.

              • kasambahay says:

                she would love rotc, she is from mindanao where child soldiers used to run rampant and augment rebels and terrorists. and they kill too! but cannot be charged for being minors.

                I hate rotc, I hate being told and shouted at, turn left when I want to turn right, about face when I want to spit at the caller! I hate to march with my left foot and right foot being called off like I dont know where my left foot, or my right foot is! it got so bored that I look forward to hazing, lol!

                better to train kids at sports like playing tennis where they can become professionals and earn millions at tournaments. play football, learn rugby, swimming, diving, long jump, weightlifting, marathon runners, boxing, etc.

                train kids at ballroom dancing and represent our country at international dancing competitions.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                That elusive grandslam. Yeah sports may it be individual or team is good for discipline

              • kasambahay says:

                I wish all school age kids are taught how to swim. each time we have flood, kids are drowned, unable to swim for dear life. our country is surrounded by big bodies of water and yet super majority of filipino kids cannot swim.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Yes we are a maritime nation. My dad once said that in one of his lectures or speaking engagements.

      • madlanglupa says:

        What got some people grumbling, however, isn’t just the concerns about whitewashing the books and establishing some form of conscription but also the extension of the existing K-12 system with extra two years, ergo K-14.

        What good is extending if the quality of the content is subpar? Worse, seems more than half the teaching force, private or public, are so soaked into right-wing propaganda.

        • Over here, they are realizing that a high school diploma (K-12 ) is just not cutting it; so Biden (since Obama really) is making community college 13-14 free, thus really extending high school only done via the community college system, which grants AA degrees and trade certifications.

          A lot can be done in education if the internet is harnessed. and Filipinos start making stuff online instead of just consuming. Game engines, like Godot start there, should be stressed.

 (Inday Sara can partner directly with the makers of these software companies turned principals, total opposite of the BPO model, this is gonna be the stuff of Web 3.0 ).

  12. Karl Garcia says:

    DEPED has the biggest budget, let us see if there will be more temporarily hired teachers, so less spent on them. Or more home learning to “save” on buildings. (not a bad thing actually)

    • kasambahay says:

      big deped budget is only for the yr 2022. budget for yr 2023 could well be very different.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        That stays unless they charter change. DEPED highest budget per consti

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Likewise, in Article XIV, Section 5(5), the Constitution provides that: “The State shall assign the highest budgetary priority to education and ensure that teaching will attract and retain its rightll share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment.”
        I googled so i wont eat my words

      • Karl Garcia says:

        If they do that they must shorten College. All Major subjects and no electives.

  13. Karl Garcia says:

    Pres Biden already talked to BBM, well I only called Duterte Pesident Duterte maybe about two to three times maybe I will to the same with Marcos

  14. Juan Luna says:

    Maybe before we look at our laws and the perceived violation of it by people in high and low places, we may find it relevant also to see how Filipinos look at government in general and why is it very difficult to have an effective government that works for the people. While I’m aware that there are certain surveys that shows people have a relatively decent confidence and trust on certain public and government institutions, I still find it hard to comprehend how the very same people elect public officials that do not really meet the basic requirements of the office they’re applying for.

    I mean, we have actor Robin Padilla topping the senatorial slate. And on the top 12, we have the brothers Ejercito, sons of former Pres. Estrada, together with Raffy Tulfo, a broadcaster. Not to belittle the people I mentioned but their ascendancy in the list reflect the kind of mentality the voting public has. The standard is not really that high.

    I’m not saying it is unique in our case, other countries do the same. In fact, it was really an old song because there has been numerous celebrities and sports personalities that has been elected for public office. But the usual story is they came and they’re gone, just like that. I cannot think of one celebrity or sport personality that left a positive lasting imprint in public service that we can say should be emulated by aspiring politicians.

    Never heard anybody saying, he or she is following the footsteps of Lito Lapid as a senator. Or Jaworski, being a model of an effective legislator. Even on Erap’s case, nobody has the temerity to say he is trying to mimic his accomplishment as a senator.

    For that reason, I think, more than outlaws who violate the law, voters who have no barometer as to qualification, competency of a candidate and simple common sense in using their vote wisely is the constant factor why the country seems to be not moving ahead but instead slowly drag reversely back into the past. 🫥

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